How God Orchestrates Time

+ Noahic Flood Precedence for God's Orchestration of Time

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Also related to this are Psalm 90 Meter of Time Exegesis and Yapping Most High.

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Eclectic sampling of my other playlists on how God uses believers to BUY TIME ITSELF for the whole human race. Use this playlist to familiarize yourself with the basics of the DOCTRINE of how God Orchestrates Time, before delving into the PROOF of it from Bible. The other playlists cover the proof and many details.

Sadly, this doctrine is NOT known in Christendom. Instead, Christendom vaguely knows we are 'salt of the earth'. But Bible tracks believers-buying-time in real grants of 490 or 1000 years, ever since Adam fell. So it's a complex doctrine, provably documented in Bible from Genesis 5 forward, yet still unknown. Survives in garbled form, in Judaism.

Main webpage on this topic (which has these videos in it) is Mirroring.htm. A shorter version is in brainoutFAQ.htm#6a, and might prove better reading, first.

This playlist is a composite of other playlists on this most important, unknown-to-scholars Bible-provable topic for YOUR life. Playlist link:

Upshot: God orchestrates time based on the Angelic Conflict. There are regular Trial schedule deadlines during which the 'witness' of man voting for and against God, must play. These deadlines are always mistaken by the masses, as 'the end of the world'.

The last 120 years preceding a deadline, is a peak time of world prosperity AND catastrophe, to enable 'revival' of individual freedom to believe.

Rapture is valid, but as a UNIQUE TYPE of vote failure; it's precedented on God's Orchestration of Time rules which began at Adam's Fall. Basically, only Israel was promised time due to David, and when Christ came, Israel rejected Him. Therefore the promised time to her, was FROZEN, because Christ completed His Task, and 'inherited' the time on her behalf. But how could the world go on living? It had to revert back to the old CONTINGENT time rules from Adam's fall.

The videos here introduce you to those rules, but their descriptions have links to the huge research underneath.

For God designed time since Adam's fall in 4106BC to run in contingent 490-year increments. CRITERION: at least one living supermature believer must be awarded a new 490-year unit before the current one ends, or Time itself ends. Through Cross, Bible tells you who these folks were.

In Daniel 9, God shows how He justifies another 490-year grant (enough time so Messiah can be born and save it, despite apostacy).

Interspersed are 70 and 50-year MASS voting periods to 'intercalate' to a larger time unit of 1000 (+50) years (490+70+490=1000+50).

You can't find this doctrine taught in Christianity, but it is provable from Bible, as you'll see if you are willing to spend the time (pun intended).

The 12th video here, Episode 8c1 of the Genesis exegesis videos, is an important side trip into how to use the Timeline Worksheet, GeneYrs.xls. Just keep clicking on the response videos, to finish 8c. Or, use its vid description to watch off-Youtube.

The 'How Satan deploys Islam' quatrain of videos shows that Satan tries to orchestrate time, too -- derisively playing off Exodus 12:40-41, and David's kingship (430 years after Israel was born, 860 years after Jacob entered Egypt). For Satan thus tries to stop time, kill all Jews, by fostering believer apostacy via religion (which Satan invented in Genesis 3).

To play these videos in order: channel . Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'.

GIST: Pre-Trib Rapture is a subset of this unknown Bible Doctrine, which is based on a pre-Adam, Angelic Conflict. So here, we'll see Bible MATH proof of that claim. 'Rapture' controversy would end, if this 'parent' doctrine were known.

Most of my other vimeo channels are on this topic; the other channels focus on live Scriptural proof in Hebrew and Greek texts. They include: Psalm 90, GGS-Magnificat, GGS-Paul, James (which includes Luke), Matthew, Mark and RFG-Peter channels. Vids in this channel are older, and are copies of the Youtube YMH Episode 10 vids at

By contrast, this channel focuses on the MATH. So you need to get the MATH down first, to easily see the Bible proof.

For Bible essentially documents TIME AS A LOAN from Genesis 5 forward; that is why Bible lays such stress on numbers related to TIME. When that TIME doesn't 'pay back', mass destruction results, i.e., the Flood, Temple Destruction.. or Rapture. People should be afraid of the Rapture. It occurs, just like all exits, due to APOSTASY.

That's why Bible constantly tracks years to and from people, their ages, etc. Pre-Cross, Bible was 'counting down to Messiah', so to speak. Now, all bets are off: Psalm 110:1, He Won, so now a 'second wall' (covenantal group) must be awarded Him for defeating Satan, just as He requested: Matthew 16:18, John 17:20ff, theme of whole book of Hebrews. 'For apart from us, they will not be resurrected', Heb 11:39-40. So we have to complete first, so that the FirstFruits has an administrative 'body' to govern under Him during the Millennium. For then, as King of the Jews, He'll rule the world; but the Gentile nations, need rulers too. That's where we come in (i.e, Rev 5:10).

There's much more to the story, of course, but this much you should glean quickly from the passages cited above. For it's a long story: and its accounting, starts with Adam's Fall (Genesis 5).

All this info is directly provable in Bible, and is often TRACKED like a CALENDAR, in the METER of the Hebrew or Greek. Meter was used by the ancients who got it, to:

  1. Verify when Bible books (and even major chapters) were actually written, among other textual-critical aids to hermeneutics.
  2. Serve as a concordance to other Bible passages (people memorized Scripture orally by syllable counts, rather than dividing it into lines, chapters, and verses).
  3. Serve as a calendar, whether past or future, for tracking Time Past or Future, to learn lessons from that Time.

Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, the Magnificat, Zecharias' reply (also in Luke 1), Ephesians 1:3-14, 1Peter 1:1-12, each Gospel, James, Jude, and Revelation 1, and many briefer instances like Isaiah 1:1 -- these dateline meters all fit together like puzzle pieces to show a 'calendar' of history from Adam, forward. Pre-Church, all these meters 'balanced' to the 5250th year from Adam, which was supposed to be the End of Time. Post-Church, that accounting is truncated to a cycle emulating Daniel 9's '62nd week', most lately in John's writings ( John's Meter ). There are hundreds of such passages. I'll document them until I die.

You can prove all this yourself: download BibleHebMeterCharacs.pdf (or .htm). The doc lists 30 major characteristics of a metered passage, how to detect what the meter means (with examples from the above passages). The most comprehensive treatment of this meter, is in Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (or .htm); pdf version is Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

Note: the Jews still know about #3, but their math went wrong sometime just after the Crucifixion (i.e., nearly all Josephus' Bible numbers are wrong). Their version of the same underlying 'orchestration' of time is in two units of 2000 years (should be 2100 each), called respectively the 'Age of Desolation' and the 'Age of Torah'; at the end of which, Messiah was supposed to come (and He did). You can Google on these terms. Google also on Seder Olam Rabbah.

GIST: Noah's Ark Year is basis for Israel's (and our) solar calendar. For we're alive because Noah was one of the 'lords of time', per Genesis 5; all mankind descends from him. So TIME itself, per Genesis 7 and 8, is based on Noah's Year in the Boat. However, Genesis 7:11 and 8:5 have the wrong date in Hebrew but the correct date in LXX; we have a lot of writing about how ancient Jews knew the Noahic precedence but accounted it incorrectly. One's ability to tie Bible dates together, hinges on whether you use the errant Hebrew text, or the correct LXX text. Many, like Harold Camping, are sloppy scholars, so use the wrong text.

Yet Bible writers used LXX value in Gen 7:11; so they had older (and correct) Hebrew text. We can know that, from their meters. Daniel used a Noahic year of 365 days (which you get, if you correct Gen 7:11 to the LXX date we have); so did Paul, in crafting his 'Year of Church' meter (four quarters of 91).

So the few videos in this group, show the meaning of the Noahic tally. A dissertation by Jack P. Lewis, "A Study of the Interpretation of Noah and the Flood in Jewish and Christian Literature", catalogues what was known by the ancients. You can google for the book (I got mine at Amazon, but it's out of print, now). Most sources are well known, like Book of Jubilees, Talmud, Josephus: but their numbers are all bad. Still the ancient prevalence of the idea, is provable.

I've got to do more study on this topic. What I know so far, is in the videos here.

Genesis 1 Vids, Meter, How God Orchestrates Time

brainout | 09 Sep 2015, 15:01

My Genesis video channel is subdivided into:

  1. showing what the Hebrew text says re universe origin TIMING, i.e., nothing -- so you can't say young or old earth, the 'gap' period between initial creation and man's creation is not stated. Instead, you get some very interesting other information. πŸ™‚πŸ˜‘πŸ˜ˆπŸ˜±πŸ˜œπŸ™‚
  2. Next, the channel's remaining videos do go through the Genesis 1 explicit timing from Adam's FALL (not creation, Time Accounting starts in Gen 3:22 hence Gen 5) -- with Genesis 1's meter also ending (full circle) to the very day Moses writes, to give you an outline in parallel to, the book's text via syllable-counting, Time Accounting Meter style which scholars haven't yet discovered. I learned this rhetorical meter style by mistake back in 2008, when trying to find what Hebrew words were missing in Chapter 53 of Moeller's Isaiah scroll.

The so-called 'gap theorists' in Christendom and Judaism are yet unaware of the meter, and can't read the Hebrew too well either: for they try to stretch Bible's very literal 'day', into some longer period, to 'tie' with evolution, ignoring the fact that between Genesis 1:1 and 1:2, the Hebrew (ergo Greek translation) is disjunctive.*

So there's no timing stated. Could have been 24 hours, or 24 bizillion years. All you know, is that during the unstated gap in time, Satan and his angels rebelled (compare with Isaiah 45:7, 18-19). Some kind of civil war occurred among the angels in heaven, hence their TRIAL, is the juridical genesis of man's creation and hence Bible's own disclosure is about that. Very different topic, huh.

The rest of the Bible writers all use this same TAM style, even in the NT Greek. It's their way of saying when a Bible book or chapter was written, keeping track of the specifically prophesied 2100 years for first the goyim and then the Jews, and to show why Church got inserted, why Jewish Time is incomplete, why you can't predict the Rapture. So its meter operates the same way pan-Bible, and thus can be tested/verified/corrected when one counts syllables incorrectly. This 'meter' focus has been extensively documented in videos: its material is very boring but provable. Here, we see the 'genesis' of the TAM style (pun intended).

For here, the pan-Bible doctrine of How God Orchestrates Time, begins (unknown in Christendom and garbled in Judaism). So many of my vimeo series are dedicated to it. Start sequentially, watching the videos in order, with the math. Then go through Psalm 90 channel's videos. Then the Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9 videos. Then Mary, then Paul's Ephesians 1 style and future-Church-history-timeline (proving why Rapture is unpredictable), then John.

In between are other Bible writers and books, which use the same style; but to see the flow of the meter (and how it stays true to Genesis accounting), that is probably the best order of video watching. Each video's description contains pdfs or Word docs to back up video claims, and the docs are all text in Bible, not hearsay. So you needn't take 'my' word for it, you can count and analyze the syllables/text, yourself.

Master list of all videos and their docs showing this style, re Bible dates and How God Orchestrates Time (still preliminary): LukeDatelineMeters.pdf (or htm or doc). I'll keep auditing the meter for errors until I die, so nothing is final. If you find errors, please let me know?

If you want evolution, it's a decree in Genesis 1:24-25 for flora and fauna but not for man. But hey: let's not pay attention to Bible...

So the meter makes plain that Genesis is not trying at ALL, to say how old earth is. Why people try to use the text that way, is beyond me. Even so, here's the forum for whatever topics and debates you want to create about it, however you use or abuse, Genesis.


* Folks trying to claim in Genesis that 'day' is not literal, literally cannot read it: 'evening, morning, one day' is the text. Repeated, per day. So it's literally a 24-hour period. The later Psalm 90:4 eleph=1000 reference depends on you knowing the Genesis 1 meter, to which Moses deliberately ties back. For he invokes the future Millennium even then known to be scheduled from 4200 post-Adam's Fall to 5250, the last period in human history. For he wrote Genesis in the 1050st year after the Flood, to parallel with his theme on the last 1050 of history.. which depended on Israel being faithful (parallel to with Deut 32, esp. verse 8).

Christ would recall that to people, using 'salt' analogies (salt preserves food, Jews used to preserve history, so then He invents Church in Matt 16:18, ratified in John 17, to preserve Time when not enough Jews to constitute a nation, accept their King).

Psalm 90 thus recaps the Genesis 1 meter, with a panorama of first the 2100 year time grant to Adam through Abraham; it accounts for the fact that there's 53.5 years remaining on the clock, when Israel's time begins. So those who misuse 'day' in Genesis, never understand Ps90:4's significance, so miss the entire timeline of the Bible. So, Bible dates go on being endlessly and incompentely debated. Sigh. Funny how a little syllable counting, can clear it all up.

Bible's Scheduled TIME Trends

How God Constructs Time playlist header: Bible's scheduled historical cycles post-Adam's Fall. These are PSYCHOLOGICAL cycles to clean the human race from religion. So, these cycles are popularly misread as 'end times'. Draft novel showing the issues in 'our' current cycle: PDR.doc. YOU are a character in it, so write a chapter on YOURSELF.

For God tells you His Schedule in writing, in advance -- but the Rapture date-setters, Mayan 2012 & goofy KJVO-type NWO 'conspiracy' crowd, never hear Him. My main webpage on this, fully testable (w/all related Youtube playlists embedded): Mirroring.htm.

Note To RBTers: Col. Thieme always taught that believers are used to buy time, in '75 Armaggedon, '77 Genesis, '85 Ephesians, '92 Spiritual Dynamics. But apparently he didn't know (or didn't have time to teach) that the AMOUNT of time is itself a doctrine, of which the 490 in Dan9, is but ONE instance. So what he taught is even more true than we thought!

  1. God awards specific timegrants to supermature believers, of 490 and/or 1000 years, respectively. The Genesis 5 roster begins this accounting. Dan 9 is but one instance of it; ALL Bible dating refers to this timeline.
  2. Historical trends, cycles of discipline/reversionism, etc., are 'cleaned' on a 'schedule' of 200, 120 year cycles at the end of each 490 years since Adam's fall.
  3. 'Dispensations' are fixed segments of time, EXCEPT for 'Church'. Jews still know this today, deriving it from (a miscalculation of) Psalm 90's meter. See my Psalm 90, Isa 53 Hypotheses and YMH Part 10 playlists: each one's video desc. has huge webpage Bible backup.
  4. Even so, all timegrants remain contingent on V+, so can be LOST (doctrinal precedence for the Rapture). If lost, the world ends.
  5. All this can be proven from Gen 5 forward; hence my webpages (linked in video desc's). WARNING: vet the material yourself, before God.

Thank you, Cimbolic, for tolerating my many math queries.

So why... 490 years? By its last 70 or 50 years, man realizes his human solutions to political, economic, and social problems, don't work. So finally he looks UP to God. And votes for or against, knowing God. That voting provokes war, migration, and unrest. Worldwide. The previous periods were Reformation, Crusades, and breakup of the Roman Empire (notice Satan deploys the Muslims to swarm Jerusalem each time too). The most famous such parallel period was from 230BC-30AD: rise of Rome, its wars, and consequent still-occurring effects on the world.

You can FORECAST what will happen now, via these past scheduled periods. Not pretty. But God will deliver the positive believer, and kill the negative one.

An audio ONLY on the 490: Why120Detail.WMA. Audio on Historical parallels in past 490s: Why490Addendum.wma.

120 years? The 4 generations which begin within 70 or 50 years of the ending of the 490, and continue for the next 50 or 70 years -- these are the people who are affected by and engage in, war, migration, unrest. An audio ONLY on the 120: Why120Detail.WMA.

200 years? The Battle of the Bible (or an idea). This period begins about 80 years prior to the 120, so that the four generations actually HAVE a Bible and teachers, so they can vote competently. An audio ONLY on the 200, tracking it in history: Why200Detail.WMA

Ergo, 'Study or Else' is the warning to the Christian. God will kill you if you don't grow up spiritually, in order to protect the human race from being infected with you. That is covered here: StudyOrElse1.WMA. What happens when a nation has too many infected believers in it (examples from last century), is covered here: StudyOrElse2.WMA. Stern stuff. Scares me to death.

I've already done videos (and webpages) on the 490 and 120 in the How God Constructs Time playlist. I've not yet done videos on the 200-year cycles. Those videos will come later.

Meanwhile, a summary 3-part explanation on the role of the 490, 120, 200 is here:

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3 (32 mins):

A condensed (33-min) version of the previous 3 is here, with added insight, but still rambles: Why490.WMA.

Overlooked Salvations

Overlooked Salvation types: the ultimate reason why you must BELIEVE to be saved, and BELIEVE WORD to grow spiritually, after salvation. Freedom must be learned, chosen, even fought for. So God did all that. Does all that, TO us, but only IF we want Him to. For God is the God of Freedom, and never violates FREE WILL. Which free will, HE CREATED as the driver of your soul. Which soul, HE PERSONALLY CREATED. At your body's, birth.

For Truth is nothing, if not FREE. Forever.

So now you exist, are free to learn Him. And if you do, GOD GIVES THE WORLD TIME. Thus 'salvation' is of many types, for many people. One day at a time.

All my videos and webpages, are on this vast topic. Lots of seeming dichotomies to explain, prove their resolution.. from Bible.

WHY pre-Trib Rapture?

People take 'sides' on the Rapture, but few grasp WHY it happens. So, they misread Bible's many verses on it -- verses which start, in Genesis 5!

So here in five minutes, you can know WHY: Israel was operating on a TIMED PROMISE made ever since Adam fell. Israel rejected Christ, so her Time RAN OUT. Problem was, the WORLD SHOULD HAVE ENDED. Christ rescues it, by founding Church. Church is thus a bridge back to Israel's time, to COMPLETE it, Hebrews 11:39-40, Eph 4:13.

Because Time ran out, there is no set time for Church. Rather, the criterion is BODIES Christ PREpaid on the Cross. We can't know who the bodies are, so we can't know WHEN the Rapture (the joining-back point) will occur.

BTW, 'Rapture' is Anglicized Latin 'rapto', which is in the Vulgate's 1Thess 4:17, translating Greek 'harpazw', meaning to SNATCH UP. It's the ASCENSION of Church, not the 2nd Coming of Christ. WE GO UP; He doesn't yet come down, until Rev 19:11.

The Rapture Event, is Rev 4 (John representing Church), COME UP HERE.

What we can know, we refuse; what we CANNOT know, we drool over. So those who try to date the Rapture or get you drooling over current events (for money, of course) -- all betray they don't know WHY Rapture is true. So they give you bad information.

Harold Camping sure doesn't know why; his date-setting has been a money-making scam for 25 years. Here are two Word docs (conversions from posts I made in proving the scam: Camping's Timeline Gaffes.

Camping's not alone. Date-setting is pandered by many 'respectable' teachers. By contrast, many other 'respectable' teachers, reacting, claim there's no such thing as Rapture, which is false.

Bible gets almost no respect, here. God doesn't start counting 'days' until Adam FELL. Moreover, God uses solar years, as shown in Exo 12, yet everyone misaccounts the years as lunar? No wonder Bible dates seem wrong!

Second accounting mistake: folks go OUTSIDE Bible to derive dates. Yeah, Bible won't not make sense, if we ignore it!

So let's only use Bible, k? If you do, you learn Rapture is PRECEDENTED on Israel's Promised Time, which itself is predicated on the pre-Israel legal issue of Allotted Trial Time in segments, each with its own VOTING purpose for believers: 490+70+490=1050+1050 (same units, repeated)=2100. Atop this and playing on the same time, is an 'unbeliever' voting, segmented as 1000+50. (So Jews were expecting Messiah to come at the end of the 2nd 2100. He did.)

So Bible ties these segments to the relevant doctrines, pan-Bible. All prophecy is a Warning to Vote, and is TIMED. Voting polls open. Voting polls CLOSE.

Those rules were set up at Adam's Fall. Rapture occurs because ISRAEL's polls closed untimely. So should the world die, due to Israel rejecting Christ? Those were the Trial terms! SO CHRIST INVENTS CHURCH in Matt16:18, to REOPEN the polls, keep the world going until BODIES of Church complete, Hebrews 3, 11:39-40, Eph1:3-14 (in meter, playing on the 'time bubble' of Dan 9:26c), Eph1:10, 3:21 (mistranslated), many other verses (salient ones in LvS4b.htm; search on 'catalog' when you load the page).

Not a set time, but a set of BODIES. So, you CAN'T predict when the polls close on Church, and reopen for Israel. They re-open for her as the Tribulation, followed by the last 1050 of history, the Millennium.

Main webpage on this Accounting for Time (including all related links and videos): Mirroring.htm.

The big-picture explanation -- required, for a balanced audit -- runs several thousand printed pages, and starts here: LordvSatan1.htm. For to see where we are NOW, we must begin at the beginning.. of Time. Before Adam. When the Angels were created. For, that's why we're here.

The juridical 'fit' of Rapture-specific issues relative to the whole, are covered beginning in LvS4a.htm. For ALL HISTORY is supposed to be a Trial 'wrap up' via Church, Ephesians 1:10. So there are many threads to trace. Not all of the many relevant Bible verses are noted, yet. Every NT page has Rapture keyword allusions to trace.

Alternatively, try this shorter fictional novel draft, for orientation to the topic's relevance: PDR.doc. Oh: and write a novel chapter on YOURSELF. :)

Noahic Flood Precedence for God's Orchestration of Time

Even a preliminary review of the Flood Account in Genesis 6-8, shows God stressing a SOLAR YEAR: namely, one based on Noah's birthday. So why does God do this, and what IS Noah's Birthday? Complicating the question, is the fact that both the Hebrew and the Greek texts are corrupted in different places; but where one text is corrupt, the other one is accurate. So the quest is to find, which is which. The video didn't yet resolve that, but in the pdf link below, you'll find a reconciliation. For Noah was IN the boat 365 days. On that 365th day (not 375, Genesis 7:11 should read 27th, not 17th, see LXX), he exits. So he ENTERED the Ark 57 days after his 600th birthday, and LEAVES it 57 days after his 601st birthday. So he was born on what we'll end up knowing, as Passover, when Christ was Crucified (the Jewish calendar wasn't intercalated yet for the year, so He eats the Passover four days prior, but IS the Passover just as Bible says, 1Cor5:7). Get the pun? We can sail in the Boat of Life (and Boat to Heaven), because He became Our Ark.

By this we are to know the precedence for our own 'year', post-Flood.

So the video is now outdated, but its sleuthing methodology is still useful. It's linked to the video description in my Youtube 'Pass the Salt' videos (Pass the Salt, Bypass the Flood!). Its CORRECTION (from 375 to 365) is here: FloodChronoREVISED.pdf.

Turns out the math of the Flood dates in Genesis 7 and 8 (corrected for the LXX, since the Hebrew is corrupt in some places also) show Noah's birthdate on the same as what would become PASSOVER.

This Flood Year sets precedence. Israel knew that, too. You can buy a dissertation by Jack P. Lewis on Amazon (search on his name plus 'Noah' and 'Flood'), tracing from extant literature, how the ancient Jews knew the Flood set precedence for the definition of 'Year', and that's why Israel's calendar is constructed as it is IN BIBLE (not in Judaism, which has garbled the dates). His dissertation draws no conclusion; so treat it as a survey of Jewish understanding, during those ancient times.

This 'Year' matters, as it's SOLAR, never lunar. Yet though Jews (and Christians) knew this precedence, they instead reverted to accounting Time in lunar or soli-lunar years, even until today. That's why all scholars get Daniel 9:25-27's accounting, WRONG. There are an extra seven years left out, because they all use lunar years to reconcile, though God never does.

Daniel, Mary, Paul and Peter all use this Noahic SOLAR 'Year' meaning, to construct their Time Meters (in Daniel 9, the Magnificat, Eph1:3-14, 1Peter1:1-12). Paul in particular structures his meter to create a 'Year of Church' prophecy about how Church will go apostate, and stay in the Groundhog Day of Daniel 9:26 (434 syllables=years, ending at the rise of Odovacer). Peter plays on that prophecy, updates it; John will also, in Revelation.

So the FLOOD is the precedence for the 200-year and 120-year trends taking place at the end of each 490. For this is how God orchestrates DISASTER Time. For thought, is contagious. Leviticus 26 and Deut 28, play live, in history. Precedented on, Noah and The Flood.

File Name: NoahBday.avi , 8/26/09, in PassSalt folder. Preprod 'Silent' is there, too.

Noahic Flood Precedence for 'our' Church Age

For a quick sense of its huge import for Church, see Harold Camping made his phony Rapture prediction using Genesis 7:11; he used the wrong calendar, wrong text, and of course wrong hermeneutic (FATHER'S DISCRETION controls Rapture date, per John 17:17-23, so no one on earth is ALLOWED to know). So it becomes important to review Flood significance for us. It has a different importance, versus what Camping claimed.

Word doc in the video: FloodChronoREVISED.doc. If you prefer pdf, change 'doc' to 'pdf'.

Video ends with a link to a book you can buy on this same subject, here: A Study of the Interpretation of Noah and the Flood in Jewish and Christian Literature (page 50).

Genesis Midrash Rabbah, 'Noach ' (with space) section: MIDRASH RABBAH TRANSLATED INTO ENGLISH . Goofy stuff.

Date benchmarks have more meaning than I cover in the video. Example: the '57' fronts and ends TIME, just as it does for Noah's birthday relative to his entry and exit from the Ark. Example: Christ was scheduled to die 57 years prior to the then-scheduled Millennium, which was supposed to start Year 4200 from Adam's fall, aka 'our' 94AD.

When that schedule didn't occur due to Church Age intervening, both Christians and Jews became disheartened and chucked the idea of a Millennium (well, the Jews postponed it to the end of the newly-invented 'common era'). So Revelation was written to explain the new Trib timeline (post- unpredictable Rapture). The so-called Church Fathers were a-millennial (i.e., Augustine allegorized away, Revelation's meaning). Big mistake.

The '40' is always paired, to front and end an epoch: 40 years in the wilderness, 40 years the Temple remains standing after Church begins. 40 years x 2, for Joseph; 40 x 2, for Saul+David (see Acts 13), 40x2 David and Solomon, 40 years for the prophets (usually back-to-back, with Moses and Samuel fronting and backing -- again see Acts 13). Christ's life=reign was supposed to run 40 years. Due to Jewish rejection He dies 7 years early, and so Trib is still FUTURE. (TWO sevens, the first played 64-70AD, and the last one is Dan9:27, yet future.)

Since God MIRRORS time, the mirrored segments in the FloodChrono document above, are highlighted in yellow. Palindromic mirroring is a prominent feature of Hebrew meter: Psalm 90, Isaiah 53 and Eph1:3-14 all stress it. (Daniel 9's palindrome is a pair of poignant 58's.) See Ps90Isa53Dan9Eph1.doc for details. These passages are covered at length in my 10 GGS and Psalm 90 playlists. Playlists are unfinished, ongoing.

Quick summary of Meter Style: BibleHebrewAccountingMeter.doc. Or, view it as a blog entry at bloggodsrhetoricalarchive.htm

Oh: the Trinity sevens with dove are the likely precedent for Jacob's time in Haran (he goes there in the 490th year after Flood, age 40). So Jacob's years 'outside the Land', tie.

That leaves the 4 in abeyance; I'm sure it points to 10 Nisan-14 Nisan (Exo12). Also, it's a convenient way to recall leap year, practiced at least since Christ's day. (Julius Caesar put Roman world on a leap year calendar, in 45BC or so.)

Really, it's 3.5, often used in Bible; I'm not sure how to classify it. Bifurcated Trib, days the Lord is in Hades, maybe the last half of the civil war period in 2Sam5 (first half, both sides mutually warred against the Philistines). Maybe Absalom's revolution, or other things.

Noah received his first covenant in 1556 from Adam's Fall, signified by Shem's birth. That's 16 years into the voting window for his epoch, so 53.5 years REMAINED in that window. Abraham supermatures in year 2046 from Adam, which is also 53.5 years PRIOR TO the end of his epoch (year 2100). Coincidence? Hardly. Note the Time segments keep replaying: GeneYrs.xls. Put your mouse on cell A2 and read the note there (unfreeze titles, if needed). Use Views Custom Views to navigate sheet.

Master webpage with all links and vids: Mirroring.htm.

Acknowledgements: thanks to God using TheEdge012's 'Revival' video, plus the Harold Camping fiasco and , I was caused to learn this!

Pass the Salt, Bypass the Flood!

Comment and see whole subseries, here: . In vimeo, subsequent vids are passthesalt1, etc. You can download them in various formats from vimeo, or directly in original format (PassSalt), at .

This video is the first one. It's a primer on How God Orchestrates DISASTER Time:

Re music: I don't know the identity of artist. So if you do, please let me know. Video originally posted in Youtube 8/17/09, but no one has come forward, so presumably there's no copyright violation. Original Description, follows below.

End of the world? Or Beginning of a Voting Period God regularly scheduled? THE LATTER. Rapture is unpredictable, but Bible shows God constructs Time on psychological schedules. Vid recaps cycles since Adam's Fall, provides links showing Bible proof you can TEST. We entered 'our' cycle, March 2010. It ends in 2130. So, nutters date Rapture, and claim 'conspiracy'. All these weirdoes typify the voting period's tumult.

For God uses each period to clean the world's house of its apostate believers, as well as unbelievers, so a new 490 -year unit can begin with the enough freedom for all. Bad (i.e., religious) thinking is very contagious. So those persisting in it, must be cleaned or removed, so that free thinking can resurface. Result is great tumult.

The world's Time ends if not enough people vote to know Word during this 120-year 'housecleaning'. So when people talk of 'the end', as they typically do, they're right: the world ends if the votes are too few. This time, via Rapture.

Bible Proof Links listed in Video Credits:

Related videos: Genesis Episode 8c; Psalm 90, Isa53 Meter Hypothesis, GGS 10 and YMH 10. All but YMH 10 are in vimeo, and better viewed there. Bible documentation is an ongoing project: much more material is in vimeo, now. I stopped posting to Youtube 11/7/14.

See also TheEdge012's 'Revival' video, Revival. It inspired this one.

Now is the right time to be afraid.

More Highlights of the Doctrine:

  1. Jews used to know, but post-96AD Christianity forgot, that God designed Time in VOTING 'cycles', ever since Adam. Mankind's free existence depends on whether enough people vote enough to know God.
  2. Bible discloses this schedule from Genesis 5, forward. Psalm 90 tracks it in Hebrew meter, as does Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, and even Eph 1:3-14. There are 100s of passages using the meter, since Jews had to ORALLY MEMORIZE Scripture.
  3. The message of the period? Trouble Ahead. Vote For God. And yes, the Rapture can occur at any time, as well. Criterion is Eph 4:13 for us, NOT historical events. For it's up to Father's DISCRETION what maturation we get, John 17:17-26. So Rapture can never be predicted.
  4. The cycle is based on a SOLAR year, so Israel would always celebrate her birthday on time, Exodus 12. King David then affixed priestly courses based on a 24-hour day, 1Chron 24. Thus the hour of relief, would always result in a true solar year of equal serving-time per course.
  5. Due to centuries of persecution, Israel forgot How To Tell Time, so her calendar is wrong. She was more accurate back in 30AD, when Passover was only four days off, per the sarcastic Greek in John 19. So the Lord was able to EAT the official Passover. Yet also BE the Passover on its CORRECT date, His Crucifixion.
  6. For Time is solely governed by the Angelic Conflict Trial Terms, a rule since Adam's fall. Believers are always On Trial for how we learn and live on Bible, Hebrews 11:1 (see 1/2 Translations Decapitate Christ: Hebrews 11:1 Case Study on that verse, which every Bible mistranslates). So Rapture is NEVER related to historical events!
  7. So the Gen 6 Flood is precedence for a recurring trend of salting history since Adam: last 120 years of a 490 (or 560) year period, to fulfill Acts 17:26. Moses thus 'datelines' his Psalm 90 based on it (see my Psalm 90 video playlist).

Pass the Salt Companion Videos

This video (of very tired brainout, lol) introduces other videos here linked in this description, which contains added videos showing the Flood account in Genesis 6-8, as a 'due-diligence disclosure' companion to the summary 'Pass the Salt, Bypass the Flood!' video.

These videos (below) trace history onscreen from Adam through 2130AD, so you can see the recurring historical pattern, and empirically test it with any historical data you like. The actual worksheet is here: GeneYrs.xls.

I will have to revise it. Turns out Noah was BORN on Passover. I didn't learn that until 5/28/2011. Corrected timeline is here: FloodChronoREVISED.doc and is still in draft form.

The LXX text has the right dates, but the Hebrew text has the wrong dates in four places. So that's why the Flood chronology in translation, doesn't balance. God foreknew that. Always, He preserves the RIGHT VERSE somewhere amidst the collections we have. God is Faithful.

Here's the old (and now wrong) Flood Chronology of Days showing possible precedence for the later Mosaic Law Calendar (2 pages): FloodChrono.doc

Related Time Grant videos are in the Genesis series, beginning with Episode 8c1. These walk you through Adam's grant all the way through Christ's. You can access that Episode here in Youtube.

Or, off-Youtube: SatStrat2.htm#GenesisVids

How I got the Bible dates is demonstrated here: brainoutFAQ.htm#6a

PATU27 How God Orchestrates Time: aka, the Rapture is precedented.

Download original worksheet, GeneYrs.xls.

Gist: God orchestrates time, which can always end abruptly due to negative volition. This video overviews the import of that Bible truth. Video requires you download the Excel spreadsheet GeneYrs.xls in "C" below. Recommend that you FIRST download it before watching the video. To read its cell A2 note, put your mouse on A2; note will pop up.

God orchestrates time in 490-year increments since Adam's Fall. That and other claims made in this video were extensively audited during 4 years of intensive research. There is nothing like this on the internet. I learned all this by mistake in May 2004, when trying to balance Daniel 9 so to grasp something my pastor taught; I was caused to realize God there REINSTATED time from the 1st Temple, to justify granting time to the 2nd. Which meant, He had a time-grant system He was using like debits and credits. Scholars don't know of this system, for they keep making the wrong assumptions, and instead of using Bible, went OUTSIDE Bible to get dates. Bible has its own dating system; if you follow it exclusively, you balance from Adam forward. It's self-auditing, so you can tell if and where you miscalculate or misread. So you only need BIBLE. (You can use extra-Biblical sources to corroborate later.)

God begins Time accounting not at creation, but at the FALL, in Genesis 5:1. Criterion for granting Time to the entire world: due to the Angelic Appeal Trial Adam was created to resolve, AT LEAST 1 BELIEVER MUST SUPERMATURE EVERY 490 YEARS, OR TIME ITSELF ENDS. So Time is a Contingent Justice Issue, a baton-passing relay race, and can always end abruptly.

But when Israel left at the Exodus, she was PROMISED time. So when she rejected God as King, the promise went to David. So Time Grants to David controlled when Time would end -- and from David forward, only MESSIAH could 'pick up the baton'. Messiah was rejected when He came. So Messiah ELECTED to pay a FAR higher price on the Cross, for a future "Church" as Bride, as Father might choose in His Discretion. So Israel ran out of time, but Messiah won at the Cross.

Hence the PROMISED time remaining, was the 1007 years for Israel, and Church operates on the old rules precedented in Adam.

Which means, the Rapture must occur, must be pre-Trib, and cannot be predicted in any way. For Rapture is not related to historical events or prophecy; but is solely dependent on believer maturation, criterion of Ephesians 4:13.

The associated webpages below are long, complex, with many Bible citations. Generally you do not need to know Hebrew or Greek to vet the data. You must be patient, though, as there are 100s of date verses to vet.

  1. 30-page Summary of how God Orchestrates Time: TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc. Suggest you read it in full screen Print Preview, Two-Pages. You can easily scroll from one page to the next with your mouse. If you'll study this material in depth, start with this Word doc, esp. its last two pages (which reproduce the cell A2 summary note of the spreadsheet). This doc also covers mistakes scholars make which prevent them from seeing Bible's dating system.
  2. Doctrine of God's Time Units and Mirroring: Mirroring.htm. Here, all time accounting units are explained (i.e., 1 year, 7 years, 40 years, etc.) but focus is to show the Justice Accounting Doctrine of Time itself. There is an in-depth tracing of each person granted time from Adam through Christ, with Bible verses showing how the numbers in the spreadsheet below, were derived. Mirroring is a redemptive 'reimbursement' of time well spent. Time lost is debited, but regained if certain conditions are met (hence Daniel 9). Again, all this is exhaustively explained in Mirroring.htm.
  3. Timeline Spreadsheet from Adam through 2007 (entries post-Cross are often sparse): GeneYrs.xls. You need the worksheet to productively view the video. Suggest you view it wide-screen, but half-deep. Use Excel's "View" then "Custom View" to access Time subsections (i.e., "David", "1st Temple", etc). Use Freeze Titles on cell B14 for best results.
  4. The Lord's Birth and Death dates, chronology of Jewish Calendar to see God's Macro Orchestration of Time and Passion Week: PassPlot.htm.
  5. All the above is contained now within Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

God Elects Sons!

The TRUE Doctrine of Election in the Bible starts and ends with the Election of Christ, and is entirely based on Foreknowledge. For if it were not foreknown Christ would freely succeed at paying for sins, then creation - including, creation of the angels -- could never have been justified. So throw out all that Reformation junk about supra and sub- and infra-lapsarianism. All is instead, based on Christ. So all is free to be what it is, good or bad, since Christ was foreknown and thus Decreed, to freely succeed, Isaiah 52:13-15, Isa53:10-12.

As my pastor liked to quip, "The Decree of God is His Holy, Wise, and Sovereign Purpose, comprehending AT ONCE all things in their causes, conditions, successions and relations, and determining their certain futurition." Notice how there's no compromise with freedom, and Foreknowledge is fully online.

For, Love is the Integrity of God, and God Loves Truth -- you know how many Bible verses there are on that. Well, Love must be Free, and Truth must be Free, so the Decree is for Free Truth to exist. Which means, if Christ Freely grows IN the Truth (and He was foreknown to do so, to BECOME the Way, Truth and Life) -- then 'sons' can be made from Him. Sons if perfect, or imperfect, still the task is the same -- grow them in His Thinking.

So sin is rather secondary to the purpose, a glitch to be resolved at an enormous cost, surely -- but that same sin only furnishes more opportunity for His THINKING to be bigger, still. That's why He's Bigger than all the angels put together even in His Humanity, theme of Hebrews 1 (which my pastor stressed often). See how sin is but leverage to produce better thinking in Christ and therefore us? See why Paul has to talk as he does, in Romans 6-8? LEVERAGE is God's Decree, Isaiah 54:1. So learn and live on Him!

Worksheet pics come from GeneYrs.xls. The original video is much clearer, and can be downloaded here:

This video summarizes the Thinking Series, starting at Thinking.htm. It's a comprehensive 'audit' of God's Son-Making Plan from eternity past to eternity future, showing how it balances to Bible.

Shorter novel format (only five chapters finished so far), PDR.doc. It reads most easily in Print Preview fullscreen, 2-page view. Here's the pdf version: PDR.pdf.

8c1-4 Genesis of the Time lords, cont.

Continued from 8ab, which has the worksheet and other links. This 8c1-4 shows you how to use the worksheet to see God's Rules for Time; it is due to these rules that the Rapture exists, and is pre-Trib (a kind of Exodus Ascension for Church as Body of Christ). So these videos are compiled from the bliptv 2008 video subseries (hence the weird video numbering); ALL those sub-episodes are now moved to Youtube, but if you want the clearer original, you can download it at .

Note: I didn't know the Psalm 90, Daniel 9 and Eph 1 meter when I made the 8c series in 2008; so the videos don't talk about that added Bible proof.

These videos were originally posted, 9/3/08.

Isaiah 53 Meter: God's Temple Calendar, Trailer

GIST: Daniel 9, God used Isaiah 53's meter to reaffirm to Jeremiah and Daniel, the timeline for Temple destruction and reconstruction. Isaiah tells it first, in 712BC. Isaiah's meter was deliberately designed to remind Jewish believers of the future just as you'd use a calendar.

For the entire calendar of the future through the Advent of Messiah is revealed. Isaiah tells you when he gave Isaiah 53 -- 126 years prior to Temple's Fall, 712BC, by parallelling that date with the future Destruction of the Temple which will also be 126 years short of its promised 490-year time grant, which began back in 950BC. From there, Isaiah parses his meter to give you the Temple and Jerusalem reconstruction timeline, to show how it will balance to the arrival of Messiah.

God, therefore, doesn't have to say much to Daniel except to parse the timeline; that's why Daniel isn't surprised by the numbers and asks no questions. To us reading Bible in English, Daniel 9 seems to be the only place where God's 490-year Time Grant system is mentioned. But in the Hebrew (and in the NT), it's referenced all over the place: for it's God's Temple Calendar, since Temple depicts Messiah.

Matthew 1 and Luke 3 play on Isaiah's meter to show that the prophecied generations (42) and descendants (77) counting down to Christ, was met. Luke tells it from Adam (including Gentiles), Matthew tells it from Abraham, listing only the legitimate kings of Judah, resulting in a 42-generation count. And ALL of them, are drawing on Psalm 90's meter. Even, and in some ways, especially, Daniel. For his prayer is metered based on Isa53 and Ps90.

So too, is Paul's GREEK(!), in Eph1:3-14 (covered in my GGS series).

Daniel 9:24-27 is thus not new information. So from Isaiah 53, you know exactly how to interpret Daniel 9. Use of meter to remind the one of future dates is a major rhetorical style in Scripture. It is NOT Bible codes, but a CALENDAR.

So when you review a Messianic passage in the OT, COUNT THE METER. You'll find an exacting chronology. We'll go through the pattern, so you know what to seek in other passages or prophets.

This material on a Bible rhetorical style in Hebrew has never before been documented. So here we first see it in snippet format, so that the rest of the videos will become relevant. You'll find the full version of this video, later in this playlist.

For Bible uses METER as an accounting device; scholars have debated whether Bible has meter for years, and whether Isaiah is genuinely from Isaiah. So establishing the meter resolves many interpretational and text-crit issues.

First video in the Isaiah 53 Meter Hypothesis series is: Isaiah 53 Hebrew Meter Hypotheses, Ov...

First Hypothesis #4 video is: 1/4 Isaiah 53 Meter Hypothesis #4 Pro...

Webpages on God's Orchestration of Time -- replete with Bible verses you can vet -- are important adjuncts, to grasp the material. See the video description to "God's Orchestration of Time" for important related website links. Click here for that video: PATU27 How God Orchestrates Time: aka...

Isaiah 53's Meter Plots God's FUTURE Calendar, Trailer

GIST: Isaiah 53's meter plots time YEAR BY YEAR from 712BC through the end of allotted time pre-Church, which was 37AD. So when God talks to Daniel, He uses Isaiah's meter to reaffirm the Time Allotment. Thus you know how to read Daniel 9, and how to INSERT time: which back then, was the expected 57 years, to complete the fourth millennium from Adam: year 4200 from Adam minus 57, which was the 50-year time for the Gentiles' voting, plus Tribulation =endpoint in Daniel 9:26

This video is the snipped format summarizing that information. The full video is in HD, here: . There's another, longer (43 min) video later in the Isaiah 53 playlist.

Thus you know why the Rapture is INSERTED Time, in Daniel 9:26c, no longer merely the expected 'Jubilee' of 50 years which is in ellipsis since it isn't Jewish 'time'.

Yeah, Church got inserted, so now Daniel 9:26c continues to characterise world history.

Calendars within calendars. Daniel 9 provably derives from Isaiah 53, as Isaiah lays out the future history to Christ in EXACTLY the same way, 126 years prior to Temple Fall. See the Yapping Most High (YMH) videos Part 10 and following, plus the Psalm 90 playlist, for further elaboration and proof from the Hebrew.

I didn't recognize the year-by-year calendaring of Isaiah 53 until July or September 2008; that's why the earlier Isaiah 53 Meter Hypothesis videos don't have this material.

"God's Temple Calendar" and "How God Orchestrates Time" Youtube video descriptions have links to associated webpages.

YMH10g God’s Timing vs. Jewish Dispensationalism

The Youtube copy of this video streams better,

GIST: Jews expect Messiah to come (or come again, if they believe Christ is Messiah) in their year 6000 (i.e., per Rambam or see Talmud, Order Nezekin, Sanhedrin 97, then search on 'Kattina'). Yet they also retain a garbled recognition of the 4200, see Sanhedrin 97b, search on 'eighty five jubilees'. It was 84, same as the number of syllables in Psalm 90:1-4, from which BOTH of their garbled timelines derive. Sample of their confused reasoning:

How valid is all that? This video introduces the issue; future videos will document where in the Hebrew (you can't see it in translation) the Bible provides what might be considered 'proof' of a 7000-year timeline for history. But what's the impact of Church, since Rapture is unpredictable? We'll cover that too, in future videos.

To warm up for them, you might want to study my Psalm 90 playlist videos (here in Youtube, but vimeo link is better: Psalm 90 Meter of Time (Precedent for Bible Hebrew Meter) ). For the primary source of Jewish Dispensationalism depends on the HEBREW METER in Psalm 90. And the Jews all know this. They just get the meter wrong.

Christian scholars don't recognize Bible Hebrew as having meter. But the Jews all had to memorise orally, so meter is commonly used in the OT, and is a very handy way to be sure you memorize correctly -- and know your prophetic timeline, too.

PATU29 True β€˜Easter’ Date, per Bible

In 2014, Passover begins today, April 3. So tonight plus two more nights equals 5th as His last night, anniversary. So tomorrow plus two more days equals April 6, so the TRUE Easter day is after sundown, April 6. We get it perpetually wrong, ignoring Bible verses in this video.

Both video and exhaustive Bible backup are here: PassPlot.htm. Audio audit of Vernal Equinox: VEconfirms30AD.WMA. You can see the VE yourself, here:

Took me over 2 years to research; you can prove it all yourself IN the Bible, within a month or two.

So why are we so confused about his Death Date? ANTI-SEMITISM, which disdained learning the details regarding Passover, in the Mosaic Law! So because the anti-semitic 'Church Fathers' didn't BOTHER to learn the details, they screwed up the dating of His Death! Disgraceful!

No problem. It's not hard to prove what BIBLE says, if one but reads it. Sometimes you need to be a Greek geek to catch John 19's sarcasm (which all the scholars know about, read ISBE), alerting us to the fact that TRUE Passover occurred when the Lord was crucified (so the formal Passover He ate, was due to the calendar not being updated for the new year). Those verses are covered in the above webpage.

God begins tracking Christ's Birth and Death dates in Genesis 5. Exactly. And based on His Death date, you can exactly know what days of the week are any year forward or backwards of that date. This is the only timeline in history which is 100% consistent and provable. So why don't we use it?

How did we EVER come up with the goofball 'Good Friday' nonsense, which requires 1+1+1=1.5? Sheesh! Spitting on the Cross! Spitting on Bible! Spitting even on common sense!

PATU32 How to Fix the Jewish Calendar for 2015 onward

ONLINE TALMUD LINKS ARE IN HERE. The whole fix shows in the onscreen icon for the video: so you don't have to play it; download link follows below. Video goes through the fix, as I created it during the video process. For, thanks to an email I just got from someone else who's also doing the meters in other Bible books, I now know an error I'd been making for some years: my error, was to listen to the 'scholars' and the Jewish calendar practice of intercalating an Adar sheni, instead of doing the math myself; well, the guy writing me the email did the math and informed me of my error, hooray! So now you can see the correction: Adar is the WRONG MONTH for intercalation. Bible uses ELUL, and so did Israel, prior to the Exile, per the Talmud. So, this video shows the fix.

Frankly, there's no need to intercalate, just always have Elul=35 or 36 days. Autumnal equinox 'naturally' occurs on its last day, in that design. And I bet money, that's how God designed it. Only later when Israel got hung up on being 'different', did she revert to the pagan practice of lunar years, and hence needed to intercalate.

Related links:

To the corrected calendar in the last segment of the video: Intercal.xls. If you'd rather just look at the picture you see onscreen before video starts, CorrectedforBIBLEIntercalated2015-2016.jpg or CorrectedforBIBLEIntercalated2015-2016.pdf pdf, if you prefer pdf. The xls has the same data, which was corrected after video done (I mistyped the dates after May 2016,in the video).

If you also want to correct the Adamic years, 6122 begins on the autumnal equinox 2015. For the complete Adamic calendar going back to Adam which the Bible actually uses in the NT meters (because I derived it SOLELY FROM the Bible), download GeneYrs.xls.

Also, HebCal.htm is useful, and the site explaining it (both now corrected to say 'Elul' instead of 'Adar' for intercalation), is PassPlot.htm.

Book citing Talmud (footnote 66 on page 254) as source for the PAST PRACTICE of Elul not Adar, intercalation (Elul intercalation always makes the equinoxes 'fit'): You can also view it in Amazon (but not page 254),

Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'intercalary Elul' to get to page 254, but you can't actually read that page. You can read pp249 and 255, though.

Babylonian Talmud ONLINE: The citations in the video are in Order Mo'ed: at bRosh Ha Shana 19a and 19b, 32a, , , and bBeitzah 6a and 22b, and .

Book citing POLITICS over intercalation (page 772, but you have to view the book for three pages prior, which maybe you can't do in Google) -- so we know why the Jewish calendar is wrong, and has been wrong, for centuries: . You can also read the page here in Amazon:

Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'creation of the world on 25 Elul' to get to page 772.

Of course, due to our own anti-semitic politicking, to cover up the fact Christ is JEWISH -- all our calendars are messed up with respect to Easter, as the earlier PATU videos (29-31) showed. So our political gambits are to blame, NOT Bible!

Yeah, and God made it possible to easily correct RIGHT NOW, as the xls and video, show. Whew. Remember, upcoming anniversary of His Crucifixion, is really April 3; upcoming real Easter (really First Fruits) date is post-sundown April 6, which is 'our' April 7. EASY. No politics, no slovenly 'scholarship', just BIBLE.

I tried to summarize the links etc. on how you can tell from the Hebrew and Greek meters, in the Bibleworks forum, thread here: Bible has its own method of ANNO DOMINI display , The LukeDatelineMeters.pdf has the links as well, so just download it, if you prefer. It does not yet have the Intercal.xls, but will.

At 8:22 in the video (click that number and look at the bottom), you can see the Babylonian Talmud citation. I couldn't see it when scrolling. Video shows it more slowly, at 19:08. Links to those Talmud passages are in the video description, as the Babylonian Talmud is easily searched ONLINE at (my usual fav Talmud site, rabbinic traditions, isn't working well).

So you can pause the video and see the Stern citation live, esp. if you can't see it in Google books (which won't now let me see that page 254 in Stern's book). You can't see it in the Amazon link to the book in the video description, but you can see part of the text the video shows for that page.