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Red triangles in cells (i.e., in A1, A2) are important notes:  they show when a mouse passes over them. For easier navigation, click Excel Menu's "View" then "Custom Views", then pick a dialogue box option.[1]            
Click here for "Ten Ways This Timeline differs'".[2] God's Orchestration of Time (to Bless Mankind)
 [3]   Legend for color scheme below:or color scheme below:         

Islam Gambit, Rev12[4] Satan tracks Temple[5] Read Me[6]
Voting Window[7]  'Historical, Personal or Qualifying 1000-year grants, deadlinesl, Personal  or Qualifying 1000-year grants, deadlines[8]      
Satan &Co. gambit, all Rev11-17 categories Threat to civilization[9] New Client Nation born on ashes of old one.[10]   Group/Individual Awarded Time   at the LAST MINUTE![11]
Persecution/Pogrom[12] Fake Temple/Church/politics Rev11,13,17[13]      "BTTB", Back-to-the-Bible movements[14]
Migration Peak[15] 490 Qualify[16] 490-yr deadline[17] 490 granted believer ends

Age sires[18] Age Age Begin/Born End/Died Year of y.o.w. y.o.w. Persons/Entities Responsible for preserving World & related data
Name next name Diff @death BC/AD BC/AD World Birth Death 1000's 1050's 490's 560's

Civilization begins @ Adam's FALL   0    
Adam="man" (and also = "red earth"). [19] 130 800 930 4106 3176 130 0 930 Genesis 5 is a hall-of-fame roster.  So maybe all these people were heroes granted time.  The demon pressure must have been awesome. Can't tell how his 490 is benchmarked.  There are 490 years between Seth's and Enoch's births (both very late in the year relative to their fathers' birthdays) so the fathers probably were 490 persons.
Seth="appointed"[20] 105 807 912 3976 3064 235 130 1042

Enosh="man" (lowliness stressed) 90 815 905 3871 2966 325 235 1140
Kenan="Nester" (one who makes a nest)[21] 70 840 910 3781 2871 395 325 1235

Mahalel="praise" 65 830 895 3711 2816 460 395 1290
End 1st (historical) 490 from Adam   3616 490   Intercalation begins this yr.  Analogous to 'new Jewish day begins at sundown.  Hence this is the base year for all contiguous qualifying 490s displayed in striped, lighter gold.
Believer Voting Window[22]   70 3616 3546   490 560  
End 1st (historical, intercalated) 560 from Adam     3546 560   The next historical 490 is measured from this year  
Jared=Descent (=going-down), countdown toward Birth of The Savior;  but also, mankind descends into degeneracy.[23] 162 800 962 3646 2684 622 460 1422

Can't tell how his 490 is benchmarked. 490 years between Seth and Enoch's births, so both fathers are maybe 490 persons;  seems God timed the births as birthday presents for the dads.
Enoch="Dedicated"=Chanuk (from which comes the word Chanukah) 65 300 365 3484 3119 687 622 987 Enoch got this grant in 687. Enoch got this grant in 687. Seems like he evangelized the world.
Methusaleh ="Flood occurs when he dies".  As my pastor and lexicons show,  Methu + saleh = "when he dies, 'it' happens."  And "it" was well-known to be the Flood.  187 782 969 3419 2450 874 687[24] 1656 THE FLOOD (Bible literally calls it "the Inundation") occurs yow 1656, 2450 BC, when Methusaleh dies.  So Civilization itself, almost dies.  Only 8 people alive, Noah and his family.  God's time-grants are always contingent upon sufficient positive volition of believers.  Note how even 8 people's faith justified the continuation of the world. Notice how Methusaleh lives long enough for this to happen.
End 2nd contiguous, qualifying 490 from Adam   3126 980   At least Enoch and his dad met this contiguous deadline, so time continues.
Civilization 1000 begins       3106 1000     The qualifying 1000's are measured from this 1000, contiguously.
Voting Window      The last 50 years of a 1050 unit are a voting period.  If too few people want to learn God by the end of it, time ends.
End 1st 1050 from Adam.  3056 1050 The next historical 1000 is counted from this 1050, not from the 1000.
End 2nd (historical, intercalated) 490 from Adam     3056 1050  
Lamech="powerful" (maybe root is mag for magi, that idea of power)[25] 182 595 777 3232 2455 1056 874 1651 Noah born just after 1st 1050's voting period ends. 
Notice how all but Adam, Seth and Enoch are still alive;  how Noah is born 6 years into the new 490.
End 3rd contiguous, qualifying 490 from Adam   2636 1470   Someone pre-Flood maybe besides Noah, met this deadline.
God announces a four-generation voting period, Genesis 6       1536 1536[26] 1656 Note that Methusaleh, Lamech, Noah are the only Gen 5 people alive in yow 1536.
End 3rd (historical, intercalated) 490 from Adam     2566 1540    
Noah="rest", gets covenant from God (stated pre- & after Flood, each time upgraded).[27] 500 450 950 3050 2100 1556 1056 2006 Notice how Noah grew enough so a new 490 can begin (in yow 1540). THEN God gives him a covenant, and kids to seal that covenant  AFTER 1540 (I.e., 1556), during the Voting window.  Thus they could positively VOTE before it ends.. and they did. Noah's Personal 1000 begins here, yow 1556.
End 3rd (historical, intercalated) 560 from Adam     2496 1610    
Shem="name" (THE Name)[28] 100 500 600 2550 1950 1656 1556 2156 Notice how the flood occurs AFTER the Voting window, and only 8 souls voted for God.  So because they voted, God cleans the civilization house.
Arpachshad ="healing from the encounter with havoc".  35 403 438 2450 2012 1691 1656 2094
Shelah= one sent (like an apostle), or weapon.  Idea of mission and conflict. 30 403 433 2415 1982 1721 1691 2124
Eber=travelling, passing beyond a point, wanderer (from which we get "Hebrew").  Many spiritual multiple-entendres in the term. 34 430 464 2385 1921 1755 1721 2185
Peleg="channel" (very witty) 30 202 232 2351 2119 1785 1755 1987
Reu="shepard" or "pasture" 32 207 239 2321 2082 1817 1785 2024
Serug="twining" or "knit" (growth and coordination, seems like) 30 200 230 2289 2059 1847 1817 2047
Nahor=snorer, snorter  29 119 148 2259 2111 1876 1847 1995
Terah="seeker" 70 135 205 2230 2025 1946 1876 2081
End 4th contiguous, qualifying 490 from Adam   2146 1960   Noah met this deadline. 
End 2nd Contig 1000 deadline for a Believer to grow enough to justify NEXT 1000. 2000   Noah got this 1000, back in yow 1556, and his personal runs through 2556.
End Noah's Personal 490
2550 2060 2046 1556 2046 Noah's 490 baton passes at the LAST MINUTE to Abram!
Abram="father of high places" (priestly caste);  becomes Abraham="father of many nations"[29] 100 75 175 2160 1985 2046 1946 2121  Age 75 thru 99,  he gets covenant from God (renaming means adoption) in serialized format like Noah's:  Gen 12:1ff, 15:1ff, 17:1ff.Notice how Abram reached spiritual maturity JUST IN TIME for civilization to continue.  yow 2046 aka 2060 BC kicks off Abraham's time grant:  it's Isaac's birth yr, occurring just before Civilization 2000 begins;  a birthday present for Abraham (100th). Notice 490-yr spread between Noah and Abram's sons' births, to show personal 490's.  Same is true between Seth and Enoch's births.
Civilization 2000 begins       2056 2050            
Voting Window      
End 4th (historical, intercalated) 490 from Adam     2006 2100  
End 2nd 1050 from Adam 2006 2100  
Isaac: Abrahamic covenant continued through him, Gen 21:12. 60 120 180 2060 1880 2106 2046 2226

Isaac's born 490 years after Shem was; like Shem, Isaac's alive INSIDE the Voting Window.  So Isaac had the SAME amount of time to vote as Shem: 54 years.   
Mentuhotep II of Egypt Unites the Kingdom; "Age" in col. D is length of rule for all Pharaohs.[30] 50 2060 2010 2106 2106 2156
Nice birthday present for Jacob, since God promised his grandad 400 years of slavery for his kids -- in Egypt (Gen15:13)!
Mentuhotep III begins rule, last of Egypt's 11th dynasty;  he's murdered by his vizier, who becomes Amenemhet I.  19 2010 1991 2156 2156 2175

Jacob="chisler" (manipulator) 54 93 147 2000 1853 2160 2106 2253

Amenemhet I begins rule, founds the 12th Dynasty in Egypt:  Col. D =length of rule.[31] 29 1991 1962 2115 2115 2144

Sesostris I begins rule, son of Amenemhet I;    Col. D =length of rule. 43 1971 1928 2135 2135 2178

Jacob flees to Haran, marries Rachel and Leah 40

490 years after the Flood.  And a new 490 begins;  for God makes a unilateral contract with Jacob, Gen28:12-17.  It's a first-stage version of the contract. Jacob's 490 does not begin here, but rather 20 years later, when he's renamed Israel.
Jacob renamed Israel ="prince of God"


Renaming means Abrahamic covenant reaffirmed & continued thru Jacob after he fights with the Lord: Gen 32:24-31. It also means his personal 490 begins in 2166.
110 110 1946 1836 2160 2160 2270

Joseph enslaved in Egypt;  the 490-year time-grant shifts to him this year 17 93 110 1930 1836 2176 2160 2270
490 years later = Exodus; Joseph must have been within days of his 17th birthday, so near it as to be called "17" in Bible.  Like a birthday present, again.
Amenemhet II begins rule:  he is the Pharaoh of the Dream.  See Sesostris I, above. "Age" in col. D is length of rule. 34 1929 1895 2177 2177 2211

Joseph becomes vizier  30 80 110 1916 1836 2190 2160 2270 Two 7's nested in two contiguous periods of 40 years begin here for Egypt, to play out Pharaoh's dream.  Egypt gets its own 490 due solely to Joseph.  Details are under "Joseph" entry in Mirroring.htm.
  40 year grace period ending with  7 FAT years 40
1916 1876 2190 2190 2230 A 7-year period always plays in a 40.  Here, it plays TWICE ("joseph"=double-portion).  It plays 2x again when David became King at Hebron.  
Sesostris II begins rule during the 40 year-period of the 7 fat years.  For all Pharaohs, "Age" in col. D is length of rule. 19 1897 1878 2209 2209 2228

Contig. 40 year grace period beginning with 7 LEAN years 40
1875 1868 2231 2231 2238 2x again, in Daniel 9 accounting for Christ -- with 7 years playing first in siege of Jerusalem, ending 70AD.  The remainder is reserved for Trib.  It played 2x again, in either 1983-1997 or 1990-2003 AD, more likely the latter.  MirrorNOW.htm has the det
Sesostris III rules during the 40-year period of the 7 lean years. 35 1878 1843 2228 2228 2263

Jacob and family enter Egypt.  [32] 130
430 1870 1440 2236 2236 2666  They came on 15 Nisan, Exo12:40-41.  They left exactly 430 years later, to the day.  Bible timeline is continuous from Adam. Thus you can derive Joseph's dates which fall in between, for Bible reveals them in terms of his ages when Jacob left Haran, and when Joseph became enslaved, vizier, etc. 

Amenemhet III begins rule;  he is the Pharaoh under whom enslavement began a few years before Joseph died (1840 and 1836 BC, respectively).  45 1842 1797 2264 2264 2309 So the 400-year slavery promise to Abram in Genesis was fulfilled, along with a 'reimbursement' of 30 years to compensate for Joseph's first 30 years, so to speak.  But Joseph's 30 years is nested inside Jacob's reimbursement of 60 years, as "Seedmaker" link in Mirroring.htm demonstrates.

12th Dynasty descends into chaos, and Egypt remains under foreign incursion/domination until the 18th Dynasty 227 1797 1570 2309 2309 2536 Notice how enslaving the Jews resulted in the enslaving of Egypt.  Anti-semitism is always punished.
End 5th contiguous, qualifying 490 from Adam   1656 2450   Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and Joseph each met this qualifying 490 deadline.
Ahmose, founder of 18th Egyptian Dynasty: notice the royal "-mose" suffix.  Idea of being drawn out of the water (Isis' favor).  This will be the Dynasty which rescues Moses from the water (hence his name). 24 1570 1546 2536 2536 2560 The year 1570 is 490 years after ISAAC was born.  God keeps time well, doncha think?  So a new dynasty is born when Isaac would have been 490 years old.  This Ahmose expelled the Hyksos and invaded Palestine, the future promised Land of Israel.

End of Abraham's Personal 490
490 2060 1570 2536 2046 2536    
End of Noah's Personal 1000  

1550 2556 1656 2556    
Amenhotep I begins rule; he can't bear kids, so appoints his general as his son, known to history as Thutmosis I. 20 1546 1526 2560 2560 2580

Thutmose I, adoptive son of Ahmenotep I, begins rule [33] 13 1525 1512 2581 2581 2594

Thutmose II, natural son of I, begins rule;  he married Hatshepsut, his half-sister -- she's a God's Wife, thus giving him legitimacy. [34] 8 1512 1504 2594 2594 2602

"God's Wife" Hatshepsut, half-sister and wife of Thutmose II, rules in the name of the 'heir' when Thutmose II, dies.  [35] 22 1504 1482 2602 2602 2624

 "Thutmose III" begins co-regency with Hatshepsut.  There are TWO people:  first, Moses=Thutmose III until 1480;  then, the son of Thutmose' II's concubine, from 1480-1450. [36] 54 1504 1450 2602 2602 2656

Moses 40 80 120 1520 1400 2586 2586 2706 Moses born Just in time!  Moses is the 2nd-1000 person;  the 490 person; the start of a new nation, all by himself.  God twice offered to destroy all Israel and start over with Moses, Deut 9:14, Num14:12.
End 5th (historical, intercalated) 490 from Adam     1516 2590  
Moses leaves Egypt 40
1480 1440 2626 2626 2666 Notice how MOSES' 40 wilderness-years occur during the 70-year voting period.  His Vote ALONE is enough to lead, and the Jews+Egyptians who converted were enough to make a nation of six million adults and kids.  Classic illustration of the voting window's importance.
Amenhotep II, Pharaoh of the Exodus, begins rule. [37]
25 1450 1425 2656 2656 2681

End of Jacob's personal 490

1940 1450 2656 2166 2656 Notice how VITAL is the personal 490. From here on, only Joseph's 490 justifies time -- lasting just long enough for Moses to be developed spiritually, to justify Israel's removal from bondage.  
End 5th (historical, intercalated) 560 from Adam     1446 2660  
Moses returns to Egypt;  gets covenant from God, Deut 9:14, Num14:12. Israel will only survive due to Moses.   80
Notice this happens AFTER voting window ends!  God's description is exacting, just as in the Flood account. Moses returned early in y.o.w. 2665, for the early plagues hit ripe barley; but Exodus is in Abib (=EARLY barley, modern name=Nisan).  So plagues occurred over about a year, kinda like the Flood's length.  Moses' 81st birthday was shortly AFTER Exodus; & he entered Egypt near his 80th birthday.  So he gets a double birthday present (going in, then coming out), much as the Flood was Noah's birthday present.
Moses leads EXODUS 80
Israel rejects God as King 100 years before Moses' 490 ends, but 1st Temple Dedicated at its end.
Nation Israel born; New, Corporate 490 shifts to Exodus date, due solely to Moses.  
1510 1440 70 2666 2666 4176 490 yrs prior, Joseph enslaved in Egypt. 430 yrs prior, Israel entered Egypt, enslaved during the last 400.  400 yrs later, David's born.  30 more yrs later, David's crowned at Hebron. 490x3 yrs to the DAY, Christ dies on the Cross (see PassPlot.htm).
End of Joseph's Personal 490
1930 1440 2666 2176 2666 Joseph's 490 baton passes at the LAST MINUTE.. to Moses!  
Thutmose IV: he probably began rule in 1440, not 1425.  He made a diplomatic marriage (which makes sense, if he had no more army).[38] 8 1425 1417 2681 2681 2689
Israel enters the Land
1510 1400 70 2706 2706 4176 Notice the nation dies on the third '490' from entry into the Land.  Absent Christ, we'd not exist.
Israel rejects; Judges

End 6th contiguous, qualifying 490 from Adam   1166 2940   Moses met this deadline.  Notice that as time passes, qualifying deadlines are farther apart vs. historical, so must be met MUCH earlier each time! Here, historical deadline is 210 years later!
End 3rd Contig 1000 deadline for a Believer to grow enough to justify NEXT 1000. 3000   Abraham won it back in 2046;  Moses got it in 2666.  So they overlap.
End Abraham's Personal 1000  
1060 3046 2046 3046  
Israel rejects God as King
1050 1010 3056 3056 3056 Israel's rejection occurs just after Abraham's 1000, & before new historical 1000!  Israel thus LOSES its TIME, which instead goes to David, Acts 13:20, 2 Sam 7. 
Saul becomes King;  in Acts 13:20 Paul calls this a 490 accounting loss made up by David's Kingship.
1050 1010 3056 3056 3056 How ironic: Paul who used to be Saul, explaining the Last David via first Saul who came before first David.
DAVID:  490 shifts AWAY from Israel to David, who gets covenant from God for Messiah and Temple (2 Sam 7 +  "my servant David" verses after his death). 30
77[39] 1040 963 3066 3066 3143 1000 years after David's birth, Herod (the Great) is made tetrarch of Judea by Antony.  That resulted in Herod to becoming king of Judea, thus preserving THE TEMPLE.  Else Messiah could not be born. 490 dating from his death ends 474 or 473 BC, the year of the Haman conspiracy in Esther. There's also a covenant dating from his anointing by Samuel, maybe:  but that date isn't given, so maybe it's not relevant.
David crowned at Hebron 30
70 1010 970 3096 3096 3136

 430 years prior was Exodus.  God plays on the time Israel was in Egypt. David's 490 from Hebron Kingship ends the year after 2nd Temple construction resumes.
Civilization 3000 begins         1006 3100            
David King of all Israel LATE in 1004. Given wordplay on seed (=Zerubabel) in Haggai 2:18,20,23, was he crowned 25 Chislev?[40]     1003 970 3103 3103 3136 1000 years later, the Lord is born.  David crowned during the voting window!
David Retires from Kingship

970 970 3136 3136 3136 1000 years later, the Lord's Humanity dies on the Cross (14 Nisan 30AD).
Solomon's Kingship:  2nd time he's crowned at Jerusalem, 1Chron 29:22.  First time was at Gihon, 1Kings 1:29ff. 970 930 3136 3136 3176
TEMPLE CONSTRUCTION BEGINS.  1st Temple begun 2 Ziv 960BC, 1Ki 6:1, 37 (see LXX); 2Chr 3:2. 1Ki 2:39,  3:2.     960 953 3146 3146 3153 Building began 3 years LATE, but within voting period. See 1Kings Chaps 1-5 on 7 yrs of David's Retiring thru death in 963BC.  Temple finished Bul 953BC: 1Kings 6:1 in LXX, 1 Kings 6:38.
End 3rd 1050 from Adam 956 3150  
End 6th (historical, intercalated) 490 from Adam     956 3150  
End Moses' Personal 490
1440 950 3156 2666 3156 Again, at the LAST MINUTE the 490 baton passes from Moses to Temple!  
First Temple Dedicated:  490 SWITCHES to Temple.[41] 1 Ethanim
950 586 3156 3156 3520 David's King 490s continue;  TEMPLE gets the 490 ending w/ David's 1000th anniversary of death in Dan9:24-27;  Messiah must end by 62nd week, & 7 years remaining 'belong' to TEMPLE. God crafts the 49, 70 and 7 from Temple's remainder (490 - (950-586BC)). 1st Temple dedicated, 1Kings 7:1, 8:1, 9:1; 2Chron 5:3, 7:7, 8:1.  490 given it due to David & Moses.  490 years prior=Exodus.  
930 913 3176 3176 3193 Anti-1000:  1000 years later, Israel is wiped out, 2nd Temple destroyed fulfilling Dan9:26.  It's a coincidence.
913 910 3193 3193 3196
910 869 3196 3196 3237
872 848 3234 3234 3258
848 841 3258 3258 3265
841 841 3265 3265 3265
841 835 3265 3265 3271
835 796 3271 3271 3310
796 767 3310 3310 3339
792 740 3314 3314 3366
750 732 3356 3356 3374
735 715 3371 3371 3391
715 686 3391 3391 3420
697 642 3409 3409 3464
End 7th contiguous, qualifying 490 from Adam   676 3430   As often seen below, David met this deadline. God measures 490s from his yrs when crowned (1010 & 1003), retired (970), died (963).  Temple gets its own 490, too:  LIMITED BY David's dates.
642 640 3464 3464 3466
640 609 3466 3466 3497
609 609 3497 3497 3497
609 598 3497 3497 3508
598 597 3508 3508 3509
Nebuchadnezzar deports
597 597 3509 3509 3509
597 586 3509 3509 3520
1st Temple destroyed, 10 Ab 586 per Jer52:12-14. God's 490 in Dan9 is based on 586BC.  It goes like this:  586-70 yr voting period =516BC, deadline to finish rebuilding Temple;  then the 70 is paid back, so 516-70=446BC, deadline to finish rebuilding Jerusalem.  That leaves the 126 yrs the Temple 'lost' due to dying early, plus the 364 years it stood, plus ANOTHER 70 years it would be 'owed' in sabbatical (voting) years, IF the Temple remained standing.  (So Chanukah later became a big deal.) [42] 950 586 3520 3156 3520  So  the 49 weeks are a reward, RESTORING part of the 126 yrs' shortage; which ONLY occurs, if both 516 and 446BC deadlines were met.  Then follows the 364 yrs plus 70 yrs, called "62 weeks".  The remaining 7 yrs of the 126, are reserved for the Trib.  SO THE TRIB MUST BE REAL, not an allegory.  A real payment of years OWED in the future.  See how it's a clear JUSTICE accounting, not woo-woo magical numbers?  The 490-year unit in Daniel 9:24-27 is in SUB-UNITS based on a 490 granted Temple, vs. its longevity; + 70-yr piece in Dan 9:2 (70+490=560, & 490 +70 +490 =1050). So if God grants 490-yrs in the PAST from which He crafts RESTITUTION, then 490-yr units were granted to prior believers.  That's how God caused me to find His orchestration of Time back in late spring 2004.
Cyrus Decrees Temple rebuilt.  But GOD decreed it in 586BC, per Dan9:24. 538 538 3568 3568 3568 538BC is important to context of Daniel's prayer.  It's NOT Cyrus' Decree God dates from, in Daniel 9.
Daniel's Prayer in Daniel 9[43]

Did Daniel pray due to Cyrus' decree, or is the decree due to Daniel's prayer? I don't know yet.  But he prays at the end of the 40-year judgement period.  Daniel is then age 60-70. 
2nd Temple foundation laid, 24/25 Chislev, Haggai 2:18   537
Messiah's Birthdate is partly based on this date: see Hag2:18, 20, 23.
Second Temple resumes construction, Haggai 1:15, 24 Elul 521
David's 490 due to Hebron Kingship runs out the following year.  So the construction resumes, just in time!
End David's Personal 490 from Hebron Kingship START 1010 520 3586 3096 3586 Just in time!  
Dedicated 2nd Temple, 3 Adar;  last 490 (560, incl. Dan9:2) begins, Dan9:24-26.  God bases Dan 9:24-27 entirely on David's multiple Personal 1000's and 490s;  Temple 490s derive from David's, since David's awarded the Temple, not Israel (see 2 Sam 7).       516 70 3590 3590 4176 HISTORY WOULD HAVE ENDED HAD THIS NOT BEEN DONE. Here we see the BALD impact of personal 490's protecting Temple and Jerusalem, why they are even alloted time.  David's personal-and-thus Temple 490 will be the ONLY REASON the world continues until Christ's Birth, as the other 490's have run out.
End David's Personal 490 from his United Kingship   1003 513 3593 3103 3593 Just in time!  
End David's Personal 490 from his Kingship Retirement   970 480 3626 3136 3626  
Esther marries Xerxes I[44]
478 478 3628 3628 3628

Purim, 13-15 Adar

474 474 3632 3632 3632 David's 490 due to his death ends 473, so Purim occurred just in time!  Dan 9:24-5 required Jerusalem be rebuilt by 446BC.  In 474, that hadn't happened!  
End David's Personal 490 from his death   963 473 3633 3143 3633 Just in time!  
End 7th (historical, intercalated) 490 from Adam     466 3640  
End of 1st Temple's 490, had it never been destroyed. 460 460 3646 3646 3646 Note how NEXT 490 ends 30AD, the year Christ successfully pays for sins (see yow 4136).    
Jerusalem rebuilt, Neh 6:15[45] 25 Elul, wall 586
446 140 3660 3660 4246 Completion deadline in Dan9 is 446BC.  Last Minute!  Vote is positive!  Time can continue!  The 69 'weeks' now begin.
Moses' Personal 1000 ENDS[46]
1440 440 3666 2666 3666 Notice how both Temple and Jerusalem get rebuilt just in TIME!  
Last Book of OT Canon Malachi
433 397 3673 3673 3709 Deadline was 397, end of 7 'weeks.'  Vote is positive!  Time can continue!  The 62 weeks begin in 397.
End 7th (historical, intercalated) 560 from Adam     396 3710  
End 8th contiguous, qualifying 490 from Adam   186 3920   David's 490s have all run out.  So only the Dan9 TEMPLE 490, keeps the world going.
Abomination/Antiochus 15 Chislev
167 164 3939 3939 3942 After voting ends, world again almost dies, as in 2450BC, 1050BC, and 586BC.  Temple here is not razed, but it's not workin'!  So if Israel didn't get it back, the world perishes.  
Pig Sacrifice/Antiochus 25 Chislev
167 164 3939 3939 3942 1st Temple lasted 364 yrs, but 7 reserved for Trib = 357 yrs.  357 yrs =time between 2nd Temple construction under Darius I, & Chanukah.
Chanukah instituted, 25 Chislev-2Tebeth 164 70 3942 3942 4176 Messiah's Birthday is on Chanukah:  see PassPlot. Htm's "Modest Proposal" link for the full story and audit trail -- Israel's holiday calendar is actually a prophetic outline of history.
Israel her own nation again, 1 Macc 13:41-51, 23 Ziv or Bul.  (Maccabees isn't God's Word, but its historical data is verifiable.) 141 70 3965 3965 4176 Just in time!  Late 142=early in 141, so could be Bul of year prior.
End 4th Contig 1000 deadline for a Believer to grow enough to justify NEXT 1000. 4000   As you'll see below, David got this 1000.
John Hyrcanus dies:  last of the ruling Maccabees, he'd usurped the Royal Title;  the Idumean Herods will thus usurp him, marrying into his family. 105 105 4001 4001 4001
Rome becomes ruler due to Herodian machination; Pompey takes Jerusalem on Passover, per ISBE in BibleWorks. 63 638 4043 4043 4744
Herod made tetrarch and then Rome's client king of Judea; bloody warring related to Augustus-Anthony conflict;  all this, in aftermath of Antipater's death circa 47BC 40 3[47] 4066 4066 4103

End David's Personal 1000 based on his birth 1040 40 4066 3066 4066 I'm not sure God benchmarks David's birth.  Definitely He benchmarks Kingship and death.
Christ is born Born 25 Chislev=25 Dec 4BC;  so use "3BC".  3 30 4103 4103 4136 His Birth ties exactly to Antiochus and Chanukah in 167BC, 164BC;  those days and months also exactly tie to 537BC 2nd Temple-foundation laying; announcement to Mary she'd be pregnant ties to 516BC 3Adar Temple dedication, so nine months later is Chanukah. PassPlot.htm's "Modest Proposal" link elaborates.
End David's Personal 1000 based on his united Kingship's START 1003 3 4103 3103 4103 Mark 1:15, Gal 4:4, Eph1:10:  He is born on 1000th anniv of David's united Kingship.  Notice continuity of personal 1000 thus preserved.   So any believer knowing God's Time Accounting would know EXACTLY when the Lord would be born.
Christ dies on Cross 3 30 4136 4103 4136 He's Born & Dies at the LAST MINUTE, bounded by David's (& Temple's) LAST time grants!!
End of David's 1000 based on his RETIREMENT from Kingship 970 30 4136 3136 4136 Christ's Death occurs in the 1000th anniv of David's Retirement as King, on the very DAY of the (ENDING of the 3rd 490 from) Exodus, just as the holiday itself always promised.
End 490 for 2nd temple, had First and 2nd Temples been always standing (balancing-to-original-design line item)
30 4136 3646 4136 Contiguous 490's  MUST be maintained to justify time.  These shifted to David from Israel, & to Temple from David.  Notice how ALL 490's all CONVERGE here in yow 4136.  All the way back to Adam.
TIME GETS DEBITED:Millenium was to begin BY yow 4200, when 4th 1050 ends; 4150-4200 is a voting period, so Christ must finish by 4150 to justify it. That deadline shortens: Daniel 9:25-27 explains. First, -7 yrs for Trib = shortens it to yow 4143= 1000 yrs after David's death, = AD 37. GOD USES DAVID'S PERSONAL 1000s TO CRAFT END OF TIME; that's why 1Kings 6:1 (telling you David died in 963BC) is there. Israel has no time left if Messiah didn't finish by 1000th anniversary of David's death. When Israel rejected Christ, it rejected that anniversary; which left only the 1000th anniversary of his retirement from Kingship (970BC+1000=30AD). Which equals, 1st Temple's second 490 ending, had it not been razed (Temple is based on David, per 2Sam7). 'Hence another debit, -7 yrs = His 4136 death date = 30AD. Perfect God Who Decreed Free Will, has Perfect Contingent Plans.
Dan 9:25 plays thusly: Christ is cut off in 61st week; Israel's cut off in 62nd; a 7 always plays within a 40, so interval between 61st & 62nd MUST be 33 yrs, which must be mirrored back, since they are Savior yrs (His Lifetime).  But when Daniel was given all this, it was possible that the two cutoffs occur co-terminous (a single 7-yrs in last 40 yrs, had Israel been positive).  Of course, that 62nd week played from 64-70AD.  Also, see God 'reserve' 40 yrs for His  Life:  compare David's age @King & reigning period, to Christ (Who was BORN King), with accting in Dan 9:2, 24-27.  See also "To Be or Not To Be" table in Mirroring.htm & pink table in PassPlot.htm for breakdown.  Matthew 1's use of 14 might also refer to this double 7 debiting, besides his usual double-7 entendres to show the 490 was fulfilled.  
Civilization 4000 begins, Time RESETS @ 30AD[48]         30 4136  
Everything but gold and green benchmarks are tentative, from this row downward.  God now tracks from 'Last' Adam (1Cor15:45).  So what follows is a work-in-progress, and needs vetting.  More events need to be input, too.  God accounts history far differently than we do.  As Bible explains, (i.e., Lev26 + Deut 28 trends, Hosea, Jer, Isaiah, Philippians) -- history is determined solely by ATTITUDES toward GOD.  MirrorNOW.htm summarizes post-Cross Divine criteria and history;  but use the date benchmarks here.
Pentecost begins[49]
30 30 4136 4136 4136
Paul struck blind on Damascus Road[50]
30 30 4136 4136 4136
End of David's Personal 1000 based on his death 963 37 4143 3143 4143 DEADLINE FOR THE END OF TIME USED BY GOD FOR DAN9:24-27 ACCTG
Paul[51] Ministry 'birthdate'  44 68 4150 4150 4174 Notice how Paul's completed before the woulda-been Voting Window, ends.  Paul had to completed by 4150, else no 4200 could occur. 
Obsoleted beg. of Civilization 4000 from Adam.
44 4150

 44-94AD (yow 4150-4200) is the most important voting window in history:  the old 1000 & 1050 window was 'due', yet time's truncated due to extreme positive & negative volition. 
Nero persecutes Christians in Rome, Jews revolt in Judea, siege of Jerusalem fitfully begins.[52] 64 70 4170 4170 4176 When God created Israel's holidays, sum of Passover plus Pentecost depicted the final 57 yrs of her pre-Millennial history.  So originally, Trib mirrored His Sacrifice during Passion Week.  The 57 would play in reverse:  50 yrs then 7 Trib yrs.  (Even if Israel accepted Messiah, the leaders would slay Him, per Isaiah 53:8.)  Last 40 yrs of the 57, would be the usual warning period for Israel.  Those 57 yrs must BEGIN by the 1000th anniversary of David's Death, the outer limit of Time.  Thus Messiah must die by then, so Trib will END with the 1050 (=yow 4200, 94AD), as next year (4201) was Jubilee, 2nd Advent, Isa61. So He'd live 40 yrs=David's reign; die in 4143; then 57 yrs 'play', ending in 4200. As it happened, the people rejected Him.  So, Plan B, catchup: Temple still razed on time, but w/ only 40 yr-warning (that's why the Lord was on earth for 40 days, not 50). Too few believers matured for Rapture to occur then.  So John writes a generation later, to explain that.  Hence Trib is now undated, as Acts 1:5-8 warns. 
Revised-Scheduled Trib beginning[53] 70 77[54] 4176 4176 4183
Paul is beheaded as part of Nero's persecution campaigns.  68 68 4174 4174 4174
Year of the four Emperors;  Peter likely executed this year. 69 69 4175 4175 4175
2nd Temple Destroyed.[55]

64 70 4170 4170 4176
Originally-Scheduled Trib beginning[56] 87 94 4193 4193 4200 87-50+40-7=70AD.  -50 gathering yrs can't play; +40 Israel's warning MUST play, w/ nested 7;  -7 on Christ's life (33 yrs, not the 40 planned).  Balances to 70AD, year Temple destroyed.

Obsoleted end of 4th 1050 from Adam.[57]
94 94 4200 4200 4200 Millennium should have begun HERE, the original 2nd Advent deadline.
End what would have been the 8th historical, intercalated 490 from Adam 94 4200
This stops being a benchmark, replaced by the Lord's Death as the base year.  
Revelation penned, last book of Canon.
96 96 4202 4202 4202 Its wry style: a quadrilogy on how time ends, written JUST AFTER the scheduled time ended.  Notice it's also AFTER the voting period ended, to explain what happens next.  (Everyone knew God's Time System, & that the 1050 completed.)  So, NOW -- "now" is a keyword in the NT for the Church Age -- what happens?  So John's Revelation is not symbolism or 'code', but typical Greek drama to show how what was SUPPOSED to occur two years prior, will transpire.
1Clement written, blatantly misusing Scripture to make a power grab over Corinthians.  Notice how John, NOT 'Clement', is given God's Word. Clearer proof of Rev17 harlot via 'Clement', you couldn't have.[58] 96 96 4202 4202 4202
Caesar changes Administration policy on the Equites
98 98 4204 4204 4204
Trajan persecutes Christians

108 138 4214 4214 4244

Hadrian grants permission to rebuild Temple, then rescinds it. 117 117 4223 4223 4223 Satan's tends to play 490's/560's/1000's on Temple-related dates;  he's not always on time.  Analyze any Temple-related activity for such counter-plays.  Satan's big on mimicking God's orchestration of time, for the sake of derision.  Here, the play is on the completion of the 2nd Temple and Jerusalem, 560 years prior (446 BC).
fake date as placemark

122 122 4228 4228 4228
Bar Kochkba rebellion results in Aelia Capitolina (abomination of Dan9:27 and Rev11:1ff mimicked) -- 70 years after 70AD:  hello, anyone AWAKE in Jerusalem to the convergence? 132 140 4238 4238 4246 Anti-490:  70 years in Dan9:2 replayed to ALERT people! 490+70 is a 560 unit, just as in Dan9. 70+70 is period it took to rebuild both Temple and Jerusalem (586-446BC, fulfilling Dan9:24-25);  on that EXACT SAME SCHEDULE, both Temple and Jerusalem were torn down in the 1st 140 years AD.
M. Aurelius persecutes Christians[59]

161 161 4267 4267 4267
Septimus Severus persecutes Christians
193 193 4299 4299 4299
Maximus persecutes Christians

235 235 4341 4341 4341
Decius persecutes Christians

249 249 4355 4355 4355
Valerian persecutes Christians

257 261 4363 4363 4367
Aurelian persecutes Christians

274 275 4380 4380 4381
Thesbian legion decimated for refusing to persecute Christians. 'Those Thesbians loyal to Rome were executed anyway. 286 286 4392 4392 4392
Diocletian persecutes Christians

303 312 4409 4409 4418
Constantine and the Rev17 crackdown, kidnapping of Bible manuscripts, monopolization of Christianity[60] 312 323 4418 4418 4429
Anti-490: 490 years prior to 323, Antiochus took Jerusalem.  Also this is a Rev17, anti-490 trend which usually resurges every 100-120 years before a 490 is due to close.  
BTTB:  Monasticism 

300 1540 4406 4406 5646 Back-to-the-Bible trend also reaches a peak within the last 120 years of a 490.  Here, the ONLY way you could get to SEE a Bible or HEAR it for yourself, was to become a monk or nun.
BTTB:  Flurry of what we call "4th century" Bible copies in original-languages are made. 300 400 4406 4406 4506
Like Charlesmagne before him, Constantine was big on Getting the Word out.  The monopolization came later, and it seems to have been a papal thing.
BTTB and the Rev17's harlot fight against it.  Harlot eventually wins.  Flurry of infra-Christian and anti-semitic pogroms as the 'bishops' seek out and destroy all Bible books and all dissent.  [61] 312 604 4418 4418 4710
Map of the infra-Christian fights on pp76-77 of Dowley.  Bible was sequestered during this time, but not well enough. 

370 489 4476 4476 4595
#5 hallmark trend of the last 120 years of a 490.  Thus more people are exposed to Bible.  Notice Israel's geographic location.  God thinks of everything.
BTTB: Jerome translates Bible into contemporary Latin; Vatican rejects it, but 400 years later (when no one can well read that Latin anymore), publishes it. 386 800 4492 4492 4906 Three most important hallmark trends post-Cross  -- in fact, the main reason time continues -- are related to preserving and distributing the Word in original-language texts and accurate translations;  and, teaching that word to the common man.  So attempts to make Bible commonly availabile also spike during the last 100-120 years of a 490.  So too, does the religious opposition, which always wants the Bible to be chained to the altar, something you oooh and ahh over but never learn.
BTTB:  'Saint' Patrick the Evangelist

389 461 4495 4495 4567 Another related trend, missionary evangelism also spikes during the last 100-120 years of a 490.
Demise of Rome begins w/sack by Alaric

410 400 4516 4516 4506 From Alaric onward, Rome is no longer her own country.  Whether Huns, Visigoths, or Goths, barbarian invasions/influence end Rome as a client nation.
BTTB: Clovis, de facto founder of Merovingians  
481 751 4587 4587 4857
Migrant Frank starts an alternate kingdom vs. Rome, 494AD.  This preserved Western Europe from Byzantine and Catholic domination, so it began at this point to develop independently.
End 1st Contiguous 490 from His Birth
487 487 4593 4593 4593 This benchmark as warning?
BTTB: Arians (et alia)[62]

493 553 4599 4599 4659 These people believed in Bible only, rejecting Catholicism.  God had them take over Northern Africa, beating Rome.
End 1st Historical AND Qualifying 490 from His Death.  Since His Death prematurely terminates a 1000 and is contiguous with all prior 490's, future qualifying 490s 'build' on this one.   520 520 4626 4626 4626 Personal 490's must be granted at least ONE believer by a previous 490's end,  or next historical 490 won't occur. 70-yr voting period attaches only to a historical 490.  This 490 is both historical & contiguous;  due to 70 year voting periods 'intercalating' time, there's an ever-widening gap between contiguous & historical 490s.
Justinian becomes Byzantine Emperor;  Belisarius helps him regain lost territory, and is rewarded for that by being executed as if a traitor.[63] 527 565 4633 4633 4671
Voting Window, 520-590AD
End 1st 560 from Christ's Birth

557 557 4663 4663 4663 God doesn't track to this.  
fake data as placemark

557 557 4663 4663 4663
fake data as placemark

557 557 4663 4663 4663
BTTB: Columban begins his long missionary journeys
563 614 4669 4669 4720
BTTB: monasteries flourish as Bible Copy centers

560 1540 4666 4666 5646
End 1st 490 since Temple Destroyed.   560 1540 4666 4666 5646 Satan plays off this.
End 1st 560 from His Death.   590 590 4696 4696 4696 Time ends if the voting is too negative.  Next historical 490 will be measured from here, not 4626.
Roman-Byzantium wars end[64]

600 600 4706 4706 4706 Arabophile Sir John Glubb wrote a fascinating book called A Short History of the Arab peoples.  At its beginning and at its end, he focuses on the TIMING of Islam's rise, as if fated.  He couldn't help noticing that Mohammed rose propitiously, at just the right moment when "Rome lay exhausted". You betcha. Important 490-Temple-related dates are upcoming!  Just look at the focus on Jerusalem from two ends, Rome and now suddenly-from-nowhere, Arabia -- over the next 30 years...
Mohammed begins his ministry
570 632 610 632 4716 4716 4738 Click here for comprehensive history from 622-present Using the sons of Abraham to harm other sons of Abraham is a historical trend since Isaac was born.  Guess why.
Chosroes authorizes rebuilding Temple (so abomination of Dan9:27 and Rev11:1ff attempted) 614 614 4720 4720 4720
The Hegira (when Islam began to spread out, per Islamicists) 622 622 4728 4728 4728 Cute gambit, an anti-490: Hegira begins 490 years after Bar Kochkba began (622-132), and also 483 years (playing on 69 weeks) after Aelia Capitolina.  Don't the Muslims realize how Satan&Co. are satirizing them?  This is really an insult, since he's using JEWISH dates to foment ARAB action.  And they don't see the derision?  This kind of mocking replays over and over from 622 forward.
Roman-Parthian wars: Rome retakes Jerusalem   629 629 4735 4735 4735
490 years after Aelia Capitolina was finished; 560 years after Temple destroyed.  How rude, how obsessed, forever playing from 70AD Temple Destruction, a major past victory.
End 1st 560 from Temple Destruction
630 630 4736 4736 4736

Abu Bakr (his uncle) succeeds Mohammed.
632 634 4738 4738 4740
Islam takes Jerusalem (Umar I succeeded Abu Bakr)   638 638 4744 4744 4744
BTTB:  Boniface: major missionary BTTB
675 754 4781 4781 4860

Dome of the Rock construction period; (so abomination of Dan9:27 and Rev11:1ff mimicked, to this very day)   685 691 4791 4791 4797 Begins on reverse of 586 (BC);  also equals 99+586, the '99' being Abram's age at circumcision.  Construction period mimics the time it took to build 1st Temple.  The Rock of course is the Rock on which Isaac was almost sacrificed, which became the threshing floor of Ornan, which King David bought for 600 shekels and turned into the Holy of Holies via Solomon.  Arabs claim it was Ishmael not Isaac who was sacrificed.  So why then did Allah give this holy place to the Jews for almost 1700 years?  Do NO lightbulbs ever go on?
BTTB:  Rise of Benedictine Monasteries. 700 1200 4806 4806 5306
If you were quiet and cooperative and you could copy well, you could learn Scripture all you wanted -- so long as you became a monk or nun.  Well, lots of folks did.
BTTB:  Bible copy known as Codex Amiatinus is secretly made and distributed in England/Scandanavia. 700 700 4806 4806 4806
The Vatican will hunt down all copies and destroy/confiscate them over the next two hundred years.
Moslems under successors Bakr, Umar, Othman, Ali (married Fatima), then the Umayyads, conquer widely; but the latter are defeated in France by Charles Martel. 632 732 4838 4738 4838 Click here for comprehensive history from 622-present Bible would have been killed had this battle not been won.  A kind of stalemate ensues between Islam and Christianity.
Decline of Abbasids, who had supplanted the Umayyads.  750 850 4956 4956 5056

BTTB: Merovingians replaced by Carolingians
800 911 5017 5017 5128
Their rule was marked by the idea that everyone should get and learn Scripture.  Bible manuscript making reaches an all-time high.
 Abd ar Rahman, an Umayyad, still holds both sides of the Gibraltar, and founds a Muslim dynasty in Spain. 756 1236 4862 4862 5342
Viking/Magyar invasions/migrations

700 900 5006 5006 5206
Migration/invasion peaks in last 120 years of a 490.
Codex Amiatinus confiscation
894 894 5000 5000 5000
Sample of an anti-490 Bible confiscation trend which begins circa 100-120 years before a 490 is due to close.  
Mamelukes and then Shia Islam effectively conquer the Abbasid caliphate.  (New spelling in Encarta is Mamluk.) 900 1054 5006 5006 5160

BTTB:  Cluny reform monasteries flourish
900 910 5006 5006 5016
Counter trend;  time can continue.
True Beginning of Roman Catholicism's decline due to growth of nationalism.  It will take centuries for this trend to complete, but it begins with Otto I of the Revived Roman Empire. 962 1789 5068 5068 5895
Success of the countertrend is evidenced by greater willingness to fight for freedom and greater willingness to accept self-responsibility.
End 2nd Contiguous 490 from His Birth 977 977 5083 5083 5083
End 1st Contiguous 1000 from His Birth 997 997 5103 5103 5103 God uses this benchmark for warning.
End 2nd Contiguous, Qualifying 490 from His Death 1010 1010 5116 5116 5116 This benchmark deadline underlies the validity of ALL time.  It MUST be met, severally.
Civilization 5000 begins       1030 1030 5136 5136 5136 This historical 1000 deadline must be met.  It's also the 1st contiguity qualifier.  
End 2nd 490 since 2nd Temple's Destruction.   1050 1050 5156 5156 5156 Both Byzantine and Western Catholicism are at their peaks this year.  Only 20 years later, Byzantium will be sacked and the Moslems will take over.
The Great Schism (Catholic Church splits between East and West) 1054 1054 5160 5160 5160 This schism was healthy, Breaking up the monolith. So note how Islam suddenly 'revives' to motivate reuniting:  a new contiguous 1000 starts (Paul's victory time-grant complete, someone unknown picked up his baton). At this point, Catholics control 'north' of the Med, and Muslims, 'south'.  From here on the 'north' will make incredibly fatuous decisions, especially the Byzantines.  Classic split like Judah and Samaria after Solomon, with the latter going under first.  Idea is to marginalize any BTTB movements in favor of the political cause.  Same ol' same ol' gambit, Satan polarizing everyone in order to unite them under a tyrannical banner for relief.  Even as today.
Seljuks (of which the Mamelukes were a part) completely replace the Abbasids and Shia.  The latter had been declining for two centuries, so rulerships were fragmented.  The Seljuk Turks united everyone, essentially.  Hence the return to conquest. 1055 1055 5161 5161 5161
Revised-Scheduled End of Time 77 1077 4183 4183 5183 See cells just below y.o.w 4136 (30AD) for the accounting.  Time got debited. So now we're overdue, past the revised schedule due to His Death.
Seljuk defeat of Byzantium.  Jerusalem taken 1073. 1071 1071 5177 5177 5177 Click here for comprehensive history from 622-present
fake data as placemark 1077 1077 5183 5183 5183

End 2nd (historical, intercalated) 490 from His Death   1080 1080 5186 5186 5186 This is the historical 490 which depends on the lighter gold 490 deadlines being met.
End 1st Historical 1050 from His Death     5186     The next historical 1000 will be measured from here, not from 5136
Rev17 resurgence:  Crusades Begin.  See, they didn't have TV back then, so that the Dome of the Rock could easily advertise its Daniel 9:27 meaning to the world. To make everyone feel holy and MURDERING about going back to a place the Lord warned should be SHUNNED, in Matt24.  Just like today.   1096 1396 5202 5202 5502 Nice touch, Satan pulls off an anti-1000 (see yow 4150-4200 entries):  due to the 732AD stalemate, Islam lost the will to attack Christianity, so now the tide reverses.    So Satan&Co. kindly provided Crusades,  to keep Jerusalem,  Temple, Dan9:27, Matt24 and Rev11:1ff,  constantly in mind. Tweaking God's Plan, to reverse it.
Originally-Scheduled End of Millennium 94 1094 5200 4200 5200 Rev 11-17 satanic CRUSADE gambit of Fake Church to 'rescue' Fake Temple, begins yr which should have been Gog Magog Revolution, Rev 20:7 & on Revelation's 1000th anniversary.
Papal-backed West recaptures Jerusalem 1099 1187 5205 5205 5293 Satan plays both sides, Catholicism and Islam, always to key to Temple.  Here, it's roughly 490 years after Heraclius ascended Byzantium's throne, Mohammed allegedly got his 'revelation', and Boniface set up the martyr holiday which would later become Halloween.  Cute.  Of course, this means warfare in the region will step up, keep the Crusades going.  Preview for coming attractions in 1948.
BTTB: Cistercian Reform monasteries (related to Cluny) founded and flourish.  This group, and even more the Waldensians (q.v. below), probably accounted for the God's Grant of another 490 and maybe even the 1000-year unit of this time in history.  1098 1540 5204 5204 5646 Notice the countertrend to Rev17 occurring contemporaneously.  These Cistercians, like their Benedictine brethern the Cluniacs, are expressly formed to prove to the common man that they are NOT like the clergy. All future dissenting and the Reformation itself, is sourced in these monks' missions, and the dissenters derived their courage from such missions' beliefs. So this is a quiet countertrend.  If you're studying Bible in these days, you're doing it in secret, and you have to hide in plain sight (i.e., just dully copying the manuscripts). 
End 2nd 560 from Christ's Birth

1117 1117 5223 5223 5223

Originally-Scheduled Beginning of Eternity   1144 1144 5250 5250 5250 This would have been the end of the 5th 1050 from Adam, had Israel not rejected Christ.  There would have been no Church.
BTTB:  Waldensians

1150 1848 5256 5256 5954 This was such an important BTTB it never really died.  Can't beat those learning the Word.  Yeah, they weren't altogether right on all doctrines, and who knows if they had full copies of all Bible books. 
Saladin captures Jerusalem,  thus justifying further Crusades.  These will continue until 1244, with the period 1229-1244 being under Crusader control. The warring helps to destroy Bible, Jews, Christians. 1187 1229 5293 5293 5335 Click here for Witness to Saladin's battle 1187 is close to 560 years from the last time Jeru was taken, timing seems gratuitous. 1229 and 1244 don't seem to key to any parallel event 490 or 560 years prior.
BTTB:  Albigensian 'crusade':  really, slaughter of those who have a weird interp of Bible, the Cathars.  The Waldensians who are more accurate Biblically, are lumped in with the Cathars by Rome, and also persecuted.  But both groups avidly understand that only God and His Bible is the proper authority.  1210 1229 5316 5316 5335  The people side against Rome and with both groups of 'heretics', this time.  Nearly destroyed France, Germany and Italy, the ensuing civil struggle.  Funny how even today's encyclopedias covering this period just use the term 'heretic' as if it were correct, as if man had a right to fight 'heretic' beliefs.  Satan knows how to use the power of suggestion.
Rome, 4th Lateran Council -- against Jews, p.110 Dowley book 1215 1215 5321 5321 5321
Mongol invasions check Seljuks;  Europe almost invaded but suddenly spared maybe due to King Wenceslas' BTTB movement (per my pastor) in 1241.  So Mongols instead go east.  They defeat the Seljuks, sack Baghdad in 1258, and stay east of Europe after that. 1231 1370 5337 5337 5476 It was probably a sect of the Waldensians God developed to so advance that the invasion of Pest could be stopped by the death of Jintai (?) Khan.  By Mongol law, they had to return home.  And they never returned to Europe.
Mongols decline, freeing the Turks to throw off the Seljuk yoke;  many smaller polities result;  all are gradually usurped by Osman, founder of what will become the long-lived Ottoman Empire, born this same year as Mongols sack Seljuk Baghdad.   1258 1347 5364 5364 5453

S. England -- against Jews, p.110 Dowley Book 1290 1290 5396 5396 5396

Philip IV deposes Pope of Rome 1303 1303 5409 5409 5409 Papacy becomes dependent on secular largesse from France.  Thus begins in seed form, what will be called the other Great Schism, which is behind the 100 Years' War soon to follow.  The Reformation would have had no political underpinnings without this deposition to set up the players.
Hundred years' war, mostly between England and France (Platagenets and the Capetians).  Partly derived from the stupid papal battles.  Nearly destroyed everyone.  Functioned to solidify national territories, no one really gaining much.  However, God will use this to divorce the papacy from power over the kings.  From here on, nationalism matures. 1337 1453 5443 5443 5559 Anti-490 regular trend; notice how Satan 'replies' to the BTTB with a counter to distract from learning Bible.  Notice further that everyone fights this time:  the Moslems are on the borders, popes fight and embroil Europe;  and there's this stupid dynastic dispute between England and France, where the MOST pro-Bible people are quietly located.  
Rise of Ottoman Power; Ottomans seem like the Turkic equivalent of the Hapsburgs, historically.  Like Cyrus did, Osman's son Orhan basically conquers (here, Byzantium circa 1347) by marrying the Emperor's daughter, which Emperor he helped put in power.  Click here for extensive history 1347 1922 5453 5453 6028  That wouldn't have happened if the schism of 1054 -- stupidest thing on earth! -- didn't occur.  So by 1355 Orhan will be fighting and winning in the Balkans, thereby able to wipe out BOTH 'catholic' empires.  Thus begins a kind of double-envelopement of Europe by rival Moslem powers.  The Ottomans are from Anatolia, but the remaining Seljuks, Fatimids and Almohavids still have power on the other side of the Med.  All that is about to change, here.  The Ottomans will win out and make the Med their lake until the end of WWI.
Rise of Tamerlane on the ashes of the Mongol khanates.  He will end up challenging the Ottomans, because his southern border in Anatolia is contiguous to theirs.  Ruthlessness is a deliberate strategy.  Babur, founder of the Mughal Empire in India in 1526, will be one of his descendents. 1370 1405 5476 5476 5511
This is yet another Moslem power, but with the characteristics and moxy of (Temujin) Genghis and Ogotai Khan.  God used it to keep the Ottomans busy, akin to a two-front war.  Thus God bought time for Europe to prepare and wake up to Him. Note the BTTB confluence in the next few rows.
BTTB: (under Wycliffe) Lollards persecuted. 1374 1417 5480 5480 5523

A Different Great Schism, when the Western Popes all fight with each other, so Europe does, too.  Cannibalistic infighting.  1378 1417 5484 5484 5523

France -- against Jews, p.110 Dowley Book 1394 1394 5500 5500 5500

BTTB:  Jan Hus.  He was martyred and his followers persecuted. 1415 1620 5521 5521 5726
Dress Rehearsal for the full-blown Reformation.  This was another movement of real Bible Study.  Yeah, they were messed up on some ideas, but who isn't?
fake data as placemark
1430 1430 5536 5536 5536
BTTB:  Gutenberg makes first movable-type Bible 1450 1456 5556 5556 5562
Reformation was impossible without this.
Massive evangelism by exploration begins;  Europeans compete to go to the Americas and Africa, Asia for God and gold. 1450 1700 5556 5556 5806

Constantinople overrun by the Ottomans
1453 1453 5559 5559 5559

End 3rd contiguous 490 from His Birth
1467 1467 5573 5573 5573
Spanish Inquisition -- against believers and Jews, p.110 Dowley Book 1478 1834 5584 5584 5940
End 3rd contiguous, qualifying 490 from His Death   1500 1500 5606 5606 5606  
BTTB:  Flurry of activity to collate original-language texts found in Spain and elsewhere. 1514 1678 5620 5620 5784
As usual, when a 490 completes, it is rewarded with 'finds' of original-language manuscripts which had been hunted down since a century+ prior (the hunt is characteristic of a 490's ending 120 years).
Ottomans beat the Mamelukes in Egypt; so Ottoman rule begins there, too.  Ottoman Moslems Reconquer Jerusalem: Notice how the BTTB is countered by the Moslems to distract everyone from learning Bible, even later in the same year.[65] 1517 1517 5623 5623 5623 Notice the continuing, increasing, side-by-side nature of discovering and studying Bible, and the constant Moslem distraction:  idea of do you fight for some hunk of ground the Lord warned you to avoid in Matt24, or do you ground yourself in His Word.  Same test as back in the 600-700's.  Satan keys tactics to Word interest and to historical 490's, so maybe the 490-year ties to Temple/Jeru dates are just derisive, gratuitous haha's.  The year 1517 doesn't seem to trace back to anything parallel 490 or 560 years prior, so it must be Luther's theses which are the 'worry' Satan counters.  Ironic, since Luther was anti-semitic.
BTTB: Luther posts 95 Theses, 10/31/1517 Click here to read them 1517 1517 5623 5623 5623
Suleiman the Magnificent comes to power.  He will war in Eastern Europe, but will increasingly use diplomacy and economic tactics rather than war with the West, in order to split its members against each other;  but will use war with the East.   1520 1566 5626 5626 5672 This can't be a coincidence. Satan doesn't give up easily.  The rise of this able ruler has the effect of making the Ottoman Empire a major European power.  It also has the nice effect of marginalizing BTTB movements so people return to the power of big religion (as a psychological defense mechanism).  Satan's not stupid.  Interest in Bible means people will want to find manuscripts in the Levant.  So Islam needs to be rolled out to 'protect' them from being found.
BTTB: John Calvin partly inspired by Luther
1535 1535 5641 5641 5641

End 3rd 490 since 2nd Temple's Destruction.   1540 1540 5646 5646 5646 Obviously the Reformation ties directly back to Temple, here.

BTTB and Rev17, mix:  Reformation begins
1540 1540 5646 5646 5646 The Reformation begins, how ironic.  From here on out, a multiplicity of client nations exist;  baton passes from one to the next as one among the group weakens so another strengthens.  Hence political entities largely stabilize among them. Notice how it occurs in the last 140 years of a 490, classic 4-generation pattern.
Papal Inquisition Office instituted. [66] 1542 2006 5648 5648 6112 Satan wouldn't have wanted the Reformation.
BTTB: Stephanus original-lang Bible manuscript collated, completed. 1550 1550 5656 5656 5656

Typical peaking of Getting Bible, 490 trend #1 (see note to cell K8), began w/Gutenberg.
BTTB: Theodore Beza finds an original-lang Bible manuscript. 1562 1562 5668 5668 5668
End 3rd (historical, intercalated) 490 from His Death   1570 1570 5676 5676 5676  
Battle of Lepanto:  Europe looks up from its own Reformation and nationalism issues, and realizes Ottomans are not invincible. 1571 1571 5677 5677 5677 The 490 deadline and its all-important goal of getting out the WORD was met;  so Ottomans now decline.  Reformation a more lucrative satanic source of inter-believer strife, and indeed efforts must be focused there, since everyone can get a Bible, now.  So this is the voting period about those issues.  We're still living off the results!
BTTB: Textus Receptus (partly used for KJV in 1611) though faulty, is completed. 1624 1678 5730 5730 5784
End 2nd (historical, intercalated) 560 from His Death   1640 1640 5746 5746 5746  
Ottomans lose to the Europeans, just in time. Click here. 1683 1699 5789 5789 5805 Turning point against Ottomans, West wins under King Sobieski.  There'd be no Bible if we didn't win, here.  Classic, positive-side realization of the Lev26 promise here, just as in 732.   From here on, the gambits widen to include fake intellectuality, so to distract us from Bible.  West rose due to interest in Bible, not due to culture or being 'Western'.
fake data as placemark

1710 1710 5816 5816 5816
US 'born'

1776 1789 5882 5882 5895 Religious fallout begets political fallout and hence migration and a requestionning of everything, because people are disillusioned.  God uses this.  He always begs the question.
French Revolution

1789 1799 5895 5895 5905
Gibbon's scathing expose against Rev17 Churchinanity, called Decline of the Roman Empire, shocks the world. 1776 1776 5882 5882 5882
Joseph Smith claims to fix Bible in original languages from 'plates' made 586BC when 2nd Temple destroyed; Diaspora Jews alleged to sail to US back then. Note yet another alleged 'improvement' on the Bible, so we know Islam wasn't doing the job. 1830 1844 5936 5936 5950

BTTB: MASSIVE collection and collation of original-language Real Bible manuscripts, greatest in post-Cross history.[67] 1842 1894 5948 5948 6000 Thus begins the most Bible-available period since Paul. BTTB:  God rolls out Scripture where interest in it rises; here it is at an all-time high, since 30AD.  God rolls out teachers, too.
Neanderthal Valley, 'homonid' skeleton pieces found 1856 1856 5962 5962 5962

Ottoman Edict allowing Jews to purchase Land in Palestine;  games would be played to stall/interfere with this edict, much like was done with Cyrus the Great's edict to rebuild Jerusalem, in 538BC. 1856 1880 5962 5962 5986
Charles Darwin publishes Origin of the Species. 1859 1882 5965 5965 5988
anti-490 trend
Anti-Semitism rises in Europe and Russia, bigtime 1881 2007 5987 5987 6113 This begins a four-generation peaking which characterises  a 490's ending:  and, the 20th century.
Vatican forced to publish Codex Vaticanus due to Tregelles secretly memorizing it and then publishing what he memorized. 1889 1889 5995 5995 5995
Zionist movement begins as a way to abandon Judaism in favor of national unity. 1890 1890 5996 5996 5996

BTTB:  Flood of Bible research and archeology from Palestine explodes in Europe and America.  Flood of colleges are founded all over the United States, secular and religious in orientation. 1894 1894 6000 6000 6000 It's impossible to overstate the importance of this trend, which really began about 1830 or even earlier, but peaks here.  Saved the world.  Purpose of a 490 is to grant time to learn the Word and thereby, grow up in Him.  Can't learn a Word you can't get.  But oh!  Here you FINALLY get the Word free in the original language texts!  So, the research and teachers are provided.  Polarization over Bible follows a Bible rollout: when Bible becomes popular, people fight over it.
Dreyfus Affair (anti-semitism lightning rod) begins in France:  a Jewish military officer falsely accused of murder and sent to prison: his superiors knew he was innocent, wanted a patsy.  Emile Zola's J'Accuse.  Lots of strong feeling on both sides. 1894 1894 6000 6000 6000 Anti-490 trend:  Anti-semitism is always used to distract from any efficacy of Word being made available.  You can set your watch.  The idea is make you 'do' something IN THE NAME OF GOD, rather than keep learning Word.  Thus the Rev17 harlot is made to CRUSADE politically.  Gets people's eyes on GOVERNMENT, rather than on God.  Clever, huh.  So instead, just PRAY for God to help the Jews.  That's what the Jews were supposed to do:  don't go to Egypt (human strength) for help!
Nicholas II ascends throne in Russia.  Just before dying that year his dad, Alexander III, committed to a two-front war allied w/ France against Germany.  The final volume of Das Kapital is postumously published this year by Engels. 1894 1894 6000 6000 6000 Political ideas & structures are used by Satan&Co. to herd the human sheep away from learning Word, Eph4:14, Rev17.  "People" replaces God, and by 'god' you're UNHOLY if you don't agree with people!
US passes an income tax law for the first time.  It is unconstitutional, per the Pollockv. Farmers' Loan and Trust Co., Case (US.SupCt) but ends up being true law via the 16th amendment.  This is also the year polio first hits the US as an epidemic, and the year diphtheria immunization finally becomes possible. 1894 1894 6000 6000 6000

Sun Yat-sen comes into political prominence in the wake of Manchu decline and embarrassment at the hands of the Waigworen (foreigners).  This is the beginning of the eventual shift to communism as an act of internal self-defense against foreign encroachment. 1894 1894 6000 6000 6000

Herzel's Zionist movement begins in earnest, but he doesn't live to see its results.  Turkish (Ottoman) Muslim Porte quietly begins selling land in Israel back to Jews;  they drain the swamps, etc.  No 'Palestinians' live there, but instead work as day laborers, going home to Jordan, Lebanon, etc. when the projects end. 1896 1896 6002 6002 6002 Anti-490, Rev11 and Dan9:27 gambit, despite the Lord's warning in Matt24 to FLEE JERUSALEM in order to PROTECT the Jews from genocide;  few humans notice those verses so think the movement is a good thing.  Never mind how ghettos are gathering places.  You can't kill your enemy UNLESS you can GATHER him.  For 2000 years, Israel was smart and largely stayed away.  All that changes, here.
WWI (it really began with Defeat of Russia by Japan) 1905 1918 6011 6011 6024 Pogroms stepped up greatly, fueling need for an independent Israel.  You have to ask if Herzl's proposal wasn't the impetus for WWI.  Not his or the Jews' fault, but Satan's opportunistic desire to herd the Jews.  There wouldn't BE a State of Israel, except for the horrific, unending, pogroms in both Muslim lands and across the Eurasian landmass.
Piltdown Man, a clever hoax on Darwinists is 'discovered'.  A medieval human skull and a medieval ape jaw were attached together so well,  'scientists' believed it.  Hoax wasn't detected until 1953.  Yeah, disbelief in God  is objective? 1912 1953 6018 6018 6059

Balfour Declaration[68]
1917 1917 6023 6023 6023
Anti-490 trend.  Pogroms stepped up to genocidal level, REQUIRING need for an independent Israel.
Russian Revolution
1917 1917 6023 6023 6023

WWII (really began with invasion of Poland)   1939 1945 6045 6045 6051 God uses the migrations attending war to make Bible more available to those who couldn't get it.
Huge anti-semitism begins all over Europe, even among the Allies.  We refused to accept the Jews.  So they couldn't escape Hitler's advance.

Israel becomes an independent state.  Satan's 'shub' plan is to herd Jews since 70AD, as shown in Rev12, Matt24, Rev11.  But God will protect the people, even while using the "sword" clauses of Lev26.  Anti-semites will be punished big-time, as Jeremiah and Isaiah explained. [69] 1948 1948 6054 6054 6054 They were railroaded into this.  Sure, every bad decision we make is our fault, but with all the pogroms, the WEST's Betrayal (not accepting fleeing Jews) -- we KNEW about the concentration camps, too -- well, if you were a Jew, "Israel" sounds like your last hope.  50% of world Jewry lives there now.  Sitting ducks.  GOD WILL defend her, and we should too. You best defend her by PRAYING, not politicking (Satan controls politics, avoid it like the plague).
End 4th contiguous 490 from His Birth
1957 1957 6063 6063 6063
Six Day War
1967 1967 6073 6073 6073 Yeah, another 450 years, reflects what Paul says in Acts 13:16ff.
Yom Kippur War
1973 1973 6079 6079 6079
Gorbachev comes to power

1984 1984 6090 6090 6090
End 4th contiguous, qualifying 490 from His Death   1990 1990 6096 6096 6096 This 490 breakpoint is very obvious.  1990 was a watershed year on all 7 MirrorNOW trends.
Russia breaks up. 1990 1990 6096 6096 6096 There's more than one way for mass migrations to occur.  Idea is to migrate FREE IDEAS.
Internet and China, Africa 1990 1990 6096 6096 6096 The Internet & globalization 'migrate' Freedom TO distant places, so folks needn't physically move, to get free.  God's preferred policy.  China & Africa now love Bible. 
End 2nd Contiguous 1000 from His Birth
1997 1997 6103 6103 6103

Middle East freed up due to 9/11 and US Policy in the region. 2001 2007 6113 6107 6113 The four generation voting window which ends in 2130 began in 1970.  That's when the Middle East became a hotbed, what with the fallout of the Six-Day War.  Since that time, Russia has fallen, China's communism also fell, and basically the world opened up.  This allows people to be free to get Bible.  As always, Bible comes to the one who wants it.  This time, through technology and globalization.  Middle East is the hardest place on earth to get real Bible.  So God used 9/11 to get it out even there.
POLITICAL RALLYING for Israel, violating Rev17, Matt24, 2Chron 7:14, many other verses.  THIS IS A RELYING-ON-EGYPT TRAP, just like Isaiah warned about back in his Chaps 28-37. Politics is a reed in the wind... 2006 2007 6113 6112 6113 It's vital to be pro-Israel, but you don't POLITICIZE it.  That's Rev17, and all you'll do is HARM Israel.  Big movement in Christianity to get Washington's help, march, rally, etc.  PRAY TO GOD, not Caesar!  This movement plays right into Satan's hands, yet ANOTHER Crusade.  Flee it like the plague it is.  Satan knows the Qualifying Period for the 1000 ends in 2030 -- and is trying to STOP it from being awarded.  You couldn't have greater proof of Christian apostacy being MAINSTREAM than this.  It's JUST LIKE the Crusades of 1096!
End 2nd Contig. Qualifying 1000 from His Death 2030 2030 6136 6136 6136 This deadline MUST be met or the historical 1000 will not occur, and time ends.
4th 490 since Temple's Destruction   2030 2030 6136 6136 6136 Now you know why the jihadists are so active.  Satan's got a deadline of 2030.  Look at the previous deadlines in this worksheet, to see the same pattern unfolding.
Civilization 6000 begins       2080 2080 6186 6186 6186        
Voting Window
End 4th (historical, intercalated) 490 from His Death   2130 2130 6236 6236 6236  
End 2nd historical 1050 from His Death     6236            
End 4th 560 from Christ's Birth

2237 2237 6344 6344 6344
End 4th 490 since 2nd Temple's Destruction.
2310 2310 6417 6417 6417

End 5th contiguous, qualifying 490 from His Death   2480 2480 6586 6586 6586  
End 5th (historical, intercalated) 490 from His Death   2620 2620 6726 6726 6726  

Excel Notes are buggy.  If a note looks weird, try Excel's Window, Unfreeze Panes.  Or, right-click and select "Show Comment".  Or, select Excel's "View", then "Custom Views".  There, I made a popup menu of various worksheet sections you can quickly access:  pick an "Adam" option that lets you freeze or unfreeze the panes, as desired.

IMPORT: God Decrees that Time only exist on a contingent basis, subject to humans WANTING Him. 
Wanting God is essentially a 'vote' to know God and be with Him.  So He orchestrates Time based on that criterion:  for if you don't want God, you don't want His Blessing, either.  Time is a blessing. Thus His Accounting System for Time, is based on Justice Principles of Blessing.  As was true even in the Garden, God decrees Time continue ONLY on a contingent basis, so it can end any day.  Hence God grants the world up to 1050 years more to live, solely as an award to a BELIEVER in it.   The award must begin during his lifetime or when he dies;  it then runs until 490 and/or 1000 years afterwards.  The grantee must be supermatured (=knowledge of God + believing in Him, BOTH).  It's an internal soul development criterion, not works.  If multiple believers during the same historical period have such awards, the QUALITY of that time improves much.  The converse is also true:  the fewer awarded, the worse off the world (i.e., wars, economic disaster, etc).  Flood, Temple Destruction, thus the Rapture,  each illustrate this converse. 

By Divine Decree, it's about VOTING, from Garden to end of time.  So all time hinges on VOTES.  You can vet this doctrine in Bible.  For example, every verse with a date, is first designed to show how it FITS within God's Doctrine of Allocating Time.  1Kings 6:1 thus shows Temple got started 3 yrs late (should have begun when David died), but it still finished BEFORE the 490 yrs granted Moses, ended.  Matt16:2-3 is a command to KNOW this doctrine; Moses asked the Lord, "teach us to number our days", Ps90:12.  So there are thousands of verses on this doctrine.  But it's easier to see, in some passages: God uses His accounting system in Dan9.  God subdivides the 490 based on when 1st Temple was dedicated (950BC, 1Ki8:1) & razed (586BC, Jer52:12-14).   Dan9:2's a voting period, mirrored back twice before the new 490 even begins.  Next, Dan 9:24-27 is a sum: repayment of 364 yrs 1st Temple operated (950-586BC), + 126 yrs'  lost time when Temple razed (950-490=460, 126 yrs later).  Hence 7 & 62 weeks (490-364 1st Temple longevity=126 remainder, -70 in Dan9:2 again, justifiable if the new 364 completes,  - 49 =7 reserved for Trib).  So the new 490 is contingent on Israel voting to rebuild Temple & then Jerusalem; thus Dan9's span to Crucifixion is not 490 yrs, but 623:  586BC -70-70-490+7=37AD.  It gets cut to 30AD, when Israel rejects Christ: so the leftover '7' plays from 64-70AD.  Israel's time ran out. Per Book of Hebrews, Church has its own covenant so is not Israel;  but Church's "time" is used to BRIDGE & RESCUE Israel's yet-unplayed, promised Trib & Mill.  Column G's  year "4136" rows show why.

Bible thus shows from Genesis 5 onward how God blesses the world by association with strong-in-faith believers.  Bible tracks these people via date schemae based on this 490/1000 accounting system -- thus you can learn the doctrine, and grow up enough to get such an award, yourself.  So this spreadsheet follows the Bible's tracking.  (Post-96AD you can discern by interplay of the Post-Cross schema and Bible's Lev26, Dan9:26, and Rev 6-19 historical trends, what awards have been granted: but you can't identify who got them.  At the Bema, these individuals will be disclosed.) 

Three important rules govern these grants:
The time awarded each such believer has its own beginning and end, starting usually during his lifetime, but always ends 490 and/or 1000 years after it started. 
A believer can get multiple time awards and starting dates based on multiple events in his life (shown here via Noah, Abram, Moses, David and Christ).  As you'll see here, it was ONLY because there were MULTIPLE grants to DAVID, that the world got to live until Christ came.  Very important to study that fact.
Like a relay race, a believer's award must be 'passed' like a baton to a new grantee, before his own time grant ends.  Else, the world's time ends.  (When multiple believers all have 490s during the same historical time, it's the LAST of these which governs.)  Shown here via Noah to Abram to Joseph to Moses to Israel to David to Temple to Christ.  (Note continues in A4.)
(Continued from cell A2's note.)
Brick-red background cells
alert you to convergence: time awarded in the very year it would otherwise run out.  So from Adam through Christ, the world almost ended at least SEVEN times.

So here's the race (Heb12:1-2), the prize, the catch:  the world runs on its own 'clock' which dates from Adam's fall (G column).  Hence God's goal is to award someone a PERSONAL time grant before each historical world deadline, occurs.  Consequently, somebody's award must be continuously running 'beneath' the world deadlines, for the world to continue living. In this spreadsheet, the world's own historical time deadlines are thus displayed as 'stripes' of solid gold (490 or 560 years) or hatched green (1000 or 1050 years).  Thus you can track the lighter individual 'stripes' versus the world's, every 490, 560, 1000, and 1050 years. The individuals themselves, are highlighted with light-blue backgrounds.

Given #3 baton-passing rule above, and like a lunar year which is not intercalated, the 490 and 1000 world deadlines run contiguous upon each other, as 'qualifying periods' -- deadlines by which an award MUST be given, or else time runs out.  So for a QUALIFYING 490 or 1000, the next 490 or 1000 must piggyback (start in the same yr the other one ends, analogous to a Jewish day beginning the prior night) -- and someone NEW must be awarded that next 490 yrs BEFORE the qualifying period ends -- or the world's time ends.  

So to track, find the world historical deadline, and then compare it to what underlying qualifying periods or personal grants, are also running.  IF that #3 contiguity qualification is met, an added MASS VOTING time grant is given the world, and real world historical time is 'intercalated'.  The grant is 70 yrs for mass BELIEVER votes, Jer25, Dan9:2; it is appended to the first 490 beginning within a '1050' unit of world time (Dan9 was an exception, because time should have ended).  The second voting unit is 50 years for UNBELIEVERS, appended to the end of a '1000' unit of historical time.  These 'intercalated' voting periods are appended due to the Angelic Trial:  if mass votes are too negative, time ends for those who negatively voted, akin to the Flood (Gen 6), and Israel in the wilderness (e.g., Num 14:12-29).   Satan's goal is to get EVERYONE to negatively vote, so that God must cancel Time per His Own Rules.  (Hence the Rapture is undateable for the same reason, theme of Hebrews 3.)  Thus you have 490+70+490 'housed' inside a 1000+50 unit, making for the 1050 years granted the world.  Each of these units and their functions are discussed further in notes to cells C6, F6, and H6.  There are other subunits of import:  Mirroring.htm covers them.

Time ends with the grants; hence Christ had to come "in the fulness [END] of time", as Paul puts it (i.e., Gal4:4).  Greek word "pleroma" really means PREGNANT, ready to birth (Rom8:11ff explains). So Christ came when the LAST 490 allowed (given David's death and 2nd Temple), ran out.  He died at its VERY END;  both HISTORICAL and PERSONAL 1000's and 490's, ALL CONVERGE on His Date of Death, as you'll see in this worksheet.  PassPlot.htm's "Modest Proposal" sublink has more on how His Birth and Death Dates fit God's Calendar of History (Jewish calendar=calendar of all history).
Amazingly, Satan makes derisive burlesque of God's 490-year accounting system, and he uses Islam to make his burlesques.  Like clockwork, within 120 years before a 490 ends, Satan does something with Islam to mock the significance of the time.  Building the Dome of the Rock on a reversal date of the initial destruction of 1st Temple (inter alia) is but one of many gambits he uses.  It's really petty and sad, and really trackable.
For example, one of his demons wrote the Koran.  In it, there's this claim that Ishmael, not Isaac, was sacrificed on that Temple Mount.  That's why Islam took the Mount in what's a reversal of 586 (BC) in 685 AD.  685 AD is also 586+99, and Abraham was 99 when he circumcised himself.. They got the Arabs to even spend the same seven years time building the Abominating Dome of the Rock (<-- reminding you of WHAT it is), as was spent on the 1st Temple.  Yet the Arabs didn't catch on to how they were burlesqued.  Petty, huh.  If you want the cites in the Koran, upload the Word.doc on it,
Satan tracks to the 70 AD 2nd Temple destruction and to the 490's and 1000's, always trying to get focus on the Temple and Jerusalem to create world war.  He doesn't know when the Rapture will happen, either.  If he can stop time before one of the deadlines, he wins and there'd be no Rapture.
Seven post-Cross trends PEAK when a 490's ending; they begin four generations (120 years) prior, like Gen6:  
1) Back-to-the-Bible movement with Bible being 'found', cell G8 format;
2) revolt contra Religion in favor of Bible teaching;
3) mass evangelism;
4) Religion counterattacks 1)-3), cells A6-A8, B6 & B8 formats; 
5) mass inter- or intra-continental migration, cell J8 format;
6) new client nation born on ashes of one dying, cell F7 format;
7) geographic 'spread' of these trends far exceeds prior 490's geography. 
Biblically-significant history magnetizes around each 120-year span.
Between every 490-year pair, there is a 70-year voting window.  Between every 1000-year pair, there is a 50-year voting window.  The last 120 years of a 490 are a time of voting to learn Word.  During these windows, history is most critical, just as during voting period before the Gen 6 Flood.  For if not enough unbelievers want to know God;  if not enough believers want to spiritually mature in God's Word, then the continuation of time cannot be justified.  It's a MASS thing.  So the history of these periods is characterised by mass movements:  politics, migrations, wars, attempts to sway the masses.  Over long eons of time, the scope of these mass-actions vastly increases.  Idea is, everyone should have enough chance to vote.  We're in a four-generation window (ending 2130) now, so you can test the Cell C6 trends with your nightly news.
Two types of 1000's;  one is historical, the other is personal.  Even the historical time grant is given a believer, but it protects the entire world (a secular Justice question).  During the 1000-1050 period, mankind votes to know God or not.  If the votes are too negative, time ends but the believers are delivered (or die).   Extra 1000's, if granted, improve time quality, not length (i.e., more prosperity).  Underlying these are 490s (see the note to cell C6).  Note how the green and gold 'personal' stripes often extend just barely beyond the historical ones, so you know who got the grant.  All grants converge in 30AD, when He dies.  Thus time resets to HIS Dates.  Thus all green (1000 & 1050) and gold (490 & 560) grants, date from Him.
 Trend #4 in MirrorNOW.htm, Religious counterattack, is primarily Rev17, properly speaking; but it always plays in a context of Rev11-17 trends.  This interwoven pattern is particularly bald in history, within the last 120 years of the end of a 490, post-Cross (the gold background entries).

Time would end, absent someone so positive to God, God can justify time continuing.  Usually many people die -- a form of housecleaning so the disease of disbelief can be contained.
This is Trend #6 in MirrorNOW.htm.  As part of preserving history, God sets up a 'client' nation so that Bible teaching can continue and people have a place to vote with their feet, to get it.  Israel was begun for that purpose, and post-Israel here in the Church Age, the 'clients' are among the Gentile nations.  So one of the signs of the ending of a 490, is the (usual) ending of some nation which HAD been a 'client', but now is too apostate.  So a successor nation arises, usually on the heels of the dying one beginning 120 years or so before a 490 ends.  Example of SPQR dying, and the Holy Roman Empire replacing her.
Time grant runs out the SAME year!
When Satan&Co. can't reign in those wanting Bible, they sponsor pogroms.  They also do this to the Jews to maximally encourage them to herd.  Easier to kill your enemy if you can get him to herd in a city or other enclave.  See, if Satan can kill enough Jews then he can claim God can't keep His Promise (i.e., to preserve them, to carry out the promise to Abraham, etc).  Variation of that applies in our very different Church covenant, too.  Part IV of Thinking series is on that topic.
 Satan wants to keep our attention focused on the site of the 2nd Temple (same as the 1st Temple) in order to make us herd together and 'defend' the site, thus motivating genocide.  It's a trend explained most succinctly in Rev11-17.  Rev11 is a FAKE temple, fulfilling Dan9:27.  So since Satan doesn't know when the Rapture will occur, he's got to keep on trying to get a FAKE Temple built.  LvS4a.htm's "Two Stone Witnesses" link explains the gambit, and here you see the actual ATTEMPTS at herding through post-Cross history.

This ties to #1-3 Trends of "Scripture rollout", "Back to Bible Movements", "mass evangelism",  in MirrorNOW.htm.  Historically, you see these peak within 120 years of the ending of a 490 (four generations before it ends, actually).  Historically you'll find a big conflict between the 'establishment' and these grass-roots Bible movements (Trend #4, in MirrorNOW.htm).  In the Middle Ages, Trends #1-3 displayed as a proliferation of monasteries, for example -- that was the only way you could even READ a Bible, generally.
Trend #5, in MirrorNOW.htm.  Within 120 years of the end of a 490, mass migrations across continents peak.  Thus those migrating, are exposed to Gospel and Bible teaching.  You can set your watch.  I'll gradually post the migration entries as I edit this sheet.
God justifies TIME via grant to a BELIEVER who grew enough, spiritually.  It's a relay race:  a new grantee must be developed by the end of the prior grant.  Bible tells you who these people are, thru Cross (light blue).  Historical 490-yr grants are solid gold;  overlapping personal 490's are cross-hatched, lighter gold.  Linking them are 70-yr BELIEVER voting periods: if too many vote 'no', God 'cleans house' w/disaster, but preserves the world.  Hence the Flood: Noah gets a 490, but only Noah and family voted yes; everyone else drowned.  490+70 yrs+490=1000+50 yr UNBELIEVER voting period (overlaps last 50 yrs of 2nd 490)=1050.

Must be at least one person by each historical, contiguous, 490-year deadline:  else time ends.  If multiple persons granted a 490, time's quality improves, but the new deadline is the latest of such grants. 

Next, seven post-Cross trends PEAK when a 490's ending; they begin four generations (120 yrs) prior, like Gen6:   1) Back-to-the-Bible (interest in Bible) with Bible being 'found'; 2) revolt contra Religion in favor of Bible teaching; 3) mass evangelism; 4) Religion counterattacks 1)-3);  5) mass inter- or intra-continental migration; 6) new client nation born on ashes of one dying; 7) geographic 'spread' of these trends far exceeds prior 490.  Biblically-significant history magnetizes around each period.
This is the historical deadline, an absolute year measured from first or Last Adam.  The qualifying 490 must be met by this gold deadline, or time ends.
Remember that this is a hall-of-fame roster, not a complete listing of all the kids sired.  The ones not mentioned come under the usual rubric of 'had other sons and daughters'.

Bible dates "in the year x" of/after a thing/event, Post-Fall (Adam, Temple), post-birth.  So man's days are numbered, Gen 2:17, Gen3:17, Exo23:26, Job14:5, Ps90:12, Eze4:5, Ecc3. 
Bible 'scholarship' seems to forget that until you can DIE, your days aren't NUMBERED.  So any timeline begins with Adam's FALL, never before.  No wonder the Bible's dates seem to be 'wrong' -- WE READ THEM WRONG!  For centuries…

'God doesn't say when He initially created the universe, nor when He later created Adam.  Neither Gen1:1 (initial creation) nor the later hiatus period of "tohu wa bohu" in Gen1:2, are dated.  Gen1:2ff is about the RESTORATION of the earth, NOT its initial creation.  "Genesis" is a Greek word, and means the origin of MAN, not the universe.  (Why don't people do their homework?)  Hence Gen1:2's text on why the earth is there but trashed up, BECAUSE the lights are out:  HS turned them back on again, Gen1:3, etc.  It's some interglacial period being depicted, but SUPERNATURAL restoration is what occurred, as the text makes clear.  Further, Adam is depicted as a scientist in Gen 2, not a hunter-gatherer;  they were not meat-eaters prior to the Flood;  Cain goes out and builds a city.  Why don't those in the inane science debates pro- or con- Bible, notice what BIBLE says here?
"Appointed to take the place of" is the real meaning.  Substitutionary, replacing a lost person.  I'm not sure if Seth is THE 490 person, but his name certainly implies that he was.  Then again, maybe Adam was, since the birth of Seth acts like a birthday present to Adam.
Names from here on are guessed based on roots;  hard to get a lexicon to parse the name.
'Voting Window" means mankind's positive volition to God is being tested.  If V+ is too small, the next 490 will not begin. Principle is in Dan 9:2, and Daniel is invoking it, 'voting' (i.e., as prayer).  Here, this voting period is for believers.  Notice how God mirrors back the 70 years, IF the Temple is rebuilt.  Mirroring.htm shows how that occurred, just after its "To Be or Not To Be" subtable (which explains God's accounting in Dan 9:24-27).
'Could be that Jared is a 490 person also.  Definitely Enoch was.  Looks like Enoch is a birthday present to the dad.
Lamech had to know about the Flood to name his kid Noah.  Enoch had to know about the Flood to name his kid, Lamech's dad, "MethuSaleh" -- since that means the Flood occurs when he dies.  So the WORLD was given long advance notice since yow 687 or prior -- a good 1000 years -- that this would happen.
If "mag" is "magi" root, it doesn't mean he was a sorcerer, but that he'd be regarded as spiritually powerful.  But Lamech's compound roots could be something else.
There are three types of voting periods God grants:  the 70-year period for believers to vote, in the middle of a 1050 (linking the two 490s), Daniel 9:2;  50-year voting period for unbelievers at the end of a historical 1000, evidenced by Bible dates (as you'll progressively see in this spreadsheet);  and here, a four generation period for all the human race, specifically designed so people can vote with their feet to get Bible.  The terms are here stated in Gen 6.  Here, God is announcing the OUTCOME of the vote at the END of the generational voting period: and it is bad.  So He announces He's gonna clean house.  That's the principle which applies to EVERY 490's closing;  here, we're seeing the end verdict.  But look: He goes for a recount, 2Pet3:9, not willing any should perish, to grant ANOTHER four generations (120-160 years, time enough to bear great-grandkids).

You'll see the same terms play within the last 120-160 years of every historical 490.  The seven trends in the 490/560 note to cell C6 peak during that time.  Like clockwork.  Today people can vote for Bible by searching the internet, so it's easier.
A sure sign of a 490 and 1000 person is that God makes a personal covenant.  Time would be part of it (gotta have time to enjoy the material promise of the covenant, hence the need for eternal life to get heavenly rewards, Romans 9). The Ultimate Covenanted Person is Christ, Isa53:10-12.  So He owns all time, too:  Hebrews 1:2-4, 10:1-17 (whole book is on that topic).

There are other ways to identify a 490 or 1000 person:  God giving you kids as birthday presents which are 'spaced' about 490 years from the last hero who got a 490 (Enoch and Seth, Shem and Isaac are 'spaced' sons of winner fathers);  God renaming you, and getting huge chunks of Scripture to write.

Post-Cross, very very high Bible understanding is what qualifies one for such an award.  But a charwoman might have it, as well as a pastor.  Let's hope it's mostly the pastors, tho, since they could then teach us!  Pray for pastors!
Here it's important to remember beginnings and endings of years make for subtractions or additions of 1 or even 2.  Here, Shem TURNS 100 while he is on the Ark.  Arpachshad was born just after the flood ended (works out to two years since it began);  God seems to have timed the births as birthday presents to Shem.  Just as, he did Shem's dad Noah:  490 years later, Isaac is born; so Noah's PERSONAL 490 begins @Shem's birth. See Gen5:32 w/11:10, then Gen7:11, and 8:13-14 (Flood fully receded by Noah's 601st birthday).  So Gen 11:10's "2 years after the Inundation" (began) = birth LATE in Shem's 100th year.  So Shem was born LATE Noah's 500th year, maybe of triplets; and Arpachshad was maybe of triplets, too.  'Check BHS and LXX in 5:32, 10:22, 11:10, 7:11, 8:13-14.  Last two passages mean 'Shem's wife birthed all three within the year AFTER they left Ark (i.e., Gen8:18ff w/1Pet3:20). 
Would you make a covenant with a God you couldn't see, that yeah, the kids you aren't seeing either, WILL BE ENSLAVED FOR 400 YEARS and then a Savior you don't see either, will deliver them and eventually -- long after YOU died -- will save the human race.  Sound like a good offer to you?  HOW MUCH FAITH must you have, to say "yes" to that offer?  But Abraham did.  So would Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph.  Yeah, and had they not done so, the whole human race would have perished.
^Dates and identities for Pharonic rule come from my 1985 set of Encyclopedia Britannica  (called "EB" for short in this worksheet):  Macropedia entries per Pharaoh, and the "Egypt, History of" article in the regular Encyclopedia.  I find this set's  dates MUCH more provable and reliable than other 'scholarship' out there.  Egyptian dating is fraught with controversy, since 1985.
^Amenemhet dies the same way as he came to power -- by palace conspiratorial assasination, in 1962BC.  Sesostris will devote his life to finding the murderers, as chronicled in the Egyptian books Instructions of Amenemhet and the Story of Sinuhe. Now you know why the grandson, Amenemhet II, put his  G-2 ("cupbearer") and royal food ("chief baker") officials in jail for conspiracy. 
This date is the precedence for Passover, as God explains in Exodus 12.  Night-first accounting nests the new day in the evening of the prior day.  So the Lamb must be slain before sundown on 14 Nisan, and Unleavened Bread begins on the same day as the actual Exodus, THAT night, the Passover.  So to our modern eyes it seems like two days, but it's the SAME day in Hebrew accounting.  Because we don't understand God's laws on the Passover in the OT, we mess up the Chronology of both the Exodus, and Passion Week.. for centuries.  And blame BIBLE, rather than our bad scholarship.  Oh well.  PassPlot.htm demonstrates the correct chronology, and you can test it.
He's the Pharaoh of Exo 1:19-22.  But a vizier, not Pharaoh, is the plotting "king" in Exo1:15ff.   You can understand how he'd be dependent on the vizier (there were two at this point) for his power.  Exo 1:15 makes it clear the vizier was behind the edict to kill Hebrew boys, using Pharaoh as a rubber stamp.  He's only been in power five years, when Moses is born.
 But Thutmose II and Hatshepsut have no male kids together.  This is a royal problem.
Hatshepsut's political position is precarious;  her solution to stay a widow, claiming her real dad is the god Ahmose, is sheer genius: thus she saved Egypt from foreigners.  Look: should she marry, she can only  marry outside Egypt, in which case foreign domination resumes.  Her life is pretty much forfeit.  Fortunately she herself bore a God's Wife via Thutmose II, so whoever marries Hat's daughter, gains legitimacy.  She'll use these facts to justify holding onto power, herself.  Her chief rival is Thutmose's son by a concubine.  Moses, of course, she adopted.  Now you know why.  Hatshepsut is the first of the strong female rulers.  She sets precedence, and she does it by appeal to special favor from the gods;  "Moses" means he's a gift from Isis -- clearly, Isis is invoked to stop the killing of Hebrew boys, which ceases as a result of her finding him.  Every ruler after her will invoke special divine favor for politically-touchy policies.  Notice how astute she is.  Moses is 16 at this point, and Thutmose II's son by the concubine, is 10 years old.  Proverbial heir and spare -- and unmarried, both.   So her daughter (a coveted "God's Wife") is a carrot for both factions: those supporting Moses, and those supporting the 'native' son, tho by concubine.  Exodate.htm has more details.
Egyptologists and historians are always puzzled by the bi-polar nature of the historical records left behind.  On the one hand, the record seems to show great amity between Hatshepsut and Thutmose III.  On the other, there's all this defacing of Hatshepsut.  EB concludes that the relationship was good until shortly before or after, her death.  They don't recognize that the ruling period is too long for just one person.  So TWO people, and the first one is Moses.  See Exodate.htm's chronology for details you can test.
'You can only find 9 years of annual campaigns on this guy.  So he did NOT rule for 25 years!  Thutmose IV, who comes next, must have been ruling in his dad's name.  Thutmose IV was promised in a dream by the Sphinx that if he honored the Sphinx, he'd become Pharaoh, says EB.  So this Thutmose IV would not have been the first-born son, huh...
^Notice the reversal of the years' rule.  Bet Amenhotep II ruled only 9-10 years, but Thutmose IV for 25 years.  Very interesting, his diplomacy.  Egyptians vigorously whitewashed their history, especially the Ramses.  You'll hear much about that even in your average cable documentary (i.e., on the History Channel).
 1 Kings 6:1 dates Solomon's reign from David's year of death.  David retired from Kingship before he died (see how 2Chron begins).  So God limits time in Dan 9:24-27 to the 1000th anniversary of David's death..
Notice how his Kingship is consolidated during a 1050 voting period (between 3100-3150). I don't know if 25 Chislev is valid.  The date DOES tie to something in David's life, but I'm not sure what.  It's important to find out.
God never pulls His prophecy events or even the numbers out of a hat, some mere prediction, please-drool-here:  rather, prophecy always plays in a MIRRORING RESTITUTION due to some PAST event.  See, that's how you know it's really GOD talking.  Only God can make time itself a JUSTICE issue.. and, He does.  So when God says 1335 days in Daniel 12:12, yes it's a literal period for Trib believers to count then, but it's BASED on something in the PAST.  So for us now, the job is to find out the BASIS.  That basis must be related to David, somewhere.  It's most likely that since the Lord's Birthdate is 25 Chislev, that the Dan 12:12 is based on an accounting from Him -- but then why was 25 Chislev chosen for the Lord's Birthdate, long before Chanukah, see Haggai 2?  That's what needs to be solved.  A birthdate's 'doctrine' must relate to a PRIOR birthdate of some kind.  That's how God does his matching, and as we've seen, He's pretty big on making TIME into a birthday present.  TIME, and SONS.  Well, Here is THE SON OF TIME!
So here's an interesting thing, maybe goofball, maybe doctrine, let's see:  Daniel 12:12 gives the last hiatus in days;  people in Trib need that for safety.  Obverse  is 7 years' - 1335.  David is promised the Temple and Messiah, 2Sam7;  so Temple's PROMISE begins on David's death.  That's a type of birth.  So Temple's dedication is based on David, not on Israel, 950BC.  That would be n+1 year for intercalation purposes, the 490th anniv of Exodus (1440BC-490);  Exo+1 (1439BC) begins intercalation;  so its anniversaries run 1 yr BEHIND in intercalation.  Exo yr=n, but by its ending, you intercalate 5.25 days.  They didn't do that every yr.  So: 951, n; 952, n+6; 953, n+5; 954, n+4; 955, n+3; 956, n+2; 957, n+1; 958, n; 959, n+6; 960, n+5; 961, n+4; 962, n+3; 963, n+2. 
So IF no intercalation in 960 prior to 2 Ziv when construction began, calendar ran 27 days fast relative to "n"; but in any event is only 16 days fast compared to 963 (n+2).  2556.75 days=seven 365.25-day yrs.  1335 days is in Dan 12:12.  That leaves 1221.75 days.  So if David died 1221.75 days before Temple construction began, he died on the evening of 25 Chislev.  1221.75-1095.75 (three intercalated years) = 126.  126-31 (1 Ziv + all Nisan) -30 (all Adar, non-intercalated) -60 (all Shebat+Tebeth) = 5, so 25 Chislev.  In 963BC, 25 Chislev ran 14 days fast, so =11 Chislev (9/12*5.25+11 days fast at beginning of 963).  11 Chislev is the EXACT OPPOSITE of Pentecost.  Alternatively, maybe 25 Chislev was his crowing date?  The math would be the same, a 'birthing' still metaphorically depicted.  Depends on WHAT 25 Chislev represents.  See, for folks in the Trib, memorability matters.  So this countdown in Dan12:12 must be based on a benchmark date of doctrinal significance, which THEN happens BECAUSE of that significance.  It's not just happenstance.
In accounting, you have to match the character of two like amounts, before you can say you have a balance.  How do we know that Antiochus didn't PICK 25 Chislev to defile the temple with a pig, BECAUSE it was an anniversary of the foundation stone's being laid (see Haggai 2:10, 15, 18, 23)?  And how do we know that they didn't pick that day to lay the stone, because it was the anniversary of David's crowning (or retirement, death)?  Woulda been the thing to do, given the TESTAMENTARY promise of Temple in 2Sam7.
In sum, Scripture isn't silent, we just don't know how to read it.  1Kings 6:1 tells you the year David died, and Haggai 2, the month and day the Lord would be born.  Daniel 7:25 and 8:14 show the parallel to the future Chanukah and Trib; the math confirms these ideas.  But of course, I need more verses in Bible to confirm or refute this.
This is downright scary.  MOSES got the grant of time, and he refused God's offer to wipe out Israel, so f/b/o MOSES, Israel was given a corporate time grant.  That's scary, because then ISRAEL CAN LOSE it.  Which, she did, in 1050BC.  But again due to MOSES, time could go on, pending some other KING God could develop within the 40-year phase-out period (Acts 13:19ff) -- or time ends, baby.  That person was David, to whom the TEMPLE was promised -- so the TEMPLE, not Israel, gets the 490.  Now you know why Daniel 9 reads as it does, mirroring on the PREVIOUS 490 for the TEMPLE.  Which previous 490 could NOT have even begun, had not the TEMPLE been dedicated before MOSES' 490, ran out!
Since GOD is doing the decreeing, the time of the decree dates from when GOD made it, 586BC (Jer25). This way you ALSO get absolute verification that the human-king decrees (Cyrus, Artaxerxes, Darius) are 'on time'.
Classic example of the importance of a 490.  The 490 shifted to the Temple, in 950BC, as the Daniel 9 accounting shows;  so no longer would an individual be granted 490's or 1000's, until Messiah Himself;  so instead the Temple's STANDING warranted the continuation of time, since the Temple represented His Coming.  Because there was a TEMPLE, there could be a nation Israel, see 1Kings 9.  Cannot divorce the Temple and the nation:  no Temple, then no nation, as happened in 586BC.  So it was a matter of VOTING for the Temple to be rebuilt, which Daniel is doing here.  Surely he had prayed before.  But the 40-year punishment period is up (586-546).
Greeks defeated this Xerxes at sea in 480;  so Xerxes was in political trouble.  No telling what might have been the fate of the Jews had God not 'installed' Mordecai/Esther.  The later Persian Kings employed Jewish counselors as a consequence (see Ezra and Nehemiah), despite political upheavals.
This was a major setback for Satan.  As you'll see post-Cross, he's positively obsessed with playing time games on dates related to both the First (and especially the 2nd) Temples.  How sad.
Because God commissioned Moses to lead the people;  because He offered to wipe out the people twice and begin again with Moses;  because He commissioned Moses to write foundational Canon, you know Moses is the 1000 person.  And when Moses LED the people out of Egypt, that's when his Personal 1000 and 490 began (because they voted for God, and obviously so had he).  The Exodus came from Joseph's 490, and ported to Moses.  Always, a personal 490 must underly a historical 490; a personal 1000 must underlie a historical 1000;  and these 490's and 1000's must AT LEAST be contiguous, if not overlapping;  so they string together like baton-passing in a relay race.  Else, time ends.  God can make anyone get the grant.  Even, you or me.
'Herod becomes king of Judea in 37BC.  That protects the Temple.  It's probably because Herod is dying from various internal diseases that the census had to be instituted in Judaea, since it got started long prior, but Herod handled all tax collections and remitted them to Rome.  So the first ROMAN census would be occurring because Herod wasn't expected to live.
'Just as when the 1st Temple ended early, so God did the time-accounting adjustments He showed Daniel in Daniel 9:2, 24-27, so also EARLY success resets the clock.  But the old clock keeps on being compared.  As noted above, the historical 490 couldn't complete (in yow 4150 and 4200) because the outer limit of granted time for the Temple was 30AD (yow 4136). So this is God's BC/AD measuring.  Time resets to 0 for the Last Adam's Success, even as time began due to the first Adam's Fall.
Church has to begin to justify continuing time.  Hence the Lord's statement in Matt16:18 that He would build the Church on HIMSELF (Petra is a famous moniker for Christ in the OT, referring to the Holy of Holies --  never Peter, lol).  Israel had run out of time.  Israel's alloted time would end 4136 at the very outside.  It got 40 years as follows:  33 years mirror-back of Messiah's years because Savior years are always mirrored back;  plus, the 7 He lost by dying earlier due to Israel's rejection (again, because He did it successfully).  That left the 7 Trib years reserved for Israel.  So the difference between 4200 -7 (4193) and 4136+40 (4176) was allotted for Church, the idea being there COULD have been enough spiritual growth to finish the Royal Family of God.  Technically the whole SCHEDULED period from 4136-4193 belonged to Church, but God is paying back Israel time Messiah 'used', which had been in the Daniel 9 promise.  As to Church being completed in so short a time, 1Jn3 and Phili 3:10-12 show it was possible, and Book of Hebrews is dedicated to the proposition of it being expected by the time the Temple was to be destroyed, since that was in the Daniel Timeline.  Again, those two tables in Mirroring and PassPlot show the full accounting.
'The 12 were apostles to the JEWS, not to Gentiles.  Everyone seems to forget this, but Acts is really plain about it, beginning in Acts 15.  So there is no such thing as a pope, and certainly none of the 12 could be one, since PAUL's territory was to.. the Gentiles.  Thus we see the seeds of the Rev 17 lie sown.. lasting until today.  And those involved in popism of course don't even know they are being used as pawns.  ALL believers of any denomination are used as pawns whenever possible; look how Satan used Paul's screwup in 58AD to get him jailed;  but it's easier to track Catholicism in history as an example.
'Notice how Paul begins his ministry during what would have been the UNSHORTENED Voting Window. Paul dies victorious within that Window, thus justifying the next 1000, and continuation of Church.  God gave Paul to write most of the NT Canon.    That's how we know Paul is the 1000 person and the 490 person.
'This is a turning point in history.  The praetorians come to power as caesar-makers, Rome suffers the Year of the Four Emperors, and persecution of Christians/Jews begins big-time.  As a result, CONVERSIONS to Christianity increase.  There'd have been no Constantine absent the persecutions of Nero through Diocletian.
The 7-year period in Dan9:27, gets 'exchanged' for an undated 7-year period cut out of Christ's alloted 40 years.  So the Daniel 9:26-27 ambiguity is deliberate, for two possible outcomes:  one 'seven', if Israel accepts Him;  but two 'sevens', if Israel rejects Him.  The second seven is cut from His Life and grafted in.  So the first seven is simultaneously paid at the time owed, via 'exchange':  the second one, which had been the first, is now undated, technically.  It amounts to TWO 'tribulations', one playing Daniel 9:26, from 64-70 AD, paradigmal, just as the Lord explained in Matt24;  and the other yet-future UNDATED one, playing Daniel 9:27, the "official" Tribulation which ends time as we know it, ushering in the 2nd Advent and the Mill.

This accounting is key to proving the Rapture valid. The Bible numbers in Daniel 9 can only balance that way.  In accounting you must go BACK TO SOURCE and track all changes.  So one must first reconstruct what WAS SUPPOSED to happen, the ORIGINAL scheduled 2nd Advent.  Then you can be sure of proper 'balance', when revising.  God always BALANCES His numbers, so we should, too.
The pure preterist will tell you there's no Rapture, for Revelation depicts future history as trends: that the only prophecy remaining to be fulfilled, is the 2nd Advent.  Some preterists say the Millennium is a yet-future real period, too.
It is true that Revelation depicts history as trends, and the Millennium is real enough.  He gets those parts, right.
The preterist further argues that since Temple was razed 70AD, John wrote in or just before 70AD.  He gets that part, quite wrong;  John's letters show the Temple is already long gone;  his Rev tableaus tweak popular mimes mocking Christians during Domitian's rule;  Rev 4 plays on upcoming imperial policy changes for the Equites (of 98AD or so). 
Most of all, the preterist gets wrong Daniel 9:24-27's math, so can't see there's yet another hanging 'seven' cut out from Christ's Own Life.
Due to Messiah's Success, a 40-year period following His Death has to be inserted, to 'mirror' (pay back) the time successfully completed;  the 40 years ALLOTED to Him, originally (same as David's period of rule).  Two types of 40's here: a KINGSHIP 40 (a reward) and a wilderness 40 (punishment).  One is a mirror-back restitution;  the other, is a loss.  Note how combining both nets out and balances the time.  A 7 ONLY plays within a 40, just as it did for the Pharaoh of the Dream.

So it was always understood that there would be AT LEAST a 40-year hiatus between Daniel 9:26 and Daniel 9:27.  Daniel himself understood it, praying at the end of the 40 years, in 537BC.

Question was, when would that 40 future years post-2nd Temple, play.  You'll see the writer of Hebrews use this accounting implicitly throughout his letter, which is an explanation of why the end will come shortly after Paul's death -- at which time, he's writing (see Heb13:23).

By the way, Rehoboam became king 1000 years prior.  Fitting parallel, since he's the king which caused the loss of Israel due to his cruelty.
Had Israel accepted Messiah, there would have been no "Church";  so there would have been no "Rapture", either (Rapture is not prophesied as an event in the OT, but rather only the times of the Gentiles, hence Trib and His 2nd Coming).  The Daniel timeline to the end of Trib contiguously, would end yow 4200, with a 57-year hiatus between His Death and the end of the Trib.  Idea was to allot 50 years for the Gentiles to be gathered (that's why Pentecost followed Passover, and was 50 days long dating from the LAST day of Passover, total of 57 days representing 57 years, with Trib as a 'payback' for Passover Week).  So here we baldly see the undateable nature of the Rapture as a series of contingencies based ON the 1050.  That trend continues, and we are still in the 'time bubble' of Daniel 9:26, for God uses the Church "time" to bridge back to Israel's time (Church is NOT Israel).  Thus historical trends are all BASED ON Daniel 9:26, as Rev Chapters 6-19, elaborately explain.
Had Israel been positive to Messiah, the world would have been too negative, so during the last 50 years ending 4200, the vote would have been NO.  Hence the Trib was supposed to occur NO LATER THAN 4193-4200.  Messiah had to complete before the voting period began in 4150, so folks have a chance to vote for Him, worldwide.   Also, because time is 'owed' 40 years for His Successful Completion, as originally scheduled.  There would NOT have been "Church", in that case; the Jews would have had the role now assigned to Church, and the Gentiles would have converted into it.  The 7 always plays inside a 40, hence the delay;  but ensconced, inside the final 50-year voting period.
Note how in the very same year, a fake pope is replaced by a real John penning in Rev17 to beware of Rome.  Bear in mind, it's not because it's Catholicism.  The tenets of religion vary greatly, so a rose by any other name still has thorns.  Just so happens we know the name of the religions Satan uses the most, since we have recorded history.

This begins the Dark Ages, as the Rev17 religious harlots eventually gain control of the northern hemisphere.  They kidnapped the Bible from the common man for the better part of 18 centuries.  But in their lust to monopolize or destroy the original-language texts of Bible, they turned out to be the best preservers of it;  either by locking it away, or by their kidnapping causing others to lock it away for protection.  Most any archeologist will easily confirm that ancient stuff has a habit of going 'missing' into private, protecting hands.  It's a trend of history.
Dates for these 10 persecutions (beginning with Trajan's) was provided by a website reader.
This isn't to blame Constantine or any other person or religion.  But rather, the trend begins with his rule.  Sincere people, insincere people, and of course scalawags are used by Satan&Co.  We are all pawns. Satan could just as easily made the Rev17 harlot 'protestant'.. just as he's doing, today.
'Very much like Hitler's Germany, but spread over all of territory around the Med, which was most of the Roman Empire.  This was the time of the Arians, the Donatists, the Nestorians, and a wide variety of other folks who didn't want to be enslaved by the Rev17 harlot.  Granted, some of these dissenting folks had wacko ideas about what Bible said.  But no one has the right to persecute another for his faith.  Very black mark on the royal escutcheon, getting no reward at the Bema.  We should be ASHAMED of this period.  The religious even today still have the GALL to label it the "golden age of the Church Fathers"!  So the harlot is still with us, now in many denominations.
BTTBs aren't accurate on Bible, but they always assert the Bible as THE authority;  that's the only way to GET accurate faith.  So it's the most important 'vote' a believer can make, to get Bible every day.  Catholicism repressed Bible.  So God did some housecleaning, here.  Those invading Europe variantly bought Christianity, and they asserted independent rights of worship.
This was a satanic attempt to encircle/marginalize Western Europe, but it didn't work.  People could vote with their feet.  As a result, the Byzantine Empire cannibalizes itself.
Satan needs to keep Jerusalem in the minds of Christians as a substitute for learning Bible.  The idea of fighting against the infidel makes one feel holy.  So feeling holy, one will think himself holy and thus not think he needs to study God's Word.  That tactic worked so well on the Jews from 586 BC onward, well.. reprise it.  Constantly.  They didn't have TV in the old days, so it was harder to motivate focus on the Holy Land.  Of course, once Israel got politically established and technology developed enough, now you are inundated with focus on the Holy Land, and can take sides, every night at dinner.. while watching the nightly news coverage of the ongoing fight against the Jews, by Arabs.
'No matter what the denominational name given, the Rev17 harlot always acts the same way.  It began as a pipe dream, became a monolith, and will now slowly collapse under its own weight;  from it will come MANY Rev17 harlots, each one claiming to be more "in" with God than the next.  There will be MANY religious states, all of them fighting in the name of God and all of them wacko.  Welcome to modern history.
Technically, there would also be 50 years AFTER this, that final Gog and MaGog voting period.  The revolution occurs AFTER the 1000 years has ended, Rev 20:7.  So the 50-year voting period is presumed added.  What bothers me is that it doesn't 'tie' to any date in the past, but should.  So maybe I'm misaccounting this idea.  Will vet it more later.
See #9 in the Cell A2 link of "Ten Ways This Timeline differs" Word doc for more details.
If you can get it, Military History Magazine has a great article on this, in its October 1995 issue.
'Backlash against him by RCC was so petty, they exhumed his body and burned it in 1428, thinking that by calling his dead body a heretic and removing it from ground they blessed, they were cursing him!  Guess again!
This was an attempt to reunite Christianity using the invasion as bait.  It didn't work, thank God.
Notice it lasted nearly 4 centuries.  Notice Spain declined as a world power and did not recover during all that time.
'Info comes from ISBE's "8631" entry.  That's too old (turn of 20th century), and it will be updated later.
Jeru was probably taken about the same time as the theses were posted, as Mecca and Medina were taken July 1517.  Jerusalem was fortified and could hold out longer.  I can't yet find the month it fell.
'aka "Roman Inquisition" and "Holy Office";  1965 Pope Paul VI renamed it "Congregation for the Doctrine of Faith".  Its main role is to root out heretical Catholics.
' Of course, to make this 2nd Exodus (cute), BOM's 1 Nephi 4 tells you the 'Holy Spirit' ordered Nephi to murder and then dress up in the victim's clothes, and then the Holy Spirit lalew's in the victim's voice, in order to LIE to those knowing the victim, and make good this escape.  And no one believing in Smith's "Book of Mormon", notices this bald derision but instead hails it as Divine.   Text is ribald, like the Koran and all those fake Gospels of the 1st-2nd century. Mormon Church's founding date of April 6th (1830) is the original Hebrew date of Christ's Resurrection (solar calendar that year).  Clearly they couldn't know that, but Satan & Co. must compete/mimic whatever God does.  They do it with all 'holy books';  Koran and Book of Mormon are the wittiest of the collection.
Work of S.P. Tregelles and C. von Tischendorf, inter alia, was to intensively collect, collate, and correct/compare all the original-language Bible manuscripts ("MSS" in scholar lingo) they could find.  And they found, much.  Very dramatic story, worthy of being a mini-series, this is the greatest thing in history since the Cross, and the completion of Canon.  You couldn't even read Bible with confidence, apart from these finds.
'Later DNA testing on Neanderthals (German spelling) showed they aren't related to mankind.  PBS video on this topic, I can't remember the title.  Everyone seems to keep forgetting that Adam and progeny are never depicted as hunter-gatherer, so the Bible doesn't even have anything to do with this topic.  So again, the brouhaha comes from people reading INTO Bible, what's not there.
It's truly amazing how the anti-semitic accusations and machinations you see recorded in Exo 1, Ezra 1-5, Nehemiah and Esther, play out in history.  Just change the names:  the arguments are always the same.  Worse, the same arguments are used by Jews against Jesus, and later (by Christian Jews) against Paul:  see the Gospels and then Acts 15-22.  Then just turn on your TV and listen carefully to any broadcast on the Middle East conflict, at any time between 1948 and today.  Same stuff!  Journalists have invented a name for it:  "turnspeak" -- turn your own evil into THEIRs by accusing THEM of what you are.  Psychologists call this "projection".  Yeah, good propaganda, too.
Darwin's work doesn't really claim man transmutes, and instead counters the stupidity of the day that creatures (including man) are immutable once created.  Bible never says that they are.  Proper biological term is adaptation, which is what Darwin was reporting.  Adaptation is indeed in the Bible, "after their kinds" clause.  But amoebas can't become animals, etc.  Sheer genetics proves that.  Darwin isn't claiming that they can, isn't going beyond the bounds of genetics.  But never mind, people just make up their own ideas and then say they are Darwinian.  I love it when people don't do their homework.  Evolution is a misnomer and a tautological idea which has very little in common with what Darwin wrote.
'See Joan Peter's book, From Time Immemorial (written sometime in the 1970's) for the full story.  She was anti-Israel until doing this research, and is a journalist.  Includes title deeds and census records.  Quite the opposite of the media story.
Satan couldn't make the Arabs wipe out Christians or Jews enough, so he switches to the friendship dialectic, simultaneously using our rightful love of Jews to generate a herding -- reinforced by all those pogroms which so characterise the 20th century.  We Christians should defend Israel and Jews with our very lives, wherever they are;  but Israel shouldn't BE there.  It's a TRAP, see Matt24, Dan9:26, Rev11:1ff's sarcasm.  This is Satan's FAKE Temple plan so he can herd the Jews for the future Armaggedon.  Bible says only GOD will shub them at the 2nd Advent, Ezekiel 39ff, Isa61ff.  Satan used the pogroms in Arab lands and Europe, to FORCE this trapping.
God has warned Israel to SEEK HIM, not human assistance, since the Exodus plagues on those who wanted to go back to Egypt.  Israel never learns that lesson.  So in 722BC, then 607, 597, 586, 538, 521, 167, 63, 37, then 30 and 64AD, God had to clean house using human agents: to repeat the lesson, Satan CONTROLS the world (see Matt4).  So STOP relying on the world.  We Christians are just as stupid, politicking instead of PRAYING, 2Chron 7:14!