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The Gospel: a Due-Diligence Contract Disclosure, Medical and Legal Statement

Due Diligence Contract Disclaimer, Synopsis and Notice: anyone who is a potential or actual Beneficiary of a Contract must receive Due Disclosure; what that person does with the disclosure is a private matter; such person takes upon himself therefore the sole responsibility for acceptance or rejection of the information. Here, the Gospel (e.g., in John 3:16) is a Contract Offer of Rescue (aka "salvation") by God, which is predicated upon a prior Contract being completed on the Cross, as disclosed in Isaiah Chapter 53, most notably in verses 10-12; and any member of the human race is a potential or actual Beneficiary, at any time in human history, for as long as the person is alive. [From what I can tell in Scripture, this Disclosure is continually given and eligibility remains, even for those alive in hell, viz Luke 16:19-31, 2Pet3:9, 1Pet3:19, Eph4:8-9, Rev20:11-15, and many OT passages allusively on the same topic (i.e., some Sheol verses). Trouble is, negativity is more addictive than the worst narcotic. So by that time, a person has so long refused such an Offer, he has become too enamored of his own ego to ever change his mind. That conclusion is drawn in part from the martyr-manipulator attitude of the man in (the underworld compartment known in the Greek as) "Torments", as disclosed in the event recounted in Luke 16:19ff. We know it is an event and not a parable, because real names, places, and family details are used.]

Because we are all born spiritually-dead-to-God apart from our consent, we die physically. Sin and its resulting insecurity, manifested in the need to be "good", manifested in our inability to 'see' God -- these are all but evidence of this spiritual deadness. Two Bible keywords for this deadness are "flesh", and "old man". So roughly 2000 years ago, the Humanity of Jesus Christ paid for ALL sins of ALL mankind who would ever be born. By doing this He removed the Judicial Barrier between God and man which sin and its results also created. Per the original-language texts of Bible in Isaiah 53:10-12, this Payment was Legally Contracted in Eternity Past between God the Father and God the Son; Who, per His 'side' in the Contract, Added Humanity to Himself; in that Humanity, He became "the Christ" (literal Greek), aka "Messiah": both words mean "Savior, Anointed One". So per the legal clauses of that Contract -- "If You will Give Your Soul as a Substitute for Sin, you will see Long-Lived Seed", humanity could be created. The "Give" clause of the Contract was executed about 2000 years ago, with retroactive and prospective total efficacy; back then -- again per the Contract, disclosed beginning in Isaiah 52:13 -- Jesus the Christ paid for sin by means His Thinking 'replies' to God the Father's imputation and judgement of all sins into Jesus' Soul. Again, all this was done apart from our consent. To signify contract completion and rejection by Israel, about 40 years after He did this -- as forewarned some centuries prior by Daniel 9:26 -- the Temple in Jerusalem was razed, to prove He'd Paid and Left; this He Himself explained in Matt24. So you'll notice from history that the "abomination" predicted there has always existed, since: the current "abomination" since 685AD, is the Dome of the Rock. So this "abomination" is an ongoing, silent, historical testimony to His Completing His 'side' of that Eternity Past Contract. Hence we can even exist.

Thus, God Created A Cure For Our Deaths:
"Believe in the Lord Jesus, and IN THAT MOMENT you ARE FOREVER saved-to-God!"

(Bible verse named Acts 16:31a: capped words convey a truer, idiomatic translation from the verse's original-Bible Greek.)

So, our deadness-to-God is not a feeling thing, not a societal or cultural issue, not a political or religious issue, not a race or gender issue; not a guilt problem, not a me-be-good problem; but instead, this deadness is a Congenital Defect Every Human Has At Birth, which can only be cured by God. To which curing-by-God, You Consent By Believing In Christ. You couldn't consent to being born the first time, since you couldn't consent until you existed; but now, you can consent. Bible chapter named "John 3" calls the result of your consent here, "born again" (another Bible term for saved-to-God, is literally "born from above" in John 3:3,7). Which God does FOR you; this is the birth to which you can consent. Since God makes you "born again" in reply to your 'authorization' (so to speak), You Can't Lose Your Salvation, Ever. For, you get God's Own Eternal Life and Righteousness the very second you initially believe in Christ, John 3:16, 2Cor5:21, many other verses. That's "the Gospel", meaning "(official) good news". So live.. Believe that Jesus Christ paid for ALL sins you'll ever sin, and you are forever saved.

Here's why it's not about any other kind of sin, but REJECTION of Christ. First, God Is Infinite, and We Are Not. Holiness Is Infinite, and We Are Not. So for us to even exist, this dichotomy must be solved, but if we exist we must CONSENT to the solution. Sin introduces a genetic REJECTION impulse, rather than consent. So sin is inevitable, if creatures have free will; so before creation even existed, God the Father judicially reserved ("passed over", in Bible) all sins; then in 30AD, on Wednesday the true 14th (but nominally the 18th) Nisan -- between 12:00-15:00, God the Father Imputed And Judged All Mankind's Sins Into Christ's Humanity (Isa53:5,10-11, 2Cor5:21). [PassPlot.htm is a subset of the Daniel 9 timeline at pagetop; it goes through the chronology of Passion Week in detail. NT Gospels make clear the Jewish calendar for the prior year had not been properly intercalated, viz., the fact that He is the Passover Lamb Himself but had a first-night Passover.. so people who don't notice that fact, misdate when He died. OT sacrifice rules in Exodus (etc.) commanded that the Lamb be set aside on the true 10th Nisan -- that was the first Passover night, nominally, in 30AD, so the calendar had NOT been intercalated properly; but nonetheless the Lamb was set aside: that was the night He was arrested. On true 14 Nisan, the Lamb is slaughtered before sunset, per the Law: that is when He expired on the Cross. God keeps the Law He made.]

Notice how God accepts responsibility for His Own Actions. You didn't CONSENT to be born. By making your soul and imputing it to the body which exited your natal mother's womb, pattern of Gen2:7, He Alone Made You a 'you'! That's a strident refrain in the Bible, e.g., Isa44:2's Hebrew/Greek OT text. Since He Alone Made You, He Alone Judicially Reserved the sins you sin back in Eternity Past; then per the "Give" clause in the Contract, He Imputed, Judged All Sin On Christ, On The Cross.. so that now You Can Consent, since now you are alive. [French 1910 Louis Segond and Nouvelle Edition Geneve (1979) and Latin Vulgate (using the ablative of separation) get Isa44:2 right, but the other translations I can read, do not: they all reverse the meaning of the original text, so the translations say the opposite of what the original says.]

Notice also that this is an Inheritance Contract: Isa53:10-12 is bald about that, even in any translation (much more so, in the God-breathed texts). So to turn down the Inheritance of Living With Holy God forever Happy, is a pretty dumb thing to do. Pretty mean thing to do. The soul rejecting this Free Offer is a pretty dumb and mean soul. Other sins are inevitable, but who in his right mind would reject this Offer, which just has to be Fair? A paraplegic can do it; a child can do it. No one is excluded, for ANYONE can "believe". No works work, and none are accepted by God, Eph2:8-9, Isa64:6. Notice also how in John 16:9, the Holy Spirit -- Who is also God, a Third One -- does this disclosing and convincing: language in John 16:9ff is legal, juridical. So it doesn't matter how isolated a human being is, there are no barriers to communication from Holy God. That we also have human and Bible witnesses as additional disclosure sources, is but more evidence of our continuing REFUSAL to believe. So we are all pretty dumb and mean souls. But the Offer is Still Valid, evidenced by that Dumb Dome's advertisement of Daniel 9:26, as it continues to sit atop the Temple's former Holy of Holies Bedrock; since the Real Petra has Risen, Having Paid for Our Sins ("Bedrock", lit., Matt16:18, Heb 6:19 and Chapter 9, many LXX verses). God's Holiness isn't compromised by our refusals. Christ paid, it's real, and it's Really Available to Anyone Who Believes in Him, no matter how dumb, how mean, how "wretched" (Bible term, talaiporos).

So no one goes to hell for sin because Christ Paid For Sins, John 16:9. You exist: ergo sin is not an issue now, since it was already resolved PRIOR, dating back when the Contract of Isa53:10-12, was made and executed. So now that you're breathing, the issue is different: do you want to live with God forever? Sin was an issue in justifying your physical birth, which was God's Act of creating your soul; and that was decided, apart from your consent; but now that you are a "living soul" per Gen2:7, belief in Christ is the issue in justifying your spiritual birth; which birth, now requires your living consent. It's that simple.

So the Problem Is Not Sin, But Rejecting What God Accepted. You Can't Reject What God Accepted And Live With Him Forever. His Terms. Of course, you have to refuse your ENTIRE LIFE in order to even go to hell (though it doesn't pay to wait, either). So long as you are still breathing, you can change your mind and believe in Christ, and thus forever avoid hell, Heb9:27, John 10:28, John 3:16.

Summation: all of us are born into a Congenital Addiction to sin, which God Himself foreordained and then Solved; hence, we each vary only by type of sin preference, largely dividing out between moral sins (self-righteousness) and immoral sins (lasciviousness). But God Had Christ Pay For All Of Us, 1Jn2:2, just as contracted in eternity past and disclosed in the God-breathed texts of Isaiah 53:10-12. So It's Not About Sin, But About Do You Want To Live With God Forever? If "yes", "believe in the Lord Jesus, and in that moment you are forever saved-to-God!"