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Appendix: The Lord vs. Satan: SupCtHeaven;

aka, the Trial of Human History.. aka, Did God err?

Satan's Counter to God: 'Script' Strategies and Tactics

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This is a very long, analytical, and data-heavy webpage; its purpose is to give you hard evidence and testing methodology you yourself can vet or use for proofing. For, if you've read through Parts I-V of the Trial, you've probably come to realise that both God's Script and Satan's are thesauretical, for both scripts constantly play-on-words. So, either grab a thesaurus, or think like one, as you read through this page. Its aim is to present a comprehensive and testable picture of Satan's counter-approach to anything in God's Script, anytime. So, you can take the applications here and evaluate what Satan&Co. are trying to do to you, your periphery, the world. Quickly. It is presumed you already have enough understanding of Scripture that the applications made here will make sense to you, in the manner of one user talking to another user on a technical subject.

    This is not some crackpot 'conspiracy' page, so if you like that junk, please go find it. We are supposed to be wise about Satan's schemes and our historical milieu; we are not to go slobbering with the "end-times, brother" crowd (Acts1, 1Thess). Because, We Are Caused To Determine History, not prophecy: as goes the Christian, so goes history, as PartIV explained in excruciating detail. Because, we are in training to be Kings, so we have to learn to read history as it happens, so we don't get on the 'wrong side of history' as did the Church Fathers and the Crusaders. Such was the central theme of Part III's Corollaries, PartIVc and PartIVd; ergo this Appendix.

The most important (link) sections of this page are: "God's Paradox" (essential background data); Matt4; "Satan's Grand Strategy"; "Script Target" (elaborates "Paradox"); "Script Signature" and its related "7 Content Elements". If you master the ideas in those sections, you almost don't need to read any of the Examples ("Ex:" links above). Page is designed to be read in the order written, but sometimes it's better to tool around the links.

Spend the most time on Matt4 in Scripture, turning it over and over and over in your head. Think over why those were temptations, What Kind Of Temptations they were. Millions of layers of meaning in there. Yes, millions. Thesauretical thinking is like fractals, and can be as endless.

For, the most concentrated revelation of Satan's Script is in Matthew 4. Obviously, the Lord would be the hardest person to deceive, so Satan's best tactics would be used against Him. Study that passage as if your life depends on it, because it does. Use what follows to see for yourself how Satan works.

    Quick note about that passage: the "if You are the Son of God" phrases should properly be translated "SINCE You are the Son of God". [Again, translators fail to translate idiomatically, thus unwittingly mislead the reader.] One thing Satan wasn't tempting the Lord to do, was to doubt His Deity. In fact, Satan's instead acknowledging that Christ is God-Man. In fact, Satan depends on it, in order to tempt Christ's Humanity. Were Christ not God-Man, these wouldn't even BE temptations, for each temptation is a temptation to His Humanity to access His Deity. Duh: you can't tempt someone to do something he can't do. So much for those poor folks who think Christ was only Human during the First Advent.

Satan's Motive, God's 'Paradox'

Why would Satan oppose God? It's a tragic story: one we all would do well to study, since we also run the same risk. Since God the Son made Satan, the latter invariably reflects the Former's characteristics. Therefore, Satan would naturally reflect God's Style and Thinking. So, would take the same approach as God to any subject. It's not blasphemous to say Satan reflects God, even though Satan is completely evil. Why? Well, they differ in one main respect: Satan is smaller. That difference is critical. It accounts for why he is an angel of light, why he has much the same values as His Creator. Most of all, it accounts for why he's completely evil.

Truest and worst evil consists of its nearness to True Good. Thus, the nearness deceives the one near, and those near him. Satan's "nearness" suffers from him having God-designed characteristics "missing" in him, due to his fall. He fell, essentially because he became upset over God's Attribute of Righteousness. Thus Satan spiritually arrested. So, he's missing two key components in his nature which would have truly made him Like the Most High. One of these key components is Righteousness. It's not that Satan has no desire for Righteousness. He ardently wants Righteousness. Problem is, Satan did not grow properly in Righteousness. Let's see why and how, since we too run the same risk.

Righteousness has two opposing facets, not just one. On the one hand,

Righteousness demands Holy Standards be met.

This is the 'facet' we are all (somewhat) familiar with. A thing must be intrinsically right, and also must be done rightly to a very particular extent, with very particular timing, and in a very particular way. Precision is required by Righteousness: precise item, precise timing, precise execution. "Neither to the right nor to the left."

However, the other, opposing facet is almost unknown to us, even though it stares us in the face every second. It is this second facet which tripped Satan (and us) into arrest:

Righteousness must FOREVER WITHSTAND any and all offense against it.
In short, Righteousness must HOLD everything.

Obviously, if a building can't withstand an earthquake, its 'righteousness' is too weak. So, just as obviously, this must be a facet of Righteousness. (Sidenote: If you keep analysing these two facets using 1Jn1:9 when necessary, you'll see why salvation must work the way it does; why God must be Triune; and why God can't be described by any 'holy' book other than the Bible. The following paragraphs will be helpful in that analysis, as well.)

Obviously also, since God is Infinite, this Second Facet is the 'other end' of Infinity's Righteousness, the OPPOSITE of the 'top end' facet. So, this Second Facet means Righteousness Must Embrace Everything, However Small. It's the smallness, the pettiness of sin which makes it so offensive. So, "smallness", if excluded from God's approval, would mean Infinity is not Infinity. But "approval" doesn't mean wanting to sin, but rather, wanting to BEAR sin, as a part of Wanting To Bear All Smallness. And not just "bear", either, but EMBRACE. For, whatever Righteousness doesn't hold, is 'outside' it. So, being Infinite Righteousness, nothing can be 'outside' it.

    INTEGRITY KEY ==> Moreover, this second facet is foundational. Without a Standard that NOTHING be met, the Standard that EVERYTHING be met is but a sham; therefore all "lows" are decreed essential to, and foundational to, the FIRST facet. It's not that God has to 'prove' Himself. Omniscience already knows He can withstand all. Rather, it's a Justice Issue: a) will God authorize the EXISTENCE of all 'bads'? b) yet, how shall all bads BE authorized unless they are USED to create far GREATER 'goods' than would obtain absent their existence?

    Notice how both a) and b) MAKE 'bads' foundational to Good. Moreover, 'bads' are naturally foundational to True Good. Wha???! Well, think: how just is it, for GOD to have the 'Everything' standard, if He Himself doesn't always meet it? And if He Himself is always to meet 'Everything', what standard must He Himself 'obey', to be Himself Righteous? The 'Nothing' standard. Thus, the 'Nothing' standard EXPRESSES the 'Everything' Standard, applied to God Himself: since GOD is foundational to everything, BADS are foundational to God Meeting The Standard, judicially!

    Moreover, if alone, the first facet ('Everything') is VULNERABLE to whatever could WITHSTAND it. Even though God is by Nature Inviolable, it is still a justice issue: will God or won't God authorize the existence of what is AGAINST His Standards? We saw a lot about this issue in Part I. Fixes' "..Nature of God" section explains the critical importance of this second ('Nothing') facet in God's Eyes (from the standpoint of the content property of Truth) in more detail than you'll find here.

What thus is the 'sum' of the two facets?

Righteousness MUST have its standards fully met, or it is compromised.
Yet at the same time must NEVER have ANY standards met, or it is compromised.
So, any violation of Righteousness MUST be repaid,
yet at the same time cannot be DEMANDED to be repaid.

    "Compromised" means two things, in the same pattern as the two facets themselves, with respect to EACH of both facets: 1) unmet, though still Inviolable, inasmuch as Justice didn't do justice to the Standard (by accomplishing the Judicial Propitiation required); 2) met, but only as a sham, if opposition to it is limited in any degree, in any way, in any sphere.

    Elaborating on 1): if the Standard that Everything-be-met is not met, then Righteousness is compromised because God didn't ordain the necessary Judicial Propitiation. So God would no longer BE Righteous. If the Standard that NOTHING-be-met is not met, then Righteousness is compromised, etc., for if Righteousness doesn't bear all there is to bear, or 'cheats' by LIMITING what there is to bear, then the Judicial Propitiation for the SECOND facet is not ordained, either.

    Elaborating on 2): if Sovereignty pronounces the Everything Standard met ABSENT bads or ABSENT propitiation for bads or ABSENT all the bads there can be, Sovereignty in effect is lying, for Sovereignty didn't allow all of what COULD be met, to actually BE met. Likewise, if Sovereignty pronounces the Nothing Standard met ABSENT bads, etc., Sovereignty would be lying, again. Thus God would not be Righteous, and of course, Righteousness is 100%! compromised. Even if a mere jot or tittle was shaved off ordained Truth.

Truth, of course, is Infinite as well; thus also contains all the 'bad' truths. Truth itself is true whether the content it references is bad, good, woulda-been bad, coulda-been bad, woulda-been good, coulda-been good, etc. Since God is Undivided, Uncreated, of course every Attribute is part and parcel of all others. So the Infinite Nature of Truth, including all the relationship-truths (explained further in the first four bullets of "Fixes" link) would be sufficient for BOTH Facets Righteousness to 'rule' on; and of course, all this is known in Omniscience, and votable by Sovereignty.

    FOUNDATION OF INTEGRITY KEY ==> Truth is not 'shaved' nor 'short' nor 'arbitrary' in any way. For, were Truth slighted in even the tiniest 'dot', Truth would no longer be true. So a compromise of Truth is a True Cost Holy God (Father, Son, Spirit) is Never Willing To Pay. That's why you have verses like "the Lord loves Justice", and Ps89:14-15, Ps138:2b. If the Truth were not prized above His Own Person, more valuable than Godness itself, there'd be no point to being alive: much less, to being God. Takes one's breath away, to see His Own Attitude toward Truth.

Now, watch: Christ's payment on the Cross meets the "Everything" Standard, due to the Anarthrous Beauty of His Thinking and Love for Father. But His Payment on the Cross also meets the "NOTHING" Standard, in that He Bore, Absorbed, Embraced Our Sins -- rather than obliterating them, obliterating us, using His Deity to withstand the pain, etc. So He Himself has and uses BOTH FACETS within His Own Humanity. So, that's how a verse like 2Cor5:21 could exist: our sins are exchanged, judicially, for His Righteousness.

Utterly Divine Physics of the Cross and Our Salvation!

Notice how, at the Cross, even though the sins were in fact imputed to His Own BODY (including soul and brain), the sins don't ever touch the Righteousness, are not changed by the Righteousness, and of course aren't obliterated, either: it's a Judicial Exchange. In reality, an addition. Just as, He added Humanity to Himself, changing no Attributes of either Deity or Humanity, so also His Righteousness can be added to us, 2Cor5:21 (and many other passages, like Rom5-8).

The implications are staggering, as we saw in Part IVd's (first) green 'The "Combat" of .. Rest' table. Sin Was Added To His Humanity; it's a subset of knowledge in Omniscience, without which, His Humanity couldn't be big enough for full compatibility with Father; it's not a type of knowledge which can be binged into Him, it has to also be experienced -- yet, without sinning Himself. See, Infinity has no barriers; finity depends on barriers to maintain integrity; that's why, for (banal) example, we have to keep eating, cleaning, exercising. So see the horrible dilemma: for His Humanity to have full compatibility with Father, the barriers native to finity, must be removed. Hence the need for suffering (which goes against barriers, hence feels bad). Again, "Fixes" link's first four bullets, goes over this dichotomy in more detail.

    See, there's a reason why Only God Is Good. He's Infinite: no barriers, Uncreated. It's only good if uncreated. If uncreated, no barriers are needed. For the minute one barrier exists, bad exists. Finity though perfect, is 'bad' in that it has barriers: it's bad to be LIMITED by anything. This, before even talking about how many added barriers sin creates. So, shall God not create, then? That was the dilemma (Fixes covers it in more detail). So, back in Eternity Past, there never was a 'moment' when the Son didn't say, "I want to add Humanity to Myself so I can have sin added to Myself so that, while remaining sinless, I can be enlarged in My Humanity for complete compatibility with Infinite Father. And so I can call them brothers." See 1Tim2:5 in Greek, and Hebrews Chaps 2 and 4.

    We're not being blamed, get it? Love looks at Truth and has to decide whether to create at all; to put the creatures into existence necessarily means pain, for only Infinite God, is good. Everything less, is bad, miserable, futile, painful. But if if if if that pain could be flipped into profit; if that failure (oh, the pain of recognizing one's helplessness) could be flipped into fulfillment of fellowship WITH Infinity, then Good Cycles in the finite being, and he is effectively infinite, as well! One God, One Mediator, One Lord, One Righteousness, One Faith, His Thinking, paying for it all! Making the sterile finity, infinitely propagating! Love concluded all this. Then, took on Humanity and went to the Cross, so His Head could get into our heads; thus flipping everything; our failures then foster free unencumbered, fellowship: no longer, frustrated barriers. Even though barriers forever remain! Is there a sweeter irony, than this?

    The sorry lives of humanity attest to the horror of barriers; we are everywhere beset by them. Yet we couldn't otherwise be born! So the horror of living is to show how great a salvation He purchased; for this horror lasts but a little while; but eternity WITH Him, lasts forever. So, like Him, we too can know, albeit via a different path and in a limited way, sin: for sin is the ultimate barrier. Also, that we can learn how the only native solution to the problem of finity's creation, is to never make it; or to make, automatons. He, the Son, being Creator as a Gift to Father, didn't want either of those options. Instead, He wanted the impossible. So, He became the impossible Union Between Infinitely Good God, and impossibly helpless Perfect Humanity. The perfection made everything worse, not better. It was good for nothing, that perfection. Couldn't solve the problem. Who will save Him from this body of helpless Lamb-ness? "Sacrifices and offerings you did not desire, but a Body you prepared for Me!" [Heb10:5, Ps40:6 (see the larger context of that passage), Isa53-55.]

    See, if you were perfect, you'd see God better. And seeing Him better, you'd be more aware of the vast, unbridgeable distance between your Perfect Finity (no matter in what form, no matter how high in beauty or ability) -- that Infinity is unreachable, forever! Oh the pain of being separated, of being less than God! Better to never be born! Who will rescue this body? Who will solve, this impossible problem of barriers?

Oh, but God being Omnipotent, can hold that helpless Perfect Humanity together, so that Barriers Can Be Removed, and yet all barriers go IN Him. Isaiah likens it to pregnancy, throughout Isa Chapters 53-55. But wait! The "God" doing that, can't be Father, because Father is Judge. Can't be Son, since He's One Person, and must be the Lamb; so must be Spirit, since only then, is the Humanity of Christ's continuing "yes", structurally unimpeachable (He's not using His Own Deity to hang together, but depending on Spirit's Choice to do that). Hence, true justice can be executed; and salvation is not a sham, for all barriers are forever removed between Holy Infinity, and consenting finity. Even while, they remain.

Yet unless there was a Cross, it couldn't be Justified to give His Humanity this knowledge since He didn't sin, so He didn't deserve such punishing, suffering knowledge; but ironically, because He didn't sin, and because sin needed to be paid for, He could justifiably get this knowledge ONLY via the Cross; which knowledge, He WANTED in order to max out compatibility in His Humanity with Father, and in order to pay for our existence and salvation.

    Again, the implications are so staggering. One big corollary is that since we are forever in Union with Christ ("in Christ" verses), ALL flaws and failures, within ourselves, in our lives, in others (etc.) are only used to do the same 'enlarging' job as was done for Christ. After all, since He did pay, we really are as Righteous, so any punishing/suffering knowledge, can only come to us for the same reason as it came to Him. So, even if we hate God but are believers, while what we suffer is explainable in childish terms (Divine Discipline), the real and higher usage is to give us the knowledge as Christ got it, to enlarge us For Fellowship With Him Forever. God won't be satisfied with a lesser standard of usage for us, than applied to His Own Son: because there ARE no barriers, even while they remain. Suffering is therefore, not only never in vain; but only, a bizillion-percent-return investment to benefit the one receiving the suffering. Nothing less is acceptable to both facets of Righteousness.

    Satan knows full well the horror of being finite yet living with Infinite God. All his beauty, all his highest-of-angels (until he fell) abilities -- and they count for nothing? While we humans rant and rave over our lives being bad though we consider ourselves good, Satan really was the best among the angels. No one higher than him, except the Most High (the Son, title). And didn't the Most High create him? So how is it, that all this beauty, nonetheless counts for nothing, does nothing for Him?

    God's Answer: everything is a gift. Good things, bad things. Flaws, no-flaws. So we get Righteousness, for free. Our goodnesses count for nothing, but also, our badnesses. Our punyness doesn't matter any more than our perfection will. Even Christ's Own Merit didn't matter. For, it's not about merit, which anyhow is uncreatable, since only God is uncreated; so merit can only be gifted. Which also doesn't matter, since the purpose is TOGETHERNESS, not comparative merit. So, comparative merit, which could never really exist but only be hallucinated, is taken away as a barrier. Replaced with, God's Own Righteousness. Which those who did not rebel in the Angelic Trial, elected to receive. Which those who do rebel, refuse. Ok, then: but the refusal is to refuse the togetherness, in favor of the separation. Based on, a hallucination.

Punishment and suffering are knowings; one is destructive, separatist; and the other, its obverse, constructive and joining. Look: when Adam 'knew' sin, he 'knew' it, via committing it. Thus, his human spirit was disconnected (first "dying" in Heb of Gen2:17), and he lost his spiritual life. Thus, he shrank soulishly and would eventually die physically (second "die" in Heb of Gen2:17). Spiritual atom bomb, fission.

    So the body, being non-spiritual, and sin-permeated to boot, will never understand the spiritual role of suffering. No matter how much Doctrine you learn, the body will never 'get' the import. So you have to keep on pushing in the Doctrine, breathing 1Jn1:9 and cycling what you learned with greater and greater INTENSITY. This is soo much harder than even the greatest good deeds all the world put together can dream of -- it's Divine Physics, and no body stuff is even in the same universe.

To live with God forever, one must be like Him in structure, and therefore must know Truth. Good truth, bad truth, any truth, because truth. So because Christ did not sin, yet also had to know sin; the derivative power of sin to shrink, instead became a RECIPROCAL of itself, fusion; and instead EXPANDED His Soul; because, via the Truth in Him, He Held All Sin, never once cracking under the weight of it, and sinning Himself. Like exercise, His Soul was made light-years stronger via the Truth holding both Him and the sins imputed, and their judgement, all via the Spirit running that Truth (with the Lord's continuous consent).

    Reminder on how derivatives work. A little thing bouncing off a big thing will have the force and velocity DERIVING FROM the big thing. So, if that bounce-off is negative (sin), and the 'big thing' is Infinite Godness, then the bounce-off SHATTERS the object with total velocity and force. Atom bomb. Only reason the soul is not obliterated, is that God foreknew the consequences of sin, so designed the soul to be interminable. But oh! The desire to stay negative afterwards, is total (law of momentum in secular physics reflects this spiritual truth). Hence without the Gospel, the human is irretrievably under rubble, and fancies himself, whole. All his attractions are related to sin, whether ascetic or lascivious in 'flavor'. Evil is a product of sin, and so is human good, for that reason.

    So, via the spiritual life provision, God flips that horrible effect; the Truth is Big, and it going into the Soul, is a positive derivative, so the soul is likewise affected -- in the opposite direction. It becomes bigger in size, the barriers it used to need lessen, because it is outgrowing those barriers. Christ outgrew them all, simply due to the Rom5:5+Matt4:4 mechanic of learning Infinite-Quality Truth. Then, His Volition bounced positively, not negatively. So all that negative force of humungous sins For All Time lacerating Him, didn't alter His Volitional Choice To Keep On Embracing Them. Same, for the Judgement on the sins which Father also imputed to Him. Do you see how our learning Bible Doctrine changes us, now? Why it works so incredibly well? Why the spiritual life needs suffering, so we can get Bigger Still?

Closest analogy to the mechanics of what happened at the Cross would have to be called a "white hole": all the darkness got sucked in. Frankly, that's what Isa53:11 says, in the LXX portion of the text. Christ's Humanity's Soul HOLDING an exploding atom bomb, yet all that destructive power instead makes His Soul, stronger. The Divine Physics Formula, if expressed in words, would go something like this:
  • the negative derivative of Adam's sin (caroming against God's Bigness),
  • multiplied many times over to the sum of all negative derivatives of all sins in the human race,
  • plus the derivative of Father's judgement upon those sins,
  • plus the Spirit enabling the Lord's will to EMBRACE those sins via the deposited Truth in Him (so much so He became the Truth),
  • equals a fraction
  • which becomes a RECIPROCAL, because He doesn't 'reciprocate' by sinning Himself; the Not Sinning is what caused the fraction to become a reciprocal. Thus paying, for all sin forever. [Secular physics would be so profited if it looked for the secular counterpart to this spiritual law. There must be one, since all secular reflects spiritual, right down to the galaxies representing how Pleroma Center creates the gravity field of integrity for the stars, the people in that Pleroma person's future kingdom, to happily 'move'. Oh, how prejudice against God cripples scientific endeavor!]

    So through these Divine Physics, The Last Adam went to the Cross and thus reversed the decision of the first Adam, and thus reversed the effect of sin (and tangentially, its production of human good and evil). So in fact the sin (etc.) we see, has a RECIPROCAL effect; we can't see the reciprocal effect for what it is in these our puny bodies, because the effect is so big. Which effect, we can nonetheless learn and receive, if we believe in Christ and then get in and stay in God's System. Part III and Part IV sketch this reciprocal effect: Eph1 shows it was intended, all along.

    Else, Creation couldn't even exist: for, without finity being leveraged to have Infinity cycle within it, there is no value to creating at all. Who wants automatons or puny servants? Not God. So, we are to be Kings. So, to royally benefit everyone else. So they get royal treatment, too. For only what's Good Enough for God, is good enough. For anyone, no matter how low or how high: for Nothing Shall Separate Us From The Love Of God In Christ Jesus! Paul shouts at the end of Romans 8.

    Amen. God 'hates' barriers with all his being, and this removes them all. Even, while they remain: valley, exalted! High, made low! Dead, even while living! Dead, but alive again! Alive, even if he dies! Poor, celebrate your wealth! Rich, celebrate your Poverty! Give to him who has the most! No more sorrow, no more tears, no more pain, no more death: the old things have passed away! Sterile, bearing children! Let no eunuch say 'I am a dry tree'! And on and on verses like those italics parade throughout Bible. For, barriers are anathema to Infinity, Love, Righteousness, etc. -- God is Unbarriered, so everything else should be as well. Even while, 'trapped'. Yeah, baby: trapped in His Love!

    Else, we can elect not to receive this reciprocal effect, which wipes out all barriers even while they remain; if we love barriers to make us feel good about ourselves, then we'll "elect against the will", so to speak, like Satan&Co. do. ["Elect against the will" is a legal term which exists in every language and nation regarding testamentary law. The beneficiary didn't choose to become a beneficiary, see; so if the beneficiary doesn't want what a will legated (etc.), the beneficiary can decline. Usually, the refusal is irrevocable. In God's Plan, refusal to believe in Christ can take place right up until the very moment of death, and maybe even in hell.]

    Or, we can partly elect to receive it (i.e., believe in Christ but not get in and stay in God's System). The extent of the election determines both life down here, and life forever, per person. Exactly. Accumulating daily, with daily results, and then with accumulated results as well. So free to change the election (though salvation cannot be lost) at any time. In the third table on "Utterly Divine Physics" within this webpage, you'll see the resultant Divine Physics formulas, which accomplish that result.

    Again, the implications are staggering. This is why God's Transmutation Plan (i.e., Rom12:2's command) can actually work to enlarge and make like the Most High, even a sinner's soul: the Holy Spirit "sealed", (=contracted) to do the same as He did for Christ.. for us! [Dunno why Christianity misses this fact. cf. Col1:22, 1Pet2:24, Isa 53:5-6, Isa53:10-12 in both LXX and BHS; Isa54:1 and all of 55 (really, all of both Chap53 and 55); analyse also the way the Levitical lamb sacrifice worked: all the sinner does is put his hand on the animal's head. The animal and the sinner always remain separate, just the same. To see the judicial-but-real "addition", read Gen 15:6, 2Cor5:14-21, Romans 5-8 (esp. chaps 5 and 8 -- 5 explains the addition with respect to salvation and overview of post-salv, 6, explains it positionally (tie-in is 1Cor6), 7 explains the struggle we have as a result, and 8 explains it in terms of the post-salv spiritual maturation process). There are other passages, but they require more thinking-over, than these will. ]

So, had there been no Cross, the Everything-be-met Righteousness Standard is a sham; or, if creation (including hell!) did not fully-and-freely exist, the both Facets are a sham, because then opposition has been limited by Sovereignty. So, had there been no Cross, the Nothing-be-met Righteousness Standard would likewise be a sham; for in that case Righteousness wouldn't be withstanding all.

So now we've seen the power of Truth via what happened on the Cross. But what about the facts? They don't change: bad is still bad, good is still good; so what use was it, to spend all that power, when the facts themselves, never change? For, Truth must include all bads, to be fully truth, to be fully free. [Again, "Fixes" link covers this topic in more detail.] We also know that Righteousness is not fully expressed, if there are bads shaved out of Truth, so to speak. More fundamentally, Righteousness is not fully expressed, if the bads are ever changed.

So, new good facts are added, even as sin was added to Him on the Cross, and His Righteousness was added to us. For, on the Cross, the facts of sins and their judgements, were imputed to Him; nor did those facts ever change. But look: in reply to them, He Thought New Thoughts, and those thoughts were Divinely Good, being Divine Truth cycling in His Soul. So New Good Was Created: hence, we can even exist.

    Note also how the facts remain true that only good can make good, and only bad can make bad. Hence, Good Truth makes good out of itself, using the bad as a Justification for so doing. The bad itself, never changes. For, when we ourselves are dead to this life and instead living with Him forever, we ourselves are of course then different -- but now remains. It's past, at that point, but it is never obliterated nor modified in any way. Just as, Christ is still on the Cross, to Omniscience. Always occurring.

So what Bible Doctrine -- the Good Truth -- makes 'out of' any bads, truly is propitiatory. Truly atones for the ever-continuing bad, truly satisfies the justice requirement that both everything and nothing be met, truly reconciles, truly redeems. These "4 Decisions" (my pastor's term) are also real, and also genuinely convert the bad into a good, judicially. The bad itself, never 'contributes'. It's just part of the Justification for the way Good Truth is CHOSEN to be used. For, Righteousness is not fully expressed, either, unless ALL the goods are made, too. So, although bads remain forever unmodified, the goods to BE made, because the bads exist, are many more than would otherwise be justifiable. So now you know yet another layer of meaning in Isa54:1!

    NIV Isaiah 54:1 "Sing, O barren woman, you who never bore a child; burst into song, shout for joy, you who were never in labor; because more are the children of the desolate woman than of her who has a husband," says the LORD.

    ARA Isaiah 54:1 Canta alegremente, ó estéril, que não deste à luz; exulta com alegre canto e exclama, tu que não tiveste dores de parto; porque mais são os filhos da mulher solitária do que os filhos da casada, diz o SENHOR. [I love the Portuguese play on words between 'sterile'(esteril) and 'star' (estrela, +luz in this verse)! ]

    Meaning (in the context of Isa53-55, which likens His Payment to pregnancy -- you can't see that in translations), that the believer, birthed out FROM Him who had no progeny, is His progeny, so like Him, so can also Birth From The Sterile. Via the same process (Isa53:10-12 is explicit about it). Do you see? Divine Good from your own soul can birth from this sterile world, something pleasing God? And propitiating, both Him and you? (Again, Isa53:10-12 is explicit about it: pity no one translates all the original-inspired text!)

Here's yet another layer of Truth to enjoy. Pretend you're God. Truth being ALL, all bads, all good, if the truth about a thing is DEAD, that's BAD. (Dead is bad, to life. God is Life.) Ok, so you're omnipotent, but how does omnipotence make dead, alive, since the truth is, the thing is dead? Shall omnipotence override the Truth, by making the dead, alive? Then Truth isn't Truth, anymore. Ok, but is it Righteous to live with DEAD? No! Shall omnipotence, then, not be used at all, and being God is tantamount to masochism, since the dead has to be lived-with? No! Ok, then: what if, by means of the deadness itself, its own nature not being changed, omnipotence uses whatever is IN that nature to MAKE life? So that the dead becomes alive again, out from its own nature? Wow: that would solve the problem! No gerrymandering of truth, for the truth of the nature of the dead thing is not changed, and in fact the deadness itself becomes not only the Justification for making-alive, but the means!

More: note how, the only 'existence' DEAD has, is the FACT of its being DEAD. But, that fact truly EXISTS. So LIFE, which is also a fact, but also ALIVE, being applied to DEATH, Is One Fact, Going To Another Fact. So, the FACTNESS is a compatibility. The only one, in fact. So, no compromise for one fact to be applied to another fact, especially if there is Justification, and the DEAD fact is also the means of the application!

Do you now see why the Cross is structured as it is? Sins' nature remains what it is; so sins are imputed and judged for what they are; but they ARE imputed and judged INTO a LIVE Person Who Thinks Divinely-Live Thoughts. So now, a BONDING occurs; so now we who are spiritually-dead by nature, who use our volition to say YES (that comes from our nature as humans, the nonmeritorious personhood faculty of belief) -- now, Omnipotence can "answer" that yes with what only Omnipotence can do -- SAVE us. Yet, we ourselves of ourselves from our own nature BELIEVED. Yet, God (Holy Spirit) of Himself, from His Own Nature, made us alive in Christ. No compromise. Better Use Of Power!

That's why Paul is soooo excited in Ephesians 1, talking about the "surpassing greatness of His Superior Power which He put into operation by means of Christ when He raised Him from the DEAD" (Eph 1:19-20, concatenated clauses combined. "put into operation" and "superior power" are corrected translations of Greek words from my pastor.) That's why Paul is soo excited again in Philippians when he says, "that I may know Him and the Power of His Resurrection" (Phili3:10). For, instead of being shackled with either a) living with death, or b) gerrymandering it (i.e., obliterating) -- By Means Of Death, Life Is Produced. Without compromise. Is that a better use of Omnipotence, or what? Is that a greater challenge to Challenge-loving Infinity, or what? Is that a greater Propitiation, Redemption, or what? Isa 54:1! Now do you see why God created as He did? Everywhere we look, life depends on death! Is that the ultimate irony, or what? Death sure 'produces' a lot of 'kiddies'! Heh. No wonder Paul exulted in Corinthians about a seed having to die, to grow! (1 Cor15:36-end chapter.) So a whole bunch of good actually, literally, depends on bad, to exist! Like the "good" of our existence would not BE obtainable, unless FIRST, bad! Is that the ultimate irony, or what?

So what's the Fruit, The Children, The Production Value of this conversion of bad, dead -- to live, good? Well, mathematically, what happens? First, unlike normal math, where a positive divided by a negative yields a negative quotient, you have instead, a positive quotient approaching Infinity. For, we're talking reality, and in math, all real numbers are positive. So, the only positive thing that's in common between bad and dead and live and true, is that.. they are FACTS. So, that lone commonality, is the denominator. So what's the largest number? Well, technically, infinity. So, in number set of infinity, the factual commonality is but one. So, not being able to say really what infinity-1 equals, we'll say (decimal point).bizillion. So, then, the LEVERAGE due to the denominator being only the FACT that bad, dead is made good on, must be a bizillion times. Since the numerator of the quotient is good, but the denominator, (decimal point).bizillion, see how much more good is made from bad, than if it didn't FACTUALLY exist? [infinity-1 becomes a fraction, decimal-point bizillion, because BAD would normally be a negative number. However, since Infinite Good is Applied To Convert it, the BAD itself, being dead, can still only OF itself be one speck above absolute zero; this, because the only positive truth about it, is that it is a FACT. Hence, decimal-point bizillion is the way to express that fact. For, the conversion never changes the attributes of the thing converted, but instead provides a Gateway Via The Fact Of It, for God's Good to be produced.]

Think carefully about the meaning of this Second, Withstand-All facet, the goal of Pleroma (Eph6:13, KJV); for once you understand it, you will no longer regard any annoyance or suffering in your life as anything but a Gift From God. Your body, of course, will always complain. Takes time to get into the habit of associating this Truth with your body's constant blindly sin-nature complaints. They will more constantly be side-by-side, as you grow spiritually. Until you recognize that it's just the stupid body beeping you (and there will always be something to blame or credit), you'll mistake that beeping for the real you, and will have lots of guilt (a sin, requiring 1Jn1:9). So try to recognize it's the stupid body, not you, and remember that all suffering is given for the same reason Christ got it: to get bigger fellowship. With practice, you will get distance from what seems to be you (the old you, at most, see Rom7) beeping all those stupid puny complaints, versus the real you (the new you the HS is making). It's a heaven, just to see the distance!

That's why some of God's greatest gifts don't 'feel good': such as, the Cross. People end up concluding suffering in one of two ways: as a blessing, or as a reason to be bitter the rest of their lives. Suffering will either 'make' you far more appreciative of anything and everything, no matter how small; or, will 'make' you a shrivelled, shellshocked wretch. 'Make', of course, meaning YOU do the making out of it. Not what the suffering itself actually is. Remember the principle of the 'middle' in Part One. It's our orientation to the facts, not the facts themselves, which determine happiness or misery.

    See, the spiritual life is, as my pastor likes to put it, "Learn and Live", rather than religion's 'live and learn'. Religion's (Satan's) prescription would have you working absent wisdom, how to think as you are doing; for religion wants you to be a peasanty-slave, doing tricks to please a churlish master. So, you will end up jaded, as inevitably all Christians who don't get into or stick with the spiritual life, do. Bitterness.

    Conversely, as will be explained in more detail below, by God's Script, you first learn the first facet of Righteousness via Bible Doctrine (2Tim3:16): what Standards must be met, in God's Eyes. Only then can you live that Standard -- against opposition of your own nature, those around you, the world, things, Satan&Co. Thus (beginning in spiritual adulthood), you learn to develop and thus live in the SECOND facet, withstanding all. Or, as Paul puts it in Eph6 (KJV): "having done all, to STAND." (That's a military phrase, in Greek. Note how Eph6 is cast as a thinking war, not a physical-do's one.)

    For, as is explained with even greater clarity in Fixes.htm ("..Nature of God" section) than in Parts I-III, the SECOND facet is exactly the Attitude the Lord had about His Experience of the Cross, both before He went to the Cross, and while ON the Cross, and even now! (See also "tetelestai" and Heb12:1-2 verses in Greek.) Dia Touto (For this reason!) God the Father bade Him HOLD, EMBRACE sin by imputing our sins to Him; God the Father bade Him HOLD, EMBRACE judgement for sin, by imputing Judgement to His Son! For, if Christ had sinned Himself, He wouldn't be able to HOLD, EMBRACE anymore! And He could and did HOLD, EMBRACE everything, because His Love-for-Righteousness DOCKED everything under it! All this HOLDING and EMBRACING was bought by those millions of Love-Deposits of Perfect Bible Doctrine in His Soul! See our Glorious Legacy in Him?

    This, this, this, is True Freedom. Thus, the FIRST facet is doubly met: a) because SELF meets it via ('second facet) Withstanding All; b) The Production of self-meeting-the-Everything-Standard means that i) not only is the Standard itself truly invulnerable, but ii) any and all others (things, beings) are finally, freely ENJOYABLE. For, BOTH Standards are met WITHIN the self, not with 'help' from externals. Of course, only God can do this for us. Just as the Holy Spirit did, for the Christ, via those millions of Divine Deposits of Divine Truth: Bible Doctrine. So now when you read Eph1, you'll see better its immense import!

See, Divine Righteousness Standards are Gorgeous. So, Jesus concluded, Self wants them; wants to hold them all the time, look at them all the time, caress them all the time. Above all, Self wants to meet them by spending Self ON them. To express Love for them. Whether anything or anyone else meets them is extra, and that too is a Standard. In short, True Love-for-Righteousness only wants to demand SELF meet the Standards. Of Both Facets. Anything outside the self-meets, is extra. (See again why works-claims are so evil, for they malign the Standards by a claim God owes something for the works; thus, deriding Divine Standards as insufficiently compensating. See again why Christian activism in any form, at any time, is complete evil: because it tries to get others to meet a standard; thus, deriding Divine Standards as non-compensating.)

    So why, then, must anyone believe in Him? Why punishment, etc. for sin? Why even call it 'sin' to NOT want the Standards, since the Standards must only be met by the Self, since that is how Love-for-Righteousness works? Well, by creating, the second facet (all opposition must be allowed to exist) is met. Thus, in order to allow us the opportunity to choose how much of the Standards we ourselves ALSO want/love, there has to be some Justice mechanism Self fulfills so that choice can be made without compromise (partially or wholly). Which, of course, He did on the Cross. Thus, those who don't ever believe in Him, have fully chosen against the Standards; those who believe in Him but never learned Him after that, want only the de minimis portion; those who reach Pleroma came to fully LOVE the Standards.

    See? It's not about sin, it's about loving Righteousness, which results in self-contained Happiness. Inviolate. So, all else (sin included, whether in self or others), becomes 'extra'. Happily. Enjoyably. However low, however high. Just as the Lord told John the Baptist, when the latter objected to baptising Him: "it is fitting, for our benefit, to fulfill All Righteousness." [Matt3:15, corr trans: "to fulfill" is aorist infinitive of plerow, and the "our benefit" is the meaning of the Greek dative case of "we", here. English trans, as always, reverses Grace and makes it look like man can do something for Holy God! Seems like the writer of Heb2:10 and 7:26 allude to this verse. The writer seems to make a bracket out of the keyword "fitting", which in Greek is prepon (prepw is the infinitive): it was fitting He taste death, so it is fitting He be our High Priest kata Melchizedek, not Levite.] Not just some. ALL. Pleroma.

Satan disagrees, contending that the second facet is a FLAW. It's over this facet that he tripped up. He sees it as a contradiction in God. It's real easy to see his point of view. For, in the Case of Christ and in the Case of the nearing-Pleroma believer, there is some HUGE USELESS SUFFERING which is undergone. The Cross is "useless", in that Christ doesn't DESERVE it, neither as God, nor as Perfect Human; in that Father doesn't DESERVE the ETERNAL KNOWING-PAIN of imputing our sins and the judgement due them to His Son (which, itself, profits neither of Them anything at all); in that Spirit doesn't DESERVE the ETERNAL KNOWING-PAIN of sustaining the Lord's Humanity on the Cross. And, of course, NONE of them DESERVES the ETERNAL KNOWING-PAIN of Gehenna and Lake of Fire, forever!

    So, all this -- for what? To fund salvation for mankind? Who largely will hate Him so much, they never believe in Him? Who, though He loves them just as much as He loves me and my demons, will, just as we, spend ETERNITY in the Lake of Fire? SO HE SUFFERS MORE THAN ALL OF US PUT TOGETHER???? FOREVER???? ELOHIM SUFFER THE KNOWING PAIN FOREVER, and we all aren't even THERE, yet??? Who, along with the balance of angels who chose Him over me; who of mankind end up largely so disinterested, they only believe-to-be-saved, but never stick with LEARNING Him?

    And idou, look! Those who actually DO persist in learning Him to Spiritual Maturity, what is their 'reward', but a USELESS SUFFERING which does NO ONE any good at all, the completion of which is Pleroma, "Fullness of Christ"?? (Clauses in Eph3:19 and 4:13.) 'Which, oh by the way, means that they themselves, like their Lord, must forever be stuck with a bunch of retards, those who didn't want to learn Him down here??? Just like the so-called '24 elders' and 'beasts' in Revelation 4 are stuck with the rank-and-file angels? OH, HAMLET! UPSIDE-DOWN! Is this what being good is good for?? NO!! This is sick!! Yeah, Elohim call all this, 'unconditional love for Righteousness', but look -- it's nothing more than masochism. No gain whatsoever, so everyone is masochistic, sadistic. Oh, gotta pun and satirize all this, warn everyone, Satan says over and over.

    That's probably today's version of why he decided, "I will make myself like the Most High." (Isa 14:13-14?) It was a reasoned conclusion, first. It became iconoclasm. See, Satan himself 'wasted' himself by throwing away his status as the Guardian of the Throne. It was a messianic act. He wanted to 'save' the angels from this horrible god he once adored. For, he saw the 'flaw'. And NO price was too high, not even the Lake of Fire forever. For, he saw the 'flaw'; so he was in hell, anyway. How could he remain in the Throne Room, knowing this horrible truth, and do nothing? NOT FAIR! Better to burn forever, fighting for the real truth! So, he rebelled.

    He's right, of course. God Himself is making the very same point: everything is useless APART from Love-for-Righteousness. Are not we humans useless by nature? Is there anything we could ever do, sacrifice, which would be of any use to God.. ever? Yet the two facets of Righteousness together make even the sterile, the useless, worth living for, doing. Endless uselessness, endless crosses, then "bears" all, and bears children even from the sterile. Spending oneself on the weak, like Paul explains ("Feed my lambs" command by the Lord in the Gospels; Romans 15:1-6, 2Cor12:7-10, Greek). After all, God deliberately CHOSE the asthenes, the weak (see 1Cor12, whole chapter, esp. vv.19-31) -- for the sake of the aletheia, the truth (lit., the unhidden). For the weak become strong that way. For God is not willing that ANY should perish (2Pet3:9). So the Son became weak in order that we might become strong. Becoming strong, forever dependent on His Power, we ourselves of course remain weak. Love doesn't mind. So Satan's right, of course: love gives, because love loves. "Love never fails" (1Cor13). All else, does.

    If you read through all Satan's wryly apoplectic arguments in Scripture, whether in his own voice, or indirectly (i.e., through the kinds of good and evil he sponsors, the way demons treat humans, the deceptions he plays, etc); if you read through all the arguments men make in life about God, you will see this same complaint running through them all: WASTE WASTE WASTE! NOT GOOD NOT FAIR NOT RIGHT! On any day, in any TV program, in any shop, office, home: why are such things allowed to BE? This is why men fight wars. This is why people become crusaders. This is why people become bitter. This is why people commit suicide: like, by flying planes full of innocent people into some skyscrapers. Don Quixotes, all of them. Satan is the most 'noble' of all: wanting to save even God from Himself! ('Evidenced by his offer in the 3rd Temptation: "Matt4: Satan's Script against the Lord" section below will explain).

For to Satan, Righteousness must at some point be reciprocated. Period. Also, Righteousness must fully judge even the smallest infraction, due to lack of full reciprocity, and that Judgement should COMPENSATE. But, due to the second facet, reciprocation of any kind is DENIED. So, Satan rejects the 'forever foregoing' quality to this second facet. Satan reasons further: if, however, this second facet is true, then one finds a different flaw -- that to condemn AT ALL goes against the second facet. So, God cannot condemn, therefore cannot be God. Either way, Satan really doesn't believe God is as good as He says He is, due to the nature of these two opposing facets. Love thus becomes the biggest flaw in God, for Love loves these 'contradictory' facets of Righteousness. Thus, reasons Satan, he can defeat the Godhead on Their Own Terms, and on Their Own 'Turf' -- to which They will submit, if he does win. This desire to gain control of Them (and especially, over the Son) fuels Satan completely.

    The unquenchable desire to win over, to be 'special', is the legacy of that forbidden fruit. For, that was the promise Satan made to the woman: oh yeah, baby, you'll be as smart as God, so you won't NEED Him anymore. That same pitch is routinely made to man: oh yeah, you did this good thing, got this revelation, got this ability to speak a language you don't understand, saw this vision; you know this special doctrine, got this ribbon, got that award, raise, new car, pretty/handsome date, etc.

    Notice how The Pitch Always Takes A 'Good' And Makes It Praise You. As if that's the purpose of good, to praise you. You, not God. Moreover, as if the only value of good, was to praise you. As if it had no intrinsic value of its own. Then what value is the praise? If Good isn't good UNLESS it praises you, then its praise is worthless. Oh, whoopee, you own all the world and all its people and they fawn all over you. You're gorgeous and every whim you ever have is instantly met, and you can wear or eat anything and never get fat, and everyone is interested in your opinion. But um, they are all inferior to you. What's so fun about that? Ho-hum, then. If, on the other hand, good has intrinsic value, then you don't need praise, since you already have, what's Good. And if good IS of intrinsic value, it has to come from God (="agathos", true Greek meaning); so it's not at all important how good you are, since you get the real good from the Good One. Satan doesn't like to think about all that.

    1Cor13 counters the entire pitch: Paul says that even if he knew all the doctrine ("mysteries", "knowledge" in that passage represent supernatural gifts of Doctrine before Canon was completed) -- he'd be NOTHING! without Love. Love doesn't think about self being special: love thinks of the love-object being special. So if even Divine Truth would be worthless apart from Love, what good is being 'special'? No good at all.

    Nota bene: God's Plan is For Us To Be A Part Of Him, not apart from Him. We are apart from whatever is incompatible; we are apart from whatever disagrees in our thinking. So of course we are apart, if we need to be 'special', to think well of ourselves, such that all others, and all content, is spun into some kind of self-buttressing. But God separates that alpha-privative negative via replacement with the Son's Thinking. So we become A PART, not apart. All of us. Together. Not apart, but all parts of the Body, knitted together by Doctrine (theme of Eph2-4's Greek). ['Central wordplay theme of 1Cor12-14, which chapters focus on why the Mind of Christ will be 'completed' (1Cor13:10), at which point we will know even as we are known (down here, in this body, due to having that Canon). Greek is wittily clear, given its ribald 'body parts' analogy in Chapter 12, linking up to the relative unimportance of partial knowing gifts in Chapter 13; climax is verse 13:10, when the completed ('perfect' in legal sense) Canon is available to all. Love=Canon, for the latter is the way to get the ability to Divinely Love. See 1John4-5, and Ephesians in this connection. Chapter 14 makes it clear that speaking foreign languages one doesn't know is a gift given only until Israel is destroyed and only for the unbeliever, even during that limited period. How today's tongues crowd can miss that point bewilders me.)

      The Second Facet of Righteousness is foundational TO Righteousness, even more than the First Facet, because True Love is UNconditional; whence comes the love to pour out, to never have its own standards, met. Hence in humans, the barriers created by both togetherness and apartness, fundamentally require Love to mediate them. Love doesn't consider togetherness either demeaning or self-buttressing, since Love isn't looking at self and doesn't really need to do so (1Cor13:4ff); nor does Love regard apartness as superior. Insecurity, though, is not love, however much emotions pretend to be love. So insecurity wants togetherness, for safety; and apartness, for the same reason. So insecurity drives human affairs, and since there will always be some external to blame or credit, the insecurity remains safely reproducing its shrinkage on all and sundry. That's Satan's plan, to exploit the natural insecurity which man acquired, at the Fall.

    For to Love, the words "I deserve" are anathema, for those words can never be thought or spoken except from a base of hatred. So, 'Ugliest words in any language. Nailed to defeat, at the Cross. Christ is all about Love: to defeat 'deserving', He Took On Humanity and Became a Worm (Ps22:6, quoted on Cross in Gospels). For, He thought like this: Father, only if it's Never Enough Is It Forever Enough; for then and only then, is Love never based on 'deserving'. Phili2:5-10's fulfillment made that thought forever true, for we the saved are forever too small; so God's Love for us is never based on our deserving, and He Never Gets All He Deserves; so we can forever live together, Free From Deserving.

    Satan, by contrast, is all about I-deserve, ergo his invention of religion. Played on the woman, played on Adam, played on us. Unceasingly. You do for me, I do for you, and whatever you do for me is of no value, and whatever I do for you is of Total value. So, we hate each other all the time, tyrannizing each other. Oh goody.

So, like us, Satan doesn't sufficiently appreciate how this second facet is the Stability and Happiness of God: that God can 'take' anything without compromise. Nothing 'dents' Him, so He doesn't need to be 'apart' from anything. Moreover, since He's Infinite, 'apartness' can only be a state of mind (incompatibility); so true divorce can never exist, and never be faultless (Satan's essentially making a no-fault divorce claim). More importantly, God is and Loves Truth: Good Truth, Bad Truth, Any Truth, BECAUSE Truth. Period. The Good News (meaning of the term 'gospel') isn't merely Believe, nor merely Burn, but both: BELIEVE or BURN. Both. Not just some. All. So that many will be the children of even the barren bads! For, Nothing Is Impossible For God.

So, Satan doesn't understand (and we usually don't, either), that the second facet is the Crowning Gem in God's Glory. It's the Humility of God. Totally breathtaking. It's due to this facet, that freedom can be free. Due to this facet, creation can be made: for even perfect creation, because it is finite, will always be insufferably less than Infinite Righteousness. Which therefore MEETS the Second Facet. So, Love LOVES it.

Absent Love for this opposing facet, then, one is forever in "hell". That's the problem finity faces, which is why growing up in God's Script, enables the impossible: for finity to come to love what it naturally cannot love, zero barriers (Eph3:15-19). Why? Because we naturally need barriers to hold together, so by nature put up barriers: barriers of compatibility, of time, of status, you-name-it. We talk all the time of zero barriers, yet put 10 up for every one we claim to knock down (different social status, different clothing, different everything to scream our insecurity's need to be special). Because we need barriers, we cannot love them. Because we need barriers, we cannot love their absence, either. Because, we cannot love, period. We can only, need. Where need exists, love cannot. Where love exists, need cannot. It's that simple.

    Finity's Freedom depends on barriers: that's why communism, socialism, world government, welfare, world religion, etc. -- cannot work, ever. Even in eternity, when perfect, society is unequal and full of barriers, with respect to itself. But those at the top of that society, the Pleroma rulers, have the fewest barriers -- because, they got the most Truth cycling in them, when down here. Then, we will love those barriers. Here, we cannot. Because here, our bodies and our lack of spiritual understanding produce hate, not love. There, we will be integrated with GOD.

    Because toward God, there can be no barriers; you'll feel that ever more keenly, too, as you grow spiritually. It will be hell. He is non-barriered, because Infinite; you are barriered, because finite. So whatever you do and think, you become keenly aware of how puny you are compared to Him. So you have to Learn to Love that status of never meeting the First Facet. Which means, loving the Second Facet even more, so you pour out harder; which means yet more keen hurt at not meeting the First, since you can never pour out enough; which means, hell. Along the way, what happens is that the human natural barriers you are under, matter less to you. For, you are being freed from depending on them, since you are now depending on GOD. So in fact, you are meeting the Second Facet, but Love will never say "enough". After some years, you'll see how much the barriers, don't impede you. Then you will see how you're being made truly free. Like God is. Like, not as much as. Like, but loving as.

    Doctrine produces Love, Rom5:5 and 1Cor13, 1Jn. In spiritual adulthood, this love begins to be manifest and God becomes the center of your life in fact, not merely by intent. At that point, the believer starts to experience how this second Facet, when loved (progressively, in our case), makes Righteousness self-compensating. It comes to matter more that you poured yourself out, than whether the goal you wanted, was reached. Stuff which interested you in younger spiritual days will pale, and your interests will change -- ever more coalescing to One Interest: obeying Him. Just because.

      For a long time, it will seem even childish, a kind of anal thinking because you are so concerned about getting the obedience right. One day you'll realize it's because you want so much to express love -- and you never can, really -- that you got so anal. Then, relaxation gradually sets in as you realize it's the Holy Spirit Who transforms you; so your failures, never matter. That's why there was a Cross. At which point, the Second Facet, now recognized as being done TO you, becomes enjoyable. Takes lots of time and practice, and it's much harder -- but the satisfaction, is like nothing else.

    So until this second facet is fully Loved, one always needs reciprocation from any external love object. Until this second facet is fully Loved, any attempt at loving one's internal righteousness forever breaks down into pride. Pride is a sin primarily because it is incompletely comparative. It looks at self and others, and uses the latter to conclude favorably about self. Moreover, self's prideful standards are incompletely fulfilled externally: one is frustrated, because one remains dependent on externals fulfilling/compensating the 'pride'. Hence, tyranny. Hence, unhappiness.

    By contrast, this second facet of True Righteousness doesn't need external fulfillment. Since God is Fully Righteous, both facets are infinitely His. Since Christ learned this Righteousness Fully, He could make a Gift of His Own Righteousness at the Cross -- thus justifying all creation. Since it was a Gift, this opposing facet was not compromised. Salvation, then, becomes "extra". Whether anyone wants it or not has zero effect on God. God is thus free to LOVE anyone, irrespective of his demerits. Thus God is free to offer salvation totally apart from merit: as a gift, even as it was given as a gift to Him by the Christ. ["Paradox" Table in Part V, explains this "paradox" of Righteousness in dramatic detail.]

    Because the Second Facet is self-compensating, the need for barriers diminishes: and at last, dies. You have a thing you normally should need (sleep, food, good health, a loved one) and lose it. Then you learn how to not need it. Or, that you really didn't need it as you thought -- really, that you did need it, but now because of God, you don't. So getting it again later, no longer cages you as it once did. Prosperity, adversity, become the same. It's never a picnic, and you don't go around with a smile on your face. In fact, you'll be hurting all the time, even in prosperity; can't look at this insane world and not hurt; personal prosperity or adversity only intensifies the experience. But Second Facet is occurring! And that compensates. Even as, it did Christ on the Cross.

So Satan's righteousness (and ours, as well) is incompletely developed as to the first facet, and completely undeveloped (or developed and then shrank) with respect to the second facet. It's not that he doesn't have 'any' of the second facet. He believes very strongly in pouring himself out, as you'll see in the 3rd Matt4 Temptation, below. He believes that God's version of the second facet is flawed, because it simultaneously demands and denies full reciprocation. See, he doesn't understand Righteousness at all. We likewise echo his erroneous 'flaw' assessment whenever we say something like, "How can a Loving God cast His Creatures into the Lake of Fire?" -- which is his root premise beneath his many (sometimes conflicting) arguments in the Trial. To him, these two facets don't 'add up' to a Lake-of-Fire sentence, especially since God Loves them.

    But they only add up that way, for a) the person rejecting Him is rejecting that the Standards be met, and b) God always 'foregoes' the person who rejects Him -- in Hell. So, the second facet remains: God withstands the rejector forever, is never compensated by the rejector's in-hell suffering. Rather, that in-hell suffering is an additional cost to Righteousness, because Omniscience knows the pain with far greater intensity than any creature will ever feel the pain. So, the opposing facet is forever met. So, there is likewise no compromise to Love, for Love keeps loving that person, despite the KNOWING-PAIN. Yet, with no compromise to Freedom, for the rejector receives the free-will consequence -- what he wanted -- life forever apart from God. (Same parallel, for those believers who quit or never get with God's Script, and thus end up in Heaven, but.. distant from Him, forever.)

Complicated, eh? And here you thought the devil had horns and a tail. (Which idea, of course, he promotes, for reasons you'll come to understand in the next section.) Satan's righteousness is thus tragically stunted, deformed: so, he's full-of-pride, which is an inevitable result. But he's still beautiful. His whole being is nonetheless corrupted, analogous to how our human righteousness corrupts us. So, from our puny human viewpoint, even his 'stunted' standards will look as high as God's. He's aware of this, so is careful to always misemphasize "evil" as being limited to "gross" sins, etc. that we ourselves recognize. Thus we can't see his "good" as evil.

So much for his first key missing component, that of full Righteousness. The second key missing component is due to the imbalance in the first: Satan's "missing" Full Love, too. See, God's Nature is undivided, a whole: we 'divide' Him conceptually into Attributes like Righteousness and Sovereignty (etc) to learn His Character. But His Character is one undivided Whole, unsustained -- precisely because He is Infinite God. So there's no such thing as a finite creature, who develops properly if unbalanced. So too, Satan: you can't 'miss' Righteousness without 'missing' Love as well. So when a person loves without Integrity, he is threatened by that love. Hatred is used to 'defend' against the love. That's why so often people who 'love' you compulsively insult you in little ways, with little putdowns; compulsively react to the smallest things you say or do; compulsively demand stuff of you they'd never demand of others. They are trying to rid themselves of the discomfort of the 'love'. And won't recognize that, of course. (Took me years to diagnose this threatened-by-love pattern. It's not much different than the teasing kids do in grammar school, but the adult who's threatened by love isn't at all pleasant to be around. Best to limit contact, if possible. Intra-family problems, friendship/romance problems, close-working-relationship problems, are often diagnosable due to this one cause.) See, love means someone other than the self, is of competing importance. That's a threat to the sin nature in Adam. Also, true love IS 'weak', in that it wants to give to the object at the expense of self. Trouble is, this 'weakness' of Love cannot be eradicated. We were made to love God, and even sin didn't destroy the need for love. But it did destroy the ability to enjoy love. So in Satan, who is far far far bigger in nature than we currently are, whoa.. still loves God, but hates himself for it! That's the core of his nature. Devastation.

    Now you know how someone can murder someone he 'loves'. The murderer cannot rid himself of the 'love', so must murder the object of that 'love'. This is Satan's problem, and he knows it. He makes fun of himself for it, in the 3rd Temptation's Greek. Weird: do you know, he'd be the biggest mourner, if he ever actually won against Christ...

    As we saw in Part I's "..:Integrity Properties" section, Love is not free until it can love FULL Righteousness. Until then, Love cannot attach sufficiently, to be inviolate. So, Love cannot be love, because it remains dependent on the object fulfilling the role full Righteousness was instead designed to fulfill. Thus, love retains "strings" and hence is not really love at all, but disguised need. Listen to love songs, sometime: they all sing endlessly of need. So, they aren't about love, at all. Our love songs echo Satan's idea about Love, not God's. God says Love should be "extra", "free", "stringless", "no-need". That's the antithesis of Satan's (and our) idea of "love", for we, like Satan, want to be needed. Like Satan, we think that if we aren't needed, we aren't valuable. Clearly, God's Love says otherwise. Clearly, too -- if love is based on need, then a person only loves you because he needs something within or about you -- not because of you. What kind of love is that? Certainly not one you should want!

    It's a funny thing, how true love unwittingly exposes pride. Satan absolutely despises a Love which is unrelated to recipient-creature merit. So, often, do we. How often is it said, "Oh, you shouldn't have done this?" instead of "thank you" for some gift the recipient feels is "too big"? Why is that the response? Because the recipient feels he can't reciprocate. That's a Pride Motive. It's not meant that way, of course -- but look: can't the person just enjoy the grace of the gift? Oh no -- some kind of objection must be made! Do you ever see God doing such a thing? Did the Father ever say to the Son, "You shouldn't have done this?" No! Instead, He revels in the Son! Sure, He gives to the Son -- but it's Free! The Son really DIDN'T do any works -- His Perfect Sacrifice was a result of a Gift of Thinking from the Holy Spirit -- in advance, for free. Jesus would not have been able to get What He Wanted, else -- to pour Himself out on the Cross. Just Because. True Love is like that.

    By contrast, on any given day, check out how everyone keeps a hidden, Satan-like scorecard. We do this so naturally, we don't even realize it: it's an extension of cause-and-effect, balance-justice-scales thinking. What we don't realize is that we carry such reciprocity thinking too far -- and quash love by making it a priced object. Watch: Jane received gift A, from John, which 'merits' response "x" from Jane. If the response is not given, well, then Jane gets demerits, on the hidden scorecard. To be made up later. If, however, Jane reciprocates by something "too big", then Jane is condemned, in some way, to allay the discomfort in John. Jane did too much. Was too nice. Was prideful. Was stupid. Was 'weird'. Had an ulterior motive. Had 'a Christ complex'. Was so superior, well -- that big thing was owed 'me', somehow (aka the rich owe the poor, the big owe the little -- as if the latter two groups were caused by the former two). Of course, you can reverse the two folks in the foregoing example. Doesn't matter age, name, sex, culture, etc. This is human nature. Bought by our Energizer Bunny, the sin nature we all inherit from Adam and then use in our souls.

    See? Any excuse to avoid Grace. Any excuse to avoid Love. Think it over. Just turn on a television sometime, and watch how many scorecard-y ideas parade. Just listen to someone's conversation, sometime, and watch how many scorecard-y ideas preen themselves. It's disgusting. It's not love: it's Satan's thinking, instead. Gross. We all share his disease, because we are all impregnated with his propaganda. From birth. Repulsive. Well, at least childish..wait! Here's what our disease is: we, like Don Quixote, think "Dulcinea" (the self!).. is beautiful.

Now you know the tragedy of Satan, and the tragedy of so many "loves" throughout human history: substitutes-for-Full-Righteousness. These "loves" are all unRighteous objects, so of course 'fail' to live up to one's expectations. So, one becomes iconoclastic, bitter, revengeful, jealous, cunning, scheming..ever seeking the fantasy: (unfulfillable) 'compensation'. One built one's own idol (love-based-on-need-for-self), and now seeks its desecration, but projected onto other(s). In Satan's case, the 'idol' is incomplete Righteousness, which he feels God ought to have, but lacks. So, he's out to destroy God. He and his demon-cohorts feel spurned, cheated, mistreated, lied-to, vandalized. So, they seek to reciprocate the 'evil' they feel they're getting from God onto any of God's "chosen". As much as possible. See, it's not merely to get out of the Lake of Fire. These guys are rabidly upset. They want vengeance. Forever. [So what do you think they will do to unbelievers in the Lake of Fire? Take vengeance out on them, of course. So, if you don't remember if you've ever believed Christ paid fully for all of your sins, for heaven's sake, Believe Now: "He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not believe shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him." (John3:36).] ["[B]elieve" is really "disobeying" in the Greek, but it means disobeying-the-believe-command, so is better translated "believe" for English clarity. "[R]emains" is Greek verb "menw", meaning to dwell in a home, abide on/in, remain. The last term is best, since if you believe, wrath doesn't "remain" on you any longer; rather, God "abides" IN You, as 1Jn explains (repeating that same "menw" word at least a dozen times). See the wonderful wordplay? Do you want to 'live', 'abide' in God's wrath, or have God 'abide' (live in, with) you? permanently avoid the first, permanently get the second, by a nanosecond's faith alone in Christ alone. NOW.]

Satan's Script GRAND Strategy

How then does Satan attack God? 'With as much biting wit as possible. Remember, Satan's shocked, upset, hurt, angry, mad, and can't confront the fact he alone is to blame for his unhappiness. See, since God didn't make Himself but always just IS, God is the object of all prepositions, so to speak. Which means Satan is fixated on Christ. As you'll read below, this fixation is so total, the "Signature" section (below) enables the believer to detect Satan's involvement, for his fixation shows in his need to publicly 'sign' all he authors.

So goes Satan, so goes the demons, so goes the human race. We're all in this problem together. That's why God is so patient. God the Son made Satan and all other creation: He doesn't want to lose them! But they (we) just can't get past that dual-sided Righteousness! They (we) just can't understand how growing-up-in-Love requires that they (we) also grow in both sides of Righteousness, as well! (The section below on "Script Target" will explain this paragraph in more detail.)

In military parlance, "grand strategy" usually means the topmost methodology adopted to completely achieve the overall objective of the operation. For example, our grand strategy for WWII was to defeat Germany and Japan by means of superior forces; occupation of both countries after the war was still part of that grand strategy, for occupation was designed to set up a situation such that neither country would be fighting again for quite some time. Lesser strategies, of course, are like a series of interlocking blocks, modules, or stepping-stones intended to be supportive of, compatible with, the "grand strategy". So, you have strategies of attack, of procurement, of management, etc. Tactics, by contrast, are what one implements to carry out the strategy. So, you also have tactical strategy, defined as the methodology chosen to implement the tactic for the sake of the grand strategy's goal.

    Example: Pretend you're a housewife. Strategically, you must get done everything domestically needed, in a day; and you must get it all done such that you get home in time to fix dinner. So, here are some of your tactical goals, in order to meet the strategic ones (pretend): you must go to the grocery store, the dry cleaners, the local bakery, and pick up the kids. Which do you do first? Do you have a list of what you need at the store? Do you know where the clothes for dry cleaning are located, and do you have them all? Did Johnny remember to leave his school jacket on the bathroom door's hook? Do you have to go to the bank? Do you have enough gas in the car? Will the train cross the railroad crossing when you get there and delay you? All these must have answers within the "Grand Strategy" of getting all those goals fully accomplished in time to get home and fix dinner. So, you plan out what you have to do when. Then, you implement that strategy tactically by going to the bank first, then filling up the car with gas, etc., timing them all so that you get to each place at the right time, get home at the right time, etc.

    So the difference between what's a strategy, and what's a tactic, is this: 'strategy' is the plan, tactic is the implementation of the plan. Tactical objectives being reached set up the potential for the strategic objectives to be reached. So, tactics should always be consonant with strategy, and are how strategic goals are realized. So "strategy" answers the questions of 'what' and 'why', whereas "tactics" answer how. In history, all too often strategy and tactics are at odds with each other; strategies don't fit into the hierarchy of other strategies, or the grand one. This is true in both business, as well as politics (war being just a 'strategy', in either one, however we gloss that fact over with our high-sounding claims of justice). [War is life. Those who claim to be peace-lovers are really cowards. By contrast, those who use the truth of war-is-life as sheep's clothing for greed, etc. are equally cowards.]

God's RICH Strategy, versus Satan's poor One

Now Hear This: God Designed Christ To Be A Bridge, A King, A Role Model.. not a foot soldier. So we must become Bridges, not Satan's footmen. This Is The Strategic Key To Understanding God's Plan.

The LORD has never been politically correct, however much Bible translations try to cover Him up, make Him appear to 'conform'. For example, everyone knows the story of a Mary bringing the Lord some very expensive ointment; complaint voiced then was, It could have been sold for the poor! to which the Lord replied, The poor you will have always, but you will not always have Me. Profligacy. The rich get more talents, and those who have little, have it taken from them. Profligacy. The rich get their money on the backs of the poor. Profligacy. Never mind, that no poor person can even have a job, were there no rich person to pay him. That's profligate, too: why should 'you' be hired, when there are thousands just like 'you', with a better mental attitude? So, never mind, that the One who bought our salvation, is deemed of so little value, that spending the ointment money on the poor was virtuous? So who's the greedy, profligate one? Not Him.

Clearly the poor and the rich are incompatible with each other: the rich end up having to focus on big things, ideas, and their personal lives, necessarily take a back seat: even a hitler necessarily loses his personal life, in favor of the Big Picture. The poor person has a small life, and his concerns reflect that. Is there anything bad about being small? No. So also there is nothing bad about being Big. One depends on the other, too. The big person, being big, must pay for the smallnesses in his life, so he can afford to not focus on them; the small person gets that pay. Of course, if there is resentment between the one and the other, the working relationship will not be good.

Hence A Need For A Bridge. God is not like people. Fundamental incompatibility between Infinity and finity by nature means a bridge is needed; for, finity totally depends on barriers, but barriers are anathema to infinity. Doesn't matter if finity is perfect, it's BARRIERED. So, small: which is why the barriers are needed, to hold it together. Same idea, between rich and poor. So Mediation between the two makes for a harmonious relationship, yet free; each one can remain incompatible, yet that incompatibility, becomes an enhancement, not a hindrance. Solely owing to the BRIDGE.

So members of the human race are inherently cut off from God. Unbelievers and carnal/apostate Christians, are totally or temporally disconnected, but believers in God's System, are connected. So, are like a bridge, justifying the flow of blessing TO the many poor who reject Him. For, He is the quintessential Bridge, bridging the death-and-penalty-owed gap between God and man that sin generated. So, He is the Richest Person for all Time, and the rest of us are poor. So, His Wealth only goes to those who get into Father's System; those who don't, will always be with us. So need us as a bridge, so need us to become rich in His Son's Thinking.

Look up the importance of the Bridge at Remagen during WWII (it was in Germany), to see the importance of 'being' a bridge. "Mediator" is the Biblical term (well, so is bridge, in a number of ways). As part of the Body of Christ, Who bridged the distance between Holy God and sinful man, we too have a bridge-type role in history. Just as in earthly war, where civilians depend on the successful fighting of their country's soldiers, so also in the spiritual war, all humanity's justification-for-living, as well as quality-of-living, depends on enough believers living a spiritual life which pleases Father. Else, those not growing in the spiritual life have no recourse but to live under Satan's destructive system: man is too weak, on his own. If you've read and understood the gist of Parts I-IV prior to reading this webpage, you should understand these facts by now.

    The altruist is a liar. Truth is, he wants to think well of himself, so uses some cause like benefit for the poor, to get his ego stroked. Easy proof: if he really cared about the poor, he'd not talk about it, but do something; in merely talking he shows he's just out to steal money, steal approbation and favors; not, really help anyone. The rich evil person, by contrast, is always benefiting the poor no matter what he does, since he has money to spend; no matter how he spends it, someone's salary just got paid (i.e., takes workers to build a yacht, a Fabergé egg).

    Same is true, in the spiritual life. So God's plan is to make each of us rich, as Part III spent much time explaining. Not, to squander our days in helping the poor. For, they are poor because they don't want Him; so, if we become rich, no matter how profligate we are, our spiritual money pays their salaries (justifies their existence). It's not the other way around: we all need God, so the poor need the rich, and the rich don't need the poor. Of course, he who is monetarily poor but doesn't resent it, doesn't blame the rich nor anyone -- is not at all, poor; rather, such a one is richer than many rich. Same, for the one with the same mental attitude, but who is monetarily rich. For "Rich" or "Poor" is a mental attitude. Which will inexorably produce, material results; the greatest among these, is an internal happiness no amount of money can buy.

    So the poor, can get out of poverty, by aping the rich. Along the way, the poor will come to learn their mythological ideas about rich being oppressive, are utterly false: it's the rich who really do the sacrificing, no matter how evil their intent. Just can't have oodles of money, and not benefit the poor, even if you hoarded it: investments have to pay money, but to do that, the money goes somewhere. Which pays salaries. So, all wealth, all rich, end up sacrificing for the poor. Just like Christ did, on the Cross: He did that for Father, first; what Father chose to do with His Payment, was strictly Father's Free Choice. Note how first, Christ Was Made Rich In The Truth; how first, He learned to not want Satan's 'final solution' to the poor problem, Matt4. Satan's solution, is waste -- spend that spiritual money on the poor, not on ointment for Father. Yeah, jealous-hence-truly-poor people think like that. God is not poor, though...

So, then: what strategy does one use, to win the war against every form of poverty? Create The Rich. (See all passages with "rich" or "riches" in English Bibles.) That's what God wants to do to you: make you rich in His Son's Thinking. So, consider God's plan for your life as a series of additions-to-Doctrinal-Capital, building up a pile of thinking money to later invest you in something which will more greatly benefit a larger number of folks.

    Like, how Christ invested in His Own Learning Of Father, doing really very little -- and, doing nothing on the Cross, just like a lamb. He got Built In His Thinking Like Father in order to become the Lamb, get it? He had to BECOME something, be BUILT to become, not do something. So, Father via the Spirit Invested In Christ, which is how we got saved forever. Get that play on investment (saving)? For, it's only VERTICALS which work (God-man); horizontals/laterals (man-man) accomplish nothing. As the Lord told the disciples, "apart from Me, you can do nothing" (vine&branches passage). Without the Lord's Thinking being built in us, we are APART from Him thought-wise. So, we accomplish nothing. Of course, that's exactly Satan's plan: use the superficials in the Bible to get everyone all hepped up on doing things, so that they will be apart from God, accomplishing only Satan's plan.

    All wars are lost when the tactics don't fit the strategy; the Christian who runs around doing good deeds but not learning and using Bible Doctrine properly never gets built. He thus becomes like a small footbridge, forever. That fate doesn't have to happen to you: you have a choice.

    See, in any kind of endeavor you must identify key goals which add up to an achievement of the grand strategy. If you are a business, you have to correctly identify the key markets for your product, or you'll be inefficient (unprofitable, or wasteful). Any human strategically must identify what are the most important things you must do in a day -- make the wrong choices, and all the best tactics avail you nothing. These keys are strategic. Similarly, each Christian is like an important bridge, hill, terrain or other piece of territory which affects the outcome of the war. Part III's "Corollary" sections explained these in some detail. So, if the enemy overtakes you, those around you get hurt. If the Spirit builds you, then the enemy is less influential. Lives Depend On Your Spiritual Life. Just as, the Allied army needed Remagen to get into Germany and win the war, so also, your periphery needs you in order to get blessed by God. It's that stark, that shocking, that simple.

God's strategy of Building Bridges/Riches out of believers is the exact opposite of Satan's. God focuses on BUILDING something (the believer), but Satan focuses on gutting by doing. As you'll see below, Satan's approach superficially apes God's, to fool Christians and unbelievers into focusing on those superficials (like being nice to people); if you follow those superficials, you replace learning with doing, thus gutting out your life from God's plan.

So, millions of us Christians think that we are supposed to be doing for others, investing time and money in others, but instead God Wants To Build Us Up, To Invest In Us. After all, we gotta get much bigger than we are, to be attractive to God Himself forever! As cited throughout Parts I-IV, Paul likens the spiritual life to getting rich in dozens of verses (usually wrongly translated -- Peter also uses that analogy, as does the Lord in His 'rich'-themed parables); to training for the Games; to a dowry; to pregnancy.

Note how the Believer Receives The Investment, in all cases -- no throwing pearls before swine, as the Lord quipped. After all, if the others were positive to God, He could just directly build them up, and we'd have no to-people role. So, if they aren't positive to Him, how positive to us will they really be? Not at all. We'll just waste our time, being used. Even the Lord Himself was stuck speaking in parables most of the time, because no one wanted to hear what He said (read through the Gospels, see for yourself).

    So, right away you know that most Christians are not living the spiritual life, for they spend so much time trying to interfere in others' lives, in the name of doing the good deed of destroying sin (what a crock). Instead, God's way is to BUILD the Bride: see Ephesians, esp. Chapter 2-4 -- it's very bald in the Greek, impossible to mistake. (Genesis uses the Hebrew word for "to build" in describing how the woman was created.) So, the Christian is to be BUILT by God, for he too is a bridge to the rest of unbelieving mankind, as part of his priestly-to-Father role. Forever after death, the Church Christian is a bridge to all the rest of saved creation, for we are Royal Family of God, aka Bride of Christ aka Body of Christ.

Think: Bridges don't run around doing things, they stand still. The Christian gets built by Bible Doctrine he learns and uses under the "1John Outlines God's Script" steps of Part I, not by what he does. What he does is incidental to what he learns; so if he's not learning Bible Doctrine using those Part I steps, what he does only promotes Satan's plan. (This is what James means when he stresses doing, which anyone with half a brain can tell even in the English, by thoughtfully reading James 1, the context for James 2. What you "do", James yells in James 1, is The Word. Not works. Well, I've explained James so many times in these websites, I should shut up on that topic, here.)

    God's Building Bridges Strategy is true in every area of life, too. So it's the key to determining all right strategies: even, with respect to physical exercise. Say you spent three hours a day, including 100 situps, trying to reduce the abdomen. Nothing much happens. Then, say by accident (yeah, right) you discover that if instead you 'stand' on all 'fours' for some minutes, you get greater tightening and strength, than you'd previously gotten from all those wasted hours. For, you did a 'bridge' exercise, instead. Spent less time, saved money, wasted nothing. But if you were a peasant, you'd think more highly of all that huffing-and-puffing, which in fact accomplished nothing.

    That's how most Christians live the spiritual life, too: so much useless huffing and puffing, when it's clear that "without FAITH it is impossible to please Him" (Heb11:6). "FAITH" is the word there, not "works", not charity, not sing-alongs or rolling in the aisles, not special days or taboos, etc. ad nauseam. But rather, FAITH. "Faith" in Greek inspired text means Doctrine Believed. Not useless situps. For the Christian, it's not action which is the spiritual life, but Learning Christ (cf 2Pet3:18, 1Cor2, and like passages). Most teachers and their congregations are so far offbase, they end up flabby soldiers, capable of nothing, imitating only Satan's doo-doo plan. Don't imitate them. Do the smart exercise, not the one which impresses you like Cain was impressed by his sweat over his farming (Gen4).

So let's phrase the essential difference between God's Plan and Satan's in economic terms. God concentrates wealth; Satan dissipates it via good deeds. (Read Matt4 with that idea in mind, and play out the logical results if Christ had given in to any of those good-deed temptations.) As common sense will tell you, in order to have a business which can simultaneously pay expenses yet make a profit requires some upfront investment. Usually, for a large business which can run with lots of jobs, the upfront cost is in the many millions of dollars.

    The average joe who looks at the fact that the company makes millions of dollars forgets that those millions are not being had by the guys who put up the money -- instead, those many millions are invested in plant, equipment, real estate, and a bizillion other things so that the company can operate. If it can't operate, you can't get a job. Granted, what you make is a miniscule percentage compared to others, compared to the company's revenues -- but absent all that other money being used that other way, you would not have a job. Satan's plan, by contrast, would have the company pay high taxes and spend spend spend -- all in the name of good, of course -- so that, in due time, the company has no money to pay you. That is the story of the US losing so many jobs to overseas labor. We in the us made our labor so expensive (by laws, unions, lawsuits, etc) that only by hiring overseas is enough money left over to actually operate the company.

    It's far harder to think than to move. Those multimillion-dollar salaries of folks at the "top" of corporations, should be paid them. The worker's ability to THINK is very limited, by comparison, especially since he values what he does with his body, but not his brain. CEO's don't spend their evenings at the pool hall, quaffing beers and trading gossip; they don't spend time planning Maggie's birthday party with red or blue favors; they don't linger over coffee in the morning, or nap on the couch just before dinner. Instead, they belong to the company 24/7; even when on the golf course, they are thinking thinking thinking. For every thought they have, is strategic. The guy down on the factory floor, has no clue and no interest in strategy: he just wants his paycheck, his vacations, his tea and baguette. The CEO doesn't spend any real time on his own personal life: the 'company' dominates his thinking, 24/7. That's how the Christian needs to become, a spiritual CEO: just as, Christ did. With the Spirit's Power, this can happen. Else, not. But it can happen, so what do you think will happen to the Christian who refuses to get in and stay in, God's System?

If you have a million dollars, and you give it equally to a million people, that money is wasted, for each person only gets $1, and there's precious little $1 buys, in America. But, by contrast, if you give half of it to two people, those two people will invest that money, which thus pays for jobs (depending on how the money is invested). A rich person is always buying someone a job. Even if he's the most evil person on the planet -- he can't spend the money he has without causing someone to get paid as a consequence. Satan's (and most government) plans sprinkle the money among too many recipients, in the name of helping the poor. But, obviously, such programs hurt the poor, for the money is not being invested in whatever -- for only investment produces jobs.

People don't like this truth, because they are jealous of anyone who has more than they do. For example, Russia and China's 20th-century histories were really caused by, and thus display, mass jealousy and greed; though of course no country's people is at all immune. People love being greedy, and they love expressing their own jealousy by accusing others of being greedy. So, the accusers do worse damage than those who are accused. Ergo, the Arthur Anderson/Enron/Worldcom cases. Everyone, but absolutely everyone got on the bandwagon of condemnation: the Government, the big businesses and their press, the media in general, Congress. Gleeful condemnation of the supposed 'guilty' by everyone can be seen at any time, even now: just ask someone to talk about any of these cases.

Jealousy, like pride, is irrational. Irrationality shows when you compare facts to the conclusions people draw from them. Fact: Do you realize that in the case of Enron, no wrongdoing was technically chargeable? Certain people were only accused, and the Justice Department couldn't really prosecute based on wrongdoing, because the people allegedly doing wrong actually complied with accounting law. Yes, there was a loophole regarding how many partnerships off the books could exist. If these partnerships were successful, nothing would have happened. Because they weren't, the banks called the loans, and the entire structure became widely known -- and condemned. So the people who created the partnerships (who didn't know about each other, so didn't know how many partnerships there were) weren't doing anything illegal or unethical: the volume of the partnerships was the bad thing. So, they made a bad decision, but they didn't do anything illegal. So thousands of jobs were lost because Enron was persecuted by accusation. No real law violation could be found. So, had Enron not been persecuted, the company would still be employing all those people, today. So much for the true deleterious effect of 'crusading' against 'the rich'.

Arthur Andersen's denouement was even more devastating than Enron's, and for less reason. Allegedly (but not proven) a few people maybe shredded some paper which would have uncovered these too-many partnerships. Look what happened: the entire company went under. Why? Because suddenly everyone was afraid to do business with Arthur Andersen, because those few maybe were guilty. As one business owner quipped, "They're afraid of their own stock going down in value, if they retain the company as their accountants." In Chicago alone, the media and popular greed to stick it to Arthur Andersen resulted in the closure of the offices. For some months, even used furniture prices dropped precipitously (because the offices had so much to unload). The closure was estimated by local press to have cost well over 25,000 jobs (including those jobs of suppliers of the company). Similarly, although in WorldCom's case wrongdoing was admitted, what was it? Lying about earnings (well, creative accounting about earnings). So, what happened? Thousands of jobs were lost because the public and all government and business entities alike persecuted WorldCom. So the crusaders caused the loss of jobs, not the people who overstated the company's earnings.

These three cases well illustrate Satan's tactical strategy: make the cure worse than the disease, get everyone obsessed over picking pimples, tap all that jealousy. So, everyone loses bigtime. These three events depict an insanity within the US which is almost beyond comprehension. Of course, world reaction was the same. When you review the actual facts, you can't but recognize that Satan&Co. must be orchestrating all this jealous fervor, because the facts don't warrant such a reaction. Oh, how pious everyone feels! That's Satan's signature: pious pride.

Jealousy is the flip side of pious pride, because jealousy is pious pride which deems itself unrequited. Pious pride is the most destructive element in the universe: all sin is rooted in it, so all our genes are infected with it (sin nature is a genetic condition, as Part II explained). It felled Satan: for, "pride" in the Bible's sin sense means to value self more than God -- hence, "pious pride" better explains the Biblical term. So, if you could harness pride's use, you would never need to use fossil fuel; spacecraft could fly to Mars in three minutes; hydroelectric energy would become obsolete. Problem is, pious pride cannot be harnessed but for short-term and negative purposes; else, it can only be quarantined. Alternatively, it can be broken down to a comatose level over the years, if one learns Christ.

So the macro effect of God's Building Bridges/Riches Strategy couldn't be of greater importance to everyone, negative believers and unbelievers included. For, by building bridges/riches out of believers, God can justify blessing the negative for the sake of the positive, which includes quarantine of the pride/jealousy. ("Restraining Ministry of the Holy Spirit" is the usual theological name for this, though too few theologians understand how that Ministry works.) So, as for any other Christian, God's purpose for my own life is to make me a bridge under The Bridge -- Christ -- so that others can cross over (have time to learn Him). Part III explained this purpose in great detail, and Part IV showed the macro effect of this Royal Plan of God's. It's for Christ, that Father invented this plan, and so it's not wrong that we be made rich. For, no poor person can get money except from the Rich EMPLOYING him.

    Government welfare programs are inherently destructive and satanic (while not meaning to be, of course) -- because they all take money away from the rich. This theft results in the entire country being left without the ability to produce jobs. This happens, because the capital necessary to build a company which can employ people, pay them yet keep on making money, is killed -- by taxes which redistribute wealth. You can prove this factually by tracking what happened to capital flight in the US since the oil depletion allowance changed in the 1960's. Of course, you could also prove it from logic, if you know Economics101-level principles. Think about it.

    Government claims that redistribution of wealth works, are based on a fallacy: that absent the program, the money doesn't circulate to the poor. Yet, in the same breath, claims that IF the program, the money does circulate to the poor. Wait a minute: money circulates no matter who has it. So if the program worked, not having the program would work even better, since less money is spent on the politics and paperwork of selling and running the program. Which, you'd not even need, so could spend that manpower and money actually making something for people, rather than on justifying a program which itself makes nothing but incomprehensible paper and noise. Defense rests.

So, then: do you begin to see how important it is for you become Rich in His Thinking? See that strategy, versus Satan's pious, give-away-so-EVERYONE-gets-poor plan? The latter is jealous; aware of his relative smallness, so has to make BAD, someone other than self. Our sin natures reflect Satan, since it was Satan's Thinking, which that "forbidden fruit" represented in Gen3. So we too, are prone to holler "Arrogance!" or "Pride!" at someone BIG. And, humans all being so fallible, there will always be an excuse to point the finger. But if you read up on the revolutions of history (France, Russia, China, Latin America), you always learn the real truth: those revolting, are revolting creatures. The rich are always vindicated, however evil they may have been, compared to those revolting folks who revolted against them.

Satan's pious-pride GRAND strategy, of course, is intended to defeat God. How to do it? Well, being the smartest created person in the universe, he knows his own failings and motives. [Nerd note: Christ is the smartest finite person in the universe, but He grew up in Doctrine to become that way. Satan, by contrast, was created by the Deity of Christ to be the smartest being, from the get-go.] So, if those motives were powerful enough to motivate him to rebel against God, he well knows to encourage building those same motives in us. Notice how Satan builds, too. For, Satan doesn't just want to defeat God, he wants to defeat God on His own turf, and by God's own Terms! To Satan, it's not merely winning, but how he wins, which makes him savor fighting. So, as with any other grand strategy, Satan's has an implementational base, or philosophy. From this philosophy is derived all lesser strategies and tactics, such that they will FIT together (unlike man's puny attempts for coordination).

SATAN'S STRATEGIC PHILOSOPHY KEY ==>Satan always uses truth. He's not stupid. He knows that Truth is the most powerful of all powers (Fixes.htm dwells on this at length in the "Topics related to the Nature of God" section). It's how Satan uses truth which makes for falsehood. He means to 'spin' truth so its power is exploited, so lies can piggyback onto that power; so that humans choose the lie, so he (Satan) is never at fault for his 'spin'. This 'spin' purpose is best achieved by the way he focuses on truth. Mixing falsehood comes naturally, by means of careful stress on the less-important, the later, etc. aspects of any truth. In short, he crafts near-truth: thus, the greatest of lies.

So, Satan's Counter to God's Script always depicts truth. However, the depiction is always slanted. He knows how to appeal to our genetically-dissociative 'fallen' condition. So, he deftly crafts the 'slant' to magnify the brain's urge-strength. [See Part II, "In the beginning of Man.." section, so to understand how 'depravity' is a genetically-dissociative urge apart from our free will, yet only our free will converts that urge into sin. The "dungheap" table there will prove helpful. See also, the "Spiritual Pathology" link, at page-top.] Also, each slant-of-truth (sleight-of-truth, slight-of-truth), is multifaceted. Even so, Satan's slants on truth always manifest four primary strategic and tactical characteristics:

Reversal, 'Noise', Misemphasis, and Obviousness.

Add All synonyms of these four characteristics, when you work out Satan's ploys. For example, reversal=cart-before-horse=last-made-first =white-is-black =high-is-low (etc.), a favorite method of his. For example, 'noise'=visibility=power-of-suggestion= propaganda= irritation= decoy, yet another favorite. For example, misemphasis=imbalance = mistiming= distortion, another favorite tactic. For example, OBVIOUSNESS=hide-in-plain-sight=pun=satire=caricature: this is Satan's sardonic, often slapstick! sense of humor, his way of insulting God. Of all his strategies, OBVIOUSNESS is his most-favorite. In fact, the four form an anagram: rearrange the letters, and you have "Rom[a]n", representing Satan's ongoing (largely masked) attempt to recreate Rome on earth, as we saw in Part IV. [Anagrams frequently leave out unneeded ("elided") vowels, especially in the foreign language anagrams Satan&Co. use to advertise their authorship to mankind. Much more on this signature practice will be said later on in the webpage.]

All four characteristics pervade every Satanic ploy. They are interwoven, and multilayered thickly. The interweaving makes them coherent, and thus appealing (e.g., to reason). The multilayering is concentration-of-force: like phalanxes, like multiple types of firepower all carefully aimed at selected, concentrated targets (Bible Doctrine, anywhere it exists). Here's what they accomplish:

Reversal makes Substitution.

'Noise' makes Obfuscation.
(e.g., so one can't hear/see the truth).

Misemphasis makes Imbalance.

Obviousness makes Derision.

Functionally, these are deployed in opposite order, of course, because Satan loves a good derisive joke more than anything else! REVERSAL IS THE NAME OF THE GAME. So, for example, the 'obvious' is 'misemphasized' in a 'noisy' way, so to 'reverse' God's truth. Thus, Derision uses Imbalance, so to Obfuscate and make Substitution: D-I-O-S. In short, to REPLACE God with a 'foreign' god. So, Obviously, all four deployments 'distract' and 'divert', provide 'decoys'. But each has as its primary goal, the above 'accomplishments'.

"Four" is the number of structural completeness in Biblical numerology (doctrinal metaphors using numbers to communicate, not magic), and you'll find that in all secular life, "four" completes a thing's structure. [1 starts, 3 perpetuates/balances, 4 structurally completes, 7 perfects/functionally completes. If you're involved in science and have a problem, use these identities to seek answers, for they underlie virtually every natural, economic, or psychological law I can think of.] For example, man is not structurally complete without God: with God, though, you have a 'four': God, human spirit, human soul, human body. For example, a nation's structural sovereignty is not complete without a 'four': military sovereignty, economic sovereignty, family sovereignty, individual sovereignty. In biology, the being is not structurally complete without a 'four': breathing system (includes digestion/elimination), nervous system, cardiac system, and reproduction system. And so on. Principle: Structural Independence Requires A Structural Completeness.

So, it's not surprising that Satan, who loves to use truth as well, would have his own 'fours'. As we saw in Part IV, Satan interweaves these Four Grand Strategic Goals above (D-I-O-S) with "Operation MEGA", his 4-pronged attack strategy against the human race:

Derision goes with Morality;
Imbalance goes with Emotionality;
Obfuscation goes with Gross Sin;
Substitution goes with Apathy.

The "click here" sublink in Part IV's "MEGA" table reviews how these 'fours' reflect Satan's Own Four Decisions, to counter the Lord's Four Decisions. So, we see how the Grand Strategy is constructed: D-I-O-S. So, in Part IV we saw how the attacking-humans strategy 'fits' it: M-E-G-A. Great, huh?

    If you recall the beginning of Part I, Satan's strategy was introduced thusly:

    "See how crafty Satan is? He dismembers God, and hence our spiritual life, down to the proverbial "Brother Foot." (1Cor12:14). Never mind that we are of the Head, that is, Christ. Satan, in his unquenchable desire for revenge, wants Christ under his feet, so casts Christ (and the Godhead) as of no more value than a foot. A runner. A "go-fer", a peasant. A person who does only menial tasks. A person who is petty, judgmental. A Hander-Out of goodies. Or, a Withholder of them. Such a despisingly-cheap idea of God naturally filters down to a shoddy spiritual life: do, do, do -- doo-doo.

    These two definitions of God, Sugar Daddy and Petty Judge, are made opposites so that the believer is caught between them, in a spiritual blitzkrieg. Trapped between these two narrow falsehoods, the believer is blinded to the real nature of God. So, for added entrapment, Satan often binds both ideas together as one: you get Sugar Daddy if you are a good person, but Petty Judge if you are a bad person. All the world's religions tout this model. Mainstream Christianity touts it, too."

Now, let's see how MEGA translates into Brother Foot. If you look at 1Cor12:14, you'll find out that Brother Foot was a 'low' gift, in Paul's Body analogy, and poor ol' Brother Foot felt bad about that. Why? Because he didn't have some flashy visible gift to wow his fellow believers. See the NOISE, the OBFUSCATION? Deflecting from the fact that the spiritual life is, being part of CHRIST? So who is 'Brother Foot' thinking about? People, not God. People, and what they think of him. Not God. So, that's 'apathy', the "A" in Satan's MEGA -- dear ol' Brother Foot is apathetic about God, but very interested in fitting in with his fellows! All this, due to NOISE, coupled with MISEMPHASIS: that VISIBLE GIFTS make one what.. good! That's a hook on the "M" of MEGA, "Morality", since "morality" is all about i-am-good. Of course, there's a lot of EMOTION attending the noise and the need-to-be-good-with-people, which the NOISE enhances and stresses: that's the "E" of MEGA. So, of course, you have in effect a whole lot of Gross sin, masked as 'holy' -- for dear ol' Brother Foot is angry, guilty, resentful. Of course, Gross sin being masked (obfuscation, again), Brother Foot will go right on sinning. So, God is SUBSTITUTED by the VISIBLE, fit-in-with-people! A "DIOS" is 'god', now! Alpha-privative negative, a-dios! Bye-bye, God! Great, huh?

Oh, but there's more! Derision of God's Real Purpose for the Brother-Foots is screaming! As explained in Part III, God's Plan for believers is to make us all Royal King-Priests. That's not exactly a footman role. So, one first has to grow up in it, before he can do anything. It's a profession, requiring nearly a lifetime of training, before anything can be 'done'. However, this training process plays invisibly, for Christ is seated. As Paul explains in 1Cor12-13, the less-seen 'parts' get more honor, and the superior but invisible life itself, is about learning Him. [1Cor12:22's "unpresentable parts" analogy plus 1Cor12:27-31, plus promise of completed Canon and its results; latter is depicted in that astounding concatenation passage, 1Cor13:8-13.]

So watch how Satan satirizes Paul's explanation, specifically. Our Father-designed Royal Invisibility Role means that to the world, we 'look' kinda like "unpresentable parts" (1Cor12:22-26, get an unabridged lexicon!): not attractive, no status, 'doing nothing', just studying and thinking. Wha???? When there's so much good to be done? So, we are to be reviled. So, since we are invisible, the world sees little of our tremendous impact, upon which (as Part IV explained) history literally depends: see the generic parallel to the Lord's Role while He was here, before He went 'public'? Satan thus satirizes our invisibility and power by taking a partial truth -- we visibly do nothing much -- and REVERSING that to glorify menial body works (e.g., potlucks, working at the church, giving money, etc). So, nowadays, if you ask most any believer what he thinks the spiritual life is, what's the reply? All the MEGA characteristics: be moral, avoid Gross sin, seek emotional definitions of God, be apathetic to Scripture study (phrased with 'fit in' holy words like 'help people', etc), do works -- like a Brother Foot! Ohhh, loud on VISIBLE meniality, praise for the 'low'! So, REVERSES the real job we're to do, Invisibly Learn Christ. Voilá, CHRISTianity becomes.. ChurchINANITY! Who said Satan was ever stupid?

A Predictable Tennis Game!

  • If God says it's Faith Alone in Christ Alone [Gen15:6, Deut6:4, John 3, Acts 16:31 -- many other verses, see VERindex.htm and my other sites], Satan says you must Do Something Stupid To Be Saved. Or, 'belief' is stupidly defined as other than volitional assent, lol -- like the insane phrase, 'head vs. heart belief'. Or, that you can LOSE what God gives, viz., salvation (yeah, you're more powerful than God)! [To say you must keep something is still saying you must DO something -- see VERindex.htm's "Eternal Security" entry to see what a lie this is: It's The Holy Spirit Who Keeps You Sealed To The Day Of Redemption (i.e., Eph4:30)! Typical Satanic ploy, to REVERSE Grace! See Deut29:12 for the OT significance of "sealing", also. NT "seal" verses about the HS refer also to the Roman practice of sealing contracts with ring-wax.]
  • If God says Believe or Burn, since if even God ever sinned, there's no recourse; Satan says any ol' (generally stupid!) thing should be enough for Infinite Righteousness, else God is a meanie.
  • If God says, 'Look, sins damage you and have consequences which harm you'; Satan says, sins are arbitrarily defined by a sadistic God who is 'out to get you'.
  • If God says, 'I am inviolate, and I can Fill You Up With Truth so you can become happy like I am' (essence of the promise of Gospel and spiritual life); Satan pitches the same Gen2 lie he did to the woman about the Tree in the Garden (see Part II's "..Religious Fantasy" subsection).
  • If God says it's the Message, the Content ["Word of the Lord" verses, Deut8:3-4, Hosea4:6, Lam3:22-25, Ps31:5, Ps119, Ps138:2, Matt4:4 Heb4:12, Rom12:2-3, tons of other verses], Satan says it's the Messenger, the Medium (fake 'proof' empiricism -- cult of relics, artifacts, ossuaries), or the Miracle -- in all these, cult of physicality, personality drowns out the message.
  • If God says Canon is completed (1Cor2:16, 1Cor13:8-13, Heb4:12, Rev22:6-21 2Pet1:20-21) , Satan says it's not -- how else can demons plant any ol' idea in our heads, to get their laughs?
  • If God says the pre-Canon spiritual gifts are obsoleted by Canon's completion, since Canon is the Mind of Christ (1Cor2:16, 1Cor15:1-10 compared to Matt10-11, 1Cor13:8-13, Heb1-10, Rev22:6-21 2Pet1:20-21, plus many others) , Satan says they are still operational -- again, how else can demons plant any ol' idea in our heads, to burlesque us?
  • If God says the post-Canon spiritual gifts are Light-Years Higher In Power And Value versus all others which went before Because Christ Is Seated, so Canon Is Completed (1Cor12-end Chap13, Hebrews' "better" and "second" doctrines, all of Ephesians, Romans 9-11), Satan says the old, childish gifts are the better ones, and mocks the real post-Canon gifts as "unpresentable" (he loves a good joke)!
  • If God says that when tongues were operational, they were actual human languages and only for the occasional and orderly purpose of evangelising any UNbeliever from a foreign land who walked into the congregation but didn't understand the language, and even that, only as a warning Israel was to end as a client nation (1Cor14:20-25); Satan turns that temporary warning into a perennial frothing party, whether 'organized', or chaotic. Just as he always did, back when the 'gods' were young! Even Encyclopedia Britannica knows that. (Its "glossalia" entry.)
  • If God says the Mosaic Law is obsoleted (viz., main theme of Paul's epistles and Book of Hebrews), then Satan says it still continues.
  • If God says taboos and special days and foods no longer matter [Peter's vision of clean and unclean food, "days" verses, idol-food verses, in Paul and James, KJV "defile" verses in its NT], Satan stresses those things as important.
  • If God says no-life-in-womb [Covered extensively in LordvSatan2.htm and here, later on in this webpage, my other sites], Satan says there is (thus 'making' God a sadist and murderer, yay).
  • If God WITHDRAWS Visibility because Christ is Seated "Now" (Bible Keyword -- Part III covered this topic extensively), Satan says ONLY Visibility manifests God "Now".
  • If God says the OT 900 (or so) prophecies of God taking on Humanity is fulfilled, so now His Humanity gets a "Body", "Bride" -- Satan says that living a nose-to-the-ground body life, is spirituality!
  • If God says you're to Study Scripture And Learn Christ, Satan says you're to DO WORKS to be like Christ. (Never mind He only hung on the Cross, doing nothing to pay for all mankind! Isa53:11. Part III covered this topic.)
  • If God says the Christian spiritual life is back-ended, the way Christ's was (how can anyone miss this fact in any translation), Satan says spiritual babies should hustle for God immediately.
  • If God says only local churches "Now", because it's Body, not religion (1Cor12, all of Ephesians, esp. Eph2:10 and 4:11-16, Timothy epistles, Rev1-3) , Satan manufactures a Harlot (Rev17).
  • If God says NO to secular government being 'ruled' by Christianity (Rom13; 1Tim2 explains why; plus, "politeuma" verses), Satan manufactures a POLITICAL Christianity. (According to historians like Cary, Gibbon, and maybe Mommsen, the trend began circa 100AD; along with the 'harlot', was predicted in Rev17 four years earlier.)
  • If God says there's no Church in Trib (Parts IV-V show many verses, etc), Satan says there IS Church.
  • If God says anything in a Bible passage, Satan has masses of believers read the exact same passage and claim an OPPOSITE meaning. [James 2 is popularly reversed from the meaning about Doctrine Works, which James clearly set up in James 1. Tongues folks base their claim on 1Cor12-14, which even in English proves their definitions wrong! Calvinists and 1Jn2:2: they only read the first part of the verse, but the whole verse says the opposite of their claim; same for their other cites. Next, "endure" verses are always in a clear context of impending historical disaster, so of course are REVERSED to mean saved-to-Heaven. Many key-passage translations are deftly reversed from their Greek or Hebrew meanings, timings, stresses or causes -- examples are covered in detail in all my sites, when relevant.]
  • If God says something about His Nature, about the Hypostatic Union or Trinity, or if God says something anti-works, pro-grace, pro-only-believe, or pro-dispensations in a passage: the translation always 'manages', thank you, to mangle or reverse the meaning of original language in so baldly inept a manner, the translator appears to have flunked 2nd-year Greek.
  • There's a direct correlation between unusually high birthrates of religious movements and a big rise in the discovery/dissemination of Scripture, in history. Latestchgs.htm's bullet on Mirroring.htm has more detail.
  • In sum: If God says anything, Satan says THE OPPOSITE. Dios, baby. Replace God the Son with Satan, Isa14:13-14! Again, Satan is so predictable here, you can take virtually any 'popular' item and reverse its most stupid characteristics, to find the actual truth.

We're just like Adam at the Fall, too dumb to live, sewing those idiotic fig leaves, baby..and the stupid thread we use, tears the dang leaves! Oh, that's because I didn't distinguish between blue and white thread well enough! So if I get blue thread, but it looks white.. then it's the 'holy' kind to sew for fig leaves! And so it goes. We never notice how insane we are! Hiding in plain sight. For, the common sense we'd normally have in life, is a complete blank, when "God" is in the idea! For, whatever ideas of "God" we do have, are misconnected, and in wacky ways; just as, whatever memory Adam had had of his pre-Fall fellowship with the Lord, suddenly translated into..figleaves! For, the rejection-urge, the me-over-God urge, that spawned 'original' sin, be it in Satan, the Eden couple, or our own first welcomings of the urge into our own souls -- that urge must hide its identity at all costs! Dissociation, baby. Hiding in plain sight, as Part II explained.

Thus do we become satirical cannonfodder for Satan&Co.'s entertainment. Golden Truth is fleshed over, aha! -- reverse-parody of the Ark! No wonder everyone who recounts their 'contact' with 'angels', describes them as smiling or grinning; even though, no elect angel in Scripture ever smiles at a human. It's the elect ones, who are groaning in the stadium at our stupid, gullible acceptance of Satan&Co.'s caricatures of both God and the spiritual life!

Satan's Script Target

So what does Satan always reverse-substitute, misemphasize, drown out, satirize? 'God's Script. See, God's Plan is to:

  1. SAVE the person. ['Via once believing Christ paid for all your sins.]
  2. GROW UP the person's soul in Love [Bible Doctrine, the Thinking of Christ, which you can't even understand until saved -- cf 1Cor2, Romans 5-8, esp. 8,& 1Jn]. That means a lot of 'downtime' learning Bible doctrine via 1Jn's Script in Part I.
  3. INTEGRATE that learning into the body. God is the God of Balance. ['Practicing the Doctrine you've 'eaten' to get balancing Skill: putting your own body 'under His (hence, your own!) feet' -- cf. Paul's 'boxing', 'beat my body' verses -- Philippians 2-3 kinda summarize the concept.] This stage culminates in the last stage of the spiritual life, the combat from Spiritual Maturity to Pleroma; it focuses on developing the second facet of Righteousness, "withstand all", in the believer.

Notice how the "work" is to produce a particular kind of person, one maritally compatible with Son. Think of yourself as God's work-in-progress, for that's what you are. What you do the meanwhile is not, strictly speaking, relevant: for, whatever you do, will be an interim result of what you are. Again, the do itself is not relevant -- it is only an interim indicator of what you are at that moment, the interim amalgamated manifestation of whatever Doctrine has grown up in you, and the 'rest' of you (i.e., your sin nature, remaining hangups, baggage, etc).

Notice how God's balancing process, above, is analogous to human childhood-adulthood stages. A child can't 'do' anything. He first needs to go to school. Only once he's an adult can he begin to really 'do' anything. Becoming a spiritual adult takes (maybe) much longer, and is far more awkward: after all, the believer is imputed with Righteousness, and his fallen nature can't handle it! In both scenarios (physical maturing and spiritual maturing), Body is always LAST, never FIRST. Why? Soul has to tell the body what to do: that's how the human is structured. So God's Script calls for the Soul to first be filled up with Righteousness, which is Truth, which is Bible Doctrine. For until the soul has enough truth replacing falsehoods, whatever it tells the body will be 'mixed'. (Rom8, Eph3 are sample chapters on that topic.) Then the body can be integrated sufficiently to do a "work". ('Main theme of James: never divorce James 2 from James 1's precedence.) Moreover, Divine Righteousness is Qualitative. So the "work" has to be done from THAT Level of Righteousness to be Good. Body-power can't do anything remotely resembling Righteousness. It's impossible, even if the body is perfect. Even a perfect body is no more than a blemishless lamb. It, of itself, is not sinful, but not spiritual, either. That's why Christ didn't use His Deity, nor His Humanity, to obey Father: instead, He relied on the Spirit during His Entire 1st Advent. So should we.

    For the 'body' of God Himself, is THOUGHT. What the evolutionists (and most Christians, esp. the prolifers!) fail to understand, is that life is non-material, and is evidenced by THINKING. A plant has neither self-consciousness nor free will; so, it can't think like we can, but it does act on its own in a responsive way to its environment, and is capable of 'learning'. So too for other forms of non-human life -- other ones being more or less greater in their 'responsive' and 'learning' capabilities. Of course, the other hallmark, is the ability to propagate. Yet, while we know a whole lot about plant biology, we still don't have proof even in plants that the material biology we see is the actual cause of the organism. See, if a plant 'dies', all its biology is still intact: but, turned off. How did that happen? Why did it suddenly quit working? All the biological elements are still there, one nanosecond after natural death.

    So something biology can't detect turned the plant's life 'off'. We can spot disease, we can spot other causes of death, but the only thing we truly know about the death itself, is that the plan suddenly turns 'off'. So too, with other forms of life: 'for the life of the animal, is its blood.' (Lev17:14.) Yet, what makes that blood move? We say, the heart. Ok, but what makes the heart pump? We say, the movement of the blood... uh oh. So what keeps that 'circle of life', going, huh? So all life is fundamentally immaterial. Embodied, yes; but an immaterial aliveness turned that body on or off. We speculate why when we view the sequence of events just before death; we ASSume that because the organism was cut a certain way, deprived of so much water, etc., that it died. Yet we are no closer to understanding What Gives The Order to turn off. We only know the organism will shut off.

    The Ultimate Aliveness is God, since God is PURE THOUGHT. Every Attribute expresses as a 'body' of thought: what is Righteous and why, what is Truth and why, what is Love and why, what is Omniscience and why, etc. Powers like Omnipotence and Omnipresence (Infinity) are actually Thought as well. Satan, for example, was tempting the Lord to 'speak' stones INTO bread: to speak, one must first agree to the THOUGHT. The "Word" moniker and the Sacred Tetragrammaton (YHWH) alike signify that God is Thought. For, BEINGNESS is ALIVE, hence Thinking. Self-Consciousness, Run By Will, is the 'heart'; thought is the 'blood'. In God, though, there is no shutoff; since God by nature is Infinite, there's no movement TO shut off. One Big IS-ness. IAMIAM: all thought & life online, AT ONCE. Yours, mine, the plant's, the speck of dust in the new universe a bizillion years from now, and most of all, always.. the Cross. Always 'occurring'.

    Thinking by nature replicates, because it is alive. You read the words on this page, and while the typing is dead, the media is dead, the meaning is alive. So, now alive IN you, as well as in the typist (moi), and still on the page. No energy, no mass, caused that transaction. Instead, energy and mass were but vehicles for the actual 'parents'. So, God thinks, "let there be light", and so it is (Genesis). Your body responds to thought, just as God's thought creates a response (existence of light, here). See? The body is last, never spiritual, but gets used as a vehicle for the spiritual. Of course, if one is carnal, no spirituality is operational. Of course, if one knows no doctrine, one's level of spirituality is nearly nil! Because Thought is the 'body' of God, it must become the 'body' of your spiritual life. Until Bible Doctrine is the 'body' of your thinking, your physical body can't do anything of value: it needs a 'head', Christ.

Bible references this fact over and over in a number of ways. In Part III's "First Reason for Invisibility", the keyterms for each stage of spiritual growth were outlined and briefly explained. There are also frequent analogies in Peter, John, and Paul referencing the spiritual life as this body-of-learning-Christ progressing from childhood to maturity (very marked in Greek, usu. fuzzed up or covered up in English).

    That's why, for example, Christ Himself! had 30 years of downtime. He didn't do any works whatsoever until He was 30 years old. Then, the first "work" was invisible! The Matt4 tests. Only after that did He 'go visible', ending at the Cross, the Greatest Work Of All Time, which wasn't even a work at all, because even on the Cross He 'rested' in the Spirit, thinking Bible Doctrine. (The Matt4 temptations are essentially temptations to do works, rather than 'rest' on the Cross: see the Matt4 section, below. Then compare to how sins were paid by a Person who was nailed there, so couldn't possibly be working.) Notice the principle? God always "saves the best for last". Just as He did for Christ, Moses, Abraham, Paul, etc.

Further, since the body is totally unimportant, no handicapped person is impeded from fully executing Righteousness -- all the way up to Pleroma. For, even if one turns over and over and over and over the Gospel of the Cross, a whole lot of doctrine can be learned -- for, all Truth ties together perfectly, and is logical. For, God is not a sheep: He knows what He is doing. And what He is doing, is Building the Son in us. For, Father. So, who can be left out of this, the most glorious phase of spiritual history?

    We are Royal Family, not peasants. So we need to be trained in Son's Thinking. God is Thought. Son BECAME the Truth, which is Thought. Paid for our sins by His Thinking (Isa53:11b). So, we are Royal, not peasants, so our heads, not our bodies, are To Be Thinking -- and that grows us up. Which, even a paraplegic can do, under the Spirit!

See His Genius? What we CAN'T do is 'Righteous'.
What? Heh -- look: the opposing facet says Righteousness isn't Righteousness unless it withstands all unRighteousness. We can always 'meet' that standard, because we CAN'T ever meet the first facet. Therefore, as a GIFT we can get Righteousness -- ONLY as a Gift, lest the opposing facet be compromised. Moreover -- this is soooo rich -- we get to learn in our own puny bodies the ability to demand Righteousness, yet at the same time never get it satisfied: so we can come to have rapport with the very Righteousness of God! What would thus otherwise be a Sisyphean existence of forever going up-the-hill with our Boulder of Needs becomes instead a glorious celebration of never-needing-to-be-satisfied, like Paul exults in 2Cor12:7-10, Phil1:11,1:20,2:13,3:3,3:8, and especially 3:9. For, never-needing-to-be-satisfied, is the development of the Second Facet of Righteousness, "withstanding all".

    We equate money with freedom. We don't consider having a lot of money, tyranny. But, it can be. So too, with false righteousness. "False" righteousness is demonstrated whenever you are tormented by it: you or someone else MUST do something, and you feel rather badly about that fact. True Righteousness, by contrast, is like money: you're so grateful to have it, you practically want to give it away to anyone and everyone, just to express your gratitude. Just like you'd do, if you won 100 billion dollars in some ideal lottery, tomorrow. Wouldn't you celebrate? So, True Righteousness means, you 'withstand all' EXPENSE. No amount of expense can dent your money supply. Which, you are happy to spend, and cannot ever outspend. So, what do you do? You spend spend spend -- with only the result that you make make make yet more money. Of course, to get to that point, you've got to have enough money -- Righteousness -- first.

    That Is Why You Are Made As Righteous As God The Second You Are Saved. Now you meet both Facets of Righteousness! Naturally, we always meet the second facet, so Righteousness is satisfied. Being imputed with His Righteousness causes us to be justified (2Cor5:14-21, Rom5), so now both facets are met! See, to us, all this getting-better business is a way to feel good about ourselves. To get some rest from the constant struggle with our fellow man, our environment, our guilt, our anger. But God has an entirely different point of view. Essentially, the way we think about having money, is how HE thinks about Righteousness. As something to Enjoy And Invest And Spend. We think of Righteousness as something painful we gotta 'do', to get what we enjoy, like ..money. So, God made us totally wealthy the very second we first believed in Christ.

Utterly Divine Physics of Their Love!

"Love" is so overused a word among mankind, it's lost all meaning. Love is an attitude, Thinking His Thinking, 1Cor13. So it's not an emotion. To stress this fact, think of His Love as Physics, so total in nature that nothing can alter it. Not impersonal in the way man uses that term; but rather more Personal, because Absolute, completely part and parcel of Every 'dot' of His Attributes. So not stupid, sentimental, simpering, k? ["Impersonal Love" is a term my pastor aptly uses to show that the ugliness of the object has no negative impact on God's Love. He also uses the term to distinguish between Love which has an unworthy object, versus "Personal Love" which he uses to denote an object is also deemed attractive or worthy. These terms as my pastor uses them, are not being changed or disputed here. I'm merely using "impersonal" and "personal" in a different sense: the Personalness of God Himself.]

Remember the first table (with this same background and font color) in Part II? That's where God is 'coming from', so to speak. Read and think over Heb10:5-17 (esp. v.5), Ephesians 1 and 2Cor5; then return to this paragraph. Think: before creation existed, there were no problems. In covenanting/ decreeing to create, They Created Unending Problems, On Purpose. Huh? Well, look: We the Godhead love Each Other So Much, but are Infinite; How to Create a Cost, so that we can Express the Depth of Our Mutual Love, as well? And how Deep a Cost must We create, but one Big Enough.. infinitely occurring?

    As you just saw in the above videos if you watched them, the dilemma of being God is that only Godness is good. One jot 'less' than Godness, is bad, even if perfect, because one jot less is infinitely too short. Infinity is not quantitative, but an Infinitely, Qualitatively, Glorious Wholeness; so one jot 'less' is infinitely bad. It's not about sin, but about Compatibility, and even one jot less is a completely different nature. Limited. So to create, is a cost. Love wouldn't want those created to be lower, either, since Omniscience well knows the horror of not being God. So, to create means to hurt those created! But how shall God do this and be Fair! Shall God be limited? Then how is God, God?

    Aha -- but Truth says, there's a way to CYCLE Infinity within finity, so that the cost is temporary, and the yield is Infinite. So infinitely better, than to be merely finite. So infinitely better, than to never be made. Kinda like -- if you had a nice couch which you learned had ten million dollars hidden inside its cushions -- would you really mind 'wounding' the couch to get that money out? Well, that's what happened to Christ, says Isa53:11 (LXX and BHS combined). He didn't mind. Father didn't mind. Spirit didn't mind. And we get to be His Brothers?! So we won't mind. Now, we're not in our right minds. But we will be, then.

See? To Them, "For Worse" was more important than "For Better". So They do not belittle us like we do ourselves. They do not consider our lowness detrimental. Because, it's derivative physics: we are completely shattered by sin, because rejection of BIG God, has the effect of an atom bomb. The Greek and Hebrew words translated "salvation" or "save" thus first mean, RESCUE in those languages. It's a RESCUE operation. We're under rubble, completely shattered by a little "no" bouncing against BIG GOD. Our subsequent no's don't shatter our souls quite so much, since we are already rubble, and as we pulverize, we'll not notice the destruction. But others will. At the end, our lives are dried up on the inside, visible to all but ourselves. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust, and all self-inflicted.

Obviously, since They Deliberately created finity, knowing full well most if not all of it would sin -- and so what? That would but aid the goal of Depth-Of-Cost. Which is a good thing. Freeing. No longer is Love shackled to the only-nice, only-best, but also to Worst. Joined. Married. Forever. See? The Godhead have an entirely different point of view: Righteousness is Good, Enjoyable, Desirable. Even, when the depth-of-cost includes sin, hell..forever. Gotta be really really enjoyable, then, this Good called "Righteousness", huh. [My pastor maintains that the elect angels didn't sin, only the fallen ones. He used to teach they all had sinned, in the earlier years of his ministry; or at least, it sounds like he used to. So that's why "most if not all" is used in the paragraph above. The effect is still the same: after sinning, one doesn't want God. If Satan&Co. couldn't be saved, it has to mean that to get to the point where they'd want to sin, was a whole lot harder than for us. But the effect at either end, is the same: unbeliever is smaller than Satan, but never wants God. Not even, in hell: Luke 16:20ff. See also Part V.]

So if it's that Good, and it must be, then creation shouldn't be denied it either. And we aren't: every human in any period of history who has ever once believed in Christ became as Righteous as God the minute he did that, pattern of Abram in Gen15:6 (see also Rom4). Next, it's a question of getting filled up with Truth. That provision, varies by epoch, because (for example) in the OT, Christ hadn't yet come in the Flesh, so there were no thoughts of Christ one could learn. His Thoughts as Deity, are codified in the OT, and even that was gradual. But now, the NT is completed too (Revelation, 96AD, was the last book). So, now we can get filled up with all His Thinking (theme of Romans 8 and 1Cor13, Eph3&4, Heb4, 1Peter, last half 2Peter, 1Jn).

So now that you are totally wealthy in Christ: if you use money, you use it because you enjoy it. It's no longer a status thing, for you have all the status you could want. It's no longer a need thing, for you no longer have needs. In Christ you actually have no needs: however, like the gypsy child who is really the first-born of highest royalty, you don't know that's your new-in-Christ nature. So, you have to learn that fact. Via, learning Christ's thinking. So, after some years of learning, you actually need less. Eventually, nothing. Righteousness Becomes Enjoyable; you frankly BECOME alive, compared to the sleepwalkers among whom we once were -- whom we all call, 'human.' Being human is learning Christ: what passes for humanity is a progressive deadening. Because, eventually the soul is filled up with Christ, or the body takes over.

    Simply being a believer in the Body of Christ (aka Church) creates a pressure on your soul you can't even imagine. Nor will you detect it for what it is. You are as incompatible with your body due to being a believer, as it is possible to be: only Christ was more incompatible (Infinity united to finity dichotomy, see first four bullets of "Fixes" link). So, you will have an unrecognized yearning for Righteousness which is innate to your spiritual structure -- for you are Exactly Like Christ In Spiritual Structure. Wife should exactly fit her Husband, and we are all corporately, to become Bride.

    This spiritual structure makes everything in life more intense. The unbeliever is essentially more dead than you are, so his enjoyments are better than yours. Your enjoyments all depend on getting in God's System and on His Script. You don't know that, you won't believe that, but it's nonetheless true: "My food is to do the will of Him Who sent Me", Christ said repeatedly; see also Matt4:4. That's how you are, also, but .. you don't know that.

    If you get into His System and grow in Grace and in the knowledge of Him (2Pet3:18), you will come to know that. And then, your life got worse, not better. Your body reacts to what you learn with ever more rebelling force, and the intensity widens. So the body life will become more and more meaningless, as you get more truth in you; for, you begin to see how stupid this life really is. Despair and frustration and iconoclasm will grip you; doctrine will deliver you out of it, until at last you finally stop believing in the body stuff the world pants after.

    Assuming that stopping didn't have to occur traumatically, you will gradually adjust to a new reason for being in this body: like Paul said, for Christ to be glorified in your body (Philippians). If it was traumatic, you will traumatically adjust (Paul's is a hybrid case, good example of what we must go through). In all events, new things (spiritual life provision) had come, new Doctrine got built, you got built spiritually, and now this body has a new use: finishing the course, getting to Pleroma, Eph3:15-19. Of which, you are very aware. Intensity is great, as explained in the Fourth Reason for Invisibility and Fourth Reason for Royalty, of Part III.

Your body is the last to learn this lesson; what it learns is like a child's understanding, constantly distorted -- compared to the Doctrine in your soul; for the body, is nothing but a dead battery. Stimulated by nothing, everything, lies, truth -- it is dead, like the unbeliever, so it can't spiritually discern a thing. IMPORTANT: Your body will never agree with Righteousness, Bible Doctrine. It only reacts to the material stimuli which hit it. It has no discerning power, is vulnerable to every outside influence, is but a bucket of biology, so the signals it sends your soul are all bogus.

    "Bogus" usually means a too-narrow interpretation (feel-good, feel-bad, but feelings are chemically-bought, not truth-bought, for all feelings are biological). All too often, "bogus" is outright fakeness. So, people who give into their body-feelings end up being as dead as the bodies housing their souls. By contrast, the person who learns to live on God's Meaning rather than the body's feeling, changes the body's reactions to be more responsive to Meaning, than to anything else. This takes nearly a lifetime, but -- would you rather end up a marionette? There's no middle ground.

    All this, because the body has to be influential, since you have to be fully integrated with it, for your soul to even have a chance to dominate the body. But without doctrine, the body runs the soul: like a cunning female, it will pretend the soul is calling the shots. But that's a bald-faced lie. The soul is being flattered, that's all. All this body-running-soul is mindless, to boot. Volition caves into it, thus the damage worsens. The genetics of the sin nature don't have intent, but subroutines. Energizer Bunny, which keeps on banging the drum on feeling. So, you are trapped.

    Look around you. Turn on the TV. Ask yourself what you see. Ask yourself WHY what folks call important, makes any sense at all. If you keep on asking, you'll notice, hey, the criterion for everything people love or hate is either ego, or.. feeling. Don't you notice, everyone is like half-alive, scurrying from one rote-thing to the next, barely aware of why they do it? Or our so-called political/philosophical arguments: do you ever listen to the content, or don't you rather tune out because, enfin, the arguments don't make a whole lot of sense? So why do folks argue? Well, don't the Arabs fight because it makes them feel macho? Do their arguments ever make sense? Does the average church service's words ever make any sense, or do they merely feel good? Does the average commercial have sense-appeal, or FEEL-appeal?

    Whyever does everyone try to get a better house, car, boyfriend or girlfriend, clothing, job? Isn't it ego? What's popular on TV or movies, but fighting something? And why is that? To Feel Better About Self. Vicariously. Politicians wrangle. People compare themselves to others all the time, secretly. My eyes are prettier than hers. My muscles aren't as big as his. My fur/dress/car/watch is.. compared. For what?? Our strings are pulled by this urge, that urge, this feeling, that feeling. So how independent are we? Not at all. Just many puppets, on strings: and Satan plays us all.

Utterly Divine Physics of Our Spiritual Life!

Learning Christ frees us of the strings; using, our biology to do it. Body is never spiritual; it's a dead battery, a dead weight, complicating, intensifying, everything. Constant source of trouble. As you learn doctrine, this conflict with the Energizer-Bunny-body, worsens. Some days, you'll wonder how you survived. But you are being freed by means of the very tyranny, the body naturally is. Differential, baby. That body denominator is real small, so the yield on the doctrinal investment into the numerator, your soul, is really really high, because the Divine Physics of living ON His Thinking are just like His: so the denominator flips into a RECIPROCAL, multiplying the capacity of your soul for fellowship with Him forever.

Divine Physics of Our Spiritual Life: the Major Variables

So let's create a math formula to depict these Divine Physics. First, to define the terms, so to see the formula more easily. Variables are:

  • b=Body. Absent MDb, "b" numberset values are 0 or negative, even if S=1 (which will be rare, in that case).
  • MD="metabolized (Bible) Doctrine", a term of my pastor. Chosen here since the term is evocative of the "eating" metaphor in Bible (metaphor for believing). If you don't eat, you starve. If you don't learn and believe Bible Doctrine, you spiritually starve. Starving people fantasize; brain hallucinates when it doesn't get enough or proper food. So too, the spiritually starving. So the sordid history of Christendom is really the starving history of Christendom. No one has to spiritually starve. It's a choice.

      Like food, blood, money, MD is innately nourishing and PROPAGATING, so it must keep cycling. You have to keep getting and using it. It has, therefore, a tremendous multiplier effect. If you remember Part IVb's "multiplier effect" (a term borrowed from macroeconomics), recall that now. Or, multiplying-like-rabbits (which is kinda how Bible describes it, in Isa53). "Multiplying, I will multiply".. His Thought in You, says the LORD Our God! (Concatenation of Isa53:11-Chap55, Gen3:16a's Hebrew, and Phil2:5, 1Cor1:5c's Greek.)

      Like medicine, like a medical doctor (surgeon actually, Heb4:12 in Greek), MD also cures what's ailing you spiritually. Much of physical illness is due to spiritual illness. SpirPath.htm has details.

  • MDb=amount of Bible Doctrine your soul learned and believed and lives on, but which is used by the Spirit on/for your body ONLY. Good example of this genre are the do's in Bible. Your body is never spiritual, but you couldn't be born without one, so now that you're saved, what do you do with the dang thing? So, you get little refreshments for it. Morality is refreshing, if MDs is operating, never a chore or a bore. So, your body gets moral stuff which blesses it. Morality is never spiritual, but just a gift to the human race, who live a body-runs-soul life.

    You, as a believer, are supposed to be living on MD; but your body can't but live on a smidgen of it, so gets stuff to do. Meanwhile, you are to be in God's System, or whatever your body does, is really bad. Especially, if doing good deeds. Worst thing you can do are good deeds, without MD cycling in your soul under God's System. Better to be immoral, almost. (Immorality is destructive and seductive. Morality apart from MD is even more destructive and seductive. Hell is populated with very moral unbelievers, since they prefer their ability to God's Ability to have Christ pay for them.)

    This distinction is important, since it's real easy for the Christian to not differentiate between body capabilities, and the spiritual life. Often, he mixes them up, and either short-circuits his spiritual life as a result, or stunts his spiritual growth process. For example, temptation is often sent to the soul from the body, but even if the temptation is refused, there will likely be a guilt reaction (guilt is a sin) because one is embarrassed to be so tempted. Use 1Jn1:9 on the guilt, and try to recognize that's the problem, not the temptation itself.

    For, the body irascibly reacts to MD, first; antsy, nervous, angry, irritated. It's important that reaction occur, too; so you can begin to tell the difference between soul and body, and not be fooled by the body's mindless urges, pretending to be the soul's, real needs (see Rom7). People are constantly fooled by their body urges and over time begin to even worship them. If they only knew that the sin nature is a genetic rejection, death-loving tangle of subroutines, they'd not be so keen on their bodily urges -- which urges, they mistake as genuine value. What a farce. The stupid thing is like a nagging, petty, ex-wife/husband, and the sooner you learn to disregard that 'ex', the better: see Romans 6-7, Heb12:2's "disregarding the shame" (corr trans of that clause).

    Since the body is mindless (your soul is the real you, not your brain or your body); and since emotion is in the body, the subroutines sent to the soul are all irrational, and all couched in terms of feeling. This is true bio-feedback, and unfortunately what it feeds back, are often lies. Look: if you pretend to be angry, shouting at the top of your voice or talking sternly, see how quickly your body will react with the feeling of anger. So it's just this mindless wimp, deserving only what attention you must pay to it, to be in good health; else, it's a liar, and anything told it, it 'buys'. Oh, I'm so tired. Yeah, and if you get up and move fast, suddenly you are energized? Oh, this tastes bad. Yeah, so what? Better to have nutrition which keeps you healthy.. see? Lies lies lies. Proof of the Genesis 3 temptation's success is as close as your next feeling. You've a whole Walking Bible in your own body, telling you that story. So learn to halt feelings (which always pass themselves off as truth). Which halting, you can't learn, until you've enough MDs and MDb, so keep plugging.

    So at best, the body is directly affected by Doctrine, but dully and concretely. MDb is learned, believed, and lived on just as MDs, but MDb also functions severally in a special with-body synthesis; else, your soul and your body couldn't interact doctrinally. (Process is akin to how memories severally imprint on the brain, with the result that when you recall something, the brain's 'copy' of that memory sends back a feeling, a smell, etc.) As with MDs, you don't actually control or cause the results. All you do, is keep on choosing to think it; the Holy Spirit thus enables that to occur, and HE makes the results in both MDs and MDb, occur. So it's not a quantitative value as humans consider, but rather a Synthesis Usage Index. ("Synthesis" is explained under the "MDs" variable.)

      Imbalance is a real problem in the spiritual life; and, as we saw in Satan's Grand Strategy section above, "Imbalance" is a key Strategic Element. So, like in the Second Temptation, Satan&Co. will try to tip what you're 'good' at, into tipping you over the spiritual wall so you crash on the rocks below (2nd Temptation). Closest medical analogy would be bulimia. So, the thinker will be satanically encouraged to concentrate on MDs to the exclusion of MDb, and that's not good. The doer, to concentrate on MDb to the exclusion of MDs. The resulting MDv (covered below) is imbalanced, so that it becomes ever harder to 'do' the MD you least turned over. So learn it all, turn it all over, try to keep a balance. Very hard to do this; takes a long time to recover if you screw up. Just brush off the dust, use 1Jn1:9 and prepare for a rough ride ahead. Never give up: until your last breath, you have Divine Omnipotence available: can't do anything God likes on human power, anyway...

  • MDs=Bible Doctrine you learn and believe and live on in your SOUL, using 1Jn1:9 and studying under whomever is your own God-appointed right pastor. The value isn't measured by how many verses you know, how many doctrines you can recite, how many Greek and Hebrew tidbits you know. Instead, it's measured by how it synthesizes in you. Knowing facts is not synthesis. Knowing even the formulas is not synthesis. Synthesis is how you put them together, either in thinking about them, or using/living on them. Hence, "synthesis" is an amalgam of dynamic interaction with volition; it amounts to a Usage Index of a broadening, deepening, etc scope, Eph3:15-19. No doctor or lawyer is competent just because he knows a bunch of facts. True competence lies in how well you can analyze and use the information. So you are to become better than the best doctor or lawyer, with MD. For, you are in training to become a King (no gender distinctions, post-death, see "like the angels" verses in Gospels). Because, even a computer 'knows' a bunch of facts, but is useless, if no user.

      So quantitatively, you might only know a few verses, but the way they synthesize in your soul, determines your growth. Conversely, you might have memorized the whole Bible, but if your volition isn't interacting with the meaning of what you memorized, your synthesis value is bupkis. Same, if your volition isn't interacting with the right meanings in the right way (i.e., misinterpretation or misusage of Bible doesn't produce synthesis). The example below on 2Cor5:21's usage, will show how the synthesis standard, works.

      MDs differs from its sibling MDb, in one key respect: MDs is soul-compatible, which is bigger than body-compatible. What the soul can learn is abstract and immaterial; the body can only learn what is material. Body can never really learn spiritual information. So the MDb component is but a complementary copy related to what MD the body can learn. So, it learns to 'feel bad' about sin, so learns to be aversive to sin, after many repetitions. The soul, by contrast, learns to be aversive much faster.. but because the body learns only by repetition, the soul will be struggling with temptation for a long time, even with respect to one sin.

      MDs also is uniquely related to learning about non-body doctrines: particularly, those about God, Christ, the spiritual life's nature, etc. So MDs content is abstract, and hence grows much faster. Trouble is, body has so much influence on the soul, the desire to learn about God and any other spiritual abstracts, is very limited. Accumulation of MDs multiplies faster though, so it's a good idea to focus as much thought on God's own nature, as possible. After all, what else is life FOR, but to live with Him? Body will consider 'spiritual', body-stuff, so will interfere with that desire, deeming the learning to be unhelpful. Don't give into that, keep trying to understand God better from whatever you've learned thus far.

      Quick corollary: now you see how the nature of MDs and Synthesis can cause an 8-year-old child, who might only know the Gospel, to yet grow spiritually by leaps and bounds (1Jn1:9 is instinctive, if you know God exists and you think you were 'bad'). How a peasant in the 500's AD, when Bible was largely locked away, might just know a few Psalms verses or snippets of Gospel, yet accurately knowing them via the Spirit, also grow spiritually by leaps and bounds. Nothing is impossible for God, because all Truth is interconnected; so even if you only know a little Scripture, its own multiplying nature expands, with each access (volitional desire to think about it, while under the Spirit). Now you know how a pastor can make a week's worth of pithy lectures which make your hands cramp from taking so many notes.. from a single verse. Scripture is bottomless, be it one verse, or all of them.

  • MDv=Results of MDs and MDb interaction on the variables in your life, your thoughts, your body, etc. MDs and MDb are the formulas themselves, cycling; what is birthed or developed further from them, is MDv. The MDv in turn feeds back into MDs and MDb, as a result of which further fractilic child formulas will be created, and further results. Which then increases MDv. Eph3:15-19 gets done this way, and Eph4:12-16 is the macro MDv result, the building up of the Body of Christ. Since published translations of Pauline epistles are usually terrible (extremely misleading), see the from-the-Greek translation of Eph4:12-16 in RightPT.htm. Better still, get it from your pastor.

  • S=Spirituality ("Filled" with Spirit in fellowship, 1Jn1:9 breathed): its variable number set is thus only 1 or 0 (on or off). Spiritual growth is measured by Ts (defined below), not by S, even though only S causes spiritual growth. Bible study or life itself is completely pointless when S=0, so breathe 1Jn1:9 habitually. Every hour or so, just in case, I use it; can't afford to NOT be in God's System! Spirituality is never something you feel, but a power of perception and obedience which only the Holy Spirit can run FOR you. Hence=1, if you consent (and you're not in a state of sin when you consent); hence=0, if you do not (which means you've just sinned). Human power is always excluded. Body is sin nature, so cannot have any positive value other than what Ts can do to it, owing to the fact of its existence, as we saw above with respect to God's usage of bad and dead truths ("Here's yet another layer of Truth" subsection).

  • s=Soul. Focus here is on Volition, but all soul compartments are relevant. My pastor classifies eight "right lobe" (believing part of soul, where believed Bible Doctrine is processed and stored) components as (typed from memory, might not be right) Frame of Reference, Vocabulary Storage, Categorical Storage, Memory, Norms and Standards, Conscience, Wisdom, Launching Pad. He spent years teaching what these mean, and I don't feel comfortable trying to restate the meaning. (His material is copyrighted, you can get the tapes from him.) Point is, the soul is organized, and its running Doctrine can only be done by the Spirit, obviously. Bible likens the heart and circulatory system to the soul, and does so by calling the latter, "heart" or "blood". Belief, like thought CIRCULATES; you can't operate on what you don't know or don't think or don't BELIEVE. So the real you is your soul, and if it's not working well, you're in deep doo-doo. Spirit can turn the doo-doo into diamonds of doctrine, so use 1Jn1:9 and keep at the MD.

  • T=Truth, of which Bible Doctrine is a subset, for Bible Doctrine is all the truth FORMULAS a soul could ever need to grow to full compatibility with God, post-Cross (because Christ became the Truth, even on the OT data Spirit fed Him and taught Him to live on, Matt4:4). Truth is also all the results of the formulas, not just the formulas themselves. Potential results, as well as actual ones, since the formulas are not restricted to what actually occurs (else Omniscience wouldn't be Omniscient).

      All of life, whether immaterial or material; and all matter-energy, operate on math principles, whether people know it or not. All math principles, in turn derive from spiritual math; and all spiritual math derives from Truth; all Truth, is God's Own Attribute. For, Truth is a set of RELATIONSHIPS among variables; hence, formulae. Truth is also the OUTPUT or results that would, could, wouldn't, couldn't, do, don't happen. So it's a complete universe of its own, the Truth, and very precisely connected. One dot off, and the whole system would cease to be truth. So one dot off in using truth, is a disaster.

      So, God never will sin. So, we need this truth, and as it accumulates in us, we will also gradually stop sinning (but never completely, body's too corrupt). But much more importantly, we will become much more like Him, as even we are spiritually designed to be: see Romans 8. Because by God's Design we have volition as even He does (Gen1:26-27), we can reject the truth. Which then will have its true devastating effects. By contrast, we can believe the truth. Which then will have its true profitable effects. Our choice.

  • "Ts"= "Truth in the Soul". That's the only Truth you can live on. MDs, MDb, and MDv are components of it. You might also have other types of truth in your soul which are not Bible-Doctrine generated, but as you study, MD components will lasso these, since all truth is innately compatible and mutually-attractive. If you don't get MD or stop getting it, you will eventually lose and corrupt what truth you know. Better to be boiled in oil, than to lose or not get truth. Truth Cannot Exist In A Vacuum. Lies go there. Truth cannot be maintained in a vacuum. Lies push them out. A vacuum of interest in God is the worst thing you can do to yourself. Hostility would even be better. Disinterest kills you. Even, while you are living. So keep on circulating interest in Him which is genuine (don't fake it), or all your works and Bible Study will be like tumbleweeds, blowing in the desert of your soul.

      Truth is 'cellular' in nature, so works like math and biology (biology being the organic demonstration of math, and math being an abstract demonstration of Scripture). Truth is not just a collection of facts, but a set of relationships between variables, whether or not those variables become true. This is the heart of why Divine Physics works as it does, why God doesn't and would never want to, gerrymander truth.

      Consequently, Truth in the Soul is manufactured from the MDs, MDb, and MDv in you. So the soul EXPANDS, á la Paul's description in Eph3:15-19, as you learn Scripture in God's System. This happens because MD is a set of Truths about Relationships, and Truth is the full result of both formulae and variables, so GROWS. It's alive. The formulas you learned from Bible literally create child formulas in your soul. Moreover, they create RESULTS which interconnect with the formulas, and therefore cycle again through all the formulas, creating yet more results, and so on.

      Thought replicates, and this replication interacts with existing thought. So each 'dot' of Doctrine learned, has a huge MULTIPLIER effect (review Part IVb if you don't remember what is a "multiplier" effect). In the beginning, though, because there is so much falsehood in the soul, this multiplier effect will not be visible. Hence the critical importance of getting into and staying in God's System, so a maximum number of MD 'dots' can be propagated.

  • v, the qualitative and quantitative variables in your soul, body, life, periphery which combine IN your soul, and interact, with or without volition assenting to them. So MDv would be that subset of variables which are impacted by either or both, MDs and MDb; so MDv, are the RESULTS of that impact. So, for example, temptation which arises from within your own body, or outside it, go to the soul, and become v's at that point of entry. Doesn't matter if you are aware of them or not. The more MD you learn and live on, however, the more you will detect these temptations; you need to detect them, to deflect them with MDs you've learned. Sometimes the temptations are so thick and fast, you cling onto but a snippet of a verse you really strongly understand and believe in. Other times, it's easier. Part III's "First Reason for Invisibility" covered that process.

Simple Example on how the above variables play in real life: you learn the truth about God imputing you with Righteousness the very second you are saved, 2Cor5:21. You believe it; so MDs just occurred (MDs never occurs apart from volition, which is why MDs is Synthesized Doctrine, not merely collected doctrine). That MDs ends up multiplying all over your soul as you turn the fact over in your head. So, becomes MDv: say, when you feel blue, you realize you're Righteous, so "blue" and its counter of 2Cor5:21 remembrance (John 14:26, baby!) now 'mate': you don't feel so "blue" anymore, and both MDb and MDv just got bigger. (Due to usage, an MDb deposit was made, which is why you don't feel so "blue" afterwards. So the body IS affected.)

    That MDv result then affects all other areas where you had felt "blue", because by giving permission to the ONE instance, you are saying it's true, so that association gets sent out to all kindred. So, when they arise, if you keep remembering 2Cor5:21 (which is now easier to do, as you'd done it before), more 'mating' MDv occurs. Then, over time and repetition, all the areas attached to the other areas where you felt "blue", are likewise now multiplying like Rabbits, and the poor Energizer Bunny, doesn't get a chance to beat his drums. After some time, the very things which made you feel "blue", now keep you in the pink!

    This is a phenomenal experience. Nothing like it on the planet. Takes a lotta time though, kinda like lasting weight loss or body-building! So either get in and stay in Just Because You Wanna Know God For Himself, or don't bother doing more than ONCE believing Christ paid for all your sins. That way, you'll never go to hell. This life won't be much fun, either -- everything you want instead of God, you will lose, and ironically, too; the Christian's life ends up like Christ's whether the believer grew in Him or not.. ending with loss of everything down here: because we really really are structurally like Him, the moment we are saved. But at least, if you're not interested in God, you won't go to hell forever.

Larger example: Truth is cellular, because so is thought. Bad thought is the result of the sin nature being given its volitional assent of "true". So the soul is the battleground between former concepts called "true" and new MD entrants which disagree but are also called "true". Because cellular, there are millions of thoughts to repair and replace; soul is like big city full of rubble and danger, and the MD must engage in house-to-house fighting before it can even begin to repair and replace anything.

Your soul is at war if you are breathing. It's even more at war if you are a Christian. The war gets worse, as you get in and stay in God's System. That's how it played for Christ, that's how it plays for us. It's an internal war, between bad thoughts, and MD thoughts. The Battle is the Lord's, not ours. Don't try to fight it in human power. He rejected that, even though He was Perfect Humanity and even God, preferring to rely on the Holy Spirit to fight the battles. So should you. You have to choose constantly; He makes your choice work (Jas2:22, always mistranslated -- Greek word sunergew means God-Works, it's intransitive). God can't use and doesn't even like, human power (it's corrupted to the core), so you don't need it, either.

Who said the Christian life was easy? Of course, 'works' are just more body stuff, never themselves spiritual (only Spirit-filled MD accomplishes anything, for only IN Him is anything accomplished, John15); so 'works' just move the rubble around, pulverize the soul more, pile the rubble up exactly where it shouldn't go, and don't repair or replace anything. Huff and puff, and nothing to show for it but more rubble (wood hay stubble verse). So the Divine Renovator, "Mom" (Gen1:2's "rachaph" likens the Spirit to a brooding Mother Hen) -- will make Diamonds out of that rubble. Let Him.

Divine Physics of Our Spiritual Life: the Formulas

  • For, the underlying Divine Physics formula is Ts=S*(MDs+MDb+MDv).
    Notice how, like 1Jn1 explains, that if S=0, there is no truth operating in you; the light switch is OFF; you are offline from the Holy Spirit, not in His 'chatroom'. Hence the need for 1Jn1:9 like breathing.

  • So, the corollary: the normal status of an unbeliever or carnal believer is s/b.
    Notice how if the body's value is high negative, the soul stands no chance of controlling the self. Highest value of b without MD, is zero, and even zero is only true when MD is between 0 and 1, and S=1 (spiritual babyhood).

      S=1 will be a rare condition, in that case. So getting MD in the early stages of the life is the biggest hurdle. That's why Satan usurped Christianity to make it a religion. So if there were a few who actually believed in Christ solely for their salvation, they didn't have much chance of getting MD. Now you see why one dot of truth is so critical. How, despite the many and successful kidnappings of Bible (discussed later in this page), some people grew in Christ anyway.

      MD can become a negative value, if a person had learned it and then turned off God's System. The "b" then goes negative and mutates whatever was learned. My pastor's term for this is "reversionism", and its eight stages (his classifications) are not pretty. I've had lots of occasions to see what happens to souls who go that route; Even the Auschwitz or Nanking corpse pictures are less shocking. By the end, the soul is in far worse state that it was before you began learning. So think of MD as addictive. Get in and stay in, or don't start. If you'll not start, don't go for the fake spiritualities, either (i.e., engaging in works, taboos, emotional rallies, etc. ad nauseam). Just be honestly non-spiritual. For fake spirituality, like "reversionism", drives a person absolutely wacko.

  • Now to the explanation behind next bullet's formula for MDb. In the beginning of the spiritual life, one's way of thinking is body-oriented, so MDb tends to grow first; this, because a childish believer, tends to regard Bible as getting a quarter for taking out the trash, a good deed. It takes a long time of repeated living on God's Script, to get past this childish idea. 90+% of Christians over Christendom's history, don't. 99.9+%, never make it to Pleroma. It's a long-term gain, as covered in Part IVb's 'Properties of "Number"' section.

      Nonetheless, Doctrine always 'matches' its own nature to whatever topic is referenced in it; so MDb affects b, such that MDb adds a positive value to b, therefore making the effective numerator of b alone, greater than 0, greater than 1. The denominator's innate negative value, is neutralized to point-bizillion (just its existence is credited, as shown in the "(decimal point).bizillion" paragraph on this page). However, it appears that in the last stage of the spiritual life (if not before), the extreme value of MDs takes advantage of the body's weakness, for reasons that will be covered in the final section of this table.

      Absent MDb, "b" numberset values are 0 or negative, even if S=1 (which will be rare, in that case). So you have to immediately get into God's System once you become a believer, or you will be accumulating negative values, rather than positive ones, and they will ruin your life.

      The greater the accumulation of MDb, the greater its effect. Since MDb is MD, and the property of MD is multiplying (since MD are formulae, think of how fractals work), then the relationship between s and b flips to become a multiplier relationship, rather than a divisive one.

      The macro effect of MDb on world history is gigantic. Although most Christians never go beyond spiritual childhood, the progress during that time, being MDb-related, causes what we know as the development of civilization, within the affected polity. Then, a few of that number also progress in MDs, and thus reach Pleroma, which is the only reason why the US has had its prosperity, just as no nation otherwise has prosperity, Lev26 and Deut28. But notice how the MDb component, which is the first to develop the fastest, both accounts for the increase in body prosperity, but also.. for the stunting and decline, since MDs doesn't get developed.

      People readily adapt to MDb, since it's body-related, but if they don't progress beyond those baby doctrines to the "meat" of MDs (i.e., about God's Nature in depth and detail), they RETARD. Can't stay a child, in the spiritual life.

        Gotta become a TREE, to bear fruit; retardation prevents becoming "fruit-bearing", and its cardinal proof of failure is a claim of fruit-bearing, like in today's raging apostacy among Christians (many of whom aren't even Christians, because they never 'did', John 3:16). So they are growing into Satan's 'trees', and by his fruits you surely can recognize them. We are Satan-fodder, outside God's System, all of us.

      So Christendom partially grows, then retards. Then, society declines. You see the trend recur over and over in history. The US is in a major period of decline (since about the 1930's, but really escalated in the 1950's). There is sizable timelag between decline and denouement (i.e., usually 40 years), so you can't attribute prosperity/adversity seen by the current generation, normally. Go by the current level of apostacy you can see, not by the current economic prosperity/adversity.

  • Warning: Missing from this section is a needed formula which states the functional relationship between MDs and MDb. There is one, but I don't yet understand it well enough to write it as a math formula. In words, the relationship is that MDb has a limit beyond which MDs alone must 'grow' it. You'll see something of the effect of that interrelationship in the last section of this table. Since I don't know how to define the limit just yet (it's some kind of balance relationship and is time-affected), I can only say the relationship in words. So the formula for Ts, above (and below repeated), isn't exactly right.

  • So the normal status of a believer in God's System, is Ts*((MDb+b)/b).

      Notice how it's NOT, (Ts*(MDb+b))/b, which is what you'd expect, if s/b is the normal unbeliever or carnal believer formula. The MDb changes the entire function of "b"; first by addition (making "b" positive, and eventually greater than one), because as you learn Doctrine, you are adding to "b"; next, by multiplication, because each usage of Doctrine learned (recalled, rethought, applied) affects numerous areas of "b", as in the above example with reference to 2Cor5:21.

  • So another way of saying this is: S*(MDs+MDb)*MDv *((MDb+b)/b).

Note the huge additional multiplier effect caused by the REVERSAL in mathematical relationship between s and b, due to S and MD. This also happens, because compared to ALL truth, the amount of "truth" that body is, is but a dinky fraction; the negative value of the body is neutralized, since the believer is filled with the Spirit. So the more truth goes into the soul, the more "b" acts like a multiplier, no longer a divisor.

Note also how MDb is doubled; it's IN the soul, so is part of Ts. But it affects the body separately, actually changes the "b" value. Of course, since MDs and MDb are both MD and both truth formulas, they interact as well. So they multiply WITH each other, too. MDb then grows even more, so the MDb to the body, grows -- but look how much slower, since MDb separately works ON the body. So MDs only indirectly affects the body; because, the body is a dead battery, but the soul (via the human spirit, which only the Holy Spirit runs) is alive to God.

So if the believer keeps on growing as time passes, not quitting: the rate of spiritual increase in the soul, compared to the rate of increase in the body, diverge. The latter is of too small a nature, to grow commensurately. For the spiritual capital base of the soul, as it were, is always much greater than that of the body; so the MDs, being for the soul, grows much faster with less 'input'; for example, the soul learns the nature of God, and can relate; body can't. So since most of the spiritual life is about God and seeing Him (else we'd only need a 30-page set of instructions instead of a Bible), the gap between the soul's desire to spiritually live and the body's ability to respond to that desire, becomes increasingly frustrating.

For the speed and fluency of soul thinking with respect to Doctrine is light-years beyond what the body can absorb; so it becomes like living with a retarded child, to live here at all, to live in this body. This is as close an experience to knowing the difference between Infinity and Finity -- especially, to appreciate the difficulty the Lord faced in His Humanity -- as you can have in this life. It's excruciating, the more you grow in Christ. Yet you wouldn't trade the suffering for any substitutes, once you start to see Him via Scripture. You'll merely faint, use 1Jn1:9, and get right back into it.

So this increasing divergence of doctrinal capital bases, given the massive MDs accumulation, means MDs itself must somehow BECOME the generator for a body which can't otherwise function in the last stage in spiritual growth. The MDb component caps off, and you don't progress spiritually without MDs growing even more rapidly, and somehow running the whole 'show'. The cause, however, is illustrated in the foregoing two paragraphs of this section. So, as mentioned earlier, there's a missing formula delineating the functional relationship between MDs and MDb which I don't yet know how to phrase mathematically. As a result, the above formulas will need revision, then.

Now you see hopefully better why only the Holy Spirit's Power, was used by Christ; that's why this spiritual life utterly can't work, unless we breathe 1Jn1:9 and live on God's Script.

Best of all, growth in Him makes us ABLE to come to have a no-strings Love for God, so that our lowness creates for us a cost opportunity parallelling The Decree. We who were not-His-Kind become enabled to actually incur a depth-of-Love-cost. Paradigmal to 'if we were God.' So we can learn that "Entirely Different Point Of View: Righteousness is Good, Enjoyable, Desirable." Just because. See? Our lowness is but a 'laboratory' for learning Their Love!

Divine Physics of Our Spiritual Life: Evidence Testing

Hebrews 11:1, a verse which never gets old (none of 'em do), reads like this in Greek: estin.de pistis elpizomenwn, hupostasis pragmatwn, elegchos ou Blepomenwn. Freely (yet accurately) translated to show the meaning most in English, it reads: "Now Doctrine Confidently Believed=Christ-on-Trial=Evidence! Unseen!" From there, the author of Hebrews launches into the past Trial Evidence, starting with Abel, ending with how they did not GET the prize (promise, OT version) because it depends on us to finish Our Trial, first (11:39-40). Not surprisingly, Hebrews is so mistranslated, you're lucky if you can get even a smidgen of Trial data out of it, much less the constant focus in the Greek, on learning Doctrine as the quintessential spiritual life and means to defeat Satan&Co. in the Trial. As here, in Heb11:1.

Satan's mangling of Bible translations is his Third major tactic, as will be discussed later in this page. So he obviously knows how Divine Physics work as well. As you'll see after this table, his DIOS+MEGA Strategy and Tactics are designed to thwart God's Physics. Like the evolutionist, Satan thinks he can forget about cause, and just make the middle data, bend time. In short, he seeks to do the impossible. So, his goal is to exhaust the believer so that he quits the spiritual life; or better still, never gets into it. However, if the believer did persist, he is truly exhausted by the final stage. As we saw in the last section, the principal frustration of the spiritual life is the divergence between the high Beautimous Doctrine you live on, and the low body life you're stuck with. Doesn't matter if you are dripping in diamonds or doo-doo; doesn't matter if the body is in the peak of physical health, or nearly comatose; this body life is sheer garbage compared to the smallest dot of His Thinking; and you, like Paul, would just as soon go home. The only reason you don't get morose, is you want to finish the course, and glorify Him. That's the only reason you want to live. Period: Phili1:21 is your whole life. And you don't want it to ever change.

So now you're ready for the truly-impossible, the Evidence Tests. We saw these in Part III's "2-3-4-5" table, Fourth Reason for Royalty section, and in Part IVd's (first, green) "Combat .. of Rest" table. They are killers. Feel-good or feel-bad, the intensity is very hard to live with. For, God is even more interested than Satan, in exhausting you. So, He ups the ante: not only is human power never used anyway, but now whatever human power you had, you see exhausted. Nothing works. Even what you can do, is futile, or you don't believe in your can-do's, anymore. The carnal counterpart is ennui, as we saw in Part II. God aims to show that ennui, which is normal, become WOWIES: Watch Omnipotence Work Impossible Evidence Successes. It's no joke. And won't feel like one, either. But the soul will cheer hurrah! many times...

    All this, because God 'Hates' Barriers With All His Being. And here, you find out how the barriers are removed -- and don't matter. It's intense, but the pleasure of seeing the barriers removed (for you have come to 'hate' them also), is beyond description. "He shall see, be satisfied" says the literal Hebrew of Isa 53:11: sabea, wordplay on sheba, sabbath, the 7th day, rest: the Day of Promise. Even while hurting. Because you can hurt and it doesn't matter! Because you can be in shame and it doesn't matter! Because nothing separates you from the Love of God in Christ Jesus!

From the Divine Physics standpoint (since there always must be a Divine Justice matching), here's what seems to happen: God taps, via MDs in you, the fact that fundamental Attributes of God are actually still reflected even in sinful man. They are bona fide affinities, just as the fact you exist and the fact God exists, are both facts. the commonality is that they are is-nesses. That's the starting point for the tapping. Which means, the route Omnipotence takes for your body. So, you can keep on going with your huge (by now) MDs desire, even though your body, is bupkis.

Again, juridically, these attribute affinities, in an absolute sense, are like-facts. The body's existence, has certain commonalities with Deity: Deity is; also, the body is. IS-ness has certain characteristics native to it, and all of them are essential to the continuity of the IS-ness. The quality of body is-ness obviously would be low; but it still, is. So, it seems that MDs either uses MDb as a conduit in the last stage of the spiritual life, or MDb is bypassed altogether.. to tap these is-ness affinities. I bet it's the latter. Thus Christ could go on sheer WILL to the Cross, despite being beaten so badly, even His Face was unrecognizable. (Isaiah and other verses -- right now I don't remember which exact ones, just that my pastor talked about them years ago, and I remember seeing one in Isaiah. Will find them later.)

Is-ness affinities are at least three: constancy, intensity, and complexity. Your body, though unreliable, is constantly so. Or, constantly inconsistent. It's annoying, and it's constant, so you can't trust it. Intensity increases inversely to disinterest. So the more you dislike or like something, the more intense the experience with it. Complexity has to do with how many levels of thought/activity at once you must use, to deal with a given event, idea, person. Of course, the more the constancy is a problem, the more the intensity is a problem, the more complex it is. With doctrine, everything becomes much more constant, intense and complex, since God is Infinite in all those ways.

So, it appears that MDs, which is all about the abstracts, and especially about knowing Him, is solely used by the Holy Spirit to go past what MDb can do, when MDs is sufficiently developed; especially since the is-ness commonalities, relate to God's Attribute commonalities. MDb would be too narrow a corridor for full exploitation, and the Evidence Tests are all about, exploitation. Which means you feel like dog-doo-doo, at least mentally, if not physically; or should, but don't. It doesn't play according to normal human expectations, that's for sure. Again, as usual, the stupid body's feeling is but a lie. A very convincing lie, here.

Remember derivatives? Well, we derive from God, because He created us; Adam, the woman, and thereafter, our souls (procreation is strictly biological, passing on the sin nature). So when we first sin, that shatters what had been a perfect soul. So we each individually and derivatively bounce against Infinitely Holy God. Thereby, we 'create' a totally shattered soul. And we did this, when we are infants, at the point of our first irritation or hatred or fear. So, all babies, for example, are saved if they die before they could understand and freely reject the Gospel. Because, as usual, it's not about sin, but about Christ.

So notice: all those derivations are still OPPOSITES from the Divine, so still MIRROR the Divine because it's His Being Big, not our own being small, which created the shattering power, in the first place. Little baby will bounces against a Big God the baby doesn't even know about, yet. But a sin, is a sin. But Big God is still Who He is, so there remains an affinity between the Nature and Power HE is, and the nature and power of the sin that shattered us infants. So, something can be done derivatively, to reverse that. Being believers "now", that derivative reversing power, comes to its highest levels. To answer Satan, in the Evidence Tests.

God's Constancy is reflected in our being constantly too small, constantly unworthy. It's a TYPE OF CONSTANCY, just the same. So, as you learn Doctrine, the constant living with the constant puniness, will drive you crazier and crazier, as you become more aware of it, not wanting the puniness. You have to flip your attitude into wanting what you least want; that's a soul function, and it requires sometimes all the MDs you have accumulated, to keep on willing what you most otherwise hate/fear, whatever. Body will not change and may even get worse; but the effect on the body is to do an MDs job, even though it's but a body. The MDb is maxed out, in other words, so now only the MDs is holding the body together under the greater pressure, and this constancy element seems to be the connector.

So, all that intensifies your life. Well, Intensity is the nature of Immateriality, for Infinity is non-spatial, but rather, Infinitely, Intensively Qualitative. So, the three hours on the Cross were the most intensively-experienced hours of all time. Most like, Infinite Godness. So, as Doctrine grows, so does the constant struggle with it, hence the intensity of your life. Again, this intensity is a 'likeness' to the Divine. So, the Doctrine has an 'affinity' to constancy and intensity, since those are its own characteristics; so, it feeds a constancy of reply, to the constancy of struggle; feeds an intensity of reply to the intensity of struggle. That's why it works, why you transform by means of getting His Thinking into you, and then living on it. The living-on-it phase is the most intense and constant, in the Pleroma stage.

Multi-faceted, is God's Nature: infinitely so. Well, look: all that constant and intense struggle, becomes more constant and more intense because it becomes more COMPLEX. When you were a child, everything was simple. Now, not so. Adults are bigger; spiritual adults are spiritually bigger. And we gotta get as spiritually big as possible, to have eternal rapport with Him forever. So, this increasing complexity, also is a 'likeness'. Body coordination level, command pressure (i.e., you have to bring every thought into captivity spiritually, yet at the same time, do your secular job), interpersonal pressures (people wanting you, making demands), and sheer exhaustion from it all, add many layers of complexity. Well, Omniscience operates on all layers AT ONCE. If you're gonna grow up in Him, guess what has to happen? Multi-layered, multi-faceted thinking, as the Third Reason for Royalty in Part III, explained.

It's a killer. But what makes that hell into heaven, is the sure knowledge that a) it's the Holy Spirit's Power keeping both your body together, and your soul-and-Doctrine-running; and b) best of all, His Power is causing your puny body, to actually glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. You find that realization such a thrill, you could even be dying slowly and painfully.. but oh, then the greatest of blessings! Oh, to be able to die for Him? Is such a thing possible? Like Paul said in Philippians, that I may know Him and the Power of His Resurrection, for the purpose of conformance to His Deaths. It's not masochism, but Love. Which you yourself, can't do, but.. the Holy Spirit, He sure can...

    The Evidence Tests are all about, dying. First, to show you how dead you are to this world, at a level even you didn't know; next, to kill off the remaining bugs in the soul; next, to show you how He's built you to such a level that what you hated, you now come to love (that takes some time); finally, to show you are Completed, Pleroma. My pastor teaches us that one usually dies soon after the final test, but he hedged somewhat; maybe some who complete the course go on living for a good while. I can't verify that, but he's usually right; moreover, the Scripture I know, seems to agree: Christ died right after completing salvation, so would be the ideal model; Paul, soon after writing 2nd Timothy, when Paul knew he'd made it. [I've yet to find my pastor to be wrong in any significant respect, though he claims he's been wrong many times and has retaught stuff. He's very picky. Which is as it should be. More often, what he calls corrections seem more like refinements. But he's a perfectionist. Which is as it should be. I'm very chary of pastors or denominations who trumpet how right they are. Only God is Right. The rest of us, are learning.]

See, God isn't kidding when He promises to make you like His Son! Further, these are obviously changes only God can do. You barely understand even the secular physics, let alone Divine Physics, so clearly you can't achieve these results, no matter if you owned the world and were the most benevolent ruler, ever in history (an offer even Christ turned down, Matt4). So let Him run your life: live on God's Script...

So, clearly, it's God's purpose to exploit the body, saving the Best and Worst, for last: so, the body is the last part of saved man which is "redeemed": when he dies. ['The "eagerly awaiting the redemption of our bodies" verse: cf Rom8:23, Eph4:30,Heb9:12.] Of course, each "deposit" of Bible Doctrine (while in a state of 1Jn1:9 used, not in v.8 or v.10's states) -- each Perfect Deposit by a Perfect Holy Spirit increases the percentage of truth in the person, so increases the percentage of truth applied to the body, but probably until this percentage crosses the Pleroma (Eph3:19) threshold, the body can't sufficiently respond to truth. That's why one keeps on sinning during life in this body, however much he grows spiritually: gross sins are replaced by (far worse!) refined ones, and then the refined ones become fewer..the person gradually comes to sin less, but never becomes "sinless". Also, until the Pleroma threshold is crossed, the person's valid "works" are few. But it doesn't matter, because what God wants, is the person, not what he does. It also doesn't matter, because God blesses-by-association, to compensate the world, as it were, for the person's 'downtime' in learning -- a major theme of Parts I-V. Why? because God Wants Sons. God says that The Work HE wants is the person: Christ sacrificed Himself, not anyone or anything else. (see Part III, "FIRST CHARACTERISTIC" Section).

Also, the body is the last part of unsaved man which is Judged, e.g., the Lake of Fire. So, see? Body is Last, in God's Script. Always.

Also, everywhere in nature you see this invisible-precedes-visible structure: seed is below ground and changes before it becomes anything fruitful: "sown in dishonor" verse. Animals are formed in mothers' wombs before they are born; same for people. ('Not human until born, because no-soul-in-womb: see "SINE QUA NON..BALANCE" table in Part II. It's vital to understand that Holy God Never Does Partial Anything. Last section of this site has more on abortion, too.) Viruses invisibly start before there are any physical symptoms (e.g., cancer). Everywhere you turn, the invisible precedes and causes the visible. So, the Christian who buys Satan's reversal of the spiritual life (works-first) will ultimately display the visible disease of insanity/apathy/frustration/ jadedness/ disillusion. It's so OBVIOUS, in Christianity today -- except to those afflicted.

Moreover, God's Script, even during the visible covenants (OT, Trib, Mill) is nonetheless quiet: the "still, small voice" principle, so to not manipulate or coerce. For the sake of freedom.

In sum, God Wants Sons. It's the person whom God wants, not what the person can "do". See, what pleases God is your coming to have the same pleasure He has. He LOVES. He thus loves to 'hear' love. Merit is basically inconsequential. One needs to learn to Love Righteousness, in order to grow up enough to have enjoyment, LOVE INVIOLATE. That's the real purpose. Naturally, in order to grow up this far, one comes to have merit -- but only because one is first imputed with God's Own Righteousness, and because God pours Bible Doctrine into the soul. In short, the only way to 'get' merit is by God giving it to you. So, it's never about 'merit'. That's for free. Enjoyment, also, is of no value to God until it is free. Can't grit-teeth-pretending-to-enjoy. That doesn't count. In short, Heb10:5! "Sacrifice and offerings" are not desired -- but instead, YOU: "but a Body You prepared for Me." God prepares. Not you. You benefit. You enjoy. That's what God wants: Philippians 3:9-11, Greek!

Satan's Script Tactics

Ok, now let's focus on some tactical basics. Satan is the best of generals. Subtlety and indirection are the most potent tactical devices in any military/ political/ business/ personal endeavor to achieve 'victory'. Alexander the Great, for example, conquered so much territory because he used an oblique method of attack: "salami tactics". You slice salami thinly. And keep doing it. A child learns that if he takes only one cookie from the jar, Mom might not notice. A thin slice of salami, removed, doesn't show much. So, those looking at the "salami" of troops won't notice much loss. Until, of course, too many are gone. Too late, by then. So, Satan always and constantly uses "salami tactics".

In diet and exercise, salami tactics are the most successful, too. It's relatively easy to smartly trim a few calories each day; to smartly exercise a little bit each day. Thus you 'defeat' lifestyle-caused disease.

Chinese water torture is simply a drop of water on your nose. It doesn't hurt, and it rolls off your face. But if it keeps on dripping, and you can't get away from it..you go nuts. That's another "salami tactic".

If a woman wears a red dress and nice makeup, she gets noticed. If she instead wears sweats, people are less likely to look. So also, if a famous person dresses in a nondescript way, the person can go into a crowd, probably unnoticed. See? That's yet another salami tactic.

Satan learned this, of course, from God, since all of life is a little-bit-at-a-time. Easy, slow, constant. Up or down. Deadly, if down. Hardest-to-maintain, if up. Hamburger Hill. One "invisible" slice at a time. Precept on precept.


[This subsection needs rewriting, but I've no more time right now. Concepts are ok, but parts of the explanation seem choppy, vague, etc.]

The salami tactic above is a form of deftness. Deftness is to be prized far above brute strength. Smarts, not size, wins far more wars. Deftness was one of the prime skills a Roman soldier needed to acquire with his machaira, the 'knife' with which he fought in close combat. Measuring about 18 inches (you see it in the final scenes of the film Gladiator), this double-edged short-sword only needed to be inserted about an inch or so into the opponent's body, to kill him or render him hors de combat. 'In an appropriate place, of course. So, you just stepped in, djut! .. and stepped out, so your Gallic enemy could crash to the ground, his huge broadsword clanging.. useless.

Deftness in either God's or demonic wordplay is best shown with signatures. For, any script will reflect its author. So, with some detecting skills and enough data, you can decipher the authorship of a thing, idea, item. Since any script has an AUTHOR, any author SIGNS his script. If you remember the 1950's TV series, "Zorro", you'll remember that "Zorro" (Spanish Robin Hood) always 'signed' to attest his erstwhile presence with a "Z" made by his sword. So too, as any criminologist will tell you, the serial murderer must 'sign' his grisly work. Same is true of a repeat thief. The 'signature' in criminology, as anywhere, is two-fold. First, because a criminal has an ego problem, he always leaves some deliberate items; a great movie on this topic is "Seven", starring Morgan Freeman, Kevin Spacey, and Brad Pitt. Second, because the criminal is who he is, he inadvertently leaves behind embedded characteristics of himself, both physical and psychological, within the crime itself. This is how criminals are detected, identified.. and caught.


So, in the 'crime' of whether God wrote a given holy book, one of the most important functions of Biblical textual criticism is to LOCATE GOD'S SIGNATURE. God's Signature, is likewise two-fold. First, God's Signature is sometimes blatant, as in the many OT statements 'signed' "Ani, Adonai", "I, the Lord." IAM THE LORD is usually the translation, and that itself is a paronomasia: for, the Sacred Tetragrammaton is The Name, (euphemized with Adonai), and the Name is a doubling of Hebrew "to be": so comes to mean, IAMIAM. Very funny, very profound. See Exo3:14, in NIV. Their translation isn't necessarily the best, nor the most accurate, but it is certainly one layer of meaning to this most-beloved Name of God.

Second, God's Signature is more often displayed by CONTENT: it's a type of embedding-Self-in-the-work, and is in fact the most important of the ways to attest Divine Authorship. That is, doctrines already known as His are in the book, letter, verse -- and they tie perfectly to all the others. In fact, one big reason for the Deut 6, 9, 30 injunctions to have the Law constantly on your mind (like tfellin) -- the 'when you get up, go to bed' expression -- is to Test everything Against the Truth. So too, with the injunction about the Divine Signature. Strict penalties applied to those who claimed to be from God or giving messages from God -- death -- see Jer28 for an example of this principle-at-work. [That's why I constantly urge you to test any writing you read, whether here or elsewhere. You Should Get Divine Testimony. Because outright miracles are passé, unnecessary, and too upsetting to soul stability, the way the HS witnesses to the Truth will be much more reliable: just keep on using 1Jn1:9 and asking to see the Truth, and Keep Studying The Truth, The Bible, Under Your Pastor. You will eventually or quickly come to grasp the meaning from the Scripture you're studying. Granted, some truths are too sophisticated for you 'now', but the simpler ones underlying them will be conveyed; the ones you can 'get' right now will be done. Look for them: "Seek and you shall find; knock, and it shall be opened to you." Truth, not feel-good; Truth, Scripture, not 'signs' even the weakest demon can make you hallucinate. More about that latter topic follows below in this site.]

    God's Content Signature can take some digging, to find. More often, however, the signature is blatant -- but if you don't know how to 'read' it, it goes undetected. For, God's Content Signature involves a lot of very sophisticated wordplay, along with the highly-intricate weavings of the Truth itself. If you are filled with the Spirit, and trained in both the doctrines and the wordplay of the Word, you'll be able to discern His Content Signature with no great effort, especially if you've been under a good pastor-teacher or have that gift yourself (males only). If you are not so trained but are in that system (gotta 'play' by God's rules, not your own), then the HS has other ways to show you: even a child can be thus 'informed', and many have been.

    God's Content Signature Characteristics are very many. Writing style itself conveys Divine Attributes: Infinity is conveyed by deft uses of tiny or finessed rules in grammar, uses of particles, case endings, etc. Omniscience and Truth are conveyed by the way the verses all tie to each other, omnidirectionally, despite the fact that over a span of 1500 years, over 40 different people, wrote these books. Hopefully these two brief examples will give you the idea: a whole book would need to be written on 'How God's Attributes are displayed syntactically'. So too, writing style conveys every doctrine of the Bible, and a separate book on just that topic would need to be written.

Thirdly, the MESSAGE ITSELF is also an embedded characteristic evidencing Divine Authorship. For example, (from Father's perspective) the most important doctrine in Scripture is the Coming of, and the Nature of, Christ: that's partly why marriage is sacrosanct (a type of hupostasis, two becoming one). In the OT, besides displaying this coming Incarnation by means of concrete writing styles (vs. the NT, which is largely abstract, depicting the Rising to be Seated); by name-play ("Joshua", "Emmanuel" (Isa7?)), the coming of Christ is depicted by frequent reference to His Body. Ps40:6, interpretatively quoted by Heb10:5, is an example. Isaiah spends whole Chapters on His coming Body, in Isa53-55. Of course, in the NT, "Body" has a dual meaning for Christ (everything in Scripture is at least double-entendre, to stress Hypostatic Union): compare Heb10:5 with Eph2, Eph1:15-23, 3:19-21, Eph4:11-16, 1Cor12, 1Cor6.

Finally, as a detector of Divine Authorship, there are the doctrines themselves. God, being Perfect, should teach perfect doctrines. So, any alleged holy book or from-God phenomenon should teach perfect doctrines, as well. That is,

  • the doctrines should not contradict each other in any way;
  • they should not aid, abet, counsel, sponsor, or encourage sin;
  • they should teach about God's Own Attributes, and
  • the teaching itself should demonstrate Perfection, when those teachings about Attributes are added together and analyzed.
  • Since God gave us brains, the teaching should make sense, and
  • be testable by reason and empirical evidence to the extent that the teaching is corroborated at least in part by reason and empirical facts. (Obviously since God is Infinite and Immaterial, neither empiricism nor reason can conclusively prove His Existence -- He'd have to reveal Himself through higher means. However, since empiricism and reasoning must have been invented by God, such systems would echo at least some of the revelation about Him, and would not contradict it.)
  • So, in sum, while conclusive proof of the nature and revelation of God would require an individual to believe what he can't prove by empirical and rational means, such belief would not be stupid in light of the empirical and rational data which was sensibly and competently obtained.

    How-to-test sample: if a person insists he has had a revelation from the Father or the Lord Jesus Christ, but that revelation contradicts the Bible; if the Bible itself both makes sense and isn't contradicting itself, then the additional revelation claimed would naturally be suspect. If anyone claims revelation after 96AD, it's not from God. See Rev22:6-21. Canon is finished. Of course, people argue otherwise. Ok, then: test their claims against what you know is really Scripture, having first tested what you think might be Scripture, using the above bullets. You always compare against known infallible Word, to see if something else is accurate.

Of course, as you think out the enormous difficulty folks have in even reading simple tax return instructions, it's easy to see how so many data bits and 'reasonings' pass for sensible, but aren't; conversely how so many sensible data bits and reasons are rejected. So, extract paradigms to test your testing, heh. Here are a few samples:
  • Like, the evolution crowd thinks it perfectly sensible to say the big bang spawned animate life. Animacy from INanimacy? Makes no sense. But, to them it does. So, data which requires they first recognize animacy can only be propagated, not made ex nihilo -- such data will be ignored; and interpretations will thus include irrationalities.

  • So also, for those with the rosy glow of some vision -- the feeling passes for truth (an irrational conclusion), so the CONTENT of the vision will be swallowed whole, however insane it may be. Yeah, Joseph Smith suddenly gets a command from God to have many wives in order to reach "fullness of exaltation" (wow, what a satanic satire on both Trinity and doctrine of Church) -- though Perfect Adam himself only got to have one wife. Yeah, when the Lord told the Jews that even if they thought adultery they committed it, that "wife" is always in the SINGULAR; that David and Solomon were severely plagued and disciplined for having more than one wife at a time; oh, but Joseph Smith baby can just bed anyone he likes. Heh. Of course, this is the guy who got revelation from a Moroni [nearest Biblical Greek equivalent word is "moros" (moron in neuter and accusative), meaning death/doom/corpse/Son-of-Night/demon]; and Moroni (now an angel) was the last of a race of many folks God allowed to be judged by genocide. So yeah, the doctrine of such a punished people is a holy one to follow. Does that make sense? Does no one recognize this is a demon's autobiographical fantasy sketch? God condemned Satan and fallen angels to the Lake of Fire: a type of 'genocide', heh.

  • Of course, people all the time claim the Bible is stupid, senseless, or wrong on this or that topic. Of course, the first step in assessing such a claim is to see if the claim is actually IN the Bible (usually, it's not); if the claim is actually a proper interpretation of what's in the Bible (usually, it's not); if the error is actually an error (usually, it's not); if the test used to determine the correctness or error is properly constructed and operated, and based on relevant data (usually, none of the above). And, of course, the same kinds of issues pertain to the testing of any book, holy or not. Trick is, due diligence, duly and diligently done. For any holy book, any phenomenon, any supernatural experience, claim, feeling. Due diligence, not soundbyte-judging.


If the interpretation in question has any ONE of the following bulleted elements, it's a LIE, somewhere:

  • It makes a bigger issue of people or self, or has the effect of defining fealty in terms of people or self;
  • It favors activism, political involvement, crusades;
  • It condemns others;
  • Its interpretation demands others live up to what 'you' know, rather than you living up to what you know;
  • It presents God as two-dimensional, Petty Judge or Sugar Daddy.
For a correct interpretation will, with reason, not emotion -- turn attention away from people, and onto the Beauty of God. As a consequence, self will want -- with full, rational understanding, and no loss of independence -- to live on the interpretation for the sake of celebrating Him. Whether others believe or adhere to it, is irrelevant. True love is like that, says 1Cor13. [Nerd note: not all condemnatory-sounding words are condemnations, if distinction is made in principle versus a personal attack. The former usually sets forth reasoning and counter explanation. The latter resorts to epithets and rapidly becomes incoherent.]

False loves, like false interpretations, always seek to CONTROL others, and buttress ego. So, even when a doctrine is truly apprehended, a false motive will manifest, as follows. Both a) the person who worries about someone going to Hell, and b) the one who uses 'believe or burn' to make himself feel holy will together urge the 'unbeliever' to believe, but the a) person will be gentle, and back off when refused (e.g., Acts 21:14c); the b) person will remain manipulative, prickly, huffy, or pushy. Falsehood needs to 'eat up' someone/something else to maintain power; truth is self-sustaining. LIES MUST ALWAYS BE LOUD, but truth is naturally quiet.

One could go on with what the testing requirements would be to evidence Divine Authorship, but hopefully you get the idea. God's Content Signature via the Doctrines themselves would be most determinative, with respect to authorship. Of course, that's why, from Genesis 2:17 onward (a truth the woman misappropriated, discussed in Part II), the injunction has always been -- Test The Truth.

Satan&Co.'s Script SIGNATURE

Basically, the rest of this webpage is devoted to spiritual 'intel' you can yourself prove, which both explains and illustrates Satan&Co.'s signature characteristics. You can test these characteristics against virtually anything: the examples here are pulled at random (well, the examples here came from stuff given to me by others who didn't know about this webpage's content). If some movie, book, or other datapiece struck me as illustrative of D-I-O-S, it's in here.

You should test whatever you hear or read; for example, how do you know I'm not some crackpot? There's an awful lot of crackpot satanology on the web. More importantly, you should test because you have an individual accountability to God for what thinking you 'buy', just like every other human ever born. However, before we proceed, please heed this warning: because Satan&Co. are insatiably meglomaniacal, they crave attention. So whenever you have to analyze anything related to them, they want to hook you on their 'magic'. The upper, strategic purpose is of course, to kidnap your interest in God. Beneath that, is this craving of attention.

Therefore, you shouldn't engage in this analysis unless you are DISinterested in learning them, but are doing so only to see what more about God you can better understand. Demonology is a topic in the Bible, and all Scripture is to be learned. So you must learn it. However, be extra diligent to use 1Jn1:9 often as you analyze demonic activity, for if you get dilatory about it, you might find yourself in very deep doo-doo before you remember again.

So it should be no surprise that Satan&Co. sign whatever they say, as well. Moreover, it should be no surprise that Satan&Co. ape the Divine Signature, but in an extremely precise way -- to tell you they, not God, are the instigators/ authors/ founders/ etc. of the item in question. This, because your ignorance is no excuse: you are Royal Family of God, and God has done all the due diligence. So you are at fault, not Satan&Co., if you 'buy' what they derisively sell.

    Man might be tormented and influenced, etc. by Satan&Co., but it never happens apart from something man himself wanted which God in advance gave him both the ability to reject, and sufficient warning to reject. Positive side, the Cross. In the OT, Job, for example, wanted God: so, eventually got tested.

    Negative side: Saul, for example, wanted to go against God, so got the psychotic episodes, administered by Satan&Co. (you know, where he suddenly goes on rampage, and David has to come play the harp). In the OT, you don't always see what advance notice God gave, but you do see that common sense would have forestalled any denouement. The satanic signature is to be interpreted as a type of warning from God. If you don't heed it, and instead get sucked into their schemes, any discipline you get is justly due you. It's not worth it!

Of course, Satan&Co. also have their own deliberate hey-see-me signatures, roughly analogous to the "Ani, Adonai" and like simple attestations God uses. In fact, one of the quickest ways you can spot demon authorship is to Look for aped, satirical plays on God's Own Signature. They will not only be slightly off the real Divine Signature, there will be a precise and clever TWIST on the Divine Signature. Later on, you'll see how they do this in the Koran. For the moment, look at this example, from Joseph Smith (writer of the Book of Mormon)...

Section 85 of the Doctrine and the Covenants by Joseph Smith:
a Quintessential Twisting of the Divine Signature

For example, nowhere in Scripture is a Divine Signature, "I, the LORD God." That clause is in Joseph Smith's writings, though: i.e., Section 85 of the Doctrine and the Covenants. [Quoted in page 7 of Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner of Heaven]. By contrast, in the Bible, it's either "I, the LORD" -- "am" isn't usually in the original languages, but English translators put it in -- or "Thus says the LORD God" or "Thus says the LORD". (Not all the variations are listed: these two alone are in over 500 verses in the OT.)

Next, look for a Satirical Twist: if you know what the variation versus Scripture is, you know how to look for any possible twist. If no twist, then it's probably not directly satanic. Regarding "I, the LORD God", you know it's satanic because it correctly leaves out the verb English translators always insert, and because it adds "God" (last name, showing Trinity have identical essence). That latter addition thus constitutes a concatenation of two valid Divine Signatures, "I, the LORD" and "Thus says the LORD God". Notice what got cut out: "thus says". So it's not God speaking. Heh. Chopping out a little piece is a hallmark satanic salami tactic. (Done in Scripture translation, all the time.)

    Joseph Smith couldn't know all this. But wait! Can't God concatenate His Own Signature? Yep, He can, but He wouldn't do it this way, cutting out "thus says". For, the "I, the Lord" is an actual end signature to a document (whatever the words were, just ended). By contrast, "Thus says the Lord God" is a preamble of Authorship (whatever the words will be, just following). So the concatenation effectively brackets, meaning nothing of what is said, is from God, since there is nothing between "I, the Lord" and, "God". Again, Joseph Smith couldn't know all this. So the "I, the LORD God" is immediately suspect as bogus.

Since God never maligns Himself, the twist will malign Him. Ok: so how is this Section 85 signature a twist, and how does it malign? Well, it's a slapstick literal twisting: guts (large colon) are twisted in the human body, and Section 85 says that Smith is all twisted up with dung; truth is too, by the way. For Section 85 has the phrase, "whose BOWELS are a fountain of truth" -- is truth, doo-doo? "Bowels" in Bible's Greek is splagnon (lit., guts, used in Greek lit. and thus in Bible to reference the body attribute of emotion); Bible always uses the term pejoratively. Truth never comes from emotion, and truth is surely not guts! That's where the doo-doo is made! So the phrase says, not only is truth twisted up in Smith, not only is he outputting dung, but that truth itself is but a twisted up factory of dung. Both God and Smith are called dung, here. That's Satan&Co.'s bitter testimony in the Trial. That's why they rebel. They hate the truth.

See how it's Satan saying here that truth is s*it, making fun of Joseph Smith in the bargain. This passage is regarded by Mormons as a prophecy of Joseph Smith's ministry. Bet you not one in a million Mormons notices Section 85 maligns THEM, too. They see the words "fountain of truth", and think, "how beautiful". Not knowing, of course, the Bible's Greek. But, even in English, "bowels" is not a nice term, excepting the old catchphrase "bowels of mercy" (which is also an unnoticed insult, but hey). It's incredible how obvious Satan can be and how dead we are, to notice.

Oh, the entire Section 85 maligns Christ, for it instead gives both the scepter (OT and Revelation term for rulership) and "words, eternal words" (Christ is depicted as THE Word of God in both OT and NT, frequently) to a mere man (Joseph Smith). [It's a sly anti-semitic statement, as well, arguing that anyone Mormon is a true Jew. Surely the Mormons don't realize this slur?] Bible never ever talks like this about anyone but Christ (beginning with Jacob's deathbed blessing of Judah, Christ's human forebear). "Word" is stressed throughout Bible in the SINGULAR, not the plural, to indicate it's His Attribute Even As Human: "and The Word became flesh, and tabernacled/tented among us" is (corrected translation) a sample clause in John 1 (deliberate wordplay on His Indwelling the Temple).

    Worse, this wording in Section 85 burlesques God's Attributes of Truth, Righteousness, and Love -- basically saying God is an arbitrary, emotional, tyrant, who just feels sorry for man and that's why He loves him. Get a life! Compare Section 85 to Ps89:14-15 and like passages (any study Bible will have cross references in the margins), see for yourself. Also look up "scepter" and "belly" verses even in the KJV. See the difference for yourself. It's bald; don't even need the original-language texts, to see how the "Moroni" mocks God. [Moroni is such a clever concatenation all by itself: the -oni ending in Hebrew is an affectionate suffix, as in "rabboni". Ends up meaning "Esteemed Demon", "Dear Demon", "My Beloved, Esteemed Demon". Joseph Smith just couldn't know all this, so Mormonism is not a hoax, but a demon-sponsored game, played at the very time when America was about to widely get its hands on the original-language texts of Scripture, owing to work going on in Europe at that very time.]

Another arcane technical point: to DECLINE the Name properly, matters. The term "LORD God" is rendered in LXX simply as "kurios", which is the equivalent of the Tetragrammaton (and thus is more like the Divine Signature). In Hebrew, it's the Ineffable Name (which we call Yahweh or Jehovah, vowel points were deleted from the Hebrew text long ago) + "Elohim", which is not declined when His Name is used with it. It is, however, always declined when in the signature: "I, the LORD your God", or "I, the LORD their God", etc. In the real Bible, you never see "the Lord God" in the first person as a signature: it's always third person, and a human is using the signature to attest to the origin of whatever he's saying. It's a legal form of witness, and is quite a serious thing: the one who claims to be speaking something God has said gets the death penalty if he's lying (see Jer28).

So: we have a forgery in Section 85, and a bald one, at that. The "twist" is that God is baldly being maligned, and the signature is a bald forgery, so Satan&Co. thumb their noses at both God and believers for being able to get away with such blasphemy.

This explanation needs improving, but I'll have to fix it later. There are more layers to this adulterated signature's meaning than said here, too. For now, suffice it to say that the average believer couldn't invent such cleverness, so the adulterated signature reveals a higher intelligence behind the writing, and it's not God's, because it blasphemes God. As you read on, you'll see other examples to help you better see what's meant here.

If what was said using Section 85 as an example was too arcane, try the following table. Because, the twisting on the Divine Signature, always means the horrible mocking message in the table...

Satan&Co.'s Signature Invective

Oh, God is full of doo-doo. He claims to love us, but that's just a hook to get us to slave away our lives for Him. He Himself regards Himself as doo-doo, for look! He goes LOW, taking on Humanity, inventing Hell for Himself, and would very much like it if we all did the same. So, these stupid humans He created, well: what should WE do to them, but the same thing? Promise them that 'God' (WE!) love them; make religions which promise the moon, make them feel good, make them sweat to death. HAH! So Elohim will have an even bigger Hell to know forever! We, the martyrs, we, my demons and I, WE WILL SAVE THEM FROM ELOHIM, OR CREATE GOTTERDAMMERUNG. WE WILL GIVE THEM US AS THEIR GODS, and BEAT this horrible excuse for the Most High, and torment them all! Just as God who is full of doo-doo wanted, in the first place!

Yeah, He claims to justify ELECTING doo-doo in order that He fulfill that ugly SECOND FACET of Righteousness, in which His HIGH STANDARDS ARE NEVER MET; oh, because if GOD doesn't meet THAT standard, then it's not Right! So CREATION too is saddled with doo-doo, "Heaven" being that hell over hells, a lexeme far worse than the one HE ORDAINED FOR US. Hell, hell, hell, hell.. oh hell. He CLAIMS that LOVE is His Motive. Unconditional Love. YEah, Unconditional love for HELL! He just plain WANTS HELL, and demands we want it too! Ok, then: WE ELECT HELL FOR THEM AND FOR US, AND WE'LL HELLISHLY SLAVE FOREVER, EITHER TORMENTING THEM IF WE WIN, OR TORMENTING THOSE IN HELL WITH US IF WE LOSE. TAKE OVER THEM ALL, EITHER WAY!

Yeah, Love hurts, baby. Elohim have said this for so long! Masochism and sadism, then. Oh, the TRUTH is supposed to be sooooo good, that Love wants an outlet of COST! Not good, that God should be without cost, without price! Oh, must take on Humanity, and INVENT cost! So creation must become a COST, else Elohim have insufficient outlet for their oh-so-holy INFINITE LOVE! So creation must itself INCUR a cost too, in order to be made like the Most High God, the ultimate Masochist and Sadist! Oh, believe in Christ? Really, Romans 5:8 explains it all: see how LOVE HURTS FOR YOU. Yeah, so you feel all guilty and need to reciprocate -- is THAT the so-good Truth? Ok, then: let's beat them all up, just as Elohim wants everyone to be beaten up anyway! For, love hurts, baby. Take your medicine, then, oh Master Masochist-and-Sadist!

The Seven Content Elements of the Satanic Signature

The 'signature lines' of Satan&Co., are thus categorized like God's: a) outright attestation á la "Ani, Adonai", and b) CONTENT. In this latter category, we saw that God uses both Style Of Writing, as well as keywords, and.. the doctrines themselves, to create a whole 'body' of CONTENT you can certify when examining for Divine Authorship. These, of course, Satan&Co. ape as well, in whatever they do, write, orchestrate, etc.

We saw earlier the D-I-O-S (and, in Part IV, MEGA) Strategic characteristics. These also constitute Satan&Co.'s CONTENT signature, since these are the demonic doctrinal writing styles and doctrines employed to beguile mankind. Their goal is to hook you by your not knowing it, or (and sometimes especially) if you do know they are hooking you. To this end, they play the same story in metaphorical terms throughout the centuries, and all the metaphors involve some INVITATION for man to become god, or for man to use the supernatural: in short, an Invitation To Acquire Power.

    It usually takes a mundane form, seemingly harmless. The more the supernatural is stressed and people thrill to it, the more blatant is man's acceptance of demonism: if you trace such interest through history, there's a direct correlation between a rapid rise of interest in the supernatural, and war. Of course, people who realize that Satan&Co. are playing a game with us but (stupidly!) think they can defeat Satan&Co. are just as hooked. In fact, they are the prime targets for all the propaganda: oh, see, we've exposed or exorcised (yeah, right) the demonboys, How Great We Are Because We Did That. So, the elect angels then groan: for such 'victory' means man makes himself as good as God (yeah, right). Score one for the Defense Shaitan.

    Of course, Dracula (drakon, dragon, metaphor for Satan) and all manner of supernatural beating-evil movies do well at the box office for a reason: evil, and beating it, are more interesting than good. Good, is dull. Why wasn't Lassie the defender of mankind rather than a dragon ("Dragonheart" movie), huh? Why is it evil is always made cute, cuddly, alluring? Hmmm -- maybe a replay of Satan's Gen3 temptation to the woman? Yeah, baby: money and interest flow freely for any idea about supermen, psychic/astrological powers, getting messages from the dead (not too hard for a demon to mimic your dead gramma). All this, because even a mere movie about victory over another makes us feel less insecure; THE hallmark characteristic of the sin nature is an unremitting sense of insecurity: Satan&Co. tap into it well. After all, the only reason everyone hates the Gospel is that it first tells us we are helpless and ugly: we can't hear the rest (how God loves us anyway), afterwards.

    Gee whiz, but isn't God even more powerful, so even more attractive? So, don't you wonder how popular studying Bible in the original languages should be, by comparison? After all, if we've gone through loads of money and elaborate effort to eat up all books about Dracul (aka Vlad the Impaler, aka Satan using a historical person to promote demonism), what about eating up real books about The real God? Well, in the 1950's and afterward, seminaries reduced the graduation requirement with respect to Biblical language: cute touch, when 1950 was the year in which, for the first time in all Christian history, a massive trove of ancient Greek grammar texts were found in the Middle East. Still, even that discovery, which required rewriting all we knew of Biblical Greek Grammar, couldn't compete with the SUBSTITUTED requirement: 'community service' and other social-gospel activity.

      Think of the import: here was a discovery which should have sent everyone panting to know Scripture in the original languages, since we no longer had to settle for fuzzy grammars; here, about one century after the most fabulous original-language texts (MSS, manuscripts) in history were pieced together through Tischendorf, Tregelles, and similar courageous souls; here, when finally ALL the elements we needed to verify Scripture's inerrancy and meaning are in one place -- so what do we do? reduce the requirement to study Biblical Hebrew and Greek!

      In favor of what? Of making a pastor do community service? Can't the members of the church do that? Whyever must a man who has the gift to teach Scripture shun the very languages of Scripture to hold someone's hand? Does that make sense? It does to Satan&Co., hardy har har. So seminaries turned out a whole bunch of folks from the 1950's onward who wouldn't know Biblical Greek if it bit them. Instead, simpering, incorrect, distorted and downright blasphemous books/CDs/videos by the truckload are sold as fast as they are unloaded. Score Two for the Defense.

    The plot portrayed in these myriads of metaphorical ways is always the same: their epic fantasy of beating God. Every non-Bible holy book has some or all of that story in it (Satan&Co. casting themselves as both the good guys and the bad guys). Every set of cultural stories, norms, complaints and compliments echoes it. Satan rules this world and thus the world reflects him.

    So the solution is not to crusade, condemn movies and ideas which are satanic; not to go attacking our fellow humans: but instead, to Learn Bible Doctrine (see Eph6, 1Pet1-3, 2Pet3, 1Jn1 and 4, John14, many passages). As we saw in Parts III and IV, what defeats Satan&Co. is the completion of the Body of Christ: that, only God does. So we rest, just like Israel rested, watching the deliverance from the Lord in all battles. So, then: to learn Doctrine means, in part, learning the doctrine of how Satan&Co. operate, so you don't fall into their many traps: especially, since the foremost trapping device they use, is religion.

Consequently, you will find that every satanic signature will have the following seven content elements. All of these characteristics will be interwoven within themselves, with D-I-O-S, and with MEGA. These constitute a deliberate embedded attestation of satanic authorship. Analyse them as you would graphology, for the variations within these seven characteristics are of similar mien.
  1. Some verse/doctrine/ concept in Bible is satirized in a very pointed way. This is by far the most important signature characteristic. Problem is, most people are so dumb about Doctrine, they don't "get" it. That, of course, is why people get sucked into satanic schemes -- the indictment against them is that they don't know doctrine. Manifested, by the fact that the bald satire played against them, goes unrecognized BY them. When we get to the Tactical Examples below, you'll see just how universal, bald, and embarrassing this is to all mankind (believer and unbeliever alike). Later on in this webpage is a "Lie Detection Matrix" you can use to more quickly spot the signature, so avoid embarrassment at the Bema.

      However, this first and foremost signature characteristic primarily reflects their own attitude toward the Son. It's a form of them 'talking' to and about Him. Their upset, their admiration, their hatred of humans, all these factors -- are deeply and deftly woven in their satires. They realize quite well that we don't 'get' the hey-dummy-we-are-demons- pretending-to-be-God message they convey. So, we aren't the primary reason for the satire. We just come along for the ride. Satan&Co. are out for revenge against the Son. They are crazy (in an extremely brilliant way -- insanity doesn't mean stupid), they are upset, they are fixated -- on Him.

      Thus, they are positively obsessed with satirizing the Bible. The Bible as they know it is far and away more sophisticated than Christendom even imagines -- so Satan&Co. make their satires based on fully known, true doctrines in the original languages. So, the more you study Scripture in the original, using 1Jn1:9, under your right pastor -- the more you will 'see' their plays in anything in life. [My pastor stresses 1Jn1:9 usage until the congregation wants to vomit. He's absolutely right about doing that. I'm trying to emulate his repetition, every chance it comes up. It saves your life, down here. For, then you are filled with the Spirit! Defensively, using 1Jn1:9 frequently will protect you or disengage you from excessive interest concerning satanic doctrines, schemes, orchestrated events, thought-transference, 'evidence of the supernatural', etc. ad nauseam.]

      So when evaluating this first item, speed the search and look first for fixation on Scripture; it will be slapstick, abusive, and obvious to anyone with a smattering of Doctrine, as demonic. It's intended to be obvious. So you have to positively hate God (disinterest is the coldest form of hatred), to miss it. Hitler, for example, was fixated; and of course in his case, demonic anti-semitism (Major Tactic, covered below) was the entrée. God's explanation of anti-semitism is one of the most obvious doctrines in Bible, in any translation: Genesis 12, the prophecies against Israel's enemies, Rev12, are all patent. So to believe in anti-semitism, you must hate Christ (Who is Jewish -- Son of David? -- by the way).

        So Hitler exercised the most egregious public misuses of Bible to support his anti-semitic claims. For example, what he said about Moses was positively incredible -- as if Moses was leading an international conspiracy of Jewry; notes for one of his speeches treated the Diaspora as a conspiracy by Jews -- oh, the hundreds of prophecies about its nature and cause (whole books, even, like Jeremiah and Ezekiel) meant nothing? Truly stupid uses, treating God like He didn't exist; yet millions of German Catholics and Protestants, followed Hitler? Proof positive that love for God was absent.

      They will pick Big Doctrines commonly-known to parade the fixation, and it will have a 'gathering' of fanatical adherents. Because, they don't want anyone to miss how stupid it is: this is a back-handed compliment to Bible's God being the True God. Further, they will by the satirization, tell you why you also hate God, if you believe it. The Hitler example is obvious. But the prolife crusade and the anti-gay movement are just as anti-Biblical, which alike demanding laws Bible clearly prohibits (guess no prolifer reads Exo21:22). The Dome of the Rock fulfills Dan9:26, but no one notices, lol (see Part IVa). Most religious rituals, tabooism, food observances, dress observances are so incredibly insane, their anti-Biblicity is almost an asterisk. For if God ordered us to wear hats to church to be holy, um.. then Why was there a Cross? See? Satan&Co. burlesque our hatred of God and His Bible with loud and flashy stuff like that. But we count ourselves most holy, when we are most ridiculous.

      They also like to pick subtle stuff and parade it softly, as if intellectual; which is "loud" in the sense that it sticks out as illogical. But, without fanfare. Evolution is one such example: it's designed to mock God's Transmutation Plan, e.g., in Eph3:15-19 and Rom12:1-3 (Greek), Isa53:10-12 (BHS+LXX, not just one or the other). See, they know Bible; so they know what to mock, and they mock us for not knowing, since we have Omnipotence via the Spirit, available to us, PLUS the original-language texts (inspired ones) of Bible. Hence the back-handed compliment, yet insult, against God.

      In short, the advertisement here is their attitude. It's a Hey-See-Me opening salvo.

  2. From here, they get kinda subtle and cute: playing on our ignorance of the past, and our disinclination to analyse the present in light of the past. Hence, their wordplays always include aspects of GREEK PANTHEONIC CULTURE, and any text/statements will display (varying degrees of) STUDIED AMBIGUITY á la the Delphic Oracle. Greek pantheonic culture is really a demon biography, glorifying the days of Genesis 6, which was a real invasion of the human gene pool, when they came the closest to wiping out the human race (only 8 unmixed humans left).

      See, unlike the many goofy (or titillating, gee whiz) ideas about what Genesis 6 meant, the truth is plain, even in the English of that passage: it was a military tactic to procreate with human females and end solely-human genes. For, if negative volition was so high such that demons were the more attractive; for, if there were no purely-humans remaining, there could be no pure Humanity of Christ; then, the Trial would have been won by the Defense. (Human sins have to be paid for by a human, get it?) (Demons could procreate with humans, but were not supposed to, under the terms of the Trial. So, those who did that in Gen6, got locked up in Tartarus, for they broke Trial rules. Look up "Tartarus" verses, Heb2:2 (though that verse is multilevel, not just about Gen6) and Jude 6.]

    So just as Satan's Fall was, "I will MAKE MYSELF like the Most High" (Isa14:13-14), so also the pitch to man: man can make himself like the 'gods'. This most-alluring pitch is itself satire of the highest order, since, as we just saw above in the "Script Target" subsection, God's Plan is to make man like the Most High. However, only God can do that. Which fact gets deftly cut out, of course.

      That's why the stress on Gen6-type methods, which on the one hand are crass (phallic cult and drugs, e.g., the riotous rituals of Cybele and Dionysus), but on the other, 'refined' (so-called high-thinking philosophies, of which evolution is really one, going all the way back to the ancient Chinese, and later, Aristotle). Thus is satirized God's Salvation Plan, which of course was announced back in the Garden, when Adam fell: so, from Gen6 to animism to gnosticism/ reincarnation to Greek gods to its current 'stripe', evolution, Satan&Co. keep on selling the same old story, make-self-god. We learn from history that we learn nothing from history.

    So globally, the basic god-concepts we might call "Greek" have thus long been prevalent. Bible, though, focuses a lot on the Greek versions, especially in the NT, because Greek Drama language and concepts are very frequently used for teaching purposes in the NT. Remember, the NT believers who grew well spiritually were mostly not Jewish, so needed to be taught God's thought which had been expressed Jewishly -- by linkups to Greek counterparts. Moreover, Israel was founded by driving out Greek sea peoples. (Canaanites, Philistines=Palesset, and is Greek, not Arab) So a lot of that culture was already quite old and useful for Biblical analogies. Finally, the LXX was considered the infallible text (maybe not alone), and many Jews in Palestine were 'fluent' in it, so the Greek words in it were directly referenced by the NT writers: comparing Scripture everyone knew with new Scripture being penned. So, given Signature Characteristic #1, Satan&Co. avidly make wordplays, concept-plays, on the Greek gods and Greek culture, and on gnosticism.

      The current tongues movement is a classic example. See, the Cybele and Dionysus cults, as well as the famous Oracles (the speaker of which was a Python or more often female, a Pythia) -- these always stressed "ecstatic utterance". An engastrimuthos (Bible term, means "ventriloquist") demon would possess/influence the worshipper and the worshipper would fancy hearing and talking to the gods. Oh, and the talking was a sign of favor, to be empowered by the gods' and speak their language! Greek word for this 'talking' is "lalew", a mindless talking, idea of merely mouthing something someone else really was saying. Hence, the term came to mean "gossip". Or, in the Bible, talking in "tongues". It was as old a practice, as Mycenaean Greece itself, and in Moses' Day was already quite popular.

      During the rites, people would get drunk on wine or drug themselves; hence would follow rape, murder, human and other sacrifice, etc. It was very destructive, and very institutionalized. Greek concept was katharsis, emptying, so to become pure again. (There was an ascetic counterpart to this, as well.) So, the Corinthians, who while unbelievers had been very much a part of this compulsory rite, were very thrilled to speak in tongues via the Holy Spirit. So Paul, in the Greek of 1Cor13:1 and 14:22 makes reference to their former preoccupation. Proving that tongues was NOT for that purpose, but rather to evangelize the unbelieving Jew. And that, because the selfsame rites were the hallmark of being a "goy" even back in Isaiah's day (Isa 28:1-12); their speech resembled a drunk's, to Jewish ears. Hence, the Bible's use of tongues was restricted to warning Israel that the nation was about to be destroyed, just as Isaiah had forecast (double-entendre -- Isa28 is about Samaria, but also about the future end of Judah, in AD70).

      So, ever since Jerusalem was destroyed, tongues cease, as Paul explained in 1Cor13:1-14:24. So, ever since Jerusalem was destroyed, Satan&Co. pretend tongues continue, since they know it's just another version of Cybele etc. all over again, and oh boy they still wanna PLAY! So to now, just as back then.. drive people crazy. Man can't take the supernatural, as explained in Part III's "Third Reason for Invisibility". That's why God took on Humanity, to make it possible for mankind to really know God intimately -- via His Human Thinking. But to magic-lovers, learning the REAL God is no fun. Blithering is better. Bilauw Bilauw, as Isaiah would say (28:10-13). Samaria wore away, as tribute, under the Assyrians. [Bela+belo=bilauw, my concatenation of the two words; both of them are Aramaic, latter is a loan word from Assyrian. Isaiah uses similar sounding drawl-speech, but not those exact words.]

      This blithering is expanding into every sector of thought. Psychics are used to help police; we make "Dragonheart", a movie for CHILDREN which (unbeknownst to its makers) portrays Satan as a RISING star (rather than a fallen one, cute) in the form of a DRACO who was the last of his kind (sigh here); upon whose demise at the end of the film, he rises to watch over mankind. Did no one notice that blatant replacement of the Most High God? Oh no: the only priest in the film was a poet and a dufus, and God was -- well, only mentioned obliquely, in a DERISIVE and OBVIOUS MISquote of the commandment, "thou shalt not murder" (film says "kill", bad translation of the Hebrew or LXX). The DRAGON was portrayed as the Savior, get it? Did no one think? Of course not.

      Just as the Jewish Encyclopedia recounts, people have been very attentive to angelology, even going so far as to invent names for each of the many angels (this is yet another mutation of the god myths, which were not myths). Oh, and these humans think they can invoke an angel -- nice touch, make man have a god's power that way. All this attention to angels, all this fascination, yet not one English translation of the Bible is right with respect to even 1st-year seminary grammar! Yeah, we're the ones with half-dragon hearts. No interest in God, just the angels. Wow. If we spent 1/100th the time learning God as we do learning dragons and angels, we'd all be at Spiritual Adulthood. Of course, the ancient Greeks before us loved those same things, just as much. Power and sex, baby, plus a nice moral whitewash to justify it all. Unbeatable combination: God can't even compete for a nanosecond.

    Thus Mycenaean Greek culture fathered them all; even Oriental cultures have the same gods, once you adjust for nuances. So, the Greek fathered the Roman, and the Roman (which copied Sparta and Attica), was the most highly-mature demonic culture developed to-date. Rome managed to do what the Greek city-states never managed -- to forge a composite political homogeny. Please remember, that for most of man's time on this planet, his cultures have been (and continue to be) horrendously cruel. Institutionalized cruelty, actually. The society which best managed to 'fit' the Janus-faces of cruelty, war and self-glorification -- that society, lived the longest in peace.

    So, where Sparta failed, Rome succeeded. What made Rome 'work' was a careful pairing of virtue and vice, to appeal to that cruelty, in such a way that even the conquered peoples came to ape Rome; the mix adopted achieved a high stabilization rate largely because vice had authorized outlets (Bacchus, the games, warring, orgies, etc). So long as one agreed with Rome's definitions, one had a relatively free life, even if a slave. This isn't to say life was utopian: far from it. Rather, there was an agreed-upon mix between right-and-wrong, each having an authorized place. So, too, with the worship of the 'gods'. It was carefully blasé, serving more to unite society than to actually honor any beings. Lukewarm. So long as you 'observed', you were considered proper. Too much interest, or too little attention paid to form, and you were criticised, ostracized, executed.

    Since the Roman culture is child of Greek, and since Rome was really the 'greater son' to Greece, Satan&Co. continually seek to RECREATE the Roman Empire, for that is what most stably hooks humanity. Just as its predecessors did, from Gen6 through Babylon. Same ol' story, lots of new dresses and tresses. Harlots must look good, y'know...

    So in anything of demonic design, you will find two tenets sourced in this Greek-style, demonic-signature element: 1) sex contrary to the Adam-Isha design is at least 'okay', and 2) Greek-style intellectual wordplay and rationalisation, with a lot of recourse to 'higher' power. Idea is, this intellectualization makes you like the gods. That was signature for Plato's school; Bible tweaks both it and the gnostics. So, Satan&Co., tweak back by promoting such thinking. [Nerd Note: Adam, husband, male; Isha, wife, female. Not more than the two, and not outside marriage. Not with others. Not with animals, nor with same-sex. Not, obviously, with demons.]

      These twin tenets will play large and small. Large, in cultural Trends; you'll see it most readily in media presentations (TV, cable, radio, movies). This large-scale media-heavy bombardment is a herding device, so of course everyone IN the media, are clueless (sorry, conspiracy buffs). Satan&Co. are also kind enough to arrange hostility against the trends, so the larger evil of the religions so arrayed, look 'holy' -- but yet have the exact same characteristics as the trends they seek to put down! (For example, ascetic religious attitudes toward marital sex are just as much anti-God's design, as lasciviousness. The religious stress on children-are-your-happiness, is totally anti-Biblical.) So count on the apostate religions (all of them are apostate, including the Christian ones) to fight a holy war. Bin-Laden's type of Islam, for example, is seeking to do that.

      The small side of their Greco-Roman signatures, is just for fun: they will use easily-traceable keywords and key concepts in the Greco-Roman culture, or thinly-veiled allusions, but then pretend at the same time, some non-Greco-Roman idea is depicted. This was a giant surprise to discover. Most commonly, they do this 'small' playing respect to holy books and 'supernatural manifestations' like UFO's, ghosts, spirits from beyond, etc. Why don't the people caught up in that stuff, catch on to the universal Greco-Roman flavor of it? How can a UFO, a ghost, and a spirit from beyond, all be "Apollo"? Even the same names and characteristics of those 'gods' are used: either blatantly, as just mentioned; or, in simple anagrams. More about this cute, gratuitous tactic follows in the Tactical Examples.

      It's not as though we aren't familiar with Greek and Roman mythology. We were all taught it, in school. Yet it's the intellectuals who get the most hooked on this nonsense. Instead of noticing the obvious, that the 'aliens' are demons (after all, they are telling us that blatantly by using Greek gods' descriptions, which Bible tells us flatly are demons). Instead of wondering why the commonality is portrayed in so contradictory a manner -- would an E.T. also be a dead human ghost with the SAME characteristics? -- these intellectuals posit that the commonality is intended (yes, dummy); and that commonality's the proof their idea of the nature of these beings, is accurate; with lots of stress on how these beings, actually exist.

      So, when you find out what they say that "nature" is, you universally find the description to be exactly like the Bible describes demons: impish, duplicitous, vague, stringing-you-along, fancy power displays, make you feel good, attractive, etc. Every primitive or voo-dooer who's never even heard of ancient Greece, would nonetheless recognize the same universal "gods" characteristics. Every schoolchild knows enough about demons being supernatural to see the similarity, however skewed his ideas are by the red-horns-and-gargoyle images. Of course 'aliens' exist: they are demons, Mr. Starry-Eyed Intellectual.. get it? Oh well.

      So this small side grabs millions of folks. The mediums, the channelers (who have a special room at the U.N.!), the UFOers, the ghost and spirits people -- many of them do have real evidence. But of WHAT KIND of being? Why do they swallow what they are told? Well, it's not like they aren't told by the Greco-Roman nomenclature, where to look for the answer. See, if you wanna believe a lie, the truth will look like a lie, even when it's blatantly told you by the very liars, themselves. Oh, how we are mocked.

    Greeks have long been famous for their intellectuality, and the wordgames they can play; another common term for this skill is "Byzantine" . So if you see some clever wordplay of a Greco-Roman nature coupled with a claim of supernaturality, no matter what the source is claimed to be, run away as fast as you can. It's a hook which has always worked, is very compelling, and you are blatantly told it's demonic.

  3. The SATIRE with reference to the ideas of "God" or worship of Him, is BALDLY SLAPSTICK. "Slapstick" is an American name for a style of comedy long popular in many cultures. In England, "Benny Hill" is slapstick; "Oliver & Hardy" or "Three Stooges" or bop'em cartoons (like RoadRunner), in America; in Spanish, on Univision or Telemundo this kind of comedy plays on Saturday nights (I forget the show's title: it's the one with set characters, not standup comics). Each country has its own 'silly-comedy' version. Clownish. That's what "slapstick" means.

    It's truly astonishing how we don't catch on to the slapstick nature of our many faiths in 'god'. If you peruse the "God is Not Magic" link on the Home Page, you should be able to notice that all of the magical ideas there are laughable.

      Frankly, slapstick's the first characteristic I seek, to save time in diagnosis. Look: people can be quite silly and evil on their own, without demonic help. Yet, rare is the person who unknowingly makes fun of himself or his group. Rarer still, is the person whose slapstick thinking/behavior is unrecognized as such, by him. So, when one sees blatant, slapstick humor which goes unrecognized by those who are doing it or are victims of it -- some form of demon activity is puppeting the slapstick.

      At its 'refined' end the slapstick meaning is not only unrecognized, but is rather touted as virtuous(!) by its proponents (viz., environmentalists and evolutionists, any religion): with arguments which, if you don't think about them too much, actually sound reasonable. At the crass end, of course, the obviousness of the slapstick quality isn't at all masked. So to detect the former requires one ask, "What SENSE does this argument make, within itself?" From there, one detects the mockery and parody.

      Then there are the hybrids: it's crass, side-splitting funny the clothing of most ecumenical priests, for example. Those same priests, though, actually seem by tone and manner to be rational human beings -- until you hear what arguments, lines-of-dogma they advance. Then, you have to ask yourself if they are either lying, or too dumb to live. Come on, indulgences? Say a few hail Marys and you get a better slot in Purgatory? Come on, yarmulkes and payess? Bet Moses never wore one, and had no sideburns. Yet, for thousands of years, the devout of such sects actually and with a straight face can defend such dress and dogma? Pick any religion you like: you'll find so much slapstick in it, you might not stop laughing for days!

  4. Their SATIRE BALDLY MOCKS THOSE WHO BELIEVE what supernaturality or higher-power claim they sell. This mocking is painfully obvious, once you are familiar with keywords in the Bible. Here, focus is on bald advertisement that since Satan exists, Bible's God surely must exist. Yet, people still say, "Where's God? He should prove Himself!"

      So in this Signature Element of their mocking, stress is on how they actually admire Christ: for the mocking is done to us to spank us for not respecting Him. Of course, their admiration doesn't rise to the level of 'repentance' -- but one can admire his self-chosen enemy.

      Chief giveaway characteristic here will be some man-becomes-god fallacy. It's closely linked with the #3 Signature characteristic satirical belief, itself; so there's a lot of overlap. So to claim lighting a candle garners you supernatural Divine Favor, is a fallacy: mocking the belief itself as well as the believer. Here, though, stress will be made on what IS true, by contrast. The type of fallacy, if reversed, tells you what the truth is. With respect to the candle, you are being informed that you are a fool to think any ritual wins you Divine Favor. So no magic movements, potions, incantations, work, and you're an idiot to think they do. For the non-religious crowd, you'll see this banging take the form of stress on owning things, having degrees, besting someone in an election, a job, a game. It's oh-so-important. What with all the banging, you think we'd tune out or catch on, since we all know advertising lies. We tune out commercials, but not these things: odd, huh.

      So they BANG THE DRUM LOUDLY on all the silly stuff being REQUIRED and somehow MAGICAL. By this banging, they tell the world how none of these things are important. Kinda like they did when having a demon-possessed woman precede Paul, proclaiming who he was; same, for the Lord (so He told them to be quiet). They are not lying, but are using the lie to bang into the heads of those believing it, that it is a lie. See? They play both sides, they hate us so much: one side, selling us the lie with all the seduction power they can juridically get away with; then, on the other side, telling us why it's a lie. They hook people into polarized groups that way, so it's all win-win, from their perspective. We don't have an excuse, though. We love the lie, and buy it: no one forces us to do that.

      So for the same reasons, they love to bang the drum on themselves, and likewise portray themselves in goofy ways; by this you know what they are not. Of course, this goofy banging thus portrays supernaturality itself as goofy (so you are told it is not goofy, but true). So if you believe that they are goofy, that supernaturality is goofy, YOU are the one being mocked. It's a nice touch that they motivate use of the Jewish Encyclopedia to craft most movie and book plots about angels. See the fixation on Bible, and hence the Jews? Of course, they can't resist also deliberately defaming angels who sided with God in the prehistoric Trial, like Gabriel and Michael. Also compare the Biblical description versus the other pseudo-biblical and non-biblical 'holy' resources, myths, oral traditions. Then practice REVERSING the 'message' in those resources, and see if you don't get a more-Biblical interpretation. Finally, note how consistent is the goofy portrayal in all the resources; how consistent is the pointing-to-Bible once you reverse the portrayals. One mind is very clearly behind all these diverse pointings-to-Bible, and it's not God's mind, huh...

  5. ALL-AT-ONCE and FINELY-HONED WIT: this is extremely subtle, yet definitive. This Signature Element is mostly reserved for large bodies of written or oral material: like a holy book, 'prophet' or cult leader speeches, philosophical or 'scientific' treatise. You'd have to be a specialist in Scripture, for example, to detect this Signature Element in Bible mistranslation. For, Satan&Co.'s concept-play, wordplay plus interweaving of the above four items is phenomenal, all woven like a Temple Veil! around key Bible Doctrines.

    Take this very small example in Bible: Genesis 3:11a in translation reads (in any language, but here English is used), "Who TOLD you that you were naked?" That's a mistranslation. Proper translation should be, "Who DENOUNCED you for being naked?" Now, if you do not know the end of Genesis 2 a few verses back ("they were naked and not ashamed"), you might miss the DENOUNCING in the mistranslation. The mistranslation makes it sound like either a) God LIED to them about being naked, or b) God HID from them the fact they were naked. So by turning the proper translation of "DENOUNCED" into mere "TOLD", God gets denounced in the very verse with the very verb that means "denounce"! Tell me what human is so smart. Tell me that any translator would be so vilely clever. And there are thousands of these clever mistranslations all over translated Bibles from as far back as 1550, in EVERY language I can read with a handy dictionary (French, Spanish, Portuguese, English, and some others). No human lives 500 years, so the same consistent wordgames are not being played by a human being. So keep this example of consistent deftness in mind, when you look at your Bible translations; when you read any holy book; when you go through the Tactical Examples (which are bare sketches, like this paragraph, of Satan&Co. wit).

    This entire Appendix would not exist but for the constant run-ins with this #5 category, Satan&Co. wit. So, after it kept popping up in the pattern of Bible mistranslations thousands of times, I started to recognize the D-I-O-S pattern (Satan's Grand Strategy section, above). So, I began to wonder if other 'holy' stuff had the same characteristics. Sure enough: the Tactical Examples are but a few samples, so you too can see the pattern repeat faithfully, across a very broad spectrum of agents, time, formats. Hence this entire Script Signature section and its seven characteristics Ha! Play on Divine Perfection number!

    No human could be this clever. As you go through the Examples of Koran and Book of Mormon, it will become very obvious that the humans used could not possibly be capable of such games. Of course, the humans generally don't know what's going on, either. Then, even when they have some dim awareness (e.g., author of Mothman Prophecies), they still don't get the depth of the wit. Like Scripture, demonic concept-play operates vertically as well as horizontally, on many floors/levels AT ONCE. It takes even a trained human a long time to analyze, say, Shakespeare -- how much longer, to analyze demonic play or, especially, The Word? Only the Holy Spirit can make the analysis needed, work.

    But, if the human is an unbeliever, he doesn't want the Holy Spirit; if the believer is carnal, he doesn't want the Holy Spirit. So, is rightly prey for whatever witty mocking Satan&Co. play upon him. What sops we are, caving into the cheap glitter of the supernatural, instead of craving to learn Him Who is our very life? Why do we opt for Philippians 3:19, a verse no one translates rightly ("belly" in Greek is figurative for emotion), instead of 1:21 (also translated wrongly -- no verb in verse because Paul is shouting)? LOL, if we can't even get 1st-year Greek right in translation (the translation errors are avoidable, since you learn these meanings in 1st year seminary Greek) -- how will we catch on to such sophisticated wordplay by Satan&Co., right in our faces?

    The Mothman Prophecies is a good example, since (unlike The Bible), everyone knows something about it. More about the book follows in this webpage. For now, let's just focus on one teeny repeated phrase 'Indrid Cold' liked to use: the "see you in time" catchphrase. Sure, it's tempting to think that Derenberger was crazy, or made it up. Ok: but how could Derenberger know that the frequent usage of "see..in time" in the SINGULAR, not plural:

    • is a play on two Bible verses in the GREEK, 2Cor2:14 and Col2:15? The two together, plus their associated GREEK wordplays in other verses, fit together the 1st and 2nd Advents, with stress on the rounding up of demons one-on-one in a triumphal procession (play on the Roman practice) at the 2nd Advent?
    • Which, if anyone reads clearly the GREEK of Ephesians1 and 2, is the whole point of time, Father's setting up a Body for Christ to set up a Body for His King-Priesthood to serve Father forever?

    • I don't know of a pastor except my own who even teaches the rare Greek verbs, and thus these doctrines. Yet back in 1967 "Indrid Cold" sure referenced 'em when he kept on saying he'd see his hearer "in time". Yeah, as distinguished from eternity. Yeah, one-on-one, at the 2nd Advent, when we come back with Christ. Until then, angels won't be visible to us. (Demons will be visible again in the Trib, which is not 'our' "time".) Bear in mind that Derenberger was/is a BELIEVER, so would indeed SEE whoever "Indrid" really is, "in time": not OUR time, the Church Age; but in time.. at the Second Advent.

    • Moreover, who would recognize that Bible DISPENSATION keyword, rendered in English Bibles as "time", representing at least one of five Greek words for it (often mistranslated "worlds" in KJV)? As in, "a time, times, and half a time" in Daniel, yet another layer of meaning in that prophecy. Note the precision of the phrase. Daniel's was one Dispensation (Jewish Age), so is the first meaning of "time" in that phrase; then, "times", meaning at least two Dispensations (1st Advent, +Church -- see Ephesians and Luke 21:24, because there's an overlap with "times of the Gentiles", which is Church+official Trib). Lastly, "half a time", aka the "Great Tribulation", is the last half of the official Tribulation, the scant seven years before the 2nd Advent. (Bible in both OT and NT differentiates between the official Trib as a whole, and its last half, often stressing the last half, which is the greatest period of anti-Semitism in all history.)

      So yeah, all believers will see "Indrid" (whoever he really is) "in time". But, not in eternity, since Satan&Co. go to the Lake of Fire. But, not 'our' time, our Dispensation, the Church, also called "now" in NT epistles: during Church Age, Trial terms dictate that demons/angels are all INVISIBLE. (Read Heb1 and 11:1 carefully. There are other verses on deliberate invisibility: I'll put them in here later when I've time.) So, then: how clever of "Indrid" baby to leave out the possessive "our", don't you think? Tell me Derenberger was smart enough to make up that phrase. Tell me John Keel was smart enough to make it up. Yeah, right.

      [Nerd Note: never stand pat on an interpretation. Conventional interp of Daniel 7:25's wording is in years, interpreting these three occurrences (in LXX) of common Greek Dispensational keyword "kairos" as 3.5 years. But there's always more than one layer of meaning, such that all of them are true on different levels. The macro-span interpretation of Dan 7:25's & 12:7's "times" posited here is just one added layer, hypothesized to show how deft wordplay can be. Of course, Satan&Co. know Scripture way better than we do: no wonder an "Indrid Cold" can make plays on its meaning, with the poor human being none the wiser.]

      So, now ask yourself: how is it possible for a human to make up such a catchphrase, especially in 1967? Pretending to be an alien lifeform -- right, demons are aliens, compared to humans. Note how Derenberger's life was wrecked by that encounter (he didn't die, unlike the movie). Look how Keel's life was wrecked (see his book's Appendix). Typical effect of demon involvement: after they play with you, your life is a wreck. Predictable as the sunrise.

  6. Satan&Co. always use strong emotional 'hooks' as a SUBSTITUTE for Truth, to 'validate' what they sell. The hooks are simultaneously physical (i.e., appeal to one's sexuality), and mental (i.e., appeal to one's sense of insecurity); often (but not always) one 'hook' category is made obvious as a DECOY for the other to get in undetected. Satan&Co. also specialize in Overexposing or Underexposing people to truth (or reality), to help foster emotional reaction and insanity.

    This #6 will take some explaining, since we humans have no clue how our emotions puppet our lives. We might as well not have brains, our emotions so fuel our thinking. Satan&Co. know this well, and puppet our emotions to their tunes. Sending us nicely over the edge, away from any learning about God.

    Soul can't take the wrong dose of truth: positive volition is really needed, and God mediates the flow of truth to the soul, so as not to overtax it. That's essentially why, pre-Incarnation, the Lord's prescriptions for spirituality were mediated via physicalities, like rituals and flashy miracles; post-incarnation, because His Humanity's Soul literally BECAME the Truth via the HS' infusion of Divine Thinking, we now can get the fantastic Intimacy of Direct Divine Thought, as depicted by the NT's mathematical/logical language style. Thus, NOW mediation is via Scripture, alone. We don't need physicalities, hence don't need flashy miracles, ritual, do's, etc. as teaching/training aids. When you have more INvisible truth, you need less VISIBLE proof of God. The two need to stay IN BALANCE, or you'll go wacko. Man just can't TAKE supernaturality, and Truth itself is Divine and hence Supernatural By Nature. That's why learning Bible in God's System is a Supernatural Act, 100% run by the Holy Spirit. So, since Satan&Co. know this fact, they manipulate in order to IMBALANCE, by careful over- and under-exposure to supernaturality; and especially, to Truth.

    So, when volition is negative, the negative-to-God person basically authorizes this imbalance. Hence, Satan&Co. are free to over- or under-expose the person to (slanted/sleighted/ slighted) truth. Overexposure examples in Bible: where the demons shout who Christ is, and He hushes them up; in Acts, where the demon-possessed woman runs in front of Paul, so he exorcises the demon to shut him up. Supernaturality come-ons are a bid to hook believers into overexposure, as well: the Mothman Prophecies story below will be an example of it. Underexposure is more obvious: persecution, hiding of Scripture in Vatican and elsewhere for centuries, etc.

    See, due to Adam's Fall, the body we are born with, is incompatible with the soul God makes and creates at human birth. Part II covered this point in great detail (i.e., the whys). The soul is the CPU, at least at first: the brain is the interface for the soul. [Not sure this is the best analogy. Will replace it later when I think of a better one.] So, the human soul isn't good at taking shock, once it has given into the depraved body urge (happens sometime in early childhood or infancy); a soul thus trashed is positively incapable, despite free will, of discerning Truth. This, because "good and evil" knowledge connectors replaced whatever genetic truth connections there were, at Adam's fall. Thus, our genetic brain 'wiring' is kitted out for good-and-evil 'reasoning', which is incompatible with the 'connections' in Truth. Think of the genetic result of Adam's Fall, as a brain-change from a perfect (oh I wish) Windows operating system.. to an abacus. So, it's a shock to the human soul, to confront truth, to hear truth, and especially.. to admit truth. So, emotion, being a feeling which one can notice, 'passes' for truth: especially, in a good-and-evil 'reasoning' brain.

      Example: as we saw earlier, the two facets of Righteousness 'add up' to a conclusion that self so Loves Righteousness, self applies the righteous standards to self, not to externals; so self, not the externals, must meet the standards; that the externals do or do not, is 'extra'. In the mutation of good-and-evil, this essential conclusion is REVERSED -- externals, not self, must meet the first facet. Self also reverses the quest to meet the standards by claiming the standards are met by self: hence the DEMAND (another reversal) for everything and everyone else to 'do for' the self, in deference to the self's merit, usu. with some past or present action as the justification for the merit claim. That mis-wiring due to the Fall also displays (another mutation) as the perpetual-victim syndrome so popular in the US, today. Self is the victim, and that is why self is not good -- it's someone else's fault. Like, God's.

      Alternatively, emotion hooks up with the sin-in-Adam insecurity/rejection reflex to conclude self is special. A great book showing how believers can misuse doctrine is in Jon Krakauer's Under the Banner: you can search on the title or his name in Dogpile for some details. In that book, Krakauer, who is sympathetic to Mormonism, traces a 1984 murder 'God' supposedly ordered two Mormon men to commit against their sister-in-law and her baby. If you read past the lurid details (don't plan any other activity within the next 24 hours, because the book is too engrossing to put down), you will find out how all Christians get into activism, how there can be a Hitler to lead them. For, once the Bible is discarded as the sole criterion for God's revelation of Himself, anything can act as a substitute: just add emotion. So, it can become perfectly reasonable that God would mysteriously order one to kill his sister-in-law, because, hey -- closing my eyes and typing one 'inspired' letter at a time, a whole coherent 'prophecy' or 'message' comes out on the computer screen! Wowee. After a few dozen of those, any message will look like it's from God. That, my friend, was why those two innocents were murdered by their own kin.

    Good-and-evil 'reasoning' doesn't mean that truth is not used. It does mean that 'truth' is sliced, diced, mashed, and otherwise mangled in processing. So, a person still has 'common sense', but.. it suddenly stops operating, or suddenly goes crazy. Emotion accomplishes most of this mangling. When it comes to the topic of "God", the inherent dissociation we inherited from Adam blocks even common sense. It's a defense mechanism. So, we are naturally blank about God, so don't naturally think of Him. So, when we do manage to squeeze a thought through, it goes in goofy directions. Like, those figleaves.

    So, even a veneer of an excuse or reason will suffice to permit acceptance of even the wildest lies. That human beings can think it a good idea to make a lampshade out of human skin (Auschwitz, experiments on Jewish dead skin) -- things like this tell you how low we can go yet still consider ourselves reasoning beings. So was it ever, in the human race. Any visit to the history books, any visit to a psychology primer, will demonstrate this fact. So, then: emotion can use 'reason' to soothe us against any shock; to hide uncomfortable truths.

    People hooked on their smarts are just as emotionally hooked, as the dumbest holy-ghoster who's rolling in the aisles. It's amazing how blind is the intellectual crowd, to its own childishness. Yet, that's what emotion does: it clouds reason. So, your reason can be clouded by LOUD, feel-good appeal to reason. So, you can buy the slapstick idea that the poor are poor because rich people hurt them. (Common sense would tell you that no poor person can get a job except through someone richer than him -- where else could the money come from? So the rich by nature, however corrupt, help the poor; whether they want to do so, or not!)

      Intellectuals are constantly out-maneuvered by Satan&Co. via the sexy appeal to cogitation. That's the decoy 'hook'. Beneath that, is the hidden: based on an irrational or too-low premise, they go searching, analysing, collecting and cogitating about irrelevant topics/data; or, worse, the topics/data are relevant, but are subjected to irrelevant testing standards (blind-men-and-the-elephant).Click here for an example of irrelevant testing standards in a talk show between Carrie Fisher and Bill Maher.

    Due to the genetic effect of Adam's sin upon the body, when sometime after birth we all commit our first sins, those genetic urges implant in our souls. As a result, we are all insecure, and only differ in the flavor of dissociative comfort we seek, when face-to-face with the issue of 'if God'. So, we always abuse logic as a defense mechanism to hide the origin of our discomfort. Whether we are holy rollers foaming in the aisles, or the intellectuals who laugh at them. Whether we are wild-eyed screamers of the end times, brother -- or the smart ones who are wise in our own eyes. Whether we are pious good-deeders who breathe down everyone else's necks with our self-righteousness, or the gimme-a-break crowd who correctly see ritual and 'works' as pandering. Notice how the goofy or stuffy people are used to deflect attention from the entire idea of 'if God', in the minds of scoffers; notice how the scoffers are likewise used, to make the goofy/stuffy people feel holy. Great and time-honored propaganda technique, that. Whoever said Satan was stupid?

      See, it's a shock to the sin nature to even consider God, and Satan knows it. So there is massive resistance and fear innate in man when "God" comes up in his mind. Note well: we humans only differ in the amount of our innate resistance and in what conquers it. So no one who comes to believe in Him is ever any better than the one who does not. Satan, of course, will thus use the sin-nature tendency to arrogate all goods and bads to buttress ego: especially, the good of God's Real Existence.

      So, it's not hard to enhance that insecurity, that rejection urge, with some helpful excuses. Never mind, that these excuses are all illogical. Just bond a sense of being special to whatever idea about God, pro- or con-, you want to promulgate. Look: it's clearly illogical to deem self special because self has believed in Christ, since God the Son made every human ever born, personally; since God the Son in His Humanity personally paid for all sins of every human ever born. Likewise, it's clearly illogical to say that the idea of God's existence should threaten one's own self-esteem. Why should one be afraid of God? No reason. Why should one feel queasy or have any kind of resistance/rejection reaction to faith in Him? No reason. Why the HECK should it ever matter if 'you' and 'I' have the same faith? What would your agreement do for me, or mine, for you?

      See? All these attitudes are wholly illogical. Do we feel nervous about the existence of the sun? About the existence of weather? So why, then, about God? God is, or is not, just like the sun. So why is there no dispassionate interest in Him? Why does the sun get attention, but not the Son? The latest baseball scores can be discussed. But oh! Not God -- only stupid people believe in Him. Okie dokie. Gotta walk on eggshells, then; gotta avoid what should logically be the most wonderful category of information to learn; gotta keep silent regarding He Who by nature competently loves everyone. And so it goes, as Kurt Vonnegut loves to write.

    So, it's not surprising that not only today's brilliant folks are so illogical. Descartes, Kant, and even some of Aristotle's writings demonstrate how this #6 satanic ploy works. These great folks were led in circles every time they approached any piece of data or topic which would rationally lead one to a correct apprehension of some Attribute of God. It's phenomenal, to watch them come so close to apprehending -- and then veer away, as if caroming off an invisible barrier. In Kant, you can see this happen anywhere you open a page. In Descartes, same, but his CogitO ergo sum is most apt -- he misses apprehension by one letter! ('Should be CogitA, God thinks.) In Aristotle, his On the Soul comes close, then orbits away back into physicalities. Same, for his reversal of "quantity" and "quality" definitions (had he reversed the names and played with the results a bit more, he'd have discovered what he sought).

    Click here for a side trip into how Emotional Hooks create macro "Gotterdammerung" Trends.

    So you should find that emotion is the reason people 'buy' whatever falsehood is sold. Emotion, a) because there's some kernel of truth IN all lies, which is why lies are powerful. [Lies have no power on their own -- all the power is derived from the truth. If you know anything about derivatives, you can prove this fact very quickly. Scripture, of course, says it in many ways.] Emotion, b) because it feels good. It feels good to pee, it feels good to be self-righteous, it feels good to be angry, it feels good to be attracted. Apart from getting Bible Doctrine regularly and use of 1Jn1:9 almost like breathing, no human escapes the pull of emotion. That's why the slapstick element in each of man's beliefs about anything is so clearly based on emotion, not reason; why it goes so undetected by those believing the lie. "Strong delusion" (1Thess2:11, Rom1:20-32) is held together by any kind of negative volition to God, plus emotion. In unbeliever and believer, alike. We're all in this together.

  7. Satanic Doctrines always a) blatantly contradict common sense, and b) blatantly contradict Bible. On purpose. This is the capstone Signature Element: if the first six didn't work to make you recognize demon authorship, then this #7 is supposed to wake you up. See, God makes sense. So even if you do not know any holy book's content; even if you are a child, you can at least do some rudimentary reasoning about God. It's the natural thing to do. So if a claim about God (or something related to God, viz, the origin of the universe) contradicts even rudimentary common sense, well.. then the one who still doesn't wake up, is negative to God. There is no other cause.

    To make things easier on us hapless humans, Satan&Co. always tie the contradiction-of-common-sense to Bible, so you can prove what contradicts common sense, also contradicts the Bible in the exact same way. Which, the Bible itself enjoins you to examine: like Elihu told Job, "the ear tests truth": you evaluate truth compared to truth, and for a truth to be truth, it must be wholly consistent. That's why the Bible is claimed to be infallible and inerrant, and is provably so. (Copyist errors don't affect the message, any more than typos would in well-understood English text; so can be proven for what they are. Truly fantastic work in gathering, validating and finding Scriptural MSS was done by Tregelles and Tischendorf in the mid 1800's.) So too, when evaluating any book which claims to be from God, the same standard should be used, since God is perfect -- the Message in the text itself would have to reflect His Perfection, in order to be eligible for consideration as being from Him.

      So, as you'll see below in the Tactical Example of the Book of Mormon, a doctrine alleged to be OF God would not malign God, so cannot BE of God, if it does malign God. In the BOM, and in an extremely clever way in English (for the BOM was given in English, whether 'translated' by Joseph Smith or not, since he didn't know how to translate), supposedly the Holy Spirit told 'Nephi' to murder Laban, and then to immediately dress up in the murdered man's clothing, and impersonate him -- spiritually empowered, of course, with Laban's voice. Is this demon slapstick against the Holy Spirit, or what? It's the engastrimuthos demon who imitates voices; the Holy Spirit never does that, since that is a form of lying. When you read the Nephi passage itself, you of course realize immediately that such a command maligns a God Who says, "thou shalt not murder". [Yes, Murder. As usual, the translations are mangled: not "thou shalt not kill".] So, right there you know something's not kosher about the 'author' of the BOM, since murdering Laban was critical to the entire 'exodus' that 'Nephi' recounts.

      Just as it violates common sense that a Perfect God would insult Himself in the BOM example above, so also it violates common sense to say Infinity has a "Body" (another Mormon doctrine, but not merely theirs, about Father); it violates common sense to say that lighting a candle is spiritual, for what does Infinity need, with a candle?

In sum, Satan&Co.'s message to the human race always violates common sense, and deliberately. So will bear Seven Signature Elements to advertise the demonic authorship. Because you have to be Too Dumb To Live, to believe them. Because you have to be Too Arrogant To Live, to believe them. If ever there were proof we humans all deserve to go to hell forever, it's here. To believe their lies, no matter how nice you are, is To Hate God. And we are so arrogant and so dumb, we don't even recognize how baldly our hatred of God shows, when we believe these lies. It's in the genes, but.. after so long a false belief, well.. it's our own fault. That, of course, is the very point of these Seven Elements: to make clear it's our own fault. Not, theirs. They did their own due-diligence disclosure of their games, and we lapped up their lies anyway. So it's no longer their fault, that they preyed upon us. Which is why we do go to hell. Hell in this life, if a believer (Divine Discipline, Lev26 and Heb12:5ff); hell in the afterlife forever, if an unbeliever (Luke 16:20ff, Rev20:11ff -- note that it's not sin which is the issue, but REJECTING God).

Pick anything you like that's passed off as holy, and test it for sense. Then, once you see the violation, look up Bible verses, and notice how the Bible is contradicted in the SAME WAY. Then, look for the other six Signature Elements, see for yourself. [Since man morphs demon doctrines, you might not always find all seven Signature Elements. We humans don't hear demons properly either, lol!]

So let's give these Seven Elements a 'test drive' on a wildly-popular belief, and see how easy it is to detect the Seven Elements...

    Sample Popular Belief: 'sincere' belief in any version of God is enough. Look: if someone called you Yucky Gertrude Cheese sincerely, is that your name? If you reply, aren't you thus lying or impersonating, hence misleading the caller to think that's who you are?? So how godly is this 'god'? See? it's blatant stuff like this which thus yells, "not of God!"

      Let's focus a bit more on the Yucky Gertrude Cheese question. It's really common for people to say all religion is okay, all religion leads to God. Do you see how insane that statement really is? It's calling God a LIAR. If God is Buddha and Christ and Allah, then He's LYING to someone. Those are each very different characters. The Hindu will call them "manifestations", as if that solved the problem. Ok, then they are LYING manifestations, because they CONTRADICT. If God is Absolute, no contradiction can be in Him. Paradox, yes, since by nature Infinity must unite opposites. And that uniting must compensate for whatever the opposites, are. It can't just be slammed together, y'know. Integrity has to be justifiably maintained. Arbitrariness is not integrity.

      So God cannot be all these different names, since contrary CHARACTERS are depicted. Buddha (who wasn't even a god, was deified later) says you meditate a lot and practice what amounts to fatalism, at the end of which, you get to a nothingness (no more pain, basically). But Allah and Christ, talk about hell, and talk about if you don't BELIEVE, you go there forever! With Allah, you have to keep on believing, unless he feels like pardoning you (frequent refrain, which Moslems say depict sovereignty, omniscience and mercy); but Christ is to be believed on once, and "you must be saved" (Acts 4:12) as a consequence.

      See? The "God" so variantly depicted, even with just these three versions (all of which claim one or more Absolute Supreme Beings), wouldn't give nothingness to one, a capricious "shade" to another (Koran doesn't have a heaven, but a place under the earth -- more on that later), and heaven forever to a third. That's not Justice, and certainly isn't Absolute Righteousness. Such a "god" would be cheating himself, first. So see? It's patent insanity to say all religions are ok. So #7 Signature Element is bald, here.

      Of course, #1 Signature Element, the satirization of Bible, is bald also: Gospel is being satirized. You are only saved by believing in Christ. So, the demonic ploy CHOPS OUT "Christ", rendering the remainder as the 'gospel': you are saved if you sincerely BELIEVE [substitute-name-here]. Which saves no one, hardy har har! See the fixation on Bible? This ploy is a satirization of John 3:16, but WITHOUT THE PERSON who is to be the object of your faith.

      Bald also, is #2 Signature Element, the obligatory hey-see-me Greco-Roman allusiveness engraved upon every demonic ploy. For this SAME TENET was cardinal to ancient Greco-Roman culture: its most salient feature (and the reason Christ was crucified, Jews persecuted, and Christians persecuted) -- was that all faiths 'count'. To exclude even one 'god' was "impious"; Christians and Jews excluded all but their Own, thus deserved execution by the State (i.e., Paul, Peter).

      Not to be missed, our friendly #3 Signature Element, slapstick. It's sheer buffoonery to say SINCERE belief in ANYTHING, is ok. If I got on television tomorrow and told the world they'd be saved by putting underwear on their heads -- do you know, the next day millions would do it? Those terrorists sincerely believed they would be saved by flying the planes into the Twin Towers on 9/11. Lots of Catholics sincerely believe counting some stupid beads on a rosary with this mindless chanting will shave off some years in Purgatory. Of course, millions believe that a fancy new car will buy them love and prestige. So millions believed that laying flowers on every street corner near the Vatican somehow honored the Pope; or, before him, Princess Diana (never mind, the cleanup cost of all those dead flowers, thus dishonoring the dead person with expense). See how uproariously silly? And who notices? Oh, no one: we preach this stuff in pulpits or honor it in newcasts! It's taught in universities, nodded at during speeches, from the Vatican to Lhasa to Anaheim and back! Oh, what an around-the-world show this is! Which circus show, thus sells billions of smiley tickets, every day. And we are the clowns, the puppets. Going to our own doom...

      Next, our fav #4 Signature Element, mocking-the-believer-of-the-lie, by telling him the truth via its opposite. Due to the slapstick, and the SPECIFIC CONSTRUCTION of the lie, you are forwarned to REVERSE the message, and you are at fault if you do not. So look: REVERSE the lie, and know the truth: it matters altogether in WHOM you believe, and it's not okay if you believe in the wrong PERSON. So you are mocked if you believe the lie, and you have no excuse. You are mocked, for the construction of the lie TELLS you to look at the Bible (John 3:16 and Acts 4:12, specifically); you are mocked, for the SLAPSTICK NATURE of the lie itself mocks those who believe in it. You are mocked, because this very lie is the SAME LIE as the Greco-Roman civilization believed. And we all look back on those quaint beliefs in many gods, and kinda laugh, do we not? Oh, we are so much smarter now! Yeah.. buying the SAME lie? And not recognizing it's the same, what with all our education?

        Of course, this tie-back to Greco-Roman culture deliberately points to Bible as well, since the Bible warns of this very lie, from Genesis 6 onward (from which time the lie derives). The entire Bible is couched in terms of the Greco-Roman system, ever since Gen6 (i.e., the Mosaic Law's rituals mock polytheistic culture, which Egypt too had shared). [You can't see this couching in translations. You have to see the original-language texts.]

      Not to be outdone, #5 Signature Element, finely-honed SUPERHUMAN wit. The demons know Bible better than Christians. Bible says that BELIEF ONLY in CHRIST ONLY for SALVATION saves you. Satan &Co. didn't even mess with the translations of John 3:16 (which is almost exactly right in every translation I can read). So it's not works, but BELIEF. So, they PRESERVE that fact in this any-religion-is-ok lie. So, they CHOP OUT THE PERSON (thereby telling you it IS the Person of Christ, nothing else), and then SUBSTITUTE (the "S" in D-I-O-S) whatever 'name' suits your ego. So it's the Real Gospel, chopped like the 2nd Temptation of Matt4. So becomes a lie due to the chopping. Deftly.

        Then there's the nameplay, literally. "Name" being the name of the god/religion you BELIEVE in. "Name" in Greek and Hebrew first has to do with CHARACTER. "Shem" (Hebrew) and "onoma" (Greek) reference first the CHARACTER, the PERSON; which is why folks try to give their kids noble names (i.e., nearly everyone in Arabia is named Mohammed). So here in the lie, the 'name' of the religion/god does not matter. That's the main thesis of the lie: it doesn't matter what you name 'god', if you sincerely BELIEVE, you're 'ok'. Tell me: who is this clever? Do you know, 99% of Christendom also buys this lie? Despite John 3:16? Despite Gen15:6? Despite Acts 4:12, 16:31? Tell me: what human can play on so many Bible verses with but ONE lie? Heck, most Christians don't even know those few verses!

      Of course, #6 Signature Element, the emotional pull, is oh-so-endearing. Awwww, God (whoever-he-is, doesn't matter) gives something to everyone. Awww, everyone is EQUAL. Awwww, my god is as good as your god. Awwww, doesn't it feel GOOD that Buddha/Allah/Christ/Yucky Gertrude Cheese fetch for the human race. Awwww, we are the real gods, since OUR definition of 'god' serves us! Of course, if you CHALLENGE someone with the information above, their EMOTION pulls in the opposite direction: hostility. You are pushing something. You are bad. YOU are lying. YOU are mean. You are.. fill-in-the-blank. All the while, their brains never turn on to the common sense of whatever you say. Because, they like the emotion. Far worse than drug addiction, and much more deadly! So see: Satan&Co. are not to blame for promoting the lie. WE are to blame.

      So, there you have the bald satanic violation of common sense, nicely advertising all SEVEN Signature Elements around the world. Who says Satan doesn't exist, huh? We are sooo arrogant! And as a consequence, so helplessly blind.

      Correction: we are so disinterested. Blindness is not all Satan's fault, nor all the sin nature's fault. Even those faults don't account for disinterest. No one cares who the real God is; they care how they impress PEOPLE, for crying out loud. That was the big deal, in Rome: it was the whole point of life, to be well-thought of. Same, in Greek culture. Same, in any pan-religion claim. It's a peacemaking attempt, and always the one saying 'all religions are okay' feels holy about saying so. See? God is not at all important. Self is god. Being appeased. No wonder we are allowed to be beat up by Satan&Co. No wonder even they try to evangelize us to the truth. No wonder, then, they satirize us so... we get what we want, and what we want, is feel-good. Not, Know God. The sheer hypocrisy makes you wanna puke.

Satanic doctrines, then, are those which deliberately contradict Scripture. Generally, they BLATANTLY contradict Scripture, so you can check what they say. And you always prove yourself arrogant when you do not check what they say. Since Satan&Co. obviously know they are contradicting Bible, and are doing it on purpose -- all the above items will be woven into any satanic doctrines they sell. Again -- you get blamed for buying, because they make the lie obvious, however cleverly they play on the added game levels. For, the slapstick nature of the 'doctrine' they sell alone, is a big hint. So much so, you kick yourself later, once you notice how Dumb A Belief, etc.

    Bible says over and over, from Gen15:6 to Revelation, you only get saved if you ONCE believe Christ paid for all your sins (Isa53, John 3). You don't get saved if you believe in God; you don't get saved if you believe Christ is God; you don't get saved if you know Bible; you don't get saved if you know doctrines of Bible. ONE specific belief, saves you, and no matter what else you are or do, it matters not.

    So, "believe in Christ" is the shorthand version of this specific saving belief, and it's all over Scripture. So watch how Satan&Co. play with that among 'Christians': what is "believe"? Do you do it with the heart, or the head? What do you believe? Well, you believed in Christ, right? (Believing WHAT about Christ, is chopped out.) Do you have to KEEP believing? What if you stop? Is belief an emotion? Do you see how slapstick are all these questions? Yet you constantly encounter these inanities in chatrooms, publications, pulpits.. and those asking the questions, consider themselves smart to bring up these things?! It's a Twilight Zone...

    So millions of people say, "I'm a Good Person. I believe in God." What a claim that is. What, is God favored by your belief? Did He need your approval? Is He some badge you wear to show how good you are to other PEOPLE? And if you are a 'good person', so what? Happy for you, but.. what does God need with YOU being good? And if your being good deserves something from Him, then.. is he a dog, that he should fetch for YOU? Who's the "god" you believe in, then? Certainly not Him.

    Yeah, the Koran teaches all that, too. Even teaches that Christ was "flawless" and that Mary was, while a virgin, impregnated by means of the Holy Spirit (meiosis occurs in female, so He merely added the 23 missing chromosomes). But Koran doesn't teach that believing He paid for your sins, saved you. Neither does Book of Mormon, which switches a key verb (satirizing by rendering as subjunctive, Acts 4:12's Greek, actually) and says you MIGHT be saved if you believe. Well, that's not the same (Acts 4:12 says MUST be saved, in Greek). No holy book except Bible, teaches you He paid for your sins and you need to believe in His Payment, to be saved. See: Satan's not stupid. But we sure are. You have to be a complete idiot to not recognize God exists, is Infinite, and there's squat you can do, to justify a relationship with Him. So He had to do something, and that 'something' had to be a Payment For Sin. Then, it's a quick search to find out what version of God, answers that question. Only one version: Bible's God.

      I knew this in my teens. I didn't know it because someone taught me, I knew because it was logical. That big sky overhead didn't get there by accident. Someone made it. The designs of things are meant to be pleasing. Aesthetics, requires intelligence. All this, at age 13 I knew instinctively, so started the holy-book search then. I didn't like Christianity, having been turned off it by Christian religiosity and hypocrisy. Yet: God is obviously BIG. I am obviously not. Something had to be done about that, and I can't do squat. So what holy book answers that question?

      See, if at 13, when tempest-tossed with all those raging hormones you can at least think that logically, when age 33 or 63, there's no excuse not to know. And less, not to search. Granted, the search takes time: took me five years before I could be sure only the Bible answered that all-important question of how the gap in nature between God and puny moi, could be solved for His Sake (how is it fair to God, is the issue). So, there's no excuse. Raging hormones won't stop one from finding the answer.. but disinterest, sure will.

    Of course, emotion imbalances anyone and makes him an idiot. Appeal to the sexiness of contradicting Bible, putting it down, aha; appeal to oneself being a hero of some kind; appeal to one getting it right when the masses do not; appeal to splendid wording and oratory; all these, contribute to a building of emotion so compelling, it actually becomes thrilling to deride reason -- in the very name of it. The hitlers are always nourished from outside themselves.

Onward to the Tactics themselves, to see how the 'signature' plays...

Satan's Script Macro Tactics

Satan is bitter about us getting salvation. Satan continues to perceive himself and his cohorts to be spurned by God. So, in his quest for revenge, his genius REVERSES: 1) God's soul-then-body order, 2) God's quiet style, and 3) God's "SONS-for-mutual-enjoyment" Goal.

FIRST, FOREMOST MACRO TACTIC: Satan reverses all three by emphasizing the body, SO THAT THE SOUL NEVER GROWS UP. To this end, Satan invented RELIGION. [Biblical Examples: Tree temptation, initially, as shown in Part II; Rev17 harlot, at the other 'end'. In between, phallic cults and all the multi-gods, no-gods promulgations.] Ergo all his 'noise', 'misemphasis', 'obviousness' translate into banging-the-drum on everything visible: like, "works". Thus he suckers in Judaism and Christendom throughout the centuries, without fail.

And, of course, all the other world's faiths are body-oriented too, in the name of 'god'. Look at any/all of them: they are ALL works-oriented. Emotion is substituted for spirituality: to make one 'feel' (a BODY thing) spiritual. (Goofy forms of!) Reason will be thrown in to make one 'feel' (a BODY thing) right. Take the time to evaluate this claim: see if you don't come to realize that virtually all the religions are satires against God, and thus against man: that all are versions of Rev13 and 17's warnings (OT version -- Ziggurat ('Tower') of Babel). Evolution satirizes, too, for that matter: evolution is the 'reason'-appeasing version of animistic reincarnation, so avoids 'god' words. Deeper still, evolution is yet another rehashed version of the promise in Greek pantheonic culture that if you were noble enough, you could be blessed by, or progress into, the level of the 'gods'.

Oh, how handy, too, this RELIGION which emphasizes body: such a great recipe for iconoclastic arrogance in the SOUL.

  • Step One, create a shellgame of inanities, but then make it unholy to question them. This first Step is particularly handy, for we can blame our teachers for our own disinterest, that we were only obeying orders, yavol: never mind that God being First Parent means you never accept hearsay, especially if it's insensible.
  • Step Two, emphasize what you do with your BODY, so there are VISIBLE ways to criticise and praise yet never actually THINK about God;
  • Step Three, set up a tyrannical tit-for-tat system so everyone feels simultaneously self-empowering yet guilty, replete with ritual and elitism -- again, eyes on people rather than God, but oh! in God's Name, of course! Then, since the "Bible" has been so thoroughly emblazoned with this false system no one even thinks to see if what's in it agrees with all the hearsay.
  • Step Four, the inevitable denouement -- the 'god' of this religion fails to deliver! So now it's okay to curse him, and gain self-esteem in so doing. Yeah, baby goes out with the bathwater. Real Bible is trashed because the centuries of hearsay were accounted true. No one even bothers to remove The Book from the hotel dresser to check it against what people say, but God is at fault! if He must judge all this hateful disinterest. After all, we go to Church on Sunday; oh, but we are good people! So finally,
  • Step Five, we can trash the idol and put our martyred selves on the pedestal.
  • Ahhh, Step up to Step Six, a god at last. Stairmaster 666.

Why the body-emphasis? Because it's most obvious: bodies are visible, everyone has one, and all bodies have NEEDS. Needs have to be reciprocated (fed). People are grateful, so need to give. People are hurting, so need to get. Ergo all Satan's 'misemphasis', to make one have an unbalanced view of the spiritual life: sacrifice, sacrifice, sacrifice. Work work work.

Satan thus easily promotes a LOT of 'noise', to obfuscate: do do do, stress the 'need' to fix/mend/"do something about it!" So, Satan thus REVERSES, and therefore SUBSTITUTES God's inner-to-outer order, His inner/quiet style, and His inner/sons-goal -- entirely. All this, by means of Satan's focus on obvious BODY need, to supplant God's focus on SOUL not-need.

SATAN'S STRATEGY KEY ==>By emphasizing what man needs least, Satan reverses what God wants most. This body is temporary, and is just a house, so It's Made The Center Of A Fake Spiritual Life. This derides God, His Son, His Plan, His Purpose for our lives. Entirely. In Revenge. Satan reasons that since God is unfair to him and his cohorts, then Satan will 'get even' by making everyone else 'bad'. Gotterdammerung mentality. With respect to Church, since Church is the Body of CHRIST, wordplay on our BODY role is most deft. For, we are to grow up by Learning Our Head; which, by so doing, we corporately BECOME a body (main point of Eph4:11-16 in Greek). So, Satan&Co. derisively play on our True Body-ness with substituted body-works, body-stress, 'unity of religion' and similar such obviously SLAPSTICK lies. Full of lots of nice, warm emotions so we will feel 'holy'!

So, Satan focuses on the body, in order to focus on works, because works are inherently punishing -- after all, Adam and the woman were punished for their fall BY works (Gen3:17-19). So, it's easy for the human to think 'works' are what somehow 'pays' God something, especially since in his brain-urge-depravity he needs to 'be good'. Human reasons: "Well, it's in the Bible! God punished me by works, so if I work, I'll pay my sentence off and please God." See how the Bible is distorted? How Love is denied? How Grace is cut out? How Satan taps our brain-urge to conclude fig leaves? How Satan sneers at God?

So: what's supposed to be a normal, natural, enjoyable result of spiritually-growing up becomes arduous, cardboard-y, painful, frustrating. Why? Satan wants you to associate 'pain' with 'God', because That's How SATAN Thinks Of God. Also because, that's how Satan thinks of YOU. Satan wants you to be like him, see. Satan wants you to 'do' for him, see. You're just a pet, to him. He fools himself that he is saving you this way. And then laughs at his own foolish 'love' for you. [Always, his love-and-hate attitudes are online. He's torn up, and projects that fact in every thing he thinks and does. He was meant to 'love' mankind, by God's design, for rulership of man was God's subplan for his life. So he can't quite get rid of wanting to serve man, yet hates man at the same time. This double-mindedness is true for all the other fallen angels, as well -- to a lesser extent.]

So, God's process is reversed! God doesn't want any 'work', but wants your pleasure. He wants you to have "true riches" (look up all the "riches" words in Scripture). Ironically, you can't be pleased by anything until you first learn to not need it anymore. That's why God's Own Righteousness really IS Righteousness, because it's two-sided -- Righteous Standards must simultaneously be met AND unmet, which 'nets out' to mean -- NO NEEDS.

    See, so much wealth means forever choosing between competing wants -- precisely because Wealth Means No Need. See: needs sort out how to forego A instead of B. But what if you have no needs? How do you choose? If you have no needs, but lack enough Righteousness -- or Love for Righteousness -- you won't make choices which are in your own best interest. So, 'foregoing' all wants becomes a training mechanism, just as it has always been for training royal children in secular life. The purpose: to teach independence, integrity, despite pressures. So, this training process 'looks' like 'sacrifice', even though it is absolutely NOT.

    Foregoing all wants is not a black/white ascetic thing. Rather, it's a training for INDEPENDENCE. One foregoes a want to learn to NOT NEED it; to get to that 'place', one sometimes foregoes, and sometimes doesn't forego. That's why, for example, Christ sometimes did miracles from His Own Deity. This teaches Coordinative Independence. (The ascetic never learns that, because he only develops foregoing everything, so ends up being so dependent on that, he can have nothing.) The "sometimes" training is a lot harder than total abstinence, and the "sometimes" training is based on intrinsics. You forego in instance "a", because in that instance, it is right to forego. You don't forego in instance "b", because in that instance, it is not right to forego. So, you learn to Love What Is Right, and the foregoing or not foregoing is an expression of that Love For Righteousness: the Standard. See how everything docks under it, and see how true freedom, true independence is to be achieved, in God's Script?

    For, what's Righteous, is to Not Need, to BE Independent. Why? Once you don't need, anything you get is pleasing; once you don't need, anything you don't get is pleasing. So, 'extra'. That's the real point of the Cross. Life cannot be enjoyed so long as one has needs. Wealth cannot be enjoyably handled, so long as one doesn't know how to competently forego wants. Christ became so Independent of Need, that He Enjoyed Even The Cross. [See "Paradox of Merit.." table in Part V for a climactic description of how all this works, in God's Thinking. It's so awesomely-gorgeous.]

Satan, of course, hides that meaning by reversal, to make life totally choked with 'sacrifice' and needs. Ergo all Satan's channeled-through-humans, propagandic 'noise': improve improve improve. Sold everywhere, every second. Gotta fix this. Gotta buy that. Gotta do this. Gotta do that. Every media channel, every circumstance, every 'mouth' is used to constantly distort out the real message:

  • "you don't need anything but God", which is the truth, thus becomes
  • "you need anything BUT God", or
  • "you don't need God", or
  • "you need", or
  • "you don't need anything."

    See how clever Satan is? He just lifts out a tiny portion of the truth, like he does in the 2nd Temptation -- thus changing truth entirely. So, 'noise' works very carefully with 'misemphasis' and 'reversal'.

[In Fixes.htm and Fixes2.htm, you'll find more on this topic of how Satan uses body-stuff, generically. There are other Macro Tactics which are at least corollaic to the body-emphasis, and tie to the Four Reasons of Part III, the 4 Decisions (the 4 Decisions are in the Fixes' pages), and Satan's 4-pronged MEGA strategy (representing his own '4 decisions') in Part IV. One of these additional Macro Tactics is the desecration of human marriage, updated to the highest pitch with Church Christian Marriage, as it is a major Trial issue, if not the entire raison d'etre for Satan's Rebellion and both Trials (initial, and our appellate phase); another, the human concept that God is too high to know, that life with God is supposed to be low and servile: in other words, a desecration of God's making-sons-for-the-Son purpose. (This latter is a spinoff of the Brother-Foot satire Satan constantly plays.) From the desecration of human marriage comes the desecration of VARIETY, hence the ability to foster war among humans due to VISIBLE interpersonal differences like money, gender, ethnicity, culture, etc. ad nauseam. From the desecration of God's intended Sonship purpose for all humans comes religion, as well as the strong-man political and social concepts: in short, tyranny. Sometime later I'll incorporate all that material here, when I decide whether to classify these tactics as merely corollaic, or as macro tactics in their own right.]

Satan's second major macro tactic is ANTI-SEMITISM. This, because God has yet to fulfill promises to Israel. So, look at any map of the world. Think about the long history of the world. If you were to color in your map with dots of red the amount of antisemitism within each nation around the globe, your map would show a progressively-greater saturation of red, the closer you get to the Land of Israel. Think: Arab countries are the most virulent; Northern and Eastern Africa; the northern portion of the Asian subcontinent; Europe; Russia; these are the regions historically plagued with the greatest saturation of anti-semitic attitudes, even through today. The US is growing in its anti-semitism, but even so is far less plagued: for, it is in nations contiguous to Israel where Satan needs the most, and the most reliable, "red". Anti-Semitism is critical to Satan's plan, which we saw in Part II, Part IV, and Part V. So, the amount of Anti-Semitism in nations is promulgated due to their geographical proximity to Israel. Within nations, you'll find concentrations of anti-semites in geographically-concentric proximity to concentrations of Jews.

    God prophesied all this to them, warning (for example) that when He drove them out of the Land, He'd chase them with the sword everywhere they went (i.e., Lev26:33, Hosea 4, all of Jeremiah). But then He also warned that the humans who did that chasing, would be punished. So, vet what God says: test the history of Jewish migration and population concentration. This is especially easy to do with European history. Notice how, as Jews leave one area and go to another, the concentrations of anti-semites follow. You can prove this historically. Just get some history books which trace Jewish migration: Jewish organizations should have those histories, and there are some videos, too. Then -- separately, if you prefer, apart from any Jewish origin -- look up the history of anti-semitism in the area: most areas have 'somebody' who specializes in the history of that town, state, country.

It's no accident that hate groups, precursor versions of today's Mormons and Kingdom Identity (etc.), all grew up in the United States during the middle and late 1800's. During that time, many Jews had moved to the US, due to our religious tolerance and freedom. There was no country like US, then on earth. Moreover, that's when Scripture in the original-language texts first became wildly popular with your average joe believer, in the US. So in Europe during this time, you had a lot of hard-working believers like Samuel Tregelles and Count von Tischendorf, gathering manuscripts. (If you can read German, www.bautz.de has an impressive biographical list of these and like Christian heroes. It's updated frequently.) As love for God grew broadly, so did love for the Jew -- obviously, since Our God is also Jewish, duh. So Satan had to counter with anti-semitic movements in both Europe and America, which you can tell historically, rose contemporaneously with the pro-Bible-learning crowd. It's a phenomenon which has remained since that time, a kind of 2nd Reformation and far bigger in scope; it is still proceeding apace.

Hence Satan has to keep fostering whatever anti-semitism he can, to divert and deflect any incipient interest in God, into what derides Him. And ideally, to foster Christian persecution of the Jew; at this, Satan&Co. have been wildly successful, in the past. It's a strategy, a major tactic, but also a personal vendetta on Satan's part: the Church replaces Satan&Co. as the top ruling class, in eternity, and the role of Church NOW, is to RESCUE Israel -- both the people, and her "time", as the "To Be or Not to Be" table in the "Timeline" link at pagetop, proves mathematically (the Lord really did come at the end of time). So Satan&Co. adherents who buy anti-semitism will also manifest these same obsessive traits, thus proving themselves to be (the spiritual) "seedline of Satan". They're really quite wacko.

Everything Satan does is two-pronged, to HERD people. We saw in Part IVa how he's been trying since 70AD, to get everyone to seek to go back to Israel, and settle the Jews there, which is against God's very explicit warning in passages like Daniel 9:26, Matt24, end of Isa60, end of Eze38. Only GOD will return the Jews. Else, they should stay away for their own protection, so they can't be killed easily. And for 2000 years, the Jews heard that warning. But due to the increase of persecutions beginning in the 1800's, those loving the Jews forgot the Bible and sided with them to help establish the State of Israel. Hitler was used for that herding, to give the new state its urgency. So now millions of Jews -- 80% of the worldwide population, from what I can tell? -- are herded back in Israel. God never abandons His People, thank God! or they'd all be dead by now. Notice how Satan took the wackos (Hitlerians being the ultimate example) and thus shocked those who loved the Jews into doing the one thing most harmful to them. Because we didn't read our Bibles, either. Because we didn't recognize the Abomination of the Dome warning us of Dan9:26 and Matt24, either.

Now let's take a detailled example, so you can see how the herding works. First prong: set up a lot of goofy people who demonstrably can't read Bible, and promote them as 'Christian'. Second prong: set up a reaction to these goofy people. As a result, in an attempt to defend the Jews -- which we gotta do, and no sane person would want anything else -- as a result of defending them, something done in their defense, inures to their harm. Many a past pogrom occurred because the Jews banded together in enclaves out of self-defense. Aided, by sympathetic goyim, who also saw safety in numbers. Yeah, and they became sitting targets in every nation: Spain, Russia, Eastern Europe and finally Germany. So now, in Israel. Thank God Jews are more dispersed in the US!

So Satan &Co. must generate the first prong, to develop the second. So look how well he plays the first prong; just try to resist fighting against it, if you are sane. First Prong Example: the "Kingdom Identity" and like groups' doctrinal statements, tracts and books are demonstrably of satanic origin. All Seven Characteristics are displayed in spades -- truly awesome, how the verses they quote and the way they use them, proves they are the satanic 'seed' (sired by satanic doctrines, 1Tim4:1). [A particularly good refutation of their Bible misuse is at www.watchman.org; its "Watchman Expositor: Christian Identity Profile" is succinct. Then there's www.sullivan-county.com, which has a "Christian Identity" article worth reading. Finally, a longer piece called "Recognizing Christian Identity" is written by James Lloyd, and you can download it from www.theamericanvoice.com. Lots of other stuff out there, too: I didn't have time to click on all the dogpile links.] If you need something to practice on to evaluate the Seven Characteristics, start with these guys, because they really think their documentation supports what they believe. They don't see the derision. Compare what they say the verses mean with the verses themselves. Again, this would be funny if not so tragic. Here's an example, taken from the "Doctrinal Statement" link of "Kingdom Ministries", which is on the web (at www.kingidentity.com):

    "WE BELIEVE the White, Anglo-Saxon, Germanic and kindred people to be God's true, literal Children of Israel. Only this race fulfills every detail of Biblical Prophecy and World History concerning Israel and continues in these latter days to be heirs and possessors of the Covenants, Prophecies, Promises and Blessings YHVH God made to Israel. This chosen seedline making up the "Christian Nations" (Gen. 35:11; Isa. 62:2; Acts 11:26) of the earth stands far superior to all other peoples in their call as God's servant race (Isa. 41:8, 44:21; Luke 1:54). Only these descendants of the 12 tribes of Israel scattered abroad (James 1:1; Deut. 4:27; Jer. 31:10; John 11:52) have carried God's Word, the Bible, throughout the world (Gen. 28:14; Isa. 43:10-12, 59:21), have used His Laws in the establishment of their civil governments and are the "Christians" opposed by the Satanic Anti-Christ forces of this world who do not recognize the true and living God (John 5:23, 8:19, 16:2-3). "

So it should be no surprise that anti-semitic alleged 'scholarship' on Bible is funnier than the Keystone Kops. It's actually worse among those who consider themselves the 'true Israel' (i.e., Mormons and British/Kingdom Israelite/Identity), than among the outright haters (i.e., neo-Nazis). Booklet after pamphlet after 'study', anti-semites prove they can't read, for all the tea in China. It would be Benny-Hill-haha, were it not so tragic:
  1. So they don't realize that Christ was part Arab and part Black, because Moses had married an Arab (Midian) and later an Ethiopian woman; hence the line of Aaron was in Mary's bloodline, along with the line of Moses.
  2. Not to mention all the Cushite (Ethiopian) believers in the Bible, like Ebed-Melek, who rescued Jeremiah from the sewer, or the black woman in Song of Solomon who was a believer, all the Hamitic descendents who married with Shem's, etc. ad nauseam.
  3. They can't even read Gen4:1, which proves Adam, not Satan, was the biological father of Cain. Nor can they understand the spiritual 'siring' (or demonic 'siring') which is the normal meaning of "seed", as in Luke 8; nor Galatians 3's definition; nor the "implanted Word" analogy to seed that James makes in James 1. So whose seed are they? Sure helps ignorance if you pretend to be Biblical but don't read the Bible, huh.

  4. Of course, they can't read Genesis 17 to find out that Abram only became a Jew by faith, which is why he was circumcised, and THAT is what made him a Jew. Romans 4 is thus a mystery to them, which explains the foregoing sentence. So "Jewishness" is not even racial, in origin. Yes, the Jews are the real descendants from Abram, but they got that way separate from Noah etc. New race created ex nihilo. That's the point! They are a new racial species; in Christ we are a new spiritual species, kaine ktsis, 2Cor5:17.
  5. Of course the "mixed multitudes" verse showing that two-thirds of the Exodus believers were accounted Jews but not by race, they can't fathom (Exo12:38).

  6. Of course everyone before the Jews existed, guess they can't be saved, lol: so Noah and Job and Methusaleh -- where are they? Bible doesn't tell us the color of their skin. Wonder why. Who knows if Abram was white? "Seth" means "appointed", not "white"; "Shem" means "The Name" (carrying the bloodline of Christ) not "white". David was "ruddy", so a redman; he had red hair -- so do a lot of people in every race, it's a latent genetic trait. So was Esau, Jacob's blood brother. So was Adam, maybe ("red earth" is one translation you can make of the root). Hmmm.

  7. Because the origin of being Jewish was CIRCUMCISION, there were only three pure Jews ever in the human race: Abram, Sarah, and Isaac. After that, the bloodline is mixed, and non-white. Abram was from Ur of the Chaldees, which was Asian, not Aryan. When Isaac and his son Jacob went to find brides, they went back to Abram's hometown (post-Ur), and that area was non-white (whatever that means). In short, "Jewish" has not been a 'pure' race at any time since Isaac -- who by the way, married a non-Jew, remember? Rebecca. LOL. Jacob baby married two non-Jews, Rachel and Leah. So those holding that only "whites" have Souls, well.. that means Jesus the Christ had no soul?

  8. Of course even before that, intermarriage between the sons and daughters of Cain's line in Genesis 4 and the Genesis 5 Heroes line were many. Intermarriage between the sons of Ishamel and the sons of Isaac were many. Intermarriage between the sons of Esau and the sons of Jacob were many. Intermarriage between the Egyptians and the Jews was frequent, and the two nations always retained close ties.

  9. So of course the 900 or so OT prophecies about the Gentiles inheriting equally with the Jews -- not to mention, everything Paul writes on that same topic in the NT since he was an apostle to the Gentiles, not the Jews -- is not readable to these "Identity" people. Paul's pretty blunt in Ephesians 3, and in Romans 9-11 about who Jews are and who Gentiles are. "Nations" in English Bibles means "Gentiles" everywhere it appears (Hebrew is goyim, never means the Jews). So there are no "Christian nations" anywhere.

  10. Moreover, "all nations" get the light of salvation -- it's a common refrain in the Bible, especially in the OT. NT explains how that refrain gets fulfilled in Church. The "Great Commission" is all over the Bible, not just at the end of Mark (text is disputed, and with good reason, it's goofy and corrupted). Genesis 3:15 is the first time the promise of all mankind being saveable was given: but the dippy Identity people want to call that a bloodline of Satan (same thing as the gnostics and Grail dingdongs do, since centuries ago). Christ paid for all mankind, 1Jn2:2. Through Abram all the NATIONS of the world will be blessed, promise given since Genesis 11, and Abram was not yet a Jew when that promise was made. So much for the kooky idea that non-whites who are supposedly non-Israelite don't get saved -- for the nations of every race get salvation ("every nation, tongue and people" refrains in the OT and in Rev). It's a favorite topic in Isaiah, prominent in Isa52:13-54:1, Isa 9, 42:6, 49:6, 60:3, Luke 2:32, "Times of the Gentiles" (!) in Luke 21:24 (the LORD is speaking, k?), Acts 13:47, 26:23 (command to give the Gospel to the Gentiles!) etc. The role of the Jews, was to give the Gospel to everyone in the world. Not just a particular race. Christ did come first to the Jews, but He Personally witnessed to a non-Jew, the Samaritan woman (John 4:22). Now, think: according to the Identity people, she shouldn't have had a soul, lol, because she wasn't Israelite and she wasn't white (well, she really was part of the allegedly lost 10 tribes, being a Samaritan, but hey). [Some contend that the Samaritans were something like 'half' Jewish. Yeah, so what?] So Christ is not Christ, then, too stupid to live, witnessing to a non-souled person?

  11. Not to mention, Paul repudiates his own Jewishness in Philippians 3, calling it "dung" (really, a swear word at the time), last word in Phili3:8. Because the theme Paul constantly stresses is this: Race Doesn't Matter. Duh. It never did, really. God's Promise to Abram was to ABRAM, not because of his race: Abram wasn't even a Jew at the time the promise was made, as Paul explains very precisely, in Romans 4.

  12. Then there's "Salvation is come from the Jews" verse which The Lord Himself spoke, John 4:22 (Greek word Ioudaios has no other meaning). So much for the weirdo idea that "Jew" is a child of Satan and the woman in the Garden, lol! I feel sorry for these Identity people. Their brains stopped working a long time ago. Blood is mindless. But it's your SOUL, not your body, which gets saved. So mindless, going-back-to-dust blood (genetics) makes no doggone difference. That's the point Paul makes in Rom9, when stressing the difference between Esau and Jacob, who were TWIN brothers. Same bloodline, get it?

  13. So of course, anti-Semites like these never get the Gospel right: they add verbs. So they themselves are the children of the devil (unbelievers). We are all children of the devil, before salvation. Satan wants to keep it that way, so he promotes fake gospels as if 'Christian', thus preventing salvation (see "False Gospels?" blue box at Home Page top). Sure sign that those messing it up, are either long-apostate believers, or unbelievers: the "Lord, Lord" people of Matt7:21. That accounts for their ineptitude in reading Scripture (though any Christian will be like-inept, if he's not living in God's System).

    So avoid these people, 2Jn9-11, 2Tim2:26-3:7, Gen12 warnings will be played against them, for they are the ones attacking Abram's physical progeny. Don't refute them, don't eat with them.. they are being clobbered. If you're stuck with them as relatives, just find lots of excuses to stay away and quiet. Once upon a time, I was naive about these people, thinking them merely confused. No longer. Isa63 describes their fate, conceptually. Not good. Oh well. Can't reason with the insane.

    I sure hope these people never get any DNA tests. For our DNA reveals -- going back at least 2000 years -- that everyone in the world is part white, part Asian, part black, etc. -- especially, those in Europe and the Middle East, from which we 'whites' were supposed to have migrated, lol. When I tried to even partly trace my own genealogy, it quickly became confusing. Supposedly I'm English, French, German, and who knows what else. Well, look: Germans are mongrels by nature, being as the Germanic peoples began as a mix of Asians and Scandanavians. Germany sits between Asia and Europe, so its people are the most mixed. Anglo-Saxons are Germanic. So are the Celts. Sheesh: does no one even do his history homework? Hitler was a mongrel, himself, as were all the people he rah-rahed -- for at least 1000 years prior to his arrival on the world scene. (Study up on the migration of peoples in Asia, sub Asian continent, and Europe, see for yourself.)

    Moreover, there's no such thing as a "white" race. Lots of people in every race are white skinned; genes affect skin coloration, but skin coloration is entirely an adaptation, not a natural beginning state. Skin of any race will whiten owing to long living in cold climates. Blackening skin is due to the reverse: long living in very sunny climates; what's classified as 'brown' (Indian, Spanish, Italian, Greek, 'Asian') pigmentation is in the middle -- again, for the same reason: climates alternate. Because -- duh -- skin is an organ, so it adapts to the climate in which it exists over some generations. DNA replication for skin "instructs" the melanin component of skin to be more or less in subsequent cells, based on the experience of previous cells. That is why if you tan frequently, you 'train' your skin to tan; hence it becomes easier to tan the next time and eventually the tan permanizes. Skin color has nothing much to do with race, really; rather, It's a trained environmental adaptation. Oh well.

    But hey: let's ignore biology facts, and pretend these ignorant people were right: so you can see how truly funny this 'doctrine' is. Look: if whites are the Jews, then um.. well, um.. the Temple is not standing now. So the contract with Israel is abrogated. So these 'true Israel' people do not represent God. Part IVa is on that topic, but you can see it's true just by looking at the Dome and Wailing Wall. So if these dippy dingdongs were the True Israel like they claim, well.. God broke the Covenant because they were unfaithful; so God is mad at them, huh. And they have no covenant operating, theme of Rom9-11, Heb7:18 (really whole chapter), 10:9 (really whole chapter), 9:14-15, 6:20 (Priesthood changed). No lightbulbs go on, though. Oh well. So notice these blatant Bible verses (from NASB in BibleWorks, italics being my correction of translation) which are also not turning on any lightbulbs:

      1 Kings 9:6-9 6 "But if you or your sons indeed turn away from following Me, and do not keep My commandments and My statutes which I have set before you, and go and serve other gods and worship them, 7 then I will cut off Israel from the land which I have given them, and the house which I have consecrated for My name, I will cast out of My sight. So Israel will become a proverb and a byword among all peoples. 8 "And this house will become a heap of ruins; everyone who passes by will be astonished and hiss and say, 'Why has the LORD done thus to this land and to this house?' 9 "And they will say, 'Because they forsook the LORD their God, who brought their fathers out of the land of Egypt, and adopted other gods and worshiped them and served them, therefore the LORD has brought all this adversity on them.'"

      Now look at what He says about the 10 tribes, which were never lost, lol. But pretending they were, look:

      Hosea 4:6 "6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also will reject you from being My priest. Since you have forgotten the law of your God, I also will forget your children. "

      So they cannot be priests, get it? Nope, the Identity people don't. So they don't get the following NT passages, either:

      Hebrews 6: 19 "We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain, 20 where Jesus, who went before us, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek."

      Hebrews 7:14 "14 For it is evident that our Lord was descended from Judah, a tribe with reference to which Moses spoke nothing concerning priests."

      Hebrews 7:17-19 " 7 For it is attested of Him, "YOU ARE A PRIEST FOREVER ACCORDING TO THE ORDER OF MELCHIZEDEK." 18 For, on the one hand, there is an annulment of the former commandment because of its weakness and uselessness 19 (for the Law made nothing perfect), and on the other hand there is a bringing in of a better hope, through which we draw near to God."

      Hebrews 7:24 "but because Jesus lives forever, he has a permanent priesthood. 25 Therefore he is able to save completely those who come to God through him, because he always lives to intercede for them. 26 Such a high priest meets our need-- one who is holy, blameless, pure, set apart from sinners, exalted above the heavens. 27 Unlike the other high priests, he does not need to offer sacrifices day after day, first for his own sins, and then for the sins of the people. He sacrificed for their sins once for all when he offered himself. 28 For the law appoints as high priests men who are weak; but the oath, which came after the law [see Heb5:5-7], appointed the Son, who has been made perfect forever."

      Parallel to Hebrews passages above is Romans 6, how we all died in Christ and He lives forever, so we do. Doesn't sound like a bloodline priesthood, huh. Duhhhhhh.

    Did you notice how these Identity people thus condemn themselves, if they claim to be True Israel? Bible condemns Israel for refusing Messiah.. but these people are the continuation? So then They Are Being Condemned. Else God would have rebuilt the Temple already, as promised in Eze39ff. So not only do they mess up the Gospel (adding verbs to "believe", and restricting Who can do that), so many among them are probably unsaved; so not only do they mess up the covenant identity which applies Now, but.. they portray themselves as the very persons who got rejected for rejecting God. No Jew is that dumb. You don't see even the Jews trying to rebuild the Temple, they know they are being spanked. But not these dippy Identity people who aim to replace the Jews, lol. They are dumber than.. cheese.

    Every Bible mistranslation, false doctrine, or fake holy book/prophet sends a message which is always
    1. anthropocentric,
    2. derisive of God/Bible,
    3. promoting Matt4 temptations and Rev Chaps 13 and 17 harlot characteristics as if holy, pro-God (i.e., political activism, religion, man-man solutions). And ~
    4. The anti-semitic 'holy' version adds Rev12 to that mix.

    Anti-Semitism is four-times satanic, then. So four-times insane. Those involved in it are the very people they warn everyone against; worse, they can't see how they reflect Satan himself.

    Quickest way to be miserable and punished is to become anti-semitic; you lose your mind, and won't know it. Even Judas -- who is a believer, and in heaven -- even an axe-murderer who believed in Christ.. will fare better at the Bema, than the anti-semitic believer.

    Book of Mormon is more deft; in some ways even it's more satanically brilliant than the Koran. But the Mormons too, don't see the anti-semitism, because they generally don't read the Book of Mormon and compare it with Bible. They don't know the Bible verses just quoted above in Kings and Hebrews. So can't read the Bible, either. Mormons are extremely nice people, and genuinely don't consider themselves replacements for the Jews -- but anti-semitism is the foundation for their origins. [Book of Mormon alleges to be the replacement 'correct' OT, the original having become corrupt -- same claim is in the Koran. The Mormons are thus descendants of the 'true Jews' who migrated to America circa 586BC. That would make the 2nd Temple (completed 516AD) a fake, and Christ a fake, since He was in that 2nd Temple, and quoted from the NT and OT we have, which BOM claims is corrupt. Which means Christ was not of God, since He used a corrupt text, get it?] So not all people in these anti-semitic movements, realize they are anti-semitic. But you know: it's still true. Most Germans in Hitler's Germany wouldn't have considered themselves anti-semitic, either.

The second prong, then, will be a public movement reacting against these many anti-semites. Well, just search the web, they're easy to find. And hard not to crusade against these people, since they are so demonstrably satanic. But by crusading, you enter Satan's turf, so now you too are on his side, and beguiled, thinking you are defending God and God's people. So don't play that reaction game: pray, instead. We are commanded to pray for the Jews. GodSystem.htm's Element #5, and (the longer) PrayProc.htm shows you the protocol, so you can be assured your prayer will be registered and valid in the Supreme Court of Heaven. Don't mess with Satan&Co. Pull rank: go to Higher Authority. Else, you will be satanfodder.

Notice how in deriding the Jew, Satan derides God and His Faithfulness: especially, using 'Christians' to do it. See the personal vendetta which fuels him? Thus, Reversal is accomplished by denigrating and replacing the Jew, in the eyes of man. Same as with the Christian, Satan's goal is to REVERSE what's defined as "Christian", and what's defined as "Jewish". So fake Christianity and fake 'Jewish' dominates. Bible's definitions are right: use IT. Breathe 1Jn1:9 and learn Bible in God's System, and whatever confusion you have, will sort out.

    Of course, this is Derisively (Obviously) done by the Substitution: whichever people is jealous of God's promise to the Jew, they are the chosen ones, not the Jew. Vol.1, Chapter XI of Hitler's Mein Kampf is a sterling 'textbook' on how this substitution is Derisively used: just tell a public lie and repeat it, over and over. Even, accuse the victim of being that liar, of being what self is! To wit: never mind that the Jew got the Law, which was the greatest boon-to-civilization mankind ever received -- oh no, the Jew never had kultur! Never mind that the Temple was the greatest piece of architecture in the ancient world. Never mind that the complex antiphonal structure of the Psalms, plus the musical genius of the Jews, underlies most of what has come to be known as genius in music throughout history -- but lie and say the Jews didn't have "architecture and music", Hitler's prima donas of "art", the manifestation of kultur! Never mind that without the Mosaic Law, there never would have been a Europe, much less a Germany, for we Europeans were savages worshipping trees, nomads on warring rampages, destroying everything and everyone at will -- oh no, it's the Jew who is an animal!

    Incredible -- can anyone whose intelligence exceeds a teacup's ever buy that rot? Yet even today, among our enlightened internetting populi, on IRC and everywhere, idiots NOISILY trumpet this same tripe, thus obfuscating the senselessness of their claim!

    SATAN'S TACTICAL KEY ==> A repeated lie eventually becomes accepted, even among those who recognize it's a lie. So, also here, with respect to anti-semitism. Just as the so-called Palestinian claim to land has now become accepted, despite the fact that the Jews bought the Land from the Sultan before WWI, who didn't want such swampland; never mind that it was the Jews who drained and irrigated, and made the Land habitable. Don't confuse satanic prejudice with historical facts, census reports, and title deeds! So what's the Imbalance, the Misemphasis? Ohhh -- that Jews are more successful than we are! So it MUST be that their success is at our expense! They all must have acquired their superiority by ill-gotten gain, because lo! I found one among them who once was guilty! So lo! One swallow means a whole summer! One fallible Jew means a whole unter-menschen!

    This is not to say that the Jew, like the Christian, hasn't made his own vile contribution to foment ill will in others. Goyim is a dirty word in most of Jewry: Hitler was right about that (Satan always uses truth to craft from it, lies-via-imbalance). Today, as before, crusading Christians maim people's souls. Of course, the Crusades proved those European Christians were often dirty, crass, petty and supercilious. Yet, as always, it's the bad apples who color the whole barrel, rotten-red. But that color only fills those whose intelligence works like a teacup's.

Which is why any holy book or sect which has anti-semitic tenets should be avoided like the Bubonic Plague or AIDS. These abound. There are, fundamentally, two types of anti-semitism which Satan&Co. constantly sponsor; partly, they do it to PLAY on the Greek meaning of the word "anti", to tie into the word "anti-Christ" (antichrist) in the Bible. "Anti" is a preposition which means either "against" or "instead of", and in fact the latter meaning is closer to the etymological origin of the preposition. So, not only do you have overt hostilities, i.e., Arab-Israeli, but more commonly, you have SUBSTITUTIONS (heart of D-I-O-S goal). So, the British Israelites are the 'real' Israelites, based on that slapstick fallacy that any 'tribes' got lost. So, the Mormons' holy book was written by 'real' Israelites, so they are following the true faith (and what sect doesn't consider its own creed the true one). The common thread in all these anti-semitic claims is that the 'inheritance' in Abraham is disputed. That no one involved in the dispute really understands what Abraham's inheritance really IS, matters not. It's glamourous that God would pick out someone, and everyone wants to be able to say God 'chose' him. Of course, the fact that the whole human race is chosen by God (else you'd not exist!) goes unappreciated. [God selected your existence personally, making your soul at birth directly: there are hundreds of verses saying this with many different keyword-metaphors in the OT. No one else can make a soul, duh; so God chose you ("I chose you" OT verses, for example) at BIRTH. Same pattern as for Adam's creation. God also elected that anyone who believes in Christ be saved: Gen15:6, John3. The election is based on Christ's Atonement..Redemption payments on the Cross, not on man's attributes, deeds, etc. So, at both ends, God Wants Everyone, chose Everyone to be saved: 1Tim2, 2Pet3:9. Those who don't get saved are only those who did not consent to God's choice. For, Sovereign God respects the Free Will anywhere it exists, viz., the impervious free will He created in your soul.]

Which is why the Arabs and Moslems are so handy as tools for Satan's ends. First, just like the Jews, the Arabs are part of the Gen12 promise by God, though themselves not the inheritors of the Land. Instead, God carved out different inheritances for them (remember, the eternal inheritances are not the same as the on-earth ones -- gotta believe in Christ for the ETERNAL Inheritances, just like Abram did in Gen15:6; see also Rom9's explanation). So, Satan's out to destroy all the Arabs, too -- should he accomplish this, then God is unable to fulfill that promise, you see. The subsection below entitled, "Tactical Example: The Holy Koran", illustrates Satan's methodology here; but for now, let's look at something else: what he's probably doing right now. While you read this page. It's a likely scenario, given the facts now extant, yet maybe not true now; but it displays his strategic thinking, just the same. Look for the plot lines...

MEGA Promote to MEGA Persecute

Part of me doesn't want to write this table. Use 1Jn1:9 strenuously, for whenever this kind of topic comes up, even the sanest person is inclined to get goofy. Look at the underlying strategy and tactics; don't get caught up in the plausibility of this scenario happening now, for this scenario has been plausible since the Session. It's just applied to circumstances now. As usual, you'll see sudden imitations of Satan's caustic attitude, in the writing below.

First, understand that it's Satan's goal to a) kill as many Christians, Jews, and Arabs as he can, and b) to hook us in as many dippy 'golden-age', 'Christ is coming back', 'we're in the Tribulation, brother' etc. ad nauseam emotional schemes as he can. If you look on the internet you'll find an unusual amount of talk about an impending golden-time, whether you look at official Catholic sites, Hebraic (unbeliever) Messianic sites, channellers, quasi-Hindu sites, Muslim sites (2nd coming of Mohammed is a big topic right now), you-name-it. Principle: Satan is always out to make it look like the 2nd Advent is just-around-the corner -- so he can stop it.

    SPIRITUAL WISDOM KEY -->It's part of our job as Royalty to forecast, but not to be goofy; unlike the pre-Canon folk, we don't need visions -- we have His Mind in writing now. So can determine in advance, as part of our royal job, historical trends -- as part of knowing the Will of God. All The Time, Any Time. It takes learning a lot of Doctrine, before you have enough data, but it can and should be done. Because, forecasting in order to avoid goofiness is the point! We are supposed to read the times, so to avoid getting trapped up in his ploys. We are Royal, and that's what Royals are supposed to do. Lev26, Deut28, Amos 5:13, Michah 3:4, Isa57:1, are some verses showing even in the OT people were supposed to discern. In the NT, there are many more: the Gospel injunctions like Matt16:3, 10:16, Luke 16:8 in NIV; Eph5:17, Rom12:2 are pretty bald, even in the English. Search on "wise" and "will" +"God" or +"Lord".

Ok, warning over. Let's start simply.
  • The Jewish Temple has to be rebuilt in order to motivate the regathering of the Jews. (The Lord told everyone in OT and NT that Only Messiah Will Successfully Regather the Jews. So, don't pay attention to anyone who claims the Lord has returned. Of course, no one remembers what He says. Does no one recognize that the Diaspora makes the Jews safer? Like every other 'punishment' from God, the 70AD destruction of the Temple protected the Jews from annihilation!)
  • The Jews have to be regathered so they will be easy to kill. That's a timeless military principle, a flipside to the concentration-of-force doctrine.
  • But lo! the Dome of the Rock now sits where the Temple was! (The "Rock" is the rock on which Isaac was almost sacrificed, and it became the footstool for the Ark; after the Ark was melted down by Nebuchadnezzar's troops, only the Rock served as the Ark. Islam claims (lol) that Muhammed 'ascended' from there.)
  • So, then: Satan has to wipe out that Dome, and he can only do it by discrediting Islam. Which, in the process, enables him to get a lot of Arabs killed.

    He's just using them, you see: it's his prime tactic of promoting, in order to better annihilate. Just as he did beginning 100AD or so, with Church. Make it popular, make a big movement out of it, make it martyred, then institutionalize it. This makes it hated, so it can then be destroyed at leisure. Mostly, by self-implosion, since the process which gave rise to the institutionalization was apostacy. He did the same thing to Islam, raising it at precisely the time when the Western and Eastern institutionalized churches (and Empire) were exhausted from beating each other up. (See the preface and conclusion chapters of Short History of the Arab Peoples, by Sir John Glubb "Pasha", an unabashed Arabophile, written maybe in the late 1960's. For corroboration, see the same time period's chapters in Gibbon's Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, probably the 1845 edition.)

    It's interesting that anti-semitic movements in the world began a tremendous upswing in the 1970's and 1980's. Check out the history yourself. The upswing is particularly marked in America. Still a small percentage, but gaining adherents rapidly, especially among the Identity and other white-supremacist groups.

    Also -- note the herding! -- since about the 1980's, Satan's plan has been to discredit Islam, for he's made it clear via a number of (unwitting) human agents that he's had his use of it. Mostly, by using the Arabs themselves. The weird and long airplane terrorist tactics, Lebanon, etc. -- which gained nothing but opprobrium -- was a dead giveaway. (When Satan really wants to kill something he first makes it popular, then silly -- but slowly, so he can do other things the meanwhile.) So, when 9/11 rolled out, suddenly Psychics predicted Islam's end on Spanish TV; and channellers in the UN, in California, elsewhere predicted an upcoming golden age; Moslems themselves rethink their faith and ask hard questions on Arabic TV and in their mosques; suddenly more pro-Israel sentiment exists among those formerly anti-, like fundamentalist Christians, pro-Palestinian liberals, etc. There are many examples; it's hard to imagine that in 1990 we were refusing to lend Israel money despite their offer of collateral, so they had to take out full-page ads in Wall Street Journal, to protest (Israel has always paid off its loans timely). It's hard to imagine that it was only 1990 when Gorbachev was visiting Saddam Hussein, urging him to war with US. Wow, see what 12 years can do. So, today: just listen and watch, you'll see some proof yourself...

    Since the Civil War, Satan has shifted his focus to the US. At first, there was a goal to wipe us out, but it didn't work. Evangelism remained uncommonly strong in the US since its founding. Because Lev26 and Deut28 spell out the positive economic results from widespread positive volition to God, the US prospered, becoming the largest secular polity in world history; thus, the swiftest-to-industrialize. By the end of WWI we ended up being the only Great Power who wasn't exhausted (Europe had been Satan's target since Charlesmagne). Ergo the rise of Communism in Russia, to balance against US. So, when the Communist threat didn't wipe out our money or our will, Communism seemed to die. Then, we began to also. Although one can use any number of indicators to triangulate our mental downturn's beginning in the 1960's, the decline since 1990 has been so swift, you'd think we had terminal cancer. (An essay on this topic is WitnUS.htm.)

    So now we are softened up enough. So now We are to be promoted, see. 'Because we are becoming so apostate ourselves with our crusades and blaming, that our power can be used to do better damage: meaning, getting Christians to first help, and then pogromize Jews again. It's a recurring historical trend. Because, all this time, with the Arabs/Islam 'in between', we could be united -- but when there's no common cause, Christians and Jews whack at each other, as any review of history will show: lol, even James the half-brother of Christ sponsored persecution of Paul, because Paul's teaching was 'against' the Law (read Acts, sometime)! Satan's got a number of approaches he can take to accomplish this next-stage goal, and I'm not sure which he'll choose. I only know that God does keep his promises, so Satan's attempts will not succeed. Whether the US will live through it all, I don't know.

    See, with the US as the hero, we are in a position to make what many in diplomatic circles would call the 'coup' of the century: peace in the Middle East. We're just about where England was this time last century, and cast in much the same role. So, this whole spiel about establishing a Palestinian state (instead of an Israeli one, in 1903), I expect will be the coup de grâce; because it gets the competing Arab tribes all riled up. Then they fight, and then they quickly lose, too. See, historically, Arabs don't bond well with each other unless some external enemy seems a threat; theirs is a romantic past of wanderers, raiders; extremely charming people, as individuals, and very emotional. A whole lot of them would (secretly) like it very much if militant folks like Hamas would just keel over. Jews and Arabs have had many a period when, with the Christians opposing them both, the two cousin races live amiably together. So now the Jews are finally recognized as victims, analogous to the 'discovery' of those horrible WWII death camps. See how it would be easy to pit two-against-one? Then, the remaining two duke it out? Just like last century? It's really weird to watch the beginning of last century replay. With a satiric twist, of course: a different state's creation is now being discussed. REVERSAL, SUBSTITUTION, DERISION, OBVIOUS, IMBALANCE-NOISY, even. In plain sight of history. From which, of course, man never learns.

    THINK: isn't it amazing how 9/11 was used to win all this: an event which didn't even take place on Israeli soil! Amazing how we just jumped into Afghanistan and Iraq, poof! No enemy! Amazing that we are the ones to propose a Palestinian state?! Hmmm? It's classic Clausewitzian diplomacy, aka "give 'em enough rope to hang themselves." The Arabs, that is. Do we notice all this sudden ease? Let's not be blind: we're walking into a trap. That's classic military strategy. Satan's. After all, we aren't going to a Lake of Fire forever.. but Satan&Co. are. So, in the final analysis, it's not about us puny humans.

    Yeah, Satan agrees it's time for peace in the Middle East: so to piecemeal destroy everyone! We USians are sorta hamstrung in that we must go after the terrorists and must defend as we do; there is no one else. So, we are being herded, money-bled-to-death just a little more, our supply lines strung out just a little more; yet we ourselves attack our own private sector at the same time? And no one recognizes how weird a 'coincidence' this is? So, after some decades (pretend), the Temple is rebuilt, then the Jews can be regathered -- maybe with the US a corpse by that time, Satan hopes.

    Remember from Part IV, Revelation is to be understood two ways: a), as general trends between the Advents, and b) the specific events which take place from the Rapture (Rev4:1a's "door") through the end of time. By the date the unpredictable Rapture occurs, then, Revelation only says a Temple is there; 'doesn't say when it got rebuilt. Since rebuilding takes so very long, obviously the Temple is rebuilt before the Rapture occurs. How long before, doesn't even matter, because it's a historical trend -- something Satan always wants to do, something which time and again he's tried in the past to motivate (i.e., during the Crusades). For, any time Satan can regather Israel, he can make more Jews get killed, just as he has in the past, whenever he can gather them anywhere. Just as the Lord warned, back in the Gospels: run away, get OUT!

      Think hard about the effect a 'bye-bye Dome, hello Temple' would have, in the current political climate.

    • Ooodles of Christians, who generally know only how to thump their Bibles, would run to Revelation and claim either the Rapture will occur tomorrow (and it could, but as Part IV exhaustively explained, no one can know); or, that the Tribulation is now on earth! Think of the spiritual mess Christianity would then become. Think how many unbelievers would be even more alienated.

    • Add to that, the Jews for centuries have prayed for the peace of Jerusalem every Sabbath and holy day -- ho, to see it come to pass! Oh, Messiah may be returning! (There's been a BIG increase in Messianic and mystic Judaism, Kabbala, in the last decade.) Never mind, that Daniel 9:26 is illustrated by the Dome being there; never mind, that Matt24 uses Daniel 9:26 to explain that the Jewish covenant was ending (when the Temple goes, so does the covenant, as every Jew should know). Never mind, that Isa52:13ff is exactly fulfilled by Christ; but then never mind, because some unbelieving Jews on the internet are so blind, they interpret that passage to mean ISRAEL IS IT OWN MESSIAS! LOL! [I'm way too embarrassed for such nuts to list sample sites. Just search in dogpile on "Isaiah 53" or "Isa53", see for yourself!]

    • Not to mention the Arabs, who, having been clobbered royally (a must, if the Temple is to be rebuilt) would be more-than-ripe for a 2nd Mohammed. It would be very easy for some demon to call up his database from 600AD and have his possessed/influenced host say things to validate that claim. When you get to the "Tactical Example: The Holy Koran" section (below), pay real close attention to its "At-Tariq" Sura. (I will not be surprised if Satan trots out a 2nd Mohammed; he is working hard to make God popular, again. It is striking that about 2000 years after Joshua led the people into the Land, Mohammed shows up, and leads the Arabs out in a similarly warring manner. So, another 1400 years woulda been a cool anniversary, hein? Same number of years, between Israel's entry and the Lord's First Advent? But portrayed as an Arab 2nd? Satan just loves a good joke. What, could he find no better pigeon than Osama, and him, a year late? Well, depending on whose calendar you use. Update 6/30/2003: the foregoing was deduced from knowing Satan's satire-Bible tactics, and the At-Tariq sura, directly. After that, I just happened -- yeah, right -- to run into some stuff explaining how a 2nd coming of Mohammed is one of the central tenets of Islam. I didn't know that, nor have I ever heard it from the Moslems I know. So maybe it's not pan-Islamic, but in certain sects. Nor do I know if At-Tariq sura is the basis for the holding.)

    • Satan's been working hard to make everyone Pay Attention To The Middle East; a tactic he used in circa 600AD, the Crusades, and -- I bet -- in the rise of so-called Zionism, this time last century. He keeps trying to regather Israel, just as the Lord warned repeatedly in the Gospels and Revelation. (Odd that suddenly the Zionist movement found friends, at the turn of the 20th century. I can't help noticing how moving her there, then, was so timed with the anti-semitism rife in France and Europe -- not to mention the two world wars, which 'just happened' to need to cross over Israel as a footstool over and over again!)

      Do you see the potential for a massive RELIGIOUS war?

      If the media have a feeding frenzy when a few allegations against a corporation are made, never bothering to first think of the implications of all the whipping-up they do: just what do you think would be their reaction to a sudden 'peace' in the Middle East? Wouldn't governments crow? People would dance in the streets; TVs would clamor with a bizillion talk shows; whatever short war got fought would have its heroes awarded high medals for falling out of jeeps.. and so it goes. So how do you think all this would make the Arabs feel, a people whose men are known for their.. ahem, egos? They'd feel trapped!

      Even if all that heat didn't give Satan perfect chance to 'announce' Mohammed's 2nd Advent (frankly, he's about 3 years late), Christians and Jews could be made unhappy with each other. Again. Especially, since it's human nature, after a trauma, to one day awaken, angry: what I've been through! Happens after every war. Nowadays, it happens every time we change our national alert levels! So, there's a marked aversion to enter another one. So, if Israel suddenly needed help because some new Mohammed dropped by -- oh, would she get help? 50 years ago, yes. In times like today.. dicey. Set up! Now that Israel IS there, let's defend her with our lives -- let's not get lulled into our habitual 'it's over now' attitude should peace break out in the Middle East.

      For, such a 'peace' would be no different from that 'peace' bought by the Treaty of Versailles. Then, when a little Arab reprisal occurs, everyone deserts Israel, making a thousand excuses! Even in the US, we have way too fickle an attitude.. which, of course, the media will cover in excruciating detail. Making us feel even less loyal to our spiritual sister, whose bloodline is from Our Lord, her Protector. Gen12 never changes, and will crush anyone who seeks Israel's harm. Even, US.

      Of course, if Israel must defend herself unaided, she must triumph, given God's promise. So, too, if aided. God's method of delivering her merely alters. Of course, Satan would be keen on the war itself killing as many Arabs and Jews as possible (doesn't matter which, since Gen12 applies to both groups); further, Satan himself would want the Arabs defeated over and over again (which would happen whether he wanted it or not), so to get that Temple rebuilt. Then, the killing can really get going. So the Arab terrorist attacks (viz., like they do today to Americans in Iraq) will have more targets. Ahhhh, Gotterdammerung.

    So obviously, Satan's antsy to get that Temple rebuilt. The above scenario holds in any generation, and would always have the same explosive potential. So, he thinks that the earlier he can get the Temple rebuilt, the better, even if the Rapture occurs thousands of years from now. After all, back in the OT he fought with Seraphim Michael over dead Moses' body (Jude9)! Think about it: what devout Jew would not want to go back to a rebuilt Temple? So, with the discrediting of Islam will come a whole lot of problems. And thus, attacks on Israel, especially over the rebuilding. Just as happened in Ezra's day, just as happens in Kashmir (over a different religion), just as happened over the partition of Pakistan, etc. ad nauseam. Recurring trend. People get quite attached to their holy buildings, you see.

    WHAT TO DO NOW KEY ==> First, use the above information as an example of Satan's strategy and tactics in the world now, so you can train in spotting how his 'plan' rolls out. So to better avoid his landmines. More importantly, Grow Up Spiritually (but don't go bulimic). For, if enough American Christians grow to Pleroma Father will give our country sufficient blessing-by-association, as explained in Parts III and IV. See also 2Chron 7:14. Let's grow spiritually, then, so our country won't be a satanic puppet for pogromizing Israel.

      That's really fighting. And only we Royal Priests are qualified. Like the Lord joked in Revelation, keep guard, so you don't get caught sleeping, and your clothing burnt to awaken you! [I love this verse, Rev16:15. My pastor exegeted it for us. No one else translates it rightly. Here's the point: in those days, guards at posts who fell asleep were torched on the edges of their clothing by some centurion or other inspector. So they awakened in a hurry! removing their clothing to avoid being burnt! Hence, "naked" and "shame".]
    What NOT To Do Now Key ==> don't get scared, goofy, absorbed in prophecy or politics; don't crusade on anything at all; don't go ga-ga over this likely historical trend, which anyone who knows Scripture could easily deduce as part of his king-in-training job.

    Just keep learning Christ. He Is Seated, He Will Handle It.
    Like Moses counseled, "Stand Still and Watch The Deliverance of The LORD!" Like Paul says in Eph6, our 'war' isn't against humans, and it isn't an offensive against demons, even. Instead, it's the Trial: "having done all, to stand" (Eph6:13, KJV).

  • Satan's third major macro tactic is to hide or mutilate Scripture. This tactic is constant, intense, and cannot be overstressed. The "Ex:BibleTrans&Interp" link at pagetop is devoted to the topic. See also MisTrans.htm, an Appendix in the DDNA webseries; also, RightPT.htm's "Badly Translated" and "Pastors to Avoid" links, SurpConc.htm's "re Satan's Plan" link, and Caveat3.htm for how current Christian teaching is successfully targeted. Upshot: the No.1 target of all Satan&Co. function is Bible Translation and Teaching. The evidence is utterly overwhelming, so the norm is apostacy á la Rev17 (which flatly tells you Church is the #1 target).

      Accurate Bible translation and especially teaching is so rare, you have to Ask God to lead you to it: use 1Jn1:9, ask Father in Son's Name, and then watch how God answers you. Don't depend on your own understanding: Ask God. It's a Trial Witness function, that you ask Him, rather than depending on yourself. If you depend on your own understanding (i.e., testing to see if someone is 'scriptural' by your ideas); if you throw up sticks in the air to decide what's right; if you depend on how you feel about some pastor or teaching; you are led by Satan, not by God. They hook most Christians by these false methods. So bypass them all: pray to find out, then keep breathing 1Jn1:9 as needed and be alert. God is very quick to answer, usually. Frankly, you should be doing that same function on this webpage or on anything you read anytime, lest Satan&Co. usurp your sense of what's "right", k?

      The real spiritual life is only about Depending on GOD. Not, on yourself. Satan rebelled by claiming to make something OF himself. Well, not even God made Himself, so if you try to be your own god like Satan is, what do you expect God to do? He stands off. For you are not electing to depend on Him, but on yourself. Please take this warning seriously, and test it: pray as noted above, see what happens. Keep using 1Jn1:9, see what happens to your ability to perceive truth. No one but Heaven and you will know the results, so there's no peer pressure, etc. You have the privacy to test this. It's supposed to BE private, this Royal Spiritual Life. Private and invisible. Everything which is the opposite of what Christianity via Satan&Co., sells.

    Christopher de Hamel, who only meant to trace out the facts of the Bible's history as a book, inadvertently furnishes the reader with evidence of this satanic macro tactic, in The Book. A History of the Bible, Phaidon, 2001. If you look at the history of how the Bible came to be written and distributed, over the long sweep of that time it will become obvious just how painstakingly Satan&Co. have done all they can to prevent the common man from being able to get a) the Bible itself, as it existed at the time, and b) accurate Bible teaching. God forbid anyone try to get the Word out! He dies, gets persecuted, discredited, laughed at. The only appropriate word for this ongoing satanic function is KIDNAP. When Satan&Co. don't succeed here, when Scripture gets into peoples' hands anyway, Satan&Co. then focus on micro tactics, as follows...

    Satan's Script Micro Tactics

    Satan's micro tactics manifest his true genius. Like germs, a thing which of itself is small will be disregarded, especially in a world where visibility gets the noisy attention. Obvious derision by noisy imbalance (stress obvious visibility, so to mask invisible infection) is blanketed upon mankind in the most obvious way: by words. Each word is so small, so innocent. We don't credit words with much power. They're "just words" -- how often is that expression taught? Remember the childhood phrase, "Sticks and stones can break my bones, but names will never hurt me"?

    Ahh, but it's the names that hurt -- notice how the body is misemphasized. Even in the sandbox. Satan wastes no time. He knows full well that what felled Job, was his friends' words. Not the sores. Not the loss of his wealth. But words. And, of course, that is as it should be: for the "Word of God is alive and powerful" (Heb4:12). So, naturally, any words would be most powerful. Not the body. So: bang-the-drum on the body, to deflect attention from the real power -- words. For the soul lives on words (Deut8:3, Matt4:4). Just as it was designed to do.

    So, words are the "salami tactic". A little word here, a little slice off the meaning there, another little slice there, over and over and over. Day and night. Then, presto! magic! Unseen! All the meaning is sucked out of the words. Reversed, even. Derided, even. "Love" becomes just a sound. "God" becomes just a designer label. Slice after slice after slice. For, remember: A repeated lie eventually becomes accepted, even among those who recognize it's a lie.

    Slice away, baby: English translations of the Bible cover up hundreds of words which have specialized military meanings in the original languages. So the reader is dulled into thinking that the spiritual life is lukewarm: babyish, shallow, sweetness-and-light, ritualistic, do's, tame (Cf Heb5:11-6:6). This lulling, of course, is a satanic micro tactic, and the "Ex: Bible Trans. and Interp." link above, covers it in detail.

    But no testing of results should be restricted to one source (i.e., Bible translations). So, there need to be a number of "Tactical Examples" in varying facets of life, so that you get a valid sampling. Once you learn how to analyze each sample, you'll have a hands-on idea for how to test something you pick out. Note: if you find your eyes glazing over as you plow through a particular "Tactical Example" below, skip it and go on to an another "Tactical Example" you find more relevant. My eyes glaze over every time I have to edit one of them!

    The "Tactical Examples" follow, next. But they must be prefaced with a few cautions. The Tactical examples are intentionally sketchy, to show method of analysis more than 'proof'. So, illustrative of what to seek in deciphering them, i.e., wordplay, Bible references, etc. A truly comprehensive review of any of the holy books would take several years to complete, for example. Diagnosis, however, needs to be quick, since in practice we will encounter the tactics and need to quickly identify them, like enemy aircraft. So to know something else: what to think/do next. So comprehensive analysis isn't productive. Instead, once you see a sufficient number of diagnostic markers in a DIOS pattern, you don't have to worry about being accurate as to what specific ones actually mean. Kinda like differentiating between an airplane and a car, you might not get the type of car/plane correct, but you surely got the type of transport correct. For example, in the Tactical Example of the Koran, below, it's probable that the specific meanings I interpreted are 'off', but the pattern is nonetheless so clear, it doesn't matter what the specifics are. Satan&Co. had to be the author of that book, even if you correct for any errant specific meanings.

      The examples should be popular, thus easy-to-check: most of them I received from folks who didn't know about this webpage. By the way, the movie/media examples aren't 'demonic' in the sense that you should avoid them, suspect anyone involved in them, or run around like a crazy person warning everybody: all that conspiracy nonsense is of no value to the Christian. Rather, just sanely learn, as always, applying Doctrine to experience. See how the Bible's doctrine about demon activity 'plays'. For example, just as in the Bible, one of the ways Satan&Co. recruit people today is by entertaining display of the supernatural: this encourages people to want it. Doesn't matter if it's real supernaturality, or movies (unwittingly) promoting it: the 'hook' is still effective. Then, when the person gets hungry enough, and there's some use of him to be made, a demon can play head games and seem to be an angel-in-a-trophy, like in the mentally-brutal movie, "Frailty". [That movie is a good illustration of how demon influence works, though normally demon influence focuses on good deeds and power plays. I don't know if the folks who made the movie were aware of how well they portrayed it. Real-life counterpart to "Frailty" is a book on a Mormon murder in 1984, Banner Under Heaven, though "Frailty" wasn't based on that book.]

      Of course, the people making these movies, etc. have no intention of hooking other people into demonic schemes (sorry, conspiracy buffs). So instead just use the material to note how the examples all depict the framework of Satan's Script. See, you already can prove the framework from Scripture: but how do you spot it playing in real life? Frankly, a lot of what people expect demon activity to be, is not. Most of what they don't consider demonic, is. So, you need real-life stuff you can look at, to discern between the "spirit of truth" and the "spirit of error" (God's versus Satan's Script), as John puts it (1Jn4, near verse 4). Where some movie or book covers historical material (i.e., Mothman Prophecies is about an actual series of events people really believe happened to them in 1967), then also note how the pattern plays out in real life, and is not merely some movie.

      These Examples are also provided so that you won't be fooled into wanting them. Many people are very fooled. They pant after psychic readings, seances or mediums who 'contact' dead 'loved ones'; they crave magic, incantations, healings, dreams, and especially, 'visitations': a UFO, ghost, 'vision', etc. ad nauseam. Any 'visitations' or 'contact' even (what fools!) 'exorcism', is contact with demons. Satan&Co. crave this kind of contact, and once you get it, you're in very deep doo-doo. They don't like to 'lose' you once they get 'contact'. (Avoid tongues people like the plague, for this reason. They are in contact with demons, and fancy it's God they know. Just as folks fancied back during the Mycenaen period!)

      Some of those manifestations might be 'real' in the sense that demons can possess unbelievers, and make them say stuff (demons are maybe billions of years old so can easily imitate your late gramma or know her secrets); They can make people 'know' things, speak in any language, make a person a whole lot stronger (see Gospels for the pattern) even manipulate the look of a person; they can play with electrical energy, in order to pull off some 'joke'. On the other hand, some of these things might be wholly human invention.

      Most stuff of demon origin, will be headgames. Thoughts or even images can be sent you, because angels (and hence demons) are made of light. (God's angels never ever play such games). The eye, for example, can be tricked into seeing things simply by focusing the thought-image to the brain. Since you can imagine a piece of bread and thus 'see' it, they can make you 'see' it also, even though there is no real bread before your physical eyes. The sight headgame is really popular right now (all those 'visions' of Mary in a cheese sandwich, a tortilla; even a Chicago underpass, in early 2005).

      However, over 90% of their activity focuses on the mundane, to promote 'nice' and 'power'. The other 10%, the flashy stuff, is to deflect attention from the 90%, so only the 10% looks demonic. That's why you will almost never see a smart portrayal of demon stuff in the media, but rather demon-self-caricatures: vampires, red horns and tail, etc. With us humans never the wiser.

      The 90% is as quiet as the 'supernatural' pitch is loud. Yeah, quiet: so quiet, no one notices how blinded they are. Two quick examples of the 90%: a) the evolutionist who doesn't recognize that the first law of math proves transmutation is impossible; b) the prolifer who doesn't recognize that if soul life was ever IN the womb, God would be both a murderer and a sadist. [A murderer, because spontaneous abortions occur; a sadist, because then the 'baby' would have self-consciousness, would be trapped, and could feel the horror of his body parts forming, of which the brain is last, for crying out loud!]

        Do you see how sick are these two current beliefs, evolution and prolife? Proved totally wrong, on the folks' own terms! The evolutionist, who prides himself on his rationality -- oh no, only stupid people believe in God, he's a scientist! -- is felled by the first law of the First Science, math. Hiding in plain sight. Never mind, that evolution is just a dressed-up version of animism, the most primitive version of religion on this planet. So the 'scientist' is an animist, a primitive! Aha, what a joke on him!

        The prolifer, who prides himself on fighting for God, hallelujah! -- is, in the name of GOD, no less -- selling God as a murderer and a sadist! Hiding in plain sight! Surely common sense is not operating. But how can it be so blinded? You guess why. Then, look for any nonsense in your own beliefs, for each of us is like-blinded somewhere, at some time, on some topic: especially, if we are trying to learn Him.

        The Overlooked Obvious is the Uppermost Truth: it won't occur to the person to ask the obvious question, even when (and especially when) he faces opposition. That's the quintessential hallmark evidence of demonic involvement. Millions will believe or be attracted to a stupid thing, and the stupidity of it will not occur to them. Even when, and especially when, the stupidity is mentioned by another human who does see it. When you encounter that, walk away. Too much demon clouding is going on. That's why the Gospel is no longer stated rightly (for over 40 years, it's been misstated, despite John3:16), that's why the insane "Federal Marriage Amendment" movement exists (along with a total lie-version of the US's historic founding by famous 'Christians'); that's why a Martha Stewart can go to jail because she merely thought about lying, but didn't (she hadn't done anything wrong, but ALMOST did). Insanity, everywhere in the US. In plain sight, the uppermost truth -- unseen. Because, clouded.

        many, many millions of otherwise-bright, sane, nice people are herded by that 90%. Quietly. So, surgically, are nonetheless just as wacky as the guy who thinks he's the latest incarnation of Christ. But we only recognize the latter type of craziness, not the former, far larger, ones! Who said Satan was stupid? Well, Satan&Co. portray themselves as stupid, so we can laugh at them or at least be entertained. Meanwhile, we are the blinded ones, and the joke's on US. [For more on "a)", look at Evolshort.htm. Much more on b) is discussed toward the end of this webpage, and in Caveat4.htm, NoWombLife.htm. Also, citations are concentrated in small font in Part II: search there on "prolifer". Other websites have more data, passim.]

    So to test for demonic sponsorship, you'd seek to spot in the tested item: the Seven Signature Elements, the DIOS and MEGA strategies. Let's recap what these characteristics are. For the Tactical Examples below won't usually LIST them, lest your conclusions be influenced as you read.

      The Seven Signature Elements are:
      1. Some MAJOR DOCTRINE in Bible is SATIRIZED, meaning the lie sold is a SATIRE on some Big Bible Doctrine. There is a big fixated quality to the satirization, too: fixated in topic, fixated adherents toward the satirized version, and fixation against Bible. ("Against" doesn't necessarily mean hostile, but anti-, concept of substitute meaning which negates.)
      2. GRECO-ROMAN CULTURE IS ALLUSIVELY REFERENCED on both subtle and obvious levels; there will always be an impish, DELPHIC-ORACLE AMBIGUITY in the wit.
      3. The lie is baldly SLAPSTICK (silly).
      4. The satirization therefore baldly MOCKS whoever believes the lie sold; and if you REVERSE that lie, you know the Truth being disclosed.
      5. The satirization involves SUPERHUMAN wordplay/WIT, multilevel; and often, on the original-language words/meanings in Real Bible.
      6. EMOTIONAL HOOKS are used to sell the lie (thus exposing the hypocrisy of the one who believes the lie).
      7. The lie DELIBERATELY CONTRADICTS both COMMON SENSE and BIBLE in a way you can VERIFY. So there is no excuse. This is the Satan&Co. method of due-diligence disclosure of the truth. They hate God, but they hate you for not believing in God; they hate you if you do believe in God. They hate you, period. But they always use lies to tell the truth, and they always use the truth to tell the lie.

      "D-I-O-S", Satan's Grand Strategy, stands for

      • Derision, made obvious;
      • Imbalance, to misemphasize;
      • Obfuscation, to make covering 'noise' (decoy);
      • Substitution, to reverse the truth.
      Matching it item for item, is Satan's Tactical Operation Strategy (to STOP the Omega from 2nd Advent), "MEGA" (from Part IVc):
      • Morality,
      • Emotionality,
      • GrossSin, and
      • Apathy.
      That's the basic path of human nature, MEGA. So
      • Derision uses Morality (derides God by substitution of morality);
      • Imbalance uses Emotionality (favoring emotion over reason);
      • Obfuscation uses GrossSin (gets all the attention, a decoy maneuver);
      • Substitution uses Apathy (disinterest in God is eager for a substitute/reversal of any truth).

        These strategies are thickly woven, and always have a mantle of rightness about them. Rightness is usually accomplished by popularity and respectability; of course, the popularity itself confers a type of respectability, since we are supposed to respect people, right? That's HERDING, get it? Hence the obvious Derision, Imbalance, Obfuscation, Substitution. Deriding the moral norm of respecting people by making a stupid thing, popular; hence, deriding all who believe in the stupid thing. Imbalance -- emotional appeal of respecting people to justify buying a stupid thing made POPULAR. Obfuscation, the 'noise' of the crowd, the 'gross sin' if you don't go along with the crowd. So voilá! Substitution of a stupid thing for smart reason. All in the name of fitting-in. True apathy to truth, completed.

    Now you probably suspect that doggone near everything in life has some demon sponsor(s) 'herding' it. Yeppers. So this testing for demon sponsorship on specific items, isn't fun: do it only because Bible covers this stuff, and we gotta learn ALL of Bible. Also, like Peter warned in his letters: know your enemy, but not too closely, heh. Then leave God to handle it all. Never never never get hooked into the anti-God, arrogant lie that 'you' must 'do something' to 'fight' demonic stuff. God doesn't need anyone's 'help'. Satan&Co. already hook a lot of folks with that lie (good illustration is in the movie "Fallen"). Don't add your name to the list. Don't be like the "seven sons of Sceva", in Acts. Of course Satan sells the 'fight' against 'the devil' as 'holy'. Constantly. Gives them no end of laughs.

    OK. Time to roll out examples, so you yourself can apply these principles, and see them in real words you can test!

    CLICK HERE to begin reading the Tactical Examples in order; or, hit your Home Key to return to pagetop and select the "Ex" Appendix Quicklinks which interest you.