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Divine DNA! Doctrinal DNA! The LOVE Contract of Isa53:10-12

Second Aspect: Because Doctrine is DDNA in your head, you don't need to overstudy. Life is the REST of your Bible-class 'day'.

If you've come to love learning the Word, then this section is for you. And you probably love the Word, if you have read the 1st Aspect. Therefore, you have a strong desire to reciprocate God. Therefore, you are dangerous to yourself, and to everyone else.

The Problem of Love

Christianity's sordid history is largely one of a desire to reciprocate, run amok. Satan&Co. fawn that. It's natural to taste the Grace of God and then want to 'do' something in return, for Him. We are that way with other people, so we are that way in our thinking of God, too. But God is not people, and what works to reciprocate Him, is to do nothing. Christ knew that. Christ did that -- nothing. To do nothing goes entirely against human nature. Because, we being finite, need constant to-and-fro. For finity depends on barriers.. and on movement. But God's Nature is the very opposite of all that.

Humans were made to be united to God. Sin breached that purpose. Christ freed us at the Cross, such that the first nanosecond we believe in Him, we are able to learn how to be healed (theme of Romans 5-8). Meanwhile, the human desire to reciprocate God, will be incompetently executed; for proper reciprocation depends first on Knowing God (else how do you really know what He wants), which is why we got The Book; and on being CARRIED by God, because we know that Book. Naturally, we humans never get the picture straight, so we run off to one side of the boat, frenetic activity we consider as 'honoring the Lord', or.. the other side, burying our heads in the Book (or in emotion, means the same thing). So those electing the one side, will at length come to scorn those going to the other side. Neither side, learning anything; and their boats will be tossed to-and-fro by every wind of falsehood, Eph 4:14.

Hence, among humans, basically one of two ways of reciprocating God, is chosen: 1) to religify, or 2) to study.

To say "religify" means anything but really learning God and what He wants in His Book, even if thinking one knows that book. Key symptom will be an urge to criticise. "Pil-pul" in Judaism is essentially an urge to religify, where you endlessly fine-tune what you think 'obedience' is, to the law. It's Pharisaical. But anyone does the same thing: if you don't get that emotional high when thinking of God, are you bad? If you didn't light candles -- ALL of them -- are you bad? If you showed up at Mass five minutes late, are you damned to hell? All of these incredibly stupid questions demonstrate man's total inability to reciprocate God. So of course, we apply these unending, torturous standards to each other, and every little 'infraction' brings down our houses of cards: relationships shatter, people sue each other, even kill each other. All in the name of 'honor', of course! All the while, honoring no one but Satan&Co.

Hence 1) people don't love learning the Word, even if they fancy themselves learning it; instead, they love the world as their god (theme in 1Jn and John 14-17, Phili 3:18-19, 2Tim2:26-3:7). Hence, they mistake the temptations of Matt4, as being 'spiritual'. You can prove this in five seconds: just turn on your TV to any 'Christian' station. Hence all the crusaderism, flashy Bible thumping, politicking amidst Christians today. All Rev17 harlotry, playing on your TV, any hour of the day.

So you'd think that if you avoid 1), you avoid that horrible, torturous descent into fake-love; so you avidly pursue 2), baby! Yeah, and then it gets worse, not better! For 2) people who DO love the Word have a different Matt4 problem: their love can be pushed over the edge, precisely because they realize those Three Temptations are so evil. So they religify study and hence become 'bulimic' about it, not knowing they thus descend BACK into 1).

But Doctrine is manna, which is why Deut8 is quoted in Matt4:4 -- you live on IT even more than food, but still.. you don't eat too much in a day. Remember what happened to those in the wilderness when they tried to eat too much? There's a right amount to eat, and a right amount to exercise. Overeating and underexercising is not good. That's the occupational hazard which accompanies a love of anything, but all the more, here: because true love for God is the opposite of human love. True Love for God has No Limits. It's just THERE, and nothing can stop it. Which is why you can't stop eating. Human love masked as love for God is like a choked or shallowly-planted seed in Luke 8 (and other Synoptic) parable. But the rooted seed, the believer loving the Word itself for itself, is still capable of drowning in it. That's not what the Water of the Word is for, lol. [Nerd note: scholars consider only Matthrew, Mark, and Luke "Synoptic" (like-witness) gospels. What a crock. Each Gospel has a rhetorical underpinning for the immediate contemporary audience; which underpinning, accounts for what aspects of the story it includes, and what it leaves out. So ALL Gospels are like-witness, not just the first three. Man loves his arrogance, huh. Here, John does not record the parable of the sower and seed, since the seed is already sown, choked. John's job is to stress how to "abide", how oneness via Word is God's Begetting Plan. Hence his Gospel, his letters, and Revelation, all elaborate on and tell the outcome of that parable, rather than retell it. Vine and Branches, John 15. Hence Vine and unproductive branches that get burnt, too. Religification BURNS. After all, Satan invented it! So if he can't burn your love for God, then he'll drown you in it. Too much Word consumed renders all that consumption, unlearnt. Big problem, that: in my church, they limit how many lessons you can get a month, so you don't overeat...]

So the process of spiritual growth is traumatic, largely because We Are Truly Being Transformed. Now you know another reason why there is no soul in any womb: if there were, the fetus would be denied choice, since it would be trapped there. We have souls, from birth onward, so we can choose how much of this transformation, to get. Which means, eating Word in God's System. But which also means, "neither to the right nor the left": either of which, religify the learning. As my pastor puts it, there are "mutual flanks" of Doctrine (eating) and Reciprocity Motive. But as we saw above and will see more below, these two 'flanks' seldom keep pace with each other. For, we are always running to one side of the boat OR the other, rather than keeping 'neither to the right nor the left' of God's Plan. Not to worry: He has a cure!

Diagnosis and 'cure' for Lovesick Bulimics

Bulimia is a type of eating obsession: and as with everything else in life, there is a spiritual counterpart of which the secular, is a subset. Here, 'spiritual' bulimia: you 'eat' doctrine, when you learn and believe it; when you love what you eat, it becomes quite easy to overeat. This makes for all kinds of problems in the rest of your life, since the activities foregone mean an atrophy is occurring. Like exercise on only one part of your body, the structural integrity of your life disintegrates. Technically, bulimia means you vomit up the food after overeating (big orgy practice deliberately done in SPQR, during its heyday), so you can eat again. Well, don't do that with doctrine. Trouble is, you won't recognize that's what you're doing, until your life is in shambles.

Hence Spiritual bulimia possibly has its origin in true love for God. If so, DDNA produces this love IN you, and you can't control what is beyond your power. For here's the irony: spiritual growth is supposed to result in you having only interest in God, eclipsing all else: "zeal for Your House consumes me." Hebrew verb heheli in Isa53:10 has the connotation of being caused to be sick with love (among other meanings). From there, God grows you further so that all your life is based ON this bulimia (idea of absolute motivation, Occupation with Christ). So that all your motives begin and end with Him. Anything else, is unimportant to you. So if you sleep, you sleep because of Him. If you work, you work because of Him. Not because of people, morality, your own attractions or distractions: just because of Him. So instead of harmful bulimia, your real 'sickness', is spiritual growth. You thus enter a dangerous stage, then, if you don't relearn all your motivations for daily life: relearn, to Associate Everything with Him.

So bulimia is a very real danger; and Satan&Co. are out to exploit it using the exact same strategy and tactics, as employed on the Lord in Matt4. My pastor explained this problem at great length when exegeting that passage. (Part of his "PSD#10" classes, in 92SD, maybe near lesson 800 or so?) The Gist: Satan gave his best shot against Christ, so won't obviously be doing something less, now, on those who have come to love Him. It's a kind of cruel joke, really. See the weak believer; see how Doctrine doesn't help him. See how he can't handle being so lovesick. And I personally have seen people drop out of God's System, who had previously come into some of this Love for God. When they drop out, their souls become charnel houses as a result. It's like watching someone be trapped inside a crashed plane, burning alive, and you can't do anything about it! Better to never be born!

Hence Satan&Co. create their own cruel, joking bulimias, often using Scripture to create obsession; so it's not always true that Scriptural bulimia is due to actual Word growth. Obsessiveness leads quickly to mental illness, and it's super-delicious to them if they can maneuver you into imagining you are spiritual because you are obsessive, so that you never use 1Jn1:9 (again) and skyrocket in the real spiritual life. Note how it's more dangerous to be positive to God, than to be negative. To see how horribly they mock Christians they trap, just visit any Christian chat channel, and ask folks how long they've been doing chat, and how often. Watch those who trumpet verses and their message in the channel, totally unable to hear anything said to them. Totally insensitive to others. Thinking themselves holy nonetheless, because they are spouting some kind of message from God or of Scripture. It's frightening. And it almost killed me, too, until God woke me up. [From 1999-2002, I discovered the internet and chat, and it took a good two years to realize how obsessive it was. Absent Doctrine, I'd have never gotten out of it. Absent having a body with needs, I'd have never gotten a chance to step away from the computer and recognize what was going on. There are two kinds of traps operating: first, on the obsessive ones, and second on those reacting to the obsession, totally amazed and transfixed by its weirdness. Think of how everyone all over the world watched poor O.J. Simpson tool around in his Bronco, thinking of killing himself, and you see exactly how Satan&Co. 'herd' obsession on both sides!]

The general Bible Doctrine under which this problem is covered, is something my pastor labels "mutual flanks" of Doctrine and Reciprocity (Lesson #1706, 92SD). David apparently was given to write it, by the Holy Spirit. [In case you're interested, the live classes on this topic start about Lesson 1700, 92SD, but you can see the origin of the concept beginning in earnest during his exegesis of 1Jn, back in 1981, when he discovered the "Love Complex" structure of God's plan (later termed the "Divine Dynasphere"). I can even see it from his Romans '77 exegesis tapes, beginning in Romans 5. But From 1981 forward, this "mutual flanks" doctrine has been steadily developed, and its lines and Scriptural proof are overwhelming. Why theology never 'got it' before, is utterly baffling to me: and they didn't get it before -- I've spent five years trying to find anything like this, to no avail. So if you are very interested in it, go sequentially, not topically, through the tapes beginning in 1981. That's about 20 years' study, lol. And it's all independently provable, I now realize.]

The two basic problems of parallel-lines advance, here: 1. If the Love flank isn't advancing in tandem, discouragement and rejection of 1Jn1:9 will be the result, my pastor stressed in L.1709. The second problem, as he puts it: 2. If the Doctrine flank isn't advancing in tandem, "Religious emotionalism and wrongdoing" result. Now these two extremes don't nicely advertise themselves; in fact, if they are out of balance there will be an ANTAGONISM between them, so the one 'ahead' will begin to 'despise' the other, with the result that the DISTANCE between them, grows. Ooooh, big mistake! Now that one of the two outruns the other, a gap BETWEEN them is created into which the enemy can justifiably go, thus making the problem WORSE. Examples like Fallais Gap, Waterloo, the strategic advance of the North in the War Between the States (aka "Civil War"). Think of two parallel lines, each 'running', but one gets bogged down. Even if the bogging down is by one 'day', the other line has kept on advancing, and that is enough advantage to wreck the mutual protection.

The whole point about parallel lines is that they can UNITE at any time to form a flanking pincer movement (think of Chinese chopsticks, scissors or tongs). The wider the distance between the two advancing columns, the more the advance must be for STRATEGIC reasons (narrow lines mean tactical). The advancing columns are GOING to a particular site to fight the enemy, but MEANWHILE, they can be attacked BY the enemy. For, you always choose to fight on terrain best suited to your own capabilities -- and, ideally, least suited to the enemy's. So the enemy's objective is to hit you when best suitable for him. Satan&Co. are our enemy, and GOD does the fighting, not us. But until we grow up enough in the spiritual life, we frequently mistake it for something 'we' are to do. So, we get creamed (see the story in Numbers when the spies came back to Kadesh).

So: you are to stay put and study, but BALANCE is critical. Too much study means you will religify it just like the guy who thinks he must give all his money away, etc. So as you grow in the Christian life, you are to FIRST become WIDER than you were before, as we just saw in the "Divine Nucleotides" table re 1Jn4:12-17: WIDTH is last and greatest, chronologically. Because it's WIDTH which makes for the stability of the structure. "Width" areas in your understanding are then most vulnerable, and they really need to be BALANCED. Obviously, one of the wider width areas, has to do with the body life, how you LIVE OUT the Doctrine you love so much. And that's the weak area: for the more Doctrine you know, the more you realize everything is so puny and puerile, you want to WITHDRAW, not advance. After all, during the spiritual childhood phase, you weren't supposed to TOUCH what was bad -- so, this lingering and now quite-unhelpful standard, motivates withdrawal, instead of advance. Or, hostility (looking down on the inferiority, Satan's hangup).

Hence the danger of one of the lines (doctrine or motivation) going too fast, versus the other. And since WIDTH is the issue in spiritual adulthood, the STRATEGIC value, can't be overstated. With a WIDE gap in between (post- spiritual adulthood), the opportunity to be caught unawares, or to be of uneven growth, is an occupational hazard. The strategic objective is to get both lines to the battlefield where they can MERGE, and under the "economy of force" and "concentration of force" doctrines, make for maximum power and coordination: God's blitzkrieg. So, before that point, these lines start to converge beginning at Spiritual Maturity (a coalescing level of "Occupation with Christ" which began back in spiritual adulthood, see First Reason for Invisibility in Part III of "Thinking" series), from what I can tell.

Hence the spiritual life begins separated from God, functionally; as a spiritual baby, your soul is still inchoate and fragmented, since that's how the human soul trashed-by-sin, really is structured. A bombed-out Dresden, a tsunami disaster area. So the early spiritual growth pattern is likewise fragmented, with your body life and your learning life, separate: the former occupies 99% of your thinking. At the opposite end of the spiritual life, once in the SM level of Occupation with Christ, He is 99% of your thinking (you still sin, etc., cuz it's your thinking, not your sin nature, which God is changing). The body life then becomes a different kind of danger: you'll want to reject it. Which you are supposed to do! But.. not by hating and withdrawing from it. But, by embracing it. For now your thinking is MERGED with His, so now your body can be MERGED with the Knowledge of Him you live on. Ideally, the body-merging aspect proceeds in balanced manner. In reality, particularly if bulimia is present, it isn't going anywhere, but rather, atrophying.

Principle: your body is always your weak link. It will either frustrate soul advance or it will lag behind soul advance. Either way, you can't afford to let it get left out of your Bible class. So you have to limit study (if bulimia is true) and treat the rest of the day as Bible class during which you practice what you live on with your body.

Corollary: your body is thus your trebuchet, and that's exactly how the Holy Spirit will use it. A "trebuchet" was a seige catapault used to throw boulders at a castle, with the objective of breaking through the castle walls, so the invading infantry could get in. It of itself, was useless, cumbersome, easily defective; and to move it meant almost certain death, if you were trying to do so when your enemy was after you. And its value, well: something else and someONE else, made it valuable. It obviously had to be loaded with huge boulders (etc.) over and over and over and over, aimed properly, etc. Thankless task. No where near as glamorous as storming the castle walls. Yet without it, few castles could BE stormed. So without the body life being integrated with the soul life, your spiritual life will be dragging.

Evidence Test Corollary: In Evidence testing, the body life is always a kind of boulder, no matter how nice or not-nice your circumstances (and you'll have plenty of both), because the Doctrine is so big, You Must Be CARRIED By God. That's true anyway, but it's absolutely critical to surviving the Evidence Test (aka Pleroma) phase. You flunk when you try to do a thing yourself. You pass if you REST in the Holy Spirit doing it for you. Your Thinking Doctrine is Determinative, never what you are doing; particularly, your Thinking about Wanting Him To Do It. [Pleroma is the field, Evidence Testing is the combat happening ON that field, and the location of the field, is your soul full of Cycling Bible Doctrine.] This point can't be stressed enough. To see the 'physics' of it, load SatStrat.htm and then search on "MDs" or "MDb", and read that whole table. To see the stages of Evidence Testing as principles, see the "2-3-4-5" table in LordvSatan3.htm (Part III of the "Thinking" series). To see the inner thought pattern characterizing it, see LvS4d.htm (whole webpage is on Evidence Testing).

Notice how the tandem development of Doctrine In Your Head and Living On Doctrine With Your Head is ongoing. That's another set of parallel lines, which requires coordination between The Doctrine He is Feeding You, and the Motive You Have To Get And Live On It. Of course, within each of these four sets of parallel lines, are others (parallel lines are really infinite in number, nested and in need of integrative connection). There will be some doctrines you love less than others, so you'll have lag problems as a result; there will be some body uses of Doctrine you love more than others, so the unloved ones will lag. In short, this is a multi-phalanxed problem, not just two simple parallel lines of Doctrine and Motive. Those latter two are really the interconnected amalgams of many parallel lines which are specific: just as, DNA is constructed.

And, just as with viral RNA, there will be 'competitors' to come in and take advantage of your DDNA. See, the spiritual life is really powerful. You really do become much bigger in your soul, which results in a lot of new competences which can EASILY play secularly. So there will be many temptations to use those competences that way. Sometimes you are supposed to, and sometimes not. But at all times, you are supposed to only want to Use Them As God wants. Well, it's not easy to follow God's wants, if you've all these new, wonderful abilities -- especially if you've been feeling kinda icky and puny for so long. [Cultural note: "icky" is 1950's American childhood slang. You feel "icky" if you got ugly or smelly mud all over your skin, for example. Or, a bug touches your skin. Stuff like that.] Usually He wants you to go where you don't want to go, or to not go where you do want to go. So, for example, in bulimia that's ALL you want to do, is learn Bible and think it, not doing anything else at all. But that's when He wants you to stop so MUCH of that kind of Bible class. For, you're MERGED now, and you need to be MERGED elsewhere!

Obviously, with bulimia you'll run far ahead in the areas of the bulimia, leaving exposed, the atrophying, neglected areas. The Love Itself Must Be Balanced. Scripture is full of the failures of great believers, to show the pitfalls of spiritual growth: for the irony is, the more you are growing in Christ, the more you will fail and the more vulnerable you will be. The failures become more subtle and more devastating, when they occur. David committed adultery and murder as a mature believer; was incited to number the people against God's orders as a mature believer; Moses hit the Rock at 2nd Meribah as a mature believer; Paul did the stupid Nazirite thingy in Acts 18ff, as one of the most mature believers of all time! All these, are evidences of bulimia in one particular area or another, being exploited by Satan&Co. For your pet loves and hates (usually warranted, too) will be the hardest-hit. See? If we aren't Carried by God, we are Dangerous To Mankind!

They teach you at West Point the military blunders in history, not to denigrate those who made them, but because anyone can and does make them. So too, here. In our spiritual warfare the tiniest lack-of-tandem gaps get attacked by Satan&Co., because they don't have enough firepower to defeat a united advance. So the closer you're getting to the convergence point of Spiritual Maturity, the more you are attacked. It becomes continual, after that (and much more subtle, too, so you easily screw up).

Rx: if bulimic, use the bulimic tendency toward what you least want, but as a way to Live On The Doctrine You've Learned. For there is no getting over Love-for-God, except to redirect it in the area(s) where you know you're not 'behaving' as He wants. Satan never got over his love for Christ, breaking into negativity probably just before completing what for him was the last spiritual stage. That conclusion seems right, going by his obsessive, alternatingly-admiring-yet-acerbic, games (covered in the Appendix link of the "Thinking" series on the Home page, rightmost teal box). We face the same problem, once growth has gone on enough. Bulimia tends to make the person throw up the spiritual life by throwing up life, period. Not good. Devastating results; I've seen them in others, and in myself. Not Good!

Of course, what complicates diagnosis, is that what's "bulimic" for person "A", may be "too little food" for person B, so you can't take a cookie-cutter number of hours spent in Bible study, and call it "ok" or "bulimic". Satan&Co. play games here, too, trying to get you to draw the wrong conclusion; so use 1Jn1:9 and write out on paper if you must, whether you're going overboard on anything. (Writing out on paper helps me, anyway.) HS will make it clear to you as you analyze. For what's right for you, might be wrong for me, and vice versa; we are each individuals, and for some of us there are times when it's ALL we should do, is study. Ask God if the study you are doing is too much or too little in quality or quantity (the former's level is critical, the latter faster indicates a problem). He'll answer!

So what tames this not-from-God urge, is to recognize Isa53:11 is automatically happening every second you're breathing. Life is always Bible class, and therefore not merely one format of Bible class. So treat the whole DAY as class, practicing what you're learning, seeing what the Holy Spirit is teaching you. Keyphrase in the LXX proves it: "Bouletai..dexzai autoi phos", "He [Father] is pleased.. to show via Him [Son, Humanity of Christ], the Light." The "Light", of course, is the light of the Word in You, producing His Thinking. You won't find that phrase in translated Bibles. (Only NIV trans seems to realize that the text of Isa53:10-12 needs to amalgamate the BHS and LXX (Hebrew and Greek) inspired texts; but it just puts in the word "Light", and you're left a bit confused. At least they tried to recognize one of the words in the wrongly-deleted verse!) So if you also consider yourself to have a bulimia problem, just go bulimic a different way (heh) -- try using what you learn ON what you've got in your body life, treating it like Living Bible class. After all, life before Father is 24/7, so you don't have to really give up Thinking Bible; HS is your Mentor, and whoa, that John 14:26 is always ON, baby! For, that's a sweet savor to Father (even higher than thinking without any body interference): just as, it was on the Cross. Test this claim yourself repeatedly while in the Spirit, for no words can properly describe how true it is. The Cross truly was the BEST saved for LAST. Sounds weird, but again.. test the claim, yourself!

Webpages most related to this 2nd Aspect are Third and Fourth Reasons in LordvSatan3.htm, LvS4d.htm's Combat table, first four bullets in Fixes.htm, and the Seven Doctrine Diamond Facets of LvS4b.htm. Point is, that living on the Doctrine is the reason why you GET it, in the first place. It's easy to forget the body, because as you grow you learn No No No No No ignore-the-body. But once the learning is IN you, it switches to Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes -- like it did, on the Cross. All along the road, you are supposed to keep balancing between Thinking and body-stuff, so that they connect and coordinate. Again, preserving the protection of mutual flanks at the weakest, most helpless link: your body life. Christ gave Himself as a Substitute for the Church to sanctify HER, says Eph5. Her, the Body. Hint, hint!