HaShem and other Alerts for Jewish readers

At the top of this page are sites which may have particular relevance to Jewish readers. Like the Mishnah, where you are always in the middle of a conversation, these sites are streaming: to get the full context you'd have to begin at the beginning, which is Part I of the "Thinking Out Loud" series ("Trial" link). My goal was to account for how the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New, among other things, because I have always been pro-Jewish.The Real Lord is indeed the LORD of the Jews, and the "Timeline" link above (which takes months of vetting, in the Old Testament) would, imo, conclusively prove that. Sheer Divine Genius of Time Accounting, Sheer Divine Writ. But so is the New Testament provably Divine -- which of course, many Jews dispute. But salvation comes from the Jews, John 4:22. The Savior is Jewish. That, too is disputed, but in any event -- NO other people's LORD is THE Lord. And He is the LORD of all mankind, no doubt about it, Gen2:7 proves that. Frankly, you can prove that the LORD is right now 'playing' a historical combination of Daniel 9:26 and the entire Book of Esther, plus the New Testament, all at the same time -- in real time. Takes awhile to vet that claim, too ('Esther' and 'Timeline' links at pagetop took me about four years to write and vet). In short, no other definition of the LORD but the Bible's, proves true. [A two-paragraph summary of why He plays both Daniel 9 and Book of Esther together with the Gospels is in LvS4aContinued.htm; once you load that page, search on "freedom-from-oppression" (use the hyphens).]

Hence these sites are not here to SELL anything, but rather mere due-diligence DISCLOSURE: everything is designed to be TESTED, since (as Elihu told Job) "the ear tests truth". One should never be shy of saying what's true, yet at the same time should furnish the reader with enough information so a reader can vet what's said. So that's what's done in the websites. If it matters, I don't know if I am Jewish by bloodline: I am adopted. More importantly, my pastor taught us Bible in from both the original Hebrew and Greek language-texts; so material in the websites is not based on translations; as a result, often translations commonly known, must be corrected; this problem makes the websites generally long and complex. As you probably know, the Greek OT (LXX, aka "Septuagint") was done by Alexandrian Jews, and most of the NT is written by Jews, i.e., "Christos" (and Chrisma, and kurios), used as the Greek term in translation(s) of Mashiach, in Daniel 9:25-26. So again, 'Christian' is really Jewish.. now in the Common Era, which in the NT is called "the times of the Gentiles", fulfilling that very large group of OT prophecies. Galatians 3, Romans 4 and 9-12 explain that race is not an issue, post-Cross. But then, it never was an issue, since 2/3rds of the Exodus population, were goyim. To be a son of Abraham, you must do what Abram did, Gen15:6. Circumcised hearts, not merely flesh.

No Christian therefore should ever be anti-semitic. Satan uses Christians and Muslims to help foster his goal of wiping out the Jews, for he thinks if he can do that, he can prove Adonai is unable to keep His Promises, and thus Satan wins. Guess again: The LORD will ALWAYS KEEP HIS PROMISES to His PROMISED PEOPLE. Anyone who imagines otherwise is just asking for severe punishment. So obviously 'my' websites are PRO-semitic. Rabidly so. Christ is JEWISH. Some Christians seem to forget that (dunno how, it's patent throughout the Bible).

    Satan also uses differences in Jewry to promote Jews to turn against each other. So there are many sects in Judaism, but only a few get all the attention. The others usually are targeted by the main sects for ridicule, etc. Holding "gets" when a Jew believes in Christ, refusing to have anything to do with them, etc. Thus Satan divides and conquers.

    Satan also GATHERS to conquer. Daniel 9:26 warns that when the Temple is destroyed, RUN AWAY FROM JERUSALEM. Well, we didn't listen, did we. So now Israel is a gathered target for her enemies. The LORD will defend her anyway, even as He always has.. but everyone should be on their guard to avoid salivating if Satan ever manages to motivate someone to rebuild the Temple: see Daniel 9:27, Matt24, Rev11:1, Ezekiel Chapters 38-end of book. Also Isaiah 53-61 (all chapters). Only the LORD will regather Israel, and only when He comes back, as per the many prophecies.

The purpose of THIS website is to alert Jewish readers to the fact that "G-d" is not used in any of my writings; rather, I use the full English term. If you are offended by this fact, you should not read what is written here. I don't use that convention because, etymologically, HaShem did not become, in English, "G-d". Rather, the English term comes, not from the Sacred Tetragrammaton, but from "Elohim" (well, via Greek and Latin and German), so it is NOT wrong to use the full English word. So, you will find the full English spelling here.

Frankly, a lot of Christians I know have trouble saying Our Lord's first personal name in exactly the same manner as you would have trouble reading or pronouncing "G-d", and for exactly the same reasons: awe. The NT writers often SEEM to avoid saying His First Name by just using the pronoun "He" or "Him"; which, to the non-Jewish reader, makes the text seem confusing. I myself must FORCE myself to say His first name. In fact, among the classes of explanation errors in my websites is the inexcusable tendency to use "Lord" when describing some aspect attributable to His Humanity (so the PROPER name to use is His First Name, but I don't do it); or I'll resort to the convoluted construction, "Lord's Humanity" -- all this, to avoid typing His First Name. It's a very hard habit to break. As time passes, I will fix these errors, for errors NEVER honor Him.

It is not a good deed to avoid saying (what to me is) His HaShem. Nor is there any 'law' saying I cannot do so; moreover, Christianity has no tradition nor other convention prohibiting it; in fact, first name usage is one of Christianity's hallmark characteristics, as the NT writings all prove -- which confuses people no end (WHICH Mary, etc). But I personally have a lot of trouble writing or saying anything but "Lord", even when talking about His Humanity. Mostly, I try to just say "Him" when referring (by your convention) to "G-d". So, since I'm trinitarian, you might get confused about which "Him" I'm talking about. Since the NT writers as well as the OT writers did the same thing, figure I mean Who they meant, i.e., by the context.

That's all for now. I can't think of anything else in here you might find offensive; except, of course, that Yeshuah Hamashiach IS God-man. Frankly, that issue's a private question between "G-d" and you: whether it would be blasphemous -- or, the fulfillment of the Mercy Seat's Promise -- to add Humanity to Himself and via that Humanity become the long-promised Redeemer.

    For, if it was not blasphemous for Him to make creation separate from Himself, and that creation sins; and He still promises to redeem them; how is it suddenly blasphemous for Him to add NEVER-sinning Humanity to Himself, and fulfill Job's expectations (e.g., in Job 9)? If it was not blasphemous for Abram be accredited for Righteousness by merely believing in Him (Gen15:6); not blasphemous either, to see Him face-to-face (as an Angel); if it was not blasphemous for Abraham to be CIRCUMCISED as a b'rith from Him; if it was not blasphemous for Moses to TWICE plead that He not destroy Israel; how is it blasphemous if He decides to become the Seed of Abraham, and thus fulfill the b'rith ALSO as Human, thus forever enshrining His Chosen People in a Body He Himself will ALSO always have? [See Isa7, Deut31:6, Josh1:5, Isa43:25, Ps103:12, Ps40; in NT, Hebrews (whole book). If you can read Greek, read Hebrews and the Gospel of John in Greek, for they use the EXACT same terminology for the tabernacle, the Law, and characteristics of HaShem as does the LXX.] You decide.

If I remember something else in these sites which might offend, I'll warn about it here to save you time. Meanwhile, I apologize heartily for any offense you find..please understand what I write isn't intended to offend.