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Lie Detector Inset for Appendix to The Lord vs. Satan: SupCtHeaven aka, the Trial of Human History.. aka, Did God err?

Satan's Counter to God: 'Script' Strategies and Tactics

A much bigger version of "Where's the Litmus" in the Appendix (link at pagetop) follows in the table below. It's super-handy for detecting lies or mistakes of ANY kind; and thus, for better learning Truth.

Lie Detection Matrix

Falsehoods anywhere of ANY kind, or false/ incorrect translations/ interpretations of Bible/ verses are all pretty easy to spot: for, Satan's D-I-O-S GRAND Strategy runs rampant through each one. Both the MEGA (attack strategy, Part IV) and the "Dungheap" (Part II) tables are woven into D-I-O-S; their combined MASS is used to mortgage the truth about the bulleted items in the olive table below (within this one). [Satan always plays off the POWER of truth to leverage fulfillment of his own goals.]

So, those bullets can be used to parse and test out any idea, doctrine, translation, or interpretation which is claimed true. Bear in mind that when we believe falsehood we genuinely don't see what's wrong, so the bullets might need to be 'fired' several times. Keep trying: sometimes it helps to put the claimed truth on a sheet of paper where you can SEE it, plain. "Bullet Usage Tips" you'll find helpful follow the olive table.

A falsehood will always:

(Derision/Obviousness) MALIGN, BE MEAN, DEMEAN
  • one or more Attributes of God,
    especially Righteousness, Truth, Love.
  • One or more Roles of God
    (especially the 7 Ministries of the Holy Spirit).
  • the Hypostatic Union (Christ's God-Man Nature).
  • the Cross, especially its completeness.
  • The Session, in every detail.
  • The Royally-Invisible Spiritual Life, all facets.
  • Rapport with God.

(Imbalance/Misemphasis) MARTYR, MANIPULATE
  • LOGIC (it's spiritual to be illogical).
  • KNOWING (it's spiritual to be ignorant).
  • THINKING (it's spiritual to FEEL or DO).
  • QUESTIONNING (it's spiritual to not ASK).
  • LEARNING (it's spiritual to be unlearned).
  • INDEPENDENCE (it's spiritual to HERD).
  • CAPACITY (it's spiritual to be needy, low, weak).
  • WEALTH (it's spiritual to be poor).
  • ENTHUSIASM (it's spiritual to be disinterested).
  • INDUSTRY (it's spiritual to be lazy).

(Obfuscation/Noise) MASK, 'MANAGE'
  • 'How Many' God is, what Essence (nature) God is.
  • Nature and role of man, of sin.
  • Nature, mechanics, and Role of the Gospel.
  • Nature, mechanics, and Role of the Cross.
  • Nature, mechanics, and role of our Royal Inheritance in Christ.
  • Nature, mechanics, and role of RAPPORT with God.
  • Nature, mechanics, and role of learning in spiritual life with God.
  • Distinctions among covenants and covenantal groups.
  • Applicable provisions in a given covenantal period.
(Substitution/Reversal) MURDER, MASSACRE
  • Interest in God Himself.
  • Scripture itself, word-by-word.
  • 1Jn1:9 (spiritual life is comatose without it.)
  • Study of Scripture.
  • Eschatology (kill orientation to the future).
  • Grace.
  • Faith.
  • LOVE in spiritual life, marriage, family, nation.
  • Pleroma (This frequent NT Greek term, plus teleiow (and all cognates), references the completed spiritual life which blesses posterity, defeats Satan's claims in the Trial.)


  1. If a given bullet (or the results of using it) bothers you a lot (pro or con), give it extra analysis, so to filter out emotion.

  2. A false idea/ doctrine/ interpretation/ translation will be most quickly exposed by running it through The FIRST BULLET, God's Attributes.
  3. While any false idea really uses all the listed verbs (and synonymals) against all the bullet-objects above (and synonymals), you don't have to go through them all, nor in order. Just spot check, using bullets you best understand.

  4. Because Satan's barrages are so multifaceted (phalanxed) and thick (his counterfeit 'temple veil'), you may find that a bullet-object under one verb is being acted upon by another. So, analyse via the verb(s) you see acting on that bullet.

  5. Each parenthetical sentence in the upper-right quadrant's "(Imbalance" listing shows the basic structure of any lie. Since lies are thesauretical plays off Multifaceted-Truth, the predicate description varies more richly than shown.

    For example, the claim that self-righteous anger is spiritual comes from the UNIVERSAL mistranslation of Eph4:26's "Be Angry and do not sin". Greek means "STOP being angry, in fact STOP sinning" -- the Greek use of imperative with me = "stop doing something you are doing", and is called "the imperative of prohibition". Also, the WAY the verse uses kai, STRESSES the fact that anger is sin. (This verse is an LXX quote of Psalm 4:5 (4:4, in modern Bible). Paul invokes it, to show that the Ephesians WERE sinning.) So the mistranslation is a lie, belonging under the parent claim that it is spiritual to FEEL.

      This mistranslation is yet another classic example of Satan's D-I-O-S using MEGA and Dungheap, applied to a Bible verse. (By the way, the four quadrants in the table above parallel his heraldic Escutcheon: see Part IV's "click here" link at the end of its MEGA table.)

      So, now go to the upper left quadrant (Derision) and notice how the Eph4:26 mistranslation maligns, exhibits meanness, and demeans all the bullet-objects there. (Hints: how could God/Christ have desired the Cross if anger was good? How could the Spiritual life be desirable if anger is good?)

      Next, go to the lower left quadrant (Obfuscation): see how the 'noise' of the mistranslation masks the bullet-objects in that quadrant.(Hints: how does anger=good square with love=good, in God's Essence? If anger=good, then what's LEFT to be called 'sin'? Isn't all sin based on some kind of anger?)

      Next, go to the lower-right quadrant, and notice how the mistranslation reverses, thus SUBSTITUTES the OPPOSITE meaning versus the Greek. Thus, how it 'murders' the bullet-objects there. (Hints: how interesting is a God who calls it good to be angry? How godly is a bible which says that anger is good?)

    So, the parenthetical sentences in the upper-right quadrant, like the bullet about God's Attributes, quickly expose what's false (i.e., even if you didn't know Greek, you'd know something was wrong with the translation of Eph4:26). Substitute "good" for "spiritual" if that makes the claim easier to parse.

      For example, the atheist (or agnostic) who thinks himself 'objective' for demanding proof-of-God from science is saying that a MATERIAL thing should be higher than, and conclusive of, an IMMATERIAL thing; since science can only function in material matters. So, a truly objective scientist can ONLY draw the conclusion, "I don't know". The atheist thus claims TWO lies: a) it's good to be illogical (to demand the material prove what it cannot prove) and b) not-knowing is good, since the material can NEVER 'know', by means of itself, what is beyond its own nature. In short, it's good to not know God. Which means it's BAD to know God. But, oh! the atheist is 'objective' and 'scientific'! (See how VULNERABLE we humans all are to Satan&Co.'s word-games?)

Here's a political example, which of itself seems to have nothing to do with God. But think: God is Truth, so anything which is claimed to BE a truth is related to a claim about God. Can't get around it.

So, let's take a commonly-heard claim that the poor should get something from the rich (i.e., welfare, higher wages, you pick something). Inherent in that claim is a JUSTICE issue: that the rich OWE the poor something. Also inherent, that the WAY TO REDRESS the alleged injustice is by a) some external mediator ENFORCING the redress (i.e., government), and b) GETTING that redress FROM 'the rich'. Thirdly, there's always SOME claim about WHAT the redress should be. In the US, on the topic of taxes, for example, the 'redress' is that the rich should pay taxes at a higher rate. Now, if you know economics, you know that no matter HOW you change taxes, the poor are the ones who always end up paying the taxes, due to them always needing to buy products/services from those who are richer than they; since one has to be richer, to afford to OFFER some product/service. (BTW: this is why it's always dumb to sue, i.e., a corporation. You only hurt its employees, and those who buy its products. If you sue another person, you hurt those who depend on him, too. Hence the Biblical injunction against suing: 1Cor6:1,6, which is based on our witness function before men, also: fundamental principle remains Lev19:18, Jas2:8. Related verses are Prov25:8, Isa29:21(holy Enron!), Dan 7:10, 7:26 Matt5:40, NIV.)

    But, let's IGNORE economics, and just use the olive table. First, let's look at God's Attributes, to save time. Even if we don't understand much about God, even if we aren't sure He exists, if He DID exist, He'd be Righteous. So, who's really the Best One to mediate injustice? Not a human being. So, shouldn't the issue of redress be mediated by GOD, rather than people? See Lev19:18 in this connection and its NT upgrade, Jas2:8; see also Ps46:10, "I will never leave you nor forsake you" passage, or whatever other verse you like which proclaims how the LORD is PROVIDER and JUDGE over all.

    Wow: in but a few seconds, the claim that rich owe poor, is proven to be based on a lie! For, a) the claim that the mediator should be human is itself a lie; b) the COMPETENCE of the claim itself can't be KNOWN as well by a human, compared to GOD! Further, WHICH rich, WHICH poor, and WHAT redress? If only SOME of the rich are hurting the poor, is it fair to have ALL of them pay a higher tax rate? And which ones are hurting the poor, and what does "hurting" mean? If the poor person claims to be hurt, or if the rich one claims NOT to be hurting? How do we really know?

    More fundamentally: do we humans know as much as God? Are we humans as RIGHTEOUS as God? So how competent will we be at FIRST knowing how RIGHTEOUS is the claim, and SECOND knowing how to redress it? What if the redress unfairly affects the very victims it's supposed to help? What if innocent people are hurt by the redress? And so on. (Of course, since we have to make decisions like this in life, we can't avoid making mistakes. But we CAN avoid Satan's landmines better, by using the equivalent of this Lie Detector Matrix!)