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An indexing of all of the Poetic Meter related videos, pages, and resources: for those who would like to view everything in a single pane of glass. Please be advised that all of the below embedded YouTube videos may take a moment to cache from YouTube. All of the documentation and videos are long and complicated -- really this is years of research -- but I've done my best to condense it along with web page conversions of the .doc and .xls files (if viewing them directly in a web browser is preferred).

Why a 'Poetic Meter'?

We have to assume if God existed and He wanted the original language texts preserved through imperfect copies, there would have to be a method to accomplish all of the above, and so there is: the poetic meter. Is the entire Bible metered? It would appear to be so... but finding every meter everywhere and how it all ties in with each book would require a substantial amount of research which nobody's bothered to do yet; and the people who were aware of it never bothered to find the correct integers to meter with. It will require many lifetimes of research to meter the entire Bible.

Therefore the Poetic Meter also means that: no translation is inspired (translations cannot be metered) and no books are missing, otherwise the math will fail, eventually at least. This has nothing to do with the modern conspiratorial 'Bible Codes' or I Ching or coincidences but the raw syllables in the languages themselves, there's no guessing or assumptions or statistics: the metering is entirely dependent on the languages. The Masoretes were apparently aware of this to a certain extent as for sevening they put the appropriate punctuation to match.

This unfortunately also means that while we have all of the copies of every manuscript available, nobody has metered all of the manuscripts to rebuild a 100% perfect Bible even though it's possible, little minor errors will always persist without the Poetic Meter's error correction applied; this applies to most things in life which is why our DNA needs error correction, why computers need error correction, why we need to proofread etc.

This is, quite frankly, one of the largest and most important doctrines in Christianity that Christendom has ignored. It also subsequently melts long contested misinformation and false doctrines extant in 90% of denominations, in a single swoop: no Preterism, no Peter-being-a-pope, no works salvation, no Calvinism, always pre-Tribulation Rapture, no screaming "the end times are here-in-the-now" (which every generation has been claiming post-Christ), no KJV-only, etc etc etc.

Excel Documents (converted)

  • AmenAnaphoraR.xls aka Amen Anaphora Revised: Anaphora worksheet to test efficacy of Amen anaphora distancing (totals should seven or three, if syllable counts are likely right)
  • GeneYrs.xls aka Genesis Years aka God's Orchestration of Time (to Bless Mankind): Timeline From Adam forward, shows how God's Rules for Time affect history both in Bible and post-Bible. All worksheet dates are taken from Bible; no astrology, astronomy, or extra-Biblical 'sources'. Just count the dates as Bible gives them, and be sure to count in SOLAR YEARS. Lunar accounting is a Jewish convention; but Bible's calendar is always based on BIRTHDAYS, from Adam forward; so is always solar; God bid Israel use a solar year, Exodus 12. So the worksheet Col G (in yellow) dates tally to Bible. (Our BC/AD dates are sometimes 3 years off, which timeline also reflects. You can't fix it, by moving the timeline up three years. There are two self-cancelling errors in our calendars; that's why SOME of our BC/AD dates are right; some chronologers only make one or the other, error. Bible's timeline is self-auditing).
  • HEBCalConverter.xls aka Hebrew Calendar Converter: a worksheet plotting the seeming Noahic precedence upon the Hebrew calendar, including major historical dates Bible furnishes. Idea is to see orchestration of time in a recurring annual pattern.
  • Intercal.xls: to see how brilliantly the Bible intersects both vernal and autumnal equinoxes had Israel (and we Christians with our equally-bad calendars) OBEYED THE BIBLE'S DATING SYSTEM.
  • Judges.xls: video worksheet reconciling Psalm 90 and Book of Judges
  • MagnificatCalendar.xls aka Magnificat Meter Time reference is based on Chanukah: showing the countdown from Antiochus IV and Chanukah, which Mary 'maps'. Column F is yet incomplete. Dates are shown in 'our' errant BC/AD system, as well as in Roman AUC calendar, which I suspect Mary and Paul use. Still testing that idea.
  • TribChrono.xls aka Tribulation Chronology Daily 'Map': Tribulation Timeline.

  • God's Original Deadlines: for a quick overview on God's Construct of time, refer to GeneYrs for a more complete overview.

Downloads to the Excel documents are located on the webpages themselves (if you need to use them for live calculations, be advised they may require Excel 2003 as Excel has poor compatibility across versions).


  • Mirroring.htm: How God Orchestrates Time: One must balance all the way back to Adam, to verify interp of any date or accounting. So you'll find an Excel timeline from Adam based solely on Bible; a Word doc with methodology and accounting results since Adam, plus an original Deadlines page. Mirroring itself explains God's Time-Grant construct with Bible verses you'd need to vet the math.
  • PassPlot.htm: Shows we can know from BIBLE, exactly when the Lord was born and died, and that between His Arrest and Crucifixion, there were FOUR DAYS, not one. Jesus' 25 Chislev 4BC (Chanukah, OT predicted in Haggai!) Birthdate and Passion Week aka Passover timeline. Bible documentation there is extensive, and will take you months to vet; for God designed Israel's calendar around the Christ, just as Hebrews 1:2 says, in Greek (mistranslated). There's really no excuse for our centuries of confusion.
  • brainoutFAQ.htm#6: read it through 6b. Shorter display of the Biblicity of Bible dates used in Mirroring.htm and GeneYrs.xls.
  • RevPlay.htm: parse Revelation's timeline, since John wrote it as a simple Greek quadrilogy.
  • LordvSatan2.htm: Rapture's Legal Precedence goes back to Abraham
  • LvS4a.htm: A more thorough review from Christ's 1st Advent
  • LvS4aContinued.htm#Bridal: Comparison chart of Israel's covenant versus Church (partial, tracks 16 major differences)
  • Camping's Timeline Gaffes: Harold Camping misused Bible to craft his Doomsday dates; so, he used the wrong Flood dates, even. If you're interested, I refuted his calculations here. I couldn't have done it so well if I didn't know the meter. What attracted people to Camping was his alleged precision with Bible timelines. Well, the REAL Bible's precision makes his fake timeline look like the LXX begats' bungling, in Genesis 5!
  • Case Study in Flawed Dating of Exodus: how the BIBLE's date (1440 bc) obviously dovetails with history we know
  • HOW-TO & SYLLABUS: how to calculate meter & historical trends


  • Isa53trans.htm: Isaiah 53 poetic translation, It has 3 translations & full exegesis. See my Isaiah 53 videos for more information, too.
  • BibleHebrewMeter.htm: Initial doc on the Meter Rules. Has been updated in the Psalm 90 playlist video description, Episode 23b, and especially in the blog entry.

Word Documents (converted)

  • Bible Hebrew TIME Meter Characteristics: the latest update on the Meter Rules. All further refinements of the Meter Rules will be codified there. Diagnostic of 30 identifiable characteristics in Bible Hebrew and Greek meter, plus troubleshooting tips. There are 30 rules or characteristics in a Time Poem (for lack of a better term) that make analysis, self-auditing. So parsing mistakes stick out; helps one properly diagnose whether a passage really is a Time Poem. You can use it to test any passage in Bible for meter. Included are hints on how to find such passages; plus (passim), a tentative shortlist of them.
  • The Flood: A Paradigmal Calendar of Time? (Revised): Shows the Noahic Flood timeline; Bible writers use the LXX, not the BHS dates. Paul here relies on you knowing the LXX chronology, and tags his meter to it. So here's that chronology.
  • Ten Ways this Timeline differs from what's 'out there'; Why this timeline balances to Bible dates.: this document briefly explains the scholar errors, i.e., human king's decree in Daniel 9:25; lunar years; ignoring 1Kings 6:1 on David's death age (77), and instead preferring Josephus, etc. It also goes into the accounting relationship between 70 and 50 (on page 15 of TenWays), vital to how Paul crafts and 'nests' his own meter.
  • John's Revelation 'Map': a comprehensive companion outline of Revelation, and of RevPlay.htm
  • God's Play of History: Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9 and Eph1:3-14: God's Play of History Hebrew Meter style and integration (among said verses). See also Footnote E. It extensively documents Daniel's use of meter to track Israel's history and craft the 490 he REQUESTS from God, syllable by syllable, with cross-references to the specific Kings and Chronicles passages, Daniel has in mind when he talks. Will change how you read, Daniel 9. Very shocking and witty. A copy of Footnote E now resides also in the DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerParsed documents.
  • Ephesians 1:3-14, Paul's Meter of Church Time: Master summary of Bible Time Accounting Meter import in pages 1-5. This covers Paul's meter, which is the most sophisticated of all. PP4-5 contain all links to associated videos and webpages, except the Magnificat. Turns out Paul's meter is based on Mary's; both seem to use Roman AUC to plot their meters: it's their own Anno Domini (so either means Christ was born at the end of 4BC or 2BC, depending on which AUC they use).


Bible Meter Basics & 101

CORRECTION: at 15:45 and following, I mistakenly said the 63rd syllable is at the end of Psalm 90:4. It's really Psalm 90:3, clever 'return' theme.

Ask any Jew what 'return' means: return to the LAND, special term. Which is, exactly what Israel was poised to do, when Moses wrote Psalm 90! Returning as God promised Abraham she would, in Genesis 12, 15, 17! Returning as Joseph made Israel promise when they'd bury him, to bring his sarcophagus, out of Egypt!

The 84 is the end count in Psalm 90:4, which theme is that the Day of the Lord is as a 1000 years, reference to the promised Millennium, which is yet future. So Moses ties Genesis 1 to it, to add to the REASON WHY ISRAEL EXISTS. Not about, how old the earth is. VERY DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE.

Keeping it Simple: Bible Meter is an easy way to memorize Bible that the ancients used. How do we know? By counting the syllables, ABCDEFG for them.

Genesis 1 used in this video (screen stays static, keeping it simple for now: genesis1.htm

The 1050 structure in Genesis 1 meter is actually a pan-Bible structure, and all the Bible dates are hubbed to it. Time Map of these: GeneYrs.xls

Also see Sanhedrin97-99 in the Talmud. Online Talmuds are somewhat few, but my favorite is RabbinicTraditions.com: Legal Texts before 500 CE in Mishnah, Tosephta, Babylonian & Jerusalem Talmuds. It's searchable.

Bible verses used to create it: brainoutFAQ.htm#6a.

Simpler, short approach to understanding Bible Meter, which scholars have known existed, since the Reformation.. but haven't figured out. This series goes slowly and uses English first; so it will be easier to grasp. You will be able to proof the interp, with real history.

The purpose, is to see the face of God in the text, how much God loves you; but you can't see that, until you know text is TIMED for your benefit. What benefit? To protect you. To tell you how people in the world are thinking during your time, so you won't be fooled.

So we start with Matthew 24:1 in any Bible you choose. You need the Greek, to know what time the words cover

Section of the Matt 24 playlist which just focuses on Bible meter 101 introduction. We go verse by verse in English so you can easily prove relevance & value. Best of all, you should be able to see the face of God 😍 Sorry about the voice; I have breast cancer & it spit into my throat. I'm on chemo, so my throat is getting gradually better. I'm still bedridden & blinded by cataracts, so I can't do this on PC, yet. Thank you for your patience!

Turns out Noah was BORN on Passover. I didn't learn that until 5/28/2011. Corrected timeline is here: FloodChronoREVISED.doc and is still in draft form.

The LXX text has the right dates, but the Hebrew text has the wrong dates in four places. So that's why the Flood chronology in translation, doesn't balance. God foreknew that. Always, He preserves the RIGHT VERSE somewhere amidst the collections we have. God is Faithful.

Here's the old (and now wrong) Flood Chronology of Days showing possible precedence for the later Mosaic Law Calendar (2 pages): FloodChrono.doc

Related Time Grant videos are in the Genesis series, beginning with Episode 8c1. These walk you through Adam's grant all the way through Christ's. You can access that Episode here in Youtube.

Anno Domini Meters

Pauline Anaphora Timeline Update (PATU)

PATU is now somewhat outdated. Its focus was to discern Paul's Anno Domini conversions. Turns out all NT books use ADAMIC years and the Lord's AGE as their datelines. See Bible Dateline Meters for more info. Latest thread is at: frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=532&p=2356#p2356

Genesis 1 Meter

Psalm 90 Meter

Matthew 24 Meter

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: When I talk about 1960, I mention Falwell. He wasn't the focus of that year, but rather Billy Graham, who GETS THE GOSPEL WRONG and switches to a social gospel, as far back as 1958, Billy Graham Classic Crusade - The Cross (1958)

1959, he visits RUSSIA for the first time and wants to spread his false gospel THERE. So then does, over the next several decades. THAT is the tie Bible develops, IN ADDITION to the politicizing that Falwell would come to specialize in, and yes starting with Nixon. But GRAHAM was there in 1975 when Francis Schaeffer came up with his false vision of #SevenMountains, and GRAHAM was his friend then. Both his and Schaeffer's sons were pals (q.v., the God in America link in commentsw below).

The #TrumpRussia connection begins way back in the 1960s. A guy on Twitter has been tracing it, replete with legal records he pays to get (so donate to him, if you're inclined): https://twitter.com/patrickLSimpson/status/977974360517509120 (account has since been terminated)

I didn't know ANY of this when making the video here. So that means the full scope of the meaning is not yet presented. SORRY!

PBS did a series called God in America which (unknowingly) helps elucidate what the Bible is saying, here. https://www.pbs.org/godinamerica/view/

Its final two parts (final episode, really, 2 hours) focuses on the time period in Matt25:10, and places Falwell's activism starting AFTER the Seven Mountains vision of Schaeffer, Bright, Cunningham (that vision isn't mentioned in the film), spurred onto it by Schaeffer. So that conflicts with what I said, which is based on other reports. Maybe the film is more correct, in which case that 1975 vision IS KEY to the whole denouement we see today.



IMPORTANT: when I did this video, I did not yet know how vast and worldwide the connections are. I didn't know the RUSSIAN connection of ThirdRome (a plan to take over the world, Russia's own self-image since 1500s), nor much of the RECONSTRUCTIONIST movement beginning in late 1950s (which this video covers but without mentioning them). My pastor was (back then) screaming against those people, but I didn't think to connect them when making this video. They are a morphing from Replacement Theology, VERY VERY anti-semitic, and SevenMountains is an update on Reconstructionism, which is an update on Replacement Theology (which has been around since Irenaeus, Tertullian, Origen). VILE EVIL that gave birth to CONSTANTINE'S ROME in CONSTANTINOPLE, the ROME of Revelation 17.

But I know now, as of this writing. Amazing how learning this prophetical timeline can unveil so much that's hiding in plain sight to prove yeah, the interp is accurate. Whew. Still vetting, tho.

See: Dominionism Rising: A Theocratic Movement Hiding in Plain Sight

ERRATUM: at 54:20 or so I mistakenly said Messiah had to be born 1000 years after David died. I meant Messiah had to DIE by then; it's the outer limit of time in Daniel 9:26, but scholars miss it, because they mistakenly use lunar years when counting Dan 9's years, and they mistakenly use Josephus rather than 1Kings 6:1, to know David died age 77 not age 70.

So look how convenient: if you used solar years as Bible always does, you'd realize the timeline is SEVEN YEARS LONGER (yeah, because David died seven years later). So their two errors self-cancel, and for centuries they don't catch on. Never mind, they also then can't get the whole Bible timeline right from David onward, for the same reason, and still argue over it today.

ERRATUM: at 42:50 I mistakenly said 1960-2041 was 40 years. I meant 1960-2001, but it depends on the fiscal used, as to HOW it's 40 rather than 41. But that's still the point of the period, and it still seems to be analogous to the 80-year rule of Joseph, but I have to analyze that idea more, lest it be a mere time-period coincidence.

How Satan Deploys Islam, playlist mentioned at 46:32 and following, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uk-MIH7IvTg&list=PL90D90E03E31E6D55&index=7

At 33:17, I mentioned the Trump blasphemy in a video of his Liberty U speech. Here's that video, and you only have to listen to the first min to hear him REPLACE the Holy Spirit, who in 2Cor3:17 which Trump quotes, is the One protecting your liberty. But DT says HE will do it, instead! God thus advertises Himself as #NeverTrump.

Video: Donald Trump: "Two Corinthians..." (C-SPAN)

I decided to put the 30 characteristics (at 5:10 in video) here: BibleHebMeterCharacs.htm. So now you can take any passage in Bible and test it, in the original mss. Won't work with translations.

The Greek syntax of Matt25:10 tells you what happened, so I translated it live which your own translation will largely confirm. Basically, the apostates then left Christ for politics, illustrated by Falwell senior, Robertson, all the jerk TBN types today. It was THE phenomenon of the 1960s to counter the Dems playing the race card, so you shouldn't have trouble confirming the meaning.

So by 1998, end of Matt25:10b, Christ had arrived (through good advanced Bible teaching, more ms discoveries, etc. -- the interim meaning of a prophecy later to be fulfilled literally) and shut the door with those wanting to learn Him rather than politics. In short, that's how long it took for the polarization of wise vs. foolish to occur (trend since 1703 AD when Chapter opens).

You can prove that too, by the wild pulpit changes in the foolish agitating for politics as if it were spiritual, especially the vile prolife crowd. My own pastor, not knowing this meter, went around the country in 1998 warning of this shift, wondering if the US had only 40 years left cuz we'd gone so saltless (violating John 18:36). Which is ironic, as in the older 1960s he too had been caught up in the politics, you can hear him rant in the early classes while exegeting the Greek/Hebrew (he daily taught Bible line by line in the original ms, that's why I can read Bible in Hebrew/Greek).

But all this is just hearsay to you. Better to use 1Jn1:9 and ask God to show you proof as you need to see it. The most important goal of this process is the bi-directional interplay of learning and living on Bible and getting feedback from the Holy Spirit. It's very academic and fulfilling. So do that, see what happens.

Luke's Meter

Correction: at 1 min, I misstated the 84-year old as Elizabeth. It was Anna, in Luke 1. The AGE has long perplexed scholars, why mention it. Well, it's because Luke's Gospel outline tracks to Mary's Magnificat meter, since in effect that was the first 'book' of the Bible, hers and Zecharias speeches predated Matthew's Gospel by 35 years. So people had memorized those syllable counts, already. Both of those speeches are covered in Magnificat Meter of Time , replete with pdfs you can download to see the Greek meter (and vet it), yourself.

CORRECTION at 30 minutes, where I talk about 469, I make a math error, only adding 20. It's really 30, so is 499 AD.

LOL: at about 26 mins into the video, where I talk about Luke 21:9 meaning 219 AD (189 syllable count plus 30 for when Christ died), with 126 as the interval since last sevening, I didn't CALCULATE what the equidistant 126 (aping Isaiah 53's style) added up to. It's 343, same as PAUL's Eph 1:12 benchmark for Constantine debacle! So Luke IS IS IS tying to Paul!

Think about that parallel: Luke 21:9 is about wars and rumors of wars. Yeah, and it was: that was the prelude for the 'Crisis of the Third Century' (Roman historian term, google it). What kicked it off.

Moreover, 126 years later, 343 AD, Constintine's brutal sons are tearing the Roman empire apart over whether 'God' is One or Three!

Daniel 9 Meter

Meter often certifies doctrines we already knew; but its most surprising function is to 'track' Pre-Tribulation Rapture. All New Testament meter plays on Daniel 9:24-27. Daniel 9:4-19, and 24-27, are metered; so too Isaiah 1:1, Chapter 53 and Psalm 90. The passages 'tag' each other by meter as cross-reference concordance. The most frequent 'tag' is syllable 133, tagging Psalm 90:7 and Isaiah 53:2. Bible writers just mentioned (and Mary plus Zecharias), tag those passages so the reader can match CONTENT to whatever the later writer/speaker means to say.

To grasp Daniel 9, you must know his meter; it's based on Isaiah 53's. God ALSO uses Isaiah 53's meter in Daniel 9:24-27, to reaffirm Timeline for Temple reconstruction. For Isaiah tells it first, in 712BC. His meter reminded Jewish believers of that future, just as you'd use a calendar, by SYLLABLE COUNTS. For Jews already had to count them, to test memorization and copying. God thus needn't but parse the timeline, in His Reply via Gavriel; so Daniel isn't surprised and asks no questions. To us in English, Daniel 9's numbers jump from nowhere, so we don't know WHY those numbers. But in Hebrew and New Testament Greek, it's referenced all over: for Temple depicts Messiah.

It's a genre: TIME meters syntactically divisible by 7. Meter interacts with text (as in Daniel 9). 1 consonantal sound + 1 vowel sound = 1 syllable = 1 year. No additions; subtract only for elision. Time is accounted backward then forward full-circle from Adam's Fall to a scheduled (pre-Church) Millennium, had Israel accepted Christ. Since she didn't, New Testament meters stop @62nd week (Ephesians 1:3-14 = 434 syllables).

Peter Meter

Hebrews Dateline Meter

2 Samuel Meter

James' Meter

Acts Dateline

Mark 13 Meter + Mark's Gospel Proves Q Scholars Wrong

Jude Meter

Pauline Date Meters

John's Gospel Dateline Meter Variants

Isaiah 53 Meter

February 2011 update: I've reversed my contention that Hebrew text is missing from Isaiah 53. By Isaiah's Hebrew meter pattern, you can prove that no text is missing. You can also prove it, I just learned, by examining the interplay between Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53, Daniel 9's prayer and of all things, Ephesians 1:3-14's Greek!

Videos don't display well. So you may need to download some of their jpg pictures. These follow below.

The jpg file used to show the initial hand-reparsing of the chapter which isn't clear in the Isaiah 53 Meter Key video:

Associated page: Isaiah 52:13~15 Weaving.

  • Hypothesis #1 presumes that 14 syllables are deliberately missing in Isaiah 53, with the extra 7 (to make 490) being supplied by the putatively-missing Hebrew text in Isaiah 53:11. So Isa53gold2.JPG shows 469 syllables, the 'control' from which Hypothesis #1 - #4 are crafted.
  • Hypothesis #2 still adds the above text, and I can 'find' 14 extra syllables in verses 53:5-8 if I change ellision assumptions. Isa53Hypo2.JPG shows them. So in Hypothesis #2, the total syllables would be 490, not the 469.
  • Hypothesis #3 is that the 469 syllables you see are deliberate, and therefore the LXX translation in 53:10-11 is explanatory of the poetic ellipsis in 53:10-11. When you say those verses aloud you can feel the dramatic ellipsis, so the argument in favor of the text we have AS we have it, is strong. To test that, I made that video to sleuth out how the LXX compares, to see if there are any other things missing versus the Hebrew.
  • Hypothesis #4 is like #3, but balances internally, and is short 28 syllables, not 21. It's the most likely answer because its internal meter accounting deliberately mirrors without any syllables missing (so no text is missing in Hebrew).

The broader doctrine of how God Orchestrates Time is in the following links:

  1. Timeline Spreadsheet from Adam through 2007. Cell A2 has a popup note summarizing how God grants time. Suggest you view worksheet wide-screen, but half-deep. Use Excel's "View" then "Custom View" to access Time subsections (i.e., "David", "1st Temple", etc). Use Freeze Titles on cell B14 for best results. Associated Youtube video.
  2. Also in Cell A2 is the Word doc covering actual history showing how God orchestrates time using His Rules in the Bible, to preserve mankind; its #9 is important. Its #9 (p.13ff) covers the derivation of the 70-year and 50-year voting periods and how God uses them in history. That meaning is essential to Isaiah's Meter. Doc also covers mistakes scholars & pastors make which prevent them from seeing Bible's dating system.
  3. In-depth Doctrine of How God Orchestrates Time: Mirroring.htm. All time accounting units are explained (i.e., 1 year, 7 years, 40 years, etc.) but focus is on the Justice Accounting Doctrine of Time itself. There is an in-depth tracing of each person granted time from Adam through Christ, with Bible verses on how spreadsheet numbers were derived. "Mirroring" is a redemptive 'reimbursement' of Time well spent. Time lost is debited, but regained if certain conditions are met (i.e., Daniel 9).
  4. PassPlot.htm, Lord's Birth & Death dates, chronology of Jewish Calendar to see God's Macro Orchestration of Time & Passion Week: PassPlot.htm . His Birth & Death dates were predicted exactly, but you must know God's Time Accounting system to find them in Bible. God 'balances' Israel's own calendar, in designing those dates.

(Yapping Most High): Jewish dispensationalism compared with God's 1050-year 'house' of Time, primer videos. Since at least Rambam (Maimonides), Jewish Dispensationalism claims God Orchestrates Time to run in 2000-year units. That's close to the Biblical description. (Really 2100 years for the goyim; 2100 years for the Jews; and then Messiah was supposed to Come, which He did.) Since their calendar is off, Jews expect Messiah to arrive in their Year 6000, but their calendar is 346 years short of history, and many Jews know that. (Year 2011 they call Year 5771, but it's really the 6117th year from Adam's Fall. Sometime during the Hasmonean period, or at least by Josephus' day, someone took the Seder Olam Rabbah and made it into a historical calendar, even though everyone knew the makers of the SOB had cut OUT years, like those under the Persian kings. For the SOB was designed to keep track of PROMISE TIME, which they didn't reckon as consecutive time. You can research this cutting-out, on the internet.)

Philemon Meter

Titus Meter

Revelation 17

Four Emperors