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[Wed, Nov 2, 2022, 2:27鈥疉M]

It's a very interesting perspective. From what I can tell in the prophecy, Russia is really Mongol. They started in 1239 when they razed Kyiv. So the Ukrainians basically split into those loyal to the new regime & those who were still enemies.

Poland and Lithuania come along in 1350 rescue Kyiv and razed the Mongols, who went to what we now call Moscow. That was after Ivan Kalita died, who was the first Mongol usurper calling himself Ukrainian.

When they moved North they tried to take over the territory and failed, so that's why they founded what we call Moscow, sometime in the 1400s. Ivan III in 1472, married the last Constantinople princess; he calls himself Third Rome. They literally built the seven hills in order to fit the title.

Putin markets it, and says that the Apocalypse is him. They started that talk in 2014 with a movie, Lesson of Byzantium, The fall of an empire--the Lesson of Byzantium

He's very serious about it. He tells the people in Russia that they are in a fight for their lives and they will either collapse or win. IN EITHER CASE THEY GO TO HEAVEN AND NOBODY ELSE DOES.

The head of RT, Margarita Simonyan, just repeated that on Russian television in the last week or so.

Doesn't seem to dawn on anybody, that's Revelation 17. The American Maga crowd behind Trump, are very much into the same thing. From what I can tell, they aligned with Russia in 2005 maybe earlier. That's when they started hiring 'prophets' to claim Trump was chosen by God to take over the world.

[redacted] are traditionally Jewish names whether German Jewish or Russian Jewish. Now if that's not true in your case, it will be helpful because the pogroms are coming by 2030.

The Arabs are involved in that too because they think that Issa equals Christ returns in 2046; so they have to get the world subdued by then or they believe he will do it.

So no matter how this thing between Russia and Ukraine transpires, we got wars coming up through the next 40 years.

That's really what the Matthew 24+25 prophecy ends up saying. Big surprise. I was finally able to prove it in April. So that's why God's keeping me around so I can explain it to people. But nobody's interested.

brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty

FOCUS: How Bible Matt25:10-12 meter expose TrumPutin+#7M prolifers as wannabe antichrists. I follow non-馃嚭馃嚘 folks via @brainoutREAD

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jan 12, 2023]
This is a scholastic demo, born of 500 yrs' research by scholars who sought Bible meter, evidenced by their many metered translations, eg 1640 (1st book ever pub'd in US), A/B Proof Bible Meter known in 1640 AD

So this claim can be vetted IN Bible, is worth billion$ in jobs

Am dying of cancer

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jan 12, 2023]
Looks like the 3km .@JulianRoepcke crowed about, got filled w Russian bodies

I no longer care if I seem like a weirdo: God defends Ukraine. Demo馃Уs how, in Bible Greek TIME meter, 7 NT chaps +vids 馃毃 Matt24 METER Outline 馃毃

Pity .@GOP, #MAGA & pro 馃嚪馃嚭 volk
cc .@LeaderMcConnell

[Quote FLASH @Flash_news_ua 路 Jan 12]
鈿★笍More than 100 Russians were destroyed in the Soledar area, the command of the SOF of the Armed Forces reported.

"This happened thanks to the coordinated work of SOF soldiers, gunners, and rocket launchers,"- the report says.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jan 12, 2023]
Christians are not taught Bible 'Client Nation' doctrine, eg Lev26 Deut28, 2 Chron7:14

My dead pastor taught that doctrine, but did not know Bible also TIME MAPS it for Church, in Matt24+25. .@Clay_Odem
found it in 2015; Matt25:11 tags #TrumPutin, vids

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 31, 2022]
Dear #MAGA & prolifers,
Your 2023 is PAIN, bc God says NO LIFE IN WOMB: govt has no right to decide it

-+500 verses attest this. You spit on Christ 40 yrs; yer comeuppance, like 馃嚪馃嚭's, goes public now. Use 1Jn1:9 or suffer 1Jn 5:16


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 28, 2022]
Read me!
[Carlos L贸pez (english) @BrainstormC_eng]
In 2008, Merkel followed by Sarkozy blocked Ukraine's entry into NATO.
That would have prevented Russian invasion.

WSJ: Merkel's rejection of a NATO track for Georgia and Ukraine would effectively act as a veto. Western military alliance operates by consensus.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 26, 2022]
Daily on 馃嚪馃嚭 TV even in Twitter, 馃嚪馃嚭 says she invaded 馃嚭馃嚘 to destroy her. Kirill says genocide is Holy; Solovyev says 馃嚪馃嚭fights a holy war to exterminate 馃嚭馃嚘. Head of RT, says 馃嚭馃嚘 should be burnt

Liar @GenFlynn
RT'd below, hides all this

His #MAGA volk are wacko. God judges them

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 24, 2022]
FYI it really *is* Christmas. Back in 4 BC when Christ was born, it was Dec15=1st night Hanukkah, but Pope Gregory cut 10 days off our calendar, haha

The Jews messed up their calendar since 4bc

Varro messed up AUC so we must say, '4BC'

Proof, in detail: PassPlot.htm

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 11, 2022]

99% of Christians are Bible illiterate; Bible scholarship is crap. They don't get Christ's birth & death dates right. They don't get #Gospel right



[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 11, 2022]
Christ born on 4BC Hanukkah & died 30 AD Passover per Bible. We say 4BC cuz Varro added 4 fake yrs to AUC. So can't move Birth forward 3 yrs, PassPlot.htm

BTW, ON that Hanukkah He said, NO LIFE IN WOMB, Heb 10:5

So prolifers BLASPHEME Him
b-out Prolife Blasphemy Vids
BIBLE says you're not human until BORN, when GOD (not your biology), creates your soul and gives your body, its first BREATH. No one but God is the author

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 11, 2022]
So they hid Hanukah w 'Christmas', tho Dec25 begins sundown 24th 4BC when He was born, cuz Jews didn't intercalate; Pope Gregory cut 10 days off our calendar 馃槆

Passover 3Apr AD30, was WEDNESDAY: Easter=Apr 7, not "Easter computus" RCC creates 馃き

猬嗭笍Links prove this IN BIBLE

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 13, 2022]
So Christmas=Hanukah. Christians & Jews screw up the calendar

Christians do it, to hide fact Christ is a Jew, see Augustine-Jerome letters 馃き

Again, Bible proof is demo'd in PassPlot.htm

So if u know propaganda against Bible, u can detect all other propaganda 馃槆

[tigercat @fceMR 路 Dec 25, 2022]
Don t matter the date just listen the message
[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 26, 2022]

Angelic Trial, theme of Gen1 -- CHRISTENDOM MISSES IT! -- can God keep His salvation promise ON TIME? Hebrew=l'moed, Jews to track it

Bible text & syllable counts are built from it, Gen thru Rev

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 11, 2022]
RT'd: Pity #MAGA volk. They won't use 1John1:9, so God gives them to their STRONG delusion


BTW, Prolife=blasphemy, Bible proof
God publicly disowns MAGA w Trump's own words! Matt25:12 2036-2041

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 1, 2022]
Dear dumby Christians who say u can lose salvation: USE 1JN1:9

Seed Parable: only 1st categ is unsaved. The rest are saved but die sterile. They do not mature from IMPLANTED seed=SAVED, to FRUIT BEARING tree

Jas1 says same, use Word that saved them, so they will now grow up

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 5, 2022]
So you have 3 types of life: soul life for relationship w humans, spiritual life for relationship w God, & body life, for relationship w biology

Spiritual life begins as a baby, needs to mature via learn & live on Bible, to be 'saved' from REMAINING a baby in eternity

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 5, 2022]
Spiritual life is a separate dimension that body, science & soul cannot detect. God uses learning Bible to build you spiritually, so you can discern & interact w God, 1Cor3

It is literal, not magic; without feeling, but rather a knowing

'No such thing as 'feeling spiritual'

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 2, 2022]
My dead pastor, RB Thieme Jr, explained this as "X+Y+Z". Google it

17th vid below, summarizes:

X=Salvation=birth, so can't reverse/lose

Y=grow IN your salvation, mature from sprouted seed to Tree, via BIBLE

Z=eternity: did u mature & get rewards 1Cor3?

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Nov 4, 2022]
Readme about the origin of Moscow and its relationship to Kherson.

That makes the 馃嚪馃嚭 withdrawal from Kherson much more meaningful. I do not expect them to bomb it or blow up the dam, as a result. I do expect them to try retaking it later.

[Quote Decod茂ngTrolls @DecodingTrolls 路 Oct 22, 2022]
Let's rehearse why Muscovy tried to conquer Kherson: there's no freshwater in Crimea. Kherson was key to unblocking canal linking Dniepr to Crimea.

In 1721 village of Musvovy occupied right-bank 馃嚭馃嚘 and declared itself "Russian Empire." Losing Kherson makes Muscovy a village.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Nov 3, 2022]
Is Putin sick? I asked God to put him in diapers, to wake him up

Even now, God can rescue him & 馃嚪馃嚭, if he keeps using 1John 1:9 & starts learning Bible text

This Bible promise applies to anyone

God did it to Nebuchadnezzar: even restored his kingdom


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 8, 2022]

U know God bade 猡碉笍, don't u? When irony happens, God's talking

Since 2016 I demo'd Bible to u, how God wars w u over 馃嚭馃嚘. U refuse Him. So He makes 馃嚪馃嚭, refuse

CHURCH=BRIDGE. God sent Putin to be a reformer like .@ZelenskyyUa, but Putin's pissy. So 馃嚭馃嚘 gets Rodina

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 8, 2022]
Same story is told often, in Bible. Meter maps what yrs

1984 -- I could barely spell 'Jesus' -- God put in my head to pray Gorbache be removed & 馃嚪馃嚭 freed4Bible

God did so, on my bday in 1991

Then God caused me to learn Bible in Heb & Grk, so y'all could get His Word in time

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 5, 2022]

Truth Must Be Free. Free to be Good truth, bad truth, any truth IF truth, Ps138:2

Without Truth, there is no Justice

God LOVES making good on bad, so that bad does MUCH more good than good alone

So Truth CAN be Free

So He makes a Cross, not Stepford wives, Heb2

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Sep 28, 2022]
Clever ploy

Matt24:12a inserts a hiatus (未蔚*) between 2023 & 2025, pic

螒蟺慰魏蟻喂谓蠅 anaphora* tags war+pogrom yrs. Prior tags were Masada (24.2), WW1 (25.9)

*Gen1:2 LXX 未蔚, should be trans'd "BECAME chaos & wasteland"

**Anaphora map trends, demo Matt24 APOKRINW (judgment) anaphora 15/18 Anaphora syllable count distances 梅7, the # of PROMISE (see pic). Even between Bible books
Bible authors count syllables, to show God Orchestrates Time

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 20, 2022]
got it right again
鈭歎KRAINE did the mod, to fit the MIG

NB: God mocks 馃嚪馃嚭 & backs 馃嚭馃嚘, as the latter's anthem promises; since AD 860, Matt24+25 wryly tags UKR evangelization dates w 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪; even twixt NT books, anaphora syllable counts 梅7= God orchestrates Time 馃槆

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 7, 2022]

Bible self-audits text & meter, to prove interp for any yr it maps, Gen1+. Each writer, obeys Moses' meter rules

Per the rules, in 2065+, 馃嚭馃嚘&Baltics renew as freedom bulwark 脿 la 1400s contra Germany&Muscovy, Matt24:42-25:14ff

U reply, "Over My Dead Body."



[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 7, 2022]
U "coulda been a contender", IN the bulwark; but chose to be #ThirdRome, starting w Ivan III in 1472

Antichrist must die then revive at End of Time. So 馃嚪馃嚭 dies by 2065, trying to kill Ukraine (蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 anaphora, pics 3&4)

U were warned, Matt25:10-14 Matt25:10-12, prophecy re 1960-2041 AD contra Political Christianity

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 8, 2022]
Due to Charlemagne's crowning (pic4 meter 770=AD800, ha), Matt24:27ff maps 馃寪 evangelism yrs w 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪

Christ puns: Bible 'arrives'=Christ

God tells a Tale of Two Kyivs, w Muscovy born >1350, when Pol&Lith rescue Kyiv

So by Matt25:14, we've no doubt who God tags, 2061+

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 29, 2022]
A for Autograph
Many verses claim Bible=God's Word, hence perfect & proof of God, within itself

So *in* Bible, God provides mechanics to prove WHAT WORDS ARE HIS

Scholars call the mechanics, "hermeneutics"

Bible meter's a mechanic, but they can't find it

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 29, 2022]
Playlist猡碉笍: during Reformation et seq, many metered Bibles were issued, but

They applied Grk lit & secular stds, to find it 馃ジ

They didn't count ITS syllables, to find ITS meters. They flunk 1st rule of hermeneutics: a legal doc, Bible interps itself 馃槆

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 29, 2022]
A for Accounting Autograph

Every Bible writer Accounts Autograph by counting his syllables, to authenticate his original words

Primary rule in hermeneutics: Bible doctrines ALL begin in Genesis

So Moses began meter, Gen1:1, pics


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 29, 2022]
Accting Autograph, cont


1st 7-meter (7=Time Promise)=63: he writes 441 yrs post-Israel enslaved, @ age 119 (2nd 7x)=1400 BC=end 1050th yr post-Flood (Gen1:31)

Ps90's same dateline

'Saves $鈧B spent guessing when Gen+Ps90, written!

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 24, 2022]
RT'd cartoon re 馃嚭馃嚘, is in Matt24:27ff: AD860, Ukraine gets her 1st 490 from God, pics

Post-Reformation, scholars quit seeking Bible Time Meter, eg 1752 RLowth on Isa53*, vs its 7ing pairs

Demo馃У may help u vet
馃毃 Matt24 METER Outline 馃毃
*Isa53 yrly pre-maps 1st to Last David

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 17, 2022]
When demons infest a ppl, they cause messianic delusion, as RT'd below

Antichrist=Russia; early on, we see its distant future.. tho potential, now

Christendom is infested since Constantine AD312, saying Church an extension of Israel, to conquer 馃寧馃實馃審


[Quote Jay in Kyiv @JayinKyiv 路 Jul 17, 2022]

Listen to these insane Russian barbarian nazis.

They really believe that thry are the chosen ones, to slaughter Ukrainians, to teach them a lesson, to take their land because "they have good weather there and sea".

Christian Nation, was born from Irenaeus' Bible abuse, AD177: see my Apr 2021 & '22 threads

So Christians say they're to CONQUER, ergo #SevenMountains #TrumPutin

THEY CAN'T READ "New Testament"=畏 魏伪喂谓畏 未喂伪胃畏魏畏

Church gets a BRAND NEW&BETTER covenant, Heb11:39-40

The new covenant's bodies were prepaid on Cross, Matt16:18+Jn17

If Satan makes Church too apostate BEFORE PREPAID BODIES MATURE=Rapture=Eph4:12

he wins

Same, if Satan can kill enough Jews: CHRIST IS KING OF THE JEWS, MESSIAH

馃嚪馃嚭 calls self New Jerusalem, REPLACING JEWS

Cuz we're in an Appeal Trial, GodvSatan eg Isa14 Eze28 Job1+2 Matt4 Rev13

TERMS: God made promises; if they aren't fulfilled, it's a Mistrial & Satan gets to rule God

鈥 Jews get Messiah
鈥 Messiah pays4sin, prepays4Church
鈥 Church matures like Christ
鈥 Millennium

[NIV] Hebrews 11:1 Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see. 2 This is what the ancients were commended for. 3 By faith we understand that the universe was formed at God's command, so that what is seen was not made out of what was visible. 4 By faith Abel brought God a better offering than Cain did. By faith he was commended as righteous, when God spoke well of his offerings. And by faith Abel still speaks, even though he is dead.

Scripture quotations marked (NIV) are taken from the Holy Bible, New International Version庐, NIV庐. Copyright 漏 1973, 1978, 1984, 2011 by Biblica, Inc.鈩 Used by permission of Zondervan. All rights reserved worldwide. The 鈥淣IV鈥 and 鈥淣ew International Version鈥 are trademarks registered in the United States Patent and Trademark Office by Biblica, Inc.鈩

Hebrews 11:1 峒溝兿勎刮 未峤 蟺峤废兿勎瓜 峒愇幌喂味慰渭峤澄较壩 峤懴峤瓜兿勎毕兾瓜, 蟺蟻伪纬渭峤毕勏壩 峒斘晃滴诚囄肯 慰峤 尾位蔚蟺慰渭峤澄较壩. 2 峒愇 蟿伪峤幌勧績 纬峤跋 峒愇嘉毕佅勏呄佱降胃畏蟽伪谓 慰峒 蟺蟻蔚蟽尾峤幌勎迪佄课. 3 螤峤废兿勎滴 谓慰慰峥ξ嘉滴 魏伪蟿畏蟻蟿峤废兾肝蔽 蟿慰峤合 伪峒搬慷谓伪蟼 峥メ降渭伪蟿喂 胃蔚慰峥, 蔚峒跋 蟿峤 渭峤 峒愇 蠁伪喂谓慰渭峤澄较壩 蟿峤 尾位蔚蟺峤刮嘉滴轿课 纬蔚纬慰谓峤澄轿蔽. 4 螤峤废兿勎滴 蟺位蔚峤肺课轿 胃蠀蟽峤肺蔽 峒嵨参滴 蟺伪蟻峤 螝峤毕娢 蟺蟻慰蟽峤滴轿滴澄何滴 蟿峥 胃蔚峥, 未喂峋 峒 峒愇嘉毕佅勏呄佱降胃畏 蔚峒段轿蔽 未峤肺何蔽刮肯, 渭伪蟻蟿蠀蟻慰峥ξ较勎肯 峒愊峤 蟿慰峥栂 未峤较佄课瓜 伪峤愊勎酷喀 蟿慰峥 胃蔚慰峥, 魏伪峤 未喂峋 伪峤愊勧繂蟼 峒蟺慰胃伪谓峤嘉 峒斚勎 位伪位蔚峥.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 15, 2022]
I am trained in Bible Doctrine; so despite end-stage cancer, God keeps me alive to inform & answer questions. That's it

I had no clue, when I 1st believed in Christ at age 18. I knew God since age 5. Bible didn't make sense to me, so I kept asking questions

Voici la femme

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 10, 2022]
There's much in Bible, I dislike

#1: if by death God spiritually matures u, He crowns & gives u an eternal kingdom

The ONLY joy in kingship, is to see yer ppl=kids, mature in thinking, freedom & prosperity 馃槏

BUT..seems yer kingdom includes ppl u knew, down here 馃槯

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 10, 2022]
I've told parts of the story below, but never the full story..

In 1998 I got catywampus w God; He punished me

So I got a webTV for internet, to write webpages auditing Rapture Doctrine (I didn't like it), bc I didn't know Windows

Online cost $1,000/mo, so I wanted to quit

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 10, 2022]
A janitor named Jesus, found a Micron Windows PC in the trash, decided I should get it; he kept it for 2 wks, until he saw me in the garage on my pastor's bday, Apr 1, 2000

I took the PC, bought its software from Office Depot; now could write webpgs & publish audit, for free

The janitor of course, didn't know anything about this, & I never told him

But God knew

Now you know why I write so boldly

FACT: Bible math & doctrines fully balance Gen-Rev, only if Rapture is pre-Trib

WHY that story? Audit answer is long & witty: LordvSatan1.htm
[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 10, 2022]

Revisit idea de novo, using only Bible; start in Genesis w underlying doctrine

NB: Greek Rapture word 'harpazo', means violently snatch up women in a raid; English reverses the Latin rapt艒 (as if women love it)

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 10, 2022]
PPS shorter (unfinished) novel format, more entertaining & w Britt audio conversion

After you finish the intro + Chapter 1 on how demons look at this story, you should be able to write a chapter on yourself

Yeah, you're one of the characters 馃槆

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 10, 2022]
Russian tank kills 56 馃嚭馃嚘 nursing home volk, just for fun. It was in occupied territory, so cant call this a mistake

Great mate u got, .@Bundeskanzler

馃嚛馃嚜+馃嚪馃嚭 WWII history is full of barbarism..far more expensive, than quitting 馃嚪馃嚭 now

U share her fate if u don't wake up, Gal6:7

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 8, 2022]
Shame on Baptists, Dispensationalists, Reformed, Catholics, Orthodox!


586 BC in Dan9:2, so Christ died 7 SOLAR yrs EARLY, ergo pre-Trib Rapture restores Time

so Church is NOT an extension of Israel, DUMMIES

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 8, 2022]
Longer proofs u can vet IN BIBLE 猡碉笍

God will punish u if u don't. He punished me until I did 猡碉笍, 2000-2006

I didn't like Rapture. But it's not about liking, rather if it's true!

Balances perfectly

Takes 3 mos to vet PassPlot.htm

Takes a yr

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 8, 2022]
A more entertaining novel format:
has nice Brit audio conversion. Intro & 1st chapter are helpful

The rest of it is from 2006, still first draft

I'm dying, so I don't know if I'll rewrite/finish it. Write a chapter on yourself 馃槆

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 7, 2022]

I tweet about Bible, bc ppl get 99% of it wrong, esp #SevenMountains #MAGA prolifers who claim Church inherited Israel

I won't convert ppl, but clarify what Bible says, & how to prove it

What you do with that info is sacrosanct between God & you 馃槝

End Commercial Message

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 6, 2022]

BTW if into Bible, pls know spiritual life & Bible itself, are all about logistics

Pulpits rarely admit we're in an Angelic Trial that plays like hybrid war, Gen1+ Hebrew

My pastor daily taught logistics during 50 yrs he exegeted Bible

It is thus time-metered: [link dead]

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 6, 2022]
also use it as a calendar to know logistics, eg when to flee w Bible, pics

Prophecy is on the logistics of Satan kidnapping & God freeing Bible, Matt24:4-14; Columbus quoted it to get trip funding to the new world, cf his Libro de las profes铆as

Religion aims2replace Bible

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 4, 2022]
True. My vids show onscreen, how Bible's Hebrew says you're not alive until born 猡碉笍

Epi14 is 1978 PBS spec on how prolife began w #SevenMountains (who beds 馃嚪馃嚭 & Trump), for political power
Prolife is anti-science & blasphemes God. Prolifers are insane

Reminder馃Уre what Bible is & where we are in its prophecy, as God bids we know What Time It Is
Altho missed by scholars, Bible syllables are 7-metered, to tag & describe POST-Adam yrs Gen1+, pics
We're to use meter as a calendar, eg to know if/when to flee w Bible, bc

Satan tries to destroy it, bc
Bible is due diligence disclosure about God, Satan, & why you're here, a mere pawn in an Angelic Trial, GodvSatan. Trial, is about whether God is bad
You've a right to this info; but w it, you'd freely want God. Ergo Satan tries to mess it up

Trial crux: who'd want God, given how badly He creates?
We are created low. Satan was created high, yet calls it unfair he's not as good as God, eg in Isaiah 14
Christ & humans are made low, so Satan can get us to vote4him, Job1+1, Heb1+2
He must abort Bible, to win votes

God directly made sinless Adam & Isha; they talked to Him, didn't need a book
Gen3: Satan plays a cute 4-legged reptile, reverses what God Said; Isha votes4Satan; Adam votes4her. Sin DNA born, Rom5:12
God said, I'll become Savior & Adam believed; so man procreates sin DNA

& @ birth, God chooses whether to 'do' Gen2:7, create a soul & impute it to the exited fetus, thus birth a living human (pssst -- abortion kills nothing)
It's juridical: PROCREATED biology=sin DNA, will taint soul function; God must DECREE if a life should exist, Isa45:7,18

Now, u exist. YOUR turn to decide: do u want God?
Back then, u had direct discourse w Him -- or demon boys -- if & as u wanted
So it's all subjective: how to know u hear/see God vs hallucination vs demons?
Aww, can't we instead have a GROUP VALIDATION?
Enter, religion 馃ジ

Satan smacks his lips. Group thang, yea
Talk to groups, not God. More holy, to talk to SUBSTITUTES
So let's found cities, make holy books, rituals w SEX (joining God); have kings & priesthoods, make fancy temples
so we don't see/hear GOD, even as we shout His Name

God, remains God of Gen5-7 persons: Adam, Seth, Enoch, Methuselah, Noah, Shem..Abraham Isaac & Jacob
Not, of religion, groups. No rituals books priesthoods, tho fathers did animal sacrifices like Abel, to depict Messiah to Come, Job & Gen 15:6
Relationship, not religion

Messiah, would pay for sin. God said they'd be His human progenitors
So they didn't make temples rituals holy books religions & nations. They were bloodline for Messiah, & were to tell folks
So Abraham sent to Haran, for Isaac's wife. Jacob went, returns as a family of 70
*Job1+2, correction

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 23, 2022]

Did u see God answer yer petty Duma guy, making him break his collarbone *while riding a bike*?


Event plays exactly as wit in Rev 17 Grk,


In Twitter, search "50/50 Congress". I prayed for it in Twitter in Mar 2018; God Yessed that prayer 7 different ways, 4 of which were puns on 2020 Georgia Senate runoff election stats!

Look it up yourself!

Matt25:12 says God will kill 馃嚪馃嚭 if u don't listen to Him...

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 16, 2022]
Bible prophecy TIMED satire on Messianic War yrs, like now, are tagged w 伪蟺慰魏蟻喂谓蠅 anaphora: verb = 'to answer via ruling'

TEXT COVERING SAME YRS, COMMENTS ON THEM in current or parallel verses, demo Matt24 APOKRINW (judgment) anaphora 15/18

So 伪蟺慰魏蟻喂谓蠅=Masada, WWI, II & 2025

Not 2022, bc

we 1st replay WWII prelude, Anschluss; 馃嚭馃嚘 won't join 馃き


So nations pick sides by 2025; WWIII then begins

It ends 2028, renews in 2030 w antisemitic pogroms next 7 yrs

Then, alliances & balance of power shift to E Eur by 2041

馃嚪馃嚭 is carved up by 2061
Luke21 pairs Kyiv AD860+ w Israel, pics

Satan must kill Jews, to make Israel so depopulated, Christ can't Inherit a full Kingdom: God fails to keep His Promise, Satan wins Trial

Few teach this; but we must learn it, to interp events & avoid traps, per end Luke21
So when Bible books rearrange or reword each other, it's deliberate. U are expected to know the prior text, to read their update (like a serial novel)

Bible meter says
Matt wrote AD30
Luke in 58
Mark in 69
Rev end 87
Each writes due to an event, eg Mark bc Titus invests Jeru

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 14, 2022]
& .@Israel votes to cling to 馃嚪馃嚭 Nazis trying to destroy 馃嚭馃嚘, largely to kill Jews in it

Anti-semitism is a BIG reason why 馃嚪馃嚭 TRIES TO WIPE OUT 馃嚭馃嚘. Russians also want to destroy any1 who greatly contributes to its success

Russia=Mongol. Even Bible charts that, starting in Dan9

[Zach 讝拽@ZachLewis3187 路 Jun 14, 2022]
At the same time Von der Leyen tweeted this, the EU voted to fund textbooks by the PA that have the same language in them about Jews as the Nazis and make no mention of the Holocaust except that it鈥檚 contested and falsified as a reason to take Palestine.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 11, 2022]

God gives 馃嚪馃嚭 til 2061 to live. Then kills u per 纬蟻畏纬慰蟻蔚喂蟿蔚 anaphora

鈭歁att24:42 Pol/Lith/Ukr 1387+ cause de jure
鈭歁ark13:35 1233+ Mongol prequel 1387-1233,梅7
馃嚪馃嚭 ends

& now on TV, u claim Mongol2.0 mantle, as Mark13:35 warns

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 2, 2022]

Satan uses u to play witty Bible meter games w God

2023-24 is 784th anniv of Mongols razing Kyiv

56 is Bible's Vote Critical meter, timeline of 1st Temple demise, premapped in Isa53, pics

As I reported earlier, God uses Temple 140-year

Restoration Grant as juridical precedent, to restore E Eur as a faith-freedom bulwark:

1921-91 parallels 586-516 BC
1991-2041 parallels 516-446 BC

Satan uses 馃嚪馃嚭 bombing to BLOCK 馃嚪馃嚭 from Restoration & advertise her Mongol roots

How does it feel, to be Satan's eternal joke?!

I'm sorry, I didn't recognize this Bible Meter math until today

I feel stupid sending you these messages; but it'll require a miracle for you to even see them, let alone understand them

So what if God wants you to see & understand them, like He just did to me?

I wanna die

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 1, 2022]
500-yr trend of History

1100s, E Eur became power bloc, 3rdCrusade+

1350 Pol+Lith free Ukraine & eject Mongols from Kyiv, who go north & found Muscovy

Pol again becomes center in 1387 w Lith+Ukraine, when Jagiello weds Jadwiga: E Eur's Golden age begins

Now? Wash rinse repeat

[Quote Istoryk馃嚭馃嚘 @ictopyk 路 May 15, 2022]
[Replying to @ictopyk]
蟹邪谢懈褕邪褌褜 褍 袩芯谢褜褖褨 褋胁芯褩 褋械褉褑褟, 泻芯谢懈 锌芯胁械褉薪褍褌褜褋褟 薪邪蟹邪写 写芯 校泻褉邪褩薪懈 锌褨褋谢褟 锌械褉械屑芯谐懈.
袗谢械 胁械谢懈褔薪褨褋褌褜 袩芯谢褜褖褨 锌芯谢褟谐邪褦 薪械 褌褨谢褜泻懈 胁 褑褜芯屑褍. 袧邪 薪邪褕懈褏 芯褔邪褏 薪邪褉芯写卸褍褦褌褜褋褟 薪芯胁懈泄 褦胁褉芯锌械泄褋褜泻懈泄 谢褨写械褉 - 薪芯胁邪 袩芯谢褜褖邪, 褟泻邪 褦 蟹褉邪蟹泻芯屑 写谢褟 褋褌胁芯褉械薪薪褟 芯薪芯胁谢械薪芯褩, 锌芯褋褌-褨屑锌械褉褋褜泻芯褩 袆胁褉芯锌懈.
Niech zyje Polska! 馃嚨馃嚤

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 31, 2022]

Sorry to keep writing, but u must hear God's Plan A: there's still a chance u can get it

DANIEL: Nebuchadnezzar was to be political savior of Israel, but got fat-headed. God struck him down for 7 yrs, he repented* & God restored him

That's Plan A for u

馃憠 ---insert 1 john 1:8-10, 1 john 2:1

1991, God's doing 馃寧馃實馃審 evangelism: 纬伪渭慰蠀蟼=feast=1991, Matt25:10

Bc u believed in Christ when young, God chose u to lead 馃嚪馃嚭 into Bible freedom, like 馃嚭馃嚘 had

Then 馃嚪馃嚭'd get respect, prosperity, warm-water ports..w/o war or chicanery

U were to be her political savior! 馃槆
-----insert matthew 25:10-12
1991, u're a jaded son of Belial. U think
'I'll steal4Rodina
head FSB
save 馃嚪馃嚭 like Stalin',
aping his steps

U shut the door on God, 1998

U got TV ppl to glam yer image 脿 la Nebuchy, but w more charm

Denying God, u chose every evil

So Gal6:7 hits
Use 1Jn1:9 while u can

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 29, 2022]
That's why they don't want Ukraine in NATO or EU, bc UKR membership changes the balance of power

Eastern Europe then obtains hegemony: France & Germany lose theirs

Same issue w Turkey & Hungary re Sweden & Finland

US goes along 2get along

Every1's a hypocrite

[cc.@ZelenskyyUa Quote Dogun201983 @Aontaithe2021 路 May 28, 2022]
[Replying to @kilturk44 and @SabFis3]
France and Germany need to realise that Eastern Europe are also part of the EU and NATO
[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 29, 2022]
BALANCE OF POWER BoP CHANGE is in Matt25:13, tags Matt24:42 纬蟻畏纬慰蟻蔚喂蟿蔚 anaphora, BoP -> to Poland

'Anaphora' is a pointback key, list @ pic tops

Anaphora distances 梅7, even inter-Bible chaps Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf



=God orchestrates TIME

So Matt25:13 says, 2042+ BoP -> to EEur. Ukraine's part of Poland in 1387, Matt24:42; so Ukraine's in 25:13

Muscovy, not 'Russia' in 1387 or 2042

馃摙 EVANGELISM & Rapture chance is HI then & now

Demo: BIBLE MAPS each yr, AD30+

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 26, 2021]
馃毃 Matt24 METER Outline 馃毃
pics+ Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf
READ: 1syll=1yr; txt satirizes & yrly maps Xtians AD30+

V1-3, disciples drool over Temple; Christ quips not 1 stone left on another @ syll40; they ask SIGN of END

V3 end=AD177: Commodus crowned &Ireneas hunts heretics 馃憠

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 27, 2022]

Quo vadis?
How God Uses Evil

Christians AD100+, fake What Yr It Is, to hide CHRIST's LIFE+DEATH is TIMED TO BIBLE HEBREW CALENDAR

So Hippolytus calcs initial creation not w Bible, but w Ark's dimensions, to mask 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪

Russ Odox apes same silly lie

So 馃嚪馃嚭 is in deep 馃挬 w God, for CENTURIES OF LYING against His Word

Hippolytus' lie got caught by AD800; to sell Last Emperor lie, Pope fit calendar to Bible馃槝

Suddenly EEur believed in Christ to be saved, 800-1000: saying, Time Ends 馃槺

It didn't: ppl revert to Crusades 馃檭

So God spanks them w yer ancestor Mongols, who raze Kyiv in 1239, then feign 'Rus' w Ivan Kalita & convert to Odox

Poles+Lith drove Ivans out, 1350; they went north to a tiny, swampy hill, 'Moscovy'

Bible tags Poles as client of God 966+; Kyiv, 860+

But not Muscovy 馃槩


By 1350 EEur got snippy w God, Who tests them: play religion, or faith freedom?

Jogaila wed Jadwiga; EEur passes test, enters golden age,

While Muscovy maims Christians, enters Time of Troubles

EEur got snippy again; so 1795, 馃嚪馃嚭 split her til 1921, when God split every1

to insert a 馃寪 Time Out, @ WWI's end

Much evangelism occurred, mostly bad; but millions believed Christ paid for their sins, so God can justify extending Time, due to enough 'salt'

He restores 馃寪 Time via same 140-yr juridical model as BC586 Israel, mapped in Isa53+Dan9

So 馃嚪馃嚭, like E Eur, got a 70-yr special voting Time Grant, 1921-91


He deployed u in 1991, to also vote4Him, lead Russia into freedom-of-faith. U deny Him; so 馃嚪馃嚭 dies, unless u use 1Jn1:9

EEur+Ukraine replace u, enter new golden age to +-2657


2nd 70 is 1991-2041 Restoration Grant (脿 la Israel BC516-446)

Believer Bible interest skyrockets; Jews receive max protection; nat'l laws of Freedom, obtain

E Eur becomes center of 馃寪

Russia is split, just as u tried to do to Ukraine

Russia later revives, as Antichrist馃憠

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 21, 2022]
Correct. +-500 Bible verses say you're not alive until born

So if prolife, u can't read Bible & are in deep 馃挬馃挬 w God bc u spit on Christ Who at Birth said, "a body You prepared for Me".. so 'me' is not the fetus, duh (Heb10:5, quotes Ps40:6)


[Quote StuDuncan @Stu02Duncan 路 May 20, 2022]
[Replying to @TristanSnell and @NotHoodlum]
He actually did speak about it. He said the Old Testament was good for learning and was inspired scripture.
The Old Testament:

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 15, 2022]

Daily, u beg God to kill u: like Satan in 3rd Temptation, Matt4

One day, He will; but now, u get diapers

What do u gain? U lose God, Who gave u a nice job. U spurn Him? For what?

I got cancer, too. God uses it to bless me w meter, worth more than 馃寪 GDP 馃

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 11, 2022]

End threat to 馃嚪馃嚭? Leave 馃嚭馃嚘 & nations u invaded + indemnify their losses @ 120%=God's redemption fee

God ruins 馃嚪馃嚭 for ruining them, Gal6:7. U will be dead +-600 yrs. Then u revive as last Antichrist & then go into Lake of Fire 4ever

It's all in His Book u won't heed

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 3, 2022]

Jews had no jurisdiction to crucify Christ. Romans did it. Bible's clear

Lavrov again sticks 馃Χ in 馃憚. Why?

BTW, Lord is King of the Jews, born Hanukkah 4BC*; died Pesach Erev 3pm Wed Apr3 AD30, TIMED to David's retirement 1000


*4BC, bc Claudius made
Varro's bad AUC, law; our scholars use it

Varro said AUC 753 BC, but it was really 750 per Livy

So Paul's TIME METER obeys Varro=our AD in Eph1 (blue superscript pics), tags Matt24 & maps Church 1st 490, within a doxology: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf 馃憠

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 1, 2022]

U who rightly believes in Rapture are dumb re prophecy. King of North is Russia, not Italy

Ukraine famously votes4God, 1991+

God tags 馃嚭馃嚘 v 馃嚪馃嚭 AD860+, Matt24:27ff: also Luke21,Mark13, Rev17

I've demo'd it daily in Twitter, since 2016. U coulda learned it by now

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 29, 2022]
This kid rewords Ukrainian 馃敱 anthem. He also states Bible Doctrine re 馃嚭馃嚘

See my threads: 伪谓胃蟻蠅蟺慰蟼 anaphora, Matt24:27 tags yr Kyiv 1st became a client nation* to God, a status lost in 1350 but now regained

*Enough believer 'salt' to get a 490-yr Divine nat'l Time Grant
To see how it plays + prove it in Bible, use this spreadsheet compiled solely from Bible
brainoutFAQ.htm#6a for verse math

Bible scholarship is crap. Took 20 yrs to fix their math errors

IOW: if u knew what Bible really said, u could prove it true

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 27, 2022]

Yer chem & nukes misfire, fail, etc

馃審馃實馃寧 stops fearing u & races to carve u up

Thus what u did to so many nations for so long is done to u, Gal6:7

Sometime 1000 yrs >Battle of Grunwald, Matt25:24-30, u rise again: u are Beast Slain, Antichrist

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 27, 2022]

God partitions 馃嚪馃嚭 bc u partition 馃嚭馃嚘. He always puns

By 2041, 馃嚭馃嚘 gets part of 馃嚪馃嚭, cuz u refused to free 馃嚪馃嚭 for Bible in 1999


Every story in Bible is a Justice Paradigm

馃嚭馃嚘 paradigm now, is 2nd Temple BC516-446. E Eur shares it

U lose

[Quote Alexander Khrebet @AlexKhrebet 路 Apr 24, 2022]
Ukrainians massively taken to #Russia,
The Putin's regime has already hijacked 951,000 people from #Ukraine. Almost 175,000 of them are children. Sixteen thousand civilians are becoming Russia's hostages every day since February 24.


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 19, 2022]

Thanks4 May-parading big 馃嚪馃嚭 losses w a Z =.@ZelenskyyUa

For in Bible 70+70 Dan9 accting, 77yrs >馃嚭馃嚘 voted4 freedom in 1921, God freed 馃嚭馃嚘 from USSR & shut 胃蠀蟻伪, Matt25:10
U war w 77th Son
=Christ (Luke4)
U=Beast Slain & revive @ End

馃敟 Matt24+25 update re EEur+Ukraine 馃敟

Prophecy is on promise of God's head going in your head. Deut6, 30, Jer31, 1Cor, Heb8-10

NT calls it Rapture criterion: Matt24:14, Jn17, Eph4:12

Columbus invoked 24:14 in _Libro de Las Profes铆as_ for trip West. 24:44-45 tag yrs he did

Bible is wry literature, so put on yer Heb/Greek literate hat, to interpret it

Parousia= 'Appear' (2nd Advent, v3), is key to EEur faiths. So parousia dates in Matt, tag EEur faith events

Matt24+25 build on parousia=evangelism, cuz God 'appears' to u thru His Word 馃槝 馃槆


Matt24:42 纬蟻畏纬慰蟻蔚喂蟿蔚 (=ALERT) bookends w Matt25:13, yrs 1387 (Jogaila wed) -2045=94x7

94=mid-Trib theme: Treaties w antichrists who break 'em, then nations are partitioned =final cycle of punishment per Lev26 & Deut28

This cycling has been the story of EEur, incl Ukraine
馃嚭馃嚘 @ 860 =伪谓胃蟻蠅蟺慰蠀 =evangelization anaphora in Matt24:27, pic1: tags Kyiv as a 'client nation' to God

Defined=enuf believers in a polity of principles aligned enuf w Bible, to be a *client* under God's protection

Kyiv got a 490 to 1350, but Matt24:40 伪纬蠅喂, 1349 partition

Cuz Christians fixed calendar* under Charlemagne, mass evangelism resulted in many Baltic & Balkan clients AD800-1000, expecting Christ

So 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 tags yrs a nation converts, eg Poland in 966

*Re calendar, see @richard_landes in my tweets. He's unrelated to what I say


By 1350, post-Kalita usurpation & Black Death halves Eur but spares pro-Jew Pol & Milan

Pol gets cocky. Lith stays pagan

Both, partition Kyiv

Ukrainian believers become a blessing to both polities; by 1387= Matt24:42, Pol asks Lith's Jogaila to wed 馃懜

Golden age ensues

Pol must war, due to apostasy (all religion is apostate, but some believers might not be)

Battle of Grunwald 1410=1380 meter, broke papal power

Pol's 490 renews 1456 & Lith converts

Reformation began w Jan Hus per 魏蠀蟻喂慰蟼 anaphora Matt24:42, demo Matt24 APOKRINW (judgment) anaphora 15/18

Ukr nobles split twixt Pol & Lith. Some align w princes in NW Russia

Constantinople fell 1453; Muscovy claimed self heir, as #ThirdRome. Ivan III wed last C princess & began pogroms+conquest

Every1 bet world would end 1492=7000 yrs from daft Hippolytus' date of creation

Casimir IV did end; then, Pol+Lith begin 300 yrs of decline & end partitioned

1st 100, P+L get Jeshurun-fat re her glory as Europe's Big Boy
In 2nd, her nobles abuse other classes
In 3rd, nations conquer her

By 1795, she's partitioned

Ukraine gets Habsburg + Moscow masters

West Ukr has Habsburg autonomy

East Ukr has Russian tyranny

1795+, Russia blots Ukr's past to claim it Russian, to mask R's Mongol Kalita usurpation origin

Polish & others' influence w Habsburgs hurt W Ukr, who lives thru WWI= Matt25:9 伪蟺慰魏蟻喂谓蠅 Matt24 APOKRINW (judgment) anaphora 15/18

Ukraine always has many Jews; so 馃實馃寧馃審 denigrate her

Anti-Semitism is a demonic trend of history bc in Angelic Appeal Trial, Satan loses if he can't kill the Jews*

*AAT intro'd in Gen1, but anti-Semitism blocks Gen's interp to a silly & irrelevant q of how old Earth

Want proof it's demonic?
Hear the imam RT'd below
[Palestinian Islamic Scholar Mraweh Nassar, Channel 9 (Turkey) March 22, 2022]
[Translated by Memri TV]

"The (Israelis) understand nothing but force. If the security of their state depends on aligning with Russia, or at least being neutral, they will do this even if it means sacrificing the (Ukrainian) Jews. Even in the false Holocaust... There is a book written by a Jew, which asks "Who killed the Jews?" They were offered to take the Jews for five dollars each. They took one look, saw that most of them were old, and said: "We don't want them." A Jew wrote this book and said: "We killed the Jews" - that is what he means - "because we refused to accept 100,000 or 200,000 Jews who were in Germany, in exchange for a handful of dollars." They only wanted young people. They did not want the old. (The Israelis) have turned to the East. They now want Russia and China, because America has forsaken them. (America) told them in short: your (Zionist) project is a failure, and you are bound to come to an end - if not this year, then the next. Even the Jews themselves, including Lieberman and Netanyahu, are now convinced that Palestine cannot be the state for the Jews. So they started saying that holy Jerusalem is in Ukraine and not in Palestine. Ukraine is now in the candidate to become the future Jewish state. Perhaps one of hte reasons they instigated this war was to empty out Ukraine. The West is now convinced that the (Jewish) state is doomed, that the (Zionist) enterprise has failed. What is the solution, then? That Israel will be adopted by Russia and China instead of by the West, or that there will be an alternative (state). The whole world knows about the Jewish state in eastern Ukraine. I remebered that there were 43,000 (Jews) there, but now they say 200,000. It is an indepedent state, and they did not want to spread the word about it, so they would not be told to go there rather than come to Palestine. Why did the Holocaust really happen? Leave aside everything that is being said. During World War II, some of the Jews joined the Americans and the West, and others joined Germany. They said: If the Germans win, we are with Germany, and if the West wins, we are with the West. Hitler found out that there were (Jewish) spies, so he killed some of them - it was not hundreds of thousands like they say. These are all lies. They are now saying that the temple and biblical Jerusalem are located in Ukraine and not in Palestine. If this does not work, tomorrow they might say that they are in the Netherlands."
There are 7 testable traits of demon-sponsored activity, SatStrat.htm#SevenCont

#1 trait, SLAPSTICK (hey see me, u are to blame if u buy it). 1st use: eat this fruit to become as smart as God, Gen3
[The Mossad: Satirical, Yet Awesome @TheMossadIL 路 Apr 2, 2022]
We're so embarrassed. We were totally off about Jerusalem all along.

So Ukraine declared its independence in 1917 & yet fights for it against Russia, just like we fought, in 1776

That .@POTUS
, .@POTUS45
, .@POTUS44
, .@EUCouncil
& .@NATO
deny Ukraine sky defense despite 1994 Budapest Memorandum, is as 4ever demonic, as Putin



So, war heats as WWIII 2025-2028; then simmers to 2041

Russia is partitioned: nations around her who won borderlands (God's pun on 'Ukraine'), get them

A 10-nation 'Rome' revives in Tribulation; 3 subsume under Muscovy

Scholars misID King of NORTH 'Rome', as if Italy馃憖

Matt25:14=2062, Christ seems to appoint evangelists in US, EEur, 'leaves' in 2130 for 70 voting yrs (testing) & 'returns' 2200=v19, 1043 yrs before end Matt25

Timeline ends @ 7350 start (3213+30+4106*=7349), pic (cf Talmud San97-99)

*cell E14, GeneYrs.xls
NB: God has Matt bookend 纬蟻畏纬慰蟻蔚喂蟿蔚 in 24:42 w 25:13; so MID-TRIB=Time theme, 1387-2045=94x7

1387, Jogaila wed Jadwiga: Pol-Lithuania becomes a pro-Jew client nation to God from 966-1772.. incl Ukraine since 863

1772+, they oft suffer Deut28:15ff; but by 2045, revive

Enfin, 1043<>1050 or 1057, so CANT claim Christ's v19 Return is Rapture or 2nd Advent

Can say it's 33x7 after 1971 mass evangelism in Matt25:10

Cuz Rapture criterion is set bodies (Last Church Believer) NOT Time, per Matt16:18, 24:14, Jn17:20ff, Eph4:13

966+1050=2016. See why #TrumpPutin "Lord Lord" is apt, Matt25:11= 2015-18, 88x7 post 魏蠀蟻喂慰蟼 in 24:42, a vote to renew 490?

See why God said Yes to my 2018 Twitter prayer He give US a 50/50 Congress (He punned it 7 ways, 4 via #GaSen elex demogs)?


91meter=Decree Met, Ps90 Isa53 Dan9

1387+91x7=2024 馃槆

Paul puns 91 as 'season' of Church in Eph1 (Enoch & 1st Temple =364 yrs, 950-586BC) Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf, pics

Eph1:13-14 align Constantine AD337 v12 death as winter of Church discontent, w Matt24:9 believer hatred

NB how AD337=307 meter=yr Constantine dies, tags 'hate' in Matt24:9

Constantine hated his sons & wife. His sons, yell heretic & kill brothers; popular since AD177 Irenaeus made preening hatred, a Xtian institution馃槇

So by 2024, E Eur is a 91x7 countertrend, incl Ukraine 馃槆

We need it: WWIII officially begins 2025 (now=Anschluss 2.0)

COUNTERTREND IS BIBLE INTEREST, evidenced by new Bible translation. That requires local support. There's much interest in Bible qua Bible now, in E Eur & Ukraine (eg Filaret)

God sponsors Word rollout, Matt24:14

#TrumPutin in Matt25:11-12, galvanizes EEur faith; so they federate as 1000 yrs ago, by 2065

EEur renews, as haven for freed faith & Bible

EEur nat'l conversion yrs converge & 梅7, @ 2065-2067=伪谓胃蟻蠅蟺慰蟼 (evangel anaphora) Matt25:14, eg
馃嚨馃嚤 2065-966
馃嚭馃嚘 2067-863
馃嚟馃嚭 2065-1001

This is a smoking gun, proves E Eur is in Matt25:14: convergence w their Christianization dates, tagged to 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪/伪谓胃蟻蠅蟺慰蟼 evangelism anaphora

Recalls 1036 1050 1071 convergences in Matt Luke & Mark, pics

You see the #s show God Orchestrates Time to fit Bible, right?

So invoke 2Chron7:14, use 1John 1:9 (pics), TRY TO learn & live on Bible as u know it now, however well or badly

TRY TO apply Bible to life. God will deliver your nation

Forget religion. U needn't be good or right. Just use 1Jn1:9 & TRY. God will make u adept, over time

Why does trying to learn Bible, save & heal? Cuz u play w what u LEARN from God

Yet world says we should EARN. L for 'Lord', is absent

Adam & Eve didn't do that. How could they, tho perfect, EARN from God?

Rather, they spent time LEARNing God

Putins try2earn, not learn

NB: 500yr religious trends in final 120, have mass evangelism, migration & war. Ours, runs 2010-2130

Bible meters 'em, & u can see 'em in history:
-500 Reformation
-500 Crusades
-500 Justinian
-500 Christ
-500 2nd Temple
-500 David
-500 Exodus

Cf Phyllis Tickle lectures

Putin wages religious war cuz 馃嚪馃嚭=#ThirdRome, a Last Emperor myth Irenaeus begat in 177

In 800 it morphed to Charlemagne; then to Ivan III, in 1472. Columbus wrote, Spain s/b LE

Putin thinks he's LE, pics. So he WILL nuke, bc Russians goto heaven: he said so, at Davos 2018

So now u see historical context, for #UkraineWar

馃嚭馃嚘 has always been the gateway to Eur; land invasions go thru her

So Putin wants2own her, see his 2014 Lesson of Byzantium manifesto The fall of an empire--the Lesson of Byzantium

For spiritual context, see Matt24 thread

29/x How Does Time End?

God tags 1991 as wedding feast=纬伪渭慰蠀蟼, Matt25:10; He shuts door=1998, pics

1991-98, EEur got independence & Bible translation got popular. So EEur is INSIDE

1998, my pastor knew no meter, guessed US had 40yrs left2live

End v12 disowns #MAGAts, 2041

1991, EEur gets same 2x70 REBUILD GRANT as 1st Temple in Isa53+Dan9, pics

Temple had 126 left on its 490 in 586BC=end Isa53:4

Isa53+Dan9:2&24-27 map 126 repay post-516BC

-70 repay of 126
-49 "
NB, 7 debited=sabbs owed on missed 49, can't play preCross

586-49 sabb yrs missed (Rehoboam+)
=when Dan prays (meter 49, pics)

-21=516BC, 2nd Temple rebuilt, Dan9:2+Hag2 +Ezra6:15+Isa53:7b

516-70=446=Neh6:15 rebuilt walls

446-49=397=Mal ends OT

=1000 yrs >David died (963BC per 1Ki6:1; scholars misread 1Ki1-6)

Scholars mess Dan9 math, use lunar yrs tho Bible uses (365.25) solar, aka ANNIVERSARIES

Hence scholars miss:
=1000 anniv of David's death @ age 77 not 70
=End Jewish Time Grant, IF Christ pays4sins

He paid 7 yrs EARLY, in AD30: so Church=TimeBridge

1991+70 for EEur rebuild=2061
=end Matt25:13, pic

v14, 2nd 70 grant repays 1st: He gives them evangelism assets, cuz He leaves in 2130 =2nd post-Cross (Heb11:1-6) Angelic Trial 1050 deadline, Matt25:15

He returns 2201, post-70yr vote, Matt25:19; grants them a new 490


Matt25 ends, 1043 yrs later. Text is 2nd Adv/end Mill double entendre, so can't say when Rapture

"Teeth" bookends Matt24:51=1703 War of Spanish Succession
Matt25:30=2657, stingy slave cast out. Why?

We can see why 馃嚪馃嚭 revives as Dan11:36ff KoN Antichrist: EEur revived

Download GeneYrs.xls Makes it easy to see & vet how Bible dates use 490s. U don't need meter

Meter helps, tho, & is self-auditing; its writers obey rules; my vid pics, parse mss per the rules

So 2x70 REBUILD TIME GRANT is precedence, given EEur

& US? Dunno

As the .xls shows, God grants a supermature believer, 490 yrs (+maybe 1000)

Grant justifies continuing the world & person's nation

Gen5 shows TIME continued, bc Adam Seth Jared Enoch Methuselah Lamech Noah, supermatured

Rule: Time ends, if none supermature during a 490

Re 1991+, some1 supermatured by 4th post-Cross contiguous qualifying 490 deadline 1990, so Time didn't end

Matt25:31: last nat'l 490 might be granted, 7 yrs into new historical 490

But now? U may be a grantee. Or, some1 in China. Any1 can be "salt" & supermatured by God

Pulpits ignore "salt" bc they mess its 490 math, eg EW Bullinger, _Numbers in Scripture_

So they miss Ukraine's 70yr vote, 1921-1991

+70=2061=Matt25:13, =Rebuild 140; she then gets a 490 to 2551, extending 2480 End of Time 馃

Ally E Eur, shares it
& 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚚馃嚨 馃嚛馃嚜? Maybe not

One must blame 馃嚭馃嚫 馃嚚馃嚨 馃嚛馃嚜 for antichrist 馃嚪馃嚭 success in bombing 馃嚭馃嚘, who shoulda received an NFZ bc she gave up her nuclear arms

violates that 1994 Budapest Memorandum, still

So why should God let 馃嚭馃嚫馃嚚馃嚨 馃嚛馃嚜 remain nations, after 2480? Well, if some1 in them, supermatures

Tho 馃嚪馃嚭 is final Antichrist, she can get a 490, if some1 in her, supermatures

She also began new translations, 1990+

So 1991, God answers my 1984 prayer2open 馃嚪馃嚭 4Bible, cuz He GAVE ME THE IDEA due to Matt24+25 He later caused me & now u, to learn

1984 prayer changed my life, but I didn't know. Never underestimate God's ability to ENABLE u to be what He wants, Eph2:10

It's never about yer power or how good u are. but about how GORGEOUS His Word is

With it, u will always be happy, even w cancer 馃

I can die happy now

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 17, 2022]

God controls wind. Don't depend on nukes & chem crap

Better win is to quit, as Gorbachev did

Admit u messed up. 馃寧馃實will fall all over itself to pay u $鈧B, just as in 1991

Use it to rebuild 馃嚭馃嚘 & 馃嚪馃嚭. Or get partition

U r Antichrist, u revive @ End of Time

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 16, 2022]

Ukraine had no good army, ldrs were corrupt until 2014

So a nation goes from corrupt to hero, in but 8 yrs? 'Like when David was crowned at Hebron...

In 1991, 馃嚭馃嚘 gets famous w missionaries, bc she wants Bible, is pro-Jew & faith freedom

See the results?

[Quote The Bulwark @BulwarkOnline 路 Apr 11, 2022]
"I told the translator to tell the colonel that having fought in Desert Storm, I had seen many T-72s鈥攂ut none of them still had the turret attached." Read @MarkHertling on two armies at war today that couldn鈥檛 be more different.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 16, 2022]
Read 馃嚭馃嚘 threads translated w Twitter & u see a GRACE mindset, eg

they argue how 馃嚭馃嚘 offers reduced tax, but want to pay max tax to aid soldiers

That's how Bible Doctrine hits a nation*

It makes u ENJOY doing the right thing, even if u disbelieve in God

*Rev21:24, glory2pay tax

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 14, 2022]
馃敟 Translate, read me now: 馃嚪馃嚭's nervous, due to potential detonation of nuclear warheads they'd put aboard Moskva

.. shockwaves could end Kerch bridge & Crimea, at least the 馃嚪馃嚭 parts!

Recall what God did in Egypt? Plagues against Egyptians, bypassed the Jews?

God is alive, ok?

[Quote Oleg H. Aliev-Davidoff 馃嚝馃嚠馃嚘馃嚳馃嚭馃嚘馃嚠馃嚤馃嚢馃嚳馃嚬馃嚪 @Oleg_Aliyev 路 Apr 14, 2022]
鉂楋笍袠褋褌芯褔薪懈泻懈 袟邪锌邪写薪芯泄 褉邪蟹胁械写泻懈 褋芯芯斜褖邪褞褌 褌褉械胁芯卸薪褘械 薪芯胁芯褋褌懈.

袙械褋褜 褝褌芯褌 锌邪薪懈褔械褋泻懈泄 褉邪蟹谢褢褌 褋锌械褑斜芯褉褌芯胁 胁褋械褏 胁械写芯屑褋褌胁, 泻芯褌芯褉褘泄 薪邪斜谢褞写邪械褌褋褟 褋械谐芯写薪褟 胁械褋褜 写械薪褜 胁 褍斜谢褞写褋泻芯泄 褎械写械褉邪褑懈懈, 胁械褉芯褟褌薪芯, 褋胁褟蟹邪薪 褋 蟹邪褌芯锌谢械薪懈械屑 褌褟卸械谢芯谐芯 褉邪泻械褌薪芯谐芯 泻褉械泄褋械褉邪 袦芯褋泻胁邪.
[Quote Oleg H. Aliev-Davidoff 馃嚝馃嚠馃嚘馃嚳馃嚭馃嚘馃嚠馃嚤馃嚢馃嚳馃嚬馃嚪 @Oleg_Aliyev 路 Apr 14, 2022]
鉂楋笍Western intelligence sources report disturbing news.

This whole panicked scattering of special aircraft from all departments, which is observed all day today in the bastard federation, is probably associated with the sinking of the heavy missile cruiser Moscow.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 13, 2022]

GET THE MESSAGE YET?Ukraine belongs to God, not u. Yer war to break 馃嚭馃嚘, ends breaking up 馃嚪馃嚭. Withdraw, or get diapers

NEW: God orchestrates re-evangelism of E Eur 1991-2130, read my last month's posts

I didn't know this, when I 馃檹ed for 馃嚪馃嚭's breakup in 1984!

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 13, 2022]
God repeats w E Eur, same schedule (from Jan 1991) as He used for Israel when her 1st Temple died: Isa53 & Dan9 mapped it yrly in Hebrew, pics & &

Scholars miss it, bc in 1752 Rob Lowth misread Isa53: they ape him, ignore Bible

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 13, 2022]
I'm sorry to bug u, but God tied me to 馃嚪馃嚭 in 1984 when I prayed: answering Yes to my prayer, *on my birthday* in 1991. Long dramatic story

Your mom taught u to believe in Christ when u were a kid; so u're going to heaven, as u said @ Davos 2018

Use 1Jn1:9 or get diapered

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 7, 2022]


Bible is clear about it: but they won't read it!
PATU29 True 'Easter' Date, per Bible
2015 He died on April 3 per BIBLE (everyone else is incompetent); Per BIBLE, Easter begins April 7, videos on it and prior, here: Isaiah 53 Meter of Time: 1st David's Birth to Last David's Scheduled Death

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 6, 2022]
So too, Bible scholarship is crap & nobody cares to fix it. We can't even get Christ's Death Day right. Traditional Easter is a lie for 2000 yrs, no 1 fixes

Bible makes it clear Christ died on WEDNESDAY, April 3, AD 30, 3pm

He Rises today 4/6, >sundown:

[Quote Kamil Galeev @kamilkazani 路 Apr 5, 2022]
[Replying to @kamilkazani]
We all know that architects build stuff primarily to impress other architects, academicians write stuff to impress other academicians and such a situation is typical for almost any professional corporation. But why do we think that the military would function any differently?

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Mar 23, 2022]
Anschluss 2.0: Putin claims of Ukraine, as Hitler did of Austria in 1938

Now I see why Bible says WWIII runs 2025-28 (Matt25:12, pic1+4)

Prophecy is lucid, IF u learn how2read its Greco-Roman style as every1 could do, in AD30

SCHOLARS FORGET THAT, so I make vids on it:



Overview, Primer Matt25:10-12, prophecy re 1960-2041 AD contra Political Christianity
Anaphora in prophecy, tag yrs of themed historical trends 猡碉笍

Vid starts w 伪蟺慰魏蟻喂谓蠅, the anaphora of war as Divine Judgment Matt24 APOKRINW (judgment) anaphora 15/18

Putin's bitter Anschluss manifesto: "Lesson of Byzantium" The fall of an empire--the Lesson of Byzantium

Lev26 & Deu28 tell us, when believers go bad, war comes

This is God's way to wake us up & punish Russia, who gets partitioned

I'm sorry it took me 6 yrs to learn what Matt25:12 meant. Still working on details

cc .@KremlinRussia_E




Reminder PS

I do all this bc in 1984 I prayed God open up Russia for Bible

He answered YES, on my birthday in Aug 1991..& He still is

Back then, I didn't know what 'Ukraine' was, & I could barely spell 'Jesus'

This thing took over my life, ever since. Ergo videos & tweets

It's tempting, not to take this info seriously. But when IN TWITTER I prayed for a 50/50 Congress in Mar 2018, God punned His YES answer 7 ways; four 50/50's were displayed in TV news of #GASen election, look It up

TEST THIS, use His Prayer protocol
[Quote brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 16, 2020]
[Replying to @TIME]
Prayer=VOTING4GOD2BE INVOLVED, works: IF, done right*

God usually answers Prayer by giving u a thing HE wants u to do/learn. HE orchestrates, so it works

If u pray to the wrong person or try to fix things urself & refuse prayer, spit happens

*1/3 Prayer This video isn't available anymore

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Mar 19, 2022]
Putin, Xi, GOP & pulpits don't see: Bible prophecy is on Freedom of Faith, & how God frees Bible from religious-elite kidnapping

HISTORICAL TREND: when folks aren't free to (dis)believe as they CHOOSE, God breaks a ruler

God defends a nation, when Freedom of Faith is its guidon

[Quote Steve Hill 馃挋 馃尰#StandWithUkraine 馃嚭馃嚘 @shill182 路 Feb 27, 2022]
Orthodox, Muslim, Roman Catholic, Protestant, atheist. It doesn't matter. We all stand together, we all #StandWithUkriane.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Mar 18, 2022]
FYI, in the protocols of diplomacy: just before a declaration of war, the enemy diplomats are expelled

So when Lithuania Latvia Estonia & Bulgaria all expelled 馃嚪馃嚭 diplomats, they sent a message that they're willing to go to war

& they should. Putin means to overrun them, next

[Quote bbcrussian @bbcrussian 路 Mar 18, 2022]
袥懈褌胁邪, 袥邪褌胁懈褟, 协褋褌芯薪懈褟 懈 袘芯谢谐邪褉懈褟 胁褘褋褘谢邪褞褌 褉芯褋褋懈泄褋泻懈褏 写懈锌谢芯屑邪褌芯胁
[6:46 March 18, 2022]
SharedLithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Bulgaria expel Russian diplomats

Bulgaria is expelling ten people. Lithuania has decided to expel four Russian diplomats. Latvia and Estonia - three people each. The official reason is standard: 鈥渁ctivities incompatible with diplomatic status.鈥

Earlier today, the European Parliament banned Russian and Belarusian diplomats from entering parliamentary residences in Brussels and Strasbourg.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Mar 16, 2022]
Use Twitter Translate, read Katz thread 猡碉笍 vs 馃嚪馃嚭 lies

Bible may agree w Katz in Matt24+25 timeline, pics; am unsure when it says Ukraine born*

& when, via 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪, it says Muscovy usurpation began..1288? Prior?

*UKR born 165, when Dacian Jews fled plague?馃憠

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Mar 16, 2022]
MTP lede, misleads. Pres .@ZelenskyyUa
doesn't say WWIII began; but events now, parallel prelude in WWII

HE'S RIGHT: Hitler invaded Austria, Sudetenland & Poland by 1939

Matt25:12 tags official WWIII @ 2025 w 伪蟺慰魏蟻喂谓蠅: it maps pogroms+war, AD72+

Demo Matt24Meter Playlist


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jan 22, 2022]
Bible says EEur renews positivity2God due to #TrumPutin antichrists, Matt25:10-23 (1960-2410)

EEur also renews as safe haven4Jews

蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 anaphora trace this historical trend; starts in Matt24:27 w Moravia, Cyril et Methodius

Satan tries to stop it each time & fails

NT prophecy is on Word rollout, Matt24:14. Said Columbus: so let's go west!*

Goal to get Word YOURSELF, free from kidnappers' religious dicta

So 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪, 魏蠀蟻喂慰蟼 & 谓蠀渭蠁喂慰蟼 anaphora tag diff facets of FREED BIBLE rollouts

So God YESsed my 1984 prayer & gives Meter proof why

*Search 'Libro de las profesias': Columbus wrote it

It shows how he read Matt24:14. He misread dates, but got goal right

Word is yet kidnapped by ALL Christian denominations' popish, inept 'scholarship'

Why? Satan CREATED religion=Tree of Knowledge of Good&Evil, Gen2 馃儚馃張

4/3 Syllabus
Gen1 starts Meter 7ings & interaction w txt, pics

Matt24+25: Matt24Meter Playlist
Matt25:10-12: Matt25:10-12, prophecy re 1960-2041 AD contra Political Christianity

Finally I must disclose, this is why I still live despite end-stage cancer. I must be disabled to create enuf challenge & vet what God enabled me to publish for 20 yrs

That, also in answer to my 1984 prayer about Russia, b4 I knew of Ukraine 馃榿

God's Sense of Humor 馃馃槆馃馃槝馃槑馃檹

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jan 18, 2022]
Ukraine & E Eur are major actors in prophecy, tagged via 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 anaphora, pics; I'd posted on it since learning Matt24:27

Via Twitter, I sent the material to Putin. So he's long warned; God punishes him for ignoring it

Bc it's never about a herald, but about The Message

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jan 18, 2022]
馃摙 Full Disclosure:
Learn or Burn, Russia

Matt24 playlist journalizes how2apply OT Heb meter in NT Grk: same hermeneutical stds

Docs in vids, revision pending

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jan 9, 2022]
So I must redo 1200's Matt 24 meter, pics. Its 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪=E EUR evangelism anaphora, mostly tags yrs "Ukraine usurped by Muscovy"; I misnamed the switchover prince. Can you read Bible Greek?

After cataract surgery, I will redo doc to fit what you say Matt25:10-12, prophecy re 1960-2041 AD contra Political Christianity


[Ruthen @RutheniaRus 路 Jan 2, 2022]
Neither Grand Prince of Kyiv Yaroslav, nor Grand Prince of Kyiv Volodymer - not damn "Vladimir" -were aware of the Muscovy-created himera of "Rurick".
Few realize that Kyiv rulers traced ancestors back to Igor the Old as the only founder of dynasty, no vikings no scandinavs.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 28, 2021]
REAL BIBLE story is POLITICAL: Angelic Trial, GodvSatan, w humans as witnesses

Put all you know re life & Bible under that lens, see it make sense

So, I did

Short, novel-format:

Long audit starts @ LordvSatan1.htm

Pulpits muddle this story 馃榿

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Dec 23, 2021]
Christ was born Chanukah 4BC= Dec 24 post-sundown b-out Lord Born on Chanukah 4BC!

How2fix Jewish calendar b-out Pauline Anaphora Timeline Update (PATU) in Eph1:3-14

He died Apr3 AD30 per BIBLE PATU29 True 'Easter' Date, per Bible

Hit鈴 at vid top left for full playlist

PassPlot.htm maps WHY God chose those dates +verses
b-out Lord Born on Chanukah 4BC!

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Nov 7, 2021]
Matt25:11 plays live. I realize few know NT prophecy is written in drama Greek satire, but it wittily prophesies yrly, per syllable: proof, is line by line in my Twitter, since 26 Apr

Do learn it, cuz the antichrist LEM=Dominionists won't go away 猡碉笍

Sorry to be such a nudge 馃槦

[Quote Frederick Clarkson @FredClarkson 路 Nov 3, 2021]
Checkout the @guardian investigation by @jason_a_w about neoconfederate Dominionists in a liberal college town.

鈥楳ake it a Christian town鈥: the ultra-conservative church on the rise in Idaho
Members of Christ Church sing a hymn during 鈥榩salm sing;鈥 in September, outside city hall in Moscow, Idaho. Church members were protesting against an order that requires people to either socially distance or wear a face mask in public. Photograph: Geoff Crimmins/AP

Increased influence of Christ Church, whose leader wants to create US 鈥榯heocracy鈥, comes as social conservatives aim to gain traction
A Guardian investigation has revealed that a controversial church whose leader has openly expressed the ambition of creating a "theocracy" in America has accumulated significant influence in the city of Moscow, Idaho. How a secretive conservative group influenced 鈥榩opulist鈥 Trump鈥檚 tax cuts
Read more Christ Church has a stated goal to "make Moscow a Christian town" and public records, interviews, and open source materials online show how its leadership has extended its power and activities in the town.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Nov 1, 2021]
馃幆 Matt25:11 plays live! Who heeds its TIMED future satire? Matt25:10-12, prophecy re 1960-2041 AD contra Political Christianity

Last Greek syll of "open" in v11 = 2021, pics

Bible mocks Xtians LEAVING CHRIST in v10=1960, Billy Graham's social gospel


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 26, 2021]
馃毃 Matt24 METER Outline 馃毃

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 30, 2021]
馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v45-47 AD1496-1587 notes, cont

1496-1537=42, meter of growth (Jacob returns home w TWO families)

1538-1587=49, diaspora. (# sabbatical yrs Israel missed, so 1st Temple went down, Dan9 meter pics)

NB how apt v48-51, growth is followed by competition=War

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 30, 2021]
馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v45-47 AD1496-1587 notes, end

Muslims took Constantinople & God took Bible out, so West could get mss it lacked

Columbus said* he's driven by Matt24:14, ergo growth in New World & v48-51 competition=War, to this day

*See p1 of his Libro de las Profec铆as

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Sep 29, 2021]
馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v43-44 AD1411-95 notes
95-11=84=Decree met
THEME: Reformation began, w Hus 馃榾

V43 tags antichrist Herod-like Sigismund, made HRE mid-1433="thief" contra Jan Hus legacy

HRE heir Albert expels Jews 4aiding Hussites

God's Pol-Lith, give Jews sanctuary 馃槆

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 4, 2021]
馃幎Matt24 Outline 馃幎

v43-44 AD1411-95 PS

The Matt24 thread's worth billion$, in new jobs. So God did not abandon scoffers & those who via politics & greed, demean His Word

Who'll think about it, get fed? That query dominates balance of Matt24+25 & history

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 25, 2021]
馃幎Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v43-44 AD1411-95 PS, cont

FYI: I post the thread, bc my .@verzenio
runs $15k/mo: u pay4 it, w taxes

Bible meter is worth billion$ in jobs; scholars don't know, so I must explain

I am kept alive, to explain. 'Shoulda died in 2019; verzenio restored my voice

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 25, 2021]
RT: Trumpism ruins churches, pastors

Is in my former church, too

Bible prophetically TIME meters this in near-term prophecy (& helps future readers ID undated far-fulfillment)

Matt25:11, contra Trump wannabe antichrist Matt25:10-12, prophecy re 1960-2041 AD contra Political Christianity

Scholars don't know the meter 馃檭

[Badd Company @BaddCompani 路 Oct 24, 2021]
Replying to @BaddCompani

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 25, 2021]
Matt25:10 tags Billy Graham, who abandoned real gospel for a social gospel, 1960+

My dead pastor was initially fooled by BG, but realized BG taught false gospel by 1960s, & quit. He talks about it on tape

His son is pastor now: I don't know if political,

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 15, 2021]

Seems I got Matt25:14 geog wrong

Matt24:42 Poland/Lith 2nd 490 vote & v45 Columbus, parallel 25:14; but Christ *leaves* US per 25:12

So by v15=2130, US is in diaspora, as Thieme said in his last letter, citing Jer29:10-12

Lord returns v19, 2200+


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 12, 2021]
Replying to @brainouty
vv13-14 "incorporate by reference": prior-defined keys, repeat. So Matt24:42+45, color 25:13-14's interp

Matt25:10: 谓蠀渭蠁喂慰蟼 'arrival' satirizes global, Bible-thumping 'Jesus mvmt' of 1971-76 +#7M =Trumpee Xtians

y+70, He disavows them= 2041, v12


v14=24:45, He LEAVES

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 15, 2021]
If interp's right,

v10 畏位胃蔚谓 慰 谓蠀渭蠁喂慰蟼=1971-6 Jesus + #7M 馃寪 mvmts

sped (v9) 1930s US Xtian politicizing, eg Billy Graham's social gospel (so Thieme quit BG)

RESULT: v11 魏蠀蟻喂蔚 魏蠀蟻喂蔚=2015-18 #TrumpPutin crusades

judged to 2041: end v12 quotes Trump=1971+70

v14 纬蟻畏蟻慰蟻蔚喂蟿蔚=2045

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 15, 2021]
2045-1387 (1st yr Jogaila rule, Matt24:42)=94x7

94 was to be Christ's age mid-trib in Dan9:27 but He died 61st wk: ergo Church

AD94 (Varro's bad calendar) was to start Mill, per Dan9 schedule: but now Church Bridge, Rapture starts Trib

2045 closes an era. New Client Nation?

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 16, 2021]
1st book pub'd in US, in Massachusetts Colony, 1640, was on Bible meter in Psalms: The Bay Psalm Book. It recently sold for $14M?

1640+490=2130 馃槆

Alas, in his 1752 tome R Lowth said Bible had no meter bc it didn't follow *Greek* rules, LOL

Scholars ape Lowth, ever since 馃き

[Plerologia @Clay_Odem 路 Oct 16, 2021]
Maybe then the "I don't know you" in v12 is the motive for the apodemos (leaving the masses) in v14-15.
The 2130 diaspora may mark a period of time where there is no clear client nation, but maybe a new wave of evangelism.

慰 蠀喂慰蟼 蟿慰蠀 伪谓胃蟻蠅蟺慰蠀 anaphora tags mass evangelism yrs, see pics

It 1st tags Cyril et Methodius, Moravia +Bulgaria, 833 mtr

24:30 also tags Poland, Rus & Hungary

v37-39 also tag Ivan Kalita+ 6th+7th ME crusades & pope HRE crusade

v45=Ivan III crusade killing Xtians+Columbus

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 16, 2021]
慰 蠀喂慰蟼 蟿慰蠀 伪谓胃蟻蠅蟺慰蠀 anaphora tags mass evangelism yrs, see pics

It 1st tags Cyril et Methodius, Moravia +Bulgaria, 833 mtr

24:30 also tags Poland, Rus & Hungary

v37-39 also tag Ivan Kalita+ 6th+7th ME crusades & pope HRE crusade

v45=Ivan III crusade killing Xtians+Columbus
[Plerologia @Clay_Odem 路 Oct 17, 2021]
I see what you mean with Columbus.

Also, 1380 to 2031 is 651 yrs (93x7).

After both gregoreite clauses, focus shifts to what servants are ordered to do:

Feed house in 24:45, and invest talents in 25:14-15.

Maintenance vs growth?

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 17, 2021]
Good query!

US ceases as CN in 2041(?) but if in 1990 the 490 winner was 馃嚭馃嚥 (Thieme?), then 'maintenance' w Jeshurun to 2130/2200 or even 2480 (25:25)?

Your idea that each slave is a CN, also resonates

God traces CN 490s, like Poland=966-1946. Who else is traced?

Many q's

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 12, 2021]
How2read Matt25:13-14, given 24:42-45 parallels, pics?

24:42 runs 1387-1410 =vote2renew Poland 490 (+Lithuania) n猫 24:30a (Pol convert 966; end v30 tags Hungary convert)

24:45 end, tags yrs Columbus sought funds from Isabel (馃寧 convert)

Both are precedents4 Matt25:13-14

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Oct 12, 2021]
vv13-14 "incorporate by reference": prior-defined keys, repeat. So Matt24:42+45, color 25:13-14's interp

Matt25:10: 谓蠀渭蠁喂慰蟼 'arrival' satirizes global, Bible-thumping 'Jesus mvmt' of 1971-76 +#7M =Trumpee Xtians

y+70, He disavows them= 2041, v12


v14=24:45, He LEAVES

For millennia, Christendom misreads Dan9; they never see their errors, bc they follow each other, not Bible

This thread fixes their accting; u can verify it, in Word

Their 3 big goofs? They use
1) Josephus
2) lunar yrs (cause wrong endyr), 9:26
3) 9:24 as if human decree
Using Josephus & lunar yrs, they miss Dan9:26 ends AD37=1000 yrs >David dies per Ps90:4

Josephus said David died @ 70. 1Kings6:1, 1Chron22-29 say he RETIRED @ 70 but died @ 77, as do Isa53 2Sam23 +Dan9 meters

Luke3 uses Isa53 David 77 meter, to play Christ as 77th Son 馃
9:24 Decree to Rebuild Jeru, is NOT human. Cyrus order=BC538, just >Dan prays

446 order=Rebuild 馃П, per Ezra+Neh

But 586, GOD DECREED rebuild Jeru per Jer25+29 Dan's reading, Dan9:2,24

He INVOKED it to pray, start 49th sabb yr, v4

9:24-6 acctg: [586-70-70-]49-434

Err4: scholars deny Bible meter (eg RLowth 1752, DRVance now), so miss

Isa53 timeline=1st to Last David, premaps Dan9 yrs: Temple 490 due 126 yrs by 586; rebuild2end 530; but ends 516

49+434, repay
49 sabb yrs end BC538

434=364 Temple Up, 950 (1Ki9) -586
586-516 repay
How's 14 over, repaid?

Isa53:1-12 starts BC712, matches sylls to regnal yrs, Hezekiah+; ends w Christ dying 37AD

364 repay's in ellipsis twixt vv10-11; then, last 70

So God balances to it in Dan9:24f, next post

Christ dies in 30

So 7's left, reserved as Trib, Dan9:27

Dan9:24-27 meter=33x7, puns Christ's age @ death

490-7 allots Him 40 yrs
=David United Rule
end=1000 yrs >David
but Christ dies 61st wk 馃槆

586-70-70 ends
w Dan9:25's
49=start BC446
=Isa53:9 'rich man'; end=397=OT Canon finish

Thus God pretags both. Ergo, Bk of Neh
My 20yrs' research u vet IN Bible:

How I got Bible dates

Talmud San97-99's 2000 vs pic1 Bible 2100s vid descs got many links

LukeDatelibeMeters.pdf; 1st pgs=syllabus

Matt24 Matt25:10-12, prophecy re 1960-2041 AD contra Political Christianity


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 30, 2021]
馃毃 Matt24 Outline 馃毃

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Sep 16, 2021]
馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v36-39 AD1191-1339 notes
Txt warns of End-Time nuts

Kings ignore pope calls contra Xtians, go ME, fail & expel Jews, who flee to Pol+Hung

Calamities start post-expel

G Khan heirs fight; Batu splits & 'floods' Rus via Kalita; Pol+Hung escape him & popes


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 19, 2021]
馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v32-35 AD1067-1190 notes
LEM shift: Normans win Brit Fr Ital ME HRE

蟿畏蟼 蟽蠀魏畏蟼=1070-3 Seljuq siege Jeru鈴1st Crusade

v35 蟺伪蟻蔚位胃蠅蟽喂谓=1187 Saladin siege Jeru鈴3rd Crus
HRE Barbarossa wed son Henry to Norman Constance Q of Sicily in 1186 & dies 1190 in ME

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Sep 10, 2021]
馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v32-35 AD1067-1190 notes, end

Text is 'Epilogue', a takeaway lesson. Luke then Mark, meter & tag its prequels. Here,

Trial 1050 ends & opens w 'Flood'=mass conversion +Crusade: same as Gen1 (pic2), Dan9:26 & 1st Amen=1050 reset


UPDATE: amen anaphora tag Faith Crusade 馃帾
1st =Nero contra Jeru Matt24:2 pics*


*also tags Domitian cuz Trib sched AD87-93 (see How God Orchestrates Time); but Christ voted 2pay4 future souls, Matt16:18 +Jn17:20ff; ergo Church inserted twixt Dan9:26&27

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jan 20, 2017]
OMG, 5th c. Codex Bezae at Mk13:2 recognizes amen legw humin as a CLAUSE (my BW9 source, screenshot)

Rev written AD88 per its meter*, to say why Trib delayed

& to update Antichrist prophecy timing in
Dan2, 7-12

*John's Meter

Rev17 Sarcasm Tour Matt24Meter - Revelation 17 Sarcasm Tour 1/12

Fix Rev17:5b meter 227 鉃★笍 234. So +7, vs vids

Bible prophecy is dual-event: meter dates its "near-fulfillment"(seminary term)

Undated "far-fulfillment" use of dated near-fulfill: "far" believer interps his time via past, eg 'end' Antichrist is like
鈭 Constantine Rev17:5a-d
鈭 Justinian v8g-9c
鈭 Charlemagne v14d-15c

Anaphora=refrains, date-tag trends; discern 'now', from past tags

Amen=believe, occurs 9x:
Mrk13=2, w Beza05 ms

L&M meter their sylls to Matt 梅7, pics

1st Amen tags AD70 Temple Down, Matt24:2; but meter 馃寜 to AD87 preChurch sched Trib start=Domitian
Luke's meter pic 馃憞

NB meters converge @ Christ's death+1050=Trial Time Grant deadline (ours=2130), tracked since Gen1 & begats, pics 3&4

See also Talmud San97-99 (it omits Jubilee 50 to save goyim)

Grant maps+verses vimeo-how-god-orchestrates-time.htm


Links to Grk docs 馃憞

ms=Bibleworks 9's BGT, pasted unaltered. MS Word adds accents on last syllable 馃槣

+CNTTS apparatus variants, as noted

Meter 227 s/b 234. +7 from then on

Will later explain genius of convergences @ 63 ('Vote Short'=Moses in Ps 90, Isa53)
meters 7'd vis 脿 vis Matt & each other, by Luke in 58 & Mark in Dec 69

So use 1Jn1:9, view text, ask God

Scholars don't know this stuff. They'd be happy, if they knew

63=1st dateline meter in Bible, Gen1 & Ps90:
63x7s since Israel enslaved
=when Moses writes, pics

So he writes 1400 BC
=start 1051st yr >Flood. 1050=Gen1 end, pic2
=God's Trial Vote Unit
=Ps90:10's age-70 lifespan x15

Bc Time's Granted 4VOTES: Gen5, etc

@ 63, 7 yrs left

NO vote to 63? Enslaved. Trib-hard, to vote YES in last 7 yrs. Vote, Short! 鈴

Vote t/b saved, to learn Word, pic1

Isa53 maps Israel's vote yrs via Ps90, from David's 1040BC birth to Christ sched AD37 death, pic2

Dan9 confesses Israel's Bad Vote mapped to Isa53, pics 3&4馃憠

End Isa53:4=586BC Temple Down,126 yrs left on its 490, repd Dan9:25-7 per Isa53:5f timeline

Bc 490+70+490=1000+50, but 63-7=56 via Manasseh puns ruling yrs

14 plays if
Christ gets 7 so 483 ends 37AD=David's death+1000=Isa53:12
7 on diaspora 49=Trib


So He dies not 56 but 63 yrs prior to what should have been, End of Time

See why Matt24, Luke21 & Mark13 (Beza ms) all use 63?

So Lord speaks in 30AD, same yr Matt writes

Luke writes 28 yrs >He Died

Mark writes last 陆 AD69, 24 yrs preMill

See how valuable, the meter?

& 63 future?

Matt24 Amen start 57 preMill when Jesus *shoulda*, end 63 when He really dies; stone end =84

Luke21 inserts prequel, start 42 end 63

Mark13 (Beza) sequel, Amen start 63 end 91


Sum=42-91=AD72-121 =Masada to post-Kitos ban Jews

So now imagine being alive in AD74, just after u fled Jeru

U apply Matt24 Luke21 & Mark13 meters as above, & know to keep avoiding Jeru

U teach yer kids how to read the meters, so they also can know what & when to avoid (eg unknown-future Kitos protest)

& u protect Bible

Again, meter dates near-fulfillment prophecy. What about after? How to use a past 63?

Like 7, 63 stands for slavery, Trib-level yrs. So its repeat, tells us when a future will be as bad

"Amen" anaphora tag crusade-contra-faith yrs, in Jeru or not

2nd amen tags Crusades馃憠

Luke21&Mark13 prequel Matt24 1110-1138 (2nd Crusade) +tag Matt @ 1050, 1071=AD1080 & 1101

Luke tags West: 904-930 prequel, raider-for-hire Hungarians serially copycat convert, AD934+

Mark tags Byz: 1041 prequel=AD1071 siege Jeru+Manzikert. Matt's 1118-Mark's 1041=77 馃き

Now, one may dispute the events tagged. But one cannot dispute that
1) Bible meter exists,
2) authors use it to tag: so
3) there's no dang Quelle, ok?

If God writes a book, He'll preserve its Words in a format we can use & test!

End Commercial Message: back to the amens...

1050=deadline=AD1080 not 1000 or 1030

Matt24 Luk21 Mrk13 mtr 1071=Crusade of 1101, FAIL: Muslims see Crusdrs not invincible

2nd amen, Matt mtr 1110=AD1140: HRE lapse w civil strife in Ger, France, Italy, papacy

So Pope Eugene III calls 2nd Crusade, start 慰蟿喂=1147, FAIL

6/x, cont
Back in 1071 Jeru siege/Manzikert that Matt24 tags w 畏 蟽蠀魏畏蟼 & Mark13 tags @ 1041=AD1071 prequel, popes fan* 2nd Advent LEM 1000-30 fervor, to get hegemony

So popes & kings get hooked on Crusades 馃帾

*Prior clerics downplayed 2nd Advent, see works by .@richard_landes

So Amen anaphora theme, is 'crusade';

text is clear in 1st;

history makes clear parallel in 2nd;

but why is 2nd's txt, always 'this generation shall see it all BEGIN' (caps=corr trans of Matt 24:34 纬蔚谓畏蟿伪喂)?

4 groups tagged

Txt=Christ attests (Dan9:24-26) 1050 map ends w 畏 蟽蠀魏畏蟼=Israel

Matt24:32 蟽蠀魏=AD1071 siegeJeru+Manzikert

Luke21:29 preq 蟿畏谓 蟽蠀魏=AD862, Moravia bids Hungarians 2Carpathian Basin*

Mark13:28 preq 蟽蠀魏 ends AD999*
Markmeter 1041 tags Matt 蟽蠀魏
his 967-Luke 834=133 馃槈


*Hung=Turkic raiders. Their victims hire them 2raid others. Hung copycat-convert by 999

OttoIII & StephenI are 馃グ. O has Steph 馃憫'd; they open Charlemagne's tomb in 1000

They (mis)read Luke+Mark meter?

See Hungary in Crusades, 1169-1218, JSTOR

So Matt24:32-35 is an epilogue, see end Rev 22

Luke21 & Mark13 add pre- or sequels w meter counts 梅7, eg Matt 蟽蠀魏畏蟼 ends AD1072; so Luke's 蟿畏谓 蟽蠀魏畏谓 is 210 yrs earlier & tags Hungarians, who are later pals w OttoIII & in 5th Crusade

Ergo not 1 but 4 Gospels, to 馃寜 鈴

BTW, re Mark 967 - Luke 834 Hungary tag: AD997 is both young 馃憫s 1st regnal yr 馃巶

So: Matt pretags 1st-3rd Crusades; Luke+Mark do prequel/sequel updates on Matt; history proves their clever 7ing predictions, YRLY valid: could we ask for more proof, Word is from God?馃憠

So Matt tags 1st-3rd Crusades; Luk+Mrk, ASSUME READER KNOWS MATT & meter to him:

Matt24:34-35 uses 50 sylls, puns last 50 of 1050


Mrk13:30-31=54=Abram early-mature credit, pic4. Mrk writes AD69: as Luk update said in 58, Jeru NOW circled by armies Bible scholars don't know infra-NT writer

Talmudic interpretive quoting
Love of Greek drama

Hence scholars miss
WHY 4 Gospels &
how Christ tells us:
Christian crusaderism becomes THE antichrist trend of history.. we now see play in GOP, Moscow & pulpits

A literature prof can tell u, repetition bookends text

Anaphora is a Greek keyword/phrase repeater that 'carries (phora) u back (ana)' to its prior use, to show interp of its current use

So Amen anaphora @ Matt24 meter 1532=AD1562, tags a brutal 8-yr Reformation Crusade

It ends w pope excommunicating Elizabeth I for backing Huguenots, the victims of that Crusade

Pope also offered assassins to kill Elizabeth

She didn't reply in kind, but rather freed Bible in England

So God freed her to best pope, Spain & France, see Matt24:47-48 馃槆

As in prior 2 Amens, Gentiles are busy persecuting Jews

So in this 3rd Amen, God in Matt24:47-48, praises Poland & newborn-Dutch Republic, who long sheltered fleeing Jews

ELSE WE'D HAVE NO BIBLE, bc crusaders destroy rivals' Bibles (just as #KJVOnly aim2do now) 馃槇馃懢

AD1570=1540 yrs post-Cross =1050+490

Per God's Design4Time pic1, at 490, a 70-yr mass-vote is run: Vote4Bible, or Time Ends

Bible folks voted in each 70. Ps90 records Adam, Noah, Moses

So 3rd Amen vote ran AD1570-1640; Eng/NE/Pol VoteFreeBible & God blesses them

Reformation freed Bible for mass INDIVIDUAL enormous cost

God moves Heaven & Earth to get His Word into our hands

We vastly misread & misuse Word; or, we ignore it; but we GOT it!

Now do u see how flow of real history is on Bible rollout, Matt24:14?

[Plerologia @Clay_Odem 路 Aug 22, 2021]
If 1540-amen started the Protestant movement, maybe 2006-amen ends it, or results in something less denominational.
[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Sep 8, 2021]

19/x, end
So if interested:

Boring Primer Matt25:10-12, prophecy re 1960-2041 AD contra Political Christianity

How Matt24 meter interacts w text

Bibleworks' NT mss w CNTTS apparatus, pasted & metered

When I pasted Bibleworks ms in MS Word 2003, Word added accents on final syllables 馃ぃ. I can't fix it

BTW, no word's accented on last syll, in Bible Greek. Original mss had NO accents, either

DIY: Parse meter per clause; resulting metric pattern shows where to elide 馃

BTW, Bible's theme= Ultimate Game of Thrones=how Gen1 opens..but few teach it 馃彑锔

'Scholars' misread Gen1, argue how old Earth 馃檭

So who won't want u to know, Moses meters Gen1 to Angelic TRIAL TIME 馃彌锔, pic2?

'Began a 2006 novel on it

So 4th Amen is a slow military burn til 2030, the fanatics' deadline

U don't need Bible to see this; u but need to read news

Bible meter-timed it: Matt25:12 tells u this result & prequotes #ETTD

Bible accuracy since 1st Amen in this thread, should be evident by now

As in prior Amens, Jews get caught in middle of Gentile fighting, & are persecuted

So 4th Amen plays like End of Time, but every 490/560 ends like this

Ours ends, 2130; God's housecleaning 120, began 2010

He wipes out crusading Muslims & Christians, so 馃寪 can rest馃憠

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 26, 2021]
馃毃 Matt24 METER Outline 馃毃
V3 end=AD177: Commodus crowned &Ireneas hunts heretics 馃憠

+#7M CFP & CNP know this & seek war

Putin sells arms to Muslims. But in his #ThirdRome movie "Lesson of Byzantium", his RussOdox spox says goal to revive Constantinople

Putin often tells stories about the cross around his neck?!

To them, world must end by 2076: "1500 yrs for the Ummah" (622 hejira +1500=2076). So they must conquer world by then

See "Caliphaters", by @richard_landes

Some1 will claim to be 'Jesus Returned' by the 40-yr period starting 2030-6, to lead them in that final war 馃晪

Both leaders prefer asymmetrical warfare, diplomacy, bribes, to overt military

Russian military is a cover, eg Putin invaded Ukraine to extract resources & feign separatist aid

So 4th Amen Crusade is worse than past 3 Amens, but seems mild

Shi'a tho, make formal war

Folks underestimate Putin: he aims to burn down the world, w him

China's Xi is like Taliban, but waits for whites & Muslims to kill each other; positions China as friend to brown folks (big lie); after conquering the world, Han Chinese finally rule as Heaven intended

1st combatants: proTrump #7M v Shi'a. Starts as add-on proxy war in Iraq, Iran, Yemen

Russia & China claim neutrality but fund both, wanting every1 dead: they fight each other, last

Russia may win EU via Nordstream2, turn proxy war into Armageddon: Christian vs non-Christian

Use 1Jn1:9 as u watch those vids, & u'll see

鈭 谓蠀渭蠁喂慰蟼/魏蠀蟻喂慰蟼 tag AD 1976, 1998, 2015-18
鈭 2024-2030 伪蟺慰魏蟻喂谓蠅 =God judges #7M & #ThirdRome for making #TrumPutin Lord

By 2030=4th Amen, Shi'a say Issa=Jesus returns TO AID MUSLIMS wage final war

So WWIII occurs

4th Amen's CONTRA CHRISTIANS, w 2 prior anaphora:

螒蟺慰魏蟻喂谓蠅=to judge, 1st in Matt24:2 (meter=Aug AD70), tags 1st Amen re Temple Down, &
1 Lord
2 Bible ms+reformer, start Matt24:42 w Wycliffe&Hus
3 antichrists

See Matt tag them
Matt24Meter: Matt24 APOKRINW (judgment) anaphora SEQUENCE 16/18

What a huge impact, these Amens on history

West wouldn't exist & we'd have no Bible, w/o them

We'd also have no evil LEM crusader #MAGA #7M #ThirdRome Christians, w/o them

So are u surprised, 4th Amen @ 2000 yrs post-Cross=a new Crusade?

Not just theirs, but Islam's?

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Sep 9, 2021]
I get vaxxed in an hour. If God decides to take me out, u know how 4th Amen plays in 2030

Per article 猡碉笍, vaccine won't much help oldies w co-morbidities, but I'll get it anyway. When God gives an answer, take it

馃檹 4Him to choose if & how it works 馃

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Sep 1, 2021]
BTW, Bible prophecy reveals character of God in dynamic & intimate ways you won't see, elsewhere in Scripture

Or, I'd not bother with it. I am not a prophecy person

I am, utterly hooked on God-Person

F"ck religion. Satan invented it in Gen3 & has been 馃ぁing the masses, ever since

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 24, 2021]

RT proves Daniel Wallace wrong, re Quelle

Bible meter's worth million$,

螣蠀伪喂, the $ wasted claiming Quelle, tho syllable counting proves OT/NT writers meter to EACH OTHER?

Am dying of cancer. No time to be coy

[Quote brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 23, 2021]
Replying to @brainouty

Anaphora=refrains, date-tag trends; discern 'now', from past tags

Amen=believe, occurs 9x:
Mrk13=2, w Beza05 ms

L&M meter their sylls to Matt 梅7, pics

1st Amen tags AD70 Temple Down, Matt24:2; but meter 馃寜 to AD87 preChurch sched Trib start=Domitian


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 21, 2021]
Read Matt24:44, recall Ivan III deza, cruelty: txt fits 'The End' mentality, then

In Grk, v44 蔚蟻蠂蔚蟿伪喂 ="comes", pic. 3 syllables; last syll =AD1495=1465 meter

螤伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 蟿慰蠀 蠀喂慰蠀 蟿慰蠀 伪谓胃蟻蠅蟺慰蠀 (~=comes) anaphora tags Ukr Russ EEur evangel yrs each time, even if 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 elided

[Quote Istoryk馃嚭馃嚘 @ictopyk 路 Aug 19, 2021]
When you look at the testaments (wills) of the Moscow dukes and great dukes (--> ) you'll notice several unusual things: 1) There is no city with the name Moscow existed until the end of 15th century. There was the area called Moscow, but not the city. -->
[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 21, 2021]
Interpret it, from

1) parousia anaphora date & txt tags
2) NT prophecy, is on how Satan got Christians to create "The Last Emperor" = Rev17 Antichrist

7 NT chaps trace LE yrly, Constantine to #ThirdRome Putin touts in his "Lesson of Byzantium"; #7M churches tout LE as Trump

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Replying to @brainouty 馃毃 Matt24 Outline 馃毃

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馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v29-31 AD1066-882 notes, cont
Verses foretell huge AD800-1080 evangelism

Ergo Satan births LEMs to divert believers into politics: in lieu of Learn-&-Live on Word, ppl crusade-war..even til now

Last 50 of 1050 is for mass evangelism
YMH10h God's Salt 'House' Timing

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馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v29-31 AD1066-882 notes, cont

Why big evangelism? During Charlemagne, prelates revised how to date Time,*

aligned it to Bible & fixated on 2nd Advent

Did any1 THEN find Bible meter? 馃

spent yrs on this topic
馃憠 [brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Aug 15, 2021]
馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v26-28 AD789-881notes, cont

Vikings raid Eur, sack monasteries, enslave monks..'find' Jesus, become *His* slaves 馃槀

Ergo 2nd Adventy txt: they 'see' Him via Word & mourn 馃槶

Seed parable, still apt: 99% Christians are girls smearing mommy's lipstick 馃槇

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馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v26-28 AD789-881 notes, cont

Charlemagne=LEM posterboy. Every1 post-, aims2revive his myth

2 legs on Dan2 Man of Time.
2 Romes. Married, Dan11 trend

788, Byz Irene ends Connie VI betrothal to Charlemagne's Rotrude

Otto II weds Theophanu, Rev17:18 pun

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馃幎 Matt24 Outline馃幎
V21-25 AD639-788 notes
2Tribs: Church+Dan9:27
ROME=LEM paradigm

750+ LEM Abbas end Umay, but4 Spain

LEM Mayors o' palace end Merov; 751 Pope kings Pepin

Luk21:33 preq 626 Byz-Pers war; Mrk13:19 胃位喂蟺蟽喂蟼 seq 679 Byz truce w Umay +Fitna

5 Romes fall, Rev17:10

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Replying to @brainouty
馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v15-20 AD486-638 notes, cont
NB: Abomination began 70 AD, never ends

Luke precisely tags Matt24:15 end meter 470=Luke's 慰蟿伪谓 start

Mark's Abomination 慰蟿伪谓 began 20 yrs >Luke end=Justinian I 螡蔚伪 胃蔚慰蟿慰魏慰蟼 谓伪慰蟼 TO REPLACE GOD's, began 539

Plague began same yr

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馃幎 Matt24 Outline 馃幎
v4-14 AD485-177 notes
=308=44x7 yrs
Epoch End Rome1;
Rome2 n茅 AD312=Rev17:5 魏伪喂(蟽伪蟻)*

310 Connie says Apollo gave him 120 yrs
312 Apollo鉃hrist See TD Barnes, Eusebius & Constantine *God mocks kings, truncates them to 魏伪喂, demo Matt24Meter: Revelation 17 Sarcasm Tour 1/12

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PS bc Matt24:34 纬蔚谓畏蟿伪喂 is mistrans'd; scholars & teachers waste our million$, sell Bible disinfo, use the bad trans to lie re pre-Trib Rapture

How much disease might we heal, w that $?

Chalcedonian Christian Reconstructionists are esp evil, here. They also deny Bible meter

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PS, cont

That's why you should buy .@KevinMKruse's, One Nation Under God: he unknowingly traces the very history Matt25:9-12 describes, to show how today's GOP Trumpian religiosity, is born of a 1930s marketing ploy (to combat FDR)

He blocks me, so won't know I commend his book

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Audiobook on Normans, ably read by Pamela Nagami The Normans in European History (FULL Audiobook) - Charles Homer HASKINS (1870 - 1937)

NT prophecy stresses Normans in 2nd-Coming evangelism of 882-1190, pics

Augustine clerics mask* Rapt/2nd Adv; but Charlesmagne+, pimp it: Normans ape Franks. Ergo Crusades


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 29, 2021]

start 纬蟻畏纬慰蟻蔚喂蟿蔚 =Purim1386=1387
Jogaila wed Jadwiga
Lith goes Xtian&pro-Jew
EEur unify v HRE&Muscovy
Hus Reformation

end 纬蟻畏纬慰蟻蔚喂蟿蔚=2045

trait:Christ age 94 midTrib

NB 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 sandwich

So 2042-61=1387-1410


1386-420=966 Polish king becomes Christian, to marry Bohemian 馃懠

863 Cyril+Methodius convert Moravians. 77x7 yrs later=Jan Hus

So 420 yrs >pagan Pol converts2marry Boh, pagan Lith converts2marry Pol; both make haven4Jews & faith buffer twixt HRE&Muscovy 26x7yrs, to 1569
AD966 pics below
Add 7 to each Rev17 cum meter *

So Rev17 ends 963, Tale of 2 Theophanus

NB: 2nd-Advent delivery text tags Poland's Piasts? Ruthenia=Ukraine, aligns w them &/or Lithuania

So 2045+, EEurope reunifies (on interior lines) v 馃嚛馃嚜 & 馃嚪馃嚭?

*until I can fix them

PS to others: 400+ yrs pre-I Ching, Moses created Time Meter. It's pan-Bible, but scholars don't know

Moses taught Israel how2read it. If >1 passage maps same yrs, add text FIFO, to get 危 of what God says re those yrs

Thread uses that method. My pinned tweet has how-to vids
鈱 5/10 鈱
Bible meter & text interactively tell His Story: democratization of Bible, hence faith

So Matt24:40-42=special 70-yr voting window, AD1340-1410

=Black Death & wars of succession. 100 Yrs' War began 1337; 1342+ plagues don't stop it


is less harmed by Black Death, as she STILL votes pro-Jew, even since Mieszko I 420 yrs prior

She solves her own succession, by voting Jagiello marry her heir

1410+ he beats Teut Knights & RCC plots; via his gsons +B谩thory, 1505-87=her golden age=Matt24:45-47 (@ 未慰蠀位慰蟼)


NB: Christians were (&are) so evil, God sent fires floods & plagues per Lev26 Deut28 2Chron7:14

Yet He serially carves out baby goshens, to protect Word & Jews: Poland*, the Dutch, & England

*includes Ukraine; it was maybe 1st safe haven since AD165, am still researching

NB, Matt24:42 is an Epilogue. End=Matt24:41's plague, killing 15-75% of Europe +Asia

鈱汢lack Death if no Bible Doctrine, Deut28 Hosea4:6鈱

Yet Poland & Milan cared4 Word+Jews; so God spared them, 2Chron7:14

Next End? Matt25:12
v13 纬蟻畏纬慰蟻蔚喂蟿蔚 ends 2045
Wash Rinse Repeat

Like bubonic plague, COVID will recur yrly, even if no pandemic

Will E Europe reunify? Each 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 in Matt24+25, tags famous Christian dates in Ukraine Russia Poland/Lith, pics. Unsure who *will be* main actors

2045-967=1078=Isa53 meter

God *is* timing it

God times it, based on who is pro-Jew, & wants His Word. Czech, Poland & Ukraine created new Bible translations, so He will defend them against .@mfa_russia
& other enemies

To fight, Learn&Live On Bible under your right MALE pastor, using 1Jn1:9; God will fight4u, Exo14:13
PS if you don't see your nation listed, do not despair. You are important to GOD 馃槏

NT Prophecy focuses on 'problem children' in Christianity; so it's a good thing, if you're not named 馃槆

Also, I bet every nation can look at same words for same yrs, & see its own history 馃槝

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Sin is a roadblock to happy life w God

So God nailed it to the cross in Christ; use 1Jn1:9 (pics) when u sin; God then clears yer roadblocks

Yes, gay/unmarried sex is a sin, just as lie cheat steal or religiosity: name it to God, KOKO

Learn&Live On Bible, slowly replaces sin馃憠

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 25, 2021]
How does Learning&Living on Bible, slowly replace sin?

Sin, is an attractive thought pattern producing harm

Learning&Living on TAUGHT Bible, Matt4:4 -- creates a happier alternate thought pattern, one comes to prefer

So Christ stays sinless even on the cross, 2Cor5:21, Heb12:2

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 20, 2021]
search Third Rome 猡, to get quick indep confirm of what I wrote. Also search "last emperor" in WaPo

It's vital folks see what happens now, is a product of 1000s of yrs of Xtians twisting Bible + a 500-yr cycle coterminous w climate change

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More by .@richard_landes

Fear of Apocalyptic 1000
[] Fear-of-an-Apocalyptic-Year-1000-Speculum.pdf

Lest the Millennium be Fulfilled


Encyclopedia of Millennialism 馃槏

I got it at Amazon
Lest the Millennium be Fulfilled: Apocalyptic Expectations and the Pattern of Western Chronography,... is a platform for academics to share research papers.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 12, 2021]
So What's To Be Done?

If u ever 1x believed Christ paid4yer sins, u are SAVED & ROYAL FAMILY OF GOD, so can do much about it:

鈭 Use 1Jn1:9 like breathing
鈭 Ask God who is yer right MALE pastor
鈭 Live on Bible the pastor teaches

Battle is the Lord's Jn18:36, don't politick鉃
John 18:36 Jesus answered, My kingdom is not of this world: if my kingdom were of this world, then would my servants fight, that I should not be delivered to the Jews: but now is my kingdom not from hence.
John 18:36 峒蟺蔚魏蟻峤肺肝 峒肝废兾酷喀蟼路 峒 尾伪蟽喂位蔚峤肺 峒 峒愇坚酱 慰峤愇 峒斚兿勎刮 峒愇 蟿慰峥 魏峤瓜兾嘉肯 蟿慰峤幌勎肯吢 蔚峒 峒愇 蟿慰峥 魏峤瓜兾嘉肯 蟿慰峤幌勎肯 峒ξ 峒 尾伪蟽喂位蔚峤肺 峒 峒愇坚降, 慰峒 峤懴畏蟻峤诚勎蔽 慰峒 峒愇嘉酷蕉 峒犖诚壩结椒味慰谓蟿慰 [峒偽絔 峒滴轿 渭峤 蟺伪蟻伪未慰胃峥 蟿慰峥栂 峒肝肯呂次贬椒慰喂蟼路 谓峥ξ 未峤 峒 尾伪蟽喂位蔚峤肺 峒 峒愇坚酱 慰峤愇 峒斚兿勎刮 峒愇较勎滇喀胃蔚谓.

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Why does that work? Bc the 鈭歴 = voting like Christ voted, Matthew 4:4

Like the Humanity of Christ, you vote to live on God's Word; so God will bless the world for your sake.. just as He did, for Christ

God's blessing is forever far superior, to *all* you & the world can do 馃槆

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Replying to @brainouty
Whoops, here's correct Rev17:15, pic猡

(Add 7 to cumulative meter v5 on, to correct my error at 227. I can't yet fix Rev17 doc)

Doc w history links: Rev17R.pdf

(To fix Rev17 Sarcasm Tour: as u watch, 'move' sylls 7 left vs vid, eg 794 s/b 801 Matt24Meter: Revelation 17 Sarcasm Tour 1/12)

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 8, 2021]
AD481-565=84=Decree, see meter pics

481+ Clovis 馃憦 as "new Constantine"; yep, his sons war

LEM Abominations Zeno Anastasius Justin & Justinian d.565, also war; he regains West via Belisarius..who returns w Plague

馃攽 They *insanely* war, tho famine & plague decimate them 馃憖

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 8, 2021]
See meter interact w text, warn where2go, 481-565 & 566-750 (=2nd 84, end Umayyad)?

Near-term prophecy meter-maps Word Body/Book kidnap: w 1Jn1:9, test it

4 NT chaps warn: avoid Franks/Ger, Jeru, Byz. So if West go NWE. If East go NE

Scholars don't know meter, so miss its uses

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 3, 2021]
"Caliphaters", by .@richard_landes

About Muslim millennialism, happening now

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jul 3, 2021]
To best appreciate that article, you need a backstory. So get


Next 50 yrs, remain a culture war. GQP #7M+Putin, publicly urge Armageddon. Will we Christians Jews & Muslims row into Hades, driven by their Rev16 Frogs?

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 29, 2021]
WHY TRUMP, began in AD100s

2Thess2:6-7: Church fathers swap Spirit w Antichrist Rome as 'restrainer'

RCC Odox & Protties swap, too

1) To swap, must deny v6 魏伪蟿蔚蠂慰谓 is neuter AND its v7 is masc

Hippy 1st denied; all ape him: search XXI-XXII in

Bc anti-semitism, Church fathers miss
2) Paul's 渭蠀蟽蟿畏蟻喂慰谓 warns Church pimps Antichrist via v7 txt 馃槚 Matt24+25 then Eph1, meter what yrs

3) 魏伪蟿蔚蠂蠅 backtags 1Thess4:17's 伪蟻蟺伪味蠅, re Spirit leaves w us

Now, He indwells us: aha, 魏伪蟿慰喂魏蔚蠅=魏伪蟿蔚蠂蠅; so Antichrist can't yet come


4) v7 渭蔚蟽慰蠀 is a Hebraism for 拽专讘, famously used in OT for *GOD* being 'in the midst' of His ppl eg Ps46:5, pics

So no excuse, to claim 魏伪蟿蔚蠂慰谓 is 4th Beast, SPQR

Let's end our fathers' centuries of shame, & correct their errors? Wouldn't u want that redemption, done4u?

I didn't know about 4); while I drafted this thread, God brought up 拽专讘 (Jn14:26 plays live)

I didn't know where to find it w 渭蔚蟽慰蟼 in OT, as there are a bazillion verses to cull thru. He made sure I found the right verse, right away

ALWAYS ask God for what you want 馃槆

"taken away"
equiv phrases are NOT in Grk

As & show,

Church fathers vary* on 'restrainer' ID till AD350s; then, ID=Rome 馃槚

*Irenaeus AH Bk5 Ch26 & Hippolytus, use 4th beast; Origen+Tertullian vaguely use 2Thess2

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 30, 2021]
Arguing with God Epi2, why it's *normal* to argue about & with, God ARG2 Arguing w God pt2

Sorry, my voice is still breathy; but it's better.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 29, 2021]
Twitter wouldn't let me put the pics for Psalm 45:6 in the thread so here are the pics, separately

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 26, 2021]
.@richard_landes wrote a good Mill primer

All scholars omit:
馃叞ntichrists made by Christians, NT warns (eg 1Cor 2Tim 1&2Pet 1&2Jn Rev17=Last Ruler)

馃叡ible maps 馃叞 yrs, eg #TrumPutin in Matt25:11; Gen1 began 1000 & 1050 maps; see also Talmud San97-99


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路Jun 26, 2021]
Add, article 猡 on how GQP pimp Last Emperor Myth (LEM鈩)
The apocalyptic myth that helps explain evangelical support for Trump
=Bible Rev17 Antichrist, who IreneASS reversed into hero; so to revive Constantine's Harlot Rome as #MAGA+Putin want=GQP 'serving God' 馃槇

Also search 'Last Emperor Myth' at

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 25, 2021]
_Lest_ p191, tags 'signs' in 763, 786, 793

See what
warn AGAINST, in those yrs?
馃攽 Cum meter=yrs >Christ talks: so+30=AD

Rev17:14c-15b tag 'King Says See'

AD786 'signs', provoked Charlemagne's 789 Admonitio Generalis: so Alcuin knew meter?

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 25, 2021]
PS we must use 30, not 33; Varro AUC adds 4 fake yrs, so we can't move AD forward Varronian Chronology

Pic1-3: Eph1 meters end AD1=BC4 on Varro AUC to Christ Sched Birth @ 4106=2046+2100-40. Mary col2, uses Livy for His 4103 birth

Scholars don't know Bible's 2 Time Tracks

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 23, 2021]
#TrumPutin Shot & Chaser 馃嵍

2nd Advent txt Time-Meters @ + - AD1030

4 NT chaps converge, pics*

Txts warn/mock folks in those yrs, fixated on His Return

So who THEN, knew/twisted the meter?

*Matt24:29-31, 馃寪
Luke21:32-36, West
Mark13:26-30, Byz
Rev17:18= E+W wed

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 24, 2021]
SHOT, cont

See what historians say re that fixation & its coverup, [] Fear-of-an-Apocalyptic-Year-1000-Speculum.pdf

馃毃 Matt24 METER Outline 馃毃

馃槇 clerics began pimping Yr 1000 to make $..ergo, mass pilgrimages to Jeru & enfin, 500 yrs of holier-than-thou, bloody crusaderism. Just as Bible text warns

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 24, 2021]
#TrumPutin, 1000 yrs on, Crusade2 EndItAll by 2030

Just as Bible warns in Matt25:11-12 (runs 1999-2041), #7M+Putin try2make Christ Open2Us

P puts Kirill on 2017 tour, 2say TheEnd; 2018, P talks Armageddon, search "Putin said use nuclear"


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 14, 2021]
Vid: I strongly urge u buy _Encyclopedia of Millennialism_ by Dr. Richard Landes, .@richard_landes

It esp matters now, bc #SevenMountains behind Trump is an EndTimes cabal (w Putin since 2005), to conquer world for Christ by 2030

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 15, 2021]
Online viewing by publisher

JSTOR entry (eg thru library)

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 15, 2021]
NB Online Taylor offers vague abstracts & diff paging v hardback. Entries=book's, ie "Russian Millennialism" is its p644 (can't read online), vs hardback entry=p362ff

BTW article well sums Putin's foreign policy: apocalyptic nihilism, replete w 2017 Kirill tour declaring The End

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 17, 2021]
Read its "Christian Reconstructionism"
Need Pepto-Bismol 馃あ

(CR=LEM & pimps Trump, 2005+. CR=Putin's own creed, 1st vid Playlist: Russia & Ukraine)

Putin's manifesto & Bucket List = 'Lesson of Byzantium', based on #ThirdRome myth created by Ivan III in 1472.
So you need to know the history of Russia, also included here. The Scott Palmer lectures are very good.
Ukrainians will tell you that the (really Turkic) Russians, stole Ukraine's history; there is much evidence for that. So what videos on it, I could find, are in this list.
Bible prophetically tracks both the Russian & Ukrainian claims, starting AD 165, Matt24:3. (Maybe earlier in Mark 13 or Luke 21, I'm still checking.) See my 'Ukraine Russia in Bible prophecy' playlist.

'Twas born in 1960s

1973, .@RJRushdoony
wrote [Satan's] Institutes, calling its regurged Rev17馃拑in hoc signo vinces 馃挬, biblical 馃ぁ

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 18, 2021]
&They replace Jews 馃惛

3 Xtians claim CR vision, YouTube "Gilman Hill Seven Mountains"=
Francis Schaeffer*
Bill Bright
*PBS' God in America: Francis sold abortion=murder 4power Video unavailable - RIP

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 18, 2021]
When I began to audit Bible claims in 2000, I'd no idea Judeo-Xtian scholarship was inept, eg degreed 馃ぁs fancy a Quelle, 'deutero' Isaiah, Daniel wrote 2nd-cent BC, Bible lacks meter..

As Christ said in Seed Parable, we are 97-99% sterile: 'tis a miracle, we ever learn Bible 馃槆

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 12, 2021]
FWIW, my Bible posts aren't to proselytize: believe as you will

Rather, I'm on public dole; my chemo costs taxpayers $15k/mo; so I owe y'all info I know is worth million$

Scholars don't know Bible's metered; so I must demo it, as best & as long as I can

Thank you for your time

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jun 1, 2021]
Walter Bauer's 1934/1964 _Orthodoxy and Heresy_ roster, free download of Eng trans

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 28, 2021]

Re false-christ 7ing anaphora roster: u said Matt25:6 喂未慰蠀 蟿慰蠀 谓蠀渭蠁喂慰蠀 馃搶 mocks Millerites, pics*

BTW, Tischendorf found an ms @ each v5+6 谓蠀渭蠁喂慰蠀

馃搶 In _Heaven On Earth_, .@richard_landes
tags Millerites, his p4; he also cites



1666 Zevi's messianic-rule start
(=meter 1636 pic1)

Brit Xtians deemed 1666 an apocalyptic yr; plague & fire hit London

Matt24:50 魏蠀蟻喂慰蟼=1640-2, tags antichrist Charles I; else DAY HE WON'T EXPECT text, mocks datesetters

I wonder if Dr Landes will ref:
馃敿Bible forbids datesetting
馃敿Talmud San97-99 tag Bible 1050 (& meter)

He won't know NT fake-christ roster began w Constantine, premapped to warn contra Ireneaus' Last Emperor Myth (Ire turned 2Thess2:6-7 into Rome)

P24-25, Landes *does* note

馃搶 Donatists deemed Constantine's Rome as Whore of Babylon, citing p55 of _Saeculum_, by RA Markus

Post-cataracts, I'll ask2get book & see if Donatists knew Bible Time Meter mocks Constantine in Matt24:8 Eph1:11-12 Luke21:12 Mark13:8 & Rev17:5 (not shown, start=AD306)


[Plerologia @Clay_Odem 路 May 28, 2021]
I'm guessing this is Satan's distraction tactic. Someone finds something important re Bible, so Satan stirs up some pseudo-messiah to shift focus.

Both Nag Hammadi and Dead Sea scrolls discovered around 1946.

Dead Sea corroborating our mss, while Nag, a Gnostic distraction.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 29, 2021]
Yes: anaphora 魏蠀蟻喂慰蟼 & 谓蠀渭蠁喂慰蟼 tag yrs when

鈭 Bible ms/trans find+
鈭 Bible explainer+
鈭 Fake christ to hide both

That anaphora syllable distances 梅7 must be deliberate (pics), so we know we got OT&NT Autograph

Yes, God preserved The Original 馃槆

Meter's worth million$
[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 29, 2021]
馃攽 螝蠀蟻喂慰蟼 v 螡蠀渭蠁喂慰蟼

魏蠀蟻喂慰蟼 fake-christ tags a ruler, viz #TrumPutin in Matt25:11 cf Charles I in Matt24:50, 2018-1640=54x7 yrs prior

螡蠀渭蠁喂慰蟼 tags antichrist datesetters claiming to husband believers (cf Eph4:16): eg today's #7M, Matt25:10
v1=Jonathan Edwards
[Plerologia @Clay_Odem 路 May 29, 2021]
Then 2024-2030 (ho d'apokretheis eipen) likely includes Antichrist Superstars' judgement on the foolish.

It's really Christ exercising the 'rod-of-mine-anger' option.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 22, 2021]

Bible meter audits Autograph & dates "near-term" prophecy, so is worth million$

'Spent yrs showing it, but I die now

Use std hermeneutics, to vet my 15-min RT'd vid. It proves "millions" claim

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 25, 2021]
Twitter is broken again, so it doesn't show the full thread in which that post resides. Here is the start of that million-dollar thread: 馃毃 Matt24 METER Outline 馃毃

PS This is not crackpot theology. My chemo costs taxpayers $14,000 a month; it's only fair God reimburse by overpaying

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 22, 2021]
馃嵈 Matt24:1-3 Comment, cont 馃嵈
Pics+vid on DIASPORA '49', prove it: Epi2b BM101, Matt24:2 is worth million$

===BibleMeter 101===
Playlist: b-out BibleMeter101

===Daniel 9===
Daniel 9 Meter

===Psalm 90===
Psalm 90 Playlist

===God's Time Grants===
How God Orchestrates Time


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 22, 2021]
Corrected link on Dan9

Intro to Act 3 via Psalm 90, comprehensive review of Moses' Two Time Tracks -- for Daniel 9's prayer meter, as well as Daniel 9:24 and 25, TAG Psalm 90 at key syllable junctures to MATCH Time Track 1. Tandem video shows how Paul does it also, in the Psalm 90 playlist, here: GGS10e9c2 Isaiah counts to Millennium, ACT 2 (cont.)

Relevant other links:
Video worksheet reconciling Psalm 90 and Book of Judges: Judges.xls. If you need it in pdf, here it is: Judges.pdf

Daniel 9's prayer pdf: DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.RTF (use 'pdf' as last three letters if you prefer pdf). It is an exhaustive proof how Daniel counts to the Mill. See also my video '24 Ps90', which shows Daniel 9:24-27, with its own doc/pdf.

PDFs of the full meter pattern in Eph1:3-14, Ps90, and Isa53: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

Compare to these meter maps of Ps90 and Isa53:

Psalm90inHebrew.pdf. Trilingual version is Ps90ParsedTrilingual.pdf See also Psalm90Palindromes.tif or Psalm90Palindromes.pdf.

Isa53Hypo4Dotted3.pdf and the translation, which is Isa53MeterTransInEnglishWide.doc
Isaiah 53's meter map is clearer, here: Isa53Map.jpg.

The video's timeline worksheet: GeneYrs.xls. Bible verses supporting it are shown in

brainoutFAQ.htm#6a and Mirroring.htm.

If you're not familiar with Book of Daniel, I did extensive audio links in the vid description to my 10a1 YMH video. Episode 10 of the YMH (Yapping Most High) series is also about Jewish Dispensationalism, and ties to 10 GGS series. Sorry, but the doctrine is long and complex .. and awesome.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 20, 2021]
馃嵈 Matt24:1-3 Commentary 馃嵈
AD177-30=147=63+21+42+21 =orange #s in pics

DIY馃攽: Parse & meter Grk by clause, syntactically, per author's pattern 馃敁

63=end AD93=when pre-Church Mill was to start, pic3&4

Christ dies 7 yrs early, so 1050 RESETS; meter recons OT v NT 'times'

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 20, 2021]
Epi2 BM101,* Matt24:2: how believers were to use the text 猡
video has now been privated - RIP

Meter+text say When2doWhat to protect Bible=Vote4Word

Cross-check, pics
Luk21+Mrk13 @ meter84
Eph1 @ 114
Rev17 @ 26
=God wills Temple Down, DON'T FIGHT ROME

Playlist: b-out BibleMeter101

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 18, 2021]
This vid clip is worth your time

AT LAST, after 50 yrs of being duped! -- some Dems do *not* cave into 馃槇 'Palestinians' 馃槇

whose Quran, Charter & parents, urge kids to kill Jews

in Sat a.m. kid shows
in Fri mosque

Watch their vile vids, in YouTube

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 17, 2021]
Back in 2018 DC, 馃嚪馃嚭 Cruz met a delegation from West Houston Bible Church; it had split from Berachah, when my pastor died

Like WHBC, Berachah got #Trumpitis: none learn Bible 馃挃

Bible meter vindicates my dead pastor's classes:

God won't give *them* Bible meter: commercially, it's worth billion$

Instead, 20+ yrs ago, Berachah found a 1973 letter I wrote, seeking all Thieme Jr's classes they had, on reels: did I still want reels? OH YES

So I got 1000s of reels, from all over US

Now I know why 馃挃

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 15, 2021]
Jan Hus didn't translate all Bible, by his death. Hussites finished it

Wycliffe Bible was finished 1395, also post-mortem

Theme: FREED BIBLE is 馃攽 to prophecy & national health

Why? 'Excellency of the knowledge', Phili3:8
Rev1, 22

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 15, 2021]
Check history: any who curse or persecute Bible or Jews, eg GOP #7M +Dem anti-semites, get hurt

Conversely, any who free Bible & Jews, get blessed

God's not an ethnic toy. He puts His Word even above Himself, Ps138:2, Isa54-55, Rev22

cc .@MFA_Ukraine

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 14, 2021]
For years: on Saturday mornings, GAZA but not Israel has KIDS' TV w a bunny urging kids to kill Jews

Go to YouTube, search "HAMAS BUNNY", watch their vids: then tell me they're not demonic

Pox on .@POTUS
-- even tho I voted4him -- if he gives these fakaktastinians, any US $

[Quote Akiva Cohen @AkivaMCohen 路 May 13, 2021]
When you're looking at death tolls in gaza, keep this in mind as well.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 12, 2021]
Yes, repeats "medieval warm period" AD800-1300; ergo Viking raids

Our GW ended 1998; now is menopause-like 'hot flashes'

Global Cooling begins 2100, repeats 1300-1700 "little ice age"; like now, 100 ys prior, it brings PLAGUE

pimp$ deny it

#Climatechange is NOT manmade

[NOW Tonight with Joshua Johnson @NBCNOWTonight 路 Apr 19, 2021]
BONUS CLIP: Agriculture in Greenland is adapting to the warmer environment caused by climate change. Actor @nikolajcw discussed how the country is turning a bad situation into something good for the economy

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 12, 2021]
Millions will die, just as in the 1300s; we & EU spend our money exactly the wrong way

Dems will 4ever lose power, if they don't wake up to this (since-1960s) Kremlin LIE of MANMADE global warming*


[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 12, 2021]
Yes, we must address pollution. Yes, we must conserve resources properly

But 'manmade climate change' is a lie USSR crafted to waste Western billion$ & kill millions..cuz West+USDems, like GOP -- #DenyScience4Votes

*REAL scientists talk climate

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 12, 2021]
If you're slogging thru my
馃毃 Matt24 outline 馃毃

Spirituality Tip, use 1Jn1:9 like breathing: God then raises your IQ. It's the ONLY reason I'm smart

Test claim: tell God when u maybe sinned

Like David did, Ps32: 'God, I sinned' & then go on. NBD if u can't exactly name it

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 12, 2021]
Vital thread on #GazaUnderAttack so u can see for yerself that as usual, 'Palestinians' lie

Article I of PLO Charter: "Israel has no right to exist"

Arabs hate 'Palestinians' (who 1947+ came from Jordan Saudi Egypt, NOT Israel) & use 'em for propaganda

cc .@pallywoody

[Quote Aurora Intel @AuroraIntel 路 May 11, 2021]
Replying to @AuroraIntel
Hamas Al-Qassam Brigades;

"We will turn Ashkelon into hell"

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 11, 2021]
Anaphora are often satirical, eg

尾位蔚蟺蠅 = to see, tags yrs rulers die: yea, they see zip and you see them dead, better trust in God

螝蠀蟻喂慰蟼 = Lord = Bible find + Bible reformer + fake = anti-christ

螤伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 = evangel w/ Bible 'appears', esp in E Eur

PS All meter conclusions are subject to change

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 May 5, 2021]
*The double-entendre rhetoric typifies Chap25 re Christian civil war

It began w Wycliffe, went Royal in 1533 w 'food'=Henry VIII Restraint edict +Eliz I's birth

War, re WHO'S AUTHORIZED to read & interpret Word

Reformation broke RCC & Odox monopoly; they aim2reclaim it, 1545+

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 25, 2021]
Proof 'Russia' did not exist pre-1721. It called itself 'Muscovy': see it, on edge of the coin RT'd here, w/ STOLEN double-headed eagle

Everything 'Russia' is anti- history. It steals from everyone, to fake its own identity: the eagle is the very emblem of ROME = ANTICHRIST, qv

[Quote 袣褋械薪褟 @XeniaUA 路 Apr 24, 2021]
UKR: 袦芯褋泻芯胁褋褜泻懈泄 褉褍斜谢褜 1707. 袧邪蟹胁褍 袪褍褋褜 褖械 薪械 胁泻褉邪谢懈.., 邪 褏胁褨褋褌 褍 屑褍褌邪薪褌邪 胁卸械 写芯斜褉褟褔械 锌芯褋泻褍斜邪薪懈泄!
EN: Moscow ruble 1707. The name Rus hasn't been stolen yet... and the mutant's tail has already been plucked!

So Matt25* wryly opens 1704 as Christian Civil War thru 2062, pic1. It meters War of Spanish Succession; Habsburgs used Double Eagle, as HRE

Muscovy called self #ThirdRome, heir to HRE since 1472

Putin champions that claim,** ergo #7M+Trump. Matt25:11-12, quote&mock them

*download Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf; it has history links

Matt25:1, 1721 began @ 未蔚魏伪 馃槀
2 eagles=HREs, since Charlemagne: his heirs bid 蟺伪蟻慰蠀蟽喂伪 aka Cyril et Methodius 4Muscovy, Matt24:27

**Putin #deza

his REVIVE ROME=1st vid
Playlist: Russia & Ukraine

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 22, 2021]
BTW, I post re Ukraine because Matt24+25 tracks it like Israel -- Jews went to Ukraine from Dacia* ca. AD165+, to escape SPQR plague

Ergo Satan makes "Russia" = Antichrist Trend of History

Matt25:14-29: 2065-2623, a back-to-Bible revival centers in Ukraine/EEurope, helps Jews 鉃

Satan's goal: kill so many Jews, Christ can't Return. Millennium requires enough Jews to vote for Him

Matt16:18+Jn17, He opts2pay4 future people, because Israel rejects Him 7 years early; so Church = TimeBridge to Dan9:27's Trib PassPlot.htm

*Trajan moved Rome's Jews to Dacia

馃憠Trial's based on enuf Votes4God. Belief Christ pd =Vote2BeSaved (& so u are)

Eph1:9-12=Pregnant Church Births Apostasy (AD206-343 as trend)

If Rapture, post-text applies to Trib&Mill

Bible never dates Rapture, to protect volition

Novel on it

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 23, 2021]
Putin uses an 800s Last Emperor Myth, as foreign policy. #ThirdRome = his manifesto*

2017, he sent Kirill to avow it
2018, said he'd use nukes to enact it
2021, warns pandemic prelude to global war

LEM began in 600s, says

*1st vid
Playlist: Russia & Ukraine
Genesis and Function of the Last Emperor Myth in Byzantine Eschatology is a platform for academics to share research papers.

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 23, 2021]
#7M behind Trump & esp its #QAnon nutters, all hype same eschatology as Putin, but via Aug1975 #SevenMountains 'vision'. Liberty U makes a movie on it

Their 'vision' (really Rev17), revives Constantine's AD312 "in hoc signo vinces" or even, his 310 'vision' of 4 victory wreaths
9 ~ 10 (this requires a mind that has wisdom seven heads are senve mountains the woman sits on five have flalen blabh albhalbalkbahb)

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 23, 2021]
LEM has long been a 'millennial' trend in history: we are in a recurrence. I cover what Bible mss say abt it

Secular folks also lecture/write on the LEM trend:

in Youtube,
.@mornayphf (Yale)
Phyllis Tickle (Stanford)
, _End of Europe_

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 19, 2021]
Europe keeps ignoring history

Since SPQR, invasion of Europe *always* goes thru Ukraine 馃實

Muscovy *always* aims to control Europe. She *always* steals & enslaves other peoples

Bible calls Russia, Antichrist: tracks UkrainevMuscovy history in 5 OT + 7 NT time-metered chapters

[Quote toomas ilves, ex-verif @IlvesToomas 路 Apr 19, 2021]
You'd think they'd pull out a thesaurus to find something else that means "concerning"

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 reposted Plerologia @Clay_Odem 路 Apr 16, 2021]
Remember Constantine's vision of Apollo before claiming it was Christ?

Bart Ehrman claims a panegyrst was bosting about the vision back in 310 AD. Probably state propaganda.

That happened 280 years after the cross, which is the mid-point of the first 560.

[Quote brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 14, 2021 Replying to @Clay_Odem]
Rev17 Whore meter starts w Constantine. His & sons' laws, were persecutorial

Handy law chart links are @ bottom

Home, links to persecuting 'early Christian councils'

#7M & Putin, aim to restore THAT Rome; so 7M 'prophesies' Trump
Playlist: Lying Trump Prophets' Words

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 14, 2021]
Wash DC 1975, I was recruited by the former royal Afghan govt, to fight USSR. I said 'no', yet stayed pro-Afghani

RT below is accurate, tho I'm not sure Biden lacks empathy. He might be constrained by Dems flunking Foreign Policy101

We MUST ever stay at Russia's underbelly
This Post is from a suspended account. Learn more

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Apr 14, 2021]
Dems' racism, shows up here: 'those little brown & yellow people are far away; we should spend our $ at home'

But Dems favor ever-evil Palestinians, who seek to end Israel (Art I, PLO Charter)

Dems hate God, Jews, the rich, & faraway non-white ppl, ever since Woodrow Wilson 馃槣

[brainout馃嚭馃嚘 @brainouty 路 Jan 6, 2021]
Replying to @realDonaldTrump

T馃嚪馃嚭RUMP is antichrist party w Putin, who God disowns

Christ mocks & quotes you +Jan6 riot to "OPEN", in timed (Moses'meter) text: Matt25:11, pics

Lord Lord=2015-18
(Matt24:42+ 魏蠀蟻喂慰蟼 anaphora tags yrs when Xtian antichrists rise, demo Matt24Meter: Matt24 APOKRINW (judgment) anaphora SEQUENCE 16/18)