brainout's LordPages Download Links and Tips

I'll keep updating this page with download links to the folders. Unfortunately you have to click on the files one at a time, to download. I can't set up an FTP account which is read-only, to guard against the dufuses, sorry! Folder Links so far:

Master download index (everything, in alpha order):
Fonts: More about these fonts, will be covered below.
My Youtube vids (files will grow): Vimeo already lets you download vids, and some of these are separately in vimeo already. Most will be old Youtube vids linked in vid descriptions or still on Youtube but due to Google's insane navigation system, are now hard to find.
Pics only (not all of them):
Audio only (files will grow): Eventually I'll add the God Deeds mp3 files in here, including 'outtakes' never uploaded.

Navigation tip: if your operating system is XP or Win98 (any version), save the webpage to a floppy disk or CD, not the hard drive. Then, copy FROM that location TO the hard drive; else, the intra-page links won't work (it's a quirk in XP and Win98). This is a real time-saver for intense webpages like NTKeys.htm and SatStrat.htm, which are long and have many intra-page links. That tip might also help you with other folks' webpages. Often in HTML programming, one writes the intra-page links with different code, which doesn't require you re-visit the internet. I follow that convention in my intra-page links. But unless you first download AWAY from the hard drive and thence TO the hard drive, that special code won't "tell" Windows that the links are all on the same page. Maybe that bug is fixed in later service packs (after Service Pack 2) or in Vista, I don't know.

If somehow that tip doesn't work, try this: rename the file with a "txt" extension, copy it, then rename it again with the .htm extension at the destination. Then copy the page from the destination to where you want it to reside. If you're still having trouble doing this, email me. I can just send you the webpage as an attachment. McAfee scans all my email through Comcast, so you should be as protected as possible. I will not keep your email address, and will not write you again unless you write me. That protects your privacy.

I don't know what MAC systems do.

If you find colors and backgrounds of 'my' webpages annoying, here's what to do: copy the .htm to another location. Then the "_files" are missing, in which case you'll get the page's default colors (which are usually pale flat yellow or pale flat flesh). Much easier to read, sometimes. I do this with any annoying webpages I save from the internet (especially those annoying black-background pages). It's a relief. Your browser also has something (usually in Tools Options) which allows you to "Ignore colors". In that case, you don't have to copy the .htm to another location.

Font downloads: Win98 fonts are mostly used for the sake of older computers; so you might need to download fonts. For example, I often use the Win98SE font named "Lithograph". Its ttf name is lithogrb.ttf, so copy it from an old Win98SE backup, if you upgraded. Same for two other fonts, Folio MD BT and Ruach LET -- these are respectively named foliom.ttf and ruachn.TTF (capitalized extension, on Ruach). XP and later restore Trebuchet MS, which I also use a lot. That font was on some Win98 editions, but not others.

Or, try downloading from a page I created: WhichFonts.htm. BibleWorks lets you download their fonts for free, so long as you always use their copyright notice on their download page. So in WhichFonts.htm, is a link to their font download page. Linux has a way to convert all these fonts or download them, but it depends on what version of Linux you use.

Or, you might want to use a downloader, which not only downloads the page you specify as the 'start', but ALL (or user-specified) links RELATED to that page. So if you picked someone's HOME page, you can download both it and every 'branching' page.

There are a number of free downloaders on the web. If you use a downloader like Teleport Pro for my webpages, please specify the Home Page as the START for downloading, but EXCLUDE "Indindex.htm" from download. Also, it asks what number of links deep to download from Home Page: probably "3" will catch most of my webpages. So you'd download from the Home page, to the thirdmost deep: meaning, 1) Home Page to 2) links in it to 3) the links in 2)'s links.

Why EXCLUDE Indindex.htm? That page links to nearly every major university and seminary (religious and historical) database in the US, and others throughout the world; so were you to download THAT page with a downloader, it will take days! So just "Save" the Indindex.htm page separately, using your browser.