Ten Ways this Timeline differs from what's 'out there';
Why this timeline balances to Bible dates.

Click here to download the 'brainout' Timeline (GeneYrs.xls, an Excel spreadsheet).


Nearby, you probably have a calendar.  On it, you might have events and appointments, to remind you to be READY.  So in advance, you do certain things to prepare.  Well, God does that, too.  Bible prophecy is but a subset of the larger calendar God uses to justify the very existence of Time itself.  For Time must accomplish its purpose, to glorify Christ: Heb1:2, Greek, Rev19:10.  This timeline is about that larger purpose.


Back in May 2004 when I first wrote Mirroring.htm's "the Shub (Return) of Messiah", there was nothing like it on the internet, which at once rendered its conclusions, suspect.  Now it's March 2009 and there's still nothing like it, though on the internet and in print, you'll now find timelines crafted in contiguous 490-year units (variantly benchmarked).  Also, a bizillion conflicting ideas are 'out there' about what Daniel 9 even means, all differing in their countdowns to Messiah.  So how to discern what's Biblically true, among this blizzard of conflicting ideas?  The only way I could, was to craft a timeline worksheet back in 2004, to see how God MAKES Time, in the first place: GeneYrs.xls.  It spans Adam through 2007, and is repeatedly updated.


For if you don't know how God makes Time itself, then you can't proof whether readings of prophecy are accurate.  For the prophecies are merely subsets of time, based on how God makes Time;  so prophecies must balance to how God makes Time itself.  So when you see a prophetic interpretation balance, then you know it's accurate.  Else, it needs fixing.  Like a broken window.


God discloses how He makes time, from Genesis to Revelation; via, inter alia, the many dates He provides.  Because, you're supposed to learn how to READ time, Matt16:2-3 (referencing Ps90:12).  For God orchestrates time via believers.  Believers are here to BUY time.  That's been true since Adam (who was the first person God used to buy time).  GeneYrs.xls shows the impact of that, and how to see it in Bible.


Your first big clue:  Adam and the woman BELIEVED after the Fall.  For if they hadn't, all would be over.


GeneYrs.xls differs from other timelines in that it shows from BIBLE, how God's redeemed time since Adam.  His redemption rules show why Church has zero prophecy belonging to it; hence the Rapture's only Pre-Trib and only unpredictable.  Therefore, your spiritual life is far more important, precisely because no prophecy governs Church.  God instead orchestrates time based on us.  Ergo, GeneYrs.xls also dovetails with Mirroring.htm, which provides the accounting and Bible verses in detail per person granted time.  Mirroring.htm is an inset to Part IV of the Thinking series (Part IV covers what Bible calls our "time", "Church", "now",  or "this Age").  So should you even read Mirroring.htm or GeneYrs.xls?  What follows are 10 ways they differ from 'what's out there', to save you time deciding.


1.    From Adam forward, GeneYrs.xls shows God's Decree to extend or end history, via Time Grants only to believers voting for Him.  God awards time in scheduled keystone units of 490 years.  Daniel 9 is one of at least seven Bible instances where a 490 award saved the world from destruction.  Prophecy is but secondary, in Dan9.  God's Original Deadlines is a short webpage summarizing these deadlines, without the larger detail of GeneYrs.xls.  This #1 is the heart of it all.  Beware, your eyes might glaze over from all the numeracy here.  Appendix has a shorter summary of import (last two pages of this doc), and is a copy of cell A2's note in GeneYrs.xls.


In Daniel 9, God explains His Justice Accounting for the Temple Time Grant in terms familiar to Daniel.  Without that Grant, Time would end; there'd have been no Messiah and we'd not be here.  The main doctrine in Daniel 9?  Time itself can only be granted a positive believer who VOTES.  Its prophetic value is true, but secondary to the question, will the world end?  That's why Daniel prays, in the first place.  See, Daniel knew the world would end without another 490;  it almost did before, with Abram, Moses and Temple's Dedication, all occurring  just in time (when a 490 was expiring).  Daniel thus already knew the 490 Grant was the Cornerstone of Time.  There's nothing mystical about Justice Accounting.  So Daniel prays for Temple's restoration, since there was no new grant.  Hence God responds, showing how the previously elapsed Time could justly be used to restore the Temple -- and He included disclosure on how the world will end.


This keystone 490 is conditionally built into 1050 units, as follows:

a.     A 490 grant 'births' an added 70 years, which is appended to the 490 after it plays.  So the total is 560.

b.     This added 70, in turn, functions like a rebate on a 70-year 'time tax' 'paid' during the 490.  (#9 explains.)

c.     This 70 then 'bridges' to a second 490-year grant, if the second was awarded.  If not, then Time ends.


This is the problem in Daniel 9: the 'bridge' is out, Temple didn't complete its prior 490-year grant.  In Dan9, God thus BALANCES to the time elapsed and previously granted, to craft how much more time can be 'mirrored' and hence justified.  (More on this follows on the next page, and in #9.)


d.     The second 490 grant 'mirrors' and thus 'repays' the first 490.

e.     Next, "a.-d." then repeat as a conditional cycle of 490+70+490=1050 years of historical time.  The entire threesome can potentially 'play' yet again if a third 490 was awarded before the second one expires.  For the rule is, a previous 1050 must complete and BALANCE, before the next 1050 is allowed.


The first historical year was Adam's fall (G column in GeneYrs.xls): as you'll see in #2, Adam was the first 490 Grantee.  There must always BE a Grantee, or Time ends.  This is the problem God resolves in Daniel 9;  more about how He did that, follows on the next page.  For now, just 'get' the underlying accounting rules.


So much for the role of positive believers.  What do negative believers and unbelievers get?  Well, since they currently vote "no" to God, time is 'purchased' for them indirectly, via the positive believers;  for the positive believers still need a world to live in while they grow.


Hence the sum of these three units justifies a civilization 'house'; so 1050 years of real time is granted the entire world.  The 'house' 1050 runs in tandem with the 490+70+490; so is subdivided into1000+50:  for the 'time tax' paid during the first 490 that generated a '70' reimbursement, leaves a net '50' credit.  (How that works is explained later on, in #9.) 


Time is thus divided into nested, voting, historical deadlines every 490, 560, 1000 and 1050 years. 

·       A believer must develop spiritually enough to be awarded a personal 490 and/or 1000 grant by the 490 or 1000-year deadline measured 'non-intercalated' and contiguously, ignoring the 490-560 and 1000-1050 'intercalated' periods of historical time.  If this award isn't made before the latest prior grant ends, Time ends for everybody.  Abram, Moses and Christ are examples of awards which were received at the last minute.  (#2 and #9 will cover this rule in more detail.) 

·       Conversely, in the last 120-160 years of a 490, there is a subgrant to Vote For Word (Bible Teaching) by the masses, marked by seven trends that peak within it.  (It's a four-generation subdoctrine, Gen6's 120 year concept:  more about this is in the note to cell K8 of GeneYrs.xls, and in MirrorNOW.htm.  We're just entering such a period in 2007.)

·       Between the 490 and 560, mass voting by believers must be sufficiently positive, else Time ends altogether, or just for them.  (Gen 5:5-8, the criterion, Numb 14:12ff, 1Kings 9, Dan9, Lev26, are a few passages on this topic.)  Analogous to 586BC, Satan angles to get enough believers to vote against God (i.e., for works instead of Word), BEFORE God ends Church.  Rapture must occur if he meets that goal, for negative votes End Time.  (#9 further explains "Mistrial" in p.25's text box.)

·       Between the 1000 and 1050, mass voting by unbelievers must be sufficiently positive, else time ends for them.  (Gen5:5-8, Matt3:11, Matt24:40-41, Luke 17:34-36, Rev20:11-15.


As explained further in #2, each such deadline requires a believer be previously awarded more time, else the World's Time ends when the deadline arrives.  Hence there must also be an active 1000-year grant to a believer which runs 'underneath' the elapsing time.  If so, when the historical 1000 ends, an extra 50 years is appended, analogous to a.-d., above.  Thus Christ must be born late 4BC (25 Chislev), for all David's 1000-year kingship grants would run out:  they were 33-40 years apart.  So that was the justifiable boundary of the TIME He could be on earth during the 1st Advent


 These deadlines interact and hence limit each other.  For example, if the active 490:

·       ends early due to Negative Believer Votes (the problem God fixed due to Daniel's Vote),

·       or elapses earlier than the active 1000 grant but there's no new grantee,

·       the 1000 stops.  This also works vice versa:  if the 1000 stops earlier, then the 490 can't finish (this is the problem in Dan9, as shown below).

·       So personal 490s and 1000s must always run contiguously or overlap each other.

·       Thus in any given year, there is an outer historical Time Deadline of the EARLIER such grant (whether 490 or 1000).  Therefore, the world ends with the expiry of the EARLIER such grant, unless another grant is awarded before that expiry occurs.


Let's use the familiar Daniel 9 to show how these accounting principles play.  The many supporting Bible verses are provided in Mirroring.htm so will not be repeated here.  Again, Daniel well knew this 490+70+490=1050 repayment/ restitution nature of Time, as did Paul, Luke, Matthew (who all reference it).  Isaiah 53 uses it to craft his Meter (see the videos in Isa53trans.htm.)  Thus Gabriel didn't have to explain it to Daniel, but rather merely listed the elapsed-from-first-Temple pieces, to justify the redemption (see bullets on next page).  So that's your first big clue: Daniel DIDN'T ASK Gabriel why it was 490, or what its pieces meant.  2nd Clue?  Gabriel talks axiomatically, expecting Daniel to know.


Pull up GeneYrs.xls, select Excel's "View", then "Custom Views", then scroll down that dialogue box toward its end, and select "Temple, 1st-2nd", then double-click.  Worksheet now shows the years from the 1st Temple's end, forward (down).  Notice how the 7th 490 ends in 3640 (G column, years from Adam), and its associated voting period ends in 3710.  Then, page down until you see "4103" in col. G. 


Messiah would have to be born by 4103, irrespective of Daniel 9, for that year was the 1000th anniversary of David's consolidated Kingship START.  Messiah was promised to David, in 2Sam7.  So He had to be born a King over all Israel even as David had been a King over all Israel.  Moreover, He must be given rule for the same number of years as David (40), dying by 37AD, since the 1000th anniversary of David's death was 4143.


In between, is the 1000th anniversary of David's retirement from Kingship, 4136 aka 30AD.  This intervening deadline becomes the year Christ actually dies, due to Israel's rejection;  God's provision is thus rejected, just as it was back in 1050BC.  So the deadline for His Death thus switched to 30AD, the year He was Crucified;  so the Last David, like the first David, laid down His Crown while still alive, and thus the testamentary promise could be realized.  "David" link in Mirroring.htm walks you through that math.


So whether or not Daniel Chapter 9 was in the Bible, these deadlines limited when Christ must be born and die, or Time must end.  For in historical time, 4103 is within the last 120 years of the 8th historical 490 from Adam (ending 4200), a Vote-for-Word period, as we saw on p.2.  So for the next 490 to be granted, Christ must be successful on the Cross -- now, by 30AD due to Israel's rejection.  Else Time ends.  See:  prophecy we get is based on how God crafts Time itself.  So you can audit (and hence correct) any interpretation of prophecy, for accuracy.


So witness: God reserves 7 years in Dan9:27.  The new 490 would have run 586BC-70-70-49-434-7=44AD, which is year 4150 from Adam, too late!  David's 1000th death anniversary is 7 years earlier.  So God first cuts off the extra seven years and reserves them, pending the completion of Messiah.  Now you know why Messiah must finish by the end of the 69th week.  Back in Daniel 9, it wasn't guaranteed Messiah would complete successfully, since He would be free to say no at any time.  God just foreknew Christ would be successful.  So, the seven years is contingent and therefore reserved, rather than guaranteed.  Proof this:  if you do the 69 weeks' math in Daniel 9, you get 4143 aka 37AD as the end of it: 586BC-70-70-49-434=37AD.  Count these as solar years without further adjustment. (#5 explains why.) 


Next accounting item:  the 1000th anniversary of David's death ends 57 years prior to historical 1050 (4th since Adam, year 4200).  So the deadline truncates to 4143: the added 50 years needed is an off-balance sheet contingent liability, so to speak.  [In accounting lingo, a "contingent liability" is a possible debt arising if given circumstances occur.  America's FASB rules require such non-balance sheet contingencies be footnoted in corporate financial statements.  God did that first, Eph1:3.]


So notice:  Messiah would first have to finish paying for sins, by 4143.  Only then can the 50 years even become possible.  Hence those years are not reserved, because they occur PAST the end of the 490 grant;  versus the 7, which is part OF the 490.  Again, the deadlines interact: here a 490 ends before its associated historical 1050.


Therefore, Messiah would MAKE a gap between Daniel 9:26 and :27;  which gap was still needed, so there would be enough time to fulfill post-Messiah OT prophecy about the Gentiles getting the Light.  The slated time for that prophecy to be fulfilled -- which Pentecost and Jubilee represented, see #9 -- ran during the unbeliever voting period of  4150-4200.  That's when the 4th 1050 from Adam was to end.  That you also know in advance exactly when He'd be born and die due to Daniel 9:26's math (ending with the Davidic deadlines), is somewhat adjunctive.  The main goal was to RESCUE TIME.


So no gap is listed in Daniel 9:26.  Because, although a gap to "harvest the Gentiles" was promised, it couldn't yet be awarded:  David's last 1000 grant ran out seven years prior.  So Messiah Would First Have To Come And Pay.  Israel would accept or reject Him when He did.  So the gap depended on His Vote -- and Israel's.


Okay, but how did God solve this bridge-out!  problem back in 586BC?  Was He arbitrary?  Temple was razed due to Israel's apostacy, so it wasn't eligible for renewal;  instead, the world 'lived off' those 70 sabbatical years, due to the state of breach.  Hence the 8th historical 490 can't justly OCCUR.  So Messiah can't be justifiably BORN.  How does God justify rebuilding the bridge, per His Own Rules? 


Well, look:  in 538BC when Daniel got this prophecy, 48 of those 70 years had been paid thus far on the 'time tax' owed from the 364 years the Temple was standing, and the 49th year had begun;  so God could justify continuing time until the balance of the 70-year 'tax' was paid.  What He does to restore time during that window, is amazing:  #9 covers the math.  For now, notice: Temple's 490 time grant should have ended 460BC (Temple was dedicated 1Ethanim 950BC, 1Kings 8:1 compared to Chronicles) --  but got truncated when razed, to 586BC;  so 126 years was still 'owed'.


So a new 490-year period could ONLY be granted, based on owed or elapsed time God could justifiably 'redeem' when He spoke to Daniel via Gabriel in 538BC.  At that point, seven new sabbatical years would be 'paid' during the previous 48 (49, counting the then-current year, since Temple was not yet rebuilt): so a 7-year reserve in Dan9:27, was allowable.  But the rest of the grant, had to be capped to credits 'owed' due to the PAST time the Temple stood;  and that, conditional upon it being rebuilt(The grant went to the Temple, not to Daniel, but it was granted due to Daniel's prayer VOTE.  Since Israel rejected God in 1050BC, all time grants afterwards go through David; Temple was promised David, not Israel, 2Sam7 compared to 1Kings 9.  God's accounting is exacting.  "David" link in Mirroring.htm walks you through that math.)


So the new 490 was constructed from the old one, based on time elapsed in 538BC, when Daniel got this prophecy, as follows.  Watch the order here, as God follows this order in Daniel 9:24-27:

·       Condition for restoration, Dan9:2, compared with Jer25:11 -- IF Israel rebuilds the Temple during the 70-year voting period which ends 516BC.  (Israel was in Diaspora, waiting it out.)

·       Condition being met, the old missed years must be restored:  126 years was owed the Temple which didn't play because it was razed, 490-(950-586BC).  126=70+49+7.

·       So of that 126, its "70" plays next (586-70=516BC, then the replay of this second 70, ending 446BC). 

·       That leaves only the 49 to restore:  now you know why the "seven weeks" is severally listed in Dan9:25. 

·       That leaves "62 weeks", new time rebated from the years Temple stood, still governed by the same rules: 

·       a mirroring 'rebate' of the 364 years Temple stood from 950-586BC,

·       plus a new 70 years owed if the next 364 years finished, same rule as applied back in 586BC to 516BC.

·       We saw why the 7 was reserved (more on this is in #9).  It couldn't be rebated until Messiah finished.


So notice:  there's no more time to 'rebate'.  It's all accounted for.  Hence the 50 years needed to complete the 4th 1050 from Adam, can't even be reserved.  Messiah would have to successfully pay, first.  That's why the 50 years isn't even listed in Daniel 9:25 or :26.


Of course, because He did successfully finish, a whole new 1050 was awarded, and Time RESETS.  For He's the Last Adam, so the entire timeline resets: all successive 490s, etc. are measured based on the year of His Death.  Think of it as God's "AD", meaning (here), "After Death".  His Lifetime thus can be rebated to Israel, and the seven-extra-years short can be 'paid', too:  33+7, playing in that order from 30AD-70AD.  (See the "33years" link in Mirroring.htm on how 'savior' years are always rebated, though nested within a 490, never extending it.)


Frankly, this is why Rapture must be imminent and unpredictable, and must be a kickoff for the Tribulation.  You just can't get around the math.  For it to be predictable, just as for Israel there would have to be Justifiably-Available Time to use as prophecy.  But as we just saw, there is no time to spare, it's already spent or reserved to fulfill past promises.  That's why it's also PRE-Trib and imminent.  Look:

¨     The seven years in Dan9:27 belong to Israel from the 1st Temple, when there was no Church.  There's no time left over, from which to even craft new prophecy.  No time for CHURCH to even exist.

¨     The Lord's new 1050 Time Grant is for Israel, not Church: we know that for sure, since Church has lasted a lot longer than 1050 years after His Death, and Rapture was imminent even in Paul's day (Phil3:13), Peter's day (2nd half 2 Peter) and John's day (1Jn3).  Rapture can't be imminent UNLESS no time remains.  And there is none.  If there were, it's overdue by 1000 years -- and we know God is never late.

¨     His new 1050 Time Grant = Millennium + its associated voting period (which ends in revolution, Rev20:7). 

¨     So the bridge is out again, though Israel's time is now prepaid:  for Israel rejected He Who Bridged Time.  So Church is an Extension Bridge in Progress.  Hence Rapture signifies its "Completion".  (NT keyverbs teleiow and plerow.)  God didn't give Church a set grant of Time, as the Lord explains in Acts 1.  He left it up to Father, who would end up being in "Church", John 17:20ff.  So whatever future souls would exist, Father decided who they'd be -- all were foreknown and prepaid on the Cross, along with everyone else (1Jn2:2).  Hence Satan can WIN by forcing a Mistrial Verdict.  Page 25's brief is on how Matt16:18 deliberately upped the ante for a "Mistrial".  Part IVc of Thinking series elaborates on it.


¨     So if Christ didn't Vote to create Church upon Himself (Matt16:18 Greek epi tautei tei Petrai means He's pointing to Himself when He says it); if Father didn't ratify Son's John 17 Vote to pay for whomever Father would make in Church -- there'd be no bridge.  His 1050 would be like money in escrow, unpaid.

¨     Now you know why the NT is so stuck on building metaphors, when describing Church.  We are the Bridge Extension, and when we are completely built, Israel's now-prepaid time can be 'played'.  [1Cor12, Eph2-5, all Bride and Wife references -- Isha was BUILT from Adam in the OT, that's the pun -- sea of glass, Vine and Branches, He's the Foundation, etc.  My favorite is Eph4:16, Paul's clever use of sumbibazw and sunarmologew, two marital-intimacy AND construction verbs.  There are many BUILDING analogies in NT playing on OT, but explain Church.  For Church is not Israel:  its origin in Christ must be contrasted and distinguished.]


It's the same criterion, since Adam: someone must be awarded time before an existing grant ends, or the world ends at the expiry of the EARLIER grant.  Here, the Lord reset Time, but you can just hear Satan yell "Foul Play!" if the pre-Cross criterion of a believer buying time, was usurped by the Lord Himself.  And Justice wouldn't want that, either.  #9 explains more about how God (and Satan!) use Church, here.


So, as you'll see in #9, the keystone grant runs 490 years.  There is also the 1000 grant.  But without a 490 grant running 'underneath', the 1000 is cancelled.  So Daniel 9:26 is essentially elongated, and we are Body of Christ for that reason.  Church was inaugurated to INSERT time and complete its own separate covenant; via that process, it would 'bridge' and thus rescue Israel, so her now-prepaid and reserved promised time, can play.


So the 490 should first be grasped as a Justice Issue, whether or not it also has prophetic value.  Church Believers are here to justify, "ransom", "redeem" (i.e., Israel's) Time (Col4:5, Eph5:16, Greek and KJV).  That's been true since Adam.  So GeneYrs.xls demonstrates that truth from Bible.  It's dramatic, how God used Bible heroes and Israel, to literally buy time:  and, when they became apostate, to debit time as He did in 586BC.  Therefore, we are not important of ourselves: God makes us so.  After all, His Own Son purchased our salvation:  we were bought with a (bride) price.


Frankly, finding this timeline was a fluke (yeah, right, no accidents in the Christian life).  My first reason to develop Mirroring and GeneYrs.xls, was to audit out what my pastor taught for 53 years as a doctrine he calls "Blessing by Association": how God uses believers since Adam to literally buy time for the human race.  If you happen to be under the same pastor, his Genesis '75, (1967?)  Satanology, '85 Ephesians and '92 Spiritual Dynamics are the main series in which this doctrine is serially taught.  (That's about 7,000 lessons:  I'm sorry I can't be more specific.)  He didn't develop the timeline components I show in GeneYrs.xls, nor do I know if he'd agree with it.  However, everything in it seemingly refines what he taught during all those years.  Nor can I find anything in Bible (or anywhere else valid) that disputes the results.


So please use 1Jn1:9 as needed and test what you read, constantly asking God questions.  Typical 'Christian' Bible interpretation is quite bad;  it's appalling how people's beliefs are based on their feelings, prejudices or loyalties, rather than on the content of the 'Truth'.  So, just as in secular accounting, people see two verses or numbers which seem to fit, but don't AUDIT that 'fit' against everything else Bible says; but rather just go with some 'expert' or with their gut, or .. well, just don't care.  Our lives are at stake, here.  We must treat Bible as a checkbook or balance sheet:  every belief must balance to BIBLE, or we've missed something material.  That's why I had to trace back to Adam and forward to 'our' current year.  If any timeline or interpretation won't balance ALL the way back and forward to BIBLE, something's wrong.  So then you FIX what's wrong, that's all.  Simple.


For the one wrong, is never God or His Word.  Honestly, I kept getting pieces of this timeline wrong for about two years, because like everyone else I didn't read Bible rightly, i.e., 1Kings 6:1 refers to the fourth year after David DIED:  so he didn't die until 963BC, per that verse.  But scholars 'out there' insist David died in 970BC based on Josephus, not Bible, dismissing 1Kings 6:1 as a scribal error.  Bible's right, dismissive scholars are wrong.  Daniel 9 uses the 1000th anniversary of David's death as the outer limit of allotted time:  screw up that date, and you'll never reconcile Dan9 to the prophesied start and end of 1st Advent.


For His Birth and Death dates reconcile all time back to Adam and forward forever, fulfilling the purpose of Hebrews 1:2, 10:10-14.  How must time be structured, to test whether its goals were met?  That's why the 490-year units are ongoing, not merely a triplet of verses in Daniel.  Gabriel treats the 490 as a Juridical Time Standard:  a standard  is always ongoing.  Daniel already understands that.  So should we.


2.    The GeneYrs.xls timeline shows how the 490 is a set of literal solar years, which (since the Fall) must be granted a Super-Mature Believer living on earth, To Justify Continuing Time Itself.  Each such grant runs on its own calendar.  Age-based accounting means solar years. Starts on a date within the person's lifetime and/or date of death; runs for the length of that grant.  The same person can get multiple grants benchmarked to multiple events in his personal life (i.e., David got at least 6 personal grants, all plotted in GeneYrs.xls). 


So although the historical 490, 560, 1000 and 1050 all date beginning with Adam's fall: at Seth's birth, Adam himself became the first personal 490 Grantee.  Therefore, his personal 490 ran 130 years longer than the historical one; thus when the historical 490 hit (490 years since the Fall) -- time could justifiably continue.  Jared picked up the baton from Adam; and of course Jared's son Enoch was granted a 490, and probably a 1000.  [Adam's 490 began at Seth's birth.  That is one way God tells you who got a 490.  Notice the 490-year difference between Seth's and Enoch's births (adjusting out the disparate months of the birthdays); plus God's covenants to Noah and Abram, which are 490 years apart and inaugurated by births of children.]


Again, in GeneYrs.xls, Cell A2's red-triangle popup note explains the interplay between historical and personal 490s and 1000 grants:  the Appendix reprints it (last two pages here).  You might want to skim it.


You thus measure and reconcile historical time forward from Adam's Fall, to get historical deadlines;  but you measure from the beginning and ending of the personal grants, to see what 490s or 1000s, 'protect' historical time.  There was a first Adam, because there was Going To Be a Last Adam.  Satan&Co. tried to prevent that Last Adam from being born, paying for us.  Hence there are at least seven instances when Time itself almost ended.  GeneYrs.xls shows when, in brick red with bolded blue numbers (e.g., Abram and Moses).  Paul wasn't kidding when God had him write that the Lord died at the last minute, Gal4:4.


Obviously, then, time is benchmarked and based on a Person, Christ;  just as, ancient and Bible's calendars are all stated in "years x from" a person (i.e., Flood is dated in terms of Noah's age).  So by extension, a 490 is granted and serially benchmarked to selected BELIEVERS, which can include you or me.  Belief is a type of vote: "Yes, I want God."  If we don't know God grants time based on votes, we'll misuse our role just as the Jews did.  


By contrast, historical time is measured from only two persons: first and Last Adam.  All pre-Cross historical years are intercalated, and run in 490, 560, 1000, and 1050 units from Adam;  post-Cross, these same units are reset and run from the Crucifixion (God's version of "AD", "after Death").  The personal grants run on their own contiguous calendars, 'beneath' these historical deadlines.  Their impact is huge, as #9 will demonstrate.


Therefore, God doesn't use lunar years or even historical events, to benchmark His 490 (etc.) grants of time:  He rather uses PEOPLE.  So any timeline or prophetic interp based on events (i.e., 1948 for Israel) -- all these are bogus.  God used the Temple in Daniel 9 due to David, as we saw in #1.  Temple represents a Person, Christ, the Future Son of David.  Last David.  God used another person, Daniel -- it was in answer to Daniel's PRAYER VOTE that Temple got its 490 restored.  So look at the message embedded in that story:  forget about historical events -- look to your own spiritual life like Daniel did, which life no one but GOD, the angels and demons in the Trial + you, can see.  That Alone Buys Time, It's A Trial Issue, how you VOTE.  Events can't vote.  Dead buildings (like the Temple) can't vote.  Only people can vote.  So God only uses PEOPLE.


So GeneYrs.xls follows God's convention, only;  as such it's not directly prophetic, post-Cross;  nor (duh) can you date the (never-dateable!)  Rapture from it.  However, you can predict plenty about historical trends, when you know the upcoming Divine deadlines.  In fact, you're commanded to do so, Matt16:2-3, Lev26.  Those trends play like clockwork throughout history (see cell D6 or K8 in GeneYrs.xls for a succinct summary of them).  So this isn't "Bible codes" or other drool-here titillation.  For in God's Calendar, it's Justice Blessing, Accounted.  For Christ.  By God.  Through us.  We don't deserve it.  CHRIST does.


3.    This timeline is self-auditing, so you can proof it for error, because God always Matches Personal Event CHARACTER.  Numbers and people each have a character.  So God matches number and personal event character.  Given all the crazy ideas about the 490 on the internet, we need a timeline we can audit.  Having seen how others mangle Bible interpretation, I trust my own, not at all.  So I write webpages to audit for mistakes.  My own pastor constantly re-audited and revised his own teaching when he caught a mistake.  Ergo I wanted to make a timeline to 'catch' me when I screw up.  GeneYrs.xls has caught many of my own errors.  Screwups are inevitable, no shame in it.  Ignoring (or hiding) them is evil.  Always sweep the house!


And how do you audit?  From BIBLE, i.e., even when God gives dates or numbers, He always Matches Event Character.  A Birth to a Birth.  A Death to a Death.  He's very witty, birthing a brith from a birth of a child (Seth, Enoch, Shem, Isaac).  Or, birthing a brith from a death: David, Christ.  Daniel 9:26's "karat" is also the verb for circumcision, that kind of "cut off", which Hebrews Chaps 9-10 pun.  David's the 'foundation' for the Temple's foundation, 2Sam7;  so when the latter is laid in 1Kings 6:1, God 'embeds' David's death year by suddenly calling it Solomon's fourth year.  Since you've just SEEN 10 of Solomon's years in the prior 5 chapters, this is a witty way to say David's death is foundational to building Temple, just as God promised him in 2Sam7.


More: there are 490 years between Seth and Enoch's birthdates; between Shem and Isaac's birthdates.  The Flood begins and ends as a birthday present to Noah.  The Exodus plagues and the Exodus itself, occur as birthday presents to Moses.  David is born 'mapped' on the 430 years Israel was in Egypt (see how Paul talks about that mapping, in Acts 13).  Hence not merely the number, but the character of Bible-benchmarked events, must match -- or your accounting is wrong.  When you see how awesomely He matches character with respect to the 70 and 50 year voting periods here in #9, you'll have no doubt how to audit.


That matching criterion would be true in prophecy, as well.  So the Lord's Birth and Death dates are benchmarked to the birth and death of DAVID's kingship, which the 434 years in Daniel 9, perfectly fit.  Thus you can test your accounting for math errors, if you know the proper beginning and ending of David's kingship.  That would be easy for Jews to know, to test their forecasts of when Messiah would be born or die.


We all screw up, so we need a way to check our accounting.  God didn't leave us without a testing mechanism.  Prophecy is but one of the accountings we must do, since as the Lord put it, we must "know the signs of the times" (Matt16:2-3).  God runs a schedule;  if you review your calendar daily to keep on time, how much more, GOD's Calendar?  So GeneYrs.xls is based on Bible benchmarks since Adam, so it can be objectively tested.


As a result, there are possible errors in rounding off the year, at least in these places: Adam's fall year; 2nd Temple reconstuction years;  David's crowning year.  Disparate months in events (i.e., between Adam & Jared's birthdays), for example, create a need to round.


Post-Cross, the GeneYrs.xls 490, 560, 1000 and 1050 benchmarks are all based on Christ, measured from His Death.  Historical events need further vetting for accuracy and relevancy, & more events need be input, to show post-Cross trends (see D6 or K8 of the spreadsheet, and MirrorNOW.htm). 7 characterize Daniel 9:26c, our  'time bubble':  precedents are Lev26, Deut 28, Rev6-19 (update for Church).  Rev is a dual-function calendar,   since any generation can BE the Rapture generation; hence those trends can suddenly 'turn into' actual TRIBULATION events that literally play as written.  People in the Trib will need to know that, to orient to their time.  Until then, these trends play paradigmally, just as Dan9:26c depicts.


Prophecy is adjunctive, really.  The point is to Buy Time, ON Time.  We Church Are Being Built As A Bridge to the Trib, main theme in Book of Hebrews.  Trib believers buy time so the Trib 'bridge' can be crossed.  For it's always about voting to learn God, not goodies (i.e., works), whether you're used to BUILD a bridge, or CROSS a bridge already built.  Different "G":  God, not goodies.  You vote for God if you grow up in His Word, 2Pet3:18, Eph3:15-19 -- which means you learn and live ON it.  It, not works, ritual or human approval.  God is not people.


Prophecy's designed to put you on alert.  Look how we orient to Christmas, each November!  Always some portion of prophecy was fulfilled, so you could see its remainder would be realized -- just like a calendar year which hasn't ended.  Yet what good did prophecy do Israel?  She knew of Messiah's Arrival, to the day;  pre-Church, Daniel 9:26 ends 37AD.  To fulfill its contingencies, He must be born late 1004BC (on 25 Chislev, Haggai 2), to have the same 40 years of kingship as David.  The math just won't work another way, for David died 963BC.  Yet she can't tell Messiah has come and gone?  Though just as Daniel said, Temple was destroyed after Messiah was cut off?  Could you ask for more proof?  We goyim are no better.


But you can't balance to Bible, if you won't read it.  So you can't tell your interpretation is wrong, and correct it.  Unbelievers can't read Bible rightly, except Gospel;  believers can't read it at all, if 1Jn1:9 goes unused.  No amount of human diligence, smarts or explanation can make up for being in the dark (1Jn1:6, 8, 10).  So no self-auditing is possible:  ears close to any 'help', too.  Hence there's a long list of misread prophecy 'out there'.  Then again, we're all born doctrinal dingbats: but 1Jn1:9 used, living in God's System (GodSystem.htm), gives us His Brains and makes us discerning.  And then, self-auditing.  With open ears.


4.    This timeline only uses BIBLE's dating system, not 'the stars' or other extra-Biblical human dating.  Bible scholarship is historically pathetic.  It goes by everything BUT Bible, for its date estimations.


a.     The bad scholarship starts in Genesis.  Bible never says Adam was a hunter-gatherer, but a scientist (taxonomist of animals).  Doesn't say Adam ate meat, either.  Cain was punished for offering his farm produce (his works, rather than God's).  Cain built a CITY when he got mad at God.  Notice: no stone-age stuff, it's all CIVILIZED.  Gen1:2ff is a six-day Restoration of Earth, not initial creation (Hebrew "tohu wa bohu" shows a change, not the initial state, for details click here).  Bible doesn't say how long the hiatus, so we can't, either.  Yet we claim a 'young earth', or an 'old earth', and piously take sides?  Not only the 'scholars' are guilty, huh.


b.     Matthew 2 flat contradicts the fanciful notion of a Star of Bethelehem, see LvS4a.htm#Star .  Deut 18:10ff sanctions the death penalty if you use the stars to date anything.  God won't abruptly break His OWN Law, bidding you use astronomical events for Bible dates; especially, not prophecy.  Instead, He uses HIS Word;  but so-called 'scholars' instead date by alleged planetary conjunctions, eclipses (which occur almost annually), 'dear Dr. so-and-so', or the convoluted Roman or Jewish calendars.  Bible isn't as worthy, see.


So they ignore the fact that Matt2 reports not three, but an entourage of visiting magi in Jerusalem (not Bethlehem) SEEKING the Child, claiming they saw a star "in the east" (or "rising"). The magi kept running around Jerusalem asking, so Herod got involved (magis were VIPs, back then). OK, if there really WAS a star, why didn't anyone in Jerusalem see it?  Bethlehem was only five miles southwest of Jerusalem.  Oh, and what 'star' leads you around, then hovers over a house?  [Bible says oikon in Matt2: Greek means a big house, not a manger (phatne).  In 1965, my pastor taught the Bible's Greek meant their astrology forecast, "see" in that sense.]  But angels hover, as in Luke 2 with the shepherds.  Angels.  Not, inanimate stars. 


God already flat told everyone the exact future date of Christ's birth, back in Daniel 9:26 and Haggai 2.  Then at the Birth, He had living angels tell living shepherds, who then told everyone else alive, Luke 2.  The magi didn't wise up until they believed in Christ, at which point an ANGEL led them and hovered over Joseph's house in Nazareth, Matt2's ending compared with Luke 2's ending.  Not Bethlehem, and not two years later, either.


c.     No Bible movie made about Passion Week ever properly shows it took FOUR days from Arrest to Crucifixion, see PassPlot.htmGod told Moses the timing 1470 years in advance:  Arrested 10 Nisan, Lamb set aside, Crucified on 14 Nisan, Passover Lamb Slain.  "Good Friday" blasphemes the very day Christ died, and no one cares.  Oh, don't offend Catholics or the History Channel, but DO offend the Son's Own Death Date on which He PAID FOR OUR SINS!  Is a bigger blasphemy possible?


d.     So 'scholars' use Josephus, not Bible, to date when David died.  That's why they misread 1Kings 6:1, and thus Daniel 9.  So they didn't read 1Kings Chapters 1-5 (see also 2Chron1-3), to see David lived another seven years after he retired.  Hence 1Kings 6:1 says in the 4th year after David died, Solomon began Temple construction.  It's the 4th year, since 1Kings 2:39 covered the 3rd year after David died, to show Solomon finally obeyed David's deathbed warning about Shimei (1Kings 2:8-9).


So there's no excuse not to know that 1Kings 6:1 references Temple construction beginning IN the 4th year after David died, on 2 Ziv 960BC.  So David died in 963BC, three years prior.  Yet 'scholarly' tomes claim Temple was built 1004BC, while David was still alive and newly king, contradicting 2Sam7's terms?  Worse, they blame BIBLE with buzzwords like "problem passage", "scribal error" or "inscrutable".  But you don't dare criticize them.  It's only okay to belittle GOD'S Word.


The point of this digression into Bible bloopers even smart people make, is to show we won't consult Bible to test our notions, before we 'authoritatively' repeat them.  Yet isn't the first rule of good scholarship that you go to the SOURCE?  Ouch.


Hence GeneYrs.xls' Col. G only uses BIBLE'S dating convention of years-from-Adam's-Fall;  its BC/AD dates which correspond, are either side of Col. G.  Thus the Roman AUC calendar problem is bypassed altogether.  Thus you realize the Judaic, Gregorian, Julian, Ussher timeline, etc. are all wrong.  So folks using those calendars to date Bible events, go wrong.  So just use BIBLE, first.  You'll find lots of historical corroboration, afterwards.


5.    Thus GeneYrs.xls accounts via BIBLE-STATED years, without adjustment.  That's why it balances from Adam forward to historical time.  God always accounts multiple years as solar, since  personal years are measured from birthdays, and all years are Years From ADAM, a person, beginning at his Fall (Gen 3:22);  or, years from EXODUS, a personal event.  So only when Bible makes distinctions regarding a single year, will you find a shift between lunar and solar, or a lunar measure.  It would have been very easy to append the extra five days to Adar each year, and adjust to solar, since the Jewish sacred calendar always begins at the vernal equinox.  Wouldn't even need to mention it, in Bible.  So the priestly house of Maaziah would have served the extra days, and then the priestly courses would begin anew.


So people wrongly use modern Israel's days-per-month, rather than Bible's.  Bible's priestly courses are based on EACH month having 30 days.  Each course runs a fortnight, and there are 24 of them.  So follow that monthly convention, instead.  Moreover, Bible counting piggybacks an ending year, with a beginning year (i.e., since a time period generally ends during a year).  So sometimes in the accounting, you seem to be one or even two years short or over;  two, when the beginning and ending periods measured are both late in a year (i.e., between Flood and Shem's kids' birthdays, or between Seth's and Enoch's birthdays).


Most 490 accounting and other prophetical measurings in theology, seem stuck on the lunar year.  So their reconciliations become rather convoluted and don't balance, not realizing that the multiple-year numbers in Bible are already intercalated.  For example, when it says David ruled 40 years, those are forty solar (intercalated) years, not lunar.  When it says Adam lived for 930 years, those are intercalated years, not lunar.


Given this centuries-old Jewish and theological penchant for lunar years and extra-Biblical sources, there's a long paper trail of incorrect dates for the Exodus, kingships, the Flood etc. that contradict and vary, based on what date-conversion philosophy the author chose.  Over time, if the person was regarded as an 'expert', his dating became an accepted norm: eyebrows rise, if you challenge it.  Such politics could be avoided if we just follow what BIBLE says.  Isn't God a Superior Authority?  So BIBLE'S numbers are typed into the GeneYrs.xls timeline without adjustment.  Ergo, you can readily proof them.  No fuss, no muss, no politics.  Whew. 


It was gratifying to see the timeline nonetheless validate some scholars' dates.  Conversely, many popular Bible dates prove false.  Bad or good, the truth is scholars and pastors have the worst jobs on earth;  the politicking they endure, is intolerable.  So all their mistakes are excusable.  (Covering up mistakes is not excusable.)  For until 50 years ago they had no computers;  their hard work resulted in software (like BibleWorks).  So one can now prove in five minutes, what took them months to analyze.  The longer it takes to analyze, the more tired you'll be, the more mistakes you'll make, the more you'll go for the 'pat' answer.  And that's the problem with all  'scholarship':  we go for 'pat' answers, afraid to upset someone 'respectable'.  In a word, we PARROT, rather than research de novo.  That's also a problem in science and every other academic discipline.  Just ask around.


The other problem is that when authorities admit error, the masses scream 'traitor', as if leaders could be perfect.  So, the leaders won't admit error, i.e., the RCC has yet to admit it covered up Greek noun gender in Matt16:18 by inventing a Latin Petrus and treating it like an adjective.  (Videos demonstrating that from Greek and Latin pan-Bible, are in PopeMyth.htm.)  Afraid the masses will defect.  How sad.


Ergo it's a joy to see the timeline vindicate those who dated rightly.  Bible mistakes made are excusable:  covering them up, is not.  Any TRUE scholar would want his mistakes fixed!


6.    This timeline discards humanly popular benchmarks.  The 1260, 1290, 1335 and 2300 days' counts are all literal.  Dan8's bluntly literal 2300 days belong to Antiochus (circa 170-164BC), not the "end times".  He's the poster boy for the Gentile anti-christ, but 2300 days is in Dan8, not Dan12.  Likewise, 1260+1290 in Rev11:3 and Dan12:11 respectively, equal 7 years minus 6.75 days.  Literal, again.  Thus Israel can know when to Escape!


[Total number of Trib days will be 2550 (Rev 11:3+Dan12:11).  The exit window ends between the 1215th (Dan 12:12) and 1260th day (Rev12:6), the former measured backwards from 2nd Advent ("Happinesses" in Dan12:12, see also Rev 12:14).  Two Witnesses are then executed (Rev11:3 compared to 12:6).  So in hiding, you count days and ignore fakirs in Trib trying to flush you out (i.e., Matt24:23ff).  Given interplay of Dan9:27 & 12, + Rev11 & 12, the Two Witnesses warning everyone AWAY from not-God-authorized Temple are so good at it, sacrifices stop 45 days prior to their execution.  This prompts statue thingy (FAKE '2nd Advent' heralded by FAKE 'Jewish prophet') 45 days later, Rev13:14-15.  It lasts 1290 days, Dan12:11, when the REAL 2nd Advent occurs.  Gentile anti-christ seems to kill Witnesses on 1260th day; this justifies statue's erection.  Some Abyss demon actually killed them (Rev11:7), so the five months' torture in Rev9, overlaps.  Due to Witnesses' deaths, all who survive the resultant earthquake believe in Christ, Rev11:13.  Thus pogroms ensue to catch believers, via the 666 (metaphorical) I.D. mandate.  Maybe leaders choose "666" to DERIDE Bible then, who knows.]


Don't treat days as years in Bible unless God says so.  Accordingly, the Genesis 1 restoration (not initial creation) literally took six days (evenings and mornings, literal Hebrew for a 24-hour period).  It's not symbolic, allegorical, figurative.  By contrast,  Ezekiel was told each day represented a year when he had to do that awful mock seige (Eze4:5).  You don't eisegetically transfer from Ezekiel or Ps90:4, a mandate to always treat days as years.  Depends on the context.


Daniel 9 benchmarks to His Death and Jerusalem's destruction at the end of the 62 weeks.  Both He and Israel could have been hit in the 62nd week, had they accepted Him -- that was the original schedule, a 37AD Crucifixion, not 30AD.  So use only the benchmarks God gives (His Death, Jerusalem's destruction);  don't superimpose your own. 


Also, don't benchmark to dissimilar character (i.e., Palm Sunday, when He was Baptised), or you'll look like a fool.  Such bogus accounting is all over the internet now, people trying to claim current events are 'predicted' on a 490-year timetable.  To make that lie fit, they have to backtrack and twist to the WRONG events in Bible.  It's embarrassing.  Start from ADAM, then move forwardMatch to the CHARACTER of the event, not your need to make a 490 'fit'.


#1, #3, #8, #9 and #10 show God Matches Character of the Number to its Tying Event.  The CHARACTER MATCHING shows you God Orchestrates: it's not coincidence.  The Trib plagues, for example, are modeled on the Exodus plagues, so everyone can easily know Who God Is, because they are MATCHED to the Exodus in KIND.


Also, people misuse the "time, times, and half a time".  Only Daniel 9:27 uses a 3.5-year piece, so it only belongs to Trib, though precedented on Passion Week (about 3.5 days span Arrest and Crucifixion, +3.5 to Resurrection).  Revelation breaks both halves for you, as intermezzo of its second play in then-typical Greek drama quadrilogy:  Play #1, Church; Play #2, Trib; Play #3, Millennium, and Play #4, Eternity (RevPlay.htm outlines them, annotating John's Greek meta tauta device to divide these Play 'times' for you).


7.    This timeline shows GOD-the-King decrees in Daniel 9, not man.  Gabriel is GOD'S messenger, so he announces the Decree of God -- his King, and Ours.  God's Decree was issued when Temple was razed per Jer25, which Daniel is reading when he prays in Dan9.  Any 'tie' to Cyrus, Darius & Artaxerxes' decrees, is adjunctive (click here for extracts & read Ezra, Nehemiah).  So a measure from human king decrees will never balance to Bible's other dates, future or past; one can't test a human-king decree date, for error.  It's well known among scholars that no human-king decree truly matches Dan9:24:  so why don't we ask WHOSE Decree it is?  Ergo all the divergence over Exodus, Christ's Birth & Death dates, etc.  People use human dates.  Yet Bible uses BIBLE's dates.  So we should, too.  GOD's decree as of 586BC perfectly fits all Bible dates from Genesis to Revelation.


It's incredible how we don't ask God questions when we study.  God makes it plain HE enables perception: no one can well read Bible absent breathing 1Jn1:9 (Ps32:5, 66:18, Dan9:2 in OT).  Hence God's Accounting for Time goes unrecognized, because a human king is ASSumed to issue the "decree to rebuild Jerusalem". Yet it's God's Decree in Jer25 that Daniel reads:  it prompted his prayer (Dan9:2ff).  God bluntly says it's His Decree in Dan9:1, 24.  Yeah, I made the same no-ask-God error, instead trying various decree dates from Cyrus on down.  Tied me up for months.  When I finally ASKED Him about it, 'suddenly' I knew how the 70 doubly 'mirrored' -- just as Isaiah 53 uses 70 in his meter, which I learned by mistake (click here for the videos) in July 2008 --  balancing from 714BC!  Ooops.


Nehemiah 6:15, close call!  Temple razed 10Ab, 586BC, Jer52;  the 140 years ended 9Ab, 446BC.  3Ab 446BC, rebuilding walls began under pressure, yet end 25 Elul, 52 days later, still 20th year of Artaxerxes Longimanus.  (The 465-425 BC reign we use is rounded, but Bible didn't round.  Persian calendar=Israel's sacred, starting in Nisan, Est3:7.  So his reign began in 466.)


8.    GeneYrs.xls reflects the fact that God designs and accounts for Time in a 'mirroring', RESTITUTIONARY manner, as shown by His Decree Language in Dan9:24.  It's a cycle of completion.  Modern accountants know this style well: it's called "double-entry" accounting, today.


We already saw God's mirror-accounting in #1, but didn't much cover the principles behind it.  Something lost must be regained.  Something gained must be rewarded.  Wages or taxes owed must be paid.  Once paid, they must be spent.  Some wrong must be righted.  Some right must be rebated.  A slave must be ransomed, yet a king must be a slave.  Notice the cycling, the Union Of Opposites?  Restitution is key to why we need salvation, so our King became a Slave: Av'di, Isa52:13, 53:11.  And now as King, He owns us all.  But Who is the Biggest Slave?  He becomes a King-PRIEST to Father!  That was His Goal while still solely God, heis gar theos, heis mesites doubling wordplay in 1Tim2:5!  My pastor loved that pun.  Peter loved puns, too:  huparchein in 2Pet3:11 is a conceptual palindrome, based on  hupo=under, archw=to rule.  So huparchein means (really), The Ruler is The Most Ruled.  That's how to 'really be there'.  [Peter answers his own rhetorical question by means of huparchein.  He's addicted to Greek Drama and hupo-prefixes.  Lexicons like Bauer Danker tell you the first meaning of Greek verb huparchw is to "really be present" in a place.  Well, you really exist, are master of all if you are RULED, yourself.  Bible always plays on etymology.]


Hence it should be no surprise that God makes even Time subject to redemption rules.  So OT had a lot of rules on restitution and redemption, to communicate all this.  Jews are big on numbers, because the Law was big on numbers.  So as we saw in #1 and will see again in #9, the first 490 gets rebated, including the 70-year 'tax' built into it, by the 2nd 490.  So too, when the Temple stood, it was 'owed' time as a result.  For not having lasted the full 490 years, time had to be debited, too.  #9 further demonstrates this shocking voting-for-reimbursement role of 70.  (See also "Purim" link in PassPlot.htm for a chronology from 586-446BC.)


God also 'mirrors' or 'rebates' time in smaller units than 70 and 490;  but all mirroring is based on payment owed or received, and the 'mirror' quality is designed to teach the recipient(s) as well as bless.  We saw that in #1 and #3.  These other, lesser units rebated aren't directly reflected in GeneYrs.xls except as shown during Joseph's time.  In the same manner, these other units NEST rather than elongate, affecting Quality of Life for a narrower range of grantees:  a group, region or even a nation.  Pharaoh's dream is this kind of grant: he positively voted for Joseph, so got 80 years -- while Joseph was vizier -- not 14, because a 7 always nests inside a 40.  Mirroring.htm shows how these nested units are rebated (primarily 7, 30, 33, 40).


Time must balance, so a debit must be offset, or a credit must be rebated.  So even these lesser units play in pairs -- God-Man Hypostatic Union, see the meaning?  You could say the same about biology, physics, economics, etc.  They all have the same restitutionary, mirroring, oppositeness, HYPOSTATIC quality as Time itself.  Which makes sense, given that finity is subject to Time.


Time is based on a Hypostatic 77, for all time is designed based on Christ, Greek of Hebrews 1:2.  Look:  the 1050 unit is 150 sevens.  So the factors are 7, 2, 5.  5+2=7.  Five is the number of Profit, and 2 means the Hypostatic Union.  So notice: two sevens are the math basis for the structure of time, the second 'reimbursing' the first! 


Luke plays with this in Luke 3, Christ as 77th son from Adam (if you see two "Cainan" names, last one is bogus, original text only has one).  That's why Matthew plays on 14 in his genealogy, in Matt1.  Both authors play on the number of syllables in Isaiah 52:13-15's Hebrew meter.  Even numbers signify Him!  [Mirroring.htm's link on "7years" covers the Luke and Matthew usages.  Isa53trans.htm's videos will walk you through Hypothesis #4, so you can see that.  Matthew leaves out some illegitimate kings from Jezebel.  Pointed omission conveys disapproval, just as you pointedly avoid a person who offends you.]


And of course, the first seven is Divine Perfection, second 7 is His Humanity.  So David died when he was age 77.  So when Christ dies on the Cross, time is 14 years short of the voting period beginning the 4150th year from Adam's Fall.  We saw why, in #1.  But here we see it was designed:  the shortage was PLANNED as a contingency, which you see when you count Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter, which matches the math of Dan9:26.  God 'budgets' for man's Free Will.  And that freedom, never compromises God's Design.  As my pastor likes to put it, "The Sovereignty of God and the free will of man co-exist by Divine Decree."


Hence when Messiah comes, you can prove by the NUMBERS, it's Him.  At any time in history.  For all time.  No other way the numbers add up except to show Jesus the Christ is Messiah.  Numbers can't lie.  Numbers don't have 'agendas', don't need your agreement.  Numbers can be AUDITED.  So look:


*      He's born in the 1000th anniversary of David's United Kingship Start, maybe on the very day of David's crowning.  (I can't prove that yet; but 25 Chislev is certainly when 2nd Temple foundation was laid, Haggai 2 and Chanukah 357 years later.)

*      His Lifetime was originally intended to last as long as David's Kingship, 40 years.

*      He announces Himself at the same age 30 as David was crowned King at Hebron.

*      So is scheduled to die in the 1000th anniversary of David's death, but the Jews rejected Him.

*      So He's crucified at the same age as the duration of David's rule over all Israel, 33 years.

*      So He dies in the 1000th anniversary of David's Retirement from Kingship, seven years earlier.

*      So He also dies on the 1470th anniversary to the DAY, of the original Passover,

*      which is the third 490 from that day.

*      Which year (30AD) is also the woulda-been ending for the 1st Temple's 2nd 490, had it not been razed.

*      And then His seven cut-off years, play from 64-70AD,

*      finishing off the traditional warning-to-Israel 40 years (reimbursing His 33 years + that extra seven).

*      So the scheduled Tribulation remains reserved, the Millennium is prepaid.

*      So Dan 9:26's known-via-Pentecost scheduled 50-year Gap for Times of the Gentiles (year 4150-4200 from Adam originally), is stretched via Church.  [Bible verses on dates are in "David" link in Mirroring.htm PassPlot.htm.]


Talk about Divine Convergence!  See how God Matches the Character of the Davidic numbers, to construct time and prophecy itself?  See how Daniel 9:24-27 balance to result in this orchestration, whether Israel voted yes OR no?  See how the Character of any previous number of years, (here David, Temple, Exodus) plays to a Matched Meaning in the next number (here, Christ's)?  So can only mean, GOD'S doing it?  Can't be coincidental.  All these dates were FAMOUS in Israel, they're her HISTORY! 


Anyone can claim coincidence.  Anyone can claim to speak for God.  Anyone can claim a given Bible verse means "x".  How do you test these claims?  Well, only GOD can orchestrate time.  All prophecy is PART of time, so it will have ORCHESTRATION attributes which are RESTITUTIONARY and reflect Christ Himself.  So you audit based on that rule.  You see here, how GOD does it.


Quickly, then, you can chuck many errant ideas.  There weren't 88 Reasons for the Rapture in 1988, because there's only one reason:  Christ.  And FATHER decides when it best glorifies Christ, to finish off Church, John 17:20.  Who else could?  No sane person wants a lesser criterion.  Man isn't "Left Behind", but instead left Christ behind; so gets Trib's OT and Exodus-patterned warnings, all loudly yelling "BIBLE".  ("Left Behind" misuses Bible's Greek kataleipw in Hebrews and OT, which signifies the REMNANT left behind, the few who believe in Christ: but I digress.)  And mere chronologically divided 490 or 1000-year timelines are all bogus, they aren't keyed to CHRIST.  But as we just saw, GOD keys all dates to Him, demonstrating Heb1:2's Greek.  Worse, timelines with 490 (or 1000) spreads merely based on what man calls crucial events, flat violate Bible.  Again: events can't vote.  God doesn't calibrate time to events, but to PEOPLE.  For only people can vote.  At best, events indicate votes.


As we'll see in #9, anyone claiming Church is resurrected during or at the end of the Trib are all proven incorrect, since there is no time allocable to Church, and above all not the Tribulation, which is OWED From The 1st Temple.  Further, all Time was allocated to Christ in 30AD, Last Adam Fulfilling The Time Promise, Heb10:10-14.  That's why He COULD inaugurate Church;  no time is allocable to it, except THROUGH Him.  So Church is not Israel, either.  Again, He's the Center of Things, Rev19:10.  Not, someone else.  So time is granted believers who super-mature in HIM, from Adam forward.  Again, the criterion for interpretation, is HIM.  You can always measure inaccuracy of Bible translation and interpretation by how much it stresses man (i.e., man's works).  All lies magnify man and his works.  Sin is just a form of man's bad works: again, stresses man, not Christ.  By contrast, Truth magnifies Christ.  Starting with, the Truth of How God Constructs Time.


Hence many arbitrary interpretations and timelines 'out there' fail to show Matched Meaning and hence Restitution Accomplished, by their benchmarks.  Yet we saw in Dan9:24, that's how GOD matches things.  Ergo, the arbitrary interpretations and timelines can't balance to Bible; so of course they don't detect His Mirroring, Restitutionary Dating System -- since Adam's Fall. 


Since all must balance in both Number AND Character, then you can fix errors found.  Mistakes are normal, nothing to be ashamed of.  Refusing to fix them, is a bad thing.  Legalistic Churchinanity refuses to fix its glaring errors, and calls its stubbornness "holy": 2Tim3:5, 1Jn1:6,8,10.


9.    GeneYrs.xls shows how God's accounting and thus Bible + actual history, magnetize around VOTING periods of 70, 50, and 120 (=70+50) years: to so often, rescue the human race.  Precedence for how Church is now used to purchase Time, by its VOTING.  Therefore you know conclusively that Believer Voting and not prophecy, buys time and hence governs history.  By knowing that, we learn the spiritual life has always been what we think, not what we do:  because one must think, to VOTE.  All the good deeds on the planet don't make up for bad votes.  Like Churchinanity today, Israel was and remains positively anal about doing good deeds.  Of course the Voting Manual, the Bible, needs to be truly LEARNED to cast an informed vote, good deeds or no.  Ooops.  But just wait until you see GOD'S Voting Record!


First notice that with Israel, everything was a setpiece:  there were set times for everything, epitomized by the famous Hebrew term, l'moed -- means a unity of time and space and place, used mainly to indicate the times to be at Temple.  The Law God Gave Moses was metaphorical to the max, gorgeous, witty, punning, to-die-for.  Nothing like it had ever been, never mind 'scholars' who claim it originated from somewhere else.  Think:  if Israel got her religion from some other nation, why is it that during the many centuries before the Cross, other nations WEREN'T LIKE HER, and ridiculed her for being so different?  No lightbulbs turn on, huh.


For these obviously-incompetent 'scholars', like so many in Israel and Church, focus on how much WE sacrifice, oy this god is a pain and WE are sooooo good for 'obeying';  in which case the Law would look rather bobbing, tedious.  So many rules!  The meaning BEHIND the motions is not viewed.  OK:  let's examine these 'rules' --  like, what did the 70 and 50 signify, under the Mosaic Law?  Do the rules mean God was mean to impose them?


WHY did God create a "Jubilee" of 50 years?  Did He just pull that number out of a hat?  We don't ask, so we don't know how God makes Time itself.  WHY did God create sabbatical years, in the Mosaic Law?  These no-working years sure aren't doing HIM any good.  Who do they benefit?  Surely not God.  But we don't ask, and instead we preen like the Jews do about our oh-so-pious 'observing the sabbath', whether we call it Saturday or Sunday, OH HOW RIGHT WE ARE about the day WE chose.  We're not resting, then:  we're ARresting, aaarrrggghhh.  For whatever you pride yourself on, you actually hate.  If you didn't hate, you'd not be saying how good YOU are, but how good it is, and consider yourself undeserving.  Love looks at what it loves, not at self.


So we know squat about how often humanity depended on those years for its very survival.  And surely there always was an answer given Israel and us in Bible, for how can you celebrate these holiday YEARS of no working, if you don't know WHY you get them?  Answer:  you get them so you can VOTE.


So notice What God Hath Wrought:  during a sabbatical year, they Vote To Do Nothing; during a Jubilee year everything reverts back to the original settings (i.e., property goes back to the original owner family, etc).  So again, they Vote To Do Nothing, they've started over just as Israel did its first year of freedom (i.e., fed supernaturally by manna).  In each of these years, they depend on God:  they don't work.  So for each such holiday year, they VOTE FOR GOD TO HANDLE THEIR NEEDS, instead[These rules belong only to Israel as a NATION:  they do not belong to any other nation or people, and they don't belong to Israel as a people.  So these rules will not be operative again until the Millennium, per Isaiah 61 and Ezekiel 39.  For Israel as a NATION will not have a renewed contract with God until then.  See 1Kings 9 for the terms:  if no Temple, the national contract is in abrogated status.  That's why Daniel prays in Dan9, to end the abrogation.  Dingdongs who use these facts to be against the Jews or Israel (the secular nation) are just begging God to clobber them, and He always does.]


All throughout the ancient world, Israel's no-working years were famous from 586BC onward: because she didn't observe them prior, the Temple was razed.  Nebuchadnezzar crows about it, as 2Kings, Chronicles and Jeremiah record.  The prophets roamed both Israel and the Diaspora that resulted, explaining it was God's Judgement.  Israel admitted that was the reason, as seen in Ezra and Nehemiah, when asked why they re-commenced building the Temple circa 521BC, after a 15-year hiatus.  So this story was well known.  People recount disaster stories, avidly.  Especially, when a hated people admits its own fault.


Thereafter, kings would decide when to invade the Land based on the sabbaths or these sabbatical years;  commerce ebbed and flowed based on them, since Israel was (and remains) the land bridge to three continents.  So everything about her would be well-known whether you liked her or not, traveling around the globe: especially, her weird 'god' and laws.  Human nature being what it is, many a campfire would be buzzing with deprecating stories about this RICH people -- and the hearers nodding tsk tsk, what an evil nation  -- but secretly wishing they were those people.  See, Israel was quite DIFFERENT from other nations, which the Law stressed.  (See Lev 20:24-26, Deut 4:19,32,  26:19, 29:18, to name a few bald verses.  See also Esther 3:8, used by Haman.)


Think about how vicious and brutal the world was then.  'Time of the Greeks and Persians, constantly at each other's throats.  As their literature amply admits, they believed in and lauded human sacrifice, institutionalized religious, drugged rituals and every manner of required fornication -- deemed ways to be 'close' to the gods from time immemorial.  Israel was peculiar, compared to that norm.  She didn't do any of that.  Curiosity wags tongues:  What a strange nation:  do you know, they have this custom of... buzzz buzzzz psst psst...


Israel's 'god' had this harrowing message:  I'm gonna take over the world one day, and you'd better be ready when I do, by believing in Me -- or you'll burn forever.  Not exactly a warm fuzzy.  Unless you LIKED that 'god'.  A bunch.


But there was a lot to like.  This 'god' had some very pleasant rules about what constituted 'worship', far superior to those other 'gods'.  

§  He didn't make you give up your kids to be burned alive, expecting you to have sex while they screamed. 

§  Or, to be sacrificed so the harvest next year wouldn't be like the famine 'this' year. 

§  He didn't make you get high on plant toxins so you'd whirl around in a drugged state, maybe dying. 

§  He didn't make you copulate with the ugly temple prostitutes who couldn't get a man any other way and god knows what diseases they had.

§  The king couldn't just up and take your wife and kids and property --  though some of the kings under this 'god' did that -- for which the 'god' clobbered them.  And some of them admitted they were wrong?  What king does that?

§  He didn't make you war for booty but instead Justice;  even then, He went out 'on point', annihilating the enemy from before you.  Often all you had to do, was train hard and show up (i.e., Jericho and Battle of Berachah). 

§  He didn't make you skin people alive, or rape the women to prove what a "man" you were. 

§  He didn't make you skewer babies or lop off penises and heads, to spread them all around as a warning. 

§  Best of all, the sacrifices He wanted were of blemishless animals only a 'god' could make in sufficient supply.

§  And then you ate them, sharing them with the priest while he taught you even more about this 'god'?

§  This 'sacrifice' of an animal HE had to make, you kept the rest --  depicted how HE will pay -- not, you pay Him? 

§  Harrowing message?  It's easy to BELIEVE and get saved (Gen15:6)!  Who'd not want to be with THIS 'god'?


So imagine if you will, the enormous evangelization appeal.  Here you are, a pagan working your buns off day out and day in, but there's this whole nation whose 'god' demands they take frequent YEARLONG VACATIONS?  And by the way, you couldn't ever truly be a slave, because every 7th year you had to be set free!  And by the way, if you screwed up your property rights, every 50th year you'd get that property back!  So everything was on this lease, really.  Now think:  wouldn't you find a way to MOVE to that nation?  And it was rather easy to get to, bridging three continents and hence along well-traveled sea and land routes.  Easy to hire yourself out on a boat or caravan, free passage while you worked.  'Sounds like heaven on earth, compared to world society back then.


So imagine all the jealousy of other nations whose 'gods' didn't have those rules.  Imagine how, over the centuries, the 'gods' would be recast to 'grant' those rules, so to compete?  See how more freedom accrues to the pagans, if only due to political one-upmanship?


Therefore Israel's Voting To Not Work, resulted in many votes to quietly move there by 'eavesdropping' Gentiles.  Resulted in many votes to change how a nation's 'gods' ruled; thus their quality of life, improved.  It's not by accident that the world progressively morphed into rules which became more and more like Israel's.


Of course, admitting that would be politically-incorrect, embarrassing.  My god must be as good as Israel's god, so if my nation apes rules Israel's god uses, then my god looks BAD.  Esther's husband was murdered.  The replacing son didn't become anti-semitic but rather helped finish the rebuilding of Jerusalem, under Ezra and then Nehemiah.  This Longimanus wasn't politically-correct:  see how he writes circa 459BC in ARAMAIC, Ezra 7.


But political coverup or no, world history is plain enough about the true effect of Israel's 'different' laws.  Absent their God's rules, we'd still be hacking, raping and pillaging each other.  Back in the 1900's BC, when the Law was but seeded in Jacob's sons, Egypt --  then roiling from three generations of brutal political intrigue at court (that's how the 12th dynasty got started) --  was changed forever by Joseph's deft handling of the Fayyum depression.  Its golden age back then, says my 1985 edition of  Encyclopedia Britannica (due to the "vizier", in its "Egypt, History of" article).  Same for the 18th dynasty, which got saved because Hatshepsut could nix remarriage and make Moses her heir, a gift from Isis (only the 18th Dynasty used that Royal  "moses" moniker, Exo2:10).  Through Egypt, the world changed.  For it was the Greeks, not Israel, who renamed the Reed Sea Moses crossed dryshod, "the Red Sea" -- to memorialize Pharaoh's army drowning there.  [Exodate.htm has details.]


Most importantly, these rules to Vote By Not Working -- heh -- reminded Israel that Her Voting Buys Time For The World.  The accounting is quite real, as you'll see below:  a sabbatical year observed buys a year for the Gentiles.  God thus 'repays' these no-work years AS voting periods, Matching Event Character:  for if Israel votes, the world can vote.  If she doesn't, the world ends.  Hence time is added: you can't vote unless you first get time.  So God appends 70 and 50 years to the 490 and 1000, and thus 'intercalates' time itself.


Open GeneYrs.xls and Page Down to 586 BC.  In Daniel 9 He does this bluntly:  He adds a 70 thrice, then debits a 70 from the 126 years 'owed', time the First Temple LOST when it was razed (950-460BC vs. its standing period of 950-586BC).  That results in a net addition of 140 to the 490 years in Daniel 9; on a gross basis, the time elapse takes you to the voting period beginning the 4150th year since Adam, our 44AD.  So unbelievers could get the voting long promised.  But of course, David's 1000th anniversary-of-death, comes seven years earlier.  So Dan9's time span net of Trib reserve, is 623 years, not 483.  Messiah must redeem, first.  So notice:  Paul's ministry began 44AD, and he died victorious, before that voting period ended.  Thus God fulfills His Promise for the period, right-on-time:  hence you and I thus even breathe.


Witness also, the time purchased via Daniel 9 for another future voting period:  466-396BC, year 3640 from Adam, during which begin the "62 weeks":  that can only occur, because Israel Voted On Time by rebuilding the Temple.  Israel needs to be restored so it can VOTE, terms of 1Kings 9.  So God granted 70 years as a deadline during which Israel must Vote To Rebuild The Temple;  and then, another 70 for Jerusalem.  On Time (at the last minute, both got done).  Thus the 490 can be reconfigured, and the world can continue living.


Juridical Precedence for the Rapture:  the role of the Voting Period in Dan9 and elsewhere, is to BRIDGE history.  586BC began the four-generation (120 years) Vote-for-Word period preceding the 7th 490's ending from Adam, as you see:  Temple must be finished to bridge to the next historical voting period of 466-396BC; voting to rebuild Jerusalem and finish OT Canon must be completed, before that period ends.  The 49 years in Dan 9:25, was for completing OT Canon.  If you're gonna vote, l'moed!  There must be a unity, in time and space of a polling place!  With folks to teach you How To Vote!  For you need Written Information, to Decide How To Cast Your Vote!  So even if Israel goes apostate (and she does, when the 49 years ends), at least the Book will exist, to tell you how to vote.  And it will show Messiah's Exact Arrival Year, via Daniel 9's math.  That's a Big Vote, huh. 


Sabbatical years really do buy time.  Literally. Let's see the math, how Voting sabbaticals Literally Buy Bridging Time.  These voting periods 'paid' by Israel NOT WORKING -- is God witty, or what -- are 70 years for believers, but 50 years for unbelievers.  They have a Rebate Character, on a 'time tax' paid during the 490 years, derived as follows:

·       70 sabbatical years are in a 490; every 50th year (dependent on the seven 7s prior, get it?) is a Jubilee year. 

·       70 sabbatical years in a 490 period, + 9 Jubilee years = 79 years' VACATION, as a 'tax owed God'?!

·       Appended to the first 490 in a 1050 unit is the 70-year period, which has 10 more sabbatical years.

·       80 sabbatical years thus accrue during the 560-year unit.

·       2 more Jubilee years occur in that same 70-year period.  So the total number of Jubilee years, is 11.

·       Hence when the 560 ends, 80 sabbatical, and 11 Jubilee, total of 91 Vacation Years, have been 'paid'.

·       Notice how the 70-year appendage, itself 'reimburses' the prior 70 sabbatical years that 'got paid' during the first 490; this 'reimbursement' occurs before the 2nd 490 begins.   So the sabbatical, but NOT the Jubilee years, are reimbursed.

·       Since 10 of the 70 are also NEW sabbatical years, a net of 60 is 'reimbursed', when the 560 ends.

·       So 11 unreimbursed Jubilee years further offset the 60 net reimbursed, making it "49", by the end of the 560.  Now you know WHY God 'calculates' 49 for Pentecost, Jubilee, & for completing Canon, in Dan9:25.

·       49: same number of years, as of days BETWEEN the last sabbath of Passover Week and Pentecost.  Buying it.

·       Ergo intercalation of 70 buys the net 50 so that Gentiles can vote, too (when you count that last sabbath).

·       Ever since the Exodus, both Jubilee and Pentecost celebrate the 50-year period for gathering Gentiles after Messiah comes and pays.  Now you see how it's 'paid', why it's attached to a 1000, for the same 1050 sum.

·       For unbelievers are not voting for God, so they are not voting for blessing FROM God.  So real time cannot be granted unbelievers directly; but that time can be 'purchased' by the believers.

·       So now the last 490 can play and 'balance' the 1050 unit upon completion.  So intercalation is a repaid 'time tithe' then 'spent' on EVERYBODY.  Only God is this caring, despite all our hostility against Him.

·       21 Jubilees equals 1050 years being 'paid for' by those underlying 490 years 'bridged' by the 70 years.  So the net 50 (includes the 'tax' of a Jubilee year), is a Jubilee of Jubilees.  So Israel buys time for the world measured in 1000+50 years, all dependent on her voting -- hence, contingent on the Temple STANDING, 1Kings 9.


No wonder Israel got fatheaded.  No wonder everyone else was either angry or jealous.  No wonder we Christians are dingdongs.  How do you live with the shock of knowing that you're used to buy or subtract, Time itself?  My pastor taught this believers-buy-time fact for 53 years, starting with Gen5 roster.  [I've not heard him say whether  490 years was purchased.]  So he'd call us believers "spiritual Atlases"  (analogy to Greek 'god' who held up the world).


THE Spiritual Atlas, Messiah, Became the Bridge.  How ironic:  all that time is in Him for Israel. Yet Bridge is still out!  to get TO Israel's time, since she rejected Him.  So now what?  So, Our Now ("now" is an NT keyword for what we call "Church Age").  Church built on Him, means TWO 'walls' of time are joined, last half Eph2.  We Church Bridge History, now.  In Him we constitute our own 'wall', Designed To Join Her.


We just saw how God literally buys time as a Bridge via Believer Voting;  so keys the time purchased, to Voting Periods.  For as we saw in #3, #8, and again here, God Balances Time and Matches Based on Character.  Now let's see the results.  Ergo these 70 and 50 year periods are not only of a Voting Character and hence bridge to voting periods themselves, but their actual 'play' in history is characterized by significant, orchestrated Voting Results That Preserve Mankind.  GeneYrs.xls shows them:


·       Noah is born just after the first 50-year voting period, in the 1056th year from Adam.  Obviously, he voted.


·       Next, 3rd historical 490 in history, Gen6:  in the 1536th year since Adam's Fall, just when the normal (equivalent) vote-to-get-Word four generations' voting WAS ENDING, God announces yet another 120-year voting period just before the 70-year believer voting period was to begin (in 1540).  He's telling everyone their voting will produce the Flood, warning them to change their vote this time, just as the name "Methusaleh"  had long warned.  For that name is a sentence: "When he dies, it [the Flood] happens."  Methusaleh, Noah's grandfather, still lives.  So does Noah's dad, Lamech.  70+50=120: now you know why.


To make sure everyone gets a memorable message, God next has these two and Noah, vote AGAIN to spend those 120 years building a boat out in the middle of nowhere.  That oddity would keep them in large company, as deriders would eagerly gather.  People love to laugh at you.  Noe &Co. were never without an audience of catcallers.  Maybe the catcallers, even helped!  Took a long time to grow or transport the impervious-to-rot cypress aka 'gopher' wood, cut it, pitch it, and make this box aka "Ark"  that was impossible to navigate, a Liberty-class ship in size but no way to steer the thing.  It would float good, that's it. 


Coulda been, a huge number of PEOPLE in that boat, instead of animals.  After all, can't God just bing! animals into existence after the Flood ends?  Can't He order you instead Stock the Box With Wheat you could live off for a year, sleeping most of the time?  Didn't have to be animals in that boat, coulda been People He Wanted to Save, instead.  So notice:  the people voted NO, but the animals voted YES, and came two by two.  Who's smarter?


·       Year 2046 from Adam, Abraham gets his covenant just before the second 1050 and its voting period, begin.  Else Time would have ended.  Noah's personal 490 ran out that year, so Abraham got his personal 490 and 1000 at the very last minute.  So Isaac is born 4 years before the voting window, and votes within it.  He was in his 20's when Abraham took him up that mountain, not a child (Heb na'ar, Gen 22:5)!


·       Note the triple voting periods' confluence, here.  Year 2626 from AdamMoses Votes To Leave Egypt, even though he's Thutmose III during Hatshepsut's Regency (see Exodate.htm).  He does this during the voting window following the 5th historical 490.  Also, Moses was born during the 120-year voting window which characterizes the end of a 490. So Hatshepsut voted to preserve the Jews, by claiming a HEBREW child was a gift from Isis, to her.  She dies when Moses is age 38; he next votes to ABDICATE in favor of Thutmose II's kid by the concubine. He then votes to LEAVE Egypt when he's 40, at God's behest:  for the Hebrews voted against Moses, Exo2. (There's a Psalms verse on God's Behest, but I can't recall the right search words.  See also Acts 7.  Hebrews 11 makes a big deal out of Moses' vote.  It's a whole chapter on believer voting on Word in history -- Heb11:1 says so in Greek,  but is always mistranslated.)  This sets up a third vote, the Exodus; it occurs only 6 years after the 70-year voting period ends.  So God also waits for EGYPT to vote, before He lets the people go!  At least 4 million non-Jews, converted.  Pretty big vote, huh.


·       Just INSIDE the voting window for the 3rd 1050, Year 3103 from Adam, David is voted King over all Israel and Temple construction begins, but completes a scant three years after the voting period ends!  Three years after that, Temple's dedicated the very year Moses' personal 490 runs out!  Close call!  For the world's weal depended on that Temple forever afterwards.  Now people can vote with their feet.


·       DURING the voting window following the 7th historical 490, in the 3660th year from Adam, Jerusalem is rebuilt and Canon completed, to complement the Temple -- just in time, as all David's personal protecting 490s, had run out.  Moses' personal protecting 1000, ends but six years later!  Of course, the Temple got razed exactly 120 years before the 7th 490 had ended, dramatically kicking off the voting-for-Word period that always characterizes a 490's end.  That made Israel more famous, as we saw above.  So many voted for her.  People who absent that calamity, would never have heard:  Isa 52:15!


·       The CHRIST Comes during the 120-year Vote-for-Word period ending the 8th 490, to also buy the 50-year voting window ending in 'our' 94AD;  as well as, the Millennium's time and all of OUR voting privileges.  Else Time would have stopped.  That 490 ended year 4200 from Adam, which was the original 'schedule' for starting the Millennium, as you'll see below.  120 years prior was 4080, our 26BC, when Augustus finally controlled the Senate, effectively ending the fractious Roman Republic -- in favor of a stable Empire.  So you could safely travel to Israel, now.  But he didn't know that.  Just like 120 years before the Flood, it was a time of heroes, when man magnifies his own achievements.  Civilized.  Brutally, hypocritically, civilized.


The most Dramatic Voting Result in History, is The Lord Jesus the Christ's.  To show why, we must review the original 'schedule', embedded in Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter, which is repeated explicitly in Daniel 9. 


Let's recap the Daniel 9 conditions.  In #1, we saw Time should have ended when the Temple was razed:  yet leftover credits of sabbatical years 'owed', saved the world.  364 years the Temple stood, +70 was its tax 'owed' for the period;  52 sabbatical years had accrued by its razing.  Israel didn't observe those voting years; but since she was given 490 years, she owed the whole 70, not merely 52.  So Temple was razed and she was ousted from the Land for 70 years. 


Nota Bene:  she was Punished For Working, which meant she wasn't VOTING. 

She had committed a lot of sins.  But she was punished, for Working When She Should Be VOTING.

"Sabbath" was when you Voted to spend time on WORD.  Sabbath days, sabbath years.

That's why God took care of you, so you didn't HAVE to work.


So to get those lost Temple years back, Israel had to vote during the WHOLE 70-year period, not just the period which elapsed:  that amounts to paying the whole 'time tax' owed, upfront.  Get the genius?  If the whole period's 'time tax' is paid up front, then the time 'income' on the no-work 'tax', could itself be justifiably 'paid' and the 'bridge' to the NEXT 490, was repaired!  Same paying rationale as for the Cross, paying for all humankind born AFTERwards.


Every sin was VOTED ON, hence PAID for on Cross, 1Jn2:2; 

ADVANCE payment for us, is akin to 'prepayment' of the 70 years, back in Daniel 9.


So: first 70, Vote To Rebuild Temple;  next, that 70 is 'reimbursed', and plays AGAIN.  But during that reimbursed 70, she must vote to Rebuild Jerusalem.  Each Voting Period Decreed, was 70 years long (586-516BC, then 516-446BC), Jer25 and Daniel 9:2.  So because Temple didn't finish its initial 490 years, two 70-year periods are required, rather than the customary one, since she's not only 126 years short of the 490 (950BC-586BC), but also short of the 'bridge' which follows the completion of a 490.  So both 70-year periods must first be fulfilled.  So again, the precedenting parallel for Christ's Vote: 


He Votes To Be The Bridge aka Vine by

a) inaugurating a post-mortem Church in Matt16:18, and then

b) paying in advance for that Bridge, John 14-19.



This Bridge is the only way to GET to the 50 years for harvesting the Gentiles, thus fulfilling Isaiah 52:15.  As we saw in #1, Year 4143 since Adam, is the intervening deadline of David's 1000 from his death: Christ must pay for sins by then.  As it turns out, two sevens have to be 'paid', for this to occur.  The first seven must properly play so it can be 'reimbursed' at the end of the 50 years, thus the total can be 57, not merely 50, so the Millennium can begin as scheduled, Year 4200 from Adam.  But due to Jewish rejection, Christ dies seven years early, as well.  So now the 'bridge' is 64 years short, not merely 57.


Witness Divine Justice-Love's Design Genius back since 586BC, how the 70-year 'bridge' period buys that future time.  Again, the civilization voting period is 50 years tacked onto a 1000's ending; hence Daniel 9:27 reserves the last 'week' as a contingency, chopped out of 1st Temple's lost time.  God could justify this chopping, because seven of the sabbatical years 'belonging' to the period had already elapsed between 586BC and 538BC, when Daniel got this prophecy.  (Count 586 as Year 1, and you get 49 years.)  Solely because the time had elapsed, and solely because these are new sabbatical years inside the 70, God can severally 'reserve' those seven years from the 126 years' shortage on the 1st Temple:  so it's not short anymore, it's been 'paid'.  And yet because reserved, remains future, like the other years in the tally.


Notice the Character Match:  during the 7 elapsed sabbatical years, Gentiles control the Land.  So in the future, they will again.  The 7 are thus taken from the 70, not from the 490;  so the 7 can be reserved for that future, and yet BALANCE.  The reserve is contingent, since Israel might freely reject God and thus end time; Messiah being free, might vote against God, too.  Love never coerces volition; and there are consequences to rejection. 


What about the extra seven-year shortage versus the 'original schedule', since Israel did reject Him?  GeneYrs.xls has a Custom View (Excel's menu "View" then "Custom View") titled "Christ Unifies&Resets Time", in 4136 (=30AD).  He's still "on time", but for a different reason:  He died in David's 1000th anniversary of Retirement from kingship.  Just as David retired to get the post-mortem promise of 2Sam7, the Lord dies on Cross, to fulfill the eternity-past testamentary contract of Isa53:10-11.  [See  "To Be or Not to Be" link in Mirroring.htm, & "Pink Table" in PassPlot.htm,]  Also, 'on time' for two other reasons:  30AD equals 1st Temple's 2nd 490, had it not been razed;  also that's the 3rd 490 from the Exodus itself, to the very day. 


The consequence?  Israel can thus be 'paid' two 'tribulations', one playing from 64-70AD (from His 'seven', essentially reimbursing Him);  that leaves the yet-future, still-reserved Tribulation.


Thus in 538BC, God rescues and then reserves 7 from the just-elapsed 49.  Only then, can Daniel 9:25-26, even 'play'.  He sure likes Righteous Accounting, huh.  So that's why Daniel 9:25 only lists the 49 years, the remainder of the 126-year shortage.  That takes you to 397BC: 586-70-70=446-49=397. 


Next accounting item in Dan9:25, is all NEW time.  But notice that 364+70=434, the "62 weeks", mirror as 'payback', the period from 950-516BC.  The 434 years reimburse the 364 years the 1st Temple had been standing, plus another 70 years which would become owed once it stood again for 364 years -- for the same reason she owed 70 sabbatical years back in 586BC.  What goes around, comes around.  God really does use Israel to buy time, huh.


As we saw back in #1, that summation takes you to 37AD, the 1000th anniversary of David's death, the Last Time Grant Remaining: 586-70-70-49-434=37AD.  Of course, you'd have to know David's death was in 963BC, not 970 -- and Jews used to know that, given how 1Kings Chaps 1-5 show the seven years after David retired from Kingship until his death, and then what happened during the 3 years after his death.  At that point, Messiah must have the same 40-year period David ruled;  He must die no later than that year; else Time ends.


Again, 37AD is 4143 years after Adam's Fall;  the 1050 unit ends 57 years later, year 4200, when the 1050 completed:  so the 2nd Advent was to occur then (our 94AD).  For in Israel's holiday calendar, 57 years is the sum of:  7 for Passover week, which the Trib 'reimburses'; + 50 for gathering the Gentiles, which Pentecost depicted.  Jubilee portrayed 2nd Advent itself, occurring in the 50th year, at the end of the 50-year voting period.  So 50th day=50th year.  Since Jubilee depicted the beginning of the Millennium (Isaiah 61), you knew that the 7 played last: just the reverse, of the 1st Advent.


Seven of the 57 are already reserved, and match in "Gentile" character, as we saw.  They play in mirrored order.  As days, an extra 57 measured from Pentecost, equals the 9th of Ab on the Jewish calendar: the blackest day in modern Jewish observance,  the day each 1st and 2nd Temple were razed.


In the Mosaic Law, Pentecost follows 50 days after Messiah's "First Fruits" Resurrection from His Death on Passover;  First Fruits therefore began on the night of the LAST day of Passover.  (Jewish days begin the night before.)  "FirstFruits" link in PassPlot.htm  lists Bible verses showing that you begin counting the Omer (modern Judaic term for the countdown to Pentecost) from the day after Passover ENDS, which is always a high sabbath and always 21 Nisan, not the 15th or 16th modern Judaism uses.  For us, the last day of Passover is true Easter, but modern Judaism doesn't date Passover rightly, either.  1 Nisan begins always on the vernal equinox, which is usually March 21st.  You count 10 days from that day, then set aside the Lamb.  You count another four, that's the first day of Passover;  the 7th day from that, is LAST day of Passover.  Both first and last days of Passover are high sabbaths, no matter on what nominal days they fall.  So that Last Passover day, sometime post-sundown, is First Fruits, the Day He Rose, our "Easter".  Of course, We Christians don't date Easter rightly, either.


So Pentecost is measured beginning the night of 21 Nisan.  So Pentecost is the 71st day of the sacred calendar, measured from the vernal equinox[One yr in 7, Passover's end begins a regular sabbath, so FirstFruits would begin the night following it.  When Christ died, Passover week ran Sat-Sat, as Bible says He rose on "first day of the week" (which began on Saturday night).  Jewish calendar ran 4 days fast that yr, so He could EAT the (official) Passover yet die ON (true) Passover by 3-4pm. PassPlot.htm explains more, & has Hebrew calendar.]


Back in Daniel's day, these two periods were to run contiguously.  Daniel 9:26-27 is a 'mirror' obverse of the holiday:  Messiah gets cut off, which is the holiday 7, Passover Week;  hence the mirror replay: 50 years, then the 7 years of Trib (repaying His Passion Week).  Ended, by the 2nd Advent.


Messiah must first Pay for more time, so the 50 years can be inserted. The already-reserved 7 years plays post-Messiah.  So the whole 57 occurs AFTER the 69th week,  & is "Gentile time" in character:  and of course, His paying justifies inserting the 50 years for Gentiles. Isaiah 53's meter thus omits the fifty years AND the seven from his 490 meter base, just as God will later do in Daniel 9. (Click here to view video.)


God of course, foreknew His death would legally be a Gentile order, too.  So the tie in Gentile character between His Death Week to the 70th week, also balances.  God's pretty punctiliar about His Matching, huh.  So when He says "times of the Gentiles" in Luke 21, there are two known times, already.  Now you know why people expected the Rapture to occur so soon after He died;  why Peter wrote about the grumblers in 2nd half of 2Peter; why John condemns the disaffection in last half of 1Jn2.


Jubilee depicted the 2nd Advent, Isa61.  So when Christ quotes it to begin His Ministry in Luke4:19, He's announcing He's Messiah.  So everyone got ticked off, v.22.  (Not "spoke well of Him", they testified their SHOCK (same verb thaumazw in Isaiah 52:15);  derided Him for 'only' being Joseph's son: ergo His Reply, v.23ff.)  Jubilee celebrates each 50th year.  Pentecost the 50th day, ties to the 50th year, because it depicts an ending HARVEST of the lost Gentiles.  So now we see the next precedenting Voting parallel of Christ:


He Votes To Harvest the Jews by

a) inaugurating a post-mortem Church in Matt16:18, and then

b) paying in advance for that Bridge, John 14-19.


Due to Jewish rejection, that 'harvest' is reversed in character as well as in time, with the deposed Vashti being Israel, and Church the 'Esther' used by God to rescue her, Matt22+Romans 11. So now, a sidetrip on how we get to 9th Ab from a corrected Pentecost date.  It's another 57-day mirroringHere, for NEGATIVE votes.

§  Each month in the Jewish calendar back then ran 30 days: ergo 24 priestly courses of a fortnight each (house of Maaziah takes up the slack for intercalation, in Adar).

§  So:  Pentecost is 71st day, +57 more, mirrored!

§  =128, which is the 8th of Ab: 

§  30 each for Nisan, Ziv, Sivan and Tammuz =120. 

§  Next month is Ab, and we've 8 more days: really 9 or 10, if you intercalate the 4 months as you should. 

§  So at least that night, begins the 9th of Ab.

§  Jeremiah 52 says 1st Temple was razed 10th Ab, which would begin on the solar day of the 9th.

§  Jewish tradition claims that the 28-29 August 70AD Temple razing by Titus was also on 9th of Ab. Assuming Jewish tradition right (intercalation lapsing due to siege), then God 'mirrored' back a doubled 57: 1st between Passover and Pentecost, 2nd from Pentecost to 9Ab.  This mirroring is reflected in Isaiah 53's meter (click here to view video).  70AD final attack on Jerusalem began on Passover and ended on what the Jews call 9th Ab, a doubled 57 days.  [Sources are Josephus, Atlas of Bible and Christianity by Tim Dowley, ISBE,  Military History magazine, Dec1995, etc.]

§  You mourn on Tish b'Av, in Judaism;  if you're devout, you mourn most of that whole month, in halakic tradition.  You don't have happy ceremonies that month, unless you're Reformed or geshmat.

§  Now hear this:  in Judaism, Messiah is expected to come in Ab.  And He did, but 1st in Nisan, as Moses said.  So the 57 Allotted, is Mirrored Back in Ab, to annually remind Jews He Came ALREADY, shemah Yisroel!

§  62 days later, is Yom Kippur.  Is "62"  at all familiar?  Is its pun on Daniel 9:26 a mere coincidence?  Look at Jewish internet sites.  They forever measure number convergence.  Yet All This TIME Convergence On Christ is missed?


Had Israel accepted Christ, 37AD +57 years =94AD would have been the scheduled 2nd Advent.  So Millennium was scheduled to end in 1094AD.  Following it would be yet another 50-year grant;  Rev20:7 doesn't say the revolt spans 50 years. But the sabbatical years being resumed, would 'purchase' it.


So as originally-scheduled, Eternity should have begun 1144AD.  To what did 1144AD balance?  Well, it would have ended the fifth 1050 from Adam (5250).  "5" is the number of Profit  and Restitution in the Bible (i.e., the 20% redemption surcharge if something tithed was to be paid instead with money).


So now enter Church, His Royal Priestly Bridal Body Bridge Extension,  to Rescue Time for All Time.  Part III and Part IV of the Thinking series extensively cover the role and spiritual life of Church, within the integrated context of the Angelic Conflict that predates mankind.  By contrast, a brief summary follows.


Christ has TWO Kingships with respect to humanity.  Book of Hebrews uses this fact as its rhetorical base, to show how the Church covenant is nothing like Israel's.  So she is not abandoned, but her "time" is in suspenseInstead, it's the times of the Gentiles now, as Acts 2 explained; hence Temple is to be destroyed.  (Hebrews was written just after Paul died, 68AD, compare Heb13:23 with the end of 2Timothy.)  Writer relies on readers knowing God's 490 timeline rules:  for by them, you knew when Temple would BE destroyed.  The two kingships are:


A)  Jewish Davidic Kingship.  This requires no Bride, as Christ would Rule in Person forever, 2Sam7.  The God of Israel is the King of Israel Who becomes the Messiah of Israel and she becomes His priest nation in that capacity, throughout the Millennium.  But not, a Bride.  This kingship is unconditional, because it is sourced in David, so Jesus is called the "Christ", meaning "Anointed One", BORN King of Israel.  When He came here, she turned His Davidic Kingship down: but that invalidated nothing.  He still rules at the 2nd Advent.


B)   Battlefield Kingship award for defeating Satan in the prehistoric Angelic Conflict:  Ps110, Isa52:13-54:1, but esp. 53:10-12; Eph 1, 3-6, 1Tim2:5, Hebrews Chaps 2, 5-10 (esp. 5-7), etc.  The verses show this was a separate eternity-past contract with Father to become King-Priest, formally styled "King of Kings".  This Kingship was contingent on Him successfully bearing sins on the Cross.  Paying for sins thus made Him the Mediator;  also, it proved that God is fair to send the rebelling angels to the Lake of Fire (because a mere human who is also God did not rebel, even through the unfair 'death' of paying for all mankind's sins).  So Satan&Co. are defeated by the Cross Victory, Heb2.  God likes to achieve many goals within the same 'activity'.


This Kingship requires a Bride, for it will rule Gentile nations in Millennium, and will be The Ruling Royalty of the Eternal State.  Hence Brideship is also conditional, as was His Own Kingship.  Bride must consent to be married.  Winning = voting, main theme in Heb3-4, 11-12 (context is upcoming Temple destruction, end Chap10); also 1Jn5.  First vote, to believe in Him, saves and marries you to Him forever, can't be lost.  But second, to grow spiritually after that, makes for an INTIMATE marriage -- intimacy can be lost, if believer doesn't KEEP VOTING POSITIVELY "until the end".  Close versus distant, 'wife'.  But still married forever.


Israel was the first potential B) Bride, verified (inter alia) by the betrothal language in the OT.  She turned His Proposal down when He came here.  In doing so, the Bridge of Time went out for Israel and potentially the world, even though as Son of David, He fully purchased her time.  For the Time Bridge is related to the Angelic Appeal Trial which dates back to Adam, Hebrews 2.  So the Time Bridge problem relates to the B) Kingship, not to A).  For the "time" of a Trial, ends when one side wins.  Ergo, Matt16:18 and Church.


To show Church's separate "new covenant" pre-Israel B) Kingship Contract is used to rescue the "New Covenant" long promised Israel, Hebrews 7:28 thus bookends Hebrews 11:40.

·       The verb usually translated "to perfect" in Hebrews really means to finish, complete, Greek verb teleiow, also used in Dan9:24 (well, the larger suntelew is used).  "Perfect" is okay, in the sense of  "perfection of contract", a legal verb in English signifying the completion of all contract conditions.  So when you see "made perfect" in 7:28, duh, Christ is already Perfect, translation is off: rather, it means the contract is completed in ASSOCIATION with and VIA Him.

·       For in 7:28 and elsewhere, the Greek preposition "meta" means "in association with"; means "after", only in certain contexts.  In Hebrews 7:28, KJV has a decent translation, capturing the proper meaning that the B) kingship, was first.

·       In 7:28, "meta" says that the B) kingship "oath" contract PREDATES the Law (theme of Chapter 5).  So the Law was in association with (came from) it, promulgated afterwards.  (Published translations often misstate the "oath" to come after the Law.)

·       In 7:28,  "meta" also stresses He was thus born after and hence under the Law; so the "oath" contract of eternity past (see Heb5-6) used the Law to complete the contract in HIM, and He completes IT.

·       This same "meta" is allusively used therefore in Hebrews 11:40, showing how this B) Kingship "Better Covenant" (Attic kreittonos in 7:22, bookending kreitton in 11:40) will only rescue Israel after Church is completed.  (Well, he's playing on both the "in association with us" and "after" meanings of meta, via Xwpis.)  That's a Rapture verse, tying back to the insertion nature of Dan9:26.  [My pastor's lessons 800 et seq. of 92 Spiritual Dynamics, explain.  John uses meta tauta twice in Rev4:1, John as Church in that scene.]

·       The "new covenant" for Israel is in Jer31:31-34, and is Millennial.  So in Hebrews 8:8-12 through 10:15-17, the writer shows how Church is grafted in, having its own new covenant, intimate knowledge and relationship in Him, answering His John 17 prayer for oneness;  hence its intimacy (Brideship) is used to rescue Israel, Heb11:40.  That's why end of Hebrews 10, re Temple's upcoming destruction, leads smoothly to the Trial Voting Issue in Heb11:1 (always mistranslated, see Heb111.htm); hence, the Voting History Roster of Hebrews 11 on how the Trial has progressed thus far (Precedence).  That's why Hebrews 11 closes by saying Church gets completed (teleiow) first (Last is First).


So when Christ Voted to Build Church on Himself in Matt16:18 (ratified in John 17), He RAISED the Bride Price He'd Pay on Cross and Bridged Time.  For He Votes that FATHER PICK His Bride for the "B)" Royalty.  This shocker is the main reason why Rapture is unpredictable, Acts 1:  Father Chooses Who Bride Will Be (John 17:20).  Millions more yet-future people?!  Bizillion more sins to PAY?!  [To claim Matt16:18 mandates a 'mother' Catholic Church proves you flunk 1st-Year Bible Greek.  See the videos in PopeMyth.htm for details.]


It's like the Garden all over again, as Eph5 "mystery" and John's "in the beginning" witticisms show.  My pastor really got a kick out of this.  Full circle!  The woman didn't exist, and was Made from the Man.  Church didn't exist; the Last Adam VOTES for Her to be made from Him.  And Pays for Her, IN ADVANCE.  (This full-circle meaning of Church is covered in my pastor's 1992 Spiritual Dynamics beginning in 1996.  Maybe he started teaching that doctrine in the 1960's.)


So when the Last Adam votes in Matt16:18 to build Church upon Himself, He removes all limitations, for He Himself is not limited.  He wants Father to decide what "Church" will be.  Christ voted to be King-PRIEST to Father.  So it's up to FATHER, what Royal Priesthood He wants.

*      For as God -- in eternity past, B) contract -- Christ Voted to become the King-PRIEST to Father, 1Tim2:5. 

*      Down here as God-Man, He votes to build Church as Bridal Body of Royal Priests, Matt16:18, John 17. 

*      So this Priestly Body was always purposed, Eph1;  and it bridges Israel, Eph2.

*      Since it's a Priesthood to Father, it should be crafted to Father's Specifications, Acts 1.


His Vote is TESTAMENTARY (Eph5, Heb7:15-28, 8:7, 9:15-17,10:9).  So Church didn't start until after He died, and her covenant is not Israel's.  Hence Our Precedence derives from His Post-Cross Status -- apart from Israel.  At the same time, He is the Bridge to Israel in His Own PERSON, because He purchased her and her time.  So the two covenants are like the two walls as Paul depicts in Eph2:  they touch in Him, but are separate themselves.  That's how Church can be a Bridging Extension to Israel's time to RESCUE -- not replace -- her.


Hence the Precedence for Church is Christ, not Israel.  It's a complete break with the past, 2Cor5:17.  Instead, as future Bride, we are Royally Mated to Him, per His Prayer in John 17.  My pastor harped on Precedence for decades.  Now I know why.  Christians don't understand what changed, versus the OT.  As Book of Hebrews explains, the differences are due to PRECEDENCE.


His B)attlefield Kingship Precedence 'Keys' Our Church B)etrothal Contract: 

*      Two Kingships, so Two Priesthoods, Two Different Covenants:  rhetorical framework in Hebrews. 

*      Israel was the original 'bridge' between them, but when she rejected Him, the 'bridge' went OUT. 

*      However, during His First Advent, The Bridging Mosaic Law was fulfilled in Him.  For that to happen, His Spiritual life had to be HIGHER than the Law, as the Law could not PAY for sin, but only show what it was:  Book of Hebrews Chaps 3, 6, 9-10.  The many rituals proved how and why they themselves could not pay, So MESSIAH Would Come And Pay.  That's why Temple would be razed; for Israel rejected Him.  The Thinking webseries' Part II explains this juridical issue further, from its "Governance" in NT link, downward.  Really important.

*      He's now Risen And Seated, so the Matt16:18 "B)" Kingship call for a Bride, is "on". 

*      Hence, this complete break with the Law (i.e., Heb7:18), doesn't break the Law itself, because it's now Fulfilled In HIM (see also Rom 10:4, which uses telos). 

*      So the Second replaces the First, as an Upgraded Spiritual Life to His B) Kingship Level, Eph4:13.  (Referenced by Heb10:15-17; see also Heb7:15-28, 8:7,9:15-17,10:9.)  As Paul puts it in Gal3, Israel was under a boy leader (an older boy supervising much younger boys).  Writer of Hebrews uses the same concept (shadow, Chapter 10).  But Church is now upgraded to His Level, Eph4:13, Heb10:15-17. 

*      That, because The Spiritual Life He INVENTED To Pay For Sins, Is The Spiritual Life We InheritFor a Bride must be FIT for her Husband.  He is THE Royal for All Time: we must be made Suitable.  It's not at all like the contract with Israel, because her contract predated His Victory on the Cross.  Further, our contract is higher due to her rejection, since He had to pay much more for us, a future entity with No Limits.

*      So, our spiritual lives must be commensurate with The Bride Price He paid, contracted in Isa53:10-12.


Uh-oh.  That means the same Spiritual Standard as Governed Christ, governs us?  Yep, Eph4:13 (gulp here).  This Standard mandates We Sows' Ears become Silk Purses.  To wit:

¨     His Spiritual Life with Father was 100% Intimate, and thus INVISIBLE.  (Even unbelievers had to obey the Mosaic Law, so it wasn't spiritual, of itself.  Your thinking while you did it was the spiritual life, even then.) 

¨     His Payment on the Cross was INVISIBLE.  Again, to Succeed on the Cross required He fulfill a spiritual standard far beyond the Mosaic Law.  (Main theme of Hebrews.) 

¨     He fulfilled that Law, so we get a new law:  His.  (Theme of Hebrews and Paul.)  A "royal law" (Jas2:8)

¨     He Paid For Sins By Thinking, per Isa53:12.  (Bedato yasdiq clause + 20 others in that chapter.)  Can't do anything else but Think, when nailed to a Cross.  It's rather difficult to think straight when you want to SCREAM.

¨     So what pleases God is Thinking His Son's Thoughts, not works, Heb11:1, 6. 

¨     Marital Intimacy requires Rapport, which is Shared Thinking.  Again, back in Matt16:18, He inserts 'Church', to build on Himself.  Now how can He build on Himself, unless His THINKING is built in us?  Oneness, John 17! 

¨     Hence to be One with Him in our thinking, we must learn HIS Thinking:  aka, the Bible.  God is freely Sinless Forever, due to His Thinking.  Christ VOTED to get that Thinking built in His Soul by the Holy Spirit, which explains how He could BE freely sinless (last half Heb4).  No way for us to become likewise, if we don't get His Thinking built in us.  [Matt16:18, 1Cor10:4, 1Cor3:1-11,  all  Chap13;  Eph2:10, 2Pet3:18, Eph3:15-19, Eph4:12-13,15-16.  Contract to make that Thinking: Isa53:10-12, both LXX and BHS texts.]

¨     Ergo the mandate which Israel never had, Be Filled with the Spirit, Eph5:18.  Only the Spirit can change our soul (=thinking) 'DNA' into His DDNA.  DDNA.htm has details.  [Bible Greek verb pimplemi was used for pre-Church, vs. plerow, for Christ & Church. Translations don't distinguish the two verbs, so confusion results.  You could feel "pimplemi":  that's why Saul danced in 1 Samuel.  John the Baptist was "pimplemi".  But you can't feel "plerow", which is God filling you with COMPREHENSION.  Church only gets plerow.  That's one reason why Christ Himself & Church (not Israel), are Indwelt by God: we couldn't even live His Intimate Spiritual Life.]


Hence Church's Covenant is 100% MARITAL Intimacy.  Israel was "with" Him, He was "among" them.  Abraham and Moses were the highest, yet only called "Friend" of God.  But we Bride, "in Him", not merely "with" Him.  Intimacy means openness.  So our spiritual life is internal, not like Israel's outer-format structure.  Even the Eucharist, the lone ritual mandate based on Luke 22, is observed as the local church decides: no NT mandate on how to observe it, but for the rule you be in fellowship (1Jn1:9 used, see 1Cor11:27-30).


So for us, no setpieces, no surrogates (i.e. religious hierarchies) playing 'husband':  no set times, sabbatical years, rituals, procedures, and no 'tithe'.  For 100% of us, belongs to 100% of Him.  We are a Royal Priesthood in Training to become Kings ourselves, 1Pet2:5, 9, Rev1:6, 5:10; 1Cor4:8 (sarcastic).  Priesthood is a 24/7 thing.  Royalty, too. 


Ergo: the Spiritual Nature of 'Church' is utterly opposite Israel's, 2Cor5:17.  Rather, 'Church' is Exactly Mated in Character to Her Husband-King.  By Order of Our Father, the Matchmaker.

¨     They had visible miracles and manifestations of God, for the Visibility presaged His Visible Arrival.

¨     He is Seated and now Invisible (Voluntary Exile, a Warning);  so we get no visible manifestations.

¨     They had a specialized priesthood;  by contrast, Every Believer in Church is a Royal Priest, himself.

¨     They were a political entity, grouped together, quite visible;  we are apolitical, scattered and invisible. 

¨     They had a limited spirituality and lots of ritual, we have unlimited spirituality and no ritual. 

¨     They were a nation given set laws to obey, same for everyone.

¨     But we are in training to become Kings, so to make our own spiritual laws: all we have in common, is the Same Book.  No megalith 'Church' rules:  Rev17 is Satan's counterfeit 'mystery', now playing in every denomination.

¨     So we are not a geographical entity of our own.  Our "practice kingdom" is our own life.

¨     Instead, we are citizens of our home nations, and those nations are blessed (or cursed, if we are negative!) by our being there.  Royalty has its Responsibilities, as my pastor likes to quip.

¨     By contrast, Israel's laws were visible and political, imposed on believer and unbeliever, alike.

¨     Our laws are entirely invisible and internal, not at all to be imposed on any nation in which we reside.  "Christian nation" is an oxymoron.  Nations are made up of unbelievers and believers (true even in Israel).

¨     Their King was On Earth, represented by the Davidic Kings and the Temple.

¨     But Our King is in Heaven, post-death;  our own kingship is post-death, if we grow up enough, down here. 

¨     In the Millennium, Israel will again be the Priest Nation under the Visible King.

¨     But Church will then be under Him visibly ruling Gentile Nations.

¨     In the Eternal State, We will be the Only Ruling Royalty -- forever.  Enjoy your anonymity while you have it!

¨     The list of our oppositeness is more extensive than portrayed here: Part IVaContinued has more detail.


Kingship, like the 490 grant, is a potential award, based on your votes.  The "endure" & "until the end" phrases warn voting must STAY "yes" to "inherit the kingdom" vs. just being in it.  You fall, use 1Jn1:9, get up & keep learning & living Word.  That's the "yes" vote.  Holy Spirit makes each "yes" GROW you.  Else, you but fancy you're holy.  So the worst thing, is to STOP voting "yes".  You stop voting "yes" when you stop 1Jn1:9 & learning, living on Word you know.  Most believers vote "no" like the strawman in 1Jn1:6,8,10, fancying they're in the Light.  They learn while dying and at Bema that their lives were useless.  Legalism is an active "no" vote (i.e., public zeal for works, politics, & people, rather than private zeal for Word, Royal Training & Christ).  [My pastor's "Law of Double Punishment" in 92 Spiritual Dynamics covers the evil of neglecting 1Jn1:9 and legalism (which fancies self holy, so won't use 1Jn1:9).] 


Rev17 symbolizes religious fornication.  Faith degrades to mass culture, so one takes 'sides'.  "God" is only mouthed.  Same problem as Israel had. Believers thus voting no are distant from Him, though saved.  For they choose intimacy with works, rituals & people, but distance from Husband's Thinking.  So they don't become kings, but form the masses within Heaven's kingdoms; distant, seeing Him far less often than will His kings.   Now you know why there are kingdoms:  people voting no, need rulers. You always get what you WANT, from God.


Thus God's Royal B)attlefield Kingship Accounting, requires the Time Bridge stay OUT for the Gentiles -- and for Israel due to her rejection, theme of Romans 9-11.  OUT as in "extended", heh.  He paid for those 50 years to bridge the time, but Israel rejected her Bridge;  and thus, her Bridge's Time.  How can God keep His Promise to them?  That's Satan's shyster taunt.  Jubilee, like Pentecost, signified fulfillment of prophecy for Gentiles (i.e., Isa52:15, Isa61).  Messiah has come, but instead the Jubilee is needed for Israel.  So notice how the roles reversed:  Israel played Vashti, so Church is inserted as an Esther.  So now what?  So our Now becomes the Bridge.  No set anything.  Church is here to buy time, Col4:5, Eph5:16. 


Notice the Time Character Match: Gentile Time, aka "Common Era", Luke 21:21-24.  Open-ended, in every NT verse.  God begins His 'Common Era' on the day the builders rejected, Pentecost 30AD.  (About 27 May, depending on equinox.) As we saw back on p.19, He spent the same 57 days as spanned Passover TO Pentecost, to span FROM Pentecost TO 9th Ab, destroying the Building that PORTRAYED the One they rejected!  1Kings 9!


God Matches Character, so Church's historical trends must match Daniel 9:26, the Quality of His 1st Advent.  The idea is to keep on proving He's Messiah by MATCHING something in history, to Bible.  Lev26 and Deut28 tell you how this matching works.  Rev Chaps 6-19 depict Dan9:26 as well as :27;  their trends play paradigmally during Church, to proclaim It's the BIBLE, stupid!  Church was not allocated Time, so it can't have its own historical trends, either.  GeneYrs.xls tracks trends, post-Cross (see its cell D6 +K8; the Legend is thus color coded for easier analysis).  Trends hint when grants are awarded (can't know to whom).


Meanwhile, history plays a pointed OT pattern of Vashti rejected and Esther sought on highways and byways (Matt Chaps 16-24, passim).  So Church doesn't 'Replace' Israel, but rather is used to 'Rescue' her.  Different "R".  So first 40 years belonged to Church, but played also for Israel (reimbursing His allotted 40 years).  She made her final pre-Trib vote of 'no'.  Yet any Jew can still vote individually, so long as we Church do.  Again, different "R", theme of Hebrews Chaps 3-4:  "Rest" and "Remnant".  Her Savior Who Bridged Time, Reigns as Head of Church.  So this "time" of "the Gentiles" has No Set End.  The other "time" is the official Tribulation.


For The Lord as Last Adam, Voted, Bridged & hence MADE Time itself, Heb10:10-14, Rom5:12ff.

¨     He voted to found on Himself a never-known entity, Church, Matt 16:18; 

¨     He contracted with Father to pay for whomever Father calls 'Church', in John 17. 

¨     Note that Precedence well.  Christ Voted.  Father Votes. 

¨     So how long we last, is determined solely by how we vote.  Negative votes cause spiritual retrogression, and positive votes receive spiritual progression.  In the Eph4:13 aggregate, a 'society' of amalgamated Divine Thinking is built by the Holy Spirit: and when FATHER chooses, that society will be complete.  The completion date is the Rapture.  We can't know "the day or hour", as the Lord warned back in Acts 1.  Because He died On Time, thereby buying all time, Hebrews 10:10-14.


¨     So TIME RESETS based on His Death.  The Reset was allowable: He 'paid off' Time through the end of the 4th 1050 from Adam (our 94AD).  Recall from #1, a 1050 must complete before the next one can be awarded.  So He had to die 64 years prior, due to intervening Davidic Death 1000 deadline and Israel's rejection.  So 57 prepaid years next played inside Church.  Which is alright, so long as Church kept voting yes.  Which she did (esp. Paul).  Of these, 40 warning years for Israel play, 'rebating' His Allotted Life, with the final 7 for Temple's destruction to alert Israel Messiah Has Come And Gone.  So by 87AD, Trib reserve remains intact, can still play on schedule.  Believers expected it, and were disaffected when it didn't arrive.  Hence John wrote in 90's AD.  Revelation was written maybe 96AD, two years after the 1050 -- and the voting! -- ended.  Church rapidly fell into Rev17 Fake Church:  that original apostacy is still popular.  Only now it's called "tradition",  "golden age" and "Church Fathers", infecting all denominations.


¨     Ergo the Last Adam is the New Basis for Time.  In order to achieve that, He had to DIE: so is not on earth, to buy more time.  Hence we are, 1Jn4:17.  For we are in Royal Training to become King-Priests under THE King-Priest.  See the sudden-death nature of the Rapture?  It's PRECEDENTED on how the world could have abruptly ended, in Adam's day.  And almost did but for Noah, Matt24:37, 2Pet2.  God didn't predict when Methusaleh would die.  So He won't say when we 'die', either.


We the Betrothed Church, also get something old:  we still vote to learn God and thus buy Time, Precedented on the Last Adam.  So the Purchase Price for Time went WAY up -- to Eph4:13! 

¨     The same 490+70+490=1050 voting structure remains, its years now benchmarked to His Death: 1030 AD ends 1st 1000's qualifying round, 520AD ends 1st 490's.  (GeneYrs.xls maps all the deadlines through our 2200AD.)

¨     For a believer in Church to get a 490 or 1000 grant, the required spiritual growth threshold must be the same as His Own, Eph4:13.  It applies at the individual level, as the shocking Greek shows (KJV manages to convey that).  When it has been met, the victorious believer is called home.  And when met in aggregate, the Church is Raptured.  (Death of believer or Church also occurs if too negative, 1Jn5:16.)

¨     For Christ is Royally Seated, waiting for Father to put all enemies under His Feet (idiom for completing Time for All Time, Ps110:1, ties to Dan9:24).

¨     This, as Christ had NOT been completed prior, so OT believers couldn't get His Thinking as The Spiritual Life Standard, John 7:39, Gal3, 1Cor13:10-13.  Can't copy until the Original is made, 1Pet2:21's Greek.

¨     This new 490 or 1000 grant standard is called here "Super Maturity".  But in Bible Greek, it's "Pleroma".  Term really means "pregnant", "about to give birth", that kind of "fullness".  [Eph3:15-19, and 4:13 are sample "Pleroma" verses, but the term & its cognate verb are all over NT.  My pastor's apparently the only one teaching this Pleroma doctrine (since 1996), his 92 Spiritual Dynamics series.  I don't know if the 490 +1000 awards go to all who complete the Pleroma course; but Eph4:13 proves you don't get crowned unless you complete it.  So maybe the time grant is for a higher level within the victorious Pleroma class?]


Purchased Precariously, for His B)attlefield Kingship was awarded for defeating Satan, Heb1&2.  Church is an Extension of Him.  But Christ Pre-Voted And Prepaid for Church, giving Potential Grounds for MISTRIAL Verdict!  A "Mistrial" means Jurisprudence or Evidence is rigged, cheating.  So Defendant goes free, even if guilty.  "Defendant" is Satan, demons, all unbelievers.  "Satan"="opposing attorney".


See, if Christ had sinned even once, we'd all not be here.  It would have been a Mistrial.  God promised a Savior, and if that Designated Future Savior wasn't born, or didn't finish as predicted, then it's a Mistrial.  So before He came, Satan&Co. desperately tried to prevent His Brith.  First, by infecting the gene pool in an effort to prevent a purely-human race, Gen6.  For Christ would have to be purely human.  Then, when Abraham got his covenant long after the Flood, the goal was to prevent his progeny -- later Israel -- from wanting Him.  That didn't pan out, either.  But it DID work, to make Israel reject Him when He finally Arrived.


Satan's trying to repeat his success, with Church.  Do you want God, or not?  is the SOLE question.  It's not works.  Even demons do better works than humans, and Satan tempted Christ to DO good deeds, in Matt4.  So it's only about whether you want GOD, not your abilities or good deeds. 


For Satan thinks it's wrong to want God.  Christ thinks it's right, and of course He is God the Son.  So every believer, like Our "Faithful Witness" (His title in Revelation), is On Trial in Heaven over that question.  So when you use 1Jn1:9 and learn and live on Word as you know it so far, living in God's System,  you are testifying for God's Side in the Trial.  Greek of Heb11:1 tells you that's the issue.  Technically, only folks in Pleroma status are registered as Witnesses.  But if you keep on voting in God's System, you WILL get there.  Satan's goal is to stop the Witnesses from completing.  Hebrews 11 shows testimony ends with Church, Heb11:1, :6, :40.


Here's why.  Matt16:18 and John 17 are contracts to pay for the very Bride required to make the B) Kingship VALID;  its terms require a Bride, not only a Groom.  So Satan is not defeated after all, if the Bride doesn't complete.  Israel rejected the Brideship, so Satan should have won due to that.  Hence the claim that a Mistrial should be granted, is founded on the Lord's Voting For Father To Make The Bride In AdvanceHow to test when the Bride is truly complete, then?  Just take Father's "word" for it?  Justice should be based on something objective.


Satan's argued for a Mistrial from the beginning.  You see him bluntly accuse God of bribing Job.  He tempts the Lord in Matt4 with good deeds, the allegation being God is NOT loving if Christ doesn't do those things.  After the Cross Success, though, Satan's really defeated, just as Heb2 says.  So what argument remains?  Only a claim of adikia, Greek word for the Judge Abusing His Power.


Satan's argument goes like this:  on the Cross, sins of non-existent souls were imputed, judged, paid.  No one but God and Christ knew who they were.  Satan reasons,  if Time STOPS before all these people EXIST, then God didn't fulfill His Promises.  Worse, He introduced the Cross as Evidence to defeat me, but it would be rigged if ALL those people don't come to exist.  Or, at least is unfair to His Son's Humanity,  making Him pay for people who won't exist.  You can see where this leads:  whenever God Raptures Church, Satan will claim that God rigged it all!


It doesn't matter how many of these future people would be unbelievers, 1Jn2:2.  Father must be paid for sin, so if He's paid for sin but the sinner isn't born, well that's rigged Justice, and a Mistrial Verdict is due.  Now you know why the OT talks about a Book of Life registering every human born (also in Rev20:11ff).  You get blotted out if you die an unbeliever ("not found").  God knows us, so doesn't need a register:  but not only God, is watching.



Hence 1Jn4:17's Greek explains we Church are Evidence of Him -- On Trial.  Satan's out to Prevent That Evidence From EXISTING.  Which means, making the Rapture occur too EARLY.


*           By founding a yet future number of souls upon Himself, the extra cost at the Cross is open-ended.  His Matt16:18 Vote vastly INCREASED the Bride Price, His Suffering on the Cross!  Romans 5:6-8!

*           Hence Father decides who the future souls will be, John 17, esp. 17:20.


*           So Church's Time is predicated on prepaid souls who must conclude an Unseen Trial Testimony.  (Greek of Heb11:1, followed up by Chapter roster.)  For again -- Time grants are based on PEOPLE, not years or events.  Only God can create or read the soul, so only God knows when the Rapture will occur.  Dead opposite Israel, our time is based on how-many-SOULS, not how-many-years.  Given world population, that number can be satisfied in any generation.  Salient verses on this people-number criterion are in Part IVb.  [My pastor's taught this doctrine since the '60s, positing our number=number of  demons.  There are many more verses than I list in PartIVb about this people-number criterion;  I had to restrict the listing to verses you could discern in English.]


*           So if even one of those souls doesn't finalize, it's a MISTRIAL:  for then God introduced non-existent Evidence (future WITNESSES who don't show up).  Ergo, Satan would win.  Hence Satan can force a Mistrial Verdict, if he makes Rapture occur before Father does (1Thess4:17).  So it's still a timing question, but based on number-of-souls.  Wrong time, then souls Christ paid for, didn't develop as promised.  So the Promised Evidence, wouldn't EXIST.  Part IVc extensively covers this and other strategic and tactical issues in the Trial.


*           Therefore, Satan's out to stop Time.  We are here to buy it.  Now you see Satan can indeed stop Time, by playing on us the same Matt4 tactics;  then, using God's own Rules for Time, to call us home.  Because as always, God Grants Time based on YES VOTES to know God.  To grow up in Him.  And if we're buying Rev17 Churchinanity, we're voting NO.  Something old, precedented;  and something perilously new, for the Bride of Christ.  Satan's out to stop the Wedding.  Part IV of the Thinking Series goes through these criteria in excruciating detail: tables of this same background color indicate key satanic strategies or tactics.


So what do we make of all these shocking facts?

*      Priesthood Voting Precedence for Church:  the eternity-past contract was to make a Royal Priesthood for FATHER under the Son as God-Man, main 'precedence' theme of Ephesians & Hebrews.  We are that Royal Priesthood, so our lives are 24/7, Him.  Hence WHATEVER we ask in prayer (obeying protocol, see God's System #5), we get.  Scary, to have so much power.  Need Bible training to use it well.

*      B)attlefield Kingship Voting Precedence for Church:  post-creation but pre-mankind, Angelic Conflict & consequent Appeal Trial merge into that eternity-past contract to form a King of Kings Battlefield Royalty.  The completion criterion is Eph4:13, "to produce a reflection", an aggregate, societal "sea of glass" to 'mirror' the Soul of the Risen and Seated, Christ.  We are that Royalty, under development.  We are not 'hired help'.  We own the place forever, via Him.  So We Are Royally Responsible for what goes wrong, down here.  Not unbelievers, politicians or authorities.  Our spiritual failures WRECK HAVOC on the world.

*      Adamic Voting Precedence for Church: Last Adam, like but higher than the first, is the basis for all Time granted the human race.  The criterion for being awarded a 490 or 1000 (or both) is thus based on His Maturity, Eph4:13.  It is achieved on an individual level SOLELY from ongoing positive votes using 1Jn1:9 and Holy Spirit growing you to Learn and Live on His Word per Eph4:16 (under pastors, local churches, learning not earning).  Else Time ends.  For Christ is Last Adam, so the standard of award must be the SAME as for the Last Adam.  For Christ reset Time for all time, Heb10:10-14.  We are His 'Body'.

*      Messiah Voting Precedence for Church:  Israel played Vashti, so Church is Esther.  As 'Bride' of Christ (1Jn4:17), we are used as Envoy and Bridge to Israel's time via completion of our own Battlefield Royal Priesthood Covenant.  So we are not Israel.  So we RESCUE, not replace, her.

*      Mistrial Voting Precedence for Church:  Due to Matt16:18, Jn17, 1Jn4:17, our 'time' ends when the NUMBER registered as Angelic Trial Witnesses finish our unseen testimony (Heb11). Which, could be any minute, akin to what-if-He-sinned-while-down-here;  or upon our completion, as FATHER Decides.


Upshot: Our every Voting Minute impacts history now and forever far more than we can imagine, Eph3:15-21, 2Pet3:11.  For, everything about Israel was boundaried.  Nothing about Church is boundaried, just as nothing about what Christ could become in His Humanity, was boundaried, Eph4:13.  If not boundaried, then our potential loss is far greater.  But also, the potential GAIN.  "Greater than we can ask or imagine", as Paul puts it in Eph3:20.  My pastor harped on this fact for decades.


It was sudden death when Christ came at the End Of Time;  had He sinned even once, Time would have ended.  We are extensions of Him, so we share in His 'situation'.  Being Mated to Him, we too are at the End of Time.  He had a known deadline, but His Resurrection didn't guarantee time.  We have no known deadline: Time could end in 5 minutes or 5000 years.  Time is never guaranteed unless awarded;  and even then, enough negative votes can cancel it as at the Flood, the Precedence for Rapture, Matt24:37, 2Peter2.  So prophecy droolers pouring over historical events, guessing when Rapture arrives, unwittingly help Satan's plan to force it at the wrong time.  Same, for those who deride Rapture as a valid doctrine.  That's about 99% of Christians voting "no"!  Majority Makes Wrong.  "MEGA" table in Part IVc shows how.


The entire world thus depends on how long we Church last;  the quality of the world's time depends on how positive we are.  Our Votes Determine History.  No guarantees how long.  My pastor spent 53 years explaining all this.  So it should be widely known that the spiritual life is a TRAINING:  unless it's GOD's works, it doesn't count (only God can make gold silver precious stones, 1Cor3).


So Daniel 9:26, which had no time left to start with, now has an unpredictable amount of time, open-ended.  That's why any Church generation can be Rapture Generation.  The historical trends are always the same.  So there will always be someone who looks like he could be the anti-christ:  whether Genghis Khan, Napoleon, Hitler, etc., to name some historical favorites (never mind people misdefine "anti-christ", forgetting there will be two, one Jewish+one Western Gentile, Rev13). 


It's this open-endedness, which finally disillusioned many Christians after the expected 70AD and 87-94AD Rapture dates didn't pan out --  they stopped believing in the Rapture, opting instead for Churchinanity that morphed into Catholicism, especially after 94AD.  Reformation made Bible more available, but legalism and its derision of Rapture remains the norm in most denominations today.  Worse, if the Rapture is accepted, it's spun as a Disneyland thing:  "feel the thrill" it said on my copy of Left Behind. Thrill?  Yikes!  No wonder Rapture is dismissed by so many;  or else, wrongly perceived.  Seems only crazy people would want it.  Kills the spiritual life, to mis-believe Rapture.  PartIVc's "Rap the Rapture" shows why.


By contrast, the positive believer who just plain wants to know God, will keep studying the Word and try to live on it; will talk to God a lot about everything;  will seek a good pastor and learn learn learn.  After a few decades, he'll realize his Word pleasure is actually the spiritual life buying Time, what a surprise!  Spirituality is a maturation, so requires a Thinking Be Developed.  Thinking Word 24/7.  It begins with interest in God, that's Voting -- but the voter won't know he's voting.  As a result, he goes into God's System and matures -- also not knowing that's happening.  But during maturity, he finds out.  Voting then becomes much more intense.


10.  The GeneYrs.xls Timeline shows how these divisions of time MATCH in character.  So it must be that God ORCHESTRATES time.  Thus He has a Plan for your own life on which you VOTE, every second.  It's one thing to claim that God exists and to believe.  But it's a shocker when you prove He orchestrates time.  You can only do that, if two patterns persist:  a) the number of years recur in a pattern that cannot be coincidental, and b) the MEANING of those years which 'tie' to each other, cannot be coincidental. 


Consequently, unlike what's 'out there', the GeneYrs.xls timeline also covers the WHYs.  For example, if you don't know that the Temple was granted a previous 490, you'll not know why the Decree starts in 586BC, so can't proof its accuracy as a date: and you'll miss knowing the 490 is an ongoing grant 'tagged' to Bible people (and hence to us) since Adam.  If you don't know the WHY, you won't know the tag-on role of the 70 years, nor will you know it gets 'reimbursed', etc.  So above all, you won't know it's only about VOTING, never about historical events.  GeneYrs.xls maps all that voting, out for you.  All the other timelines on the internet don't track and balance to Bible from Adam: so they're all WRONG.


You can't balance properly without first accounting all the WHYs.  This timeline shows the whys back to Adam, and forward after that.  You must track WHYs to track the whats.  Else, you cannot proof the dates you derive for math mistakes.  It's a fundamental principle in accounting, especially in God's Justice Accounting:  know the character of the amount you're auditing.  For you balance, based on like character.  So for example, if you find a $100,000 debit in a bank account, you must determine whether it was a transfer (used to purchase another asset), or a payout.  The CHARACTER of the 'line item' (here a debit) affects how you balance assets.  Notice how you over- or under- state your conclusion (ending value) simply by mischaracterizing the transaction?  So too, in Dan9: WHY a 490-year grant?  WHY isn't it some other period?  WHY is it broken into pieces?  What do EACH of these pieces, represent?  How do they fit together?  To what do they BALANCE?  Until you know and can provably balance all those answers, any prophetic mathinations will be garbage-in, garbage-out.


So when you look at whats -- Bible dates, for example -- you ask, Why now?  What Doctrine does this date, signify?  Typically we don't ask whys of Bible dates, because our eyes have already glazed over.  All those begats, cubit measures, endless genealogies and kings..  zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, right?


So in #1, we did this accounting.  Temple was destroyed in 586BC from Jeremiah 52, and Daniel 9 proves it.  For the way God separates the pieces of the 490, is partly based on the number of years the Temple was standing:  three of the pieces are based on the 126 years it lost due to being razed (the 49, 70, and the reserved Tribulational 7).  So it's easy to find out when it was dedicated (1Kings 6:1 compared to 8:1ff, 91:ff, + the associated Chronicles counterparts).  Therefore, it's easy to find out when the Exodus occurred: 1440BC, 490 years before the Temple was dedicated, 480 years before its foundation was laid.  So it was dedicated 950BC, because Solomon spent a total of 20 years building (7 on Temple, 13 on his other projects) before it was dedicated.


Ok, why is 950BC significant?  Well, look: Temple was dedicated at the Last Minute, when the personal 490 from Moses, ran out.  Notice the Temple's Dedication is tagged to Moses and David, by 1Kings 6:1.  For dedicating the Temple, is a VOTING thing.  David got an unconditional promise that Messiah=Temple would come from his loins, 2Sam7;  but if Israel rejected the Temple, she's rejecting Messiah.  So David's 490s won't protect the Temple from negative votes.  Same back in Moses' day, when God twice offered to destroy Israel and start over with Moses (i.e., Deut 9:14, Numbers 14:12ff).  Moses voted No to that.  God gave Moses what he voted, Israel's continuing life.  Okay, but now it's Israel's turn:  David Voted Yes.  Would Israel Vote Yes?  So the 490 deadline is tagged to Moses.  Thus Dedication deadline was 950BC.  Once the Temple was dedicated, however, David's 490s, 1000s, and Moses' 1000 protected it.  But first there had to BE a Temple:  1Kings 9 is a contract predicated on the Temple STANDING.  Notice the conditional 490+70+490 cycle as shown back in #1, is antiphonal: one side 'speaks' and the other 'replies'.  Voting is two-sided.  God votes, but won't coerce our volition.  So anytime, Time itself truly can end.


Same voting issue re-emerges, in 586BC.  Israel had voted against the sabbatical years.  Time hangs by a thread.


As you saw in #9, understanding the Voting Role of the 70 years (Dan 9:2, Jer25) was critical to proper dating.  GeneYrs.xls plots it from Adam to demonstrate it's real.  And thus you vote, yourself.  Which you'd want to do, when you see God designed and runs it all: a sophisticated and complex grant pattern wholly based on Votes for GOD, repeated over so many centuries, can't be hallucination or coincidence.


Every date is based on a Doctrine, has precedent and purpose behind it.  So not only is there a sophisticated numerical pattern, but each 'benchmark' ties meaningfully to the event which went before, in Bible:

a.    Adam-Jared, birthing 490s tied to the births of their sons.

b.   Noah-Abram, birthing 490s tied again to the births of their sons.  And the sons, represent the briths of their covenants (Noahic, Abrahamic).

c.    Abraham-Joseph, brithing 490s birth the slavery promise (Joseph's 490 begins when he's sold into slavery).

d.   Joseph-Moses, birthing 490s to brith a nation, showing the slavery promise completed.

e.    Moses-Temple, house of Canon which Moses writes, results in brithing the House to hold it.

f.     David-Temple, the human house (progenitor) brithing the Temple:  David's three 490s and three 1000s all preserve that Temple despite attack and even razing, until THE Temple can be born,

g.    on the 1000th anniversary of David's consolidated Kingship;  and die,

h.   on the 1000th anniversary of David's Retirement from Kingship;

i.     on the very day of 1470th anniversary of that original Passover, which is

j.     490 x 3 years prior,

k.    justifying the 8th historical

l.     490-year grant since Adam.


Those 490s aren't merely countbacks, huh.  Each one of them is meaningful.  Can't be anyone but God, doing this.  All because, you know when the Temple was razed and when it was dedicated.  Every other Bible date fits in line, going all the way back to Adam, and (as we saw in #9) forward through what would have been the end of Time:  using, only data BIBLE gives you.  Dates must be right then, huh.  You can check your math.


God doesn't give us dates to prove He's God and can count, He does it to teach, and to help us check our interpretations for mistakes.  For we all err.  So we can audit the dates we come up with, too.  Of course,  confidence in God skyrockets as you do this, since you find out just how real He is;  that every minute of YOUR day, must also be orchestrated.  For if God would bother to orchestrate time on a macro level -- since He sees YOU live in it -- won't He also make your time meaningful to Himself?  Surely God won't waste His own Time.  God always begs the question, for He loves us.  Test Me in this thing, He told Israel in Malachi 3 (re national income tax they weren't paying).  He said the same thing to Zerubabbel, in Haggai 2.


Of course we mostly fear, not trust Him.  In adulthood we learn this world is treacherous, so one is foolish to trust.  Man is inconstant.  So to trust GOD is a scary thing.  Those 490s help prove He's not on a power trip, but instead LOVES us.  So our weak "yes" vote gets a tad stronger:  we just bought Earth a little more TIME.




In sum, GeneYrs.xls differs from what's 'out there', because it shows WHY God picks one number versus another, and it BALANCES to all other Bible dates.  Bible is a set of facts, Divine Money, an inheritance Christ purchased for us on the Cross.  Let us be rich, properly COUNTING it!


Appendix: Reprint of cell A2+A4 note in GeneYrs.xls


IMPORT: God Decrees that Time only exist on a contingent basis, subject to humans WANTING Him.  Wanting God is essentially a 'vote' to know God and be with Him.  Therefore, He orchestrates Time based on that criterion:  because if you don't want God, you don't want His Blessing, either.  Time is a blessing.  Thus His Accounting System for Time, is based on Justice Principles of Blessing.  As was true even in the Garden, God decrees Time continue only on a contingent basis, so it can end any day. 


Hence God grants the world up to 1050 years more to live, solely as an award to a BELIEVER in it.  The award must begin during his lifetime or when he dies; it then runs continuously until 490 and/or 1000 years after that.  The grantee must be highly spiritually developed (=knowledge of God + believing in Him, both).  It's an internal soul development criterion, not works.  If multiple believers during the same historical period have such awards, the QUALITY of that time improves greatly.  The converse is also true:  the fewer thus awarded, the worse off the world (i.e., wars, economic disaster, etc).  Flood, destructions of the Temple, the always-undateable Rapture, each illustrate this converse. 


By Divine Decree, it's about VOTING, from Garden to end of time.  So all time hinges on VOTES.  You can vet this doctrine in Bible.  For example, every verse with a date, is first designed to show how it FITS within God's Doctrine of Allocating Time.  1Kings 6:1 thus shows Temple got started 3 yrs late (should have begun when David died), but it still finished BEFORE the 490 yrs granted Moses, ended.  Matt16:2-3 is a command to KNOW this doctrine; Moses asked the Lord, "teach us to number our days", Ps90:12.  So there are thousands of verses on this doctrine. 


But it's easier to see, in some passages: God uses His accounting system in Dan9.  God subdivides the 490 based on when 1st Temple was dedicated (950BC, 1Ki8:1) & razed (586BC, Jer52:12-14).  Dan9:2's a voting period, mirrored back twice before the new 490 even begins.  Next, Dan 9:24-27 is a sum: repayment of 364 yrs 1st Temple operated (950-586BC), + 126 yrs'  lost time when Temple razed (950-490=460, 126 yrs later).  Hence 7 & 62 weeks (490-364 1st Temple longevity=126 remainder, -70 in Dan9:2 again, justifiable if the new 364 completes,  - 49 =7 reserved for Trib).  So the new 490 is contingent on Israel voting to rebuild Temple & then Jerusalem; thus Dan9's span to Crucifixion is not 490 yrs, but 623:  586BC -70-70-490+7=37AD.  It gets cut to 30AD, when Israel rejects Christ: so the leftover '7' plays from 64-70AD.  Israel's time ran out.  Per Book of Hebrews, Church has its own covenant so is not Israel;  but Church's "time" is used to Bridge & Rescue Israel's Yet-Unplayed, Promised Trib & Mill.  Column G's year "4136" rows show why.


Bible thus shows from Genesis 5 onward how God blesses the world by association with strong-in-faith believers.  Videos on how to use and see Bible data in GeneYrs.xls begin with Episode 8c1 of the GenesisVids.  You can also see just these videos from Mirroring.htm.  Bible tracks these people via its dates. Hence GeneYrs.xls follows the Bible's tracking.  Post-96AD you discern by interplay of its post-Cross schema +Bible's Lev26, Dan9:26, & Rev 6-19 historical trends, what awards have been granted: but you can't identify who got them.  At the Bema, these folks will be disclosed. 


Three important rules govern these grants:

1.     The time awarded each such believer has its own beginning and end, starting usually during his lifetime, but always ends 490 and/or 1000 years after it started.

2.     A believer can get multiple time awards and starting dates based on multiple events in his life (shown here via Noah, Abram, Moses, David and Christ)As you'll see here, it was only because there were multiple grants to David, that the world got to live until Christ came.  Very important to study that fact.

3.     Like a relay race, a believer's award must be 'passed' like a baton to a new grantee, before his own time grant ends.  Else, the world's time ends.  (When multiple believers all have 490s during the same historical time, it's the LAST of them, which governs.)  Shown here via Noah to Abram to Joseph to Moses to Israel to David to Temple to Christ.  Brick-red background cells alert you to convergence: time awarded in the very year it would otherwise run out.  So from Adam through Christ, the world almost ended at least SEVEN times.


So here's the race (Heb12:1-2), the prize, the catch:  the world runs on its own 'clock', which dates from Adam's fall (G column).  Hence God's goal is to award someone a PERSONAL time grant before each historical world deadline, occurs.  Consequently, somebody's award must be continuously running 'beneath' the world deadlines, for the world to continue living.  In this spreadsheet, the world's own historical time deadlines are thus displayed as 'stripes' of solid gold (490 or 560 years) or hatched green (1000 or 1050 years).  Thus you can track the lighter individual 'stripes' vs. the world's every 490, 560, 1000, and 1050 years.  The individuals are highlighted with light-blue backgrounds.


Given #3 baton-passing rule above, and like a lunar year which is not intercalated, the 490 and 1000 world deadlines run contiguous upon each other, as 'qualifying periods' -- deadlines by which an award MUST be given, or else time runs out.  So for a QUALIFYING 490 or 1000, the next 490 or 1000 must piggyback (start in the same yr the other one ends, analogous to a Jewish day beginning the prior night) -- and someone NEW must be awarded that next 490 yrs BEFORE the qualifying period ends -- or the world's time ends.  So to track, find the world historical deadline, and then compare it to what underlying qualifying periods or personal grants are also running.  IF that #3 contiguity qualification is met, an added MASS VOTING time grant is given the world, and real world historical time is 'intercalated'.  The grant is 70 yrs for mass BELIEVER votes, Jer25, Dan9:2; it is appended to the first 490 beginning within a '1050' unit of world time (Dan9 was an exception, because time should have ended). 


The second voting unit is 50 years for UNBELIEVERS, added to the end of a '1000' unit of historical time.  These 'intercalated' voting periods are appended due to the Angelic Trial:  if mass votes are too negative, time ends for those who negatively voted, akin to the Flood (Gen 6), & Israel in the wilderness (e.g., Num 14:12-29).  Satan's goal is to get EVERYONE to negatively vote, so that God must cancel Time per His Own Rules.  (Hence Rapture is undateable for the same reason, theme of Hebrews 3.)  Thus you have 490+70+490 'housed' inside a 1000+50 unit,= 1050 years granted the world.  Each units and its function is discussed further in notes to cells K8, F6 & H6.  There are other subunits of import:  Mirroring.htm covers them.


Time ends with the grants; hence Christ came "in the fulness [END] of time", as Paul puts it (i.e., Gal4:4).  Greek word "pleroma" really means PREGNANT, ready to birth (Rom8:11ff explains).  So Christ came when the last 490 allowed (given David's death and 2nd Temple), ran out.  He died at its very end; both historical and personal 1000's and 490's, all CONVERGE on His Date of Death, as you'll see in this worksheet.  PassPlot.htm's "Modest Proposal" sublink has more on how His Birth and Death Dates fit God's Calendar of History (Jewish calendar=calendar of all history).