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Synopsis Preface God's Macro 'Watch' God Leverages Time God's Hypostatic 1050-year 'Building Block' of Time Micro 'Watch', Mirroring & Redemption
PROMISE Time: one 'week' of yrs 7wks 10wks 62 wks FIXED Time: 120 years = 4 generations 50 yrs/Jubilee 40 yrs 33 yrs 30 yrs 20 yrs 7 yrs 3-4 yrs 1 yr
1000 years +play from
Abram-Jacob Joseph
Seedmaker Precedence:
Abram-Joseph Components
Moses & Exodus
Blessing by Association
w/Mosaic Law
Results in Messiah:
2. David King of Judah
3. David King-of-All-Israel
4. David's 490 & 1000 Grants
End Time
5. 1st Temple
6. 2nd Temple,
"To Be or Not to Be"
of Dan9
Passover Plot
8-9. Trib. & Mill,
original & revised Timing
Appendices: Meaning for Church Other cites on 490s How God 'amortizes' Time Timeline Methodology
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Part IVa (Mirroring Timeline Inset), The Lord vs. Satan: SupCtHeaven;

aka, the Trial of Human History.. aka, Did God err?

God's Script: NOW, versus "Later"
Why does our "NOW" end with a Pre-Trib Rapture? Says Eph1: Because Bride is Completed!

Synopsis, Videos, Related Material
THEME: Redeeming The Time, KJV Eph. 5:16; Col. 4:5.

Rapture Precedence is based on how God uses believers to literally BUY TIME, ever since Adam.

CRUX: Time is 'loaned', and if the loan of Time is 'paid' by enough spiritual growth, another 'loan' of Time can be granted. So God always treats Time as a balance sheet, debiting or crediting, balancing to the 'loan'. It's a JUSTICE issue for the Angelic Trial.

Consequently, in the Bible, God denotes time based only on SOLAR years, and on two master tracks: one is Real Time, absolute historical, measured from Adam's FALL, not initial creation. To see the videos demonstrating that from Genesis 5, click here to see the vids at this webpage's bottom, or click here to watch them in a separate page off-Youtube.

The second master track is an ACCOUNTING, so isn't necessarily consecutive. The ACCOUNTING track determines whether and how long, Real Time Is Allowed to Continue. So real historical time is cut short or elongated, based on whether the time 'loan' must be adjusted for results which either 'repay' the loan, or 'add' to it. This too, is tracked in Bible from Adam's fall as a system of debits and credits.

    Bible displays this accounting in sabbatical language, since Time Is a Conditional Promise -- in Hebrew, 'promise' and 'seven' have the same sound. So you know when God uses the ACCOUNTING track, in Bible. For example, in Daniel 9:24, it does not say '490 years', but 'seventy sevens'. So the period referenced is not 490 consecutive years. To know what consecutive years are referenced, you have to apply the ACCOUNTING rules. As you'll see in this webpage, the actual number of consecutive years remaining per those accounting rules -- set ever since Psalm 90, and in the Mosaic Law -- were 673+7 (dated from 586BC, the accounting event giving rise to the measure). Because, all history had to end by the then-scheduled Millennium commencement of 94AD. Due to Israel rejecting Christ, the remaining 'time loan' freezes at 7 years, until Church completes. This webpage will go through that math.

    The ACCOUNTING Rules begin in Genesis 5, using the 490 itself; between sons, so you can see who 'barely' made it, and who was early. So you know that 130 years of the 'loan' remained owed, because Adam didn't supermature until 130 years AFTER his 'fall'; signified by his siring Seth='Appointed to carry the Name'. More on this fact will be explained later in this webpage, and will be demonstrated in videos which also follow below.

    By contrast Abraham supermatured 54 years early, so that's a credit against the 'loan'. The Genesis 6-7 Flood is an instance of debiting against all but Noah and family. (The dramatic impact of these maturation debits and credits will be covered later on, in this page.)

    These ACCOUNTING rules are also prominently used in passages like Psalm 90 (via the meter) and other Psalms, 1Kings 6, Isaiah 53 (via the meter), Jeremiah 3 and 31, Daniel 9 (via the meter and explicitly), Matthew 1 and Luke 3 (both tying to the metered Hebrew in Isa52:13-15), Matt18:22, Acts 13:16ff, Hebrews 3 and 4 (very witty), Heb11:39-40, Gal 4:4, Romans 11:25, Eph 1:10 and many other passages. [NT nomenclature for Rapture aka rapto in Latin aka harpazw (both terms are in 1Thess 4:17, so 'Rapture' is a Bible term), derives from OT accounting terms, since Rapture is a Matt 16:18 consequence of Jewish rejection of Messiah, in 30AD.]

    I made many Youtube videos showing how both Moses and Isaiah use Hebrew meter to reconcile these two 'tracks' in Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53, respectively; Daniel and Paul also use the same meter, and currently I'm making videos to demonstrate it directly from the Hebrew and Greek (as of March 2011). In all these passages, the same meter simultaneously tracks annually from the time of writing, to a deadline warning; and sabbatically, to the then-scheduled 94AD commencement of the Millennium. (In Paul, the meter is open-ended, as befits an unpredictable Rapture. I'm documenting that in my Youtube GGS series.

    The Psalm 90, Daniel 9 and Isaiah 53 video playlists are at the end of this webpage: click here to view them. There are many videos to review, which walk you through the Hebrew, the meter, and antiphonal qualities between Isaiah 53 and Psalm 90. Phenomenal stuff. Playlists are yet unfinished.

    Judaism once knew God's Accounting Methodology, but messed it up sometime during the Hasmonean period, when creating and (now) maintaining the wacky Seder Olam Rabbah. [That calendar is used as if a straight annual calendar today, but it is not. It was meant to track what the author of it, considered 'promise time'. In short, he was trying to reconcile real history with God's ACCOUNTING conventions -- and blew it. So the calendar is way off: according to it 'our' 2010 is the year 5770 from creation, when in fact we are in the 6,116th year since Adam's FALL. I started making videos on that. To view them within this page, click here.]

For God's ACCOUNTING track is based on 'mirroring'. That is, when the 'loan' of time is 'repaid', God 'mirrors' (reimburses, restores, redeems) the time 'paid', to the world. So at all times, it's Grace: the 'repayment' is returned, restored, redeemed to the world: akin to Joseph's restoring the money his brothers paid for grain, in those very sacks, Gen 42:25.

Hence this Mirroring webpage is dedicated to show God's two master Time tracks, and especially how He 'mirrors' Time. You can't understand the origin of the Rapture doctrine, else. So here you'll see how God ties the absolute Time since Adam's fall, to His master ACCOUNTING ('loan repayment') track, replete with Bible verses so you can vet webpage claims. For Christianity does not know this doctrine of how God 'mirrors' Time, because the Church Fathers were anti-semitic, so disregarded the OT rules regarding Time (commonly called 'dispensations', today).

Essentially, Time's Mirrored Continuance depends on someone getting the Mirror -- Christ's Thinking -- in his head.

    • Hence someone must spiritually supermature over a 490-year period.
    • If someone does supermature, the world gets a new 490-year period, to go on breathing.
    • Else, the world ends.
    • Then, believers alive during the NEXT 70 years, must vote to learn God better.
    • If at least one of them is sufficiently positive, the new 490 can play.
    • Else, the world ends (i.e., that's why the Flood happened).

Daniel 9, therefore, is merely one of a recurring series of instances showing how God grants and then accounts Time itself, since Adam's Fall. Daniel 9, even, derives from Isaiah 53 and Psalm 90, which create the numbers you see IN Daniel 9. Videos proving that, follow below (click here to view them now). [Essentially, the 'church fathers' denied these rules, and instead just back-slapped 490 years to the Temple's destruction date of 586BC, to derive their perennially-wrong dates for David's Kingship, Saul, Exodus, etc. Sadly, 'scholars' have been slavishly repeating these same errors for centuries and even still today, all over the internet, NO ONE LOOKING AT BIBLE, to vet the calculations?! They don't properly read Bible to realize that Israel RETURNS to the Land BEFORE the 70 years are up, so clearly there weren't 70 missed sabbatical years, but only 49 (they start rebuilding in the 49th year, per Ezra 1:1, 3:1, 3:8 compared with Jeremiah 52:12). Duh.]

TIME RAN OUT when the Jews rejected Christ.
That's why the Rapture must precede the Tribulation, kicks it off; that's why the Rapture is unpredictable,
because the Precedenting Rule since Adam, is that a believer must supermature, to BUY TIME.

So unlike Israel's time PROMISE, our time is now CONTIGENT, subject to the same rules as applied pre-Israel.

Christ, the Last Adam, Preserved And Reinstated Time For Church, Gal 4:4. (Greek: in English you miss Paul's clever wordplay on the Greek god 'Chronos'.)

    Somehow Christianity has missed these IN-Bible facts; they instead rely on the anti-semitic 'Church Fathers' for their information; on Josephus, who had a very garbled idea of Jewish time since after all, he was embroiled in a war, so didn't have good records. Beginning about his time, Jews too forgot how their True God has always granted and accounted for Time. Their annual calendar is way off, patterned after the wacky Seder Olam Rabbah; their intra-year monthly calendar misreads Numbers 28:26 (see proper context in verse 25); so is 6 days too fast with respect to Pentecost; and its month terms, violate 1Chronicles 24 (which calls for 30-day months excepting Adar, which ran to the next vernal equinox). Our Christian calendars are even worse. Time we learned from BIBLE, what time it is!

Hence this webpage examines how God designs Time via Bible you can test; for Bible also discloses who He used to grant Time For The Entire World, as well as how He Himself accounts Time. Since I'm so critical of so many 'respectable' people for DISrespecting Bible -- doggone it, you should TEST this material, too! So here ya go:

Related webpages to help you vet claims:

  • Overview of God's Deadlines for Time, which this webpage will explain in detail: click here for GodsOriginalDeadlines.htm. That short webpage just shows the deadlines without any historical data, based on the Plan for Time God instituted pre-Cross.

    Post-Cross the deadlines change, since Christ is the Last Adam, and replaces the First Adam.

    Next and far more elaborate, is

  • GeneYrs.xls, the timeline spreadsheet. Click here to download it. It includes the changes in deadlines due to the Cross, as well as Bible and post-Cross extra-Biblical historical data. GeneYrs.xls is therefore a full-blown timeline based ONLY on Bible's Dates, to illustrate God's Actual Orchestration of Time from Adam through 2130 AD. Its cells with red-triangle popup notes are important. Benchmarks there are Biblically valid and testable, tying all the way back to Adam, as you'll see. But the verse citations are here in Mirroring.htm, which explains the underlying principles and effects.

  • A quick vetting of Bible verses and its resulting timeline from Adam through Christ, plus proof of the originally-scheduled Millennium of 94AD (had the Jews accepted Christ), is outlined in brainoutFAQ.htm#6a. So you can view both the GeneYrs.xls and the FAQ, side-by-side, to see how they match Bible.
  • Finally, click here for Ten Ways This Timeline Differs. That Word doc summarizes timeline rules, their impact (especially in its item #9), and where the 'scholars' went wrong.

  • GIST:
    God designed Time since Adam's Fall, based on a believer sufficiently maturing spiritually, to Justify Time.

    So Time itself is 'housed' in 1050-year blocks, within which are two 490-year blocks. Specifically, the 1050 block consists of a 1000-year unit which is contingent on one or more believers being spiritually-developed enough to be 'awarded' that block of time. The next 50 years is a voting period for the human race, since if there aren't enough votes to be saved, there is no point continuing time. Within this 1050, is a structure of 490+70+490 years. Another believer must be 'awarded' another 490 before the current one ends, for the next 70 to 'play'. That 70 is a voting period for BELIEVERS to vote whether they want to know God and live in His System. If the votes are sufficient, then the next 490 can play; by its end another believer must be 'awarded' it. Else, time ends.

    So think of these time-grant contingencies as a relay race, in which a prior believer awarded a 490 or 1000, must 'pass the baton' to the next believer awarded it, before the PRIOR believer's 490 or 1000 ends. Thus the award, justifies the current historical 1050 time unit's continuance for the human race. Intra-page links at pagetop show you the Grantees. GeneYrs.xls tracks them, and TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc summarizes the impact. By contrast, this Mirroring.htm elaborates on their roles, and explains the meaning and structure of God's Construct for Orchestration of, Time itself. I did a playlist amalgamating these concepts which you can play in consecutive order. Click here To start watching it on this page.

    Within the 490s and 1000s there are debits and credits of time in lesser denominations like 1 year, 7 years, etc. You'll find intra-page links near pagetop which explain the nature of these lesser amounts. These lesser amounts are often mirrored back (credited) within a 490 or 1000, IF their specific goals are met.

      Two of these lesser amounts, a 70 year and a 50 year period, are designed for VOTING; the period adds to the 490 or 1000, respectively. A third voting period, which runs four generations, plays to terminate a 490 (lasting about 120-160 years) and does not extend it. God bridges (justifies) the next time grant based the results of  these voting periods; so they are supremely important to understand. He does this in Daniel 9 for example, bridging the four-generation voting period ending the 7th historical 490 from Adam, to ENABLE the 8th. Else, Time would end. GeneYrs.xls tracks voting periods, as well as the 490s and 1000s; #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc, shows voting period impact. It's pretty shocking.

      In all events, these lesser periods do NOT require a particular believer being spiritually developed, for the crediting to occur. However, these lesser amounts of time will not 'play', unless there is an underlying 490 awarded someone to 'finance' (justify) that 'play'. Moreover, Time ends anyway if the positive votes are too low; only those voting positive are saved, i.e., that's what happened at the Flood.

      We've not noticed these voting periods, so Christians go in circles when trying to tally or balance, Daniel 9. Yet everybody knows about the four-generation issue. Genesis 6, 120 years before the Flood, God says the votes are negative, wipeout is due. 120=70+50. We know that 50 is for Pentecost and Jubilee, but we don't ASK God why. We don't ASK God what the 70 means, in Daniel 9 or Jeremiah 25, because we think the sabbatical years' answer, is "it". So we don't ASK God "WHY sabbatical years?" So we don't know the role of voting, and we don't know God's Construct for Time.

    In short, time can be cancelled due to either no one being awarded time, or due to sufficient negative votes. Two dramatic instances of this 'finance' are in the lives of David, and Christ Himself. Christ literally died at the end of justifiable time, which ended up being 64 years short of the 1050 block, due to David's 1000-year grant (based on his death), ending prior. So Christ died to conform to that deadline. It's awesome. It's not a majority-rules criterion. It's a God Rules criterion: hence one believer can be enough to justify the world's continuance; frankly, that's the norm in history -- often, just one person 'carried' time for the human race and for those believers in it, particularly since 1004BC. (Time only continued due to David, from that point forward.)

    Satan's goal is to force God To Cancel Time, on judicial grounds of So Many Believers Being Negative. If he can succeed, that warrants a MISTRIAL Verdict in the unseen Angelic Trial in which Satan&Co. are the Primary Defendants. A Mistrial Verdict means the Judge (God) abused justice (i.e., evidence tampering). So the guilty go free in that case (angel or human). The Angelic Conflict is variantly understood by many in Christendom. But we relegate the idea of "devil" to gross sin and titillating movies which are not much different from the red-horns-and-tail pictures popular during the Dark Ages. We thus miss much: it's a TRIAL, the language in Bible about it is Legal (mistranslated, of course), and it's Trial language that you see in Genesis 6, Job, Book of Hebrews, Hosea, Jeremiah and Isaiah -- in short, this Trial is well exposed, in Scripture. "Satan" is a title meaning "opposing attorney", so THAT's the character of the Conflict: erudite, legal, suave, based on moral arguments -- by Satan. Thus he tempts the Lord in Matthew 4 with GOOD DEEDS, using very nice language (like the imperative of entreaty, in the 1st Temptation). Satan's a nice guy. That's what makes him the more evil. Do we notice all that? No! So we don't notice the Mistrial Goal that Satan has, either.

      Here's the issue: if God doesn't keep His Promises, then a Mistrial results. Judge introduced the promises as Evidence in the Trial, of which Church constitute yet-future Witnesses; so if the Rapture occurs too early, those Witnesses will not exist, and everything ends. Trial is about whose plan for humans is better, who's more loving, God or Satan. God the Son became Humanity and in that Humanity proved by Going Through The Cross, that God is better and more loving -- even through the unfairness of paying for sins, theme of Heb2. Now, Church must go through something analogous, since He invented Church in Matt16:18, and voted for her in John 17 (Eph5 and Heb4-11 elaborate). So if this Future Body doesn't complete, then the Cross itself was a kind of sham (payment for a future which doesn't come to pass). So that would taint even the Cross, as Evidence. (God foreknew all this, is proving how His Absolute Love requires no tampering.)

      The promise of Time is contingent on positive believers; but the promises of Church completing and Israel getting her promises fulfilled, are not contingent. So only the 'when' is contingent. Thus if Time must be cancelled, there is no 'when', and a Mistrial truly results. Hence Satan hopes to exploit the contingency into a failure. Thus Satan sponsors religion as well as gross sin, to get believers to be negative to God; religion substitutes OUT God, in favor of human approbation and standards. (It's a main theme of 1Jn in the original Greek, pointed warnings against the religious believer, thread begins in 1:6.) Same temptation strategy and basis, as Satan used back in Genesis 3 and Matthew 4.

    To orient further, watch the God's Salt 'House' Timing series below to get a sense of the dramatic TIME impact God makes, of VOTING TO LEARN His Word, i.e., during the 70-year period you saw me draw in the topmost video, above; because, here in 2010, we're in an analogous period to the Flood. So will you vote for His Salted Head, to be in your head?

    Companion videos to "Pass the Salt", show all 120-year voting periods since Adam, including the current one from 2010-2130AD. The gist idea is already covered in the Youtube videos, but the ones below cover each period, blow-by-blow. You can watch them here in a single video:

      • Flood Chronology of Days showing possible precedence for the later Mosaic Law Calendar (2 pages): click here to view.

    Click here to see Episode 8 of the "Time Travel in Genesis" video series within THIS webpage, and learn how to use GeneYrs.xls . Then just click your back button to come back here.

    To instead see the Genesis videos off-Youtube but in another webpage, click here.

    For in-depth videos you can see within this webpage on how Psalm 90, Daniel 9 and Isaiah 53 prove and display God's Rules for Time via Hebrew METER, click here. Then click your back button to come back here. (Scholars don't know that Bible Hebrew even has meter, as they insist on Western secular standards for detecting it, rather than seek Bible's OWN standards.)

    In sum, once you see how God grants time to a positive believer, you can see how He wants to use any believer. Thus you can see the importance of living in God's System (link at pagetop). It's not a works thing. It's not a denominational thing. It's not a prophecy thing. It is a math thing, and you can prove the math. For Bible in your head is spiritual math, retraining your brain to think like God does, as you keep on living in God's System. For anyone can be a hero. That's the DESIGN for every believer, no matter what.

    Unfortunately, God's Accounting System for Time is nowhere taught in Christendom that I can find: so use extreme caution in reading this material, 1Jn4:1-6. Breathe 1Jn1:9 as needed, and keep asking God if this information should be examined. Only God knows the answer to that question for YOU, even if the information is correct: for it takes a long TIME to vet the material. I too am still testing it, ever since 2004 when I learned it IN Bible.

    Preface and Introduction

    God orchestrates Time; and He does it, for the benefit of the human race. God Himself is timeless, so doesn't need time. But we do. Hence Time is given a purpose, an agenda, and a goal. It is designed to be used for the sake of teaching humans how to know God and enjoy a life with God -- eventually, forever. However, people might not want to know God and enjoy God. Love never coerces. So God also orchestrates time to justify continuing time for those hostile to knowing Him: frankly, that's why there's both a Heaven and a Hell which lasts forever. Those hostile can thus forever enjoy their hostility, and those who want to be with God can forever enjoy being with Him. It's not about sin: the Cross nailed sin away. It's not about good deeds: God can do good better than all creation put together. It's only about, Do You Want God, Or Not? If not, then you get what you want, even as those who want God will get what they want. Today, tomorrow, and forever.

    Thus justification for continuing time must go through those humans who are learning Him, since those hostile want no time with God. So those who do want time with Him, are used to justify granting time even to those who don't. In short, a believer positive to God is used by God to buy time for the world (i.e., Col4:5 and Eph5:16). And that, via the positive believer -- you and me and everyone else, hopefully -- merely breathing. It's not a work man can do. Nothing ever is. With God, it's Grace.. or nothing. God doesn't need us, He Loves us. We need Him; whether we ever learn to know and love Him, is the drama of life down here. With eternal ramifications, of course.

    God structures Time in 490 and 1000-year GRANTS to super-mature positive believers. These grants respectively get 'bonuses' of 70 and 50-year Voting Periods 'attached' to them. For Time may be granted only due Positive Votes. After all, if you provide all the life and livelihood of someone but are hated for it, that's not fair to you; so you should stop wasting your money and your time on such a 'user', even if you love that person. We all know users. We all eventually learn to walk away from users, because -- frankly -- those who are not users, should get the benefit of whatever we have to offer. It's simple justice. So how much more, is it only just that the benefit of God only go to those who won't abuse Him?

      God provides everything, our souls and even time; yet we are unremittingly hostile, just like that couple in the Garden after Adam's fall (Gen3). It's not a sin question per se: it's an ingratitude, a hostility which all the nice deeds and behaviors, can't cure. We all know someone who's very proper and nice to us, but hates us just the same. All that person's good deeds don't make the relationship worthwhile: the hostility and ingratitude, sour whatever nice appearance and deeds that person exhibits. We learn to groan when we have to be with such a person. So we yearn to find a way to avoid that person. Not spend time together.

      So, then: how can God justify blessing us? Well, the only way is to greatly bless someone positive. For God sees the blessed one, who pleases Him. Yet we humans remain interdependent and helpless, so those positive need the hostile. We none of us deserve anything, for we are useless and helpless, positive or no. What's belief? Useless. But Belief is a Vote. God makes good on that vote. Hostility is also a vote. God makes good on that vote. For Love never coerces. Such is the Genius of God's Justice-Love.

    Bible tells us God orchestrates these Time Grants. After all, if you have to get one so the entire world can keep breathing, you ought to know how. So from Genesis through Revelation, you're told how, and you can audit what you're told. Contrary to popular opinion, God wants you to test what He says, so you can learn what He says. So He wrote a Book, which you AUDIT.
      This webpage is therefore an audit. It has a 'mate' to audit its conclusions for error, the "Timeline Worksheet" link at pagetop: file's named GeneYrs.xls. It's an Excel timeline from Adam through 2007 (regularly edited with new data). It historically illustrates God's orchestration of time, with real Bible dates and people you should Biblically and empirically test. So I called it "GeneYrs.xls", not just for "Genesis", but our very genes get years due to God's Grace in granting the world, time.

      Unlike the worksheet, this webpage explains the underlying principles so you can know how and why those dates occur as they do. So if you'll read this Mirroring.htm webpage and the worksheet, you make a substantial commitment of your time. Alas, there's nothing like the worksheet or the webpage on the internet. So both webpage and worksheet must be longer than desirable, to provide enough data for testing. Please keep testing what you read by asking God for corroboration, breathing 1Jn1:9 as needed.

    So, only the BIBLE's dates are used (i.e., in Gen5, which begins from Adam's Fall), irrespective of any historical corroboration or 'popular' interpretation. Bible doesn't say the Genesis 5 timeline begins at initial creation, but rather when God began to number Adam's days. That happened beginning in Genesis 3:17-22, not prior. So we shouldn't read into Bible what's not there. So popular ideas like the Ussher timeline, and all extra-Biblical ideas are not used.

      First one must know what the Bible says, before one can competently test what it says. Biblical scholarship (whether pro- or con-Bible) avoids using the Bible's own dates. As you'll see from the worksheet, that's a fatal prejudice and very bad scholarship: for the pattern of God's orchestration of time is only visible (and of course provable) if you use the BIBLE'S dates. If you don't know what the Bible says the dates are, you can't competently test the Bible for accuracy. So of course the Bible will seem wrong. Prejudice, indeed!

      Prejudice and laziness. It's positively insane how many Christians think the world is only 6000 years old and oh so piously proclaim "the Bible tells me so!" No, it doesn't. The world might be that young, it might be much older, who can tell? See how stupid we all are, in what follows. The world is in stasis: how long it really took to GET to stasis, you can't know; an earthquake is fast, but the stasis after it settles down, is slow. A Flood is fast; the stasis after it absorbs back into the ground, is slow. So too, with the universe: we see only the stasis result, not the process which created it. So it's completely insane to use the stasis we see, to back into the creative and destructive processes which resulted in this stasis.

        It's like comparing apples and pigs, because the apple is in the pig's mouth! Which silly comparison evolutionists make, claiming the latter essentially developed from the former, because both are organic. What a crock. When you see an apple beget pigs or pigs compose a poem (pigs are very smart animals), you let me know. If anything, big produces little, not the other way around. So the pig had to come first. Of course pigs don't beget apples, either. But something of inferior attributes, never creates something of superior attributes, duh. Hey Satan is that stupid, thinking he a creature, can beat God the Son Who created him, Isa45:7 (Hebrew), Isa 14:13-14. So we Christians shouldn't be surprised that all those PhD evolutionists are as dumb as Satan, the smartest creature in the universe.

        So obviously, you can't move backwards from today to discern long-gone yesterdays by assuming constants. Because constants are STATIC, get it? We don't: Einstein made the same mistake Newton did, merely substituting a higher CONSTANT. But we see all around us that things are in flux; they don't 'fit' the constant when a body is at REST. Quantum physics operate on entirely opposite 'rules', versus the macro universe. That's why Einstein could never fully resolve his grand theory of relativity, and why we can't, either. Oh well.

      So too, with time: we're looking at STASIS. So did God 'microwave' and thus 'cook' everything faster? Gen1:1 doesn't tell you. Just says He flat made the whole thing, DONE. Gen1:2 tells you things got messed up after that, with the keyphrase "tohu wa bohu" elsewhere in Bible to demonstrate Satan&Co. messed it up (see "Creationism" in VERindex.htm for verses). But does anyone do his homework in Bible? Of course not. Genesis is a GREEK word, given to the first book of the HEBREW Bible by Jews translating into the LXX. And "Genesis" means the origin of MAN (really the Man, the Messiah) -- not the universe.

      But does any Christian do his homework in that, before running around the country pontificating against evolution? NO! Really, we Christians prove ourselves just as insane, prejudiced and lazy, as the evolutionists. We don't read our Bible, either. Adam was never a meat-eater, nor a hunter-gatherer, and the first thing Cain does when he leaves, is build a CITY. So nothing in the evolution hypothesis is relevant. Souls are immaterial, so there will be no organic evidence of them. So you can't tell if the allegedly-human relics of any age PRIOR to civilization, were souled. Oh well. Maybe someday Christians and non-Christians will read the Bible.

      I can't wait that long, so I'll just use the BIBLE now, and ignore what others claim. You can then test using that same Bible, for accuracy. And here's the astonishing result: you'll end up being within 12 months of the most-reliable extra-Biblical datings man has derived, i.e., for the Temple's destruction, etc. This is so, because the Bible's dating scheme runs from Adam, forward. And if you keep digging in it, you'll get an entire fitted timeline through 96AD which is even more accurate. So you can correct both your own reading of the verses, and the extra-Biblical conclusions. We humans round off our dates, and to some extent Bible does too; but the way Bible rounds off, tells you whether one or both events occur late or early in the years measured. This means a timeline provably accurate within six months; and even sometimes, within 24 hours. All because you start from Adam, forward. Sorry, but no humanly-created timeline of history is that accurate. But God knows what time it is, huh. So the only inaccuracy is in our understanding. Which, we can keep auditing and refining, via that same Bible. So here and in GeneYrs.xls, you'll see the timeline is accurate within a year, sometimes better. I need to keep going over Bible verses to get an improved understanding. As that occurs, the dates here and in the spreadsheet will be revised. Repeat: the BIBLE tells us these dates. But we need to keep auditing how we READ it.

    Helpful Hints on Bible Dates: assume solar year, and count from Adam. Bible dates are thought to be based on a Jewish lunar year, which is 5.25 days short of a calendar (solar) year; a lunar month is 29.5 days. David invented the priestly courses, therefore, on a lunar month basis: each priest served a fortnight, timed exactly to change at the 29.5 midpoint. That's why Jewish days are measured from the night prior. Every month thus has the same number of days, and the priestly courses remain constant. But when Bible reckons multiple years, it always intercalates, so you do NOT adjust its accounting for lunar versus solar. In fact -- as you'll see in the "1000 years" intra-page link -- God intercalates the entire System for Time! That's why the math balances in this webpage and the worksheet. Accordingly I do not follow the scholarly convention of using Jewish lunar years and the Judaic calendar (which is so far off, it's embarrassing). Save yourself wear and tear: just count years without respect to lunar or solar. If the calculation doesn't work, and you don't first find some other error in your calculation, only then try recalculating based on lunar.

      Ancient dates are always a problem in scholarly analysis. People then didn't use the BC/AD system. For most of man's history, time has been measured as a number of years elapse from a particular ruler, event or epoch. That's why people vary so much in their assessments of not only Biblical events, but most other ancient events. In SPQR for example, 205BC was accounted as the "1st consulship of Scipio Africanus". So when archeologists, historians, scholars cull through ruins and other materials to date a particular thing, they must convert to our BC/AD. It's never accurate. Hence the need for God's system of timing, because you are supposed to know whatever He Gives You To Know, about the date of an event. Future, past, makes no difference -- if God wants you to know, then you should find out. God uses the ancient standard of measure in the Bible, because -- duh -- the Bible was written in those ancient times.

      Our modern system of dating is absolutist, but the ancient systems were all relativistic (i.e., Roman system example above, based on who was consul that year). Worse, the world largely operated on two astronomical calendars, lunar and solar; that, because to figure out when to plant or celebrate a religious holiday, you needed two calendars. That proved to be a problem for everyone.

      So Julius Caesar invented a new solar calendar, circa 45BC. Then, we in the West switched to the Gregorian calendar sometime shortly before or during, Pope Gregory: that's when we started reckoning by BC/AD. As a result, there is often a 3-6 year discrepancy when you convert to or from our absolutist calendars, to date something the Bible references. Because they messed it up, when they did the conversion to BC/AD. They knew they screwed it up. They tried to correct the screw up. And the correction, made the screw up worse. That's why today, most scholars resignedly date Herod's death and the Lord's birth, circa 6-4BC. They don't bother to correct for the obvious discrepancy (so now His lifetime is way shorter than the Bible says, if you went by AD system), because they really can't fix the discrepancy.

      So you can bypass that error by using BIBLE'S system. See how the center column in GeneYrs.xls reckons years from Adam. That ends up being an absolute, since all other dates in Bible TIE to years from Adam (duh). So, you just count years from "x". Here, from the Adam, the Exodus, whatever is the 'relative' Bible uses. So you can plot backwards and forwards of the Exodus, of King David, etc. and derive a complete, provable timeline. Afterwards, you can then compare the dates you have with what 'scholarship' is out there. Funny, you can thus often correct the 'scholarly' dates, and know the correction is valid. Or, you find out where you messed up, and then correct it. And all this just using BIBLE, deemed a quaint mythology for children and fools!

    Test webpage contents with God's Brains, keep breathing 1Jn1:9; else you'll go in circles and waste your time. Keep asking God to lead you to the right Bible verses, and He will. Holy Spirit will cause you to remember or find the verses: John 14:26 plays live, just as the Lord said it would.

      You don't need to be a Hebrew or Greek geek. You will need to know a few things about Hebrew and Greek rhetorical styles, and how Bible dates (i.e., night-first accounting, lunar years being intercalated, etc). This webpage and PassPlot.htm explain some geek-type information, so you can know what to vet. Else any Bible translation you use, will generally be sufficient. Later on in this webpage, you'll see how Luke 3 counts 77 sons in Hebraistic rhetorical style, depicting the 490 structure. Same, for Matt1's genealogy. Paul also balances to a 490, in Acts 13. Daniel 9 is obviously a 490-based accounting, for God splits up the 490 into subcomponents, baldly showing He's balancing to an underlying deadline. He doesn't have to mention all this to Daniel, because every son of David was schooled in the timelines of David, which (it turns out, if you crunch the math) God is using. The "To Be or Not to Be" intra-page link at pagetop, walks you through God's math in Daniel 9: God measures back old time on a PRIOR 490-year grant on the Temple which should have completed, to graft in new time ending at the 1000th anniversary of David's death (37AD, in our terms). That's how He caused me to learn it. I do some accounting for a living, so I breathed 1Jn1:9 to get His Brains and ASKED HIM WHY He was accounting for the pieces separately. Anyone can know: JUST ASK HIM! Took about two years to vet this accounting in Bible.

      Most Bible verses are easier to evaluate: Jacob was age 130 when he got to Egypt, for example, Gen47:9. Ho hum. Yeah, and that's how you know he arrived in 1870BC, because 430 years later Israel leaves, per Exo12:40-41; and that's 1440BC, the centerpiece date in the Bible, the date of the Exodus, the reason we even have a Bible. So a ho-hum verse is pretty important, huh. How long have people gone in circles, frustrated by not knowing when the Exodus occurred? Well, BIBLE tells you Precisely When it happened. Won't matter that the world festers in its claims that the Bible is bunk: you'll see the conclusive proof for yourself, no hocus-pocus or "blind faith".

      So look at how folks go in circles when they don't use Bible: dating the Pharaohs extra-Biblically is so fraught with problems, lots of idiots (even most Jews) doubt the Exodus even happened. Yeah, they look at Ramses II, which is over 100 years too late -- and why? Oh, based on a flimsy imprecation against Israel supposedly written by Merneptah, what bad scholarship. Look how prejudiced: if the imprecation is the first FOUND 'evidence' of "Israel" being known to Egypt, then "Israel" wasn't there prior. Really? Look: we didn't find out how blood worked until last century. Even Cornelius Vanderbilt's son William was "bled", for crying out loud. (Cornelius Vanderbilt was a railroad baron in the 19th century.) But obviously how blood worked, was true long prior to our findings! So too, with Israel's presence in Egypt. Um, ONLY the 18th Dynasty used the royal moniker, "moses". Hint hint!

      God gives Surety: His Son. So we get Bible, His Son's Thinking! Which Son's Arrival and Departure you can exactly date, and guess what? He died on the 1470th anniversary of the Exodus. That's 490*3, meaning The Trinity can keep the Isaiah 63 promise. [Whole chapter is about each of Their Roles: Son is verses 1-9, all Three, verses 9-10; Spirit, verses 11-14; Father, verses 15-19.]

        Technically, He dies on the 1470th anniversary of that first Passover, which is the night before the Exodus, what gives impetus to the Exodus. But in Hebrew time accounting, the next day begins the prior night. And the DAY on which He dies, Lamb slain before sundown, is on the same day as the night occurs. Notice the nesting: within the very ending of the 1470th Passover Day, He dies, just as the Law commands. Jewish calendar ran 4 days fast in 30AD, which is why He's arrested on what was nominally the (wrongly-dated by the Sanhedrin) first Passover. That's the day the Lamb is to be set aside, Exodus 12. Then four days later, He's crucified -- on what is nominally 18 Nisan but true 14 Nisan, thus conforming to the Law. For the Passover law is a prophecy of His Passion Week. PassPlot.htm walks you through all that, with Bible data and math you yourself can test.

      Yeah, and for what -- 2000 years? -- we've not looked IN the Bible to see this very Blunt Proof, given the persistent confusion over even a basic thing like the Exodus?

    All proper proofing, depends on accounting: you haven't proved anything, until you have accounted for everything. But all proper accounting, first depends on correct identification of WHYs. For the basis of God's Accounting, is Justice. And Justice, is first founded on Just Reasons. Hence the Whys Must Be Accounted First, or you waste time. So let's begin analysis of how God Orchestrates Time, with the Whys.

    How Does God Build His Accounting 'Watch'?
    God Builds the Macro 'Watch' Based on His Nature, Hupostasis!

    To know what time it is, know how God builds the Watch. He builds the Watch, in accordance with His Own Nature, which is Infinite and therefore In Equilibrium; defined as, a dynamic homeostasis; despite, and even deliberately because of, a union of opposites (i.e., finity is the opposite of infinity). So all is 'in' Him, stably: Greek word "hupostasis", meaning a "standing under". Opposites, united; and the lower stands under its higher opposite. Full-spectrum, because united in hupostasis. And that Uniting remains stable, because God never wants to sin. So there is nothing to break that unity. [Nerd note: Bible words are used with reference to their etymology in wordplay; so the first thing you do with a word like "hupostasis" is focus on its literal origin: "hupo"=under, and "stasis"=standing. From there, you thesauretically branch out into all its other meanings and usages. So to translate "hupostasis" -- a term Bible uses as a title for Christ in Heb1:3 -- as mere "substance" (viz, in Heb11:1) is a travesty. Christ Stood Under the Power of the Spirit all the way through His Substitutionary Spiritual Death on the Cross, Isa53:10-11, Phili2:5-10. That's full-spectrum hupostasis, never to be broken! And He stood under due to His understanding, Isa52:13,53:2,3,5,10-11.]

    So time itself, just like law -- e.g., laws of math, economics, physics, accounting -- must reflect its Creator. Therefore: Time must always GO TO Equilibrium.

    • Math is intrinsically a hupostasis, a dynamic equilibrium, for look: -3, -2, -1, 0, 1, 2, 3. Add them up, and they null each other out. But sequence them, and they go on forever. So the sequence, is a dynamic Union-of-opposites, stable forever. So every 'natural' law derives from math; like fractals, biology, physics, economics all 'play'. [Economics is first a set of natural laws, observable everywhere in nature. Just try violating its laws, see how sick/poor you become. So when governments violate its laws with their many welfare and interfere-with-business programs, see how sick their polities become.]
    • That's why time seems to 'slow' in the theory of relativity, since the equilibrating boundary is being reached.
    • That's why cosmologists suspect sub-atomic particles have opposite time 'rules', since their nature is opposite (hence our body-atoms don't fly apart).
    • That's why God, being Wholly Immaterial, is TimeLESS; infinity doesn't need time. But all types of finity each need their own relative time, keyed to the characteristics of their own natures.

      Because, Time is extrinsic to matter, but intrinsic to God. Bible Hebrew and Greek verbs often depict God as timeless, one big now, all-at-once. And, Infinity is a Hupostasis of Opposites. So relationship of time to God, is the opposite of relationship of time to man. Example: we perceive time in 'dots'. God, being Infinite, thinks, lives and experiences, All-At-Once, never partial anything. [For an interesting discussion on the Biblical verbs and their concepts of time, see Thorleif Boman's Hebrew Thought Compared with Greek; this classic tome is available from Amazon for about $12.]

      So Time is not a constant, but Evidence of God's Constancy. Willed, never put on autopilot. And willed, based on JUSTICE. His.

    Hence the Uniting of Infinity to finity, is a Hupostasis: the God-Man, Christ, Messias Is Therefore The Key To Time, the Redeemer. All God's Time-Crafting is based on double-7's. 7, 2, 5 are the factors. In Bible, 7 is the number of perfection, 2 the Hypostatic Union (God-man), and 5 is the number of Restitution/Profit. So the root structures for time (coming up below) are 490, 560, 1000 and 1050 -- all based on these factors.
    • For Christ is the Redeemer of Time, and all Time is crafted based on Him, Heb1:2 (Greek).
    • As "Man", He has a beginning. The Jews who translated the first book of the Bible into Greek (LXX) named the first book "Genesis", because it's about the origin of The Man (not the origin of the universe).
    • So His bloodline as a Man, comes from Israel. And Israel comes from Abram. Who only became a new race due to BELIEF in God: Romans 4, 9, Gen12, 15 (esp. 15:6), 17.
    • So Israel is His 'roots', and He is Israel's Root (of Jesse), Isa53:2b.
    • So the framework for Israel's history is the same for all world history, for all is knitted to Christ.
    Else, we'd all not be here. So you can use knowledge of how God constructs Time and therefore Christ and Israel, to see how Father thinks of Christ, and therefore of Israel; and therefore, how He thinks of you. For God is never inconsistent. How He thinks of one, is how He thinks of all. Absolute Righteousness and Justice demand consistency. And God Loves. Anyone. Consistently, doesn't matter our relative merits or demerits, because God's Nature is Absolute, and therefore His Love is Absolute.

    God deletes or inserts future time based on justice-accounting principles which depict His Son Who Will be 'Inserted' into History. Kinda like the modern practice of public accounting, where based on the CHARACTER of an item you either debit or credit it, God debits the expense of time which didn't prove productive; or, He credits time which will/did/could. So if during the credited time something productive occurred, then the debited time can be recredited. Thus the loss, is made up.

      Example: God would know how much time is just for 'me' to live. One minute shorter, would be unjust. One minute longer, would be unjust. Bible puts it this way: just as there is a 'ripe' time to pick fruit -- and if you miss that time, the fruit is ruined -- so also there is a 'ripe' time to die. So: if I get all angry at God, if I stop using 1Jn1:9, I'm losing time, because I'm accelerating the disease of my sin nature. Feeding it, instead of being fed by the Word under the Spirit. So whatever was the original justice-period of my life, changes. So also, this loss affects others. So whatever was the original justice-period for them, also changes. So to handle the changes which God obviously foreknows, He must debit or credit future time in whomever is affected. Love wouldn't have it, any other way.

      But wait! If the initial plan of time was Perfect, won't the changes wreck that perfection? Ahhh. God Redeems Time by means of time, to Restore the Time. So it still plays as intended, plus pays for the 'opportunity cost' of the loss while it remained. Because HIS SON WILL OWN IT ALL, even in His Humanity. [In economics and finance, "opportunity cost" represents the benefit you could have had, if the damaged item had not been damaged. That's basically how people calculate damages in court cases, inter alia.]

    Hence God basically structures time into 1050-year increments beginning with Adam, as you'll soon see. Inside those segments, God inserts "promised time" crafted in factors of doubled-7s. [Hebrew "seven", usu. translated "sabbath", first means "promised time", "appointed time". That's why "7" is Bible's number-metaphor of holiness (aka Divine Integrity).] By careful deletion or insertion of this promised time, the entire 1050 years can be justified to continue for the universe. Which means, those who believe enough in God's "promise" are used to leverage the entire world's time. After all, not everyone believes in God equally; not everyone believes in God beginning at the same age, or in the same way. And we are finite, dependent on the time it takes to learn Him. Can't believe what you don't know; can't believe what you don't understand; can't believe what you can't justify. Well, we aren't equal in those functions. But we are equal, in needing time.

      So maybe a child starts believing in God so early and so much, that (like Enoch) he can die relatively young (Enoch died 3 times earlier than everyone else). So maybe an adult has so long disbelieved in God, that he dies very old -- for as 2Pet3:9 explains, God is "not willing that anyone should perish, but that everyone should change his mind [about Christ]". [Corrected trans from the Greek. Greek word metanoeo means "to change the mind", and has nothing whatsoever to do with sin. The verb is often used as a shorthand for a change-of-mind toward the Gospel, in the NT. See John 16:9 in context, and look up all "repent" or "repentance" verses. Bible always defines its own terms. You don't superimpose your own definitions on the Bible. So you have to search all the uses of a word in the Bible, ponder what they mean, then thesauretically analyse all related topics. God is not a soundbyte.]

      So: should God just zap the old disbeliever? But He's Not Willing! Ok, but is it just to let him keep living? Well, it IS just, if there are others who do believe. Because if you believe, you also want others to get that same privilege of knowing Him -- which is why you believed, in the first place. So if there could be more time granted to them, you'd want that, Luke 13:6-9. So those believing, still need to live down here. So those disbelieving, still get time down here. So God Who is Not Willing That Anyone Should Perish, can justify granting more time down here! "For God loved the world so much, that He delivered over His Uniquely-Born Son; that whosoever once believes in Him shall never perish, but have Eternal [God's Own Type of] Life." [John 3:16, corrected translation. There's more than one good way to translate the verse, but the published translations don't use good ways; they instead fuzz up the verse. This verse is in Attic Drama Greek. monogeneis=uniquely-born, a better translation than you'll find; "once believed" is also a better translation, for it recognizes the rule that a participle precedes the action of the main verb ("have"), so it's the first act of believing, which makes you have Eternal Life. Greek verb "didomi" means to give, but often to give over/deliver over. Term is used in the LXX of Isa53:10 in this way, and John 3:16 is alluding to that Isa53:10 eternity-past contract between Father and Son.]

    So God leverages all losses of unbelief, to make bigger gains of belief. This buys Time. For belief, means belief in God's Promise. And as we just saw, all time is Based On The Promise Being Believed (running subtheme in Romans and Hebrews). You know much about leverage already. If someone hits your car, you need to be paid for the damage. How much more, God? If that damage caused you to lose time, if it caused you suffering, then you should be paid for that too. How much more, God? And, if you used that car like an investment -- i.e., used it to drive to work, so now you lost the 'earnings' the car helped you get, well.. you should be paid for that, too. Again: how much more, God?

    So what's the Promise to Believe, which buys time? The promise that God Gets Paid! So you can believe in Christ, Since He Paid God For You! For if HE gets paid, then certainly you do: because He Has To See You Forever.

      Now, look at the flipside. Because the car was damaged, you got paid. And the amount you were to be paid, was a judicial issue of what would be owed you, based on What You Could Have Gotten As A Benefit, from the car. So: the reality was, you got nothing from the car, because it was damaged. The reality is, God gets nothing from us, because we are damaged. So if God Gets Paid, He gets what was otherwise, 'not gonna happen.' Moldy bread cannot be eaten, whether it's a little moldy or a lot moldy. The whole loaf is infected (most of the mold is invisible). So we can't PAY God, anything. So if He can take our damaged nature, and use it to leverage payment for what He should have gotten but never would have gotten, well -- that's REDEMPTION, huh.

      So right away, you can breathe a sigh of relief about your own failures; about the failures of others. For GOD MUST BE PAID for seeing it all. How much more, Infinite God Who will Forever See Everything you or someone else has done wrong? It's not as if Infinity could just turn off memory. He'd have to stop being "God", to turn off anything. Which, He will never choose to do. Which, He doesn't need to do, because He can Leverage All Loss Through The Cross. So God gets paid. So we can too. So if God gets paid and we can too, then "there is no condemnation in Christ Jesus", Rom 8:1. So All Time Gets Redeemed, and it's just to not condemn. That is our so-great salvation, procurable at will by anyone on this planet, and in a nanosecond, too: "Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, and you are FOREVER saved!" Acts 16:31 (corr trans from the Bible's Greek).

      So the Cross leverages all losses throughout all time forever, Heb10:1-17. Secular 'laws' always depict the spiritual ones. Every 'law' you see in biology, economics, physics depicts Isa53:10-12 (both texts, BHS+LXX). That's why space is so empty and lumpy (a partial vacuum, Bible Greek word mataiotes). Lots of loss (emptiness) leveraged wholly by a little gain (three hours on the Cross paid for ALL the sins of everyone forever). Ultimate Unified Field Theory, Ultimate Leverage, the Consummate Financier of Time Itself. Kinda makes you wanna know more, huh. How did God pull all this off, considering as we have free will? It's not as though God coerces anyone. Love would never do that. So how the heck did God achieve this utter GAIN? Enquiring minds, wanna know. So Loving God, wrote the Book!

    God's Book, God's Accounting for Time System: God accounts for time in a BUILDING manner, to achieve His Purpose for Eternity, theme of Ephesians 1-2. Paul cleverly constructs Ephesians based on Euripedes' play "Ion" and the Lord's discourse in what comes down to us as John Chapters 14-17. "Building" a Royal "house", actually. The famous "in My father's house there are many mansions" is NOT talking so much about where you park your body at night, but where you rank in the Royal Family (double-entendre use of Greek terms oikia and monai). It's because He's talking about building a Royal Spiritual Family, that you find Him cleverly mix the metaphors of "home" and "Vine", throughout the rest of John 14-17. Blood of the Grape. His Blood. His Thinking circulating in us. For apart from His Thinking, we can do nothing. Ultimate 'bloodline', huh. Is God Consummately Witty, or what?!

      Now let's weave in the theme of Euripedes' play. Oh, this is so witty! "Ion" is about the building of the Greek sea-peoples from the mythical god Phoebus Apollo (a name for Satan, really) out from the woman he raped, Creusa. The play recounts her shame, her bearing of Ion (="venom", euphemism for a god's semen), and how Phoebus stole the child from where she abandoned him; Phoebus takes the kid to his temple (the famous Delphi). The kid grows up there, and when he is an adult, Creusa and him meet. She goes up there because she's barren, and seeks Phoebus' grant of fertility. But Phoebus has other plans. Athena comes down at the end of the play to announce that Phoebus, now penitent, will make of Ion all the Greek sea-peoples. So the play "Ion" was learned by every Greek child, since it was a myth about their ORIGINS. So the letter we call "Ephesians" was really a circular letter which went all around Asia Minor, Greece, even Italy. Telling the Real Story of our origins! Our Real Begetting Story! [Nerd note: At the beginning of the letter, there's a blank space for inserting who gets that copy. So one of the manuscripts has "Ephesians" inserted in that blank space. Hence we call that letter, "Ephesians".]

      So Paul has no end of fun using that play -- known to all his readers -- and the Lord's discourse about Royal House Building -- known to all the readers -- to show God's Superior Begetting Plan as a Living Temple. Awesome wit! In fact, this theme is in all Paul's letters. Imagine: the only forever-virgin apostle, talking about God's Begetting, in every one of his letters!

      Therefore, Concept of foundation, which is Christ (Matt16:18, 1Cor10:4): and then building on it, 1Cor3, Eph2:10. Very clever use of the Ionic dative of purpose, ("epi") in Eph2:10. God's Nature is essentially two-sided: infinity is only stable because it is all-inclusive, Eph1:15-23. Hence, all opposites are Joined in some manner, based on Truth. It's a Hypostasis, where the inferior 'stands under'; the opposite, is Joined to. Joining. Building. Temple. Church. When He prays for Oneness in John 17, that's a MARITAL "oneness" in the Greek (and LXX). See how using the play "Ion" is so apt?

      For, the Cross is fundamentally a hypostasis effected by The Hupostasis, Christ, Who Himself is a Union of opposite natures: Infinite God, finite Humanity. Sins were 'joined' to Him on the Cross, and His Thinking Joined the sins (Isaiah uses sexual innuendo to describe this, in Isa53). Baptism, joining, marrying, bonding. Hence our sins get exchanged for His Righteousness that first second we believe in Christ (2Cor5:21).

      Hence the Cross sanctifies us, makes us worth what we could not be worth on our own.. forever, Heb10:10-14. So too, every speck of dust is Bonded To A Higher Purpose. Thus, ennobling its own existence, however humble, Eph1:15-21's "filling all in all." Right there, you see why God takes a 1050-year period, and Inserts The Promise Of Salvation Inside. To fill all time. For All Time, Heb10:14. Are you beginning to get the idea God is using your belief in Him, to sanctify time? Well, if not, it's about time you do! [Hebrews 10:15-17 actually says that. In the Greek, the Holy Spirit interrupts the writer of Hebrews, to stress that. In the immediate context, the readers were wondering how Israel would benefit, since her covenant is abrogated (i.e., Heb7:18). So God the Holy Spirit ties the old promise of Jer31:31-34 (repeated in Heb8:8-12) to Church, in Heb10:15-17. Which basically says that Church is NESTED in the "new covenant", so has a new covenant of its own, Heb7:18-22, 8:1-7, 9:15-17, 10:9-14, 11:39-40 (Hebrews is a consummately witty book). Which new covenant, will be used to rescue the "new covenant" of the OT, Heb10:9-17, 10:37-39,11:39-40. God will redeem Israel's Time via Church. Part IV spends most of its webspace, explaining how that works.]

      So see also, this joining causes loss to be leveraged into greater gain than would exist absent the loss (concept explained in last half Rom5-11, Eph1, etc). Concept of salvation, really -- Restitution Which Causes Pure Profit To All Parties. For think: bad as finity is, so inferior to Infinity, the latter CAN replicate itself inside finity. Infinity is a QUALITY, non-spatial. Finity is only spatial. So if the Infinite Quality 'circulates' inside that finiteness, well.. it's a gain. That's what happened to the Humanity of Christ (bedato yasdiq clause in Isa53:11). So that's what happens to us by CONTRACT: Isa53:10-12, upgraded in Matt16:18, ratified in John17, explained in Ephesians, Hebrews, 1Jn. Sanctification is in the USE of finity, so it no longer matters that the finity itself, is inferior. Dichotomy solved!

      What makes finity hold together, is Time. So, God Sanctifies Time Itself. Otherwise, all the other structures, couldn't JOIN. We can't learn His Thinking, absent Time; we can't breathe, absent Time; we can't get the Thinking we learn to bond to our bodies, absent Time. See? Time is central to all finity's life, learning, living -- and most of all, central to the relationship we have with Him. For, at our end, that relationship means we need Time. So now let's look at how God BUILDS Sanctifying Time.

    The Hypostatic Structure of Time

    To effectuate this sanctifying result which both Anticipates and Rewards Christ, God restores time itself; and He does this, through a nested structure of time segments; the nesting results in consecutive, contingent, 1050-year blocks of real time. Most importantly, segments of what Bible terms "seventy sevens" -- 490 years -- this is "promised time", aka "appointed time". Surrounding, 'housing' these "seventy sevens", are "1000 year" segments of Time. This nesting of "promised time" inside the "1000 year" segments, justifies time continuing for the entire world. The resultant 'building block' is 1050 years long (490+70+490=1050, and 1000+50=1050). So it becomes a question of crediting another 1050-block of Time, by the time the previous 1050 block, ends. Note that: future is contingent on past. It's not guaranteed.

      So at least ONE person during a 490-year segment, must be spiritually-developed enough during that segment, in order for the next 490-year segment, to be granted. The same is true, for each 1000-year segment. This ends up meaning that God runs time based on four justice-accounting tracks. You might want to pull up The Timeline Worksheet, GeneYrs.xls to see how these tracks actually function in history. Its gold worksheet rows are 490 tracks; the green rows, are the 1000 tracks. Here's how they both interrelate:
      1. 490+490, which is a non-intercalated, "justice eligibility" track for the 'soul' of Time (promises are made to a soul, the real you, not to a dead body);
      2. 1000+1000, which is a non-intercalated, "justice eligibility" track for the 'body' of Time (a promised soul, needs a house).
      3. 490+70+490, the "soul" of the 1050 unit, plays HISTORICALLY, contingent on the above non-intercalated "justice eligibility" tracks, all being met. Else, Time Ends.
      4. 1000+50, is the "body" of 1050 HISTORICAL, real time; again, 'housing' the 'soul' unit; again, contingent on the above non-intercalated "justice eligibility" tracks, all being met. Else, Time Ends.

        Put another way: a believer during a 490-year period grows up in God's Own Thinking so much, in the name of that person, God grants 490 years to the whole world. But! By the end of that 490-year period, the next 490 years still cannot be granted, unless a new person by its end, also grows up as much. It's like the passing of a baton in a relay race: the previous runner must pass the baton to the new runner, for the race to continue. This passing-of-the-blessing-baton applies personally, and at the 490-year grant level, first. But it also passes at the 1000-year level. For clearly, someone might have enough desire for God to learn Him well enough to get a 490-year grant, but not a 1000-year grant. Both are needed. GeneYrs.xls shows you who these folks are. Bible tells us who they are. So the contingent nature, the baton-passing, is mathematically provable. Awesome, how much.

        Meanwhile, the real clock of time, keeps ticking. It runs in 1050-year units, and the question is whether individuals living in time, will be granted 490 or 1000 units, themselves. Question is also, does the rest of the world vote for God? So interspersed -- intercalated -- are mass-voting units. 50 years of voting link two 1000-year pieces together; within those 1050 year periods, a 70-year unit links two 490's together. So even though the baton gets passed, if people worldwide don't want God, then God will just zap up the few who do, and end time altogether. It's like the Flood. Only 8 people wanted God. The rest didn't. So either those who don't must die, or the world must end.

        There, God continued time only for those who wanted him, since everyone else had voted so negatively and for so long, it became unfair to let them live longer. Positive volition is contagious. Negative volition is contagious. Thought is contagious. So at some point, quarantine must occur. The only way to quarantine disease permanently is to kill it. Harsh reality of life. People must be free; and that means infection. But at some point freedom is compromised from infection (i.e., you can only learn so much by contrast). Hence, either a 'flood' or an ending of time. For some, for all. It's a basic Justice question for the sake of the human race.

      So beneath Tracks #3 and #4, are #1 and #2. So #1 and #2 are person-related, independent of the 1050 unit. So there can be many #1's and #2s, stacked atop each other, running along with varying endings. The Quality Of Each Time Period Rises In Direct Proportion To The Number Of Individual 490s, Running. So the Bad Quality Of Each Time Period Rises In Direct Proportion To The Absence Of Individual 490s Running. You can trace this in the Bible and in history. When you read the "1000 year" intra-page link (at pagetop), think over what was the Quality of each time period. The individual 490s are listed (not completely, but the salient ones). Note that in the last of these 490s pre-Christ -- the one granted Daniel -- there were NO other 490s running, and only David's 1000's running; Israel couldn't even be granted any more of David's sons as ruling kings. So ONLY David's running tracks served to continue history; and that, only for Messiah. So think over the history of that period from 586BC onward: see how bad it was. Man being full of himself; full of empire, full of violence. We still glorify that period today, because we remain just as arrogant -- well, worse -- as the people back then. So look how negative it was. God was just a toy one used to puff up the self. That's as bad as it gets. That's how bad it remains.

      So now let's see some real data to show how the underlying #1's and #2's, justify continuing time. Example: Moses was a 1000 person. As you'll see in GeneYrs.xls, God's grant of 1000 years due to Moses began 1440BC, and ended 440BC. So by 440BC, someone ELSE had to be a 1000 person, for the next 1000 years to be justifiable. In turn, Moses was only able to become a 1000 person, because Abraham was a 1000 person, and his personal grant of 1000 ran out in 1060BC. David is the 1000 person after Moses. So David is born in 1040BC, too late to get the baton from Abram, but within the time of Moses' grant; so David can carry the baton for the next 1000 years, if he grows up (which only God causes). David's 1000s are multiple, based on his Kingship dates and his death: all of them converge on Christ's dates (i.e., Christ is born in the 1000th anniversary year of David's consolidated kingship START, and dies on the Cross in the 1000th anniversary year of David's retirement from that kingship).

        However, real time plays in 1050 increments, so these personal grants don't run on the same timeline as Time itself, though Time itself is wholly dependent on these grants being 'alive'. Thus when Moses gets his personal 1000, it's during the 3rd 1050-year unit since Adam. When David gets his, it's during the 4th 1050-unit from Adam. When Christ dies, the 4th 1050-unit from Adam still had 64 years to run. But it wouldn't finish, because there were no other personal 490s remaining: the Temple's 490 (Daniel 9) expired the same year as the Lord's Humanity died, because Israel had rejected the Last David, who after all was the one who GOT the Temple (see 2Sam7). So the first David's personal 1000 based on his death expiring seven years later, was rejected. Vote was NO. So time was supposed to end.

        So Savior Bought The Time on the Cross, besides saving us forever. Else, we'd all not be here to have the opportunity to be saved. Justice is precise. Everything must be individually justified. So if He paid but no one wanted Him, well.. then we'd never have been born. So those who want Him, are in effect caused to 'save' -- via the grants of opportunity to believe, which requires Time -- those who want Him, are in effect caused to 'save' future generations. That remains true today. So if you want Him, you are being used to justify time continuing. So others can learn to want Him. Just as, past others who wanted Him were used to justify time continuing so you could learn to want Him. Awesome, huh. Colossians 4:5 and Eph5:16's statements about redeeming time, are real. Not just warm fuzzies!

      So note the 'savior' value of these individual 490s and 1000's being granted. That fact is dramatically demonstrated in the First Advent of Christ -- we'd not be here, if there wasn't a lone, not-yet-expired Personal 490 track still running, from Daniel 9 (due to Daniel's prayer). If that doesn't alert us to the importance God assigns our growing up in His System, well.. nothing will.

    So now let's examine

    The Hypostatic, Triune Deadlines of Time

    As a result, each bendpoint within these components, is a Deadline. So at each end of each 490, there is a deadline of someone being spiritually-completed sufficient to justify the next 490, to begin. So at the end of each 70, there is a deadline, which is a Believer Mass Voting Period to choose to know God: sufficient mass positive volition, irrespective of any individual qualifying (see the terms in Dan9, Nehemiah, Ezra, etc). So at each end of each 1000, another deadline: same one-person rule as for the 490 (but here, it justifies the continuation of the 'house'). So at the end of each 50, another deadline; it's another voting, Unbeliever Mass Voting Period. So within each 1050, there are:

    • 4 book-ended deadlines for the beginning and ending in each of two 490s (in each 1050); plus
    • 2 book-ended deadlines for the beginning and ending of a 1000; plus
    • 1 deadline for the end of a 70; plus
    • 1 deadline for end of a 50.

      Quick application: as you'll see in GeneYrs.xls, the year 2006 is really the 6112th year since Adam's Fall. So the next 1050-unit ends in 6236, about 120 years from now. During the last 120 years of a 490, the world kinda goes crazy. As MirrorNOW.htm explains in detail, there are seven historical trends which peak during the last four generations of a 490-year unit. The general tenor of these trends focuses on a kind of warring over learning Bible. Bible becomes available like never before, and those opposed to it consolidate like never before; of course those pro- and opposed, don't recognize the trend. Same trend repeats during every historical 490; but each subsequent 490 plays the trend with a far bigger scope than any 490 prior. So it simultaneously is a repeat, yet "like never before" due to the terrific increase in scope. Think about it: back in 96AD, interest in the God of the Bible was fairly restricted to those in Israel. But now, look: worldwide interest in God is peaking, and it's peaking everywhere BUT where it has been -- Asia and Africa are the fastest-growing Christian continents. We in America and Europe have become lukewarm about God. Interest in the Middle East historically tanked first; though due to our presence in Iraq, interest is rising again.

      Details on the characteristics of these periods are in GeneYrs.xls and to a lesser extent "Mirror, NOW!" link at pagetop. MirrorNOW.htm needs its dates revised, but its principles are accurate (based on Lev26, Hosea, Jeremiah, etc). You can track the trends historically, which in GeneYrs.xls is an ongoing project. Again: you can test the historical data to see how it tallies to the necessary characteristics listed in the Mirror, Now! webpage. Or, just track the data to Leviticus 26, which tells you what the trends will be. Positive means upheaval and prosperity; negative means upheaval and disaster. Upheaval can't be avoided, since this is the devil's world and people are pretty anti-God, without Satan's help. If you're positive, you'll be beaten up. Goes with the territory.

    Back to this Structure, itself: a total of 8 deadlines in each 1050-year block of time must be met, before the 9th can commence; the 9th, begins a new 1050-year block. Triune purpose, always: Father to Son, Son to Father; Father to Spirit ('Mom', per Gen1:2's "rahaph"), Spirit to Father; Spirit to Son, Son to Spirit; Spirit and Son, to Father; Father, to Spirit and Son. Nothing is ever on auto-pilot, but ALL is a Gift from One Member to Another. A greater guarantee of Love's Integrity, doesn't exist. #9 in Ten Ways This Timeline Differs, a Word doc, shows how God Keys Time to the Voting Periods. Israel's sabbatical years were literally used to buy the 50-year units. Of course, that structure predated Israel, and the actual purchase is historically based on someone prior being granted a new 490. So when you see how God literally matches and keys to these deadlines, there can be no doubt of His Love.

    Paradoxically, because His Love/Integrity is guaranteed, Time is not guaranteed. For Time is about Integrity, period. And Integrity, is about Love: Triunal. Family. God-to-God, blessing. Expressing Love, "filling all in all", end Eph1.

    For there is no proper building, without Integrity. And there is no Integrity, if you don't go for Profit (never spend good money after bad). For there is no integrity, without Justice. So the First Rule of Time is that it must be Justifiable. Time is a judicial question, first. Next, it becomes a logistical question, a how-to-construct question. Again, because finity needs extrinsic integrity to hold it together. Put simply, we are dependent on Time.

    God Builds the Micro 'Watch' Based on His Nature, Mirroring Redemption!

    So God BUILDS time based on Justice. We just saw the macro, big picture 'Watch'. Now let's look at the micro 'minutes'. Macro or micro, notice it's the same Justice issue: do you want to have a relationship with God? Ok, now a sample micro Justice issue: if you don't want the relationship now, will you maybe want it later? Justice issue: Did You Have Enough Time To Make Up Your Mind Whether You Want The Relationship? Therefore: is it JUST for the next moment to occur, on behalf of the entire world, a nation, a group, your own life? Is it Just to Continue Earth for Another 1000 years? If "Yes", then those MACRO "seventy sevens" must be justified first; after all, most of the world doesn't want God, so won't want His Promised Time. But some will. So: shouldn't the whole world continue, if the few who will, need a world to live in? And shouldn't the rest of the world who don't want Him, get Time to change their minds? Same questions as Abram asked the Lord on the way to Sodom and Gomorrah.

      Oh, how Deep is the Love of God! Integrity, Absolute!

      Absolute Love is never stupid. If someone hates you, there comes a point in time when you separate from that person. You must. You must because it is unfair to you -- but as importantly -- because it is unfair to that person. Your presence 'causes' the person to hate. So, you remove your presence. So, God removed the Temple, August 28-29, 70AD, and the Temple was razed. So Israel ran out of promised time. The whole world should have ended then, but Christ had paid by that time, and there were enough who believed in Him, within Church! For the 1000 year segment 'houses' those not believing in the Promise=Christ (see Heb4-10); so the 1000 years surrounds yet is dependent on, those two '490' periods granted those who do believe. So When Enough Of Those Who Had Believed, Instead Disbelieve (=hate), well.. God must remove what is rejected. That's when the Rapture will happen. That's why it will happen. [God will have accomplished His Goals by that time. Part IV is dedicated to explaining the why of the Rapture. It's very long.]

      For rejection means a death. Murder of relationship. Divorce. Integrity demands the wishes of the other party be recognized. Love wouldn't have it, any other way.

      God is Absolute Righteousness. Love would never cheat Righteousness. So think: it's horrifically unfair that God should have to view us at all. We are soooo evil, grasping, puny; we are sooo totally disinterested in Him; we want Him to do pet tricks for us. We could care less about how much grief we pour upon Him, what with all our endless me-nesses, our complaining, our demandings, our claims of deservings. Just turn on the TV at any hour, watch all that sick preening parade. I'm a good person. There oughta be a law! So-and-so is BAD! Murder and blamesmanship dominate airtime on TV or in brains: because we LOVE it. What we deserve, is death. We're absolutely disgusting, especially when we think or say how good we are. Yeah? If we were really good, we'd not need to think of ourselves as good. You only need, what you don't already have. And we are obsessed with being good, getting good, claiming good -- so we can demand others give us attention or other goodies. Sick puppies, that's what we are.

      So why should God grant us time? Time to yell at him for not fixing some problem WE WE WE WE think should be fixed. Oh, that's fun for Him to listen to! Endless qvetching in His 'Ears', all day long. Time to involve ourselves with all manner of petty pleasures, preening what good Christians we are, comparing ourselves to others or calling self 'better' due to dress, jewelry, cars, a house, a job -- puleese. Even we puny humans get sick of folks who go on and on like that. How much more, God?

      Yet we get time. If that isn't proof of His Absolute Love, there is no such thing. So At The Same Time, There Must Be Thinking Which Satisfies Righteousness, or -- however much He is UnWilling -- the next 1050-year increment, must be denied. So those who believe in the Promise, are learning His Thinking, and abiding in Him. That satisfies Righteousness so much, that Time Can Continue For Their Sake. Hence the qvetching, accusing, hating world gets another 1050 years. Contingent, never guaranteed. For it's unfair to guarantee, hatred. At some point, separation must occur.

    For God wants you to be blessed, so He's designed even Time for that purpose. So if you screw up on His Timing, well.. you incur a loss. Not to worry, though: God re-routes even time, for blessing. He has an initial plan of time. If a plan of time is not met, it's REALLOCATED to RESTORE the time lost. When God 'makes up' time lost, He can justify doing it For Christ Who Paid for it. Who Owns It All.

      We all know the Ecclesiastes verses about a time to live, a time to die (the verses became a famous song by the Birds, I believe, in 1960's America). But what we don't recognize is that God Appoints These Things In A Very Precise Manner To Effect His Purpose. Nothing happens really by accident. You are free, a thing is free, but since all is Foreknown, What Can Be Done To Assure That Freedom Yet Achieve God's Own Will For 'Whatever' -- Can Be Incorporated Into The Very Design Of Even Time Itself.

    So, if time is lost, it will be be 'mirrored' (doubled) on EITHER SIDE of a particular event or epoch. Example: as you'll see in this page, Daniel 9 is just such a mirroring which enables the Birth and Death of Christ to occur. In fact, that's why Daniel 9:24-27, read as they do. Yeah, you can predict exactly when He will be born, and the outer limit of when He must die. But the first Justice issue was, can He even GET born, in the first place?

      For at the time, Israel was 'short' 126 of the 490 years, due to its apostacy. The Temple should have gone on from 950BC when it was Dedicated, (1440-950=490) to 950-490=460BC. At which time, it would have a renewal of another 490. But instead, due to apostacy it was 'cancelled': 586BC, only 364 years later. So now God has to 'redeem' the lost years, before He can justify Renewing the 490. So He has the angel explain to Daniel, how the 126 years get restored: 70 (Dan9:2, missed sabbatical years) +49 +7 =126. The "7", however, is not mentioned with reference to Messiah; rather, it's cut off. So it doesn't get measured back until after Messiah. So the 70 sevens are now Renewed: for the 70 was met by the 516BC deadline (586BC-516BC, Jer25, Dan 9:1-2); so that 70 years having been 'paid' productively, could next be MIRRORED (redeemed) to meet the rebuild-Jerusalem deadline of 446BC. That leaves the 49 of the 126, and the "62 weeks" is all new time, culminating in Messiah. The 70th is cut off, happening AFTER Messiah, and there's a reason for that: the 1000th anniversary of David's death, RUNS OUT seven years prior to what would have been a full 490. So it will be mirrored back in the Tribulation, Dan9:27.

      As you'll see when you read the timeline with reference to Messiah=Christ (Hebrew=Greek), because Israel rejected Him, 7 of His Allotted Years couldn't play. But He successfully completed His Mission, so those seven years could be 'mirrored'. And they played from 64AD-70AD, the years Jerusalem was under seige. (For years mildly, but then came the Year of the Four Emperors, and Titus' adopted dad was the new Caesar, so Titus had to get tough; so in 70 AD Jerusalem was destroyed and the Temple was razed.)

      Notice how you can tell when the 1st Temple was dedicated, given God's accounting. So the huge divergence of scholarly dates over when it was dedicated, is unecessary. God's counting from 586BC destruction backwards, to derive the 62 weeks: 70 years is the future-required-sabbatical years, so that leaves 364. So, 586+364=950. Simple. God gives you what you need to prove dates.

      Notice also how there could have been only one '7', the 'reserved' one; in which case, Dan9:27 would be referencing the 'reserve'. Had Israel accepted Messiah when He came, the long-promised Tribulation would nonetheless occur; but Israel would have already 'redeemed' the '7', by accepting Messiah. But if Israel rejected Messiah (and she did), then the '7' would have to play TWICE (which it did and will). So it's playing after Messiah in 9:26, if He's rejected; and 9:27 will still occur. Balances, either way. Freedom is not compromised. It was Israel's choice to incur the double-restitution, as was always true in Mosaic Law (i.e., Exo22:4,7). Now Matt24's warning makes more sense. Now the imminency of the Rapture makes more sense. See, Israel once UNDERSTOOD all this. That's why the Gabriel and later the Lord, talk axiomatically.

    Note how God's timing allocation is based on goals. Man, having free will, can reject those goals. Hence, time adjustments occur. Hence, are mirrored back to man. Similar to the warning about judging, in Matt7:1-2. This mirroring then is two sided: 1) the initial plan, and 2) the MAKEUP or REROUTE or REDEMPTION plan. So there is always a numbering of years applying to anything, everything, you, me, our home nations.. nothing is outside of the Time for it. Bible repeats this fact in so many ways, it's astonishing. Moreover, since Christ did Successfully Complete the Cross, we don't get Israel's times. Instead, ours are based on Christ. Hence, incalculably bigger.

      So we see that back in 586BC, Israel lost time, because she had rejected God. Due to Daniel's prayer in Daniel 9 -- he was the one credited with the 490, so the whole world got to go on because of his prayer -- due to that prayer, Israel was mirrored back time. Because ON time, by God's Deadline, she had returned (shub) to the Land and rebuilt both Temple and Jerusalem. But we saw that later, 70AD, she again had rejected Him when He came. She got the traditional 40 years' warning, then.. gone. No More Time. No Temple, no national relationship to God.

      Which should have meant, no more time for the world, either. But Christ had come, gone, and succeeded, just as Daniel was told back in Daniel 9:26. Which verse, represents our historical position today, as Part IVa exhaustively explains. So: Church, being part of His Body, is an extension of Christ in the world, 1Jn4:17. So Church, is the Conduit Through Which Father Can Justify Those Continuing 1050-Year Increments. But again, if we become too negative, that time will stop, per Romans 11, esp. v.21-22. That's what the Rapture signifies: Called Home, in shame and triumph. The remaining seven years of Tribulation now 'reserved' to mirror back, will then begin. Justice is consistent.

      So note how God re-routed Justification for Continuing Time -- via Christ. For we get this role, not because of ourselves -- remember what Paul says in Romans -- but because of God's Loving Purpose. In the immediate context of Romans 11, the purpose is to rescue Israel. But rescuing Israel, means Buying The World Extra Time. See? It cuts both ways. Israel got fat-headed over being so important, being the one nation on whom all the world depends. Yeah, and look at the discipline she got, Paul warns: so now that the time-baton has passed to us, let us not also be fat-headed. For we can be pruned, too. Only for us, the pruning is the Rapture.

    So we see this Micro 'Watch': a CYCLE that 'mirrors' over and over. God sets up a Numbered System Of Recurring Days, Because Our Days Are Numbered. Warning! Time Is Limited! Your days are numbered, due to Adam's Fall. If your days weren't numbered, you couldn't recognize that you will die -- so we see the day 'die', every 24 hours -- so you'd recognize the need of being saved. Also, when you're going in the wrong direction long enough, you have to get some Numbered Warning That The Path You're On, Will Lead To Some Diaster. So if you are made aware of the limitations, the numbering, your first response will be to prioritize your life. God-first. Of course, we all variantly become aware of our limitations -- which is why bad stuff happens, to wake us UP -- so we need time to reap what we sow.

      The basis of God's time accounting was laid out in Genesis: 7 days. Yes, God restored (not created) the Earth in six literal days, probably during some interglacial period, who knows. Coulda done it in a nanosecond, if He wanted. So it's very witty, what 'Mom' the Holy Spirit does: He pretends He's a man, since the Son will BE a man. So, He lollygags for six days, to teach man how to number his days. Back then, there were no humans. But He foreknows the Son will tell this story to Adam. So it's witty, that He hovers like a mother hen (Hebrew rahaph, Gen1:2, hence the moniker 'Mom'). Does one category of restoration per literal day, and then takes 'off'.

      Six days are effortful (not works, but not necessarily feel-good, either); and the 7th is resting. So "seven" in Hebrew is a big deal. It means rest, completion, promise, oath, etc. So "week" has all those connotations, too -- Completion, Perfection (legal sense of "to perfect"). So, when God communicates His Plan for Israel, He publishes it in terms of "sevens", "weeks", "time" (7-day-unit), and especially, "appointment": Hebrew for these latter three words seems to be most often, l'moed, a pregnant word in Hebrew related to the Temple Fellowship being central, the spiritual life. LXX Greek often uses kairos for these latter three English-translated words.

      Every date or age number from Genesis 1 onward is there to teach about time. Moses began the written Bible, so the way you need to read it, is in terms of the Jewish system of dating then. Hence, all time markers in the Bible, whether talking about age of someone when he becomes king or rules, whether backwards to Adam (which date you begin after his fall, when his days first became numbered) -- are measured in terms of years pre- and post- Exodus. Exodus date is 1440BC, and if you screw that date up, you won't get the timeline God uses. [Almost no one in Judaism properly dates the Exodus, and the official Jewish calendar is off by several hundred years. Scholars, whether pro- or anti-Bible, don't date the Exodus rightly either -- and certainly don't measure time as years "x" before or after it. So that's why they give out incredibly goofy dates for Exodus as being during Ramses, and Abram being born circa 1800 BC, etc. ad nauseam. In which case, the Israelites couldn't have been in slavery for 400 years, so those who hate Bible can pretend they 'proved' it wrong, hooray! Anything to debunk Bible. What a perverse ego trip. All they prove, is that they are sloppy scholars. Which makes it embarrassing to watch them in documentaries, etc.; especially, since these folks are very sincere. Who will deliver us from these bodies of death! Paul exclaimed at the end of Romans 7. No wonder!]

      So God tells you how to number your days (to prioritize). God also tells you how many days you have left, when you need that kind of warning to re-prioritize your life. This is in answer to Moses' prayer, in Psalm 90:12. The videos below walk you through the many ties between Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53, both passsages being about this 490-year Accounting System for Time. They are technical, but if you want proof of this doctrine AS a doctrine in the Bible, you need to grasp both passages well. Click here to view them on this page.

      As you hopefully saw, Israel's timeline was predicted, but not fixed, because (as my pastor likes to say) "The Sovereignty of God and the free will of man co-exist in human history." She might have obeyed. Adam's days were not numbered in the Garden, for it was really one day. One day at a time. Each day, he had the option of eating from the Tree of Life, or the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. Those Trees were real, but they also represented his attitude toward God. So, he kept on eating from the Tree of Life (the woman, too) for who-knows-how-many days or years -- they weren't counted -- until one day, they both ate from Satan's Tree. And on that day, they died spiritually, Gen2:17, and Gen3. So, Death Came Upon All Men, Rom5:12. But this death, is spiritual. Body doesn't just croak immediately. But it degenerates from that point onward. So, its days are NUMBERED.

      God also numbers your days when too many have gone by, to restore what was lost -- time you could have spent learning Him has been rejected, and now the degeneration is so bad, you gotta get punished, to survive. General principle is stated in Gen6's 120-year verdict. So, when Israel became too apostate, Her Redemption Days Became Numbered, too. This, to protect her. The soul devastation of apostacy is covered in the first division of Part V. So the First Time God numbered Israel's days to limit them, began after she refused to have God as king anymore: Acts 13 explains this. Second time He numbered her days to limit, was based on the fact she even rejected Him despite getting the human kings she'd wanted. Ergo, the 586BC destruction of the First Temple (the one Solomon built). Nebuchadnezzar besieged the city three times; but in the final siege, he was so enraged with Zedekiah's betrayal (2Kings 24:17ff) that he razed the city and the Temple, melted down the Ark to extract its gold (don't even bother looking for it, see end of 2 Chron). Daniel was one of the second-siege hostages, because he was of the royal house of David; so he went to Babylon and was in the King's entourage, about 11 years prior. Eventually, he became a chief official under both the Chaldeans and later, under the Medes and Persians (read the beginning of each Daniel Chaps 1-9).

        Note carefully: from 586BC onward, No Kings Will Be Provided Israel, until Messiah Comes. So, Daniel 9 Tells Anyone When That Will Be. For us, it's demonstrably past history. That's why the Temple Is GONE: to show Messiah Came, Left, And Is Coming Back. The No-Temple message is even derisively enhanced, by the "abomination" now sitting atop, called "The Dome of the Rock". Exactly portraying, in mute yet verbose stone, Daniel 9:26-27. You can see this verse in stone almost every day on television, whenever someone takes a shot of Jerusalem. Its GOLD dome dominates the Old City!

        And what does Daniel 9:26-27 tell you? That "until the very end" Jerusalem will be desolated. So you don't know when the end is, and you don't know what kind of end it is. Yet, 9:27 suddenly is there: huh? 9:26, no Temple; but 9:27, the Temple IS there, and abominations set up? Again, not telling you when it begins. Hebrew syntactical structure breaks between v.26 and v.27; so you don't know how long; you only know that v.27 is Next In Sequence. So when you look at that Dome, for crying out loud -- you know Messiah Came, Left, And Israel's Contract As A Nation, Is In Breach. You further know that this is the "times of the Gentiles" (phrase is actually a refrain in the OT), so you know you are in a Dead Time Spot. No set time. Dunno how long, how short, anything. But you do know what comes next -- the Tribulation. If you were a Jew and thinking, you couldn't miss this advertised fact. And just to help out, Satan&Co. make sure to stir up the Arabs, so that Dome is on TV at least once a week. A Dumb Dome, testifying to the watching dummies who can't count.

        Considering how the Jews were taught God's 490 structure of time (at least, back during Jesus' day and prior), they knew about God's system of inserting and deleting promised time. That's why Daniel 9 was worded as it was: Daniel understood it. The language is not mystical, but technical. So they knew from v.27's break, that an Insertion of Time might occur there: specifically, 50 years to 'pay' the "times of the Gentiles". That's what Pentecost and Jubilee depicted. As you'll see in GeneYrs.xls, the period from Passover's beginning until Pentecost's ending, was 57 days: exact same as the number of years belonging to the "times of the Gentiles". Exact same number of years as spanned the allotment from the 1000th anniversary of David's death, to the ending of the 4th 1050 from Adam. You could know all that CENTURIES IN ADVANCE, once you had Daniel 9:24-27. Which, Israel did. So her days were numbered far in advance, and the schedule for Trib, the inserted 50-years voting period, followed by Millennium, were all easy to know. Just like you know on what day of the week "May 31" will be years from now, so they too knew when the Millennium was supposed to begin. Ten Ways This Timeline Differs' #1 and #9 show you how they could plot it out.

        Fast-forward to 68AD, Christ having been rejected, so the 50 years was 'off', no longer Israel's calendar. The writer of Hebrews assumed that since the 40 years post-Crucifixion is almost up, the Temple will soon be destroyed. It helped that Titus was there besieging Jerusalem at the time. So the writer of Hebrews understood the Insertion of Time 'laying' between Dan9:26 and v.27. (Hebrews was written from Rome (or near it) just after Paul's death, see Heb13:23-24 compared with 2Tim4:1, where Paul asks Timothy to come to him and bring Mark. Note how carefully the writer words Heb13:23-24. Paul was in Rome, not Italy. And you go to prison in Rome, not "Italy"; especially, since Timothy went to Paul In Rome. So to protect believers in Rome from being detected, well.. the author of Hebrews wrote "Italy". For surely this Book was circulated all over, not just to believers in Jerusalem. So: it's not hard to know what happened: Timothy went there (with or without Mark, I can't tell), and got arrested with Paul; Paul was beheaded. Dunno what happened to Luke (maybe he's the writer, I haven't checked the writing style, and I'm not sure I could do it competently). Since it's a doctrine that when the shepard is struck the sheep scatter (and are persecuted), that's why the writer of Hebrews suddenly shot off this very hasty letter: it's code for "Paul is dead" -- but he dare not say that, for who knows who might intercept the letter, thus imperiling whoever had the letter, and whoever should get the letter. So the author had to know what would happen to the Temple, given the doctrine, which is in principle paradigmal to Dan9:26. Now you know why the letter is anonymous. They must have been running for their lives.)

        Greek, Tachu; Hebrew, maher: both mean suddenly, without warning. First Coming was predicted exactly, but now because fulfilled, the Second Coming is "imminent" in that Church is now inserted and no one knows when it ends. So you can't predict when the Tribulation will begin, so you can't predict when Messiah will return. But you can Obviously Know He's Been Here: Dome of the Rock sits over the Holy of Holies, a prototype of the "abomination" Christ explained (based on Daniel 9), in Matt24.

    One big parallel principle for us: God numbers our days, too. Restitution of lost time for whatever is unfair happens, too. For The Sake Of Christ, so we don't have to feel bad or cocky. Of course, the other obvious principle is that when we screw up, the time loss becomes a punishment period against us, just as it did to Israel. Our God is fabulously Loving, but does not shrink from using the rod. Thank God for that, or we'd have NO check on our sin natures in Adam. So let's now see how God numbers these years, and what His "micro" numbers mean.

    "Promise" Time Elements: Components of our Numbered Days, and WHY

    God made your soul at birth, pattern of Gen2:7. That is a type of Promise; specifically, it's a Promise about Time with Him. A promise that He loves you; that His Plan for your life, would enable you to enjoy living with Him forever. It's a promise to your soul, since that is the real you. For Promise Time relates to the soul, and is structured in terms of "7s", ever since Adam was saved (Gen3, "all the days of your life" clause). The Garden couple received the first promise of time at their Fall, for they had believed in Him ("and I ate" clauses and the animal skins verse, show they believed in Him for salvation). The Lord makes a joke about it using the preposition min in Gen3:22, calling the Fall a kind of birth: teasing that Adam knows everything now, born from himself, out from, away from, God! Verse is mistranslated: it's not "like us", but "out from us", a play on birthing, since the preposition min is the quintessential birthing preposition of the OT.

    So think of Promise Time as the "soul" of Time, for that's its purpose. Frankly, God plays these promise times in your own life, if you are a believer; He keys events in your life around your birthday and the Hebrew calendar. He does this to show you He's involved, and to teach you about Time. His Accounting is so complex, i.e., an event in question is keyed to your birthday relative to the two Hebrew calendar standards -- you'll tie yourself up in knots if you evaluate it too much. Just be vaguely aware that He does this. On selected occasions, the Holy Spirit will show when an event has been orchestrated, and will demonstrate convergence. Again, the purpose is to TEACH, not wow you. You need a hands-on sense of how the doctrine works, and He really does orchestrate our lives. So occasionally, you need to see how Promise Time works in your own life.

    More about this "soul" relationship, and the counterpart "body" relationship of the Fixed-Time Elements, is in the latter's table ("Fixed-Time Elements" intra-page link at pagetop). By contrast, Fixed-Time Elements are macro for the world. Promise Time is only for believers, and 'plays' on both micro and macro 'Watch' levels. So what are the components of Promised Time?

    Generally, the 490 is composed of the following time elements, each of which has an Important Meaning. (You should see these values exhibit the same types of meaning in the natural and numerical sciences.) This listing is not all-inclusive. Note carefully the PURPOSE of each segment, and its Bible examples:

    • 1 week, 7 years. Purpose: Fundamental Building Unit. Bible uses the term "sevens", not "week"; but since most English Bibles translate "sevens" as "week", I'm following the English convention, here. The root meaning of "sevens" is PROMISE, in Hebrew. The seventh day is not so much a way to divide time as a PROMISE. The existence of a week, then, signifies the Promise of Time. So the Promise is first, and the fact that it's metaphorically displayed via "week", is secondary. Writer of Book of Hebrews makes puns of the Hebrew meaning using Greek wordplay, very witty (especially the "while it is yet today" clause). Very memorable. And that's the point: a week is a DESIGNED period of time, with the promise of rest at the end of it. Hence "sabbath", "seven", "rest", and "promise", are often punned in the Hebrew and Greek OT, and the Greek NT. Except for Luke, all the writers were Jews, so this multilayered meaning of "seven" is often allusive. You have to be alert for pointed allusions to seven, because they won't be explicit: you won't find "seven" in the verse. Examples of allusions are Matthew's use of "14" (doubled seven), Luke's use of 77 sons from Adam (another doubled seven), 1Kings 6:1 (the math of which shows David died 7 years after he abdicated in favor of Solomon).

      So, this "week" has a Foundation role; therefore, a Testing role (for improving structural/functional integrity). So, you'll notice that it took 7 years (a "week" of years) to complete the First Temple, or the time David was King in Hebron: compare 2Sam2:11 with 5:5, 1Kings2:11, 1Chron3:4, and 1Chron29:26-27. Note that over Judah he'd become king six months earlier (sometime during 1011 BC, probably just after Saul and Jonathan died in the Battle of Mt. Gilboa). Thus tribulation characterized David's first seven years' reign, because that was a time of civil war. It also took 7.5 years to build Solomon's Temple, according to the LXX (Masoretic text is incomplete, so translation is misleading) of 1Kings 6:1 (see also 2Chron3:2). For more on how 1Kings6:1 tells you David's death age, click here.

        We know for sure that a week is 7 years, a way of measuring time since Adam: see Gen29:27-28. Notice the Contractural Nature of the expression. It's not slang or a figure of speech. Moses is writing it out, because the Contract for Israel is being explained. All contracts have roots; so Precedence governs all contracts. Justice Issue of Consistency requires Precedence be followed. Precedence is covered in detail within the link of that name, in Part IVa.

        So God's assignment of the Jewish Tribulation to a "seven", is patterned on this precedence; however, that 'seven' is primarily a 'body' number, so is covered in the "7years" intra-page link (at pagetop). Fixed-time elements all derive from Promise Time, so have an embedded 'promise' meaning in them: but they relate to the 'body' of civilization.

      The entire 490 structure is based on double sevens, as we saw in the "Macro 'Watch'" section (link at pagetop). These depict the God-Man, the Promise of Promises. So Matthew 1 shows this Fundamental Building Unit is the Hupostasis of hupostases, the Christ. Luke 3 does the same thing. Thus you know that God's 490+70+490=1000+50 Accounting System for Time, was well-known to their audiences. You won't get the wit if you don't know that Accounting System. It shouldn't have to be said that no writer wastes wit on a witless audience. People alive then were not witless like we are, today. Even the graffiti spoiling the walls in Rome was wittier than some of our best writing now: for that was a society which prized words and wit. So, Bible's chock full of wordplay: but wordplay is native to its original language; so most of Bible's humor gets washed out in translation.

        Matthew's listing tracks the Kingship Promise, so the listed generations aren't all the generations there were: it's like saying 1,3,5 instead of 12345. Compare to the every-generation-listed Luke 3 genealogy for Mary i.e., there were really 42 generations from David to Christ, not merely 28, and 14*3=42, get the numeric wit tying back to Matthew? (Luke's Gospel was written maybe 10 years after Matthew's.) [Sidenote: In Matt1, the kings of Israel were all usurpers, so aren't listed; whereas, the kings of Judah were descendents of David. So Matthew skips over the more-unfaithful sons of Judah, in his tally. Ahaz was not one of the faithful, but his son Hezekiah was among the best of Judah's kings, 2Ki18:5. Josiah, too (2Ki23:25).]

          Matthew also keeps the tally of the generations to 42, but spans them Abraham through Christ. Luke's, runs David-Christ. Thus you see a mirrorback of the number of generations, too. The 14 pre-David, add to the REAL number of generations of David, 28+14=42. Principle? Faith bears kids. Father of Many Nations. Beloved Seed bears seeds forever, im tasim asham naphesho yireh zera ya'arik yamim, Isa53:10's Hebrew: if His Soul will(s to) be appointed as a substitute for sin, He will see Everlasting seed.

          Number games telling profound truth is very Jewish. Very memorable. "Naphesho" is the whole Bible in a nutshell: HIS SOUL. Given to pay for sins; given to us, to be transformed into Him, per that Isa53:10-12 (both BHS and LXX texts), stressed by Paul in the Greek (not translation) of Rom12:1-3. For Bible is His Thinking, 1Cor2:16. Transforming the soul of the believer who learns it in God's System per that eternity-past contract of Isa53:10-12. [See Rom121-3.htm for a corrected translation of Romans 12:1-3.]

          This is how the Church believer becomes Pleroma, pregnant with the seed of His Thinking. Thus is assigned a kingdom of 'seed' forever: for Father, under Him Who is the King of Kings.

        Matthew plays on the promise that a Son of David will forever have the scepter, which is why he goes back to Abraham: see Jacob's blessing on Judah in Genesis 49:10. He's tracking from Abraham, to show continuity of the 490 as well as to show the Kingship Promise; he's showing how the Seedmaker Abram, becomes the Seed Sprouts, Israel. ("Seedmaker" intra-page link at pagetop has more details.) In short, Matthew is showing you PRECEDENCE. The Precedence for the Promise. That the Promise is PRE Israel as a nation; and that's important, since David gets his covenant APART from Israel, as you'll see in the "David" intra-page links (near pagetop). Matthew thus stresses a superior PROMISE PRECEDENCE, which in law, is everything. Especially, God's Law. Precedence is based on the Justice Requirement of Consistency despite disparate groups (i.e., everyone is equally-entitled-to-Justice before the law). That's not a 'Western' invention. We got it, from the Jews. They got it, from God. But before them, it was the same rule. For God is always the Same.

        Hence Matthew isn't giving us a dry history lesson, but a witty legal-accounting one. It's great wordplay, since "490" turns out to be roughly 14 generations (sirings, not longevity) by the time Matthew wrote his Gospel. So by this you know God is "on time": God's Seed (see Gal3), the One to inherit all the Covenants in Himself -- was sired IN TIME.

        Matthew uses Joseph's line because that's the Kingly line. Therefore you simultaneously know Christ from Mary's line also fits the standard, due to crossovers at Zerubbabel and Nathan, among others; yet the Jeconiah curse, remains. The wit is phenomenal; in the very last phrase Matthew switches to Mary -- wry way of saying that the foregoing listing is in her line, too (again, through Nathan and Zerubbabel). Luke also wryly begins as if he were talking of Joseph's line -- but is really talking of Mary's -- again, to show crossovers at Zerubbabel and David. [Jeconiah, the last King of Israel (at the time of Babylonian deportation) was cursed by God to not have anyone of his kingly line to sit on the Throne (Jer36:30, see context!), so Joseph was not legally allowed to be King. Zerubbabel would not have otherwise been king, but becomes the line, via Shealtiel son of Neri (aka Neriah), who became the kingly line due to the Jeconiah/Jehoiakim curse (the latter not having descendants, thus fulfilling the curse, see 1Chron 3:17) -- see also the prophecies and encouragement given to Zerubbabel by the prophets Zechariah and Haggai. The lampstand prophecy in Zechariah is especially important. Zerubbabel was the Royal son who headed up the deputation to rebuild the temple in the first year of Cyrus the Great; but Temple rebuilding halted, so God cursed the Land (see Haggai, Zechariah, Ezra, Nehemiah on this); then, temple got completed during the last 20 years, ending in 516BC.]

        Luke 3 genealogy stresses how Christ is the Last Adam (directly 'fathered', so to speak, by God). So His Kingship is a Higher One than David's, yet He is a son of David. That's also a big point the writer of Hebrews makes, in Heb3, 4, then 5-10: wry explanation of Ps110:1's fulfillment, which of course David wrote! David was 77 when he died. So it's like one generation for each year that David lived.

        For just as Levi was cut off and Moses' father Amram was grafted in at the head of the line through Aaron, due to the fact Moses' MOTHER was a higher-ranking Levite (cousin of Amram on his aunt's side); so also, Joseph is cut out, not the biological father of the Lord's Humanity. The Holy Spirit made those chromosomes (via miracle, creating and imputing them in Mary's uterus -- miracles are natural for God, not supernatural). Mary is also descended from David. So the Royal Family, continued as promised. So the Greater Son was born of the right lineage and ON TIME and BY the Holy Spirit -- all just as advertised in prophecy, prior.

        All these facts sound irrelevant to us moderns. But they were part of the very breathing of Israel. Just as we Americans reckon and analyze time by Presidents and cultural epochs ("the 60s", "the 70s"); so also the Jews reckoned by kings and prophecy. For prophecy is just a scheduling of time. You get up in the morning, and you know in advance what you must get done, what must happen by day's end. Similarly, Jews had to be briefed in advance on how the entire time was structured, because it was necessary to VOTE on God's schedule for their lives. So they knew it well. Measured by it. Analyzed by it. That's why the Gospels read as they do. That's why so much about Messiah, right down to His Schedule of Arrival and Departure, is in the OT. So you could MEASURE and ANALYZE and therefore, VOTE. Vote, not drool.

        God's Vote is to cut off and graft in. That's what Matthew 1 and Luke 3 demonstrate, the Schedule being kept and who was accounted, in it. Thus you'd have no doubt as to the identity of Messiah.

        Notice how God votes, rather than coerces. He could turn me into a pencil or iguana any second He likes; He could just will it, and all time would cease as if it never began, and all creation in it. He could will we all be Stepford wives any second He likes, and that's what we'd be -- either retroactively or from that point forward -- or whatever He WANTS! God is bound by nothing. But instead, He VOTES. If that isn't Absolute Love, dunno what is.

      Matthew also allusively illustrates how Israel's voting-no rejection shortened Time itself by 14 years, yet the Deadline of Time at the 1000th anniversary of David's Retirement (30AD), was met. That's another reason Matthew selects "14" as a rhetorical grouping device. GeneYrs.xls demonstrates this (middle yellow strip, look down the rows to Year of the World 4136). See, 44AD was the 4150th year from Adam, when the 4th Civilization 1000 ended. People back then counted years from Adam. Matthew is writing in 49 or 50AD (this, with book of James and possibly Galatians, were the first written NT books). Matthew thus writes after 4150th year from Adam, so how could everyone still be alive? Those against Christ would use the year itself to claim Christ wasn't Messiah; since after all, everyone is still ALIVE! So: the clever use of 14 in his rhetorical structure of the genealogy, doubles (heh) as a way to show how the 14-years' short in time, didn't hinder the Redemption of Time.

        The way he does this is awesome. First, he's parallelling the time on both sides of David, so he's depicting the Mirroring Nature of the Promise. Let's pretend that instead of the normal accounting basis of covenant-delivery-date ("CDD") to the next CDD, Matthew's measuring this parallel, from birth-to-birth. So: between Abram's birth and David's, is 2160BC-1040BC=560x2=[490+70]x2=1120 years. So it is to be mirrored back on the 'other side' of David, because the promised time, was met. But this other side ends up 14 years short, even when the entire 1120 is mirrored back: 1040+1120=80AD, 14 years short of the historical 1050 ending in 94AD (Year 4200 from Adam). So MIRRORED time runs out before the 1050 period containing His Birth, ends. That's a debit of 14 years.

        So we now use the more-normal Bible accounting basis of CDD to CDD; the birth of a brith. Abraham's CDD is 2060 (birth of Isaac). David's, is 1003 (consolidated kingship at Jerusalem). Difference is our friend 1050, +7. So: between David and the deportation of Jeconiah the king and the royal-family hostages to Babylon is 1003-597, 406 years. From Babylon to Christ's intended time (born a king of all Israel), is 597+40, 637 years. 406+637= only 1043. (Notice how 7 of the shortfall is reserved in Daniel 9:27.) David reigned for 40 years. Christ thus was entitled to 40 years. Which results in a 14-year SHORTAGE versus the mirror.

        So now you know why both the Tribulation and the siege of Jerusalem, end outside the time for Israel, yet belong to her.

        All this shortage, of course, tallies exactly with the 1000th anniversaries of David's Kingship (970BC+1000=30AD) and death (963BC+1000=37AD). All this tallies exactly with the allotment of time given in Daniel 9:24-27 -- which uses as its outer limit, the 1000th anniversary of David's death; which then shorts by an added 7 years because Christ was rejected, hence He dies in 30AD. "David" link goes through these deadlines again in much more detail, and GeneYrs.xls plots them.

      So Matthew deftly shows that the birth-birth accounting, the CDD-CDD accounting, Daniel 9:25 and David's anniversaries, ALL CONVERGE. Only God can converge real dates and time; everyone knows those times and dates; no human could have created those times and dates. So this Jesus HAS TO BE Messiah.

        So no matter whether you accounted birth-birth, or covenant-delivery to covenant-delivery, it's 14 years' short. Time Had Run Out, So He Has To Be Messiah, Else No One Would Be Alive. Thus Matthew uses the very dispute against Christ, to prove He came: Matthew's only able to be alive and writing, duh, because Daniel 9:25 was fulfilled!

        Thus we see Matthew use God's Accounting System for Time which every Jew grew up on. So we know how to use that Accounting System, too. The Promise of His Birth was met On Time, by 3BC (really 25 Chislev 4BC), the 1000th anniversary of David's consolidated kingship. Death On Time, end 1000th anniversary from David's Abdication. Matthew thus references the reader back to Daniel 9:25's accounting, which is based on those two simple 1000th anniversaries. Clear implication, then, that Temple be gone by 70AD (a seven plays inside a 40, precedence of Pharaoh's dream of fat and lean years). Warning, Bill Robinson!

        Everyone was familiar with Daniel 9; everyone was familiar with genealogies or could check them. Hence they can prove for themselves, Yep, He's Messiah! For the second generation from the Crucifixion getting this Gospel, that accounting would be especially important. Math can't lie. People, can't tell the truth. So, you've got the Bible and its math. It's WRITTEN, doesn't have an ego. It's WRITTEN, so it can't browbeat you into buying it. It's WRITTEN, can be audited. Sensibly. No mystical meaning in the numbers, lol.

        Principle: God keeps His Promises. Right on Time. Woe to us if we don't read the time then, threaded warning in Hebrews Chaps 2-4.

      Hence by this "14" measure, God shows why the 490 exists: a doubling of the 7, is a MIRROR, and signifies FirstBorn; more fundamentally, the dual God-man nature of the One being Created. [Lots of wordplay there: shining via a mirror, reflecting the Word in your soul; mirror wordplay later in 1Cor13, "sea of glass" in Rev4, mirroring verbs and nouns.] Luke 3 shows Mary's genealogy, and the two genealogies cross over (at Zerubbabel, see Luke 3:27); hence via Mary, Christ is biologically descended from both lines, so is doubly Royal (David's younger son by Bathsheba, Nathan ("to give") is the son from whom Mary descends, Luke 3:31).

      When Luke wryly appends like a footnote! the genealogy of Christ in Luke 3's ending (what a fine sense of Attic Drama Luke has), you find Christ is the 77th generation from God (42, to David; 14 more, to Abram; 20 more, to God). Get the doubling? See why Matthew uses "14"? Double portion, FirstBorn, mirroring, begetting, reflecting, hupostasis-of-opposites. God produces a mirror of Adam, and a mirror of Himself. Endless metaphorical/number play!

      Ergo the Precedence for Church: a believer who grows up in Him generates many children, and is caused to generate Time itself. The significance of Church is that we are promised BODIES, from whom come the Promised Time. So we make history (babies), not prophecy, Isa54:1. That, because we are on the flipside of the Cross. Prior to the Cross, the promise was Time, because it was about ONE Body -- His -- being developed. Now that One Body has come, a Body FOR that Body is being developed, however much time it takes! This, because His pre-Israel Kingship was kata-Melchizedek, and Israel turned it down. That kingship, requires a Bride. First-offered Bride, Israel said "no", a Vashti-refused story. So now "Esther" is sought on the highways and byways. Notice: Esther is never Vashti. Church is never Israel. Two Kingships. Two bodies, two contracts, two priesthoods, main theme in Book of Hebrews. Mirror, double-7s. Two promises. Joined, in Him.

      For Our Redeemer redeemed all time and FOR all time (theme in Hebrews 10), so also we Church are here to redeem time (Col4:5 and Eph5:16) -- because Church is Body, hence Royal Family to the King of Kings. Royal line, then, with royal effect on time itself, and therefore on humanity: see Luke 8. So some will have 100x the effect, some 60x, some 30x (and maybe more than 100x, if the 'yield' numbers are used as illustrations only). [The effect of Church on Time seems to be bifurcated; 1) we have the same role as prior covenantal groups with respect to THIS earth's time; but also 2) we are the rulers under Him for Eternity, the Only Royal Family in the eternal state. So our effect on that time, that Eternal State, seems more in view, in Luke 8. Again, this is all due to Him, and the building up of His Thinking in us. It's not due to us, but the Holy Spirit makes it happen IN us, which is why we should be adamant about getting in and staying in, God's System. This knowledge is pretty intimidating. Helps me to stay calm, if I keep on regarding the self as an entity/product of His Making, and live on Phili3:14 and Heb11:1.]

      God thus shows time has a purpose, and He reconcilies it like we would a balance sheet or a checkbook. Here, the meaning of "1 week" remains for Church, Hebrews Chaps 3-4: but its focus is on the Number Of Believers Developed During That Time. That's actually HARDER than obtained prior. The standard of spiritual development is now Eph4:13, not the lower standard of the Mosaic Law (main theme in Galatians, Ephesians, Book of Hebrews). So for us Church, it's always sudden-death: Mene Mene Tekel upharsin, handwriting on the wall. We can tank at any minute. For, we are here to MAKE BABIES and thus via that, make time. The minute we stop growing spiritually -- for the "babies" are the spiritual thoughts growing in us, which form the basis for 'fathering' our kingdoms in His Thinking forever -- the minute we stop growing spiritually, TIME ENDS. This isn't just nice prose, or poetry, or symmetry which you can brush away as figurative. Do the math, to realize this is Real Time being shortened, lengthened, based on whether you want God. For the whole human race, due to one or a few who are learning Him. Awesome and scary.

    • 7 weeks, 49 years: that's the number of years BETWEEN Jubilee years (Jubilee was every 50th year). Jubilee year was Legal Release and Reversal from certain kinds of obligation or ownership, a reset; a reminder that whatever you owned or were during that time was only temporary. Purpose of the 7 weeks: to vote for and await, FREEDOM. So since this Freedom is coming, you are encouraged to vote against being too attached to your circumstances 'now'. Which vote, frees you from many kinds of snares in this life.

        If you knew you'd be moving out of your current domicile a year from now, your attitudes toward it would immediately change. You'd collect less stuff. You'd begin packing. You'd not schedule magazine or other subscriptions to go beyond the move date. Above all, you'd be far less attached to your location, psychologically. So if something was bad about where you lived, you'd not be so bothered, thinking, well, I'll soon be leaving.

        Problem with us humans, is we don't have that attitude toward our own lives, though death hits us in the face daily. We won't be here very long. It's temporary. Only when an illness hits our bodies, or someone close to us dies, do we even have a glimpse at the vapor trail (term used in James) which is this life. At that point, many people undergo a deep psychological change, and it's usually not for the better.

        So with a 7 weeks' purpose, God eases the trauma; Jews reckoned everything in terms of the upcoming Jubilee, since whatever contracts they made, would be over by that date. Sales of land were really leases until the next Jubilee, at which time property reverted to the original owner. Thus the temporariness was a daily part of life. Talmud is basically a philosophy of Jubilee. So was Jewish economic life. More importantly, it was a constant reminder that God had a Plan for your life which was eternal: one better learn it, huh. Paul uses this very line of reasoning in Romans 8, calling life a kind of pregnancy (translations bland out the metaphor). Real Birth begins when you die.

      So at heart, the 7 weeks signifies Positive Volition To God; that's why it has a Freedom Purpose. It's just like one week: at the end comes the rest, freedom-from-this-life purpose, fulfilled. Writ larger, in the "1050" Building Block of Time God uses, the "50" stands alone as a voting period for the human race. The "7 weeks" nests within it. Hence the Promised "7 weeks" is pretty significant. Each 7th of those weeks is a sabbatical year. During a sabbatical year, you trust God to feed you, since His law requires you let your land lie fallow that whole year. Frankly, it ends up meaning a wait of three years, because: 1) you're living on the prior year's produce, plus 2) just foraging during the sabbatical year, plus 3) you must wait until after FirstFruits (1st non-sabbath after Feast of Unleavened Bread) before you can eat from the new tillage after the sabbatical year. Look how much waiting, therefore: 21 out of the 49 years (3*7). So that by the time you reach the 49th year, you've either really Learned Freedom based on TRUSTING Him, or you're completely negative.

        So to keep the sabbatical years (which they did, beginning 516BC), means a big Positive Vote for God. So, having done that, Jubilee can happen. And Jubilee, always represents the Millennium in miniature. Message: Future Is Always Contingent On Volitional Votes. God literally used the 70 sabbatical years as a 'tax' within a 490, which He 'rebates' by attaching the 70 years following the 490; from this, He literally 'taxes' the 70 via its own 10 sabbatical years and one Jubilee year, to 'leave' a net 50 for the goyim (symbolic name for unbelievers, in the OT). You'll see the math of this in #9 of Ten Ways This Timeline Differs, a Word doc. It's pretty shocking, how literal God is about financing and accounting Time. It's more shocking that we aren't taught all these things beginning in Sunday school: since Bible is so stuck on numbers, you'd think someone would have plotted them out by now to show these mathematical relationships. Oh well: we haven't learned to count to three yet, still calling it Good Friday!

      This 49 years is uniquely used in the final 490 which culminates in Christ, and is related to the aftermath of the rebuilt Jerusalem -- distribution of the last OT book, Malachi. In Daniel 9, the 7 weeks is part of the 126 years of OLD time. Temple had an allotment of 490 years, but due to Israel's apostacy, only 'lived' for 364 years. So that left 126 years; the components of that 126 are 70+49+7. So in the 490 of Daniel 9, the components are: 70+49+7+364. Since a 490 sandwiches inside a 1050 as 490+70+490, you'll notice that like Daniel 9:2, Matthew 1 recognizes the amalgamated 490+70=560, in his tallying of Abraham to David (birth-to-birth, it's 1120 years, 560x2). So the message is, due to the voting which resulted in the completion of Temple and Jerusalem, when David's 490s all ran out, leaving only Moses' personal 1000 as a 'cover' -- now OT Canon can be completed, too. And it was, within that 49 year deadline: book of Malachi. Next stop on the schedule? Messiah. For now that Temple, Jerusalem, and Canon were completed, it's time for The One those things all depicted.. to Arrive. At which time, Jubilee can occur! (See Luke 4:19, how He quotes the Jubilee verse in Isa61:2 as the proclamation of His Messiahship).

      Its parallel is Pentecost. Jubilee signified the end of the 50-year period for harvesting the Gentiles which would follow in the wake of Messiah's paying for sin. Passover depicted the payment for sin. So the entire count was a "57". Seven for Passover, plus 50 for Pentecost. (Jews don't count the Omer properly today; Bible shows you begin the count on the night of the last sabbath, which is the last day of Passover. Last day of Passover is always a high sabbath. See PassPlot's "Firstfruits" link for details.) That "57" depicted 57 years. Since 963BC when David died, therefore the exact year when the last "57" would play, was known. Since 538BC, when God accounted the Temple's restoration to TIE to that 1000th anniversary of David's death -- no one could mistake it would be the 4143rd year from Adam. The end of the 4th 1050 would be 57 years later. Can't start a new 1050 before the old one is completed. And the 5th 1050, was to be the Millennium plus its 50-year ending voting period.

      So of course the first year of that Millennium, would BE a Jubilee year. So Isa61, Jubilee is a poster boy for the Millennium. Pentecost depicted it also, which is why God made you count down. See, even Moses knew this. The only thing you didn't know, was which 1050 it would be.. until David died. That cast the date in stone, had Israel accepted Christ when He came. She didn't, so we Church had to be inserted: Time had Run Out.

  • 10 weeks, the Voting Period for Believers. There are 10 sabbatical years in a 490, during which Israel was supposed to vote its trust that God would take care of its food needs; it was punished with the Temple's razing, inter alia, for NOT observing any of those years (see Dan9:2).

      Purpose: REST, recreation, time to think, vote, focus/ learn/ enjoy Him. "Just because". No works. Bible says in a bizillion ways that God Hates Works. This is one of the stronger ways -- Israel got punished for not resting every seventh year. Translations mask and even reverse the very many Bible verses excoriating works. But even Romans 4 in translation is clear enough. So too, the meaning of the sabbath, and sabbatical year.

      We just saw in the "7 weeks" bullet, how that 7 weeks 'nested' in the "50"-year component, which in the "1050" Building Block of Time, stands alone. So too, this "10 weeks" stands alone, SEPARATING and JOINING the '490' ending, and the NEXT '490' beginning. So: 490+70+490=1050, the entire NESTED, 'soul' "Promise" Time, housed inside the 1000+50 'body'.

      Again, as with the 7 weeks, It's About Voting. 10 weeks stresses believer voting. For the next 490 will not occur, absent sufficient believer voting. So it's more important. Bigger number, too. Whereas there were only seven sabbatical years in the 49 years (7 weeks), there are 70 sabbatical years within a 490: ten times as many. So if they were all met, the next 490 begins after a 70-year hiatus, which gives everyone more breathing room; for the 490s require deadlines-of-spiritual-development. Notice how a longer period of Trusting is required; but there is no separate requirement for one person to develop to some high level, within the 10 weeks. As you review the "David" link in this webpage, and the "Purim" link in PassPlot.htm, you'll see that this 70-year period was absolutely critical to the world's survival. So you don't have to be a spiritual giant (yet), to be vitally important to the world even breathing. Do you know how many others are voting? No. Do you know what they are voting? No. What if YOUR vote is what makes the difference? You don't know that it will. You don't know that it won't, either.

        People justify not voting for their elected representatives on the grounds that the mass of votes required makes their own votes 'small'. But with God, the opposite is always the truth. ONE believer carries the world's time, most of the time, since Adam. Between Adam and the Flood, you had several carriers; but excepting the period between Abraham-Joseph, from Noah forward there was only ONE person. Baton had to be passed from one to some other who was developed within the 490 (or 1000) period. Had God not made the promise to David about the Temple, and had not the Temple been rebuilt by all those VOTING to return to the Land and rebuild it, we'd not be here.

        So your vote, like your prayer, COUNTS. You can pray that Africa receive massive harvests and end world hunger, if you wanted to. Prayer is a VOTE. Sure, there's a protocol to voting (and hence to prayer): you have to KNOW something about the subject, which requires a lot of learning; you have to WANT the right answer; you have to LIVE that vote (or use 1Jn1:9 when you fail, preferably right away). But that's how Israel survived, and the world through it. That's how the world survives now -- but Church is the Bride, Israel having rejected that role for herself when He came to Pick Her Up. So does your vote count? YOU BET! Every second you're breathing, you're voting. So LOTS of votes, not lots of people, count with God. God rules: not majority-rules.

        Israel went down because it refused to vote. Christianity is acting likewise. No wonder we are all so miserable. We aren't voting to live in God's System. The world hurts, due to our refusal.

      Think of the 7 sabbatical years within the 49 years as Rest For The Body. Think of the 70 sabbatical years within the 490 years, as Rest For The Soul. All of them rewards, for trusting in Him. God delivers on His Promises, and you believed that, so now you can rest. Of course, by the time you reach those benchmarks, you are only interested in resting so you have time to See Him Who is Invisible. Heh.

      So notice how God Splits The Value Of Trusting Him Into 'Body' And 'Soul' Components. Notice further how there are 10 times as many sabbatical-year rewards in the 'soul' component (10 weeks). When you're a kid, it's at once natural and hard work, to keep on trusting Daddy. When you've grown up, it becomes a pleasure to both trust, and be trusted. Trusting in God grants a rest like no other, and to the extent you don't trust Him, you can't enjoy trusting or being trusted. You'll be tied up in knots. Hence the longer period of 10 weeks -- for the growing-up of the soul. The 'body' can only grow so far. But the soul, will be living with God forever.

  • 62 weeks (434 years), Redemption. The number is a composite of 364 years (precedent is BC950-586) plus 70 sabbatical years.

      The precedent for the 62 weeks is Apostacy, A Time Period To Be Restored. So it comes to mean Redemption. So God uses it as the final countdown period to the Redeemer. So notice how it IS restored, in Daniel 9:25. See the mirroring? Israel had been apostate, but not so much that the Temple was razed, so it stood for 364 years. However, her apostacy was so bad, her 70 sabbatical years were not paid; 52 of these had accrued 'unpaid' by the time the Temple had to be razed. So when 49 of them had truly elapsed during the 70-year period between 586BC and 538BC when God via Gabriel gave Daniel the next 490, He had 'been paid' for the seven years reserved in Dan9:27; so the remainder of Temple time could be restored. Which restoration included another 70 years, if the Temple were rebuilt and standing for another 364 years. Parallel to the initial 'charge' levied, back in 586BC. So here we see candidly, how God cuts out and mirrors Time.

      Notice also how the 70 years going forward, stresses how The Sabbatical Years Must Be Observed in order for time to continue. Extra-Biblically (i.e., in correspondence with Alexander), you can prove the sabbatical years were observed. (The Jews flipped from lasciviousness to legalism, post-exile. That's a typical human pattern: once you really see who God is, whatever you were, your sin nature will try to become the opposite. We are hapless!)

      So in this 62 weeks, you have two components representing RESTITUTION: the 364, represents obedience, so gets 'rewarded' due to that. '70' represents the required sabbatical years, contingent on obedience going forward, just as before. That's how we know that the 'soul'/"Promise" Time "1050" Building block, is separated by 70 years. It's a Contingency, and requires Votes.

      There Is A De Minimis Vote Which Must Be Ongoing, even when God completes some spiritual hero within a '490'. The 62 weeks stresses that rule.

    Conclusion: promise time is exactingly accounted, and it's entirely based on believers. Hence in Daniel 9, the '490' is composed of 'old' time and 'new' time God Adds. Moreover, it's 'intercalated' with 70-year MIRRORED Believer Voting Periods, with the result that 630-7 years is the actual award, taking you to 37AD. You'll see how this works in the "1st Temple" section below (link at pagetop). So Daniel 9 is an example of an entire Accounting System going back to Adam. Not, an isolated pronouncement. God grants 490 more years to mankind only based on those He assigned to carry the baton. It's like a budgetary review: will the money be granted for the next fiscal year? Will time be granted for earth to continue another 490 years? Yes, Justified, or no, Not Justified. When you stop to consider how apostate Israel was (and by extension, all mankind), it's starkly evident how God values the few who were faithful in every generation: same principle as the roster of heroes, in Gen5 and Heb11.

    And what is "faithful"? VOTING to know God and learn His Word. Not works. Sabbatical years were for Not Working but instead, studying Word. Not at all what you'd expect, huh.

  • So now that we've looked at the 'soul' component of time, let's examine the house for that 'soul'.

    Time Elements: Fixed-Year Components, and WHY.

    Fixed-Year Components are designed to accomplish at least three types of 'jobs'; all jobs are designed to facilitate the function of or fulfill, the role of the 490s. Since God structures the basic 1050 unit of time in hupostasis, with 1000+50 as the 'house' (aka 'body'), and 490+70+490 as the 'soul' in that house, there need to be Components which produce the interaction between 'soul' and 'house'. So the "weeks" components (of the previous table) are the interactors for the 'soul' of Time; these fixed-year elements, are interactors for the 'body' of Time. Taken together, these two types of components constitute the 'brain' or 'heart', enabling the profitable circulation of Time itself.

    These Components, like the "weeks", have been playing since Adam. But Bible rarely talks about how the Components worked, pre-Israel. Reason: Moses was the first writer of Canon, and by that time, he was the leader God appointed for Israel. So the relevancy of the Components to stress, dates from the formation of the nation, forward. The precedence of the components pre-Israel occasionally is referenced so you can see the consistency of the 1050's; so you can see the Whys better; else, attention should be focused on the current meaning of the component for the time you live in. There's a place for focus on the past, as a learning aid. But then you use that past, to live in the present. God is One Big Now. So you are to live in that Now. God's Now encompasses the Future -- so you live in light of the future, 2Cor5 (whole fabulous chapter)! Not, in light of the past. God isn't about, wallowing in the past. [Religion, politics, family life -- all these end up creating little tyrannical chains to hold you to some past. So you don't end up living in the present, and for the future. "Tradition" has a niche, but it's not supposed to choke you. However, if you look at history, you find people use the past to buttress their egoes or control other people. This is yet another cause of man's progressive retardation over the centuries. We're not advancing, except in the disease we inherited from Adam.]

      God is First. Your present and future is with God; for Church, that relationship is more intimate: "in Christ". Hence we are Indwelt by Each Member of the Trinity (including, the Now-Risen Humanity of Christ, since as God-man, He is still One Person). Consequently, you disinherit your old life and purposes, and instead graft in the Biblical to-God purposes. So Your Relationship is Wholly to God; and THROUGH that Relationship, to people and things. God's all about cutting-out and then grafting-in. That's what He does with Time itself, so that's how things work, period. God First. First Commandment has no room for anyone else: "you shall Love the Lord Your God with All Your Heart and Soul and Mind." See? There's none of 'you' left over for anyone or anything else! So Paul elaborates on this fact in 2Cor5. We were cut off from God, but our sins were cut into Christ, so we are cut into Christ (theme of Romans 5-8, too -- esp. Rom6). So now cut into Christ, we are only in Christ, so all the old things have passed away, and we have a new way to think and live, 2Cor5:14-21.

      So technically, your spouse, parents, and friends, are irrelevant. And you, are irrelevant to them. That sounds wrong, but remember: God Is First. So if "family" is supposed to be first, well.. Who's The First Father! To Him you owe everything. To everyone else, nothing. And the same is true, relative to what they 'owe' you. They don't owe you, you don't owe them, Each One Instead Has A Vertical Relationship To Him. And we live toward each other, as "unto the Lord". Period. To live otherwise is to put a square peg in a round hole. This is why this world is so dysfunctional, they're cutting out "God", grafting in "people". We try to put people and things in the space where God should be. No wonder we are all so unhappy.

      The "Promise" and "Fixed-Years" Components therefore help us remember that it's God First and Only. That's why the many rituals, etc. in the Law are all teaching aids, mnemonics for your real purpose down here. You're here to Train For The Future, your real life with God. Which lasts, forever and ever and ever.

      Now we know that God is not saying (sheesh) that you should just up and divorce, up and disown your family, friends, and go live on some mountaintop, like those stupid hermits of the 2nd Century AD. They were goofballs, totally retarded, learned nothing about God. Because, there are other Commandments, after the First One. "After", but they exist. Ergo, everyone benefits more, because they are "after". Think: if God is FIRST, then you won't need people to fulfill you personally. So you won't be clingy, domineering, etc. So life with you, is refreshing for them, not a pain. And Love never co-exists with need, so now because God is First, you really love them (main theme of 1Jn, climactically portrayed in 1Jn4:19). So if they also are putting God First, they won't be a pain to you, either. Pain is fundamentally, a lack of rapport. But notice: if our goal is ONLY Rapport with God, then we automatically have rapport with each other. Oh, the depth of the Riches of our Inheritance in Christ!

      For Christ, it was ONLY about Father: "My food is to do the Will of Him Who Sent Me." And Look What Love For Us, Resulted.. The Cross! That's what 1Jn4:19 means. That can be the meaning of everyone's life!

      See how the BUILDING works? Build up in God, and that builds you up for happy relationships with people.

    Now, to the three main job types assigned to fixed-year components. The term "week" (literally "seven") is a promise word. A promise first requires something/someone be COMPLETED, So The Promise Can Be Delivered. You'll see Paul talk about this fact in Romans 9. Idea is, God won't give you something you can't enjoy. It's not then a promise, but a punishment. So Paul builds on that concept to explain why the Jews are not saved until they do what Abram did, believe in the Lord (he's using Gen15:6, like James did, in James 2:18ff).

    Ergo Job One: fixed-year components are designed to BUILD something/ someone So That The Promise Can Be Delivered. Part of any building process, is waste. So certain fixed-years 'handle' waste: something lost that must first be punished, redressed, restored. This, so that the recipient of the Promise could first Be Built. After Being Built, the "weeks" apply. Notice how wasted time is therefore not wasted, heh. God loves even the dung beetle, giving it a job to do which facilitates a building being completed. Else, we'd all be drowning in doo-doo! See how God used Joseph? Seemed like his life was wasted -- yet God used that to Save The World, for if no Joseph 'wasted' IN Egypt, there'd have been No Israel Building Up in Egypt, hence No Promised Exodus Of That Built-Up Nation, hence No David, Hence No Messiah, Hence No SALVATION. Time would have ended, absent waste! Infinity is nothing, if not ironic.

    Ergo Job Two: So if you believe in the promise, then the deliverance on the promise, is a FIXED thing. Contractural 'perfection', here demonstrated with FIXED years of blessing. ("To perfect" is a legal term of completion, Greek verbs teleiow, plerow, cognates and compounds. Better translated "finish" or "complete", but English Bibles often use "to perfect".)

    Ergo Job Three: if you Reject The Promise, a different fixed thing occurs: you get the Bad Thing Promised, For Your Refusal. Again, these are contractural provisions. So the numbers God uses reference Contractural Provisions everyone was taught. But you know how it is in school: you forget what you learned, as soon as summer begins. No more school, no more books, no more teacher's dirty looks! So: you need a wakeup call. And God expresses that wakeup call, in terms of Fixed Time. Giving you time, to change your mind and go back to school.

    As you analyze the Fixed-Time Elements of this page, try to spot each of the Three Jobs just mentioned. Bizillion dollars of understanding-profit will accrue in your spiritual life, if you do. For here we see God's Genius Grace Plan of Time!

  • 120 years, Four-Generation Adult Voting Period For WORD. It really runs between 120-190 years, terminating with a historical 490's ending. The first 490 in a 1050 has a tack-on of 70 years, so 120+70=190. The last 490 in a 1050 includes a 50-year voting period, so the total becomes 120+50=170. At other times, it's just 120. Whenever it plays, it's designed to clean house among ADULTS, based on Votes To Believe Or Learn Word during this period. Negative voters are wiped out by the end of it, or shortly thereafter. A new 490 or 1050 must get a clean house. So God either cleans house at the end of a period, or at the beginning of the new period. We entered such a period back in 1960 (the historical 490 and 1050, both end in 2130AD); so of course, that's why Bible teaching started to polarize and sour so much! Some of the best and worst Bible teaching in history has characterized our period from 1960 onward. Some Bible doctrines recovered now, went sleeping since John wrote Revelation! We are in the midst of another Reformation, really. Amazing, how you can track this period on a macro level throughout history. GeneYrs.xls does this, as does MirrorNOW.htm. In Bible, you see God use this voting-then-cleaning often, so most Christians are at least dimly aware of its existence, though not its purpose. Here's a sampler of instances from Bible:
    • Genesis 6, four-generation notice of Flood, 120 years; maturation is gauged at age 30, so there are four generations in 120 years. In Gen6, God doubles the period, since the whole world will be destroyed. Notice that in Genesis 6, Bible doesn't differentiate between believers and unbelievers, saying rather that everyone's evil except Noah. Surely Noah wasn't the only believer on earth. Doesn't say that Noah had no kids prior, either. As you'll see in GeneYrs.xls, Noah gets his covenant 20 years into the regular 70-year voting period; that's when his listed kids are born; so he had voted but not enough, beforehand. [Looks like Noah's agreement to build the Ark at the beginning of that 120 years was the reason for the extension?] In short, Genesis 6 spans both believers and unbelievers. (You can just bet that a whole lot of drowning people believed in Him while drowning, so are in heaven now. Anyone too young to be accountable would automatically go to heaven, just as in any other year. Consent depends on being an adult, á la Numb32:11, Exo30:14, 2Sam12:23.) At the time God makes this announcement, the historical 490 only has 4 years left, so He's first announcing the Negative Result of the previous 120 years, and also extending it for another 120. The 'regular' believer voting period of 70 years began 4 years later, so there's an overlap; time enough for Noah and his kids, plus their spouses, to finish maturing and voting. Notice: 120+120-70=170, net; 170=70+50+50. God's Calculating the Period based on Allotments He uses for Voting Periods. Since it's a worldwide warning, notice also that 120=70+50. Notice also that Methusaleh's name was given to PRE-warn of this Flood, at least since his birth, if not prior. (Enoch seems to have been the town crier about the Flood.)

    • Four-generations' principle stated in context of the Exodus generation, why God would wipe out that generation of BELIEVING ADULTS, Numbers 14, Deut 9, Exo 32; principles are in Lev26 and Deut28. Every adult who left Egypt with Israel, left due to belief in Him. Else, they wouldn't go: 2/3rds of the exiting adult population were CONVERTS. The kids don't count, because they are deemed too young to know better, until they are adults; and, they'd have no independence. [So kids share in the fate of their parents, having no way out; the alternative is to override authority, which God never does. So now you see the tenderness in saving anyone who dies before he can become accountable, from yet another angle.] So in Numbers 14, one year after the Exodus, the adults proved so negative God pronounces sentence: instead of going into the Land, they will wander around in the wilderness for another 38 years, until every adult (excepting Caleb, Joshua) is dead. Even Aaron and Moses did not enter the Land. In Numbers 14, you see the statement that God cleans house with every fifth generation (the so-called "four-generation curse"). So too, it plays a macro-level in history, hallmarked by seven trends. MirrorNOW.htm covers them at length; cell C6 in GeneYrs.xls summarizes them.

    • Jonah in Ninevah: Assyria lasted 120 years longer post-Sennacharib because people voted positive to Jonah's message, theme of Book of Jonah. An Assyrian remnant survives even today, just as God always promises.
    • Samaria's kings run four generations or less, from the beginning (when the 10 tribes split from Rehoboam, calling themselves "Israel", competing). Bible calls this entity "Samaria", usually. The moniker is a dig, but it was also the capital city.
    • First Temple's Destruction occurs in exactly the 120th year before the 7th historical 490 is due to end. Following that ending would be a believer voting period of 70 years. Israel's God became widely known because of this. Many voted for Him.
    • Christ is born and dies within the 120-year period ending the 8th 490 from Adam (which also ends the 1050, so the 50-year voting period is sandwiched in there). That period began with Augustus taking over the Senate: the fractious Roman Republic died, the civil wars in it died, and the Roman Empire was born. This made it easy to vote with your feet and go to Israel. Since Messiah's Birth and outer-limit Death year were predicted since David's death year; since that year was confirmed in the Daniel 9 accounting, anyone could know when to leave for Israel. Time runs out at His Death; but since He succeeded at the Cross, He resets Time. So on God's calendar you date all new 1050s from His Death (BC, before Crucifixion; AD, After Death).

      In short, this 120-year period is Biblical, repeated, observable, and auditable.. if you look for it.

  • 50 years, Jubilee. In the design of time, a Jubilee period of 50 years was only allowed to play because some believer was spiritually-matured enough during the previous 1000 years, to justify time continuing for the next 1000 years. It first signified the coming of Messiah to reign 1000 years, Isaiah Chapters 61 et seq. So each Jubilee was designed to remind Israel of her future. So each Jubilee year, was a time of renewal and celebration. Here, the focus is on Returning To Foundation. Idea that what got done is erased, ended, because it was Temporary. Alternatively, if what got done was so complete, it's time to relax and enjoy the Profit ("5" is the number of restitution/ profit in Bible).

    It's a DUAL contingency. The character of a 70-year piece is fundamentally a 'tax rebate' on 70 sabbatical years, even pre-Israel. Pre-Israel, God is still accounting time in this manner, but the observance was not by a nation, and did not necessarily have the physical characteristic of not working for a year. (If it did, I can't prove that from Bible, though crop rotation and letting-land-go-fallow has been a feature of good farming for many centuries.) So, the 50 years is purchased by the 70 as a net rebate, as we saw in the "7" and "10" weeks. But additionally, someone new must be awarded a 1000-year grant for the 50 to play, even if 'paid for' by the 70 weeks. So it truly is a Jubilee, if the 50 occurs. Whew.

    Hence the Jubilee concept of "reset" is literal and economic. So it plays literally: in a Jubilee year, property reverted to its owners from 50 years prior, debts were cancelled, contracts had to be renewed. It sounds disruptive, but everything after a Jubilee year was valued based on when the next Jubilee would occur, so it became a stable recurrence. You should be able to verify that fact from Bible and most any rabbi -- especially, one in Israel. I'm not sure how they practice Jubilee today, but it should be substantially similar, at least among the Orthodox.

    Hence, in the Grand Scheme of God's design for time, the HOUSING period is "1000 years". Which is, 20 x 50. Which has following it, another "50" years, to make the "1050" basic unit of Time that God built for the human race, beginning with Adam. Again, the "1000 years" link will show you how God actually played time with that 1050-year block, from Adam through Christ. That's why the Lord quotes from the Isaiah 61 Jubilee announcement, to proclaim Himself Messiah, Luke 4:19. [I can't yet prove that the year He announced Himself was a Jubilee year. Doesn't look like it. Depends on when God had them start the clock for countdown. Surely it began sometime after they entered the Land, but was it the first year they entered, or after they'd won the territory and did the allotments? So I can't calculate whether His Proclamation -- maybe mid-26AD -- was supposed to be a Jubilee year.]

    So notice the metaphor communicated by the number: the 1000 years starts over after the "50" finishes, 'redeemed by' the previous period. Now you know why God gave 1000-years' advance notice on the Flood via Enoch naming his kid, "Methusaleh": "methu"=he dies, +"saleh"=destruction comes (from Hebrew shalach). Enoch clearly had been warning people long before his kid was born, and God clearly told Enoch what to name his kid. Since we know the "Day of the Lord" is first a Warning of the Last 1000 years of history, then we also know its precedence: the Flood. So you were warned to shape up! And if you did, this wonderful 50-year period of Return, Rest, Foundation, ensued.

    That was the law in Israel, therefore. Always telling them what time it was, always reminding them of the timeline. Since Israel was the NATION from whom Messiah would come, the NATION got this rule. Prior, it was the bloodline (i.e., Gen5 and 11 rosters) who got the rule. For Jubilee is always about Salvation, and Millennium is always about The Savior Ruling. Until Israel and then David, it wasn't known for sure, of what branch this Messiah would come. That was a progressively-revealed thing, because it depended on VOTING. You'll notice that the contracts from Adam forward all depended on VOTING for God. If you did, you were promised to be a progenitor of His Line. Finally, that progenitor was Abram, renamed (contract-given-evidence) Abraham, "father of many nations". And from them, ONE nation, would be a priest nation: Israel. That future was CONTINGENT ON VOTING for Messiah when He came. Two Kingships He would have: 1) the eternity-past Melchizedek King-Priesthood for FATHER (see Heb5-10), which David knew about, so Israel did too (Psalm 110). Then 2) King of Israel. The latter was unconditional to Israel via David, only. The former was CONTINGENT on her voting for Messiah. So Israel will be a priest nation in the Millennium due to His KINGSHIP, not her acceptance (though she will accept Him at 2nd Advent), because that role falls under 2). But 1) being rejected, went to us Church. We are not Israel.

    This meaning of "50" was used in many provisions of the Mosaic Law, so you could be constantly reminded of its "retirement" meaning. If you were a Levite, you would be retired from Temple service at this age. Israel was supposed to revert back to its original property allotments and make similar changes economically, every 50th year. They didn't do it, so they got punished. Severely, too. So this God is a God of REST. Don't take the rest He prescribes, and you get clobbered. While we are not Israel, so this rule doesn't apply to us secularly, you will find an astonishing resemblance of its play in life. Because, it's a critical component of how God designs Time.

    Notice how the 49 years are in "sevens" (again, "week" really isn't a Bible term). To get the sevens, you first must have a BASE; you next must have a GOAL. Every "50" means either you met the goal, so can rest; or, you flunked so you go Back to Base and try again. Hence the promise of the next 49 years. Jews knew this well and reckoned all their prices in terms of years from the next Jubilee. Probably, when the 50 years came around, they renegotiated what amounts to a 50 year lease on everything. We Are Leased Life From God: when the lease is up, what do we have to show for it? Idea of Productivity, since life itself is short, and you go back to God in the end. Talmud has no end of wordplay on the concept: nearly all of what's called "Jewish wisdom" is based on Jubliee. Because, the entire economic life was based on it.

    So when the Lord spoke Isaiah 61, the "acceptable year of the Lord", that's OT-speak for announcing Himself as Messiah -- because everyone knew ONLY Messiah could authoritatively claim that verse. (See Isa61:2 but read whole chapter; then look at Luke 4:19, and read whole chapter plus parallel chapters in the other Gospels.) So all Israel went wacko, having considered herself enslaved ever since Daniel got that 490 (see "Our History" link in LvS4a.htm for the background). See, Isa61 is the Ultimate Jubilee announcement, the promise of Eternal Deliverance, Salvation, Rescue. So the Millennium is composed of 20 Jubilees, and Isa61 is the Announcement of its Implementation, aka "the new covenant" in Jeremiah and Hebrews (and elsewhere in Bible).

    Jubilee also meant the 50-year period for harvesting the Gentiles had completed. It's quite uncanny how God literally showed Israel He 'purchased' the 50 years from the 70 sabbatical years during a 490. In #9 of Ten Ways This Timeline Differs, a Word doc, you'll see the math. So you see the tie to Pentecost. Again, the reason so much of this provable Bible accounting is not easily visible is that God reveals it through the math He gives. We Americans don't constantly run around telling everyone how we number our days, so you wouldn't expect a Bible book written to people who knew the calendar, to give them a primer on it. You don't write out what everyone already knows. That we don't know today, means our parents and our parents' parents, didn't pass down the information. But you can still find it in the Bible.. if you crunch the math.

    And what everyone knew, was the year David died. So it's humorously embedded, in 1Kings 6:1. You'd just seen 10 of Solomon's years. But his 11th year is the 4th after David died, in context. So from that year forward, the last 1000 years to Messiah, was cast in stone. This "Day of the Lord" became a prominent OT phrase from David forward. It is a Coming Of Messiah future, the year is known, so it's a warning to PREPARE. So when Messiah arrives, He must invoke Isaiah 61, to show He's Arrived. And it's a warning, because if Israel then rejects Him, that Third "day" from David -- the Millennium -- will not happen. Literally, there would be no more time if Israel rejected Him, for He comes at the End of Time. First Advent, End of Time. Second Advent, the End Of All Time as "we" know it: Greek verb suntelew used in the LXX of Daniel 9:24, played on incessantly in the NT.

    Hence the 50-year components and the "seven weeks" which 'birth' them, are to remind you of these meanings: harvest period for the Gentiles, then Jubilee, Millennium begins. Meanwhile, God's saying: if you didn't learn the Word well in the last 49 years you are still a zero, 1Cor13:1-3; but, now you can start again. If you did learn the Word well in the last 49 years, then REJOICE in being a zero! James makes wry application of this Jubilee, in James 1: if you're rich, rejoice in your poverty, and if you're poor, rejoice in your wealth. For this world is entirely temporary, and you always go back to dust -- but your soul, goes UP to God. For life is only about, the First Commandment, and to know Him is to Love Him (can't love Him if you don't know Him, main tandem theme in 1Jn). Frankly anything but the Word, is boring. Name any goody you like, it's boring compared to His Gorgeous Thinking: talk about Jubilee! End commercial message.

    Jubilee was instituted at the time Israel became a nation, though the 50 years was part of the 1050 unit of time since Adam. For more on how Jubilee ties to the 1000 years due to Israel becoming a nation, click here.

    So what's Job One for Jubilee? What got built? The next 1000 got built in the previous 1000, so now the "50" can play, as celebration. Then, that next 1000 (Millennium), can begin (really the next 1050, but 1000 is the qualifying unit justifying the whole). Abraham got built during a 1000, as did Noah before him; as did Moses and David, after him.

    Job Two, if you believed? You believed in the Promise of the 1000, so it got done: you now get the tag-on 50 to rest, reflect, vote. Isaac voted for God during the 50-year period ending with the 2nd 1050 from Adam (he was between age 25-40 when Abraham almost sacrificed him, so it was voluntary on Isaac's part). Israel voted for David during its 50 for the 3rd 1050 from Adam. Because the Lord's Humanity Voted to complete a 1000, Church could exist so mankind would still be alive to vote at the end of what would have been the 4th 1050 from Adam.

    Job Three, the Judgement if you didn't believe? You didn't believe in the promise of the 1000, but it got done. So vote now, before the 50 ends. Else, you'll end with it. David's subduing of Israel's enemies occurred during the voting period that ended the 3rd 1050 from Adam. Everyone contiguous by its end either paid him tribute, or were dead/enslaved. By the end of the voting period of the 4th 1050, Israel was gone, having voted negatively (Temple razed 70AD).

  • 40 years, Judgement/ Grace Warning/ Testing. This corresponds to judgement periods, i.e., the wandering in the wilderness, the warning period between Christ's death and the Temple Destruction. The 40 years never exists on its own: it is always nested within something else with a "weeks" purpose, or "weeks" are nested within it. So you have to be careful how the 40 years you are using, fits. So generally (but not always) you leave out each 40-year piece in tallying to a 490: because it's nested. You need to count it if its 'mirror' is in a new 490: note how Paul uses it in Acts 13:20; how Book of Hebrews uses it (without needing to mention the timelength) in Hebrews 4. That latter usage is really interesting, for the writer is reminding everyone that the "40" is on -- so the Temple will be destroyed in 70AD. It helped that Titus had invested Jerusalem, too (but until about 68 or 69, when his adopted dad became Emperor, was reluctant to actually destroy the city and Temple).

    A characteristic of every 40 years since the Cross is that every generation can be the Rapture generation -- for 40 years, God had Israel wander in the wilderness while He executed the adults who left Egypt, due to their rebellion (see Numbers 14). That equates to ages 20-60, under the Law. So there is enough time to accept or harden into permanent rejection. The writer of Hebrews makes that point in Hebrews 3, allusively reminding the audience that Israel is in a kind of Booths period -- wandering in the wilderness, again. The writer's general theme was that the Temple would soon be destroyed, and hence there would be a Diaspora from which Israel was NOT supposed to return until the Lord regathered them -- just as was true, back in 1440-1400 BC. It was a Warning to Leave, just like Matt24 and Daniel 9:26 had been. John will later reiterate that warning via the sarcasm God told him to write, in Revelation 11. Notice how we all don't heed the warning. So the world won't heed it then, either. So there's no point in having signs, since the signs of the past are already in writing, and go unheeded.

    While the 40 years never exists on its own, nothing exists without it, either. So Bible often doesn't often mention the 40 years in a timeline, because it is to be assumed and therefore added in, if not already nested within a larger period. Your big tipoff is the presence of a "week" (seven years) somewhere in the calculation, since a week is for building foundations and testing, so a testing period preceding its beginning, or following its beginning (more often, both, due to the mirroring) is needed -- GRACE.

    The seven is always housed inside a 40, at either the beginning or the end (first or last seven of a 40-year period). For example, as you'll see in the "Joseph" intra-page link (at pagetop), Pharaoh's bad dream of 7 famine years is mirrored: it's preceded by 7 plenteous years; so you have to enclose each "7" within a 40 years, on either side that nexus of 7's, to get the Right Time. So there will always be this quality of a 7 inside a 40. (Parallel period is 30-70AD, where the last 7 years are 'spent' on the siege of Jerusalem; that period represents the mirror-back of Christ's 33 years, plus an extra '7', because David was ruler for 40 years; so that 7 played per Dan9:26, but was generated by Israel's rejection of Him.) Of course, that couldn't be given Pharaoh, if he didn't appoint the Promised person, Joseph (believing son of Jacob, therefore inheritor of God's Promise to Jacob -- see Rom9). So, through that Promised person, Pharaoh and all Egypt, can be saved. So, Joseph's tenure as vizier to Pharaoh was Made By God to be 80 years.

    It isn't always true that the 7 years get paired back-to-back, but they are always within a 40. David and Solomon represent a pairing of 40's. During David's first 7 years as King, he suffered civil war. During Solomon's first seven years after David's Retirement, he suffered civil unrest.

    Hence the 7 years of the Tribulation in Daniel 9:27 means a 40-year period, not merely a 7-year period. And since Israel rejected Christ, it gets that 40 paid twice, via the siege of Jerusalem ending the 40 year period from 30AD-70AD. All the writers of the NT knew this, expected this. You'll notice that a flurry of new Canon came out just before 70AD: Mark's Gospel, Peter's letters (written after Paul was executed, see the addressees in 1Pet1), Book of Hebrews (written after Paul was executed, Heb13:23), Jude. Then, when the next expected Rapture deadline of Year 4200 from Adam didn't trigger the Rapture (our 94AD), that's when John has to write. Because, you write to EXPLAIN something. So there must have been something new to explain.

    The second play of the Trib will be the one John depicts, reserved from Dan9:27. It will be preceded by 33 years, and of course we won't know that, since there's no prophecy given Church; but in retrospect it will be seen. For that was the original schedule: Messiah was supposed to die in 37AD, had Israel accepted Him; following that, would be the 50-year period for harvesting the Gentiles, depicted by Pentecost and Jubilee; the final 7 years reserved for Trib would follow it, mirroring; but as you can see there's plenty of room for that last 7 to be nested within a 40 which also nests, 'connecting' the 50 and the 7. The 7 depicts Passover week, so total is 57 days between the beginning of Passover and Pentecost, which represents the 57 years between the 1000th anniversary of David's death and the end of the 4th 1050 from Adam, when the Millennium was supposed to begin. So the last 40 of that 57 would be a judgement warning to those negative in Israel, as usual. However, Israel rejected Christ, so the timeline changed: the 40 played to mirror back His Allotted Years, from 30AD to 70AD. Hence there was no '50', since Church had to be invented in Matt16:18 (ratified in John 17, paid on the Cross, Eph5) -- to continue Time itself.

    Hence the remaining 7 is the Tribulation, yet-future, kicked off by the Rapture, whenever that occurs. But the previous 33 years of that 7, will be pre-Rapture. Thus you see the precedence for saying that any generation can be the Rapture Generation, because the original generation which saw Him, was supposed to be the final generation. Of course we're Church, and the original timeline was abrogated (um, we're way past 1144AD, when eternity was originally scheduled to begin). Therefore, since you can't date the Rapture, you also can't know when the beginning of the 40 years will be. But what you can and should know, is that this generation might BE the Rapture Generation. We are in that Dan9:26 bubble, akin to how Israel would have been. So every 40 year period (roughly corresponding to a siring maturity, hence called "generation") will look the same. Names change, surface events change color, underlying nature is still the same.

    So forget looking at all those drooling programs which allege to 'analyze' historical events to predict whether the Rapture will be "soon". It's always soon, literally Greek word tachú, meaning next-in-sequence, without prior warning. Bible tells you that. Those wouldn't-know-Bible-if-it-bit-them TV people who obsess over political events, are FAILING the spiritual life. They will bring on the Rapture, alright -- since It Occurs Because Christians Fail. Just as, the Flood came due to negative votes, the official precedence for the Rapture per the Lord in Matt24:37, echoed by Peter in 2Pet2. Just as, the Temple got razed due to Jewish negative votes. Rapture is caused by US, not by political events. Believers are the cause of Rapture due to their spiritual retrogression or progression en masse. No other cause. Hence you can't predict it: voting in the soul, is really not knowable.

  • 33 years. This is always a Result Of Promise Being Fulfilled value. Hence it is the difference between 40 and 7, and you'll notice the TRINITY doubled. Hypostatic Union, God-Man, empowered by the Spirit, Judged by Father on Cross. So this "33" is Consolidation, Communion. So, this was the period of David's rule over the rest of Israel. He ruled for a total of 40 years, but the first 7.5 were of Judah; of those, 7 was of Hebron as well; that leaves 33, so the Consolidated Rulership was 33 years. Christ lived 33 years, for that reason.

    This, like the 30-year piece, always has a SAVIOR value, so upon completion of the 33 years, that same period is always immediately mirrored back. It's mirrored back irrespective of when it occurs (i.e., the mirrorback is not restricted to the same 490). In the case of Christ, because He's the Convergence of all 490's, you have this mathematical phenomenon where all the pieces redeem and nest after the 490 ends in 30AD, to buy Israel more time. God's version of "AD" means "After Death" -- all time got reset then. The next 1000 years, actually began 64 years before the 4th 1050 from Adam, ended. Upload GeneYrs.xls and scroll down to the "Year of the World 4136" (middle column, yellow) to see this. So God's "BC" means "Before Crucifixion", and "AD" means "After Death". Thus time was reset in what we call 30AD. Whole timeline balances perfectly from Adam, until that point. The reset thus changes the benchmarks of when a 490 ends, when the 1000s end. Again, GeneYrs.xls plots all those benchmarks through about 2200AD or so. Historical data will be filled in as I've time, but enough is filled in already, so you can see something of the effect this reset has had on history post-Cross. History magnetizes to these benchmarks. There are seven trends which always occur within the last 120 years of a 490. MirrorNOW.htm explains the trends; its dates are keyed to the qualifying 490s, not the historical ones, so that webpage needs revision. (The trends magnetize around the intercalated historical 490s, not the qualifying ones.) Shorter comments about these trends are in the red triangle object notes in GeneYrs.xls' first 8 rows.

    These testable post-Cross trends magnetizing around historical 490s due to the CROSS, occur because He is our Precedence (Greek "archegos", used in Heb12:2). Just as time continued only so long as Israel continued, because The King-Priest kata Melchizedek completed His Mission, we get ours. And our mission is the same as His: to Redeem Time (i.e., Col4:5, Eph5:16, Greek or KJV). So Israel now gets more time because of us; and, like them, if we screw up, the time goes bad or is shortened on micro and regional levels (disasters, etc). The en masse shortening, is the Repture (so it occurs due to Christian apostacy, even as the world's time almost ran out due to Jewish apostacy). God Is Consistent. This is a solemn, scary thought: woe to me if I don't stay in God's System! To whom much is given, indeed everything is expected. Just as it was, for Christ.

  • 30 years. This is a building-of-savior number. You couldn't work in the Temple until you were 30 years old: search on "thirty" to see the verses. It is the number of maturity, as well. So you'll notice that Joseph became vizier when he was 30. This is the age at which David became King of Hebron, the age of maturity, the age Christ was when He began to announce Himself as Messiah. In the "490" which constitutes the building of Israel as a people, there are three 30's: Joseph's time to become vizier (measured from birth); Jacob's time to grow up spiritually enough to come back to Canaan (60=2x30). Then added to that will be the 400 years of slavery alloted, so to test Israel sufficiently so it will hang together as a nation.

      New 490, once the People had Become a Nation: hence, the Exodus. Notice how in the 490 building the people, Jacob is on the 'left' side, as progenitor, and then Joseph follows (building the location base for the sons of Israel); then, the 400 years. So, in Exodus 12:40-41 you have the stress on how the SONS of Israel leave Egypt 430 years later, on time as promised, to the very day (they arrived in 1870BC). The extra 30 years, mirrors Joseph's time before he became vizier, and any "savior" number is always mirrored (or added to the timeline). The remaining 60, is alloted to the development of Jacob, who IS "Israel", so is not included in the 430. It's also true that for the first 30 years, the sons were not enslaved, due to Joseph's influence. But about 1840BC, Joseph was getting old (he died in 1836BC at age 110), so encroachments (due to jealousy) against the freedom of the Israelites, began: Amemenhet III had come to power c.1842BC, and did not respect (English Bibles say "know" in Exo1:8, misleading) Joseph as did Amenemhet III's fathers (Amenemhet II, who had the dream; Sesostris II, and Sesostris III).

      So the precedenting root composition of a 490 looks like 400+30+30+30, the last two of which are Jacob. I'm not wholly convinced that's right. But it's either this or a better answer. The 400, is 4 generations at 100 years' longevity each, on average, but I'm not wholly convinced that's the reason why God uses 400, since HE is the one who determines our longevity -- so why did He DECIDE to make it 400? By the way, it is really four generations, per Gen15:16: see "Jochebed" link in MisTrans.htm if you've trouble with the Exodus and how so many people in four generations could occur. Frankly, Bible flat tells you most of them were converts ("mixed multitude" in Exo12:38), so why scholars tear their hair trying to figure out how so much Jewish reproduction could occur, is kinda weird.

      The 490 precedes Abram, goes back to Adam as a basic promise unit of time. That it plays out as 400+30+30+30 as a mirrorback, might be a unique characteristic for only that period. You'll see this done in the "Seedmaker" section (link at pagetop). Could be that 8*50 is the reason God picked 400. Again, more thinking as to the precedenting CHARACTER of this number is needed. I don't think the precedence is the promise to Abram, but something farther back.

  • 20 years. There many Biblical 20's, but they all mean ADULTHOOD, BATTLE. When the human is independent, responsible for himself. 20 years of indenture Jacob was willing to undergo for Laban, to get Rachel: see "Jacob" and "Seedmaker" intra-page links for details. ["Rachel" means "ewe", and the Lord is called a "ewe" in Isa 53:7. Mistranslated "sheep" in the silent-before-shearers clause: though KJV, Darby, Geneva, Tanach, Webster, NIV cleverly insert "her" to show it's a ewe. Red heifer and the ewe were important Levitical offerings, signifying Israel's Bridal Contract, with the Lord paying the Brideprice for her? That's what Isa53:10's "im tasim asham [female] naphesho [His Soul] is all about!]

    Idea of what He was willing to do, to get us; and, as a volitional response, what we are willing to undergo, to 'get closer' to Him. Our volitional yesses have no power, but they are free yesses. God MAKES them have power. Free will, but powerless to make the body obey God, theme in Romans 8. Man didn't lose free will at the Fall, he lost his knowledge of God, and his integrity. Hence we need salvation. And it's a battle to even want to believe, given the sin nature. And it's a battle post-salvation, because we don't lose the sin nature, until we die. Jacob had to battle for Rachel. So it was a demonstration of how much he wanted her.

    Twenty years old is the draft age -- Bible has many verses on it. At twenty, you were considered a legal adult; notice how God condemned everyone in the wilderness who was twenty and over to die in the wilderness, due to their apostacy. So, any "20" functions like the 20 years Jacob was a slave to Laban: Fight for Freedom. 20x50=1000, so the Jubilee is usually a component in any 490 where a 20 is located. The 20's are nested like the 40's are, because the 40 is 2x20. So sometimes you don't add the 20's into a calculation, just as sometimes you don't add a 40, because the component is already included inside a larger "weeks" one. The 1000 is a result of the interplay between what man causes and what God causes (i.e., "weeks"), so the 490's only add up to 1000 if a "20" is present.

    Saul pursued David for 20 years; took about 20 years to build and then dedicate the 1st Temple, 1Kings 6:1 compared to 1Kings 8:1 (960-950BC). Took about 20 years to build the 2nd Temple, Ezra 1:1-6:15 compared with Haggai 1-2 (537-516BC). In short, the 'fighting' meaning really plays, live.

    If God doesn't punish, we have no hope of getting out of the arrogances we so naturally love. Man has to Fight to keep alive, to protect himself, to have Freedom. As a result, Jubilee -- freedom -- with the ability to appreciate it. Just as, a child doesn't appreciate anything, so also, no slave does. Gotta grow up and Learn to Fight. Blaming, is not fighting. Blaming, is childish. So we need the 40's, we need the 20's, and usually until we ARE in our 20's, we aren't grown up enough to choose to fight. But you know -- people harden early. By age 7, what you will become is largely already set. You would have to fight much harder to overcome whatever you had become, if you don't want to be that way anymore. Well, what better way to motivate the fight, than to condemn? So, any of those folks condemned in the wilderness then had 40 years! to alter their sentence.. or, they could just blame God for condemning them, thereby proving His Condemnation Just.

    Man is lazy. Sin nature likes to fight and complain. So God makes judicious usage of our sin natures, to wake us up to His Salvation, as our laziness makes us want relief, and our fighting makes us want an inspiring cause. What better cause, than to know Him? What better thing to fight for? And what better.. REST?

  • 7 years: Fulfillment-of-Promise, Grace Warning Judgement Time. It's true in math, chemistry and biology that 7 is a very important structural number. DNA replication itself is based on the 'seven' of GACTU, sugar and phosphate, for example. So it should be familiar, to say that "7" is a foundational number. Less familiar, that it represents promise and warning from God. Here we see most starkly the mirroring characteristic, the Hypostatic Basis for Time, Union of Opposites, God-Man, doubled-7s. For back in the Promise Time section (link at pagetop), we had "one week" of years. This "7" is a counterpart. The Promise is High, and the Counterpart is Low, Isa 52:13-14, Phili2:5-10. So the Promise being Fulfilled, having been Built, results in a Judgement which Builds, Isa53:9-12. Condemnation is meant as a Blessing: so even Warning is designed to Build something. Forever.

    In the Bible, pastors and scholars often call "7" the number of Divine Perfection, which is true enough; but as you cruise through Bible, you'll see many more related meanings. The very design of time being a week of seven days stresses that time is orchestrated by God for blessing the human race. So a "week" of years is likewise a promise, but also it means going-through-punishment-to-build-a-foundation. A fixed time period, in order to BUILD something. So to get happier "sevens", as a consequence. Hence Bible often uses "seven years", implicitly. That is, you'd have to analyze the text to see a sevening occur: foundation is an UNSEEN thing, so the sevening will be implicit, not explicit. All those dates and begats are MEASURES to show you the sevening. Gen5, 11; the priestly courses; the number of sacrifices; and especially, the Bible's DATES. For example, God embeds David's death year as the Foundation to Temple foundation in 1Kings 6:1, by suddenly calling that Solomon's 4th year. Very bald, really, since the previous five chapters ended with the third year after David died, Solomon ending his own 10th year of rule putting down the last rebellers (1Kings 2:39-46, whole chapter is on the three years after David's death, showing Solomon's obedience to David's dying wishes). Then Solomon finally had everyone's respect, and spent the remainder of that third year preparing to build the Temple with his cousin Hiram, King of Tyre (theme of 1Kings 5).

    A "7" is almost always doubled, meaning it plays like bookends, twice (=joseph, double-portion, moniker of heirship). So if you see a reference to one "7" in a passage, be sure to seek its parallel, which will have a matching-but-opposite character. Here's a partial list.

    • "Joseph" section here, shows the doubled-7 in Pharaoh's dream.
    • Hypostatic Union double-7 wordplay is in Luke 3 and Matt1 genealogies (rhetorical device, number play).
    • First and Second Temples both built over 7 years, 960-953BC (1st) and 537 (then hiatus) and 521-516BC (2nd).
    • 7 years David king in Hebron but not over all Israel (civil war), 7 years Solomon plagued with civil unrest after David retired.
    • Passover Week and Trib, initial design in the Law.
    • Israel's rejection of Messiah and Trib.
    The successful completion of a seven results in a mirrorback, and it needn't be contiguous with the expiring 7; both will be housed in their own 40-year periods, so you're looking at 80 years, not just 14. The trend also works in reverse; a 'bad' seven occurring first (i.e., Israel's rejection of Messiah) results in another 'bad' seven playing later (i.e., siege of Jerusalem in 64-70AD).

    Again, every generation can be the Rapture generation: parallel is the 40 years' wilderness wandering, while God executed the rebelling adults (Num14). Hebrews 3 allusively reminds the audience that Israel is in a kind of Booths period. Temple would soon be destroyed, hence a Diaspora to protect Israel until the Lord 'shubs' (regathers) them at 2nd Advent (not before). Same as as back in 1440-1400 BC, when initially they were supposed to GO into the Land, but they were afraid, so God rescinded it. Then they insisted on going in, and got clobbered ("chased you like bees do", in Deuteronomy). Always the opposite of what He says, Israel (and Church) will do. So now, Diaspora: Warning to Leave And Don't Return. Matt24 and Daniel 9:26 reaffirmed that Warning. God will later reiterate it to John, in Revelation 11: the Two Witnesses are there to warn everyone to Stay Away. No one listened. So the world won't heed it in the Trib, either. What point then in having "signs", given the many signs of the past are already in writing, plus Wailing Wall Stone and Dome? So it is, with "7". It goes unheeded, and so must 'play'.

    Again, as you purview Bible verses using "7" (or "week", "sabbath", "seven", "promise"), you'll notice how each usage references promise, Grace Warning, and foundation-building. So, implicit Bible usages of this "7" often express in an embedded manner: embedded within etymology, sound, wordplay in the original languages. Examples of embedded usage are in the genealogies of Luke 3 (77 sons), Matt1 (14 generations), 1Kings 6:1, to name but a few of the commonly-missed references.

    Now let's examine why it's important to seek such embedded references. David's death age is embedded in 1Kings 6:1; if you don't know that, you end up misreading Bible regarding key dates related to the Temple -- and, misreading most of OT prophecy. In particular, you won't know that Daniel 9:24-27 is based on the 1000th anniversary of David's DEATH. That's pretty important, for if you don't know the accounting basis in Daniel, you'll misdate the future and other prophetical ties. Now you know why so many goofy ideas about prophecy are 'out there'. Even most scholars scratch their heads.

      Ok: it's true you can't find another Bible verse explicitly saying David's age when he died. But scholars almost universally ASSume 1Kings 6:1 is a scribal error, so they DISREGARD the verse. They've instead used his age and reigning period to come up with a death age of 70 (i.e., from 2Sam5:4); or, they use Section 8.15 of Josephus' Antiquities. [Section 8.15 is how ISBE or someone else like it, listed the Josephus reference. In my copy of Josephus, it's in Book 7, Chapter 15, subsection 2, paragraph 389.]

      BUT in 1Kings1-2 and its companion verses in Chronicles, you learn David transferred the kingship to Solomon while he was still alive, and lived a considerable time afterwards. 1Kings 6:1, the "fourth year of King Solomon" references Solomon's reign from after David's death in 963, because Shimei was finally executed the year before (see end of 1Kings 2), and that was in the 3rd year after David's death, upon which Solomon consolidated his solo rule. So the 40-year count in 1Chron29:26-27 and 1Kings2:11 ends with David's turning over power to Solomon. 40 years of Solomon are 970-930; the "fourth year" clause in 1Kings 6:1 follows naturally from the 3rd year when Shimei was executed. Thus you see how Solomon kept all his promises to his father. So God will use this departure point in 1Kings 6:1, to show how HE is keeping His Promise to David. Very witty, very profound.

      God has the writer of 1Kings 6:1 jarringly state that Solomon was in his fourth year of reign, though it's clear that the 480th year from the Exodus, was Solomon's 11th year of reign. This is why scholars dismiss 1Kings 6:1's "in the fourth year" as a scribal error. Big mistake, on their part. Let's see why.

      The 2Sam7 (1Chron 17) promise made to David that AFTER he died the Temple Would Be Built, is the reason for the "fourth year" clause is in 1Kings 6:1. It's phrased that way to show the Temple-and-Messiah Promise to David was fulfilled; and, to stress that the promise to David is the only reason Israel gets a Temple. So when you do the math (for the 480th year from Exodus means 960BC, explicit) you realize the "fourth year of King Solomon" means David died in 963, seven years after Solomon became king. So Solomon is really in his 11th year of reign, and by the 20th year of his reign, the Temple is dedicated, 2Chron8:1. So in 1Kings 6:1, God is stressing how Solomon, Israel, and all the future wouldn't even exist, were it not for the 2Sam7 promise made to David. In short, in a verse about the laying of the Temple foundation, God is saying David's Death is foundational to that foundation-laying. Witty and profound, huh.

      When you read Solomon's talk with the Lord in 1Kings 8, you'll see at least Solomon himself was very aware of that fact.

      So David was age 77 when he died in 963BC. Doubled-sevens. Like Christ, his Future Son, will be the 77th son from Adam, per the witty end of Luke 3. Notice the BODY meaning here: progenitor of a literal Messiah of flesh and blood. Notice how it nicely complements the "Promise Time" meaning of "1 week"? [1Kings 3:2-4 is the introduction to 1Kings 6:1, with Chapters 1-5 as a parenthetical explanation for the delay: Temple Building couldn't commence until Solomon and Israel were tested by God. There were succession problems which arose even before David died (Absalom's rebellion was only one of many revolts). Grammatically, each Chapter in 1Kings spans David's post-kingship lifetime through the end of Chapter 5 (chapter divisions aren't in Bible, but whoever divided the chapters, did a pretty fair job). So you don't need to add the words "post-David" in 1Kings 6:1 to know that it's IN the fourth year AFTER David died (looks like he died 3.5 years prior, going by topic divisions). Everyone would already know that from both context and the preceding Exodus clause.]

      Like my pastor says, when God Changes His Normal Pattern Of Discourse, He Means You To Pay Special Attention. Every Jew should be bug-eyed at 1Kings 6:1. See, it was expected that God tell you the age of the King to whom He unilaterally promised eternal rule. But where's the verse? See, you can't mistake that it's 960BC: the Exodus benchmark accounting leaves no wiggle room. So why "in the fourth year" of Solomon? It's not his fourth year, it's his 11th year. Every Jew knows that. Every scholar knows that, too. But instead of first believing God has a reason for saying something so oddly -- and then researching what that reason might be -- the text of 1Kings 6:1 is dismissed. Big mistake.

      Job One of this Fixed Time 7: due to David's death 7 years after his Abdication/Retirement, Messiah's Arrival is a fixed Promise (and Warning). Messiah-to-Come will arrive in 1000 years, represented by the Temple foundation's construction: David is the foundation of Messiah being built, biologically.
      Job Two of this Fixed Time 7: if you believed this, you'd notice what 1Kings 6:1 means and can Balance Bible Numbers from Adam through Christ to know When He Will Be Born. So you'll calculate Daniel 9, rightly: 1000 years after David dies, Messiah dies. Which math you can verify, for in years from ADAM, there would remain only 57 years to the ending of that 4th 1050, when the Millennium would begin. 50 years was for the Gentiles, 7 for the Trib, 57=Passover Week plus Pentecost, all known since Moses. That 57 years was always going to be the ending; you just didn't know in WHICH 1050, it would terminate. Once David dies, you do.
      Job Three of this Fixed Time 7: if you didn't believe this, if you deprecate 1Kings 6:1, you won't balance to Bible so will be confused and lose your faith. And you'll miss all the convergence. Warning, Bill Robinson! Don't ASSume Bible wrong! It's really sad how scholars deprecate verses like 1Kings 6:1, Luke 2:2, not doing their homework. [Quirinius was a trustworthy close pal of Augustus, a roving emissary charged in 12BC with implementing the new Augustan tax code for the provinces; he'd worked it out with Herod, who annually remitted the taxes; but by 4BC Herod was dying so Rome had to take over. Luke 2:2 DOESN'T say that Quirinius was officially governor of Syria at the time of the census. People READ that into the verse. The Greek is not so specific, easily can mean Quirinius was the guy who implemented it, which we know he was, since the Senate gave Augustus such a hard time about his tax reform. Lots of inventions and laws are named after their initial promulgators, even today (i.e., "Keogh", an erstwhile type of American retirement plan for non-corporate sponsors, is actually named after the guy who proposed it, decades ago). Quirinius long had charge over the provinces, was dispatched from time to time from 12BC on, because he was close to Augustus. Sometimes he had to assume official roles, even as sometimes he was elected consul, etc. But in Judea, you can easily prove Herod remitted the taxes directly; in 4BC, his many diseases meant he might die, so obviously Rome took over then. Herod and Augustus were close, so it would have been easy to do this. And don't expect to find census records: like we moderns, the ancients would recycle or trash outdated records. A tax census is annual, else the state can't get paid, doesn't know who to tax. So no one would keep outdated census records very long.]

    So what is God saying in 1Kings 6:1? 2Sam7 Promise Undergoing Body Delivery, the Job One of Fixed Time! The Temple, which represents the BODY of Messiah-to-Come, is only being built because David died; he died, so now God Fulfills the 2Sam7 contract. Legatee, is Israel. Grace. Israel would not get this Temple and this covenant, except for David. Except, for The Last David To Come From This First One. The Last David, Who is depicted by every tassel and ornament, carving and stone, lampstand and oil, which will BE this Temple's construction. Book of Hebrews in the NT, and Leviticus+Deut in the OT, all painstakingly stress how Blood Seals A Covenant; how this Temple and its sacrifices all depict Messiah. Book of Hebrews is explaining how the Mosaic Law, being fulfilled by Messiah=Christ=Last David, thus enacted "better things" (new covenant, promise since Israel was born). Which is why Christ is the Legator, the Father being the Grantor. Ephesians is on the same topic. So by embedding David's death, God yells it's Foundational to the Temple Being Built -- and, heh -- so the Seven Extra Years is going UNDERNEATH in the text -- which text is about, the Temple FOUNDATION, get it? God always plays like this in the original-language manuscript. You have to be alert to word order, soundplay, wordplay, and the running threads. Embedding conveys the most important meaning, and if you're unaware of it, whoa.

      Our sins were embedded in Christ, which is the only reason we are alive. Isaiah 52:13-54:1 is very graphic on that point, calling our sins into Him JAVELIN wounds; very violent, heavy sexual innuendo of rape, and all bleached out in translation. So you'd better believe God assigns the Highest Importance to embedded information. [Isa53trans.htm has a working translation of that chapter, which is syntactically Isaiah 53, misnumbered.]

      Frankly, most Christians have very little sense of humor. Dunno how we got the idea that life with God is supposed to either be dour, painful -- or like an orgy, rolling in the aisles. Most of the 'scholar' errors -- for which BIBLE gets blamed as being "inscrutable", lol -- are due to them not looking for the wordplay. They know it exists. You can see their many references to wordplay in the lexicons (i.e., those bundled in BibleWorks). But when they translate or read a verse, well.. the brain goes off. Use 1Jn1:9, SO YOU GET GOD'S BRAINS, and you'll spot the wordplay. Then again, scholars until our computer age had a really awful job, wrestling with fractur type, tiny vowel points and endless political pressure to 'respect' the past. So who wouldn't cave in and be dour? Kinda hard to remember 1Jn1:9 when you're so busy wrestling with people, musty codices, unreadable type and pomposity. It's a miracle they got as much right, as they did!

    So next meaning God conveys: the Temple 490 is due to the Kingship 490, and they converge therefore in that Ultimate King-Temple, Messiah. "Destroy this Temple" He said, pointing to Himself, "and in three days I will resurrect it [lit., Him, talking of Himself]", John 2:19. This was said after He'd resuscitated Lazarus, so the meaning was clear. (Love the Greek of that verse, John 11:43 -- "Lazarus, Come Here! Outside!") So clear, in fact, that it's used as part of the accusation to get Him crucified, and He's taunted with it (Matt26:61, 27:40, Mark 14:58, 15:29). Fitting that John, writing his Gospel a generation after the 2nd Temple was destroyed, should remind the audience that the Real Temple Had Left the Building, Was Seated in Heaven, in his summary of man's unbelief (John 2).

      Do you get the wordplay, now? Hebraically speaking, Christ Died To Make a Better Covenant, Be The Foundation For It, 1Cor3, whole book of Hebrews and Ephesians. Hence this significance is embedded throughout both God-inspired texts of OT and NT, Hebrew and Greek (only Greek, for NT): all playing ON, 1Kings 6:1.

      It was David who wanted to build the House; no one else asked God for it. God (the Son) uses the most beautiful Hebrew sarcasm to answer David's prayer (i.e., 2Sam7, 1Chron 17). Makes you wanna cry with joy. What, did I ever ask for this house? [Making a point of David's asking for it, how beautiful.] Can I be CONTAINED by anything? What, after all these years, I am NOW in need of a house? Don't I house YOU, not the other way around? Did I ask YOU for anything? But, well ok, I'll GIVE you a house for Me... And then, He gives David the most ELABORATE instructions, and spends a good 50% of Bible text on that House! How wry, blatantly PRETENDING not to be pleased David loves Him! How Jewish, pretending to concede something, when building the House of Sons is His Most Adamant Purpose! I love this text! [In translations, the blatant Temple-related text is probably 25-30%; but in the original languages, every verse has some tie, given the significance of Temple=Messiah. So to say 50% is actually too low an estimate.]

      So note the doubling of the 7's: 7 years after David's abdication, he dies; then the 3.5 year 'pregnancy' hiatus, and Temple Construction begins -- which lasts for 7 years. Perfect description of the doubled-Seven (7=Promise, in Hebrew): the "God-Man". Specifically, the promise from YHWH that the last two letters of His Name, will Become Human to save the world. The 3-year hiatus is analogous to Christ being under the earth; then, the PROMISE, the Resurrection, depicted by the SEVEN-year building of the Temple, starting with the foundation built on the Foundation of the Promise God made to David, who asked for it in 2Sam7. Which Solomon repeatedly acknowledges (i.e., in 1Kings 8). Followed by many repeats in OT about how due to David, God will continue to bless Israel.

      A "7" never plays but inside a 40. Notice how David's first 7 of his 40 years' reign, are civil war. As 1 Kings and 1 Chronicles relate, the first seven years of Solomon's 40-year reign, are marked by succession problems, too -- even though David is still alive. Only when those seven years complete, is there breathing space and consolidation. So the Temple is built AFTER the seven, and is itself a kind of seven. This is real time, k? Only God can orchestrate time.

    So the sevening theme is, Promise Made and Believed, followed by a kind of pregnancy hiatus, followed by Promise Fulfilled. In real time, with real meaning the BIBLE explains repeatedly, with real data you can check, so this is the REAL GOD, talking! Talking in our language, to denote Infinite Desire for intimacy, as represented in the Promise of the Temple-Who-Will-Pay-For-Sins; mirroring ourselves to ourselves, yet always quintessentially Holy God. Never demeaned, never demeaning. After all, acacia wood was used for the Ark, and it was covered with pure gold. Thorny, ant-ridden acacia wood, the hardest kind to harvest and make into anything: those ants can kill you, if the thorns don't do it first. Yet, just like the temple itself, which was covered with gold over the cedar (a noble wood), God will take all the thorns. To make you, Gold. Double.

      So note how this parallels the doubled sevens of Pharaoh's dream, which dream heeded made Egypt the #1 power in her day: historians still extol the time of (multiple) Amenemhet and Sesostris (their dates are in the "Jacob" and "Joseph" intra-page links at pagetop). Notice how it is simultaneously a Promise And A Warning; a Promise and a Building Preceding; a Promise of intimacy, God-with-us (=Immanuel), in order to BUILD us to be like Him (thus solving the Infinity-finity dichotomy). Hence the warning, don't get fat-headed, don't be dismayed, don't miss this. If you were God, wouldn't you be wrong if you DIDN'T warn and punish, since this is the goal of being human? What human could go back to the same ol' same ol', once he understands this is God's Plan? God IN us Church, because "better things have come", Hebrews and Ephesians. "Christ IN you, the Confidence of Glory", His Thinking cycling in us, thus unifying, solving the long separation that even finity 'begets', and sin fragments. So Joined by Him, in Him, and then Unified by His Thinking, Divine treasure in earthen vessels. That's the doubled promise, warning, building Plan of very God.

      Notice how the 950BC dedication of the Temple, is two 490's later than the year Joseph went into slavery (1930BC-950BC=490*2). Direct tie back to slavery. For the Freedom of the Human Race From Sin. Via the great-grandson Joseph, the Fourth Generation! of the Guy To Whom God Made The First Promise Of Sons, Abram. [Well, the promise was made since Adam, Genesis 3, the "heel.. head" verse. The naming used reflects that each father knew about the promise. "Seth" means "appointed" -- yeah, appointed to carry forward the bloodline to Messiah!]

      Gee: all this Divine meaning, due to what seems like a 'contradiction' in the text of 1Kings 6:1. Heh. And don't you think God knew we'd misinterpret the verse for centuries, when He gave it to the writer that way? Talk about buried treasure!

  • 3-4 years, a hiatus: PREGNANCY. Really, God means 3.5 days, which is one-half of a "7". This is the difference between the DAY the Lord was arrested (which was the 10th day of Nisan, the day the Lamb is SET ASIDE), and the DAY the Lord was crucified (14th day of Nisan, the day the Lamb is slaughtered). Which of course represents His time in Paradise, too -- for in 30AD there's uniquely a 3-4 day hiatus between the slaughter of the Lamb, and FirstFruits -- which we call Easter, the Day He Resurrected. God misses nothing, to prove Who is the Messiah!

    Unique, because they hadn't properly intercalated the calendar in 30AD. That's why He celebrates the nominal first Passover night, yet is executed on True Passover, just as the Law's holiday had always foretold would happen. Calendar was running four days fast, because it hadn't been intercalated to solar. PassPlot.htm examines the Greek of the six "paraskeue" ("Preparation") verses to show you Bible explains the intercalation problem. You have to know Jewish Law to know what day the Crucifixion occurred. High Sabbaths aren't Fridays, necessarily. So the dingdongs who came up with "Good Friday" didn't know how to read Bible, or were lazy. No excuse for not knowing, since Passover and the high sabbaths which mark its first and last days, are so thoroughly documented in the OT. Passover is a prophecy of the TIMING of Passion Week. So true Passover 30AD was the day the Lord was executed, just as the Law required, 14 Nisan in the Law but officially 18 Nisan per calendar that year; He was arrested on 14 Nisan, official calendar date for Passover, but because not intercalated, it was true 10 Nisan: Lamb set aside, just as the Law commands. Again, PassPlot takes you through math and verses, to prove all this before the Lord. It's absolutely outrageous we hate Him so much we won't bother to even get His Death date right. We should be boiled in oil for our CENTURIES of pious hypocrisy regarding His Death!

    But God Honors His Son. So God stresses this 3-4 year hiatus to reflect His Son's Suffering. [Eph4:8-9 are on this, but there's also a Psalm verse which the mini-series "Jesus of Nazareth" has "John" quote. I can't remember the exact words, but the closest passages I could find are in Psalms 30, 40, 88. I'll have to rewatch the movie.]

    • Luke 4:25, James 5:17, Rev11:9, Rev11:11 are some I can find in translation (but there are others which are not translated with the true 3.5 of the text, but are truncated in translation to "3", making it much harder to find those verses).
    • Many commentators notice the 3 days' focus (i.e., the writer of The Workbook of the Old Testament, aka "TWOT"). So when you see a 3-4 year discrepancy which isn't related to our screwball BC/AD dating system, treat it as a red flag to start digging for fabulous Bible treasure.
    • Lord went for 3 days down to Hades.
    • Jonah being 3 days in the whale (which the Lord uses to explain His future trip to Hades).
    • Tribulation Pregnancy Metaphor is always depicted by Three And A Half (days, years, etc). So comes to mean, sorrow-turned-to-joy: metamorphosis. So has its own Years counterpart.
    • 3-4 years was how long Absalom successfully revolted against David.
    • 3-4 years was roughly lapse between the initial reconciliation of Joseph with his brothers (the second time), and the actual SHUB (return) to Joseph by all the house of Israel, into Egypt.
    • Again, 1Kings 6:1, the hiatus between David's death and the beginning of Temple construction. [It's easy to mistake the total 7.5 year period versus the 7 years, versus the 3.5 year hiatus. The first six months of the Temple building period were spent getting supplies from Tyre, etc. So that's why you'll see Bible distinguish between seven exact years for the Temple construction proper, versus the total 7.5 years which began with six months of cutting the wood, etc.]

  • 1 year: NESTING, PREGNANCY. Like the 3-4 year hiatus, "1 year" is a real Bible time period God uses, and also a real error problem in our calculations. Let's cover the problem of human error, first. Biggest problem is that we use this screwy BC/AD dating system. There's no such thing as 0AD, so you have to subtract 1 or add 1 almost constantly, when converting from Bible's dates to BC/AD, even if we didn't have a 3-6 year discrepancy owing to the screwups resulting from adopting that system.

    But with years, you also have to pay attention to when in the year a thing happens. Because the Bible is precise, even when it tells you the number of years, it actually adjusts for the months, so rounds up or down. For example, if one referrent is near the beginning of a year, but it ties to another referrent near the end of a year, you need a +1. And, vice versa, maybe subtract 1. For example, Shem is born very late in his father Noah's 500th year. Shem's son Arpachshad is born late in his father's 100th year. So that works out to be "2 years after the Inundation" -- Gen11:10, "Inundation"= the beginning of Flood; for the Flood is dated based on Noah's birthday (600th year, Gen7:6); it recedes by his 601st birthday (Gen8:13ff, they were in the Ark for 375 days). So when you seem to be a year off, ask if one of the benchmark numbers is at the beginning of a year, and the other is toward the ending. (GeneYrs.xls rounds years also. As I've time, I'll dig into Bible more to find out how it rounds off months; then I'll list them in the worksheet. Since Bible gives you a whole timeline in which some of the dates are exact, you can accurately date most events within several months or even better. From Bible you can know exactly at least the following dates: Exodus, 1st Temple Construction, Destruction, Dedication, 2nd Temple's foundation, Dedication, city wall's completion, Lord's Birth and Death dates. So any dates given relative to those, you can date more closely as well.)

    Hence the Lord's Birthdate of 25 Chislev, which is LATE in 4BC by the Roman calendar then (last week of the Roman year), must be treated as if 3BC when doing the number-crunching balance to other BC/AD dates. PassPlot.htm shows how you can prove the Lord was born on what for us was 25 December 4BC on the Julian calendar that year. Point is, when you do number crunching, you must ADD "1" if you are talking about early-in-the-year; SUBTRACT "1" if you are talking about LATE in the year.

    So don't assume that the Bible's numbers don't add up.

    Here's another quirk about "1": God always NESTS the beginning and ending of the same day, viz., sundown the 14th of Nisan, really begins the 15th of Nisan, but yet is still the 14th of Nisan. So when God says you begin eating the Lamb at sundown the 14th of Nisan, He's using a solar calendar expression; but the lunar new day, was also beginning at that same moment. Pregnancy, nesting, hidden, developing, building. Similarly, He nests other important periods as well, and that's yet another form of embedding, as illustrated in the example of David's death in the "7 years" intra-page link, above. God thus always stresses that the next period depends on the Successful Completion of the Prior Period; for, it's a play on pregnancy (which lasts almost a year). Overall message is just like the Cross: Someone met the criteria of the prior period: else, you'd not be here. Can't do squat to get saved or stay saved. John 3:16 says it all.

  • The 1000 Years

    Finally, there is a 1000 year "set"; it houses all the number components, above: including, the 490s themselves. It's a Civilization Time Grant, and originates from Adam.

    Interplay between the '490s' and the '1000' Time-Grants

    There are TWO sets of 490s and 1000s which interact upon each other. The first set is personal, granted individually in units of either 490 or 1000, and must be awarded contiguously; like a relay race, before an individual's 490 and 1000 grant ends, another individual must receive a new one. Or, like a bus: when the driver's shift ends, a NEW driver must take his place beforehand, or the bus can't go on.

    By contrast, the second set IS the bus itself, and runs historically from Adam: the "real time" we all experience. It therefore runs 'intercalated' in 490+70+490 and 1000+50 units which are 'stacked' atop each other like a double-decker bus, with the 1000+50 as the 'upper deck'. Both 'decks' require underlying time-grants of their respective years. So a personal 490 must be actively running for the historical 490 years to elapse. So a personal 1000 grant must be actively runnning for the 1000 years to elapse. TIME STOPS with the expiry of the latest such personal grant, if there's no new grantee. That's like the 'bus' losing a driver. Might be easier to just load GeneYrs.xls and page through it, to see this interdependency between historical time and the personal grants which justify it. Cell A2 has a great summary note on this interplay (indicated by a red triangle). If you pass your mouse over the note, it pops up.

    Thus Time runs based on a unified, interdependent matrix of 1050 years, renewing in units of 1050 years, if justifiable. Think of Ephesians 2's two walls, build-out in process, JOINING in Christ as Cornerstone. For Christ has Two Kingships, and is the Last Adam. These tandem Kingships are the reason for both Time tracks being co-dependent. For Time's Design is based on Christ, Heb1:2 (Greek), in factors of double-7 (7, 2, 5). First Kingship is from eternity past, based on Him defeating Satan, a conditional contract called "kata Melchizedek" in Book of Hebrews and Psalms 110. Second Kingship is Son of David. So Church is under the first Kingship (which Israel turned down), not under the second (which is unconditional, sourced in David, over Israel). Church is not Israel, ever. The "1050" intra-page link at pagetop has two short, pinkish tables about the Hypostatic Nature of time which might help you better orient to the content of this pinkish table. Now let's look at each 'deck' of this 'bus'.

    • Lower 'deck', the role of the '490' set is Carry Forward The Promise of Messiah. Historically, it runs beginning with Adam's fall. During its run, someone on earth must have received a personal 490-year time grant which is actively running, or time ends. Also, by the end of that same 490 years, someone NEW must receive yet another 490-year time grant, or Time ends. If both of these criteria are met, then a 70-year voting period is added, with the result that 560 years of historical time, occurs. Then, the next 490 -- again subject to the condition that a new person receive a 490 award by its end -- runs. That completes the 1050.

        So historically, the 'drivers' of this deck were as follows: first '490' was awarded to Adam, represented by Seth's birth; then, it shifted to Jared, then to his son Enoch, then to Noah. Due to Noah's faith, God grants a Covenant, using Shem's birth as a birthday present to seal it. SHEM=the Name, the son who will be the progenitor of Christ. From Noah it shifts to Abraham, who also gets a covenant sealed by a son's birth, Isaac; from Isaac to Jacob, then Joseph (when he was enslaved), then Moses, then David and hence Temple.. to Christ. All one unbroken line of Promises, some of which are awarded at the last minute (Abram, Moses, Temple, Christ). Sometimes, multiple 490 grants ran at the same time, overlapping each other (Abraham's, Isaac's, Jacob's, Joseph's). The more overlapping, the more prosperity the world has. But there must be at least one personal '490' grant actively running, for mankind to survive. David had three 490 awards, as you'll see in the "David" link. Due solely to his staggered 490 awards, the world kept living. Temple depended on them, and Daniel 9's Temple 490 was only justifiable because David's awards were still running at the time. All this is covered in the "David" link here, and in GeneYrs.xls.

    • Upper 'deck', the Role of the '1000' set is Carry Forward Civilization, the whole human race. It too, depends on personal 1000-year time grants actively running 'beneath' it, as well as on active 490-year awards running 'beneath' it. If successful, and the next 1000 is personally granted someone, then a 50 year voting period PRECEDES the new 1000; thus the prior 1000+50=1050 plays out, completes. Then the next 1000 begins. Notice that it's always dependent on that 'lower deck', despite the 1000-year grants.

        So historically, the 1000-year Time Grants began at Adam's Fall, and also shift from one individual to another: Enoch got the first one (not Adam); then Noah, then Abraham, then Moses, then David, then Christ. Again, David gets three 1000s, tied to his Kingship starting, ending, and death. It is solely because he got these, that Christ could be born and die. Else we'd all not be here. However, these 1000-year grants in turn depended on the Temple Grant of Daniel 9 being active, or Time would have ended with the expiry of the Temple Grant. This is all dramatically depicted and explained in year 4136 from Adam (G column, yellow 'stripe') of GeneYrs.xls. It's really shocking, and demonstrates why Gal4:4 is so literal.

    • All Timelines Converge on Christ the Foundation, the Petra (Holy of Holies "BedRock", always mistranslated merely "Rock") of Our Salvation; since the Crucifixion, both 'decks' run in tandem from His Death, not from the first Adam. [Bible calls Christ, NEVER Peter, the "Rock"; proper translation would be "BedRock" (Holy of Holies) or "cliff" (Rock from which Moses got water). Of course, "Petra" is a famous section of cliffs even today in Jordan, hint hint. See the following sample Petra verses (there are about 77 in Bible): Exo 17:6, Num20:8-11, 2 Sam22:2, Ps27:5 (26:5 in LXX), 40:2, 61:2 (60:3 in LXX), 78:15-20 (77:15-20 in LXX), 105:41 (104:41 in LXX), Isa8:14, 48:21, 51:1, Matt7:24-25, 16:18, Luke 6:48, 1Cor10:4, Rom9:33.]

        All this can be proved mathematically. GeneYrs.xls plots out the 490s, 560s, 1000s, and 1050s from Adam forward, and from Christ forward. 490s and 560s are in gold 'stripes'; the 1000s and 1050s, are in green. So post-Cross you can select any historical event you like to see where it fit within the timeline. (You can only track historical trends post-Cross; can't tell who got the awards post-96AD, when Bible was completed.)

    So God runs His Time Grants on two tracks: one reconciles within base 490 (so to speak); the other, within base 1000. You can see that, if you pull up GeneYrs.xls. In Excel, select "View", then "Custom Views" and you'll get a dialogue box. Select from among the options, which historical period you want to view. Notice how the gold 'stripes' and the green 'stripes' interrelate.

    Historical Interplay, Adam - Christ.

    Important: the years here depicted are not the real years in God's Calendar, though they are close. I'm slightly changing the years to those more familiar to a reader. For I must first illustrate the concept of How God dates, since you can't find anything like this on the internet (nor anywhere else that I can find). So it's all new to a reader. So: to simplify the explanation here, I convert and then 'round' the actual years to our BC/AD dating system; the actual years are not quite the same, running often about 100 years ahead. For example, the year the Lord dies, is really the 4136th year from Adam's Fall. But by our BC/AD dating system, you get 30AD. So when counting DOWN from Adam, to show the 1050-year increments, I round his fall to 4100BC, with the result that in this table the 4th 1050 ends 0BC -- but it really ends in 94AD.

    But ignore all that divergence, here. Just use the dates given in this section as hypothetical or approximates, to see the pattern. For the same people are involved, the same meaning is involved, the 490's and the 1050's play the same with respect to those people. The actual dates are in GeneYrs.xls. Also, further down this page in the "David" link, you'll see the real years used. For Time Really Ran Out. The Lord literally came and died at the End of Allotted Time. You'll never understand the value of your spiritual life being literally used by God to BUY time, if you don't see how the Lord did it. We are extensions of Him, 1Jn4:17. We are caused to debit or credit time based on how badly or well, we learn Him in God's System. It's part of our inheritance as believers, and it's native to our spiritual lives, down here. Awesome stuff.

    So you can download GeneYrs.xls to compare the real years in real chronological order with the real people listed, etc. Again, by contrast the listing here is just conveys the buying-time ideas in rounded fashion, so you can see how God does this thing without being blinded by the math.

  • First 1050: 4100-3050BC. So from Adam's Fall to Noah's birth, there was 1000, followed by a 50, which gets you to Noah's birth. Notice how the 490 70 490 = 1000+50, and tally to Noah's Birth, in 3050 BC. Adam and Jared were the first 490 people, illustrated by the 490 separating their sons' births. (You know that's true because 490 years separate Noah's and Abram's sons, and you know both of them got 490s (because they got covenants). So the shorthand way of God telling you an award was granted and At The Last Minute, is by the 490 separating the son's births. People awarded 490s are benchmarked with extra dates in Bible, so you can see when the 490 grant was awarded them, as you crunch the numbers. This 490-year son separation is but one way the Bible reveals the identity of the grantees.) The second 490 person must be Enoch, and he's probably the 1000 person; so, Noah can be born. Both 490 persons were also used to 'finance' his birth. So another 1050 (with the third 490 beginning co-terminous) began with Noah's birth. During this time, additional underlying personal 490s which run on different timelines (overlapping) are unknown.

      The Flood's beginning date is significant. Noah is clearly the 490 person by the end of that third 490, thereby making good on the previous 'financing'. Look: 3050-490=2560BC; Noah was 490 years old. But the Flood occurs 2450, and was immediately preceded by Noah's 120-year Building of the Ark. Which means, he began building that Ark in 2570, when he was 480 years old, ten years before the third 490 was due to expire. [Really, it would expire only four years later, very close call. Again, this KISS table rounds years.]

      So you can see why Noah is a 490 person for both the third 490, which ended 2560BC; and for the fourth 490, which ran (after the 70-year hiatus) from 2490-2000BC. For a human being to be willing to endure the most horrible ridicule and attacks while doing what looks stupid, building this gigantic boat miles away from any water, meanwhile warning the ridiculers of what God was gonna do -- takes a huge, mature, faith. If God had ordered someone in our day to do that, we'd have the person arrested!

      So because of that great faith, the Flood can be granted (see all NT passages with "Noah" in them, especially Heb11). Else, there would be no more time, and everyone would have to be destroyed: including, all of Noah's family. Else, Abram couldn't be born. [I realize people have oodles of problems regarding the validity of the Flood and when it happened; once upon a time, I did too. Fact is, we all don't think through what Bible is saying, so we get confused or frustrated. Also, people don't read Genesis 7 properly. But let's focus here only on the logic: to have a Flood in 2450BC means that for 1000 years prior, civilizations had been corrupt: you can easily learn how corrupt, by researching ancient civilizations. Without exception, they were heavily into institutionalized phallicism, drugs, rape, and pillage: if you wanted to be part of the society and not sacrificed to the gods yourself, you had to play that game. It was a horrible, dangerous, time.

      Next big conundrum people have: how could all the earth be flooded? The principles of even college geology tell you how, frankly. The Flood itself, is easily accomplished naturally OR supernaturally, since the underwaters opened -- the earth is 75% or so water, so that would wipe out everything. You can see it geologically, i.e., study how Pangea became the continents, and read up on plate tectonics. Essentially, according to geologists, the landmasses of today were all once totally underwater (look up "Pangea" in your Encarta program on computer, it has a video, great way to see how Gen1:2ff might have happened). Gradually, these broke up some and floated; they dried out and then plate tectonics, separated them further over some millions of years. But also, there can be sudden shifts (i.e., earthquakes due to subduction, a problem in California); these are classified in geology. So, earthquakes or other openings could flood the landmasses again; that's how we got the Grand Canyon. Also, atop mountains in Iceland/Greenland, there are marine fossils. So it's more than naturally possible for the world to flood, it's still a threat: for the landmasses all float on water and magma. We just saw a demonstration of that power, in 2005 with all the hurricanes and earthquake-spawned tsunamis. (But I don't know whether God used this 'natural' method to do "the" Flood; maybe he just binged it all; could happen, either way.)

      Next big conundrum: as for human remains, there wouldn't be any. Body dissolves or gets eaten by aquatic life if it stays in water for a few months, let alone, the year-long period of the Flood. The three families left after the Flood would then have all this remaining booty of gold, agricultural implements, etc. So they would have strong reason to return to the old sites pre-Flood, and rebuild. Rebuilding on old ruins is the common trend of history, and you should be able to find much evidence of it, on the internet. National Geographic frequently has at least one of its monthly articles on this topic. Look up archeology on Troy, Sparta, Jericho, the Latin American ruins (especially, a current excavation in Peru), etc. It's really common, the far older layers of ruins beneath the ones we can see (even in America -- Clovis points research). As to repopulation, study Malthusian theory, presuming menstruation begins at age 9-12 (true today, but is earlier in primitive societies). Bear in mind that pre-Flood ruins don't mean a large population post-Flood, and you won't be able to tell true continuity of population, from the ruins themselves. People were migratory, and often left behind a cadre of a few individuals to care for the property when migrating (i.e., at Mesa Verde). Plus, you could have different groups of people successively inhabit the same dwellings, so you'd not easily know that a break in society occurred. In short, there are reasonable explanations for Bible's Flood story: but sadly, few think them out. So you rarely hear why a Flood covering all landmasses is demonstrably rational: especially since that's how it was, before Pangea broke up and 'floated'. So the story of the Flood is not at all far-fetched, and survives in every culture's ancient stories. Oh: don't go mounting expeditions to Mt. Arrarat -- the Ark was made of valuable cypress wood (which doesn't rot); Noah would have broken up the Ark, carried its wood down the mountain, using all that ready help from the animals.]

      This is precedence for us Church: growing up spiritually BUYS TIME for the human race. We know it's precedence, because the NT writers repeatedly reference Noah in this connection (especially Peter, in 2Pet). Noah is always depicted in OT and NT as the prototype of Christ; and we are Body of Christ. Rather dramatic meaning to your life, huh. Rather more important to grow up spiritually by learning how to THINK like CHRIST via learning His Word -- than fuss with Brother-Foot Churchinanity. (It should be obvious that Noah and Abraham didn't do any works. What's recorded is that the one built a boat to save his own neck based on a Promise; and the other waited for a son then almost sacrificed his son, aka murder -- based again, on a Promise. So it's the Promissor Who is doing the Good Deed. Not, the one receiving the gift.)

  • Second 1050: 3050-2000BC. begins on 3050BC (Noah's birth) and ends on 2000, the year of Jacob's birth. Again, you have two 490's 'split' by a 70, same piggybacking method: the third (since Adam, as we just saw) ran 3050-490=2560; then a 70-year hiatus between 2560 and 2490. Then the 4th 490 begins, running from 2490-2000, when Jacob is born.

      The two 490 persons during this 1050 are Noah and Abraham; Noah's 4th 490 'finances' Abram's birth, and AbRAHam completes maturity (signified by circumcision, see Rom4); so that justifies the 'financing' from Noah; so Abraham is awarded the upcoming 5th 490: that's why Isaac could even be born.

      Abram was promised an heir, but the progeny would undergo 400 years of slavery as a result, Gen15:13. Abraham believed despite having no son born from Sarai, and believed despite knowing that when this kid would be born, his children would eventually suffer 400 years of slavery under some other ruler. How easily would you believe in such a promise? How could you even want it? Of course, Abram knew the Savior would eventually BE one of those sons; but Abram wouldn't live long enough to even see the slavery period, let alone, the Savior born from his loins. So how hard it must have been, to keep on living year after year -- 25 more years, really -- knowing this future promise? If God is Love, why does He treat His Heroes like this? Takes a Huge, Mature Faith to combat that argument, huh. You can't just keep straining; you have to have stronger reasons to knock down such an argument. Faith is always based on Reason. Takes a brain to reason, takes a brain to believe, and you never believe anything without a reason. But are the reasons, VALID? Abram's were. God validated them. And it was horrific, to undergo all the necessary testing to prove how inviolable were those Reasons. Which means, the Word was in Abraham. In those days, not written, since God talked to Abram directly. [Not true, post 96-AD. From then on, God only speaks through His Written Word, a main theme in Book of Hebrews. See also John 14:26, 1Jn4:1-6. The Holy Spirit teaches you directly, just as He did Abraham. Difference is, He uses the Written Word to do it. If you aren't getting His Word, you're getting Satan's. Period. So anyone claiming to have a vision, revelation, ex cathedra, etc., gets their input from Satan&Co., not God. And thus their 'word' will always contradict Written Bible, and usually blatantly and derisively. Same, for the fake holy books (i.e., apochrypha, deutero-canon, Books of Enoch, Jasher, Mormon, and Koran -- great slapstick, certainly not holy). That, you will be able to prove, since you have Bible in writing. RCC (and much of Odox) 'revelation' contradicts Bible at every turn, for example (but so do many other denominational 'revelations').]

      Which testing, occurred about 50 years before that 4th 490, ended. Because after Isaac is born, and while he's in his 20's, during the voting period for the 2nd 1050, Abram is told to go to Mt. Moriah and sacrifice his "son of the promise" (see Rom9). Which he does (see Rom4 and Gen22:5 in context). So by the end of the 4th 490, Abraham's FAITH had been completed (see James 2:18ff); and Isaac's young faith is pretty strong, too. Isaac was a young adult, so would have had to agree to be bound on that altar. Faith, Greek word pistis, Hebrew verb aman: WHAT is Believed, first meaning of the term. What is believed? God's PROMISE. So the 490, which represents Promise, gives humankind who doesn't believe, another 490 years.

      Believing is a hard thing to do, but it's still only a believing. It's not works. Legalists try to pride themselves on their believing, as if they were oh so gooood for believing in God. What does that tell you? They HATE God. If you love someone, you don't pride yourself on the fact you love. For you are too busy loving, to think of yourself. Abram wasn't like that. Isaac wasn't like that. The merit of belief is in the OBJECT of belief. Duh.

      So the counts of the next 490s SHIFT, because God makes a Covenant with each Noah and Abram. 490s begin when covenants do, always. So we SHIFT how we track the 490s: you find a bookended 490 beginning with their respective sons, Shem and Isaac, but are due to the fathers. (There's a 490-year span between Shem's birth in 2550, and Isaac's, in 2060.) That "covenantal" 490 tracking, will justify the birth of Israel, as you'll see in the "Shem-Millennium" intra-page link (at pagetop). Principle: God STACKS blessing-by-association. And the biggest blessing of all, is to get enough TIME to learn Him.

      Probably both Noah and Abram are 1000 persons. Without them, we'd all not be here. Can't imagine the pressures they faced. During this time, additional underlying personal 490s which run on different timelines (overlapping) are Shem's and Isaac's, which begin at birth. So the fathers' 490s 'flank' their children; so those children get the necessary time to grow up and become 490s, in themselves.

      Notice how each personal 490 has its own timeline; Noah's ran out and Abraham's began in the same year, which was about 50 years prior to the historical 490's ending. Abraham's will run until 1570BC, when the 18th Dynasty comes to power in Egypt (the dynasty of the Exodus). By contrast, the 5th historical 490 ends 50 years after that, so we're not SHORT of the deadline: short, because Abraham's personal 490 began 50 years prior to the close of the previous historical 490. So personal 490s are on different tracks, overlapping in time. So when a 'new' 1050 begins, the remaining personal 490s continue to run 'below' it, like a protective net -- until they expire. This independence of personal grants is critical: were it not for these running-below 490s, Christ could not have been born or gotten to the Cross; so, we'd all not be here. As you'll see in the next segment, Joseph had to get the next 490, or else the God's promise of slavery to Abraham wouldn't have occurred; so there would be no Exodus, no Moses, no Israel, and no Messiah. These numbers are pretty dramatic, yet they sleep in seminaries and hotel room drawers!

  • Third 1050: 2000-950BC -- shortened 100 years! The new 490 persons are Jacob, Joseph, and Moses. Moses is the 1000 person. Were Joseph not enslaved in Egypt back in 1930BC, there'd have been no Exodus, no Israel, no Messiah, no "us". For there would have been no surviving Egypt to HOUSE Israel when the region-wide famine hit in the 1870's BC. Had Moses not been developed spiritually, there would have been no Israel. Had there been no Jacob, the whole thing would never have happened. These people grew up knowing that they were going into slavery for 400 years, just as God promised Abram back in Gen15:13, as a condition of Abram even getting a FIRST son. Of course, if Abram, then Isaac, then Jacob, then Joseph then Moses had said yes, and KEPT saying yes, the Son of sons would be born of his line. Could you easily live your life knowing that simultaneously horrible-and-wonderful information? I couldn't. During this time, additional underlying personal 490s which run on different timelines (overlapping) are those remaining from the 2nd 1050. Joseph's 490 began when he became enslaved, in 1930BC: else there could have been no Exodus, for there could have been no Moses. Moses was born 1520; all the other personal 490s had run out by then -- well, Jacob's ended in 1450. Moses' 490 began in 1440, lasted until 950: absent Moses' 490, there'd have been no David.

    Here in the 3rd 1050, it gets very complex. For our rounding purposes here, we track the 1050 as a set beginning at Jacob's birth; it was supposed to run until the 1st Temple is dedicated, 950BC.

    • Israel rejected God as KING in 1050BC. That should have ended Time itself.
    • But for Moses' 490 running, Time would have stopped, 100 years short.
    • Yet during that 100 years, David got developed (born 400 years after the Exodus, kinged 430 years after the Exodus): so time could continue.
    • So now the 490s SHIFT to David and Temple, for God has disinherited Israel and grafted her onto David. See 2Sam7. ("David" link at pagetop has a lot more about how this works.)
    • So if the kings become too apostate, the Davidic protection could lapse (and it will, in 586BC).
    • In that event, only the Temple 490 can continue the 490s, because the Davidic 490s cover the TEMPLE.
    • The Davidic 1000s, bracket when Messiah must be born and die, so you know for sure it's the Real Messiah, when He arrives.
    • That's why the "Day of the Lord" Warning becomes rather pronounced, from David forward.
    • David's Time Grants run as follows. Each of the following three dates begins both a 490 and a 1000.
      • David's consolidated Kingship began late 1004BC, sometime on or after 25 Chislev; so account it like 1003BC for math purposes.
      • He retires in 970BC and later
      • dies in 963BC. I'm still not sure in what month the latter two dates happened, but both of them are on or after (more likely after?) 14 Nisan. (See "David" link at pagetop, for details.)
      • David's 490s each end thusly:
        • 513BC (consolidated Kingship start),
        • 480BC (retirement/abdication),
        • 473BC (death).
      • David's 1000s respectively end as follows:
        • 3BC (really, late 4BC),
        • 30AD,
        • 37AD.
    • So the Millennium MUST begin no later than 37AD+57 years=94AD, when the 1050 ends. The 57 years denote the sum of allotted time for the Gentiles, depicted in the Law by the sum of Passover plus Pentecost.
    • So Messiah MUST come and pay no later than 94AD-57-40, the "40" being His allotted lifetime (parallelling the time of David's rule). So He must be born by late 4BC (3BC, for counting purposes). Else the promise to David is not kept on time, and Time ends. Again, a new 1050 must be awarded before the prior one ends, and this time, the one to end, must include an allotment for the "times of the Gentiles". That's why Passover and Pentecost preceded Rosh HaShanah, why Yom Kippur parallels 10 Nisan, why Booths parallels Passover. They mirror each other (first one paying, second one celebrating success of payment).
    • If these two MUSTs do not occur, Time will have to end with the latest grant, which at this point is 37AD. And that, contingent on the Temple being BUILT and STANDING in that year -- which year hasn't yet happened, so it's a contingent 'last grant'.
    • Nota Bene: all the foregoing is true centuries before Daniel 9. God BALANCES to the foregoing limitations when He has Gabriel announce the accounting pieces to Daniel. That, because God crafts time in these 1050 units subject to the rules explained in this webpage, all of which are in the Bible.

  • Fourth 1050: 950BC-100AD. It really runs 956BC-94AD, but we're rounding. David is the first 490 person, and the 1000 person; there are no others, because the 490 had gone from Moses to Temple; so only David's grants are valid. However, Daniel knew that, so prayed for the Temple to be restored. God answered his prayer with the 490 that kept the world alive long enough for Messiah! You don't need to be a spiritual giant to get big prayers answered. You do need to know how to pray. [Daniel did know how, and he also happened to be a spiritual giant. But Hannah was a jerk. Both got answers to their prayers. Daniel's spiritual maturity shows in the content of his prayer. Hannah's spiritual childishness shows in her prayer for a son she'll give up to the Temple, if God grants it. Yeah, and that son He granted was Samuel, Israel's finest, the prophet who saved Israel and taught David. So practice praying, even if you think you're a jerk; your advancing maturity will alter what you pray as you grow. GodSystem.htm#5 explains the simple protocol. Christ wasn't kidding when He said you could ask ANYTHING in His Name, even that a mountain get up and move. Prayer teaches you what it's like to be God, having all the power. It teaches you how to think like a Ruler: you learn to be very judicious in what you choose! Prayer is the most powerful weapon in the universe: because it's Word Going to the Court of Heaven. Pray as often as possible, think over well what you say, use your own words. For you are in training to become a King under the King of Kings, and THAT alone honors Him.]
      Personal 490s running underneath and on their own timelines: only David's, and both Temples'.
    • First Temple dedicated 950BC, six months after Moses' 490 ended, but still within David's. It's only 6 years after the voting period for the 3rd 1050, ended. Close call!
    • Temple now begins its own 490, which is supposed to last until 460BC.
    • Except, it is destroyed 364 years later, in 586BC by Nebuchadnezzar.
    • So that leaves a 126-year credit predicated upon the rebuilding of the 2nd temple, Dan9.
    • So because David's 490s are still 'alive', God can justify reconstructing a 490 to the Temple, due to Daniel's prayer in 538BC.
    • 140 years (back-to-back 70 year VOTING periods) precede, measured from God's 586BC Decree back in Jer25 (which Daniel is reading, in Daniel 9): because both Temple and then Jerusalem must be rebuilt before the new time can play, Dan9:25.
    • 2nd Temple construction began 537BC, foundation laid on 25 Chislev. Then a hiatus due to anti-semitic opposition.
    • Rebuilding recommenced on 24 Elul 521BC, lasting until 3 Adar 516BC when it was dedicated. Again, this is 7 months later than the end of the 70th anniversary, which dated from 10th Ab. But David's 490s are still 'protecting' it.
    • So in 516BC because Temple exists again, the 70 sabbatical years (from 586-516) are mirrored (reimbursed), to play from 516-446BC.
    • But then Purim intervenes in 474BC, a year before David's last 490 runs out. Purim is averted. Purim was cast to coincide with Passover, the notices timed so they'd hit the public ON Passover, a full year's notice. The day of slaughter was scheduled for the end of that civil year (Persian year ran Nisan-Adar, like the Jewish sacred year). It's not a coincidence.
    • That reimbursed 70 continues to 446BC, and Jerusalem is rebuilt at the last minute, wall completed 25 Elul 446BC, about six months early (measured from 3 Adar 516). Moses' personal 1000 ends in 440BC. David's 490s ran out back in 473BC, so only his 1000s are running now.
    • So only because the Temple 490 started up again here in 446BC just six months shy of the deadline, the world goes on living.
    • So out from the 2nd Temple 490: 586-70-70-49-434=37AD, the time limit for Messiah to come, pay for sins, and rescue Israel. That is the world's time limit, too. End of the World. That is the 1000th anniversary of David's death, the latest of the time grant deadlines.

      Paul explains this countdown to Messiah in Acts 13:19ff, counting 1440BC-40 wilderness-450 to Temple Dedication, and from there to Christ. So when Luke relates this, the readers all knew the 490 accounting system. You know that too, because Paul references the "promise" of 2Sam7 in Acts 13:23, and Temple=Messiah. (English translations are very confusing. The 450 years is measured after the wilderness and INCLUDES the time of David. Paul is balancing to the Moses 490 which began at the Exodus. Better translation of verse 20 should be something like "and over the course of the next 450 years", followed by the four categories during that period: Judges, Samuel, Saul and David. Greek "meta tauta" begins the verse after the 40 years' wilderness, not as the English makes it seem (after the 450 years). Greek word etos introduces something which is about to be recounted within the period stated. You also know that because the Land was not subdued until David's time ended, hence 2Sam7 requires David retire and Solomon take over.)

    • But that 37AD becomes 30AD when Israel rejects Him; for now the Second Temple must be destroyed to effect Dan9:26. So the extra '7' lost will be 'spent' on that. And is, from 64-70AD.

    Now witness the Glory of God. All this complex accounting with personal 490s and corporate 490s and 1000s overlapping, whew -- why go to so much trouble? Witness:
    • A new 1050 must start upon His Death. David was used by God to leverage the 2nd Temple so Christ could be born.
    • Christ being born thus justifies 'resetting" the clock since He DIED Victorious.
    • God did that for a building (2nd Temple, Dan9), so He could Build the Living Building, Heb 6 and 9!
    Savior's Time Legacy, 30AD+ : Hupostasis with Church.
    • Israel rejected Him back in 1050BC and again in 30AD, thus ran out of time.
    • All the remaining time Israel could get, is through Messiah. And He purchased her Millennium, clock's reset.
    • Messiah 'holds' the Daniel 9:27 piece (7 years of Tribulation) in reserve.
    • Father 'held' the Second '7' year piece due to her refusal, and 'played' it to fulfill Dan9:26, in 64-70AD.
    • So her inheritance went through David, thus securing it; then
    • through the Temple, then
    • through Messiah; so now HE holds it.
    • Separately, Church (as His Body) -- separate covenant, see Part IVa --
    • Church now represents Him down here (1Jn4:17, etc.),
    • but with no fixed deadline for aggregate spiritual maturation (i.e., per Acts 1:5, Eph4:11-16, esp. v.13).
    • For Church doesn't get to have her days numbered, but per 1Thess 4:17 will just suddenly terminate at Father's command (ibid).
    • So because Messiah Succeeded,
    • He is measured back.. Time.
    • So a new "1050" begins, but
    • -1050, reserved for the Millennium and its ending voting period (Rev20:7).
    • +40, because Christ was successful, and ANY years of a savior are always mirrored back (precedence is Joseph, then David). Here, the years Christ was due as King (same number of years as David ruled). This gets mirrored back from 30-70AD, exactly. David ruled 7 years, then 33 years. Christ was on earth for 33 years, and the remaining 7 is mirrored back in a premature play of Dan9:26, happening from 64AD-70AD. God is precise.
    • =70AD, the amount of time Israel gets granted, since Messiah is Jewish and was completed.
    • Notice: had Israel not rejected Him, He'd have died in 37AD, not 30AD, for that was the deadline allowed in Dan9:26 (end of the last 62 weeks). Instead of 40 years, it would have been 50 years, the "times of the Gentiles", which were depicted as 50 years under the Mosaic Law (Pentecost counting and Jubilee counting). So now we're at 87AD, in the accounting. That only left Dan9:27 to play, so the Trib initially would have begun 87AD, Millennium in 94AD, ending 1094AD (probably on Pentecost, but I can't prove it yet). Final phase would have been a 50-year voting period, so eternity should have begun 1144AD. Thus you can balance the entire timeline from Adam to the originally-scheduled end of time, from Bible. Ten Ways This Timeline Differs versus what's on the internet is a short (29-page) Word doc. Its #9 walks you through the accounting.

      In the real years that played, the same result obtains, time clock is reset at 30AD, not 0AD. GeneYrs.xls shows this. Just load the worksheet, and page down to Year of the World 4136, and start reading. God has His Own BC (before Crucifixion) and AD (After Death) dating system. Unlike our Before-Christ and AnnoDomini system, God's BC/AD system balances, exactly. And it actually resets at 30AD. You can see the 490's play out from there, as well as the 1000's; the world's historical trends all 'magnetise' to the benchmarked deadlines explained in the "1050-year 'Building Block'" link in this webpage. Just track the gold and green rows of the worksheet, notice the history occurring within 120-160 years of their endings. Same seven historical trend patterns keep repeating. The trends themselves are color-coded and pop-up notes explain them, at the top of the worksheet. For easier navigation, pick Excel's "View", then "Custom Views", and a popup dialogue box appears with a list of time slots you can choose to quickly go back and forth.

    Uh-oh. There is no time left! Now you know why Church had to be grafted in. Remember, God's been cutting and grafting His progeny since Cain (who was cut out) and Seth (who was grafted in, though not the firstborn). As you go through the intra-page people links from Shem forward, you'll notice how many people who were NOT firstborn, got grafted in lieu of the firstborn. Jacob was second son. Joseph was penultimate son. David was the seventh son. Moses before him, was of a minor branch of the Levi tribe; but Moses' great-aunt, a DAUGHTER of Levi, was used and then the entire Tribe of Levi was cut out, and 'grafted' onto Moses' brother Aaron: and that, because Moses wouldn't be God's mouthpiece to Pharaoh, Exo3:10-4:16, esp.4:14-16. (More on this cutting-out, grafting-in history follows after this pinkish table ends.)

    So too, with Time itself. So to begin a new 1050, Church would have to be the reason for granting time. For Israel had rejected Messiah. Now you know how literal is the NT expression, "redeem..time" in verses like Col4:5 and Eph5:16 (Greek or KJV). Note that Eph5 is on Christ and Church, analogous to Bride of Christ, analogous to Christian marriage. This redeeming-time doctrine is expressed in many ways by each NT author, but those verses are easy to read.

    It's not a joke; it's not a toy for ego. If anything, we should be afraid of missing the goal, like Paul counsels in Phili3:6-14. We are being used To Buy Time, and that only happens, for the same reason it ever happened: spiritual growth is the criterion. So we wreck time, if we aren't in God's System. We are being used To Redeem Time, if we are living in God's System.

    Eventually, no one in Church will care about God enough to grow up in learning Him; that's why the Rapture occurs. That's why it can happen tomorrow, or 10,000 years from now, for all we know. But God knows. So: just as you couldn't predict the date of such apostacy back in Paul's day, so also you can't predict it now. Again, these 490s and 1000s are NOT a guarantee of time. Someone must be developed IN time for the next 490 or 1000, to even begin. At some point, that will no longer happen. Then and only then, will the reserved 1057 years, 'play'. And no one knows when that will be, since it depends on Volition, Voting to Learn God. So we Buy Time And We Make History. Not, prophecies. We ARE the prophecy: they don't get anything UNTIL we complete, Heb11:40's Greek.

  • That final 1000 years 'completes' time, makes up for all losses. We know only 1057 years remain to 'play', after the Rapture. Church is off-balance-sheet, for time was only promised to Israel.

    Next question: how the Bible covers the 1000 years, and its component parts. Like everything else in Bible, there's some dispute over whether the Millennium is in the Bible. The only explicit reference to reigning 1000 years, is in Revelation. So, some contend that the "Millennium" is manufactured by rabid, Rapture-thumping Christians. What a crock. Look:

    1. Leviticus 25 system of Jubilee years (20), since Jubilee represented His Advent, viz., Isa61:1 which the Lord quotes on returning to His Hometown in Luke 4.
    2. David's lineage, a continuous line of kings until Messias was born, 1000 years later;
    3. "Day of the Lord", first fully used in Isa13:6 (Isa2:2 uses shorthand), and
    4. known long prior, i.e., Psalm 90. In short, Moses TAUGHT them about the Millennium. Then, as the Day approached, more information was provided. So this is a JEWISH thing, not a Christian thing. Not an invention popping up from nowhere for the first time in Revelation. Sheesh. See, when a thing is well known, it's rarely explained. You allude to it, instead. Look how hard it is to learn a computer or how to do stuff on the internet: explanations aren't easy to find, are they? Why? Because you are presumed to know. So if you don't know that "click" means to push your index finger on your mouse, you're clueless, huh. Same kind of thing with Bible: the writers were writing to people who already knew God's 1050-year accounting system, since every date in the OT is arrayed ON that 'calendar'. So they didn't explain it. Daniel just needed the pieces for accounting, in Dan9 -- not an explanation of the system. So too, with the Millennium.

      If you read Leviticus 25, you'll see God make the connection between the sabbatical years and Jubilee. Basically, every 50 years has 8 sabbatical years in it: the 50th year is the 8th sabbatical year, following hard on the last of the sabbatical years for the 49-year period. God enjoins the keeping of these years, and that's why the Temple was razed in 586BC.

      So notice: 8*50=1000. Given the meaning of Jubilee, it's impossible not to realize that 1000 has to do with some completion-of-historical-objective meaning. Moses dedicated Deut32 based on the numbering-of-days theme (compare Deut 32:29 with Ps90:12, Ps39:4); Leviticus 25 is based on the ultimate freedom (picture of heaven). Therefore we are sojourners here, not owners, and God will redeem our lives and the Land. Just as He did, for Israel. Just as He did, for Egypt.

      The Deut32 usage and all its kindred passages reveals the Hebrew keyword "aharit". There are at least 60 of these (depends on how your Hebrew searcher bundles morphological hits). The term is used much like our English "latter days", with the prophecy flavor about the ending of time; but "aharit" ALSO and even more has in view the very personal ending of your life, idea of how you will end up. Isa2 is a last-days-leading-to-Millennium prophecy; verse 2 uses soundplay between aharit and naharu; unfortunately, the latter is translated as if a stream/river of water, but naharu is about LIGHT (so streams of enlightenment, which of course IS the Water of the Word). Could be profitable to look for soundplay there on eleph or some other clue as to the 1000 years. Verses 11-12 are allusively using Day of the Lord vocabulary; the actual phrase first appears in Isa13; the equating of Day to 1000 is explicitly in Ps90:4. But the first use of aharit seems to be in Deut 32:20 (Moses predicting that they will abandon Him). So maybe until David, the Numbering Of Days wasn't done, but only the aharit-type warning, no set time specified; after all, David is God's Answer to their rejection of Him as their King back in 1050BC. Again, God doesn't start numbering your days until AFTER a fall so steep, the numbering is necessary for your protection (kinda like quarantine or slowing a viral spread).

    Precisely how the 1000 predictively worked prior to David, seems but allusively revealed UNTIL David ceded kingship to Solomon, i.e., via the number of investiture sacrifices in 1Chron29, see also Numbers 7. Moses was the first guy to talk about it, Ps90:4, 12 (Ps90 is written by Moses). Since the phrasing for Day and 1000 are from David as well (i.e., embedded Hebrew soundplay on eleph in what we call Ps40:6 -- quoted in Heb10:5); and since Isaiah and the other prophets are so very repetitive about the aharit usage, plus "Day of the Lord"; and, finally, since those pre-Flood got 1000 years' advance warning OF the Flood (i.e., Methusaleh lived 969 years, and his dad "Dedicated/Devoted/ Consecrated" (=Chanuch=Enoch) deliberately named him that, to testify to the coming Flood), the 1000 seems to be an embedded understanding, not needing elaboration. Read Jude and carefully search and cross-reference its keywords, first in translation, and then in the Greek (comparing to the LXX, the Greek OT). You'll find Jude is drawing parallel between the pre-historic fall of Satan, Genesis 6, Enoch's Warning everyone about 1000 years prior about the Flood -- and the current time Jude is writing, which seems to be sometime after the Temple is destroyed (and due to its destruction). For Jude is the younger half-brother of the Lord, and is in Diaspora when he writes.

      Everyone uses shorthand expressions to each other when the underlying meaning is fully-known. You don't keep repeating your full name to your friends, and they don't keep calling you BY your full name. So, we invent abbreviations and nicknames, synonyms for a commonly-understood ideas, things. So the Bible's seeming obtuseness is often rather OUR obtuseness, because we don't research what it says; so we don't recognize that it is talking first to a contemporary audience, using terms as THEY used them. After all, we say "call me on my cell" and everyone knows we mean "cellphone"! But a reader in WWII would have thought we meant "monk's room", "jail room", "cells of the body", and wondered what the heck! ON "my" prison? ON "my" body?

      Point is, there is a special vocabulary people familiar with each other, use. Everyone involved in a business, a faith, a webpage, even, ends up using specialized words to simplify discourse. If you write anything longer than a page, you must create special vocabulary lest you keep repeating the whole definition, over and over. So Millennium vocabulary in the OT exists: we know that, even given the few snippets above. So the trick is to find that vocabulary.

      The sacrifices will probably demonstrate some of the Millennial meaning everyone knew. For example, in Numbers 7 roster, the leaders do the same types of sacrifices, but only ONE of each. I believe the leadership was elected, and for one year, a custom which was still true in Jesus' Day (i.e., high priesthood office was for one year). So 1000 would be a dedication acknowledging God's promise of 1000 years, looks like. But I must study that topic further. I searched on eleph (spelled aleph lamed peh-final), found 244 verses, none of which seem to allude to this 1000-year promise. I also searched on "Day of the Lord" and found nothing nearby in the OT which alluded to it referencing the 1000 years, but I didn't study as carefully as I should have, so need to do it again. It could be that there is no explicit prophecy given to a group, but was given to David as an understanding, which he communicated. I've not yet checked ALL the Psalms for soundplay on "eleph". David loves soundplay in the juxtaposition of words, especially physical onomopoeia (sp), and especially on topics of begetting or body-metaphor stuff; so does Isaiah. For an awesome example of David's love of soundplay, read Psalm 139:11-17 aloud in the Hebrew. Or, to see an soundplay example in v.14 of that passage, search on "17." in NoWombLife.htm. So all that analysis will take some time, especially since ola (smell of the sacrifice rising) and alah (rising, preposition of going up or aboutness) will be used in the soundplay, and it's a very common term commonly USED as a soundplay device (i.e., all over Isa52:13-54:1).

    Whether you are sure of the vocabulary or not, Bible dates prove to be based on the Millennial meaning for the entire structure of time itself, not just for the last 1000 years. So the first and most fundamental meaning, as we saw in the above table, is that the 1000 functions as the 'daddy' or 'house' for all other components of Time. So you have math to prove the meaning, even if you didn't know the vocabulary. God demonstrates by His dates that He structures all time components in units of 1050; then, nested within the 1050 are three components of 490+70+490. This 'house' is an Official, Civilization usage, with the Promise at that macro level esconced. However, running below the 'house' are personal 490s; an individual who has an office would presumably have his office 490 run within the 'house', but his personal 490 run below the house. Then again, perhaps all of them do. David sure did. God uses the Kingship office to craft 490s which saved Israel from destruction several times. Yet his personal-death 1000 saved all of the human race from destruction, since the Temple 490 depended on it, even when the Temple was destroyed, as is demonstrated in the "To Be or Not To Be" table link in this webpage (at pagetop).

    Second meaning: when the 'house' of 490-year promises begins to empty due to apostacy, the '1000' functions as a warning period for the End-Of-Time Judgement. Which makes sense, given that essential structure for time: the house of time is not being maintained by positive votes, so it will fall. Rather appropriate, then, to have a Millennium also function as a last-call 1000 years. Like it was, 1000 years before the Flood.

      This 1000-year warning usage originated with Enoch. He would have been age 34 when he began; 1000 years remained until the Flood at that point. I can't verify when he began the warning, but Jude 14 makes it clear that was his 'job'. Bible doesn't seem to say much else.

      Um, the so-called "Book of Enoch" isn't a valid source for the historical Enoch. On 11/03/05 I audited the non-Biblical "Book of Enoch". It had very little of value and is non-Canon for good reason. Click Here if you're interested in reading how I determined the Book of Enoch wasn't from God. It's just like the Mad-Magazine type satires in other apochrypha, demeaning God and Bible heroes, using flagrantly WRONG information, reversing what Bible says (i.e., 'Book of Enoch' reverses Enoch's age compared to Bible, makes him, God, and all other Bible heroes look silly). Obviously not Divine Writ. Slapstick. (Hint: any book which derides God or Bible heroes isn't God-breathed. All false books help you see the mocking rhetoric of Satan&Co., so no book should be rejected out-of-hand.)

    There is widespread agreement even among the Bible's critics that a 1000-year period runs from the date David became King of ALL Israel, 1003BC (late 1004BC). Christ was born 3BC -- really, at the end of 4BC on the Julian calendar, which for math purposes you'd treat as 3BC to balance. So these are Two "Days of the Lord", respectively. Dates for David do vary somewhat, but the same chronological method ends up showing a 1000-year span between David and Christ, no matter what convention is followed. The "Day of the Lord" as 1000 years is an established Bible convention. The usage of "Day of the Lord" is always in apocalyptic, end-times terms. Then we have folks like the Essenes, who were Jews, who believed in the Millennium -- and they were in the first century AD and somewhat prior. You can find Jewish sects of other types who also believed in a final 1000-year reigning period, with Messiah at the helm. Messianic Judaism is as old as Judaism itself. So the idea that the Millennium is something of Christian invention, is flat crazy. The Millennium doesn't even belong to Christians, neither then nor now. We get to be there. But we are ruling Gentile nations, at best. Israel is the star under Her Star Messiah the Bright Morning Star. And this was long known, since Satan's name used to be Morning Star, and the point of the Millennium is to show why Satan is wrong. Israel, for her longsuffering role in this Angelic Conflict, gets that 1000 years of peace. Lion and lamb finally at rest, and the lamb is not inside the lion's stomach. So all those who think the Millennium is not in the OT, need to get a life. Like most Bible-debunking arguments, this one isn't worth any more webspace. Let the mockers enjoy their mocking. We've got a Lord to learn, and He wasn't a doormat. So we aren't to be either.

    So the first Day of the Lord began with David's kingship. The Second Day of the Lord began when Christ was born, but due to Israel's apostacy, had some back-credits of years which had to be repaid (40); due to Church being grafted in, we don't know how long that "Day" will last. Had Israel accepted Messiah, history should have ended 1144AD (as you'll see in "Jesus the Christ" link); but, she did not accept Him. [Nerd note: "acceptance" is a believer function, not an unbeliever function. The unbeliever needs to believe in Christ, John 3:16; having done that, he is now a believer and therefore needs to accept instruction, accept authority, etc. Often in Greek the word dechomai is used, which translates better "to welcome"; sadly, dingdongs use such verses to say you must 'accept' the Lord into your heart to be saved. No one is saved by doing that. Christ told us how, John 3:16. Maybe someday someone will notice the verb is "believe", not "accept"?]

      So what becomes instead the Third Day of the Lord, begins thus at the Millennium. We are in between, hidden, part of that now-expanded 40 year period which had its own 'credit', between 30-70AD.

    Now: since component periods which are losses are mirrored on either side of the event to which they tie, you have what amounts to a cutting-out and grafting-in accounting function applied to time, itself. See the quality and impact of Insertion? God has a traceable habit of disinheriting and then re-inheriting, like you'd 'hybrid' a tree, cutting and grafting: which He begins right away, in Genesis. Abel is cut, Cain is cut, Seth is grafted in as the firstborn. Those other sons of Shem are cut, and Arphachshad is grafted in as the firstborn. Ishmael is cut, and Isaac is grafted in as the firstborn. Esau is cut, and Jacob is grafted in as the firstborn. Reuben is cut, and Judah is grafted in as the ruling tribe ("scepter" verse in Jacob's deathbed blessing). 400+ years later, Levi is cut, and Moses was to be grafted in as the firstborn, via his mother on his aunt's side (see Jochebed link in DDNA.htm) -- but Moses refused to be God's mouth, in favor of Aaron, so Aaron gets Levi instead. The whole TRIBE. Basically, God reorders the primogeniture line up to Aaron's father as a result of Moses -- making a Big Point of it being GOD Who Cuts And Inserts, not man's merit.

    He keeps up this practice, making a stink about it when Israel cuts out God as King: Saul is inserted, but then Saul gets the kingdom torn from him (that verse in Samuel where he grabs Samuel's coat). David is the Seventh son of Jesse, but the other six sons are cut from God's appointment, and David is inserted instead. And when David is inserted, all of Israel Is Cut Out, Disinherited, And Grafted Into David, 2Sam7:12-13.

    Because David is inserted, Christ can be inserted despite Israel's double rejection of Him as King (in 1050BC and 30AD, respectively). So God accomplishes this goal in the same, repeated fashion, since Israel never hears His past repeats: Jeconiah is cut off, adopts Shealtiel son of Neriuah, who descended from David and Bathsheba's other and younger son, Nathan; who is, the forefather of Mary, Luke 3. Who was also, the forefather of Joseph, Matt1. But because Shealtiel was adopted by Jeconiah, you'll notice the Luke genealogy (versus Matthew's) specifies the natural father, and Matthew's, the legal father (same thing is done with Moses' father when all of Levi is grafted into Aaron). So you know God fulfilled His Promise, and followed the same cutting-out and grafting-in He has always done. For it's based on a Promise, not on personal connections. On Faith, not on family. For the First Father, the First King, the First Fealty is to God, not people.

    MESSIAH is thus the key to understanding the timeline for the 1000 years. God cuts, God inserts, God treats time as losses to be made up and hence mirrored back later. And Church is not in all these calculations, for there might not have been a Church, had Israel welcomed Messiah. See Romans 11.

      Now hopefully you have a better macro-accounting grasp of how important Church is to history, and why -- because CHRIST is the purpose of history. So the purpose of the Millennium is to Mirror Back To Israel the 'lost' 1000 years, the 'cost' of the Davidic line. Since the next 1050 is predicated upon the successful completion of the prior 1050, the continuance of time itself is a kind of restitution for the 'cost' to whomever was developed, during that prior period. Granted, a new person must be developed by the end of the next period; but the payback quality of each new period, remains. Hence Israel is 'owed' for the successful completion of Messiah, which is why the Millennium is both real and literal. It's a Justice Accounting Verdict, not something to drool over and make movies out of. They never get those movies right, anyway.

      So, that means 1144 AD should have been the end of all history (Millennium ending in 1094, 50-year voting period after that).

      • "Day of the Lord" as 1000 years, so David gets the first day, and the Lord, the second; which turns out to be a third, since Israel rejected Messiah when He came. David is the first King, the Lord is the Second (forever-reigning) King. Parallel idea to first Adam and last Adam. Then, history ends.

      • On either side of this doubled day are "wilderness" periods of 40 years, warning of the Day in question; both warnings are to the Gentiles. Saul's 40 years preceded David; Paul accounts Saul's reign as a wilderness period, in Acts 13:20. Furthermore, David's reign of 40 years is subdivided into 7 and 33; next, the Lord's First Advent is a mirror: 33 years then 7 of Trib (played in miniature via siege of Jerusalem), since He's Seated and Ruling, at the Session, Heb1. At the end of time, there's another 40 years which 'announces' the real Rapture. That can be any 40 years, as explained in the "40 years" bullet, above.

    Why We Are Here: God Restores Israel's rejection, by Installing David. That's why the promise of Messiah as a SON was made to David. David, like Abraham, was a man of Faith. So, the Faith got the promise, and therefore those of no faith could tag along and maybe figure out He's really God, 2Pet3:9. So now tie in the Day of the Lord promise, also made to David, and provable from the math you saw in the "1000 Years" section, above -- and you have in effect a Promise of 1000 years' Lineage, Culminating in Messiah, Whose Day begins as Restoration of all those other days. Hence the tie in to Jubilee years.

    One might ask, how is it that the last 1000 years pays for the cost of the prior THOUSANDS of years? Answer: now you know why a believer must be awarded a 490 or 1000 grant in order for time to continue. Time must PAY. If paid, it can be reimbursed the payor. The "Ten Ways" Word doc (link in first paragraph at page top) has a #1, #8 and #9 which show this restitutionary quality to time. So the next 1050 only occurs, because in the previous 1050, someone had already purchased it, and someone NEW was developed DURING that prior 1050, to purchase the next 1050. So here, Christ was developed before David's 1000 (leave out the 50 for qualifying purposes) ran out. So Israel having rejected Him, has no more time. Hence Church had to be grafted in.

    God's '490' Timeline Countdown to Messiah:
    Can God Keep His Promise to MAKE Messiah and Save the World?

    PRECEDENCE PRINCIPLE: Everything dates from the Exodus, but derives precedence from Abraham and the Time Israel was in Egypt. Precedence Of Abraham, derives from the Noahic Covenant, which derives from Adam. All this is illustrated in GeneYrs.xls. Here, we start with Shem, Noah's son. The point: can God produce the Humanity of Christ via positive believer Votes? After all, if God rigs Justice, then He's not worthy of being God, as Satan keeps on alleging. The Angelic Trial is based on a contention that God has Abused Justice, and from Adam's Fall forward, Satan's contended it should be a Mistrial, accusing God of tampering with Evidence (i.e., of bribing Job, beginning of Job 1 and 2). So let's see the Evidence.

  • God's First 490 Post-Flood, Starts With Shem's Birth. There are 490 years between Shem's and Isaac's birth. So both their fathers, were granted 490-year blessing periods: that's why time for the whole world, even continued. Shem was late in his 100th year when he begat Arpachshad in Gen11:10; you know this, due to "2 years after the Inundation" (lit., means the event, not the whole time). Then, Arpachshad was born: maybe also of triplets, but not first. So Shem -- also maybe of triplets -- was born just before Noah's 501st birthday, Gen5:32. Hence when the flood ends on Noah's 601st birthday (Gen8:13-14), Shem must have been newly 100, in order for it to be 2 years after the Flood began; Gen11:10's Hebrew says literally, "in his hundredth year". So Archpachshad was born almost at the end of his father Shem's 100th year. Thus you know the births of these sons, are birthday presents to the fathers. Earlier, the math in Genesis 5 shows you God did the same thing with Seth and Enoch, each of whom were birthday presents to their fathers (see GeneYrs.xls). [Bible is unusually specific about the Flood. When Noah was 600 and two months and 10 days old -- let's call this "age 600 and 70 days" -- God tells him to get everyone in there, Gen7:4. Seven days later, the Flood begins, Gen 7:11; the rain lasts 40 days and nights, so on the 41st day -- Noah is now age 600 and 117 days -- it stops. The resulting inundation over everything, even the highest mountains, lasted for 150 days, Gen7:24. (Not clear to me yet whether Bible says the whole earth was literally underwater, or whether the tsunami action washed up that high, drowning all landlife.) At this point, then, let's say it's 600 and 267 days. The receding of the water had begun almost immediately after the 40 days were up, Gen 8:3-4. (Therefore a tsunami series is the more indicated, not a bathtub. Only takes a few minutes to drown.) So that, 600 and 197 days into it (Gen 8:4), the Ark itself grounded in the Mt. Arrarat range (8:4). (Whether that range is the same as we call Arrarat today, who knows.) But there was more to recede. So by the 600 and 301st day, you could see the mountaintops (8:5). Then another 40 days ensue (8:6), so at that point it's 600 and 341 days. For the next 24 days, he sends out the raven and then the dove, thrice. The second time it returns with the olive leaf (symbol of peace), 8:12, and the third time it doesn't return at all (8:13). That day, is Noah's birthday (8:13). Still, the ground it takes time to dry thoroughly, so they have to wait another 86 days (8:14). So all in all, Noah and family were in that Ark for [601 and 57 days minus 600 and 77 days = 343-375 days, depending on what days are counted (I'm not yet not certain how long the birds were flying, need to dig in Word more.)

      Why is God so specific here? I don't know yet, I need to ask Him: it looks like the precedence for the holiday structure in the Hebrew calendar? Hmmm. Benchmarks are 70 followed by 7, followed by 40 followed by 150 = 197 in Gen8:4, 267 in total; followed by 33 (to 301st day, 8:5); followed by 40 and then 25 of which 21 are mentioned, 8:12-14, so the 3-4 hiatus piece is in there. So there's something about "calendar" in the meaning, since the total of the benchmark pieces seemingly equals 365. No, doesn't look like the Hebrew calendar. But sure does look like the basic accounting units for time in a 490. Dunno what more it is, yet.

      But one lesson stands out loud and clear: GOD RECKONS TIME BY NOAH. Couldn't be balder. Hint hint.

      So that's how it works out that Arpachshad is born 2 years after the inundation, yet to our modern glazed-over-math eyes, it looks like only one year. Beginning versus end-of-year calculations result in "1" being added. Bible is real careful about the difference between "in" and "after", and the latter is explicit ("ahar" is used, not Hebrew "buh" -- Greek uses "meta" for "ahar"). By the way, they broke up the Ark -- don't even bother to look for it. No one in his right mind would leave valuable cypress (aka "gopher") wood up there. It was the most prized wood for sea travel; and Noah&Co. knew that since they were to repopulate the Earth, they would all BE travelling. And that had all that ready pack labor for hauling!]

      How appropriate, too: for "Shem" means "The" Name: God the Son, HaShem, He Whose Name We Do Not Yet Know, Who Will Rescue us. So "Shem" carries the bloodline of the Name, the progenitor of the Name's Humanity! So Rest (Noah) sires The Name (Shem) sires The Healing from Ruin: Arphach-shad. See how witty Bible's begats are, when you know the meanings of the names? "Rest" from all the warring pre-Flood, rest from all the waiting. Refreshment. So the 'son' of that, is "The Name", which tells you they knew the Savior would be a son of Shem. The Savior, of course, provides Healing from the Ruin of the sin nature, so son of The Name will also be the progenitor of The Name! Witty, huh. [Nearest appropriate Hebrew roots I could find for Arphach-shad's name would signify healing-from-ruin. First two syllables sound like the qal imperfect of raphah, a very significant Caesarian-type sewing-up in battle of belly wound: verb is used in Isa53:5, I believe; see all the related roots, because wordplay is done on his name. I really wish lexicons would trace the etymology of Biblical names: so much BIBLE Doctrine is in those names! It's really hard to believe but that Hebrew is the language of Noah, in very ancient form. So all that stuff about Sanskrit is either pre-Flood, and the language development bifurcates into all Hebrew-based languages; or, Sanskrit comes from the Hebrew, not vice versa. Wonder what Mario Pei and other language geeks would think of that idea.]

      Then, adding up the ages of each father at the time the child is born, tracks the line. How smart God, for look: this way the promise to Abram, which vests IN Abram, is justified by PRECEDENCE: covenant to his progenitor, Noah, via Shem, via Arpachshad, who was not the first born (Gen 10:22). Thus the Noahic covenant and the Abrahamic, 'touch'. Note also the "three" precedence: based on FAITH, not order-of-birth. See, God doesn't miss a trick. [It's really important to notice no one gave birth to kids while still in the Ark. 1Pet3:20 compared to Gen8:18ff proves this. So if the women were pregnant, their fetuses were not counted as persons, get it? Ark is likened to a womb many times in Scripture, and so is the time in Exodus (i.e., Heb of Isa63:11ff), because it Depicts Christ Bearing Our Sins, "me amal" of Isa53:11: Dead time. To be made up, after birth.]

      Note the precedence, then, for Daniel 9:25, how God Numbers The Days, when a FALL occurs. Fall of Adam resulted in Adam's days being numbered, Gen3 sentence (beginning around v.15, note the exact words He gives to Adam; then Gen3:22's birthing preposition "min" usage, in 3:22). Fall of Adam resulted in the 490s (inside 1050s) being used as the conduit system for blessing. So the same 490 system predates Israel.

      Notice another precedence: 490 years was added to the human race between Noah and Abram, Due To Noah's FAITH. The 490 year period which came from Noah, Justified Developing Abram. Notice how it runs from Shem to Isaac, since the sons Evidence the Covenant God Made with both fathers. A covenant statement is one way the Bible tells you who got the 490s and/or 1000s. Unconditional covenants mean a 1000 is granted. So both of these fathers, got both. So let's now pick up the time with Abram, see how God 'amortized' him to benefit the human race.[The Noahic Covenant was stated in three passages, and I've not closely investigated the text for embedded wordplay. Hebrew OT always uses embedded wordplay (or soundplay via juxtaposition, such as in Jer31:33's Hebrew) for the most significant provision/characteristic, especially when related to founding/foundation -- here, sonship. Passages are Gen6:13-7:5, two instances contiguously presented in the text (so you know they are related, progressively stated to Noah). The third one is in Genesis 9. "Shem" makes the promise of Savior bald. So Noah is precedence for the Covenant to Abram, which was also done in three stages: Gen 12, 15, 17. So anti-semitism is utterly hapless and stupid, totally ignorant of Bible: we are all sons of Noah!]

  • Progenitor Abram is born c. 2160BC, but his first 100 years (pre-children) count as part of the "490" years from Shem to when Abram became Abraham. So a New 490 begins when Isaac is born. Abram lives to be 175 years old (Gen25:7), so dies in 1985BC.

  • Isaac was born 2060BC, when Abram was age 100 (Gen21:5). Isaac marries at age 40 (Gen25:20); he's 60 when Rebecca finally has those twins (Gen 25:26). So Abraham got to see them become teenagers; but Abraham didn't get to see them married off. Wow: what a faith Abraham must have had. Isaac himself lives 180 years (Gen 35:28), dying 1880BC. That guy's faith is completely amazing. He is most assuredly his father's son.

  • Jacob was thus born c.2000BC. God, preparing everything in advance, chose "Jacob" (Gen25:26) to fulfill Gen3:15's promise of Savior: for Jacob grasped the HEEL of Esau when exiting the womb ("heel" is used in both Genesis verses). Since, the HEEL of Israel would be grabbed for our sins: Messiah. (Awesome wordplay, for Isa52:13ff portrays How We Thought Of Him Who Is Glory AS but a heel. See Isa53trans.htm for a corrected working translation of that chapter. Thus we know from Gen25:26 that the meaning recorded in Isa52:13-54:1 was in substance, always known and transmitted among mankind, since the very prophecy of it is in Gen3:15.) God, preparing everything in advance, also began at this point to change Egypt's ruling house; she had been recently unified (between Upper and Lower Egypt -- upper is lower and lower is upper geographically, but what the hey). What would become the 12th Dynasty (the House to protect Israel), began when a VIZIER (remember that) named Amenemhet, overthrew his Pharaoh (Mentuhotep), in 1991BC, thus becoming, Amenemhet I. How ironic: the guy himself will be murdered (what goes around comes around), and the guy's GRANDson will appoint Jacob's son, vizier. The guy's great- and great-great grandsons will confirm Jacob's son in that appointment, but the great-great-great will himself, fall prey to a superceding vizier (Exo1:8), for having rejected the vizier of his immediate ancestors. History sure takes some interesting turns.

      Meanwhile, Esau (='doer') grew up busy with this world. [Esau has more than one name, in Bible, due to his parents' naming rationales. "Edom" means ruddy, and "Seir" means hairy -- but in the Hebrew, the connotation is of a gloriousness by human standards. Such a coat of hair all over made him attractive, so he would be a doer-and-shaker, a man's man, a person who makes things happen. All this is in Gen25:25's wry Hebrew.] But dear ol' Jacob grew up as a kind of mama's boy; you can just see him quiet, "tam", learning. ["Tam" is used in wordplay of Gen25:27, tying Integrity to sitting. Sitting means Thinking, studying, pondering -- my pastor made a big deal of Jacob being the studious type using this verse, but I can't find enough data in lexicons to see why. LXX uses "aplastos" which means NOT cunning, unpretentious. But we know he tried to be cunning and manipulative, but we also know he always failed at it. There's also embedded sounddplay on "Joseph" with tam in that same verse, "tam yoshev ohalim". So while Esau was the 'perfect doer', Jacob was the 'perfect student', seems to be the comparison made, with Jacob being approved but Esau not, Malachi 1 (in which God accuses the Jews of emulating Esau instead of Jacob).] Jacob was kinda afraid of Daddy Isaac, who after all braved that rock when in his 20's; who after all, lovingly named his God, "The Fear of Isaac"; so Daddy Isaac, was the rough-and-tumble type. Daddy had to grow up that way, since Ishmael and all the other sons of Dad Abraham, were always against him. He inherited, they didn't (Gen 25:5-6). So, the seconds-older son of Isaac, named Harry (ooops, I mean red-hairy, as in "Esau"), was the apple of Daddy's eye. Jacob thus became one of the most henpecked, hassled husbands on the planet. How he survived as long as he did well, only the Lord could sustain him.
      • His hateful brother marries at age 40 (Gen26:34), and his wifely choices drive his mom Rebekah, to distraction (v.35);
      • worse (Gen27), it looks a lot like Isaac (then age 100) isn't gonna last too long, so he tells Esau to get him some game so he can bless him (a kind of ritual);
      • Rebecca overhears it, and beats ol' Esau to the punch: she cooks up something to keep the blessing from Esau and his witchy wives, with mama's boy Jacob's compliance. (Uh-oh, they're not waiting on God, like she did back when she was pregnant with the boys).
      • So of course (Gen28), Jacob baby has to high-tail it outta there and get him a wife. At which point, God makes a unilateral contract with Jacob, vv12-17; Jacob in his own mind makes his own reply covenant to God (vv. 18-22, which God NEVER ratifies, so forget the tithe thingy).

          At this point, Jacob is age 40. It's 1960BC. It's also 490 years AFTER the Flood. But Jacob's getting a gradual rollout of contract terms over the next 20 years. His personal 490 begins 20 years later, in 1940BC when he's RENAMED (another way to tell when a 490 starts). When God makes a contract, a 490 is granted to go with it. After all, a contract has terms, and that requires time for the party receiving the contract. Jacob had a lot to learn, still. Abraham's 490 is still running, as is his 1000. So we see a stacking, here. Probably Isaac had a 490 also, but I'm not sure how to date it. It's true that the 18th dynasty began in the 490th anniversary of Isaac's birth (2060-490=1570BC, when Ahmose I comes to power). But it seems that Isaac's contract really began after his being sacrificed, since he was in his 20's at the time, no longer required to obey his dad, and of course strong enough to resist being bound for the sake of slitting his throat. But when in his 20's, I don't know. [Genesis 22:5's "naar" stresses that he was of marriagable age, in the sense that he could procreate. But the term is also used endearingly like parents use "my boy" at any age; or, used of someone of low authority -- a son who's not yet inherited would be called a na'ar, just like a household slave would be. Your big clue as to the manhood-age of Isaac, is that the SERVANTS who accompanied them to the mountain, are also called "na'ar" -- Greek is equivalent in meaning. You don't make a mountain trek like this, with children. So Isaac was no child, but rather at least as old as the servants accompanying him. Your third big clue is that Abraham and Isaac went up the mountain alone. Were Isaac too young, a servant would have to accompany. So much for those silly Bible depictions of Isaac as a mere child.]

      • It's still 1960BC when he finds her, so Jacob is nearly 41; he thinks he's working for Rachel, but surprise! Leah.
      • Miffed, in Gen29:27-30, Jacob gets Chisled (jacob=chisler) by Laban to marry both of them to Jacob simultaneously if he'll stay ANOTHER 7 years to work off for Rachel. It's now 1953BC. Notice how Jacob didn't use any of Daddy Isaac's money, as a brideprice. It's not as if he were poor.
      • God won't open Rachel's womb until the 7th year, so at the end of it, Joseph is born (Gen30). So Joseph is the only child of Jacob who wasn't born indentured (well, Benjamin will be born free, too). Immediately, Jacob wants to leave: it's 1946BC.
      • Laban strikes a deal again (Gen30:26ff), so Jacob stays 6 more years, and then says, Finish! Because God got him outta da jam, then (Gen31:3ff). By then, he was the Happy Hen-Pecked Husband Of Four Women, who fought over who'd 'get' him for the night. And, their fractious, just-as-conniving sons. The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. So it's 1940BC when he re-enters Canaan, and God re-ratifies the contract, Gen 31:3,31:54-32:1, 32:9-12,24-32.

          Think about it. Here Abram had to wait until he was 100, to get one kid. Meanwhile, Abram had two women pecking at him, "Sarai" (=bitch) and Hagar (=The Stranger). Hagar must have been a believer who hung on or indentured herself in order to be near God; look how God makes a covenant with her when Sarai gets her husband to kick Ha-Gar out, Gen16. Look how she responds. But of course, the sons would not be on good terms. So both the boys from two different mothers, were not the best of friends (kinda hard, dontcha think, to be 13 years older and due to some God promising the younger son's birth to be passed over). So then the mother of the younger boy dies, and then Abraham marries another woman who's named after Incense (=Keturah), for crying out loud; and it's her who bears him lots of sons -- none of whom, get along with either God-Hears (=Ishmael, from which we get the famous shemah of Deut 6:4 in response) or Laughter (=Isaac), who is the promised son. Same old rivalry has gone on for centuries, ever since.

          Then that Promised son, long since grown up, waits and waits and waits for the Promised Progeny. But oh, nearly a generation passes beforehand; then when Rebekah is finally preggers, oh! It's like WWII in her belly!

          And then those two boys, Hairy and Fairy -- as in "conniving" not "homosexual", sheesh -- well, they don't get along either. Hairy marries multiple women from his cousin Ishmael, so mom Rebekah wants to tear her hair out; Fairy's little joke with the fake hair on his hands got him into a tangle with the real Hairy. Never mind that Hairy, true to his "Red" name, sold out his birthright some years prior for a bowl of red lentil stew (Gen25:29-34 -- note how Jacob was the one cooking).

          So Jacob baby had to split, to save his life and get a wife: one wife. He even met her almost the moment he arrived back in Haran, and it was love at first sight. But here, 20 years later he returns: himself with four women, not merely two; and twelve sons, not counting the daughters; all of them, just as impish as daddio. Presages one heckuva story, huh. [It's interesting that Joseph gets into trouble for telling his dream to his brothers; then gets out of trouble by interpreting another dream; but not until he learns to stop conniving (i.e., asking the guy with the best memory in the kingdom -- the "cupbearer" to you -- to ask Pharaoh to hear his case). So Joseph has to cool his heels another two years, waiting for God to send Pharaoh a dream. But, hey -- that doesn't stop Joseph from playing that trick on his brothers, and twice! when they come looking for grain. Um, you need to know that "Joseph" means "Twice"! So see? The impish, fairy games run in the family. God bless Israel, every one!]

    • And the Apple of this tribe was soon to be picked off his tree; henceforth he would think twice(="Joseph"); for, Jacob becomes (is renamed, a form of Adoption) Israel, circa 1940BC, and he's 61 years old, at the time he returns to the Land. For, on the eve of seeing his brother Esau for the first time in 20 years (see Gen31:38,41), he's nervous, and starts up the ol' cranium's natural tendency to bargain, plotting how he'll send gifts ahead of the family, etc; so God visits him (Gen32, esp. vv24ff), renews His Never-Cheating Contract: and Jacob is now an "Israel", prince of God. If you read his life from that wrestling match forward, it's real obvious he's a changed man; in fact, so changed that when Bible refers to him as Israel, it's talking praise (reserving "Jacob" for when he -- or later, the nation -- is misbehaving). The Jacob of the Laban years would never react the way the Jacob of Shechem reacts.

    • Jacob arrives in Egypt when he is 130 years old (Gen47:9), in 1870BC: the Pharaoh he speaks with is Sesostris III. What a guy that Sesostris III must have been! How wise! The next relevant date, is 17 years AFTER that, Jacob's death at age 147 (Gen47:28), 1853BC: still in the reign of Sesostris III (1878-1843BC, per Encyclopedia Britannica Macropedia).

        Total time in slavery in Egypt will be 400 years (Gen15:13), but there is a hiatus period of 30 years. Exodus 12:40-41 says after 430 years, to the very day, the SONS of Israel leave. Which ties straight back to 1870BC. So the 430 has two components: a 30-year non-enslaved period, plus 400 years of Slavery. LXX of the Exo passage includes "and Canaan", because Joseph was 17 when he was abducted into slavery (1440+430=1870-17, Joseph's years in Canaan as a boy = 1853, year of Jacob's death).

        So we have a double-entendre. The first 30 years is also the time it took to build Joseph so he could prepare a place for Israel to learn what God wanted them to learn over the next 400 years. Joseph is a SON of Israel. Ergo, the 430 year count: God is measuring/mirroring back as RESTITUTION, the 30 years of Joseph, in the first 30 years Israel comes TO Egypt. So the enslavement began in 1840BC, after that restitution was measured, since Joseph would DIE four years later. God keeps His Promises, and ON TIME. [From the beginning, God shows how He usurps primogeniture due to faith. He does it with Seth, Arphachshad, Jacob, Joseph (partially, via the double-portion tribe), Levi, Shealtiel, and finally Mary, through whom was born Our Christ. For how God usurped primogeniture in Levi (which is why Moses' authority was thereafter contested), which scholars apparently misunderstand due to a blasphemous mistranslation in Exo6:20, see the Jochebed link in MisTrans.htm.]

        The whole period is a nested set of 490s: it's kinda confusing to trace them all. The Exodus of 1440BC is exactly 490 years after Joseph was first enslaved in 1930BC. But the 490 that began with Isaac in 2060BC, was still running (would run out 1570BC). Jacob was 40 or 41 when he high-tailed it to Haran in 1960BC; which year 'just happened' (yeah, right -- no accidents in God's Plan) to be 490 years after the Flood occurred. So 'deluged' with fear of Esau, but also obeying his parents (Gen28:5-7), Jacob leaves -- but God first makes a covenant with him then, Gen28:12-17. Jacob was 60 or 61 years old when he returned to Canaan. Two 30's, two wives, two sets of kids: double portion, primogeniture, Twice, all meaning "Joseph"! Heh. It took 60 years to build the seed so it could sprout. [God made the contract with Jacob beginning circa 1960BC, at Bethel/Luz, Gen28:12-17. See also Gen31:3, 31:54-32:1, 9-12, 24-32; 20 years later, in 1940BC, Jacob is renamed. So a new 490 due to Jacob dates from 1940BC, instead. The subcomponents' meanings are in the intra-page links at pagetop, and the 30's and their multiples, are always savior numbers and immediately mirrored back. I'm still having trouble deriving the origin of "400" subcomponent. God wouldn't have used it in Gen15:13 unless it already had a meaning Abram knew. So I'm overlooking something in the Bible. Will keep working on it.]

  • Now let's look at Joseph. Joseph was 110 years old when he died (Gen50:22), so was born 1946BC. Joseph thus died in 1836BC. Other dates of note: he is sold into slavery c. 1929 or 1930BC, when he's about 17 years of age (Gen37:2); 13 years later (c.1916BC), at age 30 (Gen41:46) -- age of maturity by Jewish standards, he's rescued from his 3-year (?) hearsay imprisonment (he had been with Potiphar 10 years, if you do the math); he was promoted to vizier by Amenemhet II, whose grandfather Amenemhet I, was assassinated by some conspiracy at court about 46 years prior; his dad, Sesostris I, was either dutiful or obsessed: the dad spent a long time chasing down the assassins, since his father had named the assassins in The Instructions of Amenemhet; and went so far as to have another publication of his own reaction as Son, called The Story of Sinuhe. (See Encyclopedia Britannica Macropedia bio on Amenemhet I.) With that kind of background, no wonder the II Amenemhet would be quick to distrust: he's been in power 9 years, when he first meets Joseph. So now you know why, two+ years prior, the imprisoned Joseph had cellmates who were two formerly-highest court officials; why he interpreted their dreams (showing palace intrigue -- one guy was guilty, the other one, falsely accused). [A "cupbearer" was really a kind of walking memory bank, so that the Pharaoh could be briefed on all the people he met. The "chief baker" was the head honcho for the food of the palace. Both individuals had the responsibility of making sure the Pharaoh and his household would not be poisoned, so it's a high security job, not a sinecure. Of course, if something went wrong, they would be the first ones blamed.] Amenemhet II was famous for clemency when warranted. [In Fausset's Bible Dictionary para. 2034.06 there is an interesting datum about "The story of Saneha" which supposedly records Joseph's "elevation to high rank under a Pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty, and his developing the resources of Egypt just as Joseph did." That would be interesting to review. It's part of the papyrus d'Orbiney in the British Museum.]

  • So because Joseph's advice is accepted by Pharaoh and Joseph is promoted to vizier, an undocumented 40-year grace period then intervenes before the years of famine commence. That's s.o.p. in God's plan, so Bible wouldn't have to mention it. Besides, keywords for the 40 year-period (like in NT) are used: "maher" (piel) and "tachunei", see Gen41:32. Verbs don't mean quickly, but SUDDENLY, next in sequence, without warning -- it means Make Haste To PreparE. So most of Amenemhet II's reign is spent preparing: Encyclopedia Britannica ("EB", for short) has a lot to say about this Pharaoh and his son -- calls their rulerships a kind of golden age, with a massive restructuring of the polity (see what Bible says in Gen 41). The so-called fertility of the "Fayyum depression" was discovered at this time, and it appears to have been drained and prepared for cultivation. The influx of foreigners begins during the reign of these two Pharaohs. EB almost waxes rhapsodic over them.

  • Amen baby dies 1895BC. His son, Sesostris II, co-rules during the last two of Amenemhet's years. The 40-year grace period, which began with Joseph's accession as vizier in 1916BC, ends c.1876. So the seven fat years date from (say) 1882-1876, and Sesostris II, died circa 1878. Then the seven lean years from 1875-1868. During the lean years, Sesostris III rules; this is the Pharaoh whom EB accredits with doing most of the political restructuring under one "vizier". (Gee, wonder who.) During this time, Israel sends the other brothers to Egypt twice (Gen42ff); after the second time, they go to live there, arriving in 1870BC. EB notes that foreign influx under both these two Pharoahs (Sesostris II and III) was high, particularly "Asiatic" peoples. (Gee, wonder why.)

      If you scan through Genesis since Abram, you'll find axiomatic comments about going to Egypt because there is famine in Canaan. God makes a point of that, to show that since ancient times Egypt was a known breadbasket. So think: to put Israel there during THIS famine positioned the world to know of Israel's God. Sometimes disaster is the best evangelist, huh.

      More data of importance: Gen 45:11 says 5 years of famine remained at the time Joseph revealed himself to his brothers, but maybe it took 2 more years to go back, pack, and return the whole clan of Israel, to Egypt. Jacob is 130 years old when he arrives, Gen 47:9, and lives another 17 years (Gen47:28). Only two more years of famine are mentioned after Jacob et. al. have settled in Goshen, Gen47:17-18, so they must have arrived during the 5th year of famine, 1870BC. In that last famine year, Egyptians (but not the Hebrews!) largely became tenant farmers with a 20% flat 'tax' on their produce (Gen 47:26, which rule should still have been in effect during the time of Amenhotep II/Thutmose IV if Moses wrote Genesis c.1440BC); the only land not owned by Amenemhet II, were the priestly lands, Gen 47:22.

      Note well the stage is set for political tension between Egyptians and Jews. God always causes trouble when He blesses, and He does it on purpose. That way you don't get so hung up on the goodies, you forget about the Real Inheritance, the Giver. So, here, since Joseph is married off to an Egyptian of a high priestly caste, the Jews get the best lands. Free. You just know that award won't last much beyond Joseph's lifetime. Especially, if the initial group of 75 people (75 including wives, compare Gen46:27 and Acts 7:14) grow numerous. Just can't let free land and a potential labor pool sit there, fat and sassy, engaged in food and other practices Egyptian gods forbade their own people. [Acts 7:14 is really interesting, because it implies that only FIVE women were in the group. I can't tell if the "75" is meant to include Joseph's own Egyptian wife. The point being, a whole lot of intermarriage between Egyptians and Hebrews, began right away. So the later descent into slavery would have brewed a great deal of civil unrest; simmering, out of respect or fear of Pharaonic authority. No wonder over 2/3rds of the population leaving Egypt 430 years later were "mixed multitude"!]

        Compounding this nascent basis for tension would be the realization that this same Joseph was the one who 'caused' all Egyptians to be essentially tenant farmers of Pharaoh (see Genesis 47:11-27). The famine was worldwide, and so by the 3rd or 4th year, people were willing to sell all they had; then, their livestock; then their land; and finally, themselves. So the Jews were the Only Free People in the Land, at the time they arrived. Everyone else was Pharaoh's employee -- excepting the Egyptian priests. Now, think: this is a situation much like England's when Protestant ideas took root and flourished (mostly, mind you -- to get back at the tax-free Catholic priesthood)! The Catholic Church was thus in a political struggle, and like good churchmen, they propagandized the people to fight for them. So what do you think happened back after Joseph died? Same thing. After all, a foreigner who was responsible for their being enslaved (never mind, the people themselves praised him for saving their lives) -- this foreigner had the ear of Pharaoh. While they sweated. And, of course, there's this foreign GOD these wanderers brought with them. Who also had the "ear" of Pharaoh. That this foreigner was married to one of the daughters of the high priest, well.. it was forced! And, being a daughter, that priest could claim her share of her former husband's stuff, if the daddy played his cards right.

        Next, factor in the guy newly on the throne, Amenemhet III, was the first Pharaoh to actually OWN most of Egypt. So a still-insecure kingship, under all this political tension (the intrigue shadow from Amenemhet I still dogged his sons, which is why Sesostris III restructured the polity to reduce the power of rivals, see EB article on "Egypt, History of"); this kingship, SO unlike his dad Sesostris III, who knew Joseph, the famine; so this kingship, with the awesome change of now OWNING a nation, instead of merely ruling it. All that pressure, especially the prosperity after the lean years ended, would swell anyone's head. Amenemhet III was thus raised in good times, owning everything. So: all that foreign influx due to the famine and Egypt's cultural superiority would swell anyone's head.

        Not to mention, a goodly portion of those foreign folks, as well as many native Egyptians, believed in Israel's God, NOT in Egypt's gods -- for you don't think Israel swelled in population so quickly by physical birth, do you? After all, if you believed in the God of Jacob, you were therefore a Jew. After all, it was a foreigner who believed in a Foreign God, who saved Egypt. Not, Egypt's gods. So it would be popular to believe in that God, even as today many people are Christians first owing to the popularity of God, not so much because they want God for Himself. Especially, if being a Jew meant you could go live on tax-free land in Goshen. So it's easy to understand, how the slavery begins four years before Joseph dies: 1840BC. Well, at that point Israel couldn't itself number more than 100 or 200 people (1870BC-30 years, one generation more). So the swelling numbers had to be conversions, not new births.

        Ahhh, the threat of all those foreigners who don't believe in Egypt's own gods, now. Ahhh, the bigger threat of all those traitorous Egyptians, who abandoned their heritage, their own gods, and for what -- tax free land? For surely, the enemies of Jews and converts, would never accept FOREIGN belief as something valid. Civil war brews quietly for a long time before it breaks out in public fighting. So think: intrigue, families split apart over belief, some trying to bribe the others to switch faiths. We do that now. Human nature never changes. Not to mention, the very real economic advantage of being on tax-free land, your own person. Not to mention, the very real economic advantage of switching sides.

        That makes for a very insecure Pharaoh. Now you know why Amenemhet III is the guy who began the crackdown on foreigners, according to Encyclopedia Britannica. More likely, the replacement vizier, who was none too secure himself, counseled a crackdown. It would have to play softly, like bureaucratic creep. First, in the name of the people, start appropriating a little of that Goshen land at a time, in the name of building storage cities. Get the Jews to 'help', proving themselves good Egyptian citizens. Yeah, and when the Government builds a freeway which goes right through your house, offering you a pittance for your property -- what can you do? Not hard at all to understand the descent into slavery, huh.

        So numerous, now. Egypt hadn't been on her own so long -- just finished putting down the provincial fiefdoms, at that -- so, maybe it's time to talk tough. Act tough. [Encyclopedia Britannica's article on "Egypt, History of" had a running thread about how the 12th Dynasty under Sesostris III consolidated its power over the "nomarchs", changing the system of Egyptian government over into three districts, all headed by a vizier. Well, that's what happened under Joseph. EB seemed puzzled about how this could happen. Well, duh -- no one gives away power willingly, so the "nomarchs" caved in, to live -- given that Dream. Whether they believed it or not, they'd need food. These nomarchs were wooed by the first Pharaoh in the Dynasty, who when Jacob was 9 years old, overtook the throne by negotiating with them. What goes around comes around, so the III Amenemhet would be, perhaps understandably, desirous of not appearing too 'friendly' with the Hebrews.] Beginning, with these Hebrews who after all didn't have any of the hardship thrust on them.

        We learn from history that we never change. Evolution, bah! It's always the same ol' game. The ruler has no more power than people are willing to give him, no matter what the form of government. So he has to Win Over key persons; he has to Cultivate a Persona which will wow the common man; above all, he has to Watch His Back. The game never changes. The more power you have, the more enemies you have; the more money you have, the more thieves and flatterers you have. Unless you love virtue, which means learning God, money and power are worth less, than yesterday's news. All your fame becomes to succeeding generations, merely data one must remember to pass a test in school. Do you remember who Stilicho was? You don't? Well, there ya go! (Hint Hint -- he saved all of Rome, only to be murdered two years later by the very 'royal house' he saved! Of course, then the guy who Stilicho had protected Rome against, beseiged it. Ha!)

  • So notice how quickly events rolled out, during that mirrored grace period (1875-1835BC): since the first 40 years were sometimes unusually nice, the last 40 are sometimes horrific. Repeating: during the lean years, which were the First Seven of the period: Sesostris III had just taken the throne (1878); Israel sends the other brothers to Egypt twice (Gen42ff); after the second time, they go to live there, arriving in 1870BC, when Joseph is 76 years old. Jacob then dies 17 years later, in 1853BC, about 15 years into a new prosperity period; after all, the world had come to a breadbasket, and was now beholding to it. After Jacob dies in 1853BC, watch how evenly spaced are the next two deaths: Sesostris III, in 1843BC; Joseph, in 1836BC. Notice: 1836BC is the 7th year of the reign of the illustrious and ambitious, Amenemhet III -- the Pharaoh under whom the Hebrews would become slaves lasting for the next 400 years. (Exo1:8-14, but the "king" of v.8 is not Pharaoh, but probably the new vizier who replaced Joseph. A Pharaoh doesn't have to justify anything to anyone. So this is someone who has Pharaoh's ear, trying to sell him on turning against the Jews. It would not have happened overnight, but combined with other factors -- and who knows what they are, don't need to know, just know human nature -- eventually Pharaoh would even cave in. From that Exo passage it's clear Amenemhet was at least constrained to follow the vizier's advice. How he felt personally, well you can't really tell. Either he was a weak king and the vizier ran the show (a common occurrence, in the history of Egypt and other ancient kingdoms), or he was reacting against what he felt was a usurper, Joseph. Which would have made him putty for a vizier. So was still a weak king. Whether he became a believer, one can't tell. Weakness is the norm among believers, especially, so this non-defense of Israel tells you nothing about whether he was saved.) "Exodus Timeline" link at pagetop picks up the story, so you can see how this timeline towards the Exodus is reflected in history (as I found it in my personal set of Encyclopedia Britannica, 1985). [Egyptology kinda went nuts after 1985. So I think my old EB is more reliable. That's why I'm sticking with it. In the Exodate.htm you'll find some web links on the wide divergence among scholars, and why. Has a lot to do with how you recognize the huge amount of defacing and sheer plaigarism the Pharaohs practiced, wiping out the cartouches of their predecessors, and superimposing their own -- to claim victories as if their own. Then there's the Sothic dating problem. You have to use common sense when you review empirical data. Common sense seems to have quickly deteriorated after 1985. So I don't buy the later dating scholarship, sorry.]

      My pastor frequently notes that when a Biblical great dies, "all hell breaks loose." Well, you can see it when Methusaleh dies (his name means the Flood will BEGIN when he dies). You can see it also, here. It's a disaster for a country to lose good leaders; that's what's happening, in 1853-36. It destabilizes a polity, there is always some scramble for power, the enemies within thinking they can grab a better deal. Like, with the Iraqi elections of 1/31/05, so also back in 1836BC. That's man's sordid nature, always grasping, never enjoying what he has.

      Here's why. Leaders don't seem to do anything but look good and give soundbytes, but the truth is, everyone else is a headless chicken. Happiness is dependent on order, organization, and above all, a goal which is noble. No noble goal can be about the self. Self just isn't big enough, and I don't care how selfish a person is, serving himself just won't make him happy. So "noble" is always above the self. Hence, the need for a leader to be ABOVE the common fray. The leader embodies that nobility, however much of a cad he might be or others imagine him; and his life is sheer sacrifice. He has no family, no property, no anything -- however legally it seems otherwise -- for his job as leader, is all-encompassing. It's a 24/7 job. So the polity blessed with such a person literally falls to pieces, when it loses him. [This is even true of evil leaders: look how Germany fell apart psychologically after Hitler; how Italy, after Mussolini; how Russia, after Stalyin. Some of the survivors, to this day, still want those guys, back!]

      Here, see God's Grace: the loss of Egypt's leadership is evenly staggered, giving everyone time to adjust, to look up to GOD for guidance. First the Jews lose their patriarch, the last guy to actually see God face-to-face; then, the Egyptians lose one of the best rulers they ever had. Then Egypt and the Jews lose Joseph. Now, that also means they were losing interest in God. For if the interest in God remains, the good leaders either come to the fore, or stay in place. So it's a bellweather of disinterest in God, when good men die. But when good men die, blessing-by-association is released, so it's the only way God can bless the negative, as Part IVa demonstrates.

      EB is almost vociferous in blaming the creation of a vizier by Sesostris II or III, as the cause of the denouement of Egypt, culminating in what is known as the "Second Intermediate Period" of the "Middle Kingdom". Kinda depends on who the "vizier" is, dontcha think? After all, the vizier of Sesostris III (whom we know as Joseph, but EB doesn't name him) was the guy who got the Fayyum depression going, the fantastic development of art and humane-ness, and all the things EB lauds. But in the Second Intermediate period, it's the vizier who's to blame (duh, Exo1:8) for the chaos. Meaning, weak rulers. So the descent into slavery which began under Amenemhet III wouldn't show up on the historical radar for what it was -- but by 1786 (50 years after Joseph's death) that Pharaonic line died out. Hmmm. So all the foreign influx became a problem. Weak rulers are easy targets for foreign domination. We Americans did something of the same thing to blacks, and to our own citizens of Japanese extraction, until after WWII! Principle: a people who forget God become a frightened people. A frightened people become a tyrannical people. A tyrannical people become an enslaved people. And that's what Israel itself was becoming, and what the people of Egypt were becoming. So it's not solely a Pharaoh's fault, a vizier's fault.

      So notice the repetition of 3, 7, 30, 40, 60, 70, etc. year-periods in all the above timelines so far. So something's going on, here to protect amidst disaster. It's deliberate, and deliberately communicated. God doesn't need to prove to us He can count. There's always a skyscraper of meanings in every Bible verse, so it's a sleuthing job to find out why God goes to so much trouble to give us these dates. He's not doing it to prove He's God, but To Teach. The mirroring is always a boundary line, though if the 490 isn't used up, the boundary line of a SUBmirror, intersects. Think of how the magnetosphere of the earth looks in pictures (like the National Geographic article on the Sun, written in 2004), with concentric lines radiating out like figure 8's, the 'waist' of them being 'drawn in' to the center of the globe. Well, that's how God makes time work, too: the 'top' or 'left' is mirrored to 'redeem' it on the 'bottom' or 'right'. Awesome stuff.

      That's the case here. The 'top' of the '8': Egypt passed the first test by preparing for the lean years during the prosperous years, the 40 years ending 1876. Next comes the 'bottom' of the '8', the lean years, ending in 1836; she'll flunk during the last 3 years(!) of its 40-year 'house'. So close to the finish line! See, she'd weathered the two tough parts: the first forty and then the next seven years. So, after all that hardship ends, she has prosperity again. So by the time Sesostris III dies, Egypt has been in a prosperous phase again for 26 years (circa 1843, the year Sesostris III dies). Scarcely two years later, Amenemhet III begins to cave into his advisors' clamor to make Israel slaves; it doesn't happen all at once; it happens kinda like how Hitler got the Germans to progressively ostracise the Jews. First, a question of whether they oughtn't to give up that land they didn't pay for; then, what about the 'favoritism'; then, well.. you know about bureaucratic creep. For a new king is weak, and needs to build his own coalitions of loyal supporters. On the other side, Joseph's lost his longtime protector, Sesostris III. Further, Amenemhet III is no baby; so he grew up learning from his dad Sesostris III, how bountiful were God's blessings through Joseph. And maybe resented this foreigner's claim on his dad's love. Who knows.

      In any event, the sixth Pharaoh of the dynasty, who was the fourth Pharaoh to be blessed with Joseph's wisdom went wacko. Or, felt politically constrained to follow the advice of the "melek" of Exo1:8. So Egypt falls into a terrible period of civil unrest called in history, the "Intermediate" period. 12th Dynasty falls, and it will be several hundred years before she again becomes united. In 1440, the Exodus completes, exactly 490 years after Joseph was sold as a slave in Egypt; At That Same Time, Egypt's own 490, Ends. Who says God doesn't keep his promises? [I'm figuring the visits with Pharaoh, the preparations to leave, the plagues, the packing, the moving across the 'border' of the Red Sea, took about a year. I know the 40 years in the wilderness is divided into 1 year to Kadesh, 38 years of wandering, and 1 year ending with the entrance into the Land by that second generation -- 1997 "Jeshurun" subseries by my pastor (in '92 Spiritual Dynamics, #376), will take you through the timeline, esp Lesson 1023 (of Series #376, '92 Spiritual Dynamics). So here we have an illustration of a 1 year problem, as noted in the "1 year" bullet (intra-page link is near pagetop). ]

        Joseph served under three Pharaohs, but by the time of the fourth, who was maybe not even born until after the 7 lean years occurred, Joseph had no influence. During the last 5 years of his life, the vizier who took his place influenced Pharaoh to begin oppressing the Jews (Exo1:8). If you look up the reign of Amenemhet III, you'll notice a distinct relapse away from friendliness to foreigners.

    Seedmaker Precedence: How God Redeems and uses Time to Communicate

    How do subcomponents like 7 years, 40 years, etc. 'behave' in a 490 time grant given a real Bible hero, so one can verify the claimed meaning of the number? How did the 490 shift to Joseph, from Abraham, Isaac, Jacob? How does that cause Blessing by Association, and what happens if the 490 ends? Bible answers all this. But you have to dig into the numbers, to see why. That's the purpose of this table. It's an exercise, to show how subcomponents in a 490 work, how the blessing shifted from Abraham to Joseph to Moses, and -- what happens when it ends.

    490 Subcomponents Play 'Live'; how the 490 shifts to Joseph

    The Isaac (really Abraham) 490 began solely due to Abram meeting the spiritual-growth conditions by the time the Noahic 490 ended in 2060BC. This happened, 2061 or 2060, because Abram became Abraham (at his circumcision) to commemorate it: renaming is always concomitant to a new covenant being enacted. [When the Lord appoints Church to replace Israel in Matt16:18, note the future tense, "I will build". That tense tells you when the enactment will occur. The naming is the Enactment Based On A Future Date; such a provision is very common in testaments. Book of Hebrews uses that analogy to show how the covenant changed from the Mosaic Law, to Church. Part IVa's "Legal Precedence" division walks you through the parameters, the types of changes, and how you can see it for yourself using Greek keywords in Hebrews and other NT books.]

    Volitional Responsibility, Freedom-of-Contract Key => Abraham's Faith is Precedence, upon which all other precedence is based. Romans 4, James 2, Gen15:6 (quoted by both), Romans 9 (covering Jacob), explain this Faith as Precedence, principle. Without faith in the PROMISE, no covenant can be delivered. For it always requires Recipient Consent To Delivery. Thus those who refuse are rightly outside the covenant. Justice principle, and God never welshes on Justice.

    The subcomponents of a 490 derive added Precedenting Origin in this period, in addition to God's Root Design for Time. Reason? So that when God 'plays' them, people can see it's HIM doing it, not coincidence. And He'll do that, by MATCHING CHARACTER, based on these events. So when He plays them later in history, if the character of the period 'ties', you know it's God talking.

    What about 1960BC, the year Jacob ran away to Laban's house (and met Rachel)? That was the year God made a contract with Jacob. Further, it's related to the Flood, since 1960 is 490 years after the Flood. But Jacob wasn't renamed until 1940BC, so if a 490 related to Jacob, then it starts in 1940BC, not 1960. And neither instance is appropriate to Joseph; the meaning does not match, and it's still within the Abraham/Isaac 490.

      However, maybe this 20 year fighting period is the origin for God's later Rule under the Mosaic Law, that one enters military service at age 20; or, why Temple service will be between age 30, and age 50 (search your Bible on those ages, see for yourself how very many there are, easily proving these meanings). Or, why Temple Building + related building will take 20 years, each of the two times it occurs in the future (covered with respect to the Temple). Aha. Something of Precedence from this period is used, and that makes sense, given that God did make the contract 20 years before He renames Jacob. We know there is no law about Temple building, as distinguished from the first two 20-year measures.

    Then there's the 40-year grace period granted Egypt, twice: "Joseph" means Twice, Double-portion, how clever. But then it was mirrored, so is already nested within the 490, so isn't added on. You almost never add on a 40 year period, as noted in the "40 years" link near pagetop. But clearly the 40 years played, so our "40 years" meaning in the Law, has precedence too. This is really important, for God nests a "7" inside a 40, from the time of Joseph forward. (If He did it prior, I can't yet find it.)

    What about the mirrored sevens in Pharaoh's dream, the latter looking a lot like a representation of the Tribulation -- aka the "time of Jacob's trouble" (KJV, Jer30:7)? These already got paid out, so to speak, so are nested already in the 490 of Abraham/Isaac. Still, this earlier meaning of "7" is a kind of precedence.

    What about the 3-year piece which is the difference between the 7 lean years and the amount of time Israel was NOT in Egypt? ('2 years on either side of their initial meeting, and their settling in Goshen, as noted above.) This one is obviously already nested also. And, it might really be 3.5 years, I can't tell. Aha, more precedence! It's really interesting that the actual time from 1870-1836 is 34 years, not 30 -- so in Exo12:40-41 God is saying "30", because 4 of the years were not in Egypt (i.e., the time between first visit and the actual move there). God is so precise! [It serves to show how pieces can be found which wouldn't be obvious, and yet are important. For example, God repeated the 400 year sentence several times. Abram was the first one to get it, while he had fallen asleep waiting for God to burn up the sacrifices. So that means the slavery period began 1840BC. Joseph, being 110 when he died, had maybe gotten sick four years earlier. So maybe THAT is the offset to the 4 years, instead. Further, the slavery had to begin 1840, but it doesn't mean Israel was slapped into chains the first second 1840BC began. Oppression, like any virus, always has a root; and that root is always unseen until its growth 'goes' topside. Here the root, is disinterest in God, as noted above. The stepping-stone quality of the deaths from Sesostris III through Joseph, tell you that.]

    What about the 30 years from Joseph's birth to the time of his becoming vizier? Aha. He was a slave during this time, so it should be added on, something lost to be made up to the sons. Technically, only 13 years of it were slavery, so this 30 might be instead measured like a "savior" piece, which a 30 usually represents. And if so, then it will be mirrored in the Exodus 490, which of course it is: Exo12:40-41. So immediately upon Israel entering Egypt, they get the 30 years mirrored back to 'reimburse' the time it took to develop their deliverer, Joseph. God does the same thing with Christ's lifetime, from 30AD-63AD. No doubt of this precedence, it's a savior/king piece, and Joseph IS the precedence for it. Such pieces are always a nexus so always are repeated on both sides. Which explains why Joseph's two sons are accounted to Jacob, making 13 tribes, not 12, Gen 48:22. Here, they are not contiguous, but bookending: 30 years from his birth, 30 years from the 'birth' of entry into Egypt. Which tells you that a nexus needn't always be back-to-back joined, but the mirror will 'match' in meaning.

    So note that the first 30 years in Egypt, were prosperous: so long as Joseph retained influence at court. This piece is the mirror of Joseph's 30 years from birth to vizier; hence, God tacks on "30" in Exo12:40-41; God treats the first 30 years of Freedom in Egypt as mirror-back. So that's our connection, the switchover. For had Jacob not entered Canaan again, there'd have been no contract enacted (renaming him, 1940BC). Apart from that contract, Joseph couldn't be connected. Had Joseph not been too young at the time, Joseph could not have been connected, either. Had Joseph not been enslaved while too young, God couldn't justify the switch. So the 430 years in Exo12:40-41 include the mirror-back due to Joseph. So that 30 years does not offset now. Do you begin to get the idea God is punctiliar about how He accredits or shifts Time?

    What about the time from Jacob's birth until the time he was ready to re-enter Canaan, with two wives, two families, 60 years? Double portion? Aha. Well, let's see. That time is 'left' of his own 490, assuming Jacob's 490 begins in 1940BC when God renames him. So it has to be mirrored on the 'right' side of the 490, as restitution. What argues for this 60 years as a mirrored item, is that God did rename him in 1940BC, and Jacob IS obeying it. Joseph then was too young, only six years old, and must connect somehow to Jacob's covenant, to be able to have the 490 switch to him. Faith is the cause, but Joseph at this point is not a man, so the switch has to be retroactive -- hence, based on Jacob. Of course, that means Joseph must also believe in God when he becomes a man, just as Jacob and Isaac before him: Romans 4&9 cover this Ultimate Faith Precedence rule. We know Joseph was a believer before he was enslaved, due to his dream of the sun, etc. bowing down to him.

    So now we have another 70 years to account. Ok, what about the difference between Jacob's age when he enters the Land and the time he goes to Egypt, 70 years (counting year of entry as year 1)? Hmmm. That's after 1940BC, huh. And the promise God knows but Jacob still does NOT know, is that Israel will be in Egypt during the 400 years of slavery. Where Joseph is. Hmmm. If you add up the 60 years and the 70 years, you get Jacob's age when he arrives in Egypt, 130 years. Jacob was RESTING in the Lord for 70 years, waiting for Him to decide when to enact His 400 year slavery promise. You know Jacob was resting, because he did the same thing as Abraham had done, coming back under God's orders, waiting, depending on the Lord to tell him what to do next. And the Lord didn't tell him to do anything -- until the sons came back with the news about Joseph. Then the order was, Move up to Egypt! And he did. The sabbatical years, were over: 70 of them.

    Aha. So notice from whence the Temple 560 years in Daniel 9 derive. Daniel 9:2, 70 years, missed sabbatical years. Okay, but why 70? Because there will be 70 sabbatical years inside a 490 (one every 7th year). But why sabbatical years? Well, because the allotment stops really at 560; we know that, because Matthew 1 uses 560 multiples; we know that, because Daniel 9 uses 560 (just you try to get the 490 to balance to 30AD without 3 replays of the 70). In short, 560 is the "gross", and so sabbatical years 'subtract' from the gross to get the 490, 'net'. Our 70 years sure ain't a coincidence. Furthermore, remember Jacob knew that 'somehow' his sons and progeny would be in 400 years of slavery, if he returned to Canaan. Abram knew that, Genesis 15:13. So Isaac knew that. So Jacob knew that. They didn't know it would be in Egypt, but they knew it would happen. Kinda big faith, to keep believing in El-Elyon, to come back to what you know 'somehow' will be a horrible slavery of 4 generations' duration (4*100). Kinda big Precedence for some sabbatical years, once free, to remember that slavery. Since in every invocation of a case against the nation, the Lord always works in the clause, I the LORD your God who delivered you from Egypt, seems fitting this would be the basis for the sabbatical years. [It was 4 generations in Egypt, just as God said it would be, in Gen 15:16. You can prove it. Scholars haven't been able to prove it because they keep stumbling over Jochebed, no one noticing how Exo 6:20 is blasphemously mistranslated, and no one comparing the LXX with the BHS in that verse. "Jochebed" link in MisTrans.htm has the details. Were it not for a reader querying me on Jochebed and this problem of the 4 generations, I'd not know the answer, either. God has a habit of using someone to ding me with a question I'm not willing to research, as a clever reprimand. And as always, His Reprimands are huge blessings!]

      So maybe, because it took Jacob twice as long to be developed (and it wasn't his fault, Laban kept tricking him and he was trying to be a good boy); maybe, since he had two wives, returning to the Land at age 61; maybe, since Joseph's Brothers were responsible for putting Joseph in slavery, and Joseph was then used to save Egypt; in short, maybe because there was all that 'rest', delay, pause -- Maybe That's Why God Invented Sabbatical Years, As A Memorial. So needs to be added to the 490. Because, God always mirrors the 70 years, too. You'll see this when He accounts time to the Temple both before and after it is destroyed and rebuilt. This 70 years is definitely a piece He uses; maybe it's not due to the foregoing facts related to Jacob. Then again, maybe it is. Jacob is not at fault, so it does look like a justice mirror-back is needed.

      Thing is, the use of 560 predates Abram. So what we see is how God uses His Design for Time, in real time, on believers: to make them On Time, so His Promise can be delivered. So the above exercise has a precedenting value, but it's more a demonstration of how God Sovereignly accomplishes His Will without manipulating ours. God is not compromised by man having free will. More importantly, God achieving what He wants in this manner, depicts His Unfailing Love for us (Hebrew word "chesed"). That, too, is His Sovereign Will!

      As to why in eternity past God flat decided to make Time in units of 1050 'housing' a 490+70+490 structure, such that the factors are doubled-7s to depict His Son (7,2,5 are the factors), well.. mathematically, would any other numerical matrix display Him better, more fully?

    That leaves the 400 to account. God mirrors the 400 with David. David will be born 400 years after the Exodus, and will become king at Hebron 430 years after the Exodus. But why 400, initially? Was that a design number, or just foreknowledge? So far, it looks like foreknowledge, and God uses it as precedence specifically in relationship to Israel, viz., the mirroring with David. In short, God knew how long it would take to mature Israel as a nation, plus accomplish His other goals with respect to saving people. So He makes the offer to Abram in advance, since it's a pretty scary promise, Hi, you've not even GOT a son yet, but when I give you one, I'll ENSLAVE his sons for 400 years! You want Me? Doesn't sound like a very attractive offer, huh. So maybe that's the precedence, not so much the number of years, but the foreknown number of years is GIVEN to Abram, who has to live with that foreknowledge himself.. and still keep choosing El-Elyon? Faith is the basis for everything. Precedenting, founding.. even if enslaved. Yeah, but if you're enslaved with God, you're really free. That's how Abram thought. That's how His Future Savior Son, thought.. all the way through the Cross.

    How the 490 'baton' shifting blessed and then cursed Egypt, Precedence for Rapture's Meaning

    In all pieces, note how these 490's are used as conduits, and Reroute Blessing By Association; how they are wholly associated with individuals, and thus morph into Blessing to the Nation. Each person is used to justify 490 years of blessing others at some level, and the 490's all overlap. Isaac was born 2060 BC, and 490 years later, 1570BC, the 18th Dynasty comes to Egypt (the dynasty which will rescue Moses -- see Exodate.htm). Jacob's covenant began 1940BC when he re-entered Canaan; 490 years after that, 1450BC -- oh no! Short of the deadline! Hence, God being Omniscient about that fact, he let Joseph be enslaved in Egypt 1930BC -- and 490 years after that, is the Exodus! Like the Latin proverb, "not all misfortune, comes to injure." Cheer up next time disaster hits. God has plans for it! [LXX of Exo12:40 says "and Canaan", to track the reader back to the time Joseph was in Canaan, so you can see the contract transfer, know that the 490 overlap switched to Joseph.]

    You could spend years tracing all the 490 'spokes' being created. Thus The Layers Of Blessing Decline As Each Person Dies. Which is why Israel could even get 400 years of slavery (lost time), in which to learn Him; for, the 'national' 490 associated with Joseph, is the only 'national' 490 (1930, when Joseph became a slave -490 =1440). Moses couldn't BECOME Moses, had there been no Jacob. Moses Couldn't Deliver Israel, Had There Been No Joseph. So God, knowing the last 490 would end by 1440BC, had the task, as it were, of developing another 'savior' for Israel. So, you'll notice from 1Kings 6:1, that 480 years later, they start the temple. Because, the first 80 years of Moses' life, were nested in the last 80 years of Joseph's '490'. So, needed to be mirrored back to Israel, since Moses' life was successful. Shocking, shocking, shocking!

      Note The Precedence And The Blessing Flow, because the principle continues even until Now: someone has to get a 490 'baton' to carry. Someone else has to get it the next go-round. One person. So to shift to a nation means One Nation. There can be more than one per 490 years, but there must be at least one, or the next 490 cannot be granted. So history until now continues because at least ONE person 'gets' a 490. The more who do, the better the quality of time the whole earth gets. Tell me: what kind of works can the whole world do, To Buy Time?

    So Israel's Exodus converges with Egypt's: Egypt's "490" ends, because Israel, LEAVES. Egypt's 490 began when Joseph became enslaved, and ends in 1440BC. And when it does, Israel the Nation now, leaves hastily, suddenly, Hebrew "ahishennah", "maher"; Greek "tachú!" and verb "speudo" (1Pet3:12). Rapture Precedence, get it? So "the Seedmaker", with Isaac the son of the promise, begins 2060 and ends 1570; that's when God started up the 18th Dynasty of Egypt, which would be the 'savior' of Moses (see Exodate.htm for specifics). Meanwhile with Jacob, from 1940BC until 1450BC, "the Seed sprouts": a people born, growing up, getting to the ending destination (Egypt), On Time. So next notice Joseph, beginning 1930BC: so, the "Seed becomes a Nation", 1930-1440BC. Just in time, too, since that is the year Moses has the courage to return and face Amenhotep II. Notice the 490 overlappings, how they are needed to justify the Exodus being able to occur. God keeps His Promises. And all this, despite every kind of human foible and (I'm sure) satanic involvement.

    Haste is the precedence for the Rapture's "tachú", and another root reason why there is no prophecy to predict before the Rapture. Every coming-and-going of Israel is in great haste, and the HASTE is stressed in the feasts (i.e., Passover, Booths). Abram left Ur in great haste; Israel left for Egypt in great haste (famine); they left from Egypt in great haste; they left into exile in great haste, they are to leave Jerusalem in great haste (Matt24) And Not Return Until The LORD Shubs Them; and, even if they disobey and are stuck there in the Trib, they will be Rescued/Returned In Great Haste, (Jer 30:24, Isa60:22 and like passages).

    See, by using something as Precedence-Past In Parallelism, and repeating its format over and over, God communicates to a jaded world that He Really Exists and He Really Means What He's Said in His Book! When a thing happens, you can call it natural law or coincidence. But when a thing is Orchestrated, and works like an Accounting Ledger, then you know A Brain is Running the show (the weather, time). And you know Which Brain by the holy book which explains all the Accounting. Line item by line item, Bible explains it all.

    Further, you know boundaries of interpretation, due to Precedence. Christ had two Kingships, not just one. As God of Israel, He was Her King. But as Humanity, He has a separate contract with Father, "kata Melchizedek", Psalm 110, explained in Book of Hebrews. As God of Israel, the promise was He'd take on Humanity and deliver Her, as Messiah. As you'll see below, she abrogates that covenant, in favor of a human king, Saul. So As God of Israel, the Son then contracts with David, 2Sam7. Which renders the King of Israel covenant, unconditional and inviolate. That left only the "kata Melchizedek" Kingship, which required a Bride. (The King of Israel was initially God, who needs no Bride, as He is Eternal. So too Messiah will be eternal, no Brideship needed, 2Sam7:12-13). It's this second Kingship to Father, which was also conditionally offered to Israel: but she would have to vote for Messiah when He came, to get it. She didn't. So in HASTE, when the Lord knows this 'on the ground', He Makes a Unilateral Commitment To Pay For A Brand-New Entity, "Church", in Matt16:18. This commitment is ratified in John 17, and explained to Israel in Matt22-24, especially. For they still had time to change their vote, pre-Cross. They didn't.

    Hence Church gets the Bride mantle from Israel solely due to Israel's rejection, but Church belongs to Christ, and His separate Kingship over Israel as a Son of David, remains intact. But our origin, our Betrothal, was so hasty -- we didn't even exist, yet. So Father is literally making a Bride for the Son, in our "now" (NT keyword for Church Age). So, our new Law "in Christ", the "law of Christ" will Reflect that "sudden" call, just as Abram et. al. received. Yet is entirely separate, just as Paul notes in Ephesians 2.

    God is consistent, and especially here -- where the sudden nature of the change is essential to Israel's recognition. Hence Rapture cannot be predicted, and should not be; so Rapture cannot be during the predictable events of the Tribulation itself. Haste is always what God uses, and it's a surprise. You don't know at all, or not until the last minute. Israel didn't know it was leaving for sure, until the last minute. In Exo12 God told them what to expect (probably) fourteen days in advance, hence the Passover rules about setting aside the Lamb on 10 Nisan (in anticipation of the day the Lord would be arrested during Passion Week, when the calendar was running 4 days too fast). But even so: until they were told by Pharaoh they could leave, they couldn't. If God allows Pharaoh to set the time, then it's a matter of human volition, which God chooses as the criterion. Hence you cannot predict the Rapture, ever, because you can't predict how humans will vote. Justice uses Precedence. Precedence for Rapture is the Exodus, and has exactly the same character. But is not Israel. Because Justice never welshes on a promise. And that promise of the Trib and the Mill, belongs to Israel, not Church.

    So, for those too dumb to live who still don't get it -- and all of us are too dumb to live -- well what else is there to do? Repeat repeat repeat at more and more intense levels: hence Lev26 and Deut 28; and their super-kid, Revelation 6-19, which today only play in paradigm (hint hint), but which will during the Tribulation, play blow-by-blow.

    Notice how the composition of the 490 was all developmental, so there's no "weeks" of a set number of years. For, "weeks" belong to Israel. Yet notice also, that Because Joseph Was There, God Blesses Egypt; When Joseph's Sons Leave, So Does The Blessing. So, the beginning: the "weeks" type dream, which a Jewish man 'just happened' to interpret well, to the (understandably) apprehensive, Amenemhet II. Notice also how Egypt gets saved by all this: historians rave about the golden age of the 12th Dynasty (which lasted just as long as Joseph lived, plus the usual 40 year warning period after the death of the source of blessing). After all, if they are gonna house Israel, they ought to share in the blessing from God. Blessing By Association Comes Through The Jews, for their God, is THE God. Notice finally how this good Pharaoh, followed by two others, more than balances against all the bad ones which follow. (Egypt's two most blessed periods were when it had a Jewish person in rulership position -- Joseph and later, Moses. See also how much Babylon et alia prospered due to Daniel.)

    Here we see again, as at the time of the Flood, how God delays judgement until He first removes those believing in Him. PRINCIPLE: God's blessing goes through the people who are related to Him. So if you don't choose to be related to Him, your relationship is wrath, i.e., per John 3. [This blessing-by-association is a recurring theme in the OT, and is the basis for the Rapture meaning that Church Is Not In Trib. Because, the Trib is a Judgement, and it cannot occur if Church is present. Paul spent a lot of time explaining all this to the Thessalonians, though English Bibles routinely denigrate the Spirit into an "it" (2Thess2:6 is WHO, not "what", for crying out loud) -- along with other mistranslations in those passages; so you don't see what Paul is saying. Part IVa-d go into the criteria in much detail.]

    So, when they come out of Egypt, the latter gets judged. This is one of the Functional Precedences for the Rapture, one of the "jobs" it must do. And, if you look up Egyptian history after that time (Amenemhet III), you'll find out the polity had to resort to diplomacy to keep its sovereignty, for the next several centuries. What happened to kill the 12th Dynasty, happens again in the aftermath of Amenhotep II of the 18th Dynasty, the dynasty of the Exodus: the dynasty dies via a high official (general) usurping command (after Tutankamen); many civil unrests eventuated in even that ending general (Horemheb) deeding the kingdom over to yet another military man (which history will later know as Ramses I). Warning Message: don't treat Israel badly. Christians, don't treat Bible badly, either (Heb12:15ff).

  • So at the Exodus, Israel As A Nation, is due a New 490 of its own. This is a national 490. Moses is the source of it. We know that, because God offered to destroy the people and begin over with Moses, twice (Deut 9:14, Num14:12). Just in time, too, since the last 490 remaining, ended 1440BC. So a new savior arrives to carry the baton, a new nexus person. The national 490's composition thus changes, but meaning does not: 450 years to subdue the land, plus the 40 years testing in the wilderness, Acts 13:17ff.

  • Notice the new time-element, the Jubilee (50). Because, As A Nation, they are now Contracted to God. That's Why The Tent -- foreshadowing the Messiah who would tabernacle among us (John 1, Isa60:22-end Chapter 61). Contract with God requires a body, see. "Jubilee", if you'll remember, means starting over with a fresh beginning, as originally designed. New Body, New Life. New Covenant Is Depicted Eschatologically, Conditionally. So if the National Contract is Breached, there is No Jubilee During The Time Of The Breach. That will be critical to remember, as you read what follows.

      Here we see the importance of the 50-year voting period in the 1050-year unit God constructs for playing historical time. If the 1000 doesn't complete, there is no voting period granted. What ends up happening is that the Lord dies 14 years before the 1000 ends, because the deadline is shortened that much due to David's death, with no one accepting God's conditional offers, post-David. So the voting period which should have begun 44AD-94AD, couldn't play unless Christ died EARLY. So this Jubilee question, is an important one. Let's examine its meaning, further.

      Isaiah 61 is about Jubilee, which only Messiah can pronounce. It's shorthand for the Millennium; specifically, it refers to the 50-year period PRECEDING the Millennium's beginning: that was reserved to harvest the Gentiles at the end of time. Because, time is structured in 1050 units which are 'joined' by a 50-year voting period for UNBELIEVERS. So the preceding 1050 before the Millennium, 'connects' to it. So every 50 years Israel was to be reminded of that fact, by starting over. For that's what the Millennium represented, starting over. Isaiah 61 is a special pronouncement of the Millennium (beginning with the 2nd Advent), itself. But to get that pronouncement, there must be created a Jubilee rule. Gotta harvest the Gentiles, FIRST.

        When the Lord actually came and used the Isa61 announcement in Luke 4:19, everyone then reckoned years from Adam, from Israel, from David. So everyone knew He was telling them a) I'm Messiah, and b) when that final Jubilee Period was supposed to begin. For He was the same age as David became king when He made that announcement (that's why He waited, "30" is a savior number); so only 67 years remained until the 1050 was to close. Like David, He'd have 'ruled' (been rightful king) for 40 years when He was scheduled to die, so He's also reminding them of the limit -- David's 1000th death anniversary would end 10 years later. Now you know more why everyone was so apoplectic in Luke 4:20 and following (Greek, English mistranslation makes it seem people liked the news, so the LORD seems mean, lol, in verses 22 et seq).

      So back when Israel was founded, God had Moses encapsulate the prophecy of Light for the Gentiles -- the very reason for Israel's founding -- in that holiday. The 1050 is a nested 490+70+490, so a 1050 begins with a new 490, which Israel thus began in 1440BC. Since a new 490, this new Independent Nation gets a new contract: the Mosaic Law. Hence Jubilee is more about the Future Role of Israel, than the current one. As there will be a Future Role, a Current Rule must be enacted to depict it. For a nation is its own entity, and must have law and training within its boundaries. Jubilee thus represents a Belief in that Future, so the nature of Jubilee stresses temporariness of the present. Every 50th year, all ownerships of land (and certain other stuff) revert back to the original allotments. Obviously, if disbelief in the future, then disbelief in Jubilee, too. Hence the need for Isa61, the Pardon for disbelief. Which will come from Messiah Who Will Pay. Hence no one else can claim it. Hence Everyone was to Look Forward to Messiah, and all the rest of life was mere tenting like Abram through Jacob, had done. Memorial. Past. Precedence. Prologue.

      1000=20*50. "20", the number of ADULTHOOD, the number of eligibility to pay tax, to be in the military. Age of responsibility. 50 is the flipside: age of retirement from Temple service, Jubilee Year. Rest. Return. So first the Cross, then the Crown. So first the Law, then the Messiah fulfills the Law. That's what they knew. Since Messiah was going to fulfill the Law by paying for sins, the Law would become a memorial, so they could REST from it. It continues forever, alright, but HOUSED in the HOUSE Who will be Human Messiah. You see Bible embed these concepts in Hebrew soundplay, wordplay, syntax and word order of its verses, especially in Isaiah and Psalms, none of which translate well. Book of Hebrews explains how Messiah fulfilled the Law; Paul of course referenced the fact in all his letters. John uses Temple words when the 2nd Temple is gone, to show the Living Temple of the Word in us, stressing the First Commandment (you can't see this in English, John's wordplay is quite deft). In short, all this was known, back during Moses' day. So all that future was represented by Jubilee and hence the Millennium is 20 Jubilees.

      (490*2)+20=1000. "20" is also the building period for the Temple and Jerusalem; which future history, Israel doesn't yet know. But God knows when the TIME MATURES, BECOMES ADULT.

      And the point of all these numerical observations? They are all future. Based on a NATION. So if no nation, then no future, get it? And only God restores the nation. THAT they do know, for He keeps on saying, "I..brought you out from Egypt." Using the quintessential Hebrew birthing preposition "min", in deft wordplay verses like Isa63:11-13. God birthed them. God always says He Gathers, He Births, He Restores. So if no contract, then no restoration. Now you see why Part IVa's "Legal Precedence" Results in Church Being Used To Rescue Israel's Time. Because, the abomination has been there since 70AD. Of course, that is all past to us now. But still future, for Israel. Her Jubilees will arrive, and ON time!

  • Now, another NATIONAL layer: the TABERNACLE gets its own 490, because that's a CONTRACT OF GOD's DWELLING. The Temple and the National 490's are now DOUBLED and UNITED, and so begin at the same TIME: Exodus, 1440BC.

      To see this Tabernacle significance, we gotta fast-forward to the First Temple. Promise was, that God would Tabernacle with His People (next bullet). So, needs a House. So, gave Moses elaborate instructions for that House. Now, flash-forward: 1Kings 6:1 measures from the flipside of the Exodus, showing the 490 convergence on the TEMPLE, from Tabernacle and from Moses. Thus we know these two timelines are supposed to converge. So it tracks on both sides, to David and to Moses, two quintessential 'birthers' who depict the Seed Who Will Birth All, Messiah. David is crowned 430 years after the Exodus, a cool mirror of Exo12:40-41. But also 1Kings 6:1 mirrors back to the 80 years it took to build Moses, so the Timing Tells You What Matters: the Word. For, that is what Moses represents, and what he did, see Hebrews 3. So: 400+80=480-1440=960, the year Solomon began building -- tells you Moses was foundational, as well as David (see the "7 years" link for details on David's foundationality). So because the Word is to become Incarnate, and the Temple depicts that future Promise you naturally measure back to the Word given Moses to write. Hence the day Temple building on the site officially commenced, you have a perfect mirror of its meaning; so, a perfect mirror of the time it took Moses to develop, thus 'reimbursing' the 80 years he did develop which 'belonged' to the Joseph 490. Notice also the hidden Jubilee in the '400', tying to the Temple promise -- for, Messiah will free His People! Beginning with Moses, then David; Accounting From The Period Of Slavery. So, 8x50=400, no longer 4*100!

      And not without humor! For do you know how David discovered the site of Temple Building? By Sinning. See, he got fat-headed (and who doesn't) toward the end of his reign, and decided to number the people God said couldn't be numbered. For that, he got to pick which punishment among three, and wisely chose the Lord pick the one HE wanted. Well, that was three days' pestilence (disease) among the people (reminiscent of the same kind of thing which happened to Moses, back during the wilderness years). During the three days, David was so shocked he prayed to the Lord, saying, it's my fault! What have these sheep done! and God told him to buy this hunk of land on which was a threshing floor, owned by Araunah aka Ornan. [Nerd Note: it should be obvious that if God is killing, the people thus killed were supposed to die anyway; to do so here by disease, meant they were so apostate, that type of death was the kindest thing to do. Yes, people do get that bad: just turn on your television, sometime. But there are no atheists in foxholes, so when people get sick, they actually think of God for a change. If they were believers at the time, they are mighty happy now about what happened to them. If they became believers at the time, they are mighty happy God wouldn't give up on them; if they didn't become believers by means of that disease-then-death, then nothing God does would but give them reason to shake the fist. Living people on this earth pretty much divide out into the same three groups.]

        So David rushes over there to Mt. Moriah, where the Angel of the Lord (aka the Lord, often, and maybe this time too) is busy smiting people -- so Ornan aka Araunah and his kiddies are right there on the threshing floor, shaking in their boots. David buys the place though Ornan wanted to flat give it to him: fifty shekels (!) for the floor itself, 600 (!) shekels in all, including the land around it. David makes the sacrifices there -- then learns, oh! This is the Rock on which Isaac was almost sacrificed, and this is where GOD wants His Holy of Holies, BUILT!

        Ps138:2 shows David's shocked response, as he lies prostrate on the floor (oh, how my pastor loves this verse and the story behind it): For you have magnified YOUR WORD above Your Own Person!

        For 600 shekels, the Temple site! Talk about foundational! Samuel used to sleep IN the tented Holy of Holies, right next to the Ark, whoa.. and he wasn't even a Levite, let alone a high priest, 1Sam3:3. Heck, not even Moses got to do THAT. Now here's David, also not Levite, laying on the floor of what will always be the Holy of Holies on this earth (abominated today by a Dome)! But then, this flat bedrock had been used for stomping out wheat from chaff for centuries. And still is, everyone stumbling over its meaning like Ornan the Jebusite and his family.

        See context around 2Sam24:18, 1Chron 21:18ff, 2Chron 3:1. [Looks like "Ornan" in the Hebrew text of Chronicles is a back translation from the LXX, which transliterates Araunah, "Orna" in 2nd Samuel. Since Chronicles is later than Samuel, looks like centuries later someone copying Chronicles substituted the LXX spelling in 2nd Sam and then converted it into a like Hebrew sound, thinking that the more authentic copy. In Hebrew, "ornan" is related to trees, fir or cedar. Lexical data in BibleWorks is almost non-existent for this word: HALOT offered Hittite ariwanni, meaning free/noble, for what it felt was the closest meaning to Araunah. The Hebrew root is the same for either spelling: aleph-resh-nun, with either a terminating nun or hey; and "Araunah" is a kethib/qere reading in 2Sam24:18, but is spelled out in succeeding verses.]

        So now you know the foundations: Abram, who paid at the King of Sodom's behest a 10th of the latter's property to Melchizedek, King of Salem, in whose kingdom that threshing floor was located; Abram, who at the time didn't have any kids, but rather a strange nephew, whom he had just rescued. Abram would be on that bedrock sacrificing his Only Son about 50 years later; but knew nothing of all that, at the time he was blessed by Melchizedek. Abram would not long afterwards cave under the pressure of waiting; he didn't yet know that yet, either, when Melchizedek was blessing him. Then comes Moses, who never saw that Rock, because he hit a Rock twice instead of speaking to it the second time. Then comes David, who of course knew nothing of that Rock's origin, and was only there due to his sin; at which point, he's informed by the God he wanted to build for, well.. Build here! Three great believers, three great failures, three great blessings. And we have all been stumbling over Him, ever since.

        On that PetraRock depended our salvation; it depicted Messiah being thrashed for our sins, and graphically -- for in order to thresh grain, the sheaves would be laid on that hard bedrock, and animals or huge stones would stomp or roll over on the sheaves again and again, separating wheat from chaff; you had to guard such a place, for it was a target of raiders seeking the wealth of the sheaves.

        So we meet Him there, prostrate. There, surrounded by land that same Lord had David buy, to shepard His people; there, on the Rock AbRAHam almost sacrificed his son; there, on land Moses himself, never got to see; but he saw the Word Himself, and Trained Folks In That Word-Above-Person, all those years in the wilderness. Where we all are still.. wandering astray.

  • Doubled and United, Solely due to the Third NATIONAL layer: God is KING of Israel. So TREBLED and UNITED and beginning at the Exodus -- predecessor for Messiah in the Flesh, l'moedth! Uniting nation, temple, and Kingship in HIMSELF.

      So notice that this 490 Depends On GOD Being King. Moses was offered to be the replacing progenitor, the nation having already failed so badly, all the adults in the Exodus (save 3 families) will die in the wilderness. Moses was not offered Kingship, politically: but he was offered progenitorship, which has the same essential meaning. This distinction between political and progenitor kingship is important: we couldn't be legally saved, without it. Politically, the Kingship 490 has NO provision for continuance, since God never dies. Of course, the unknown-to-Israel future outcome is that she will reject God as her King and demand a human replacement in 1050BC (see Acts 13:20 on that). Hmmm. 1440-1050=390 years. So it's a pretty good thing Moses' 490 will last long enough to carry on the baton. Israel doesn't know it yet, but a new progenitor will have to be found, for the political contract made here, will be abrogated.

      ERGO, A NEW "490", but of triple the value: so the Exodus of 1440BC, becomes year 1 of the nation, when God led them out in GREAT HASTE. KINGSHIP, LAND (HaEretz) and TEMPLE 490s therefore EACH begin on this date. The KING is the LORD Himself. The Property is the Land (usu. mistranslated "earth" in English Bibles), and the TEMPLE is the Upcoming BODY of Messiah, represented by the Tent/Tabernacle and later a permanent Temple God designs. Can't divorce any of these layers from each other, and have them stay intact. Covenant goes on hold, if any piece is missing. Else, only the individual 490s which are left, plus the promise to Abraham (Gen 12, 16, 17) alone remain valid. God's contracts (aka "covenants") have terms for "breach of contract" (see Lev26, Deut28).

      SO YOU CAN NEVER DIVORCE THE TEMPLE FROM THE CONTRACT FROM THE PERSON OF MESSIAH. Nor from Israel either, since the Messiah -- duh -- is JEWISH. God is precise. These dates are real, their events are real, and all history has been materially impacted by them. There would be no western civilization, apart from the Jews. There would be no salvation, apart from the Jews. Anyone who believed in YHWH then was Jewish. Anyone who believes in the JEWISH Christ now, is Christian. It's not racial, but a Promise Being Fulfilled. Abram was a Gentile when he believed, probably age 75; but was 100 years old when he fathered -- his bloodline through Isaac and Jacob are called Jews. So it matters not at all what race God called the promise to Abram. But it matters altogether that what God promises, be respected. Beware of anti-semitism: God punishes it most severely.

      What Grace God provides. Surely any group to whom He'd give this role of representing Him -- through whom the whole world is to be saved and made rich! -- would be persecuted. Man is just soooo jealous of his neighbor. So he whinnys and mews and caws over his neigbor's relative prosperity, as if it were the neighbor's fault. So notice how deftly He communicates, don't mess with Israel or I will clobber you! So the satanic propaganda isn't so easily bought. If God is the King of this people, whoa -- maybe I better find some other neighbor to rape and pillage.

      Hence the Protective (vaccine against anti-semitism) Corollary: since Christ IS Jewish and HE fulfilled the Law (i.e., Rom10:4, Heb7,10), then He can fulfill the Contract to Israel, precisely because the union between nation and temple and King is INdissoluble. Forever due to the Cross. Ergo: though the Bridal Contract (Mosaic Law) was conditional; though Israel breached it wholly by rejecting Messiah when He came, such breach never means God abandons His 'side' of the Contract (see Gal3). Part IVa traces out the origin of the Church contract; how one of its inextricable clauses, is to rescue Israel. So woe to the person who thinks he can take over, or harm even a hair on the head of God's Chosen People. God made the promise to Abram; the other promises atop that promise, only alter how God handles His 'side'. God never never never abrogates His 'side'. Which, if you think about it, should cheer you much: for if God continues faithful throughout all these long years of apostacy, how much more is He faithful to us who got grafted in? Paul's blazing sarcasm in Romans 9 and 11 is fuzzed over in translations -- don't get cocky over their fall, but be their net of safety as God intended (cute Pauline term in Romans 11, analogous to fishers of men).

      [Nerd note: Protection of the Jews represents God's Promise, and there is no reason whatsoever to get angry, or Kabbalic or steal the identity of the Jews like the so-called "Identity" or "British Israelites" or "Scottish Israelites" people try to do. No tribes were 'lost', because God keeps His Promise, get it? Just because Samaria was sent into Diaspora circa 725BC doesn't mean the 10 tribes were lost. They were quite happy and well in Jesus' day, and if you read Acts you'll notice that everyone knew that Jews were all over the globe even then. Wouldn't surprise me if a good 75% of the population of the earth by now had at least some Jewish blood, so that the earth could be blessed by God judicially under Gen12 -- and to fulfill what He promised Abram in yet one more way, that all the world would be blessed through him, Gen17, 22:18. Of course, that's yet another reason why anti-semitism is suicidal. Frankly, if you just look at the geographical position of Israel, you realize every bloodline must be flowing through her. People mingle, they intermarry, and it was FAR more common in the ancient world than we imagine; especially, in a cosmopolitan area where trade routes meet. So it's really suicidal to be anti-Jewish. Do you REALLY know your bloodline? Whatever you think you know, it's a lie, because only God has all the facts. Same God, as He who covenanted with Abram, who was a son of Noah, from whom we all spring.]

      So the Bible's vast numbering system is not merely symbolic, nor some acrostic 'codes', or other folderol. God uses words and numbers to convey meaning directly and metaphorically: not a crossword puzzle for bored children. Our Days are Numbered for a reason. This precedental 490 sets the pattern for the rest. It's just as much a promise as any other promise in Bible: more important, actually, is This Promise of Time. Hebrew "l'moed" is an important word you should look up, see every verse in which it occurs and how it is used. It will tell you more about how real this timing promise is, than anything else I can quickly think of to highlight. The fact that all history is built on this structure is of course the point of all this number-crunching. Seeing Him face to face, via Bible's doctrines. Like, this one about time.

  • BIG-TIME BLESSING BY ASSOCIATION TO THE WORLD NOW BEGINS. Major Impact on World History, thus starts in 1440BC: The Blessing Blueprint of True Nationhood is born. See, they went IN to Egypt as a people; but are to come out, as a NATION, and you can't go from people to nation, without struggle. It's real important to see this fact; the reason they were enslaved was due to fear and jealousy in a reign that had become too soft: Exo1:8ff. God is teaching them Ahead Of Time that fear and jealousy have no place in national affairs. To the extent they do not learn that lesson, they will not enjoy the Blessing of the Promised Land. That same lesson is preserved for us who read their story: we don't learn it any better, than they did. If you turn on any television today, you'll see that sad fact parade. Blamesmanship and fear are all the rage, all over the world.

      It's not the same to be a nation, as to be a people: a NATION is a polity, so the Impersonal Rule of Law Must Take Precedence Over Family And Other Personal Connections; over fear and jealousy. Moreover, thus bloodlines can be mixed -- again, because the belonging to a Nation is based on law, not based on personal connections, religion, etc. That Israel also had one faith, is Under and Protected by the larger institution of being under One National Law. See, the First Commandment is about the Freedom To Love The Lord With All One's Heart, etc., just as much as it is a spiritual command to do so. The nation has no right to make one obey that command; instead, it has the Duty To Preserve Freedom So That The First Commandment, Can Be Obeyed. For, the First Commandment, is a commandment of Love, and Love can never be coerced!

      Love sounds to us like a personal thing. But personal love has no integrity whatsoever, for Real Love is outer-oriented. What we call love is inner-oriented, so we become grasping. That's not love, that's neediness, coercion, manipulation, emotion, lust.. anything but integrity. So we 'price' what we do constantly, subconsciously, because we need to get something from someone else. We overprice what we 'give', and way underprice what we get. Just as criminals do, legacy of that Forbidden Fruit of Religiosity back in the Garden.

      So notice what True Love, which is True Integrity, Infinite Justice does. He obligates Himself. There is a contract He makes with man. God Obligates Himself to the Contract. God does this. We are sooo busy thinking of our obligations and humans' obligations to us, we completely ignore how God obligated Himself. Um, He's Omnipotent, deserving of all the footlicking man can do, but what does HE do? He obligates Himself. Word-above-Name, means Law-above-Self. Even, in God's Own Attitude. That's Love. For You'd Have To Love Law More Than Yourself, To Want To Obligate Yourself. So watch: God imposes on Himself a set of rules, rather than rule by whim. A set of rules above even His Own Person. Now you know why David was prostrate. Now you know why we meet Him on the same threshing floor, prostrate: He prostrates Himself before the Truth. Which, at this point in history, the Mosaic Law, uniquely represents. For if you prostrate yourself before the Truth, then you are truly free, Gal5:1.

      You can't prostrate yourself before Truth if it is not taught you. You Can't Be Free If You Are Not Free To Get Truth. You Can't Be Free If You Aren't Free To Reject Truth. So no group of people, basing their 'law' on familial connections, culture, religiosity, is free. Something above bloodlines, shared experience and culture, must mediate. And, everyone must have a certain amount of freedom to reject the "above". So there are boundaries, and law properly derived, sets the proper boundaries. Law properly implemented and executed, enables freedom. It is always a struggle, we are forever tinkering, but unless we have something above our personal proclivities and connections, we are forever tyrannized, BY them. So, falling prostrate before taste, not truth. God isn't like that. The Law wasn't like that. It was an objective standard which even God obligates Himself to -- as evidenced by, Israel's repeated unfaithfulness. But God continued faithful, stayed within the Law. Even, until today. Because, He puts the Word above His Own Name, the contract being Perfect, it can reroute and upgrade. That is the story, the story of Love. And it begins at the national level, right here with Israel.

      So notice how God divorces even as He enjoins, obedience to Him personally, by means of this Law. You obey the law and you are blessed, Lev26 and Deut28; you disobey the Word and you are cursed. Doesn't matter if you love Him or not. He makes the Word higher than Himself, thus. So if this is true in the relationship with God, then it is true in all other relationships. The 10 commandments are about relationships. Seems contradictory, the First Commandment, which is a commandment to Love God. But what does 1Jn say? If you love God, you obey His Mandates. Since John is busy contrasting what was the old contract versus the one for Church (just like Book of Hebrews), we know that under the old contract, "love" was obedience to the Word. Which, if you didn't learn it, you didn't love. So, under the new contract, post-Cross, the "law of Love" (Pauline term) upgrades to its fullest extent, completing God's purpose (theme in 1Jn4:12-17, see DDNA.htm's "First Aspect"). But that is always the rule: Word above Name executes the first commandment, at which point, you are truly free to love in all other relationships: for against love, there is no law. For if you do love, you obligate YOURSELF, not someone else. Love kneels, not knifes. Because the Machaira ('knife') has inserted Truth into you, same mechanic as Isa53:10-11 (in BHS and LXX), fulfilling That First Love Contract, between Father and Son.

      Thus the role of a nation, is to protect the freedom of the people within it; which is why the Religious Evil of the Tower of Babel, was used to create nations, in order to destroy the unifying evil of religion. If you don't 'get' that, you'll never be able to distinguish between national and personal. Hence, the Mosaic Law was divided into three parts: entole, dikaiomata, krimata (in Greek LXX -- Hebrew has multiple words for each type). The entole and krimata were CIVIL Law (hence the 10 commandments, part of "entole", are not spiritual code, but national; and nations today can accept or reject them, when deciding what laws to make). Of course, since God authored the entole, if you violated them you certainly were not spiritual -- since you'd be disobeying God. But to obey them wasn't spiritual. Else, you'd not need the dikaiomata.

      The dikaiomata are the Levitical offerings and accompanying spiritual code (i.e., the feasts, rituals about washing, Nazirite vow, etc): separate compartment, voluntary. So you participated, or not. Sabbath was part of krimata, so anyone not observing it was punished (whether you thought about God during that set-apart day, was your prerogative). Principle: REST is critical to integrity. When you examine Hebrews 4, you realize that man is frenetic, never resting in God, so.. never resting. So, arrests in fear and jealousy; so becomes a twitching corpse, even while he lives. So it's imperative that a nation have Laws which Provide a Rest for People, as well as for Freedom. Note that these are positive roles, and that law should be constructed on positive roles; not the negative, micromanaging rules polities so love to enjoin on their hapless citizens.

      This point about the separation between spiritual and civil cannot be overstressed, for man has always rejected the impersonal for the personal. Hence, most polities even until the late 20th century, have been either tribal (which is personal, not impersonal), or quasi-religious states (i.e., where there is a state religion and the head of it rules the country, too). Here, a nation ruled by God and not a human king, is ruled by Rule of Law -- not the king's whim. The sacrifices were the sacrifices OF the King FOR the nation, depicted by the Levitical offerings. That is what each offering taught the celebrant. So you had true separation of church and state, even though God Himself was the Ruler, for there was this National Contract Which Divided Between Secular And Spiritual. No one had ever heard of such things.

      See, because God was the king, the administration of the nation was separate. All other polities had human kings who were supposed to be a kind of (later term) pontifex maximus: a 'pope', as well as secular ruler. So they didn't understand the separation but liked it. Here was Moses, a human, but not a king. Here was Aaron (="Ark", as in "Ark of the Testimony"), who WAS a priest. Moses no, Aaron, yes. God was UNseen. People could revolt against Moses or Aaron, and often did. But they were punished for their revolt, not for their lack of piety. To work on the Sabbath was a Revolt; what you believed, you were still free to believe. So to call this a theocracy in our parlance, is a misnomer, for when we hear that term we think of church+state, not separation between the two.

      For God wants church and state separate, BECAUSE He is holy, and nothing man does counts before Him. Above all, the Mosaic Law taught you that, as the NT extensively explains, Isa64:6 thus elaborated. "Holy" means "to set apart", "to devote to God". Separated from the world's meanings, usages, ideas. So to illustrate that, the polity 'ran' on two separate tracks: one, the spiritual; but since God was the King, there was a separate secular order as well. Even had two calendars, one for the spiritual year (beginning with Passover), one for the civil year (beginning with Rosh HaShanah). Could God make it clearer, than by Providing Two Types Of Years? After all, we are talking about Time. Nature of time. Time for spiritual, time for secular. And of course you aren't spiritual, if you violate any law; but you aren't spiritual, if you obey the secular laws. Couldn't be more clearly marked.

      And nothing -- repeat, nothing -- like this Separation had ever been on earth. See, if you want to maintain power over people you gotta have an 'angle'. So, for centuries past and centuries future, even until today, people who want power bandy the name of 'god', to get it. How Sick, but How True. So for most of the world's history, even today, religion has been a tool of politics. Rev17 harlot has always been around in some form. So yeah, some of what's in the Mosaic Law is in every polity's rules, since the secular basics are imperative for survival: can't be a polity if it's legal for anyone to steal, murder, etc. So puzzle pieces resembling tenets of the Mosaic Law existed everywhere; but nowhere were they joined up to show the objective, rule-of-law Freedom you got under the Mosaic Law; nowhere, joined-together rules to display Messiah-to-Come -- those sacrifices represented what HE would do for you, not vice versa, and no other polity on the planet, was like that.

        Because, the Mosaic Law sacrifices depicted Grace. Religion is antithetical to grace. But under the Law, you could 'sacrifice' wheat or a bird, instead of a whole animal, if you didn't have the money. And when you did that, what were you doing? You were being reminded of what HE would sacrifice for you. You were being reminded how you couldn't sacrifice anything, everything you were and had was too small for Infinite God Who Cannot Be Contained. You were being reminded how HE did not denigrate you for that, since HE personally made your soul at birth. So He would pay for your sins. Which, the sacrifice portrayed: they didn't have movies, they didn't know about how He would do that paying, exactly. But they did know He would become Human (the "WH" in "YHWH"), and in that Humanity sins would be imputed and judged on Him, by Father. When and with what outward specifics, they knew little. So they needed the sacrifices to get a hands-on idea of how that played. The suffering, the hassle, the dying. Blood seals a covenant. Fight for freedom to the death, it's worth dying for. All that, God is saying via the Law: and no other polity on the planet, before or since, had rituals teaching all that. After all, religion needs to make you huff and puff, but Omnipotent God needs nothing. We need HIM. And our weakness He will lift up, even as He will hawah and lift up our sins as a sweet aroma, an ola, a holocaust, to Father. Ahhhh. Now you are in fellowship with Him. So, you ate part of what you offered, to depict the dining fellowship, the aftermath of healed breach. Reconciliation. Shalom.

      Even since Moses' day, there never has been such a teaching. All religions' ideas of sacrifices depicted parts of that display, like communion with the gods, ya gotta be holy (with many morphed definitions of what constituted "holy") -- but not one depicted the sacrifices themselves being made by the God for you. But the Mosaic Law was founded on Abraham, who sacrificed his promised Son -- Specifically To Depict the Coming Son Who Would Pay for the Sins Of The World. No other faith had that national provision, that national depiction; no other holy book has that provision, even today. If you think you see one, trace carefully the origin of the idea: it will be copycatting, and will still leave out the all-sufficiency of His payment for sin. No other faith on earth, even until today, handles the juridical issue of sin with respect to God being compensated. Not one. [Cracks me up what bad scholarship there is among those who claim that 'savior' concept predates the Jews, i.e., some of the tripe out there on Mithra, etc. Where do you think those ancient cultures GOT the information, but from the Genesis 5 people? So you're seeing their SECOND HAND MORPHING of it. For crying out loud. But then, such 'scholars' think the age of Bible is the same age as the media it's written on; they think that because the ocher used in Lascaux is 30,000 years old, that's when someone must have painted it. Get real: so you go out, grind up some ancient material, paint in a cave -- then call the world in for a press conference, claiming the painting is as old as the material used to paint with. Sucker born every minute. LOL: so my Von Clausewitz from is only a few years old? Sheesh. It's even easier to see, post-Crucifixion, how the world's religions changed to ape and then morph, the Message of Messiah. Part IVa traces some of that morphing. When you trace parentage, you go backwards from MUTATED cells/ideas to a parental set. Same thing here. Oh well.]

      Hence, the Mosaic Law represented a prototype platform of the Millennial ("Day of the Lord") government. Originally, LORD would become Messiah in the flesh, with Israel as His priest-nation, the light to the Gentiles. It was a conditional contract, dependent on when Israel would be ready. It was an open-ended contract, lasting for so long as she would agree. Its days were not numbered, in the beginning, though Moses' song in Deut 32 and Psalm 90 told Israel she would breach the contract -- a way to warn any then-current generation, they could still vote yes. But of course, after 1050BC, Israel's days got numbered, and "Day of the Lord" verses referencing a fixed time we (but not Bible) call "the Millennium", became the prophets' refrains (esp. beginning with Isaiah). For to whom much is given, much is expected. Israel was given to be the light of the Gentiles, a unique nation in the world. Back at the beginning of this contract, it didn't look like Israel would even make it long enough to GET into the Land. But the world needed a safe haven for seeking God. And God provides. Lesson: when we Christians fail, God still blesses, for the world needs us to be blessed. Humbling, huh.

      Hence the need for a separated nation who is learning to become a priest nation, conditionally. Subject to their consent. And, if they do not consent, there are these basic laws to obey. If you didn't want to obey the dikaiomata, well, that was your prerogative (except that Sabbath was also krimata, so you had to obey that, etc). Even the Levites didn't have to be believers: but because they represented Messiah-to-come as an Office (rule of law, note the distinction) -- they had to be free of certain physical defects or diseases, just like the sacrificed animals had to be. Do you see how finely-honed is this Mosaic Law, preserving freedom, yet teaching about Him?

      So next: notice how "Jewish" was a matter of faith, not bloodline (Abram was a Gentile, after all, see Romans 4 and 9); and it was voluntary; the bloodline Jewish is also under the Gen12 protection; but as Paul explains in Rom9, You Had To Believe The Promise To Inherit It, since the inheritance is forever (requires belief in Messiah as then revealed, to be saved). So many in Israel were not believers, after the Exodus (all were believers at the time of the Exodus, excepting maybe the kids). Naturally, all these Jews and "mixed multitude" of converts intermarried from the Exodus forward; so the bloodlines would be decidedly mixed in the next generation. [Moses repeatedly warned against racial prejudice. A person who fancies himself racially superior proves himself a dolt, because the races are so mixed up by now, even the most remote Africans are a good 25% or more white. A person has to be ignorant of history and genetics. Ironically, the Lord had to keep repeating, as did Moses, that the stones could be made sons of Abraham. So He allows anti-semitism in part to mirror back to His People their own racism. Even the Messiah-believing Jews have a problem with it, thinking they ought to display their Jewishness, thinking it wrong to assimilate, etc. But woe to the person who uses that fact to hate the Jews or discriminate against them. Scan Scripture, see what happens to Israel's self-appointed enemies.]

      The political and historical impact of Israel on the history of human development is incalculable. At the time of the Exodus, there was nothing at all like this Entity. Kingdoms and peoples were so confused with personal and tribal loyalties; that's why the common idea of 'god' at the time was much like a warlord who had some limited amount of 'turf'. But with the Exodus, all the world saw quite a different God -- a universal God, not limited to any kind of race, creed, culture, gender, political boundaries. And this God had just proved Himself superior to what were regarded, as Egypt's 'gods'.

      Of course, the world long had exposure to this Real God, but was negative, so to protect the ego, deep-sixed what was rejected, and morphed into something palatable, the remainder. Well, look at what was palatable: petty warlord gods all battling with each other, and the variant human groups being the 'clients' of these gods, thus battled too. Not a pretty picture. My god is better than your god, nyaaah nyaah nyaah. A childish picture, in fact. So Exodus blew the lid off all those ideas. Hence Moses had to write the first five books, for now Information in Writing was needed so the existing polities, could reconstruct themselves.

      As Bible explains, many rulers did pattern their nations after the Bible: Assyria under Jonah; Babylon under the last period of Nebuchadnezzar; Cyrus the Great through Darius through Artaxerxes Longiamanus; and hence (per Daniel's prediction) Athens, Sparta and Rome would pick up at least some of the same tenets, particularly the entole and krimata. With, of course, some pockets of negativity remaining. It's positively astonishing how much of what is in the Mosaic Law, got reflected in 5th century BC Athens; in Sparta; in Rome. You can see distinct links tracing back to the Law in the very language of these folks, as well as in their literature and plays, their worships. Every religion or culture has commonalities, just like the whole human race is.. um, human. But like DNA, you can trace origins of ideas.

        Deus ex machina, for example, is distinctly Jewish in origin, and is a classical Greek play ending. For, it was known since David that Messiah would come at the end of time, 1000 years later, to redeem His People -- and then take over the whole world. That's what made the prediction about Messiah, so politically explosive. So news spread; just as mankind had 1000 years' advance notice of the Deluge via the very name of "Methusaleh" (after he dies, Flood happens), so also with David, the 1000 years' advance notice of Messiah.

      So the cultures morphed the prophecy. In short, while many people try to argue origins of what culture influenced another, they mistakenly look at the age of relics, rather than the truer 'DNA'-type markers in language and literature. For that's where the true origins are hardest to mask. Kinda like fingerprints.

      Israel is the geographical trade-route nexus of the world. So it's impossible for news about her to not be known. Takes time, but not much time. Certainly within a generation, the news would be widespread. And people voted with their feet a lot more often in those days.

      Notice how Israel's Legal Structure created a competition over Which Rules Were Better: people voted with their feet. So other polities had to adjust -- fight, or ape. Book of Joshua and the story of Rahab help you see how news of Israel's nature and entrance into Canaan, spread like wildfire, affecting all around her. That trend continues until today, which is why the US and certain European countries, are emulated. Because, we Europeans got 'Christianized', which is to say we were affected by the Law. Also, we largely derived from the political structure of SPQR -- who itself aped a morphed version of the Mosaic Law, even better than the Greeks did -- where do you think the idea of the Twelve Tables (founding law of Rome) -- came from? Israel and the Greek nations were very close, even intermarrying. Because, competition means all nations were constrained to adopt at least some of what comes down to us as the Mosaic Law. It was too effective, too good, too provably sane. Man wants to better his lot, and boy oh boy, this Law was something! So, that's how history changed from 1440BC onward. The next such huge impact would be 30AD, as Part IVa's "Our History", explains.

      So think: here you are, in Joe Blow Polity, which believes in skinning you alive; which has these monthly ceremonies requiring you to get drunk and fornicate with a Temple priestess (who isn't at ALL beautiful, since she has to take ALL comers); requiring you to maybe sacrifice one of your kids, if your neighbors don't like you and say a 'god' told them your kid was needed to buy relief from the constant famine (Canaan often suffered from famine). Which polity, was run by a family or two who if you looked at them cross-eyed, would cut off your ear or arm. Or grab anything you had which looked nice. Or take your daughter if she looked nice. And you could do nothing about it. So if you live in JBP and you hear about this Desert God Who beat the gods of Egypt, who also didn't want all those stupid ceremonies, who wouldn't take anything from you; who wouldn't harm you unless you committed a proven crime of some verifiable severity, well.. what would you do? Vote with your feet, going TO that God. What, you don't think Israel got so big so fast by mere birthrate, do you?

      All you need do to prove this fact is turn on your television. BBC and other broadcasts show you many other parts of the world outside America. And everyone everywhere is aping US at the ground level. That's why 9/11 happened. The militants in Islam feel threatened by the popularity of America; the argument about Israel is just a smokescreen (Israel is blamed for everything, even when all it does is breathe, as a political device to keep fellow Arabs quiescent. It's a very old gambit.) After WWII, Europe felt similarly threatened, as did Russia and China. People want the prosperity we have; so their leaders are constrained to either ape, or badmouth US. There's really no other political option. So when we mess up -- and especially when we make a right decision, like invading Iraq -- we will be vilified. Big Kid on the block gets no other treatment, ever. Which is why the Big Kid always needs to have a Big Stick.

  • Israel enters the Land 1400BC, 40 years later. If you carefully read Book of Joshua, you'll realize that the other nations are being taught 'to shape up or ship out' by what happens to Israel. There's the direct warning which precedes some raid God calls on Israel to do -- to the upcoming 'victim'. Because, this warning is coming from GOD. Next, there's the peculiar quality of Israel training training training yet not doing much to actually defeat the enemy (i.e., the walls just fall down at Jericho, then one of the most stoutly protected of cities). This again -- to show GOD is saying this, and His People are just adjutants. And yes, they killed every man woman child in those cities -- among those who didn't heed the long (usually at least a month) warning, and stayed put. If you read how vile were their lifestyles, you'll wonder how God could even stand to 'wait' as long as He did! These folks liked raping, burning children ("pass through the fire", KJV euphemistically says), gangland-style ruling. The Rape of Nanking would have been routine, for this lot.

  • Israel quickly becomes apostate after Joshua and the elders who knew him all die (within 50 years after entering the Land), completely forgetting about God most of the time. [Easton's Dictionary says Joshua was 40 years younger than Moses. Assuming that's true, since Moses was 120 when he died, and died in 1400 BC, then Joshua at that time was 80 years old. So died at age 110; the elders picked up from there, Joshua 24:23-31. So he ruled for 30 years, and they for about 20 more years. I could swear there's an explicit verse saying the Judges lasted a total of 300 years, but I can't find it now. The math still works, though.] That tells you how vile those people in Canaan were -- for when Israel started making friends instead of funerals out of them, they killed Israel's love for God. And then, they killed Israel by the thousands. Because, the Rape of Nanking was the routine, for this lot. (For in the 'law' of this lot, you didn't work, you stole from someone, when you wanted to get something. Or, you allied yourself as a slave of someone else who'd promise to feed you by stealing from someone else. Of course, you did it seductively, and you didn't call it stealing, you called it "service" or some other nice name. Same dang thing continues to this day -- we've refined our methods, what with all the centuries of practice.]

  • So God grants occasional 'judges' to protect her for the next 300 years. The story is not pretty.
    God Rejected, Saul Accepted, God replaces Saul with David, thereby housing Israel IN David,
    for the Human Messiah will replace the people's choice.

    People often overlook the underlying lessons in the OT, deeming all those dry begats and chronicles as some mere history preservation. Big mistake. For in the story of Saul, you see the story of our salvation. Just as people overlook how God used Seth to disinherit Cain; just as God used Shem's son to disinherit the other sons; just as God even used Jochebed to disinherit the whole tribe of Levi so to graft in Moses and Aaron as firstborn; just as God used the last-born son David, to disinherit Jesse's other sons; so also would God disinherit all Israel, here. And David would become the one to rescue Israel's inheritance. So, when David's sons later rebelled, just as God used Shealtiel to disinherit Coniah, so also God disinherited all David's children in favor of one born of a woman, Who is The Son: Who would rescue an inheritance for the entire world. So, notice: the DISinheritance sets up the potential for a Greater Inheritance. What could be a greater inheritance, than life forever close to God? Heh. [Confession time: I wouldn't know ANY of this, had not a reader of this page asked me many questions regarding Genesis 5's apparent contradiction in the LXX, the problem of Jochebed (implying Israel was NOT in Egypt 400 years), and when was the Lord's Birthday. That reader was trying to figure out the answers to those questions. I by nature don't like getting into those questions, but if someone writes me, I know God is saying something through the writer. The writer didn't know I was toying with a timeline from Adam, to vet Mirroring for my errors. So his timely -- and Providential -- questions had a lot to do with the accuracy and balancing of Mirroring and GeneYrs.xls. I hope God gives me LOTS of assets to gift that reader-and-writer, once I'm dead and in heaven! Because to me, this information is priceless! And I had been TOO LAZY, to investigate it! Aha!]

    So let's walk through this Failure Turned to Fulfillment, God's Genius Plan:

    1. Finally Israel's apostacy is so bad, she doesn't want God as king, but instead a human king, 1050BC. Contract Abrogation Begins Here. Acts 13 talks about this, and uses the 490 system to explain its effect. Because God's Kingship is rejected, all the kings except David become conditional, blessed only if they stick to the Law. The original contract called for GOD to be King, not a human being. So long as that agreement held, the coming of Messiah was imminent. But once abrogated, then God spent 40 more years raising up the human king (and hence progenitor of Messiah) HE wanted (theme of Acts 13, explaining what happened to Israel is sourced back to this rejection of God as King). So actually, the contract with Israel is broken, and re-routes instead through David. Which is why the only thing left to Israel from that time onward is to Accept Messiah When He Arrives. If they don't accept Him, even this One Link Left, is Severed. Daniel 9:26 is how one knows that happened.

    1. Samuel, at age 30, becomes the last Judge to Israel. The year is 1070BC; Samuel, the last of the Judges due to Israel's rejection in favor of Saul. We know Samuel's ministry dates from the Law, so God doesn't have to say the year names. What's so hysterical, is that Samuel is not even a Levite, but his dad is from Ephraim (see beginning of 1Samuel). Yet God picks him -- for it's always by faith. Temple service begins at age 30, and you retire at age 50 as repeatedly stated, in Numbers 4, 8:25, etc. So, Samuel is recorded as judging Israel for the proper 20 years a priest serves in Temple. In actuality, he'll unofficially serve Israel as a wandering teacher after Saul becomes king; for Samuel runs a circuit, setting up the first organized system for the priests -- for what looks like another 20 years or more. So he's age 50 when Saul becomes king. Must have been age 70 or older, when he died (some years before the Battle of Mt. Gilboa, I need to research it). [These are scattered Bible notes; I'll improve them later. Easton's Dictionary dates the 2nd Battle of Ebenezer (which God won for Israel via that thunderstorm) as 1095BC, but that can't be right; cry for a human king arose some time afterwards, 1Sam8:1ff. BibleWorks timeline dates Samuel's judgeship to begin 1069BC. Judges Ibson, Elon and Abdon were listed as judges in BibleWorks for the period 1124-1078 but Bible says only 25 years for all three (Jud12:10-14). So their combined judgeships couldn't have gone beyond 1100 -- no, their whole timeline is way too late. Samson is listed as 1108, but that doesn't work either (Judges 13:1). Judges 15:20 and 16:31 say he judged Israel 20 years. So again, the judgeship timelines are way off. After Chapter 16, it looks like a long time elapsed -- and unbelievable weirdness ruled. So it's more likely the Judges period pre-Samuel had yet another 40 year hiatus. Samuel had to be at least 30 years old before the second battle of Ebenezer, because for all the recognition, he has no voice until 1Sam7:1, after Eli died, and after the Ark is returned, it's the Levites who stupidly attend to it, Samuel not being mentioned. He started going on that circuit in 1Sam7:16. The first 7 chapters of 1Samuel are almost too painful to read. Doesn't present-day Israel learn from them? So badly was the Law distorted, that Samuel sleeps in the Holy Of Holies (1Sam3:3). Moreover, the sacrifices are totally screwed up. Worse, they somehow remembered Levites were supposed to take the Ark out to battle (duh) -- but then they lose it. 7 months later, the Philistines figure out -- hey, we gotta get rid of this -- yet even after the Ark is then returned, No one in Israel knows what to do with it? Lol, the priests were summoned to come down and make the sacrifices -- so what, they just left the Ark there in Beth-shemesh? Incredible. You can see even the Philistines remember a warped version of the Exodus (first thinking that the gods plagued everyone in the wilderness, then consulting their own experts who came up with the cockamamie gold tumors thingy). Incredible.]

    2. Saul officially becomes King 1050BC; but Bible won't count Saul's kingship at all. Saul's anointing date long preceded his official crowning (same for David's anointing as a teenager); presumably, to give him time to change his mind. Moreover, Saul first had to fight some battles to unify the people of Israel behind him. Again, Acts 13 says Saul ruled 40 years, and accounts the time of Saul as a LOSS. Which is even more hysterical, when you look at the CONTRADICTING translations of 1Sam13:1 -- sorry to keep harping on this, but when you find a contradiction in Bible, it's NOT God who created it. Man did. What, did the translators never read Acts 13? So please -- turn to 1Samuel 13:1 now.

      It's not correct in any translation I can read. The verse is about how, between the time he was anointed through the second year after he became king, he gathered an elite corps: it wasn't an overnight thing. If you read the prior context, there were two wars, plus a conflict with the Ammonites (Chapter 11), as a result of which he was confirmed king. Meaning, some time had elapsed between Samuel's anointing Saul in 1Sam10, and the crowning at the end of 1Sam11. So in 1Sam13:1, you need some kind of organization statement, to prepare the understanding for what follows (battles where Israel wins against overwhelming odds; how Saul gets cocky and impatient because of it, and will thus lose his kingship). LXX doesn't even have 13:1, which in Hebrew is just an introductory clause, not even a whole sentence. Rendered literally (so you can know the Hebrew words), it says:

      "Saul (=Inquirer, him asking about the donkeys) was [missing number]-years old,
      when he became (infinitive, works like a participle) king; and the second year after he became (perfect tense) king over Israel,"
      -- that's the actual verse in Hebrew literal word order. 13:1 is to explain the timing of 13:2, given prior context -- note how his age is missing, lost. Ironic, considering that Bible accounts his rulership as a loss, huh.

      Here, what's known from the previous context, is that Saul was anointed by Samuel, but then he went back home; then, Samuel called the people, and they consented to him being king -- he, though, had hidden in the baggage, so they had to spend time finding him via Urim and Thummin. That took time; and then they all went home again. Are you getting the impression all they wanted was To reject God, really have no king at all, but hypocritically pretend to want a king? No one did anything about it. Just hurrah! and then.. home. So then, the enemies do something about it when they hear Saul is crowned (for they didn't fight Israel very much so long as God was the King, they were afraid of Him) -- so, 1Sam11, you have the battle with the Ammonites, at which point the people voted for him personally. So you need this 1Sam13:1's precision about that interval, to answer when did he muster picked troops. See, it took time to do this. Some of them went right after the anointing, 1Sam10:26. Others came along after he was confirmed as king at the end of 1Sam11. Chapter 12 is a parenthesis, Samuel abdicating as judge; he remains a prophet, but Saul becomes their judge-king; since they rejected the Holy One as their King. So now, they have an intermediary. They are now more distant in favor, from God. By their own voting.

    3. So Saul, initially loving the Lord, succumbs to the power and prosperity of kingship, so Samuel is sent to anoint David as the next King. David at this time is a teenager. Sometime later, David is called to calm the poor king's nerves, because David is a skilled musician (gotta do something while out with the sheep). So David commutes as needed back to the sheep. It's easy to dismiss how hard a time Saul had. To go from a guy who hides among the baggage and is only discovered because he was a head taller than everyone else -- quite handsome, actually -- to reverse that shyness into bullying, means he was under a lot of pressure. For this time period is pivotal in Israel's history. All time for the whole world hinged on it. Having succeeded in getting Israel to reject God -- whoa, what a coup -- Satan&Co. now have to work overtime on Saul, lest he TURN INTO God's Chosen Seed. For that was the offer given him. 1 Samuel 13:13 "You acted foolishly," Samuel said. "You have not kept the command the LORD your God gave you; if you had, he would have established your kingdom over Israel for all time." It wasn't David, first. It was Saul. How do you live with such an offer, when your insecurity complex is so bad, you hide among the baggage at the very time you KNEW IN ADVANCE would be the proclamation of YOU by Samuel, Voice of God to the People -- that YOU are to be the first human King of Israel? LOL, I'm intimidated by writing websites -- I'd faint and never wake up if I were announced as a king.. even of my bathroom!

      Okay, so he finally gets over the nervousness and wins some battles -- so goes to the opposite psychological end, excessive cockiness. Only Bible in your head (which came in writing and orally, in those days) can MEDIATE all the crazy pressure. So yeah, Saul turned out to be a loser -- but who wouldn't?

      But notice David. He knows in advance, too. And by what would seem a quirk of fate, is sent to play the lyre for Saul, to calm the poor man's demon-influenced nerves. Saul almost kills David during those times. But David goes back to the sheep. Where the Doctrine is. To be alone and LEARN it. For Bible was something people routinely memorized. As you read through the injunction Moses gives in Deut 31-32, you find with astonishment that EVERY SEVEN YEARS the Torah as they then had it, was to be READ ALOUD to all the people, lest they forget. Which means, they memorized it. Easier to remember phone numbers than to remember which speed dial number on which of the ninety phones you have, the number is on. Easier to remember the multiplication tables -- because why? YOU DRILLED IN THEM. This is what was done with Bible. This is why only once every seven bleeping years it was necessary (sabbatical year was devoted to study). This is what David did with Bible in his head, talking to God all the time -- back with the sheep. No wonder the kingship didn't awe him. Someone Else, awed him more. Frankly, that's the only way to survive and want to live down here.

    4. Philistines battle Saul; David's sent to carry provisions for his brothers, kills Goliath in the one-on-one Greek challenger style. David isn't awed by Goliath. He's awed by God.
    5. Saul takes David into the palace, marries him off. At that point, David is about 20 years old, so it's about 1020BC. Saul, jealous over David's popularity, tries many times to get him killed. David finally flees, wanders about, people come to him, so there is a cold war between Saul and David (but David doesn't fight back) for approximately the next 10 years. There's a lot to say here about how Saul and David compare in character, but this webpage is already very long. Just read Samuel, think over what's between the lines.
    6. Saul and Jonathan his heir die in the Battle of Mt. Gilboa, circa 1011 or 1010BC. The Ark is gradually brought to Jerusalem by David afterwards (2Sam6). The cavalier treatment of the Ark tells you much about how little God was regarded by Saul and the people in general. But the other thing you notice is that some had this HUGE faith. Almost no knowledge, but a whole lot of desire to learn. We're all jerks. Only the combination of motive and knowledge CURES us jerks. Never too late to start.

    2. So David becomes King of Hebron 1010 BC, 430 years after the Exodus, the SAME time period as the sons of Israel had spent in Egypt, Exo12:40-41.

    1. David is 30 years old then (2Sam5:4), so was born 1040BC, exactly 400 years after the Exodus. He thus becomes King 430 years after the Exodus, in 1010BC. So Israel's entire time in Egypt, including its 400-year slavery period got individually mirrored back! "30" is the savior number! David had become king of Judah six months prior (2Sam2:11, 2Sam5:5).

    2. This is a new King 490, and it depends on VOTING for the King. Hence David's Proclamation And Waiting For Votes. Just as before, with King Saul. When the vote went out about Saul, his investiture was not immediate, and always remained conditional. Which is why he sought to kill David, once David became popular; David was forced to leave, and wasn't interested in taking the kingdom away. God just thrust it on David. Even so, Kingship was always based on voting, even back to 1440BC: Mosaic Law is a Contract of People Agreeing To Be Ruled by God. See how Joshua ends, getting the people to vote for or against God; and when they vote FOR, he sets up a Stone Witness to that vote, so they can be reminded of their own apostacy (Josh 24:27). Hmmm. Kinda like the Two Stone Witnesses, Dome and Wailing Wall, which remain to this day? Hmmm. Kinda looks like this God is the Real God, don't it?

    3. Therefore, the same voting issue applies during the First Advent: Will There Be Enough Among Israel Voting Yes, To Consitute National Acceptance? The King of Kings will be the 'Last David', so that's yet another way you can know VOTING for Him was the issue Israel faced: Precedence Was Established At The Exodus, as everyone was well aware. As Part IVa's "Legal Precedence" division explains, since they voted NO, they played Vashti. So Jesus the Christ announces the search for Esther: Matt16:18ff (see Matt22, for a summary of the 'case'). So here for Church (Esther), it's still about VOTES, as Part IVa explains. (As regards Church, Part IVb examines what "enough votes" means.)

    4. 2 Sam 2-5, Civil war ensues as people divide over whether to support Jonathan's heirs, or David. Notice it's a Civil War Over God's Choice Of Human King versus the people's choice for not-God King. 1010BC-1003BC (really late 1004BC) is one of those Building sevens. It's not Promise Time, or fixed-judgement time, but in character it is a building-ness. Same number of years as to build 1st and 2nd Temples. So the Divine Purpose sevening is at least implicit, but the length of building time for each of these three, was not promised. Note though, how tumultous voting is. Many thousands died during this time. It boiled down to whether you wanted God's Anointed, or not. So very violent.

    3. David is finally crowned King of all Israel after settling the claim with the last of Jonathan's heirs, late 1004BC (count as if 1003BC). He will end up being king of a United Israel for the next 33 years, ending in 970. But he doesn't die until 7 years later, 1Kings 6:1; while living, he abdicates in favor of Solomon, 1Kings 1:33ff. See also 1Chron 29:26-27, 1Kings 2:11, 1Chron 3:4 on his rulership ending. So he's 70 years old when he Stops Being King. His Kingship 'dies' then. But he's age 77 when he dies. For more on how 1Kings6:1 tells you David's death age, click here.

    1. What makes David important, is his FAITH. First, faith in the best of environments, being alone with God. Everyone in David's family, hated him. Then up pops Samuel to anoint this seventh-son teenager out with the smelly sheep. Then daddio wants to ingratiate himself with the army which is sitting on its touchus because loudmouth Goliath is challenging anyone in Israel to a little one-on-one. So daddio makes the shepherd boy play quartermaster with cheese and bread. Overhearing louthmouth, the red-haired teenager thinks, hey, who is this braggart who insults the army of the Living God? and.. well, you know the story. God is real to David. Not a name to babble while bobbing at some wailing wall. Not tassels on shabbas, preening. So God makes him king when there already is one, so he goes back to his sheep and his wonderful alone-time with God. God is His King, he doesn't need to be a king himself. So, God always gives you what you don't want.. here, kingship. What a come-down, ruling a country of brats who don't even know what to do with a wandering Ark. But he learned to love them like he learned to love being a shepherd, and the minute he did, zap! God makes him give UP being king! For God always gives you what you don't want. In order to give you more of what you want more.. Himself.

      Now, this becoming-king and unbecoming-king was very unbecoming to Israel. For she decided that Praise is Becoming, alright, for to Him Praise will always Be Becoming.. but that didn't quite extend to Him being King over her, anymore. She wanted to mouth His Praises, but else be like other nations. So having rejected G-d in favor of Shaul, and then finally voting for David after seven years of fighting AGAINST him who G-d chose, well.. He Who Is, became of Dawid, instead. Ooops.

    2. So to build on David, means cutting out Israel. Henceforth, the sole criterion for Time's continuance is NARROWED to David, 2Sam7. As you saw in the webpage synopsis at pagetop, Satan's always accusing us so he can stop God from completing His Promises and thus 'force' a Mistrial Verdict. That is, God has introduced His Promises in Evidence, and the promises remain unfulfilled. So if even one of them is not fulfilled (as my pastor puts it), Satan wins in the Trial. Why? Because a thing introduced as Evidence which never gets PRODUCED is a kind of evidence tampering. You know, claiming you have a murder weapon and then you can't produce it. Therefore, Satan and everyone on his side (including all unsaved humanity) would go free. See, they don't have red horns and tails: they are consummate lawyers. That's what "Satan" means: opposing attorney (a title, not a name). So they fancy themselves saviors, if they can force God to cancel Time, due to negativity among believers on earth. And, they would be.

      So for God to CONDITION promises on volition, gives Satan&Co. a way to maneuver a motion for Mistrial. For if God has Promise Evidence but we refuse, then He must not grant the Promise to those who refuse: Love never coerces. Worse, if He then narrows the continuance-of-time criterion to but ONE person, that should have tanked God's side in the Trial. This God does in 2Sam7, which is about year 10 or so of David's consolidated reign (I'm guessing). A Promise of a Temple and a Messiah, specifically. Unconditional promise, yet by nature conditioned on a Future Line Of Believers Among David's Progeny Who Will Vote For God. So God loses in the Trial if He flat forces or executes the lineage promise irrespective of positive votes, since He just cut out Israel for refusing Him. Big abuse of Justice, then. Aha, Mistrial! But He also loses in the Trial if He doesn't produce that future promised Temple and Messiah -- but will people want Him? Aha, Mistrial! Now you know why Israel remains so persecuted, even today: the promise today remaining, is that of Trib and Mill. Absent Church, that promise could not be delivered (main theme of Book of Hebrews, which is all about this Trial). Of course, Church is subject to the same issue. We too are not completed, and so will our future "Evidence" finish? If no, it's a Mistrial. God will not gerrymander Freedom.

      So back to David: he got 2Sam7 relatively early in his reign. So David had a good long time afterwards, to screw up so badly the promise couldn't be delivered. Not to mention, all the rebellion against him, which continued until the day he died (see the warnings he gives Solomon after retirement, in 1Kings 1-2). So what distinguishes David, again -- is his faith. Not good deeds. Frankly, Israel doesn't even know why David is an ideal king. Neither do Christians. But Bible tells you: "a man after My Own Heart". David just flat loved God. God can fix any wrong you do, but Love will never coerce a soul who doesn't want Him. All the good deeds you do don't make up for not wanting to know God. And if you don't know God, you'll not be doing good deeds, since the First Commandment is to LOVE God. Can't love someone you don't want to know.

      So Dawid Beloved is Beloved of God, while everyone else cut Him outta their lives. So what does God do? Play into Satan's hands! Look at God's Genius: the Temple-and-Messiah promise cuts out Israel, because she rejected God as King in 1050BC, as Samuel explained from 1Samuel 8-12. But when God cuts you out, He aims to bless you better. For back in eternity past, the covenant was, "If You will give Your Soul as a substitute for sin, you will see long-lived seed." So He became the Seed to bear many seeds. So first promise given, to come: Gen3:15, which predicts the name of the guy who will be the progenitor, Jacob ("heel" in Gen3:15). Then, next promise given, to the grandfather of that son, Abram -- made AbRAHam at circumcision, the father of Many Nations.

      Which many nations raged on the earth until that Heel guy came back to Canaan, knowing he was bringing four wives and 12 sons, 70 people in all -- into Some Kind Of Slavery Under Foreign Domination Somewhere -- since that is what God promised Granpa Abram, back in Gen15:13. But Heel Guy did not know that a scant 11 years after being renamed Israel (Prince of God, now lame, no longer grasping heel) the very slavery and salvation of his own loins will be enslaved: Joseph=Twice. Who then goes through his own training period, and twice saves Egypt, gets the family inside. All waiting for the 430 years to end, which they do. And right on time, up comes Moses, pitched as the salvation of Egypt yet again, by Egypt's own sterile queen. Gift from the River, so "moses" -- royal Egyptian moniker, drawn up/born from Isis, the mother of the gods. So now to that one guy God offers to wipe out all those who left with him through the water dryshod, since they had dried souls. But Moses refuses. So they enter the Land, forget mostly about the Ark, and finally demand that their God Who is Their King, abdicate. For they want a human king like other nations.

      So He gives them one they wanted, and then later -- 430 years post-Exodus, to be precise -- He gave them one HE wanted. And to this Beloved, God gives the promise of one Son, in 2Sam7:13. Future sons between don't count. And to get this One Son Who Will Save the World and Who will Build a Kingdom Forever, the Beloved must also abdicate. So, he does. So Beloved lays down his crown, and Reconciliation/Peace/Prosperity his son, reigns instead. Each one, for 40 years, with Beloved spending the last 7.5 years of his life as a retired king, an abdicated king, a king who threw down his crown, the only such king Israel ever will have, until Messiah Himself. On the other side of that nexus Beloved's 7.5, his son Peacefully and in Prosperity builds the Other Promise God made to Beloved (who was the only one asking for it) -- a Temple. Which, represents down to the last pomegranate and oil drop, the Future Seed; Who will Give His Soul as a substitute for sin, thus building forever, a Kingdom. [2Sam7:14's Hebrew uses beh'awoto, which is hiphil infinitive construct of the verb awah, to twist, bend, distort (awon is the cognate noun). Because it's in the hiphil, which is causative, I think this verse is mistranslated by the usual "when he commits iniquity", and should instead read, "when He is caused to BECOME iniquity" -- in short, made sin. I'll have to find my pastor's tapes to see if he says something other than the typical translations. Generally Bible mistranslations reverse key words in the original-language texts and malign God or glorify man in the process. That appears to be the case, here?]

      So from One to ManyNations' Father, to Laughter to Heel/Prince to Twice to Drawn-from-Water to Beloved to The-One-Uniquely-with-us. Who will birth from His Brith on the Cross, a whole universe of sons. [Those are the translated names of 490 folks, as follows: "ManyNations' Father"=AbRAHam; "Laughter"=Isaac; "Heel/Prince"=Jacob; "Twice"=Joseph; "Drawn-from-Water"=Moses; "Beloved"=David; "The-One-Uniquely-with-us"=Immanuel, Our Lord. A "brith" is a cutting of a covenant; hence the "brith" ("bris", in modern Hebrew) of male circumcision.]

      For that One, that Greater Son will be cut off by Israel, just as Moses long predicted in Deut 32:15ff, reiterated in Isa52:13-54:1 (see Isa53trans.htm), Daniel 9:26b (wordplay between brith and death). Just as, God is cut off by the people who voted for a human king, 1Samuel 8. They would rather pay income tax to a human king (vv.15,17). They paid no taxes to God, really: He paid them, since only He could make the animals, the grain, etc. So everything was voluntary in the Levitical offerings, Lev27. If you believed in God and wanted Him, you wanted to make offerings. God wanted to teach you by means of those offerings, hence the many rules about them. But a human king, well.. like 1Sam8 says, he will oppress you.

      But Israel wanted a human king anyway, even if he would oppress them; so they cut off God, in favor of a future of tyranny: just like other nations! So they will cut off His Son when He arrives as promised, too. So God pre-empts this future, by having David be cut off from official relationship TO Israel, via abdication. So Israel can be grafted into Messiah, despite having disinherited herself. [Deut 32:8 in the Hebrew is so multi-level in meaning, it will take some time to analyze. LXX version ends with "angels of God" rather than "sons of Israel" in the Hebrew. So my guess is the original text in the Hebrew bifurcated the explanation of how God designed mankind to be based both on the angels and then on Israel, since we first exist due to the angelic Trial. My pastor has a lot to say about the relationship between the number of demons and the number of believers in Church, but I've not yet spent enough time on that topic, to better understand Deut32:8. Point is, we see here God orchestrates Time around Israel, due to Messiah. So it's not farfetched to say the numbers of folks are constructed also based on Israel, especially since most among her (as here in 1Sam8), reject Messiah.]

    3. We can now legally account for how Messiah could still be promised after the Temple is destroyed: Messiah derives from 2Sam7 to David, not Israel. For if no Temple, no national contract, no kings, etc. And of course no more kings were granted due to the First Temple's destruction. So "cut off", is Messiah. So He will be "cut off" in Daniel 9, too. Cutting a New Covenant, based on a prior Promise (that wordplay is actually IN Daniel 9:26). Independently made, by God, to a person: David. Just as parts of the Abrahamic promises continue despite apostacy, so also the Salvation-King Promise is made independently. It IS an unconditional promise, to David. But you will note in 1Kings 6 and 9, and in all such reiterations about kingship afterwards -- when God talks to Solomon (etc), it's conditional upon the Law being kept. Which means -- and this happens too with some of the later kings -- God abrogates the deal due to their apostacy. So another king replaces, but finally.. no more kings are allowed.

      In short, the promises stack, so that if there is a rejection, precedence governs, and the rejection can be 'saved'. So, Abram was Unconditionally Promised First that God would be HIS God ("I am the God of Abram"). Next, he was promised sons; so becomes AbRAHam, father of many nations, at age 99. Also, since sons must live somewhere, alongside that promise of sons, is the promise of Land. Israel is the fulfillment of the sons promise, and so Moses is deployed to take her to the Land. However, once she is IN the Land she rejects the First Promise, of God as King (which promise Jacob knew, given what he impulsively decides in Gen38:22). So if you reject the Giver, you reject the Gifts from the Giver.

      So now what? Well, the promise made through Moses was conditional -- if they keep the Law, they will become a priest nation. Even in translation you can see this often stated, in Deuteronomy. God is the King, not a human being. That makes Israel different from all other nations. Ok, but they reject His Kingship. So look: that abrogates the deal, but it's Israel who's abrogating, refusing.

      So what now? Well, a New Promise to a New person must be made about Kingship. Hence, about Temple, since Israel has wholly rejected its inheritance when it rejected its king (subtheme in Deut32, prophetically expressed; see also Joshua 24). God raises up a human king, since they only want a human king -- but then apart from Israel, makes an UNconditional promise to that person He raised up. So for that promise to be realized, David must SEVER his kingship BEFORE he dies, so that the promises of Temple=Messiah=Kingship, have the necessary legal justification to be implemented. For they cannot be implemented, if David is connected to Israel. For Israel has rejected God, and hence Messiah.

    4. So only because the Messiah Promise is unconditional to David severally; and only because it is a Testamental Promise, can Messiah be justifiably born. Which is the only legal reason why we can get saved! Legal-Status Backdrop: since the first Kingship 490 began 1440BC with God as King, it has to be renewed before it runs out in 950BC. Remember, there is a voting period intervening between the two 490s (490+70 year voting period+490=1050); so someone 'covering' the next 490 must be spiritually developed in the prior 490, in order for time to even continue. Technically, Israel rejected God's Kingship, 100+ years prior to the expiry of the Exodus 490; Saul was a concessionary human king (he was given the same option as David -- 1Sam13:13-14).

      So note how the Kingship gets renewed via David by the deadline; notice also the Temple 490, being Foundational and Independent of Israel because dependent instead on David as Abdicated King, can be renewed. Again, there is No Other Judicial Basis to renew the contract with Israel after 1050BC and 586BC. So the expiry of the Kingship and later Temple contracts, would have been 950 and 460, respectively (1440-490=950 and 950-490=460). And the Temple contract didn't even START, except for David (again, 2Sam7 tells that story). So before the contract came up for renewal, it was abrogated by Israel, twice (in 1050BC and 586BC). By Israel, upon whom God had previously conditioned, Time Itself. So now the whole world is in an abrogated status, subject to annihilation: see how important David's time grants are? Not only David's, of course. But notice: Moses' 490 (in Israel's name, but it's due to Moses) ran out 950BC. Moses' 1000 runs out 440BC (1440-1000=440). So only David's time grants, remain.

      See, just because God is Omnipotent doesn't mean He brushes aside judicial issues to suit His Goals. God Rules Himself. Doesn't have to, but wants to. Infinitely. Absolutely. No one bows to Authority, more than God Himself. Hence the Cross, the Ultimate bow-down.

      Crux: jurisprudence must first be concerned with the legal status of a legal person ("standing", in legal parlance). One's status when one makes a decision, i.e., husband/wife, king/citizen, owner/hired labor, etc. Each of these are offices which have certain rights, privileges, responsibilities which legally belong to that status in question. The right to sue, to get damages, to have a contract fulfilled, all depend on one's contractural standing at the moment in question. One must be have the requisite status to make a contract (i.e., no contract made by a minor is considered valid in some states, due to the status of the age at that time). One must have the requisite status to benefit from a contract (i.e., be a named beneficiary in a will of provable identity). So here, David's status as King before he abdicates, matters for purposes of a kingship contract.

      Likewise, David's status as Retired post-contract matters for the delivery of the promise: for so long as David is King, the benefit cannot be delivered. Israel is attached to David, so long as he has the status of King. So his enacting-of-contract acceptance of God's terms, must be done while King. And that acceptance, requires he relinquish his crown. Thus after that, he's no longer attached to Israel, so the Kingship and Temple can go to Israel via David. Not, due to itself. For it abrogated its status with God, by rejecting Him in favor of a human king. Consummate example of cutting out, and grafting in, here. We all depended on what David did for our salvation. Else, the Lord Himself could not justifiably, come.

      So David having abdicated, Israel is not bound to him, either. So Voting becomes an issue again, just as it was back when he was first crowned at Hebron. Except this time, the voting was for his son Solomon. But eventually, it would be a voting issue for David's Greater Son, The Lord Jesus Christ. All this, because David abdicated kingship. No more a bound relationship, no more an imposition. So if the vote is NO, then the time associated with David's death, 'dies' too. So the whole world gets to vote, with the Jews being the appointed ambassadors/messengers/priest-nation-in-training. No reason, then, to be big-headed about being Jewish; no reason, then, to be pig-headed with anti-semitism. But I digress.

    5. So notice the underlying legal structure. There are two grantors/testators: God Who never dies; and David, who will. The contract is a Forever Contract, with the "Temple" representing that Living-Temple-to-Come, Messiah Himself. So on the one hand, God is and remains, the Initial Party to the contract (Galatians 3 stresses that fact, showing precedence is Seed, not Law). But on the other hand, the one who got that contract -- David -- also has rights. His Right to Lay Down His Crown, is exclusively David's Right, as a Reigning King.

      No one else can vote on that, because only the KING has the proper standing. So no one can take away the time belonging to David's reigning Kingship, by voting against Him. This critical legal principle is the only reason we could even get saved. Again, the standing of David when He abdicates determines the standing of the contract. No one else can gainsay it except God, for no one else is a) in the status of a party to the contract, and b) in the status of someone eligible to vote on that contract (i.e., an interested party). Now you see why God cut out all Israel; now you see why voting for Messiah when He finally came, is the only way to get grafted in again (main legal theme in Romans 9-11).

      Now: while yet King, David asked God whom God wanted as David's successor, inasmuch as God would be the one deciding which future son, would be Messiah. God picked Solomon (i.e., 1Chron 28:6). But Solomon had many kids, and picked his own successor -- doesn't say God picked Rehoboam. So Solomon, broke precedence. Each of the kids from that time forward picked their own successors; or, invading kings put puppets on the throne: none asked God to choose the successor. So after Solomon, though each king got an offer like Solomon (follow Me and I'll make you the progenitor) -- none sufficiently did. Oh, there were some good kings, like Joash and Hezekiah -- Matthew 1 is a kind of honors roster (with two exceptions) -- but in the end, God changed which of David's sons, would be the 'line' for Messiah, to Nathan's.

      The OT tells the saga of this son-switching and renewal of offer, over the centuries. So all that sheer crap about Christ having kids, is proven wrong at its premise level: God never picks sons based on bloodline, but based on faith. Certainly all the cutting out and grafting in He's shown since Cain, for crying out loud -- is enough evidence that this is His Policy. So there's no magic power in bloodline, but there is majesty -- God the Holy Spirit's -- in the faith HE makes grow in you, as you merely vote.

      So, tally up the votes: God obviously did not want Rehoboam, since He had Ahijah tear up a cloak and offer 10 of the tribes to Ephraimite (same tribe as Samuel, who chastised Saul!) Jeroboam -- again, conditional upon the latter keeping the Law (1Kings 11:28-12:15). Which, the latter did not (1 Kings 12:26ff), and Israel (aka "Samaria") went down after a long history of usurpations, in 721(?) BC. Which left, Judah. Which left, God. So God told Jeconiah who was apostate, sorry Charlie, no son of yours will ever sit on My Throne, as Jeremiah explains (Jer22:24-30, read whole chapter then whole book). [Shealtiel is the son of Neri/Neriah, not of Jeconiah. That's why Luke 3:27 reads as it does. Shealtiel was adopted by Jeconiah. Bible pointedly cuts off Jeconiah whenever God talks, too: compare Jer22:24 with Haggai 2:23. If you search on "Shealtiel" you'll find Zerubbabel, who's the crossover person from whom Mary descends via a different son of his -- you'll find that God always calls Zerubbabel the son of Shealtiel. The proper naming should reference Jeconiah, to show the kingly connection. But God won't do that. He's changed the kingly connection to David's other son by Bathsheba, Nathan (=to give [replacement], heir and spare).]

      So God sticks with the one line HE chose, Nathan's (Zerubbabel is descended from Nathan). For, long in advance He bifurcated the Davidic line, and God keeps picking whom HE wants as the successor, as the very deft Matthew 1 selectively shows. For, God is consistent. Abram believed in God -- and that Faith, irrespective of all other factors, is the only 'human' thing God will ever use. Sure, it has no merit -- which is why Faith alone can be used. Merit is a religious contention, and if that contention were used, no one can compare to Infinite Righteousness. Hence a Cross. Hence faith alone in Christ alone. Independently, Legally, Procurable -- because GOD was faithful to David.

      So it was Messiah Who got the worst deal. Isa53:10-11's "If You will Give Your Soul as a Substitute for Sin" is the true clause in the Eternity-Past contract between Father, Son, and Spirit. Hence we exist. So imagine: Jesus the Christ has this Conditional Contract to fulfill in His Humanity, The Slightest Infraction Of Which Cancels The Judicial Basis for all the human race (all creation, really, but that takes too long to explain). Just the opposite of the promise to David.

      Book of Hebrews talks in testamentary terms: death must precede. Hence the Mosaic Law, being fulfilled in Christ, dies IN Him. But He is Resurrected, so now a New Covenant, long promised the Jews, can be enacted -- because a death first occurred. So how could that argument be made, if not first a Testamentary Promise to David; Personally, and Independent of the Nation? Which means it cannot be valid so long as he is King, since that ties him TO The nation. But must be chosen by him WHILE he remains king; and then as a consequence, he steps down. Like, the Temple promise was (2Samuel 7). In short, it's this Personal and Separate Contract with David that Warrants Him Abdicating While Still Alive. In favor of a Successor GOD picked. Now the proper Juridical Independence has been established. So when David later dies, he's a private citizen, NOT an active ruler dying in office when God's promise takes effect. Again, just like it was for the construction of the Temple.

      God is consistent. Law must be consistent to be fair. Law must be based on precedence to be fair. And God's saying David's death was foundational to the Temple being made, in the Hebrew of 1Kings 6:1, as explained in the "7 years" link, above. So if Messiah=Temple, but Temple destroyed, but David's Death is foundational to Temple, then -- the Promise of Messiah TO David, is Foundational and Independent, too. Else, I'd not be here to write about it, and you'd not be here to read this page. Simple as that.

    6. The larger contextual meaning here is almost too shocking to write. The Lord twice offered to destroy Israel and start over again with Moses, due to their apostacy; twice, Moses turned down the offer (Deut 9:14, Num14:12). Israel would have been lost, had he accepted; which, of course the Lord knew, and was (obviously) testing Moses -- the offers were real enough, but Israel would have been lost had Moses accepted. Likewise, Israel would have been lost if David didn't accept. Most importantly, it would have been lost if Messiah didn't accept. Never mind, that she didn't accept Him. As goes Israel, so goes the world, Deut 32:8. So we are all here, and only here, because He Redeemed Time. And He'd not have been here to redeem anything, had David not been here. And Moses before him, and Joseph before him, and Jacob before him, and Isaac before him, and Abraham before him, and...

      The entire tribe of Levi was disinherited due to Levi's participation in the mass slaughter of all the men of Shechem. God basically 'grafted' the entire tribe onto Aaron (his name's sound="Ark" in Hebrew, what great wordplay) -- again, because Moses refused to speak for the LORD to Pharaoh -- thus the Levite inheritance goes only through Aaron, and it's a priestly inheritance (i.e., no land, just reserved locations, etc). Grafted in! Precedence for Matt16:18! Utter Grace! "Jochebed" link in MisTrans.htm has the details.

      The entire Nation of Israel was similarly disinherited, here. Unlike Moses, David was flat given the kingdom due to Israel's rejection of God as King. Unlike Moses, unless David Accepted God's Gift of Messiah (and hence the inheritance, since Messiah is the Seed, not Israel) -- unless David accepted God's Gift of Messiah, Israel would be LOST.

      So Moses refused the kingdom, to save Israel; David accepted the kingdom, to save Israel. Notice how in both cases, you see a laying down of a crown. Moses lays down a crown he never picked up; David Picks Up The Crown In Order To Lay It Down. Which he does, to sever the connection to Israel who is disinherited for disobedience -- in order to JOIN her (join=levi) in Messiah.

      So when that Messiah comes down to join her -- and hence all mankind thru her, would she but consent -- He Too Lays Down His Crown. In favor, of a Cross.

      For if you love someone, you give your life, Roman 5:8. That's what Abram did. That's what Isaac did. That's what Jacob did. That's what Joseph did. That's what Moses did. That's what David did, so that's why Christ COULD. For if you love someone who hates you, you find another way to give your life, Ephesians 5. [It's pretty clear from 1Chron29 and the first half of 1Kings1, David was somewhat reluctant to give over the kingdom to Solomon. He had to be reminded of it, and sorta manipulated into doing something about the problem, by Bathsheba and Nathan. Anyone can understand why. Maybe that's why David is sick at the beginning of 1Kings1, because he wasn't doing anything? He sure gets well fast afterwards: compare 1Chron22:5 to 1Chron29. Some time had elapsed between the two, and I'd bet money 1Kings 1:1-39 (1Chron23:1 being parallel?) happened between those two Chronicles verses, followed quickly by the crowning in Jerusalem, 1Chron29:22.]

      God is consistent. Law Must Be Consistent To Be Fair. And it's UNfair to coerce volition. So how can you justify keeping a promise Your Chosen People, reject? Well, you must reject them, mirror back that rejection, Ruin after Dome after Rock after Wall after Book. Hoping the meanwhile, they might someday see while they keep bobbing and chanting, what they are Seeing But Not Seeing

      • at scheduled Sabbath times,
      • at Chanukah (abomination, Dan9:26), Passover (Dan9:25 & Exodus), Purim (Vashti and Haman);
      • and on any day, from the Wailing Wall and Dome:
        • Gen 33:10, 2Sam7:12-13, Ps17:15, Isa6:9, Eze8:6, Eze 40:4, Matt13:13-14, Matt15:31, Luke8:10, Acts 2:31;
        • Dan9:25-6, Matt24, Rev11:1;
        • because, Romans 9-11, it's obviously the times of the Gentiles due to Israel's Rejection, Luke 21:24.
      Providing the meanwhile, via the One Person Among Them Who Did Want That Promise, David; followed by, his Greater Son as promised in 2Sam7:12-13 -- though to be solo carrying that promise, was a cross too heavy to bear -- via that One Person, You execute Your Plan, hence execute Your Son, hence execute sin, hence execute salvation, so all those rejectors need not go to the kiln as their execution, forever.

    4. Hence with David, a new Kingship 490 begins; instead of God being King, it's David. Note the precedence: 7 years followed by 33 years. 7 years of tribulation mark the beginning of his reign, and the aftermath of his reign. Again, the doubled sevens. Nexus. Savior Nexus. Most of all, it's from David that the "Greater Son" will be Messiah, and That's a Separate and Personal Contract God makes to David. You'll find David constantly reference that contract (often invoking it, in his prayers about his enemies) in the Psalms. [Actually, some of the Isaiah passages invoke it as well. Isaiah63:16 is a really good example, but it's so mistranslated, you can't see the meaning. Hebrew is phenomenal.] The entire world depends on this contract, so it has its own Personal '490'; even if the nation Israel breaches, even if the Temple is razed, this Personal promise will contine. Question is, will people want this King? So, unlike all the other 490s, this one requires a GROUP consent, to be enacted. That's the root reason why the Bridal Contract was conditional. Both sides must choose, for the contract to be consummated. For this Personal 490, is the Groom: Messiah.

    Messiah has two kingships, as Book of Hebrews explains. David knew about both of them, writing Psalm 110 to show the pre-Israel Battlefield Royalty Kingship contracted between Father and Son before Son took on Humanity. It relates to defeating Satan in the Angelic Trial, and Book of Hebrews takes pains to show how Church derives from that Battlefield Royalty, not from Israel. But Israel had been the first one offered Brideship. For that eternity-past contract, required a Bride. The Kingship over Israel, did not. Hence to vest the Kingship in David -- specifically, a Forever-Ruling Son of David, so no progeny and hence no wife, waet doro mi yesoheh, Isa 53:8, "who can name any of His descendants?" (because there are none) -- is an unconditional promise from God. So Satan will try to kill all David's positive progeny, so that Messiah cannot arrive. No longer a 400-year slavery promise, merely. It's a death sentence, to be one of David's sons yet positive to God, from David forward. God likes danger.

    With so much riding on him, David's successful completion is thus due a rather larger 490 and 1000 award than had been granted in the past. After all, the whole world depends on him, now. Hence David gets MULTIPLE 490s and 1000s; each one plays a major role in blessing/saving Israel via the Temple. GeneYrs.xls lists them: this #4 highlights their meanings. There are at least three pairs of 490s and 1000s based on David; perhaps four, which you can prove historically protected Israel and the world, given the events. GeneYrs.xls doesn't list the first pair (based on initial Hebron crowning), because I'm not yet sure God uses them. The four pairs are:

    1. The 490 beginning when He's first crowned at Hebron in 1010BC, ends 520BC. A year prior, God sent Haggai to nag Zerubbabel with a humorous announcement that he was to be the foundation for the Savior Seed, on the 16th anniversary of the 2nd Temple's foundation-stone-laying date. So without this 490 as an upcoming deadline, Zerubbabel (who surely knew about it, as did Daniel his cousin) wouldn't have been in a hurry. Temple reconstruction resumed on 24 Elul, and didn't stop after that -- 24 Elul is three months before God told Zerubbabel the news about him being the Zeru (seed), compare Haggai 1:15 to Haggai 2:1 and 15-24. So first Zerubbaby got out of his slump -- and all Israel there with him -- and having voted 'blind', THEN God comes in reply. That's how this spiritual life works. You get information, that builds your faith, then you go through what seems a 'dark' experience, and then God answers. Just like in school, when you learn and then get tested.

    2. The associated 1000 from 1010BC, ends 10BC. From God's perspective, the purpose of history is to reveal His Son and save mankind; to make mankind a gift to His Son, and to make His Son, a gift to mankind. Since Love never coerces volition, God Sovereignly chooses that the free will of man co-exist. As my pastor likes to put it, "The Sovereignty of God and the free will of man co-exist." So, to accomplish these objectives, when there is sufficient positive volition, God can thus justify 'moving heaven and earth', just as He promised Zerubbabel -- this time, for the entire human race. That's what happens here, from the beginning of the 2nd Temple.

      For the last five centuries BC, the net result of its history was a conversion from massive instability, to massive stability. Man generally needs peace in order to learn; after he's learned, he is tested with both adversity and prosperity. So, these five centuries set up the peace for man to learn; a common government, a common language, a stable and reasonably effective set of rules. Thus Greece rose and fell, taking over from Persia; thus Rome rose, taking over from Greece. So in the first century BC, when the Roman republic became too corrupt, it dissolved into a series of civil wars. One general after the next was called in to restore peace to civil-warring, Rome. The final such general was Julius Caesar, and his condition for saving Rome was that they appoint him dictator; opposition to him four years later resulted in his assasination, and in the ensuing competition for power afterwards, his nephew Octavian would finally emerge victorious to become the Emperor Augustus.

      Thus Rome finally had stability: it would last three more centuries. The Republic was never officially dissolved, but the Senate would never again have real power. Hence you see a kind of split personality in SPQR from this point forward; the territory Rome conquered was also carefully divided between imperial and senatorial provinces, to preserve a balance of power, to keep the Senate in its place. Imperial provinces were directly owned by the Emperor. Thus Rome effectively became an Empire circa 27BC.

      So by the 10BC blessing deadline, there was a stable Rome so that word of Messiah could spread with ease; so those positive to Him, could more easily travel to Jerusalem. Furthermore, by 40BC, due to his relationship with Rome and depite him always picking the wrong parties to back during Rome's many civil wars, Herod manages to get himself appointed first tetrarch and then King, of Judea. As a result, he can start reconstructing the Temple, which at that point was badly in need of repair. Herod's rulership was plagued with Jewish opposition to him; frankly, the Jews were unfairly opposed to him; they cared more about opposing Herod, than for Israel's welfare. So the irony was, Herod ended up being the preservation of Jerusalem and Israel, from 40BC onward. So by 10BC, the Temple sanctuary was finally finished that year at Herod's expense. Thus we see God used the Arab Herod, to finish reconstruction of key parts of the Jewish Temple, in time for Messiah's Birth.

    3. The 490 beginning when he's made King over all Israel in late 1004BC rounded to 1003BC, ends 513BC. 2nd Temple couldn't have been built by 516BC, without it. That's another yardstick God used to tell Daniel He would authorize the Temple to be rebuilt.
    4. The associated 1000 from 1003BC, ends 3BC. The Lord is born 25 Chislev 4BC. For the Davidic inheritance requires continuity within the 1000-year period beginning with the time David is King of all Israel, so David's Greater Son would have the same number of years as King. It's a heads-up proof of Messiahship, too. Only God could make Messiah born at the right time.

    5. The 490 beginning when David Retired from Kingship in 970BC, ends 480BC. Jerusalem couldn't have been rebuilt, without it. For Jerusalem couldn't be rebuilt, absent the Temple's being rebuilt; during the 70-year voting period following the Temple's rebuilding, Israel was protected by the 2 Davidic 490's, plus the Davidic and Mosaic 1000s. The Mosaic 1000 would end 440BC: 1440BC-1000. The money flow for restoring the Temple and continuing its service, came from Persia; so there was justification for preserving Persia, since in effect some of its kings had voted to restore and protect the Temple. This justification mattered. For on the negative side, Persia was pretty hot to conquer the world; absent David's 490 protecting Israel, someone might have beat Persia. The Greeks actually did in 480BC, the year David's 490 from his Retirement, ran out. From that point forward, Persia's internal strife increased. But also -- except between 529-522BC, when a succession war raged in Persia -- its kings kept on voting to restore both Temple and Jerusalem, paying for it from the royal treasury. See what a difference positive volition makes, even in those who were probably unbelievers.

        It seems that, since the Mosaic 490 and 1000 were granted preceding the narrowing of the Time criterion to David; that, because Israel's 490 was really predicated upon Moses, since he had turned down God's offers of wiping out Israel and instead starting over with him; it thus seems, that both the Mosaic 490 and 1000 would still be in effect. Precedence is everything. However, since Israel broke its contract with God in 1050BC, I'm not sure whether that same Precedence would overrule. Clearly the continuance of Israel and the spiritual development of David was protected by the fact that Moses was the basis for the 490 granted Israel, even as the reason Messiah could come, was predicated based on David. So here, I'm assuming that the Mosaic 1000 remained in force. After all, Moses died before Israel rejected God as King.

    6. The associated 1000 from 970BC, ends 30AD. His actual Crucifixion year. As Romans 5-9 and the entire Book of Hebrews explain, the Lord's Crucifixion Defeated Everything. So He became the Redeemer of Time itself. Hence Church, not Israel, becomes the source of the continuance of time. For the only time left Israel is owned by Messiah, now. His Life on this earth was shortened 7 years, so that seven years is owed Him personally. In effect, the Tribulation was thus converted from Israel's time, to His. So for Him, it plays. The Millennium, is His. Thus you know for sure that both the Millennium and the Tribulation are real and literal, never allegorical. So all the a-Tribulation, mid-Tribulation Rapture, end-Tribulation Rapture, and aMillennial doctrines pandered by so many in religion, are flat false. They don't balance to the Bible's allocation for time.

    7. The 490 beginning when David died in 963BC, ends 473BC. Purim was in 474BC; had it succeeded, we'd all not be here. Here, the protection afforded by Moses' 1000 which ends 440BC, is somewhat overridden: because this is a voting period, historically. As you'll see for the year 473BC in GeneYrs.xls ("Timeline Worksheet" link at pagetop), the historical 7th 490 from Adam, ends only 7 years later, in 466BC. Therefore between 466 and 396BC, a historical voting window also occurs. Atop this, is God's voting-window decree for Jerusalem's rebuilding from an accounting basis of 586BC as He had the angel explain in Daniel 9:24-25. So Israel was in that second, special 70-year window from 516BC-446BC, which partly overlaps with the upcoming historical voting window. Thus positive volition in Israel was abnormally important for the continuation of time. Now you know why it was so important for Satan to deploy the Haman conspiracy to kill Jews: so not enough of them, could or would vote positively. Persecution has a habit of encouraging one to give up.

        If you'll recall, Purim means 'casting lots to see who we'll destroy on what day' -- "who" being the Jews, here -- that was a magic thing in Persian culture back then. The notices pointedly WENT OUT on Passover that all Jews were to be destroyed on exactly the same day as the notice, 12 months later (at end of year). How petty and cruel. So not only was the holiday ruined for Jews all over the empire, but they had a year's advance notice they were going to be slaughtered. Confiscation of property was hoped-for, obviously, with such a long lead time. Hitler must have learned something from Purim.

        Of course, the goal of killing Jews was pitched to Ahaseurus with the same old claim that Jews didn't honor the King, that their religion was perverse. Given the defeat in 480BC by Greece, Ahaseuerus wasn't too secure, politically. So he'd be more than normally dependent on his advisers. Handy thing: wipe out the hated Jews and control the King, all at that same time. So the King signed this "pur" decree which would take place at the end of the year. (Persian civil and Jewish sacred years ran roughly the same, which tells you much about the Jewish influence on Persia, since Daniel.) Yet by the time the dreaded day arrived -- 13-15 Adar, depending where you were in Persia -- the tables were turned, and it was the Jews who got to destroy their enemies. It was dicey until the end.

        All this came up perhaps because Esther was Jewish -- she had married Xerxes I in 478 -- given Mordecai's temporarily-bad behavior, always outside the palace gates, snubbing Haman, surely someone learned his relationship to Esther. For her part, she didn't tell the King she was Jewish, apparently? I don't see how he wouldn't have known that before he met her. I need to research that question better. In any event, the Temple, Jerusalem, and all Jews in Persia would have been wiped out, but for Mordecai and Esther proving to Xerxes 1, who his real enemies were. Well, they missed warning him about Artabanus, who murdered him.

        Purim is in Adar, "the sixth month" of the Jewish civil calendar (12th month, in the sacred calendar). Fittingly, it becomes the month of the Annunciation, Luke 1:26. PassPlot.htm's "Mosaic Law/Holiday Confluence on Christmas" link provides further details.

    8. The associated 1000 from 963BC, ends 37AD. That was the outer limit of time itself, and its deadline is the ultimate basis for God's accounting in Daniel 9:24-27. See, in terms of years from Adam, 963BC+1000=4143 years after Adam's fall. So year 4200 is technically the end of the 4th 1050-unit of time from Adam. Its last 50 years are a voting period, so Messiah must finish no later than 50 years prior, 4150. But since David died in 963BC+1000=4143 years from Adam, one can't justify "4150" ever occurring: there's no personal time-grant 'house' lasting that long, to 'cover' it, except Christ Himself. At that point, only the Son of David, could buy time -- and that, contingent on Him completing His Mission before the 1000th anniversary of David's death, ends. Again, it's like a baton-carrying relay race. So the missing seven years (4150-4143=44AD-37AD) have to be assigned outside Israel's time, to even reach that 50-year window for world (i.e., Gentile) voting. That's why Father reserves 7 years for the Tribulation. Had Israel accepted Christ, the 50-year period would have become payable (it was beyond the 490, so couldn't be allotted in Dan9:25, but was promised via Pentecost and Jubilee). The total period was supposed to be 57 years, so David died right on time (57 depicted the sum of Passover week plus Pentecost's 50 days). But if Israel rejected Him, that 7 "bridge" couldn't play, and time would end. Of course, as it turned out her rejection also meant the deadline switched to 30AD, because she could vote down David's post-Kingship years, but not the time he alone had the legal standing to vote (i.e., as explained in #3e. above). So his retirement 1000 became the new deadline, since only he had the right to lay down his crown. The Lord did the same thing; so the kingship and payment, were not invalidated by Israel's negative vote. See: Bible's not kidding when it says (usually via Paul, but also in OT prophecies) that Messiah came at the END of time. Literally.

      This inability to bridge the gap in time -- never mind that we are unfaithful -- would be a major breach of faith; for God's many promises to the Gentiles, would go unfulfilled. Satan appears to win, for sure. For the second biggest set of prophecies in the Bible, second only to those about Messiah Himself, are about how the Gentiles will get the "Light". Isaiah especially, keeps harping on how the Jews are the only hope for the Gentiles to be saved. So there'd BE no "times of the Gentiles", until you can justify enough time to get from 4143 to 4150. Tribulation is needed, to span that time. Question was, how to justify its occurrence. Well, quite literally, it could only be justified in two ways: one, Israel accepts Christ and He dies by 37AD, with the Trib occurring contiguously (it would play over the last 40 years, but the 40 depends on the 7 for its existence). Or two, if Christ dies earlier, at the other protected window, the 490 running from David's Retirement -- which is seven more years earlier than the outside limit alloted in Daniel 9.

      For Daniel 9's protection is covered by the Temple 490 running from David as King, to get started (ending 513 and 480 BC, respectively), as we just saw above. But the 1000s protecting it are those of his Kingship's beginning (covering all the way to Christ's Birth) and his own death (a personal, not Kingly office 1000). So if Israel rejected Messiah as both their King and as a Person -- and they did -- then all that's left is the Temple 490 which depended on David, not on Israel.. and it ended 30AD, since that was both the 1000th anniversary of David's ABDICATION, and simultaneously, the outer limit of the original Temple, had it never been razed (950BC-490-490=30AD).

        Thus the original time track for the Temple, would be met as well. That would matter, since in rejecting Messiah, Israel is rejecting the Temple which Represents Him. Can't keep the Temple and the Land, if its Grantor is rejected. Now you know why the Temple had to be razed. See 1Kings 6:12-14, 9:6-9 for the contract linking all three together. Jews vaguely know that's why they lost the Temple back in 70AD. You should find stuff about their recognition, on the internet. They still reject that Christ was the Messiah. I don't know how they can do that, given the Bible's math and history. It's precise to the very DAY.

      That grant was given before Messiah came, and it was given to Daniel, who asked GOD for it; so it couldn't be nullified by rejection of Messiah in later generations. [Daniel follows the voting procedure of admitting Israel's sin, which was the OT version of our 1Jn1:9; then he acknowledges the 70 years, etc. Surprises me that no one else did this. God answers prayer, but He never does it if the proper protocol isn't followed. For, this is a Trial, and also Royalty means Protocol. So procedures must be followed. Our prayers aren't answered mainly because we don't follow the protocol. See GodSystem.htm #5, or the longer PrayProc.htm for the protocol. It's not hard. Takes but a second to do. Christians don't do it. But we are all Royal Priests, so we have the requisite authority granted from God. No unbeliever has that power. It's scary, how important we are!]

      Repeat: from the First Temple, the 490 ran thusly: 950-490-490=30AD. David's 1000th anniversary of Retirement also ended 30AD. Previously, we saw how that Retirement legally justified time's continuance, because the covenant God made with David was personal and unconditional. It's a Kingship covenant, but it's NOT conditional on Israel voting for him. So God grafts Israel into David via that Messiah-from-your-loins promise, not vice versa. For David must die, before the covenant is enacted. And he must abdicate BEFORE he dies.

      So if the Lord dies by the 1000th anniversary of David's Retirement/Abdication, then Israel's vote can't nullify the grant to David, since its connection to him got severed BY that Retirement. King still, but NOT politically over Israel. It's a personal Kingship. King without a kingdom, which kingdom depends on GOD's granting. The Lord of course is King by birth -- but still a King without a Kingdom, even at His Death. Now you know why Psalm 110:1 reads as it does. Father's telling Son He'll CREATE a Kingdom, now that Son has completed Father's Mission, the Cross. Right on time. It's crucial to the justification for the Cross, in the first place. For again -- a 1000 time grant requires that the next person to receive the baton, get it before the previous 'runner', runs out. So notice how the first meaning of the Cross, is to create a Kingdom for David's Greater Son. You don't think God would just save us out of maudlin sentimentality, do you? If the Son isn't the One Benefitted, there's no justification for saving us. None.

      So Messiah completes before the Davidic 1000-year retirement grant ran out; also, within the original timeline for the Temple, both of which ran out in 30AD. Whew.

      So when Israel rejected Christ, He thus died another 7 years early, 4136 years after Adam's Fall (=30AD): that way, His Successful Completion within the Davidic window justified a reset for ALL TIME by means of His Own Death. So from His Death forward, it's just a question of people being completed down here -- always required -- but we can't nullify the time grant. That's why there is no time limit on how long "Church" lasts. Whew.

      Well, whew in aggregate -- but there's no guarantee of time. Satan counts on that fact. That's another reason why you can't predict the Rapture. A Church believer's being granted a 490 (or 1000) still plays on the since-Adam principles, but there's no prophecy time given. That matters. Israel had fixed time grants in prophecy. It was up to God, to make sure those prophecies were fulfilled. But now, there's no fixed-time prophecy. It got used up, at the Cross. Instead, ours is a fixed-BODY numbers criterion, and since that's an internal spiritual development requirement of Eph4:13 -- for no one but God can read the soul -- it's not possible to predict when we will complete. Part IVb is dedicated to that body-count question. How Satan uses it to manipulate a Mistrial verdict is the main theme of PartIVc, and Part IVa deals with the Precedence Bridal Contract basis, to show that as always, VOTING is the central issue.

      Having paid, the Tribulation is assured by Messiah Himself. That seven years technically belongs to Him, since He gave up 7 allotted years of His Life (he was owed the same 40 years David received, but lived only 33 of them). Now, the grant of a 7 always means the grant of a 40 (precedence is Pharaoh of the Dream); so a 7 never plays apart from a 40, but is always within it. Thus during the "times of the Gentiles" which Christ bought to begin at Pentecost, Israel herself got 40 more years to live as a nation; with its second seven (4143-4136) being assigned at the end of that 40 (64-70AD siege of Jerusalem). Mirroring exactly, the 7-33 components of David's Kingship. In reverse, of course!

      Justice accounting is complicated, huh. And even more, vital to survival.

    5. Israel subdues the land by 950BC, the Year of the Temple's Dedication, 490 years after the Exodus, 450 years after they entered the Land, Acts 13:20. (KJV, Old Webster, Geneva and Louis Segond get verse about right -- other translations don't understand that "meta tauta" isn't referring to the time, but the things he's discussing (getting into the Land, getting the Allotment), so they misdate the clause in translation -- the judges were after getting into the Land and after the allotments were given but during the 450 years.) 1400, year they entered the Land -450=950, Temple's dedication date. And: 1440BC-490=950, Temple's Dedication Date.

    1. Thus begins another New Contract of God's Dwelling: "70 weeks" start over on the day the Temple is Dedicated. Language in 1Kings 6 and 9 to show this is quoted in the middle of the first white table of Part IVa, since that passage is the Contract regarding the Temple. If you read all of it you'll notice that Temple, Kingship, and Land are ALL ONE; can't lose the Temple, and retain either Kingship or Land. 1Kings 6:1 deliberately dates the Temple building from the Exodus. There was a hiatus between the time the temple was finished, and the Day it was Dedicated (1Kings8:1ff) by Solomon. Text 1Kings 6-8 and 2Chron3-5 shows a gap. Furthermore, the reason for 1Kings 7 is to explain that there is a gap between Temple completion and Dedication, due to Solomon's building his own structures; Temple is built, first; but it isn't dedicated until Solomon finished building his own structures (which fact will be wryly used by Haggai to Zerubbabel when the later builds housing first -- see Haggai). When you add the two periods together, you get 950BC as the dedication date (970-20, see 2Chron 8:1 and 1Kings 6:1, 37-38, 1Kings 7:1). The interval 1440-950 is a 490 set. So the Nation 490 now ties to the Temple 490.

      It really matters how you date two things: 1) the commencement of Solomon's reign, for he was twice affirmed as King while David was still alive, according to 1Chron29:22 (at Jeru), compared with 1Chron 23:1 and 1Kings 1:33-34 (the first crowning, at Gihon). The period between 1Chron22:5 and 1Kings 2:12 seems to be the Adonijah revolution and the healing from it. Looks like David made the announcement appointing Solomon king in 970, but didn't actually crown him; rather, the announcement was in advance, to motivate people to gather and give stuff to help Solomon build the temple; 1Chron22:5 being the gist of what he had said then, but á la Deut, he recounts it just prior to the 2nd crowning, after the revolution; the Gihon crowning 1Kings1:33-34, being what ended the revolution. 1Kings 1-2 shows the aftermath of the 1st or 2nd crowning, I'm not sure which -- but probably after the 2nd crowning.

      1Kings 6:1, the "fourth year of King Solomon" references Solomon's reign from after David's death in 963, because Shimei was finally executed the year before (see end of 1Kings 2), and that was in the 3rd year after David's death, upon which Solomon consolidated his solo rule. So the 40-year count in 1Chron29:26-27 and 1Kings2:11 ends with David's turning over power to Solomon. 40 years of Solomon are 970-930; the "fourth year" clause in 1Kings 6:1 follows naturally from the 3rd year when Shimei was executed. So now the reader knows that 2Sam7:12-13's promise is being fulfilled (promise that after he dies, the Temple will be built -- see Solomon reference it in 1Kings 8:20). So from 970 until David's death, David was busy designing the priesthood and other Temple matters; Solomon was busy building other things, and the furniture etc. for the Temple-to-come were being made. That would explain why only 7 years were accounted to its building, from 960-953; everything else was prepared off-site or built in advance, pending David's death. 1Kings 6-7, 2 Sam24:18ff, 1Chron 21:18ff, 1Chron 3:1ff, 2Chron8:1 shows the scoping out of the grounds, planning, and many other activities preceded the actual digging of the foundation, and building. The period 953-950 is another hiatus, from completion to dedication. Which makes sense, given the wall hangings and carvings: you wouldn't make those until last (lest they become dirty); they would take some time to make.

      Next dating issue: 2) the commencement to build the Temple. We know per 1Ki6:1, it's 960BC, which is the 480th year since the Exodus. The LXX of 1Ki6:1 says 440th, probably because they don't count the period in the wilderness (it's lost time), and are thus dating the count from the time Israel entered the Land. LXX verse next says Solomon began ordering the costly unhewn stones for the foundation, and that the sons of Solomon and Hyram hewed them; which we saw in Chapter 5 (i.e., writing the King of Tyre, his cousin Hyram, see also 2Chron 1&2 -- notice how he writes of David in past tense) in the second month of the fourth year of his reign. End of 1Kings 6 makes it clear this ordering period took less than a year; building time proper was exactly 7 years, so the other six months was occupied in getting materials: compare 1Ki6:37-38. Text in that verse says Temple was completed in the 8th month of his 11th year, thus 7.5 years had elapsed, measured from the procurement stage rather than from the digging-foundation date of 2 Ziv. For more on how 1Kings6:1 tells you David's death age, click here.

      So in 950 BC, you have again a unity of King (under Solomon, a king God wanted), of Temple (here, dedicated, now permanent structure) and of Nation (all Israel is united). However, that triple unity will only last another 20 years. Bible language in Kings helps you track the King 490, i.e., when God says He will nonetheless honor the Davidic line in order to honor David. So that tells you no new kings are 'adding' to the timeline (not even Solomon, given 1Kings 11:28ff); so they are largely apostate. So notice that by the time of Hoshea (Samaria), that language is no longer used. Again, in Jeremiah's day, by Chapter 25 that language is no longer used. And there are No More Kings after 586BC. God had offered conditional guarantees to the kings, which might have resulted in additional king 490s, potentially. But there were no takers. After the 20 years ends, there's no one. David will thus be the sole basis for blessing not only by contract, but in fact. That spells trouble for Israel and the world. Satan must have been gleeful.

    2. Temple destroyed, 586 BC, due to Israel's continuing apostacy. Israel continued to exist as a nation because of Moses alone; then Caleb and Joshua; then, finally, David. But still its apostacy persisted too long and too much. Hence 950BC-586=364 years, 126 years SHORT of completion.

      Most of the Old Testament was written during this time. The United Kingdom didn't survive Solomon. So split into "Israel" aka "Samaria", and "Judah". The former kingdom was far more apostate, and lasted until circa 722BC; those positive to God moved into Judah during Samaria's decline. During the last battle, in a rear guard action the few faithful fought their way out, as I remember my pastor explaining Samaria's gruesome end. Much of the first third of Isaiah is about the interaction between Samaria and Judah, so that the latter 'sister' didn't succumb to the same fate. Language is extremely abrasive, in Isaiah: very graphic in Isa28, lambasting the drunken parties Samaria kept having under the shadow of invasion, like the Titanic band playing while the ship sank. Judah faced continuous pressure ever since that time, and in fact both kingdoms had been paying tribute (mostly by robbing the Temple) for a good hundred years, even when both kingdoms were still alive. By the time you get to Elijah and Elisha, the knowledge of God is so absent, these two are called "man of God". Wonder-workers. So it's easy to understand how they couldn't even make it through the 490 years.

      You're "positive to God" if you want to know Him for Himself. Not, for His Goodies. There's no way to fake interest in something. If you are interested, you want to know more and more and more about the object, and the Difficulty In Learning Is No Hindrance To That Interest. Doesn't mean you won't get frustrated. Does mean you won't want to give UP. By contrast, when interest is lacking, disinterest reckons in terms of 'price'. So when the 'price' gets too high, the interest turns off (usually making an excuse). Sin and failure notwithstanding, true interest can't be driven away by price arguments. So, if a person has real interest, the 'price' argument becomes less effective, over time. So, when one is "positive to God", he will bethink himself 'bad' every time a price argument knocks him down. And, will get up again. By contrast, the one lacking interest will eventually feel quite smug about saying no. So most of the world has this sense of smugness, and crafts more palatable ideas of God than the Infinite, Righteous, and most of all Loving, Real God. Price is too high, see.

      Conclusive proof of this fact is that everyone expresses relationship with God, however they believe, whatever their faith -- in terms of PRICE. Good behavior, good deeds, platitudes and rote things, taboos and days and all manner of do's. Stuff you DO. I do for you, you do for me. That's disinterest talking. Maybe largely ignorance, too (you have to grow UP before you can even love at a human level, and most people, don't grow up even humanly). Still, it's childish at best; and disguised apathy, typically. Point is, however "God" is defined, we set a price on the relationship. So no matter what definition of God we espouse, the "price" is a dead giveaway we really don't want Him for Himself.

      God doesn't fault us for our disinterest. Your big clue this is so: the Gospel. It's BELIEVE or BURN. So if you are at least interested in NOT burning, you will BELIEVE. From there, your interest may drop back to its normal subzero level, but at least you're going to heaven. Or, you might later become interested, and since now a spiritual being (though you can't feel that and certainly won't act it), you can learn more. By contrast, if you are so calloused that the BURN message doesn't even interest you, then you die HOSTILE. Even, to yourself. For, the one common characteristic of all people in hell, is their self-righteousness. See the guy in Luke 16:20ff, how he hates God (so much, he won't even think of Him, and instead talks to Abraham as if Abraham were God, trying to manipulate Abraham's pity). They like the pain: it feeds their egoes. So, that's their idea of 'heaven'. They aren't worse people, compared to other humans. They are, however, getting what they want.

      Nobody goes to hell who didn't reject the Gospel knowingly, and for a prolonged and constant lifetime. Nobody. When you read the bloody Second Advent passages like Isa63, where the people dying have the flesh rotting off their bones while looking at Christ Coming, you realize that -- hey, no one dies without knowing He's God. God is consistent. If He'll display Himself and then slowly kill people while they look at Him -- so obviously, they can believe in time, before they actually finally die -- then that's His policy with respect to everyone. 2Pet3:9, "not willing that anyone should perish" is the policy stated clearly, even in translation. No exceptions.

      So next, pretend you are God. You see all this teeming, weltering, Ezekiel 16:6 humanity, imagining itself serving You. Among them, a few persons, just as weak, just as weltering, actually -- miracle of miracles -- want to know you AS You. Just because. They aren't better than the others for that, but they really do want to know You. What do you do? Well You love them all, of course. But you are Love, so you don't coerce. So you aren't coercing, by giving those who really want You for Yourself.. Yourself. That's what happens in the human race, every day. That's why there was an Abram, that's why there IS an Israel, that's why YHWH, hayah hawa'd, why God the Son .. BECAME! The Christ. So that's why we are breathing. So to keep on having the chance to know Him. We thus owe Israel, much.

      So the fact that Israel didn't last but 364 years, well.. it's amazing she lasted that long. We humans are all the same. And it's really difficult to want a relationship which, as Isaiah puts it, is "without money, and without price" (Isa55). That means Free -- and it means no cost is too high. Oooooh: we don't like free, that means there's no PRICE. So, that's really why man can't stomach a relationship with the Real God. Let's not kid ourselves that there's some (ego-salving) other reason.

    6. Now there is no national contract operating! So Israel is in exile. Temple 490 had 126 years remaining. Can God 'save' the 126, and thus Israel and the world? Daniel prayed for God to save it, them, the world.. and GOD ANSWERS, Here I am, Yes! Yet without gerrymandering time or truth!

    To Be or Not to Be, that is the Question

    Since God has crafted time based on His Son, it's a real dicey thing whether His Son will be justifiably born. For, as always, the continuance of time is based on VOTES for this Son. Faith means a "yes" vote. God won't go where He's not wanted, and if Israel doesn't want Him, then the world wants Him even less. So Will Enough Keep Voting, so Time Will Continue? That's the precedence question.

    Hence the premature death of faith in Israel, left a gaping hole in time: 126 years. God had promised them a 490. So that is the lone mechanism whereby the entire history of the world, can continue. 490-364=126. So, if you take 49+70+7, you get 126, three of the constituent elements of Daniel 9's "seventy weeks". Remaining, of course, is the 364 years the nation (although divided), the temple, and the kingship remained 'alive'. So because Israel did limp along for at least 364 years, they can be 'redeemed' again: conditioned on the Temple being REBUILT. And, what justifies offering that condition? David's Personal 490s haven't yet expired, as we saw back in #4. So, if enough in Israel are positive to God before those grants expire, then Temple can be rebuilt, Jerusalem can be rebuilt, and history can continue.

    Note how rebuilding the Temple requires Positive Voting. You have to vote to return to the Land, vote to stay there, vote to keep on trying to rebuild despite opposition, vote to obey the Law. All this Voting. So the precedence is, Enough Votes. It's only and always been about Voting. For God is the God of free will. You get what you want, because that's how GOD wants it. So be careful what you want.

    The National and Temple 490's effectively terminated in 586BC, but David's Kingship Promise of Messiah remained "alive". For a pre-empting precedence remained based on the personal kingship promise God made back in 1050BC and 2Sam7, respectively. It's pre-empting, because the FIRST Kingship promised, was to the Son of God re His Taking on Humanity, Psalm 110 and Isa53:10-12. Those were promises from eternity past, which is why Israel was even created, main theme in Book of Hebrews. However, that kata-Melchizedek King-Priesthood was separate from Israel; the promise to David of a King from his loins MERGED both kingships into one Person, Christ. But that one Person still has TWO Kingships. So, He's unconditionally King over Israel, but they would have to vote for Him anyway, just as they had to vote for the first David. Next, they could also get the Brideship promised under Christ's kata-Melchizedek priesthood -- which required two sets of votes: 1) to believe in Christ as Messiah, and 2) grow up in His Thinking. Hence the Mosaic Law had two purposes: one, to govern Israel, believer and unbeliever alike; but two, to furnish the basis for growing up and living in a second, eternal kingdom. This second kingdom is the main topic Paul covers in Galatians, Romans, and Ephesians. Writer of Hebrews helps the reader see the bifurcation, and how the second kingdom is used to rescue Israel from her rejection.

    Since Israel rejected God as king in 1050BC, she in essence rejected BOTH Kingships. Henceforth the King-of-Israel promise became conditional (see how God talks to Solomon in 1Kings Chaps 6,8, and 9, 2Chron6, 2Chron7:12-22; to Jeroboam in 11:31-41), but David's personal 490s are still running. Just as God kept on saying to kings that He would do a thing based on "My Servant David", so also the redemption of the Temple can be based on that same Promise. So only the Kingship 490s kept Israel going. Else they couldn't have even been ELIGIBLE for the 70-year punishment Jeremiah warned about, and we'd all not be here. For God really did build time based on Israel. See the #3b wisdom of cutting out Israel now? For when even she rejected Him, He raised up a progenitor of His Own Son's Humanity. For all converges in Him, just as God has always promised it would: Adonai Elohenu, Adonai CONVERGENCE. Unique.

    Let's Look at God's Accounting Genius!

    This new Temple 490 thus becomes the macro criterion for continuing Time itself, Daniel 9:24. That's God's Decree, echoed in Jer25. GOD's Decree. Not any man's. So the Decree date to rebuild was issued back in 586BC, when the Temple was razed, Jer25. Now Israel's appointments all have an ending: her days are numbered. God demonstrates all the foregoing in this Daniel 9 accounting; and the allotted time runs OUT, upon expiry of the 1000th anniversary of David's death. For more on how 1Kings6:1 tells you David's death age, click here.

    That's why the Tribulation is separated from the 490 God accounts -- it's beyond the 1000-year deadline. But a grant of time must be a 490. So how to connect the 7 years beyond the deadline, and resurrect the dead time owing to Temple's death? Those are the two line items and trial balance goals of the accounting in Daniel 9. For if you were a Jew back then, you'd know the 490th and 1000th anniversaries of David the way we Americans know the 4th of July and the World Series. So you'd know there was a breach in time: 126 years isn't enough to take you to the end. How would God justify healing that breach?

      Well, due to David's Kingship 490's and 1000's -- the last of which are anniversaries of his death -- God can justify continuing time until then. For that's all part of fulfilling the 2Sam7 promise God made. Question is, will Israel Vote to Rebuild and stay faithful? Will Israel Vote when Messiah Comes in the last 40 years of this 1000th-anniversary-of-his-death deadline? Messiah must be born by the time that 40 years BEGINS, else the kingship promise is broken. God will keep His side of the promise. So it's up to the Betrothed.

      Moreover within this deadline are three components, each of which is likewise tied to a deadline missed or a deadline met. To remind Israel of the meaning of Time:

      1. First, the 70 years Israel lost, since David's 490 running from his consolidated Kingship ran out in 513BC (1003-490=513): the 'time slot' runs from 586BC (when GOD, not man issued the decree to rebuild, look who's taking in Dan9:24 and Jer25). So it ends 516BC. That's the deadline to have REBUILT the Temple.

        Hence another 70 year period can be mirrored to 'reimburse' the first one, in order to Rebuild Jerusalem. But only, because the Temple WAS completed by 516BC. So this second 70 runs from 516 to 446BC. David's last 490 terminates in 473BC, 27 years prior. But during this time, the Temple is up and running on its own 490 grant terms. And the true essence of such a grant, is 560 years, because a successful completion of a 490 results in a 70-year voting period tack-on. So whether you want to call this one the tack-on, or the 586-516BC period the tack-on, it's still due. Just playing in reverse order. And why? Because Israel must Vote First before new time will be granted. Doubling restitution, mirroring. Voted no once, so must vote yes twice, to leave one net "yes" 70 voting period. Cool, huh. This 70 Saved Our Lives. Seriously. Without this Justice Requirement, the new time in the grant would not be allowed to play. Who says God doesn't craft blessing from badness? Were Israel not negative, this 70 would not be here!

        You have to look at GeneYrs.xls, the timeline spreadsheet in full screen, to appreciate the impact of this. When you do, select "View" on Excel menu, then "Custom View". When the dialogue box appears, scroll down to the end of its window, to "1st-2nd Temple", and double-click that. Worksheet now jumps to that section of the timeline. At left, you see the gray showing how the Temple's destruction threatened civilization (yeah, because time should have ended then). Notice it's 120 years to the end of the historical 490, a 70+50, so happens at the beginning of the scheduled voting period for Word. Next, when that 7th 490 ends, see how it's another voting period for believers, the typical 70 tack-on. So God is Righteous by His Own Rules, to play that 2nd 70 in advance of granting new time, since that's what voting periods are FOR -- you vote first, or the new grant won't play. Exact same thing as He did back at the Flood, granting 120 years twice, because a voting period was nested within the larger voting period. Awesome, huh. So it's really this second 70 which bridges to the voting window, so mankind can keep living.. and voting. Lots of people voted for the Temple during this time. Israel was famous worldwide for admitting Temple was razed for her apostacy, just as 1Kings 9 warned; her conquerors frequently invoked that reason, to justify conquering her as well. Meanwhile, a lot of goyim voted with their feet and learned the Real God. After all, four emperor-kings authorized and then paid for it, too: Nebuchadnezzar, Cyrus, Darius, Artaxerxes.

      2. So next, a 49-year period (7 weeks), still paying back 'old' Temple time, runs under Ezra and Nehemiah from 446-397BC, in order to complete and distribute Canon (post-exilic books through Malachi). After all, the many new voters needed the Voting Manual completed!

        Note the order: Temple, Jerusalem, and the Word Who will Save them both, all to be completed. For before Christ can come, the OT Canon must be finished. For He will learn it in His Humanity. No tricks. This might sound facetious, but it's not intended that way: just like the sitcom "Bewitched", 'Darrin' wants no magic. Kinda like 'Samantha', God Who can have anything He wants, wants instead, to throw Himself down. God-to-God, Absolute Love Expressed Toward Us. That's the only reason why it's Just. God loves God. God loves pouring Himself out to death for God, Phili2:5-10. Funny the hidden Bible doctrine you can find reflected in even a sitcom.

      3. At this point, the old Temple time has been repaid or reserved, so NEW time begins: the 434-year, "62 weeks". It's subdivided into 364 years (mirroring/redeeming the longevity of the 1st Temple), playing from 397 to 33 BC. That marked the beginning of Rome's consolidated authority over Jerusalem by Augustus, who would defeat his rivals at the Battle of Actium. Thus Israel would have a kind of stability it had not experienced for centuries, and the usurping pretender kings the Hasmoneans, would be outfoxed by their former Arab clients, the Herods. And in 33BC, Herod who had been supporting Anthony as a longtime friend, footing the bill for most of the ships which fought IN the Battle of Actium -- was beginning to realize he'd backed the wrong horse, yet again.

        So 33BC begins the last 70 years -- sabbatical years occurring in a 490 -- a voting period. Again, the last 120+ years of a 490, the voting-for-Word period begins, as the 8th historical 490 from Adam ends in 94AD (scheduled beginning of Millennium). If you want to know what the end of history looks like, look here. See how apt, this voting window: it represents the number of years until the completion of Word=Messiah, Himself! For in the last 40 years of that 70 -- same 40 years as David ruled -- He Himself votes to complete the Cross! So it was to be a special time of preparation for the 'Jubilee' of His Arrival. Now you know why He began His Ministry citing Isaiah 61:2 (see Luke 4:19), for Jubilee was always about resetting the clock, resetting your life, restoration. It was thus a voting period, for Messiah Himself. [if Jubilee years were reckoned from the time Israel entered the Land and NOT from the Exodus, then the year He was born was a Jubilee year. If so, Isaiah 61 is a prophecy of his year of Birth. But I can't prove that true, yet. Certainly spiritually it's true, no matter what year He's born. But all of Israel's holidays are prophecies about Him -- Passover is the timeline of His last week on earth, day by day -- so I wonder if Jubilee also plays a subrole of predicting His birth year.]

        This 3rd 70 occurs, because during a 490 year period, there are 70 sabbatical years. Technically sabbatical years occur every seven years, and technically this 70 grant is subsumed inside the 62 weeks, not a separate piece. Still, God uses the MEANING to bridge to real Voting Periods that He foreknows are upcoming.

        Scholars and prophecy buffs can't get Daniel 9 to balance without hedging. Truth is, they misuse (or neglect) the role of 70 years, misdate David's death, misaccount the Dan 9 years as lunar, and misinterpret WHO decrees in Dan9:24-25. So it's not the Bible which errs; not the Bible, which is confused or obtuse. It's the reader. Yeah, and I made all these mistakes, too. But math can't lie, won't balance unless you do it rightly, so it bites you until you get it right. Ouch.

      4. All this was scheduled to complete by 37AD (33BC-70). That was the 1000th anniversary of David's Death. No more time left, after it. So if Messiah didn't successfully complete by that deadline, time would end.

      5. So that left the hanging 7 years from 1st Temple time, Dan 9:27, reserved for after Messiah completes, because it is beyond the 1000th anniversary of David's death. So it would have to play in tandem with the 50 years allotted to the Gentiles, also past the 490 and Messiah (so not listed in Dan9:24-27); belonging to, the rest of Isaiah 61-63, when Israel's enemies would come against her and Messiah would deliver her at the last minute, if she remained faithful to Him. Again, 57 is the number of days from the beginning of Passover until Pentecost, and the number of years from the scheduled ending in Daniel 9 (37AD) to when the 1050 ends (and Millennium was to begin), 94AD. (You count Pentecost from the ending of the LAST day of Passover, NOT from the first one: see Numbers 28:25-26, Exo23:15-16, 34:22, Lev23:8 with 9-11, Deut 16:8-10 and related verses. So modern Jewish counting of the Omer is wrong.)

      Thus believers would know how to interpret the meaning of these future periods, whenever they would play. And though the components are modular and hence can have any amount of time inserted or debited between them due to apostacy -- say, units of 40 years of punishment, as during the time of the Judges -- these modules were designed to play consecutively. Positive votes within each module justified the play of the next time module, without hiatus. Time has meaning. The components tell you doctrine. The very structure of Time itself, is designed to teach. Israel knew that. It wasn't a magical incantation of numbers, but a Lesson In Bible, where you were on a SCHEDULE of God's Will for your life. Israel knew that, too. Learned it the hard way, as we all inevitably do. According to the various dictionaries on Temple History in BibleWorks, the one thing the Jews assiduously observed from the time of the Second Temple forward, WAS the sabbatical years. Which makes sense, for you don't hear God chiding Israel from then on, about missing them. The Jews get into a lot of other infidelities, and in fact go overboard on legalism (whereas prior, the problem was lasciviousness, mostly) -- but they don't miss those sabbatical years.

      Jeremiah's explanation about the 70 years of captivity is in Dan9:2, and is key to a proper accounting, as we just saw above. More importantly, it's critical the believer understand the Voting Meaning of "70". Daniel invokes Jeremiah's explanation of the 70, as the justification for voting, himself. See how he talks in his prayer. From this Jews afterwards could remember God's treating the 490 'owed' the First Temple as successfully completed; so the normal 70-year voting period usually following a 490, can play. If the votes are sufficient, then the Temple will be rebuilt. Again, its 'time' is protected by David's personal 490, but People Must Vote by GOING BACK to the Land, rebuilding the Temple, keeping the Law.

        That being done, another 70 years was 'paid back' to Israel, funding the time needed to rebuild Jerusalem. So notice how that's a voting, too. Hence it lasts 70 years. This repetition of the meaning of 70 is really important, for God keeps on repeating it post-Cross, for Israel's sake (i.e., from 0-70AD, from 70AD to 140AD, the same thing as happened in the building of the 2nd Temple and Jerusalem, happen in reverse). Restitution always requires a doubling. 70 years for completing the Temple; 70 years for completing Jerusalem: whether to build Israel up -- or tear it down, as was done between 726-586BC, and -- despite partly being during Church -- from 0AD -140AD. God likes repeating a lesson. We never learn it, of course. But we had learned it for awhile.

        Again, this second set of 70 years is partially justified by a personal 490 of David's which hadn't yet completed: the 490th anniversary of his death. But that would end 473BC. However, since the Temple was completed by the end of its own 70 years, it has its own 490 dating from the time of its completion, due to David. Baton got passed, in time. The 1000th anniversaries of David's Kingship start and end, and of his death, still 'cover' the time sufficiently, but only IF the Temple has its own 490, once completed. So here we see the 70 years being justified due to the passing of the baton. So a 490 never happens without a 70 'in the middle'. There would BE no 'middle' at the end of that 490+70 grant, for Christ would have to pay by that deadline, since Time would run out. Having paid, Time is Reset the year of His Death. So again, see the Justice of God's 'playing' that 2nd 70 years, in reverse order from the norm. No one, Israel included, got shorted.

        Again, 1050 is the basic unit, within which is 490+70+490=1000+50. The voting periods are contingent on the 490s and the 1000s 'passing on' to another believer God developed to maximum spiritual maturity. When the Temple is razed, it's 120 years before the 7th 490 is to end. So a 70-year voting 'bridge' to the 8th 490, would normally be due next. The first 70 belongs to old Temple time, as does the 49 and the 7. But the second 70, would normally be the grant for completing the prior 490. So God still plays all the right pieces, but since the issue is rebuilding, the first believer-voting-70 is used to rebuild the Temple, and the second, is used to vote to rebuild Jerusalem. So then the old 49 can play, followed by the new 434 years. The seven, remains in reserve as it's beyond the 1000th anniversary of David's death.

    Back to our Countdown to Messiah: the time having played down to the last 40 years, Messiah then is born. Here the time accounting Changes due to the Vote He Got while down here: a vote of "No, we want Barabbas!" But it didn't begin that way. It began with SHEPHERDS, not priests in their flowing robes and ecumenical hypocrisies. God invited shepherds to witness His Birth. My pastor made a big stink out of that, teaching Luke 2 and the Chanukah Birthdate until the congregation was ready to scream. Thank God he did. Harlotry isn't just the gross kind. Ecumenism is the bigger, 'classy' strumpet. Just view Gibbon anytime you like. Today's Christians of any denomination are largely hawking their appearance, too. No wonder people still think "Good Friday" is valid. Never mind, there aren't three days and nights between Friday and Sunday. [We humans are blissfully unaware when we are most hypocritical and evil, because from our viewpoint, we're being holy and obedient; we're quite sincere about it. So we are blind.] So when you read what follows, remember our negativity towards Him is even worse than that of the Jews.

      Here's the accounting. He must die seven years earlier than scheduled, due to Israel's rejection. This is not a compromise, for He was Born On Time: 37AD-40 years to mirror King David's regnal period, so to tie to the 1000th anniversary of David's consolidated Kingship in 1003BC, means the Lord is born on what we call (due to screwups in our calendar), 3BC. You can't forward-adjust the years from this date. Scholars have given up trying. It's really Chanukah, 4BC (25 Chislev), but that's within 3 months of Jewish sacred calendar year-end, and is at the end of the Roman calendar (last week of it, that year). So for accounting, use "3BC" in your calculations to balance. He must be born that year, for the 1000th anniversary of David's over-all-Israel Kingship started then. To be born later would leave a gap. Again, the awarding of 490s and 1000s have to be done before the active one ends. So He must be born inside or at the 1000th anniversary. It's "at", for the ending anniversary is 37AD, and He must get the same 40 years of total kingship David had, to prove He's the Real Messiah. You were supposed to use Bible to tell who's Messiah, not go by popular feeling, gossip, politics, etc. And since at the time Israel reckoned years from Adam and David, it would have been easy to know. (Judaism still reckons years from Adam, but incorrectly.)

      So on the original timetable, Messiah must complete by the end of the "62nd week", since the end of that week is the 1000th anniversary of David's death. God's counting down to that anniversary. That's why the last "7" is set apart in Dan9:27 -- it occurs PAST that 1000th anniversary, in the last seven years of history. Hence as originally scheduled, Messiah must complete before the latest of these time grants: and the latest one, is David's 1000th anniversary of his death, ending in our 37AD.

      But the 37AD becomes 30AD, a further shortening of 7 years because Israel rejected Christ. As explained in #3e of the "David" link at pagetop, since the character of David's 1000 due to his death is post-Kingship, it can be negated by voting against him as a person. So the 37AD deadline can be negated by a negative vote. Last David was rejected. But when David abdicated in 970BC, that was different: it was God's voting him to do it to ratify the 2Sam7 contract; and it was David's vote to do it. Not, Israel's. So the Retirement 1000 ending 30AD, couldn't be negated by Israel's vote. It's a vote between God and David, God and the Last David, over a testamentary contract God unconditionally and unilaterally offered. Christ massively upped the COST of His earlier "kata-Melchizedek" Kingship contract of Isa53:10-12 and Ps110, when He voted Matt16:18: to build a new entity -- "Church" -- upon HIMSELF. This is a testamentary vote, as Book of Hebrews explains. Whew. Messiah did what David did, and of course more so all the way through the Cross, and Right Exactly on Time: true 14 Nisan, 30AD, just as Passover holiday's structure annually promised.

      Notice how God preserves freedom and still gets what He wants. Here, we see the contingency back in Dan9: if Israel rejects Him, the original deadline for His death can be truncated to the next legally-unimpeachable year, one which does NOT depend on Israel's rejection. Hence His Death deadline's 37AD becomes 30AD. That's the 1000th anniversary of David's Retirement as King, which only a Son of David can eligibly use. Only a King can throw down his own crown. So the Last David throws down His Crown of His Own Free will, now fulfilling the 2Sam7 testamentary contract. So now He Alone cuts the new covenant on the Cross (Dan9:26, Hebraic verb "karat", wordplay on brith). Thus Dan9:26 is fulfilled, so now Temple is destroyed, replaying His 7-year Cut Off (from 37-30AD) in 64-70AD, nested within the typical 40-year judgement period; housed however, within the times of the Gentiles, since in fact Israel's time had run out. Now everything balances. Because she rejected Christ, the allotted 50-year period for harvesting the Gentiles, is no longer a line item. It got replaced by Him founding the Church upon Himself, Matt16:18, explained passim in Matt 17-24 (esp. Chaps 22 and 24), ratified in John 17 just before He was arrested. 1Cor10:4, Chaps 12-13, Romans 9-11, Eph5 and Hebrews Chaps 4-11, all elaborate on how Church was inserted. That's why the Rapture MUST precede the Trib: ISRAEL HAS NO MORE TIME. The 'bridge' to the Tribulation of Dan9:27 is "out". We are here to be built under our own and separate contract; during which time, we are used to 'bridge', to complete hers. Satan's trying to stop that bridge from completing, a kind of spiritual Remagen issue. [Look up the Bridge to Remagen on the internet. It's a WWII story worth reading.]

      Writer of Hebrews builds his entire epistle around the timing and shortening of Dan9:26. So does Mark, whose scathing "euthus!" interjections slap the reader in the face. For both are writing just after Paul died. Temple destruction was imminent, now, suddenly, immediately, euthus! Titus had invested Jerusalem off and on for two or even four years -- most Christians could take the hint and got outta there; Peter went to Babylon (not Rome, see end of 1 and 2 Peter). Writer of Hebrews was just returning from Rome, with Timothy, who had been jailed for being affiliated with the executed Paul (Heb13:23). Mark too was leaving Rome (Paul had asked for him). So mene mene tekel upharsin, the handwriting was all over the Wailing Wall. Still unseen, even today.

    EPILOGUE: the Temple is to remain destroyed until after the last week of history plays out. Dan9:27, Rev11 whole chapter, Ezekiel Chaps 39 et seq., Isa63 et seq. repeat ad nauseam how only Messiah is to restore Israel and her Temple, and angels will be rebuilding it (see Ezekiel's description, and John's in Revelation). Dunno how one can make it plainer. And we've Two Stone Witnesses standing about where the human ones will be. Do you know, the only undisputed relics of Israel are those two, the Holy of Holies which the Abominating Dome now covers, and the Wailing Wall?

      So we can't see these Witnesses, so the rebuilt Temple in Dan9:27 and Rev11:1 is NOT being done at God's command. God makes fun of it, in Rev11:1ff. Most Christians, wholly ignorant of Bible, think that the Rebuilding of the Temple would be a good thing: can't they read the Lord's warning to FLEE and STAY AWAY in Matt24? Nope. So the Jews can't read, either. So count on it, Satan is the one who'll motivate rebuilding the Temple, and both Christians and Jews, will be suckers for his ploys. Historically, he's been trying to get it rebuilt, ever since it was torn down. That's why he keeps playing on Temple dates (i.e., getting the Dome of the Rock built in a year that's the reverse of 586, 685AD). Because, we all don't want God, so we want a lie, relics, feel-good, preening. We'll buy Satan's fake rebuilt Temple, too, as Dan9:27 and Revelation 11 so sadly prove. [Part IVa spends a lot of webspace on this topic, but you can tell from the wording in both Bible passages and especially from Ezekiel, who spends six chapters on how GOD rebuilds the Temple at the Second Advent -- that God didn't authorize any humans to rebuild the Temple after 70AD-- i.e., the Two Witnesses are there to warn everyone away.]

      In terms of the Timeline, the last week, Daniel 9:27, thus stands on its own; at the time Daniel got the information about it, he already knew that the final deadline of time for Messiah's life was the 1000th anniversary of David's death, so that 7 years was already late. Every schoolchild knew that; David had Solomon's accession offerings in units of 1000 (e.g., 1000 rams), each one representing a year in the countdown to Messiah, post-his death. Because, the Kingship was to be forever; it can't be forever if Messiah doesn't complete successfully, and to do that He must die victorious before the 1000th anniversary of David's Death occurs.. It's a relay race, God's basic structure of accounting for time: just as a 490 can't complete if someone isn't developed to get another 490 following the current one, so also a new 1000 can't be granted without Someone being Completed within the current 1000. God promised Messiah would be completed before the 1000th anniversary of David's death, as represented by his sons, ruling. It was an awesome promise, to be sure: who but God, can make time?

      So God counts from the year the Temple was destroyed down to that 1000th anniversary, in the numbers He provides Daniel: 586-70-70-49-434=the 1000th anniversary of David's death, our 37AD. Note how there are three 70's, (one 'inside' the 434): the first is a loss period; the second is a reward for completing the Temple on time by 516BC. (David's kingship 490 ends 513BC, so 516 is within that window.) God always mirrors back successful time makeups as more time. The third 70 is the normal next-due set of sabbatical years (that's why it's inside the 434=70+364).

      Technically any amount of time could be inserted between that week (69th, because the 7 weeks play first) when Messiah finishes and Jerusalem is afterwards destroyed; but whatever length of time is inserted, it was NOT promised Israel. Rather, it's allocated to the Gentiles, per the many prophecies rampant throughout the OT. All Israel gets, is the reserved seven years of Daniel 9:27.

      However: a 7-year period running inside a 40-year period was precedented for Israel by Joseph, whose reign as vizier, spanned 80 years with the 7 fat and lean years twinning in the center of the 80-year period. So Israel naturally would calculate the intervening period after the 62 weeks as the normal 40-year Grace Warning Period, of which the Trib was the last seven years. Book of Hebrews allusively does this in Chapter 4: the "rest" which "remains", is likened to the 40-year period of wandering in the wilderness. Note the clever play on 7, "rest".

      So in the final 7 years, Dan 9:27 relates that the Jewish ruler then on earth makes a deal with a Western Gentile king at the beginning of the Tribulation (which means, anytime prior to or as a result of the Rapture, the territory roughly comprising Rome of Jesus' day, will again be under one ruler/ group). The Temple is already blasphemously rebuilt or starts to be rebuilt at this time. Revelation 11's sarcasm is scathing. God's ignoring any Temple which is there by telling John to measure it (as if to begin the foundation) -- with a reed. Reed, not the measuring rod the angel uses in Ezekiel. A reed is Bible's nasty way of saying unreliable, fake, useless. It's also used as a writing instrument, and of course John is writing about it. So maybe the Temple just begins reconstruction, too. If the latter, then they are trying to do sacrifices in an unfinished Temple.

        However, the king breaks the covenant made with the Jewish ruler, stops the sacrifices being made in the fake (and maybe unfinished) Temple (analogous to the Fake Church of Rev17); then, his fake 'prophet' (analogous to John the Baptist, aka Elijah) puts up a fake god in the temple God didn't authorize, and plays ventriloquist (av demon=ingastromuthos demon), Rev13; and, having now fooled the Jews and believers, proceeds to kill them all -- but then the Anointed One comes back to usher in the Millennium, just before the 7 years end, saving them all. Isaiah 61-63 records how that future history plays. It's pretty gruesome.

        Important: if the Temple were rebuilt tomorrow, that doesn't mean the Rapture will be here the next day. As noted earlier, you can prove that Satan's been trying to rebuild the Temple ever since it was torn down. That's why the Arabs are deployed (they don't realize it), and that's why Israel is in the news, constantly. Satan has always tried to get folks to fight over relics, so we'll forget about learning God via Bible. This same tactic is deployed over and over in history. GeneYrs.xls plots out as many of the salient events as I could quickly input. More will be added as I've time. It's important to see how many and what timing. A few events can be dismissed as coincidental. But not a pattern of them.

      All we know is that the Temple will be rebuilt by the time the Rapture occurs, or sometime soon after it occurs. Given time it takes to build the thing (seven years, same time as the Dome took), and given Satan's many attempts to get it rebuilt (finally using Islam to do it), well.. it could be here centuries before the Rapture occurs.

      That's why Church began on Pentecost circa June 30AD, because a) Israel had no more time, so b) as part of the "times of the Gentiles" it was possible that Church could have redeemed the time by 70AD (strident thread in book of Hebrews, Chapters 2, 4, 8, 9, 10, 12 usually near the beginning and ending of each chapter). So you have two hupostases the Hupostasis bought: the years 30-70AD are "times of the Gentiles", and years alloted to Israel.

      The Hupostasis Came to Earth and Rose To Heaven, Victorious: so in GeneYrs.xls, you'll see how the personal 490s shift from Adam to Jared to Enoch to Noah, to Abraham to Isaac to Jacob to Joseph, to Moses and thus Nation Israel, to David to Temple to Christ. At His Death, all the 490s and 1000s SINCE ADAM, converge. The NT catchphrase about the "end times" is literally true. Time was supposed to end. Only because He came down here and saved us all, could Time itself continue. So the Millennium is real, not figurative, not allegorical, not symbolic. It is a restitution, a reward, a mirroring back of David's 1000 years -- which after all, were granted so the Last David would become Our Ruler Forever. Because, the Contract will be fulfilled by that Living Ark, that Last Noah, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. So the Rapture is Real, and really unpredictable, too: not based on events, but on BELIEVERS. That's the precedent since Adam, and it's not changed. Most of Part IV explains its historical basis (precedence, voting, not related to historical events), replete with verses you can test.

    So here's a summary of God's Decree that the 2nd Temple BE!

    1. New Temple 490 begins 516BC. So the next increment to play, the 70 Temple years, begin also in 516BC, running to 446BC. It's a mirroring, since the Temple got rebuilt in time. It's also the 70-year tack-on to a 490, playing in REVERSE. Because, when the time ends, Messiah ends, and RESETS time. So there won't BE a tack-on at the end. So it's mirrored, playing upfront. According to Nehemiah and Ezra, the Temple was completed in the 6th year of Darius, aka 516BC, dedicated on 3 Adar, which is the last month of sacred Jewish year and Persian civil year. (Ezra 1:1-6:15; search on "6th Year of Darius" in Neh.) Jerusalem is rebuilt finally by 446BC, 25 Elul. Wall rebuilt 20th year of Artaxerxes Longimanus, aka Ahasuerus, see Book of Nehemiah. Prophecy of Jeru being rebuilt is in Zechariah, passim. [Doesn't seem like we have a full copy of the Book of Ezra in translation. But the dates will be valid.]
    2. The 7 Temple weeks come next, beginning in 446, going until 397BC. Israel, finally herself again, starts to go rabidly apostate; so much so, Malachi is there warning everyone. Nehemiah, too.
    3. The 62 Temple weeks follow last, beginning 397. So it should be no surprise that the last book of the OT, Malachi, is written circa 433BC, distributed within the next 40 years.

    7. So, right on time, He's Born. It's a slam-dunk to know He's Messiah, pre-Cross or post-Cross: no one but God can make you born, no one but God can make you die, no one but God can RESURRECT you, and no one but God can orchestrate Time. Um, David died in 963BC. The 1000th anniversary of that event would be 37AD. David became King over all Israel late 1004BC. 1000th anniversary would be (say) 3BC. So 1000 years in advance, the Birth and Death years of Messiah would be known. So anyone not fitting those date specifications, CANNOT be Messiah. There are maybe 900 other prophecies He'd have to fulfill, but these date boundaries make it easy to eliminate pretenders. So anyone lauded as Messiah who does not fit these dates, will be accepted only by people who hate God. For if you love God, you learn what He says. In His Book. HIS Book, not someone else's (i.e., Talmud).
    1. THE CHRIST is BORN in the 1000TH ANNIVERSARY OF DAVID'S CROWNING over all Israel, maybe on that very day, 25 Chislev 4BC, to parents who are BOTH the highest-ranking Davidic royalty alive at that point. In short, had there been a kingship, they would have been King and Queen, see Haggai 2 and then compare with Matt1 and Luke 3. For there to be 1000 years mirrored as promised since David testified at Solomon's investiture (end 1Chron), Messiah must be born at the end of the previous 1000. Can't have a 2nd 1000 play, if not piggybacked on the 1st. He's thus born 1003BC - 1000 = 3BC, really at the end of 4BC on the Roman calendar. It's actually Chanukah's first day in 4BC that He's born. PassPlot.htm walks you through the Bible verses and the math. [I can't prove David's crowning date yet, but the Lord's Birthdate is sure.]

      The Real Passover Plot of 30AD proves He's Messiah! CLICK HERE for the "PassPlot" webpage.

    2. Gets the SAME 40-YEAR REGNAL PERIOD as David had, because per Daniel 9, you knew 37AD would be the ending, tops.
    3. ANNOUNCES HIMSELF at age 30, same age as David was when crowned at Hebron, Luke 4:19.
    4. WAITS FOR THE VOTING, just like David did. Doesn't impose Himself, doesn't ASK to be crowned.
    5. IS ARRESTED on true 10 Nisan, nominal 14 Nisan, 30AD, so could EAT the Passover yet BE the Passover. Is "set aside" by being arrested. Um, it shouldn't have to be said, but Christ didn't arrest Himself in order to comply with true Passover law that the Lamb be set aside on 10 Nisan. Jewish calendar was running fast 4 days that year, had not been intercalated (per paraskeué verses, see PassPlot.htm, link follows below). Um, Christ didn't control the intercalation of the calendar, either.
    6. DIES ON TRUE PASSOVER before sundown (between 3-4pm): 18 Nisan was the nominal date, 14 Nisan was the real date, had calendar been properly intercalated that year. Um, Christ didn't nail Himself to a Cross and then crucify Himself on this day, to fulfill prophecy.
    7. DIES WHEN HE'S 33, so has the same number of years on earth as David ruled over all Israel. For Messiah was BORN a King. Um, it shouldn't have to be said, but Christ didn't CAUSE His Own Death to make this convergence happen.
    8. DIES in the 1000TH ANNIVERSARY of DAVID'S ABDICATION of Kingship, and for the same reason.
    9. DIES in what would have been the END OF THE SECOND 490 awarded to the FIRST TEMPLE, had it never been razed.
    10. DIES on the 1470TH ANNIVERSARY OF THE ORIGINAL PASSOVER to the very DAY. 1470= 490x3.
    11. HE'S THE TEMPLE, AND HE IS RAZED, RISING AGAIN 3 DAYS AND 3 NIGHTS LATER, just as He told everyone He would. Um, a human being cannot resurrect himself.
    12. 33 YEARS POST-CRUCIFIXION, ISRAEL RECEIVED THE 7 YEARS 'TRIBULATION' penalty for killing their Messiah -- truncation due from the 37AD period when He should have died, minus the year they actually killed Him (30AD). That's when the siege of Jerusalem began, mildly and fitfully, 64AD. (Some date it 66-73AD, but they set all years forward 3 to adjust out the discrepancy in our BC/AD calendar. As you'll see in GeneYrs.xls, there's no discrepancy to adjust, and we can't fix our calendar.)

    13. 33=His Age, and David's period of rule over all Israel. "7" represented the previous civil war period, when David was king of Judah but not all Israel, since they had voted "no". So, it was a civil war again, from 64-70AD (terrible infighting among Jews in Jerusalem, see Josephus). So notice how it's a MIRROR REPLAY connected to CHRIST'S PERSONAL YEARS, and He's dead at this point, so obviously isn't influencing anything. No Christian can manipulate Time. This is math, not an "interpretation" of a Bible verse.

    14. 40 years post-Crucifixion, the 2ND TEMPLE is DESTROYED, with the timeline running from Passover to 9th Ab, the SAME 57 DAYS AFTER PENTECOST, AS are measured FROM PASSOVER TO PENTECOST: Pentecost represents the harvesting of the Gentiles. Can't miss the meaning that they missed the harvest. Um, Christians didn't cause the Year of the Four Emperors, which required Titus to suddenly get hasty with the siege, so he could bring home a triumph to his adopted dad, the newly-appointed Emperor Vespasian. Christians thus did not cause the final stage of the siege to begin on Passover and end on 9th Ab, 70AD. Notice how it doesn't matter whether the calendar was intercalated. The same double-57 count is based on whatever is nominal 14 Nisan that year.

    15. 57 DAYS IN THE MOSAIC LAW REPRESENT THE 57 YEARS which were needed post-Messiah, to reach the end of the 4th 1050 from Adam and begin the Millennium, had Israel accepted Messiah when He came. That would have been a 37AD then 44AD then 94AD spread, with the Trib beginning 87AD, and Mill beginning 94AD, probably on Pentecost. Um, we're WAY past that date. More about these dates will be said in #8-10., below.

    16. 70 YEARS POST-2ND TEMPLE, A PIG TEMPLE stands over the Holy of Holies, and Jerusalem has been renamed AELIA CAPITOLINA, a pig name. Abomination of what Chanukah -- His Birthday! represented in Daniel 8, plus the future 9:27 stares everyone in the face, metaphorically. Um, Christians didn't rebuild Jerusalem and establish this pagan Roman Temple.

    17. 685AD, the REVERSE of 586BC, another ABOMINATION goes under construction, the Dome of the Rock -- "Rock" meaning the Holy of Holies, the bedrock on which Isaac was almost-sacrificed, but the Koran claims it was Ishmael. It is constructed over the same 7 year period as for each the 1st and 2nd Temples (2nd Temple's total construction years were 7, hiatus in between), ending in 691AD. Um, 685 is also the sum of 99 (when Abraham was circumcised) and 586 (year of 1st Temple's destruction). Um, Islam is not about proving the Bible and the Jewish Savior correct, and itself a pack of lies.

    Now let's elaborate on the foregoing. Repetition helps seal in learned information and also allows for seeing the same information in new angles. I thought I would vomit when my pastor kept repeating the same things over and over for MONTHS on end. Others in the congregation -- and me too, for a time -- stopped going to church during that repetition, waiting until it was over. Don't even ASK what was the Divine Discipline for doing that. Yeah, was I wrong! Let's go:
    • He announces His Messiahship when He attains age 30, same age and manner as David did at Hebron (2Sam5:4, compared to Luke 3:23). Because David's 1000th death anniversary is approaching, the Jubilee is approaching: the 50 year voting period that is to this time, end all history. So the Lord's arrival is the announcement of the coming of Jubilee, the Millennium.

        This shouldn't have to be said, but the Millennium is a promise to the JEWS. It's not a Christian thing; we're part of it, but we don't get that inheritance; we co-rule with Him over Gentile nations during that time. That 1000 years is a promise to the Jews, and it will play, for God keeps His Promises. He Himself, is Jewish, and as Jewish King He came to the Jews. So the entire message is to the Jews, about the Jews. Gentiles can get in on it if they want to. But remember the origin: this is Jewish. We Church were not originally even supposed to exist. And our existence is largely used to return the Jews to their rightful inheritance. That we end up being Royal Family is of course a boon to us. But we'd not even have that chance, had Israel not rejected Him. Point is, the Jubilee is for them. Then, and still. God help any Christian who's anti-semitic because they rejected Him, k?

    • He lives 33 years = number of years David reigned over Jerusalem (2King2:11) = number of years the Lord reigned in First Advent (by God's appointment, not man's). Three Passovers are recorded by John, to show you the number of years He was 'public', so 30+3=33. Other Gospel writers use more sophisticated methods and Roman-and-Sanhedrin related data, to show you how much time passed.
    • He dies on the 1470th anniversary of the Exodus, a point which John sarcastically stresses in his usage of the Greek term paraskeue. PassPlot.htm goes through the six paraskeue verses in the NT, so you can see how you're told the Jewish calendar ran four days fast that year, thus the Lord dies on the true (but not nominal) Passover, just as that holiday long predicted He'd do. Set aside four days earlier (arrested), then on what should have been the high sabbath -- but was not, because the lunar calendar wasn't updated -- He is slain before sundown, Lamb of God. PassPlot.ham goes through all those verses and the math, so you can test it.
    • Not to mention, the 900 prophecies about Him all play out; most of these concern items over which He and his disciples had no control; many were embarrassing things over which they'd wish they had control, like how they'd abandon Him (sheep scattering when Shepard struck, etc); how He'd die childless (hence unmarried, duh) as Isaiah explained in Isaiah 53:8-12, something to do with wood and piercing, so far as Israel knew. And per Isaiah, whoever ruled Israel at that time, has Him killed; so clearly His disciples wouldn't do that. Only a few prophecies were items Messiah would have to invoke, like coming into Jerusalem on a donkey. Most were what others would do to Him, say about Him, His lineage, etc. (Sidebar: note that two prototypical 'anti-christs' were involved, Rome and Sanhedrin -- mirroring what would become the later Rev12-13 descriptions, which tie back to Daniel 9-12.)
    • As a result, He's cut off in order to cut a New Covenant -- nice Hebraic play on words, that Dan9:26b.
    • In short, if you know your Old Testament, you can audit Him, either then or now; you can add up the facts and see whether He was a charlatan or really the Son of God, as long foretold (i.e., in David's wry Psalm 110:1). That's what you were supposed to do, audit anyone who claims to be Messiah. For there had been hundreds of false ones, throughout Israel's history. And still are. But math never lies, doesn't have a political agenda, can't balance if interpreted wrongly, and most important -- is all in THE BIBLE. In writing. Contract. Promise. Sevening.

    • So His Death ends up being 30AD by our calendar; which just happens (yeah, right) to be: the end of the remaining 62 weeks, minus the 7 years which now have to be lopped off, since Israel rejected Him; so He dies on the 1000th anniversary of David's 970BC Retirement. Specifically, His Death makes for a shortened year, since Passover begins the Jewish year: 14 days short, to be exact. Exodus is Israel's birth as a nation, so Passover is the First Feast, beginning due to preparations, on the 10th of Abib/Nisan; but the Lord dies on the fourth day of Unleavened Bread, a "3-4 hiatus" illustration! So it's a shortened week, a shortened year (hint hint).

    • Sorry, no Jew could miss all this convergence. You'd have to work at it, not to notice. It's like looking at the calendar, seeing it's Wednesday, and pretending it's Friday. So they didn't miss the convergence, they covered it up. Everyone did this, not just the few in the Sanhedrin who browbeat and otherwise threatened the rest into submission. For the truth is, none of us can cope with the knowledge that God is Real, and He loves us. Our sin nature in Adam, won't allow it. So we plotted against Him, back then. We plotted against seeing, we plotted against knowing, we plotted against others who might actually want Him.

    • Had we 'been there' during those years, We'd Have Done The Very Same Thing. In fact, we have the audacity to call it "Good Friday", when it WAS Wednesday that He was crucified, Bible is bald about that: He rises on the "first day of the week", and will be in the grave "three days and three nights". Um, that's Wednesday, since the first day of the week is Sunday. So the RCC has been covering up for 18 centuries, and its dating is completely screwed up. Bible is plain there's a hiatus of 4 days between arrest and Crucifixion, just as the Passover Law required. But is there even one Bible movie or documentary which shows that? No! So um, we are covering it up, too. For as long as the dates are screwed up, the Bible looks either wrong or so obtuse, you must rely on the 'experts'. See the power play? So why wouldn't the Jews cover it up, as well? Like Isaiah says, we are all sheep going astray.

    • Jews are hung up on numbers, facts, dates, law. It's a full-time job just to orchestrate your day around the Kaluch3 calendar from (great calendar, but of course Judaism gets the years-from-Adam and Omer counting wrong). When you are raised in the Jewish faith, you always learn little catchy proverbs and songs about 1 this, 3 that, 7 this, 5 that; then you sing or chant them to show off for your relatives at Passover, Chanukah, Purim. For the numbers represent Torah concepts. The Hebrew alphabet itself, each letter, represents a number. Kabbalah is all about numbers and hidden messages. Yet here in plain sight is the most phenomenal number convergence, and no Jew notices that today?

    • Jews chant Torah every Saturday. You go through it over a year, each Saturday being a set of verses such that by the time you get to the END of that year, you've chanted the whole Torah. So at least once a year, David's dates and regnal periods are chanted; Daniel 8 is chanted; Daniel 9 is chanted. So in Daniel 9, notice that the only uncertainty in the timeline is How Long Messiah Lives. His Life length wasn't explicitly predicted because there were two possible outcomes, Israel's acceptance.. or rejection. But the Deadline For Completion is stated, and clearly: if He didn't complete His Task before the 69 weeks completed, then history would end. End, in 37AD. Not later. Pilate was out of office by 37AD, and it's Tacitus who also records that Pilate crucified "Chrestus". Moreover, in retrospect we can see God patterned His lifetime to David's consolidated kingship period, since the King 490 must be over ALL of Israel, not just the parts that accept the King. So even if the Jews mistakenly think David died in 970 (and they do, as did Josephus), and thus misdate the conclusion of Daniel 9's timeline, well -- 1000 years AFTER that, is when Christ WAS crucified. That, too, is another blatant hint as to the fact Messiah has Come And Left And Was Rejected. Honestly, how can God make the Truth plainer, than all these converging numbers! Much more provable than some 'miracle' people pant after, like loaves and fishes.

    • At the Session 10 days before Pentecost 30AD, Messiah is like David was, when newly crowned (in heaven, though): waiting for His Enemies to become the Footstools of His Feet, Ps110, another passage every Jew chants at least once per year. David's first seven years' rule was over Judah and Hebron only, the first week; notice how Passover Week and David's first seven years are parallelled. So, that double-entendre characterizes the last week of Jewish preMillennial history, the Tribulation, 70th week of Dan9:27. So we NOW are in Daniel 9:26, provably. So much so, even SATAN gets into "Bible is from the Real God" advertising business. When Satan wants to 'help out', you know we're truly blind, huh. Watch how blind, in what follows.

      This Dan9:26 period is thus a time bubble of no fixed duration, Church having been inserted. Yet, it's still analogous to the fact that some but not enough, of Israel believed in the King of Israel who is the Last 'David', when He came down here and paid for our sins. Which was also the time it took Solomon to build the Temple; so now, the time it takes to Rejustify Building The Millennial Temple; which thus pre-justifies a temple of believers (Church, Eph2) being readied FOR the Millennium, being built "Now"! David ruled a total of 40 years; over united Israel, for 33 years. David waited 7 years to consolidate his kingship. So the Tribulation is analogous to the period 1010BC-late 1004BC. But, playing in reverse order, since mirroring David: David's rulership played 7 then 33; Christ's plays 33 then 7.

      Leave it to Satan to copycat this same 7-year, building-Temple Grace provision; to mirror God's accounting units of blessing, and -- admiringly -- tell the world who God really is. Again, Dome of the Rock was built between 685AD and 691AD, 7 years! Oh, and did you notice that 685 reverses the digits of 586? Which thus is 'obeyed', lol by constructing this Abomination of Desolating, Dome? Oh, and let's not forget that 70 sabbatical years have to be counted just like between 586-516BC, so let's mirror them by having 615 (reversal) AD be the Year Mohammed begins to gather people (parallelling the Jews going back to Jerusalem to build the 2nd Temple). And, for good measure, since Abram was 99 when he was circumcised, tack on 99 years to 586(BC) so that an Abominated Temple would be over that rock Abram trusted and almost-sacrificed Isaac on. Lasting even to this day, just as predicted way back in Daniel 9:26!

      Daniel's "abomination of desolation" has already been repeated so often, you'd think we Jews and Arabs and Christians, would catch on by now:

      1. First was Nebuchadnezzer, duh. Maybe that was 490 years after Samson pulled down the Dagon temple and died, not sure yet.
      2. Next came Antiochus IV Epiphanes, circa 167 or 168BC. Um, that's 430 years after Nebuchy baby first besieged Jerusalem (he besieged it three times, but the last two were enslaving). Does 430 ring a bell, Exo12:40-41? [if you transpose the 8 and 1, you get a mirror of something in Ahab's reign; Ahab was the worst of Samaria's kings, and did fake temples (to Baal, mostly); so the content of what the later Antiochus did is very like what happened under Ahab -- but I don't have time to research it and see what is specifically being mocked.]
      3. Titus, 70AD. (Cute -- the 2nd Temple's longevity mirrors the date of the 1st Temple's destruction.)
      4. The Roman temple after the Bar Kochba revolution, circa 140AD. (mirroring 70 AD, occurring about 70 years later, Wake UP, people!)
      5. Constantine, another Greek 490 years after Antiochus, tried to rebuild the Temple, but it didn't work.
      6. Justinian attempts to rebuild the Temple. (GIbbon talks about this, and there's stuff on the internet.)
      7. 490 years after Aelia Capitolina, both the Romans AND the Persians tried to rebuild the Temple between 600AD and 630AD (630-490=140).
      8. Up pops Mohammed, 610AD. Nicely manages to die in 632 when the 630AD rebuilding, doesn't pan out.
      9. So the Dome, begun 685AD, is the latest "abomination", and remains to this day, just as the Lord warned would happen in Matt24; the abomination yet-to-come, will replace the structure that the Dome now occupies, and will appear to be "the" Temple (i.e., pretending Messiah has come, replete with talking statue to replace the Two Witnesses -- see Rev11, 13). Hence the warning in Matt24 about not believing those who claim Messiah has returned (since the OT prophecies about the Temple rebuilding all say only Messiah will rebuild it, viz., Eze39ff). Note that: one long string of attempts to take over that Petra (Rock which constitutes the heart of the Holy of Holies), which represents Christ. Proving oh so cogently how all us prophecy buffs and Kabbalah Krunchers Don't Read Our Bibles!

      Satan's games are many: he satirizes God's construct of Time by scheduled religious ploys. You can see him do this historically:
      • as we just saw with respect to Israel's calendar dates related to Temple,
        • Purim, the notices to destroy the Jews going on ON Passover, Esther 3:12ff;
        • 1st (and 2nd) Temple's construction and destruction;
        • Antiochus (Chanukah);
        • Aelia Capitolina;
        • Constantine;
        • Rome vs. Persia wars in Jerusalem;
        • the hegira (Islam's own official 622AD date 'just happens' to be 490 years after Bar Kochba revolution began -- cute, huh);
        • Dome of the Rock.
      • with respect to the originally-scheduled Millennium and John's Revelation, the Crusades;
      • then, within 120 years of a 490's ending, he 'plays' Islam throughout its history (charted in GeneYrs.xls, too many entries to list here).
      • The 'discovery' of 'evolution' and "Book of Mormon" were timed based on a tandem rollout of the biggest treasure trove of original-language Bible manuscripts since the 1st century AD. It was this rollout which broke up state religion in the 19th century; the aftershocks are still occurring, and we are in the midst of another 'Reformation': the fourth, if you call Israel the First and Cross, the Second. Human history is a long Reformation out from the tyranny of religion which Satan authored in Gen 3, basically.

        Part II (its "in the beginning.. Man" link) and the Appendix (link at page top), cover Satan's strategy and tactics in other respects. GeneYrs.xls shows some timing of his post-Cross satires. Part IVa (passim) covers some of his satirization as well. [Appendix link at pagetop is about Satan's strategy of reversing everything God says or is. This reversal is accomplished in characteristic ways, diagnosable like a fingerprint. When playing anagram games, the key letters or numbers are reversed to make the anagram; in Bible translation, features of the original language are reversed in translation, and deftly. Very witty. Prepositional meanings are reversed (ek and min mean OUT from, not "in", eis is reversed in Rom10:10, Jas4:5's pros should use accusative of hostility); subjects and objects are reversed (e.g., Rom12:2), nouns or verbs are reversed to make God look bad (Mark 3:5, Gen3:11);and most of all, when God is the ACTOR, the translation reverses it to man being the actor (1Cor1:5, all of 1Cor13 via 12:31's huperbole, Jas 2:22, etc). Every verse in translation has some kind of reversal in it. Even the begats reverse the meaning of "begat" (men don't beget, men SIRE; only women beget). I'd not believe Satan&Co. were so mocking and venomous, if I didn't see the pettiest surgical precision in the way they reverse Bible in translation. No translator would be smart enough to do this.

        So, I wondered -- and found -- many reversals in the Koran, too: here are some of the simpler, conceptual ones you can even see in translation. Christ is made to play John the Baptist to Mohammed (Koran claims Christ announced Mohammed's coming, lol)); yet the messenger Mohammed, has a Second Coming! Red heifer sin offering is turned into a Golden Calf in the Cow sura, with no one the wiser. Etc. Satan at least tries to key Islamic dates to mimic and play off God's dating system. After all, Arabs are protected by God under Gen12 and Gen16:16! Even Arabophiles like Sir John Glubb (and those who write articles on Islam in Encyclopedia Britannica) notice the propitiousness of Mohammed's sudden call, coming as it did just when Christendom had decimated itself and Persia. Gee: wonder why. 610-586=24, which was probably when John the Baptist started his ministry (he was killed circa 27AD, soon after the Lord's ministry began; so John had to have been at least 3 years' preaching, by the time he died). So, Satan, using the longevity of the 2nd Temple or the BC destruction date of the First, or both -- kindly sends his own mouthpiece, Mohammed.

        Islam's official date for the hegira is 622AD, which they call "year 1" on their calendar. However, looking into the Hadith you can derive other ways to count it. Derisive play on God's 490 results with the alternatives, too. Example: hegira could be dated 620AD, if you date it by when negotiations with Yathrib began, or when Mohammed&Co. actually left Mecca -- begun, is 620, per Encyclopedia Britannica's biography of Mohammed, p.607 Vol.12, 1985. Note that if you add 620 to the Exodus date (1440), you get Isaac's birthdate mirrored (2060). Yet "Ishmael" (=God heard/hears the prayer), is born 2074BC (Gen16:16, see also Gen17:20-23), and Satan's not playing off his birthdate! Good thing, too: for Ishmael would have been too old to be sacrificed on the Rock (would have been long married, since Isaac himself was in his 20's when Abraham went up that mountain with him). So by playing this dating game, the satanic joke is to supercede the Promise to the son of Abraham, get it? Lots of games like that: if you read the Koran you see the satire, big-time. The Hegira mocks Exodus (Moses 'negotiating' with Pharaoh, so Mohammed 'negotiates' with Mecca and Medina); the Muslim thieving of the caravans mocks Israel getting all that booty on exit from Egypt, and its wandering in the wilderness; also mocks David's wandering bands who protected Israel, etc. Again, there's enough convergence to see something deliberate is being done, though the components and their measurements might be somewhat differently configured, from what's here stated.]

    • So the New Covenant's first 40 years, which begin 30AD (since He Successfully Finished) are like Israel's going out from the Exodus. And also, like Israel under Saul (1050BC-1010BC), nested; playing also in reverse order (a point Paul allusively makes, in Acts 13:20; which is hysterical, since Paul's original name IS Saul). Again, can God make this punning replay of Israel's FAMOUS periods, more obvious? We learn from Bible that we learn nothing from Bible. Who needs all those OT signs, when we have the "signs of the times!"

      Technically speaking, the Church has its own covenant; so it's a double-entendre "new". Again, Christ has TWO Kingships, the first one dating from Eternity Past, Psalm 110. So we are under that Kingship, NOT His King of Israel Royal Patent. Look: the Queen of England is also Queen of Canada. Um, Canada is NOT England. So Church is NOT Israel. They are separate Royal Patents with separate kingdoms and peoples. Just so happens that the person ruling them, is the same person. But only the ruler is the same. Those "Christian Identity" people and "British Israelite" people couldn't read Bible if it bit them. It's such a travesty that they lie even against their own Queen, trying to make her into some hidden Davidic person. What mental illness. And let's not even talk about the Scottish nonsense about the Stone of Destiny. It's sitting under the Dome of the Rock! That's why there's a Dome, even there!

      So Church is never Israel. Why Christendom is so mixed up about this, I'll never know. Book of Hebrews is wholly dedicated to this topic of the switchover, showing how the transition works. (Paul talks a lot about it also, most notably in Ephesians; the later Book of Hebrews looks back to Ephesians. Paul was dead by then, Heb13:23 compared to end 2Timothy.) Our "New Covenant" dovetails to rescue Israel. Book of Hebrews literally calls it that, he kaine diatheke in Greek -- from which we get "New Testament", the name we gave the post-Cross books. For us, this covenant is genuinely "new" and separate, tying to that kata-Melchizedek King-Priesthood of eternity past: which Christ invoked to found Church in Matt16:18, so the world wouldn't end when He died. So the writer of Hebrews plays on that fact, to show the dovetailing: how we Church are being used to Rescue Israel. In the Millennium we'll help implement THEIR New Covenant, the Church Bride Pleroma members ruling Gentile nations: that fulfills the contract promise of Israel's supremacy among nations, 1000 years of peace from her enemies. So our "now" (NT keyword for Church Age) is the "Footstool" promise of Ps110:1, being implemented in a preparatory phase "now" (via Church), and the official phase, "then" (Millennium). Book of Hebrews goes through all this in painstaking detail. Key phrases are mistranslated, of course (like Heb11:1 regarding what's the Trial Witness in the Angelic Conflict, see Heb111.htm).

      You know, God makes it plainer to us what's going on via His Word than if He flew a gaudy Blimp in the sky every day at noon saying, "I'm the Real God of the Bible, people!" And He'll actually do that in Rev14 at Tribulation mid-point. Using angels, not blimps. Won't help then, either. Like Abraham told the guy in Torments (last half of Luke 16), if they won't believe the Law and the Prophets, they won't believe a blimp or angel, either. Two Stone Witnesses there today, one Wailing and one Abominating Dome, watch them as you eat dinner, since Israel's always in the nightly news! Seeing, we never see.

    8. So the Tribulation was originally 'scheduled' to begin 87AD, then truncated to maybe 70AD. And then 'missed' those deadlines. First, the basis. God's 1050-year structure for granting time was known to everyone since Adam. So when Moses was given the Law, Israel's calendar -- a calendar of world history, really -- was based on His 1050 system. Hence Passover depicted the future Tribulation, and Pentecost depicted the harvesting time for the Gentiles. Rosh HaShanah depicted the beginning of the Millennium, so that entire month 'mirrored' Nisan, in which Passover occurred. Passover + Pentecost equalled 57 days, depicting the last 57 years of the 1050 in which Christ would come. But no one then knew in which 1050 it would be. Since a "7" is always mirrored and nested, and since you can't get to the last 50 years without completing the 1000, the "7" would have to play post-Messiah, as a mirroring. But until David, they didn't really know much more.

    With David, you get the rest of the 'schedule'. For David's rule is 7 and 33, so now there's an additional "7" meaning in the mirroring. The Future Messiah would get it, too, during His Upcoming Time on Earth. Which time you then knew, because you knew David died in the 3143rd year from Adam, so Messiah=Christ would die in the 4143rd year from Adam. So now you knew why the 57 years was represented by the 57 days in the Mosaic Law. So you knew this Messiah would have to be born by 4103 or late in 4102; you knew that after He died, the 57 years would begin playing, with the last 7 being what we moderns call the Tribulation (they had other names for it), and the Millennium would begin on time, in the 4200nd year from Adam.

    When Daniel 9 is given, then, it's a refinement of that timeline. Still ends at the same year; still the same 57 necessarily playing post-Messiah, given David's death year. So in our modern AD terms, Messiah was to die 37AD, followed by a mirroring play of the 50 years for harvesting, followed by the Trib, and then the Millennium. Tribulation should have begun 87AD, and should have ended 94AD. The 50 years isn't mentioned in Daniel 9 because it wasn't part of the 490 God is allocating. And it wasn't necessary to mention it there, as the calendar itself had long depicted it (Pentecost and Jubilee).

    But Israel rejected Him, so the calendar was now technically 'off', and Church instead was the criterion. Hence the Rapture, and its imminency. Still, it was reasonable to expect that God would want the original schedule met. So, Rapture could have occurred at any time during those ensuing 40 years from 30AD-70AD, for it was still within the original schedule. But due to Israel's rejection, Christ died 7 years earlier than initially scheduled. So the following revisions were expected, never mind the Lord said no one could predict when. Israel had been REQUIRED to predict for over 1000 years, at this point. So it wasn't easy to STOP predicting when the Lord said "no". It certainly was reasonable to expect God would keep to the same timeline, too. Of course, that was the plan, anyway: so the message was, GROW UP, PEOPLE! echoed in every NT epistle. As a result:

    • 70AD would be the next most-likely date for Rapture to kick off the Tribulation, because Israel would have to get her warning period and 'reimbursement' of the extra-7-short years, prior.
    • Because Messiah died 7 years early, that 7 years would be nested at the end, terminating in 70AD. So the initial besieging of Jerusalem in 64AD (part of Nero's campaign against Christians and Jews) saw a large exodus of believers conversant with the warning in Matt24 and Luke 21, "when you see Jerusalem surrounded by armies" (Luke 21:20 lists that phrase). They knew it wasn't the Tribulation yet. But the Lord warned about it, since obviously it could presage the imminent BEGINNING.. aka, the Rapture. Again, He told them not to predict its commencement, but the warning to get OUT was given. Was natural to conclude it as a presaging of the Rapture.
    • Daniel 9:27 could then play contiguously, the 50-year period now being 'off' (no longer Israel's time, so no longer her Pentecost): 70AD-77AD, mirroring the previous 7.
    • Or, Daniel 9:27 could play at the end of another 40 years, though because it was not her 'time', that nesting was no longer required.
    • If contiguous, then 70-77AD would be the Trib. So letters went out in 68AD when Paul died: Mark's Gospel and Book of Hebrews (plus maybe 1 and 2 Peter, plus Jude).
    • If not contiguous, then 70-110 would be the final 40 years, and 103-110 would be the Trib.
    • Alternatively, maybe the original schedule would still be played, with Trib occurring 87-94AD. Lots of reason to expect that, since it was God's original design.
    • So when none of these events happened as expected, believers were disaffected. Now you know why God had John write in the 90's AD, penning 1Jn2-3 with such an immediate expectation. And then, why he wrote Revelation from his imprisonment (by Domitian) on Patmos, circa 96AD. At that point, all the expected 'deadlines', had been 'missed'. Church didn't mature enough. Time to reveal the revised Plan.

    Notice how we don't listen to God when He does give us a real prediction, and warning; how we don't listen to Him when He takes it away. Ever since Moses, it was known that the last 57 years of pre-Millennial history, were 'mirrored' in the sum of Passover Week plus Pentecost. (You count Pentecost from the ending of the LAST day of Passover, NOT from the first one: see Numbers 28:25-26, Exo23:15-16, 34:22, Lev23:8 with 9-11, Deut 16:8-10 and related verses. So modern Jewish counting of the Omer is wrong.)

    Moreover, Ethanim's holidays all 'mirrored' those in Nisan, memorializing it: the mirroring depicted the 'other' side of the Cross. So it was a question of which 1050 would be the last one. When David died, everyone knew which one, 1000 years in advance. For he died in what was the 3143rd year from Adam. The 4143rd year from Adam would be 57 years away from the 4200 year from Adam, which is the ending of the 4th 1050. Rosh HaShanah represented the Millennium, when Israel would become the Head of the Year: calendar new, starting over. That's why the calendar was bifurcated into sacred and civil, each starting opposite the other, as a mirror. But in between, was this 'silent' period running from Pentecost through the end of Elul. Why was it there? Same was true on the 'opposite' side, another 'dead spot'. So after Booths ended, no holidays, initially, on either 'side.' So it was known from the beginning, that 'something' might happen to elongate the time between harvesting the Gentiles, and the Millennium. Moreover, the time left 'blank', was all HARVESTING and PLANTING, in character: for that's what they did, during those months. So whatever this 'something' was, it had harvesting and planting, as its purpose.

    By the time He was born, even then the 'calendar' had a dead spot. 25 Chislev, depending on intercalation lapses, was 'opposite' Pentecost (how that happens, is covered in PassPlot.htm's "Modest Proposal" link). So after Pentecost still this dead spot. Of course, by then two more civil holidays were in the calendar, 9th Ab to mourn the destruction of the 1st Temple, and Purim, which also had to do with the Temple. So the 'dead spot' on both 'sides' of those last three months of the calendar, had to do with Temple:

    • it was 57 days from Pentecost to 9th Ab;
    • it was about 50 days from 10th Ab to 1 Ethanim, same number of days as the 50 representing the harvesting of the Gentiles.
    • On the other side, also having to do with Temple, 25 Chislev had become Chanukah, the day He was born.
    • But Chanukah was the 85th day from 1Ethanim, not the 71st, as Pentecost was (71st from 1Nisan, the parallel). So it wasn't quite 'opposite'. Difference? 14 days.
    • So only if there was an intercalation failure could 25 Chislev 'equate' to the 'opposite' of Pentecost. Even if intercalation took place at the beginning of the year, the calendar would be 4 days fast as of 25 Chislev, relative to Nisan (5.25/12*9). Still, on a gross basis, it was 14 days too high to be 'opposite' Pentecost; 10 days, net of the intra-year intercalation.
    • Hmmm. 10th day you set aside the Lamb, and 14th day you kill it.
    • Bottom line was, on the 'right hand side' of the calendar, the difference was imbalanced, relative to the 'left'. So 'something' had to account for that imbalance.

    That 'something', therefore allowed for Israel's rejection. Messiah's death actually occurred 14 years shy of the 50 years for harvesting Gentiles (page down to "4136" in yellow column of GeneYrs.xls for the accounting). So the next 50 years were the voting period, reserved for the times of the Gentiles. His Death occurs 14 years shy of that voting period's beginning, because 7 years later was the 1000th anniversary of David's death; so it had to be 7 years shy, to start with. That's why only 483 years are allotted in Daniel 9:25, which is the remainder of time left, owing to that final personal 1000 of David's. But when Israel rejected Christ, they basically rejected the last Davidic protection. So they rejected the 7+50 years, too. So the scheduled 87AD date was 'off'. But turned on, is the final 40-year warning to Israel, playing 'inside' Church's "time". Because, Israel had no more time of her own.

    And we are NOW in that 'dead spot' in her calendar, which is the calendar of world history, not just Israel's. For the purpose of harvesting, "whosoever believes", John 3:16, Acts 16:31, Acts 4:12. Including, Israel herself. So when she looks AT her calendar, she can know what time it is. And we can know we have no fixed time. Could end, any moment.

    Review: Christ died in 30AD because only the 1000th anniversary of the David's Abdication year, remained FREE of any mass voting requirement, as we saw back in #3e of the "David" section (link at pagetop). So Tribulation years have to play double. The extra 7 already played 64-70AD. Each number in God's construct for Time has a set of properties, therefore a set of behaviors, and math thus acts on matter (i.e., physics) in predictable ways. So too and primarily, for Justice reasons, to communicate Divine Policy. Bible tells you what time it is, just like a calendar 'predicts' when your bills are due, the next holiday, etc. Except, it's for all history. So you read Bible like a calendar, not an acrostic or secret code. God always plainly tells us what time it is, 2Pet3:9. That we don't know, means we don't read it.

    So Rapture could have still occurred that same 87AD. In fact, the writer of Hebrews expected it to happen 70AD; when Paul died in 68AD, it looked like Church might be raptured -- so out went the letter. Mark's Gospel, too. Paul expected the Rapture (Philippians 3), as did Peter (2nd half 2 Peter). When neither the 70AD or the 87AD years panned out, it was still possible, as 1Jn shows (Chapter 3). Of course, the last 'old-schedule' year was 94AD, and when that didn't pan out, God has John write Revelation, to show the revised schedule. See, Love never coerces, but Love always has a contingency plan. We're "it": Church, the Dan9:26 time bubble of history, the harvesting 'dead spot' on both sides of Israel's calendar, alerting her. Not originally scheduled on the calendar, heh. Still about the Temple, too: Ephesians Chapters 2-4, and all the Book of Hebrews, explain why and how; it, plus Romans 9-11 explain how Israel's to be harvested, with us.

    9. So the Millennium originally should have begun in 94AD, which Israel long knew. That would have ended all time 1144AD = 94+1050. So all of us today, should have NEVER been born. They didn't have the convoluted calendars we all do. For them, it was a simple elapse of time from Adam. Going by that simple counting, 94AD was Year 4200 from the Fall. 4200, is 1050 x 4. Easy thing to know. That's why you find Jews and Christians so wacko in the first century. They like we moderns, were hung up on the Bible's numbers. Hung up, not understanding. So they expected the end in 70AD; when it didn't come, the next benchmark was 87AD; when it didn't come still by 94AD and the Mill was supposed to begin, John had to write Revelation (in 96AD, or maybe 95) to explain why. For John himself, writing in the early 90's AD (1Jn3) expected it at any time. But then, so did Paul (e.g., Philippians 3:10-12, Greek). So did Peter ("slowness" verse in 2 Peter).

    Of course, because the post-Cross period does not belong to Israel -- though it got paid back for Messiah's use of its time, since it rejected Him -- there is no promise about how long this time will last. (Only Israel gets the promise of set time.) So the only "promise", is "tachú" (maher, ahishennah, in Hebrew): meaning, suddenly, next-in-sequence withOUT warning.

    A Promise Of Set Time Means You Failed And Your Days Are Thus Numbered. We've seen that precedent from Adam. (Gen 3:14, 17, first mention of "days" of a a finite-length life. Previous contract was a daily contract with no time limit, based on not eating from the Tree -- Gen2:17 is the beginning of death, hence a limited lifespan, as its moth-ttamuth, states.) Church has not yet failed, so its days are not numbered. Israel had no set time until she rejected God as King of Israel, in 1050BC. Then God began to number her days, with David. When David died, you knew when Israel's time would end to the very year, as we just saw in #8, above. When the Temple was razed, 586BC, God used that long-known Davidic deadline, to show Daniel and thus Israel, how it would culminate in Messiah. So Daniel Chapter 7ff is full of end-of-the-world data, because they had already long known when, but didn't know HOW. So in Daniel, the deadline doesn't change. It's just further explained. Right down to how you count those last 7 years for STAYING AWAY, just wait for Messiah, don't come back:

    • First half of Trib="time, times and half a time" from Daniel 7:25 and 12:7 (1260 days in Rev12); this is the exit window.
    • Then count the last 1290 days in Daniel 12:11. Sum equals 7 solar years minus 6.75 days. Heh: a 'credit' for Passion Week!
    • Apparently the last 45 days of the exit window are horrific. So big bonus if you read the times accurately during the exit window and got away on day 1215 of the Trib, 45 days before exit window expires: the 1335 days in Daniel 12:12. Messiah arrives at the end of that. [Notice how the accounting is from right-to-left: from the ending, backwards.]

      See, God always tells us what time it is in plain language. Not acrostics, mystical numbers or secret codes, sheesh. Only PAGANS use numbers mystically.

    So in Daniel 9, God demonstrates the Justice Accounting Basis of restoring time to Israel, which was ALL the time she had left: 364 years the Temple stood, plus the 126 years short of the 490 belonging to the Temple (950-460BC), was the accounting basis. This was all the time which could be redeemed, which took you to the 1000th anniversary of David's death, the endpoint. So the Trib would occur on the 'other side' of that, necessitated Messiah come early. Of course, that adds up to 490, which meant the extra 70 becomes eligible as the tack-on. So the total elapse of time is 630-7 years, which is 70+490+70 (but playing out historically as 70+70+490-7), since in the last 1050 of time, the terminating 490 has no '70', and instead the new (Millennial) 1050 was to begin. Thus God restores that balance, so that the current 1050 can end, and the promised Millennial one, can still begin on time. Simple and easy to know, if you already were weaned on God's calendar as the Jews were. Not so simple, today -- for in the first century both Jews and Christians stopped caring about Bible, so stopped teaching Bible, so we don't know God's Justice Accounting System for Time, anymore. But as you hopefully see by now, it's actually in the Bible, and all the Bible's dates 'tie' to it, even the construction of prophecy.

    Revelation now acts as the last elaboration on 'how' the end occurs. Only now, there's no prophecy about 'when'. That got abrogated, when Israel rejected Messiah. Hence, Church's days aren't numbered. Our contract is not Israel's, but rather is sourced in Christ's OTHER Kingship, the Battlefield Royalty, eternity-past "kata-Melchizedek" priesthood contract of Psalm 110 and Isa53:10-12, for Defeating Satan at the Cross. Book of Hebrews painstakingly walks the reader through the two Kingships, Priesthoods, Contracts, showing how Eph2's joining of the two 'walls' (covenants), gets done. [See Heb7:15-28, esp. v.18; 8:7, 9:15-17, 10:9.] So our contract is dependent on the completion of WITNESSES, theme of Hebrews 11. You can't say how many those will be. So it's a BODIES criterion, both as to the number of Witnesses (Pleroma people successfully witnessing before Heaven for the Prosecution, God); as well as a bodies criterion for what number of folks, God wants to constitute the corporate "Bride" for His Son. A Royal Priesthood (1Pet2:5,9). This issue of bodies is a main theme of Part IVb.

    So from Satan's perspective, all this truth must be covered up. For if you know God's calendar and goals, you will want to obey them. So for 18 centuries, Scripture in the original-language texts -- the only way you can see all this -- has been obscured, relegated to 'experts' who by the way are mostly incompetent (the popular ones, that is). Those who teach properly, must be persecuted, denigrated, dismissed as kooks, etc. Those who believe those who teach properly, must likewise be 'put down', lest the Word be known. That's been the story of the 19th and 20th centuries, a long battle between the entrenched incompetent 'experts', all claiming 'tradition', their good deeds and degrees -- versus those who read in the original-language texts, and have the audacity to give that information in the original Autograph, to the 'sheep'. Same ol' same ol', as obtained back in the first century when Christ came. Here in the 2000th anniversary of His Birth (which began in late 1996, accounted as 1997), we've come full-circle. Kinda nice birthday present for the Son, doncha think?

    So Satan can still win his goal of a Mistrial. If he does, we'd be Raptured anyway. In shame. For think: if he wins, won't God submit? Our God is a God of Righteousness. It wouldn't compromise Him to submit since after all, He's being unfairly accused in the first place. God is being accused of not completing HIS Promises, even though it's up to us, to say yes or no TO those Promises. That's unfair. But it was unfair to impute sins to Christ Who is Perfect. Yet when put upon, He gave us His Cloak, too. God is consistent. If He'll give up His Son, He'll give up anything. That's the flipside of our so-great salvation: there's no such thing as loss, even in maximum loss at the Cross.

    But we know in advance -- analogous to how Israel knew in advance -- that God will win, yet without gerrymandering anything. Imagine, God is So Inviolate and Gorgeous, it doesn't matter which way this Trial ends. Heaven is where He is. And He is everywhere. Yet, like Israel, we sure don't seem to care about growing up in His Word. History repeats itself. So Satan can win against us, like he won against them, back in 1050BC, 586BC, 30AD and 70AD. Our own sordid Christian history proves that fact, amply. Satan's 'birthday' present for what was SUPPOSED to be the Millenium's ending in 1094, and commemorating the 1000th anniversary of Revelation's penning, was.. the Crusades. Not only God, plays to calendar...

    The Millennium thus mirrors the originally-intended unbroken reign of David's line, and should have ended 1094AD. Everlasting King, and a New Covenant Temple, just like Isaiah and Jeremiah long and often promised before exile. Just as Ezekiel painstakingly 'mapped' from his Chapter 39 onward. No, we won't miss the Ark (Jer3:16)! Then the final voting period, the Revolution of Rev20:7, would last 50 years, at which point Eternity would have begun in 1144AD. It didn't. We Church, who shouldn't even BE here, began instead.

      So right away, a lot of false doctrine can be pitched:
    • No, the Millennium does not belong to Church. We are in it ruling Gentile nations as 'helper' for the New Covenant to Israel, guarding her peace: but the period, belongs to Israel.
    • No, the Millennium is not allegorical, figurative, but literal as a PAYBACK to Christ: and through Him, to Israel.
    • No, Church is not in the Tribulation AT ALL. But because so many incompetent, 'respectable' dufuses for centuries have bought into Satan's Fake Rev17 Church, it will SEEM to be in Trib, in order to snare believers who are dufuses THEN. 'Respectability' is a snare: means you value man's opinion more than God. So you go for form, rather than substance. So you go for the relics, rather than for the Real Person. So you go for the politics, mass approval, buildings and parade-like trappings.. and thus are trapped by them all. That's why Satan makes such a stink over tradition, ritual, movement. Trapped Israel, traps us.

    • No, the Temple should not be rebuilt until the 2nd Advent, but Jewish dufuses will think it should be, and that can start ANY time, since the Rapture can begin at any time.
    • No, the secular state of Israel's existence does not ipse mean we are the Rapture generation, because she shouldn't even BE there. DEAD BONES in Ezekiel 37 means a RESURRECTION of all Israel, and that only happens at the 2nd Advent. But wherever she is, God will protect her, and we Church should also.
    • No, you can't predict the Rapture by events in history, because BELIEVER VOTES, not history, determine when the Rapture occurs. So the historical events will always be Dan9:26 in character, because that's where we are on God's Calendar for Israel. Sometime between 9th Ab and 1 Ethanim aka Tishri. Harvesting time.

    God's Polls have not yet closed: ANYONE can still vote to BE FOREVER in His Kingdom, John 3:16, Hebrews Chapters 3-4, Romans 9-11. Once in His Kingdom, ANY believer can then vote to have the Holy Spirit produce a reflection of Him in one's own soul, John 4:23-24, John 14:26, Eph5:18, 1Jn1:9, James 1:23, 1Cor13:12, 2Cor3:18, Eph3:15-19, Eph4:12-16 (goal is in v.13), 1Jn4:12-17, Hebrews Chapter 11 (11:1 is on the concurrent Trial Witness Role, followed by a roster of pre-Cross Testimony).

    Polls close at Rev4:1, the Rapture. At that point, we Church are the "sea of glass" depicted in that Chapter.

    Daniel 9, World History Countdown: the SHUB (Return) of Messiah: its Meaning for CHURCH

    Past is prologue. Precedence is God's Assidous Application of Infinite Justice. He always disinherits the one who rejects Him, but then provides a means for the disinherited one to get greater inheritance via the supplanting heir. Heh: "supplanting" is the meaning of "jacob" (one of the meanings, in Bible Hebrew). So Israel plays Vashti and rejects Her Messiah when He comes. So Church is Esther; thus has within her job description, the Rescue of Israel. For Israel's erstwhile Betrothed Remains Faithful. [Thanks to a query from a reader, I learned of a pattern of disinheritance-leading-to-greater-inheritance which God started way back with Cain. God warns Cain that if he keeps on being an unbeliever he'll lose his inheritance, in Gen 4:7. (It's vilely mistranslated. Should be "Sin Bearer", aka Door of Salvation Waits for You; which Door you 'open' by believing in Him.) From Cain forward, you see successive disinheritances in exactly the same pattern. Really clears up a lot of misconceptions in theology.]

      Again, our kingship derives from the eternity-past contract, not at all from any of the Jewish covenants. All those covenants are unconditional, housed in Abraham, Moses, David. Those believers died victorious, so Israel's inheritance is inviolate. The King of Israel being rejected, was not rejected by David, His progenitor. So Israel, like it or not, has a reigning king. She will accept Him at the 2nd Advent, but notice He just flat conquers and delivers her, prior (Isa63). So we Church get the only conditional offer Israel had, Brideship. And we only get it, because she rejected it. That Brideship belongs to the Lord's OTHER human kingship, the antedating "kata-Melchizedek" King-Priesthood, Psalm 110, Isa53:10-12, explained in detail via Book of Hebrews. So we are a separate wall from Israel, not replacing her, Eph2; we are grafted in, Romans 11.

      What a comfort that is! We get, because they rejected; not, because of ourselves. We get, because HE accepted; not, because of ourselves. See the parallel to what Moses kept on telling them, in Deuteronomy? If you were to concatenate his threaded refrain in that book, it would go something like this: Oh you Jacob, don't get fat-headed and kick because God is kicking out all those goyim before you; He is disinheriting them due to their lack of belief; and Jacob, He'll also disinherit you if you exhibit like disbelief. Deuteronomy is the Precedence: Then your Land will become the home of the lizard and the spider; your enemies shall besiege My House which I had gifted to you, and all My Land, which I had gifted to you; and everything you sweat after.. they will enjoy. So that same warning, continues for us. Paul deftly explains this continuance, in Romans 9-11. Then, his crescendo: Rom12:1-3 (in the Greek) are so blistering with sarcasm and then enthusiasm, you almost can't sit still while reading them (see Rom121-3.htm). Same warning in Heb3-4.

      What a comfort that is! We get to be used to rescue them, never mind that they rejected; were we not once far from God, too (Eph2 theme)? If you actually love, the last thing you ever want, is for someone else to be hurt. Doesn't matter how vile the person, it's a person, and you empathize with pain. And we were all vile, and still are vile -- more vile AFTER salvation +Doctrine, for we still reject it, right? -- so we know the inside pain. So we don't want them to miss out. But their Ever-Faithful Disenfranchised Husband, loves them Absolutely. So they won't miss out. They need merely vote. At which point (theme of Galatians, Romans 9-12) they become part of Church. Better inheritance, than that promised Israel. For He is Risen, now.

    So the Church Age (Pauline term, lexeme in Eph3:20-21 and elsewhere) is inserted/grafted in what would have been the 40 years following the Crucifixion. So the Daniel Timeline is still right. No definite time was specified between the endpoint of Dan9:26, and the beginning of Dan 9:27. We now see there was a long-known scheduled gap, but it wasn't part of the 490, so wasn't promised to occur then. It was contingent on Messiah, Whom Israel rejected. HE had a Deadline -- because the amount of blessing-time promised, would have ended 37 and then finally, 30AD. Because He met that deadline, we get NO deadline. Flipside of that boon is the bane: time can end at any minute. For, do YOU know what everyone else is learning about Christ? Negative votes can end time, just as positive ones can complete the testimony or buy time.

    So, then: since the Voting is open-ended; since the polls are open but can close at any time, since we can't say how we compare with others learning Him: then we can't predict when the Rapture can occur. We are like those virgins waiting for the Bridegroom, and when He comes, well.. will we be spiritually ready? Part IVb goes through the balance-in-numbers criterion for the Church "Body", so you can see the parameters and criterion for the date He will come, and thus why you cannot predict that date. [Bible verses always have stacked layers of meaning. One of them always pertains to the post-salvation life. Here, we gotta Grow Up In Time. Main layer is the comparison between unbelievers -- the ones without oil, since oil means the Spirit, see Zechariah lampstands' vision -- but the post-salvation parallel would be Fellowship (pleroo, filled with the Spirit). So you can be an oil-less believer, too.]

    So what's the timeline in our "now"? Well, the 490s and 1050s keep playing post-Cross, as GeneYrs.xls shows. Lev26 and Deut28 still operate. These trends are plottable and observable. A long description of them is in MirrorNOW.htm (Mirror, Now! pagetop link). The dates in that page are keyed to the qualifying 490 deadlines (which are contiguous), but should be instead keyed to the historical 490 deadlines: which are intercalated, listed in parentheses in that webpage. The descriptions in the webpage are right. Again, that's because math can't lie: I found my benchmarking error in MirrorNOW, by actually plotting all the 490s and 1000s in GeneYrs.xls. See? How we read math can be wrong, but if you keep auditing back to source and match causes, you can test for errors. That's how you are supposed to test Scripture, too. Ergo, you can learn to fix mistakes and 'add it up' properly. God gives us insight, "without money and without price", as He says in Isa55. Breathe 1Jn1:9 as needed, live in God's System, ASK Our Mutual Dad, and you'll see all this for yourself. That's how I got it, that's how anyone gets it. Yes, stay under your right pastor all your life. BUT USE what he teaches, by studying yourself. That's how you're supposed to use your grammar school and college education -- how much more, your SPIRITUAL education? So we can't blame our priests and pastors for our errant beliefs, huh...

    So the Church Age Believer is being made the cause of those debits and credits of Time, based on whether he's become debited or credited, with learning Bible in God's System. Just as it was, for Christ Himself. Again, We Are Here To Redeem Time, because we are the Firstborn of the Firstborn, Who IS the Redeemer, Heb1:2, 6, 11:1,11:6 (Greek); 11:28, 11:40, 12:23; 1Jn4:17, Col4:5, Eph5:16 (Greek and KJV).

    The Last-is-First Commercial Message of Hebrews 11:1,6,40: You Are Supposed To Become A '490' In Yourself. That's the plan of God for your life. You are supposed to become a King-Priest, which means that His Thinking is supposed to be bigger in you than the aggregate faith of the kingdom you are destined to Rule Forever. They will need such a person. Will you grow to Pleroma, Eph3:19, 4:13? Will I? That is the Drama Play in every believer home near you. And not near you. For that's God's Plan for EACH of us, no exceptions -- but whether we AGREE to grow that far, is a Personal Decision, each moment of our lives. To be Pleroma or not to be Pleroma, that is the Question. Christ did grow that far, Eph4:13. Hence that is our Destiny as Living Stones, hupogrammoi built upon the Hupogrammon, 1Pet2:21; we take it, or do not. No middle ground, as Part III and all of Part IV, explain.


    Other Research Sources on the 490 Dating System You might find Useful

    I didn't use any of the material below for developing this page, not even my pastor's material on Daniel 9. I was aiming for the spiritual equivalent of a double-blind clinical study. (That's my modus operandi with respect to all my webpages, frankly.) After I did the webpage in substantially its present form, I then started searching out what else on God's 490 dating system is 'out there'. What follows seems to provide the reader with the most thought-provoking material, even where wrong. Since 2005 when I wrote what's below, there are many more websites.

      "Thought-provoking" is the goal of the spiritual life, because it's all about God the Holy Spirit building spiritual-brain DDNA in you, linking line to line, precept to precept, so you end up thinking like Christ. So what's "thought-provoking" may be correct or incorrect, doesn't matter. What matters is the practice. It's just like chess, football, NASCAR, name-your-favorite-actively-thinking-sport. Going on in your head, before the Lord, as you are a Royal Priest to Father forever, that first nanosecond you first believed in Christ.

    None of the additional research material below derives exactly the same results as 'my' stuff. Yet, there is an astonishing Convergence on Christ. They say in corporate appraisal, that if you get the same valuation of a business using three utterly-disparate methods, then the valuation's ending 'price' is valid. Well, all dates lead to Christ, no matter what. Very surprising, considering some of the methods folks use, are wild in the extreme! Obviously not all methods are right. Just as obviously, not thinking is the cause of error, since the Holy Spirit's Brains via 1Jn1:9 are available.

    • My pastor exegeted Daniel 9, and spends time on the 490 dating system. If you want that (it's free, they don't mass mail you and never ask for money), you can write the folks who run his taped archives (he's now retired): click here to go to that website. You can't download; my understanding is they don't want anyone's privacy to be possibly compromised by downloads, so you must write to get the MP3 or (video, audio) tapes of the (then-)live classes. There are limits, too. But you can find out all that on the website.

    • Next, there's a book called The Coming Prince written by a Sir Robert Anderson about a century ago. You should be able to find it new or used, at Amazon (I've not read the book nor checked Amazon), or at your local library.

    On 2/7/05, I searched dogpile to learn how many on the internet say stuff about the 490: the search words were 490 +Israel +Bible. There were 66 sites, each one very different, often using very different dates, all of them tracking 490's; but I didn't see any of them notice the extensive mirroring God does (though some know the subcomponents). Here are the links which seemed most intriguing with reference to their analytical approach, even if the approach has some not-so-scholastic elements. I don't know any of these people.

    I didn't care if they agreed with 'my' approach or results, and they didn't. Your own Head has to keep turning Bible over in God's System, so to get that practice doesn't require reviewing only good ideas, or only ideas one finds 'acceptable'. So here are some other websites to use for thinking-Bible practice:

    • Pdf chronology going back to Adam -- charts.
    • Timeline and related charts. Macro, big-picture oriented. Goes from Adam to the end of time; however one feels about the dates and items picked, this page took a LOT of work! Very thorough.

      The next five links belong to a site which is into making pictures out of Bible letters and believing that current-day events are thus 'foretold'. That is not how to use the Bible; yet the links below, from the same site, demonstrate thinking, not drawing. Thinking is the key to the spiritual life, so it doesn't matter that we might have a few barnacles, too. We are all learning!

    • Dissecting Daniel 9. Author interprets the end of the 69 weeks terminates at the Triumphal Entry.

    Sidebar on the Bible's Hastening-Birth application of the 490s to Church

    For unlike Israel, we have no prophecy time. So like time did for Noah, it runs contingent, hidden, can end any second. And since Christ is risen, the impact (quality) of each 490 (or 1000) must be a bizillion times bigger. So it's not merely a potential 490 years of blessing per each of us, but way bigger in quality and ultimately, in time itself: can't even calculate it. So be scared of not getting in and staying in, God's System!

    So, think hard: What Must Be The Impact Now, Since Christ Is Seated, And Is (as Hebrews 1-3 puts it), Superior? Peter calls it Hastening The Birth Of The New Covenant to Israel, using the most astounding wordplay in 2Pet3:11-12. Verse 12 uses the Greek verb "speudw", which in the LXX of the Old Testament (which Peter clearly knew) was used to translate the pregancy-labor-pains "hastening" "maher" in the Hebrew text. Hebrew "maher" is closely tied to imminency. Imminency of BIRTH, specifically. Idea was, the Jews were to grow up in Knowledge of Adonai Elohenu, be 'pregnant' with it. For by His Mastery of Knowledge Adonai Elohenu, now hawa'd into HaMaschiach (=Christos, in LXX), would pay for sins, Isa 52:13-54:1. So the Sterility of the Rest of the World is a Womb, even as sins are made to work like a womb (see last half of Romans 8 -- Peter's alluding to it here): a Vessel Used For The Birthing Of Our Salvation.

    So now Church gets the maher'ing baton, Israel having rejected it. So Peter writes, What kind of persons must we become in a dedicated-to-God lifestyle, since all this world will be destroyed? So seeking and thus HASTENING (maher, speudo) the arrival of the Day of God? Note that last phrase, it's an important play on words: not the day of the Lord Our Savior, but of the Father, aka the Rapture, legal incorporation-by-reference of 1Thess 4:16 (tying at "trump of God" in English Bibles). Note also how it ends: "because of which [Day]" the destruction of heavens and earth occurs. That's yet another way of saying the Rest Of History Cannot Finish, Until The Rapture Occurs. Which we, by becoming "speudontas", pregnant with Word, "hasten". [2Pet3:11 is badly mistranslated in Bibles. The italic quote of it to the first comma, is my pastor's translation as I remember it. Rest of verse is summarized like Bible writers do when they reference or interpret the quote: not verbatim. You'll see this verse referenced in other websites, because Peter plays with hupo-prefixed words in nearly every sentence of his letter: in 2Pet3:11, it's huparchein. Wifely submission to Our Husband-Savior is a running subtheme of his letter, hence the hupo and stone words.

    It's passages like 2Pet3:11-12 which make me think this letter is written post-Temple; but one could argue it's because of the seige that Peter, like Mark and the writer of Hebrews, expect the Rapture to occur at any moment. But Peter then talks about how the Lord is not slow as some count slowness, which would mean the expected Rapture did not occur, so he must reference the WHY. So again -- that argues for a Post-Temple date on 2Peter and hence on his own demise. This idea needs a lot more legwork, though, to vet.

    What isn't in doubt: this verse says the Rapture Causes The Rest Of History. Mid-Tribbers use the "trump of God" in 1Thess4:16 incorrectly. The last trumpet in Revelation does begin the 2nd half of the Tribulation, but (inter alia) this verse in Peter proves the two are unrelated. Clause "because of which" is Greek preposition dia+feminine singular of hos ("day" is hemera, a feminine noun), so it means through that Day the rest happens. Conduit. Causal translation in NASB of dia as "because of which", is apt, because here dia takes the accusative, stressing cause. but he's using wordplay again, since dia's normal case is the genitive. Generating, and with a Time Meaning -- birthing, in other words. See, Peter really knew his Greek -- he had the Holy Spirit's Brains, that's why!]

    How God 'amortizes' Layers of Blessing, to fund Time

    These 490s are layered atop each other. The more layers, the more prosperity to the world (quality-of-time improves). The fewer layers, the more adversity the world gets.

    Here I gotta explain something about amortization bases, for God essentially finances time via amortization. You're more familiar with "amortization" than you know: it's a different word, but the exact same concept, as financing your car, your house: "buying on time". Here, time itself is financed by God. So you're also familiar with the fact you must set aside savings every year for retirement, to be able to Retire On Time. In what we call "actuarial science", one 'amortizes' the results of all those savings in a retirement plan, to decide whether deposits must go up or down, to STAY "on time". Social Security programs in every nation of the world, are based on this concept of amortization. So see? Much in your life depends on what "amortization" means. Time itself, even.

    So let's explore how "amortization" works in God's Divine Benefit Plan by using its secular counterpart, a "defined benefit plan" (underlying mechanism behind Social Security). If you've got 50 years to fund your retirement, you have to tack in the wind when yields on your annual deposits, turn out to be better or worse than expected. Else you might have too much or too little in the fund, 50 years later. So you wall off the gains and losses you didn't expect, and offset them against each other. They play for time periods, and any net overage or cost, adds to the 'normal' (expected) annual deposit for the 50 years. (I oversimplify.)

      So: your cost for years after the first is the sum of the initial deposit (oversimplified) and the net amortization of those intervening gains and losses. So in theory, since the 50 years doesn't change, the amount you put into your retirement plan, does change; but not so much as to be disruptive. Because, you're amortizing over separate periods of time, those gains and losses. They run on their own time tracks, but the net value adds to your deposit; so you hopefully arrive on time 50 years later, fully funded. Same concept applies in finance of capital projects (i.e., a steel mill, how do you pay for it over time), or even a house (i.e., a mortgage can be adjustable). Again, I oversimplify: point is, you SEPARATE, OFFSET, and then add the NET of any amounts which don't play as planned, to the amounts you planned.

      Here's a simple example. Say that you needed $100 to fund a lifetime of retirement income, 50 years hence. So, if you got NO interest, you'd deposit $2 annually for 50 years. But you're not stupid. You invest that $2. So pretend that the following year you'd been real lucky, and that $2 earned $12 more! Since that money is invested, it might later LOSE, even if you cashed it in to lock in the gain -- for you'd invest the $12, too. So how to treat it? Do you skip contributions for the next six years? Well you could, but who knows if you'll have $2 six years out? So: you can instead be conservative, and amortize the gain of the $12 over 10 years. Which amortization (pretend, oversimplifying) for the following year, is $1. So you put in $1 the following year ($2-the $1).

      Now, it's year 3. Pretend that the whopping gain you got, resulted in a whopping loss: that $12, suddenly became $6. Ooops. What do you do? Well, the $6 gets amortized separately too. Notice how its 10-year period begins a year later, so it would continue a year later. So now your deposit becomes the regular $2, minus .50 (the amortization of 12, minus the amortization of the 6). So you deposit $1.50. Of course, in year 11, the initial $12 gain base, RUNS OUT. So in year 12, you'll have to pay 2.50 (assuming no other amortization bases existed then) for another year. Then it would go back to $2.00, again.

      Notice how the amortization bases smooth out, stabilize, your annual costs. Time needs to be stable. And that's why, when blessing can be granted due to multiple 490s (a type of amortization gain), it offsets the huge losses due to negative volition. Stabilizing, time itself. So we can all grow, negative or positive. For God loves everyone. Never mind that we don't love Him, 1Jn4:19.

    This is how God plays time. He doesn't robotically dole out the years' gains or losses as in the above example; but analogous to it, He DOES 'finance' separate timelines: so the 'amortization base' of one or more 490s and 1000s determines the quality and ending, of historical time. Without a running amortization base of time assigned to a believer, there is no time. That's been true since Adam, and that's true still.

    So if several people were matured spiritually enough to be granted a 490, each one of them is made a type of amortization base for Time itself. Here, Noah is one base, 490 years: it starts Year 1556 (from Adam's Fall), our 2550BC (well, really late that year); it ends Year 2046, our 2060BC, the year God's Covenant to Abram was delivered via Isaac's birth. Notice how the Covenant to Abraham NESTS WITHIN the last year of Noah's 490. God always does this. For Abraham must become a base within that 490 years for there to be NEW base: since Noah's, runs out. It's not always a last-minute thing: point is, it MUST occur by the time that last year runs out, or time itself, will cease.

    You know, if people worldwide understood this, they'd be up-in-arms with hostility. Irony is, here we see provable demonstration of God's Everlasting Arms (Deut 33:27), on behalf of people worldwide. How we hate Grace!

    In short, God's Funding for Time Demands a Basis. Specifically, a Justice Basis. So these 490s can stack, and they run on their own time tracks, but they FUND the JUSTIFICATION for the historical 'cost' of time; so they run 'under' historical ('normal') time. So the more of them there are, the greater the gain, and the greater the prosperity to the world. The fewer of them there are, the 'thinner' is the justification for funding time's continuance. It's awesome.

    That's why David's and Solomon's reigns were so prosperous. Why afterwards, the prosperity rapidly declined. As you scan GeneYrs.xls for that period onward, notice how Moses' 490 and 1000 was still running (ending 950 and 440BC, respectively); thus 'covering' Israel such that David could be spiritually developed on time; notice how David alone got FOUR 490s and FOUR 1000s due to the 2Sam7 promise. Four of them, not just one. Each one of the four, playing on an event in David's life (birth, death, beginning of kingship, end of kingship). "David" links in this webpage cover these four bases in more detail.

      Lev26 tells you that a rise in wanting to know God begets a rise in material prosperity; and, its opposite, when interest in God declines. So there you also see the amortization basis, play -- even in shorter periods (i.e., 40 years and the other subcomponents of a 490). In Church, you can historically follow a rise in Bible interest Itself (not religion, but wanting to own and know Bible). Notice how prosperity follows within a generation (viz, in China today). Part IVc will have a green table listing periods you can peruse to see the repeated correlation, but you'll need to have a history of the Bible itself (i.e., Christopher DeHamel's The Book or something of like historical tracing). GeneYrs.xls does the same thing, but historical entries post-Cross are still sparse, and many more need to be added. MirrorNOW.htm explains the seven historical trends which Lev26 and other chapters like it, depict. You can actually see these trends play in history.

    Seems funny, that mere faith is considered by God to be the only valid currency, financing even time. Then again, "faith" in either Hebrew or Greek first means the CONTENT of what you believe -- the WORD. And that's, Priceless. So how funny, people chide the Bible characters and believers and cultures which show slavish deference to authority, as if somehow such deference were demeaning. No self-respecting person would behave like that, just accepting what he was told and obeying it. Forgetting, of course, that "Father" and "Son" and "Spirit" are each God, so these Titles They tell us, are Self-Chosen. So how can it BE demeaning?

    As if that weren't enough hint, look -- what were Noah's works? Zero. What does God do for Noah? SAVE HIM. What else does God do? Provide Through Noah The Continuance Of The Human Race And History For It To Learn. But when God talks to Noah in Gen6, He sounds peremptory, do this, do that. No "please", no soft words about diversity. Orders. Like, to a slave. Of course, all the NT writers call themselves douloi, slave (term also means son, which tells you how the son was just a bigger slave, that's all). Okay, what do we have? Well, a culture of extreme deference (for which all oriental cultures used to be famous) -- but, notice how the One in Charge, honors the 'slave'. Hmmmm. Seems like the One in Charge doesn't think 'low' of the slave, huh. End commercial message.

    No, not the end, but the beginning. Look: What God orders Noah to do SAVES AND BLESSES Noah. This is like ordering you to be a millionaire. If you became a millionaire, you'd be working very hard afterwards, since anything you own requires lots of maintenance and attention -- unless you wanna lose it all. (So much for the shibboleth that the rich have it easy.) So yeah, Noah worked real hard to grow those trees, cut them down, plank them and cure them and pitch them for the Ark. But for whom was he doing it? Well, in his mind, God Gave Him An Order. That Made It More Enjoyable To Do. It didn't do anything for God, God was doing something for Noah. But it isn't satisfying enough to do something for yourself: It's More Enjoyable To Do It For Someone Higher. Hence deference to authority is a Huge Blessing. Like, being a millionaire. At last, what you do is worthwhile!

    And what 'did for' God, is the Faith. Evidenced, by Noah's building the boat -- for himself. God didn't need the Ark. Noah did. Noah was thinking of God, his family, the earth, and knew it was a Salvation Message, A Salvation Mission. He believed, see. And Lived On What He Believed To Keep On Going: for "faith" is first, What You Believe, God's Truth. Just like his Future Son would do, on the Cross. Just like his earlier future son Abram would do in Genesis 12, when called out by that Foremost future Son. For faith works, not man works. [Main theme in James 1-2's Greek, is Faith Works -- it's a Divine Working, but translations cut out the Divine Actor the Greek explicitly communicates, so James is abused into my faith is so wonderful, I am such a good person, because you can see my works, so I have faith and you do not, nyaaah nyaahh. What rubbish: the person is making thus the same argument as the straw man in James 2:18a, which James is refuting. Sigh.]

    Noah had been building the boat for 120 years; but he didn't even HAVE any kids who'd be with him ON that boat, until the last 100 years' building. Whether he had other kids prior to the Flood, the Bible doesn't say: so if he did, they LEFT him, laughing at him as surely everyone else was doing, hey, look at that fool building a boat in the middle of nowhere! and probably burning down his cypress wood -- more likely stealing it, since the wood was valuable -- the meanwhile. So for the first 20 years, the only ones building the boat were Noah and a few of those remaining faithful like his dad and grandad ("Powerful" and "When he dies, the Flood comes" -- aka Lamech and Methusaleh). The dad and grandad knew they'd not outlive the Flood. Noah's wife was either barren or bereaved. Not easy to keep faith with all that waiting. Sure, it takes a long time to build a boat -- but it doesn't take 120 years. They had to drag their feet in building it, even if they grew the trees from seedlings. Takes a whole lot of faith, then. Faith must be based on CONTENT. So the Word as they then had it, was pretty important. More important, than how they lived their lives.

    Abram waited 99 years to get the son he yearned for. And by the way, the promise back when he yet had no kids was that all these promised kiddies, would have a whopping 400 years of slavery, first (Gen15:13). How much faith does it take to keep going, when you're not getting what you want now? And by the way, your sons are promised 400 years of torture? So the Word as he then had it, was pretty important. More important, than even 400 years of slavery; even, when he didn't have any promised kids yet. Abraham's sons Isaac and Jacob would also have to keep believing, valuing the Word more than the horrible promise of 400 years' slavery. Don't you think Jacob knew what would happen when he brought his family to Egypt? Why didn't they LEAVE Egypt before Joseph retired? Or at least, WHEN he retired? For the slavery period didn't begin, until they were there for 30 whopping years: enough time, for the third generation among them, to ALSO know the 400 years' slavery, was looming. You didn't have to be a rocket scientist, to figure out WHERE that slavery would be. They could have left. But they didn't. So they BELIEVED in the Word as then revealed: and He was more important to them, than the upcoming slavery He Himself, had promised them. That's a lot of faith.

    God Sovereignly Chooses to Justify Time based on Faith. So it's a faith-funding amortization base of 490 or 1000 years, granted to a person who believes the WORD -- to demonstrate his successful Witness in the Angelic Trial. Hebrews 11:1's Greek is awesome, and sums up this principle thusly (it's always mistranslated): pistis elpizomenwn hupostasis pragmatwn elegchos ou blepomenwn. Meaning, "It's Doctrine Confidently Believed=The Hupostasis (Christ) On Trial=Evidence Unseen!" The higher Angelic Trial has a time limit of its own, and we are the witnesses in it. So that's another reason why there's a need to fund the time. When the witnesses run out, so does Time. [Drama Greek anephora-like structure of three parallels can't really be translated, so I used an "=" sign, to show the meaning. Hebrews 1:3 defines "hupostasis" as Christ Himself (see also Hebrews 3:4, :14). Dunno how for centuries translators could mess up Heb11:1, cutting off not only the Lord's Head and replacing Him with a thing, "substance" -- but also cutting off the people (the genitive plural -wn endings), turning them into things. (Genitive plural screams that they are people, genitive of association with Him, a quasi-genitive absolute structure, split-screen TV.) See: only PEOPLE can confidently believe, be On Trial as Defendants, be Witnesses. It's really bald, in the Greek. Oh well, Satan&Co. can blind the best of us, so we lesser-than-scholars are quite blinded, too. Unseen, yet On Trial!]

    It's pretty intimidating to know that someone else has so much power over us. It's intimidating, that someone else knows more, is stronger, etc. But look (and I hope you'll forgive the analogy): God made feces. They existed pre-Fall. So God wanted even feces to be important. Else, He'd not make them. Surely God could have invented other ways for body elimination to occur. Surely, since His Own Son would be taking on Humanity and be Perfect, God could have said, Oh, I'll just make elimination go through breathing ALONE. (Breathing is another form of bodily elimination.) But notice He didn't say that. So yeah, it's intimidating to us to be so weak: but God's not looking down on us. Well, not looking down with anything but Love as His Sovereign Attitude. Thus we know how He wants to use His Hugeness.

    We're all poor at something. We're all rich at something. Man gets his eyes on man to fund his insecurity complex, by putting someone else DOWN. But God, puts UP. Puts up with us, so we can grow. That requires financing, since it's not fair to God that He should put up with us. He loves us unconditionally -- but it's UNFAIR that He should -- unless He is properly paid. Faith is Doctrine; Doctrine in Christ's Head is His Thinking, which we now get in writing, 1Cor2:16. That Thinking paid for sins on the Cross, as Isaiah tirelessly repeats (21 times!) in Isaiah Chapter 53. Now, think: what CAN pay God except thinking, since God has no body? You can't feed God, clothe God, house God, bring Him little goodies at holiday time. But you can think -- and HE'S HEARING every thought of every person since eternity past and future. We all know how we groan when we hear/see a display of bad thinking. How much more, God? We all know how delighted we are when we hear/see a display of good thinking. How much more, God? So it's ONLY the thought that counts. It's ONLY the thought that accounts for Time continuing. And we ALL can have His Thoughts, and thus redeem the time, 1Cor2:16+Heb11:1+Rom12:1-3 (in Greek) due to Isa53:10-12 contract, hence Col4:5, Eph5:16. Lot more Bible math (verses) than those, but you'll get the idea.

    Timeline Benchmarks and Dating Methodology

    For quickest review, Click here for Ten Ways This Timeline Differs, a Word doc on the methodology and results, versus what's on i.e., internet, in teaching or printed media. There is a VAST difference between how the Bible dates, and how 'scholars' date. For, the scholars didn't consult Bible but rather astronomy and outside (never mind God forbade using stars for Divine Information in Deut18), so they don't get the Bible's dates, correct. It pays to trust Bible first, and learn what IT says: saves you lots of time and money, honey. Scholars err with Bible by mis-construing text, and by ASSuming Bible means lunar years; by ASSuming that the decree in Daniel 9, is a human king's (no, 9:24 tells you it's GOD's decree, so you know it dates from 586BC, not later). Finally, they ASSume the 490 and the 70 year periods in Daniel 9 (9:2 refers back to the 70 years in Jeremiah) -- they erroneously ASSume these are lone instances. Not so: the units are like a calendar, a basic accounting Time Unit of Promise. The Word doc covers the play of these in summary; this Mirroring.htm covers the meaning of the units; and GeneYrs.xls, displays the history of the timeline so you can see the flow, test its results.

    The rest of this section is a kind of housekeeping for unanswered methodology questions. Skim it to see if anything mentioned, matters to you.

    If you haven't already read the "1050" intra-page link at pagetop, you might want to read its two pinkish tables, before reading this one. Put simply, God structures time in 1050-year blocks; each block is contingent on the 'soul' of it, being fulfilled. The 'soul' of it depends on two 490-year grants of "Promise" (lit. Hebrew, "sevened") Time; and each such 490, keeps the God-rejecting world going another 490 years. So there must be an individual, an entity, which Justifies each such grant. For God to save the world yet not coerce anyone in it, He has to develop a 'savior'. In order to continue time so THE Savior can be Born and Pay.

    So each individual/entity granted a 490, can be 'benchmarked' in order to track the 'threads' of God's Appointed Times, aka "seventy sevens" (i.e., in Daniel 9). In this webpage, they are color-coded thus:

    Blue=Nation; Purple=King; Crimson=Temple.

    The type of individual or entity, is color-coded in the webpage, so you can see how Time was justified to continue, through Christ. Due to this Justice Requirement, the timeline shifts and overlaps. For example, the next table starts the 490 tracking with Shem (though it goes all the way back to Adam), and you'll see that when Joseph becomes enslaved, the 490 grant shifts and continues to track from that date (1930BC - 1440BC = 490 years). It's a complex system of time 'threads' which secure the world's future. To secure that ultimate future, eternity (fulfilling Isa53:10-12's contract). But my goal in this page is to trace the main 'line' of the 490s through Messiah, so you can see how the System works. Then you can audit its results, before the Lord.

    The macro-level HISTORICAL classifications above simplify tracing out how the 490-year benchmarks work. There is another macro-level class, a 490 due to progression of Canon ('gold' in the veil). It began in 1440BC with Moses; so its 490s run contiguous with the Exodus: so every 490 years post 1440BC, like 950BC (when Temple dedicated), 460BC (when last prophet, Malachi, began); then 30AD (when Christ died on the Cross). This class is mentioned in passing, but since its 490s timeline ends up following the Temple's, the Canon 490s are not separately tracked. They keep playing, though. You can trace them from Adam through 2007, as well. Canon was completed in 96AD, but then it was basically kidnapped for 18 centuries. About 120-160 years before a historical 490 ends, Bible is 'discovered' again by someone, and protected, distributed, taught. Widespread Back-to-the-Word movements occur. This happened pre-Cross, but it's easier to see post-Cross. These trends are tracked in GeneYrs.xls.

    All 490s and 1000s converged in Christ; so post-Crucifixion, God's 1050 Building Block of Time is Redeemed -- but also, RESET. Due to Israel's rejection of Messiah, God treats time as if it still were the First Advent, except that the covenant changed. Mute testimony to that fact, is ever before the world's (now television-soaked) eyes via the destruction of the Temple. Israel doesn't accept the First Advent, and of course a good many self-proclaimed 'scholars' claim Christ never came either. They prove they don't do their homework, since the Wailing Wall and Dome of the Rock bear obvious witness to Christ's coming and going and Dan9:26 being fulfilled. Oh well. Now you know why God stamps time with tribulation-like characteristics paradigmally -- if they can't see the two biggest relics, they can't see, period. So, there's nothing left to say, but silence. Sign of Jonah, in every American hotel room drawer, left by the Gideons or someone else, open, unread.

      The Reset occurred to rectify an old breach: for, the contract between Israel and God really began abrogation in 1050BC, when Israel rejected God as their KING. Paul makes a parallel to the time in the wilderness and Saul's kingship, showing that abrogation, in Acts 13. Paul's showing that had God not raised up David and made the separate promise to him of Temple=Messianic line, there would BE no Messiah; hence Israel cannot claim ANY credit from the Law, since they broke its source when they rejected God as King. See the "Saul" link for details on the transition (all bullets from Saul to the first Temple bullet will be relevant). [It's positively astonishing to me that so little discourse on this fact is to be had. So yeah, Israel is as blind as a bat, but so is everyone else. Scripture is very blunt about it. Just read 1Kings and 2Samuel 7, and their parallel passages in Chronicles, even in translation. "David" link will focus on key verses in those chapters.]

      As a result, When Christ Redeemed the Human Race and Time at The Cross, God Resets the Fifth 1050 to begin at His Death. GeneYrs.xls illustrates that in its "Year of the World 4136" row (yellow stripe down the middle of the worksheet). You can't use our BC/AD calendars to see this. It's necessary to start the count from Adam's Fall. Hence GeneYrs.xls tracks the years; reset is then obvious.

    The 490-year "Promise" Time thus implements Isa53:10-12. When you use BIBLE dates to plot the heroes on an Adamic timeline, you see how the 490 has worked since Adam. You can't see it any other way, because every modern calendar (including the Judaic) is completely messed up. So that's why we don't know about God's Method of Securing, Saving, Eternity in that eternity-past contract, wrought by Christ on the Cross. So this 'sharing of the plunder' (contractural thread in 53:10-12) goes to great believers. The 490 grants therefore go to those "great ones" (term in Isa53:12). So "the many" (everyone else), share under them. Parallel passage is John 14:2 (always mistranslated, means the spiritual 'bloodline', not living quarters); all of John Chaps14-17, elaborates on 14:2, and hence on Isa53:10-12. So, in Isa53:10-12, The LXX verb "merizw" is a big Bible keyword, refers to sharing booty from defeat and capture of an enemy, to inheritance, etc. English usually renders this verb "to share" or "apportion" (and it has cognate nouns); but it means sharing PLUNDER. Translations of these key references leave a fuzzball; for example, Eph4:11-16 (merizw is in v.16, climactic), Romans 12:2, Peter's "partakers" passage all make no sense.

    Sharing in the Plunder of Christ, Isa53:10-11 (LXX, missing text which should be in BHS) means sharing in His Thinking Nature. So that's how we could even become worthy of being plundered, ourselves. Would Father give Son an unworthy gift? Of course not. Okay, then how is it we become worthy, sinless yet free forever? Well, God doesn't sin because He doesn't want to (He can, He's omnipotent). So what HE THINKS is the reason why He doesn't want to sin. So His Thinking was put into the humanity of Christ via the Holy Spirit; and from that Humanity, we get His Thinking in writing (bedato yasdiq clause in Isa53:11, plus missing verbs katharizw, aphairew, deiknumi and plassw only in LXX for 53:10-11, see Isa53trans.htm). Same Holy Spirit as built Him, builds us from Him. That's what Isa53:10-11 contract is about, and v.12 is the distribution of it, called "plunder" (wa et atsumim yehalleq shalal clause in the Hebrew text).

    So time continues post-Cross, because someone every 490 years got built in His Thinking; by the end of a 490, someone new also got built, and the time 'baton' passed to that new person. That's how God benchmarks time since Adam, so that's how it's benchmarked here in Mirroring.htm, in GeneYrs.xls. The Last Adam reset the starting point to His Death of 30AD.

    Dating Methodology

    Quick answer: Only the BIBLE is used. Dates are solely derived from it without adjustment or extra-Biblical 'consultation'. Bible alone proved trustworthy. This section will explain more why, since pro- and con- Bible scholarship is sooo prejudiced against using what Bible says, and instead relies on extra-Biblical sources. This table ends with a "final caveat" about what non-Bible sources I chose to use. Right now, we're just covering the generic problem of using non-Bible sources for dates. For example, the Decree to Rebuild is generally connected with the first year of Cyrus II the Great, due to end 2Chron and Ezra1:1; problem is, scholars differ over what year that was. Encyclopedia Britannica's 1985 volume 9, page 833 uppermost right paragraph dates Cyrus' first year as 559BC; others list it as 539BC, or even 536BC. The EB date works best, if you interpret Daniel 9:25's "shub" to reference Temple rebuilding, as distinct from rebuilding Jerusalem (which is also in that verse). That's not what the verse says you should benchmark, but there's no other way to make it balance to anything connected with Cyrus.

      But it's not Cyrus, nor Darius, nor Artaxerxes or any other human king, who is talking in Daniel 9. It's GOD. So the "decree to rebuild" in Daniel 9:24 is GOD's Decree, not man's. That's why the math NEVER balances if you ASSume any human king decree, pick-whom-you-will. Simple grammar tells you why: Who is Decreeing in Daniel 9:24? God. So Who would be the Person Decreeing in the very next verse, grammatically and syntactically? GOD! Daniel was even reading God's Decree about the 70 years, in Dan9:1. Context context context. Yeah, we ignored the first rule of hermeneutics for centuries, huh.

      This screwup is not a matter of interpretation, but flat incompetence, sorry. Not just here, but with respect to nearly every other key Bible date, the 'majority' is unbelievably wrong, and you can prove why wrong -- from Bible. So Bible's own dating system is alone trustworthy. You can always audit with the 'scholars', afterwards.

      Thank God I have a thorough pastor, who decades ago took the time and trouble to teach his congregation the right dates and prove them! Every documentary you'll watch messes up Bible dates, particularly with reference to these critical periods: Abram-Jacob, Joseph, Exodus, David's death (versus abdication), First Temple building/dedication, Passion Week. No wonder people think the Bible is wrong. But it's the 'scholars' who wrongly estimate those dates, and then claim to get them from Bible! You can prove they didn't competently consult the Bible: hence this webpage, Exodate.htm and PassPlot.htm, became necessary. So too: Encyclopedia Britannica and other 'respectable' written sources also misdate these critical periods. Of course, the official Jewish calendar itself is wrong -- off by at least 200 years, in places. How weird, since the Bible tells you how to plot the dates. So let's trust the Bible, instead.

    Bible first dates based on years from DEATH. So, for example, you start counting Adam's days with his fall; because, that's when God began to number his days (Gen3:14ff "all the days of your life" punishment clause). So Adam's "lifetime" of 930 years began after his fall. So the Judaic and Ussher timelines are way off, since both presume the Gen5 timeline starts with Adam's creation. (Hebrew of Gen3:22 wittily uses the birthing preposition min, to designate that beginning. What a God is our God!) So, God also dates from other falls, like the fall of the 1st Temple in 586BC. So, God dates beginning with nights; if you don't do that, you'll mess up the chronology of Passion Week, the Jewish feasts, etc.

    God also dates in years from BIRTH. And particularly, Spiritually Born, Contract Born, Nation Born, etc. Again, Adam's lifetime begins at his spiritual rebirth on the same day as he sinned, Gen3:9ff. So Exodus is the Birth of the Nation; hence, you date everything as before or after the Exodus, else you'll miss the 490's: the Exodus itself is the result of a 490, the 490th anniversary of Joseph's enslavement in 1930BC.

      It's also the result of other 490s tied to heroes from the first Noahic covenant, forward, such that the Noahic covenant gets 'carried' by the later believers who like Noah, grew up spiritually. God creates a 'relay race' of 490-year segments, and they stack on multiple levels. However, one of those timeline layers shifts from Issac (or Jacob) to Joseph to nation Israel (at Exodus) to king (David) to temple to King-Priest (Messiah=the Christ): thus it accounts for how God kept the planet alive.

      Hence, you always calculate backwards or forwards from the Exodus Date of 1440BC. Backwards, to derive Abram's birth of 2160BC. You can prove it's the right date, because it tracks to the 490s: Abram was circumcised exactly 490 years after God made the first covenant with Noah; it matters, because Noah sired kids as a result of that covenant (so Abram's waiting, was for a reason). (What enormous doctrines are in these numbers. Look: Bible tells you Noah was 600 when the flood began, 500 when he sired Shem, and that God was gonna give the world only 120 years before the Flood: so he had been building the Ark when he had no kids, or when they had just been born! Maybe for 20 years before he even had kids -- and only two believers were alive to help him, Methusaleh and Lamech! My pastor made a big deal about how God didn't tell Noah all the information at once, when exegeting Gen6. God tells him to start building, then later tells him more. So, see, it was a TEST. My pastor says Noah started building 120 years before the Flood, so that means Noah had no kids at the time he started building, or they all went apostate and perished in the Flood. God doesn't ever list all the children, but only the children of Christ's bloodline. So beginning with Shem, the contract is made. Who knows what kids Noah had, prior. Of course, you can discern all this even in translation, in Genesis 6-11.)

      Then the two events showing the covenants for both Noah and Abram were accepted: Isaac's birth occurred 490 years after Shem was born -- note the multiple layering. It's not a coincidence that Shem is at the end of his 100th year when Arphachshad is born, and Abraham is 100 years old when Isaac is born -- God is mirroring/'reimbursing' the Noahic 490 for the 'time' spent developing Abraham during the last 100 years of it. (This quality of the last 100 years of a 490 being the most suspenseful occurs often in the timeline, even with Church's separate timeline: see "Mirror, Now!" link at pagetop.)

      Note also the one-year hiatus between the circumcision and the birth (really, 9 months); between the covenant with Noah to build, and the birth of his kids (maybe triplets?) almost a year later. So Abram was age 100 when Isaac was born; Noah, almost 501 when his kids were born. So every 490 has a 'nexus' in its last year, such that the new 490 is 'pregnant' within the expiring 490. If therefore you find yourself with a year or two variance, remember this pregnancy role. See also "1 year" link at pagetop for more on how this overlap makes date calculations seem a year short or over.

    Hence You Also Calculate Forwards From The Exodus Date, To Get The Shifting Of Benchmarks To Justify The Planet Continuing To Live. Notice how Bible is self-auditing:
    • 1440BC-490=950BC, 1st Temple's Dedication;
    • -490=460BC, time when last OT prophet arose.
    • and, 950-364=586BC, when 1st Temple razed, 126 years short of its intended 490.
    • Which God then measures back, in Daniel 9:24-27: 126=70 of Dan9:2, +49+7 (the last 7 years being potentially part of the last 490, or double-punishment doctrine in Mosaic law, added back -- this latter happened from 64AD-70AD, the seige of Jerusalem).
    • Note how the added 490 years, 483 of which preceded the death of Christ, thus are Justified. So 460BC-490+7-7=30AD.
    • Because Christ completes the Cross, his time cost of 33 years is mirrored back, and the 7 years plays out 64-70AD. So the entire 30AD-70AD is a picture of Him, hence Dan9:26, reads as it does.

      So all The Time Left For Israel, is that last 'week' (Bible doesn't use the term 'week'), the Tribulation of Dan9:27. So the Millennium can't occur, until the 7 years are fulfilled, because, just as Christ justified the continuance of history after His death (Christ, not Israel), so also Christ justifies the 7 years turning on, which is why Church has to be developed, and there's no timeline for it. Hence, once Church is completed (Rapture), the 7 years can begin, complete, and thus Justify Christ's return to inaugurate the Millennium for Israel. Christ is precedence, and He only became the precedence because He is Jewish and got it from His 'forefathers', so to speak. So, having successfully completed the Cross, now all the timelines converge and play out based on Him.

    The Temple and David's kingship are the two primary institutional items God uses, so it's real important to get their dates right. Predictably, the scholarship on these dates is incredibly bad. Paul accounts a 490 running from Exodus to 950BC, Acts 13. You already know from Daniel 9:24-27 that the Temple is the basis for a new 490 -- if Israel completed the 2nd Temple by the time the first 490 runs out So there's no excuse to mess up on kingship or Temple dates.

      For example, 1Kings 6:1 tells you flat that in the 480th year after the Exodus, building the 1st Temple commenced, so that date can only be 960BC. But until you get to 1Kings 8, it's not dedicated. So the Temple 490 didn't start until it was dedicated. Doing a little math from 1Kings 7, you realize that the Temple was dedicated long after it was completed; that the 13 years Solomon spent building the rest, are to be added in. So it becomes easy to see the date of dedication: 20 years into Solomon's reign, the Temple is dedicated, and hence that date is 950BC. Which, 2Chron8:1, flatly corroborates. The years were spent, sounds like from 1Kings 7, also in making the furnishings for the Temple, the altars, etc. Solomon's 13 years building, thus began and ended on either side of the Temple rebuilding, with 1Kings 7 being parenthetically inserted, to explain the delay: 3 years on the 'before' side, so the Temple building commences in his year 4 after David DIED (1Kings 6:1). 1Kings 6, v.37 compared to v.38, differentiates between the total time including the six months of preparation prior to building atop the foundation, and the actual time spent building the Temple proper. So Bible subtracts the six-month preparation period, in the last clause of 1Kings 6:38, as any good accountant would do.

      Next, note the chronology of Solomon's other building; 10 more years, with the Temple furnishings being made also during that time. So the first 3 years, Solomon was building, stopped to build the Temple itself, for the next 7; then resumes again, for the last 10. These aren't dry facts: important doctrines are here about priorities. It matters to know them, also because a parallel occurs in the saga of building the 2nd Temple, which (again, with non-Temple building), takes 20 years until it is dedicated (roughly 535BC-516BC -- see Haggai, Ezra, Zechariah). God used Haggai and Zechariah to bug Zerubbabel (the rightful king of Israel at that point), to stop dragging his heels in rebuilding the Temple. We Church are called the Temple in passages like 1Cor6, 12, Eph2, so where should our priorities be? So you learn a lot of (very witty) Bible Doctrine (!) from that parallel.

      All this timing is missed, because every scholar (I can find) misdates David's age when he died. They claim he died at age 70, but he died at age 77, per 1Kings 6:1 (again, context tells you that, 1Kings 2:39ff). "David" link covers that issue in detail. For now, notice: the 490s timeline is predicated on David beginning with his kingship, and runs for 1000 years; the Temple and Messiah promise begin with that date, but God also ends Messiah on the 1000th anniversary of David's death. So if you get these dates wrong, you won't see how God told the Jews exactly -- by reference to David alone, even -- when Messiah Would Arrive And Leave. That's a critical thing to mess up, for then you are in the dark about when He was born and died. The math in Daniel 9 tells you when, so you can count backwards 1000 years and see it even without the glaring hey-see-me of 1Kings 6:1. For more on how 1Kings6:1 tells you David's death age, click here.

      So look: 490x2, plus 20 years to rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem=1000, the Millennium. That's an important parallel you only see, if you knew the Precedence from the First and the Second Temples. So if you do see it, you won't go building the Temple yourself (which Israel will, see Rev11:1ff), but instead you will do what the Bible commands, wait for God. That's why a Dome is over the Holy of Holies, displaying the warning not to rebuild, Dan9:26, Matt24. But of course if you didn't recognize the Dome, you won't recognize Dan9:26c, and you won't count correctly from David, either.

        Since the Second Advent begins with the biggest bloodbath in history, done by the Lord personally (e.g., in Isa63 and parallel passages in Zechariah), you can see why it might take 20 years. Takes seven months just to bury the dead, and we know from Revelation that the bloodbath (or bodies) are something like five-six feet high (horse's bridle), from Dan to Beersheba (length of first-covenanted Israel land). The Millennial Temple dimensions are not the same as Solomon's: see Ezekiel 39ff to the end of his book (God is very specific). [Revelation 21's about the eternal state, not the Millennium, and Jerusalem then will be about half the size of the US, 1500 miles in each direction. I know the US is about 3000 miles in width, so I used the US as an example. Pick whatever other example you like. If you measure on a world map with Jerusalem as the midpoint, you cover all of the area today we call the Middle East, with a northern boundary at the Caspian Sea and Black, and a southern boundary which swallows Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Iran, etc. 'Suspiciously like the size of the 'park' (not garden, but park) God made for Adam, in Gen1. But Rev21 talks of the eternal state; and I don't know if it will have the same continental configuration as we do now.]

      It's not pleasant to be critical of 'scholarship'. But it's flat evil to cover up the mistakes made. Making mistakes is understandable. Scholars of past centuries slaved over candle wax and musty leather codices. They would have to make mistakes. But instead of improving and correcting, we piously stand pat on the old errors, not admitting and fixing them. No excuse. Evil. Lots to answer for at the Bema. Or, we could just fix the past errors, realizing that had we been in those old scholars' shoes, we'd have made far more errors than they did. And move on. This is the Word of God. It deserves more respect than it's getting. So the utter disdain given it by scholars, results in this webpage disdaining them in favor of the Real God Who Really Wrote The Infallible Word. When the scholars stop blaspheming the Word by, inter alia, claiming Good Friday or Peter as the Head of the Church -- even among Protestants, lol can no one read or count to three? -- then maybe they will deserve some respect. Until then, BIBLE ONLY. So you can audit any of 'my' webpages for mistakes (and there will be mistakes, I can't get it all right either, only God can). Again, no shame in making mistakes. The only shame will be at the Bema for covering them UP.

    God ties His dates to Matched Reasons; that's self-auditing, too. The reasons are the Basis for tying a 490 between two events. Usually, the events are parallel, i.e., kingship to kingship, temple to temple, birth to birth, maturity to maturity, etc. For the earth's lifeline, however, the 490's 'jump' from nation to king to temple to Christ (converging all on Him), and they run in parallel lines: so you'll have a 490 about to expire from David (480BC=970BC, year of retirement -490); which deadline is still 'covered' because a Temple 490 still has 20 years yet to run (950-490=460BC), and that's why God gave Daniel the last 490. The full interplay is depicted in GeneYrs.xls: gold 'stripes' or 'rows' track the 490s, and the green ones track the 1000s.

      Note God's precision: for Time to continue, a new 490 must be justified to begin just as the prior one ends (so you'll have an overlap in the last year of a 490 sometimes, and have to add or subtract 1 to tally). Moreover, for time to continue, two running grants have to be 'alive', both the kingship 490 or 1000.. but also, the Temple 490. Because Messiah is both King and Priest, get it? So, that's why God takes the 126 years remaining on the Temple 490, at a time when there are No More Kings, officially. The line continues; Jeconiah was cut off by God's curse (which means he had no kids); so, the latter adopted Shealtiel, whose son Zerubbabel becomes the rightful king -- except, Israel never exists on her own again -- until Messiah. [Shealtiel is also descended from David through Nathan, a younger son of Bathsheba, from whom Mary and Joseph, descend: see the Matt1 and Luke3 genealogy and whatever OT verses tie to them. Joseph descended from the Solomonic line, which is why he, though a rightful king, was no longer the rightful king, by the time of Christ. The next rightful king would have to be born from Mary, for the same reason that Levi got grafted through a Daughter of Levi, to Aaron (see "Jochebed" link in MisTrans.htm).]

      God follows that connecting-490's procedure from Adam, forward: GeneYrs.xls tracks them so you can see the methodology blow-by-blow and audit it. So the reason why Abram didn't become Abraham until age 100, was because the 490 was scheduled to END on that date: the last year being the 'pregnancy' period, so the last year of the 490 overlaps with the 1st year of the new 490, since The Covenant Began With The Circumcision. Again, note God's precision: Abram didn't grow up enough to get his desire for a son fulfilled until he was age 99, theme of Romans 4; so, as usual, it was at the last minute that the world is saved, allowed to go on for another 490 years. Precedence is Noah himself, who for the first 20 years after he started building that boat, remained childless (or accounted childless, same thing); like Isaac would be, who was born 490 years after Noah's firstborn. So when Noah was building that boat (and 20 years is the normal temple+accoutrements building period, aka the age for military service), he had no proof that anyone but he and his wife, would be left after the Flood began. But he believes anyway, like his future 'son' (Hebraic expression for progeny) Abram would do. So, 20 years later, God gives him his sons: three at once, looks like. Then, 100 years later, the sons are married, and the eight persons (the sons all childless!) enter the Ark. Pregnant analogy, for us: we seem to not get what we think God promises; the spiritual life seems sterile, all this study and live on the Word, without anything in this life which seems to bear fruit. Well, look how much fruit came from Noah! The entire human race!

      From there, you go forward to Christ: due to Jewish rejection, He had to die in David's 1000th anniversary of Abdication/Retirement, 30AD. "David" links walk you through that math.

      Similarly, God tags Canon completion in terms of 490s. Bible verses don't say that, but the math, does. Moses penned the first five books from 1440-1400. So using the 1440BC start, you get 950BC as the 490. Well, by then Psalms and the Solomonic books were written. From 950-586, you have all the Canon except for Jeremiah through Ezra -- which was written, during the 70-year hiatus, which got measured back, Daniel 9. Since restored, you can account the 490 to continue. So, from 950-490=460, by that point all but Nehemiah and Malachi had been written. The last Daniel 9 piece, however, intervenes: 49 years. So that's why Malachi is the ending. [Malachi began preaching probably in 470 or 460, since the standard time for a last prophet was 40 years, sometimes longer or shorter, but usually that long -- book was composed circa 433BC, according to most scholars -- how right that is, I don't know, but it fits well enough to not check further. ]

      The "62 weeks" which next play are a silence period, since "62 weeks" initially represented apostacy, but its mirror playing here, is a countdown to a different "R", Redemption. As in, Redeemer. Rebirth. See God's Matching Wit? The period runs runs from 397 (446-49) through 37AD. Thus you know all those inter-testamental books are NOT Canon, like Maccabees, etc. They can't come from God, since God already told Daniel He'd go silent after the 49-year period, ended. You'd know this, by knowing the CHARACTER of the "62 weeks". No doubt about it. (Of course, reading any of those inter-testamental books proves they're not from God, within an hour. God isn't silly or slapstick. Those books often are. Same for the post-Cross fake Gospels and other nonsense.)

      Notice how much proof you get on interpretation, if you match character of a Biblical number, to the time it represents. That methodology is critical to vetting any possible mistakes here, and vetting whatever you come up with as a timeline. In accounting you must always Match the Character of an amount to a Like Character; the amounts might be alike, or might be sums of other amounts, so the Character is all-important, in determining a balance. That's where double-entry accounting comes from. Else the accounting (here, interpretation of Bible) won't balance.

      Math can't lie. But scholarship can be slipshod. It's very painstaking, one makes a bizillion mistakes. So the key is to never stand pat on the answers you have, but to keep on digging. Trouble is, we all don't do that. It's harder on the scholars, who, when they make mistakes, well -- it's PUBLIC. So although much criticism of scholarship is in my pages, this isn't to criticise the people themselves. No individual can get it all right, no matter how brilliant he is. Only God can get it right. Hence 1Jn1:9 and plugging is VITAL. Failure always happens, success is rare, but God makes good on all of it. Because, He Redeems Time Itself. So of course, everything else will be redeemed, too. And frankly, after all the digging you come to appreciate how unbelievably HARD it is to be a Bible scholar or a pastor, whether incompetent or brilliant. Satan's done his doggonedest to make Bible difficult to research. And of course, the pay is bad...

    Final Caveat and Summary re Date Methodology: I derived the needed fill-in historical and Pharaonic dates from: my BibleWorks 5, my 1985 edition of Encyclopedia Britannica (called "EB" in my websites) or XP's Encarta 2004; but only to the extent the dates prove accurate, compared to God's '490' system. (See Exodate.htm for more dates.) I spend a lot of time on the internet comparing dates 'out there', especially for the Pharaohs. My 1985 EB is what I used, instead. It's more accurate. Its internet version is very different, swayed by all the goofiness which has plagued Egyptian scholarship since the 1980's. When the dust finally settles, then maybe a revision is in order. But frankly, they're not matching the character of events properly. You don't decide that the Jews left under Ramses II because of a flimsy imprecation you find from Merneptah. That tells you nothing but that he didn't like the Jews. It's bad scholarship in other ways, too, this latest furor in Egyptology. So that's why I'm sticking with my 1985 EB.

    Otherwise, dates are backed into from Bible-provided dates (i.e., 1Kings 6:1). Except, well-known dates like Temple Destruction, Exodus, etc. are derived from my pastor's live Bible class audiotapes (which always tie to the 490s); because, something's usually wrong with the 'scholarly' dates, and the Jewish calendar, is screwed up (so you can't use it). Then, because Bible dates create a WHOLE timeline from Adam through 96AD, these dates can be audited for accuracy. So you can audit them too, irrespective of how I got the BC and AD plottings.

      It's not tautological to take this approach, treating the 'scholarly' dates as wrong if they don't match up. When you work with math, you have formulas. Well, Bible is a set of formulas, since truth, like math, is a body of relationships among variables. So, Bible uses a '490' formula, and your job is to trace it out. After you've done that, you cross-test (aka "audit") the results. You don't prove anything from extra-Biblical data until you know what 'answer' is supposed to be there. Because, that data might itself be wrong, and you don't know how they got that data. Frankly, this is how science is supposed to work: top-down, not bottom-up, since you don't know if the extrinsic data you see, is real. Worse, you don't know but what the real data, really means something else. Duh: first construct based on truths known, a formula (aka "theory"). Then play it out. God Gives Us The Formula: so, Play It Out. Then Go Looking For The Data Where The Formula Tells You To Look. Then, if you find contradictions, you revisit how you did the formula; or, maybe the formula doesn't have all the right elements in it, and you MISapprehended the formula; so, maybe you begin anew. In short, this is Objective Accounting, to first say "Bible is Right". It's exactly the same procedure you learn in algebra and geometry, when you first learn to work with variables.

      This is how all learning operates: you start with the assumption that what you are being told, is True. Then, You Test It. No one gets beyond grammar school, without that second, testing step. How much more, this approach is also critical to the spiritual life.

    So it's good to do this accounting exercise to see God's Precision Policy. Bible is right. We miss all kinds of valuable Bible Doctrine about how God blesses and orchestrates time, if we don't follow the Bible's own dating system, which is based on Reasons Which Match; and on years "x" from some hallmark event of Death, or Birth; of Exodus, Kingship, Temple. But maybe the fact so many ignore the Bible and thus misdate everything -- then, call the Bible wrong or themselves pious, for believing anyway -- maybe the fact so many ignore the Bible, is a blessing. Because the shock never ends, after you see these 490s. No visible miracle God could do for us puny, could be more shocking.

    There's an anecdote you occasionally find in books said about Bismarck, who was rabidly anti-semitic. He caustically asked a German general who believed in Christ, why that general believed in the Bible at all, baiting the General to answer in one term, why. The reply was swift: "The Jews". Yeah, that general knew something about how God keeps His Promises!

    Associated Video Playlists

    Episode 8 of my "Time Travel in Genesis" playlist will help you see the panoramic meaning via GeneYrs.xls ; plus, you learn how to use the worksheet. Just click on the mail slot next to the triangle play button at left, and scroll through the videos until you come to 8 Genesis (14th video in the list). Then start watching.

    Here are all the other video playlists I've done on How God Orchestrates Time, each in its entirety. These include the in-progress GGS, YMH, Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 Meter videos, showing how Moses and then Isaiah use Bible Hebrew Meter like a calendar, to tell you the future to Messiah. So too, Daniel 9 and Ephesians 1:3-14 are metered, 'mapping' to both Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53, and also function like a calendar. So I'm still making videos showing how you yourself can prove all this material IN Bible via the Hebrew and Greek which now anyone can get online, for free. The future videos will go into these playlists, so they will always be updated. Currently, the Psalm 90 updates are being inserted after 23g in the playlist. Once a playlist exceeds 50 videos, you have to watch the 51st et seq. video in Youtube.

    Despite having Bible in the original texts for over 2000 years, we Christians don't even KNOW about this for a variety of reasons, all of them inexcusable.

    • Due to the anti-semitism of the 'church fathers', Jewish dispensationalism was rejected. So the OT clear demonstration of that dispensationalism, was also rejected in favor of REPLACING ISRAEL, with 'Church'. Thus preterism was born. How sad.

    • Pro-Jewish Christians go overboard and assume Jewish time accounting is right, even when Bible proves it wrong (i.e., Exodus 12 mandates solar years so Israel will always celebrate her birthday on time). So we use lunar years, and perennially screw up Bible dates, but either twist Bible to end up with the right dates, or twist our accounting to get it, or blame Bible as if it were obtuse. Thus even today, Dispensational Christianity doesn't know this information, and Judaism miscounts it.

    • Actually, Moses crafts a DUAL calendar. The first one is annual, from 1400BC down to 1050BC, when Israel will reject God as King. The Psalm works as a reminder and warning of that future, so Israel can avoid it. She won't. She rightly knows Psalm 90 is a calendar, but misaccounts its 350 syllables as seven 50's; so she wrongly concludes history to run for 7000 years. You can find her do this all over the internet, just Google on 7000 and 'age of desolation'.

        But instead, Psalm 90's same 350 syllables function SABBATICALLY to delineate God's Millennial decree plus a 14-year warning (hangover credit from Abraham maturing too EARLY), since by the end of the Psalm Israel will be 14 years over her time budget. This tracking culminates at 460BC, since there was a 490-year time grant beginning at the Exodus (which was 490 years after Joseph was enslaved), which terminates 950 BC, followed by a new (Temple) time grant which -- if the Temple stays up -- terminates in 460BC. The truncation to 460 BC simultaneously warns Israel the Temple might not last (and it doesn't), pushing her over the time budget.

    • Isaiah then apes Moses' meter in Isaiah 53, to update this second sabbatical calendaring, picking it up at 712BC in Isaiah 53:1; he then goes ANNUALLY to Christ's scheduled Death Date of 37AD, to show how Moses' prophecy and his own, will play out and yet balance God's Time 'budget'. Daniel 9 is an elaboration on Isaiah 53, but includes the reimbursement of 364 years the Temple was standing, which Isaiah leaves in ellipsis (the 62 weeks is 364+70).

    • Daniel 9's prayer is metered; so the explicit numbers in Daniel 9:24 and 9:25 are also in METERED Hebrew of 63 syllables each, totalling the 126 years the Temple was short of its timegrant, and simultaneously matching the 63-meter of Psalm 90:1-3 (63 is a way of saying God's Decree). Daniel 9:24 and :25 also explicitly 'map' to Daniel's own prayer meter. It's phenomenal, and of course is invisible in translation!

    The video playlists below show all this in detail. Select fullscreen (the four arrows icon), and then once the video begins to play, select (High Definition) '720p' setting (click on the '360p' setting and change it to 720). That setting is only available for the Bible text videos. The mail slot icon next to the triangle (play) button allows you to select among the many videos in the playlist. Youtube only allows viewing the first 50, off-Youtube. (So you'll have to start watching the 50th video IN Youtube to keep going through the list.)

    Psalm 90 Meter and Daniel 9 meter videos in the Psalm 90 playlist. Video descriptions contain links to Word docs you can download, showing the meter. There are over 50 videos, here, and the playlist is not yet finished (March 2011). Some of the later videos are 'in the Yapping Most High playlist, starting at its Episode 10s1, click here.

    Greek Geek Stuff videos, starting in Part 10c, also cover the same material in a more summary fashion, focusing on how Paul uses HEBREW meter in Ephesians 1:3-14's Greek, to tag back to Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, and Daniel 9 at specific points (using syllable counts like they did, for his cross-referencing). Paul also uses the meter to DATE when he writes, just as Moses, Isaiah, and Daniel did; Paul especially 'maps' to Daniel, for in Ephesians 1, he 'prays' the same role as Daniel in Daniel 9. Paul also emulates Greek epic poetry metering style at the same time.

    When viewing this in the playlist, go to Part 10c. Then watch until your eyes glaze over. It's heavy and exciting, but it's a LOT of material, since no one in Christendom yet knows this stuff! So I have to explain and post the Bible proof live. Video descriptions contain links to Word docs you can download, showing the meter.

    Isaiah 53 Meter videos: these were initially designed to prove WHAT was Isaiah's meter, as back in 2004 I thought Isaiah 53's Masoretic text missed some words, just as the 'scholars' have thought for over 100 years. That assumption is provably untrue. So the videos here walk through the Meter Hypotheses, ending at Hypothesis #4, which proved awesomely true. Watch them as you wish: playlist ends by taking you back to Psalm 90, and with a live reading and metered translation of Isaiah 53.

    Yapping Most High Episode 10 playlist focuses on scholar errors about how Bible dates a 'year', and on Jewish Dispensationalism; then corrects these errors, with special emphasis on how Isaiah 53 proves the correction. This playlist is also over 50 videos and is unfinished, as I'm still vetting how Isaiah's Chapter 53 benchmarks (then-future) history in his clauses. You can view it in Youtube.

    How God Constructs Time Youtube playlist. It's very long, for it amalgamates videos from Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, 10 GGS, and 10 Yapping Most High playlists. This playlist attempts to synthesize the videos into a comprehensive yet logical order. Suggestions for its improvement are welcome! Link to view this playlist in Youtube: click here.