Time Travel in Genesis

Summary Points

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  • Genesis 1:1 bara qal perf, so it was PERFECT, as in done by God, and PERFECT, as in finished.  How long, not said, Hebrew doesn’t say and LXX uses the aorist which has the root sense of “point of time divorced from time” so only the COMPLETION is referenced, not how long it took.  But we can prove that God merely speaks a thing and it instantly is as He orders, Gen 1:3 and  Matt4:3.


  • Genesis 1:2 waw adversative with de in LXX, qal perfect of haya translated with the IMPERFECT of eimi in the LXX.  So it FINISHED to BECOME not only imperfect, but
  • Tohu wa bohu, chaos and waste the Lord did NOT create.  Thus begins the real story, the six-day literal RESTORATION of the earth, due to Satan & Co. trashing it.


  • So you don’t know how old the earth is, nor the universe.  You do know that there was this Pangea-like thing, maybe, the breakup of which technically could have happened quickly or slowly, since plate tectonics and subduction can occur either way (earthquakes when fast, continental drift when slow).  Or, maybe God just ordered it so.  Seems like He ordered it so, going by His Decrees on second and third days of the Restoration.


  • So there was pre-existing life of some kind.  Whether all that life was dead at this point, who knows.  That accounts for the two instances of decreeing light, one before the rising of the continents (depicted as happening in one day), and afterwards, since natural light bodies would be needed to furnish the earth as restored, with the requisite photosynthesis, etc.  Water leaches, so you can’t use the C-14 method to date either this initial state of being waterlogged, or the later Genesis 6 Flood: for less C-14 would also remain if water destruction. Can’t only assume long-term ‘natural’ weathering, just as you can’t assume plate tectonics ONLY operate slowly via continental drift.  Evidence totally contradicts both ‘slow processing’ assumptions.


  • Fossil Evidence, however it might be incorrectly dated by ‘science’, is certainly older than 6,000 years.  So here we have evidence of the primordial conflict which gave rise to the tohu wa bohu in Genesis 1:2.  To deny this invites not only ignorance of the Word of God (ouch), but also makes the Bible ‘say’ the opposite of what it attests, in Genesis 1:2.  Romans 2, the Word of God is maligned because of our ignorance.  And we, are maligning God Himself.


  • For there are no fewer than 23 verses on tohu wa bohu, most notably Isaiah 45:18-19 in context of 45:7, the Lord flatly attesting HE did NOT create it a wasteland.  All three creation verbs.  Also Jeremiah 4:23 (whole chapter 4).


    • Genesis 1:26-27, Decree to make creation after THEIR kinds (so maybe can make an evolutionary claim there) but

o   MAN is decreed to be created in GOD’s OWN Image, hence IMMATERIAL, the real you is your soul, and you need spiritual life to relate to God, as He is Spiritual Personhood.

o   So man is most definitely not evolved, as God must create your IMMATERIAL nature, and He does so personally and directly, at each birth (after body formed, pattern of Genesis 2:7).

o   Personhood is invisible.  Can’t see cells without visual aid, and can’t see God without HIS aid.


  • Angels are extra-terrestrials, so of COURSE the universe is teeming with life higher than our own.


  • Genesis 2:7, therefore, God makes Adam living only AFTER the body is sculpted (yatser), and does so by BREATHING “lives” (hayyim) into Adam’s nostrils.  Review of the hayyim verses (83), to show the dual-entendre of literally plural lives, and the intensity.


  • Of these verses, the literal plurality of humanness being more than one type of life, is especially prominent as wordplay in Job, Psalms, Proverbs, and the prophets.  I.e., “life returns to God Who gave it”, but the body returns to the dust.  So body life is NOT the same as soul life, and soul life is NOT the same as spiritual life.


  • So Gen 2:17 plural DEATHS is no surprise.  MOTH TAMUTH.  “Dying [spiritually], you will die [physically]” so only Young’s Literal Translation caught that meaning.  Tie in of Isaiah 53:9 and all the moth tamuth verses (13):  all these are keyphrases which alike reference rebellion, judgement, and death due to that.  So Christ died two deaths, so we’d only have to die once, as my pastor quipped.  Dual-entendre, then, that you also die twice in the sense of nekrotic death (nekros, in Greek) versus soul exiting the body (thanatos, in Greek). 


  • Dual-entendre that you’re not really alive unless you are alive to God.  So that’s an intensity of life.  Hence an intensity of death:  you’re dead even while living, if dead to God.  Hence, BORN AGAIN is needed to have spiritual life, as we are dead in Adam, he having lost his spiritual life when he sinned, Romans 5:12, 1Cor15:22, John 3, 2Cor5:21.


  • Genesis 3, therefore, the Devolution of Man Begins when Adam sins.  Satan sure understood the moth-tamuth meaning in Genesis 2:17; he even tweaks the woman about it, when she misquotes God in Gen 3:3.  Satan’s typical derisive reversal tactic is played in Genesis 3:4, where he baldly quotes God in Gen 2:17 using moth tamuth, but then puts a LO (=not) in front of the verb pair.  The woman, doesn’t catch on to his deriding her for not caring enough about the Word as she knew it, to get it right;  yet at the same time, denies what God says.  So both God and the woman, are denounced!  This dual, inner-conflicted attitude runs pan-Bible when it talks of Satan.


  • The woman, gives into the religious temptation and eats; man goes along, choosing her over God, and eats.  Then both turn into Mr. and Mrs. Hyde, religiously making fig leaves;  then hiding, then accusing each other when God the Son formally interrogates them (they are witnesses in the Trial), as to WHY they are where they are, Gen 3:9.  Of course the verse is mistranslated to make it look like the Lord didn’t know where they were.


  • Genesis 3:11.  Thus Satan denounced Adam’s nakedness and Adam caved into the pressure of another’s opinion – pattern for humanity, ever since.  Thus Satan & Co. manage very nicely to reproduce that denouncing of God Who Made Them Naked, by causing the consistent mistranslation of Hebrew nagadth all these centuries:  so oh, God withheld knowledge of their nakedness from them, per the translation of Genesis 3:11, despite the clear statement that they KNEW they were naked at the end of Genesis 2 and were NOT ashamed?  So mankind translating the verb ever since, caves into popular past ‘respectable’ translating errors, just as Adam caved into Satan’s denouncing.  God, of course, gets denounced in the process, as herding with humans is FAR more important than the Word of God.


  • Hence Genesis 3:14-22, “all the days of your life” becomes the beginning of the end.  Now the days are numbered, and the Genesis 5:5 counting of Adam’s days, begins with his fall.  Verses using “all the days of your life” reviewed to show they don’t begin at birth, necessarily, and in a majority of cases begin at the point the person speaks them, or at some other clear point AFTER birth, per the context.  So Bishop Ussher misread, and didn’t compare the usage of the same phrase elsewhere in Bible before rendering his faulty calculation alleging Genesis 5 begins at what wasn’t even an initial creation! Here, the context is clearly Adam’s fall, for there would be no sons born until he fell, child-bearing being one of the judgements (yeah, else the human race couldn’t come into existence).


Of course, he didn’t have the ease of a computer search, and had to deal with smelly parchments, candlelight, and all manner of nonsense which would make even the best of us, fail.  But in today’s computer age with Bible so easily searched, we have no excuse for clinging to the past errors in the name of someone respectable.  The Word of God is not being respected!


  • So yes Genesis 5 begins a timeline of the Lording of the Time Promise of Messiah, beginning with that Fall – for Messiah becomes necessary to save mankind.  So Bishop Ussher did ‘get it’ that the begats began an important ACCOUNTING for time – but whatever he knew, is lost.  No one else in Christendom who is published, yet understands this Orchestration of Time from Adam.  Hence false ideas (i.e., dating from Israel’s establishment in 1948) abound on the internet, all of them failing to reconcile Bible.


It’s possible my pastor knew this accounting system, I’m still trying to find out.  If so, then there are some who do know of it, but maybe their understanding isn’t available.  I can’t find anyone else in Christian history, though the Bible nomenclature for this accounting  is rampant from Genesis 5 forward.  Details are disclosed in Error! Hyperlink reference not valid. .


  • Consequently, those who believe in Him in advance and supermature, are made into ‘time lords’, so to speak, since the world is granted 490 more years to keep living due TO their supermaturity.  Here’s the roster the Bible provides, as shown in Episode 8c:
    • Adam, awarded at 130 years post-fall, commemorated by his son Seth’s birth.
    • Jared, awarded and commemorated by his son Enoch’s birth, which occurred in the very year Adam’s 490-year time grant, expired.
    • Enoch, because God took him home, so obviously he supermatured more than everyone.
    • But Methusaleh (moth again, methu+selah), “when he dies it [the Flood] happens” (my pastor’s translation), got two 490-year back-to-back grants.  Or, could argue one was ‘inherited’ from Enoch.
    • Noah, commemorated by the birth of Shem for Noah’s 501st birthday present (Shem is born near the end of Noah’s 500th year, when you do the chronology of Shem’s sons).  Covenant is official.
    • Abraham, commemorated by the birth of Isaac, which occurs in the very year Noah’s 490-year time grant, runs out.  Covenant is official.
    • Jacob, commemorated by his being renamed Israel.  Covenant is official.
    • Joseph, who gets his time grant beginning with the year he enters slavery in Egypt.  Maybe he ‘inherits’ it from Jacob.
    • Moses gets his 490-year grant in the very year that Joseph’s runs out, which is the Exodus.
    • Temple, which began the very year Moses’ grant ran out, at the Temple dedication date, which can only happen because
    • David got six time grants, each one expiring within a year of some crisis in Jewish history from David’s kingship, forward.  2Sam7 promise of time went to David, due to Israel’s rejection (preference for Saul over God as king).
    • Messiah finishes at the end of David’s latest 1000-year time grant, per Daniel 9.  So just as Gal 4:4 says, Christ dies at the last minute, having been born at the last minute, 25 Chislev 4BC, per Daniel 9 keyed to David’s united kingship start (1000 years after it began), and per Haggai 2 (which was 357 years before what would become Chanukah).  Temple depicts Christ: so the foundation laying began a kind of birth, which that very evening (24 Chislev, 25 Chislev begins at sundown same solar day) commemorated.  Promised to “Zerubabel”, SEED=Zera, as promised back in Isaiah 53:10’s contract.
    • Therefore, the Rapture, since Israel rejected Messiah at the end of its time, so the Lord of All Time RENEWS Time by means of unilaterally agreeing to pay in advance for an untold number of FUTURE SOULS (including you and me), to form a new covenant with a new group, “Church”.  All that was announced in 29AD, almost a year to the day before He died on the Cross.
    • Hence the renewal of the Time of the Jews depends on Church first being completed, theme of Book of Hebrews (which explains the switch in covenants and priesthoods), explicitly in Heb11:39-40.
    • So now Church has the time-lord job of super-maturing to complete the TIME of the Trial, Eph1:10;  hence Time for the World only continues until enough Church corporately fulfill the standard of Ephesians 4:13 (which KJV correctly translates).