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Part IVa, Cont.: The Lord vs. Satan: SupCtHeaven aka, the Trial of Human History, aka, Did God err?

God's Script: NOW, versus "Later"
Why does our "NOW" end with a Pre-Trib Rapture?
Says Eph1: Because Bride is COMPLETED!

IVa: Macro Role, of Alpha Precedence IVb: ..of Body IVc: ..of Trial Combat IVd: ..of Your Own Destiny
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Israel became Vashti,
hence Our History
For Rapture's a Legatee of CONSENT..and of His StoryBible's True Nativity Narrative..and of His Resurrection

Ergo the world roils,
for He's coming BACK!
thus a Syncopated prototype
of the Tribulation, begins
Hence Satan's Mystery 'Trinity'
Math Class: 1+1+1=1!
So Bible remains
a 'Mystery' to Church
Yet Two Stone Witnesses
Confirm the Rapture!
Accounting for
Our Legal Precedence
God Re-Routes
Divine Benefit Plan via Church
For Divine Justice Insures
& Observes, Precedence
Israel's Voting PrecedenceOur Bridal Contract,
Precedence of Isa53:11
God causes Church to Rescue IsraelIdou, 2Cor5:17!Idou, 2Cor5:17 rescues Israel!So Our History 'stamped' with Dan9:26c
9 Parallels 'advertise' Dan9:26c1&2: Imminency & Invisibility3: 'Today' = Dan9:26c4: 'Today'=End of Time5: Voting Terminates 'Today'6: Church=Esther, MAKES History7: Dan 9 Messiah, Heads Church8: World's Weal Depends on Bride=Church9: Rapture Parallels Ascension
NT refers to Dan9:26c?Rev6-17 trends
reign world Now
Time parable of
Wheat and Tares
Role of Precedence,

Because Israel Rejected Groom, Our LEGAL Precedence

Have you ever spent hours trying to account for some number, or find something, only to later discover it (i.e., the answer) was right in front of you? Whether balancing a checkbook, reconciling transactions in a multi-million dollar porfolio, or looking for the car keys, one routinely overlooks the obvious, and spends ooodles of time chasing after false clues. So when you do find that item/number hiding in plain sight, you say to yourself, "Why didn't I see that, sooner!" Of course, it's even worse if someone unrelated saunters into your office, and while barely glancing at your accounting papers, notices, "oh, you forgot to do X in the calculation." Fixing in two seconds what you couldn't fix in hours!

Well, that's the problem Christendom largely has had about this Rapture thingy: they're forgetting about "X", Christ! So, they waste a whole lot of time with this doctrine, millions of hapless folks all searching in the wrong direction, because they ask "When?", though they should be asking, "Why?" Yes, the Rapture is extremely important, the culmination of history, even (verses saying so, will be listed in Part IVb): virtually every other doctrine of Scripture is woven into the Rapture. In fact, so woven, it's one big seamless, interconnected whole of such intricacy and magnitude, just seeing the fit alone would prove God wrote This Book. So it's easy to get some key fact amiss, thus screw up maybe years of research. For, we humans are always prone to look too low, and the Uppermost Truth, The Most Obvious Truth, Is What We Least See. If you will reconcile anything in Scripture, start at the Top, never the bottom. CogitA ergo sum, not Cogito ergo me confundo. God thinks therefore I exist, not I think and thus confound myself.

So, time to put on our accountant's/ banker's visor, and ask Bible: What's The Purpose Of The Extremely Material Withdrawal, aka Rapture, at the Uppermost, God's, Level? Well, we know from Eph1: To Wrap Up All History (last half of chapter). We also know more about this purpose from Ephesians 2: to Tie Together Israel And Church At The Cornerstone (last half of chapter). Hmmm: Paul talked about our being Grafted IN, Romans 11, so this Joining must be Important, and Related to Israel! Seems like a pattern is developing, here. What's the end of Ephesians 3? Oh: a lexeme! in v.21: "with reference to every generation of this Age OVER the Ages" (usually eis is mistranslated, if not the entire clause). Hmmm. End of 4 is -- Marriage?! OH! End of 5 is Marriage, too. Christ And Church. Followed by 6, a sort of catchall, but stressing the Angelic Conflict. Hmmm. That was in Chapter 3, too.

So Because Israel Rejected Groom, God Re-Routes Bridal Blessing through Church

Bingo. For, the Most Obvious Of God's Plan Truths should be utterly patent by now, if you've been following this webseries from the beginning: GOD RE-ROUTES BLESSING. Ephesians 1 is a flagship passage on this, but Isa53:10-12 are firmly in view throughout Ephesians: the "Bridal Contract" link on this page provides a corrected translation of that passage.

For, Son wants to spend the money to glorify Father, and for that He needs a 'kingdom' of priests. A whole kingdom of them. All other kingdoms benefit Through the Priest-Kingdom, so the eternal state is a Federation of Kingdoms, all of them headed by the King-Priest, Our Lord -- who uses the Priest-Kingdom, to carry out His Rule. (Millennium will be different -- there, we play a lesser role, of ruling Gentile nations to benefit Israel.) Israel was supposed to grow up in the Law, to GET that kingdom-of-priests, role. But, Israel didn't; instead, she rejected the Groom who would Head that Kingdom. So, we Church become Esther, and get that role. That's why Isaiah is kinda ambiguous: who are the "great ones", in Isa53: 12? Well, they coulda been, the "Jeshurun" among Israel. But -- though those Jeshurun will still get their vast individual inheritances, count on it! -- the "great ones" who are among Bride (as we now know), are the Pleroma folks in Church. So Israel still benefits, and those in Church who refuse to grow up to Pleroma also still benefit -- but indirectly. Through, the "great ones". This fact will become clearer in your head, as you keep reading. [Nerd note: pretend that Israel as Bride would have been apportioned $1 bizillion; pretend further that because she forfeited her role, only the Jeshurun among her, get (say) $.3 bizillion: then, through Church, I'm guessing the other $.7 bizillion still goes to Israel's benefit. Might not work out that way, but I'm certain that Israel will be thrilled the way it does work out. When God re-routes, The Result Always Has To Be A Bizillion Times More Profitable, Than The Original Route. God is a good businessman, see: gotta get the proper ROI for the cost!]

Frankly, this re-routing of funds is most analogous to the way Fully Funded Retirement Plans Should Work: those who stay in until retirement, get the benefits. Everyone else, forfeits. Since that concept takes too long to explain, think of it this way: Stay In God's System, Or Your Benefits Go To Someone Else, such that you instead INDIRECTLY benefit from those who GET your benefits, rather than DIRECTLY benefit By Getting Them Yourself. This is roughly analgous to your cousin getting your money, but then he spends it in a way that THRILLS you (so you know we're talking heaven here, lol)! Remember the parable about the stingy servant, whose one talent was given to the guy who had 10? Well, that's God's simpler description of how He re-routes blessing. FOR GOD FULLY FUNDED ALL BENEFITS (including for those who chose Hell rather than God), since Eternity Past: In Order To Benefit Himself, in and by means of (Greek preposition, "en") His SON (theme of Eph1). For, it's never about us, but always about Christ.

Note The Mirroring, The Nesting Of Benefits, Works Similar To The Way God Mirrors And Nests Even Time Itself. Ephesians 1 says "every spiritual blessing" is in Christ. If the spiritual blessings, which are the highest, are in Him, then all the material (i.e., physical-wealth) benefits are in Him as well. Galatians 3 tells us He's the Seed, and by Him being "completed" are the benefits paid out (last half Eph1). So: even though everybody has an escrow account with his own name on it, deposited by God the Father in eternity past, the payout of the benefits operates like a TRUST FUND. This Fund is actually Owned by Christ: well, He's Trustee of it, now, and Father awards it all to Him, in Revelation 4's ceremony (Rapture-triggered, v.1). Isa53:10-12 tells us a lot about this trust fund's nature and how this trust fund works, in the LXX and BHS (OT Greek and Hebrew inspired texts). Leave it to God to say in a few verses, what takes thousands of pages, to explain! [US pension law is about 40,000 pages long. Yes, 40,000 pages. God isn't a bureaucrat, but He's soo good at wording what He says, even a non-bureaucrat would need thousands of pages, to explain a verse!]

Christ will APPORTION God's Eternity-Past Divine Benefit Trust Fund "among the great ones" (Isa53:12's yehalleq clause): so it's like dividing up a pool of assets. So if you'd not reached Pleroma by the time you died, you still get the benefits God assigned for you, but the portion you get DIRECTLY is not the whole amount. Technically, you forfeited it when you chose not to stay in God's System "until the end" (death). But God never welshes. So here's what happens: the funds RE-ROUTE through the Pleroma people ("the great ones"). So you still end up getting the benefits, but NOT directly. [I'm not sure I've described this fact well enough, in this paragraph. Rethink and rewrite it.]

There are many Bible passages and keywords explaining this topic of God's Divine Benefit Plan; sadly, English seldom properly translates Scripture's financial words; so you will have trouble seeing the analogy Scripture sets up between Doctrine IN you, and money in your Heavenly Divine Benefit Plan. My pastor exegeted Eph1 to show the "escrow" nature of it, and he spent months going over and over the Chapter's meaning. Often retirement plans are similar, FUNDED trusts, another type of ESCROW: its money can't be given except to the participants who VEST; Those Who Quit Too Early, Don't Benefit. But think: even those who quit too early, IF associated with someone who VESTS, will SHARE in what the one who vested, GETS. That's how God solves the problem.

Note the Fabulous Grace, Turning on its Head, all the stupid lording-it-over-games, played down here: Everyone Will Be Associated With A Pleroma Person, because all the PEOPLE are "booty" as well, in Isa53:12 (how clever of God to do that) -- and the Pleroma persons become the Rulers forever. So everyone either inherits a kingdom, or is IN one: so no one loses, everyone gains. So the money never goes to waste. There's no "reversion" in God's Divine Benefit Plan. The reason to Want to Vest, is to HONOR Him; not, to preen. You want more so you can SPEND more. Not, to beat your chest in front of a mirror like a gorilla.

And here's the precedence for all this spending! Oye, Oye: Yea, The Trinity 'Corporation' Decreed and provided it all from eternity past, as we saw in Part II: To Share Themselves More, 'Expand' On Their Own Happiness -- by Creating Creation. For, if you're already Uppermost, the only way to 'expand' is taipeino, 'go low' [usu. translated "humble" in Phili2:7, one of the most stupendous passages in Bible.] Then, pouring Themselves into creation, via those Delicious Diamante Doctrinal Deposits of Son's Thinking. Starting with Angels. Then, Adam. Noah. Abram. Isaac. Jacob. Moses. Israel. CHRIST! Hence, Church.

Each CHANGE in the method-of-deposit (covenant) is Warranted And Justified By Some Kind of Failure, and Some Kind Of Success, in the Recipient Group. So, the Blessing RE-ROUTES through the "great ones", even now, while we're still in these puny bodies. Thus the human race keeps on being blessed-by-association. With the Uppermost Truth. God. Coming Down to Us. To Save Us. Now, UP, Risen, Ascending, Ascended, Seated, Footstool! Ruling! Uppermost of Uppermost (Heb1), The Lexeme Of Lexemes, waiting for "Operation Footstool" (my pastor's term) to COMPLETE, teleiow, plerow, hagiazw. To Resurrect Us. Purpose, again. But this time, we know The Plan.

Of course He PRIMARILY re-routes Blessing individually; or, cursing, when individuals fail (Jeconiah's curse, for example); so all the more, He does it when individuals succeed (Abram, David, etc)! He thus also amalgamates all these individuals to re-route Blessing Funds corporately, when GROUPS fail or succeed (region, nation, even a whole covenantal people, Lev26&Deut28). He also does it even if only 3! are in a 'group' (Abram, Isaac, Jacob). Sometimes He re-routes temporarily, i.e., making Deborah a judge in Israel (should have been a man's job, so great apostacy was rampant). [God, HE is the Ultimate Feminist: Gen3:15. So to say that authority vests in the man in certain situations like marriage, pastor-teacher, is no slur on womanhood. Again, we humans need to Ask The Right Questions, not the wrong ones.]

So, when He does re-route, it means Somewhere, There Was A Failure; so, Sound Investor that He is, The Re-Routing Has To Have An Exponentially-Bigger Yield than the original structure, to Compensate for the "sweet savor" investment loss, so to speak. Because, God Sees. One Big Now. It Has To Pay Off For Him, see.

He, being Infinite; He, being Three Infinite -- well, how much more yield must there be, if the first group screws up -- which screwup, He Must See Forever past present future? It's not like Omniscience turns 'off'. So someone peeing 5,000 years ago, is 'still peeing', to Omniscience. The Cross Is Always Occurring. So, the Yield on the Cross is Always Occurring. So That Yield Must Be Increased, if a group which has a covenant, screws up its 'end'. So it is, with Israel. Re-routed, so Bigger For Israel, too. To Church. not replacing Israel, but Blessing Israel. Let's see how.

Because God Always Insures and Observes, Precedence

So the Uppermost Truth about the Rapture which so many miss, is GOD'S USE OF PRECEDENCE. Precedence is the 'lens' through which Truth needs to be discerned. If this lens is NOT used, or is ABused, or MISused, the resulting 'picture' will be like an unfocused or misshot photograph, worth only a pitch in the trash. Precedence, of course, is a double-entendre word, since everything in the universe is a hupostasis. Infinity itself is a type of hupostasis: in order for "all" to be ALL, there must be Harmoniously-United Opposites. Else, "Absoluteness" isn't (structural, hence 'moral', for lack of a better word) Integrity.

So "Precedence" must be a hupostasis, too. And, it is. Precedence, What Preceded in Time, and What Preceded in Importance. Connected, though. Not just any ol' past thing is precedence. There Must Be A Justice Connection Warranting It. Here, of course, we found a just connection: Israel's never-completed marriage contract. The 'connection' is the GROOM. For He Finished His Side of the Isaiah 53:11 Contract. Both in Time, and in Importance. Uh-oh, we've another Hupostasis. New Precedence: His+Israel's Marriage Terms. Ok. Now we have a Plan, and a Precedence to work with to see how that Plan tells us about Rapture. (The critical importance of Precedence is discussed at greater length in DueDisclosure.htm, compared to here. For, it's our purpose, so must be disclosed: the most Important Precedent of all, the Hypostatic Union, Our Lord's God-Man Nature. Virtually everything in the universe expresses that Structure at all times. So all Scripture reflects Him, too.)

So, let's review some of what preceded this webpage. At the beginning of Part II, we learned that all God's Covenants are "Covenants of Association" (the table of that title). You might want to review that purple-text (rainbow'd) table near the top of that webpage; and, its following brown-font text about the angels, before further reading here: for this webpage will require quite a lot of thesauretical thinking. Also, Legal Thinking: the Bible has always been, By Its Own Original-Language Terms, first and foremost, a CONTRACT SERIES. Within it, are depositions, relevant historical testimony/evidence, and a wide variety of other legal documents: for example, the rituals are all contract-related, the precedence for which is easily visible from Gen2:17 onward.

So at the end of Part II, we saw that, Post-Cross, all but one of the covenant contracts had been "finished", "perfected"/ completed: Brideship, the Marriage Contract. Marriage contracts have always been Voluntary, and Two-Party, which is why the Bible uses the term in both OT and NT, to convey its NATURE. So if one of the Parties to the Marriage Contract rejects or violates Terms in the Contract, the contract is ANNULLED.

"To perfect" in legal English and most other languages means to finish/ fulfill the Terms Of The Contract. Bible uses teleiow (pronounced tel-eye-OH-oh) this way, so English often translates the verb and its cognates with "to perfect" or "perfect". Contracts, especially testamentary wills which transfer a great amount of wealth, are usually if-then in structure. So to say all contracts had been completed except Brideship is to say the "party of the first part" (Jesus the Christ) fulfilled the conditions.

Now, to the Legal Relevance Of Precedence. In all contract law from Genesis 3 until forever, Precedence Matters. Principle: Consistency and Fairness, two cardinal rules of Justice, are based on PRECEDENCE. Precedence is what JUSTIFIES any kind of contract entry, change, or abrogation. Law is governed by prior law's interpretation, for example. Sure, new interpretations can be made, and old ones even reversed: but always the past 'case law' will be relevant. Ergo the Bible's command to compare Scripture with Scripture (i.e., "it stand written" refrains). You never disregard the Precedence from the Past. For, all law is sourced in Truth, and all Truth is God's Own Personal Attribute. [This rule is helpful in diagnosing false interpretations, translations, scribal errors, wanna-be-bible books (i.e., Apochrypha), etc.]

Consistency Is Expressed By Parallelism. Same for "A", as for "B", core tenet of Justice. So, Precedence determines Parallelism, too. Idea of Same Treatment. Equality before the law. Impartiality. So, when evaluating what is or sets Precedent, one must be careful in diagnosing, the "parallel". Most importantly, look for ESSENTIALS, not forms. Meaning, rather than motions. To mix these up, is to violate Precedence, Consistency, Justice.

Back to God's Re-Routing: how does this Precedence, interrelate? As we saw in Parts II and III, God's Covenants both within the Godhead (Trinity is a Corporation, as illustrated by titles of Father, Son, Spirit) and with creation, always display Like-Consistency. Differences are due to nature of those in the contract, i.e., angelic natures aren't human, so their covenant isn't stated in detail, but we do know there is Consistency: Believe or Burn. For, we know Satan&Co. broke it, and Matt25:41 is their prehistoric sentence. Since we know it hasn't yet been carried out, (i.e., "devil..lion..devour" verse in Peter), then That Case Must Be On Appeal. Which means, precedence for appealing a sentence existed before Adam. Which means, Adam And The Woman Were Created To Demonstrate The Appeal. (Like some other pastors, mine has taught this essential "Appeal Trial" nature of the Angelic Conflict for many years.)

In the case of the Brideship Contract, obviously the 'Intended' would have to Consent to the Contract also, or there is NO Contract; because Contracts must be SIGNED (agreed to) by the parties OF the Contract, for a Contract to become VALID. That Israel was the first group of humans to be offered Brideship is so vast a group of prophecies in the OT, it would take hundreds of pages to go through all the prophecies. Suffice it to say that any prophecy about Messias was also an offer of Brideship, eschatologically. You'll find the Brideship offer everywhere, viz., in all those tender verses where Adonai pleads with Israel to return to Him. Every prophet talks about it. Hosea and Ezekiel (esp. chapt.16 of the latter) focus especially on this issue.

PRECEDENCE is therefore always a hupostasis, since the God-man is Himself, by very nature, a MARRIAGE between Infinite (Godness) and Finity (humanness). Which is why theologians call His married nature, "The Hypostatic Union" (term comes from Hebrews 1:3). So, that's why all prophecy is likewise, DUAL: dual-entendre, dual-usage. For, the only difference between "prophecy" and "teaching" is that the former is also PREDICTIVE. More importantly, the dual-usage shows the Precedent Condition was Not Heeded, if the Second Usage occurs. It's always about the Contract, even and especially, with respect to prophecy. So its Duality Paradigm First Reflects His Duality, and THEREFORE is still a Double-Pronged-Teaching, which is the more important reason for it; Prediction is made to Protect or otherwise Benefit those Hearing it in Advance. Just as would be true, for any Teaching. Especially, if from God. For, all prophecy represents Teaching about the Coming One Who Himself is a Duality, the God-Man, Messias. Learning about God, after all, is rather more important, than being able to predict something about your own life.

So until there was a Groom, there's no Marriage Contract to Actually Offer. All of the promises to Israel were Contingent upon a Groom Coming, which the Jews (even today) knew as "the Messiah to come". The GROOM would personally and actually OFFER the marriage contract to whoever "Israel" would be at the time He CAME. Israel could tell who the Groom was by means of the Prophecies Being Fulfilled In Him. Thus, Isa7, virgin conception (far-fulfillment, compared to the near-fulfillment in Isaiah's day). Ergo also the other 108 or so 'markers' in about 900 prophecies. Israel would have to first know who the Groom really WAS, in order to decide whether to sign or not sign on the marriage contract only the Real Groom could offer. [Jews who don't do their own homework in the Tanach will sometimes argue that "virgin" means "young woman" and will argue that when Isaiah's wife fulfilled the "near" meaning of the prophecy (hence the baby's weird name), that was all the meaning to be derived. Bulpucky. Every Prophecy In Ot Is Dual-Entendre And Dual-Usage, even as the Mercy Seat was made of two materials. Jews who know Yeshua is Messiah understand the duality of "YHWH", He-Who-Always-Was-Becomes-Savior; and hence understand the correct interpretation of Isa7, since the Savior must be born without Adam's sin nature (in order to be the LAST Adam, capisce).]

And unless there was a Fit Bride, No Valid Acceptance Of The Groom's Offer, Would Occur. So the Groom is Party "A", The Alpha Glory, "Becoming", Immanuel; but Israel was Party "B", Body, Bride -- potentially. Hence she had the Mosaic Law to Learn How To Become Fit. Axiomatic principles like Brideship, Nature of God, and a whole welter of Fundamental Contract Doctrines are communicated in Bible by means of wordplay. The very etymology of words and their kindred roots, reveals this. Bible is woven into every syllable of the Hebrew language. You can't see this in translation, but it really sticks out in the original text, and thoughtful lexicographers are always remarking on it (like TWOT, a standard seminary lexicon). [This fact was widely known among Bible scholars in the 19th century (i.e., Thorleif Boman's Hebrew Thought Compared with Greek), and of course has always been known among the Jews. Improper use of this fact, not ignorance, is the cause for the predominance of bad interpretation. So when you hear today that the Law is some kind of magical vehicle for salvation, or any other stuff making the Law into a credit-self vehicle, just laugh. Look: people misuse the Bible without compunction -- Epistle of Jude is even rude on their rudeness -- so it shouldn't be too surprising that the most scholarship is slipshod, lying, stupid, who-knows-which. It's not rocket science to prove wrong. If I hear Matt16:18 misused again during some alleged 'scholarly' documentary, I'll scream.]

Hence, when Messiah actually came, He frequently Invoked Contract Terms, to show them they were Abrogating the Relationship. Hebrew "shemah" means hear-and-believe, with "obey" being the result of believe. In Greek, the term which best represents "shemah" is "hupakouo", and unfortunately it's translated "obey", so you miss the standing-under-hearing significance of the word's etymology, which is being used in wordplay on "shemah", everywhere you find it in the NT. If you read the Gospels even in translation with this idea in mind, they should make a lot more sense: Matthew is the earliest Gospel, written down finally around 50AD (when people needed it, due to the large audience and conflicting tales told); Mark was composed just before the Temple was destroyed, with the imminency -- Greek keyword "euthus", usu. translated "immediately" -- of that prophecy being fulfilled as the rhetorical underpinning of the Gospel's style; Luke was written between Matthew and Mark; John was written about 90-95AD, with the Post-Temple spiritual life as its rhetorical underpinning. Because, Church was going the same way Israel had, so by using the Gospel rolled out in stages, we all could look in the Mirror of Now.

So ISRAEL's Signing/ 'Voting Yes' meant that enough IN Israel were
a) believers, and
b) Loved The Groom Enough To Want His Rule.

Israel was Offered Brideship In Addition To Her Other Covenants, but that Covenant was INCOMPLETE, because the Groom would have to
a) Voluntarily Offer it, and
b) fulfill the Groom conditions HIMSELF.
Else, He couldn't provide for the Betrothed's well-being, and the "Father" would never grant a marriage.

So now let's match up both a)'s and b)'s to see what would have completed this contract. If Israel had also accepted Christ contingent upon HIS Fulfilling His Own "b)", then Israel's Acceptance Would Have Been Valid Once Christ's Own Fulfillment BECAME Valid.

So notice the derivation of Part III's Corollaries from His Completion at the Cross, our Macro Issue. God's Royal Accounting Standards are for a) Assets due to the Alpha Precedence of Our Lord (see Corollary 3a in Part III); and b), Balancing to/ for the Body Who Gets the Assets, Christ (see Corollary 3b-d in Part III).

This Royal Asset Accounting and Balancing shows why the Second Advent had a specific, prophetic, SEQUENCE. For, the Second Advent was always Contingent upon the FULFILLMENT of the First. Which, as we see, had Two Signatory Parties: Christ, and Israel. So when Messiah came, and explained His Rulership role, the question was, would ENOUGH among the people Israel respond to Him and thus become Bride? Bible prophecies are always in two categories: a) kickoff, which is always "imminent", and b) child, which is due to the kickoff occurring, and hence always dateable. Much more about these two categories will be said in PartIVb. For now, note that the a) and b)'s of the table above, reflect the dual nature of God's Prophecy Design. (Everything is always a pairing with God, because He is Infinite, therefore Full-Spectrum Balance, and Christ is God-Man.) So if the a)'s got fulfilled, then the b)'s could be dated. Which, as we learned from the history, they were: by Matt16:18, Vashti had refused. So, b)'s date began the rest of His Ministry (hence the shift of vocabulary in Matthew, to Bridal). So, His Own Days were numbered (though we couldn't know how long) -- to the point of the Cross. And, He died right on time, having been (uncrowned) King as long as David was King over united Israel, 33 years. And, so the Temple was destroyed right on time (516-483-70-33=70AD), having lasted exactly 586 years, the same number as the date the First Temple, was razed by Nebuchadnezzar. God keeps His appointments!

So notice how those a)'s and b)'s being completed, give rise to our a) and b), which is the Same AS (Precedence, again) Israel's was: a) believers-only are in the count, and b) ENOUGH believers have to LOVE the Groom. But, because HE completed His a) and b), our b) changes to Eph3:15-19, "to come to know the Love for Christ" (ingressive aorist, there, my pastor reminds us every pass), which then justifies "that you may be filled with pan to pleroma tou Theou". Pleroma. Higher than Israel's standard, because the blessing got re-routed from Israel, to Church.

Ok, now pretend you're Satan. Pretend further it's circa 27AD, and you've just left the Lord, having given your greatest genius temptations possible, temptations no one should have been able to resist, in (what we know as) Matt4; but He does resist them! So: oy, now what do you do?

Ok: now the plot thickens considerably. Here we gotta weave in the Prophecy For The Gentiles. This prophecy is liberally spinkled in the OT, hundreds of verses in 'size'. For, the eschatological promise was, Israel Was To Be A Priest Nation 'client' of God, charged with the duty of evangelizing the world. That, to fulfill the promise to Abraham of "many nations". (Paul talks about this passim in Romans 4-9, Eph2-3, etc. to explain how it is he came to BE an apostle to the Gentiles. Peter talks about it in Acts 2, and 1Pet2.) So, all of the Gentile nations were supposed to be Blessed Through Israel. So, had ENOUGH of Israel accepted Messiah when He came, Israel would be BRIDE; and the prophecy was, the Gentiles would benefit Due To Israel. Isaiah talks about this a lot, as I recall, but each prophet does. Paul loves talking about this topic in each of his letters; it's worth tracing.

So, the prophecy of the Birth was the prophecy of how the Gentiles were going to share with Israel, too. So when the world (not merely Israel) was soooo far gone in self-absorption it couldn't go on any longer, the FAR-fulfillment of Isaiah 7 occurred; behold, a virgin shall conceive! Everyone knew this was the KICKOFF for the "times of the Gentiles" prophecy; for, just after Messias finished cutting the New Covenant (wordplay on brith, in Dan9:26), then the Final Phase of History would begin, culminating in His dramatic Rescue of Israel at the end of the "times", at the end of the Tribulation's second "half" of those "times" (Daniel 12; aka time of Jacob's trouble, in Jer30:7). [Even in translation, you can tell this meaning. Second Advent follows immediately, as the rest of Jer30 and succeeding chapters, show.]

So, John 1: He grew by agency of the Spirit and by means of the Truth. So, at the then-traditional Jewish age of maturity for marriage (age 30), Jesus began his Official Offering to Israel; that's why there were Gentiles at the time to hear and respond. Kinda like the Exodus generation, many Gentiles were among those who believed in Him. That's why also He could MAKE the offer in Matt16:18, when Israel played Vashti. For, there would also have to be Enough Gentiles accepting, for Him to even MAKE the offer. That's why He travelled so much. Understand that it was to Israel that He came. Understand that this is why. A whole lot of Gospel verses will suddenly make sense if you can distinguish between the Offering-of-Contract to Israel, versus the Church prediction, and the other topics He covers. [My pastor repeatedly stressed that the believer cannot properly comprehend the Gospels, if he doesn't know how to differentiate between what is and is not, Israel's.]

Thus we have a Trial Legal issue, the "corridor/boundary of consent": Repeating, Note the Fine Print: Gentiles benefit THROUGH Israel. Doesn't mean the only way they benefit is IF Israel becomes a Bride. It can work, Vice Versa. Peter stresses that fact via his OT quotes in 1Pet2 (showing the precedence and re-routing, thereby). Lawyers, sheesh. God, the smartest of the smart, sure knows how to craft a loophole. Here you see Him use it. Reversing, we still go through Israel, since Christ has Completed. So, now Israel who abrogated, can still get in, through being part of Church. They get a Better Replacement Contract, too, if they do (threaded theme in Book of Hebrews). Only God is this smart. Only God is this Loving. Shemah, shenayim! Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad-united!

Messiah is the Heart of the Promise, "X" or "W" version. Because, all covenants go through Him as Seed (Gal3). So, again: Precedence and thus Consistency of Justice, are met.

So too, since "W" replaces "X", then a re-routing occurs, which means the "W" promise will be much harder to live with than "X" would have been. It's a post-Cross promise, that the "W" precedence and terms, are those of the Completed Groom -- no longer, the more childlike covenant which was Israel's, had she elected to become Bride. Which is why Church is a New Covenant to implement the New Covenant to Israel, under the "Footstool" banner (main theme in Book of Hebrews).

In sum, during the First Advent, Christ offers the "X" Divine Benefit Plan contract, Messiah's offer to 'marry' Israel; but not enough in Israel, though believers, agreed. So, Israel's "b)", was finally, No! We want Barabbas! (Matt27.) So Israel's Consent to Brideship Never Became Valid. But HE completed the Groom Conditions of that Divine Benefit Plan of Isaiah 53:10-11, so the Contract for a Bride was still Validly OFFERABLE. So the Divine Benefit Plan Re-Routes, Changes to "W". So Matt16:18, Groom extends the "W" contract offer, and Groom Completes His a) and b). He thought on Cross, therefore we Church, exist!

The Bridal Contract for Church, in Brief

We are Church, Body of Christ, Bride: these terms reflect the Contract Conditions And Delivery. But, The Precedence Changes. For, as we saw at the end of Part II and just saw above, Christ Fulfilled His Conditions. By crafting a New Spiritual Life, as we saw in Part III. So, no longer can the conditions for Brideship be the same as Israel's was, based on the OT system of spirituality; but rather, it must be based on the Groom's Completion. For, Prior to "Church", The Groom Completed His Own Seed Contract, Isa53:10-11. So here is the corrected, amalgamated translation of that text. The bolded text is operative for Church. Note The Infinitives. [What follows below is copied from the Fourth Aspect of DDNA.htm, which is a fuller description. The whole chapter is translated with exegetical notes in Isa53trans.htm.)

Our Eternity-Past Contract in Christ

Isa53:10 [Masoretic text] "But the LORD [Father] delights to crush Him [Humanity of Christ getting the Stone-too-heavy to lift], putting Him to total grief; [Hebrew wordplay: "heheli" in the hiphil, is multi-meaninged. Looks like He's crushed with longing, so Father crushes Him with our sins.]
[for the contract made was,] if He would render Himself as a guilt offering, He will see long-lived seed;
then the LORD's delight will cause His Hand to prosper.
[LXX portion, next says] So the LORD delights to PURIFY [katharizw, same LXX Temple-purifying word as in 1Jn1:9] by wounding Him:
[based on the contract,] 'If You will give as a substitute for sin, Your [plural, God-Man in One Person!] Soul [singular] will see long-lived seed.' "

Isa53:11 "Then the LORD delights to PLUNDER, birthing/carrying out from His Soul's [pregnancy] Labor,
Then, to SCULPT, via His Mastery-of-Thinking,

[Masoretic text] He will see, be satisfied. [propitiation, 7th day and promise-fulfilled soundplay with satisfaction-from-eating. Qal imperfect of BOTH "seeing" and "being satisfied-from-eating" shows you the Third Aspect criterion gets met at the Cross, in the Masoretic.]
Due to His Truth-Knowledge the Righteous One, My Servant, will justify the many, as He will carry/bear their iniquities: [Awesome Soundplay made between dakah ("crushed") of 53:5&10, and da'ath ("truth-knowledge") and tsadeq ("righteous/justified") here, in Hebrew, merging the one into the other, to show the transformation!]
[LXX portion] The Righteous One Well-Serving purposed for/instead of the many; even their sins, He will carry off/lift up."

Isa53:12 [Masoretic text] "Therefore I [Father] will distribute to Him the booty/spoils/plunder of victory because of the many;
and He will apportion the booty among the Great Ones;

because HE poured out HIMSELF to death, and was numbered with the transgressors;
yet He Himself carried/bore the sins of many, and interceded for the transgressors.
[LXX portion] For this reason He will inherit the many;
in fact, He will apportion the plunder among the Great Ones;
for the sake of which [plunder] His Own Soul was given over to Death."

So our Standards for "Completion" are Like His. This, Part III illustrated in great detail. Scripture on this fact is all over the place; every time I look at Bible, I find another passage stressing this "Like His Life" Mandate, for Church. My pastor has taught it for years. Today (1/21/04), when listening to a lesson of his and examining the Greek to understand him better, I stumbled onto 1Jn2. 1Jn stresses this theme over and over, even in translation. So does every NT epistle. We all know we are supposed to be 'Christlike', but how often do we check what Scripture says that means? Well, it means FULLY LIKE, not just a little bit, Eph4:13. Yikes! No wonder we need the Power Of The Spirit 24/7!

Nonetheless, we see Consistency. For, the Groom fashioned From The Law, His Unique Spiritual Life. The Four paired Reasons in Part III explained how this Uniqueness passes on to us. Thus, the Mosaic Law, being fulfilled, expanded exponentially, to Full Intimacy In And With Father -- which, Israel did not have, as their spiritual life was focused on Son's Deity. For, the Promise to them was, Son would become Messiah: depicted by that Ark in the Holy of Holies. Depicted by the Rock (Petra, big keyword in LXX) which the Ark sat on. But in our case, like Hebrews 5-10 painstakingly explains, We have a Different Priesthood Because Our High Priest Has A New Priesthood. to FATHER. So everything must change. NO precedence from the Mosaic Law, anymore. Here, "rightly dividing the Word of Truth" (KJV phrase in Timothy) is vital. For, again -- if you don't distinguish between form and substance in deciphering "Precedence", you'll mess up understanding what Bible says Changed, for Church.

As we saw in Part III, the terms of our Precedence in HIM reverse nearly every characteristic of the OT system. The basic reason for the reversal is that the OT folks looked forward to the Incarnation. But we are POST-Session. They looked forward to His coming Down. We look up, because He Rose. That's why, as noted in the "Third Reason for Invisibility" section of Part III, the NT writing style is abstract, mathlike. It's aerial, see: not like the earthy, concrete, child's (compared to us) spiritual life of the OT with its paint-by-numbers rules. Here is an incomplete synopsis of the differences. [A proper listing would have to be very long, over a hundred items. Someday maybe I'll be able to list at least more of the salient reversals. I'm typing as fast as I can, off the top of my head!]

WHEREAS, [Legal word introducing precedence or basis for a contract or Corporate Resolution, in US.]

  1. Their entire relationship with God was a BEsidedness (OT Bible keyterm "with God", "God with us"), ours is a full-blown INsidedness ("in Christ", "in Him" NT keyterms).

      Christ rendered Himself Qorban (wholly dedicated to God). No one in the OT could do that. Hence all the many Levitical offering rules allowing QORBAN (something you dedicate to God) and freewill offerings. There were specific parameters as to what was allowed to be Qorban, and what wasn't allowed. So in the OT, much of your life couldn't be dedicated to God, however much you'd want it to be. Most, of course, didn't want to dedicate anything, and in their minds obeyed to get something from God. But many wanted to have some kind of reciprocation expression, and the Law made provisions for it. A thing dedicated to God thus immediately became holy, set apart to God. It thereafter had no other purpose. Hence you have redemption rules such as those in Lev23, providing for what you could do if you changed your mind.

      Since the Messiah is Qorban HIMSELF, the Law is essentially UPGRADED in HIM. So now we Church, are entirely Qorban, no matter what we do. Of course, Qorban is, as in the past, a voluntary thing. But the human race was dedicated BY Christ; it's up to each individual, to agree with His Decision. The level of decision we can get post-Cross is 100%, because by paying for us, He owns us as "plunder" (Isa53:12). Of course, if we reject this role we will be devoted to destruction (another OT concept); of course, in that process we can change our minds ("repent", real meaning of Greek word metanoeo), and instead become devoted to God.

      So all the Church provisions below, and many more not yet listed, are to reflect the essential Upgrading from a partial dedication to God, to a Whole One. All the NT is about this changeover; it was what Israel was Training to Learn -- to go from partial to whole, but knowing that until Messiah came, there was no mechanism to make that transition (see Hebrews 4, 5-10 -- whole book is on that topic). Again, since Israel rejected it, they were cut out; but Messiah had Completed the Purpose of the Law, Fulfilling it, so the Law now Upgrades -- in HIM. Blue text below shows the pre-upgrade structure, and purple (made purple by His Thinking 'blood' circulating on the Cross, Isa53:10-11), is for Church.

      Because for Church, Israel can be grafted back in, Romans 11. Because for Church, and since Church only gets to be Church because there WAS (and is) an Israel, Church is given the job of rescuing Israel, including, the TIME for her. So by no means does God reneg on His Promises to Israel. Rather, just as He always does when He changes a covenant, He Re-Routes the Blessing, and that means the Divine Benefit Plan Vastly Upgrades. For, everything is Now Qorban, and God should get His Value Desired from it. Which value, as you saw in Isa53:12, is given to Christ, and apportioned. What an awesome salvation we have!

      I hope it's dawning on you now, that when you brush your teeth, when you stumble on the sidewalk, when you pee, when you do something you consider noble. It's ALL holy, now! Israel couldn't get that, then. But Now any Jew can get it by 'obeying' like Abram did, John 3:16 (Gen15:6). And those who do, are Church, see Gal Chaps3-5. Upgraded, fulfilled Law. For until a thing is fulfilled, it cannot be upgraded, theme of Book of Hebrews. So it is upgraded, NOW. In Him.

  2. They were A POLITY; we are INDIVIDUALS from among MANY nations.
  3. They were always the SAME POLITY (meaning, even if split, STILL ISRAEL); Church's blessing-by-association occurs relative to the number of Growing Believers in ANY nation. (Parts IVb-c cover this role in excruciating detail).
  4. They were SUPPOSED to combine Church and State: well, there were Three Separations even in the Law, as we saw in Part II and in Mirroring.htm's "Exodus" bullets ("Timeline" link at page top); We Are Not Of This World (1Jn3-4, subtheme), but are individually Evidence of Christ (1Jn4:12-17, Greek).
  5. They had a physically-derived LIMITED (Levitical) priesthood; but we have a spiritually-derived UNIVERSAL and ROYAL priesthood (New Precedence, kata Melchizedek, theme of Heb5-10 +2Cor5, etc).

  6. They had prophecy to benchmark the future; we have NO added prophecy, but 'borrow' from theirs (more follows, below).
  7. They had concrete ritual, from which to learn doctrinal principles; we have abstract (mathlike) doctrinal principles, "the thinking of Christ" (1Cor2:16), and craft everything FROM Him.
  8. They had visible manifestations of God; We have the Word, Completed Canon in WRITING. Ergo, an Invisible Spiritual Life: Bringing every thought into capitivity, 2Cor10:5. No one in the OT had THAT criterion. Beware, Christian, of NOT living on His Word! Matt4:4! ["Christ" is used also as a moniker for the Body Of His Thinking in the believer, in NT. Examples: "Christ formed [really, just-birthed] in you", in Galatians; "Christ at home in your hearts", Eph3:17; "Christ in you, the confidence [lit., elpis, confident expectation, wordplay on Plato's Philebus] of GLORY [ties to Eph3:21 and John's skenoo, Shekinah Glory, and 1Cor6, Indwelling]", etc.]
  9. They had Limited Intimacy with God; we have Full Marital Intimacy in God. All those "in Christ", "Christ in you", "in Him", etc. verses are quick ways to see this in-ness. It's real important to note this difference: it's a MARITAL ONENESS we get. John 17 prayer that we be one with God, as Christ Himself (as God, and post-Cross, as Human) BECAME One with Father. It's a huge difference. For example, they weren't Indwelt, and they didn't have the Filling of the Spirit (Jn3:34,7:39), but we do (John 4:23-24, 14:17,26,15:26, 16:13, etc).

      Part III's Reasons covered the vast differential in some detail, especially Third and Fourth paired Reasons. This difference will be keenly felt at the Bema. Our need to be close is not like any other group of folks, because we are made to FIT Him. So to not have "endured to the end", learning Him (can't lose salvation), is really a tragedy beyond description. To me, hell looks far better! There is no suffering in heaven, but the Limitation on seeing Him will be a constant source of yearning. A basis for happiness, yes; but you don't have to be limited! That's why this warning about the Rapture is so important, for it can happen right now, no one knows when. So Learn Him, while you still have a 'today' (Heb4).

  10. They had "Friend of God" as the highest threshold of spiritual attainment (aka Jeshurun, though the latter is also a class); we get "Pleroma" (Eph3:19, max fullness -- has pregnancy connotation, which also indicates invisibility).
  11. They had the limited standard of faith; we have Full Adult Love: His Thinking In Writing In Our Hearts. [This is a hard doctrine for many to comprehend. It's another case of asking the wrong questions, and then getting the wrong answers out of the Right Bible. We Christians ask the wrong questions about the Rapture: when, not why. We ask the wrong questions of Genesis: how the universe, not why man (despite the clear meaning of the very Word "Genesis", the origin of man). We also ask the wrong questions about Acts and the temporary spiritual gifts: what were they, instead of why were they there. Paul answers why they were there, in 1Cor13: to act as stand-ins, until the "Head" is in writing. So, no one "gets" that message, and instead everyone runs around imagining himself to have the gift of tongues, healing, whatever.

      I didn't get it either, though I knew from common sense that God wouldn't write a Book if tongues, etc. were His system of communication. So I wanted the Book, not the feely stuff. So, I got a pastor who knew the Book within about two weeks of that realization; yet, not until hearing my pastor exegete 1Cor13 in lessons 1660ff of 92SD, did I understand how to document from Bible, what common sense long validated. When hearing 1Cor12:31 about a bizillion times, I realized Paul was using odos and huperbale in wordplay to signify Head. See a parallel usage in Eph2:7, especially in context of Eph1. Of course, only in Greek can you tell that Paul uses 12:31 to point forward, so that the "better gifts" are what he's about to say, not what he had already said.

      Then also, in BibleWorks, I could see how 1Cor13's Greek anephoric style shows Canon ("Head") completing (vv9-13), playing on both Jer31:31-34 and Head-and-Body analogy, since 1Cor2. You might try doing that yourself, if this usage of 1Cor13 seems odd to you. Also note all "Love" metaphors in Paul's letters, like Rom5:5, plus the verbs he uses with the metaphor. For example, in Rom5:5 we know it's the Word he means (just as in 1Cor13), because "poured" is water; because, the Holy Spirit does it; because, it goes in our "hearts" (cycling-of-believed-Word-portion of soul, everywhere in Bible). Clear statement that Love is produced by Word being in us, there. See also 1Jn2. Well, to be Real Honest, there's a whole lotta stuff I didn't see before writing these webpages to Audit the Truth. Unlike most people, I have less than no excuse, because I had a pastor teaching from the original-languages of Bible, day in and day out for decades. Gotta turn over what you are learning, or you may as well shoot yourself!]

  12. They were "Family of God"; we are "ROYAL Family of God". (In quotes, because these are my pastor's terms. Bible has different ways of stating these titles.)
  13. They were physically-prosperous; we are spiritually prosperous.
  14. They were a physical bloodline Founded on Faith [See Rom4 and 9]; ours is a New-Precedence, "NEW-IN-KIND SPIRITUAL SPECIES" (2Cor5:17's Greek=kaine ktisis), and obviously still founded on Faith (John 3:16, Acts 16:31, Acts 4:12).
  15. They had Prophecy; we Determine History (big topic, in Part IVc).
  16. They will be the client nation of the Millennium ("Footstool" in Bible); only a very few of us will rule the Gentile nations as 'wife' to the Head of Israel, Our Husband, the Lord Jesus Christ. He, of course, is the Head of the World, too.

And on and on. The only commonality with the OT system of spirituality is that faith in Christ, and continuing Learning of the Word, remain fundamental. But even then, their highest level of growth is but our spiritual childhood: the faith-system is exponentially enlarged, due to LOVE being Seated (main theme of 1Cor13). [A central teaching of my pastor's. I'm not phrasing its nature as well as he does, because he uses specialized vocabulary.] So our Word/Scripture/His Mind is exponentially enlarged, too. Learning it is intense, and takes a lifetime; no kindergarten-y, soundbyte, homily system. Of course, the commonalities of faith in Him and learning whatever-was-then-Word, remain true in all Covenants of Association in history. Check it out yourself. (Why is OT faith system childish, by comparison? Because the Christ had an adult spiritual life, which you saw in Part III. My pastor has long taught that fact, but you can see it in Bible, too, but you'll need the Greek texts. Best one I found, though not the only one, is 1Cor13:9 compared with v.13, with tie-in verses elsewhere, like in Heb4. In Corinthians, at least two important keys to interpretation seem to be generally missed. Until my own pastor mentioned them, I didn't see them either. Only the Greek helps. 1st key, Paul's playing on "Head" using terms like huperbale and meros and "Way" (odos, nickname for Christianity then, and reference to "Way..Truth..Life" verse) in 1Cor12:31: a verse pointing forward, not backward. Remember he had been talking about a BODY, a theme begun in 1Cor6; about the HEAD, begun in 1Cor2. Second key, is "anephora", a Greek rhetorical style in three's. It's a type of parallelism. So you vertically match the first of a three in one verse, with the next parallel. Kinda like tic-tac-toe. So notice what's first listed in each of verses 9-13. They are meant to be interpreting each other. Then, repeat with the other variables. "I am known" is mistranslated, in v.12, so is not about post-death, but Post-Canon: it's really CAUSED TO KNOW BY GOD, but translation misleads. Phrase is also used in Gal4:9 and 1Cor8:2-3 (esp.v.3). See Rom9:23, 11:34, 16:26(!), 1Cor2:8, 15-16 (!) Eph1:9, 3:5,10, Col1:27 for the larger meaning of this catchphrase. It's Paul's way to explain the fulfillment of Jer31:31-34.)

In the other segments of Part IV, and also in Part V, we'll see the Macro Effect of this Intimacy in/to/with Father which Church is caused to have, due to and through the Seated Christ, on all History. Father's Choice, As Wedding Present For His Son: Endowered, Fit, Bride.

Of course, as is always true in all God's Covenants of Association, some basics remain the same. So, "Church" (ekklesia) derives its precedence from synagogue, and has the same meaning: We Are To Learn Something. The ekklesia was a place where people assembled to hear didaskaloi, Teachers who Taught About God. Going To God's School. So the term is not even remotely related to a socializing with other believers. The Heb10 "not forsaking the assembling of themselves" is thus seriously ABused by religion, to get believers to play hookey. Piously, of course.

Hence LEARNING is the quintessential condition, just as it was back in the Garden. (The first condition, of course, was to be a believer, for no unbeliever is Church.)

"Body of Christ" is Part Of Christ, Who is the Head. We are staff, completing (perfecting, legal term) Him. So, we are part of the "party of the first part", because we are His "Body". That is a condition with precedence, too:

  • Just as He Had To Fulfill The Seed Conditions, so also His Body must in the same way fulfill Growth Conditions. That is why we get His Spiritual Life. For, He's Precedence.
      Because He fulfilled His Conditions, the 'bar' of learning is Raised To His Level: Eph4:13, 3:19. This, since He should 'marry' FITLY. All this, Part III explained in detail. Here in Part IV, we're on the 'macro' (big-picture) side of that fact.

  • The other precedence: again, just as there had to be Enough among Israel to accept Him for Israel to get Brideship, so also there must be Enough of us. Our Contract is still in the Betrothal stage, until we are 'Enough', so (as happened with Israel's) it can be broken. We just know in advance (per Revelation) that we'll make it, else there would be no more history. How the numbers of us need to fit together and 'balance', will be a major topic in Part IVb.

      This is another reason why the 'bar' of learning is so much higher. If they rejected, then how to justify a Replacement Bride for Trial purposes, if the Replacement, is not Better? Meaning also, a richer 'kidnap' victim. For Satan to succeed at getting Church to reject Him, given the extremely high levels of blessing we get -- hoo-boy, what macro damage can be done to the world!

      As explained in Part III, to whom much is given, much more Growth is expected. Royal, even. Ruling, even. So if a crown prince screws up, there's royal trouble, too. Trouble is, other people suffer when the ruler screws up. How vast a damage this is, will be covered in this Part IVc-d (in the sections dealing with Satan's counterplan). It's devastating. The bigger you are, the more you can suffer; the more responsibility you have, when you screw up, the more you must be punished. I don't look forward to the Bema: the screaming will be unbearable, until it ends. Yes, screaming. 99.9% of us believers will end up losers. Saved, but no spiritual growth. We get rewarded for our high moments (i.e., cup of water verse). But the BIG reward is to be crowned. Very few rulers, because most people opt for Brother-Foot Churchinanity, fancying themselves holy (threaded subtheme in 1Jn, following the strawman pattern set up in 1:6, 8, 10; see also Eph4:14, Philippians 3:18-19, 1Cor4:8, all of Jude, 2John, 3John, last two chapters of 2Peter).

  • Therefore PLEROMA is the Hugely-Upgraded Value Of Those Few Who Do Fulfill This Highest Of Learn Conditions Ever Granted To Man (past or future), "inherit the Kingdom", get "crowns", etc. As we saw in Part III's Escutcheon sections, a Pleroma believer is so capacious, he can Rule a whole kingdom, because on the inside, he's a completed kingdom within himself. Therefore also, the Extreme Bema shame of those who Reject This Most Valuable Covenant of "the Age over all the Ages", Eph3:21. So, Pleroma believer is crowned King, inherits great property, wealth -- and people. Bible terms are individual; the corporate side has to do with enough King/Winners fulfilling these inheritance conditions, en masse. Masses themselves, don't count. For, as we saw in Corollary 3B of Part III, those who don't fulfill the Learn Condition will still be Royal Priests forever, but will not rule. The "Kingdom" is a Federation of "Kings". Hence, the "King of Kings" is the Lord. So, there are kingdoms within the Kingdom, and the "inherit the Kingdom" means you become a King within it, not merely a Royal Family beneficiary.

    This Royal Status isn't some cute, symbolic, feel-good picture to make us sigh. It's a literal, scary truth. Spiritual Royalty in Him is Real, and God help the Christian who thinks like a peasant, anyway. The First and Second Reasons of Part III should have dispelled all notions that we are somehow Brother Foots. We can behave like peasants if we want to: with eternal ramifications. If you look at any royal family in history, you know full well that while the outside world ooohed and ahhhed over them, internally, they operated on a very strict hierarchical code. The Romanovs, for example, were forever having trouble with their cousins acting like peasants. Royalty means responsibility, and if you can't take the responsibility, be prepared for Royal Punishment. Edward VIII should not have abdicated: it was evil for him to forsake his office. We, too, face that severe a life: learn to rule, or learn to be punished. Being royal means both, and everything in your life is abnormal: however mundane, you are getting Royal Training. Like secular royals (i.e., the Romanovs and Hohenzollerns) you might be sleeping in cots or eating bread-and-water -- to toughen you up for better ruling ability, later. So the peasant's conditions, you often get -- but for Royal reasons. Conversely, maybe you need to be trained using gold spoons and tiaras: well, then Royally learn, don't get that peasanty glow about how much you own. God help the Christian, who mistakes the high or low circumstances, for a low spiritual life.

    The higher in life you are, the more Rules Govern You. That's why you get the "big bucks." That fact is true first, in God's Plan. That's why there was a Cross, a Contract, and plunder. Can't get the crown, without first going through your cross.

    The higher in life you are, the more you are expected to govern yourself. That's why you get the "big bucks." So this Royal Training you must do; you can't pawn it off on religion, some teacher, a catechism or works. Again, that fact is true first, in God's Plan. That's why there was a Cross, a Contract, and plunder. Can't get the crown, without first going through your cross. And only the Holy Spirit's Filling you with His Thinking, will Complete that contract, Isa53:11.

    And the Contract, though it has a Corporate Component, is Precedented On an Individual, so retains that essentially-individualistic character. No one is to blame for my failures, but me. The contract is to me, individually. To you, individually. To your next-door neighbor, someone in the remote recesses of the Andes, to the rich guy, the poor guy, the sick gal, the well gal. Individually. Everything is Vertical, never horizontal. So it's not "publish or perish", the bane of academia and science -- but AUDIT or perish. What beliefs we have and keep on choosing, determine everything. Especially, beliefs about God.

"Bride" is what we are called when we are completed/perfected (legal sense), meaning the requisite number is fulfilled (theme of Part IVb). So, the "Body" is complete: all because we Church learned enough, and thus developed enough. Remember the funding criterion of God's Divine Benefit Plan, in the first part of the "Legal Precedence" section, how God re-routes blessing? Funding for the eternal polities is based on the 'money' of Thinking which Father Will Hear Forever. Starting now, since we are alive (and hence thinking), Now. So when that criterion's funding goal is met (technically, all the present values are enough such that the accumulated eternal values are enough), then we are Raptured up. This topic is the central focus of Part IVb.

NOTE WELL: just as for Israel, we too have an open-ended option to reject or accept Learning Him. First Commandment requires Like-Mindedness. So, if we refuse, then the Body is not yet complete. It's not how many believe in Him, any more than it was how many believed back in the OT or First Advent. It's How Many Fulfill The First Commandment, so to speak. Consummation of a marriage requires the wife "know" her husband. Hebrew OT was quite strong about this: "to know" (jadah) and "to have sex" (davaq) were used interchangeably; so having intercourse with God meant knowing God. Hence, infidelity was not knowing God: see Hosea 4. You'll find parallel scathing indictments all over the NT, like in Philippians 3:15ff, Romans 12:2-3, 1Cor4:8, 2Tim2:26-3:7. 2Peter is so strong about dogs returning to their vomit (negative believers), it's hard to read. Rev2 and 3, of course, are famous for their severity and, Husbandly tenderness.

    All these add up to, Warning, Believer! if you don't learn Christ, you'll end up having the form, but not the substance, of marital relationship with Christ. Meanwhile, history will continue until Enough Believers Fulfill The First Commandment. Bible term for this completion is "Pleroma". Fullness. Fullness-of-knowing-Him. See Eph3:15-21 for a great summary definition.

    One of the cardinal rules of both translating and interpreting text written in the past, is to interpret it in accordance with the 'time' of its writing. So, for Shakespeare, you have to know a lot of special olde English vocabulary, to get what Shakespeare meant: look up "codpiece" to see the term is not about dinner. So, especially for Scripture, part of textual criticism is to find out the meaning of a word at the time of writing. At the time of writing, while the world was largely monogamous, there was a worldwide tradition of royal or very wealthy men having (what in the Middle East was called) harems. These harems were often just legal arrangements to cement alliances, and the 'brides' had little or no contact with the husband. In short, just the form of marriage. Not love, not even much sex: just a legal form, to prevent ruffled feathers. For a ruler or a very wealthy man needed to have alliances, and these alliances were traditionally cemented by marrying someone in the group with whom the alliance was to be made. It was better than having hostages, which was the other common practice of assuring loyalty of the other group. So often those in the harems, were strangers, and had honorary but pretty menial jobs. That's how This Contract is Described for Church, too. You will be as close to Him as you choose, though. So the only 'alliance' issue is of your own choosing. He already Chose Oneness. Question is, do we choose as far as He did? We can, Eph4:13. But we don't, else we'd all be in heaven by now.

    Principle: those who reject Learning Him will have little or no contact: just a minor and distant member of Christ's 'harem' Bride. Well-cared-for, to be sure; happy, oh yeah; but well, the person didn't want to know Him, so He doesn't 'want' to know that person. Forever. The "Lord, Lord" verse is talking about unbelievers, but there's a parallel for believers, too: "Alert! I come suddenly!" That's the corrected translation of the Revelation refrain (which the Lord also used in the Gospels), idou erchomai TACHÚ. Not, "quickly", or "soon", but SUDDENLY. Like a thief, who suddenly swoops in, relying on his speed to get away. (If you've ever been overseas in poor countries, you see this same swift manner of theft.) Revelation 16:15 goes so far as to warn you of not getting torched for sleeping on WATCH, "naked" being a term for no rewards at Bema (ties to 1Cor3, yet he himself shall be saved, as though through fire).

      For decades, my pastor explained this problem, warned about how low Christianity had sunk, and to be honest, I believed him, but didn't really think it was soooo bad. Until I discovered Christian chat. Until I got Christian cable. My pastor predicted 9/11 long before it happened, and not from some "prophetic utterance", but from Scripture: the Lev26/Deut28 warnings are bald. To watch those chapters play, flip on any Christian station you wanna name. Or, open any history book (i.e., Gibbon) covering Constantine's time. Same Christian ignorance-and-crusading happening now, as then. It's heartbreaking.

    LOVING GOD is what makes you mature, 1Cor13:2-3. You can't love God until you know God. You can't know God until you know Bible. You don't know Bible unless you spend some years daily breathing 1Jn1:9 and internalizing Bible into your own life under whomever is your own right pastor. So notice: doesn't matter how correct your 'doctrines' or how moral you are. Sure, it's important to learn better and to be moral, but without that transition into just loving God for Himself, you will tank in the spiritual life, but fancy yourself holy. It's the norm in Christianity, to be all puffed up over works and how 'correct' self is in a doctrine. No love there, only ego. And no Bema reward, either. As my pastor puts it, you have "two mutual flanks": one is Bible in your head, the Truth you know and live on; but the other, is Love for God. You won't mature spiritually without it.

    You can tell if you love God if you keep wanting to know Him better, just because. When people are genuinely interested, they keep spending their thoughts on the object. They don't regard what they spend as being of any merit, but are too busy enjoying the object of their thoughts. Self is not in view, because they are too busy thinking about the object of their love. You don't see anyone who loves building model airplanes pat himself on the back over how good he is to do that. So, he really loves the activity. So if you catch yourself trying to tell yourself how good you are due to something you did, then love is absent, not present, to that extent. Talk to God all the time if you can, no matter what. That builds love. And when you do love Him, you'll keep on thinking that you don't. If you don't love Him, you'll keep on telling yourself how much you love Him. Heh: sin nature always denies the truth, so whatever you have the urge to think, the truth is the OPPOSITE.

    Rulers must be like-minded, as we saw in Part III. So if not a ruler, Not Close. Frankly, even hell sounds better than so much eternal distance! What, do you want to live on (what's the equivalent of our) 'Pluto', seeing Him way off in the distance, King riding by in a carriage but once every Millennium, if you are lucky? You don't have to settle for that! Don't miss the growth!

So Father Unites History through Church, because -- as is depicted in Ephesians 2, 1Cor6, 12, Heb10-12 -- Father uses Church to RESCUE Israel. For, history is tied to Israel: all the 'sevens' are hers. Through Him, the Seed, Our Savior and King. So just like Him, We Ironically Are To Determine History, rather than be promised time -- because He Redeemed Time. So that's our job, too. (The remainder of Part IV will be on this topic, so you can see how the macro dynamics work.)
Something Old, to go with Something New...

So we are a new spiritual species, created in Him (2Cor5:17, Eph2:10); so, we have a new contract, new precedence, yet something old: consistency of the two fundamentals of Believe and Learn. Believing, means being "pro-" the object of belief. Learning also means being "pro-", the object Learned. And Love has to be learned. For only God is Love. But we can Learn His Love, by learning His Word (Rom5:5, 1Cor13, Eph3:15-19, 1Jn4, etc).

Since Our Origin derives from the Old Contract Israel was offered, its Completion terms also have to port over, else God is not consistent. These Believe and Learn variables, therefore, are what Justify The Call Home. Our terms are necessarily harder than theirs, since blessing had to be re-routed through us, and since Messiah completed His Contract; so, any Bridal terms which remained unfinished, we must get. As we saw earlier in the "Israel's Signing/'Voting Yes'" white table on this page, those criteria were two: a) enough had to be Believers, and, and b) Enough had to Love the Groom. Simplified, these two Call Criteria constitute Completed Votes Pro-Him.

    So, then: due to His Precedence, our 'Church' completion must satisfy the same criteria. Additionally, since He did complete His Own Contract conditions, we Inherit From Him the same characteristics as pertained TO Him, while He was still down here.

    The body-count issue is part of a much bigger criterion of Father's, and will be covered in Part IVb. For, due to this much bigger 'Body' criterion of Father's, there are 'child' (corollary) issues (pun intended). Be prepared for many great shocks!

Our Precedence, Groom's Father Uses  Church To RESCUE Israel

So where are we? Well, since Israel played Vashti, the Gentiles become Esther, STILL with the purpose of rescuing the Jews. And idou, look! They Still Get The Contract, But Upgraded: they are grafted back IN (theme of Romans 9-12). So the call goes out to them from the very Gentiles who saw the Light, Isa52:15, and deiknumi clause in Isa53:11, LXX; with Matt22 as its fulfillment, playing Right Now; thus, Matt22 becomes an Invitation to Their Own Wedding, if they too believe in Him! Matchless, Infinite Grace! Paul can't stop exulting over this fact in Romans: it's a major subtheme of that letter.

So How Does Father use Church to Rescue Israel? Basically, He takes advantage -- oh, how God is the Best of Lawyers! -- He next takes advantage of the loopholes in Our Bridal Contract to GRAFT IN anyone from among the Jews, who wants in! Because to "cut a covenant" (b'rith) you gotta cut off something, to graft in something. Vinedresser. God started the cutting-out right away: After all, that's how the Gentiles were delivered, back in the OT! We were Cut OUT, and Israel was Cut IN by Cutting a Phallus (Abram's). So they got cut OUT, by rejecting Messiah; so We got Grafted IN Their Contract, via the Same Messiah; hence we get Our Contract; so isn't it Precedence and Justice, that they should have an Escape Clause to get Grafted IN Our Contract -- too?

You bet!!!! And it's the Best of Loopholes, too: His Son! Idou, Look at this! Repeating: Messiah Seed (Gal3) had Completed His Contract, Ascended, was Seated "at the Right Hand" (Highest-Authority idiom), so is OWED DELIVERY On His Contract! So we saw Father's Eph1 wit, in Part III's beginning: the King of Kings, had no kingdom! Hence, the calling out of the Bride from among the Gentiles (see Eph3, Rom10-11, all "mystery" verses, 1Cor2:7).

Which, of course, we even knew before He finished the Cross, beginning with that first announcement to Peter (Matt16:18), "On this Rock" --epi tautei tei Petrai, thus pointing to Himself (see also touton of John 6:27), because Petra=Messiah=Bedrock on which the Ark sat! --"I Will Build My Church."

Note: Upon This One! epi Tautei tei Petrai! HE will build, not someone else (no popes). He WILL build, not during 1st Advent but after (Church did not begin in Abram's tent). He will BUILD, so no works BY the structure are at issue (a structure can't do anything until it's been built, any more than a fetus has a soul until born). CHURCH. "Us" (NT keyword for Church). "Now" (NT Keyword for Church's "time"/Age/covenantal period).

We just saw how the Lord Rescued Her Time by Inagurating Church.
There are basically Two Rescue Functions God makes via Church, relative to Israel:
1) Rescue Her Ignorance of the Change, and
2) Rescue all Her Covenants; which are in Abrogated Status, due to rejection of Messiah.

So "Rescue" is Primarily an Education Problem:
Educating Israel as to her current status, and what to do about it.
The rest of this webpage covers How God Addresses this Problem.

The Education Problem itself is subdivided into another two goals (everything with God is Hypostatic, Union of Opposites, God-Man). These Two Education Goals are: Educate via Scripture ALONE, and Educate via Comparing Scripture to Observable History. For that's always how God 'played' it with Israel: Leviticus 26, Hosea4 (etc). is the pattern. If you won't Hear Word, then you will hear Warring. So the History (next division of this webpage) plays a Confirming Witness to Scripture Role of Warring, i.e., No Temple, No Covenant.

So let's now examine the "Educate via Scripture ALONE" Goal.

We just saw above how the Bridal Contract itself, and its Precedence, provide a huge amount of comparative data for Jews to see how what WAS to be their own Fulfillment, still is occurring -- but via Church. So they can get in on it, "while it is yet Today", as Hebrews Chapters 3-4, explain. They get in, via Church. They become Church if they believe in Christ, no matter what they call themselves. Jews typically have a hard time thinking of themselves as "Christians", even once they have believed in Christ, but what they call themselves, doesn't matter. They ARE Church, simply by faith in Christ, even as we all are.

The other big problem the Jews have, is their excessive (but quiet) prejudice against non-Jews. This prejudice is built from many spokes of history. They are better, truly: smarter, more attractive, more healthy, more witty, more talented in every way. This makes them receive more prejudice, so they understandably react. No one is more persecuted than the Jew: God placed Israel in the Spot Most Likely To Be Attacked for its sheer geographical commercial Travel Value, as we saw at the first link of this Part IVa. So that's part of the prejudice. It truly is hard to be better than others, and yet have to deal with them. It is truly hard to have the Truth about God and know that, yet have to deal with all those who wanna argue or fight with you about it. So Jews aren't particularly receptive to our claim that what they had right, is now totally Wrong, because they are stuck in the past.

So, God provides a Tracking System they can Use to verify it's God Who's telling them they are wrong -- rather than, some goyim. After all, no one likes to hear he's wrong. God thus employs a tracking system in the WORD, so the Jews can know it's HIM speaking: special keys and keywords help them (and us, of course) track the main 'flow' of the Change. This tracking takes you all over the Bible, and you have to think like a thesaurus. (Jews are trained to do that, from infancy (usually). It's part of their gift in Abraham, to think from hubs with spokes. Read the Mishnah sometime, you'll see it. They get tangled up in their spokes, their genius for seeing many sides of a question. But then, so do we.)

So note, in the following table, how these keys trace the main outline of the Precedence, the Continuity, the Upgrade, the Change and above all, the Faithfulness of God. All of these keywords tie directly back to Isaiah 53, which is the Master Contract for All Covenants in History. So you'd expect the NT to be full of these keywords. And, it is.

"Idou, 2Cor5:17! Behold, New Spiritual Species Has Arrived!
[Greek ginomai (GHIN-oh-my) means to become, to come to a station/place/status, hence to ARRIVE. Lots of wordplay in Bible, using that verb.]

Precedence is expressed by CONTINUITY. So When Precedence Changes, There Must Be Some Explanatory Tieback To What Was The Precedence For The Change; So You Can See The Continuity. Something Old, giving rise to something New. So you know the jurisprudence is Genuine. Like, the Old Testament, giving rise to the New One.

NEW PRECEDENCE-IS-ESTABLISHED KEY ==> Because He fulfilled His "a)" and "b)", a New Group gets an "a)" and "b)", because the Brideship Contract Still Remains, so Still Remains Offerable; Still Remains Essential, and Still Remains INCOMPLETE. This much, the Jews already know. They dispute that Jesus the Christ is the One Who fulfilled the Groom side of the contract, so they dispute Church. But they do know there's a Contract. So God works with what they know.

  • Every NT writer ties back to the OT so all can see how the New Covenant ("Testament", to us) is being Implemented via Church.
  • So the Same Holy Spirit uses OT Vocabulary Jews Can Test in the New. That's why so much of the NT is devoted to quoting the OT, to demonstrate the tiebacks.
  • Like, the "vocabulary" of Jeremiah, especially 3:16, and 31:31-34. Book of Hebrews is built around those verses.
  • Like, the vocabulary of Exodus 3:14's first official use of the Sacred Tetragrammaton (its original form being a sentence, prediction of taking on Humanity). John focuses on that.
  • Like, the vocabulary of Isaiah 53, especially its LXX terms in 53:10-12. All the NT uses those terms, both directly and allusively.
  • Like, the vocabulary of Messianic prophecy, which is everywhere stressed in the NT, including and especially, the prediction that the Jews would reject Messiah when he came (tie between Daniel 9:26 and Isaiah 53, the latter's meter being used by God to explain Daniel 9's chronology).
  • Like, the vocabulary of the "times of the Gentiles", the vast body of OT prophecy on how the Gentiles would come to believe in Messiah due to Jewish rejection -- again, summarized in Isaiah 52:14-15.

In short, the objective is to show the OT is fulfilled in Christ. Remember in the earlier discussion about Precedence, that when Party "A" completes the contract, there are a separate set of clauses regarding When And How And If Delivery on the promise to "A", shall occur. For example, you buy something from Amazon; but then you have to choose how and when the purchased item, shall be shipped. To where, whom, etc. That's an easy example of an implicit contract -- Amazon promises you'll get what you purchased, but now there are terms regarding how, when, and if: since if something goes wrong in the process (i.e., the package is lost), you might not get the item delivered, at all.

So here, the task for the Jew (and us) to understand, is that a DELIVERY of something COMPLETED, is where we are in history. Messiah has Come and Left the Building, Daniel 9:26, Matt24. It's not something future.

  • He COMPLETED Isa53, it's not something future, that's what the Gospels all explain, showing how all the OT prophecy "keys" were fulfilled.
  • HE completed Isa53, not someone else, not works.
  • So the Law is Fulfilled.
  • So it must Change to the New Covenant, which the Jews all knew about.
  • So this is a Furtherance of the Promise, the Delivery Phase. That orientation must first be understood. This is where the Jews are hung up, essentially: they are stuck in the past, which has moved on just as God promised.

    Repeating: Messiah Seed (Gal3) Completed His Contract, Ascended, was Seated "at the Right Hand" (Highest-Authority idiom), so is Owed BRIDAL Delivery On His Contract!

  • Thus the two best-known facts in Judaism, the Coming of Messiah and the Temple Depicting Him, are centrally-placed both IN the NT descriptions -- and, in history. Here, we're just focusing on the NT descriptions.
  • So the terminology most employed in the NT, is evocative of the Temple:
    • "Dwelling" words. Indwelling is thus communicated, since now believers are The Temple, because Messiah-The-Living-Temple, is being BUILT. Hebrew "banah", used of the woman being "built" for Adam. Very clever. Thinking like a thesaurus, you get dwell, remain, fill, house, home, God-in-you, etc. See how these are all thesauretical hubs around a "dwelling" concept? For what is Messiah, but "God with us"? Dwelling -- that's the promise, that's what happened to the Temple, it was the 'house of God'. Representing, the day God would add Humanity to Himself. Uniquely-born. Housed in Human flesh, tabernacling among us.
    • "Marital" and "family" words. Intimacy is thus stressed. In the OT, Israel was to be the Bride, and a Family of Nations was to come from Abraham's loins. But what kind of loins? Not merely physical, but SPIRITUAL. For you are a 'son' of Abraham if you believed in Christ like Abraham did. Jews know this very well.
    • "Wealth" words. Temple was the repositary of all Israel's wealth, for it was a fortress. The Big Bank of Heaven. Depicting, the spiritual wealth which God would bestow on Israel, in the Millennium. Depicting, His House, which after all would be the Wealthiest of all, since God is Absolutely Rich. Rich to Know, Rich Provider, etc.
    • "Destruction" words. This is the warning of warring, famous in Leviticus 26, but first promised in 1Kings 9, the negative side of the TEMPLE contract: diaspora. The Temple's destruction is a central mourning in Judaism. People will not marry in the month it was destroyed. People often won't have any nice celebrations that whole month. And on Tish b'Av (9th Av, usually August), they often fast. No Temple means God is Displeased, they know that well. So the NT spends much time explaining WHY the Temple was Destroyed, beginning with the prediction in Matt24, and of course the Lord's Own Claim His Body was the Temple, which would Rise in Three Days. They taunted Him with that, when He was on the Cross. So the Daniel 9:26 prediction of the Temple's Destruction, and its fulfillment, but the future promise of Rebuilding, is the best-known doctrine in Judaism. For it was SUPPOSED to be the end of the world, when the Temple was destroyed. But the world didn't end, see. So why not? That's the question which should be hitting their minds, every time Av rolls around, every time they go to Aish.com and see the Wailing Wall.

You get the idea, by now: the NT is chock-full of OT vocabulary to show how Messiah FULFILLED Prophecy. But the Jews are stuck in the past, because they are rejecting Word. (Just like us Christians.) They only mouth it, and that rotely. Bobbing in front of the Wailing Wall, rushing through the Hagadah as quickly as they can at Passover Seder, priding themselves on how they all read the same Torah portion every Saturday, all over the world -- glorifying thus themselves, pretending that glorifies God. It's sick. It's derisive of God. Kissing the Torah -- well, kissing your fingers, then touching the Scroll as it is paraded around the aisles -- but never learning it. Chanting songs, praising good deeds, making sure dues are paid, boy oh boy -- making sure you are "seen of men"!

Meanwhile, all along at least once a year they have to go through the 'Torah portion' from Jeremiah. So when they mindlessly chant on Saturday the portion containing Jeremiah 3:16, they don't recognize that promise of a dead piece of stone and the dead box atop it, being replaced by a Living Ark Who will Stand for All Time. So when they mindlessly chant on Saturday the portion containing Jeremiah 31:31-34, they don't remember the tfellin significance: The Word is to be WRITTEN on your hearts and minds. The Living Word in your own words, 1Cor1:5, 10, 1Cor5:7-8 (Greek). But the writer of the Book of Hebrews sure understood it: those two Jeremiah verses, plus Isa53 (and all the rest of Scripture) form the legal outline of his God-breathed book. Telling us how the past is obsoleted: for "better things", Attick "kreittwn", the New Covenant, has Come! Sanctifying, for all time, Heb10:10-17! [1 Cor is egregiously mistranslated in important verses. Corr trans of 1Cor1:5, 10 is in ArchiDes.htm's first footnote "[1]"; partial explan and corr trans of 1Cor5:7-8 is there, too: just search on "1Cor5:7" to go to that part of the page.]

For, as every Jew who studies Torah should know, Legal Contracts are SELF-CONTAINED.

  • So all the relevant provisions and definitions must be INSIDE the Contract.
  • Something outside is therefore excluded from contractual provision/definition; unless the Contract itself, INCORPORATES BY REFERENCE what's outside;
  • hence only to the extent thus Incorporated By Reference does an outside provision, 'come into' the Contract.
That's how you need to read the Bible. For the Bible is first and foremost, a set of "Covenants", "Testaments": which mean, CONTRACTS. Even the narratives communicate contract provisions; even a deposition is an implicit contract that the Testimony given, is True.

  • So God mirrors back to them the Superior Promise of the New Covenant via the goyim. Incorporating them by reference, just as He'd promised He'd do, back in Isaiah 52:15 (and many other places). So His Face can Shine upon The Chosen People who during Now are rejecting Him, still.

  • Cutting-out and Grafting In the Jews, even as the Gentiles were at first "far" (cut off), but now "near" (grafted in). That's an Incorporation by Reference technique. Clever, huh.

So the Bible uses OT keywords to prove to the Jews by grafting-in aka incorporation by reference, that the NT is just as much from God, as the OT. Here are sample keywords in the NT, you can trace.

"REMNANT" is evocative of the Vine, the grape gleanings so small, everyone else abandoned them. Much about the "remnant" in the OT. Thesauretically, "rest", "remnant", "remainder", and of course, all the verb forms. Writer of Hebrews uses the verb "kataleipw" (kat-ah-LAY-poh) in Heb4:1, to show the Change in Precedence. Its "leipw" (LAY-poh) ending is most significant. Writer uses this ending with various prefixes to craft his letter (ekleipw, apoleipw, etc). So he plays with its many related meanings: you'll need a detailed lexicon. Essence of kataleipw: something is Deliberately Left Out, Left Behind, 'Remaining' In The Sense Of Pending Completion Or Acquisition. Very pointed incorporation by reference of the Promise Still to be grabbed while it is yet "today", in the Book of Hebrews.

    REMNANT as a People in Hebrew or Greek always has two connotations: a) "leftovers" (sense of cast off, crumbs), and b) Remainder after Disaster. Study the etymology of she'erit in Heb, and leimma in Greek. Awesome meaning, here. There are many synonyms for these two keywords, each one conveying more about the meaning. Idea that the ones rejected, abandoned, left behind -- few in number and weak -- will be the FOUNDATION for the New Kingdom. Awesome wordplay, since Christ was rejected, Isaiah 52:13+53:3. Isaiah 54:1 is all about REMNANT being more productive than the 'respectable'.

Verb "MENW" -- to abide at home, at post, remain, be loyal -- always refers back to Christ's definition, in John 15; but Christ is using the famous Vine definition from the OT. God is the Husbandman, makes the Vine Israel, Grow. So REMAIN on the Vine, and the Branch will Come to make the Vine Prosper. Many compound verbs are made with prepositional prefixes, like kata-, epi-, hupo-. For example, hupomenw, literally "to remain under", means to endure, be patient. Nouns are made from -mone (with eta).

    John 14-17 uses this keyverb to show how and why we get our spiritual-life Precedence from Christ, not the Law. It originates in the Greek-cultural context of communing-with-a-god (intimacy overtones). Staying at home. Because you want to. Staying obedient. Because you want to. Staying at your (military) post. Because you are loyal. Staying In The Witness Box, despite your "adversary" (meaning of "satan") trying to trip up your testimony. (Also trace uses of martureo, marturia, usu. translated witness/testimony/affadavit/deposition -- remember the "Ark of the Testimony"?)

    Usage of "menw" is a more pregnant a tieback to the OT than even "remnant", which in Hebrew is rooted in "sheba", meaning "seven", the PROMISE itself; verb=shaba (shin beth ayin), too; often means to take an oath; so the writer of Hebrews incorporates by reference both meanings throughout, especially in the last half of Heb6 (to demonstrate fulfillment of God's Promised One).

    So the very-much-related Greek word "menw", the main theme of John 15 and most of the NT, has to do with VINE-ness. The first usage of VINE is in Genesis 40:9, the very BASIS for Israel becoming Israel, Joseph's interpretation of the cupbearer's dream. Had Joseph not done that, there'd BE no Israel. So Joseph had to Abide waiting until God delivered him; so Jacob had to Abide thinking Joseph was dead; so Israel had to Abide in Egypt when the famine came, and then of course Abided there until the Lord delivered them. So ABIDE is thesauretically the heart of VINE. So the Lord takes all this connectedness into account, when talking about Vine and Branches, in John 15. You'll find that VINE is used as a major OT keyword for ABIDING in the Word, in the OT. God is Wine, see. Wine is associated with Blood, therefore with the Heart of Messiah, Whose Blood (Thinking) would save Mankind, Isaiah 53. See? Bible is sheer Genius, so a race of geniuses were crafted to understand it. And these Geniuses -- the Jews -- are so tangled UP in their abilities, they are blinded to the God Who Made them. But God knows what tracking metaphors they need to get their sight back.

Quintessentially, though, REMNANT and ABIDE were used of the TEMPLE. Only the Remnant would return to REBUILD it, and God would ABIDE with Israel as a result. That's why "Immanuel" -- God with us -- always meant the Temple Standing, per the contract in 1Kings 9. But it's NOT standing now. So God is NOT with Israel now. Every Jew knows that, every Jew knows that Daniel 9:26 is "on", but they reject the FIRST statement of that same verse, that MESSIAH'S LEAVING is what would trigger Temple Destruction.

Now, if you recognize "remnant" plus "menw", you also gain understanding of the mechanics of the spiritual life; which you can track, in the NT. For example, now all those "endure to the end" verses will no longer be confused with salvation verses: for, "hupomenw" means to endure. And WHAT are you enduring in, staying in, abiding in, at home in, remaining in? IN The Vine. IN His Thinking. Not, enduring to get saved, for crying out loud. See, if You Weren't Already Saved, you couldn't be Abiding under Christ, get it? See 2Cor5:14-21. So it's about Enduring IN His Thinking; IN the Witness Box, the Post, at Home IN Him (main theme of 1Jn, Eph3). Until, you GO Home, TO Him (1Cor15).

It's not works, But God Works in your own soul, to Make You Compatible with His Son, Eph2:10. [Eph2:10 is mistranslated; it's proper translation is covered in the First Criterion of "Father's Criteria for Fit Bride" table of Part IVb.] My pastor calls this "hupomenw" verb and its cognate noun hupomone, "staying power". That, it sure is: Isaiah 53:11, 52:13, by means of His Mastery of Thinking, He endured. Which Hebrews 12:2 references. His Thinking Sustains You: 2Cor5:14.

For the gist of the entire NT contract message is this (summarized in John 14-15):

  • Christ went HOME.
  • So, He wants a Bride to COME HOME.
  • So she is to Learn How To BE at Home IN Him while Down Here,
  • so she can be Intimate with Him forever.
Homecoming. Rapture. First Advent was a Going Down. That's why the OT is so concretely-styled, as we saw in the Third Reason for Invisibility of Part III. So now, going up is the Entire Thrust, because the Precedence CHANGED. Hebrews painstakingly takes the reader through this change in precedence. Even though translations are mangled, if you keep on reading the translation you have, after maybe 12 or more readings of the whole Book, you can begin to see the writer's outline. Then, start reading yet again and again and again, using 1Jn1:9 in ALL readings: the Holy Spirit will point out to you what's relevant so you can understand, Precedented per the deiknumi Contract clause in Isa53:11's LXX, implemented as the Lord explained in Jn14:26. Always grasp the Big Picture Outline of a Bible book on Its Own Terms (not some commentator's), so you don't miss the forest, for the trees. You need the keywords each author uses, to see the outline of his book. Don't go by the published outlines in Bibles. Dig through it yourself. Better still, find a pastor who will always outline the whole book beforehand.

There are many other important keywords to track. A really important one is PLEROW (play-ROH-oh), to fill up, fulfill. Every NT writer uses this verb; and the many other words formed from it, explain Christ's Thinking getting filled IN us, via the Spirit Filling us with His Thinking (Rom8's theme). This is the whole spiritual life, which the Greek of Heb11:1,2 and 6, stress. ["aiwnas" in v.2 should be translated "Ages", meaning covenantal epochs, not "worlds". Dunno how the heck anyone could get 'worlds' out of this term for Divisions of Time. Seems that because the term is sometimes used to describe a group of people on earth over a given period of time, someone thought "world" should be used. Not a good idea. Obfuscates what God says.]

    Plerow and its cognate noun Pleroma, mean PREGNANCY.
  • The most common Greek literature use of this verb is two-fold: a) secular use, What Fills Up A Container, especially, a ship. Idea of CARGO and CREW.
  • Then b), spiritually, the Greeks used the term to mean SEED of the GODS. For the 'cargo' and the 'crew' was contained in the womb. Get the pun?
  • It's extremely difficult to find these facts in the prudish, 'respected' lexicons. Fortunately there is much on the internet regarding Greek literature, so you can find the meaning of the verb and its cognate noun (popular in Gnosticism, which Paul and John incessantly tweak), "Pleroma".
  • Greek plays make puns on "pleroma" being pregnancy, all the time. Idea of getting filled up with the god, see. It was an honor. Paul in particular crafts the entire letter of Ephesians from the famous seed play, "Ion" by Euripides. "Ion" means "venom", euphemism for semen -- here, of Apollos. So Paul tweaks that play with the REAL Pleroma of Christ in You, viz., Ephesians 1:15-23, 3:15-19.
  • Cardinal principle of hermeneutics is that you should interpret a verse using the meaning of the Original Words The Way They Were Used At The Time of Writing. At the time of writing, "plerow" and "pleroma" were euphemisms for the god filling you up: with semen, with his thinking, with emotion, with material blessings (because you served him by letting him fill you up in the other ways).
  • So, that meaning is used throughout OT and NT, for the Real God Who wants to transform you to be like Him, Isa55:9.
  • The entire Book of Deuteronomy is about that: if you will get into and get filled up with the Law, then God will fill you up with blessings from the Land over and above all other peoples.
  • We saw in the last section how Samaria refused to be filled up, so God filled them up with disaster, per Hosea (i.e., 4:6, but read the whole book).
  • Videos in pimplemi.htm demonstrate the usage of plerow and pleroma pan-Bible, for these keywords are used to designate the FAR-HIGHER "Filling of the Spirit", versus the OT. (February 2009: videos might not be finished by the time you view the pimplemi.htm page.)

Thus both Jew and Gentile are alerted to the fact that "works" is fornication, just as much as the grosser kind. Works always pretends to be holy, and that's why it fornicates. A harlot demands payment for what services she renders, and the works person is expecting God to pay him for his works. So the person treats God like a 'customer', as if not married to Him. If married to Him, then a slave, and the payment is what God chooses, if any. And we know all this even in translation from Hosea, Malachi, Zechariah, Zephaniah (great summary book of the whole changeover, to which Revelation 17 ties wholly). So there is no excuse. Ascetism Is A Form Of Harlotry, pretending to be a virgin.

  • See, YOU ARE THE FRUIT, YOURSELF. Not what you do.
  • God's plan is to BEGET SONS OF THE SON, not good deeds. He made that plain from Genesis 5 onward, TRACKING THE SONS, barely mentioning anything any of them did: you'd have to glean their character, from the meaning of their names (which lexicons famously omit).
  • SONS, not deeds. For only God can make a tree, only God can make fruit, only God can make gold, silver, precious stones.
  • The tree must be husbanded, fertilized, given water -- and like a lamb doesn't even produce its own wool, so too a tree doesn't produce its own fruit.
  • Matthew 7 makes it clear that "fruit" is what is BELIEVED (teaching, in the chapter), so by what teaching you BELIEVE, you are known.
  • What the teachers teach FALSELY, identifies them.
  • For you are what you eat. Eat=believe. And the rest, is done TO you.
  • That's why the fruit of the Spirit is done BY the Spirit, not by you.
  • So if you're trying to work works by yourself, then what's your fruit? The fruit of disbelief, for you prove thus you are believing in yourself, NOT God.
  • So that's why works never work out anything but sterility: frustration and bitterness, ending with a grave. So many buildings and streets named after dead people no one much cares about or remembers.

    All these lessons, come from the pithy use of plerow and pleroma -- warning both Jew and Gentile, alike. Vanity of vanities, wrote Solomon.

    Sadly, most Christian translators tend to be ascetic, so think it shameful or demeaning, to translate the Bible's strident use of sexual terms. So you don't learn that YOU are the fruit, due to the mistranslations of these key words. Instead, you get a vagueness. Yet the entire story from Gen3:16 onward, and especially from Abram onward, is about BEGETTING, but the better translation of yalad (Heb) or gennaw (Greek) is SIRING: The Covenant With Abram Was Made Operational Using A Phallus, is that clear enough?

  • Instead of man's works, man's seed, GOD's WORKS =The Word, is to be Sired in You, a constant refrain in 1 Jn (usu. mistranslated "born of God") -- even as, He is Sired (usu. mistranslated 'Begotten') of Father, via the Truth;
  • which Truth, He BECAME, because He was "filled up" with it (i.e., "full of Grace and truth" verse in John's Gospel).
  • So the entire thrust of all that Paul and John write, play on this Pregnancy idea, which is How Our Sins Were Paid for: after all, the Lord devoted three whole chapters to it, John 14-17.
  • And why? It's the Contract: keyword in Isa53:11, "me amal", labor pains Of His Soul Filled With Truth,
  • Using That Truth In His Soul To Pay As A Substitute for Sins; the Lord's Humanity thus being made 'pregnant' with sin, so make DDNA, hence Delivering us to Righteousness.
  • Really beautiful and vivid analogy, which makes Paul quip how the woman too is delivered by delivery, in 1Tim2:15. Never properly translated, of course.
  • So remember this Pregnancy In Word meaning whenever you come across a "fill" verse in concept or words.

    Satan is ascetic par excellence. The demons under him vary, but the higher ones are more ascetic. All of them burlesque God's Begetting Divine Benefit Plan by using a) gross sin (especially sex), and b) asceticism. Because they consider us animals, they animalize God's design for sex; so, having done that, they automatize those who also reject a) -- moving them to the other end of the fornication spectrum, rejection, frigidity. So all religion is rotelike, parrotting: you know, hump hump hump like a mindless animal, to get it over with. Christians who study Bible get into the b) trap, and prove thereby they only know how to thump their Bibles.

Next Big Keyword represents the Contract Result of being Filled with Him, referenced by TELEIOW (tel-eye-OH-oh) and its many cognate/compound forms. Verb means to complete, to make mature, to realize, Fulfill, legal sense of Completion, so the "end" (purpose, destination, contract) is MET. Plerow and teleiow are used in tandem by NT writers, because plerow stresses process, but teleiow stresses result. So when you see either of these two words in some perfected/past sense, remember the difference between them: plerow, process of filling; teleiow, threshold-of-capacity-met, result. The wordplay on these two verbs (and cognates) is vast. You really have to think like a thesaurus, for many synonyms are used ("riches", "Christ" -- many you'd not think normally synonymal). Moreover, when using them in tandem, sometimes one is substituted for the other, to wryly stress how you got there (if plerow is the substitute), or why you go/got there (if teleiow is the substitute).

    TELEIOW is a major verb in the LXX, and always means contract fulfillment or condition for it: Exod. 29:9, 29, 33, 35; Lev. 4:5; 8:33; 16:32; 21:10; Num. 3:3; 2 Sam. 22:26; 2 Chr. 8:16; Neh. 6:3, 16; Ezek. 27:11; Dan. 3:40; Lk. 2:43; 13:32; Jn. 4:34; 5:36; 17:4, 23; 19:28; Acts 20:24; Phil. 3:12; Heb. 2:10; 5:9; 7:19, 28; 9:9; 10:1, 14; 11:40; 12:23; Jas. 2:22; 1 Jn. 2:5; 4:12, 17f.

    Then there's SUNTELEW, famously in Daniel 9:24: Gen. 2:1f; 6:16; 17:22; 18:21; 24:15, 45; 29:27; 43:2; 44:5; 49:5; Exod. 5:13f; 36:2; 40:33; Lev. 16:20; 19:9; 23:22, 39; Num. 4:15; 7:1; Deut. 26:12; 31:1, 24; 32:23, 45; 34:8; Jos. 3:17; 4:1, 10f; 21:42; Jdg. 3:18; Ruth 2:23; 3:3; 1 Sam. 10:13; 13:10; 15:18; 20:7, 9, 33f; 24:17; 25:17; 2 Sam. 6:18; 11:19; 13:36; 21:5; 22:38; 1 Ki. 1:41; 2:35; 5:14; 6:1, 3, 9; 7:26, 50; 8:1, 53f; 9:1; 22:11; 2 Ki. 10:25; 1 Chr. 16:2; 27:24; 28:20; 2 Chr. 4:11; 5:1; 7:1, 11; 18:10; 20:23; 24:14; 29:17, 28f, 34; 30:22; 31:1, 7; Est. 3:13; 4:1; 8:12; Ps. 7:10; 118:87; Prov. 1:19; 8:31; 22:8; Job 1:5; 14:14; 15:4; 19:26f; 21:13; 33:27; 35:14; 36:11; Hos. 13:2; Amos 7:2; Mic. 2:1; Joel 2:8; Nah. 2:1; Zech. 5:4; Mal. 3:9; Isa. 1:28; 8:8; 10:12, 22; 18:5; 28:22; 32:6; 44:24; 46:10; 55:11; Jer. 5:3; 6:11, 13; 13:19; 14:12, 15; 15:16; 16:4; 41:8, 15; Lam. 2:17; 4:11; Ezek. 4:6, 8; 5:12f; 6:12; 7:5, 15; 11:15; 13:14f; 16:14; 20:8, 21; 22:12f, 31; 23:32; 42:15; 43:23; Dan. 5:26; 9:24; 10:3; 11:36; 12:7; Mk. 13:4; Lk. 4:2, 13; Acts 21:27; Rom. 9:28; Heb. 8:8.

    As you can see, there is a lot to track from the OT, and the NT uses the same terms, to demonstrate continuity, and Precedence Change due to Fulfillment of Contract by Christ.

Then there's HAGIAZW (ha-ghee-ADZ-oh), to set apart, sanctify. Idea of being a full-time Temple slave (priest), irrevocable, due to Cross (versus mere ceremonial sanctification). These words are critical for tracking what is meant in Hebrews and Ephesians; but so too, for the other epistles. It's a position which gradually becomes a reality via plerow and teleiow's operation.

    Here are some of the main hagiazw verses (you'll need to track the cognate nouns, too): Gen. 2:3; Exod. 13:2, 12; 19:14, 22f; 20:8, 11; 28:38, 41; 29:1, 21, 27, 33, 36f, 43f; 30:29f; 31:13; 40:8ff, 13; Lev. 6:11, 20; 8:11f, 15, 30; 10:3; 11:44; 16:4, 19; 20:3, 8; 21:8, 12, 15, 23; 22:2f, 9, 16, 32; 25:10f; 27:14ff, 22; Num. 3:13; 5:9f; 6:11f; 7:1; 8:17; 16:16; 17:2f; 18:8f, 29; 20:12f; 27:14; Deut. 5:12, 15; 15:19; 22:9; 32:51; 33:3; Jos. 7:13; Jdg. 17:3; 1 Sam. 7:1, 16; 16:5; 21:6; 2 Sam. 8:11; 11:4; 1 Ki. 8:8, 64; 9:3, 7; 2 Ki. 10:20; 12:19; 1 Chr. 18:11; 23:13; 26:26ff; 2 Chr. 2:3; 5:11; 7:7, 16, 20; 26:18; 29:33; 30:8; 31:6; 35:3; Ezr. 3:5; Neh. 3:1; 12:47; 13:22; Ps. 45:5; Prov. 20:25; Amos 2:12; Joel 1:14; 2:15f; 4:9; Zeph. 1:7; Hag. 2:12; Isa. 8:13; 10:17; 13:3; 29:23; 49:7; Jer. 1:5; 17:22, 24, 27; 28:27f; Ezek. 20:12, 20, 41; 28:22, 25; 36:23; 37:28; 38:16, 23; 39:27; 44:19, 24; 46:20; 48:11; Dan. 4:22; 12:10; Matt. 6:9; 23:17, 19; Lk. 11:2; Jn. 10:36; 17:17, 19; Acts 20:32; 26:18; Rom. 15:16; 1 Co. 1:2; 6:11; 7:14; Eph. 5:26; 1 Thess. 5:23; 1 Tim. 4:5; 2 Tim. 2:21; Heb. 2:11; 9:13; 10:10, 14, 29; 13:12; 1 Pet. 3:15; Rev. 22:11.

    In the NT, Greek verb hagiazw (or cognate) is never used apart from the context of Marital Intimacy. Idea of the Husband bonding and thus sanctifying the wife. Trace how the writer of Hebrews uses this word. He uses hagiazw to prove what changed, especially in Hebrews 10. If you search the verb (or cognate) in the OT you discover a remarkable fact: the OT people did not get but a temporary and ceremonial hagiazw. That's a major stress in his letter. Christ Entered Behind The Veil, thus Sanctifying us for All Time.

    Point is, if now we are sanctified for ALL TIME (theme beginning in Hebrews 1), then the old covenant which offered only temporary sanctification in the first place, is replaced by a BETTER COVENANT (kreittwn). The old one has been obsoleted.

    That fact is used to setup Hebrews 11, which related this hagiazw 'delay', to the terms of the Angelic Trial in history (which you cannot see in translation, because Hebrews 11:1 is totally screwed up, as noted earlier). That theme began back in Hebrews 2, as you'll see even in translation. So due to the Trial, and due to Israel's rejection, the OT people have not yet inherited, because We Rescue Israel (Heb11:39-40, the point of the chapter).

    Do you see? Church Is Used Like A Mother. Christ was impregnated with our sins, and the intended wife refused Him. Instead of abandoning her, He 'builds' (banah, like Isha) a wife and then makes Her pregnant with His Thinking, thus sanctifying Her -- and the pregnancy's Fruit (completion of Body) thus 'delivers' IsraEL. What a princely thing to do. What a wifely honor to have. Wow.

Next big Keyword, PISTIS (piss-tiss), a common term for Bible Doctrine You Learned And Believed, not so much the act of believing itself, is vital. It is another way of saying "the shemah", which is Deuteronomy 6:4-5. That's the first and always the sine qua non meaning of the noun, WHAT you believe. Hebrew "shemah" means really to HEAR AND BELIEVE, because the WORD is from God. See Deuteronomy 30, in addition to chapters 6, 7, 9.

    Cognate Greek verb is pisteuw. All the NT, and especially James, make no sense if you misinterpret "pistis" as your doing something; which misinterpretation, people routinely make. (Man always spins Bible to make it into a religion, so he can claim some credit before God.) So if you don't know that "pistis" means BIBLE Believed, you will screw up Bible for the rest of your life; and almost no Christian you talk to recognizes this first meaning of "faith". Hebrews 11:1 is screwed up in translation, largely because they didn't remember what every lexicon (e.g., Bauer-Danker) stresses, that pistis refers to Truth Believed. Well, they also overlooked that "hupostasis" means "Christ" (Heb 1:3, contract definition), which is used in apposition to "pistis", so means the Thinking Of Christ On Trial, is the Unseen Evidence In The Trial. Oh well.

    Pistis/pisteuw is the operator, the Divine Actor, the Holy Spirit putting Holy Word He Wrote in Christ -- in you. So, you BELIEVE it; as a result, It Works For You, In You, On You: the same five infinitives as we saw in the cream subtable of the amalgamated translation of Isa53:10-12, above. Just as those same five infinitives Did For Christ. So Pistis is what's plerow'd into you; when you are plerow'd enough, you become teleiow'd, completed. You'll need to understand this mechanic especially when reading Hebrews, Ephesians and Romans, though all NT writers spend time on it. Gnostic teaching on "Pistis Sophia" is also thus burlesqued by the NT writers, by explaining this Real Mechanic of the Real Spiritual Life (the readers were familiar with gnosticism).

    Hence, all the body-typology words are meant to tie thesauretically to both hagiazw and pistis, to show you the big picture, What God Is Making. Especially, keywords like "surpassing" (huperballo, references what's ON TOP of the Body, the Head, Christ to be IN your head). Then there are the bizillion metaphors for what His Head is, like "Love", "riches", "glory", "truth": the Word Incarnate, see. So His Word we are to get, see.

    Thus the Jews are alerted to the OT terminology being flawlessly used in the NT, so they can securely know that GOD wrote the NT. For all these ideas -- especially, pistis -- were key to the OT spiritual lifestyle. BELIEVE IN GOD -- that's how Abraham became Righteous (saved), Genesis 15:6. Every Jew knows that: trust in the Lord, be of good courage, and He will give you the desires of your heart (i.e., Ps27:14, 37:4). So now it's just a question of proving that "God" is Christ Jesus, the Adonai Elohenu, of the shemah.

    Jews wrote the LXX. The post-Malachi books which are not Canon, are nonetheless in Greek. So Jews do know both languages, if they want to know them. The Greek terms are Hebraistically used, so again the fact that the words are in Greek, is no hindrance. It's easy to know what Hebrew words, the Greek represents. It's solely a Jewish book, at every turn.

Book of Hebrews is the easiest to track using the above keywords. Also, be alert for wordplay with "rest", "remnant", "remain", "stay", "faith" and "promise" (lit., "to seven", in Hebrew, refers to REST as PROMISE, hence means promise/oath/to swear): they really help out the reader. Greek for ALL these words is thesauretically punny, but the English words aren't, so you miss what he's saying: Church is the REST, the 7th 'day', of history, because Christ Has Rested From His Work. So there Remains A Promise (Heb4) to Get His Thinking, so that We Get Completed, so that the OT promise can be completed. Book keeps circling on this theme,
  • starting with His Session, and what it meant (Chaps 1-2).
  • It's superior to the 'house' Moses presided over (Chap3, understanding that 'house' is a People Under God, here a Royal House -- see Greek of John 14:1-2);
  • It's a DDNA Conversion, getting "God's Blood" -- blood always being a metaphor of Thinking in the OT -- of the left-behind "promise" of Brideship which Israel had rejected (á la their rejection in the wilderness, same kind of stubborness), so we get it instead (Chap4);
  • and We Have A New Covenant as a result (hey kaine diatheke, in Book of Hebrews) which Christ Established, since He fulfilled the Law and thus the Law no longer applies (Heb Chaps5-10).
  • So the Temple is about to be destroyed; will we fulfill the getting-Word-in-hearts promise (Heb10:15-end)?
  • For it's the central Trial issue (Heb11:1,6), one which has gone on from the beginning and Wraps Up History (rest of chapter);
  • therefore until WE get completed in this Promise, they don't (Chap11:40).
  • So, let us run the race (Heb12)!
See if you can't tell the foregoing outline, even in translation, if you read the Book of Hebrews over and over. Key is that Rest/Remaining/Sevening wordplay. The other keywords mentioned above are very helpful, too.

So, the Copybook Race Remains: for a Groom is completed, but not a Bride. Vashti refused, so a no-racial-distinctions Esther (ref'ing Gal3:28, oh, what a sense of humor!) is to be sought among the highways and byways, Matt22. Church. Us. So Israel can still be delivered. So the prophecy sequence can Start Up Again, Once the Bride is Completed.

Again, as Part II explained in detail, Because He First Fulfilled His Contract, The Precedence For Our Contract Changes To His Post-Fulfillment Status. That's the essential reason for the Contract Change. UPGRADE. Not, His Pre-fulfillment status during the First Advent. For His Status, Changed. Again, the Consistency is that an Actual Offer had to be made. Again, it had to be made while He was alive. Again, it had to be paid for while He was alive (inter alia, John 17 shows He Agrees to Pay for as Many as Father Chooses to Make). Now you know why Paul talks about "mystery" in Eph5:32. Now you know why the Lord uses the future, not present tense, in Matt16:18. Parallelisms must be carefully discerned, when evaluating Precedence. Bible is the most careful discerner of them all.

Hence our New Nature, 2Cor5:17: new-in-species, in HIM. Not, in the Law. New Precedence Means New Contract: that's the central and advancing theme in the Book of Hebrews which you should be able to trace, even in translation. It's also dramatically illustrated in Eph1, Col1, 2Cor5, all of 1Cor (which is about Body and Head, even Chapter 11's wordplay on hair). Keywords "the second", "promise" are most prominent in the Book of Hebrews. [1Cor is too narrowly viewed. Look very carefully at the keywords Paul uses, and note that, even when he's truly writing about marriage or hair (not hats) -- which is hysterical, since during this time he began to get goofy about a Nazirite vow -- he's still drawing analogy to Head and Body; so that's how all those do's should be interpreted, in light of the whole doctrine of Head-and-Body; not shallowly, like whether you should wear a hat to church! For example, the point of Chap11, is about respect for authority. Hair is used in a culture to show such respect, viz some Muslim women (like the Corinthian women in Paul's day), veil themselves or have longer hair than their husbands. By way of extrapolation, respect is to be shown in all things. This, because the Christian isn't to flout societal rules, just because he's no longer OF the world, get it? It's an ambassadorial rule, essentially. The other do's in Scripture are also for that purpose. We are not to be troublemakers, politically involved, etc. -- for Our God is not like the other 'gods' people think they know.]

    Since Not-My-People are Now My-People (terms are in Hosea, Gentiles' prophecy tags), and since the Abrogation of the Old Contract is thus advertised, the Jews are -- as you can imagine -- a tad incensed. Just as, the Arabs born from Ishmael were pretty incensed to have to depend on Isaac, for any largesse. Tables are turned. But if you were interested in God rather than your ego, you'd appreciate the Grace of it, and would just jump right into the Promise. Gentiles did that back in the OT, so Jews can do it now with the NT. Doesn't matter how you get in: God Loves You, else you'd not be breathing, and there'd be (of course) no Promise from any source.

Of course, we saw in Part III how we get built (clever term, Hebrew of Genesis, Isha was bana'd, built) -- we get BUILT by His Thinking, Eph2-4. So to become Fit Bride, Chap5. So to win the Angelic Appeal Trial/Conflict, Chap6. What builds Church, builds history for the rest of time. For Christ Is History, and we are His Body, forever! [It's positively hilarious how Paul is thinking of banah when he writes Eph2-5, especially since he's tweaking Euripides' play, "Ion", to show God's Superior Building And Begetting.]

Ok, but what is the status of the Jews during this phase of History? Well, think: in the first place, the Jewish Race Was Founded On Faith, not genes: Gen15:6, Rom4, 9, Book of Hebrews, all explain. And that, because the Promise Is Forever -- eternal -- so you gotta have God's life, to live with God, forever.

So, the genetic distinction is not the basis of the Promise being inherited, but the FAITH is (theme of Romans 9). So, two distinctions. First, genetically, Bible uses the term "Gentiles" ("ta ethne", lit., "the nations") to mean anyone not a racial Jew; so, if you have a drop of Jacob's blood in you, you are Jewish. [Well, sometimes "Gentile" is used figuratively. Jewish term is "goyim" and it's not exactly complimentary. So sometimes God calls the Jews "goyim", to show they aren't any better than those they demean. That's why the tongues warning in Isa28 is used, for it mimics a Gentile pagan practice of ecstatic-gibberish-drunken-mass-orgy.]

So, second distinction: FAITH is what made you Jewish, too. In fact, even if you were Jewish, if you didn't do what Abram did (Gen15:6), you weren't his kid even if you were his kid. Like Father, like Son. Like Father's Thinking, else no son is really a Son. The Jews knew that very well, and made a lot of wordplay out of it, like Isa63:16 (can't see the wordplay in translation). The verse flips the fact of faith-fathering to render the conclusion, even if Israel repudiated us as its sons, YOU are our Father, Father. Really cool verse.

So the covenants to Abraham bifurcate based on these distinctions. If you parse out Genesis 12, 15, 17, you'll find a whole bunch of clauses which are not dependent on faith, but on bloodline. However, All Of The Eternal Promises Are Solely Based On Faith. Paul explains this in Romans using the "promise" concept, since the Promise Basis Is Eternal: a forever-life with El-Elyon, via a future Son who would pay for all the sins of the human race. Book of Hebrews does the same thing, since Only The Eternal Promise Was Conditional. The bloodline promises were unilateral and UNconditional (read those Genesis Chapters, see for yourself).

Hence, the racial distinction never meant that a Gentile couldn't become a Jew by faith; and most "Jews" today are in fact of mixed race (i.e., the Exodus was maybe 2/3rds "mixed multitude"). Gen15:6, Rom4, Rom9 explain that it's the Promise Believed Which Causes The Eternal Inheritance. (If you read the Exodus account you'll realize that many nations, racially, were in the group of folks who left with Moses, and they are all called "Israelites", anyway. If you'll look at the Matthew and Luke geneologies in any detail, you'll realize that every race is included in the Lord's bloodlines. So no basis for anti-semitism. So no basis for racial prejudice! See also Galatians 3-5.) Meanwhile, the other Gen12 protection covenants operate for ALL sons of Abraham, as those clauses explain. Believer, or unbeliever. [Elaborating on Genesis 12's (and 17:5's) promise to Abram, Deuteronomy begins with a very careful delineation of what the Arab cousins, get to keep, in Deut 1-4. That will be helpful to know for those who think the Arabs ought to be wiped out. No can do: they are sons of Abraham, too. They also refuse to be the sons of the promise (assuming they remain unbelievers), but God Still Honors His Promise to their progenitor, Abraham. The Bible's promises to the Arabs are so superior to Koran's, it's not funny. Koran mocks its own believers, and is a deliberate parody of the Mosaic Law, point by derisive, satirical, fun-house-mirror point -- how cruel. Satan&Co. hate all Abraham's kids. Amazing, how they don't catch on.]

So, it should be easy to understand that just because now the Bride is to be called out from among the Gentiles, Jews are also included in that Call, Romans 11. That is, just as in the OT, any Gentile (i.e., Rahab) who believed in Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Echad was by FAITH a Jew; so also, any racial Jew who believes in Christ is part of "Church".

The woman is delivered by delivery (see also Rev12): just as God used the Jews to call the Gentiles, so Now also God uses the Gentiles, to call the Jews. (This prophecy is all over the Bible, actually. Pretty much every reference to Gentiles is referencing this prophecy. Isa7 and 28 are bald examples: trace 'em in the NT. Paul's epistles will probably prove quite helpful, if you've a study Bible, in reducing your research time.) Precedence. Consistency. Fairness. Justice. Truth. GOD. For, the Ultimate Precedence God Uses, is the Cross, and Christ Paid For Everyone! [see "Atonement, Unlimited" in VERindex.htm for a list of some easy-to-understand verses.]

"Idou, 2Cor5:17! Behold, New Spiritual Species Has Arrived to RESCUE Israel, even Right Now!

Again, note the Grafting Origin/Precedence of our So-Great Covenant: only only only Because Israel rejected its conditional Brideship Covenant -- well, a sufficient number of Jewish believers refused to 'sign' it, so to speak -- we get "grafted in" (theme of Rom11): we get Brideship. As we saw at the beginning of Part III, we are to be wifely to Israel, since Our Lord is Her King. Hence, we will rule Gentile nations in the Millennium (subject of Part V), complementing His Rule. Thus is Israel rescued, redeemed, saved. God keeps His Promises.

Note that well: this is about GOD Keeping HIS Promises. We get to be the grateful conduits, and as usual are also just dufuses weltering in our blood, Eze16:6, being nonetheless carried by the Holy Spirit despite the fact we stink (Isa64:6). Israel got a big head over being chosen by God, and we will too: so we need to remember what Moses warned them in Deuteronomy about big-headedness (i.e., 4:38, 5:15, 6:1-15, 7:1,6-8, 8:1-4, 11-20, 9:1-6). Christians who are anti-semitic will suffer the most, since we are given a Protector role, not merely a live-and-let-live role. God blesses those who bless Her, and curses those who curse Her, Gen12 (inter alia): so how much more will He curse one who is to protect, but curses? So many wanna-be-replacements of Israel out there, now. Guarantee of mental illness, to be anti-semitic. Don't those rioting Arabs and other anti-Israel Moslems look positively wacko on TV? That's why anti-semitic 'scholarship' is so demonstrably batty -- people who in 2005 'saw' La Virgen in a salt stain below a Chicago underpass, are much saner. Good thing the 'scholarship' is so bad: thus others can better avoid infection!

Our role vis á vis Israel, which God Alone Makes Happen (hence the need to live in God's System):

  • We are to rescue Her from any danger or enemies, whenever and wherever (precedence is the Good Samaritan rule, and Lev19:18, expanded to the Royal Law of James 2:8, etc). Pro-semitism is commanded (i.e., in Gen12). It's not an option.
  • We are to redeem her -- the macro role of growing up, so the Promises to Her can be kept despite her rejection, Heb11:40.
  • We are to 'save' Her -- here, the Ambassadorship role of being witnesses, 2Cor5:20, Rom9-12.

Each of these roles is technical, and requires a great deal of Scriptural knowledge, to properly execute, as we saw in the first "Idou!" table. WE NEED TO KNOW BIBLE WELL IN ORDER TO SHOW HOW THE OT IS FULFILLED. Christians don't learn Bible and instead insult Jews, so Jews are alienated, and thus remain outside. They are negative, too, which means it's not all our fault. But it doesn't matter whose fault it is: it matters that we get filled up with His Word, or the Promise will not be rescued. They deserve to know the truth, not be preached to, not have it shoved down their throat, and not be catered to, either. We should neither fawn over nor fault Israel. Very careful study and usage of Word is required.

Israel's problem is its blindness. Paul uses the cool analogy of a "fishnet" in Romans 11's Greek to explain that God is out to Catch her in our Net. Which after all, is a Better Offer than she had, Pre-Cross. So she wins, not loses, by believing in Christ. Problem is, she's insulted by a goyim "call" to her (Isa28, fabulous Hebrew). She treated her favored status haughtily, and still does. So it's a delicate thing to do any of the activities above. You need all the skill of a diplomat, which is our role anyway ("diakonos" means diplomat, search on that term in RightPT.htm). Which means, a Mastery of Thinking and Words. (For more on our diplomacy role in general, of which the role to Israel is a part, see DueDisclosure.htm).

You'll notice from that same Chapter 11 that the troublesome Roman Gentiles were kinda uppity about being grafted in. Since that's the same disease as afflicted the Jews (it's hard to be humble when you really ARE superior, k), Paul really lets 'em have it in that Chapter. The sarcasm which culminates in Rom12:1-3 is awesome. Paul's sarcasm is full-spectrum, from finessed to outright derisive, and being chewed out by him, hoo-boy: you know where you stand! So we are to Understand that this uppity-ness is a problem we will have, vis á vis the Jews, so need to keep our own arrogances in more monitored-by-1Jn1:9-check, than normally. Frankly, any witness situation is more a waiting for someone to ask you something, not you volunteering something. People always think that when information is volunteered, the one volunteering is pushy. We're all too bombarded with salesmanship, anyway. God will put people in your path. You don't need to seek people to witness to. So just PREPARE, learning the Word and living on it, daily. The most important thing you can do to protect people is just that. God blesses the world due to people growing up in His Son. No amount of human works can buy time. But God GRANTS Time and other blessings to the world, due to the spiritual maturation of individuals. Invisible. Part IVb's Diamond Doctrine Facets will cover this in more detail.

What not to do: DON'T crusade politically on Israel's behalf. Isaiah has many verses about how Israel got punished because she went to Egypt or other nations for help, instead of praying to God, i.e., 2Chron 7:14. Same is true for Christians. So the worst thing you can do, is to form coalitions of Christians who petition or march on Washington demanding more favorable treatment of Israel, etc. Go To God In Prayer. Else you are just begging Him to clobber you and Israel, for not reading what Isaiah said. Peace, peace, there will be no peace. Forget it. The politicians will not learn this lesson, but you as a believer MUST. You are Royal Family of God. You have clout. If you asked for all the terrorists to be rounded up and shot within a year -- maybe God would do that. So you can pray for Israel to be defended. You don't need Caesar, you need your own spiritual life.

Most importantly, Israel needs to recognize that The Contract Changed. The OT is chock full of How the Change Works, so she doesn't have to even believe in the NT, to see the proof in the OT; that's the proper procedure, anyway (you always validate what's 'new' by what's old in Bible, principle of consistency of Divine Writ). Of course, then she needs to see how the NT displays that Same Omniscience as the OT, despite being written in Greek. But of course, if YOU don't know how, then you can't help. You also can't grow up spiritually, since it really IS the Same God Who Wrote Both Testaments. For we all need to see the Faithfulness of God, and no translation can portray Him.

As will be covered in more detail within the next division, the SECOND part of "Education" for the Jews which God provides, is REAL HISTORY. Baldly: for the visible evidence of the Contract Change faces both Israel and non-Jews, daily: the Dumb Dome and Wailing Wall, as covered earlier. She doesn't see that, so she's not gonna look at us, either. As a result, there are the unavoidable holocausts and other evil persecutions: when that stuff happens, some Jews realize 'something's wrong' and hence Look Up, because it's our happy job to rescue them from their many enemies. At other times, Jews doubt their own faith, just like anyone else, so we need to be pre-informed of the CHANGE so we can answer any questions asked of us ("in season and out of season" verse). What we never should do, is impose. And of course if we persecute or have bad attitudes toward Israel, we will reap the punishments due her enemies, Genesis 12. See? This is complex. Can't do it right if you aren't really Filled UP with Word. This is a diplomatic post, 2Cor5:20.

So if you're feelng a bit overwhelmed and want to help her but can't -- and even once you can -- Pray. God alone has authority. So, Go to The Authority: Him. See GodSystem.htm and/or PrayProc.htm to be sure you are following Royal Protocol. For you are a Royal Priest, not like the OT priesthood -- but Higher. So you have a higher (and simpler, more awesome) role. So the Protocol is higher (and hence simpler, so you can do it All The Time). Phrase your prayer in your own words, don't do something canned which you recite. Canned prayers never go higher than the ceiling -- see the parable of the Pharisee and the publican, and the other Gospel verses where the Lord talks about prayer. The "Lord's Prayer" is a guideline, not some chanting thing. God never regards it: the way people use that prayer spits in His Son's Face (use 1Jn1:9, ask Father to have Spirit guide you on this topic, if you're disturbed). God gave you the Holy Spirit's Brains -- so use them.

    Nerd Note: doesn't mean you can't come up with really good wording you understand, like, and think on while you pray. A well-worded prayer is a nuclear weapon against temptation while you pray. Don't you like it when something is well worded? Gives you practice in Thinking, not roteness. That's not 'canned', k? But here's canned, and stupid to boot: the so-called Lord's Prayer. It's not the Lord's Prayer, even; HIS Pray, is in John 17. Note how HE does it. Again, the so-called Lord's Prayer was an outline to show the disciples something of the contents of Prayer Protocol, and even so, a good half of the prayer outline doesn't apply now ("thy kingdom come", for example). You don't repeat it mindlessly, like millions do every Sunday. Wood hay and stubble, that: you don't instruct God, you ASK God. And you certainly don't engage in roteness! What wife or husband enjoys the other spouse just rotely going along? So: your Heavenly Husband sure doesn't like it!

I probably pray a bizillion times a day, each one lasting but a minute or two. Over the years I've learned that the most powerful prayer I can pray is to incorporate by reference ALL of what the Lord says, my prayer should mean. And then I vote absolutely for whatever that is. It's not a rote prayer: I'm concentrating on it, and the prayer is new every time. So until you are comfortable with your own wording in prayer content, try that one, but phrased as you understand its import so you can concentrate on that meaning, when you pray. Note well, your prayer can be absolute in scope: the Lord said we can ask Anything in His Name, so why not ask for everything HE wants? Heh. [Remember, you have the Son's and the Father's Own Divine Righteousness, 2Cor5:21, So You Have an Absolute Status in Him. As if you yourself were God, no matter what a scalawag you are otherwise: you wouldn't even be allowed to pray, if you didn't have that Status, for then you would be too low for Him to Hear. So when Christ paid for you, His Status Changed; ergo, So Did Yours: per Contract. It's not your own faithfulness, but HIS which matters: "If YOU will Give Your Soul as a Substitute for Sin", Isa53:11. For more on Prayer and Your Status, refer back to the Priesthood Destiny Table in Part III. For much much more, read the first subsection in the "First Aspect" of DDNA1.htm.]

So let's next examine How The Prophecies For Israel Are Not For Church. More about this distinction will be in Part IVb; but here we're focusing on the educational role of Rescue; and for Israel, the prophecies were how she was to tell Messiah Came, and Will Come Back; so we need to know them as well. If you don't know Israel-versus-Church-roles; if you don't understand the underlying nature of prophecy itself, then you can't very well answer any questions you might get, or do your other Wifely-Fulfilling Roles in the above "Idou" table's purple text.

Basically, We Are 'Hidden' Inside Their Prophecies, But They Are Not Inside Ours. Because, we have NO prophecies. Our Job Is To Determine History, not prophecies. The we-determine-history role was explained in Part III, and is the central focus of Part IVb and c. Here, just get the overview, so the rest of this webpage will be easier to comprehend:

Second Education Problem God Solves:
Educate via Comparing Scripture to Observable History.

Daniel 9 and Book of Esther historically repeat, Right Now. History repeats itself, since God Orchestrates even Time itself, as a Corroborrating Witness to the Word. Clearly only God can Orchestrate Time. If you spend time (heh) on Mirroring.htm ("Timeline" link at pagetop) you will see just how Precisely God Orchestrates Time. Revelation's many horrors are also orchestrated REPEATS of the Exodus plagues. So indeed prophecy is playing right Now, but as a reminder, not something "new":

So, technically, people IN the Tribulation Return to the Mosaic Law, Because There Is NO Renewed Covenant. Just like Daniel in Daniel 9 (the precedent), they are Voting for one, Individually: enough of them have to complete too, to justify Messiah's Return (Rev6:11b). So, we're still talking 'leftovers'. Only the Memorial of the Law is left, and even then, only its Remaining Promises are left: the promises of deliverance despite the Tribulation. Promises made to the sons of Jacob. That's why the Rev7 'decree' tableau sealing 12,000 from each tribe, is used. Note that: Jews are sealed, not the nation, and not Gentiles. [When the Bible takes pains to be precise like this, it is to be interpreted literally. It's not rocket science to know when God uses analogy, figurative speech, symbolism, etc. Or, when He intends literal understanding. Every legal/literary document follows the same patterns of speech, and for the same reasons, too. Of course, some people want to imagine they are covered by that sealing passage, so assume they are in it. Weird.]

So Father uses Church to rescue Israel because Father's Purpose For Church Is To Unite All History Through It, since it is Body to His Beloved Son. Since History effectively Finishes Its Building with Church, there is no need to offer Brideship afterwards. As you'll see in Part IVb, Paul in Ephesians 1-2 stresses this fact. (Greek is so dramatic it takes your breath away.) Since Israel is still the Nexus Nation, in which was born the Nexus Person of Christ; that middleman nation's own prophesied historical timeline will be used to STAMP history. For, all history, all prophecy, testifies of Christ, Rev19:10.

Could God make Himself more obvious, than to take the most famous Freedom-from-Oppression Festivals, Chanukah and Purim -- and then Tie them Together to the Messiah's First Advent? And make all that, the MAP of History Playing Now? Look: there are two Jewish Festivals which are not part of the Law, but are rather custom, based on Freedom Received: Chanukah and Purim. Chanukah commemorates the Abomination of Desolation of Antiochus IV Ephiphanes; the "Two Stone Witnesses" link at pagetop, covered something of the Dome's being a Repeat Reminder, showing Daniel 9:26 being fulfilled (more on that, next division, below). But Purim commemorates the other Freedom, freedom from anti-semitism during the time the 1st Temple was destroyed. What the Book of Esther doesn't cover, is the aftermath, that Jerusalem was rebuilt: Book of Nehemiah covers that. So every year, both festivals are celebrated blindly, no one noticing that the very same Characteristics are Historically True Now, all due to Christ stating Matt16:18, and Daniel 9:26 (via Matt24). So because the FIRST Advent is ignored, these other Bald Historical Repeats go unheeded. All Confluenced Together. So it's not some Christian hallucination. It's GOD.

And why is God replaying Daniel 9 and Book of Esther? Precedence. Temple. Again, remember that the best known doctrines in Judaism, are about Messiah's COMING, which the Temple represents. Messiah was predicted to be born on the anniversary of the Temple's Foundation, in Haggai 2. That turned out to be 25 Chislev at sundown, which later in history became Chanukah. As for Purim, there would have been no Chanukah, had Purim not been put down -- due to the discovery of Haman's conspiracy, via Esther. So both holidays relate to the Temple=Messiah, and there'd have been no Messiah, else. Can't divorce Messiah from Temple: but that's precisely what Jews are doing, today. So, they need 'advertising' from the Only One Who can use Bible+Real History, to do it: GOD.

So the Temple got its own 490-year lifespan, thus the world could continue for 490 years. But prematurely, apostacy was so bad, the Temple had to 'die' 126 years early: 950BC-586BC is 364 years, not 490. So that's the first instance where Time Ran Out. Time is based on the Jews. So if Time runs out, then it runs out for the whole world: for the rest of the world, rejects God. Here, Israel did too. But remember the vocabulary about "promise" ="rest"="remnant" in the first "Idou" table of this division? So, a "remnant" was in Babylon. And one guy in that remnant -- Daniel -- prayed. Prayer is always VOTING. Voting is Volition, so Precedence Grants It Value. So, based on one guy's vote -- Daniel's -- Time continued. Just one guy. One guy, Abram. Precedence. One guy, David. One guy, Daniel. So one Guy, the Christ Himself, was Contingent Upon Votes which had no 'prophecy' connected with them. The prophecy came as a result of their making HISTORY. So it's the history-making which generates the prophecy-making. For you have to get time, to have time to FORECAST something, right?

So, Precedence: one guy's vote bought time. So bought prophecy, since prophecy depends on TIME continuing. Borrowed Time, essentially. Financed, in advance, pending Completion of Messiah, Who By That Time Being Granted, would have to arrive and finish and pay by what we call, 30AD. [Mirroring.htm has all the calculations, but you can see a summary back in the "Legatee" table (link at pagetop), near the end of that table.] So notice the Precedence: first a Vote Makes History, in order for there to even BE prophecy.

That being the case, then to communicate that yes, Messiah has Come and Left! the relevant, preceding, Precedental History Should Be Replayed, as a 'Stamp': to Communicate Where In Time, we are. So to know we aren't hallucinating Who "God" is. For only a Real God can really Orchestrate Time, replaying it as a video, to Exactly Match What Bible Says.

Again, Second Education Problem God Solves:
Educate via Comparing Scripture to Observable History -- WARRING.

So Father stamps Earth's Trends During Church,
with Dan9:26c -- To thus Warn Israel, and the World

God knows how hopelessly pathetic we humans are. Yet, it's not right to manipulate us by doing doggie tricks. Yet, it's also not right to leave us stuck in our self-created insanities. So, God runs the weather directly, using it to communicate -- and often, in an uncomfortable way. So, He leaves all kinds of historical evidence for us to find, since we won't consult Bible. After all, the Bible's definition and timing criteria for the Rapture are plain, but we Christians still 'debate' it. So, as introduced at the end of the "Rescue" section,

Israel has a blatant 'sign' they won't see:
NO TEMPLE but a "remnant", the Wailing Wall;
plus, ABOMINATION over the Holy of Holies.
Just as long predicted in Dan9:26c, and Matt24.
If they won't see, all OT warnings, govern;
Hosea 4:6 and Dan9:26c, govern;
Ezekiel Chapters 4-8, govern;
Hosea and Isaiah govern;
Zephaniah and Zechariah govern;
all OT warnings govern;
so they will be trapped and killed
by the lure of its SATANIC rebuilding.

This section will cover that problem in more detail; additionally, God not only uses these Two Witnesses for the sake of Israel, but as part of an overall structure Making All History A 'Witness' To The Bible. Idea is, we are to consult the Bible to see that fact. Which no one does. So God has to make it obvious apart from Scripture; and we won't 'read' those signs, either. Which signs, must be Tribulational, since we aren't reading them.

Repeating: No Temple Means No Covenant To The Nation Israel Is Operating. Dome of the Rock being there makes this no-covenant status, even derisive. But, here we all are, blind, falling into Satan's trap, even though Satan&Co. kindly obliged us by raising up a Surrender (=Islam), so to surrender Israel's Holy of Holies, over to a Dumb Dome. Idols can't talk, y'know, yet this one 'speaks' volumes! Yet who among the living ears, hears it?

The meaning of this Temple is almost completely overlooked by Christendom, even though many chapters in the OT and New, are devoted to it; every NT epistle uses LXX Temple words, to explain how the Living Cornerstone, Christ, is the Foundation for a New Temple made without hands and made of Living Stones. So, let's take a refresher course as to why the Temple is so important. Then we can understand why God uses its history, to Stamp All History.

We saw the Legatee table near the beginning of this Part IVa, which summarized the story. But now let's go over the information again, focusing this time on just the role of the Temple. From there, we'll branch into more explanation on why the Church is not Israel, the role of Church. In short, all the previous themes of this webpage will be threaded through together, here. For that's what Father is doing, Threading Everything Through Church In Order To Finish Weaving All History. As a Gift to His Son Forever.

See, from the very beginning of Israel's march out of slavery, God started telling Moses to make a House For Him. One of the many reasons why the Bible is unique among holy books, is this one: A Personal God. You can't find any holy book of any kind which depicts God the way the Bible does; and no greater "sign" of His Personal Nature is depicted, but that of this House. To become, a Living House: Gen3:15, Exo Chapters 24-31 (the initial Temple Contract), 2Sam7 (the Messiah contract tied to David and to Temple, cutting out Israel and grafting her into David); Jer3:16, John 1, John 14-17, Heb3, Eph2, 1Pet2, Rev 21ff, etc. Every other holy book depicts "god" as aloof, far away, capricious and unfathomable, more a collection of powers than a person. Not here. Every other holy book depicts sacrifices people make TO the "god". Not here. Here, This One Will Sacrifice Himself. That's Why There Needed To Be A House, Because It Was A Promise He'd Come. The House represented, that Promise. Always, l'moed! Hence the line of Seth, lit., the Appointed, became the line of Abraham, lit., Father of Many Nations. And therefore the Christ, lit., the Anointed One (term is used in Dan9:25). The appointments lead to the Anointment. All this, is depicted by that House! Isra-El gets Beth-El, because Immanu-EL!

For this God, is the Real One. So He Wants A House! First, as a Tent of Testimony, sign of the National Contract (aka covenant) between Adonai and His Chosen People. So, He laid out elaborate instructions. Because, This Was To Be His House, God's School for Israel, where He would live and thus have Fellowship with them. Everything Associated With This House, Including All Its Rituals And Dress, Depicted Something In The Nature Of That Covenanted National Fellowship, that Covenant of Association. Principle: You Can't Divorce God Yet Keep The House.

But Israel was unfaithful to Him; past is prologue; so we are unfaithful to His House, too. Look at what history, preceded and precedented, Church: While Moses was yet up on Mt. Sinai, getting the Tablets but more importantly, the description of the House, Israel played the harlot with the ol' time religion of that day, Egyptian-style calf worship. Golden calf. (Phallicism was mandatory, in most religions of that time.) So, got punished. So, got punished for 40 more years, until enough had grown up to go INTO the Promised ('sevened') Land. Once there and settled, she almost immediately began imitating the people she was supposed to replace. Judges records this sad story. The last of them, Samuel, was told that Israel wanted to just plain be a nation like all the others: with a human king, not The God Who Would Become Human. Rats. So, Ever-Patient, He gives in, and Saul is appointed. Saul doesn't work out, though. So, in comes David, "anointed" king by Samuel while still a teenager; a shepard boy whose family doesn't even like him -- that's why he's a shepard -- whose God DOES like him. For David had been Learning Him, since forever. So, down to the Battle, down with Goliath, down with Saul and up with David. It takes something like 20 years, if I remember properly, for David to come into his kingdom. He grew UP, see.

So, King David wanted to Build A Permanent House For His Beloved Adonai, especially since He gave David the Unilateral Promise that Messiah would be born from David's loins. God even picked out the Holy of Holies -- the very site where Isaac was almost sacrificed, a huge hunk of BEDROCK which at the time David surveyed it, was a threshing floor. Atop Mt. Moriah, soon to be renamed Mt. Zion (Gen22:2, 2Chron3:1). That Rock is famously known as PETRA, in Greek, depicting the Rock of their Salvation; even as Abraham almost-sacrificed his adult son Isaac (who was 25+ years old, then) at God's command, to emulate Father's sacrificing His Only Son-to-Come. The rest of the Temple, was to be built around it.

But, David was not to build the Temple, because he was a warring king. Temples mean PEACE, see. So what must NO Temple mean? WARRING. Specifically, Daniel 9:26c +the Book of Esther. Reconciliation. Shalom. Shalom first means prosperity, which of course presumes peace. Reconciliation is its deeper meaning, Prosperity/Saved/Peace with God Himself. So Temple means Shalom, For God Is With Us. No Temple means no shalom, For God Is Against Us. Us, then meaning the Nation Israel. For the promise to David, was the promise TO a king, of a Future King from his own bloodline, One Who Would Rule Forever. Kings rule nations, see. So this Promise of a Temple is all at once a promise that All The Covenants Will Be Fulfilled In This King-To-Come, And That There Will Be A Nation Israel Which He Will Rule. Forever.

So, the job of building God's House, was given instead to his son Solomon -- his name is a variation of "Peace", actually. A Greater and more elaborate building, had not been made, apparently, for people came from all over to see it. It was the pride of Israel, their comfort, their joy, because GOD really mattered, then. Above all, the Temple symbolized God With Us -- downpayment on the Incarnation of Messiah-to-Come. "Messiah" means Anointed One, meaning KING. King-Priest, actually, Ps110:1ff. So, notice how this King-Priest is NOT Levitical (big theme in Book of Hebrews). So someday Israel was to become a Priest Nation, no longer a nation under God with only sons of Aaron, as priests. It was THE BIG PROMISE, Total Intimacy with Adonai Elohenu, Adonai, Echad. Well, so long as Israel listened to Him.

So, from the beginning, Moses had laid out with the Nation Israel the CONDITIONAL TERMS of their Fellowship with Adonai:

Solomon's Temple was destroyed in 586BC. Going into the Babylonian captivity with Nebuchanezzar were some of the Royal Family, one of whom was a very devout young man named Daniel. There were no sacrifices, because no Temple. They observed the dietary laws, which weren't spiritual, but were reminders of Him. They thought about Him all the time, as evidenced by Daniel and Ps119. So, even though the national covenant was abrogated, God prospered His People. Still, no Temple meant no nation Israel, so the covenantal promise, was in abrogated status. So the question was, WHEN would their punishment end, and fellowship on a National level, resume? Daniel, in Chapter 9, is heartsick over it. The chapter opens with a long introductory explanation of why the Temple was destroyed, via Daniel's Naming The Cause (=Ps32:5, Ps66:18, 1Jn1:9). By this we are to understand the explanation is Paradigmal Of Any Temple Destruction. All the other prophets repeated this explanation in many ways, long beforehand.

God of course not only answers Daniel's immediate petition, but gives him the entire TEMPLE History, in Dan9:25-26. Note: the Temple's History is the Nation Israel's History, because both depend on MESSIAH'S History. Text is kinda problemmatic in the Greek MSS. we have: some of the words mightn't be Scripture (scribes make mistakes, etc). So translations prefer using the Masoretic text. The closest 'canned' translation I can find is (oddly enough) in the New Living Translation (in BibleWorks 5). It goes like this (brackets, underlining and bolding are my additions):

Things then came to pass precisely as the angel (Gabriel, not Michael, since the latter is the Angel of National Israel) explained to Daniel. When the Babylonian captivity ended, Zerubbabel and others returned as God had promised Daniel, and right on time, too. In fact, Zerubby baby was dragging his heels to rebuild it, so just as He did to Moses before, the Lord bugged Zerubbabel to DO it. Thereby, leaving for all posterity, the principle: if no Temple, then no covenant, no blessing to the Nation. For, if you look at Haggai 1, the Lord explains that He was withholding rain, etc. Because His House Wasn't Being Built. Very witty language! Gives one pause, for we are Living stones. So if we aren't being built, ouch!

So, the Second Temple was built. Then, just as God had foretold, and Right On Time, the Second Temple was destroyed, in August of 70AD. Even history corroborates the dates, now.

Note how in Dan9:26, the Temple is not to be rebuilt again, after Messiah is killed. So because Messiah Came And Left, NO TEMPLE. No more Mosaic Law. It Got Fulfilled By Him. So the next rebuilding is at the 2nd Advent, and not before (see Ezekiel Chaps39-end book, very detailed). Galatians 3, Romans 9, and Book of Hebrews spend a lot of time on the significance of this, while the Temple is still standing, so that the people will be reminded of the Daniel timeline and its meaning. Of course, Jeremiah started his book forecasting the eventual razing of the Temple, and how they wouldn't miss it (3:16), because the Word would be Incarnated then; in His Heart, and therefore could be in their hearts (Chap31), so the 'heart' of the Temple, became a Person. Book of Hebrews picks up on the Jeremiah meaning and threads it through the epistle.

The Lord has ALL of this future in mind, when He speaks that so-witty, so astonishing, So-Committing Himself, Matt16:18. Parallel passages on the same event are in Mark 8:29ff, Luke 9:20ff, and most poignantly in John 6:60ff. Background: as you'll see most clearly in John6, the Lord's popularity had quickly worn out, because He had explained He was the Real Bread: His popularity began to sour as soon as He heals a paralytic on the Sabbath, in John 5.

So, now: shift time forward, and pretend it's 30AD, and Christ has Just been Seated (that's how Book of Hebrews opens). Put yourself in God's Place, since if you love Him you want to see through His Eyes. You did all this very careful forecasting, let everyone know in advance, fulfilled all those impossible prophecies about His First Advent! but still You are rejected. Your Son, King of Kings, now -- He is rejected. Do You depart from what You planned to do? Or, keep on going? Well, as Faithful God, You Keep On Going. With the same message, same warning, same parameters. Precedence. Justice. Love. Especially, since You'd long ago set the precedent, i.e., in Isa28. Blah-blah-blah speaking people sounding as drunk as you really are, Samaria -- They Will Become Your Warning, And You Will Become Their Slaves. Frequent refrain, among all prophets from Dan to Beersheba, from Samuel to Malachi. Not pretty. Not to be missed. Oholah and Oholibah (Eze23, but start in Eze16).

  • So Father decrees Jewish history as the map of history, the stamp of History, because Messiah is the Culmination of History (Eph1:10, Greek, also Rom10:4).
  • So Father 'maps' the INSERTED history for Church the same way. Just as promised, since Daniel 9. To ADVERTISE it.
  • Specifically, Dan9:26's last clause: "The end will come with a flood [of troops], and war and its miseries are decreed from that time to the very end."
  • Nine ADVERTISING PARALLELS God Employs between First Advent and Church, to Rescue Israel and the World

    Advertising Parallels 1 and 2: Imminency And Invisibility

    So the "Rapture", really "exit resurrection" (exzanastasis in Phili 3:11), is Parallel to the 1) 'imminency' of the First Advent and the 2) invisibility, of the Ascension. So, add these up: you get an Extension of the First Advent (1Jn4:17) but with the characteristics of IMMINENCY and INVISIBILITY, the "sign of Jonah". Just as the Lord promised, in Mat12:49, 16:4, Luk11:29-30. Note the irony: while it is true that Israel was required to predict His Coming ever since David died, as we saw just before the "Syncopated.. Tribulation" table (link in red box at pagetop), during the time He's down here, it's up to Him How Long He Lives: "I lay down My Life" clause, John 10:15-17. So in that sense, His Life is imminently ending, can happen any second -- even though, He had a deadline for dying which Israel was also required to know, the 1000th anniversary of David's own death: that's when Time was (initially) to End, if He didn't finish successfully. So Time would end whenever He did die, if unsuccessful. See the parallel?

    Next Parallel, Invisibility: as covered extensively in Part III's four Reasons for Invisibility, thought is invisible, playing before Heaven and known to you, but not to anyone else unless you choose to express what you are thinking. So in the Trial, it's all visible and predictable -- but not to people on earth. So too here: like Him, we are down here Now, and while our departure date is known to God -- no one down here is given that date.

    Ergo HIS PRECEDENCE is the reason for the Imminency and Invisibility parallels to His First Advent, which we Church, represent. The Jews didn't accept Him. So it's as if the First Advent, ISN'T over. Yet, Christ did complete, so He LEFT. So if you add up the Legal Facts that a) THEY Rejected, but b) HE Accepted, you get what's still Open: the Message He gave While Still Down Here, mainly for Israel's sake (see Hebrews 3-4, which uses this legal a) & b) rhetorical structure); and, the Result Of His Ascension, the BRIDE PRICE of His Spiritual life, from which (get this wit) Father makes a Bridal Dowry prior to marrying us off to Him at the Rapture, theme of Eph1. So the Divine Benefit Plan Re-Routed Blessing, So The World Could Continue To Hear The Call To The Wedding -- to be the Bride at that Wedding! Now, Israel is to understand that it will be but friends of the Groom, once the Millennium begins. But if Jews Now believe, they will still be part of 'Bride' -- so the OT Promise is not only Still 'on', so to speak -- but is Now Upgraded. They get "better things" (keyword to explain this in Book of Hebrews, Attick kreittwn). Because the Trial, is about who's better: God, or Satan (see how Hebrews 11 explains that). The rest of the world, the ta ethne, the goyim, get to be in that Same Bride, Now. Again, owing to Israel's prior refusal. However, this Message is Now Carried through this Bride-in-Training (think of Esther, before she was presented to Ahasuerus). Quietly.

    Let's focus on the First Advent Parallel to Jonah. The Lord invokes this as Precedent for His Own First Advent, Matt16:4, just before creating Church in Matt16:18. After God used some big marine animal as a taxicab, Jonah ran around Ninevah hollering that their destruction was IMMINENT, so they better believe in Adonai for their salvation. All they had to go on was his telling them, so it was an INVISIBLE warning. So, Jonah was in his first advent in Ninevah: he had such success, he ended up staying there the rest of his life, and is buried there. That whole generation turned around, due to his Warning. So, Their History Was Prolonged. Sadly, 120 years later, the fourth generation's continued apostacy resulted in Assyria's complete destruction as a nation (612BC). [Assyrians are still alive as a people (i.e., about half a million reside in Chicago), even as Hittites are still alive as a people (I don't know that number). But only as leftovers. Few in number, blessed to keep living because some in their history, grew up spiritually.]

    Christ's First Advent thus functions like the ministry of Jonah. First, His Birth was fulfillment of Isa7, an Ending Of Time Prophecy. Messiah was supposed to come at the End of Time, To Complete the Time, to usher IN the Millennium. So it's appropriate, that the time of His Stay on earth be a Warning, like Jonah's was. Imminent ending, Beware Of Not Believing in Me, (i.e., John 16:9)! It's also imminent, since for the first 30 years everyone knew He was born, but didn't know when the Groom would show UP. It's also "imminent", in the sense that the duration of His Time on earth was deadlined, but not predicted. Not predicted, because it was Up To Christ To Grow Up In His Own Destiny As King-Priest And Finish The Cross. How long that would take, no one knew. After He died, you realized He Fulfilled the Deadline: oh, He died on the 1000th anniversary of David's retirement from Kingship; so yes, THIS ONE is Messiah. Can't be anyone else at any other time in history: the dates alone, never fit. Couldn't be bar Kochba, couldn't be any of the other pretenders before or after Christ. So either Jesus the Christ is the Messiah, or there will never BE one. See how Precise God is? See how easy it is to know Who Messiah is, at ANY time in history? So see how easy it is to validate Who He is, even Now?

    Christ's Ministry was also invisible: most of His Life, He was isolated; His Death on the Cross, was in supernatural darkness; His Payment on the Cross, no one saw; whenever He'd perform a miracle, He later sushed the person He gave it to, or deprecated it as inferior (i.e., John 6:13-41, 59-61); of course, He didn't show off His Godness, either. [Matt 8:4, John 1:50, Jn7:19-25; Matt7:22-24, 11:21 compared to 11:29, 13:58; Mark 6:2-9, 6:59, are other good samples.] All this, to prevent manipulation. Satan absolutely couldn't "get it" that God wouldn't do the flashy thing, Matt4. We humans don't get it, either. But look: If We Don't See What God Does Show -- like obvious weather, the Dome and the Wailing Wall, His Orchestration of TIME which you can conclusively prove from that best and most flashy of all miracles, BIBLE -- what point is there in showing lesser flash? The Bigger Miracles Are In Front Of Anyone's Eyes, but we don't like those Far More Valid, Miracles. So might as well be invisible, then: an evil generation clamors for a sign, Matt16, 1Jn4:17. Every generation.

    "Visible" to us really means titillating. what entertains us. The greatest miracle of all is to get God's Own Thinking into our measly heads -- but oh, no one cares about That Miracle. Biggest promise in the OT, fulfilled in Christ and now in writing in the NT -- which sits in every hotel room, abysmally translated or not -- unread. Ho Hum. So What can God Do to Top The Biggest Miracle? Be silent, that's it.

    Advertising Parallel 3: 'Today' on the 'map' of God's Time Construct for History, is thus Dan9:26c.

    So we Church likewise get a 'first advent' of no predicted length, because we are the Extension of Him Who Left (1Jn4:12-17). This, because Israel rejected His First Advent; so our 'job' is like Jonah's, and the 'prophecy' applying to us is only Dan9:26c (underlined, dark green clause above); we are in THAT SLOT of time. We aren't in the 70th week, but in the Gap Between Messiah's Cut Off And The 70th Week. Thus ADVERTISING that Messiah has Left the Building. Messiah, not Elvis. Messiah has left the BUILDING, so there's no Temple. Messiah has LEFT, so is not yet-to-come. Messiah HAS left, so not still on earth. So there are NO other 'messiahs' to look for ON earth, since WE are on earth, Representing Him.

    So our Job is to Explain all this Change. Which, sadly 99% of Christians don't even know; most Christians are as stupid as the Jerusalem church was, busily trying to adapt the LAW post-crucifixion. Yeah, and that's why God made Paul the writer of most of the NT, using the others only for Gospels or to round off what Paul didn't write. So the 1% who do know, are used to explain to the (probably 1%) of Jews who want to know that answer. So what changed, and why? Book of Hebrews (how apt), answers. We come into being only due to Israel's rejection. Further, it answers what is the Objective Of Our Lives: To Reach The Rest Israel Rejected (Heb4), Resting In The Promised One, Whose Thinking is in Writing, Christ (denoted as Word, to show continuity to OT and fulfillment of its Promise). Because He Is Now Seated, Behind The Veil, And Thus a New Priesthood And A New Covenant, And Their "New Covenant" (Jeremiah) Will Be IMPLEMENTED Via Us. Writer of Hebrews very carefully explains all this. Can't miss it, especially since he's explaining it while the Temple is Yet Standing, but everyone knows it will soon be Destroyed, precisely because Messias Has Finished His Task And "Cut" A New Covenant. So he writes In Haste, for they are to have Another Going-out: Heb10:36-39. They had their first going-out, from Egypt; all other going-outs, were Diaspora. For, the only place for the Temple, was in the Land. No Temple means Diaspora, since No Nation if No Temple. Again, you can't divorce God and keep the property. However, you can 'marry' the Lord by believing in Christ (John 3:16), which makes you in Church, which after all is pro-Israel -- a Promotion. Even Moses longed to see our day (Matt13:17? my pastor quotes it often).

    So again, we are invisible, too. Christ didn't promote Himself, ever. The "Great Commission" did not include trickery or Madison Avenue techniques. Does no one remember Christ telling the disciples to take nothing with them? Did no one remember His Conversation with the Samaritan woman? He didn't give any dog-and-pony shows. God led the hearers TO Him, not the other way around. So we are invisible, and aren't to advertise ourselves. Thus the hearer knows God Is Advertising, not us -- the Superior Witness, not us. So, the First Advent Matt22 Wedding Invitation is Being Extended through us, 2Cor5:20. Ambassadors are never flashy (the worst thing an ambassador can do, is call attention to himself).

    Advertising Parallel 4: Ongoing Warning that 'Today' is the End of TIME, Heb Chaps 3-4+Dan9:26c.

    Book of Hebrews was written in 68AD, to warn everyone that the Temple was about to be destroyed (Paul had just died, and Titus had just stepped up the siege of Jerusalem). It painstakingly explains the TWO Kingships of Christ, and how Church derives from the eternity-past contract between Father and Son, the Battlefield Kingship Patent Award for defeating Satan in the Trial, recorded in the OT for example, in Ps110. So Book of Hebrews walks the reader through how Israel, the first intended Bride for that contract, abrogated it; so Church is inserted. Two Kingships, Two Covenants, Two Priesthoods. And the legal precedenting link used, is the "new covenant" promise to Israel, which was supposed to result from her fulfilling the Bride contract (aka the Mosaic Law). See Hebrews 7:12-28, 8:7, 8:8-12, 9:14-15, 10:1-8, 9-14, 10:15-17, 18-39.

    His Kingship as Son of David, is separate from all this and unconditional, housed in David, not Israel. That's why David's 1000-year time grants were the END OF TIME -- for to make good on the contract for David's (and hence Israel's) sake, Messiah would have to be born and die within those bracketing deadlines (4BC, 30AD, and 37AD). Which He did: so He redeemed time, but Israel rejected Him, so Israel doesn't get the benefit of His Victory. Unless, she "today" believes in Him, theme of Hebrews Chapters 3 and 4 (i.e., do not harden your hearts, while it is yet today clause).

    So, our parallel representation (Gk:diakonia, one of its meanings) has the Same Essential Characteristics as His First Advent, prophetically speaking, to act as an Ongoing Warning Of The End; to explain that there are Two Advents, not One, so that Jews can see God really DOES keep His Promises. Again: Isa7 prophecy of the Virgin Birth was a Warning Prophecy of the End Times: beginning with, Messiah Himself. Why else do you think Daniel's timeline ends with the tandem Messiah cut off AND the destruction of the Temple (Dan9:25ff)? Just after which, follows a description of the 70th 'week', CUT OFF from the rest of the text? Wars and rumors of wars. Imminent, from the day of the Temple's Destruction, onward. Can't miss it, given all the huge volume of prophecy on the topic in OT.

    Advertising Parallel 5: First Advent Terminated unpredictably due to Israel's Voting;
    so Rapture Occurs Unpredictably due to Church Voting.

    His First Advent's Termination was alike Imminent, Date-Unpredictable, pending Israel's Vote. So Our Exit Is Alike Unpredictable -- and for the same reason, pending Our Votes. And as in the case of Christ, until we EXIT, the Jews have a chance to catch onto the fact that there are Two Advents, not merely one; to catch onto the nature of the Daniel 9:26c time-gap, and thus BE in Church. After we Leave, it's the Tribulation, time's up! This is a deliberate Mirroring Reversal of the role Israel should have played. It was supposed to be Israel who warned the Gentiles. But instead she played Vashti, so God creates an Esther to warn the Gentiles, and Rescue the Jews. God is never unfaithful.

    This is a major sea change, for Israel was always required to predict the Time of Messiah. Passover, for example, was an exact chronology of Passion Week. But you didn't know in what year it would happen, but rather only the deadline, until He announced Matt16:18 near Passover 29AD, giving everyone a year's warning notice. You also didn't know if Israel would Vote For or Against Him, as a whole. You only knew from Isaiah, that the leaders would be responsible for His Death (Isa53:2-8, esp. v.8's me otser umi mishpat luqqah clause on the kangaroo trials). Now, Daniel 9:26c is "on", so everything is UNpredictable. Notice the ironic parallel: you only needed three pieces of information to predict His Birthdate, which Every Jew Knew: the Haggai 2 month and day, 25 Chislev; the 1000th anniversary of David's death, 37AD (year 4143 from Adam's fall is how they dated it); and the 1000th anniversary of the year David became king over all Israel, which was late 4BC (year 4103 from Adam's Fall). For Messiah would have an allotted lifespan equal to the number of years David ruled, in order to meet all the 1000th anniversary deadlines so to again RENEW Time, on time. Would take you three seconds to compute His Birthdate. As we saw in the Legatee table (link in red box at pagetop), you had at least a dozen other ways you could calculate that date, and you'd get the same answer, even if you screwed up the math. Atop that math proof were a bizillion other confirmations of Messiah, like being born of a virgin, where born, events in His Life, the chronology of His Passion week exactly matching Passover's timing, etc etc etc. So the only way you could MISS knowing, was if you were negative to the Word; we Christians are negative to His Word, and that's the only reason why we don't know when He was born, when He died, etc. Bible spells it all out, plainly. But we are sloppy in reading it. For centuries. So too were and are, the Jews. Ta'anach: Bible is sandy soil to them, so no understanding grows from it.

    Conclusive Rapture Precedence: In God's Time-Accounting System for the human race, all time is based on Messiah, Who is from the midst, the loins, of Jacob, and hence is from Israel (another name for Jacob). This time is granted in 490-year segments ever since Adam (the first grantee). A 490 is granted, but it can be lost before it finishes, as Mirroring.htm explains. To be granted, someone during the previous 490 had to be 'completed' in spiritual achievement. David thus received three 490-year time grants, as well as three 1000-year grants, all based on dates in his life. The Temple was a promise to David, not Israel, 2Sam7. Israel thus shares through David. So the first Temple's existence was truncated due to apostacy; but due to David's spiritual growth, God could reinstate credit for Time to the Temple; that's what He does, in Daniel 9. His Proviso is that Israel Rebuild the Temple and Jerusalem On Time. Which, it did.

    But due to 2Sam7, only Messiah SON Of David, Can Redeem Time. So, He literally came at the End of Time, Dan9:25-26, which is based on the Davidic deadlines. Note that carefully: there is No Time Left, when He comes. If He doesn't make it, then everything ends. So you could know the Birthdate and end-date based on the ending of Time itself. But that still didn't tell you if He would Succeed, and when. So it was imminent, when He'd FINISH. That is our Precedence, and that is why you can't predict the Rapture. For we are still AT the End Of Time, Daniel 9:26c.

    So, He's Our Precedence, Our Archegos, main theme of Hebrews: hence our 'birthdate' was also predicted, from Matt16:18, forward, and Peter even announced it in Acts 2. Remember the shepards and Herod's massacre of babies, and the other Visible Manifestations of Christ's Brith? So too, ours. Birthdate -- but NOT, the End-Date. You'll only know that, WHEN IT HAPPENS. Daniel 9 didn't reveal the ending-date of Messias, but only the Deadline. And why? Because it was a Contract, Depending on what He Chose to Do. He had the free will to do differently, and the God-man nature meant He could do anything He wanted.

    Same deal for Church: Our contract is a NUMBER OF BODIES, not a set amount of time. Part IVb has more verses on this Body provision, and NT lists many more (very strident theme); but the actual testamentary contract clause, is in John 17:20-21. Look at the parallel to His God-Man Nature, and how all creation depended on how He'd use it: we get the Holy Spirit's Power without measure; when we don't use it, worldwide disaster ensues. God forbid that the Body should be more important than Her Husband! So anyone into date-setting the Rapture blasphemes Him. Especially, in light of His bald statements in Matt24 and Acts 1, Don't seek the date.

    Of course, back during His First Advent, the world did not see His First Arrival for what it was, since only the GROUP for whom Messiah came, were the audience. Hence, they, but not we, needed the prophecies to discern the Real Messiah. The Parallel: they but NOT we still get the same prophecies. We don't need prophecies, Because We ARE The Prophecies Being Fulfilled By God For Them. That is another reason why Israel's historical trends stamp Church. So, as during His First Advent, Our Leaving Is Imminent, Date-Unpredictable, to -- again -- Clue Them In on HE'S The Messiah.

    Advertising Parallel 6: Church IS the Esther of Matt16:18 being fulfilled, so like Her Husband, MAKES History.

    We are Being Fulfilled, because we represent Christ Who Makes all History, He Who Is the Subject and Object of All Prophecy (Heb 1:2, Acts 17:28, Rev19:10). And, because He contracturally created us to be an Esther, Matt16:18. So we are here to save Israel, not replace her; the "new covenant" prophecy will get fulfilled to her THROUGH us (main theme of Hebrews 8:8-10:17). Christ created us as Esther in Matt16:18, by Contract with Father, John 17:20-21. So we are future from that date. Being realized, Now. Book of Esther is the promise of deliverance of the Jews, and it takes place during the time Jerusalem still needs rebuilding. It will be due to Esther that Jerusalem will be rebuilt, a generation later. So do you understand Matt16:18-Matt24, now? The Lord is referring to Esther being found and thus the Jews being in Diaspora, being delivered. Warned, before they even GO into Diaspora; so that's a prophecy, echoed all over the OT. Because, they WILL reject Him, and He's Warning them of their attitudes. So this is as blatant a statement as can be made on how the Gentiles will be used to save the Jews. Hopefully the imminency analogy is obvious from Matt25's lamp oil parable.

    Like all prophecy and Bible verses, Book of Esther is multilayered in meaning. So sad that people interpret the Book of Esther so narrowly. It's The Key To How The Jews Get Saved By The Gentiles, Using Actual History The Jews Celebrate Every Purim. We are thus "Esther", Fulfilled for them. Couldn't be plainer. [If you are under my pastor's son, know that I've not heard how he has recently covered the Book of Esther.] Look at the obvious parallels: Joining Of Jew And Gentile (Esther and the goy who's the King). That was Israel's job, see. They weren't doing that job, so the story is set in the Diaspora (post-586BC). Notice how it's still open for them to do that job. Notice also how God has to cause both that job, and the protection of the people, Himself. ("Esther" is Persian for "myrtle", an astonishingly-versatile plant which can become a whole tree! in Israel.) So Israel gets Grafted In Via Marriage To The Gentile (Esther being symbolic), during the Diaspora. Which Diaspora, is of course going on Now, so -- see? Long before there was a Church, God left a book behind so Jews could understand that He provided them a solution. Pity that so many people for centuries were so stupid about this Book's import, many argued that the Book of Esther shouldn't even be in the Bible! LOL.

    God Is Omniscient, so one of the Biggest Miracles, the BIBLE, will evidence His Authorship by being structured like Omniscience, layer upon layer of Perfect Fit. So, another layer of meaning to Esther, is a veiled warning not to play Vashti (Zech7), or He will spit them out of His mouth: repeated to Church by the way, in Rev3 on Laodicea. So We are Bride, also for the purpose of delivering Israel. All the rest of history hinges on our completion, as Hebrews repeatedly warns. So we are caused to become the Fulfillment Of The Delivery Of All Covenants, because Son is to have a Bride before He fulfills anything. That's why Revelation 4 commences with the opening of a title-deed-to-earth ceremony after we are raptured up. Church Makes History, Not Prophecies; Church Is History, Not Prophecies, Because Church Is Being Used To Fulfill Prophecies, Not Get Them. Much more on this topic will be covered in LvS4b and LvS4c.htm.

    Happily, there is a rather large group of Jews today who also believe in Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach); some of them don't yet buy the NT, some buy only the NT Gospels, as Canon. Some, buy the whole NT. You won't hear much about these people, but they are there. Low-key, most of them. Put down by their fellow Jews, most of them (very big effort in modern Jewry to stop these Jewish believers in Christ from proving from Scripture He's Messiah, going on now). So never let it be said that God doesn't know how to Graft In His Chosen People!

    Warning: dingdongs who think Church replaces Israel prove they don't know their Bible, at all. Worse, they malign God by claiming they replace Israel. Like the Arabs who all pretend to want Israel to be an independent state -- never mind, that the first Article of the PLO Charter is "Israel has no right to exist", an article PLO has never rescinded -- these people who claim to replace Israel are completely anti-God. Avoid them like the plague they are. [Hosni Mubarek recently (2005) did an interview with Charlie Rose. I can't believe Rose fell for it when he asked if the Arab world was ready to accept Israel as an independent state. Mubarek cagily replied that at the recent summit (in 2004, March, I believe) Saudi Arabia had stated categorically that Israel should be a state. What disingenuousness. As I recall, Saudi Arabia's proposal had something like 20 conditions which had to be satisfied for that recognition, all of them totally unacceptable -- including, the full use of "shub" -- that the Palestinians could return (get back for free) their alleged pre-1948 land. The proposal was in the newspapers at the time of the summit to unveil the proposal (they're keen on that kind of advertising). When you read it you will really know how disingenuous is any Arab proposal. Read From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters, check out the facts for yourself. President Bush is no fool. He conditioned the existence of the Palestinian state on the revocation of Article One of the PLO Charter (I heard him say that in a news conference on CSPAN, when he first surprised everyone by offering to help broker an independent Palestinian state. No one ever said anything about what Article One meant -- sigh.) I learned of the PLO Charter back 30 years ago, when doing a "Model UN" thing in high school (playing Saudi Arabia, ironically). So this isn't classified information. See? We don't care about Bible, so we don't care who's really right in this Arab-Israeli conflict, either. We'll be sweet-talked over to the Arab side, because We Don't Do Our Homework! The day that happens, the US will cease to be a nation. God help us!]

    Advertising Parallel 7, Math Proof: The SAME Daniel 9 Messiah Who Redeems Time is Now Also the Head of Church.

    Now, Since Messiah Has Come And Gone, They Can Tell. The Daniel timeline is Now operating post-"Messiah..cut off", in a bubble: a prophetical parenthesis of no prophetical content, itself. The big bang ending, was the Destruction Of The Temple. So the next prophecy to occur, is the Tribulation. Thus they know it's TIME to become part of Church by believing in Christ, John 3:16, Hebrews Chaps 3-4; since there's NO Messiah during the 'dead spot' between Daniel 9:26c, and Dan9:27. See, it's hard for Israel to accept that Messiah would be Christ. So they need Scripture, not goyim pushing them, to show it's GOD who says He is the Christ. They won't listen to us, for all goyim are inferior. Yes, it's a prejudice; all humans have prejudices, and this one against the goyim, is ingrained within Israel. When it comes to FAITH, Israel is queen and everyone else is a peasant. That was true: but when Israel played Vashti, she became the peasant and another Queen was found. That's the message, and it's rather hard to accept. Paul explains all this in Romans 11.

    In the "now Israel's Days were Numbered" section of the Legatee Table (link in red box at pagetop), you'll find bullets listing the various ways you can calculate Daniel 9 and determine Messiah's birth and death dates. So also, in the "David" and "To Be or Not to Be" table links of Mirroring.htm. Point is, without any outside human interference, any Jew can prove mathematically that Christ is the Only Possible Messiah. If not Him, there is no one else at any time in history or the future, based on dates, alone. Prophecy can be interpreted variantly. But math cannot. It either balances or does not, and whether you like it or not. So whether pre-Cross or post-Cross, you can tell Who Messiah is, all from Bible. God gives you the entire timeline of history from Adam forward (which Judaism mangles in its calendar). So IF YOU USE BIBLE you know exactly what time it is.

    Since those events are extremely detailed in the OT, and Revelation outlines them as well, Israel gets time to realize that they are in a parenthesis between the two events. So, of course, do we; so also, the rest of the world gets time. Time of no certain duration, though. Just as Daniel 9:26 depicts. Time of no certain duration, because even in that prophecy, the amount of time it would take for Messiah to complete His life, was not stated. Notice that Daniel 9:26's 69th week ends with the destruction of the Temple and the city, not with the death of Messiah. So you knew the deadline for His Death, but that deadline includes the destruction of the Temple and the City. It could have been co-terminous. It wasn't: Messiah died 7 years prior, and that last seven -- as everyone knows -- played from 64-70AD. These are not disputed facts. So it's easy to know Who Messiah is.

    So We Too Are Made The Cause Of Time: History Has Elongated Beyond Its Originally-Planned Boundaries. So we are still in one of, not both of, the "times", of the Gentiles (Luke 21:24); for the other "time", is the Tribulation itself. Just as Assyria 'lived' longer due to hearing Jonah, so the world lives longer, due to us listening to the Word so we can train for our Lord's Father, as king-priests under Him. For, that is How He Vested as King-Priest: see Heb5.

    Israel thus should have caught on immediately when Titus invested Jerusalem; even, if they didn't listen to the Lord's Own Warnings about it (Matt24, Mk13), due to Daniel's forecasting of Temple destruction following the cutting-off of Messiah. But they didn't. So it was 'invisible' to them, because they were so willfully blind, not because there was no proof. After 70AD, no Jew could misconstrue the identity of Messiah, period. So it has to be rejection, not mere ignorance. Daniel is too plain. They don't even read the Two Stone Witnesses staring them in the face every day. So they won't hear us, either. Word is better proof, anyway. And it's always available.

    Advertising Parallel 8:
    World's Weal Depended on the Jews since Messiah was Coming.
    World's Weal Now depends on Church since He's Left, Risen, and is Coming BACK.

    Just as the Well-Being of the World depended on the Jews because He was Coming, Now that He's Left and is Coming BACK, the well-being of the world depends on Church. Once that Coming occurs, Disaster! The Jews understood that when Messiah would come, the world would end. With that ending was disaster, war, tribulation. It's still true -- but Now in a different way. The world was turned upside down that first century, due to the Coming-Back nature of the Rapture, since it still meant the end of the world would occur. It still does. So the Jews and the world have yet another Parallel Advertisement as to Who is the Real God.

    God has always and only blessed or cursed the world, owing to believers in it. If you've seen Mirroring.htm ("Timeline" link at pagetop) and its tandem worksheet GeneYrs.xls and TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc, you understand how that rule has been demonstrated in Bible since Adam. The blessing rule gradually narrowed as time passed, to David. The world only continued post-963 BC, because God made a promise to David to give Him a Ruling Son forever, the downpayment of which was the Temple, which depicted Him. That's why in Daniel 9, the Temple is destroyed when Messiah leaves: to signify that He left. But in the wake of Temple destruction, comes world destruction. That's why Daniel 9:26c reads as it does, and that's why world history has been exactly in that Dan9:26c pattern, ever since. The Jews vaguely understand all this, even today. What they refuse to accept, is that the verse Applies To Jesus Christ. It's impossible for the verse to mathematically apply to anyone else. So, since they won't listen, one more Advertising Thing God can Do, is demonstrate the Blessing-of-the-World-Role the Jews once had, but via Church. As my pastor likes to say, "as goes the believer, so goes the client nation to God, so goes history." And frankly, you can prove that true in history, as GeneYrs.xls tries to demonstrate, post-Cross (see also MirrorNOW.htm).

    In TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc, its item #9 demonstrates how Israel was mathematically taught the Jubilee depended on the observance of the sabbatical years. The latter were used as a kind of 'time tax' to 'buy' the 50-year voting periods for the Gentiles every 1000 years. The math is exquisite. Many verses in the OT also testify to this function of Israel being the source of blessing for the world, and even today every Jew knows it. But that fact has gotten Israel in a lot of trouble over the centuries, so over time its truth became a hidden thing. Jews know about it, and in fact are both puzzled and proud of it -- never saying much about it to the goyim, of course. So if they can see the pattern of God blessing the world through those goyim who believe in His Son Who is the Messiah, then they have a nice advertisement as to Who Messiah is. So too, the rest of the world. This advertisement hasn't exactly gone unnoticed. Millions of words have been spent by Gibbon and others on how the rise and fall of Christianity has been the blessing or cursing to the world. And it's like clockwork: anywhere in the world you find a trend of increasing interest in the Christian Bible, at any time in history post-Cross, you find a trend of rising material prosperity. Conversely, anywhere in the world you find a trend of declining interest in that same Bible (i.e., Dark Ages, when the RCC reigned supreme), you find diaster, adversity, sickness, etc. Doesn't matter what country, region, people. Does matter that it's Bible. Again, GeneYrs.xls seeks to trace this phenomenon, which seems to run in 200-year cycles. But you can see it all very quickly, in Lev26 and Deut28, which is God's 'contract' on the topic. He applied it to Israel: you can prove historically He applies it to Church. Thus you can know WHO Messiah is.

    Christ's Time On Earth Depended On His Volition. The Quality of Life on Earth and indeed the universe itself, likewise depended on His Volition, since He holds it all together -- even when He was here (a point my pastor never tired of stressing, invoking Hebrews 1:3 when he reminded us). Same is true for us. We Are Here. The wellbeing of the world depends on our spiritual growth, not prophecy. So either read the Book or be unpleasantly surprised, Heb10:35-39, 11:39-40!

    Since we don't know how each the other is growing spiritually, there's an imminency to our situation, as well. Same structure, as for Him. And now, the NT being completed, there is a God-written set of books which TESTIFIES to our being the extension of Him in the world. So in a way, we are prophesied, kinda like He was. There's this book, the NT: it essentially and continually says, the Fulfillment of the Prophecy of Bride, is "On" Right Now, euthus! So Straight Away! Immediately! Tachú! Now! Without Delay! Believe IN Him! For, who knows how long "Now" will last -- parable of the 10 virgins, not knowing when the Bridegroom will arrive.

    Meanwhile if we are growing, what an effect! See the paradigm of the meaning of Church's role in Rescuing Israel. Paul's 'fall' (going to Jerusalem) well illustrates the whole story. Her son of sons, Paul (Phil3:8 in context) is rejected, beaten nearly to death at the external altar, circa 58AD -- but oh, a Gentile (Roman) delivers the Jew who was supposed to be Christian, but instead rejected his Royal Priesthood to return to a Nazirite vow! So, Gentile delivers the wayward forgot-he-was-sewn-up Jew. [Isa53:5, Heb verb raphah, really means to Heal By Surgery, hence you are sewn up, and as a result, you heal. Cool word. Paul seems to be playing on it by his use of sugkleiw in Rom11:32.] Heh. So, now because this same guy is executed by a Gentile (Nero), the Jews are delivered over TO the Gentiles, but also delivered BY the Gentiles (90,000 went into captivity), just like (Precedence!) it was back in Jeremiah's day. See? You don't need a date for the Rapture, you need a reason why. Here it is: we gotta complete so we can rescue Israel, hence We Determine History, Not Prophecies. What happened to Paul there in Acts 22, changed the history of the world forever. Which role do you think more befits a Wife-in-Training under the Limitless Power of the Holy Spirit? Didn't Christ Change History forever?

    But if we are retrogressing, what an effect! My pastor stressed that "all hell breaks loose when a Pleroma believer dies." Well, we know just how much "hell" is. Book of Hebrews flatly says that if believers don't grow up, the Temple will be destroyed. Now watch the dates, so you can see how Paul's merely being alive preserved the nation. For, the Jerusalem siege went into its final phase just after Paul was executed by Nero. For, we know from Josephus that the siege had two basic phases, because Titus really didn't want to overrun it. He wanted a negotiated settlement. If I remember rightly, historians place the first phase of the seige beginning in 64 or 66AD. Paul was in his final imprisonment, sometime near then. Paul was executed sometime in 68AD, which is approximately when the final siege began, because Titus' adopted father, Vespasian, became emperor in 69, Nero having died a few months after Paul. Thus Titus couldn't wait for a settlement, and wanted a triumph to take to his father. That was the "Year of the Four Emperors". We know Jerusalem finally fell in August, 70AD. Right on time, and Paul's being executed as well -- and all in Jerusalem who were negative to Paul, likely were negative to leaving despite the siege, too.

    We are Evidence of Him. We are pointed out by God. We don't promote Him, ourselves. Again, copy Christ. He wasn't flashy. So you also, are not to be flashy. So: if you are growing in God's System, be certain that both the Holy Spirit and Satan&Co. are busy advertising you to your periphery. So your focus must be dioko (Phili3:14, again), not me-promoto. If anything, you need to be low key. Don't wear Christ on your sleeve, thinking that oh, you don't honor Him if you don't talk about Him to everyone all day. Kings don't do that. Less talk, less action. More thinking, more restraint. Keep regarding everything in your life as Training from the Holy Spirit. [Hence the need to be in God's System, to "rightly divide the Word of Truth." See the "God's System" link at pagetop for a brief on what "God's System" is.] So keep looking at His Thinking, at what HE is saying via That Thinking, to rule your own life. That's how people can see Christ is REST, not arrest (John 7:19ff).

    Advertising Parallel 9: Rapture Parallels His Ascension.

    So, here's the final Advertising Parallel of Church to Christ's First-Advent Ministry: the world won't see our 'Ascension' (1Thess4), either. Rapture is not necessarily visible to the world. For example, our much-vaunted Disappearance depends on how many Christians actually exist at the time of the Rapture (which no one thinks about); but in any event they will not see us going up in the air, any more than the world saw the Ascension. The Tribulation is plenty full of warnings, so there is no need to have havoc due to disappearing bodies. That we straitjacket Scriptural interpretation with this idea, betrays how we want titillation, not God. Why we are leaving behind, common sense!

    Think: God could take each person at some precise moment over the same day, such that no one got hurt. Everyone has to pee at some time, for example. Pretty safe, there. Or, you're sleeping in bed. World is divided into time zones. Or, you've just stopped for a second to get a cup of coffee, and zap! Get the point? It might not be disruptive, at all. The Rapture means that people from DIFFERENT locations assemble at ONE location; implicit in that idea is that not all folks arrive at the same moment. Maybe they do -- but what if they don't? All in a twinkling of an eye doesn't mean all at the same moment, maybe. Then again, maybe it does. In which case, it still could be that one moment when all the Christians aren't driving, doing hazardous work, etc. God would know. God works in us to will and to do, so we might all know not to go doing something problemmatic, maybe a split second before we disappear.

    More importantly: who knows how many have really believed in Christ, since no one in public Christian TV can even state the Gospel correctly? Bet that most 'Christians' are not saved! The True Gospel is Believe Only In Christ Only, John 3:16, Acts 16:31, similar passages. If you add other verbs, you are not saved, Eph4:8-9. Look: if you believe you needed to both believe in Christ and get baptised, then it's not ONLY Christ you believe in, so you do not believe HE is enough. That blasphemes Him. If you believe that you need to feel sorry for your sins and believe in Christ to be saved, then you do not believe that Christ is enough, you instead believe in something YOU do as MAKING it enough -- same blasphemy as believing in baptism. If you believe that you can lose your salvation by some sin you commit, you likewise believe that Christ is not enough -- here, a negative thing you do is allegedly so powerful, it can undo His Perfect Work on the Cross. How utterly blasphemous are most 'Christians', then. RCC blasphemy, Odox blasphemy, the many denominations who claim you must be baptised or repent of your sins -- these are 99% of so-called "Christians"! How many of these people are actually saved? These are "Lord, Lord" people. They will not go to heaven, unless at some point in their lives they jettison all that crap and simply believe in Christ. They will likely not jettison those other acts they do or try to avoid, because those acts make them feel holy. Satanic, all of them. Yet you can count on God to use all that exposure to the fact Christ paid for their sins and they do believe He did, to at some moment isolate that recognition, to get rid of the crappy other stuff, such that Believe Only in Christ Only, occurs. So they likely end up being saved. The meanwhile, Satan uses them to sell a 'gospel' which saves no one.

    Royal Principle: Rank has its privileges. Those who don't believe, don't see. The Rapture occurs because those 'left behind' are too negative to respond absent Cataclysm. A principle which has loads of precedence, too. So we don't need future prophecies: we need to see the past ones. For past is prologue. But we're not noticing. So don't count on the Rapture being a large population of adults. Many kids, maybe.

    So notice the parallel to His Ascension: when He rose, only believers saw Him. Well, the Rapture is the exit of all believers, so there is no one to watch. The media idea of public havoc is likely false, therefore. And since Satan&Co. have control of all things public -- we poor saps of course don't know they manipulate us, lol -- this promoted-havoc idea is likely untrue; rather, Rapture is likely to be a quiet thing. Whatever is popular, assume the opposite is the truth, and you'll save a lot of time. Clever, to promote it as a public-havoc idea: so if the Rapture is quiet, folks won't realize it happened, even if large numbers of folks suddenly 'disappear'. You can just paint the scenario: individuals seeking missing family members go to the police. Then nothing happens, as there are a bizillion other reasons why people go missing, the "Rapture" being the most goofy idea of all, not worth believing.

    So if quiet, that explains why the Two Witnesses next appear in Jerusalem in Rev11; in part to explain that the Rapture occurred, and to keep everyone away from the Fake Temple which by then will exist. Thus the Jews will be warned to flee from Israel.

    Objection: where does NT show the authors recognized Daniel 9:26c as true?

    Ok, so let's look at Book of Hebrews, to see if it recognizes the Daniel timeline:

    Next, notice how the other NT epistles begin and end, and what, if anything, they say about the Temple. Beginning of each of their writings helps you set the date; so also, the end. Here's the biggest tipoff the NT writers all knew of the parenthesis: the covenantal vocabulary, SHIFTS. Huh? As explained earlier, the Bible is a set of legal documents. Legal documents must define within the document the meanings of keywords. This, to prevent misinterpretation of the document's meaning assigned to the words. For example, "faith" has a common meaning in people's minds. Does the document use the term that way -- or, differently? For every word in any language has multiple uses and hence, meanings. So: when talking about a Contract (aka covenant), words must be defined in the document. So it will be clear what the parameters of contract provisions, are. This results in a specialized vocabulary; so, if a contract changes, the vocabulary must change also. Hebrews spends a lot of time explaining this fact in Heb5-7, to show the change in priesthood, so all the old definitions attendant to "priesthood", no longer apply: for the Mosaic Law, is rescinded (i.e., Heb7:18).

    It's clear even from these few bullets that

    So Revelation 1-3, 6-17 Run and Reign as Trends, to Depict Dan9:26c

    So the actual Revelation we really have in writing from the Real Holy Spirit, shows that every generation of Church will experience paradigmally, Rev6, 11, 12, 13 and 17 as trends, so we can't predict the Rapture, either. As summarized earlier in the "Patmos" section of LvS4a.htm, Revelation is a Greek drama; so Real History 'plays' in specific formats which divide the times for you. So you knew to interpret Revelation trends for Church by the tableaus and paused explanations, as distinct from the blowing of the trumpets, or the pouring-out of the vials. Additionally, Revelation marks out the time boundaries using a clever time-barrier idiom, "meta tauta" (usu. fuzzily translated, "after these things"). You can find the idiom all over the LXX; so it's not hard to prove that the phrase divides the "times" for you. So you know what are flash-forwards versus flashbacks. This, because in Greek drama you have all these prologues which tell you the themes, followed by the actual events. I tracked the use of "meta tauta" throughout the Book of Revelation in RevPlay.htm. So you might want to read that. Page is very succinct, so you'll need Revelation in the Greek text, as you read the webpage.

    Historical Trend H1: Believers Play Hookey, don't want Bible, but prefer Flash and deem themselves holy, Rev1-3

    So note how past is prologue, the historical parallel: each generation of Israel might have been the one to get Messiah's arrival; until David died, there no predictability because Messiah really could have come sooner. It was only after Israel had so prolonged its apostacy against God as King, that the timeline was imposed; not until David died, did the timeline turn "on". Because, the whole point was a Continuous Line Of Kings culminating in that King-Priest, Messiah. Again, because Israel's Conditonal contract of "schul" (Modern Judaic name for Temple, with emphasis on Torah learning), had to get them to Graduated staus. But Israel flunked out, by rejecting Messiah when He came. Paul seems to be making that very point, in Acts 13.

    So here with Church, we are in the same 'schul' status: each generation will have the 'stamp' of the final Raptured one, because (again) volition is determinative. And, since past is prologue, the past proves we want the flash, not the Food: we reject Matt4:4, preferring Matt4:3. Hence we become Satanfodder, in every generation since the Crucifixion. Dying mostly the "sin face-to-face with death", capital punishment, 1Jn5:16 -- dying, from the rocks in our bellies, fancying we turned them into bread.

    Here in Church, we thus prove any generation can be the Rapture generation, since we demonstrate the same wackiness over the Rapture, as every generation since Pentecost -- rather than, going to God's School. So, years ago, people near my hometown probably sat up high on Mulholland Drive (near Los Angeles), just like necking teenagers used to do; but, maybe having sold all they had! looking over the valley at the lights and expecting the coming of "Jesus" because some guy had said there were 88 reasons why the Rapture would come in 1988. Hmmm. They must be hungry, by now: I only remember a few squirrels, beer cans, and rocks up there. Yet the shellgame continues: who among us doesn't know some family whose spouse or kids went wacko because 'Jesus' is coming back on such-and-such a date? Did we never read Matt24's warnings about that? How anyone with a straight face can write a book, or get on television, and claim what even Christ wouldn't, in Acts 1! Gee, when did these self-styled prophets get more authority, than Him? I don't know who among us is dumber: the folks who peedle that nonsense (pee+peddle), or the folks who believe it despite clear passages like Matt24.

    Nor should we just throw Revelation away as 'allegorical' or 'non-canonical'. Lots of dummies in this category, too: the "Rap the Rapture" section in Part IVc will deal with these folks at length. Preview of Coming Attractions: just because Rev6-19 functions like a historical-trend 'stamp' for Church, doesn't mean the events are not real upcoming events belonging to Israel. Both uses of Revelation, are true. Just because a Church history stamp, doesn't mean that Church replaces Israel. Just because a Church history stamp, doesn't mean we have nothing to watch out for. Rather, look how stupid we proved ourselves to be, to not notice how Catholicism was the Rev17 harlot? Do you realize, she began to form within Four Years after John penned Revelation, and no one, especially not the Church Fathers, noticed? And now, the 'independent churches' are literally going down the same path, right down to what doctrines get perverted into works and magic. Oh, how every generation, we Church prove Revelation right!

    Historical Trend H2: Lev26=Rev6=Dan9:26c Historical Patterning

    For there's another Trend for every generation alive at any "time": a prophecy with a Dated Period (here, Israel's Tribulation) is always kicked off by one having an Undateable ("imminency") Period; for the Dated Period only occurs due to some Failure in the Undated Period. So the Historical Characteristics of the Dated Period are irrelevant, and instead those of the Undated Period, CONTROL. Here, that "undated period", is Daniel 9:26c. Precedence, again: this time going all the way back to Adam. Adam's days weren't numbered until after the Fall. So no one else's are, either. If you check carefully, Messiah's arrival was Undated until Israel rejected God as King; so then her days were numbered: but it was up to Him to complete His Task in time. No guarantee He'd do that, but rather only a provision. For God promises time in 490-segments, but as happened in 586BC, apostacy can abrogate the time. So Messiah could Redeem the Time, but He'd have to do it ON time -- which, since it was up to His Free Will, didn't guarantee what time that would be. Same is true for us.

    Historical Trend H3: FAKE CHURCH, Rev17+13

    Most importantly, Revelation tells us what is happening Now with respect to Satan's schemes. But in every generation, we don't listen. That's why Revelation 1-3 is only 'prophetical' in that the churches named are typical of Christian degeneracy (we are only too human); that's why Rev4:1 is the Rapture. You don't see "Church" mentioned after that: John goes up to heaven through the door in Rev4:1, and "meta tauta" occurs two times in that verse. Can't miss it. That's why you know the Rev17 harlot is Satan's game to pretend Church, because 'mystery' is a Church moniker, but the 'Church' depicted, is the antithesis of Paul's description in Eph2 or 4:11-16 (Greek; English is horrible).

    So for Church, you should interpret history using Revelation, alright, as Trends; because only that Time Map remains. But historically, we don't. So the Trends forecast indeed play as predicted, to our detriment. Ask the right questions, to get right orientation to your own historical circumstances. See how you can avoid these historical landmines which put Christians on the Punishment Side of History:

    Historical Trend H4: FAKE TEMPLE, Rev11+12

    God used to orchestrate time around the Jews, then around David and the Temple; but post-Cross, He does it benchmarked to the 30AD Crucifixion. Satan does, too, but Satan benchmarks to the Temple's Destruction date of 70AD whenever possible. To see all this, you'll probably need to load GeneYrs.xls to review the history in what follows. Gold 'stripes' in that worksheet are the 490-year deadlines (qualifying and historical); 1000-year deadlines are in green 'stripes'. Cell A2 of the worksheet summarizes the role of these grants of Time (you may have to Unfreeze Panes to read it). In Excel's "View" menu, you can select "Custom Views", and a popup dialogue box appears of handy spreadsheet section 'snapshots'. Pick the period you want. Makes spreadsheet viewing and navigation much easier.

    Because Satan doesn't know when the Rapture will happen either, he always uses a Fake Church: it's designed to prevent Gospel from being learned, to prevent spiritual maturation; but most of all, the purpose of the Fake Church is to pogromize Jews, especially when the official Tribulation begins. To that end, Satan also historically sponsors "shub", a yearning to return to Israel and rebuild the Temple. So he'll use the Fake Church, to 'help'. Help HERD Jews back there, against God's Warnings (i.e., Matt24, Luke 21, Rev12).

    First, the overall satanic strategy historically played, and continuing Right Now: If Satan can convince us that Church is in the Tribulation, he can gather us for slaughter, both Now and in the Tribulation. You gotta gather your enemy, to kill 'em. So Satan wants a Fake Church and a Fake Temple trap to gather Christians and Jews and thus kill them, too. For, there is no client nation Israel, and no 'Shekinah Glory' (extra-Biblical term) to fill that Temple, until the 2nd Advent. Scan Ezekiel Chapter 40ff., and note how that rebuilding doesn't occur before Messiah returns, but is due to His Return. So Satan can fake everyone out by claiming Christ HAS returned: hence, the two anti-christs. Hence, the statue in the Temple. That's why those Two Witnesses in Revelation are so important during the first half of the Trib -- Israel's FLEE period -- to Warn People To Stay AWAY. It's a life-or-death matter, to rightly divide the Word of Truth: especially, in the Tribulation.

    We were introduced to this strategy back in the "Two Stone Witnesses" section (link in red box at pagetop). Now let's look at the underlying histo-psychological reaction to the prophecy about the Temple, which gave rise to Satan's strategy. For Satan's perennial strategy is to Distort Bible; so to Herd People to a Fake Bible, and thus demand The Supreme Court Of Heaven Order Our Mass Discipline. That's the only way he can get permission to kill so many (i.e., in Rev9). For the Rapture is first, a type of Mass Discipline On Both Church And Those 'Left Behind' who are yet too evil to see what was before their eyes -- the long-standing Two Stone Witnesses. Who of us isn't that evil, considering how long the Two Stone Witnesses have been in front of our own eyes?

    So here's the Psychology of Our Ongoing Blindness, Jew, Arab or Christian, in Every Generation.

    1. The dearest dream of every devout Jew ever born is to have that Temple rebuilt. So he's a sucker for the Satanic plan to rebuild the Temple and fake God's Authorization for it. Satan thinks he beats God if there aren't enough Jews alive to constitute a nation, by the Second Advent: when Ezekiel 39ff and all covenants to Abraham, will be fulfilled. So Israel has been plagued with fake Messiahs, which is why the Real One was executed -- just as described, in Dan9:26.

    2. Why do you think the Zionist movement had so much appeal? Satan wants it, dummy! You gotta herd your enemy, to better kill him. So, think: The Temple is everything to the Jew. More valuable than life itself. But did they understand Daniel 9:26? Matt24? Ezekiel Chaps 40 onward (through end of his book)? Did they understand Jeremiah's meaning when the Good Figs Were Exiled, but the rotten ones, remained behind? And therefore heed the warning, and Flee Jerusalem? No! Notice that well: for 40 years, Jeremiah warned everyone. No one listened. So God finally had Nebuchy baby come and cart off a bunch, and then kept on warning those left behind. Finally, He did it again -- and Jeremiah himself remained behind, hoping to yet turn around, the dingdongs who didn't listen. Same ol' same ol' had happened to Samaria, and happened ever since. Jews don't listen. Jews are the quintessential example of all humanity, and surely our deaf ears are plentiful and provable. So: every time, just as in Deut1:44, whatever God says, the opposite is what they (or we!) do.

        So what do they do? They flock to Jerusalem, like sheep to Satan's slaughter! With all us yapping Christians, slobbering over how the regathering must be the end-times, brother -- cheering the Jews to go there! Look: if the Jews didn't catch onto Messias' First Coming, they won't "get" His Second, either. So we should be educating them on their own Ta'anach, for it is sandy soil to them, they aren't growing; so they can see they should FLEE, not flock. This is genocide in the making!

    3. Add now this temptation: Dome of the Rock, THE most hallowed of Islam's shrines (even more than Mecca -- Moslems dream of being buried near it), sits there now, mutely and derisively showing The Whole World That Daniel 9:26 Is Alive And Well. So for the Temple to replace the Dome would require a massive, humiliating victory over Moslems. Satan can make that happen anytime, baby; and whoever he uses to 'save' the Temple Mount will look like a Messiah, get it? Then, Jews would flock by the millions just to look at the Temple; no longer a Wailing Wall. Most would want to live there. It would be real easy to believe Messias Has Arrived! under those conditions. You couldn't keep a Single Jew Away from the Temple, under those conditions. Islam is already a detailed parody of the Mosaic Law, right down to its peregrination rules. Does anyone get that? Nope. So they will all be suckers for this Satanic Slaughter Ploy, too. Arabs are from Abraham. If they believe in Christ, they are the "remnant", too. So Satan Has To Kill As Many Arabs and Jews as he can. Best way to do that, is to Make Them Fight Each Other; when that doesn't work (and for almost 2000 years it didn't work very well at all), then he's Used The Christians To Pogromize Them All. Dear God, how we learn from history that we learn nothing from history: this historical trend is sooo plain, you really have to be blind not to see it. Yeah, and I myself didn't see it until writing these webpages!

    4. Meanwhile, approximately half of the OT is dedicated to Temple Building; for example, whole chapters and most of some books, explaining in minute detail, How God Fashions The Temple. God, not man. God empowering man, or God just flat doing it Himself, via angelic construction (i.e., measuring out the foundation, the first act of building). Each time. First, the Wilderness Tabernacle; then, First Temple; then, Second Temple (more on that history follows in the next section). Finally, the Millennial Temple (theme of Ezekiel 39ff) -- At The Second Advent. Not before. Many other OT books talk about this final Temple, and all of them reiterate that Promise of 2nd-Advent rebuilding. Not before. Israel was supposed to wait. But, it clearly doesn't. Because in the Tribulational passages, Jews Are In Israel. They aren't supposed to be there. We saw that in Dan9:26, Matt24; Jeremiah states the principle: you come back to the Land when I return you. So no people, no Land, no Temple are to be there "until the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled", Rom11, Matt24 (and parallel passages in other Gospels and elsewhere). That's why Peter is in Babylon, not Israel, not Rome, when he writes (he was an apostle to the Jews). That is why Jude is outside Israel, too. Temple GONE Means People GO! But, by the Tribulation, the Jews will have reversed the Will of God, even as they reversed His Will when going into the Land from Kadesh-Barnea (Deut1, context before v.44).

        So if you look at Revelation 11:1 (RevPlay.htm goes over this verse in detail), you'll see the Two Human Witnesses are dressed in Temple MOURNING, what you wear when it has been destroyed -- but look at the text. It says a Temple is Standing there, and people are worshipping in it, which means sacrificing -- first half of Daniel 9:27. So it's the Trib, first half. So the Temple there is not what God ordered built. God is very sarcastic in this chapter, telling John to measure with a reed (symbol of unfaithfulness, easily broken), rather than a rod. So John measures with his pen (reeds were used for writing), what is said. And it's all anger, baby -- at the Witnesses who Warn people not to enter the Temple. (Or, prevent them from entering, I'm not quite sure which.)

        See? Satan doesn't miss a trick. Satan&Co. know prophecy better than we drooling Christians. They know fully that there is no covenant operating during the Tribulation. Only the 'leavings' of OT promises of deliverance, plus the NT updates: Flee, Fight. The folks who believe then will hopefully heed those promises, but -- people are the same in every generation. We love to aggregate. We love the grand show, the pomposity, the majesty of it all. So all Satan has to do is make sure a Paper Trail is Left Behind when the Church goes up, so he can spin the lie that covenants are operating: one to the believers who are Gentiles, and one to the Jews. Because, no covenants are operating to anyone, except the leftover promises precedented since Genesis 12, plus the remaining prophetical promises people are then to claim. Cute ploy, huh?

        We learn that we learn nothing from history. As summarized briefly in the "Two Stone Witnesses" section, Satan has sought to get the Jews back to the Land many times in history. Whenever we stop looking at the Middle East, Satan&Co. do something to make us look there. You can set your watch. About 100 years before each one of God's promised 490 periods ends, Satan&Co. pull some stunt to make the Middle East a religious hotbed. When that doesn't work (and it didn't work until the Balfour Declaration), then Satan has the less-efficient task of making pogroms in many smaller pockets, wherever Jews congregate. He fosters anti-semitism (see "Macro Tactics" link in Appendix) in order to make the pogroms work, and to herd Jews. So they are not scattered as God intends them to be for their safety. Because, they reverse the Will of God yet again, and trust in man's ideas of protection. But any general can tell you his first desire is to congregate his enemy, versus fighting a guerrilla war: "economy of force" doctrine. Satan is the best of generals, other than the Lord Himself.

    5. Why else do you think Islam exists? Witness how Satan has used God's 490-year accounting-for-Time System, to prevent the Rapture. GeneYrs.xls tracks these. The worksheet needs more entries, which will take years to input. But even from the entries there now, you can see trends, and then vet further, as you see fit. Obviously there's nothing like this on the internet or in print. So vetting the ideas is crucial. Breathe 1Jn1:9 as you do it, so you get God's Brains and save yourself a lot of tail-chasing. For Arab history, the best summary book is written by a pro-Arab Englishman, and it's a classic: A Short History of the Arab Peoples by Sir John Glubb. You can buy it from Amazon. (It was required reading in my university back in the 1970s, so maybe you can get it wherever Arab history is taught.)

      • precisely 70 years after 70AD, Aelia Capitolina became the next "abomination", again done by the Romans. The site was already devastated since 70AD, but Jews kept rallying around it. 140 years, then, since Christ came -- same number of years as it took to rebuild the 2nd Temple and Jerusalem, from 586-446BC. [See Mirroring.htm entries just after the "To Be or Not to Be" table for details: that page covers the Temple timeline in context of God's overall Accounting System for Time, which you can test and prove reasonably well with Bible, a calculator, and a good encyclopedia or history books.] Can't miss that confluence. But the Jews did. But the Christians did. Didn't need Islam, Rome was still available.
      • So Christianity had to become politicized via Rome, to become the next "abominator". Always nice to use God's People to persecute God's People. So Persia was to be the instigator of hey-look-at-Jerusalem, but it wasn't working out when the first post-Temple 490 ended, in 560AD -- Satan likes to tag 490s to the Temple's destruction (God doesn't do that, His 490s are tagged from the Crucifixion). Justinian didn't quite manage to build the intended abomination, because his kingdom was too exhausted from fighting with Rome. Persia wasn't interested enough to make conquest, either, so the two sides sparred, but weakly.
      • So, by 610 one of Satan's demons had to trap a sincere guy who loved his wife, known to us as "Mohammed the Prophet". Even then, they had to herd the initially-peaceful group into Bedouin-style warring, using the religion to conquer the normal tendency of the Bedouin to hit-and-run.
      • 490 years after Bar Kokhba began, the hegira began (622-132AD). Cute.
      • From there, every time things calmed down too much, Islam got stirred up -- beginning with Building The Dome. Which we saw from "Two Stone Witnesses" section, was built in a year which played on 586BC, the year Solomon's Temple was razed.
      • So about100 years before the 2nd post-Cross 490 ends (1010 qualifying, 1080AD intercalated historical), the Moslems resurge (900AD, culminating in the Seljuk defeat of Byzantium in 1071, so Satan keys to the 1000-year benchmarks, too).
      • This of course sets up the Crusades, so widescale Pogromization of Jews ensued. Clever: the original Jewish Millennium had the Jews accepted Christ, would have ended in 1094AD; then from 1094-1144AD, Satan would have been released and the final world-wide wars would have played out, Rev20:7. Revelation was penned 96AD. So notice: Satan's mocking the Jewish timeline for Millennium, since he was supposed to be in JAIL then! And using the mocking to Kill Jews! If God's Orchestration of Time wasn't so provable from all those Bible verses which date things (i.e., the Gen5 roster that begins with Adam's fall) -- you couldn't see this orchestration. So that we don't, proves We Don't Give a Flip What Bible says. Jews were raised on God's Orchestration of Time, that's why Bible is so rife with data about it. GeneYrs.xls is a product of that data.

      • When the 3rd 490 has about 120 years to go, which begins the standard four-generation, worldwide voting-for-Bible period (1500 qualifying, 1570AD historical): Satan raises up Islam again! 1453, Constantinople, preceded 1540 by about 100 years. 1540, which began the Reformation, is the 3rd 490 from Temple Destruction! So that helped people split their attention over fighting the infidel (and staying Catholic) or learning Bible. Now get this: Satan had the Moslems re-conquer Jerusalem in 1517. That was the same year Luther posted his 95 Theses. Do you think it was a mere coincidence?

      • The last qualifying 490 ended in 1990, whew. Means someone matured enough so the world could go on living. The historical 490 will end in 2030. So, look: for the first time since 70AD! beginning in earnest with the legitimization of the Balfour Declaration (issued Nov.1917), and ending with the Holocaust, was a huge herding back to Israel. Which actually began in the late 1800's -- due to sales of land in Israel to the Jews, by the Ottoman Porte. So also, the pogroms stepped up, which is why the Jews went to the Porte, in the first place. Russian anti-semitism was a handy tool for that; anti-semitism was virulent at the turn of the century, especially in the northern hemisphere; so two generations later, Hitler was a handy tool for accomplishing all that: instead of listening to Daniel 9:26 and Matt24, the Jews wanted their own homeland. All the more so, after Hitler decimated European Jewry. Previous pogroms were much the same; a place looks 'safe', so Jews go there; then, when there are enough to make it worthwhile to mount a pogrom, one is mounted. It happened periodically in Russia, in France and Spain, in the Balkans; it was a regular feature of life among the Arabs, since Jews were always second-class citizens under Moslem rule. Pogroms had happened under SPQR, and had been ongoing since the beginning of the nation. So didn't they get it by Balfour, that wherever they go, "the sword will pursue them" (Divine Discipline clause in Lev26 and elsewhere)? So why invite Divine Discipline by shubbing themselves to Israel? But we stupid Christians legitimized that! So we are the more responsible for their deaths!

        In short, the same herd-then-slaughter pattern has occurred so often -- you'd think someone would wake up and notice it's happened again. And now in 2006, over 50% of worldwide Jewry, lives in Israel! Makes one want to tear his clothes, smear the face with dust and wail forever. [Details on the 490's are in Mirroring.htm and MirrorNOW.htm.]

    6. Thus you can see Revelation 12 playing live on television. Everyone hates the Jews; everyone feels sooo sorry for the poooooorrrr Palestinians (who were not even there, the Jews bought the land from the Porte); never mind, that by age nine Each Palestinian Boy Knows How To Make Three Kinds Of Bombs. (That's what I remember seeing a kid tell Diane Sawyer, that in a program she did which aired here in 2003 or 2004 -- nice shot, maybe six boys and her sitting on benches as if at a picnic table, very serene, talking about bombs they learn to make in SCHOOL.) Sheesh. All those roadmaps to nowhere, with the First Article of the PLO Charter being, "Israel has no right to exist." (Clever, since that's invoking the Bible Contract clause of No Temple (e.g., 1Kings 9:7-9), thus again witnessing to Who is the real God.) See? How obvious can Satan make it to the Jews? Hey, dummies, don't you read your own Ta'anach? Get Outta Here. You don't exist as a nation again until the 2nd Advent! Do you see this Dome? Sigh. Well, Elohim Can't Say I Didn't Warn Them.

    7. And why does Satan do this? Because in those same time periods, you can see how God has progressively made Scripture available to the common man. In the last 490 -- also beginning within 100 years of its ending -- Bible Was Rolled Out By God For The First Time Since The Crucifixion in the original language-texts, during the mid-1800's. Scripture being available so widely means the Potential For Pleroma Completion Is At An All-Time High. That's The Rapture Criterion, Pleroma Completion by Sufficient Numbers of Believers (focus of Part IVb). So Satan Has To Herd The Jews Quickly, Since The Rapture Is Now More Likely Than At Any Time In History.

      See, you can't get to Pleroma if you don't breathe Bible, and the translations cannot get you there. That's why Scripture was kidnapped for the better part of 18 centuries, and the translations are soo bad. Easy to believe in Christ; but impossible, to reach Pleroma Maturity level, Eph4:13. So those who did reach Pleroma during the last 20 centuries, had access to the original-language texts. A duke, a monk, a charwoman -- who knows. It's God's Power, His "IQ", so the only logistical problem was getting a Full Bible, and Time to Learn it. Very few wanted to do that, but clearly some did, or we'd not be here: one person per 490 years must mature in Bible enough for God to allow the world to go on living. We've now had four such 490s since the Crucifixion: on a contiguous (qualifying-to-renew-time) basis, these deadlines fell in 520AD (Paul probably got that one, followed by someone else post-Canon we can't know who); 1010AD, then 1500 AD, and finally in 1990. So Time after 1990 (the 5th since the Cross) continues because someone got awarded it during the 490 ending in 1990. Five people. Just five. That's entirely possible, no matter how kidnapped Scripture has been.

      God will give anyone who wants His Word, their fill. Full. Pleroma. But now -- must be a whole lot of folks who want That Real Bible. So, they are getting it. Few in percentage, but as we will see in Part IVb -- Very Few are Needed. So the more available the Word in the original-language texts, the more likely the Church will be completed. Tachú. Again, MirrorNOW.htm shows this Rollout of Scripture Real Historical Trend, from 30AD forward. You can check it yourself, with as much or little research as you desire. I can't but sketch out the broad outlines, in MirrorNOW.htm.

      Since we don't know our Bible, we can't read history, either. It's not coincidental that the sudden shubbing of Jews to the Land in the late 1800's -- suddenly getting very nice deals from the Muslim Porte (Turkey, to you) to Buy The Land Back, were occurring in record numbers. By 1905, it had become a whole movement, Jews everywhere getting excited. Just in time, the pogroms in Russia were at an all-time high, too: and just in time, Japan declared war on Russia, which Russia disastrously lost -- which made the pogroms, all the more virulent -- and the need for a 'safe haven', all the more urgent. You had the Dreyfus affair in France, and anti-semitism in America was in one of its uglier periods (we've not really recovered from either racism against blacks, nor against Jews). Go to B'nai Brith or other Jewish organization to get the history. It will open your eyes. God warned the Jews He would chase them with the sword wherever they went, and history proves that Warning. It's all over the Bible, stated in just about every way it can be said (i.e., Lev26:33 and Deut 28:22, with "sword" being a keyword for each whole chapter). It's all over history, too: if you look, that is.

    See How We Miss Everything? Do you think Satan's plan for Church (or Islam, for that matter, since they are sons of Abraham, too) is any different? Of course not! Why change what works? So, the same herding is being set up now, even as Church 'unity' is promulgated -- yeah, once we were all together under one roof, in the DARK (of Bible!) AGES. So like the Jews, we Christians will keep on as now, blithely assuming Church is in Trib, looking for dates and signs and titillating miracles. Yeah, marching right into his trap. We prove from Bible and history, that we learn nothing.

    See? Revelation should put us on much greater alert, than if we were trying to set the Rapture's date, for crying out loud. Stuff is going on right now which we are ignoring to our peril. Thus contributing to Satan's side in the Trial. Not good. For, we keep asking the wrong questions of Bible. We should be asking about why. We should be asking about Precedence. We have ooodles of precedence we know of yet mysteriously leave unexamined; we have the map of time laid out, yet we don't read it. So we really don't need prophecies; we don't read what we already have. So of course we don't even know from those prophecies that there are no other covenants to complete; because all Precedence Precedes His Fulfilling the Contract; and thus the only Design Map for history is based on the Jewish Tribulation; because it is the Only Phase of History which wasn't yet completed. That's why the First Advent occurred, for crying out loud. Time was supposed to end!

    Historical Trend H5: OPERATION FOOTSTOOL, Psalm 110, Rev17:14

    Matt13:24-40 TIME Parable of the Wheat and the Tares: The Wicked Prosper, so the Righteous can Exist.
    So the Righteous exist for even the Wicked, to Prosper TIME.

    There's always been a whole lot of nonsense against the Jews, against this-or-that sect or group. But think: We are only here due to their rejection of Him. But we only remain here due to our own rejection of Him. It's the wicked, who prolong history. Wicked Christians, since the Session. For Messiah's First Advent was to trigger the Ending of History. He came at the end of history, aka "the fullness of times". 1000th anniversary of David's becoming King, THE King is born, to usher in the next 1000 years. 1000th anniversary of David's Retirement from Kingship, THE King Himself 'retires' on the Cross, John 19:30's "tetelestai!" For He is Resurrected (the "no decay" clause in Psalms), so we will, too. Nexus Birth, Nexus 'Retirement', Nexus Resurrection. Fully. So now He, the Purpose of Time, is Completed: tetelestai. So Now that the Purpose is Completed, the Play Out is Being Completed, Ps110:1.

    In military terms, His Success at the Cross is called a "strategic" victory. All effort after that mops up the campaign or war, which the Bible calls "Footstool", Psalm 110. That's our time slot in history right now, too. So it's the number of enemies (negative believers), who help prolong time as well. Idea is, the achievement of certain key goals so conclusively finishes the fight, that the remaining time is spent "mopping up". Okay, but it's still a matter of life or death, for those involved in the mopping up.

    For us. We are Wheat and Tares. Tares are vile weeds which look like wheat (religious unbelievers, in the parable). They infest a wheat harvest so well, to get rid of them you end up harming the wheat. So instead of harming them, the tares must be allowed to grow, too. Then when the sickle is put to the standing grain, the tares are separated and burned. That's what should have happened about 2000 years ago in 94AD, the originally-scheduled beginning of the Millennium.

    But Israel rejected Christ, so Time continued instead with Church inserted, Matt16:18, John 17:20-21. So another 'burning' awaits: at the Bema. Either we believers will be torched yet saved (1Cor3:15, Rev16:15, NIV), akin to the Roman custom of torching the hem of your garment if you're found sleeping while on guard. Or, we will have gold, silver and precious stones. The Rapture would have occurred long ago, had there been enough believers in the latter category. Obviously, there weren't.

    Our many so-called spiritual giants in church history books were therefore pygmies. They are set up as examples, made popular, so we too will be pygmies, mistaking the spiritual life for works, ritual, holy 'amen brother' noises and all manner of hypocrisy. Else, the Rapture would have happened long ago. So the 'popular' ideas of what's 'spiritual' are all satanic. Again, were that not true, the Rapture would have long been over, because it only takes one generation, to complete Church. Obviously that one-generation criterion has never been met. Yet how many 'Christians' have there been? Billions! Of course, if they believed in Christ and some OTHER verb for their salvation, they are roasting in hell now, since they were Tares. But anyone who Believes Only in Christ Only, and did that at least once in his lifetime -- will only suffer the burning of the 'tares' he did while down here. But he himself is and remains in heaven from the minute he died. Notice that only tare-persons or tare-deeds get burned. Notice further that there must be a lot of them, for the Rapture hasn't occurred till yet.

    So notice how You And I Would Not Be Alive Today If The Lord Didn't Choose, 2000 Years Ago, To Pay For Us On The Cross. Which He couldn't justify doing, if there was to be no Church. Which He couldn't justify doing, if Israel didn't reject Him. Salvation truly has come from the Jews, and Christ Himself wants to return the favor. For, had there been no Jews, there'd have been no Christ. Could the Lord make it plainer, than in John 4:22? "Salvation is come through the Jews". Justice must be Just. Consistent. Precedence. We'd have had no precedence for Existence, if the foregoing history had not occurred. So we'd not exist, if Daniel 9:26c had not occurred. There'd be no room for us.

    So we've had nearly 1000 more years, post- what should have been the end of the world in 1094AD+50 (for the Rev20:7 voting) =1144AD. Yet what have we learned from the past? All those past prophecies and 'signs' (semeion, means Warning more than "sign") did us no good at all. We learned nothing, pas de tout, nada, niente, zip, bupkis, Greek drama word outhen. Those 'spiritual gifts' people keep on drooling over today, were Warnings (i.e., tongues were to warn Israel, Isa28:1-10 -- 1Cor14 quotes it). Not good. Moreover, back when those gifts really were extant, people did not advance spiritually, despite all the temporary spiritual gifts which forecast the completion of Canon (healing, tongues, etc -- see 1Cor13). It was a Test, all those signs. Which we all flunked, and still flunk, today. Tongues, ended 70AD (see 1Cor14:21ff for purpose). The others, went on until 96AD (or soon thereafter), but what did we learn from them? They only learned to invent the silliest stories of miracles and fake gospels, rituals and endless petty observances: just read some of the 'Church Fathers'! These are the people we ape? No wonder the Rapture still hasn't happened! We today crave 'signs'. But they had them! Do we learn nothing from their provable experience of learning nothing? I guess not: Paul wrote back in 56AD that apart from Love (Canon, His Thinking), we are nothing (1Cor13:2-3, outhen and ouden). So, NOTHING resulted!

      It's like that Yiddish song by the Fugs, about the days of the week: every day we repeat the same "nothing", the same goofinesses of the folks in Acts, casting lots, communisming, making big stinks about what we give, getting the Ghost; or, titillated about the Rapture. We repeat their foibles because we don't even discern that they are foibles. Oh, it's in the Bible, so it must be holy! Yeah, and the wackos of the Exodus generation are in the Bible, too -- is that why we also imitate them? Looking for miracles? All the loud singing of Miriam et al on their tambourines, but hey -- three days later, crying again. They politicized against Moses. Oh, we really imitate that! Not to mention, all the crazies in the Gospels. Yeah, we see it in the Bible, and merely see it. We see Spot run. We don't Learn to Run, ourselves.

      Because nothing, zip, nada, zero, flunk has been the continuing trend, we Church Wheat Making Tares, keep on salivating like that first generation, thus Elongating Time. Sure, a few get to Pleroma each generation -- that's the only reason we are still here. But when the number of Pleroma finish, as you'll see in Part IVb, coming up -- Time Ends for Church! And there's no way to gauge when that will be, to read any other soul but one's own.

      Meanwhile, you and I should not exist. All for the want of a nail, as Benjamin Franklin once quipped. But we do exist, and The Four Horsemen are still riding (historical trends, see also Zech 1) -- only because Christ PAID, since Israel Rejected, since David Existed, since Israel Existed, since Moses Existed, since Abraham Existed, since Noah Existed, since Adam Existed. God Organizes Time around Messiah, and hence around Israel (Heb1:2, 11:3). Because He wanted All The Nails Of Our Sins. So no more nails are wanting, Now.

    We should not exist, but Isa54:1! We therefore do exist, and we are thus to Make History For Our Husband, not prophecies! For we are the Far-Fulfillment of the Book of Esther, for Israel! Wa tsahali, lo-hala! Cry all the way to the bank, you shouldn't-exist-but-DO, Royal Priest!

    Role of Precedence, Summary

    So, we've now seen how Past is Prologue which leads to Precedence. We've seen God re-route Rejection into Redemption, without which, We'd Not Exist. To recap the Precedents for Our Precedence:

    Of course, the reality that history only continues due to Israel's rejection of Messiah, thus Church continues only until enough Pleroma are BUILT for Messiah, sets a shocking and glorious, beyond-imagination precedent in our contract about Our Role: it's a Numbers Criterion, HOW MANY of us Father Wants to Build for His Son. So He really wants Many Sons, Heb2:10 ("perfect" properly means "completed", teleiow); So Paul isn't kidding around when he writes in Eph3:15-21! God can do anything!

    CLICK HERE to go on to IVb, the Macro Role of BODY.

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