Bible has its own method of ANNO DOMINI display

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Default Bible has its own method of ANNO DOMINI display

BIBLE USES METER IN THE ORIGINAL LANGUAGE TEXT TO DATE ITS BOOKS AND SERVE AS A CALENDAR COUNTDOWN TO MESSIAH AND MILLENNIUM, EVER SINCE GENESIS. That's the theme of this post. The meter is based on a doctrine the Jews still recite in garbled form, that God assigns 2000 years to the goyim (really 2100) then 2000 to the Jews (really 2100) and then Messiah comes (and He did, born 4103 from Adam's Fall). To see JUST THE BIBLE's own timeline without any other source, you can view or vimeo-how-god-orchestrates-time.htm. The origin for the Jewish statement is in Psalm 90. To see how Psalm 90 furnishes proof of the 2100 and 2100, go here: (now null). But those are complex videos. If you need a simpler start, go here:

I've been working on this for seven years, and now have the confidence to state it categorically: whether in the Hebrew or the Greek, Bible has its own system for telling you when something happened and when any given book (or sometimes, even a particular chapter) is WRITTEN. I call the latter, 'dateline meter', and its based on the writer 'sevening' the words (by syllable counts).

In the NT, the writers 'seven' to tell you their book dates, based on events in Christ's life. I've been making videos using the Greek pasted from Bibleworks' BGT, showing this live in the text. Sometimes the variants make a huge difference, and without the CNTTS embedded apparatus, I'd not know the vital differences.

For example, Paul has a penchant for dating his books based on Christ's AGE at the time written, and since Bible has two timelines for His Age -- one based on Abrahamic deadlines and the other based on Davidic -- Paul sometimes uses one timeline or the other. The Abrahamic deadline corresponds exactly with our 'AD', because Varro's calendar is three years overpadded (as Livy, Nepos and others complained at the time Augustus was considering which Roman auc to adopt). So Paul neatly accomplishes the adjustment to Varronic dates, by using the Abrahamic timeline.

Upshot: every Bible book dates itself, as to when written. So all the arguing that's gone on for centuries can cease. Well, as soon as you see for yourself, how the Bible (Hebrew and now Greek) meter works. is my vimeo page with the latest of these videos on it, plus some orientation videos, since I've now documented this meter in over 20 Bible books. Will finish documenting the dateline use of the meter pan-NT, in a few days. I've done all the NT books now except for Titus and Philemon, though I've not yet posted the dateline meter videos for Romans and both Thessalonians. Will be doing that by the weekend.

You can test all this live onscreen. I use Bibleworks 5 to show it, but occasionally BW9, which I also have. Feel free to ask questions here or in vimeo. I post here because this will help many resolve many pesky Bible date questions which have plagued scholars for centuries. I learned it all by accident, when analyzing Moeller's 'Great Isaiah Scroll', back in 2007.

This stuff is vital to textual criticism and hermeneutics. It's also JUST THE BIBLE, so there's no need for attribution, no credits or copyrights to observe, other than BIBLEWORKS, which I adore. Just observe the methodology, and you can date ANY Bible book, yourself. Ergo all this disclosure. Not right, that I should keep it to myself.

I know there will be a lot of scoffing and skepticism. But anyone can count syllables. The system is very sophisticated, it's syntactical, and it goes back to Psalm 90, which the previous link's videos, will explain.

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Links to see the Anno Domini rhetorical styles in Bible for yourself

All using Bibleworks' own text, sometimes tweaked for variants (which are highlighted or stricken out, versus BGT, so the differences are obvious at a glance):

Summary channel with panoramic list of all NT and some OT book styles, which you can watch in order in 'couch mode' (click on the couch icon once you're in the channel): Sometimes BW5 is used, sometimes BW9, as I have both, but you should be able to read the fonts in the download docs just fine, all of which are PASTED from BW. The only stuff which is copyrighted is the BW material; I didn't and won't copyright the research results. So you don't need to credit me. The point is to see the text and meter FOR YOURSELF, as it's forensically provable. The talker doesn't matter. THE TEXT ALONE MATTERS. And baby, all that hard work of the BW people and the centuries of painstaking copying.. really pay off, as you'll see here. Life without BW is not worth living, cuz I'd never have this fast and clear a sight of HIM, without it.

Most of the more conservative Bible book dates are thus validated. A few are radically different, i.e., Matthew datelines his gospel as 476 years after Nehemiah 6:15, 427 years after Malachi (using the syllable counts in Matt 1), so 30 AD. Rev is 88/9 AD, and the other Johannine books much earlier. Since the Church Fathers made up horrible lies against John (see their own words,, of course they misdate his books. I'd be surprised if any one of them ever once really saw him.

Preterism and Replacement Theology bite the dust, once you see these provable meters. Jewish Dispensationalism (as in Sanhedrin 97-99) receives some criticism, too, as they garbled the Psalm 90 count (did video on that too, here:, else it's provably the version of Dispensationalism BIBLE supports (which is simpler and tracked historically in Bible, versus what my fellow Dispies have been saying all along). Pre-Trib Rapture is an ACCOUNTING NECESSITY with TWO SEVENS left on Israel's clock when Christ dies (which scholars all miss, since they use lunar years to account the 62 weeks); so Church YES goes up at Rapture (event Rev 4:1), and Bible since Moses tracked the time to when the Trib was supposed to begin. Church was not prophesied, and never replaces Israel. The Millennium is literal. All this you'll see in the meters, as they TRACK TIME based on those doctrines.

Overview of the TIME doctrine's math, including showing how the Bible's dates all hub to that doctrine: ; how to use the GeneYrs.xls worksheet:; verses used to construct worksheet's BIBLE ONLY DATES: brainoutFAQ.htm#6a .

This 8c1-4 shows you how to use the worksheet to see God's Rules for Time; it is due to these rules that the Rapture exists, and is pre-Trib (a kind of Exodus Ascension for Church as Body of Christ). So these videos are compiled from the bliptv 2008 video subseries (hence the weird video numbering); ALL those sub-episodes are now moved to Youtube.

Note: I didn't know the Psalm 90, Daniel 9 and Eph 1 meter when I made the 8c series in 2008; so the videos don't talk about that added Bible proof.

These videos were originally posted, 9/3/08. The video description for 8ab is pasted below, and provides additional info/links.

The Lord of All is the Lord of Time. In the Angelic Trial, which was introduced in Genesis 1:2, the Lord makes a Trial of Mankind to prove to Satan & Co., why their sentence is just. Part of that Trial is the Trial of Time Continuing. Believers are made to BUY TIME -- a bigger work than any human can do, obviously -- if they vote to be supermatured by God. You VOTE, by learning and living on Bible. That's the history God plots in Bible. Not what you do with your dead-in-Adam body, but what you BELIEVE and LEARN about GOD. That's the whole theme of the Trial, Hebrews 11:1 (see my three videos exegeting that verse).

In short, you are enabled By God to Buy Time for the Human Race. With Time, go the other accoutrements. Christ wasn't kidding when He said, 'seek ye first the kingdom of God and all these things will be added unto you'. Yeah, the believer is to be a 'spiritual atlas', as my pastor once put it. Learn and live on Bible and that's what God will do to you and for the world! Better than money in a collection plate, huh...

This Buying-Time accounting begins in Genesis 5, which is here introduced. We'll see how the 'all the days of your life' clauses in Bible do NOT necessarily mean from BIRTH forward, so do NOT mean from Adam's creation, forward. Thus again we know that Genesis 1:2 is about Earth's Restoration, and doesn't even measure Time UNTIL Adam's fall.

The Genesis 5 roster and God's Rules for Time are the focus of Episode 8, which is quite long (several hours). You'll learn how to use the Excel worksheet I wrote to display this doctrine about Time, and you can vet it IN the Bible. Relevant links to do this, follow.

Worksheet: GeneYrs.xls.
Synopsis of Bible verses showing how to plot the Time rules and read Time in the Bible: brainoutFAQ.htm#6. Keep reading through 6b.

Main webpage on the topic: Mirroring.htm. That webpage's first white table also has many other links allowing full vetting of the material. It's the hub for all the Time doctrines.

However, more current video information already exists in Youtube. See my Yapping Most High Episode 10, GGS Episode 10, Psalm 90 Meter of Time and How God Constructs Time playlists for much more information on this topic.

Note: these videos for Episode 8 were originally made in September 2008 in bliptv, now uploaded to Youtube. They do not include the Psalm 90 and GGS material, because I didn't know that Bible proof at that time.

File Name: GenEpi8c1-4.avi, remix 2/12/11 in YoutubeConversions folder in Genesis folder.

Sorry this is so complex, but I've been working on it 15 years, trying to understand the 'salt' doctrine, which in my (now dead) pastor's words was called 'believers are used by God to buy time'. How? I wondered, so asked God where in Bible to find the proof, starting in year 2000. Well, now I know and all this post shows you where you can see it in Bible for yourself, too. Use 1John1:9 as you study it, else you're wasting your time. I sure did, when I forgot to use it.

Whole channels are devoted to some of the Bible books, because the meters all ape Psalm 90, Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9's meter (again using BW5). These OT channel links are:

Psalm 90:
Isaiah 53:
Daniel 9:

Each OT book like each NT book, is metered at its beginning. I've not had time to do the rest. Of particular importance will be Genesis 1 and 49 (yes, important chapters have their own dateline and other meters).

Matthew is provably the first Gospel, channel here: Synoptics channel, , shows how Luke 'wraps' his text to Matthew,and THEN Mark 'wraps' to Luke and Matthew, so those claiming 'quelle' or Mark as first Gospel, are obviously wrong. Can prove that, even from translation. So the meters are just adjunctive to proving which Gospel is really first. However, the meters are quite precise.

Then the first one to meter a 1000-year long recap of the prophecy of Messiah fulfilled, balancing for Abraham's too-early supermaturation (who matured 2046 from Adam's fall, 53.5 years in advance of the 1050+1050 deadline from Adam's fall), was Mary in her Magnificat, channel here:

Next books were Galatians through Romans, all in this channel as well as in the Bible Dateline Meters channel above:

Luke wrote next, codifying the Magnificat, building his entire Gospel outline around Magnificat, demonstrated here (and its doc has a comprehensive list of all associated videos, docs, webpages, which I constantly update):

In the same year, when Paul first imprisoned, both Luke and Ephesians came out. Paul's Ephesians piggybacked on Mary piggybacking on Daniel, to form a 434 (plus her 56) added timeline to complete time prophetically to Odovacer to show Church 'salt' trend (negatively), style:

Actual timeline in Ephesians, syllable=year AD charting the emperors, so much so that each 2nd eta in each thelematos was reserved for an Emperor whose 'will' (get the pun) got undone by his successor (Trajan then Macrinus then Diocletian), here:

James wrote last in the same year, and his 2nd dateline is also patterned on Luke, specifically on Zecharias' speech:

Then came the prison epistles ending with Philemon, all in the Bible Dateline Meters channel or here:

Then came Acts, when Paul got out of jail in 62, here:

Then came the post-prison epistles 1Tim, Titus and finally 2 Tim. The Timothy letters are in their own channel: Titus is with the other Pauline channel material, here:

Next, Paul dies probably March 68 AD as a result of Vindex courting rebellion (can't yet prove it wholly, but the hypothesis is plausible), so Peter writes to Paul's old stomping ground, adding to the prophecy content about Church in 1 and 2 Peter, creating a marching song from the Ephesians text, here:

Then Peter dies, and Jude comes in, adds a 'stanza' to the marching song, here:

Then comes Mark,; and Hebrews, published within 9 months of each other; given the meter, maybe written by Luke and Mark. Hebrews uses Mark's order of points in his Gospel to craft the Hebrews' outline, videos showing that, start here (all videos not done yet):

Then Temple goes down; seven years after, John writes His Gospel; then 3 years later, 1 John; then 8-9 years later, Revelation, all here:

This is all provable. Just parse the text into clauses, then count the syllables per clause; then aggregate them in another column, as you'll see me do in the docs and videos (which means you can catch me where I've screwed up, ha). First and second time the aggregated syllables 'seven', are the book's datelines. Any more sevening after that, creates a prophecy of some kind, a concordance tag to another Bible passage, etc. However, from Acts forward there is a more complex dating formula which uses the values in EACH CLAUSE to construct an elaborate doctrinal precis of the date. John uses this style exclusively. The first link in this post shows the style pan-NT, with examples highlighted for some minutes in some of the first 10 videos. The 'normal' OT style was to just seven twice, and then you measured back and forward from each dateline to get your Time GPS, and that first link in this post also shows that style briefly. You'll see it yourself when you parse any Bible book start or important chapter.

The commonality of formulas and tags is distinctive, so identifiable as to what Bible book and where in it, the tag intends you to look. Dateline tags are usually in years-from

Christ SHOULD HAVE BEEN BORN under the Abrahamic timeline (2046+2100 limit of Time - 40 allotment for His Life, 4106 is the BC/AD converter Bible uses); or, when He was actually born, 4103 after Adam's fall (using only Bible, not a church father, Ussher, or other guy who didn't ONLY use Bible and ONLY solar years to do his tally). That year, was 1000 years after David crowned at Hebron in 1010 BC. So it's three years earlier than the original schedule, because David was crowned seven years' late over all Israel (2 Sam 5-7). David dies at age 77 (big scholar mistake to misread 1Kings 6:1 which plainly says David had been dead 3.5 years when the Temple construction started). So the new outer limit of time became 4143 not 4146 (1000 years after David died), and THAT is the limit of the 62 weeks in Daniel, too (586 BC -70= 516 BC -70 = 446 BC Nehemiah's visit -49 years THEN =- 434 = 37 AD = 4143 from Adam's Fall). Because, the Temple had a 490-year time grant which at its demise, still had 126 years remaining, as Isaiah 53 had charted (video showing that, here: So part of the '70 weeks' is reimbursement on 'unpaid' Temple Time, and the Trib = seven of those years. The 62 weeks reimburses for the 364 years Temple stood, too, plus another 70 years (video shows that). Very bald accounting.

All these formulas were used since Moses, but were back then, years-to-Messiah-AND-Trib-AND-Millennium related. Post Cross, they are Anno Domini values, as you'll see in the docs and videos. Ultimate proof that the Infallible and Inerrant Word Was Preserved, despite all the (usually picayune) copying errors. Pray for folks like KVJO and Bart Ehrman who can't count syllables, so misthink Bible corrupt. Man, what they are missing!

If I die tonight, I will be content. Absent BW, I'd never know this stuff, and would have far less certitude about Bible meaning.

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More updated meters

I just posted a starter video on Genesis 1 meters. It will likely run 1050, but I'm in the middle of doing it and don't yet know for sure, what's the ending count (am up to 707 for the fifth day: each feh marker sevens the paragraph, so it's easy but a pistol to paste in Word). Video is here, but you don't have to watch it; instead, download the doc. Link to the doc is in the vid description, but the doc uploaded only goes through Day 2 (second feh marker). Will take awhile to do the whole thing, as it's the PRECEDENT for all Bible meters. I knew that long ago, but never parsed it until now. You can do it yourself, of course, once you see the style.

Turns out Ephesians also uses ADAMIC YEARS which match the GeneYrs.xls worksheet (thank God I don't have to redo it yet) just like the other NT books all do, but specifically uses the same formulae as Romans. I posted 5 videos on that, starting here. They go through the boring methodology, so you can see how it got done. The last one,, just shows the result. Again, you can just download the doc from the video descriptions, and bypass the videos entirely. (I only do the videos to explain the docs.)

Sorry but I'm learning all this piecemeal. Turns out also that the intercalation in Bible should go by ELUL not Adar. So the Jewish calendar is totally messed up. If you intercalate ELUL you always hit the autumnal equinox on time. I'll have to correct my prior stuff which talks about intercalating in Adar, since I was an idiot and followed the scholarly writeups instead of doing the math de novo, myself. Israel USED TO intercalate at Elul, a guy named Sacha Stern wrote about that, link here. (Stern is Research Fellow, Lecturer, then Senior Lecturer at Jews' College (now the London School of Jewish Studies), University of London, since 1990.)

Sorry to have to say all this, but it's time we Christians and Jews fixed our centuries-old mistakes instead of covering them up. BIBLE gets trashed when our interpretations of it, are wrong. Hopefully this generation of young folks (I'm too old to do it all) will start making good on the past errors. Errors are fine, to be expected. Covering them up? Not good.

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How to corect the Jewish Calendar

Thanks to an email I just got today from someone else who's also doing the meters in other Bible books, I now know an error I'd been making for some years: my error, was to listen to the 'scholars' and the Jewish calendar practice of intercalating an Adar sheni. That is the WRONG MONTH for intercalation. Bible uses ELUL, and so did Israel, prior to the Exile, per the Talmud.

Am rendering a video now, which in a few hours will have the link, which demonstrates how you can easily fix the Jewish calendar to align with BIBLE, and how it went wrong. Links to the books on the topic written by scholars about Elul intercalation, are in the video description.

Upshot: begin the year at the autumnal equinox, 30 days per month EXCEPT Elul gets 35 or 36 days. Simple. Always aligns with the equinoxes, because Jewish time begins SUNDOWN the PRIOR solar day. Perfect. Every year, no muss no fuss. So why did Israel mess it up so much, and why do we Christians? POLITICS! The stupid Easter Computus is a stain on Christianity, and we never needed it, but to cover up the fact He died on what should have been Passover and rose on First Fruits, they invented East-Star. The Jews for their part, stopped intercalating in Elul because that's what the Babylonians did (never mind, that custom came from DANIEL). Oh well.

Give me a couple of hours to upload everything and write the description. This is really exciting stuff. AT LAST we can see proof the BIBLE ALONE is right. Absent Bibleworks, I'd never have this proof. Best of all, it's BIBLE proof, so you can vet it yourself IN Bible, and don't need some 'brainout' or 'scholar' to rely on! God is always right, we can all rely on His Word!

Added note: I'll have to fix my errors in PassPlot.htm and elsewhere, saying Adar intercalation. For it was supposed to be Elul. Where we prove the Elul intercalation IN Bible I don't yet know, but it's in there.. somewhere.