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Word Docs:


This page contains indexed links to all three document types for the poetic meter documents. No proprietary fonts are required for as everything has been converted to unicode (with the exception of some older revisions of Word documents, but I would suggest using the latest revisions). All webpages reflect the latest revisions, however be advised that even some of the latest revisions are still in draft form as brainout had passed away before everything could be finished: the metering will require multiple lifetimes, anyways.

If you wish to view all of the legacy Word documents prior to the unicode conversions, they are available as a single ZIP file.

Some of the Microsoft Word -to- HTML formatting is a bit funky because Microsoft is incapable of making software that works; but I tried my best to mitigate as many formatting problems as I could. Feel free to reference the associated PDF if something is unclear on one of the webpages... although sometimes the PDFs suffer from minor formatting problems where the webpages are rendered better.

Brainout's (old) master summary of Bible dateline meters, with links to all the related docs and videos are located in LukeDatelineMeters.htm, however I would advise using the new Poetic Meter Index for easier reference as much of the material has been updated.

Finally, the "All Meters (Single Page)" webpage is special in that it only displays the meters and none of the supplementary text: in the event you want to view only the meters.