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Divine DNA! Doctrinal DNA! The LOVE Contract of Isa53:10-12

  • Fourth Aspect: You get DDNA because Christ did. So you get His DDNA, because that was His Contract. So Isa53:10-12 play ON and IN every second of your life. Hence the DDNA Spirit makes FOR FATHER, results in a gorgeous entity: YOU. So here's your 'side' of the contract: you contribute the problems, and He makes them into Gorgeous Solutions. Divinely!

Calvinists get all hot and bothered about the free will question, maintaining that it's somehow wrong if God has free will and anyone else does, too. As if Sovereignty could ever be threatened or compromised by anyone else having free will, what a blasphemous thought. Of course, it's equally blasphemous to maintain that if we believe in God, learn God, or vote for God (i.e., believe in Christ to be saved), that 'we' contributed aught but a problem: which only GOD, can solve. I can will to be a turtle, and that accomplishes nothing. I am exercising free will, but it has no power.

So, inter alia, Isa53:10-12 corrects both childish notions about man's free will and abilities; the passage is provably the Grand Central Station of the Bible and history: all other verses point to it, even before Isaiah existed! For this passage, is about a Legal Contract Made In Eternity Past. The clauses of which you can't see, until you amalgamate both the BHS and the LXX texts. That God the Father wants to see His Son replicated everywhere inside us is The Spiritual Life Contract Clause, and without the LXX text you cannot SEE that meaning. But all the rest of the Bible cites or invokes that text and further explains it -- which you also won't know, if you don't know of that text! If you never learn anything else about the Bible but you deeply learn Isa53:10-12, you will still know the entire Bible. If you don't know this passage, you don't know the Bible, no matter what you know. I realize that fact, just now. No wonder every inspired Scripture writer is always playing off its key words.

So look at what this passage says in amalgamated, fresh re-translation, below. The larger discussion of how I derived this translation is in the (higher) Isa53 link at pagetop. The translation below is slightly different, since there is never just one best way to translate God's Word. (Frankly, there's no substitute whatsoever for learning Bible in the original languages. You Really See The 'Face' Of God in the original. Can't tell you how many times I faint, as a result. Tough nougies. Cry all the way to the Real Bible Bank, where moth can't destroy!)

Note to the squeamish: Isa53 is very graphic and violent. It gets way over blanded in translations. God didn't write it blanded; the Cross was no stroll through the park. If you can't handle reading what God writes His Way, then please stop reading now. Frankly, I have trouble reading it too, but doggone it, God Wrote This! So I better get past my own arrogant squeamishness and learn...

There is a lot of wordplay you can't translate in all bearing/carrying words, because in the Greek these words sound alike. So I tried to show that linkage in translation, here, but it's far from perfect. Finally, there is also soundplay and wordplay in both languages' texts, between the KNOWLEGE and its results. Also, the text is highly dramatic and elliptical; I didn't check to see if it was poetry, but it probably is. Hebraic couplet style is like math, where much of the prior clause is repeated, but a few words are changed, to show HOW the prior clause is interpreted, enacted, effected, etc. So that's the biggest reason why the LXX verses are needed: you don't get that import, without them. All Bibles should be retooled, which is of course impossible. So we need to learn these texts from the original (heh, cry all the way to the Bible bank, you blessed believer).

Notice how sweeping infinitives and verbs are used without objects, when you read this passage. In English, we feel confused because we see no objects. So the verbs read intransitively to our eyes, incomplete. But in those original languages, the selfsame usage designates utter completeness, all-objects-receiving-the-action-of-the-verb. As dramatic as can be. So: carefully ponder all these sweeping verbs; and especially, the capped LXX words in v.11 (all of which come from PURIFY in v.10). These are multiple-entendre infinitives of purpose and intended result: PLUNDER, EXHIBIT, SCULPT, JUSTIFY. These infinitives are causally chained, one after the next: each one has so many meanings, you'll need a lexicon, since I had to pick which English words, seemed most apt (which always wrecks the translation, for God means all meanings of a word, in a hierarchy set inside the sentence/passage). Notice the unlimited scope of the infinitives; Christ is the Reason For All Of Them: only Christ. That stresses the quality and absoluteness of the infinitives -- idea that all existence is impacted (tie-in passage is at the end of Romans 8). In short, there's nothing 'normal' about the text here, and it requires a lot of rumination. So obviously, the translation below leaves out a lot of meaning, and can't but do so: one could spend a good year refining it. Get the original texts and study 'em under your own pastor. Worth a bizillion dollars, if you do, since all Scripture writers constantly refer to this passage and its keywords.

You might want to read Ephesians 1, 1Tim2:5, and Isa53:1-9, first. Verses 10-12 are an explanation for the previous dramatic prophecy of Sacrificing Him. I'm using the present tense sometimes where a past tense is indicated, to show interconnectedness and the vividness. (i.e., the first "delights" in v.10 is in the qal perfect in Hebrew, but the present tense in Greek, since the latter depicts the drama of the contract, and the former tense depicts the certainty of it, as a done deal decreed by God).

Our Eternity-Past Contract in Christ

Isa53:10 [Masoretic text] "But the LORD [Father] delights to crush Him [Humanity of Christ getting the Stone-too-heavy to lift], putting Him to total grief; [Hebrew wordplay: "heheli" in the hiphil, is multi-meaninged. Looks like He's crushed with longing, so Father crushes Him with our sins.]
[for the contract made was,] if He would render Himself as a guilt offering, He will see long-lived seed;
then the LORD's delight will cause His Hand to prosper.
[LXX portion, next says] So the LORD delights to PURIFY [katharizw, same LXX Temple-purifying word as in 1Jn1:9] by wounding Him:
[based on the contract,] 'If You will give as a substitute for sin, Your [plural, God-Man in One Person!] Soul [singular] will see long-lived seed.' "

Isa53:11 "Then the LORD delights to PLUNDER, birthing/carrying out from His Soul's [pregnancy] Labor,
Then, to SCULPT, via His Mastery-of-Thinking,
[Masoretic text] He will see, be satisfied. [propitiation, 7th day and promise-fulfilled soundplay with satisfaction-from-eating. Qal imperfect of both "seeing" and "being satisfied-from-eating" shows you the Third Aspect criterion gets met at the Cross, in the Masoretic.]
Due to His Truth-Knowledge the Righteous One, My Servant, will justify the many, as He will carry/bear their iniquities: [Awesome Soundplay made between dakah ("crushed") of 53:5&10, and da'ath ("truth-knowledge") and tsadeq ("righteous/justified") here, in Hebrew, merging the one into the other, to show the transformation!]
[LXX portion] The Righteous One Well-Serving purposed for/instead of the many; even their sins, He will carry off/lift up."

Isa53:12 [Masoretic text] "Therefore I [Father] will distribute to Him the booty/spoils/plunder of victory because of the many;
and He will apportion the booty among the Great Ones;
because He poured out HIS SOUL to death, and was numbered with the transgressors;
yet He Himself carried/bore the sins of many, and interceded for the transgressors.
[LXX portion] For this reason He will inherit the many;
in fact, He will apportion the plunder among the Great Ones;
for the sake of which [plunder] His Own Soul was given over to Death."

Notice the bonding. What's His is ours, and ours, His. He gets plundered for His Thinking, and He is deemed to 'plunder' our sins: carry off, carry away, carry as a burden, carry off as plunder or prize (all extensively wordplayed, in the Greek): so of course, we are HIS booty, and He is our booty. Ancient world was constantly subject to raiding parties who ran in and carried off the people booty, plus whatever valuables they fancied. It was an expected thing, and not always the horror we think it to be. (Sometimes the raiders were nicer conquerors than those who ruled the weak, prior.) That's why it was so shocking to those in Canaan, when the Jews did NOT take booty, either killing/burning up everything, or leaving it all behind. (Big way to advertise GOD is doing it, not the people, since it's against human nature, not to take booty you can legally claim as a result of victory.)

So that's being depicted here; He's being raped, javelin-stabbed with our sins (53:5 et seq.); so now, He reaps the booty: us! So you shouldn't be surprised that, since we are His Booty, and He is thus our Booty to Learn, that the NT constantly exhorts us to to carry off the prize: the booty, the gold silver precious stones, the true riches. Treasure in earthen vessels: His. Most of the booty words are kinda violent-sounding, so translations bland them out, i.e., the prize is often tamely rendered "promise", leaving out that it's a pledge/promise of booty or much wealth! The other words like crown (which, if not used in Olympian manner, always means a kingdom and loads of wealth to go with it), deposit, capital, are harder to mangle, but they manage. So look for the words in the original language.

Therefore: He has free will, since He made a contract. So do we: we can believe in Christ or not. Clearly if you have free will to reject, you have free will to accept; and either one, has consequences. Can't be blamed for what you COULDN'T choose, see. We, however, can nonetheless only contribute the problem, as the above verses so vividly explain; so He has to CHOOSE to be carried off (as booty, as in cut off, see Dan9:26) by Father, via the Cross: so that we can be carried off as His Booty. So that's who we really are.

We Are His Booty. So it's always and only about Isa53:11, baby, and baby, you should be glad! For that means nothing in your life happens because of you, but because of Him. So all that talk in Bible about being a good or bad boy is.. for kindergarteners. Yes, it's all true, but.. it's basic, k? Not spiritual, really. What's spiritual, is to get the Light of His Thinking, the 'body' of His Thinking, yatser'd, plasso'd, Sculpted -- In You. Every Bible book is on this topic, and in the NT, it's harped on to the point of reader annoyance.

Now hear this: God doesn't want pets, but EQUALS. It's too boring to be around lesser-thans. We can opt, therefore, to get the Booty OF Christ to become better booty FOR Christ, ourselves. Or, we can refuse -- and, Being His Property, will be roundly punished. Subjective and objective genitive, or objective thrashing. Our choice. But we are owned, and that is not our choice, but HIS, from eternity past. Satan&Co. are owned. Unbelievers are owned. They don't want that to be true, so they own hell. Now they own something ON their own, get it?

So we aren't to be automatons, doing stuff which only benefits the body, but never God, Romans 4. So: you aren't to stay in kindergarten. Yes, you'll get a quarter if you take out the trash, but.. is that the level of relationship which GOD wants? Heck NO! Would YOU like to be saddled with a self-made retard.. forever??? [Cultural note: in 1950's America, our fathers gave us a quarter if we did little chores like emptying the rubbish bins, making our beds, little things like that, to teach the relationship between earning money and doing something productive. Every culture has its own homey examples.]

No parent wants his child to STAY a child. So, you are to grow up. So, you are thus free to screw up all you like.. or, free to learn Him. And it's still Isa53:11 playing ON your life, so that you can see His Light. Which you will, if you ever once believed in Christ during this life. Which you will even more, if you get in and stay in God's System. I can't live without these verses. Frankly, none of us do.

The implications of this contract are staggering. And, once you get in the habit of living on these verses every day, you'll see much more how true they really are. Makes all the difference in the quality of your life. Blunts the seeming glories of this puny world, and beautifies its many shames. For Light Shines: His. If you are feeling particularly ashamed or gross, well.. it's Isa53:11 playing, the highest and most valuable way for God to spend His own Time on you. So how shameful can it be, what you are experiencing, if it has so glorious a reason? If you are feeling particularly proud of some achievement, well.. it's Isa53:11 playing, the highest and most valuable way for God to spend His Own Time on you. So, why settle for the seeming-glory you can see, when only GOD'S Level of glory, is worth having? So, why feel bad about the seeming-shame you can see, when only GOD'S Level of glory, is occurring?

See, if something good happens, it already happened to Christ. If something bad happens, it already happened to Christ. It is also already happening IN Christ, since He is "ta panta", (lit., the-all-things, a moniker), so all is IN Him. You'll find Bible verses all over the place on this, but the most poignant of them are all of Hebrews 2 and the last half of Hebrews 4, alike explaining how He's our High Priest, for He Himself went through what we do, yet He is without sin. So you're getting a taste of what He thoroughly tasted, so you can see Him better. Paul calls this the fellowship of his sufferings, and sharing in His glory. In a word: communion. Not mystical, but intimate. Caused to be knowing, even as you are known. For just as He is, so also you are in this world.

See, if something bad happens.. GOD sees it first. So Father thinks like this: Well, then: what shall I make of this ugliness? Well, what did I make from the Cross? For the deal then was, "if you will give". So, He did. So, this is GIVEN to Me. So, if it is ugly, then I shall make a far bigger beauty out from it, lest I be cheated and My Son be disappointed in My not Getting maximum beauty.

And 'Mom' (the Holy Spirit, co-equally God but loving to play the restoring mother hen, Gen1:2's Hebrew) says: Well, then: what brood shall I make of this ugliness, being as in a nanosecond I could birth a whole universe? Well, I'd better do more than that! For the deal was, "if you will give". So, He did. So, this is my brood to brood over and make beautiful for Him Who I Alone Empowered on the Cross, so He would not use His Deity, so I would make of Him whatever I wanted. For the deal is, these are His Children which Father gives Him, per the contract in Isa53:12, which He accepted wholly and without conditions, in John 17! So shall I cheat Myself, and Father, and Him if I do not make FAR BETTER than a universe, even out from these turd pieces who even themselves VOTED for Me to make them beautiful for Him, when they FIRST believed in Him? Especially, since they themselves didn't even UNDERSTAND anything, except that He paid for their sins, so no other payment was efficacious?

So anything in your life, in someone else's life, is being made beautiful. The uglier it is, the more God will make it oh-so-beautiful, for His Own Sake. The prettier it is, the more God will make it so, for His Own Sake. And frankly, what the world calls beautiful, God finds ugly, and vice versa: For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor My ways your ways, Isa55:8-9. So the big things of this world, aren't anything compared to even the smallest thing God touches. And the big things of this world, if GOD gives them, are nothing compared to what He Will Make From Them; so you never need gloat or feel guilty over what abilities or accoutrements you have or lack.

For Divine Physics, law of the differential, to make more kids even from the sterile, Isa54:1! So the denominator of man's thinking is always infinity-1, since the soul lives forever; so endless infinite quality can be made OUT FROM those Thoughts! "If You will Give!" If Infinite-Quality, Mastery-of-Thinking FROM Christ is given over to Father, then! His Thoughts can be Sculpted in man! "Christ in you, the confident expectation of Glory", Col1:25-27! Making known, displaying, justifying All At Once, One For All And All Time, Hebrews 10:12-14! Meanwhile, everyone doing and getting whatever he wants, no compromise, even though sin continues forever in the Lake of Fire! Qal imperfect, yireh yisba, rah, saba: always seeing, always being satisfied, Isa53:11 forever! After all, He's got a contract with Christ to complete!

BOTTOM LINE: every second anyone breathes, the Spirit's DDNA is working, boy oh boy. But to whom, then, must it reroute, if those acted upon, don't want to learn Him? Well, what does the contract say? Because of the many, He gets the people booty. So to the great ones (Pleroma), the spoils are Apportioned By Him Who Inherited The Whole Thing. So that Father gets the beautiful thinking He wants.. forever.