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Climate Change HOAX

brainout | 03 Jun 2017, 20:14

I detest vile Donald Trump more than anything, but it is true that climate change is a hoax. You need look no farther than the official Paris Agreement itself to know it's instead a political gambit for developing countries to get money from the developed countries, all under the stinking United Notions.

But hey: just read the official Paris Agreement, via the UN-sponsored official download site, see for yourself. Pick one of the 'Authentic' pdfs on the right frame on the page, in your fav language.

If you're on Android, you can't access the right side of the page, cuz the web designers at the UN are too dumb to live. So:

It is technically an attachment to the 1992 Framework Convention which defines terms in the Paris Agreement (see the latter's Article 1). So here;s the link to the 1992 Framework Convention, UNITED NATIONS FRAMEWORK CONVENTION ON CLIMATE CHANGE. The Convention is an update on a 1972 agreement, but so far I don't see much ref to it in the 1992 Convention's language.

Paris and 1992 Convention are VERY different. The latter is vague, the former is just short of a mandate binding on parties, with a clause in Article 16 that allows the Members to CREATE a virtual dictatorship if they want. With the UN itself at the head, of course (Article 17). So what started as a kind of mutual recognition (based o false science, but still harmless) is now turning into a way to destroy a nation's sovereignty via the successive increasing control of other nations.

Meanwhile, if you've no time, read this short 2015 article published by left-wing politico (so not a right-wing diatribe): Why the Paris climate deal is meaningless

The reason why you know it's a hoax, is so easy to think out there's only one conclusion: we're being lied to and expected to do no thinking. The hoax analysis is short and simple, turned into a 'Moment', here: (link is now deleted as Elon Musk has retired Twitter 'moments')

I used to be very pro-UN, until I got a scholarship to study there in the mid1970s. So my anger is not like the typical right-wing nonsense you'll hear. It's based on BEING THERE for a semester. There's no genuineness there. They only party and posture and try to get money from nations richer than themselves. But it is a step above going to military war every year, as nations used to do.

PS so-called 'greenhouse gases' in the very unscientific Accord, are not the cause of global warming or cooling. Rather, the SUN ACTIVITY (i.e., solar flares) and the CORE of the Earth (i.e., magma warming and sending out shoots) plus WIND and OCEAN currents (which are in part determined by the foregoing three) are what cause weather. NONE OF WHICH MAN CAN CONTROL OR INFLUENCE. That is real science. Not, the claptrap of the #ParisAccord. Which, if they did succeed in reducing the temperature by 2 degrees centigrade, would be the BIGGEST DROP IN TEMPERATURE SINCE WE HAVE HAD DATA TO MEASURE, and could well cause catastrophe: for the 2 degrees is an AVERAGE, which means much lower in certain parts of the world than others, so many could die (not the least because a lower temperature is better for fleas carrying disease).

All the proof you'll ever need that the Paris Agreement is a hoax, is highlighted in yellow on pages 3-4 of the English Agreement, here:

It goes downhill from there. The ripping of national sovereignty, the forcing of developed nations to pay for the less-developed, and the throttling on the less-developed all under UN aegis, is clearly intended, as you'll see if you just READ the thing.

I can just see the headlines in a year or two, with Germany and France arguing over their 'share' in the EU limits, and so many people leaving the EU so they can set their own 'nationally determined contributions' which honey.. can be ZERO.

This Agreement has no teeth, and less meaning, so even the drafters and signatories know it's a hoax to play to their local constituencies.

You know, 'we have this historic Agreement' which does NOTHING. And when the 2C goal of reduction (which might actually harm the human race) is not achieved (since it cannot be), then everyone can blame the other guy for it failing.


So why didn't CONGRESS have to ratify the agreement? Lookie here: Paris Climate Agreement Explained: Does Congress Need to Sign Off?

So then vile DT can just unsign it, without Congressional consent, too.

I hate the guy, but withdrawal was a good decision. Initially I didn't think it was, but now after reading the Agreement, it's a godsend to withdraw, and fortunately vile Obama did it wrongly, so now we can get out.

UN will try to claim we still owe our 'nationally determined contribution', but since Congress has to approve the funds, they won't be, and vile UN can do nothing about it.

Here's another article, from reason mag: Bjorn Lomborg: The U.S. Was Right to Withdraw From the Paris Climate Accord [Reason Podcast]

It's just a bunch of LEMMINGS who hear 'environment' and don't even bother to READ what's hyped, driving this LIE of 'climate change' by the stinking, lying, power-mad UN.

Pray for their downfall. Better still that they wake up, but I seriously doubt anyone wants to wake up from such strong delusion. This is the ONE THING worse than DT. Never thought I'd say that.

There's a goodly collection of other videos alongside that one, if you watch the vid in Youtube.

Another related video, some kind of panel discussion.

Interview with the indominitable Freeman Dyson, who calls the hype, 'crazy' even tho he also says that of course man has an effect on climate, but extra Co2 is GOOD.

Heart of the Hoax, the relifigication of 'science', a thing Carl Jung warned about long ago:

And here, my dear, is le piece de resistance, WHY 'climate change' is hawked as a disaster -- versus REAL HISTORICAL SCIENCE YOU CAN CHECK;

First two minutes were left out of the 1-hour version, so here it's included (the full version is 2 hours):

The Israeli guy shown early on in either video, did his own talk to the Marshall Center, to help them see how 'global warming' isn't what it's cracked up to be: the data shows LOW sensitivity to C02, but IPCC back-alters its failed 'predictions' to seem to be right. His talk, here:

You don't have to be a physicist like him, to see all that. Here's a guy who just read the actual IPCC reports, and noted in all that fine print a) they admit significant error, and b) the alleged agreement of 'science' doesn't actually exist, tho even NASA lies about it:

Buttressing his points, and that of Shaviv, is this (peripheral links within the one below go to IPCC source data): UN Climate Boss Resigns in Scandal, Says Mission Is “Religion”

Here's another guy also not a climatologist but has a background in engineering (designs airplanes, so has to know a fair bit about climatology to design them properly), interviewed on radio that uses video so you can see him compare the misleading Al Gore charts, with real ones:

In short, if you just READ THE DATA, you can figure out a lot. You don't have to be a physicist. Duh: for centuries, people knew sun and clouds and rays caused climate, and planned accordingly. We just have more precise explanations, now. Versus, the ever-lying climate change proponents, who were in the 1960s, 'get back to nature' hippies (me among them).

I'd have never known any of this, if Anonynomenon hadn't found that Matt24 meter, cuz that forced me to study whether the parsing matched what we now call history, which was back then, prophecy. I noticed the peculiar similarity between the causes of the bubonic plague in Justinian's day and the Black Death: BOTH WERE IN COOLING PERIODS.

And oh, the 'scientists' hawking 'climate change' KNOW we're ENTERING another COOLING period. So why be suicidal and drop the temperature now? Have worse plague? See how they abuse the graphs in the just-prior video and that by Dr. Ivar Giaever's.

Every time I think the human race cannot sink lower.. it does. Global Warming Natural Cycle (Open Source Systems, Science, Solutions)

Suggestion on how Bannon could do a movie ('doc') on how it's not global warming aka climate change that threatens, but global COOLING: CoolingMovie.MP3.


Here's how we know they are reading the data backwards: Myths vs. Facts: Global Warming (Open Source Systems, Science, Solutions)

First, notice that YES they are expecting us to enter a COOLING already.

Notice that because the Earth is NOW warmer than 'on trend', they INSIST it's man-caused. Never mind, that 'trend' is always a smoothing out, that they do not have valid actual data for all prior warmings to know if the variance is 'normal', and are instead ASSUMING rates. So instead, maybe late-to-start in a cycle pre change (just like a menstrual cycle), but then once it starts, it is made up.


So yeah, it really is a hoax. It doesn't conform to all their manufactured past ASSumptions, so oh my EVEN THO THEY KNOW WE ARE ENTERING A COOLING PHASE, THEY STILL INSIST ON COOLING MORE, despite even their own data proving the earth COMPENSATES for past 'eccentricities' in the next cycle.

So now we'll waste money we really need to develop mechanisms to KEEP WARM for our next little Ice Age coming up within a 100 years or so. And millions might die from plague.

POLITICS have no place in weather analysis. This, is why.

There's so much to post on this, I've started curating the posts in twitter using #climatechange hashtag. You can read through it, by clicking here:

Also, the better posts will be added to this 'Moment' collation re Climate Change, I made here, so you spend less time: (link is now deleted as Elon Musk has retired Twitter 'moments')

Lord Monckton's testimony to Congress on why #climatechoice presentation is a hoax:

Dr Easterbrook's presentation to Congress:

Dr. Richard Keen is very active in explaining what climate change is versus the hoax, loves protecting the environment; his folksy presentation makes it a bit easier for the layman to understand:

This scientist lost his job for proving IPCC wrong, that temp drives C02, not vice versa:

Fortunately, he's still working elsewhere:

Here's a simplified video, sorta:

This Canadian got into and wrote a book about how climate change is a hoax, so is maybe easier to understand. Most damning, is how 'climate change' robs poor people of their FOOD:

This by UK weather guy Piers Corbyn brother of Jeremy who's LABOUR party, so is not siding with the left on #climatechange, provides a lot of useful data you can ponder. LEARN THIS YOURSELF. Don't believe the spokespeople just cuz they have degrees. It's NOT hard to figure out, once you know basics like sun, moon, tides, clouds, atmosphere. Al Gore LIES and it's obvious he does. RUSSIA ties w him go back to his dad, and of course Russia would like it very much if we all wasted our money on a hoax.

Now let's turn to the US, and notice the HISTORY of temperature change, especially a panoramic review of the Roman Warm Period, Medieval Warm Period, Little Ice Age and now (which is like the Roman period when Christ was born), at 8:06

No science analysis is complete without reference to the long-past, which was an important component of the Global Warming Swindle video earlier on this page (I now have the full 2-hour version, bought it).

So here's a Youtube video by another scientific guy, Bob Carter, on paleoclimate and its role, vs what's claimed as manmade climate change now. WILL SURPRISE YOU.

Global warming ended in 1998, says Don Easterbrook in testimony to the Washington (state) Senate Committee.

NOAA fudged the data which was used for the 2015 UN summit, expose here. Only the first 30 mins is worth watching. After that, it goes into conspiracy NutterLand, cuz LaRouche. Dems do the same, present sane proof against DT but for insane reasons (they are party above country, too).

Paul Freedman Yale History Lectures

brainout | 23 Mar 2017, 14:34

Einhard's Life of Charlemagne, is central in these lectures. There are a number of 'books' affecting to provide the same translation, but usually they are out to get you to subscribe to this that or the other. Most readable translation of Einhard's short classic on Charlemage, is in my fav site, Medieval Sourcebook: Einhard: The Life of Charlemagne

Fordham specializes in original source material. Given all the spin Charlemagne, Constantine, et al get, it becomes important to find contemporary writers, though like Einhard they will not be objective, either.

It's REALLY hard to find good stuff on medieval history. That's why I recommend Paul Freedman's lectures on Youtube. He covers these folks much better. This is the full playlist, 22 videos in all, you should be able to just sit back and watch all 22 hours (!) here.

01. Course Introduction: Rome's Greatness and First Crises

Compare Freedman above, to this syrupy playlist of Byzantine emperors: 12 Byzantine Rulers Part 1 Introduction

This guy has a theological bent, so here are his lectures for comparison: Early & Medieval History | Ryan Reeves

1177 BC when Civilization DIED

brainout | 12 Jun 2017, 05:27

I've heard of this movie but haven't seen it. Am parking it here, will watch later. If you watch it in Youtube, you'll find other interesting movies alongside this one.

Video Description:

"From about 1500 BC to 1200 BC, the Mediterranean region played host to a complex cosmopolitan and globalized world-system. It may have been this very internationalism that contributed to the apocalyptic disaster that ended the Bronze Age. When the end came, the civilized and international world of the Mediterranean regions came to a dramatic halt in a vast area stretching from Greece and Italy in the west to Egypt, Canaan, and Mesopotamia in the east. Large empires and small kingdoms collapsed rapidly. With their end came the world’s first recorded Dark Ages. It was not until centuries later that a new cultural renaissance emerged in Greece and the other affected areas, setting the stage for the evolution of Western society as we know it today. Professor Eric H. Cline of The George Washington University will explore why the Bronze Age came to an end and whether the collapse of those ancient civilizations might hold some warnings for our current society.

Considered for a Pulitzer Prize for his recent book 1177 BC, Dr. Eric H. Cline is Professor of Classics and Anthropology and the current Director of the Capitol Archaeological Institute at The George Washington University. He is a National Geographic Explorer, a Fulbright scholar, an NEH Public Scholar, and an award-winning teacher and author. He has degrees in archaeology and ancient history from Dartmouth, Yale, and the University of Pennsylvania; in May 2015, he was awarded an honorary doctoral degree (honoris causa) from Muhlenberg College. Dr. Cline is an active field archaeologist with 30 seasons of excavation and survey experience."

He's so dead set on the fake-news evidence of Israel leaving in the 1200s cuz that suits his narrative. Folks like him were all the rage back when the classic 10 Commandments (who presumes Ramses' son was king during the Exodus) was made. I tried to outline why their claims are so bogus, in Exodate.htm.

But now think differently, especially since we have the Cleopatra steles in NYC and Britain, how Moses was Pharaoh then called himself Thutmose III, his scarabs being all over the Levant. By contrast, Amenhotep II was the Pharaoh of the Exodus, had only 9 campaigns all ending 1441 or so BC (right on time). The Greeks invented the name Red Sea for the Reed Sea (Yam Suph, in Bible), Herodotus being a key writer of that, DUE TO Pharaoh drowning.

In short, our boy here claims no evidence of the Exodus and if it happened, it conveniently happens when he needs it to happen. Yet think: if it happened in 1440, that would TRIGGER the very process he hypothesizes. It would take a century or two in order to finish, Israel the meantime growing stronger and a real breaker of powers in the region.. just like Bible says.

So what helps prove the process this guy poses is done by a nation this guy doesn't want to then exist as a trigger. Oh well. Which process, the book of Judges covers, and Psalm 90 outlined it (one syllable per year, dual use of the Psalm).

String Feynman Lectures (start here first if new to physics)

brainout | 13 Jul 2017, 09:58

Richard Feynman has a long and colorful history, and was on the ground floor of physics and string physics, in the United States, starting with the Manhattan project. He was also close friends with Dr Susskind, so I titled this thread with 'St' to keep both men's threads together.

Sadly, there are no organized playlists on Dr Feynman to speak of, so I accumulated some in my own playlist; yet maybe it's just better to go through Youtube search.

As I have time, I'll do that in later posts, to roughly organize the material topically as was done in Dr Susskind's thread.

The simplest guy to hear is Brian Greene (will do a thread on him too), followed by Feynman then Susskind. Simple is good for 'forest', but the more you learn the more questions you have, so then you need more in-depth information.

It just kills me to see how clearly math and physics illustrates Bible verses/doctrines, and yet these guys can't see that. It's like being undeservedly rich. So you ache for them to get what you have. Kinda like how parents yearn for their kids to have a better life. For that's what God did, and why everything you see in math, physics, biology, etc. all work as they do (all with VERY VERY VERY SIMILAR patterns and structures, fractalic).

So pray for them and everyone else. Cuz these guys are clearly in love with their work. How much more would they love the Worker, if they weren't filled up with all the apostate garbage ADVERTISING, passing for Christianity?

Feynman diagrams of causality and change

Just look at the shapes, with start point left, end points right. Wavy lines are energy (sometimes particles). Basic idea is to show how colliding particles create waves or strings of energy and then other particles. Think of all these as moving, vibrating, and crowded. Supposedly that's what our lives all look like at the subatomic level, with the air and all objects included.

Closest thing in art, are the paintings of Georges Seurat. He painted IN DOTS (stippling).

Here's a video to introduce you to the irrepressible Dr Feynman (hope he's in heaven):

Playlist of his lectures, basic stuff.

This video is not basic, but it is relevant, about 'strong' interaction.

Whoa, six-hour lecture at University of Auckland re Light. It's really old, so quality not that good.

'Strangeness Minus Three'

Myth of Rome (and inadvertent tie to Bible)

By accident, I found this book which traces how 'Rome' morphed into a paradigm of 'civilization' over later centuries: The Modern Cultural Myth of the Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire (Palgrave Studies in the History of the Media) Kindle Edition by Jonathan Theodore (Author)

Did video on it, here:

The video's description, includes the links mentioned during the video. They are important links to validating the claims in the video. This post, provides added links and info.

The book ends up inadvertently proving why Bible prophecy about 'Rome' is correct from the standpoint of the HUMANIST attraction to it. So the video introduced additional source material you can read to reinforce the book's findings, but now including Bible prophecy, and its past historical usage by people who TRIED to Revivify Rome, thinking they could CAUSE the Return of Christ. It's a major tenet of #SevenMountains (US Christians) and #ThirdRome (Russian Christians) TO THIS VERY DAY.

To see that, you have to study up on the 'Last Emperor Myth'. Search links were provided in the video description re the book, but here are some added (and likely better) links:

The actual source text is called Revelation of the Pseudo Methodius (named after one of the guys who developed what became the Moravian/Russian Bible translation), but I forget where the link to that source text is located. Will insert it here when I find it.

The following two audios cover the BIBLE side of the same obsession that Dr Theodore states for humanists in his own book, plus Last Emperor myth, which is how #TrumpRussia ties. The book doesn't go into all that, so I had to:

49 min overview of corollaries, as audio not video:
66 min threading the book and prophecy themes together:

RIGHT NOW links on Pence-cleric and the US Christian love of Russia: and Reverence for Putin on the Right Buys Trump Cover, By Jeremy W. Peters July 14, 2017

If you want independent links to Gibbon, Mommsen, and other online and contemporary sources, here's a handy list at the top of its page (Greek text won't be legible): Ephesians1REPARSED.htm#ChronoChart

Paul's Eph1 annual prophetical tracing to Odovacer is rather important, so its many videos start here: vimeo-GGS11s.htm. Each video's description has more docs. You can download the pdf version of the above link (Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf) for ease in reading the Greek and my metered translation, etc. (Writeup is too wordy, but I've no time now to clean it.)

Independent post-Odovacer and Byzantine links are in the Matt24, Luke 21, Mark 13 and Rev17 video descriptions' docs (same playlist as the video above, view it in Youtube and scroll through the list prior to the video). The links are in context of whatever period the verse clauses cover, so you can compare the satirical meaning of the text, with the history it 'covers'. But the links, are to independent scholarly sources on those times/Emperors, etc (using Wiki if I can't find anything online of value to cite, since Wiki has a syllabus at the end).

In particular, you want to read source texts contemporary to those medieval times, to see how Christians thought of the Last Emperor idea (not using the term, of course):

Preserve EU or enter Dark Age?

brainout | 20 Jul 2017, 20:57

I'm very impressed by this book on how EU is threatened, so its dissolution (envisaged by the author, James Kirchick) signifies a coming Dark Age: The End of Europe: Dictators, Demagogues, and the Coming Dark Age Kindle Edition by James Kirchick (Author)

This is a discussion thread about the book. You can get it on Kindle, or more cheaply, on I have both.

To me, this ties directly to the other thread on Rome Myth, for in Charlemagne's and even Constantine's day, the goal of a united landmass was the same.. for religious reasons: then, they thought Christ was to come back once the landmass was united. THAT GOAL IS PRECISELY WHAT RUSSIA WANTS; with itself, of course, as the primus inter pares.

Trump, for his part, just admires the 'strong man ruler'; I'd wager that's his only motive for being pro-Putin; but Trump's so naive, he doesn't see how he's being played. He's being played by Russia of course, but also by the #SevenMountains Christians behind DT, who have the exact same goal as the #ThirdRome clerics behind Putin. Just a question of who Christ will call the winning group, upon His Envisiaged Return. Which, going by the past the and the prophecy about it that Anonynomenon uncovered, is in their minds maybe scheduled for 2030 AD.

So this alliance of the underlying Christians, is of paramount importance for our understanding our time, NOW.

Videos on that tie (before I knew any related books). There are 90 videos following that intro, to show the interp valid, including how methodology suspected but not found, ever since the Reformation.

Mr. Kirchick doesn't perhaps know about this. But others, do. The other book I reviewed, and its associated thread, provide the historical backdrop.

So maybe you care to opine or think through that angle in this thread, too?

Protocols & FBI Refutation

brainout | 20 Aug 2020, 16:34

Yesterday, FBI VAULT FOIA released in Twitter, an old copy of the Protocols of Zion with the historical docs of refutation by Congressional testimony, etc.

The release created a firestorm on Twitter because the commenters didn't bother to read the document; so they didn't know that refutation began on page 113.

So they made false accusations against FBI vault as if the person releasing the files intended to be anti-Semitic. This type of thoughtless reaction by anti Trump people shows vile Trump is contagious and we need to be careful of jumping to conclusions the way he does.

Doc is attached Protocols of Learned Elders of Zion Part 01 of 01.PDF [10.18 MiB]