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[2023 Update] I've since re-shuffled the way the downloads are organized. All of Brainout's YouTube and Vimeo videos are now able to be downloaded in single giant archives. All of the documents are here with the exception of some .WMAs which were lost, although it may still be possible for me to acquire in due time.

EVERYTHING is now listed below divided by each category (some of which was designed to be linked externally from other sources and has no references internally to the website). If it's on the LordPages somewhere, it's here.

[2024 Update] All of the MS Word and Excel documents have been converted to viewable webpages now. All of the proprietary BibleWorks fonts have also been replaced with Unicode equivalents. All of the videos have been remastered and conslidated (with few exceptions). Now-superfluous documents have either been removed or forwarded to a more relevant resource.

Video Archives

Website Archives

If you wish to download a self-serving archive of the entire website (either this current 2.0 version or the original), that is now available here:

The original lordpages won't function very well because most of the URLs are externally hard-coded, so if you would like to use an offline version without access to the internet, you will need the 2.0 version. Referenced videos won't display as those aren't internal, but you can just download the video archives to supplement that.

.MP3 / .WMA Downloads

.AVI / .WMV Downloads

NoahBday.avi / PassSalt1.avi / PassSalt2.avi / PassSalt3.avi / PassSalt4.avi, have all been consolidated together in a single video below:

Word / PowerPoint / Excel / Rich Text / Text Downloads

.PDF Downloads

Webpage Sitemap (All Webpages)

Here's an entire linear sitemap of every webpage of categorized alphabetically (unless it's part of a series) with some breaks signifying each:

New webpages a part of LordPages 2.0:

Lost Files

Most of the .WMAs were lost and others, most of it isn't super important as it's all replaceable. However, just in case this list keeps track of what was lost. Also some of the files have been renamed/changed suddenly at some point, so I've included those here as well.

Capitalization of file extensions are preserved as anything hosted on a webserver uses UNIX filesystems.