Part IV, The Lord vs. Satan: SupCtHeaven;

aka, the Trial of Human History.. aka, Did God err?

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God's Script: NOW, versus "Later"

Why does our "NOW" end with a Pre-Trib Rapture?
Says Eph1: Because Bride is COMPLETED!

IVa: Macro Role, of Alpha Precedence IVb: ..of Body IVc: ..of Trial Combat IVd: ..of Your Own Destiny

Part IV is extremely long, so for easier viewing I divided it into four linked segments, above; any new revisions will be in these segments. As time passes I'll change text references into the proper segment names (I caught most but not all of them). Frankly, now it's a lot easier to read one part of what used to be 'the page' compared to another part. Moreover, ALL of the text has been extensively revised. It bears little resemblance to its former self, though the gist 'answer' remains the same. 'Suggest you go through each link in order, lest the threaded flow be confusing; for, each segment builds on what went 'before'.

Tables of multiple import are listed as links below. They are spun off to their own links, because so many references to them OUTSIDE the Lord vs. Satan series, are made. You will also find these links in the sections of Part IV where they used to be fully incorporated. Hopefully, all these pending changes will make the Part IV, easier to navigate and read! (It is WAY too big to print out. Download or read online.)