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an Appendix to Divine DNA, the LOVE Contract of Isa53:10-12

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Man is helpless. Satan&Co. are not. The reason I spend so much webspace on Bible mistranslation, is to show a continuing pattern, such that the translated Bible verse has the opposite meaning, compared to the inspired original. For no human being is smart enough to comprehensively mask Scripture in translation; no set of human beings could so consistently mount that conspiracy, century after century. We flat don't live long enough!

So don't blame the translators and teachers as you see the blasphemies below. If each of us got a nickel from God for every mistake or blasphemy we've committed or believed, we'd all be richer than Croesus. The problem is not the mistakes and blasphemies, since those can be fixed; but rather, our refusal to acknowledge and fix them. Which refusal -- as you'll see below -- lasts for centuries.

And because the refusal persists for centuries, God really makes our knowledge of Him even richer than Croesus could have dreamed: for by seeing these many mistranslation errors, you see how a) He's the Real God, boy oh boy! And b) Satan&Co. are running this mistranslation scam! It's always nice to see the Invisible by means of the visible...

These are just a few of the horrors I can quickly remember and type! See? We weak humans need 'help' to do this kind of stuff. And we only get that 'help' when we are in a state of sin. Moral, or immoral sin: here, mostly the moral flavor is operating (afraid to go against past scholarship, so respecting man more than the Word).

Understand, about 80-90% of the Bible is translated reasonably well; but the mistranslations in mission-critical places change the whole 'face' of Scripture. Scripture is likened to a surgical knife (short broadsword, the machaira, won Rome most of her victories). You know that certain types of very small cuts can kill you, if done rightly. So even though 80-90% of your body is fine, even a .44 bullet hitting just a little bit of skin in just the right place, terminates your life. Terminates the Meaning God wrote. So it doesn't matter that 99.9999% of your body, stays intact. That little bullet hole, killed it all.

Or, think of how glitchy Windows is. It works most of the time: but suddenly for no known reason it tanks, and you have to reboot. Why? Because there are so many little errors in Windows which built up from the original platform from 20 years ago, the code is too convoluted, to properly fix. So Microsoft is coming up with something else, building it from scratch (codename Longhorn). That's a real good example of what's wrong with Bible translations. Strategic confluence of a lot of little errors which alone wouldn't be a problem, is often the cause of the greatest disasters. Errors no one would have felt worth fixing, beforehand. Like, what led up to 9/11. Like, the Titanic. Like, well.. read Normal Accidents, by Charles Perrow. Then you'll understand why Scripture mistranslation can persist for centuries. With devastating results.

In Scripture translations, these glitches won't be apparent, because you don't have the original inspired text, for comparison. And for the better part of 18 centuries, we didn't have access to the original-language texts (copied faithfully, 98% free of copying errors, and in enough quantity we can tell an error from correct text). So now that we have the original texts, we can compare. But ohhhhh, so many translations from centuries ago, are now venerated. So now the only way you can detect the glitches, is to read a passage for stuff which doesn't make sense. But if you are ascetic like the translators largely have been, you won't detect what doesn't make sense. Because Satan's plan is ascetic, see. So when you have a Divine Actor verb like sunergew, God is cut out of the translation, reversing the meaning of James 2:22. (Scholars puzzle over that verb, yet know that sun-prefixed verbs only mean God is the Actor, so why don't they ever fix Jas2:22?) Thus you have the history of Christianity.

Only Satan&Co. are so smart about the Bible, to know where the bullets should be fired. Heck, they're the only ones who can live long enough, to mount such a coherent conspiracy! We humans are too short-lived, and too dumb to live. So my websites focus on mistranslation to show our unseen enemy is quite active. That, too, was the purpose of 1Jn's letter. This war is not with mankind, Eph6 reminds us. It's with the unseen combatants. Whom, we ourselves do not fight against, but instead we stand firm in the Word. The Word is your only defense: so of course, it's the most mistranslated. Strategically. Not so often or so much that people would consider it important to fix the translation. So the errors have gone on for centuries. This is all empirically provable. And here, with respect to Isa53:11, the most important verse in the Bible for the Christian to know for sure what's God's Plan, well -- it's excised from translations (not in the Hebrew text). Of course. It's just one little verse, awwww, with dative and accusative cases no one remembers have more than one usage. Just a little error, don't want to upset the applecart of past scholars who didn't translate those cases properly...

I'm not kidding: two case endings rendered the whole verse suspect to some people. So no one bothered to revisit them, though NIV tried. Yet the Lord and all the NT writers constantly reference the LXX words in that verse! It was a cornerstone of understanding of Scripture. So, well.. can't have it be translated, then. Due to two measly cases (on autos, meaning Him, Our Savior). Similar stuff happens every time you have a mission-critical mistranslation. So in 1Jn, "sired", not "born of", should have been the translation. But oh -- if you say "born of", then some of the verses make it look like you're not saved, if you ever sin again!

Then, there's the problem with the tenses in translation versus the original -- so that the reader of the translation, gets confused. Much of 1Jn should be translated in the English progressive present tense, to match John's dramatic style and the 'flow' of what he's writing. For example, 1Jn1:10 should say, "If we claim we are not sinning, we are making Him out to be a Liar; in fact, His Word isn't currently in us." John's all about the mechanics: which means in English, you have to show ongoingness. Greek does the tense handling well and precisely (the claim precedes and causes the carnal state, so is in the perfect tense in Greek); English, is awful (requires comparison of current-with-current state, to show causality better).

In short, it doesn't take much to wreck the meaning -- yet the error is so seemingly small, it's too politically-sensitive to completely scrap the translation. This is how Satan&Co. get away with mangling Bible. In teaching, it's even worse; after all, if your translation makes it look like the Bible wants works, how is a teacher not knowing the Real Bible, gonna teach his translation? From little errors big heresies grow; from little scratches, gangrene takes hold. So that is why all this attention on mistranslation, matters.