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God Exists, and He Loves Truth. Creation is governed by and reflects, His Nature. God Can Build His Nature In Us.
Hence we have a Bible. Hence all the secular (i.e., all natural law) reflects Bible, as a Hupostasis Witness concerning Balance Between Will and Truth.
Hupostasis, in Trinity. Hupostasis in Principle. Hupostasis in universe. Hupostasis=Christ.
Hupostasis, the believer in "Church": Priest (and potential King) for Father, Crown Prince Training as Emissary, to learn the Thinking of Christ.
So: need schooling in His Law & Diplomacy. Our Diplomatic Brief ==> 1. As world rejects His Rule, Loving God Blesses (i.e., grants Time) via Believers.2. Cross Victory Blessing via Church 3. .. which is justified, to train Kings.4. Church's Diplomatic Limbo
5. Satan wants Church Ousted6. Church Completion=Rapture,
not prophecy
7. which Numbers Criterion Satan exploits8. via Fake Temple, Fake Church 9. deflect minds
away from God.
10. Impact on You
11. For Father Believer Conduit Solves Limbo12. Conduit Role makes Trial Evidence, Victory.13. Meanwhile, Works are Punished
(James 2 table)
14. .. which also buys the world time.15. Sum: To Learn His Thinking is FAR beyond Morality. Hypostatic Intimacy Pleases Father
So: we can't afford to be sloppy in Word, but instead need WWJT, so people are Advised.
Summary, Side 1: we are in functional hupostasis IN God
though IN the world;
Side 2: though TO the world. We must grow in Him to rescue the world, For We are Made the True and Only Cause for Rapture.
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Due Diligence, Diplomatic Disclosure of God's Design

Caution:this website is 'heavy', and long. The links at pagetop are longer still, elaborate on what's covered, here. "God's System" link, however, is blissfully short yet the most important among all my sites; for you can follow its Five simple Elements, and utterly prove it works, privately: for it's the essential structure of how you 'do' your spiritual life, irrespective of denomination, culture, etc. So you need it, to get anything out of your right pastor's teaching, or out of anything you read, do, or think. What follows below is thus unintelligible, if you're not breathing 1Jn1:9 (Element #2 of God's System) while you read. Proper Royal Diplomacy means honesty, pattern of the Lord's Discourse in John Chaps 6-17; so don't expect a 'nice' or 'politically-correct' presentation, in what follows.

God Exists, and He Loves Truth.

In any analysis of Truth, in any Due Diligence Disclosure, one must logically start with the Uppermost Truth, from which all other truths would be provably corollary. Science starts from bottom-up (i.e., inductively), thus errs most of the time; or, it starts at one or the other end of a Horizontal Assumption-Set, so all bottom, never going up. Religion makes the same mistake as science, even though it imagines it starts with "God". So, believers make the same mistake. Descartes did, too: "Cogito ergo sum". Nope, it's "CogitA ergo sum." God Thinks, therefore all exists. Because every effect, has a cause, and the ultimate Cause, is Absolute, else "relative" isn't even relative. Relative=Relating To. And no relations absent an absolute foundation, can exist: no set can contain itself, and zero does not become +1 on its own, for something outside it always adds the '1'.

So, if you want to know truth, you gotta go Top-Down. Beginning with, God. Two systems help us do this analysis: Bible, and math. Neither of which man invented, but both of which he can observe and interpret. For if God exists, then every secular 'law' will reflect some Truth that is in God's Own Nature. So, if there is such a thing as natural math, there must be 'Divine' Math. Etc. So let's see what 'disclosure' of this Divine Math-Truth results, if the 'big picture' of the Bible, was consulted as our Ultimate Truth-book. After all, you test a theory for its predictability, logical consistency, and fit within some Big-Picture, whole. So, you'd test a holy book, similarly: by its Structural Integrity. Like the Platonic Greeks did, you first assume the 'top' as true, then reason out where that top leads, to see if the whole, works.

Bible states that the secular always reflects the spiritual, because the Uppermost Truth is, God is. Christ is God, Co-Equal with Father and Spirit, Same 'Set' of Attributes, Same Nature. Hebrews 1:3 in the original Greek describes Christ's Dual Nature this way (corrected trans):

    "Who, Being the effulgence of Divine Glory, even His Exact Same Hupostasis 'Stamp', holds everything together by means of His Power, His Spoken Word; when He had [as Humanity] made purification for sins, He Sat Down [to Rule, an Award] at the Right Hand of the Majesty of God, on High."

    That deft sentence tells you everything you need to know about how to see God in the world; how to solve every problem in physics, economics, relationships of all kinds: Union of Opposites, one standing under the Other. Every word in that sentence's original Greek is culturally-loaded, so has a long and precise meaning from classical Greek literature and drama. For that is the language God uses to unequivocably communicate His Math, so we too can learn Him. For example, "Hupostasis" is a compound noun from "hupo", a preposition meaning "under", "underneath". The word "stasis" refers to a stable state of being, and here it's unchanging reality, no beginning or end, due to the prefixing of "hupo". Greeks used "hupostasis" to signify that everything in the universe reflects what they knew as "the gods", the Divine Principle, the Henotes, the Divine System for Harmony. Idea of union with the "gods". Well, it's Father Son and Spirit Who are the only "gods". And everything reflects the Son (Heb1:2), through whom Father Decreed and Orchestrates all Time (not "world", that's a mistranslation in Heb1:2).

    [Frankly, that red translation isn't as good as it needs to be. Both case ending and word position of "Hupostasis" in the Greek sentence tells you much more, typical multiple entendre skyscrapers of meaning, viz., 1) His Character, Divine Character, is itself hypostatic; 2) that Through Hupostasis He holds everything together (dia prep omitted, because in Himself, He does this); 3) that as God-Man He Keeps Willing, Ordering to hold everything together, nothing on auto-pilot (my pastor's strident point whenever he revisits this verse or discusses the Hypostatic Union). Greek word translated here 'stamp', is "character" (same spelling and essential idea as in English, pronounced ka-rach-TAYR); which etymologically means a stamp, as in a coin, etc., idea being the mold pressed into the wax or molten metal is exactly reproduced, so an exact copy, exactly the same. I'm translating tes dunamews as appositional genitive or descriptive genitive, since God just thinks/says a thing, and it's exactly as He wills; in English, to stress "Spoken Word" as the Greek does, you have to reverse the Greek word order. If you can think of a better way to translate Heb1:3 in English, let me know. The extant published translations also attempt to say this, and the lexicons all recognize its true meaning; but unfortunately terms like "representation" and "substance" cut God's head off, and replace Him with a 'thing'; which of course no translator ever means to do. Same problem in Heb11:1. It's Heb1:3, like the Isa53:10-11 in LXX, which show God's Own "unified field theory", so solves that same conundrum for earthly cosmologists and physicists. Key: Union of opposites. In cosmology, those opposites are the general theory of relativity and quantum physics, which Einstein pooh-poohed. Well, they fit together, and the 'pants' are the black hole itself plus the external imperfect vacuum of space, which holds the black hole together. Notice how that depicts His God-man nature and the infinity-finity dichotomy? As with everything in translation, all too often the low meaning is chosen, without sufficient attention to etymology and wordplay. Yes, of the 11 uses of hupostasis in the OT, the beingness of material things is referenced; ownerships, etc. But Divine Beingness in the OT is signified by hayah, the Sacred Tetragrammaton being the Ultimate Reality, and it is a hupostasis: YH+WH, hayah + hawah. Greek divinity concepts were also like that concatenation. So the NT plays on that. More on YH+WH follows below. And as for hupostasis being used for confidence, it's the Standing Under Hearing (ties to Greek word hupakouo, and to Hebrew shema), which is another way of being Under Him.]

So everything is structured in hupostases, a series of standing-unders, so you can get under-standings about God Himself. For God is invisible, since He is Pure Thought. For God added Humanity to Himself and became the Christ in that Humanity, to rescue ("save", in English Bibles) the world. As a result of doing that, He is the Hupostasis, The Human 'standing under' His Divine Nature, and thus all stands under that Human Nature as well. For our Heb1:3 in corrected translation explains He now OWNs it all.

    You are in Him, whether you accept it or not, know it or not, Romans 6 and Heb1:2-3. As Hebrews 3:14 puts it, in corrected translation (ties to Isa53:12 in LXX): "for we have permanently become participants [in the treasure] of Christ, on condition that we retain from The Beginning, The Hupostasis until The End", wry wordplay on His Title as First and Last, our clinging to Him. You can only cling to a person's Thinking, since the real person, is the soul. [See all "cling" verses in NASB, which translation is oneness-of-sex verb, Hebrew davaq.] [Nerd note: actually, the translations of Heb3:14 are okay, but they didn't translate the Personification of Hupostasis that the NT always signifies. I didn't do the best job of it, either; right now I can't think how to better translate it, but you get the idea of Personification. Bible is so awesome! Oh: "participants" is used here in its financial sense, i.e., in a pension plan; because that's what the writer means, referencing the plunder of His Thinking in Isa53:12, and Paul's sweeping financial escrow endowering in Eph1. All NT financial metaphors refer back to Isa53:10-12 to show what that Plunder of the Cross bought for us; Christ Himself referred to it as "true riches", and to show it meant HIM, see John 6 analogy to His Words as food and drink (two types of sought-after booty). Greek noun metochos in Heb3:14 has the root sense of a business enterprise in which everyone shares some of the revenue, booty. More fundamentally it stresses sharing in His Same Nature. Peter makes both plays on the sharing/partaking/participating in that wonderfully-rich passage, 2Pet1:1-8, which also deliberately references Eph1 and Romans 5. As to 2Pet1:9, which references naming sins as the prerequisite, see corrected translation in TrueSpirituality.htm, search on "forgot to TAKE".]

    Salvation and participation are two different things. For example, many people are technically eligible to deposit savings in their 401(k) plans at work, but don't. Under US law, they are legally able to participate, because they met the age and service or other "eligibility" requirements. But their active participation depends on their investment IN the plan. So here's the first-cause, spiritual analogy: salvation makes you legally a participant, but not actively a participant. You choose to participate, see. This webpage is kinda like a "Summary Plan Description" for your spiritual life, so you can get the necessary disclosure about what the Divine Benefit Plan's features are. Which features, you can dispute, turn down, drool over, learn more about, etc. Your choice, and your choice alone.

    Consequently, the objective of this webpage is to flesh out some of the more relevant hupostases relationships, so you can see how they are pervasive, how they reflect His Character, and what is therefore the Nature of His Character; and so you can see where you fit in amidst them, structurally. So that you are informed.

    Due Diligence Disclosure requires that the recipient be given accurate and essential information, so that the recipient may be sufficiently informed to make any necessary competent decisions.

    The "recipient" of a Due Diligence Disclosure is restricted to someone who has an actual or potential financial interest in a "pragma", a legal matter under law or before a court. Here, every human being has an enormous potential spiritual-financial fortune laid up personally by God for that person since eternity past, per the sweeping legal language of Ephesians Chapter 1.

    You are a human being. So you must get the Disclosure. That's the real reason why God wrote the Bible. So you can be informed of your inheritance, and grow up in it. For the decisions you make with respect to this Disclosure down here, together constitute a rejection or acceptance of all or a part of that inheritance which has your name on it.

    And here's the decision you face: what do you think of Christ. Do you think at all, is your thinking worried, harried, nervous, fearful, bored, happy, goofy, what? And here's why you face this question above all others, as Hebrews 11:1 puts it, in the literal Greek (accented here to show pronounciation):

    " pístis elpizoménwn, Hupóstasis pragmátwn, elégchos ou blepoménwn." Literally translated, it reads: "Now it's about Bible Doctrine's confident believings; the Hupostasis' Trials; Evidence Unseen."

    Bible verses don't translate well in English because the meanings are so rich and varied, one must translate them in several ways to see more of the nuances within the original inspired text. This translation brings out the tie to Him personally as a Standing-Under. The believings, Trials, and Evidence are all coming from humans down here on earth who are learning Him. You'll see more about this Lord vs. Satan Divorce Trial in the "Our Diplomatic Brief" link section, later on in this webpage.

The gist of God's Disclosure Message in the Bible is this: You can't live with Me unless you are Just Like Me, for I will not tolerate lesser-thans. The Only Person Who can make you just like Me, is Me. And I did it, through My Son. Believe therefore in Him or go to hell for rejecting My Gift, John 3:16, John 16:9. Which Way only God could make, obviously: He is God.. and we are not. So if we reject that Way, then we are rejecting living with Him forever. It's not a matter that we can't be God. It's a matter of believing in Christ who IS that Way to accomplish the Result of making us Just Like God, John 3:16, 2Cor5:21, John 10:34. It's not about human failure, sin, or anything else. It's about God not having to tolerate lesser-thans for eternal companionship, and about Love not coercing your God-given free will choice to have Him make you Like Him.. or not. Soliloquy.htm is a longer version of this paragraph, a mock Soliloquy by God on why He has Created, and is part of the DDNA webseries (link at pagetop).

    Christianity for over 2000 years has not learned that message, but instead harps on sin, though Bible is plain enough that sin is not the issue: "concerning sin, because they have not believed in Me", John 16:9. See, that's the only sin that didn't get paid for on the Cross, since if you reject Christ you are rejecting God's offer to be made like Him, so to be able to live with Him forever. Oh, it's true Christians learned baby stuff, and thank God they learned the Gospel; many have believed in Christ. But almost no one till yet, has figured out why that's the only Way of Salvation. It's pathetic, how we don't read our Bibles all these centuries. So this Due Disclosure will cover aspects of God's gist message about making you at His Own Level, since He won't tolerate lesser-thans; a message you almost can't find repeated elsewhere, unless you have a pastor who diligently teaches these topics from the Bible in its original-language, inspired texts; and some do, in nearly every country of the world. [Nerd note: John 16:9's verb for believe, pisteuw, is in the present tense, but it's up-to-that-point-of-speaking, in the context, so "have not" in English better conveys how the Lord means what He's saying. If one had ever believed in Him, then that person wouldn't be within the scope of the verb in that sentence.]

    Again, "Due Diligence Disclosure" is a legal term. It means that someone entitled to information ought to receive it, so to be properly informed. What that person does with the information, is a private thing. So what you do with any of my website information, is between God and you. I'm not involved. If you'll read this webpage, you'll see why it's necessary to make a disclosure. Clearly someone who has already been given disclosure, ought not to withhold it from someone else due the same disclosure (think of the problem of "insider trading", in the "SEC rules" of the US). However, since everyone seems to think he's supposed to sell his faith or something -- why, I can't fathom, it's a pain -- please accept this statement up front that I'm not selling anything. Doesn't help my ego or my faith or anything else if you agree. But if I report inaccurately, I get spanked by God. If I don't report, I get spanked. So that's where my motives are.

    Hence what's written in all websites, is intended to be tested. Can't be sure of accurate information if you don't test it. Caveat Emptor.

Bible says all this Disclosure in a bizillion ways, throughout its original-language text (but not in translation). For, we've no clue who "God" even is, to decide if we're looking at some fakir's hallucination.. or the Real God Speaking. So, to test the Speaker, first assess what must be the Uppermost Truth: God is, above all. God IS. Self-Existing One, Yahweh, Exo3:14's doubled hayah, "to be": in the qal imperfect here, it means Always Existing, because Hebrew imperfect is Timeless, and qal is Reality. 'Translated "ho own", an imperfect present active indicative participle of "to be" in the same verse of Greek LXX (OT), same meaning; used by John in John 1 and elsewhere.

God's Isness is the uppermost Truth. Truth. Reality. Alive. Will. Will and Truth, the hupostasis, union of opposites: without Truth, there is no reality, but without Will, there is no Life. United, then. Break away from truth, means to burn. Bond to truth, means to believe. God is, Because God Is Truth. Because God is, and God Is Truth, God Wills To Bond To Truth. Hypostatically. All of His Other Attributes are due first, to Truth: actually, All Attributes Are Characteristics Of Truth. Not separated. Thus Righteousness, because Truth. So Truth is Righteous, and Righteousness is True. Omnipotence, also True. Truth is thus Omnipotent. So Will and Truth is the Essential Hypostatic Nature of God. Alive, able to sin, but never will. Infinitely. Infinite Truth, therefore Infinite Strength. Unsustained, because Truth.

God's Infinite Nature and Existence is Qualitative, not Quantitative. Hence, Absolute, not relative. Hence relationship to Him is Qualitative, hence the need to be "saved" by that initial faith in Christ (i.e., not by a quantity, such as something you do); hence life with Him at our end, since we are finite, is quantitative (i.e., forever). There is nothing in common between infinity and finity except the truth that both exist. Else the two are of antithetical nature, and can only exist together in Dichotomy. Question is, how does Infinity solve the dichotomy. Answer -- preview of coming attractions in this page -- by creating a Hupostasis between them, via Christ's God-man nature, and the completion of Cross, to harmonize the relationship. "Love Table" link, and last link atop this page goes into the solution in much more detail. [Nerd note: I'm trying to use non-religious terminology; this is not some 'new' formulation. (It's important to think outside religious terms, all of which are fuzzy and shut down the brain.) Same idea can be expressed in other formats, other 'languages'. Frankly, the Bible's expressions of truth are metaphorical-math; so much clearer than religion's.]

In sum, what we parcel out and call "God's Attributes" are really the Innate Characteristics of His Absolute Will+Truth; so what we call "Attributes" are really instead, an extremely-detailed Living Whole, the Root Structure of Truth+Will: all else, i.e. Sovereignty, is corollary to and 100% compatible with this Living Root Structure 'at all times'. So when theologians talk about God, they say He is Undivided (true) and Unsustained (by any outside source). So due to the hupostasis of His Will+Truth, His Independence is an Integrated, Living, Absolute Homeostasis. These hypostatic characteristics are generally classified in theology as follows, based on verses we know from Scripture. Note, as you read them below, how every characteristic is Qualitative, hence Pure Thought. So God's Isness has NO space or time characteristics to 'limit' Him:

      • Absolute Personhood, Personality: Self-Consciousness, Self-Determination (aka "free will", Will Characteristics), THOUGHT.
      • Eternal Life (Characteristic of Will, but due to Will+Truth, that Bond is true, so EL is thus also characteristic of Truth itself).
      • Righteousness (Truth's Integrity-of-Principle).
      • Justice (Truth's Integrity-of-Rule).
      • Love (Will's True Attitude to Truth, which of course is also a Characteristic, since a Truth itself).
      • Omniscience (Truth's printout, akin to fractilic results).
      • Omnipotence (Truth's Reality-of-Strength).
      • Omnipresence (really, a subset of Infinity, a term used with respect to finity).
      • Immutability (really a subset of Infinity, which is Truth's Absoluteness).
      • Perfection (Balance due to other Characteristics+Will continuing to Bond to Truth).

    Sidenote: Because theologians prefer the term "Attributes" to "Characteristics", you can choose what term you prefer. "Attributes" sounds more majestic, but also more separated, so I opted for the more holistic term, "Characteristics", so it's clearer that Each Attribute is characterized by Every Other Attribute in one indivisible whole. It's also easier to understand the Imputation of God's Righteousness at salvation (viz., 2Cor5:21) as a Characteristic, whereas "Attribute" sounds like the Whole "+R" (my pastor's term) somehow 'leaves' from somewhere and 'comes' to us. Again, "Characteristic" is easier to understand, because when one 'begets' the 'child' has 'characteristics' from its 'parent'. But think of "Attributes" if you like, when you see "Characteristics", here.

WILL WILLINGLY BONDS TO TRUTH. Absolutely. Infinitely. Therefore, Absolute Love, with or without an object. Love, of course, is thus True. Fealty. So would never violate Truth. Would, instead, Love Truth. Good truth, bad truth, any truth, because Truth. Truth is not the same thing as knowledge of the Truth. Facts, although also true themselves, are also not the same thing as Truth. Rather, Truth is a Quality: a set of 'laws', for lack of a better term, which state relationships among variables, like math does. These 'laws' are all based on the inherent Characteristics of Truth. So, Living: dynamic, not static; not emotional, since emotion is never an absolute, but God is always Absolute. So, Loving. Loving all relationships. Good relationships, bad relationships, any relationships, because relationships. So, because dynamic Living and Loving, 'bad' is nonetheless loved, but not in ignorance; rather, the characteristics of 'bad' receive Love differently, given the particular truths about the nature of 'bad'. For love does not love if divorced, i.e., divorced from the Truth about the object of love . So, commits to all. Infinitely. Immutably. So Love, Bonds. Hupostasis. Commitment. Staying under Truth, putting Truth in front of self. Ps33:4-6, Ps89:14-15, Ps138:2b, Ps31:5 (Christ's last words on the Cross, Luke23:46). [The content of Isa53:10-12's clauses were long known before Isaiah was given to pen them. You see them referenced in the "ransomed..truth" clause of Ps31:5, which the Lord is quoting as fulfilled on the Cross. This is one of a bizillion ways Bible tells you in its original languages that His Payment is Full, so you merely BELIEVE to be permanently saved, based on a contract of salvation made in eternity past. Bible is never fuzzy.]

    That Will always Freely Wills to Absolutely Bond to Truth is the key concept you need, to 'get' God's Nature, to 'see' His 'heart'. 1Cor13:4ff portrays this 'heart', which was built in Christ, which demonstrated itself on the Cross, which is Canon to be built in us, precept on precept. The precepts of Love are not automatons or machine-like characteristics God cannot change; but rather, His Absolute Will keeps on wanting those precepts; keeps on Loving those precepts. Hence absolute freedom. God Freely uses His Own Power, in order to Subordinate Himself. Because He Loves doing so. Because He Loves the Truth: good truth, bad truth, any truth, because truth. This is why God remains in Dynamic homeostasis, and is Absolutely Happy, in it. For Will always wants to subordinate to Truth. Note how the Self is always Subordinating, and with total abandon, too. That's why 1Cor13:4-8, reads as it does.

    Because God is Omnipotent and can have anything He wants at any 'logical' moment in time exactly as He wants it, He could simply will that all existence be nullified ab initio, as if it never existed. Notice that instead, He wills 2Pet3:9. So with God, the knows lead to no's, because He knows that the no's never preclude the yesses. For all the promises find their Yes, in Him: Christ, 2Cor1:20. So there's every reason to keep on wanting the Truth as is, to be as is. And that wanting will never change: Love is Absolute, just like All God's Characteristics are Absolute. The "Introduction to Love" link section in DDNA.htm goes through this Awesome Love in more detail. Its "God's Soliloquy" link (Soliloquy.htm) is a mock drama of God speaking Himself, about His Loving Reasons. Phenomenal, this Love of God.

    In the year 2000 (which I learned 12/04), my pastor came up with a good description for understanding this bonded relationship between Will and Truth: he says, "Love is the Integrity of God!" and depicts it as a circle, in which the other Attributes are "components" in a "composite" (to depict the undivided nature of God). You can see why this pithy description is so apt: if God didn't Love the Truth, which is an Act of Will, then God wouldn't be God. So it's not merely because He's Sovereign, but rather: what USE He makes of His Sovereignty at all times, so to speak. God is non-time, non-space, so if there were ever to BE a 'logical' moment when He'd not love the Truth, then we'd all not be here. Thus we are certain of both His Absolute Nature, His Absolute Always-Loving of all the Truth. ALL, nothing excluded. So verily, Love IS the Integrity of God! His Absolute Love. Unbreakable.

    In that same year, my pastor began to explain what I'm calling here "Will+Truth" as two "mutual flanks" (his term). The term comes from the military idea of two advancing columns of troops, on their way to a battlefield; the two columns protect the inner 'flank' mutually between them, so that if one is attacked, the other can quickly come to the rescue. Many historical examples of such double-column advance abound; and where this inner 'flank' has been breached by the enemy (i.e., Fallaise-Argentan 'gap' of 1944 in the summer following D-DAY), a significant strategic loss occurs (in 1944, WWII got prolonged for almost a year because the Allies didn't close that 'gap' in time).

    So Will and Truth must 'travel' together, in close tandem; one without the other is no good, 1Cor13:1-3. In the believer, the idea is that if you aren't getting the Truth deposited in you via God's System, then your love is bupkis (no content for competence); conversely, if you are getting loads of Truth but don't love it, you are also bupkis (which is the 'side' of this question explained in 1Cor13:1-3). That's why "Love" is THE metaphor of Truth, to depict the BONDING between them. Which is what Paul begins explaining in 1Cor1:5 (in Greek, English translation is mangled), weaving this Bonding metaphor between Love and Truth throughout 1 Corinthians. [The Divine wit shining throughout 1Cor's Greek to display this 'marital' bonding between Love=Word, is astounding. Sure wish it could be rightly translated!] For God is Truth, God is Love, God is Undivided, so Truth is Love and vice versa. Because, God Loves Truth.

    Hence Paul's theme in 1Corinthians: for man to lack Truth, is madness; but to have Truth but lack Love, is religious madness. So these two "flanks" of Truth and Love (which my pastor calls "Doctrine" and "Reciprocity", respectively), must run side by side, or there IS no integrity. In psychology, the integrity of a personality is the index of mental health: the lower the integrity, the crazier one becomes. So God is Absolutely Rational to subordinate to Truth. It's not an effort, but a Joy. Hence Absolute Personality, unencumbered, not 'run' by His Other Attributes, not 'divided' by them in any way. Wholly God, Holy God, Who is never 'trapped'.

Love Subordinates. Love Substitutes. Love puts Truth above itself, as the above verses (like Ps138:2) reveal. So it is a USE of Sovereignty (not a surrender of it), even the veritable Fulfillment of Sovereignty.. to Love. The fulfillment concept is stated all over Bible, and in many ways: but in the NT, the terms "pleroma" and "teleios" (fullness and finish, respectively), are often employed to stress how the play of history is expressly for this Fulfillment of Love+Truth. Every cognate of these two words (Greek action nouns are more dramatic than the verbs) is liberally used by the Lord and the NT writers, to keep before our eyes the concept of God Fulfilling His Will of getting the Truth in us. Will+Truth in God, is to BECOME Will+Truth in us, which got Finished (teletelestai) in Christ, so is to be Finished in us. [Theology has therefore reversed this fact throughout Christendom's history, always divorcing the two: which is why all religion divides itself into legalistic or emotionalistic, 'camps'.] So by subordinating to pay for us (John 3:16, Rom5:8, etc), God fulfills His Will for Himself and for us. So by substituting for us (ibid, +1Pet3:18, etc), we get God's substitutionary Life, no longer stuck with living for ourselves (theme of 2Cor5), and thus can learn Love. Forever.

    Hence the Hupostasis, the Christ, Whose Will+Truth in His Humanity so Bonded, that He could even bond with sin, bonding us therefore to Himself, even while ON the Cross, 2Cor5:21, theme of Romans 6. Thus the Law, which heretofore had been a quasi-divorced part of man's life with God, is fulfilled (main theme of Hebrews, i.e., in Heb7, Rom10:4). Thus the "law of Christ", bonded (1Cor9:21, Gal6:2). A Learning Life, a Bonding Life. Not, works. For it's a problem of BEING, not doing; for Infinity and finity are by nature divorced, and need to be bonded, if life with God is to be had. So, bonded in Him, freely, intimately: even all sin got bonded. Thus, Will+Truth can now fully bond in us, Eph3:15-19, no longer even quasi-divorced. But rather, maritally-intimate for Church, the Bride of Christ. This is His Legacy from the Cross (main theme of Book of Hebrews, crescendoing in Chapters 2, 4, 7, 10, 12, using the concepts and cognates of pleroma and teleios to lead the reader).

    Bible translations always cut God's head off and replace it with man's own head, and have done so for centuries, the 'new' translations being no better (and often worse) than those of the Reformation and prior. So in translation you don't see the huge stress on God's works, on how unacceptable are all man's woody works; so you don't see it's about a transmutation of Thinking which God makes happen in you, so that you BECOME what you were not: like His Son, on the inside, in your own soul.

Hence God's Love is why we all exist. God's Attitude of Love is Absolute, so it expresses hypostatically in the form of subordination and substitution, just the opposite of what we'd expect -- which is why there is a Cross. Again, God is Omnipotent, so He can at any 'logical' moment in time will that everything be nullified ab initio.

Ergo The HUPOSTASIS Principle of this Love, which is innate to Godness: it is likewise the core of and governs ALL relationships, whether animate or inanimate; among God, and with respect to everyone and everything in the universe. To wit:

Subordination Justifies Intimacy,
if and only if subordination is Otherwise Justifiable.

So there are no restrictions on Divine Expression, which fact is thus consonant with His Inherent Characteristic of Infinity: hence the no's never preclude the yesses, for all the promises find their Yes in Him, 2Cor1:20. Which means the yesses get BIGGER, since the no's are 'bad'; so there is zero reason to preclude the no's, due to what God knows.

So Love can taipeino, go low to a Cross: for nothing can defeat Love's saying no to itself. So Love appears to choose weakness: because, it is invincible. It can afford to choose subordination, substitution, going low. Because, it is invincible. Hence, inviolable Integrity. Thus all of God's Attributes 'depend' on His Attitude, yet all of His Attributes are the Objects of His Attitude. Hence, inviolable Integrity, no matter what object: even, hell itself. Hence, subordination and substitution, no matter what object. Nothing too high, nothing too low, nothing outside.. Love.

For, Will+Truth means God has Standards which He applies To Himself. If you love, you have standards. If you love, you apply those standards the most, to the self. Because, Love wants to love competently. Hence, the subordination and substitution, are based on Standards. Here, infinite standards, infinite subordination, infinite substitution, infinite competence. Infinite low, going low; infinite high, all highs met. More about this infinite spectrum of standards is said in the "God's Paradox" section of SatStrat.htm (the "Appendix" of the "Thinking" series, which is the last link at pagetop). But here, we are focusing on God's Will of Love for Truth. And hence, His Integrity. Inviolable.

Ergo, the "hupostasis", the Christ, Heb11:1 and 1:3, Greek, as shown in the red text translations, above; Who is the Reality, the Standing-Under-Truth Nature of God's Will. Loving Truth. Hence Will Always Wills To Be Standing ("stasis") Under ("hupo") Truth. So our UnderStanding of Truth in God's System (link at pagetop) causes us to come to Love the Truth poured into us while in that System, which is His Legacy to us:

1Cor13+Eph4:11-16 due to 2Pet3:18+Eph5:18 (which 'switch on' if 1Jn1:9)
yields Rom12:1-3, hence Rom5:5 hence Eph3:15-19 hence Eph3:20-21. Forever.

    Frankly, any conundrum you find anywhere in life can be solved by finding the hupostasis 'connection', which will always be a UNION of opposites. Every conundrum in science (esp. cosmology, biology, psychology); every problem in politics, economics, interpersonal or intrapersonal relationships likewise has some 'connection' where a Best is united to a Worst. And that connection, the very problem, is itself the point of solution: where you'll find unity, and equilibrium, and homeostasis. Doesn't mean you can actually SOLVE anything, since clearly only God can unite Best to Worst; does mean you'll be a lot calmer when you understand the solution; and you can more easily rule out many a false 'solution' to life's many problems, saving angst, time, and money.

Creation is governed by and reflects, His Nature.

So Truth itself is Independent and Free, because Sovereign; because Will+Truth is the essential hypostatic structure. Freedom exists under Authority, and Authority of Will Chooses to be Under Authority of Truth. Uncreated. God is never a computer, a helpless collection of Attributes rooted in Truth, but rather thus Infinitely Alive. So, creative, as Will, wills. Just a Word from the Word, and a thing exists: Heb1:3, referencing (inter alia) Matt4:3. So, what Will+Truth directly makes, necessarily reflects its Creator.

However, since Truth's Characteristics thus constitute also a connected whole of relationship-laws which are true (i.e., it is true that evil is bad, but not all bad is evil), then Truth covers relationships which can or cannot exist, as well as those relationships which do exist. Further, given the Characteristics of Truth, the relationships in principle will ALL conform to the Characteristics, even if in obverse. For, if 1 exists, there can be the opposite of 1, potentially. Whether or not an actual property of -1 comes into being, There is a law governing it, due to the Characteristics of Truth (here, as mathematics).

The Characteristics/Attributes of God, which is to say Will+Truth, thus answer all issues which can arise, as well as those which cannot. All design-of-creation questions, all what-ifs, all potentials, all opposites, are governed. Therefore, "Omniscience": knowing all that can or couldn't or would or wouldn't happen depending upon what characteristics are willed to be in anything at any (logical) 'time', and throughout ALL (logical) 'time'. For, Will+Truth is "Infinite" ("Absolute"=Bible's preferred expression), without boundary or limitation. However, being without boundary or limitation does not mean without Characteristics. Not just anything qualifies as Truth: for Truth, like Will, is Uncreated.

    So: if a created thing/person were given an independent existence, all the Laws about its existence, would already be determined by the Characteristics (Attributes) of Truth, since Truth+Will are bonded. Since bonded, it is a Truth that Will can Will the created thing/person into existence; can Will the creation to have a dissoluble or an indissoluble nature, or both; since God is Indissoluble except unless He wills otherwise, which, being Absolute, He of course never will. However, Because He is Will, He can Will another will "to be" (i.e., Gen2:7, last clause). He can Will this will to be terminable, or interminable, or.. Eternal, since He Himself is Eternal Life, Absolute Life: so can Will any lesser kind of life. So, a being can be made which is interminable, yet dissoluble, wholly, partly, or not at all.

    So, can give such other will, the INdissoluble freedom to itself will or act in a manner which violates Truth's Righteousness, since the opposite of Righteousness would also be a 'law catalogued', so to speak within Truth; upon which violation, what was created would cease to be compatible with Truth in certain ways, though always still affected BY Truth. So what exists or could exist, even though based on Truth, or even of Truth, is not the same as Truth itself, but is rather the content/printout/results of Truths within Truth. [Math formulas are not the same as the results which occur when the formulas are applied.] So, whatever exists apart from Truth itself, might truly exist, but could lose internal compatibility with Truth; in which case, would result in the same root fissional (separatist) effect as, 'if Divine Will Ever Rejected Bond to Truth'.

    The degree of compatibility with the Characteristics of Will+Truth, thus determine the integrity of any structure given independent existence, animate or inanimate. For, however the created thing/person is designed, it will necessarily always need to be integrated with God, to retain its own integrity, at least from within itself. So, if a created person were created

    • interminable in one respect (i.e., the soul, Gen1:27), but
    • terminable in another respect (body, Gen2:7a);
    • dissoluble in one respect within interminable (effect of sin, Gen 2:17's first muth), but
    • dissoluble in a different respect within terminable (physical death, Gen2:17's second muth), yet still
    • interminable in a third respect (soul: again, Gen1:27),
    all these different parameters remain governed by Truth, even if they themselves become shattered, retarded, or even die. So
    • if interminable (soul), 'death' means the dissolution of internal integration, but still alive;
    • if terminable (body), "death" would mean disintegration into constituent components (i.e., organic compounds, decomposition).

    Therefore, if Will created a person of INterminable soul (i.e., Gen2:7b's neshemmah), even if that soul later violated Truth (and thus Will, the Whole of God), Will could Will to restore any resulting dissolution IN the soul, due to the violation. Of course, the Characteristics of Truth would have 'laws' about that as well, with which 'laws' Will would Love. Absolutely.

    Dissolution, of course, if in a soul, means the soul willed the dissolution. The resultant dissolution in an interminable soul does not terminate it, so the soul retains will, because created that way. So, any solution to the soul's dissolution would have to secure the consent of that still-existing soul, since God Himself, is. Truth is never inconsistent with itself. Justice would fail, if Truth fails.

God Can Build His Nature in us.

So, because knowledge of truth is not the same as the truth itself, and because God is Truth, the living structural nature of God's Truth can be built in a creature. This, because truth is immaterial, Living. So, is Thought. So, can be replicated in the same manner as thought is replicated. You see words on this page. They stay on the page, but they are now also in your mind. Someone thought those words, then merely typed them on the page -- but the thoughts immaterially REPLICATED in your head. Yet, remain where they are.

    So, too, with the structure, 'laws', of God's Truth. Building that structure is a thought process, which can be replicated, much like an embryo can become a blastocyst, a blastomere, a fetus, a birth. Completed. Living independently, once born, "Christ in you, the confident expectation of Glory." (Col1:27.) In us. The structure of His Thinking, Truth. "The Way the Truth and the Life", our confident expectation of being "transformed by the renovation of your thinking" (Eph4:23's Greek) -- by God, for God, to God. In Christ, Love of God, leads to Christ in, Love for God -- Gal4:19 (Greek) Romans 8 (whole chapter), 12:2-3; Eph4:11-16(Greek), 23, 5:18, 2Cor5 (esp. v.14-21). The subjective and objective genitive showing this circular and circulating process are in the Greek of Romans 5:5, 2Cor5:14, Eph3:19, 1Jn4:19 baldly; but anywhere "agape" is mentioned it's implicit. Greek word "agape" never means anything but God's Attribute of Love, but God's 'head' is always cut off in translation, as is normative for translating Divine verbs and nouns. So all such verses are reversed in translation, versus their inspired meanings in the inspired text.

    In short, God can and did create a CIRCULAR connection to the thinking process for pouring Truth, via His Son's Thinking, and He did it based on contract provisions in eternity past which are not found in any Bible translation: Isa53:10-11 in the LXX. Thus Truth's Characteristics and resulting 'laws', can be "sculpted" (Greek verb plassw, in Isa53:11, LXX) into us, via the Holy Spirit using the human spirit. Which is, one of the "lives" in Gen2:7b. Through this mechanism for the accumulation of Truth, we Church are "transformed" in our souls (Rom12:2-3, Eph4:23, etc., Greek) to "become like Him" (common NT refrain): Christ. It's not a figure of speech but a literal DDNA (Divine DNA, Doctrinal DNA) transformation. DDNA webseries (link at pagetop) explains this transformation process in much more detail.

Hence we have a Bible.

So, if God writes a book which is "God-breathed", then the actual living Structure of His Truth can be learned. Again, because knowledge OF truth is not the truth itself, but God is Truth. So whatever He 'writes', will be both Truth and Knowledge of Truth. So, the believer who gets this 'writing' IN him, to the extent 'deposited' IN him, that believer changes, because a) the Truth itself, is Living, and b) the believer knows and lives on it (Matt4:4). So, the believer gradually learning (and thus receiving), need not be omniscient, himself. For the Characteristics of Truth are intrinsic to Truth. So, Learning Truth means BECOMING more True than you were absent that learning, if you are LIVING on it. For, Truth is living, and so are you. So if you learn it, and breathe it, a Hypostatizing Bond is growing. Hence the need for the Holy Spirit to fill the believer.

    Just as, Christ's Humanity got it and was built BY it, via the Holy Spirit Filling Him, so also the Holy Spirit can do to a believer. For, Humanity contributes nothing. It's the Living Truth in You, which does the work. Like James says, in James 1. Like Peter says, in his "living stones" verse (lithoi, Temple stones one writes on); like Paul says, in 1Cor2. Like the writer of Hebrews says, in Hebrews 8:8-12 through 10:17, and (climactically), in Heb11:1's Greek. For this 'writing" is the promise since Jer31:31-34: so now "we have the Thinking of Christ" (1Cor2:16). In writing, completed. (1Cor13's climactic Attic Greek, begun as a theme since Chap2; Heb4:12, Rev22:6-21, etc.)

    So to be transformed by the Truth growing in you. Transmutation, the REAL kind, God's: "and to come to know the surpassing-gnosis Love for Christ, so that you may be filled up [means with Truth, Bible: see Rom8 and all verses using Pleroo and its cognate noun, Pleroma, major keyword in NT]: Resulting in all the (Pleroma) Fullness of Blessing from the source of God." This is the pinnacle of the Christian Life, the Eph2:10, Eph4:13 purpose for which we were all born, the Spiritual Development Level for which the believer who reaches it is also crowned and thus "inherit[s] the Kingdom", the reason for this Disclosure section. Eph3:15ff's breadth length height depth Structure of Living Truth leads to Love for Christ, which is a knowing infinitely beyond human knowledge; it is not at all mystical or esoteric, but real and sane. [Meaning of "gnosis", pandered by Gnosticism is much like Kabbalism; Bible corrects that miscreant idea. BTW: "come to know" quotation is my pastor's translation from the Greek, ingressive aorist of ginoskw.]

    Real and sane, so way bigger than man can imagine any mystical esoterica to be. 1Cor13's Truth=Love "greater gifts..better Way" result, a 'Head' Structure Built in us, the 'Body'. His Head, goes into ours. So we go from brainout 'wife' to Brain-Y Bride. As in, Yahweh. As in, Yeshua. Hayah'sherHayah: Yeshua HamaShiah. hayah+hawah-"ha"=YH+WH. Same Person, same-sounding Name, even with Yasher (Righteousness) sound smack dab in the middle, as in Exo3:14; same Person, "the Righteous One" from Jesse prophesied in the OT: now Himself Doubled! Bonded! Hypostatic Union! Shemah, Yisroel, Adonai Elohenu, Adonai Uniquely-born, monogeneis! Idou, panto Pleroma Tou Theou! Reverse Pregnancy, Him giving Birth! Filling all in all (End Eph1).

    For the Truth is, God need not tolerate lesser-thans, since He Really Is Omnipotent.

So the Bible is, above all, a collection of legal documents, since the 'law' of God, is Truth. To not respect this fact is to misinterpret Scripture. For, the foundation of life is Association. Relationship. So, based on truth, the first of which is, the type of relationship which exists. So, Truth's Characteristics (aka Divine Attributes) naturally GOVERN how such relationships can, cannot, exist. For, to Associate with another person, some type of contract, aka "covenant" or "agreement" is always implicit, or explicit; informal, or formal. Especially, for an Association with God. Because, God is Truth.

    So, a document in its original languages is written in a certain style, and that style, tells you what kind of document it is. Legal documents are of many types, and have precise constructions to let you know what kind of documents they are. For example, Depositions are narratives of events. Thus you have Genesis. Contracts are agreements between parties, and thus have special 'if you.. then I" language clauses in them. Thus Deuteronomy and Leviticus depict such language. Thus the ritual you see there, and in Genesis, and elsewhere -- those were all Contract-Recognition functions, so you know that's how you should interpret them. Gospels, for example, display both contractual issues and depositions. Psalms are contract-recognition Affirmations, Affadavits. The fact that Bible uses poetry (i.e., Psalms), is part of the precision in the affirmation. Which, sadly, can't be translated properly, so much of the meaning is always mangled.

    So you must determine what kind of legal statement is being made in a verse. Many legal statements are thus made about the nature of God, man, and the universe. Whenever the Bible makes a statement, Be Very Careful how you read it. Preferably, in the original languages, because translations are generally inaccurate. Sometimes, grossly. For a legal document is always precise. So requires study, not quick glancings.

    Marriage is a contract, too: for happiness, ideally. So just because something is legally worded, or based on a Legal Agreement, doesn't mean it's boring or sour. Life is what you think of it. If you groan at the word "law", you'll miss the irony. For, again: marriage is a Contract, made by Love. Here, from God, to us. Forever Association, unbreakable, Due to Love. For, legally, there's no contract written which cannot be broken. So if it remains, then it remains by Choice. God's. Forever. Love is not based on attraction, but is instead based on Honor, Ps138:2b.

Hence all the secular (i.e., all natural law) reflects Bible,
as a Hupostasis Witness concerning Balance Between Will and Truth.

Hence, as a Witness, God has the secular always reflect, by likeness or contrast, the spiritual. Bible thus repeatedly invokes the reader to witness the universe in some particular, to aid comprehension of principles in the verse. Rom1:18-20 is a good summary of this universe-is-witness role, but you'll find it all over the place. People focus a lot on trying to prove God's existence by 'science', and focus on the intricacy as pointing to a Designer. Frankly, that's a far less important endeavor than seeing the Characteristics of the Creator through the structure of the universe, etc. Scripture itself, in the original languages, shows this Character in spades. In clubs. In Diamonds. In Hearts, if people will but want to learn Him. Sadly, almost no one wants to read God's 'cards': so, they always lose at poker. [Nerd note: Bible uses verbs which are gambling metaphors: likening salvation to cancellation of a gambling debt, and the spiritual life to hitting the jackpot. English translations cover up these meanings.]

All the while, God continues faithful, just in case someone gets tired of gambling and wants to really hit the jackpot. So the seen still and always reflects the unseen, by either likeness or contrast. This, because the essence of Infinity, is Balance. So too, the essence of Perfection. One 'dot' in the wrong 'place', and the whole structural integrity, crumbles. So if there is a God, there must be a universe, since it's a Balance issue. You can prove this logically if you know enough about God's Attributes. For example, Being Sovereign, but no universe, a use of Sovereignty is left out; so, Infinity is NOT infinity, because not infinitely used. So also, since Infinite God means ALL His Attributes are one big Whole, every Attribute 'colors' all the others. So, Infinity is Loving, and Love is Infinite. So, both are unchanging: but only, because all the Attributes are Themselves balanced, Integrated. Thus, every 'speck' of every Attribute is Structured. In a hierarchy. Balanced. Hupostasis. Thus, homeostasis. Thus, vibrantly Alive, totally Alive, totally Happy. Infinite, even.

    Sin is the opposite of balance no matter how packaged or done. For, sin by nature is a rejection of Truth, thus the greatest fission power, second only to God Himself. Because, to reject Truth, is to react against Truth: so, an action must have an equal and opposite reaction; hence, an equal and opposite, destruction, halted only by some extrinsic factor (i.e., soul is made interminable by God, Eternal Life is uncreated). If Truth is rejected, will chose something else which will imagined was true, in favor of what actually was true. Hence, the will forever after would be 'burning' with unfulfillable desire; since, the object which will chose instead of Truth, doesn't actually exist.

    God would likewise 'burn' if He were to ever sin: the Balance between Will and Truth would be ruptured. So, since God is, and He didn't make Himself -- if He ever were to sin, He'd still exist afterwards, and have been 'burning' since eternity past: so we couldn't be here. So we know for a fact that the Glorious usage of Sovereignty is to not choose sin; for obviously, He's always been ABLE to sin, since He is Sovereign. Just as obviously, if there ever were a 'dot' in 'time' where He would sin, we couldn't be here either, for God would be tainted. Doesn't matter 'when', for HE IS. One Big Now.

    Notice how, in the case of sin, a use of Sovereignty would be CUT out, if God would ever choose to sin. So unlike refusing to create a universe, which leaves a use of Sovereignty unexercised, by choosing to create freewill creation, God in effect gets all the results of sin without sinning, Himself. Sin shrinks the being afterwards, so reduces the being's options and powers, in addition to inserting desires for anti-truths. So sin reduces freedom, and corrupts knowledge; so the free will attribute which is part and parcel of personhood, remains as God created it (i.e., Will+Truth is true whether that Will is Infinite, or Finite, since Will is Personhood). However, the rupture with Truth, corrupts the knowledgebase, so all choices after that first sin will be shattered, corrupted, based on lies. God thus would never sin, for it is forever undesirable to Him. He's not 'forced' to not sin; it's never a choice He would enjoy making, so nothing can tempt Him.

    Think that over, and you'll realize what a commitment it was, what a risk it was, what a nightmare it was, for Son to CHOOSE (1Tim2:5, eternity past) to hupostatize Himself by adding Humanity. Free Humanity. Which CAN sin. Which CAN order His Deity to turn stones into bread... [Nerd note: it is technically a risk, in that sin is free to occur. Obviously, the design of things would have to be such that His Humanity has True Total Freedom, yet by that same criterion, True Total Access to Refuse temptation, by means of the Spirit's Freely giving His Humanity power to thus refuse. Which explains why Becoming the Truth was necessary. Which thus explains why He was the first Human in History to be Indwelt and Filled. More about these parameters is in the last 1/3 of Part II and especially Part III "Thinking" webseries (link at pagetop).]

So the universe is God's natural witness, but also the natural witness of all rejections-of-God. Since the Fall, God Judicially Separated from the world; starting, with the separation of God's Creative Act from procreation. For, the body is now tainted with sin, so what it produces will be tainted, so sin must bring forth its fruit on its own, before God will 'touch' it: it must be born. Because it is born, but not before, a judicial necessity for contact is created, analogous to how a crime must be committed, before it can be prosecuted. That's why a fetus is not a legal person, in Exodus 21:22. For, until a thing is born, it can't 'breathe', so it can't BE. See also James 1:13-15's Greek, for the principle.

    But at the nanosecond-of-womb-exit, God must RULE on this body, whether it should be born: for it of itself is now tainted-in-Adam, deserving of condemnation. (See 1Cor15:22, Rom5:12's tense of hamartano.) So, if He rules 'yes, it should become a human being', His First Judicial Act is to CONDEMN the exiting body, judicially pronouncing it a product of Adam's Original sin, and thus eligible for salvation. So, because now eligible to be saved, it is finally just to "breathe" a soul -- the ONLY Bible verb ever used to denote soul creation -- to "breathe" a soul into the nostrils of the exited body. Just as He did, in Gen2:7b, the legal precedence.

    David is flabbergasted about this fact, in Ps139:13-17's Hebrew and Greek (English is horribly mistranslated, reversing the meaning of the passage). At this point, David well knows Who his Progeny will be, and of course has long since learned from his affair with Bathsheba. So put yourself in his place: God, David says essentially, You could have stayed apart, kept Yourself attached to the apartness preposition, "min" (v.15)! Instead, YOU 'conceived' me before I was even born! [See "Don't Abort My Word" table in NoWombLife.htm for corrected translation and exegetical notes. It's a serious crime to mistranslate womb verses, and in nearly all Bibles (except maybe the German, since "von" is nuanced) the inspired text is blasphemously reversed in translation to pretend a soul is in the womb. That idea was common in pagan cultures, but was never in the Bible. God's Justice Behind Salvation is thus entirely missed, and in addition to the blasphemy of reversing Divine Writ, the poor Christian always remains fuzzy about how salvation actually works, so is stunted in his spiritual life. That's a crime far worse than murder, sorry.]

    Witness the importance of Truth: consistency. The very same Judicial Separation structure, justifies the Virgin Pregnancy. From there, come the 'pregnancy' of the Cross, and the 'pregnancy' of being saved. So the woman really WILL be saved by delivery, heh. [Quip of Paul's, 1Tim2:15. Greek word sozo there means "rescue", "delivery", even before the common "save", but Bibles nearly always translate it as "save", so you miss many puns.] Then one day thousands of years later, because of Isha's condemnation, 23 chromosomes must be imputed to a womb by the Holy Spirit. And nine months later, what David exultantly foresaw way back in Ps139:15-16, what Isaiah predicted in Isa7, actually happened: a Perfect Body thus exits. At which moment, He is made: Heb10:5, A Body You Have Prepared for Me! So by the same mechanism which required judicial separation from the procreative process, the Reconstruction Process can now begin: in Him Who Will Be Pregnant with Our Sins, Isa53:11's "me amal" clause (Heb text). One judicial act of imputing 23 chromosomes gives rise to the Last Judicial Act of imputing all sins, through Whom we are imputed with Divine Righteousness, 2Cor5:21. Which begets a new gestation period, our life down here waiting for salvation to be 'delivered', last half of Romans 8 (beginning in v.11). In which pregnancy, all creation is groaning.

    This same consistent structure thus warrants Him Offering a Contract ("Covenant") of Association; time after time from Adam forward, He singles out Blessing by Association (i.e., to individuals, Israel, then Church), to illustrate how a select group receives favorable Judicial Contact, SOLELY due to believing in Him. Meanwhile, the world-at-large remains rejecting, and therefore condemned, John 3:36 writ large. Note how all this condemnation of the world, right down to plantlife, remains; again, because it's a Justice issue, the existence of unbalancing sin in the world. So, it was a punishment to Isha, to bear children; a punishment to Adam, to now work for himself: Holy God will have nothing to do, with Imbalance! So, like Paul says in Romans 8, all creation has been 'groaning' (play on pregnancy), ever since. Waiting to be reborn as Eternity, finally balanced-in-Union with God.

    Notice how the character of this condemnation is SEPARATION. God doesn't 'touch' the world, just as He won't touch a fetus until it exits the womb; and that's the very worst of all punishment, since then the world is left on its own. But the world votes for separation, so long as it refuses the Contract.

So all creation, down to the smallest speck of nanodust, unavoidably reflects God's Nature and God's Book, whether by likeness or contrast. By sin's fruits (falsehoods) we can know sin's devastating effects. By contrast, God's 'fruits' can likewise be observed. [Matt7:20 is about falsehood versus truth, not about works.]

So you can back into the unseen of God, by (for example) the seen of mathematics; which, like every other science in history, displays infinite spectra of always-witty hupostases: unions, couplings, of opposites. [Isn't it witty, that "1" is of little value, without "0"? For how can you use math, without the zero? Or, switching to biology: what probability value would you assign to the accidental juxtaposition of reproductive and elimination organs in man? Is that 'union' not the ultimate wit?]

Not just any ol' union, either. But, one on top of another. For, "hupo" means "under", and "stasis" means "standing", "static", "stable". So because of standing under something Someone else, the thing standing under, is stable. As in, "marriage". As in, "family". As in, "nation".

Hupostasis, in Trinity.

And especially stable due to hupostasis, in "God". For Independent, Co-Equal Will+Truth Hupostases-of-Nature, must be No Fewer Than Three: Trinity. For, the Truth must be Independent, viable, 'apart' from subjectivity. Truth cannot be independent and viable, if there is only one Person who is "God": who of Equal or Higher Nature can adjudicate? Thus, no creation could ever be made, for "God" then cannot get proper juridical redress for any wrongs creation might do Him: He could only destroy what He made, or remain Juridically Wronged. So, UNjust to Himself. If Two Co-Equal Infinite Persons, then still no valid adjudication mechanism exists: for what if They disagree? They would not be FREE to disagree, if only "Two": for again, there is no one higher or equal to MEDIATE. Any lower beings made would be too low in stature to mediate, so there cannot be any hierarchy of unequal (i.e., polytheistic) gods. But if Three Co-Equal, "Self-Existing" Ones, then: One can be Independent. And, thus Judge. So, Free to disagree. Free also, to Associate. Equally, or unequally, solely BECAUSE Equal in Infinite Nature.

    So only if Trinity, can creation be made; especially free creation, for then One can PAY for any wrongs BY that creation, because that One is Equal to the Others, so can Independently Create the means of payment without compromising justice; another One can Judge the One who pays; the third One can Empower whatever creature nature the One who pays, must necessarily Add to Himself -- since it's never right that Infinitely Righteous God should pay for wrongs done TO Him. So, and only because ALL THREE ARE EQUAL, the One who ADDS that Creature Nature has NOT compromised the Truth of Either the Deity He is, nor the Judging; if and only if the One who Adds the creature nature, is Empowered by the third One. Because, the Independent Truth is only preserved if Three Such Equal Gods exist. Were any One of Them to be or become UNequal in Nature even a jot, Justice Fails.

Justice and Authority require Equal Nature but Different Roles: Co-Equality of Nature is Necessary for independent Justice, since Each One must choose a Different Office, to serve the requirement of Juridical Independence of Each Office. If the same office, then no independence. If different offices but unequal natures, then Justice is unevenly competent. This is so, even though Infinite and Perfect, because Freedom from compromise does not accrue if conflicting (i.e., overlapping) offices, or conflicting (i.e., unequal) competencies.

The broader principle which underlies the requirement that EQUAL PERSONS HAVE DIFFERENT ROLES, and hence there must be at least Three, is based on Authority. See, there's no Freedom, without it. Equality-of-authority doesn't work in any kind of society. Tyranny must always occur. Turf wars. Just read the history of Russia or China during the 20th century. When any society in history adopts a quasi-equality of authority mindset, it falls apart. Slowly. Painfully. Equality of persons, then, is threatened by using the equality to demand equality of authority, position, etc. Enfin, what seems to be a hallowed stress on one's rights, becomes instead the obliteration of one's UNIQUENESS. Deeper issue: even if two equally-able persons, they will have different interests. So, if forced to have equal authority, they can't freely express themselves, individually. Too much time must be spent on doing the same things the other guy is doing.

    That Freedom requires Unequal Authority among Equal Persons, even in the Godhead; and, the resulting synergy, is a running subtheme of the webpage. Their Voluntary Submission to Each Other is due to Love. In effect, Each One doesn't want to Be God if He can't throw Himself down before the Other. You'll find this thought echoed in 1Cor13:1-3. Without Love, there's no meaning to Life. That's an EXERCISE of Sovereignty. At least Three Equals of UNequal Authority are needed, for Interpersonal Freedom among those Equals to be valid: both juridically, and in every other way. More than Three is not necessary. (One of the 'laws' of Truth is Necessity: that there must be an intrinsic reason warranting a thing, rather than a mere personal desire. Again, it's an IMPARTIAL witness criterion. You'll see the importance of this law if you choose to keep reading.)

Therefore: "Trinity" also means Triune, but NOT hydra-headed, incapable of wholeness if separated, an "inscrutability", a "mystery", an "Egg"! nor is Godness "diminished" (Koranic and RCC buzzword) if They were NOT Triune, for God is Sovereignly Independent and Unique, so truly needs no partners. Rather, Unique Father, Unique Son, Unique Spirit, Each One Yahweh, Self-Existing, same kind of Infinite Essence, Absolute Will+Truth; Each One, rather, CHOOSES Voluntary Corporate Union: Three Co-Equal, Infinite Gods Who in Love always Contract to be a Corporation. 2Cor13:14 deftly states Their Articles of Incorporation. ["Article" is a particle of speech which in English we call "the". Older term is "definite article", since Greek used to be taught (and still should, imo) modeled from Latin grammar nomenclature. Each Greek article tells you flat out that Each Person is fully God. No way to mistake it: Three Independents of Same Kind. And, given the sentence, with no verb, it's a perfect way to show the LOVE Incorporation Contract, replete with Chosen Roles, Father as Head: which contract, like God, like the absence of verb in this verse, never had a beginning...]

And we also know of The Eternal Trinity Corporation in another obvious way: for, even Son and Spirit, though Equal, instead choose to be "under" Father, in terms of Corporate Authority Structure. They waste no time in telling us this, either: Look at Their Titles! (BTW: "name" in Scripture often first means "title" or "character".) So, Infinite understanding must have 'concluded' that standing under wasn't demeaning. Heh. And why? Because if Unequal Authority, the function of Intimacy is justified. If you head a kingdom, and I head a kingdom, we are more 'intimate' with our respective Kingdoms, and thus cannot be as INTIMATE with each other. What we can do for those we rule and what they can do for us, is greater than what two Independent Sovereigns can 'do' toward each other.

Ergo, THE HUPOSTASIS PRINCIPLE, which is the core of, and governs, ALL relationships, whether animate or inanimate; among God, and with respect to everyone and everything in the universe. To wit:

Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy,
if and only if Subordination is Otherwise Justifiable.

So it should be juridically (and historically) obvious that two kings can't be allowed to be as close to each other, however much they want otherwise, as a King can be to his Bride. Conversely, even if the Bride is a Queen in her own right, equal in power (etc) to a King she LOVES, she would rather subordinate in order to BE His Bride, than be separated as Queen, on her own. Do you see the dilemma? If you love intimately but are a Ruler, you have to JURIDICALLY reconcile the RULERSHIP before you can JUSTIFIABLY reconcile the LOVE.

    RULERSHIP VS. PERSONAL LIFE KEY ==> you can't juridically justify 'intimacy' without SUBORDINATION, however much you might WANT the intimacy. And you can't justify SUBORDINATION, without a VALID JURIDICAL REASON. Because, SOVEREIGNS MUST RULE THEIR KINGDOMS -- THE RULING COMES FIRST, before Personal Interest. Love can be a valid reason, but NOT unless the intended 'superior' SHOULD, INDEPENDENTLY, JUSTLY have that role. It's a very important question in all law; and especially, in laws of governing. Many a war has been fought, billions of people have died, all history has been affected, by this rule.

    [All revolutions must somehow stake a claim that the existing government is so bad it doesn't justly have a governing role. America's revolution was unique in that there was never an underlying governmental contract, to start with. See works by Thomas A. Bailey, if you want more detail on that topic. For our purposes, the point here is that God can't justify subordination just because He Loves. For, He is also Righteous, Just, etc. So Justification must fit ALL the Attributes of His Nature for Sovereignty to want to do a thing. Here, even in the case of Love. Infinity is not divided and is Unsustained.]

So how does God solve this Problem? It seems as though God shouldn't subordinate, despite Love, for that means a surrender of Sovereignty. This question really screwed up the Church for centuries, which you can readily see if you look at the "proceed" question and the Westminster Confession (brilliant though that document is, in other ways). Church didn't have a clue. If you go into any Christian chatroom, you'll see we yet have learned nothing. So for centuries the debate continues to rage,
  • well, if Father sent the Son, is Son of inferior nature, to Father? Millions died since Byzantine times, contending to fight over that question. Instead of collaborating to find the answer.
  • Or, stupider still, If Spirit 'proceeds' from Father, is Spirit just a manifestation of God, not a separate Person?
  • Dumbest of all: Since God is "One", to say "Three Gods" is heretical. Yes, One -- but one WHAT? Surely not parts of an egg?! Gimme a break! See? Church has always been screwed up over "One", mistaking it as solely a NATURE question. They thus can't transcend to understand that "oneness" is a Judicial Office, Corporate Authority, Voluntary Question.

    Essentially, they have their understanding 'on backwards'. They think that if AUTHORITY is unequal, then NATURE must somehow be unequal. But the opposite is true: for, as we just saw, Intimacy AND Equality cannot co-exist absent subordination. Which Subordination, must have some reason other than Love, to justify CHOOSING Subordination.. So, blind to this fact, the endless Christian debate rages on, everyone calling everyone else a 'heretic', no one collaborating to FIND the answer.

    Actually, the Westminster Confession idea of "one living" God in Three Persons (i.e., in WLC8 and WSC5) is based on the Greek technical definition of Trinity as Three Hupostases, One Ousia. That Greek phrase is very accurate, apt, witty. But the terms Hupostasis and Ousia are technical; they don't port over in English. We should just transliterate them and make them part of our vocabulary, instead. For see how Westminster poorly translates them, in sections pasted from BibleWorks:

      WSC 5 Are there more Gods than one? A. There is but one only, the living and true God.(1)

      WLC 8 Are there more Gods than one? A. There is but one only, the living and true God.(1)

    As to the "proceed" problem, look at the fuzziness of what follows, and how to English eyes not familiar with the technical Greek meaning, it appears that Son and Spirit are somehow inferior in nature to Father, even though all are affirmed to be of the same Infinite nature (one substance is a play on Hupostasis):

      WCF 2.3 In the unity of the Godhead there be three persons, of one substance, power, and eternity; God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Ghost.(1) The Father is of none, neither begotten, nor proceeding; the Son is eternally begotten of the Father;(2) the Holy Ghost eternally proceeding from the Father and the Son.(3)

    Sorry, the above is sheer gobbledygook, if you didn't know the Greek behind the words they were choosing. "The Father is of none"? Come on! Son is eternally begotten? Come ON! The Holy Ghost eternally proceeding from? REALLY? Greek verb for "proceed" (ekporeuomai, i.e., in John 15:26) is a military going-forth, etymologically, so isn't at all about nature, but about authority. But do you see any of that in the English? No wonder people are confused about Trinity. This fuzzy religious junk was never updated! Oh, we should stand pat on past pronouncements and accord them holy status? NOT! I can't think of a more contradictory and blasphemous description than the above WC statements. And of course they are meant to PROVE Trinity, not deny it. But the wording DOES deny it, and has never been fixed. You are judged as a Christian to be apostate if you don't 'buy' that wording. Bible doesn't matter, by comparison. Yet the WC wording is holy and monotheistic? So God if Three Persons is not Three Gods? Yeah, God is an Egg, baby. So salvation would be a sham, Only One "of none", and the other two inferior and dependent, one begotten (how can it be eternally if a birth occurs, did anyone think of that)? And the other -- worse -- proceeding, not even a person in his own right? Yuck.

      Greek of 2Cor13:14 isn't saddled with all this blasphemy, sorry. Greek conveys Three Hypostases, One Ousia deftly by leaving out verbs (so the Nature and Identicality and Three Persons, are timeless) -- and by inserting three definite articles, each of which is monadic (=one-of-a-kind). Granville-Sharpe rule you can look up on the internet, and you'll need it here. If ONE definite article were used in the sentence, you would have ONE nature and ONE Person, which if that were here, would justify all those many who claim to be monotheistic. Can't be but ONE PERSON if One God. But this verse has THREE articles, not one. So THREE GODS, because THREE PERSONS. You are a person, I am a person, so we are two persons. Two humans. Same human nature, but two humans. Godness is not limited in any way, of course. So the Identicality of Attributes is likewise conveyed by THREE -- not one, not two but three -- definite ("the") articles. But of course, you can't see any of this in translation. You'd have to know the Granville Sharpe rule and you'd need to see the Greek text. Who bothers to do that? So why don't we know about Trinity? WE DON'T STUDY, that's why. We rely on old documents by men, instead.

      God said it best. We should say it His Way. The Bible is written by GOD. The Nicene Creed, Westminster Confession, and lots of other documents which Christians use to bash and judge each other, were written by men. So if authority matters -- WHOSE Authority is the higher? God's, baby. And you'll be a baby until His Word supercedes men's words, Eph4:14, all of 1Jn.

    So "one.. living" and "begotten" and "proceed" don't at all properly translate. Especially, since "One Ousia"; for the word "one" in Greek signifies identicality, Same, Unique, United, First. So to truncate the Greek to "one", and especially "one living", turns God into an Egg: Three Persons 'inside' something without which insidedness, They aren't quite whole. That's not what the WC means to imply; they were trying to render the Greek into the same number of English words. Same problem occurs in Bible translation: you cannot translate one Greek word into one English word and be accurate. The Greek has technical meaning, especially in the culture and in the Bible. Disaster and bona fide (ignorant) heresy result from truncated translation -- however well meaning -- as shown above.

    Religious types always appeal to authority and never consider that the authorities they rely on, would hope someone else, someday, would improve on the past. We won't do that. Makes us feel holy to stand pat, in the name of (misplaced!) loyalty. Science never advances by people digging in their heels, and faith doesn't, either.

So let's get disabused of these ancient Church conundrums about Divine Essence, [my pastor's term, but in general Christian usage also] by gathering a few legal clues, since law is a reflection of Truth; which is why all natural law, moral law, and civil law (properly derived from truth, that is) can even hang together. Hypostatically.

    SURRENDER means loss. But if you "voluntarily and without coercion AGREE" (legal term), it's not not not loss. Obviously. Because, if you gift because you WANT to, it's also not loss, but rather a USE of your sovereignty. For, the first rule of Sovereignty is, You Call the Shots. You sign an agreement: you EXERCISE your sovereignty, you don't lose it. You give a gift freely: you thus again EXERCISE your sovereignty, you don't lose it. So: if you and I set up a corporation, and you are President but I am Vice President, it 'seems' as though I surrendered authority to you. But this is not true. For, the corporation is actually based on a CONTRACT between us (called "Articles of Incorporation", in the US). It's the CONTRACT which stipulates the terms between the parties. And, of course, there's no contract ever which cannot be broken. Contracts always depend on the VOLITION of the parties freely CONSENTING to it.

    Bible's word for "contract" is often translated by the familiar term, "covenant". Contracts can be voluntarily BROKEN. So there is NO SURRENDER. So long as you WILL, you stay in the contract. If you don't WILL, you break it. No one can stop that. Of course, if broken, there would be some kind of JURIDICAL procedure (or WAR) for such an occurrence, but nothing STOPS a contract from being willfully broken. Marriage is also a contract. Again, there seems to be a surrender. But either party can break the contract. Not a good idea, but it is possible. So, as long as the parties DON'T break the contract, NO SURRENDER OF SOVEREIGNTY has occurred. How they relate due to the contract (i.e., Husband is in charge) never ever alters the fact that the parties are individually, sovereign to break it.

      Note one other thing: there is potentially a period BEFORE the contract, DURING the contract, and AFTER the contract. If, DURING the contract, something happens which CANNOT change, that same thing remains. So, if a corporation MAKES something, that something CONTINUES, even if later the corporation itself dissolved; even if later one of the parties to the contract, breaks it. So, if a person marries, even if he later divorces, he never can turn the clock back. Society might label him legally 'single', but one cannot call him "never-married". So, a person who believes in Christ can never become 'unborn-again', a never-believer. John 3's very precise language is on this topic.

Ergo, the juridical basis for Divine Voluntary Unequal Authority, can be expressed in layman's terms, as follows. Since God loves God, being Infinite Righteousness and thus Infinite Jurisprudence, God would have to JUSTIFY the Intimacy Function, in order to justify Voluntary Subordination in any kind of corporate 'contract'. God would never compromise Justice nor Sovereignty. But neither, Intimacy. So Infinite Love would Choose to Subordinate Authority. What justifies this, though? Well, it's a God-to-God subordination: the One to be in 'charge' is AS GOOD AS the Ones choosing to subordinate. So, Rulership is NOT compromised, because the Quality and Competency and Integrity of the "One in charge" (here, Father) is NO LESS than Those contractually Agreeing to have lower Corporate Authority. So: since AS GOOD AS, then Justifiable. So, NO BARRIER to the Intimate Love remains!

Note well: on the one hand, Equality of Ruler Nature prevents intimacy absent Voluntary, contractual, Corporate, Subordination; on the other hand, only only only only the Equality of Ruler Nature can justify entering into voluntary, contractual, corporate, Subordination.

    APPLICATION TO US: Now you know why Gen15:6, 2Cor5:21, Titus 3:5, John 3, James 2:26, "Body", "Church", "Bride" etc. doctrines are in Bible, heh. Principle: signatory parties TO a contract must be EQUAL, for a contract to be legally VALID. So, if one of the parties (man, for example) is INFERIOR, some 'trigger' must PRODUCE an Equality (here, belief in Christ is 'produced' by Spirit into union with Christ). Then and only then is a Contract, legally ENFORCEABLE (salvation, post-salvation covenants, etc). You can't enter into a legally enforceable agreement with a dead person, a dog, a plant, or an envelope. That other 'party' must first be CHANGED to have the Same Legal Status, as you.

    That is why in many a marriage among 'people of substance', the INFERIOR one must have a dowry or other LEGALLY EQUALIZING 'asset'. So, too, for us. Belief-in-Christ is used to CHANGE us from being spiritually DEAD, to not only spiritually ALIVE, but to have God's Own Righteousness and Eternal Life, e.g., per the legal clauses of 2Cor5:21 John 3 and 10:28. We thus share in His Nature, 2Pet1:3-4. So, for Church, Father provides us a dowry, "every spiritual blessing" (Eph1) and forever, a historical role as Body which shocks the imagination. That is why ONLY the Holy Spirit can 'run' our spiritual lives: God makes us, every step of the way. There are only and always ONE set of "Footprints": His. Again, God won't tolerate lesser-thans. So He does this to make the Bride legally ABLE to MARRY the King of Kings. (Re Sharing His Nature: You gotta think like a thesaurus. Just in searching "partakers" I found four Greek words all translated that way. This sharing is a main topic in John 17, for example, using "one". The term "in Christ" or "in Him" is yet another way of expressing the oneness/sharing. See, it's nothing less than GODNESS which got accomplished, a far higher barrier than mere sin. We should stop making an issue of sin and make an issue instead of the INFINITY problem. Everyone would admit he's not infinitely holy, right?)

    See, everyone's not thinking from the Uppermost Truth Level: you couldn't even be SAVED, if salvation didn't make you Equal to God in NATURE. It wouldn't be JUST to .. God Himself, else. So, because EQUAL at salvation, and Equal to God in Nature by His Own Decree.. that's WHY we can get Trained by the Holy Spirit, not someone lesser. Because He's in essence acting in a subordinating capacity, even though Our Superior.. which He could NOT justify doing so intimately, if not for what happened to us 'on' the Cross, theme of Romans 6 and 8. We way undervalue what Christ accomplished on the Cross, even though He's the One Who explained this transmutation-into-gods requirement, in John 10:34. It's an Infinity-finity dichotomy which MUST be solved, the 2nd prong of Rom3:23. See? Bible is plain about it, and we are just plain ignorant.

    Think: the angels weren't infinitely holy at the beginning. We know that, because Satan&Co. sinned. Adam and the woman weren't infinitely holy in the Garden. We know that, because they sinned. The Lord's Humanity wasn't infinitely holy in the beginning, either: we know that, because He COULD have sinned. So what happened? Well clearly, God's Plan was to GROW the person UP TO Infinitely Holy level. We know it worked, with Christ's Humanity, which is why He could pay for sins with His Thinking. (See Isa53trans.htm's verses 52:13,53:10-11, because you can't get that info in published Bible translations.)

    Sin compounded the problem of the dichotomy, but the dichotomy pre-existed sin. So again, note the consistency of Truth: the same depositing-of-Truth mechanism which grew Christ, can grow us. However, due to sin, we can't RECEIVE that information, since it's a breach of justice (we are technically at war with God). So we must first BELIEVE in Christ Who Did Pay, which thus JUSTIFIES our getting Divine Righteousness; so we must use 1Jn1:9 to regain fellowship, a temporal breach of justice (we've rejected God). All that remains afterwards, is the wreckage of our soul thinking. Which now is resolved in the same way Christ was grown: those Divine Deposits of Bible Doctrine in God's System. For Him, it was growth to that Level: "the Way, the Truth, and the Life." For us, it's healing and growth.. up to His Level (what a shocker verse), Eph4:13.

    God can do anything, and so He doesn't have to tolerate less than His Son. We should stop pretending to be humble and instead be truly humiliated: this exalted godness status is OWED God, so we get it. Each believer is worth a bizillion dollars. Which wealth he can't touch without learning in God's System: since only the Holy Spirit can deposit, build, and run it all. Clearly works, ritual, emotionalism are completely and utterly useless.

Of course, back in 'eternity past' (for lack of a better term), as a result of Three Equal-in-Nature, Infinite Gods entering into One Corporate Agreement (2Cor13:14's Greek -- note no verb, so outside spacetime, always true), another hupostasis gets created: OFFICE, and PERSONAL. Juridically, Officially, only as a corporation is it justifiable for Three Equals to have an UNequal relationship. "Father" is Chairman of the Board. "Son" is Chief Executive Officer. "Spirit" is Chief Operating Officer. Being CORPORATE, and OFFICE, means full Sovereignty is RETAINED, not lost, since it's based on a Voluntary Agreement to Associate in that manner. And, as we just saw, there was a VALID JURIDICAL REASON for so choosing: subordination didn't compromise Rulership, since "Father" is Equal by Nature. That, in fact, is the only reason there is no compromise.

    See, if we enter into a contractual relationship, and we do not choose to have equal roles, look what happens. A 'father-type' role I should have, you instead 'play'. So, if I don't know you 'play' as well or better than I, I shouldn't choose to not play that role. And, vice versa, for even 'low' roles are needed. It's like paying a lawyer, instead of doing the legal work yourself: you won't pay him to do it if you don't believe he'll do a better job, than you could. God, of course, can do anything. The issue God-to-God is not whether able, obviously. The issue is whether JUSTIFIABLE, as a PRINCIPLE. So even though Their Natures are such that no compromise exists if They didn't contract to be Corporate, there still must be a JURIDICAL BASIS which GOVERNS. Impartiality, then, is obeyed officially, not just actually. God Honors Truth Above His Own Name (Ps138:2, 89:14-15, etc).

    We probably think or say the words "Father", "Son", "Spirit" a bizillion times in our lifespans. But how often do we really think about what those Titles signify? In the Bible, and in most cultures as well, the 'name' given a child is supposed to indicate a wish for how that child will be. Many cultures thought that if they named their child after someone famous, he'd become famous like his namesake.

    • So, when God chooses to be "Father", that should tell us something about the Personality of "Father". Like, He wants to be 'in charge'. Like, He wants to be in charge so He can Authorize everything going to Son (Heb1).
    • "Son" means, He wants to make everything for "Father", so is Creator, and adds on Humanity to become Redeemer, too.
    • "Spirit" means He wants to be the rehabilitator, the regenerator, the 'mother'. (His Self-Chosen 'Mom' role is indicated for example via "rahaph" in Gen1:2, a mother hen brooding over her chicks.)

    So, since Each Person wants what He Wants, we can tell from Their Titles, how Each One WANTS to use His Sovereignty, His Godness. So, it's not only no compromise to set up a Corporation; it's not only NOT demeaning to be in hupostasis, "standing under" Father, but.. A Fulfillment of Self. Like my pastor often says, "just because God can do all He wants, doesn't mean He wants to do all He can will." For, God has preferences, too! He is not a computer. Maximum Aliveness. Infinite, actually. So, Infinite Desire. So, Infinite Fulfillment. Corporately. [Theologians have spent bizillions of hours trying to compile God's "Decree". Sometimes the compilations 'disagree', so people fight over whether they are sub-lapsarian, supra-lapsarian, infra-lapsarian. Well, let's forget about fighting, and first find the First Agreement, which is the basis for the Decree with respect to creation: the Trinity Corporation, 2Cor13:14!]

    Quick application to us: how do you want to USE your personhood? Certainly, not in the same way as the next person! What, do we all have to be Presidents? Bakers? Even the body wouldn't work happily if all parts have equally important functions, Paul quips in 1Cor12. So, if we were all shackled with using our equality as equal authorities, then we wouldn't have the freedom to focus on what we prefer, and we wouldn't have the freedom to forego the attendant responsibility, so instead we'd have to forego love! It's not an ability question: God has all ability, obviously. It's a personal-use-of-Self question. So, then: the 'hupostasis' of standing under Authority is not only not demeaning, but freeing! Which, because we're equals in Christ, we can forego our equality by means of having unequal authority, in favor of interests and love!

    After all, since Son and Spirit WANT to subordinate, it must be a wonderful thing. So wonderful, that Son wanted to DIE for us: Father got paid for us. SON wanted to do that. Of course, unlike the myth pandered to the masses, having authority is no picnic. It eats your life. All the goodies you get, you have no time to enjoy; your underlings enjoy taking care of them for you. Your goodies go to waste. Read any rich man's autobiography, see for yourself. So, the high guy gets to be 'low' for Christ, and the low guy gets to be high for Christ, just like James quips in James 1, and Paul, in 2Cor5, 1Cor15:8-10, Phili3:8 -- all over the place! (Paul was very rich and in the crème de la crème of Jewish society, before he converted. Allusions to the fact are all over the place: some bald ones are Phili3:8 and Acts 21:15-26 (Nazirite vows were very expensive to fund), end of Acts (Paul bought his own house). Some theologians think he was the "rich young ruler" to whom Christ spoke. If true, how ironic.) So it sure is wonderful that FATHER demands we get His Son's Thinking in us, Bible! Deposited Truth TRANSFORMS US; the one goodie you can take with you when you die and go to heaven. Much more about the enormous value of this shocking Deposit Order will follow in this webpage.

So, because Three Equal Gods contracted to have Unequal Corporate Authority, Love is now JURIDICALLY free to subordinate, WITHIN the office. Not outside the office, because the office sets the boundaries of what is juridically justifiable. For Love is not Love, unless Love For Righteousness, and it's not Righteous, to compromise Rulership Responsibility. But here, because Father is AS GOOD AS, Love is now juridically freed from any threat of such compromise. So, Their Equality has all its expressions, not just the 'distant' ones. Note how Infinity requires ALL expressions. Note how the Rulership Authority, If equal, would restrict expressions of Infinity. Note especially how "Equality" is only a good thing as a nature, but not a good thing as a corporate structure. For, Infinity would then have to impose distance, and Infinite Love therefore would be restricted in its allowable expressions. Finally, note how the AUTHORITY MUST BE UNEQUAL if the NATURE is EQUAL, for this synergistic FULL expression of INFINITY (which, like all other Attributes, 'colors' all other Attributes). That is why the Contract can only be Voluntary.

Infinity means Absolute. As in, Absolute Love. So, the "office" now wholly reflects Love Judicially, Officially, even as Justice does. So, the "personal" reflects Love, even as Subordination -- or, Ruling -- does. Intimately. So no Barrier between "office" and "personal" exists, though Father is truly "in charge", and the "office" Rules the Use of the Love. Not only within the Godhead's Corporate and Personal Association, but also, everywhere else. Such as, to the human race. For, Infinity is consistent, Immutable. [Sovereignty is saying this due to Infinity. Hopefully the reader understands that God is not some helpless collection of Attributes (like Satan accused in Gen2 by calling Him merely "Elohim"), unable to do anything about His Nature!]

    LOVE-MARRIES-AUTHORITY KEY ==> Note how the Godhead Unite Hypostatically Both Office and Personal. So, NO BARRIERS. The Unequal Authority Choices are key to corporate hupostasis. Hence, "Father Son Spirit" voluntary Corporate union reflects both the Office and the Personal Choices in Their Natures. Homeostasis, total intimacy in all respects, no compromises, and No Barriers.

    However, notice also how the Love flows. It is the MOTIVE for the Corporation; but thereafter, the Corporate "office" Governs how Love Flows. Governed, by Father. So, Son does nothing apart from Father's Will; Spirit does nothing apart from Father's Will. Now you know what "proceed" means: it's a military term, in Greek. (Which folks should have noticed centuries ago, unless they only had translations. How Blessed we are, to not be shackled by those insipid translations!) Office Rules Love. By Love's Choice. Palindrome. The Ruler is the Most Ruled, Peter's "huparchein" in 2Pet3:11.

    So, you can now understand why Adam was created as Office (Husband, Ruler of the World), and Personal (male). Isha was "built" from Adam's rib, to show God designed her to fit him (literal Hebrew is graphic). And, she too: Office, Wife; personal, female. Father, isn't just "God", but Office: Head. Son, isn't just God, but Office: SON. Spirit isn't just God, but Office: 'mother'. Obviously, They Chose to be Who They Are, but They Always Have Been Father Son Spirit. A kind of marriage. Thus we know that Equality is best Fulfilled through Unequal "office". Max Freedom, Max individuality. Max Intimacy.

    Application to us: Notice how Love is the Problem-Solver. My pastor was blown away by this discovery in 1997, and even more when he figured out in the year 2000 how 1Cor13 and a whole slew of other passages say that we get to have God's Very Own Type of Love. 1 John 4:19 makes this very dramatic affirmation: "We love, because He first loved us." Greek word "agape" ONLY means Divine-Quality Love. (Greek has other words for lesser-quality love.) Love, not works. Divine Love, not works. So Adam had no eligible works in the Garden, and we have no eligible works now. Nothing can compare to Divine Love. And only God can deposit it, Romans 5:5. Via, the Water of the Word poured into us (ibid).

      Love is a Divine characteristic (Attribute). Can't divorce Love from Truth, so if Truth is poured in us, Love is 'inside' it: Rom5:5! For Love is a Thinking, since God is Pure Thought. Pure Love then, is an Attitude. Not, an emotion. So right away you know all that religious kant pandered by Christian churches about sacrificing and works is but a lie. God solves by Depositing Truth.

      When enough of this Truth's Structure is learned, it will be a 'body' of Thinking, which the Bible predictably calls "Christ" (e.g., in Col1:25-27, Gal4:19, 1Cor2:16). Which replication of Him in us, He [Father, but Each of Them] Loves. So, we Love: "we love, because He first loved us"; and "God demonstrates His Love toward us, in that while we were yet 'sinners' [unbelievers], Christ died as a Substitute for us." Rom 5:8(corr trans). Ergo, we go from Love OF God (He's the subject) to Love FOR God (He's the object). [Objective and subjective genitive, in Greek, very clever use in Scripture. 2Cor5 has a lot of them; also Rom5:5, 1Jn2:5, many other passages.] It takes a lot of spiritual growth before this occurs: Eph3:17's level. At which point, Love craves a 'duty' to express itself. Like, going to the Cross. So, just learn Scripture under your own right pastor. There's no masochism, no sadism, in God's Love Plan.

So only because this particular Unequal Authority exists, is creation -- the universe -- justifiable. For, again, the One to be in 'charge' would have to be AS GOOD AS the Ones choosing to subordinate. So if Son makes creation FOR FATHER, then it's Justifiable to 'bond' to creation. So if Spirit restores creation FOR FATHER (first illustrated by Gen1:2ff, but more, through Christ and then mankind), then it's Justifiable. For the direct Object of subordination must be at least equal in Nature to the One who subordinates. That there may be other objects as a result, indirectly, is judicially speaking, incidental. If you think over this paragraph, you'll begin to realize the awesomeness of our so-great salvation (Heb2), and why it does not compromise God in any way; why it is, just as the Bible says, Totally God's Work: God gives to GOD; and we, the indirect beneficiaries, are blessedly necessary for that function!

Many Corollaries thus 'flow': here's a sampling.

  • This Corporate Voluntary Structure within the Godhead sets Precedence for all else. "Precedence" is a corollary of Consistency, and Consistency, of Justice; Justice, of Immutability; immutability, of Infinity.
  • So always, an interpretation must ACCORD with GOD'S NATURE. Never interpret Bible without careful analysis of what is and is not, Precedence. For, Failure to "rightly divide the Word of Truth" (KJV in 2Tim2:15 or 3:17) is a major cause of Scriptural misinterpretation.
  • When we relate to God, we do so as Equal in Nature (due to Righteousness imputation, see Rom5 and 2Cor5), but obviously Intimate, so LOWER in authority.

  • So, we are unequal in authority among each other, because we are all equal in Christ (theme of Gal3-5). By the same standard, we have few authorities, and the scope of those authorities are limited, not broad. Lord's Authority is Total. No popes or other alleged 'special' super-pastoral authorities (last 'called' apostle was Paul, see 1Cor15:1-10). Pastor's authority is only to teach you (not run your life). Husband's authority does not extend to forcing his wife to have the same faith. State's authority cannot include religious issues of any kind (see Rom13), and we are to be model citizens (ibid). Believers don't have the right to tell other believers how to live their lives -- and zero right to talk to unbelievers about how they should live. Authority over us is limited for a critical reason: We're supposed to be ruling ourselves: as you'll see, if you keep reading.

  • The Christian is not to be unequally-yoked, 1Cor7 (somewhere); don't marry someone who's an unbeliever. Probably also, be chary of marrying someone who's spiritually younger than you (depends on circumstances though, so the Holy Spirit will advise you).

  • You must choose how much of God's "Office" and "Personal" you yourself want, in relating to Him. If your choice, like most Christians, is to separate the two, your relationship with Him will tend toward sterility: either too emotional, or too officious (i.e., legalistic). Ideally, you will want to connect the two, like Christ says: "My Food is to do the Will of Him Who Sent Me." Find the 'hypostatic' connection of whatever item in your life you find troublesome to reconcile about/to/with God and/or people. For, whatever problem you have with God, will port over into the same kind of problem with people. It's the God-'end' of the problem which needs reconciliation, but sometimes you can't figure out what that is, so the people-end will give you clues.

    For example, some folks are 'different' from the crowd. The difference can be intrinsic (i.e., greater differential in intelligence, looks, way-of-thinking), or extrinsic (money, position, family background, etc). Thus such persons will feel or be isolated. Even if popular. So, the to-people problem is lack of intimacy, lack of compatibility. The second, prompts the first. So, that's a to-God problem, also. So, solve the to-God problem, not the to-people problem. What's the to-God problem? We all project onto God what we think true of to-people stuff. So here, God will seem too high, or self too low. (A big problem with talented folks is that they have too low an opinion of themselves; it's a compensation mechanism to try to fit in with people.)

      So, what needs to be done to eliminate that to-God problem? Learn Scripture. Heh. The only panacea in life, is life itself: the Real Spiritual Life, 2Pet3:18. In this case, the isolated person will at first become even more isolated, until he 'reconciles at the top', with God being Alone Important. From there, all else in life goes through the to-God relationship, and finally the to-people, will reconcile as well. Even if one remains isolated. For now the personal, is going through the Office: your office is reconciled within the relationship to God, and hence your Love, developed by all those Doctrinal Deposits, will flow out from your office, out to people. It really works, and it really takes a long time before it pays off. But very worth it.

    On a macro level, most of the human race has this idea that people-people issues constitute the spiritual life. What a crock: people are not God, are they? So they want people to be God; so Bible is misconstrued, prejudiced by those issues. So, people don't know God Himself; they think they do, but when quizzed about what they know of Him, they can only spout platitudes, like "God loves you", etc. Because, their idea of spirituality is people-defined, not God-defined. Bible has a lot of text in it which doesn't have a thing to do with morality, or praying to get something, or the rosy glow. So, folks don't know how to deal with all that material. At the end of 2Peter, Peter recommended Paul's letters, which were "hard to understand" for Peter's audience; yeah, because Paul mostly talks about GOD, and in a very sophisticated manner with people stuff only thrown in to illustrate, or as footnotes to answer folks' questions.

      Therefore, people largely elect the "office" of God to be close, but the Person of God to be distant. For, they don't bother to learn Him Personally. Or, the emotional crowd want the "office" of God distant, but the Person, close -- yet, don't want to know the Person, but only feel the person. And, that is exactly how it will be forever -- distant from God, though saved! -- if they don't wake up to the hupostasis between Office and Personal. And, that is exactly how it will be even between people, down here. That's the real answer to why are Christians falling away? Can't divorce God, and stay married to happiness.

      How do you wake up to your hupostasis between Office and Personal in God's Plan for your life? Well, keep reading, for that answer is a major theme of the webpage. Preview of coming attractions: you're gonna have to decide how much learning Him must take precedence over even all normal human concerns. No one can make that decision for you, and the amount which is 'right' depends on God's Plan for the individual's life. Some folks end up being isolated. Others, in the midst of crowds. In God's Design, both are called for. Likewise, some are to study more; others, are slated to have more of a lateral (i.e., to people) role. There's no canned answer, because we are each individuals. However, one thing is certain: the First Commandment has no "people" words in it. Instead, it's "as unto the Lord", and we'd better not kid ourselves.

Hupostasis in universe.

All the universe will likewise reflect the same Precedence, the Structure of the Godhead. And, most particularly, of Christ, the Ultimate Hupostasis. Filling all in all (Eph1, esp. last half). So let's look at how this Precedence works in the universe, so you can see how the universe unavoidably reflects the above purple paragraphs. So as, to better grasp what Bible itself, means. After all, this is a prime teaching reason why the universe reflects its Creator, just as David so frequently recounts in Psalms, and Paul explains. (Paul routinely parallels visible to invisible as a teaching technique: it's called "a fortiori", in logic. So did the OT prophets. So did Christ.)

We all hopefully learned in school that Infinity would by definition have to mean that all the 'low' is intimately united in some harmonious way to all the high, else there is no hanging-together, no integrity. It's not as though things can bond absent intimacy (contact, relationship, nearness-of-number, all other synonyms, etc). For, to the extent there is distance (opposite of intimacy), there is a lack of bonding (and thus of harmony). So True Infinity, as distinct from unending progression/ regression, is thus a static and permanent homeostasis: no barriers exist, and no barriers are needed to preserve Infinite Integrity. God's. ["Static" doesn't mean dead. Means constant, as in, "alive, breathing". Wish there were a better term, but Greek and medical term "stasis" is critical to reflect, here.]

    Therefore, everywhere you look, hupostases abound. Secular reflects spiritual. Seen reflects the Bigger Unseen. High and low. Male and female. Rich and poor. Sick and well. Negative and positive. Physics. Geology. Medicine. Specialized and generalized. Marital sex. Children. Creation. Society. Government. Faith. Economics. Politics (a struggle for union via competition). MEDIATION. ATONEMENT. PROPITIATION (to achieve union, coupling). RECONCILIATION. PEACE. REDEMPTION, the ultimate HUPOSTASIS, for if everything is redeemed, nothing is "outside", and everything has a NOBLE purpose. Even if a dung beetle. Hatred loves hating, so loves fighting, war, separation, fornication, religion. But LOVE LOVES REDEEMING EVERYTHING.

    As a result, SYNERGY runs all up and down the UNITED opposites, because now there is a united spectrum, so each item/person has a "niche", and is totally valuable for that purpose (see 1Cor12:19ff, 1Cor6, Eph4). So everyone gets more, just as what makes a "civilization", is union of specialties. If everyone was a President, who would bake? If everyone was a baker, who would determine policy? Should the baker be denied the blessing of a President? Should the President be denied the blessing of a baker? So those low, get more. So those high, get more. Everything and everyone gets more Profit. Even, God. For, were God to just stay all nicely Infinite, no hassle of finity to deal with, then LOVE is stuck with only HIGH expressions. Not Good, that Infinity Should Be Alone. [Gen2:18. That whole chapter is chock-full of wry humor. Gen3, too.]

    All this, due to what amounts to a SINGULARITY (physics/astronomy term): GOD. Please try to study that word in an encyclopedia; or, get someone to explain it to you. For now, know this: Succinctness. Everything-at-once. So condensed, "Intensive, not Extensive", as my pastor likes to say (about God's Infinity Nature). Everything (all spacetime) is 'in' it, and only an out-explosion (Greek prep ek, Hebrew min, =outside) makes for a 'big bang'. [Gen1:1 doesn't actually depict a big bang, but an instantaneous creation of the whole universe ex nihilo. "Bang" implies out from something material. That's not how it happened. Gen1:2ff is NOT initial creation, but restoration. See first part of Paradox.htm.] SINGULARITY is a great way to get a grip on what God is like. All One Big Now. Obviously, science doesn't account for why or how this 'big bang' occurred. But God Thinks, so Wills. So we can account for the why and how, due to the above text about the Voluntary Contract among the Godhead.["Singularity" is also a great way to get a grip on what the spiritual life of learning Scripture accomplishes in you. You become denser with Divine understanding, so your thinking and speech becomes more dense (so people have trouble understanding you, lol); so temptation has a harder time penetrating. So the 'gravity' on all the less dense objects -- all the rest of your life -- gradually draws everything into Singularity in you: coalescence, Col1:25-27. Analogous to a black hole. Ever more dense, until you are "Full" (Eph3:19).]

(Greek term in Inspired Bible.)

Hence, the Cross; and the Hypostatic Union, God adding Humanity to Himself so that mankind, who is behind the barrier of death, can have an otherwise-impossible-to-justify permanent relationship with God the Father; for, the Cross above all else removed all Barriers to this relationship, since by being both God and Man, Christ is Permanent Mediator-Priest to Father (Heb5-10, 1Tim2:5's Greek). Hence, the only requirement to get that relationship, is Consent; for successful mediation requires hupostasis. Both opposing parties must agree. Again, here's the central principle why: Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy, so justification for CONTACT, so justification for Salvation: if and only if, subordination is Otherwise Justifiable because the One being subordinated to (believed) is equal or superior. Here, obviously, way superior.

    God is "party of the first part" (English legal term, meaning of Gal3:20's Greek), and already demonstrated His Consent, by giving His Son (John3:16, Romans 5:8). [L. 1663. Astonishing thing about John3:16 is that the indicative mood of didomi is used with hoste: usually, hoste takes the infinitive of conceived/intended result. So God's pointedly saying this Giving wasn't merely intended, but actual; so, Unconditional. So Man's consent wasn't needed, to warrant the giving. Sovereignty and Love are stressed to the uttermost, here. Awesome verse, in Greek. Romans 5:8, in its own way, also states this Unconditionality. So no guilt is ever needed. (Added tidbit, given this overall theme of hupostasis: because monogeneis is in that verse, Bible also makes a very humorous statement of policy, which was previously expressed in Ps40:5-10 and Isa7; which is expressed at length in passages like Heb10:5-17, 1Cor6, 12.. well, all over the place: that conceiving of something doesn't make it real; Only Hupostasis is good enough, for only if Infinity Unites to finity will the Fullness of Infinity result. It's a play on birth, versus pregnancy, to illustrate Sovereignty's View of Love, Truth, Righteousness! So, not good that man should be alone, infinity should be alone, unborn/unborne. The thesauretical wordplay goes on and on and on, in Bible!)]

    But Man is the other party, so.. will man consent? "Consent", of course, requires a Valid Reason to consent, a JUSTIFIABLE BELIEF. So "Consent" occurs via Belief; else, it doesn't. Hence, Acts 16:31: Believe in the Lord Jesus, and in that moment you are forever saved (idiomatic, corrected translation of verse's Greek tenses). "Saved" means "delivered", "rescued", "spared", and a whole host of other thesauretical synonyms. The big thing it means, though, is PEACE, RECONCILIATION. You won't feel it, because it's not the body which is saved, but the real you: your soul.

    People mistakenly think sin is either a light thing, or a thing to blame on someone else, so self can preen. But sin is like splitting an atom, which results in fission, which utterly destroys a vast range of territory, leaving many if not all, hideously maimed or killed. The reason why sin is like splitting an atom is best understood if you know "derivatives" in mathematics or physics: that is, the POWER of a thing bouncing against something else is measured by the thing it bounces against. Since God is infinite power, even a teeny sin totally shatters the one sinning, because sin is a "NO" bouncing against Infinite God. Whether the person knows it, or not.

      The universe itself demonstrates this devastating effect. For, the so-called "big bang" (Gen1:1, not a bang necessarily, but an ex-nihilo WHOLE creation, as distinct from Gen1:2 and following) is a SEPARATING. Like the prepositions "Min" and "ek" (Hebrew and Greek, respectively) signify a SEPARATION WHICH CAUSES EXISTENCE (when used with "womb"), so also, FINITY by nature is SEPARATIST. So, eventually EXPANDS, and thus DIES. In short, the universe operates on the exact same principle as all biology. Viruses. Malthusian theory. Bell Curves. Start, grow, expand, die. Circle, not merely inflation or deflation. Opposites in equilibrium, uniting at the point of birth-death. Just as, all mankind will eventually become so negative to God, a Tribulation will be needed to penetrate all that "hardness" (Greek "sklerosis", from which we get "sclerosis", aka "scar tissue"). Entropy. Devolution. At some point the human tissue will be too genetically-corrupt, to justify the imputing of even one more soul to an exiting fetus.

      Just as, a corpse will swell up and eventually explode. For, Death is a going-away from God, so to speak. Slowly, or quickly. If slowly, it first swells up before it disintegrates. That's what a human being does: he grows for awhile, then slowly disintegrates. That's what the atom does, when it is split (except the destruction is initially fast). Integrity is lost due to SEPARATION FROM GOD. So, that's why DESTRUCTION occurs. So, that's why Original Sin was so destructive. For, it's no less destructive to the soul, than it is, in the universe itself. Difference is, since the soul was designed to LIVE WITH GOD, and GOD IS INDESTRUCTIBLE, the soul (unlike the universe) is indestructible. However, within itself it can be totally trashed up. Which sin, like the atom splitting, causes.

      For, what we see always reflects what we can't see. Without the many hupostases in the universe, the universe would not continue to exist, for finity of itself cannot live forever. It can expand.. but that is only a long dying, like the gases which inflate a corpse. Virtually everything in every science shows this essential Hypostatic dependence. Depicting, The Hupostasis, Christ. The universe always reflects the Character of its Creator. Whether anyone recognizes the fact, or not.

      That's why, for example, black holes exist. The light energy of the stars pulling away from the black hole/singularity, keeps those stars from collapsing into it. Thus, over time, the black hole, enlarges. Thus the galaxy expands. All this expanding would eventually mean that the galaxies would all collide with each other, and collapse back into a singularity. Same basic idea as Malthusian theory, viruses, economics: a Circular event is essentially occurring, birth-to-death. That it seems to be self-renewing within the huge timeline of this circular process, is illusive, because finity is not self-perpetuating: it degrades with every iteration. Infinity, sustains it. [Nerd Note: surely you'll need to think this paragraph over. It's not typed to urge your acceptance, but merely to expose you to the idea; exposure to ideas is all 'my' webpages ever seek to do. God needs no salesmen, and I'm not one.]

    So, every baby born through Adam at some time sins, thus shattering his soul inside. [The through-Adam connection is explained in LordvSatan2.htm, "In the beginning..Man" section. Very long, but readable, if you've time.] It can no longer function properly, though it of course remains indestructible. So it now is ruled by the proclivities it gave into. So it gets more ruled BY every other sin-nature proclivity it gives into. So, that baby needs SAVING. So, if he lives long enough to have the mental faculty of consent (i.e., must first be able to know difference between right and wrong), he thereafter needs to CONSENT in order to be saved. Just once. See how important Acts 16:31 is? See why the ONLY reason anyone goes to hell is lifelong REFUSAL to consent?

So if you've never simply believed in Christ, you can instantly be saved permanently, right this second: BELIEVE He paid for all your sins. CLICK HERE for a brief on what that means. If you've already believed, and are interested in a brief on HOW salvation 'changed' your inner being (a change you can't feel), CLICK HERE for a description of your initial, internal Salvation Attributes (due to being "born again"). Alternatively, CLICK HERE for a brief on what happened to you vis á vis God; the rest of this webpage ties to that brief. A lot of things happened, and it takes the whole Bible to explain everything.

Hupostasis, the Believer in "Church":
Priest and potential King for Father.

From that first second you believed in Christ, you were UNITED TO GOD, instead of separated from God. When Adam sinned, The Lord made this incredibly-witty comment using Gen3:22's min preposition in the Hebrew, that oh, now the man is born on his own, all by his own doing! oh, he knows everything, now! Of course you can't see that, in translation. So now, wittily AGAIN -- the second birth of John 3, reverses the separatist death of the first birth, so both deaths of Gen2:17, are REVERSED! Which you also can't see in translation (sigh here). Hence like Adam yet better than Adam, you become "trichotomous", meaning you now have a human spirit. Inside this human spirit resides God's Own Eternal Life, His (and Christ's) Infinite Righteousness. Forever. Moreover, you are a Royal Priest to Father forever, and in training to become a King within a future Federation of Kings under the King of King-Priests, Christ Himself. (Theme of 1Cor2,15; 2Cor3,2Cor5, Rom5-11, Eph1-4. Really, every book in NT talks about this change in some way. Our Priesthood is most extensively explained in Hebrews 5-10, but also passim in NT, with OT precedents from the Bridal Contract Israel refused (Israel's refusal is the only reason Church exists, Matt16:18). Clear translated verses are ones like 1Pet2:5,9, Rev1:6, 5:10.)

    As we saw in the purple text above, God is Perfect yet institutes Authority even within the Godhead to JUSTIFY INTIMACY. So too, here.

    Ergo, THE HUPOSTASIS PRINCIPLE, which is the core of, and governs, ALL relationships, whether animate or inanimate; among God, and with respect to everyone and everything in the universe. To wit:

    Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy,
    if and only if Subordination is Otherwise Justifiable.

    So it should be juridically (and historically) obvious that however much God loves us: if we reject Him, His Rulership must not subordinate to our rejection. So DISTANCE must be maintained. Hence a Royal Priesthood is needed to even justify the CONTINUING LIFE of the combatants (the world), lest -- again -- the Rulership be compromised. See Deut 9:14 and Num14:12 each in context. Due only to Moses' intercession, all of Israel was spared from God annihilating them. It's a recurrent theme, and very little studied, how God cuts out and then must graft in, starting back with Cain. All Levi was cut out because Levi cut down every male in Shechem out of revenge murder for his raped sister Dinah. Many other cutting outs: all Israel was cut out again in 2Sam7, and instead David inherited her covenant, so that Messiah's claim could juridically stand. For Israel had cut God's Head off back when it wanted Saul. So, Messiah Himself cuts the covenant (wry wordplay in Dan9:25) by being cut off, and of course His Own Kingly line had been cut off with Jeconiah, so Christ descended from David's younger son, Nathan (through Shealtiel).

    Do you see the dilemma? If you love intimately but are a Ruler, you have to JURIDICALLY reconcile the RULERSHIP before you can JUSTIFIABLY reconcile the LOVE. Hence the need to believe in Christ, Gal3:20ff. Mankind is against God. You hear it all the time, how God is supposed to be this dog, allowing man to dictate to Him what the terms of the relationship should be (i.e., that hateful, mean, judgemental, "all religions are okay" tripe). It's like expecting the gas company to reward you for paying your grocery bill. How mad would you be if your spouse slept with someone else, and expected you to reward him/her for it? Same thing.

    Whenever I hear some dingdong piously say there are many roads to Heaven as if that were a profound statement (yes, it's profound ARROGANCE) -- I must leave the room, lest my fist 'find' the speaker's mouth. LOL -- a generation ago I was training to be a diplomat, in college. Good thing I didn't go into it after graduation, huh. WWIII would have begun!

    How God doesn't smash us all to bits, amazes me no end. He really MUST love us Absolutely, or by now we'd all be coal cinders.

Here at salvation, we therefore see the Fulfillment of the Divine Trinity's 'incorporation' demonstrated. For, again: Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy, if and only if Subordination is Otherwise Justifiable. Here, it WAS justified.. by faith: Rom5:1, Eph2:8-9, plus whole books like Galatians, and Romans4-12, Ephesians and Hebrews. See, God can condescend to save us because we 'obeyed' the Gospel. Often in the NT you'll see (the Hebraism from Deut 6:4) 'obey' used for BELIEVE: for the heart of the relationship is SUBORDINATION, and subordination requires preceding JUSTIFICATION. Which, if you BELIEVE, means you see the justification. All the more, God believes in His Son's Efficacious Work on the Cross!

Of course, being newly "born again" (see John 3), you are blissfully unaware that you are now so Priestly important, simultaneously born spiritually into the Most Exclusive, Highest Royalty, in the Universe: the Godhead. But you are: 2Cor5:17-21. So, to your newborn eyes, Bible words are just a jumble of color and sound: oooh-ahhh, da-da, ga-ga, ma-ma. See the pretty toy? It's called a "Bible". It thumps nicely, doesn't it? Oh, let's also learn to nicely sound out each word. See Spot. See Spot run. See Jane. See Dick. See Dick see Jane. See Christians. See Christians see Bible. See Christians only see in Bible that Spot runs...

Welcome to the saved-but-often-DROOLING, human race. Frankly, most of what has passed for Christendom's history demonstrates that we spiritual babies rarely grow beyond the third grade (age 8). You know, the sandbox games: my-daddy-is-better-than-your-daddy (my-denominational belief-is-better-than-yours). No matter, we all have the Same Father, lol. You know: Daddy gave me this toy. It's called 'tongues'. 'Prophecy'. 'Singing.' Oh? You think that's stupid? Well (harrumph) see this Bible VERSE???? Yeah, 'seen' with third-grade eyes, which don't yet know how to read the rest of the text.

    Happily, there's a way to grow past the (baby, or elderly!) drooling stage. For surely, we aren't born again for HOLY GOD to be babies forever, lol. God's System link at pagetop is a short page giving you the Five Essential 'how-to' Elements, no matter what denomination you might be in. Doesn't matter. Part III of the "Thinking" series (also at pagetop) is an extensive briefing on What Process of Growth you can expect to go through and why, as you live in God's System. DDNA webseries (link also at pagetop) is another extensive explanation of the inner mechanics, WHAT the Holy Spirit does to your soul: it's very much like the RNA-DNA biological secular counterpart (of course, since secular always reflects spiritual).

So let's next disabuse ourselves of what "priest" means. In Bible, "Priesthood" doesn't have the goofy, syrupy connotation you see in (always-childish) religions, because the term "priest" really means "representative of God". So a better modern term would probably be, "Representative". Ambassador, really: 2Cor5:20, the same chapter which explains how we are a new spiritual species (kaine ktsis), the second we are "born-again" (v.17). You are, to those who are not priests, an emissary, ambassador, official who is closer to God, Our Lord and Savior. Who is the closest to God the Father. Whether anyone knows it, or not. God Himself (Spirit) advertises you (well, Satan&Co. will also), because how can those not priests learn how to become saved and thus priests, unless they encounter one? It's not as though everyone's panting to get into the Kingdom of Heaven, so emissaries must be sent, Matt22 parable (reverse-play on Book of Esther due to Matt16:18, which Part IVa of "Thinking" series covers at length). As you'll come to understand (below), representation down here is a minor reason why you are still here though saved; but it is one of the reasons. [Nerd note: "diakonos" is a really cool word to look up in some detailed lexicon, like Bauer et. al. Note the reference to the Greek play where the emissary (diakonos) was mistaken for a kitchen servant (again, diakonos), lol. Then there's the play "Ion", which centers on the dual meaning of "doulos", "son" and (dedicated-to-Apollo) "slave". Paul really tweaks both plays throughout Ephesians, makes much use of both dual-meaning words.]

My pastor has a neat way of summarizing this Ambassadorial role in light of our being new spiritual species (he teaches both facts stridently). I'll not reproduce his words exactly, but in gist. What he taught, I had previously learned in college and during a stint at the United Nations, to wit:

    An ambassador:
    • doesn't live for himself (see 2Cor5:14ff.),
    • doesn't provide for himself,
    • doesn't speak for himself, and
    • has his instructions in writing.
    • That means, he is to SPEAK FOR his home country, when called upon to do so.
    • Else, he just lives peaceably within his host nation.
    • He is to mediate in the sense of representing both sides,
    • but is NEVER to urge upon either his home country or his host country, POLICY.

    For this reason, the home country underwrites his financial (and other) needs. So it's always true that God will take care of you. Maybe not the way you like, but He'll do what's Best for you in all events.

    As a priest, this Ambassadorial role does include stating your own opinion, to God. You should always speak freely to God; He already knows, and you need to get close. This is the fastest way to grow spiritually, if you are otherwise in God's System. Get intimate with God as quickly as possible. People don't talk to someone they have trouble relating to. So your desire to talk with God directly will directly tell you much about your own spiritual life. Abram, Moses, David, and Christ and Paul talked to Father ALL the time; and we are commanded to do it, 1Thess5:17. Prayer is conversation, not just asking for stuff. If you want God, you'll want to talk with Him about everything. And via John 14:26, you'll learn His Answers. Hence the need to live in God's System 24/7, using 1Jn1:9 (or whatever other Element) when you catch yourself out of it.

First rule of Ambassadorship is HONESTY. Violate that, and you can kiss your life good-bye.

    Honesty is neither rude nor hedging. Watch how honest the Lord is in the Gospels. He's not nice, but abrasive: certainly not like Christians expect a 'Christian' to be! But you can tell He's honest, and loves the hearer. He's even-handed, and doesn't mince words. When we give the Gospel, we mince the Word so badly, adding verbs to "Believe in Christ".. who gets saved? We clutter up Bible with so much hedging, we spend ludicrous amounts of time trying to prove God from science, and we're not even looking at science properly -- seek the HUPOSTASES, dummies! -- so we aren't being honest. Liars always make fools of themselves, and we are liars about the Real Story, here.

    It's believe or burn, the Gospel. Stark, direct, easily remembered, easily reviled. There's a reason for that: sin destroys the soul, but no one goes to hell for sin, because Christ paid for sin on the Cross. So the "believe or burn" Gospel has nothing whatsoever to do with sin, John 16:9, Rom3:23. There are TWO problems, not just the one: first, we are not God. So couldn't be good as God, even if we'd never sinned. But we DID sin, which puts an enmity between us, so Christ put an end to that enmity, Eph2:14-15. But do we AGREE to that solution? God did, Gal3:20. But do we? For there are TWO parties in a Mediation, Gal3:20ff. So do we consent as God does: Yes or No. Yes, we believe. No, we don't.

    But we Christians don't give that message. We're kinda embarrassed, and we don't know the Word at all. We're too busy crusading about sin and good deeds. So, instead we clutter up the Word in our misrepresentations, and make an issue of sin; often calling "sins" which aren't sins, mangling the Word at every turn. Classic proof, millions of so-called 'Christians' call abortion murder, but Exo21:22 even in the Catholic translation (Douhay-Rheims) proves otherwise, that the fetus is not even a person. So why do we so mangle the Word? Because WE ARE BAD AMBASSADORS, making stinks about stuff which bothers US, rather than properly representing our Home Sovereign, Whose Book makes it plain sin is not the issue, but Matt22:42, "what think ye of the Christ?"

An Ambassador is a living, breathing, Representative of his home country, 1Jn4:17, John 14:9, 17:24. There is NO room for subjectivity; there is NO room for the Ambassador to act on his own. For, the trust given an Ambassador, unlike probably all other kinds, is that he faithfully represents, with ZERO insertion of his own opinions. Like a translator, the Ambassador must be ACCURATE. Not, God's salesman, for that demeans Holy Sovereignty. Not, sloppy representation, for the same reason. Not, sloppy interpretation of his instructions (Bible) for the same reason. Precision. Protocol, strictly followed.

    Being a diplomat is kinda like being a fireman. You do a lot of waiting around, and you seem to be constantly engaged in smaller stuff. But baby, when a crisis hits you'd better be on your game, for with the slightest off move, relations tank. So in the calm times you are constantly monitoring, practicing, polishing, cementing relations on both sides, and your vocabulary the entire time is very precise, very measured, always civil, with specific buzzwords like "concerned" standing in for much stronger, veiled threats. It's a truly hard, quite annoying job. You cannot ever be spontaneous, but must always act 'natural'. For distrust hovers around you, like those pesky no-see'ums during a mid-Wisconsin summer night. The bugs are everywhere, and you can't swat them.

    It's the closest thing to a hupostatic 'job' one can have. Always dual-edged, always in a kind of limbo; always stops just short of only one 'side' in every level of relationship, analysis, discourse; yet your loyalty to the home country must be always beyond question -- especially, in the eyes of your enemies. And you have many enemies, due to your office. It's a queer unbalanced, twilight status. Hence the importance of honesty. For you could so easily be a traitor to either side, so both have to trust you; either side, seldom does. Very precarious, this diplomacy thing. You could be toasted in nothing flat.

God's Rule for Representation is but one: that you KNOW THE BOOK and live on it, 24/7. Else, shut up. Have you noticed how life is really, a war of words? The more you know the Book (and oh you will be tested) the more you can talk. Frankly, there comes a point where you know the Book too well, so you have to shut up. People can't take it. Notice how the Lord talked in parables, all the time. Every time He said something, people had a huge problem with it (i.e., read John Chaps 5-11 in your fav translation). When you represent the King of Kings, your hearers incur a LIABILITY for having heard you. So you should say as little as possible, and really shouldn't say anything you don't already KNOW God wants you to say.

    SpirTips.htm is a short list of bullets (about 12 each) on tips which show how to maximize learning the Book; and how to make dung out of the Book. Pretty important stuff, all nondenominational, etc.

    Of course, as a spiritual baby you can only SLOBBER, officially; so, when you read Bible you can only see slobbering meanings, and even they run down your chin. So you'll tell people to invite Christ into their lives, to receive Christ, to have a heart belief, and all manner of totally inaccurate 'gospels'. You'll think that life with God is prayer and works, and God solving your to-life problems with some miracle or other; rather than, learning and living on the Word (your instructions in writing); you'll tell people about how YOU feel about God, and you'll FEEL all the time! (Which, as we just saw, is NOT what an Ambassador should do.) You'll sing, you'll cry, you'll speak in tongues, you'll do the goofiest things: things you'd NEVER do, even as an unbeliever! My pastor loves to burlesque us new-borns: Here I was, a RATIONAL unbeliever, but the moment I believed in Christ, bing! I became, WACKO! What happened, here? See? God isn't kidding in 2Cor5:17 when He says you are a new spiritual species, due to the imputation of Righteousness from Christ's Saving Work on the Cross (v.21).

    Christians learn to screw up the Bible early; and they keep messing it up the rest of their lives, lol. Flashcard knowledge of Bible is no knowledge at all, but we all praise flashcard knowledge as if you could USE it! Wisdom requires discernment, and all the knowledge on the planet doesn't give you an ounce of discernment. God's Book requires God's Power, and if you're not living on His Power you'll mangle Bible as if you were a five-year old. So: as you read what follows, examine how adults promulgate similarly-mangled ideas about God like tongues, prophetic utterance, etc. The whole stress on what happened in Acts is just like the funny stuff you'll enjoy below.'s an exerpt from an email I got entitled "Bible Exam"; it's a compilation of how kids in Bible class answered questions put them about the Bible (untouched answers, don't get riled about innuendoes kids didn't know):

      "3. Lot's wife was a pillar of salt by day, but a ball of fire by night.
      4. The Jews were a proud people and throughout history they had trouble with the unsympathetic Genitals.
      7. Moses led the hebrews to the Red Sea, where they made unleavened bread, which is bread without any ingredients.
      8. The Egyptians were all drowned in the dessert. Afterwards, Moses went up on Mount Cyanide to get the ten ammendments.
      10. The seventh commandment is thou shalt not admit adultery.
      11. Moses died before he ever reached Canada. Then Joshua led the Hebrews in the battle of Geritol.
      12. The greatest miracle in the Bible is when Joshua told his son to stand still and he obeyed him.
      13. David was a Hebrew king skilled at playing the liar. He fought with the Finklesteins, a race of people who lived in Biblical times.
      14. Solomon, one of David's sons, had 300 wives and 700 porcupines.
      16. When the three wise guys from the east side arrived, they found Jesus in the manager."

    Not to worry. Even that One born was born as a Baby, too: see John 3:16, Heb1:3-4 and 10:5, three of the most wonderfully triumphant-yet-wry passages in all Scripture's Greek. [John 3:16 plays on hupostasis via Attic Greek (Drama, Classical) doublings: two purpose clauses, and two objects in the hoste clause, Attic-Greek object-and-result, so there is no mistaking that Son was always Deity. Those who mistake the double accusative for koine's mere "apposition" usage really miss a lot of treasure, here, just as they miss it in Eph1:7, Col1:14. Four, of course, is the Biblical number of completeness, and hina is the blending of purpose-and-result. Fabulous: how many doublings, pairings, matings, bondings, baptisings, unitings..endless begettings from this Hupostasis, Union. The same wordplay is in Heb1:3 (which actually has the word hupostasis) and especially 10:5.]

REPEAT: You are a Crown Prince-Priest, in Training to Become
a King-Priest under THE KING-PRIEST, Jesus the Christ.

Now, let's examine WHY you are a King-Priest in training, instead of merely a Royal Priest.. since that potential for Kingship, is THE reason you are still living down here on Earth. See, though you start out a slobbering spiritual baby, nonetheless you are in training to progress in this Royal priesthood by means of Learning Scripture under the Filling of the Holy Spirit, to the upper-echelon levels: kingship, for the King of Kings [yet another moniker for Christ].

    Many people have believed in Christ in history; in the OT He was known by other names, since He had not yet added Humanity to Himself. Therefore, in eternity there will be a lot of people. Since we are finite and of course all vary from each other, this eternity will be hierarchically-structured for best SYNERGY. Just as the Godhead do not choose to have Equal Authority despite Their Equality of Nature, so also in eternity we will have an equal nature.. but will not have equal authority. In our case however, the inequality of authority will be due to an unequal CHOICE we've all made down here as to how close we wanted to be to God, post-salvation. For it has always been true that in order to be close to God, you needed to learn God. Most wanted goodies, not God, so didn't learn His Word in whatever form it had been communicated in the past. So there will be Kings who did learn Him, and that's why they are kings. However, Kingship and authority in heaven and in eternity don't have the lord-it-over arrogance that sometimes characterises authority down here. Rather, Kingship in Heaven and in eternity means throw-down: see how those angels act, in Rev4. See how Christ Acts, who Gave His Life as a Substitute for sin, Rom5:8, John 10:15-18.

    Again, THE HUPOSTASIS PRINCIPLE is the core and Governor of ALL relationships, whether animate or inanimate; among God, and with respect to everyone and everything in the universe. To wit:

    Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy,
    if and only if Subordination is Otherwise Justifiable.

    So it should be juridically (and historically) obvious that since we all are different, and we all UNequally choose to know God, we will be UNequally COMPATIBLE WITH God. Ergo there must be a hierarchy, for both freedom and happiness WITHOUT sin.. to freely occur. God doesn't force us to be sinless. There is a structure of understanding which preserves the freedom which we'll have: for God freely never sins based on what He Knows. So we will love not sinning, because we will be too busy loving, period. Just like Him, 1Jn3, 1Cor15, Heb2, many other passages. We are made just like Christ. But that doesn't mean our ability to PROCESS will be some cookie-cutter thing. We made decisions down here, which SHAPE how we decide things. So the perfection doesn't undo our soul-shaping decisions. Nor, our soul sizes. For absent the Word growing in you, your soul shrinks. But small can be perfect and free. Any size of soul can be perfect and free. But not, equal.

    Do you see the dilemma? If you love intimately but are a Ruler, you have to JURIDICALLY reconcile the RULERSHIP before you can JUSTIFIABLY reconcile the LOVE. Even, in eternity. Nothing is magic, in God's Plan. Only Satan&Co. sell magic. Magic (i.e., all religion, no exceptions) is just hallucination, nothing more. The fruit on that Tree was supposed to magically make the woman and Adam like God. Yeah, right. Those two Perfect Geniuses actually BOUGHT that lie? Well, why do so many geniuses buy the current versions of it today (evolution, ecumenical religion, philosophy, wealth, fame, you-name-it)? [No set can contain itself: hence evolution is impossible, ecumenical religion is unholy, philosophy runs in circles, etc. Every daft idea ever promulgated is based on a claim that a set can contain itself. Test that assertion, see for yourself. Satan was even duped for the same reason, see Isa14:13-14, the quintessential anti-math claim that a set of attributes can become bigger than it is, of itself, ex nihilo.. as if a set could contain itself.]

So the reason there is unequal authority in heaven, is to make LOVE synergize best. It's always and only about Love, God's Will Attribute toward Truth. See, it's not magic, but Omnipotence. God can bing us all right now! and make us whatever. But the MEANING would change. So, to maximize Truth's playout, He'll never gerrymander it. People who choose hell -- separation from God can only be bad, since God is good -- well, they get that. But God KNOWS it forever, so it's not as if He's not 'suffering' the Knowledge Infinitely. Knowing is true suffering, never feeling. Body is mindless, just sends up signals, and we hallucinate feeling as something important. But God infinitely knows. So Much Does He Love Truth that all knowledge of hell doesn't even dent His Integrity. So He won't take some quick way out, though He can obviously do so at any moment in time. So only Absolute Love can account for such Integrity. Love for Truth. Hence, Love for us. All of us.

So now watch how the Trinity Corporation's hupostasis principle 'plays' yet again: Subordination to Authority, Faith in Christ, has been made Judicial Justification for Intimacy. So now a Higher, Post-Salvation Level of potential intimacy is created: Kingship. Salvation is a Floor of Intimacy, 1Cor3, founded on Christ. But that's baby-level. What upward inheritance can there be, Phili3:14's tes anw klesews, lit., "the Upward 'Call' of [further] Inheritance"? Well, look: Further Subordination to Authority can now Justify Greater Intimacy: if and only if, subordination is Otherwise Justifiable. Which it is, since Christ went all the way UP to the Cross. So we can now Grow Up to His Stature, the Shocking High level of Eph4:13 (look it up, most translations 'got' the "stature" clause right).

    When it comes to Bible, I'm pretty good with reading foreign languages, so long as I'm breathing 1Jn1:9; else I'm a brainout. For my pastor taught the whole congregation from the original-language texts of Scripture, not translations. I had language training in high school and college, too. So among the translations, look -- in German (my weakest), Portuguese, Latin, French, Spanish and English -- all these versions which usually are so screwed up, amazingly get right, the meaning of that "stature" clause in Eph4:13. That's a rare thing, for part of a strategically-important verse to be aptly translated. Usually the strategically-important verses are mangled, reversed, fuzzed over, etc. For example, Eph4:11-16 is among the most mistranslated verses in the Bible, perhaps only Heb11:1 is more mangled. But here, the "stature" clause in 4:13, is well-nigh perfectly rendered as to its meaning, in EVERY translation I can read. Wow. [Eph4 is horribly mangled, but that clause is usually right. Eph41216.htm has details. Shorter quick translation is in RightPT.htm, scan the links at pagetop for the short translation you want.]

    Being an intellectual adds nothing to Scriptural learning. Yes, you must be disciplined as an academic, but the power is the Holy Spirit's, alone. So no one however 'low' in human terms is unable to get Bible in ANY language, because the Holy Spirit knows ALL languages. So no one, however 'low' in human terms is prohibited from becoming a King, in God's System. Think of it as the Real Upgrade on the temporary 'gift of tongues'. Really, it's the oldest promise in the Bible, to know God intimately, to get the 'language' of His Thinking in you so "you have no need of anyone to teach you", as John wryly puts it in 1Jn2. See, you KNOW, so it's not something new. You know FROM GOD, so you have no handicaps to hamper learning. So the only reason a person does not know.. is he didn't want to learn. So the only reason people are unequal in eternity, is because they didn't want to learn, down here. All excuses, all barriers, were removed at the Cross.

    So look how inexcusable is our ignorance: for here in Eph4:13, millions upon millions of people can read and thus know its import. Granted, the REST of the verse is utterly demolished in translation, but NOT the Stature clause: it's nearly perfectly rendered! Don't you see it, too? To His Own Level, it says! What the heck are we doing, running around with our revival rallies, healing/tongues/prophecy nonsense, rituals, taboos, sing-alongs and even potlucks? Isaiah 53:10-11 in the LXX is being incorporated by reference there, meaning that what Truth He learned to make the Cross successful, We Get Too. Same thing! Same "measure", apportioned from Him into us, and then we are apportioned to Him (wry circular wit running throughout Isaiah 53, see Isa53trans.htm). So what the heck are we doing, working or singing or anything but learning Our Diplomatic Job? Incredible.

    Sure, even a cup of water given in the Lord's Name will get a reward. A $50.00 Gift Certificate is a reward. Yeah, and so is a kingdom full of wealth and all the people to run it for you.. forever. Which reward do you imagine fits someone who learned to think like Christ?

Note how this works Two Ways: you won't subordinate to the Royal training unless you yourself see justification: so we aren't submitting, aren't learning, aren't growing, but wasting our lives away. Ergo: nor will God 'subordinate' to BLESSING you (beyond de minimis levels) if you REFUSE the Training. For, if you refuse, you refuse the Holy Spirit, Who is Equal to Father.. You subordinated via faith in Christ, Who is Equal to God: and thus you were permanently saved. Now, for this Greater Inheritance of Intimacy -- close to Him forever At His Own Maturity Level! -- you must subordinate via faith in Father's Order that you be trained, so it ends up meaning you subordinate to the Spirit, Who Father wants to Train you. Ergo: no subordination, no intimacy. No blessing. No tickee, no washee.

    What irony. Subordination means Intimacy can be granted, so because you subordinate you get the 'job' of actually knowing God intimately. Whoa. It's Righteous, too: you can't very well learn how to be a king under the King of Kings, until and unless you KNOW Him! Frankly, this is the ONLY reason to want salvation, imo. Everything else is a hassle, but knowing Him is Heaven!

    Again, "hupo" means "under". Greek noun "stasis" means "standing". So you have to be standing under, to get understanding. Once you understand, you'll stand under only with repeated practice. Kingship is all about repetition. So too, diplomacy. The thinking skills must become INGRAINED. My pastor 'got it' about repetition, and for 53 years until he retired, he repeated until we all thought we would vomit. Yeah, and his repetition saved my life so often I can't even count the times, anymore! Repeat repeat repeat shenayim again over and over and over and enough already and over and think it again. For it's a LANGUAGE you are learning: God's.

    WHAT you need to get trained in, is the Bible itself, so that its THINKING PATTERN becomes your own. You learn to think like a lawyer by learning law. So you learn to think like Christ, by learning the Word He learned. It's that simple, conceptually. But the Bible is rich in meaning, and you never can just gloss over it. Look at a diamond tilted one way, and you see a particular kaleidoscope of color; but shift the position ever so slightly, and an entirely new 'picture' comes into view. So the same verse in Bible has MANY layers of meaning, not just a few. You use the verses like math: read any NT book, watch how they all do that. Lawyers do this, as well. You take parts of principles and add them; parts of whole doctrines, add them, shift parts around, see how the answers change. Like law, like math. In short, not like a peasant, not like a drooling baby who sees "tongues" were spoken in Acts and therefore thinks his gibberish is the same thing.

    A heart surgeon has less learning to go through, than you do. This is God's Word, not a baby blanket.

      Bodies alone have emotion: body needs some way to feed back to the soul, what it experiences, so the soul can make a decision what to do. The body, including the brain, is nothing but a bundle of biological material which is 'run' by the soul; this 'running' is an interface whereby the soul transmits immaterial thought which the brain converts into material impulses, akin to binary code in a computer. So the body itself, is no more alive than some diffenbachia tree in a fancy lobby. Ever. Forget worrying about human cloning. The human being is his SOUL, never biological tissue. (Of course, your big hint this is true: a dead body can be wholly intact but just STOPPED functioning. Heart or brain just STOPS. True cause of death is always the exit of soul from body, viz., Acts 5:5 and :10. We just assign quasi-magical causes to it, like cerebral hemorrhage, etc. Flat EEG is true death.)

      So there's no such thing as "feeling" spiritual. God is Pure Thought, as we saw earlier. So spirituality is a Thinking: Christ's. And Christ paid for sins with His Thinking, so guess how much thinking you have to learn?

Obviously this Training, like salvation, requires Consent. God never coerces. But unlike salvation, this training requires Continuous Consent. Historically, well over 99% of Christians do NOT give this consent, which is the only reason why the Rapture has not yet occurred. Again, since SYNERGY is the reason for unequal authority in heaven, there is a "ripeness-in-numbers" criterion to the completion of the Body of Christ, so that heaven really will be heavenly. Few rulers, many ruled, all happy because BALANCED. Hence, the Rapture for Church occurs when this BALANCE has been achieved. The more who reject Christ post-salvation in a given generation, the more "ruled" there are, so the more "rulers" there need to be, to get that balance. So when the last King for the Body has been completed, the Body has been completed. For Kings are always few: "great ones", in Isa53:12.

    The last section of this webpage has a brief on this cause for the Rapture; Part IV of the "Thinking" series (link at pagetop) covers it extensively (very long). Here, let's just focus on the difference between the one-time consent of John 3:16 believed, versus the ongoing consent required to train for your potential Kingship. Before you were "born again", you weren't breathing, spiritually, so that first consent GOT you a spiritual life. But now, you are spiritually alive. Before you were "born again", you weren't a viable spiritual being. But now, you are. Being. Being in GOD. Being, is a 24/7 forever existence. Made spiritually-born, via the mechanic illustrated in Titus 3:5. Because you died in Him 2000 years ago, positionally (theme of Romans 6) so now you Live forever IN Him. (Ibid, and 2Cor5.)

    So now, you have a new life, and a new potential. So now, being alive, your consent determines how that new life will be. So, it's an ongoing thing, not a one-shot "birth". It positively drives me crazy to know that all this is but a VOTING question. Voting to know God. Voting to know His Word. Over and over and over voting, each time the Holy Spirit says YES, just like He did that first time, saving you. Even the stupidest person can vote. Even the smartest person can vote. To vote for God, only God can answer. So those who become great, are never great of themselves. And those greater than them humanly, are far lower, forever.. solely for NOT voting. That's it. Not how good you are, not your ancestors, not your culture, your morality, your looks, the world's praise of you, nuthin'. Outhen, Attic Drama Greek, for not a dang thing. Only the voting, makes you great in God's Eyes. And anyone can vote for God...

    It drives me crazy, because I absolutely detest the idea of being superior to someone else. I'd rather be mopping the floors or digging out muck in Calcutta sewers, an Untouchable. For being UNDER authority, is happiness. Being in charge, is hell. But noooo.. if I wanna be close to My Dread Lord -- the Absolute Love of my life, can't tolerate looking at life without Seeing Him 24/7 -- but noooo... if I wanna be close to Him, I gotta get high. From Him. To Him. For Him. Through Him. All prepositions, Him. ACK!

    For with God, it's always about uniting your worst nightmare with your dream come true. Understand that now, and your life will make much more sense to you, why God always pulls the rug out from under you. It's the PLAN, for crying out loud: look at Abram, Moses, David, Christ and Paul's lives!

    Now you know the REAL reason why 99.9% of Christians don't "finish the course" as Paul puts it. You always have to 'marry' your worst nightmare, at some point. It's personally tailored to you: Part III of the "Thinking" series covers this growth problem in excruciating detail. So know this up front: you study your brains out doing nothing for years, just like Christ did. Then you get in progressive cycles, testing so that you will come to embrace what for YOU is your worst nightmare. Conversely, if you reject the spiritual life in God's System, you get the SAME thing. For you are part of Him. So you share in everything He went through, down here. That's Love. But it don't feel good, k? And you cain't live without it, neither...

The Training System is now exponentially upgraded due to Christ being Seated and Ruling, theme of the Book of Hebrews: the Mosaic Law, is obsolete (Heb7:18, 9:14-15, 10:9, etc). But the essential Five Elements have always been the same, and you learn to live them the rest of your life: God's System link at pagetop (GodSystem.htm) is a brief on these Elements. If you privately and seriously 'do' the Elements for a month, your spiritual life will skyrocket, and you'll be able to prove it, too. [Well, maybe two months, since it usually takes at least 28 days to establish any new habit. God has a System, and if it's His System, He'll demonstrate its efficacy to you, so you know you're not hallucinating or wasting your time.]

    It's not a denominational thing: it's a PRIESTLY thing. For that's who you irrevocably became, the first nanosecond you believed in Christ. For the spiritual life is about LEARNING, never earning. WORD, never works. Only the WORD works, main theme in James (always horribly mistranslated). [God's Head gets chopped off in translation. In the Greek James actually wrote, all the works verbs are Divine, as are the nouns. James cleverly uses features of the Greek language at that time to show the fallacy of man's works, proving that only the Word works -- which Word, his audience wasn't learning, but forgetting, in favor of eyes-on-people, including works. But since God's Head is cut off in translation, it looks like people are supposed to DO works. Satan&Co. never miss a chance to use our sin nature proclivities to glorify man, lol.]

    Most Christians only want to thump or chirp their Bibles, and don't learn at all what it says; so they are voting many a big NO! So "no" higher inheritance will be theirs. Hence you'll see many very surprised people showing up in heaven.. clueless. For the FIRST time they begin to learn Who God Really is. But they were supposed to learn while down here, Rom12:2 (Greek, always mistranslated). They were TESTED and usually flunked (1Jn5:16), so didn't die happy (whether others could know that, varies). So this whole God thing is utter news. They only knew God as a Three-Letter-Word you sang on Sundays. So they are Headless, and need Rulers.

Note the hupostasis: on the left side of salvation, you consent but ONCE; that gets you in the door, and the door LOCKS BEHIND YOU. On the right side, you have to consent all the time, for the training is 24/7, like breathing. As in, Holy Spirit. [Bible frequently makes this kind of pun, for in Greek, as in Hebrew, the word translated "Spirit" (God) also means breath or wind: idea that you're not living, if you aren't in fellowship with God. Great wordplay.] Doesn't matter if it's slobbering, or mature consent, so long as you AGREE. In fact, for a good bit of your Christian life, you WILL slobber, as indeed most Christians around you. Not to worry.

Here's what to worry about: this training cannot be undergone in a state of carnality (a "no" to God is operative -- see 1Jn1:9), for it takes (unfeelable) Divine Power to train you. So to get crowned, you train as Christ did:

For Christ is
the Way, The Truth, and the Life.
So, His Truth is supposed to be "in" you.

(Main theme of 1Jn. See 1Jn1:8-10 -- use KJV, but "cleanse" s/b "purify")
Note that well: the Truth in you, not works from you.
Which requires learning Scripture under your right pastor
and being consistently 'online' with the Holy Spirit, not offline.
Which, after some years of the Holy Spirit Building Truth in you,
results in "Christ in You, the Confident Expectation of Glory." Forever.

    So you start at the bottom of the spiritual-growth 'hill', with a spiritual maturation 'summit' goal of Phili1:21. At which point, you are full of His Thinking, Eph3:19. Hence you Glorify God, Eph3:20, 2Pet3:18. See? You are made EQUAL at the new birth and thus have a new goal: subordinative coalescence. To grow up in His Same Love. At which point, you capture and KEEP the "high ground" (my pastor's term), and thus vest in your Kingship forever.

    [See Col1:25-27, Eph3:15-21, 1Pet1:8, Rom12:2-3, Heb12:2, all "riches..Glory" verses. 1Jn4:12-17. Also compare John 1 and 14 to 1Jn1:6-10, too: Spend the whole day diagramming the 1Jn1:6-10's clauses, if you value your life at all. For example, in 1Jn1:9, Greek verb homologew (pronounced ho-mo-lo-GEH-o) is a courtroom legal procedure verb where the accused admits his guilt before the judge (Father, here). So it doesn't have the emotional connotation that "confess" means today, and you don't say/think it toward another human, since only GOD is Judge. Word dates back to oldest Greek times. You'll hear a slobbering Christian chirp, "Homolegeo [literally] means 'to say the same thing'" -- yeah, because you AGREE the accusation against you is accurate, dummy. Sheesh. A little Greek knowledge is SUCH a dangerous thing. See how Adam and the woman handle that admission in Gen3. See also Ps32:5 and 66:18. Also, look up all gold, gem or stones verses, and compare them to all wood verses. See the hilarious Isaiah 44:8ff, a long analogy on how man's efforts are INSANE, analogy of wood used to make idols. You'll see the latter is human nature and its production, which is burned at the Bema in Rev4:1 (actual Rapture's scene and aftermath), and 1Cor3. ]

The Lamb of God [Title for Christ in Bible] depended on the Spirit in order to grow up and go through the Cross, rather than depending on His Own Power as Son or Perfect Human, thus becoming "The Way, The Truth, and the Life". [Examine 1Jn1:6-10, "by..Spirit" verses to see this fact; but see especially John 1,14-17, 1Cor2; see Eph4:5, 4:11-16, 4:23 in Greek, because those verses are always greatly mistranslated, as is much of 1Cor12-13 (i.e., translators missed what kind of Greek Paul writes).] So your slobbering or strength is likewise totally and completely irrelevant at all times, even and especially when you are "Filled" [with power, not emotion] by the Spirit. (See Eph5:18 and other "Spirit" verses. Compare to all "flesh" or "old man" or "body" verses, especially in Paul's epistles, for Paul traces out the dynamics in detail.)

So "Carnality" means you refused God's Power, in favor of your own.
So you are royally punished, until you use 1Jn1:9 again.
For it's bigger than sin, to refuse 'Mom', the Holy Spirit;
Who Alone constructed Christ's Thinking on the Cross.
For on that Cross, Christ became Bigger than ALL sin.
So to refuse the Holy Spirit, is also to refuse Christ.
Works and other body stuff
only INCREASE such blasphemy.

So if you refuse to learn your Royal Role and grow up in it, you have refused to be filled up with Truth. So, you instead get filled up with Punishment. Rank has its privileges. But also, its responsibilities: "to whom much is given, much is expected."

    It should be immediately recognizable that since Christ died for all sins ON the Cross, we aren't judged for sins. That would imply His Work was a sham. God never impugns the Cross: only slobbering babies do (not meaning to, of course). Not even the unbeliever is judged for sin: see John 16:9, and Rev20:11ff -- their ergon, meaning "good deeds" are judged. For, "concerning sin, because they have not believed in Me" (John 16:9, operative clause). So, the unbeliever's name is not in the Book of Life (blotted out, really, but English masks that in the tie-in verses of OT). So, all he has to offer, IS his works. But, notice how sins are not mentioned. See? God is consistent. Precedence. Sin WAS Judged on the Cross, so it's not judged anymore.

So, for what are we all punished? For Refusing God's Terms. True, punishment will mimic or pun the type of sin which provoked the Rejection of His Terms, but it's the Rejection, not the sin itself, which remains punishable. Note how John 3:36, 16:9, and Heb12:5ff are temporal. Note all the judgements and other replies in time, how they 'match', in some way, the wrong done. Matt7:1-2 comes to mind as a principle. (No exceptions, either -- see Heb12:5ff. Just because you don't see someone you know is sinning getting slammed, doesn't mean he isn't. The worst punishment is IN the soul. For, a sad soul can't enjoy whatever he has: see Num11:6, Ps37. I hope you never in your lifetime 'see' the soul of a person who is being Divinely punished. It's a worse 'sight', than Auschwitz. My pastor explains the Hebrew of Ps32:1-5 is almost too painful to even read.)

More: if we are rejecting God's Terms, and sin was judged, we're still doing other stuff the meanwhile. So, to put it like Paul does in 1Cor3, we are also judged for our works. God is consistent. Are our works man-made? That's burnable (wood is nearly always a metaphor for man's nature/power, in Bible). Are, by contrast, our works God-Made? That's gold, silver, precious stones, Rewardable. For, "My Words will never pass away." One of the most frequent types of metaphors for Word of God is monetary/financial. [English Bibles usually cover up the monetary/financial verbs (some kind of aversion to wealth in the translators), but they seldom mask the nouns (except "fruit" is a monetary word, meaning profit). You can look up these metaphors pretty much anywhere in the Bible and see even in translation how God uses them. If you have trouble understanding why it's His Thinking which is the meaning of spirituality, get a Bible software program which has the Greek text. Many are free on the web, because the Greek text is public domain. Then, in whatever other Bible you use, find every Gospel usage of "my words", and compare which Greek word is used. You'll see two greek words for "words": Logos, which is the Quintessential Name of Christ in the OT, which is the biggest reason why John's Gospel begins as it does. Then there's "rhema", which means Teaching of the Word from a Teacher. Christ uses this word in Matt4:4. He also uses it in Luke 12:47-49, and in context that passage is bald proof of the importance of apprenticing (="mathetes") under a teacher-master (="rabbi") in knowing the Word. That has always been and still is the way you learn the Word. You go to school, the local church (=synogogue, in OT). Every Jew knew it was all about the Word, in the OT: Deut6:4 is chanted every Saturday all around the world. Isagogics always matter, when you study Bible, and these are the only isagogics regarding how you get the Word, IN the Bible.]

So it's really true that no good deed, goes unpunished. God-deeds, not good deeds, are God's. So when we opt for good deeds, we are REFUSING God's Deeds. Bad move.

See, being Royal is a very precise thing. Takes a lot of downtime, to learn God's Script in God's System.

So we are all punished for the same reason as the unbeliever will not be saved: Depending on our own power. We REFUSE the Holy Spirit's God-Made Diamond Deposits of Deliciously-Divine Doctrine, so Bamo! we get spanked, down here. So at the Bema! we will be very ashamed. So, Ouch due to ouk! (Greek word for FACT of "no") -- until we use 1Jn1:9, that is, which removes "all wrongdoing". (Corrected translation at end of that verse -- Greek word is adikia, and is specially used, throughout Bible; in OT, in connection with Temple. The "Bema", is a dais on which a Judge/Ruler/General sits to hear a case, give a reward, etc. The Rapture Bema is depicted 'live' in Rev4:1. We're the "sea of glass". Trace the way Bible uses "sea" and "glass" (really, reflection, mirror).)

Which makes sense: if the BIG reason for not going straight-to-Heaven after faith in Christ is to train to become a KING, and only the Spirit can do that Training in us, then.. we are punished for REFUSING The Training, not for sin itself. Sin is merely how we justify refusal. This fact cannot be overstressed. Bible reserves the most vile language for this refusal. Peter calls this returning to vomit at the end of 2Peter. Paul calls it drunkenness and all kinds of horrible things in 2Tim2:26-3:7, Phili3:18ff. (Greek rips you apart.) In 1Cor4:8 you see baldly the issue is training, for the Corinthians were priding themselves on 'having arrived'. So Paul uses blazing sarcasm in that verse. NIV manages to convey the flavor better than other English versions, maybe.

    See, in that Godhead Corporation, Spirit Elected to have a sort of motherly role; Bible is very keen to show His Handiwork. Spirit restored the Earth in Gen1:2 and following (after Satan&Co. trashed it up, according to my pastor's many hours-of-teaching on tape): Gen1:1 was an instantaneous creation by the Son, for Father. So, there's an undefined gap in time between the two events. So, people don't realize the Spirit's Self-Chosen Rehabilitation role, and thus don't understand how serious a problem it is, to NOT use 1Jn1:9 like breathing. However, see Col3:25, Hos8:7, Gal6:7, Acts 5, Heb12:5ff, Romans 9 (two paradigmal examples, Israel and strawman of 9:20); many other verses are listed elsewhere in my sites, depending on the particular context (this is a big topic).

    YOU got saved. But your soul is still the same. Full of the world's trashy me-nesses. We are all like this, evidenced by our hunger for people and things, constantly looking horizontally, but never UP. Not one Christian in 1000 can explain what Absolute Righteousness even means, but resorts to the puny human standard of morality. Morality is but a pinprick inside Absolute Righteousness. So we need to be divested of our evil proclivities to crusade, to judge, to malign and make an issue of ourselves in a thousand 'moral' ways, far more than we need to be divested of our grosser sin appetities. For morality is used to block out learning God, the First Commandment. People replace God, and God is supposed to reward us? That's evil. I do a good deed for some HUMAN, and God is supposed to reward me? That's EVIL talking. So a lot of retooling and training is needed. Takes a lifetime.

    Here's the litmus on the difference between Absolute Righteousness and mere morality. Mere morality: it's okay to do something for someone else and something for yourself, so long as you are (basically) thoughtful. Absolute Righteousness: ALL of what you are, do, think is to GOD, and no one else. NO ONE ELSE. Check out Deut 6:5 yourself: no one but God is in that 1st Commandment. Check out how the Lord updated it in Matt22:37 -- still no one else is in that verse. Moreover -- and you can't see this in translation -- the parallel Gospel passages (Mark 12:30ff, Luk10:27) which talk about loving your neighbor as well use the Greek verb "agapaw", which only ever means Divine Love. Meaning, FROM the Love for God which Only God can develop in you via those Doctrine Deposits, Rom5:5 -- from THAT love, you love people. So it's a SUBSET of loving God directly. No horizontals. No bypassing. Hence all of 1Jn is dedicated to the First Commandment, showing how if you're not 'doing' it, then your so-called love for humanity is sheer hypocrisy. Obeying NO commandment at all. [DDNA webseries is basically structured around 1Jn, if you're interested in more on this topic.]

    God's Love is Independent of attraction, because Absolute. Needs no object, doesn't wax, wane, change because of the object. Human love is really just an attraction-dependent thing, and hence waxes and wanes with the latest wind, Eph4:14. So clearly to get enough of this Infinite Truth in you so that you love at GOD'S OWN LEVEL, 1Jn4:19, sheesh -- that will take a lifetime! Yep. Even Christ trained 30 years before going public, so whaddya think, huh?

    Ooops. So much for all our 'Christian fellowship', lol!

Um.. seems like this Kingship thingy is a huge amount of THINKING to Learn and practice. Ya think?

For here is a corrected translation of 1Cor12:7 (my pastor's trans):L 1604. "Now to each one is given for the benefit (didomi+dat of advantage) of the team (sumpheron), the Doctrinal Teaching (phanerosis) of (objective gen.) the Spirit, for the purpose of being beneficial to the team." (pros to sumpheron, with pros as acc of purpose and sumpheron, idiomatically: it's Attic Greek prep phrase, concept of purpose of benefit to the organization.)

Then there's the unambiguous Romans 12:1-3, which in corrected translation (from Rom121-3.htm) read as follows: [1] "So I BEG you, brethren, because of those same unfathomable mercies of God, to offer Your Own bodies as a Living Sacrifice, holy and well-pleasing to GOD: your Real, Thinking worship. [2] In fact, stop being conformed to this Age, but be Transformed by means of the Renovation of Your Thinking, in order for it to approve you as genuine, competent regarding what's the Will of God, the Divine Good-and-well-pleasing-and-complete/mature. [3] For I testify because of the Grace given to me, to everyone among you, to stop thinking in terms of arrogance, beyond what one ought to objectively think; but rather, objectively think in terms of sanity, for the purpose of being rational without illusion: just as God has assigned to each one a Thinking Standard from Bible Doctrine." ["Assigned" is literally "measured", our friends "merizw" and "metron", referencing Isa53:12; "metron" can also be translated "Standard-of-measure", so has that meaning as well. See also Eph4:13,16. It's astonishing how ALL the translators for centuries! missed the wordplay on Logos in 12:1 when Paul uses logikos, especially given verses 12:2-3, and all of Chapter 11. See, we humans are pawns; no blamesmanship due, except to marvel that God rescues us.]

Then there's the egregiously mistranslated Eph4:23. In corrected translation, it should read: "but/instead be renewed, refreshed, reinvigorated BY AGENCY OF the Spirit [in] your THINKING". [As you'll see in the published translations, God's Head is cut off, yet again, and man's head is put atop: see v.24, which is appositive in nature, a wry play on how you got spiritually born, so must be spiritually sired by Him ever after. So in v.23, it's is the Holy Spirit (monadic use of the article), not a human spirit, sheesh. You could translate the [in] as "by means of", but the Greek is definitely saying you gotta be IN the Spirit; really, it's pointedly and wryly saying that you have no "mind" worth the name, if not Filled; hence the moniker "brainout". The translators' brains were out when they translated, for "spirit of your mind"? WHAT IS THAT? The two lives are separate: human spirit, has spiritual life, God's Eternal Life in it; soul, has soul life within it. So your spiritual life is never "in" your soul, it's the TRUTH which goes in your soul. But your mind is the thinking part of your soul, what the soul 'does'. Um.. human spirits can't think, they are CPUs for spiritual information. Of course, if your brain is out on holiday away from the Spirit, well.. anything makes sense then. BTW: when Greek drops prepositions, it expands the scope of the action, since many prepositions take the same case. Here, it's the genitive case, so references ownership, relationship, conduit, causation relationships. ]

Notice how you're not worshipping God if not thinking Doctrine under the Spirit (1Jn1:9 being used as needed): John 4:24. You can even see that in translation, lol.

Yeah, and the guy who runs General Electric has a 24/7 THINKING job, but the guy sweeping floors in a GE office building, doesn't have to think much. Big pay difference between them, too. Hmmm.

    Ooops. Didn't see any revival rallies in those verses. No giving-to-the-poor commands. No 'Christian fellowship' claims of spirituality. Not even one iota of 'works' mentioned, but .. what? THINKING THINKING THINKING under the Spirit, and thinking, what... Truth. His. Not even your own truth, lol. But Divine Truth. Hmmm. Can you think something you didn't yet LEARN? Ooops.

    So clearly, all the millions of slobbering Christians who both historically and today get all hot and bothered over "earthly things" (Phili3:19, Romans 8), like politics and activism; who blissfully genuflect and intone; who bustle about the church doing great things for God; who bop people on the heads to 'exorcise' or 'heal'; who invade people's homes with their tracts and tears; who rise with wet faces and stretched arms; who blither in gibberish (Paul makes fun of that pagan practice in 1Cor13:1's Greek) -- clearly all these droolers only see syrup-spots run. So can't read, only thump. No Divine Power, however often invoked or pretended, is operating there. What, does it even make a smidgen of sense that Holy God would act like a circus clown? What, does no one recognize that, as Bible soooo often illustrates, demons can make you sick, talk in tongues, make you feel holy? So if they stop doing that, you are 'healed', normal, feeling blue? And keen to want a repeat episode?

    Tell me: do you see any of today's-Christianity-italics in the above corrected translations? Hmmm. So, just as the KJV puts in italics words not in the Greek text, so also Christians are putting into their idea of the Christian life, what's NOT Bible's.

    If it's popular, it's APOSTATE. Sponsored by Satan&Co., but never by God, Matt 7:13. Matt 7 is all about false teachers. Truly learning the Word is a solitary thing, not a gamefest. No one even knew where Christ WAS, for His first 30 years. Hint hint.

    It has ever been thus. You wouldn't have so many warnings against false teachers in Matt7, Mark 12, all over the OT, and in John, Jude, Peter, Paul if the MAIN outcome thus far weren't apostacy. Again, over 99% of Christians don't want to learn God, so become the "many" of Isa53:12, saved -- but, not rulers. Just walk into almost any church, waltz into any 'Christian' chatroom, compare any verse in translation with the Inspired Original, turn on any 'Christian' radio or TV station, watch the apostacy parade. The evidence is overwhelming. Over 90% of the 'Christian' sites on the internet, don't even give the True Gospel, so anyone 'obeying' what they say, isn't even saved! Test that yourself: how many just say what John 3:16 says, believe in Christ and you are permanently saved? Oh no: they add other verbs -- which verbs, PREVENT salvation. For if it's only believe like the Lord says in John 3:16 but you ADD another verb (like "repent", "invite", etc.) then you are saying that believing is NOT enough. Hence aren't 'obeying' what He says in John 3:16. So are not saved. See? We Christians thump our Bibles, and many of us maybe aren't Christians at all, but unbelievers who fool themselves! My pastor harped on this problem for the better part of 50 years, so the false Gospel has been mainstream for a long time: Satan's fake Church of Rev17. The fake Church is always politically active, religious, and wants to get everyone to obey IT. It, not the Bible. So IT, not the Bible.. is always popular.

    Christ wasn't popular, you know. If you want to learn His Thinking, you won't be, either. So learn to be alone, since you'll need to find time to be alone, to study properly.

So we know for a fact that the Bible prohibits any kind of politicking or activism outright, especially on a 'Christian' issue, John 18:36. Our Kingdom is Heaven, not down here. So anyone engaged in activism down here, is refusing the Training. Because instead of being of this world, we are of His World. Hence, we are irrevocably Ambassadors for Christ, 2Cor5:20. So the Holy Spirit will NOT be in Christian activism of ANY kind whatsoever, at any time. A cardinal principle of hermeneutics (finding a proper interpretation) is that you pay close attention to the meaning of words Bible uses. Paul uses "presbeuw" (pres-BOO-oh) in 2Cor5:20. It's an elder statesman verb, and in context it's saying that's what we are by God's Appointment. It's not an electible office. And not, just a "charges d'affaires" (lowest rung on the diplomatic ladder, at least in the 1970's).

    The one thing an Ambassador NEVER does, NEVER has the authority to do, and deserves to be shot by his host country if he DOES do it, is -- try to influence political outcomes in the host country.

    Burn this in your brain: Ambassadors REPRESENT Authority. They DON'T EXERCISE Authority. Repeat: Ambassadors are the MOUTH of their Home Sovereign, NOT the BRAIN of their Home Sovereign. (A real good book on the role of ambassadorship is Sir Harold Nicolson's Diplomacy. It's probably only 50 pages, but so deftly written, it's worth thousands of pages. Amazon probably sells it.) So God help us, if the Holy Spirit isn't the BRAIN through Whom our mouths, speak!

    The purpose of your BRAIN, is to think towards Father 24/7, which falls under the rubric of "prayer". Prayer isn't just asking for stuff, but talking and thinking TOWARD God. Because, He's listening to a whole lot of ugly thinking; because, the world rejects Him. So you use your MOUTH, to PRAY, which is part of the living-on-Word requirement, 1Thess 5:17. So see? You don't even need political activism, but the world needs you to pray to Father, since they haven't got the legal standing, but you do. Prayer is the most powerful legal weapon in the universe, second only to the Word cycling in your head 24/7, in God's System.

    Much More about this VOTING role of prayer and thinking toward Father, is in Parts III and IV of the "Thinking" series (link at pagetop). Later on in this page, we'll get a short "diplomatic brief" (link in the pagetop's purple table) . You are neck deep in angelic politics, frankly. Not at all like the goofy movies about angels. This is a Legal Trial, and Your Vote Counts Royally.

Any ambassador or other diplomat who involves himself in the politics of the host country thus commits an act of TREASON. This is one of the oldest and most sacred of diplomatic laws, that anyone associated with an EMBASSY TO ANOTHER SOVEREIGN doesn't take sides with elements within that sovereign state. It HARMS an embassy's mission to take sides politically, because it VIOLATES the trust given the home country, by the host country. Even worse, if the politicking done is against the Home Country's Policy, it's PUNISHABLE BY DEATH. You know these laws as "espionage", "spying", and a whole bunch of other words which excite every patriot's disgust. Justly. In the Bible, this capital punishment is recorded in 1Jn5:16; case study of Ananias, is in Acts 5.

    Governments historically violate this sacred diplomatic trust. Communist governments are famous for violating it. But God is not human, and God never violates diplomatic trust. So the Christian who does, is in the deepest possible doo-doo. Use 1Jn1:9 and keep moving, though. Paul violated this sacred trust when he refused God's order to stay put in Rome and instead went to Jerusalem. So, he got sent to his proper diplomatic post anyway.. in chains. Then he got to write most of the New Testament. So, the worst sinner in history (per 1Tim1:15) became the best believer in history (so far, anyway). So yes, this is treason of the worst kind: but God is the Kindest Person, the Chesed Person. So 1Jn1:9 and back in God's System, covers a multitude of sins.

    Paul is absolutely adamant about our being good ambassadors in all his letters, and spends a whole lot of time counseling particular do's, for that reason. Pay careful attention to the contextual reason for any 'do' Paul brings up. In short, we are to be NEUTRAL, so as NOT TO HARM OUR MISSION. Much more about this mission will be explained in the "diplomatic brief", below. Meanwhile, try reading all those Bible commands to do something in the NT with this NEUTRALITY principle 'behind' the commands; see if you don't suddenly notice the commands become not only way more important, but much more technical. And, all the verses about living peaceably with your fellow man, etc. -- now take on much more significance. See, works really are important, but for other reasons. God doesn't need the works, and 'serving Him' isn't even IN the works themselves, but in the WHY: Ambassadorship. Be a good mouth!

Here's another Ambassadorship issue which requires Spirit's Training to handle competently: our dual-citizenship (in Heaven and on earth) creates what's known in law (God's, first) as "a conflict of interest". A "conflict of interest" means a dual or multiple office/function in which the person making a recommendation or discharging an office, at least has the appearance of impropriety: fancy euphemism for he might be benefiting himself (usu. monetarily) under one office, by what he does in another office. So, if you run for President, you must put your personal assets in a blind trust, so that your decisions as President don't have the appearance of being made for personal gain. Thus, for example, you shouldn't use your Ambassadorship to fleece people. Sadly, religion specializes in fleecing people, in the very Name of their Sovereign. That is treason, too.

    Well, we Christians have the same problem, since our bodily interests are necessarily split between heaven and earth. Moreover, we are in the devil's world, so anything we do can be used to claim treasonous activity. So, to resolve this appearance of conflict of interest, we stay out of politics. Most do's in the Bible are there for that reason: to prevent what Paul calls a "stumbling block" for the unbeliever. [Paul talks about this topic often; every epistle has something in it. Like don't eat meat if some other brother thinks its idol food; probably Corinthians and Romans have the most concentrated presentations, though Timothy is extensive, too. "Stumbling block" is the translation in most Bibles: term is really a play on Isaiah's 8:14ff (et passim) "Rock of Offense", and Paul cleverly uses it both ways (they stumble of their own accord, so let's not help them to stumble). NIV Bible shows 15 occurrences of this term, first of which is Lev19:14, the famous basis for the love-God, love-your-neighbor essence of the Law.]

    Besides being ambassadors representing our home country of Heaven (politeuma metaphor in Paul, esp. Ephesians), we are also citizens of our host countries; so we have a very fine line to 'walk'. We must be good citizens, so must vote, pay taxes, etc. (Rom13); but we are not to be activists. Doesn't mean we can't run for political office, etc., but we should be CHARY of the bondwoman's methods, which are always designed to ensnare us. You don't see the Lord running for political office or urging political decisions of any kind. He only had confrontations with the Sanhedrin which they instigated, never Him. Christ is the quintessential Ambassador. We should follow His lead, not tell ourselves we are doing Him some kind of favor!

    The Lord's bloodline is descended through two prostitutes: Tamar (fake prostitute, but the act wasn't legal), and Rahab (reformed prostitute). So clearly His Attitude is not sanctimonious. Pay close attention to how the Lord acts, in the Gospels. He doesn't piously separate himself from sinners or goyim (Gentiles), like Peter would later do (Gal2); the Lord drinks alcohol with those who drink; talks Scripture with rabbis; lets any manner of folk touch Him, and even pardons outright an adulteress, leaving those who would have stoned her, ashamed of themselves. He never advocates even one cause, other than Father's. So we know it's not unholy, to have a drink or own a liquor store. We know it's not unholy, to engage in politics. We know it's not unholy, to go into or own a store where prurient materials are sold (for in marital sex, all is holy, and you don't have the right to force a person to prove he's married).

    But of course all these things, and even taking a drink of water, can be dicey. Some, more than others. 'All things are lawful, but not all are helpful'. [1Cor6:12, 10:23. NIV captures flavor well, though "beneficial" doesn't have the Greek punch that "profitable" in English, conveys.] So we should gauge by what To-God value a thing has, building up IN Him. Clearly, earthly things all are naturally profitable in their proper niches; but spiritually UNprofitable, at all times: because they are earthly things, not spiritual things (1Cor2, 2Cor5, Rom8 -- Romans was written later than Corinthians. How I wish the Bible's books were chronologically ordered.) So we need Doctrine, to make profit on these otherwise-separated things. We know the principle that 'all can come to Father's table.' (Matt8, Luke13.) But let's be careful to know how Father wants that action to be undergone. And of course to know that, requires Training. Which, God help us, we'd better not refuse!

    If you analyze all the do's in Scripture, both with regard to the soul AND in flesh, you should find basically three classifications of 'holiness': Toward-Father Thinking, which includes learning Scripture and thinking it 24/7; neutral stuff, like your personal tastes and (within basic morality) bodily needs; unhelpful stuff (dark side of morality, stumbling blocks, etc). The latter category can be 'tapped', so to speak, via almost ANY activity you do. We'd all be chary about owning a brothel, and there is probably no circumstance in which it would be okay. But we forget that our urging the Gospel on others, our preening over good deeds, our preoccupations with this world's stuff is equally or even worse 'fornication', depending on the circumstances.

    The Rev17 harlot is a tableau of frequent discussion in the OT, which is why God chose John to write about it: the harlot's "riding" means mastery of POWER; the harlot's SCARLET means POLITICAL power; the harlot's PURPLE means religion. Point is, it's HARLOTRY, even if otherwise ordained (after all, political power is necessary to the function of a nation, and God ordained that). So great precision in evaluating what one should think and do WITH the body, is VITAL, to avoid 'matching' what the Rev17 harlotry, does. For, if the mouth suddenly starts bragging.. remember what Daniel was shown in Daniel 7-11? This is the biggest trap in Christendom! It's cockroach bait, and you only have to turn on TBN or some other Christian station to see how we make ourselves cockroaches, to get that bait! Oy, this is the worst, Ez16, grossest, fornication against Our Sovereign! Flee political fornication, if you love your life at all!

In short, it's real easy to screw up your use of The Book Written by Your Sovereign Lord. So better to do NOTHING, than to do something. Better to LEARN first, before trying to do anything. This apprenticeship in a King-Priesthood 'job' requires a bunch of training. No wonder the Lord didn't do anything for the first 30 years. Hint hint!

For Kingship is an INSPIRING thing. That's why a King really doesn't have to make law. He sets policy by the way HE IS. We are inspired BY seeing HIM, and so we COPY Him. That's how Peter puts it, using the clever Greek term "hupogrammos", as a moniker for Christ (always mistranslated "example" or worse, in English of 1Pet2:21, bookending hupodeigma in 2:6). Writing tablet, CopyBook. Used to copy handwriting you see, when you too are learning to write the same way. For the Lord is to be written in our minds and hearts, Heb8:8-12 fulfilled in Heb10:15-17. Because, He sanctified us for all time, and is now Seated Heb10:10-14.

You are a Crown Prince-Priest, in Training to Become
a King-Priest under The King-Priest, Jesus the Christ,
by means of Learning to Think Like He Does.

So, in Father's Plan for Christ and thus for Church, Royal Training means God's Power , to Learn Precisely How Christ Thinks. And thus, to Emulate Him From the Inside. In your soul, 24/7. WWJT, What Word Jesus Thought. Tells you thus, What Would Jesus Think (in the situations you face). Tells you thus, What Would Jesus DO. Precisely. Not knowing His Thinking PRECISELY means screwing up all else. That's why the widow's two mites were worth more than the talent of the guy who dropped all that money in the church donation box, Mark 12:42. It's the to-God THOUGHT that counts (theme of the chapter). First Commandment, baby: God gets ALL of you, so ALL of you better learn how ALL of Him, thinks. Hence the need to be using 1Jn1:9 like breathing.

    See, this is a far greater sacrifice and subordination than body stuff. For every action you take, there are potentially thousands of thoughts. Are you taking a shower? Well, how many thoughts are going through your mind, which FATHER HEARS? Do you think Christ would be willing to take on Humanity and go to the Cross so that you could THOUGHTLESSLY take a shower? Put money in the collection plate? Whatever will that stuff do, For Father? Every thought you will ever think has been playing LIVE to Father's Omniscience since eternity past. It's up to YOU what thoughts should be running through your brain. What you do with your body, well.. big flipping deal. Body is dead. It didn't get saved on the Cross, YOU did.

    Here's what people don't get: God really can do the impossible. The atheistic taunt, is there a stone too heavy for God to lift? is answered, Yes, there was, and Isaiah talked about it in Isa53:5! The Cornerstone Was Crushed with our sins! (Heb: dakah, lit. means trying to lift a burden that instead crushes YOU.) God 'can't' pay for sins Himself. It would make salvation a judicial sham. Christ 'couldn't' use His Own Deity for the same reason: judicial sham, then. Spirit 'couldn't' override the Human Volition of Christ for the same reason: sham sham sham. Yet look at this amalgamated corrected (in caps) translation of Isa53:10-12:

      Isaiah 53:10 "But the LORD was DELIGHTED to crush Him, putting Him to LOVESICK grief; if He would render HIS SOUL as a guilt offering, He will see SEED CAUSED TO BE LONG OF DAYS, and the DELIGHT of the LORD will CAUSE His Hand TO PROSPER. [Verse 10, LXX] So the LORD delights to PURIFY BY WOUNDING HIM: 'if You will give as a SUBSTITUTE FOR sin, Your [Plural] Soul[singular] will see long-lived seed.'"

      Isaiah 53:11 "Then the LORD delights to PLUNDER, BIRTHING/CARRYING OUT FROM His Soul's LABOR to display/ point out/ make known/ EXHIBIT VIA Him, the Light. Then, to SCULPT via His MASTERY-OF-THINKING, so to make Righteous/justify. He will see, be satisfied. BECAUSE OF His TRUTH-knowledge the Righteous One, My Servant, will justify the many, as He will bear their iniquities. The Righteous One Well-Serving purposed for/ instead of the many: even their sins, He will carry off/ lift up."

      Isaiah 53:12 "THEREFORE I WILL DISTRIBUTE TO HIM THE SPOILS/PLUNDER OF VICTORY BECAUSE OF THE MANY, And He will divide the booty with the GREAT ONES; Because He poured HIS SOUL out to death, And was numbered with the transgressors; Yet He Himself bore the sin of many, And interceded for the transgressors. "FOR THIS REASON He will inherit the many; in fact, He will apportion the PLUNDER among the great ones; for the sake of which [PLUNDER] His Own Soul was given over to Death."

    [That's a quick recasting of the NASB translation, not the best re-rendering. Capped words are the corrections. The above recasting is basically the same as the last screen of Isa53.htm; but Isa53trans.htm has a fuller explanation and fresh retranslation of the whole section. It's impossible to bring out all the wordplay. For example, Isaiah keeps putting "soul" in the middle of a verse, to show it as subject and object -- in Greek, the same thing is done. So the Soul which dies as the Guilt Offering is the Same Soul Who sees forever-living seed. Deft economy of words in both inspired texts. You see the Face of God here, deftly. Again, with Bible translation you gotta keep refining it. Problem with published translations is they always cut God's Action or Head off from the original text, or make other really huge mistakes so you miss critical core meanings in the inspired texts. So no translation is good enough, but doggone it, you can at least put God's Head back on! Etc.]

So how how how did Christ have the strength to pay for our sins? Not from His Human Strength, that's for sure. Nailed to a Cross, the Body is immobile. So only Thinking could hold Him together. But.. how? Well, obviously not human-level thinking, dummy. Obviously the Way the Truth and the Life thought..Truth. Deposited Truth. Via the Spirit depositing that Truth IN His Soul. Via being online with the Spirit for 33 years, nonstop. Truth is God's Attribute, just like Righteousness is. Every Attribute is part and parcel of every other Attribute, so Love is True, Righteousness is Loving, Omniscience is Infinite, etc. So that Truth in Him was 'colored' by Other Divine Attributes, for Divine Truth is.. um, Divine.

    So He had the Strength From Truth to Think. To Think Love. Every javelin-piercing of an imputed 'passed over' (reserved!) sin was responded to with a Desire to have it, due to Truth He knew. Like 1Jn4:10 and 1Pet4:8 say so beautifully: Love covers a multitude of sins. The word "covers" is a play on the gold covering the wood of the Mercy Seat, depicting Christ's Divinity; and, the Divine Truth which would be in His Humanity. Kaluptw, Hilasterion, Propitiation. Satisfaction, "sweet savor". Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

    So, what do you imagine God thinks if He hears you respond like that to the needle-pricks of your own life? So, what do you think Doctrine getting in you does TO you? Again, God isn't satisfied with unequals. That's why you are made As Good as God, really and truly, the second you are first saved. Now, born. But, no truth IN you. So, you get the "noble deposit" ("deposit" is a Bible keyword for Bible Doctrine Spirit puts in you). That's the main theme of Romans 8 and most other epistles, in the original languages. For it didn't matter that Christ was Perfect, the Strength of the Deposited Truth did the work, via the Spirit. So it doesn't matter that you and I are soul trash: the Strength of the Depositing Truth made By the Spirit does the work, just as well. For the Truth is the Same Truth as in Christ Jesus (Phili2:5). That's what the frequent exhortations to be CHRISTLIKE, are all about!

    Sin is rejection of God, so He couldn't think Truth in a state of sin: nor can we, 1Jn1:8,10. So IF He had ever rejected God once, unlike us there would have been no 1Jn1:9 available, since that depends on FIRST being SAVED. So it was important He stay sinless -- but the actual Power Mechanism of the Truth in Him, really did the work of KEEPING Him sinless. He just kept on VOTING FOR the Truth, and the Holy Spirit ran the mechanism.

    For Humanity can't naturally think Divine Thoughts, since the two natures are antithetical, Infinity and finity. Hence the Spirit Indwelled Him and Filled Him. It was a Judicial thing: so long as He kept on voting for the Truth, it was Truly Righteous to hold His Humanity together by means OF that Truth. [Indwelling protects you from the shock of Divine Contact. Filling enables the flow of Divine Thinking, to occur and interface with soul and body. Now, I don't know yet for sure whether His soul while on the Cross would leave His Body if exposed to that much shock; but we do know from medicine that too much shock to the body, 'causes' death in lesser situations. And we know from Bible you can't die until God says so, hence the real cause of death is God telling the soul, to leave the body. Now let's apply this to the Cross. It becomes a matter of whether and when God should 'say' His Soul should stay in or leave, His Body. Then it was solely a Juridical matter, what the Holy Spirit did: to wit, whether FAIR to keep His Soul inside His Body, so long as He was voting for Truth; which obviously, it would be, since sins were being paid. Adam lost his human spirit when he first sinned, and as a result his body died. So it makes some sense to say a somatic holding-together also occurred on the Cross, but oh! if for one nanosecond He'd given in! What suffering it must have been! Worse than if He had died!]

God is pure THOUGHT: that's His "Divine DNA", so to speak. God never sins, never wants to; yet knows what sin produces; that's WHY He never wants to sin: it's not magic, it's REASON. Specifically, Ho Logos, which means (inter alia) Reason. So what do you think His Truth being poured into you, enables? We just saw, in Rom12:1-3's corrected translation, above. For He BECAME something He was not, at birth: "The Way, the Truth, and the Life". That's a TRANSMUTATION. To happen to you as well: 1Pet2:21, CopyBook. You are to become transmuted in your thinking, since God needn't put up with lesser-thans; so neither do you. That's what the DDNA webseries (link at pagetop) is all about. [Nerd Note: most often the use of Logos in the NT is Hebraistic, the way "the Word of the Lord" was used in the OT. But there is a fair amount of double-entendre wordplay tweaking what constitutes true sanity and reasoning, using the Greek concept of Logos as Reason, Reality, Thinking. The use of Logos in 1Cor1:5 (always mistranslated) and in Rom12:1 (likewise mistranslated) are two tweaks which should be kinda obvious, when you think them over.]

  • People who have courage, have it due to something they know. For example, if you know you have enough ammunition, you don't fear going into battle as much.. the knowledge of the ammo protects you.
  • If you don't have much of an inferiority complex, it's due to what you know.. like, it flipping DOES NOT MATTER if you are inferior to someone else. It doesn't matter, because YOU are alive. Whatever you are, whoever you are, you live. No one's opinion of you, can alter the fact that you live. And quite frankly, 'superior' people don't really gain much advantage from that superiority, for everyone grabs at them as a consequence. So the inferior, has more PEACE! You understand all that, so you are more rational in assessing your flaws and your better attributes. For it doesn't matter which they are. They are just facts, like other facts.
  • A murderer thinks that if he murders, it will solve some problem. It only makes his problems worse. Immediately.
  • A robber thinks that if he robs, he will relieve some need. The robber's needs grow due to robbery, not shrink. Immediately.
  • The insecure gal thinks that if she marries that famous rich guy, her life will be secure and comfortable, only to find out she just stepped into the worst hell ever. Immediately.

    So as you can see, knowledge determines ability. Specifically, What you believe determines how well (or badly) you 'hold together'. God has designed us to be held together, the same way He is: by means of Truth, John 4:24, Eph3:19, 2Cor5:14, Heb11:1. For clearly, God Himself BELIEVES IN Truth. It's not a doubt vs. no-doubt thing, believing. But rather, believing-in is always a Pro-Object thing, a Love thing. For in Greek, this is the first meaning of "pistis", knowledge you believe. That you also believe it as an act of will, is a second meaning. Usu. translated "faith", the Bible stresses First, the Word itself in you. Then also, the fact you believe in it. So notice: two things. Word First, and you believe in it. That's where your internal strength comes from: WHAT you believe, and THAT you believe. But notice: if WHAT you believe is false -- like the murderer, robber, and insecure gal above -- nonetheless, only the True Consequences still occur, Col3:25. Your strength of belief in the falsehood then acts like a millstone about your neck, taking you down with that falsehood. For the belief in lies remains in hell: analyze the manipulative 'rich man' in Luke 16:20ff. If ever there was a place where truth would be obvious, it would be in heaven or hell, right?

What we think, rules us like our DNA rules our cells. An instruction set, is DNA. So our thoughts 'instruct' us, and the will responds.. since those are 'our' thoughts, and we BELIEVED in those thoughts, prior. So if the thoughts we BELIEVE in change.. so will the rest of us change. So if we BELIEVE in Bible, and had BELIEVED correctly in the interpretation of it, it will change how we think and thus change the quality of our lives. It's that basic. You are what you BELIEVE. Trick is, to get re-engineered, cloned with His Thinking. Then you will have integrity, since His Thinking IS Love by nature. Undivided. God's Nature, DDNA'd into you. That's the goal of the spiritual life.

    Part III of the "Thinking" series goes into the vicissitudes of spiritual growth in its "First Reason for Invisibility" subsection. You literally change the way you think; it's a spiritual maturation process which literally transforms your soul. Stuff which used to terrorize you as a child (spiritually, here) will make you laugh, as an adult (spiritually, again). It's pretty much like psychological maturation, except it's GOD's Thinking in which you are maturing. A big by-product of this maturation, is that you become ever more secure in the understanding that your comparative inferiority or superiority to other people, matters not at all. So you stop being preoccupied with yourself. So you lose a LOT of interests you formerly had: it's amazing how many of our interests in life are just masked needs to buttress ego. Lose the need to buttress ego, and wow -- it's like a whole new world. All due to what you know. And what you come to know, is the Love of Christ, Eph3:19. By then, you are spiritually mature (it takes some years, just like regular maturation). By then, you don't give a flip about anyone else, but Him. As my pastor likes to say, "no one can hurt you, then." Quite true.

For Thought is Power, the Driver of everything, Heb4:12. Instruction. Belief in instruction. So obviously, God's Thought is Infinite Power, unbreakable. God can do anything He likes; He but merely need THINK it, and it is so. That's why Satan is tempting Christ to THINK stones into bread, in Matt4:3. So God can make you obey everything, never sin, etc. Notice how He doesn't do that. Why? Because He just flat loves you. It's never been about sin, but about TOGETHERNESS. Which requires shared THINKING. That it also has a Priestly Function, is 'extra', but necessary since so many don't want to learn Him.

    For we humans are forever believing what Adam believed when he first sinned: that by all our figleafing activity, we can make ourselves good again. Dream on! [The sin nature is essentially an unresolvable, dissociative, inferiority complex. You can trace its originating dissociation point to prove that, in Gen3. Original sin was motivated by an inferiority complex in the woman, who wanted to be as smart as God. In the man, it was similar, for he believed himself a bad person if he didn't 'share' in her fate. LordvSatan2.htm, which is Part II of the Thinking series, has a "Fall.. Fantasy" link section going through the psychology and resultant consequences of the Fall. The discipline of psychology is really a science of the sin nature, but doesn't recognize all that. But the principles and testing mechanisms in that science itself, prove the originating process in Genesis 3. It's pretty straightforward.]

    We are tyrannized by the "ME" thing, and are trying to get back to the Garden, before the MEANING of life -- God -- got chopped off, truncated to that mentally-crippling, "me". We can't get back there. But God can restore the relationship, and hence MEANING can return.

So it's a Greater Hupostasis Principle, your Thinking like Christ: Subordination to authority JUSTIFIES Intimacy. And there is no greater intimacy, than Shared Thinking. Aka Rapport. Bible term: Communion. So our Royal Training is ALL about Learning Christ's Thinking, so to have RAPPORT with Him. See, God is GOD, not dog. What He wants to see, He wants to give, He wants to empower. His Level, His Standard, His Quality, His Power. Father requires that Spirit prepare us in order to rule the universe in the Eternal State, under Our Lord Jesus Christ: as part of His Body, His 'Staff'. Think of rulership as super-difficult, but super-fulfilling, parenting. Heading a corporate body, instead of a small family. For, at that point the new universe will be politically constructed as a federation of kingdoms, some gigantic, some small: the Lord heads them all. The 'new world order' neither man nor demon can ever make work, finally will.

Thinking requires Learning. You have a job. You can now THINK in terms of that job, because you spent a lot of time, learning that job. Every job has a specialized vocabulary, so you think in terms of VOCABULARY, and you do it FLUENTLY. Which allows you to construct CONCEPTS. Which allows you to DEVISE ANSWERS. Which gets you a PAYCHECK. So how much bigger a paycheck do you think Doctrine PAYS, when its own name is "true riches", "gold silver precious stones", "noble deposit", "Christ" (seriously!), "Love", and every other good title you could possibly invent? So, you learn it. Pieces of information, as when you learned your job in the beginning. You don't have any fluency, you don't really know what to do with it. A doctor learns ooodles of names of things. It's all a blur for a long time. But, using 1Jn1:9 constantly (or whenever you think of it) and studying a day at a time under your pastor, will eventually COALESCE. So, like in your job now, you will then be able to construct concepts. Bible verses will start to make SENSE; when they do, you will begin to think in Bible Vocabulary, and along Bible's parameters. It does become natural. This process takes years, ok? But oh, worth it.

Relationships in life are deeper when the office and the personal, intertwine. Down here, that tends to make more problems than enhancements, so rarely will it be recommended that Family get involved in business together. But if Royal Family, the Royalty IS the business, so you have an Honor Code to mediate the personal and the office, so that both can be expressed without compromise between them. Since this is the Divine Honor Code, the level of Communion is ENHANCED by the Office of Royalty, rather than the office creating a hindrance (or vice versa, the personal hindering). For, your 'spheres' of Togetherness, are much bigger. Like parenting, two parents who otherwise have rapport, much more enjoy having children with whom to share their happiness. So too, here. Again, this process of maturation in rapport takes years.. well, most of a lifetime. But worth it!

Again, we saw back in the first large section of purple text in this webpage (Hupostasis, in Trinity) that They tell us flatly Their Intention is Love by means of Their Self-Chosen Titles, and the Articles of Incorporation, in 2Cor13:14: Father. Son. Spirit ('Mom'). This is the Perfect and Perfectly-happy, Family. We are weltering in our blood, Eze16:6, but They say, "Live! Again I say, Live!" Two "Live!" clauses, to reverse the two deaths (moth tamuth) in Gen2:17. So because we have this exalted status as our legacy from Him on the Cross, via His John 17 prayer, which is based on Matt16:18, which is based on Isa53:10-11, well.. we have maxed-out spheres of communion, forever. So, hey: so what if it takes a lifetime to learn? The TOGETHERNESS.. is right NOW, 2Cor13:14!

As a Crown Prince-Priest in Training under The King-Priest, Jesus the Christ,
Hence You must be schooled in His Royal Law, Diplomacy.

So we just saw the Thinking DDNA we need to acquire. Now, what are the Law and Diplomacy Issues to which This Thinking applies? Through that Application of His Thinking, we become better trained IN His Thinking for all time. For the same Thinking Skills we thus learn, will be necessary throughout Time and Eternity.

    See, you really are in training to become something, not do something. You have to become a King, in order to 'do' Kingship. So, you get lots of practice as an apprenticing Ruler. In this section, you will also discover an awesome surprise: how VAST is the benefit to the world RIGHT NOW, due to your apprenticing. Note that: you aren't even in charge, yet. But are treated as though you are. When you see the enormity of the impact even your mere learning has -- for Better AND for Worse -- you will likely be stunned. So was I. The "Thinking" series was born from being stunned by the constant repetition of this enormous value, which I learned under my own right pastor. Every pastor knows something about this impact, so it's no secret. But it is, seldom appreciated. Big mistake.

    Let's begin at the beginning, with a secular analogy (everything secular always reflects the bigger spiritual Truth). From time immemorial, (even pagan) Kings and priests require a Mentor and a Book through Whom and through which they Learn to Function as (here, God's) Representatives. Kingship is essentially Representation, with Authority. So much Authority, that the Representation and NOT the Authority, must be stressed. For the secret of good Kingship, is to Rule-by-Inspiration, not law. For the most important rule IN Kingship, is this: Less is More.

    The term "priest" in God's Book is not at all some syrupy, goofy doormat office, like you see in those old Bing Crosby and other movies. Rather, it's truly a Representative Office. One Greek word is for the Office, is "Diakonos." [Well, one meaning of that term; usually it refers to a pastor, but it does occasionally refer to a believer's official status in the body, not necessarily "official" in society. There are also several other words for priest, and each has a different stressed nuance in Greek or Hebrew. Interesting how the most common Greek word for priest, "yereus", sounds like Jesus (ee-YAY-sous)!]

The Royal Priesthood is a LEGAL job, as indeed any representation of a Sovereign (God, here) to the people must be. For us, this book is the Bible, and it's a serious study in which we need to engage: Professionally, like lawyers.

    Although it's sadly true that maybe even most lawyers are, Satan ("legal adversary"=Satan, Heb.), though unintentionally, that doesn't mean BEING a lawyer is at all bad. Just as, most Christians are wacky, but being a Christian isn't bad. In fact, the term "lawyer" in English is a truncated form of "lawgiver". That is, RULER. That is, KING. Like YOU are in training to become.

    Law is important, for it is the 'blood of the covenant', WILL. Thought. "Blood" in Bible is always depicts thought, which is why the animal sacrifices are structured with emphasis on the pouring out of blood. [If you read Isa52:13-54:1, which is a blow-by-blow depiction of how sins got paid for on the Cross, you'll see Isaiah use animal-sacrifice words, so you can tell it's His Thinking which paid for sin. Very pointed, in Isaiah.]

    For the 'blood' sealing the Divine Corporate Agreement in eternity past (2Cor13:14) was the Active Thought by Each Member of the Godhead, Willing it. Which Will, keeps on continuing, for as noted earlier any Contract is an Exercise of Sovereignty, never a surrender of Sovereignty. For, any contract can be broken, but free association is bought by continuing, circulating, agreement. That is why we must FIGHT for Freedom (to keep our society intact, fight for the contract we have, fight against its breakage). (Nerd note: Hopefully every Christian learns early that Christ's literal blood didn't pay for our sins, any more than literal animal blood really washed away sins. Blood is nearly always used in Bible as a metaphor for thinking.]

    The way parties in the covenant SEAL their agreement to associate (all contracts are Association Agreements); the way parties in the covenant Agree to Interact. It's a Process, the promulgation and function of law. The reason to make law is so all folks have a clear idea of the Standards. Rule. Rules. Without Authority, without rules, people can't associate. They then go by..what? Feeling? What if lemon meringue pie makes you feel sick, but you are forced to eat it? Because, someone feels you should? See the problem?

    Hence freedom cannot work without authority. Authority cannot work without freedom. Association is impossible without both. Ergo, Law.

So if you've got to be trained in lawgiving, rulership, ya gotta go to School. Every Jew did. That's what the Sabbath was for. That's why what we call 'church' was really a school, "synagogue". Daily Learning: Moses taught this fact strenuously to the Israelites (see Deut6,9,30), also as a Future Event for which to prepare and consent, the coming of "Messiah". For they were supposed to become the priest nation, once they married the Groom. ["Groom" means Human; Groom, not someone else, makes the marriage offer; so if no Groom, no offer. So if no Groom yet making the offer, no offer. See Hosea, Ez16, and all verses where God talks like a Betrothed. Hundreds of these verses. You'll see Christ make the marriage offer in a number of ways, but all marriage parables are pretty bald. His First Advent promise was the OT parallel to our Rapture, really exanastasis, "out-resurrection", Phili 3:11. See Phili2 for context, and 1Thess4. "Rapture" is from the Vulgate of 1Thess4; in Latin there's nothing good about the term, which morphed into our modern word, "rape". Latin verb means to suddenly-snatch-up, usually for theft/sexual reasons. Part IV of "Thinking" series centers on the Precedence for, implications of, and effect of the Rapture on the importance and function of Church Now. Truly surprising, that so little understanding of these topics exists on the web.]

    However, when Messiah came, they rejected His long-prophesied Offer of Marriage, so He instituted Matt16:18, the Church, built upon Himself. [Sigh: does no one read the original-language texts, that you can't find even one Bible documentary which doesn't egregiously abuse Matt16:18? Greek (LXX) OT uses "Petra" to signify the BEDROCK on which the Ark used to sit; the Dome of the Rock today sits over that Petra, and the term always meant Messiah, since it was on Petra that Abram almost sacrificed Isaac (the Arabs maintain it was Ishmael, which is why they captured and built the Dome). So Christ is "Petra", in Matt16:18. Not Peter, lol. Peter's name is Petros in that verse, and the term means a teeny chip off the Rock. Peter loved being a chip, too: he constantly plays on hupo-prefixed words and stone/gem terms, in both his letters. Positively addicted, is Peter, to those LittleRock (=petros) terms. Why alleged 'scholars' never READ the original-language texts before making positive fools of themselves in the documentaries, is.. golly, who knows why. We are all satanfodder, if these our best and brightest can so easily be exposed as fools. How great is our salvation, our deliverance from our foolish sin nature.]

Now that Brideship priestly role is for Church. For Church is joined (Eph1-2) to Israel, "grafted in" (Rom11), so to train for and (in Millenium) have a Wifely Role to Christ Who Rules Israel. Thus, ruling over Gentile nations, so Israel has her Footstool (Millenium) of Peace. [See all "Footstool" verses. This is a major theme of 2Cor3, Romans 9-11, and especially all of Hebrews, which builds to a series of crescendoes, to make the point in Heb11:39-40 that "apart from US, they will not be completed". Wish more pastors would explain how the inter-connection with Israel works, so people would stop being so anti-Semitic. So obviously Church never never never takes over Israel's covenants; those covenants were granted to Israel alone. The Brideship was an extra eschatological offer to Israel, IF enough of her number would accept the Messiah, so it never reached the status of a covenant, since she did not accept Christ during His First Advent. Again, Part IV of the "Thinking" series (link at pagetop) covers this extensively.]

    Church also has an astonishing rulership role right now, which is Unseen, NOT political; but from the Rapture onward, that role will be both seen and political; the post-Millenial rulership role is forever exponentially bigger, than the Millenial one.

So the Ambassadorial training mission for Church is Upgraded from the role Israel could have had: an Ambassador represents His Sovereign to a lost and dying world, but first REFLECTS His Sovereign (2Cor3:18, 1Cor13:12, Rev4); AND INTERCEDES TO His Sovereign; if he fails in that duty, he is recalled, fired in disgrace.

    Remember, secular reflects spiritual at all times, either by likeness or contrast. That is why the Bible makes so many analogies to secular things. Most people can't handle much information in "official" disciplines, so they don't realize how difficult and precise the job is. Greek word "machaira" was a nickname ("knife") for the short (18", approx, 1/2 meter) Roman Two-sided sword which basically, won Rome her conquests. For, it was used PRECISELY. The enemy had these long, clumsy broadswords (romphaia). See, if you just inserted the TIP of the machaira in exactly the right place, then step out, you save your own life, shorten the time it takes to wound your enemy, and can thus win against superior numbers. It's maybe like what we would call a "surgical strike" today, but on an individual level.

    Representation of a Sovereign is the most delicate of tasks. (Diplomatic term: delicate, as in "careful", not 'feminine', lol.) For, you are representing Him to someone NOT of His Rule. Or, if representing Him to someone also in His Kingdom, that other person is vertically linked to Him. So even more delicacy might be required. Especially, a good vocabulary. For in diplomacy, Vocabulary is all-essential. Just one word OFF and you can start a war. Look what happened to Trent Lott, for crying out loud! One casual moment at a party, and bing! A really good Republican loses his job as Speaker! (We are so screwed up, as a country!) Or, look at Christendom's history, sometime: it's so hard to fathom that people in Constantine's day killed each other over whether Christ was Divine, or Human or both. Why didn't everyone just sit down and teach teach teach Doctrine? You don't learn by killing, but by teaching. Read Gibbon's account of that time, someday -- oh: have plenty of aspirin nearby.

    So, we too need a Roman double-edged sword, but not to kill. Rather, to use its vocabulary with care: Heb4:12. Which, of course, is The Book. The Mentor, Holy Spirit, is our Teacher. See, "Mentor" was a Parakletos. Unfortunately, Bibles either transliterate, which helps the reader not at all; or, worse, translate "Parakletos" with the incredibly lame (and lying, sorry) words "Helper" or "Comforter" (say "awwww" here); when in fact the term is King-Advisor/Military-Advisor. Far different idea, right? "Mentor" was the Parakletos to Telemachus, the son of Odysseus (see an encyclopedia). Because, Mentor's Job was to Train in Ruling. So, we use the word "Mentor" today, in honor of that man. Training means Very Careful Thinking. So, Very Careful Vocabulary. So, "knife". So, Heb4:12. So, Spirit, Who is the only One Who knows how to handle Divine Knives, Our Surgeon General.

    For diplomacy is all about words, and words are the only things a soul can apprehend. Especially, words about this Invisible God. There are always tons of misunderstandings and prejudices, many false arguments and problems. Thorny territory to cover. And all the covering must be done by means of careful, lawyerlike Thinking. Atop all that, there's this Unseen Trial going on, Over this Thinking. Heb11:1, puts it this way (in corrected translation):"For it's about Confidence in Word! Son's Thinking [lit., Hupostasis, moniker for Christ in the NT], On Trial! Evidence, Unseen!" Hupostasis=Him. Specifically, Evidence of Him IN you: 1Jn4:17, Col1:25-27, Eph3:15-21. And, Heb11:6 "Without Doctrine, it is impossible to be Him." Now do you see why? [Nerd Note: the wordplay in Heb11:1 is awesome, and you can translate it several different ways, to bring out different nuances: no one translation can be wholly correct. See Heb111.htm for another corrected translation. I've translated it differently here, to bring out the Greek's metering (I can't match the number of syllables in each line, though). So why then do all the published translations pick INSULTING ways to translate the verse, cutting Him completely out, and cutting out all believers, too? The htm shows why. Bible mistranslations blaspheme God routinely; hence, such mistranslation evidences Satan&Co.'s involvement: for we can be CERTAIN, no translator or teacher ever once intends to blaspheme God. See also MisTrans.htm and "Badly Translated" link near the top of RightPT.htm for more examples.]

    As Ambassadors, we are in the middle of an ongoing Trial 'war'. "Thinking" series (link at pagetop) centers on that Trial. Here, we focus on our official Ambassadorial function in it. To function, we have to know quite a lot about what Bible really says, versus what people think it says, or we can't even straighten out in our own minds, what are the issues. Occasionally, we will be called upon to answer the many arguments out in the world -- for Satan&Co. voice their arguments, USING the world.

    So when you hear the world's arguments, you hear actual Trial Evidence, currently; Satan&Co. advance theirs in a kind of burlesqueing "code", which in the Appendix of the "Thinking" series I call "DIOS"; there's a 'cover story' they promulgate for this DIOS goal to deceive everyone, which in Part IVc of the "Thinking" series, is called "STOP OMEGA". So Bible teaches you how to decipher their strategy and deceptions, so you can avoid their many traps; so you also can know when to talk in parables, when to explain, when to walk away. You'll see the Lord did all these things in the Gospels: but have you ever analyzed why? Well, you need to. He writes in the sand, when the adulteress is being accused; He doesn't join in the accusation, though she was caught in the very act of adultery (per the Greek). But we don't write in the sand, do we. Instead, we crusade against porn and every kind of sexual thing, exactly the opposite of what He did. Hmmm. Seems like we don't know our Book very well.

    Similarly, He spurned the crowds hanging on Him, and was rather nasty-sounding, in John Chapters 6 and 7. We'd not have done that. We'd have catered to the crowd: for that's what we Christians think we are supposed to do. Yeah, we think so, because we have been playing hookey. Try this experiment: take just about any popular notion of what's considered 'Christian', and compare it to what Christ did or said in the Gospels. Notice how OPPOSITE are His prescriptions or behaviors, in the same situations. Mark's Gospel is particularly scathing. Then you'll see how we Christians don't know Our Diplomatic Instructions, very well at all.

    Hmmm. Let's then start at the beginning, the Uppermost Truth: to God, what's our Role while we otherwise are learning Him in God's System.. while down here?

The To-God side of Ambassadorship, is Priesthood. For, you not only represent God to man, but man to God. The latter matters more, since you are of the spiritual 'royal bloodline' (2Cor5:17, 1Col1:25-27, etc). Spiritual 'blood' is thinking, as you now know: you are, though, a LIVING sacrifice (refrain in Bible), not some dead thing, as before you were saved. So your sacrifice, your thinking, your blood, must be circulating at all times. For, you are under a NEW covenant. His Thinking. [Like nearly all Biblical metaphors, these terms are LEGAL, not just poetic. That's why pastors are sometimes hard to understand. THEY are fluent in the Biblical lingo, but how often do they explain the vocabulary? After watching TBN for a week I realized a big problem in Christianity is that the teachers are (well, unevenly) fluent, but the congregations, are not. So most of that preaching goes right over their heads. So use your own head: look up these terms in Romans, Hebrews, Peter, but! use a study Bible (like Scofield, which tends to have the best cross-references); and check the OT passages in the margins.]

    As mentioned earlier, Royal Heirs got a Mentor and lots of Books; they were trained in a wide variety of disciplines. Strict self-control, grace orientation, and especially Precise Thinking was instilled in every royal or noble child. This training took a very long time, and the child, even when maybe middle-aged, might yet be considered too immature to rule.

    Kingship is the hardest job on earth. It depends the most, on self-control. Think of it as "acting", but with a special focus on IGNORING the needs of self. The actual areas of knowledge must be broad and many, from art to picayune details of protocol, to wide analysis of military, science, geography and history RELEVANCES. He must be DISCERNING. Not flashcard knowledge, but knowing how to make incisive connections between relevant data. He must be a keen discerner of people, and fast! for he only has but a few minutes or an hour with some visitor. It's a dizzying occupation. Hence the need for a lifetime of training.

    And since the king is already the most-seen, he must take care to VEIL any expertise he has. He's already intimidating enough. So putting the other person at ease, must be his first priority. Which means, he must set aside ALL personal wants and needs, and instead focus on the wants and needs of his subjects. It's a totally selfless life.

    Good writing, good acting, good ambassadorship require one FORGET the self. Instead, you "get into character" of the material, of the person you're playing, of the country you represent and of the country you are representing TO. That puts a premium on STUDY. You study the subject matter well before you can write well; you study the person well before you can act that person on stage or screen. You study your home country and especially its SOVEREIGN well before you can represent Him; and you study your host country well before you can 'translate' into that country's culture, what it needs to know. In all events, the self is completely irrelevant. So if you're hung up on yourself, you can't study, so you can't represent. So you can't write, act, or engage in diplomatic activity. So if you are insufficiently interested in topics outside yourself, you can't but be hung up ON yourself. What a horrible way to live, all "ME" and no MEANING.

    Christianity has largely been about "ME", so it's MEAN. But the Meaning.. is Him. His Gorgeous Thinking. Guaranteed, you get into Bible in God's System to learn Him better, and the MEANING will trump the stupid "me" thing more and more often. And then you will begin to enjoy life, for a change. And then, you become competent to study, write, act, represent. For the "me" has become irrelevant. THAT is true happiness. Which of course, means some Standard of Someone, must be entirely important to you, replacing that "me". Which Standard, takes a long time to learn and live.

See? Were we merely the royal heirs of earthly kings, the job would be hard enough. The King is charged with the duty of Creating and Upholding the Standards of the Polity he rules. Thus there must be law to state those standards; to provide for mediation of various types, i.e., when standards are broken, unclear, in need of revision, etc. The polity is an archetype of 'god', in that everyone agrees that what's best for the polity, is of uppermost importance -- else, the society will disintegrate or otherwise come to much harm.

But we are not merely royal heirs of earthly kings, but of the KING OF KINGS, the Lord of the Universe, the Lord Jesus Christ. So our job is far far far tougher. The Christian who doesn't even learn what this job is, will regret it. For "true riches" in Scripture, means learning this Job. Trace that term and all its thesauretical synonyms yourself even in a translation: check it out!

Our Diplomatic Brief.

Now, to what's called a "diplomatic brief" of our situation as believers, so you can better understand why this Thinking to Father is your all-important purpose for continuing to live and breathe down here in this body, completely equipped with all you need to train all the way to VESTED KINGSHIP: Pleroma. This Brief aims to be a synopsis of the larger "Thinking" series (link at pagetop), particularly Part IV, which is itself subdivided into about seven related pages. So this Brief will not justify its statements, but merely make them, as Diplomatic Briefs ought to do. Our Diplomatic situation is surprisingly sophisticated, even far more tangled than the world's many international relations problems. Which is tragic and hysterical, since we believers couldn't be more clueless about it all. So let's start at the beginning, and get some clues...

    If you'll remember, earlier we saw how God "judicially separated from the world" owing to Adam's sin. [You can search on that quote to return to that section; then search again, to return here.] So, as a result, you probably already know from Bible this world's kingdoms are run by Satan&Co.: a 'prize' of conquest Satan won, due to Adam's fall.

  1. As a result of Adam's Fall and Satan's consequent Rulership of the world, the ONLY favorable contact God can judicially order for the world must come as "blessing by association" (my pastor's term) through BELIEVERS.. like YOU.

    This is a Royally-Big Deal. Only God can control, ordain, order: time, how long and how well you live, the weather, whether you should be punished or blessed, how you should be punished or blessed. No creature has these powers or authorities even if the powers. Because the first Legal issue was -- as you saw back at the Fall -- only GOD can create the soul at Birth, Gen2:7. So legally God has First Rights on Everything. But He allowed Satan to dispute, so Satan gets some rights, too. So now God has Bound Himself to certain promises to mankind, to believers, and even to Satan &Co. (i.e, that they will get a fair Appeal Trial). So if God must withhold blessing according to what He bound Himself to do, then people get hurt. For you can be sure, Satan just wants Gotterdammerung. Just a matter of how he can best fashion it for his own purposes, to defeat God. So all mankind NEEDS God's Blessing. But if man is voting on Satan's side, then God can't juridically allow blessing. For again,

    THE HUPOSTASIS PRINCIPLE is the core of and governs, ALL relationships; be they animate or inanimate; whether among God, or with respect to everyone and everything in the universe. To wit:
    Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy,
    if and only if subordination is Otherwise Justifiable.

    Do you see the dilemma? If you love intimately but are a Ruler, you have to JURIDICALLY reconcile the RULERSHIP before you can JUSTIFIABLY reconcile the LOVE. God clearly loves, John 3:16, Rom5:8, Gal3:20ff. But the unbeliever hasn't agreed to the terms of Reconciliation, that same John 3:16. Hence there is no Positive Vote by Unbelieving Mankind, to justify that reconciliation of Rulership. Man is rejecting God's Rulership. Same as the Genesis 6 folks, which was why there was a Flood back in 2450BC. So Love is not reconciled, for the Rulership is not reconciled; for in man's mind, subordination to God is not justifiable. Now you know why we are needed, and why we are here, rather than being zapped up into heaven the very nanosecond we first 'do' John 3:16. For God is NEVER WILLING that any should perish, corrected clause in 2Pet3:9. [The "not willing" translation in 2Pet3:9 is a mistranslation, in the sense that you can't translate the "never" meaning which Greek particle me and the Greek gnomic present (participle) tense convey. So in English, you'd have to translate me "never", and capitalize it all, to convey the strength of the Greek.]

    GeneYrs.xls is a worksheet with a chronology going all the way back to Adam's Fall (God has Bible measure time beginning with Adam's Fall and NOT before); the timeline goes forward from his Fall, all the way through 2006. Its aim is to show how this juridical reconciliation of Rulership -- through believers ONLY -- has resulted in God granting TIME for the world to continue. The post-Cross historical entries are sparse, especially after the Reformation, but at least the pattern of God's Time Grants is segmented so you can do your own vetting. More historical entries will be added ad hoc, as I've time. Mirroring.htm and MirrorNOW.htm explain the underlying Blessing-By-Association Accounting System God set up, and you can vet the data in Bible. God's Accounting System for time works like a balance sheet, and there's nothing on the internet like these pages, sadly. You can prove out the math and the dates, which are based on Bible or encyclopedias, respected Bible resources in BibleWorks, etc. Pretty shocking stuff. [The entire purpose of the Bible is disclosure for Trial purposes. So you are not told how old the universe is, it's not relevant. More importantly, angels have eternal life and the definition of time only has relevance for humans. The clock of time therefore didn't even begin until Adam was created, and it wasn't relevant BEFORE his fall, since he hadn't yet fallen. Key clause to know all this is in Gen3:17, where God begins to NUMBER HIS DAYS. So much for all those irrelevant science vs. bible creationism wasteful debates: we measure time backwards based on how it works now, ASSuming that time is a constant, and that the way it works now in our material universe now, is the way it always has and will work. Einstein proved this is not true. Oh well.]

  2. Now, to our current diplomatic dilemma: Our Savior legally defeated Satan via successful completion of the Cross, theme of Hebrews Chaps 1-2. Hence Our Kingdom is now of Christ. So there REMAINS (keyword in Heb4) a REST (ibid) for Blessing to flow down here: us. For we are His Body, being Beautified for the Wedding.

    "Remain" and "Rest" are Greek wordplays on the Hebrew concept of "remnant", a small group loyal to God, growing up in Him. The numbers of believers as a percentage of total population on Earth, has always been few. So the writer of Hebrews incorporates by reference all the OT doctrines about the Remnant, to show that law of blessing continues. Upgraded, for Church. Hence the "blessing pipeline" remains both open and contingent upon the Christian spiritual growth or retrogression. People in this planet are being blessed or cursed solely because you, me, and other believers are merely breathing. Big blessings, God-level: time, weather, competence, etc. Part IIIb's "Conclusions" links go into some added detail, but the bulk of it is reserved for Part IV of the "Thinking" series. Mammoth stuff, since nothing about God or His Power, is small. Nothing about our role is small. So even if you're clipping your toenails -- and especially if you are doing that or any other menial task -- your THINKING TOWARD FATHER, determines your future, and the world's history, as Part IVb of the "Thinking" series, exhaustively explains.

    It's an irony of life that 99.9% of activity is fluff, kinda like only 2% of your DNA really determines your biology. But when you think of the importance of that small percentage, the fluff is free to BE fluff. Look: you have to breathe, to be alive. Yet the breathing itself, does no 'work'. Yet everything revolves around breathing. You don't usually notice the fact you're breathing. So also, in many activities of life, a little thing is key to the whole, and the thing itself, is of itself, valueless. Yet everything depends on it. We believers of ourselves are worthless, but we know the Gospel. That saves lives. God does the work of getting people matched up so that the Gospel can be heard. So think: no matter what a person is, wouldn't you too be never willing that he'd go to hell? So in maybe five minutes out of a whole lifetime, that five minutes spent hearing/believing the Gospel, JUSTIFIES the entire lifetime spent. So it's worthwhile that we be here, never mind that we ourselves aren't worth the powder it takes to blow us to hell.

    Why is it worthwhile that someone be saved, if we are all worthless? Because God wants it to be worthwhile. He can MAKE it worthwhile, we can't. Moreover, since God is LOVE and Omniscient, well -- He surely doesn't want to look at people suffering in hell. We don't even like seeing people suffering, how much more, He doesn't? So for eternity, even if five minutes of a life is spent hearing/giving/believing the Gospel, that justifies the whole life -- since Christ paid for it all, that justification is valid. Omnipotence could save us without the Cross. But then God would not be paid. That's not fair, Christ WANTED to be the Payor, and He is. So we are truly justified, and it's NOT necessary that anyone go to hell. So if they want to go there, well.. that's their choice, never God's.

    Atop that reason for being a remnant down here, there's the Bridal Preparation analogy. You always gotta interpret Bible by its own terms and its own time, even though the meaning of Bible is timeless, so you can get the DOCTRINE God means to convey. Bridal preparation in the ancient world, especially for a king, was a long-term affair. The higher the king, the earlier the bridal contract is made, often between two children. They are trained to be husband and wife from childhood (the practice was also common in Europe as late as Mary Queen of Scots, who was first betrothed to the crown prince of France as a child). So that's also what happens during our life down here. So the world justifiably receives blessing, because WE NEED it to be blessed. 99.9% fluff, the world. But we are that .1% which justifies the rest. Just because at some point we already spent five minutes believing in Christ. Just because some other believer before us, spent that five minutes telling the Gospel which we believed. See? A lot always depends on the little, basic law of spiritual and nuclear physics: hupostasis! For infinity, is punctiliar. Whole in a 'dot', in every 'dot'.

  3. As a result, the WORK God does to bless the world through the believer, the Work GOD does to develop you into a King, is higher than all human works, combined. So if AS a believer you turn His Training down, if you don't keep on getting in and staying in God's System, you are more to blame for the world's hurt. Conversely, if you do keep on getting and staying in God's System -- there is no greater work for the world's weal. For work which God does IN you, is always greater than the sum of all man's good deeds.

    This fact scares me more than all other Bible facts: We are not our own, we are CHRIST'S! 1Jn4:12-17 is the scariest passage in the Bible, and is (along with Isa53:10-12 and Eph3:15-19) the conceptual underpinning for the DDNA webseries (link at pagetop), especially DDNA1.htm. You were bought with a BridePrice, paid at the Cross (main theme of Romans 5-8, esp. Chap6). And your JOB, is to grow up in Your Husband's Thinking. Period. If you go galavanting off into works with people, eyes on people, it's tantamount to fornication, and Bible in both OT and NT is rife with scathing condemnation using that immoral imagery to describe moral, religious people. [This condemnation is almost entirely obliterated in translation. I can somewhat understand why, because were I to dare retranslate the salient verses, I don't know geocities would allow my websites, anymore. When my pastor started exegeting these verses back in the 1950's or 60's, he lost nearly the entire congregation because they found the text so offensive (i.e., especially in Eze Chaps6,16, Hosea4, 6, Isaiah1,28, 64, Zech 3, Mal3). Ask God to show you where these verses are. Believe me, He will! God is real adamant on this point. John basically calls us murderers in 1Jn3:18's Greek (in context of the previous 5 verses), if we don't get in and stay in the Word. It's NOT a works thing -- it's the works, which are the fornication/murder! Again, ask God about this. You won't believe it (and shouldn't) until you know HE led you to the verses. DDNA1.htm covers 1Jn3:18 in more detail, especially since the translation cuts God's Head off and reverses the meaning to imply works. Again, so much of the Bible's meaning is stripped out in translation, I really must appeal that you ask God about it.]

    When a ROYAL does something, it has a huge impact. So the Royal must be incredibly careful with every word, nod, remark, action. When Princess Diana was seen wearing a sweater with lambs on it, the company making that sweater sold out its entire supply within days. When a Royal makes a slightly inappropriate remark (in the eyes of others, never mind if it was truly inappropriate), the press cavort over it for days or even years. When a Royal disapproves of something, the object of disapproval is devastated. So too, any of your works or comments or attitudes seen by others, have a devastating effect. If you are not first TRAINED, you works actually HARM people. Hence not only disloyalty to your Sovereign is evidenced in works (for you aren't learning your Sovereign, but are aiming for self- or human- approbation) -- but you actually harm the very folks whom you meant to bless via your works. We have a lot to answer for, at the Bema. Would that we could all be locked up in isolation the very second we were saved, until we were trained in Him! But those aren't the terms of the Trial. So we are exposed from spiritual birth, foibles and babblings included.

    Scary thing, that Command to be Bride, wholly dedicated to Him, separated from the world and its fake holiness. Part III of the "Thinking" series walks you through your ROYAL Priestly Inheritance and how you can grow in it.. or, eventually, lose it. You can't lose salvation. You can lose your escrowed kingdom. For each believer is designed by God to become a king. Which inheritance, can be turned down, and then you won't "inherit the kingdom", but some other believer (on your behalf!), will. Not all Royal sons grow up fit to rule. So, like Isa53:12 says, the booty is divided among the "great ones" who WILL grow up. Everyone else, is people booty UNDER those individuals. That's why the Rapture hasn't happened, yet: more of those "great ones" remain to be developed. There is NO other reason for the delay.

    In earthly royalties, inheritance customs vary. Generally the firstborn was made king of all, and the other siblings and relatives were guaranteed an income, sometimes with jobs to go with the money/property. Occasionally, however, the king would split his kingdom amongst his children (Clovis, for example). Historically, the results were disastrous -- endless wars amongst the siblings. Not so, in God's assignments. But if you don't grow up sufficiently to rule the kingdom assigned to you -- it will be given someone else. He who has [faith/Word], gets; he who has not, loses even what he has. It would be unfair to assign a portion to someone ill equipped to rule.

    All the while, Royalty is isolated from the general public, just as priests are. There's a reason for that: the specialized THINKING one must develop, takes a lifetime of training and isolation is key to its function. The royal or priest is DEDICATED, and nothing of his life is his own. The common folks vaguely understand this, and are often discomfited, imagining all that wealth and honor somehow is a pleasure to waste, rather than a burden to shoulder. So look: when you are born into a human royal or priestly family, the first thing you learn is that you don't deserve your station; it's drilled into you, a sense of absolute duty. Duty first, self a very distant second. The royal code of any human royal family is therefore honor honor honor. When you are being honored, it's not you, but the royal code and country you represent. So you yourself honor it with your life, and if you must completely obliterate all personal wants, so be it.

    How much more true, for the Royal Family of God for All Eternity, currently styled the "Body of Christ"? That's what He's talking about in John 14:2 et. seq. Not mere buildings, but a Royal House with many branches (subkingdoms, a federation). Wish someone would look at the Greek, sometime. That's why John 14 is about the Holy Spirit in you and Vine and Branches occupies John 15. LIVING Royal House, not dead stone. For example: should I be carried all the way through Pleroma, my kingdom would be "the Royal House of Brainout" -- 'brainout' being substituted maybe with my real name (i prefer 'brainout', though, since that's what I'd be, apart from the Holy Spirit). [Well the full title would be longer, referencing your God-appointed pastor and other linkages. God is big on titles and they are not empty, but incisive, profound, witty.]

    So to say your very breathing is the source of God's Beneficence, well: that's true for earthly royal families, they breathe and economies depend on their breathing, even in our jaded 21st century. How much more, is your breathing the source of God's Economic Blessing? Can there be a bigger economic blessing than time and weather, polity competence? Is there ANY work you could even fantasize doing, as big as that? Oh, how we short-shrift the description of our role down here. Think real hard: if Christ paid and as a result is the Ruler of All (Heb1-2), and you are part of His Body, you CANNOT have a footman role, nor the footman's freedom, even when you clip your toenails. It would be dishonorable. So for you, even the toilet really IS the Royal Throne. Don't make the mistake of laughing at that. Christ didn't die in vain, John 10:34 is not hyperbole. God won't tolerate lesser-thans, and our current status is merely a way to train us in what Omniscience by nature, already knows: I call it the "high-low". It's a hupostatic knowledge, and we start out at the 'low', made high in His Thinking, then made low again (i.e., denigrated). Just as happened to Him. All this, by CONTRACT, in Isa53:10-12, which Ephesians explains in detail (see LordvSatan1.htm's "Fit Bride" link).

    Rulers are trained to think honor, 24/7; people WANT to look up to their rulers. So are we to do: think Bible 24/7, look up to Our Ruler. Meanwhile, the still-rejecting-God world gets blessed with time, weather, all huge-level stuff -- for we are down here breathing while God makes us into that Bride. It's not our good, but HIS, which justifies this. Hence the irony: to be a King, means you are the Biggest Slave. A peasant can have his private time and pleasures -- but YOU, can't. That first nanosecond you believed in Him, you actually lost your brains and lost the ability to enjoy your sin nature; its pettiness is too small now, compared to your incipient spiritual life. For God is bigger. So now are you. Hence, your ONLY fulfillment from here on out is to Learn His Son. Which is why you'd yearn to be a slave, and wouldn't want to be a king -- so can only accept kingship, if it MEANS being the Biggest Slave. Which, it does. Sorry, someone should have warned you of all this before you first believed in Christ!

    See, when we first believed in Christ we did that for basically one of two reasons: a) "God" just somehow mattered to us and we didn't want a life apart from Him -- it made sense that Someone would have to pay for us, in order to justify that eternal togetherness; and/or b) we didn't want to live in hell forever. We really didn't know any more than that, when we first believed. But oh! There's all this ROYAL PURPOSE, now! Unlike the commoner, nothing in a Royal's life can be left to whim. His time, clothing, behavior, food, and minute personal habits, are groomed, scheduled, watched. He has no freedom. The peasant can pick his teeth, go where he wants on his own time -- the Royal cannot. For the slightest movement of a Royal is obsessed over, watched, aped, criticized. There's no way out of it, except abdication. And here in God's Plan, you can abdicate. Just stay out of God's System or opt for Brother-Foot Churchinanity, and you can have an eternity of distance from Him, even though in heaven forever. Happy, but closer to people and things, than to Him. Your choice. But if close to Him, well.. look at the training for the Cross. Everything of you is 'on the table'. As this Brief unfolds, you'll see more of just how truly Royal this life is. And confining. So the only way to survive in it, is to develop a Love for Him. Which, living in God's System for some years will produce. God's produce, Eph2:10, Phili2:12-13 (Greek). For you are not your own. And God's gonna give you a workout if you stay in His System (ibid)! Your choice.

  4. Therefore, we are in a kind of diplomatic limbo: positionally but not actually, Royal Citizens of Heaven (i.e., per Phili3:20+1Pet2:5,9); actually but not positionally, members of this world. Hence Satan wants us ousted (theme of John, 1Jn, Hebrews and Ephesians, etc). Satan gets his way, when we refuse Our Royal Training by refusing (or quitting) God's System. Because we started out in the world AND of the world. It's vaguely like dual citizenship where both sides have a valid claim on you; so it depends on your own choices, who gets the jurisdiction over you while you live. Very messy thing. Like being the kids in a nasty divorce custody battle.

    The "Footstool" doctrine in Bible, if you research it, informs you that Father Calls Bride, as part of the Preparation for the Implementation of Israel's Covenants at the 2nd Advent; which covenants, Christ as Seed (Gal3) inherited due to His Successful Vesting of King-Priest kata Melchizedek, at the Cross. (Central Theme of Hebrews.) So that's GOD's Reason for keeping us here. Not one second more, nor one second less. Satan's trying to jimmy with God's Rules, to make God 'fail' to finish the "Call" of "Bride".

    Christians who opt for Brother-Foot Churchinanity as the definition of 'spiritual' are voting for Satan. They don't mean to do that. A lot of the spiritual life is spent being childish, so of course a good amount of Brother-Foot ideas accompany spiritual childhood. But the objective is to grow OUT of that stage. And most Christians, don't grow out of it. Hence the Bride, isn't completing. Too many children, not enough spiritually mature (Eph4:14 versus Eph4:13) has been the history of Church since Pentecost.

    On a given future date, these two antithetical trends -- Footstool progress and too-long-childish Christians voting for Satan -- merge into a kind of maximum 'ripeness', analogous to Jeremiah's explanation of the good and rotten figs (passim theme in his book). On that future day, the Rapture will occur (akin to Nebuchadnezzar taking away the flower of Jerusalem, the "good figs"). No one knows when that day is, since it's a voting thing, and none of us can know how the voting is proceeding in aggregate. Satan is trying to manipulate the negative (childish) side of the vote to either delay the Rapture or to force its occurrence WITHOUT the requisite number of developed Kings. For in diplomacy, when your ambassador to a foreign country shames the home country, he must be recalled. Satan's trying to make that recall occur in his favor on his timing.

  5. So diplomatically speaking, there's a thorny, two-sided juridical reconciliation of Rulership, in progress: on the one hand, Satan being strategically defeated, Our King has the legal right to call out from Satan's world, whoever wants Him. On the other hand, Satan himself has not yet been ousted by the King, because the terms of his ousting are that Bride COMPLETES. So Satan has legal rights of rule as well, and the full potential to yet again, usurp the world -- this time, from the Last Adam. By, the Last Adam's CONSENT.

    Satan won control of the world over the first Adam, by the successful temptation of the woman to choose to make herself god, versus the Real God. Adam had to choose between God and his newly-fallen spouse. The Last Adam chose God over humanity. So now it's humanity's turn, to choose the Last Adam. Husband chose Wife by Choosing God over Wife; so now, Wife is to choose God over the world. The Last Adam consents to this, even though He won, because Love never coerces. If you don't want God, He won't force Himself on you. Hence the race continues toward the destination (Eph4:12-13), the completion of the Wife, aka the Body of Christ, aka Church, aka Bride of Christ (once completed). All these metaphorical titles depict the reality of what life is really about, down here: choosing to learn Him, which means living in God's System with the result that you come to learn and live on Bible 24/7, thus growing spiritually to Pleroma Kingship; or, choosing to substitute whatever, and shrinking in your soul until your contagion requires your capital punishment, 1Jn5:16. Then, you go to heaven as a Royal Peasant. No middle ground.

    99.9% of Christians end up shrinking. That's why they are so prickly and legalistic, childishly viewing God, constantly measuring and judging others, busy with their baby works. Enlarging souls don't need to judge another person's doctrinal correctness, since the growing soul is far too busy tending to his own logs; he does do an enormous amount of critiquing which can be mistaken for judging by the immature; but the purpose of such critiquing, is to analogously audit the SELF. By contrast, shrinking souls constantly hunt for motes in everyone else's eyes, and pounce upon others. But don't you dare correct them! They are hypersensitive, totally hostile to getting what they dish out. Sound familiar? [The more I see wrong, the less I trust myself. The wrong must be accounted for, else whatever wrong is in me, can't be detected. Sometimes the only way to see what's wrong with the self, is to look outside the self -- then, back to the self seeking parallels. Everyone errs, and everyone errs in the SAME WAYS. We just differ in flavor, that's all. That's why at West Point a sizeable amount of time is spent studying the military blunders in history. Greater minds than yours blew it, so guess what? Ouch!]

    In the Angelic Appeal Trial which constitutes human history, God has allowed humans to choose who will rule them. It's not a majority-vote decision, but a person-by-person decision. Meanwhile, the results of those choices end up constituting the body of evidence which decides the Trial outcome. So on the one hand, the Trial is strategically over, because Christ opted for the Cross and completed it -- thus proving Satan's contention that God is 'mean', wrong; on the other hand, not everyone has finished voting for who's to be his ruler. You get what you want, with God; and if you don't want God, you can vote rejection. With full attendant consequences. When all the voting is done -- and no one can know when that will be -- then the Rapture occurs. Has zippo to do with any passing semblance of historical events to prophecy.

  6. This Church-Bride Completion is therefore a numbers game, and when the Completion occurs, the Rapture happens. It's a LEGAL VOTING thing, not a goo-goo thing. As noted earlier in the "Crown Prince" section, it's a Balance issue between how many Rulers ("great ones" in Isa53:12) are needed to Divinely govern "the many", who are the ruled. So far, "the many" far outnumber the Rulers so the ongoing imbalance means the Rapture cannot yet occur.

    Point is, GOD DECREED FREEDOM. The Calvinists and others miss this, thinking that if God decrees something, it casts in stone, so no one is really able to have free will. But if God Decrees Freedom, then the opposite is true: you are totally free, insured to be so. Omniscience merely knows what will happen or not happen, and Foreknowledge decrees that the free results, actually be what they are. Easy to understand, really -- once you understand that Sovereign, Free, God -- decrees FREEDOM. No gerrymandering of any kind is acceptable to God.

    Too many drooling Christians think the Rapture is a Disneyland thing. It's a very somber thing, and scary in the extreme, RIGHT NOW, never mind the Tribulation it kicks off for completing Israel's "time". So I had to spend four years developing Part IV of the "Thinking" series, to show the legal issues, numbers-criteria, satanic-conflict games, and destiny issues. All that writing, can be vetted before the Lord so you'll see it's not at all like the popular conception. All that writing, because when I had learned all this the first time, during daily exegesis of Revelation by my pastor for four years, I was bored with prophecy. 20 years after that had begun, God finally spanked me for my boredom; and made me write out the demonstration that Rapture precedes Trib -- for another four years. 1981-1985, was when I got the exegesis. 2001-2005, was when I wrote Part IV. Yikes, God knows how to make his purpose clear, huh. Prejudice is always punished. Ouch. Why do I tell you this? Because we intellectual types tend to despise prophecy as something only stupid people and children should believe. Guess again.

  7. Satan wants to exploit our limbo status and our ignorance, to 'miscarry' God's Rapture Date ; more specifically, to make us Church so utterly apostate, that the necessary Ruler Complement will not VOTE for development all the way through the Pleroma (Eph3:19) maturity standard (Eph4:13). If that happens, Church must be Raptured BEFORE it COMPLETES, and hence it's a MISTRIAL: thus Satan would win. For if he can't produce a Mistrial, then all he has are the seven years of the Tribulation: he already knows how they end, given God's Omniscience 'Discovery' (i.e., Book of Revelation). But it's not predicted when or in what configuration, Church will complete, since it's all about Voting. So Satan still has a chance to reverse his defeat. Really, he's angling for a MISTRIAL VERDICT; which he can get, if Church like Israel before her, doesn't grow up in Christ to the stature needed for eternal-but-free, balance. We are in a sudden-death round of history, and it's all about how people VOTE.

    See, the argument is, who rules better. A Mistrial Verdict occurs if the Judge (God) tampers with evidence, procedures, trial rules. Here, the central trial rules include all of God's Promises. Should God 'fail' on even one promise, it's a mistrial. Since God has made certain promises CONTINGENT on human votes, there's a real chance some of those promises won't be fulfilled. We know from prophecy that they will be met -- but that knowledge doesn't at all restrict the possibility that they WON'T be met. "Discovery", a legal name given to full disclosure of evidence which the prosecution (or defense) has, is why we have prophecy. For God is omniscient, but we are not.

    The main promise of God, to provide a Savior, was met. The next promise of God, to provide the Savior a Wife, is in progress. The next promise of God, to use that Wife to restore to Israel the promised Tribulation and hence Millennium, is yet to occur. All these promises are contingent on VOTES. So it's truly possible that they won't be fulfilled.

      For all humankind is under a time bomb: the sin nature being rapidly degenerative biologically (it's in your genes), there will come a point in time when God cannot justify imputing a soul to the body that emerges from a mother's womb, at birth: the sin nature will be too corrupt, and free will would be compromised. At that point, no more humans will be born. In fact, that degeneration accounts for a good many miscarriages from Adam's day onward. See? God won't gerrymander freedom, not even biological freedom. Even mindless genes, have rights.

      So within that time bomb are earlier deadlines: the last 1007 years of human history of course must play out before that degenerative time bomb, goes off. Spiritual growth or retrogression affects the genes, too: that's how the sin nature became genetic, in the first place (due to Adam's original sin, which was an act of his SOUL). Obviously the soul God imputes at birth is perfect, so the only place the sin nature can be, is in the genes. These genes are free to develop as they will. So there is a deadline for the Rapture to occur: we just can't know what it is, because there is no way we can know how the voting is going. So Satan can win.

    Satan really might win. We know in the end it won't work, but he really CAN win. And frankly, it doesn't matter if he did win. Look: nothing restricts God, nothing compromises God, ever. He can of course at any time just zap things as He wants them. But He Absolutely WANTS everything to be free. So it technically doesn't matter even if Satan wins. God loves Truth and Authority so Absolutely, that 'if' Satan won, God would submit. God doesn't compromise Himself if He submitted. Nothing can compromise Him. He already submitted His Own Son to the Cross -- and that really was the ONLY thing which COULD have compromised Justice -- and we know how that turned out. So everything else which happens, well.. it's free. Think: would you really care if Satan won, since no matter what you can live with Christ forever? Would it really matter if the circumstances were pleasant or not? No. He Himself is heaven to you, and that's the truth for all of us. We don't all realize that right now, but Jeremiah's "The Lord Is My Portion" statement is the Reality. So who cares, if Satan&Co. win and make us miserable, allegedly? It would still be heavenly. Compromises nothing. Not God, not us, not the relationship between God and us. No one can pluck us out of His Hands, John 10:28. Not even all the gates of hell can prevail against that. Not even if they win.

      For, here you are reading this webpage. Why aren't you out doing something ELSE? See? It doesn't matter who wins in this Trial. Your Lord is still Your Lord, and you're reading because you love Him. So you're in heaven, already. No matter where your body is.

    See, the Last Adam LOVES us. So will not rule by coercion. So WILL allow people to reject Him. So Satan really can win. So now you can see why Satan&Co. are so anxious to mess up the Gospel. The more believers, perhaps the sooner Church completes: for who knows who among them, might just Vote for God's System, all the way through Pleroma?

  8. Consequently, the closest secular analogy to this Unseen Trial, is that of DISPUTED TERRITORY, in diplomacy. Victor wins the territory, and vanquished agrees. So at Satan's end, his goal is to produce a "Dios", a 'foreign' god (himself) we prefer to rule us, versus the Real God. To this end, and to manipulate the Rapture, Satan makes a Fake Temple and Fake Church with which to annihilate the Jews.

    Territorial disputes can last for centuries. Kinda like today's Kashmir or Iraq squabbles, it's a simmering thing. People booty. Prestige. Secular always reflects spiritual. In our world, the claimants would go to the U.N. or the International Court of Justice at the Hague, and present their arguments. But if the conflict is really deep-seated, like that between the Palestinians and Israel (which is rooted in Hagar versus Sarah's kids, not what's being said today), then.. all the talk goes nowhere. Everyone just stalls and pontificates, pretending progress. So you can look at Arab-Israel Conflict news broadcasts of 30 years ago, but change the dates and faces/names; yet have the same story as here in 2006. Always near a settlement. Always peace in our 'year'. Always always always.. outhen. For nothing is really happening. Just pretense. So too, in the Angelic Trial, where control of the universe itself, is disputed. All that nice talk in Job 1 and 2 is just that: talk. Behind it, runs a vast network of warring. With words. Fooling people.

    The humans in this conflict of course have no clue they are being manipulated toward a particular goal: the rebuilding of the Temple. Part IVa of the "Thinking" series spends a lot of time explaining why that's important. In gist, Satan needs to build a fake Temple, just as he set about creating a fake Church (Rev17) beginning within 2 years or so after Revelation was penned. If he doesn't keep counterfeiting both Judaism and Christianity, he runs the risk that too many people will see the truth. Yet he even advertises the truth of Daniel 9:26 by causing the Dome of the Rock -- very visible "abomination" symbol -- to be there. But he needs it there, to keep attention ON that Rock, so he can get people mad enough to fantasize justification to rebuild the Temple. Since a good 30% of the OT is devoted to saying only God will rebuild the Temple at (what we call) the 2nd Advent, Satan's got to fake that, too. That's why Revelation Chaps 11-13, read as they do -- that's his fakeout plan. Part IVa, PartIVa (Continued) and the GeneYrs.xls worksheet demonstrate his actual historical attempts to focus attention on and rebuild the Temple, even using God's Accounting-System-for-Time units. It's uncanny. [To see it in the worksheet, scroll down to 70AD and look for the lavender-colored cells. Lavendar is a yucky color, imo -- just like Satan's gambits.]

    For the supernaturality and bloodbath characteristics of the 2nd Advent 'resemble' the Trib, if you don't know your Bible. Also, the Bible says Messiah returns FIRST, executes a bloodbath from Dan to Beersheba (length of Israel), and then Temple is rebuilt by angels, Ezekiel Chaps 39ff. But if you're blind to Bible, given Satan's penchant for derisively reversing Scripture in translation and in taught doctrine, well.. have some statue SET UP in the Fake Temple, call it the mouth of Messiah, and Israel comes to it, rather than it gathering Israel. Sucker born every minute...

    So the only prophetic 'herald' (Elijah-to-come) left, is a Fake one, get it? The real "Elijah-to-come", was John the Baptist, who's long gone, now. So that leaves

    • Fake Church, Rev17;
    • fake Temple, Rev11;
    • fake messiah with fake herald, Rev13ff.
    • All for purposes of annihilating the Jews, Rev12.

    All neatly laid out for any pair of eyes to see. So of course, no one sees them: the HERALDRIC function of the BIBLE ITSELF goes unheard. So of course, no one reads the Silent Stone Sentinels of Dome and Wailing Wall, which are standing mute right where the Two Human Witnesses will be. Witnesses, to WARN AWAY from the Fake Temple. Even now, their Stone Counterparts testify to all eyes, the fulfillment of Daniel 9:26c, hence Matt24, hence the future Rev11:1 -- right this very second. After all, the Middle East hasn't been out of the news since 1096AD. Not even Satan wants the Middle East to be out of the news, as you'll see in Part IVa's text about post-Temple history: Satan&Co. kept putting that area IN the news, when apathetic mankind kept losing interest; wasn't until the Crusades, that people began to pony up. See, if there's nothing to fight over in Jerusalem, then there's no way to gather the Jews for Armaggedon. But hey: by 1905, Satan had a good thing going, an alliance between Jews, the Porte, and Europe.. so the Jews started returning to the Land as a population for the first time in 2000 years. So, liberally dash in a number of European and Russian pogroms, rise up a Hitler to outdo them all, and well.. it was a shoe in to shoe in the Chosen People where they can be more easily destroyed. 50% of world Jewry is estimated to live in Israel, now. All huddled together, as so often in the past. "We learn from history that we learn nothing from history," yet again.

    Since the Rapture is not predictable, Satan's got to keep on motivating a rebuilding of the Temple in EVERY generation, and really tried hard that first 140 years after 70AD; he nicely managed a third "abomination" 70 years later, Aelia Capitolina; but that didn't rile sustained interest for a recapture, drat. Repeated attempts were made, afterwards, but the area fell into disrepair, and Abraham's BedRock of His Salvation languished. But Satan kept trying, and he came close in Constantine's day (490 years after Antiochus, cute) -- and again (per Gibbon) in Julian's day, Justinian's day , even using Chosroes; then, when that didn't work, he trotted out Islam. Then used Islam predictably, whenever Christian interest in the Holy Land waned; finally, he got Europe all hot-and-bothered (via Islam, of course) during the Crusades, but.. no one really had sustained interest, and even his causing of the rise of the Ottomans, didn't work.

    But now, with Israel ignoring Daniel 9:26 so much she reassembled WITHOUT God's doing it, beginning in 1948, well.. maybe he has a shot at getting that fake Temple rebuilt, now. In the name of God, of course. You have to gather your enemy in order to slaughter your enemy. That's what he's trying to do. If there are too few Jews left to receive Messiah, then God fails to deliver on His Promises. Frankly, it seems pretty clear Satan&Co. left the Jews no alternative, for during the first half of the 20th century, they were pogromized no matter where they went, all over the world. See From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters for a fact-filled history of the events. It wasn't only Hitler who tried to annihilate the Jews. Europe and Russia were pretty much trying to do the same thing, which pogroms run oddly in 490-560 year increments, same as God's basic Blessing-of-Time Accounting Unit. Satan is nothing, if not mimicking.

    Revelation 6-19 once seemed impossible: how would anyone not know it was the Tribulation? How could stuff like that occur, yet so many still not believe? The plagues against Pharaoh are among the best known in the world, made famous by the movie, "The Ten Commandments", and here in Revelation, nearly the same plagues roll out again! But how can anyone not know from those Two Silent Sentinels, Who is the Real Messiah and thus the Real God.. even now? When Someone goes to the trouble to preserve a prophecy related to Temple Destruction in 586BC, and His own ENEMIES kindly oblige by building an "abomination" on the anniversary of that very destruction plus 99 years for good measure -- after all, Abram became Abraham, at circumcision, age 99 -- thus building that abomination beginning 685AD, well.. then ANY blindness, becomes believable. No one can accuse the Christians or the Jews of orchestrating the building of the Dome to match/mirror Bible prophecy and even the DATE of the Temple's Destruction, in Daniel 9. In fact you can be pretty sure that the Arabs didn't know -- would you testify to your mortal enemy's holy book being right but your own, being written by Iblis, by making a STONE WITNESS right over the Holy of Holies 586+99 years' AD mirroring of the 1st Temple built by enemy? I bet not. And here you thought "the devil" had two horns and a tail, lol...

    But God is faithful, and will protect our sibling. We should thus defend Israel and the Jew with every corpuscle in our bodies. No one is more important to history, than the Jew. We are to be Israel's protector, both now and in the Millenium. Blessing from us underwrites the Tribulation, when we won't be on earth (Satan must pretend Church is there, so people won't think it's the Trib, but the 2nd Coming). So pray for Israel's protection, whenever you can. Pray, don't be activistic. For it's Israel's friends who helped her herd back to the Land when the Lord counseled them to flee until HE returned. Diaspora is her protection, but her friends herded her back there. So only Adonai is her Deliverer.. as always.

    We however prefer the fake, the small, the titillating. Anything, but the truth. You know the world is in deep doo-doo, when even Satan&Co. advertise The Real God blatantly to the world, using the two largest and least disputed relics on earth.

    As for Fake Church, well there are a number of strategical ploys being played. They divide out, as two main strategical objectives. First, it's of the utmost importance to DROWN OUT the Bible, replacing it with false doctrines which don't save, and don't grow you spiritually. That gives Satan ways to accuse us before God, trying to force our recall and hence a Mistrial Verdict. So that's why ecumenical religion was started; that's why it continues. That's why even the independent churches today largely misrepresent the Gospel, saying you must repent of your sins, invite Christ into your heart, etc. No one is saved by adding verbs to BELIEVE, John 3:16 (and hundreds of other like verses). If by mistake one does believe ONLY, well.. the myriads of other false Brother-Foot doctrines, restrict/slow down/ prevent spiritual growth. So the Rapture is delayed.

    Secondly, a fake Church is needed IN the Tribulation, to make it look like the Second Coming has arrived. To fake out believers during the Trib, into believing it's the Millennium. Here, the strategy is again to GATHER. Millions of believers will be sucked into that ploy. A few will hide out just as the Lord told them to do (i.e., that caves warning, don't come out when PEOPLE tell you Messiah has come, Matt24 and elsewhere). Satan needs to smoke these people out. For again, if not enough believers remain to constitute a KINGDOM, then Messiah's Return won't occur. So by starting the fake Church now, Satan first hedges his bets since he doesn't know when the Rapture will occur, either -- and also provides a nice FAKE PAPER TRAIL so to fool people that it's not the Tribulation, but the Millennium. It's no accident that the denominations which the more favor the Church Fathers, pooh-pooh the Rapture and even the Trib and Millennium, never mind that Moses was the first to announce the Millennium, in Psalm 90:4. Satan needs to mask the reality of the Rapture. So he indoctrinates his fake church with a replacement falsehood. Popularity is always a sign of demonic herding. So the fake paper trail will be believed by believers, during the Trib. So to gather them for slaughter. [Nerd note: popularity is not always based on something demonic, but to get the herding, something demonic will a) be created and then MADE popular, in order to herd; or, failing to do that, b) something popular which of itself is not demonic, will be TWISTED to become demonic and then herded. The Gospel is obviously in the b) category. It is the power of salvation -- but note how the Gospel is always TWISTED to add verbs to believe only, which thus saves no one. If all you must do is believe to be saved (the truth), by adding verbs TO believe, means the believing, is NOT enough to be saved. See the clever negation? Royal Gospel Brief and its like blue-colored boxes in the upper quadrant of the Home Page, go through this issue of believe-only, in more detail.]

  9. Yet another layer of ongoing diplomatic maneuvering which requires our utmost skill in discerning and handling: in any dispute over territory, the key to victory is to assemble support from ALLIES. So the actual conflict itself, is SIDELINED. Wow, this strategy will be hard to explain. See, if you want to win, you have two choices: a) advance good arguments backed by force of persuasion/diplomacy/arms; or, b) bribe/sweet-talk others into alliance, while simultaneously badmouthing your enemy. You resort to b) when a) is invalid or weak. Thus if you are the evil party in the dispute, you SIDELINE the merits OF the dispute into a personality contest. Politicians and lawyers do this all the time. That's why a bad politician gets elected; why a guilty defendant always looks so nicely dressed. Awww, he looks and talks so innocent and nice, he just couldn't possibly be bad. Yeah, right. Sucker born every minute.

    The Arab-Israeli dispute is really the fault of the Arabs. Any cold look at the facts reveals this. The Arabs always start the wars, Israel is always WAY too restrained, trying to obey its allies. But the Arabs know the art of manipulation. Never mind, they have the most brutal of human-rights' abuse history, they claim it's Israel (or the US) which is cruel. And so many dingdongs IN the US and around the world, buy that tripe. So too, with the larger anti-semitic arguments you hear. It's all Satan pulling the strings (well, one of his higher-echelon demons, Satan won't ever get his hands dirty).

    To see how well this sidelining works, just look at the recent reaction to the execution of that Hitler-like murderer, Saddam Hussain. Oh, how piously people cried against IRAQ for carrying out its own law of execution! Never mind the victims. See how SICK the world is, forgetting the victims, wanting mercy for the BLOODTHIRSTY TYRANT? Only Satan&Co. can manipulate a large group of people all around the world. These people love hating anyone bigger than themselves, so of course the victims of tyrants, don't matter. Justice doesn't matter. Only jealousy and hatred of those doing the right thing, matters. Avoid such people, 2Tim2:26-3:7 warns. Yeah, you'd have to kill yourself, to avoid them!

    So notice how clever: if we're all busy taking sides on the Arab-Israel or pro-US anti-US stances, then we're all NOT looking at God. Heh.

    SATANIC ART-OF-DEFLECTION KEY ==> The larger goal is to align the world on one or the other side of some earthly dispute -- doesn't matter WHAT kind of dispute it is -- so that Satan can accuse BELIEVERS getting their eyes ON the dispute, to God. So that Satan can keep believers' and unbelievers' eyes on the dispute, rather than on God. That's what's behind his Fake Church and Fake Temple schemes, as noted earlier. It's not just about annihilating the Jews, it's about keeping people from thinking about God. Busy bodies, busy brains, busy on this world, feeling holy by taking sides with people they like. Clever, huh.

    Again, God must juridically stand off from the world. God must order punishment warning to the world via weather, agricultural failure and other big-ticket disasters -- testifying that GOD is doing them, it's not 'natural' -- so Satan tries to also get us all bollixed up with ourselves, knowing God must punish that. For if we aren't punished, we won't look UP and ask "Why?" Lev26 outlines God's policy here. Satan thus wants to get as much of those judgements to be executed on the world, as possible, making God destroy the very people His Son paid for: all of us. See, it's not just about annihilating the Jews. But all of us. Gotterdammerung, baby.

    See, that's voting for Satan, too: when we preoccupy ourselves with worldly things. Worldliness is not whether you wear makeup or develop your muscles, etc. Worldliness is preoccupation with this world, rather than Occupation with Christ (2Cor5:14-21, Heb12:2, Phili2:5-10, etc). Romans 8 is a flagship chapter on this topic, as is Philippians 3. So the satanic strategy is, to get as many people as possible to focus on a disputed worldly thing, since the weight of its popularity draws even in-God's-System believers, into it. And that dispute will always but always be popular on the anti-God side (the prolifers, the Arabs, theonomy, etc). So even if you are growing in God's System, you have to pay attention to the issue, since everyone around you is talking about it. Thus time you could be spending thinking toward Father, is instead spent with your eyes on people. Clever, huh.

    Moreover, by having some popular conflict, people who aren't all that interested in God to start with, or who have a child-level interest, are ARRESTED in the conflict. So they don't begin to think toward God or grow in their thinking. Clever, huh. Satan's not stupid. Why else do you think there's so much stress on sex, whether 'moral' or 'immoral'? If you're busy focusing on sex issues, pro or con, then you're NOT busy learning God. Clever, huh.

    It's a time-honored strategy since.. oh, probably when Cain first built a city to get everyone he could either on his side, or looking AT his side. So they would be looking AWAY, from God. Very jealous guy, that Cain. So too, with the jealous Satan, who's totally aware of being jealous, and uses his own flaws (like he did in Matt4) to angle for what he aches to get: victory. Hence, deflection: get people to take up sides over the ostensible conflict. And then having divided, to conquer all. So: do you look at this world and discern a Maker Who you want to live with? Or, do you get all hot and bothered over earthly things, in merely the NAME of God? Just His Name, mind you. Fake piety, that.

      Both Christians and non-Christians face this eyes-on-the-world, problem. Makes it easy to not look up, to not be saved, to not grow spiritually, see. Christians are saved, but.. again, they too can reject God. Two groups, believers and unbelievers. Two groups with the same problem: rejecting God. We get trapped in horizontal issues in the Name of God, and in all our arguing and politicking and fighting.. the time fritters away, and we don't grow up. Satan's not stupid.

      It's downright scary why people hold the beliefs and opinions as they do. 99% of the time, they believe because someone they LIKE, believes the same thing. Mother, father, friend, that nicely-dressed person next door -- oh, never mind the validity of the CONTENT! Of course, that basis for belief is a vote for Satan, too. Were this Trial about majority votes, Satan would have won a long time ago. But it's about the RESULTS of the votes, what benefit results, which determines whose rule is better. And the 'benefit' of voting for Satan, has never been good. God's not gerrymandering the results, and nearly 100% of human good is of satanic origin -- look how it entraps. That's the evidence. Look how Someone Who Never Did a Good Deed but Studied Word so Became Word and Went to The Cross, Nailed There Doing Nothing -- benefitted the entire human race. Prosecution/Defense rests, Your Honor.

    Meanwhile, the Angelic (really, Appeal) Trial is playing itself out. If enough believers complete the Royal Training to Pleroma (Eph3:19 definition) level, then the Bride Completes, and Satan&Co. lose the Trial. Then, the Rapture. Can happen tomorrow, the next five minutes, or who knows how many thousands of years from now. Stupidest people on the planet, are those trying to estimate when the Rapture will come. You'd have to be God to know that at all, since it's a voting thing made by billions of volitions.

  10. So notice how this impacts you personally and officially. Personally, being human, you will be naturally 'drawn' to choose sides in any wrangle among believers, or between believers and unbelievers. Which, if you are drawn in, gets your eyes off God. So your spiritual growth, halts or slows down (i.e., you use 1Jn1:9, but keep getting drawn back in, as is normal). So personally, you are LOSING TIME if you keep on getting drawn in. You don't know when the Rapture will happen, either. So every minute you are drawn in, is a minute you could have advanced faster, spiritually.

    Officially, the problem is even worse. As mentioned just earlier, you are in a diplomatic limbo: both sides have a claim on you. God's is the superceding one, but if you get drawn in, eyes-off-God, then Satan's claim has received your acceptance, so during the time your eyes are off God, Satan can make claims and get some kind of satisfaction of those claims. What he wants as satisfaction is Gotterdammerung, so some kind of judgement against others or you will be demanded. For you picked him, just like the world does.

    Satan will demand judgement against others, because unlike you, they will more likely vote for him. So he gets more "bang for the buck" during your time in carnality (which he knows will likely end soon, since you know 1Jn1:9). But he's also angling to STOP you from growing up, since he doesn't know when the Rapture will occur; so you are a threat, because you are growing. So he decides what would best slow you down, and demands that. To some extent, God must grant what he requests. At the same time, when you use 1Jn1:9, whatever he'd requested can be reversed. Sometimes it doesn't get reversed, sometimes it's partially reversed, sometimes it's wholly reversed. Depends on all the facts and circumstances. See, this is a thorny legal situation. Only God can know all the relevant facts. We however can know enough to figure out our marching orders, each time. Phili3:14 succinctly summarizes those orders: Use 1Jn1:9, forget the falldown, get up, keep moving toward the Goal! Paul lived on that verse.

    Paul explains this zigzag process in Rom6-8 in terms of the now-divorced sin nature 'wooing' you and you giving in, but the higher drama is the Trial itself (referenced as a thread in Romans very sotto voce, since the Trial is the underpinning of history). So when you give into the sin nature, you are voting for Satan's side. Use 1Jn1:9 and keep growing, chooses God's Side. Many falldowns, but many 1Jn1:9's and keeping on growing in God's System, is how it always plays. Just as Paul explains, in those three chapters. So it's a process, with the objective of increasing the iterations and durations of each "rebound" (as my pastor calls it), the usages of 1Jn1:9 and growing. It's like exercise: reps and more reps and stopping and more reps and longer exercise periods, gradually increasing. Day after day. Spiritual growth is a plodding, not a preening. The turtle wins the race, every time.

    And every time you get up and move on again, is a Vote for God. Your votes really count BIG each time. Because, the world largely rejects Him, and especially, Christians. 99.9% of us don't grow up, as you saw earlier in the "Crown Prince" link section. As you saw in the "Thinking of Christ" link just before the "Law and Diplomacy" link section, growing up means growing up in His Thinking.

    So: a) since so few are growing up, Each Vote by Each Such Person is mammoth, since Each Vote likewise must have a Value to "substitute" for all the votes other Christians are not making.

    Because b), it's a funding calculation (as in, sinking fund, defined benefit plan, Social Security retirement, etc). An "x" number of minutes/days/years remains until the Rapture; God knows the value of "x". So as time passes, the amount of spiritual growth needed for the Body to get completed must increase, to Make Up For All the Growth Needed Which Didn't Happen.

      Actuarially, if you start saving for retirement at age 60 rather than age 50, you'll usually have to save at least twice as much each year, to reach the same savings goal at age 70 (assuming same investment portfolio and yield each year). So now apply this root idea to the voting: how much value does your positive vote have to have, to make up for all the negative ones? Normally, it would be a 1-1 offset. But spiritual Growth DDNA God gives you, is designed to make up for all the no's. So it's a huge value, not a small one. God could have One Person pay for all sin in a scant three hours -- so God sure can do a lot with voting, huh. Omnipotence can do anything. It's justifying doing that, which is the issue at God's end.

      There's a kind of actuarial/sinking fund 'science' to the spiritual life. DDNA3.htm covers this more comprehensively, but here's the gist. Thinking in a soul goes on forever. So God hears that thinking forever. The 'funding goal' is to develop PERSONS who have the requisite QUALITY LEVEL of thinking which goes on forever, to COUNTER those who forever will not. Hell lasts forever, too. The Cross is essentially a counter-thinking of Truth Christ WANTED to 'match' the incoming sins which were imputed and judged on Him. Thinking really does pay. Everyone chooses relationships based on the thinking in another person. You avoid people whose thoughts you find incompatible with your own, whenever you can do so. You want to be around people whose thoughts are compatible with your own, whenever you can do so.

      So now: who more than God, should receive compatible Thinking? That's why we're alive down here, to be TRAINED in that compatible thinking. Most of us will reject it. So the few of us who do NOT reject it, must become MUCH MORE compatible with God, to make up for all those rejecting. Perfection in the eternal state is not an equality of size. So the thinking quality is not equal, either. It's rather synergistic, and countering. Just like, the Cross Payment was -- by contract, Isa53:10-12. So as time passes, the FUTURE Rulers to be developed, must become bigger and bigger, to make up for the ongoing shortfall of compatible thinking in believers. For as we saw in this Diplomatic Brief's point #7, there is an endpoint owing to the genetic time bomb of the degenerating biology of the sin nature. So there is a deadline. So as we approach that deadline, a shorter time remains to get to the same AGGREGATE thought-compatibility 'funding' goal.

    So basically, the needed growth reroutes to those few in bigger and bigger amounts; with the result that, the necessary present value of His Sweet Savor Thinking be DEPOSITED in time for the Rapture. See, this is the same kind of funding calculation which was used to calculate how much payment was due for all the sins in history, so that the requisite Thinking Payment could be made on the Cross. We saw how that worked in the earlier purple retranslation of Isa53:10-11, combined inspired texts. So that's how it ALL works; so that's how it works Now, for His Thinking Deposit given to Church.

    What God does, is make you like Christ: Divine Thinker. It's kinda like making a factory which will (forever, here) produce income, not so much making a pool of money itself. So on the Cross, the effect of all those sins being imputed and judged ON Him, was to make HIM a Living Divine Thinker Wholly Compatible ("One") with God -- even in His Humanity. He was already "One" with God in Thinking, since He is God Himself. He was already 'one' in two natures, as God-man. But look: the compatibility level in THINKING depends on soul size. And the soul, is finite. This Thinking Deposit aka DDNA, trumps the limitation of finity, as we saw earlier via those five capped infinitives in the LXX of Isa53:10-11 (DDNA webseries explains that process in detail). The Quality of Thought is Divine in Scope. Hence a Living Payment, like Romans 6 explains, exists. For, Divine 'currency' is Divine Thinking. Like-mindedness. [Conventional Christian vocabulary doesn't suffice to explain this paragraph. Bible vocabulary does. But since no one seems to have BOTHERED to ask what did Christ GET for the Cross -- they don't explore what's in the Bible, answering that question. Surely inheriting us was not a big enough 'prize', since we are forever a burden to Him. The problem even He had, was the dichotomy of finity. Fixes.htm's first four bullets goes into this problem in more detail, as does ArchiDes.htm. It's not new-age psychobabble, but BIBLE. Ask God yourself, test it and see.]

    So every time you vote, you get bigger in your soul, a "deposit" being made. For deposits come from both Bible class you get daily and the votes you make to USE that information. It's exactly the same sculpting process as the Cross, as we saw earlier in the purple text of Isa53:10-11, the five infinitives (purify, plunder, exhibit, sculpt, justify). That's what happened to Him, for He Kept On Voting. That's what therefore happens to you every time you vote. In ever-bigger amounts, since time is passing, your fellow believers are not voting, so you have to get more because they are refusing. It just couldn't be more dramatic or valuable, to vote for God. The clock is ticking.

  11. Therefore: all during this Calling-out-of-Bride, aka "Footstool" Preparation Phase (from our perspective), a dual to-Father Representation dilemma, remains: Father isn't getting His Due, and people thus can't get the blessing they need. As a Royal Priest, therefore, it falls on you to be a conduit for Father to get His Due, and people to get blessing. That's why you're still BREATHING. Remember the Hupostasis Principle, which By Sovereign Choice among the Charter Members of the Godhead, Governs. Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy, if and only if subordination is Otherwise Justifiable. So, that's why a universe can be made, by Son FOR FATHER. That's why Spirit can justify 'subordinating' Himself to rehabilitate us, since that is also FOR FATHER. But if we don't subordinate to God's Terms.. there's no justification for intimacy, contact, blessing, nuthin'.

    So until there is juridical reconciliation to His Rulership, there can be no justifiable reconciliation to His Love. And hence, no blessing, even though from God's 'end', 2Pet3:9 is always true: He is NEVER WILLING (corrected translation) that anyone should perish.

    For on the one hand, Father sees everything, and is rightly due obedience from everyone. God owes no one anything. One has to be unbelievably arrogant to claim that God owes anyone anything. What, just because He's more powerful than you, HE owes you something? Is there greater arrogance than the claim that God should owe anyone anything? Rather the opposite is true: HE GIFTS YOU LIFE. So guess what. You owe Him, not the other way around. He gifts life, time, even pleasure; means to make a living, to eat, to sleep. Your very biology is utterly dependent on HIS PERMISSION that it should continue. So how can it ever be said that HE owes -- isn't it rather that WE OWE HIM? Who should have greater rights over us, than God Himself? Total rights, in fact.

    On the other hand, not everyone has acknowledged His Right. So, just as we saw in point #1, Diplomatic Mediation of the largely-hostile relationship between the world and the Trinity Corporation, falls to the believers, since we are Royal Priests in Him. We are subordinating (variantly), so the conduit of what's due God, can be made by the Holy Spirit FOR FATHER. Because that is happening, the blessing pipeline to those not (or less) subordinate, can 'flow'. So this dual conduit 'flow' function, is a kind of MEDIATION. So there are grounds for some intimacy with the world, despite the world's hostility -- due to the believers who live on it, growing In Him. Else this world would stop existing.

    When parties are hostile to each other, contact is hostile or absent. Romans 8 basically explains this problem, stressing how the sin nature is innately hostile, antithetical to the Holy Spirit. So for believers and unbelievers alike, the degree of hostility CAPS the relationship to either no connection, or only hostile connection. The same thing is true with people: if your friend/spouse/relative/co-worker is mad at you, either you've stopped talking to each other, or your conversation will be unpleasant. Much more true, when it comes to hostility against God. That's why He stands off. Trouble is we NEED His Intimacy. But we reject His Rulership.

    But you are subordinating to Father. So YOU are a conduit. You, and every other believer -- especially, those growing in God's System. Conduit for punishment, if you are not growing; conduit for blessing, if you are growing. No middle ground: Satan won't let any potential for punishment, go unaccused. For it's not about sin, good deeds, human good: it's only about whether or not you are growing in Son's Thinking, FOR FATHER. Again, FOR FATHER.. under Him. Under the Son, growing in the Son's Thinking, FOR FATHER. That's the entire meaning of the spiritual life. Take it or leave it. It's FOR FATHER.. or forget it.

    Like 1Jn4:12-17 explains (clearly in Greek, fuzzily in English), we Represent His Kingdom to the world; so our subordination to Him thus justifies blessing to the world, as well as demonstrating to the world that He is God, is Ruler, and they too can justify subordinating to Him by believing in His Son. As His Representatives IN the world, we need the world to be blessed; as humans, we have needs as well which require blessings to the world, so we CAN live in it. Remember the earlier "Hupostasis, the believer in 'Church'" link section on the meaning of ambassadorship? An ambassador doesn't take care of himself, his country does that. Our 'country' is really Him. Heaven is where He sits. FOR FATHER is why He took on Humanity. We are thus a kingdom of Royal Priests in Him FOR FATHER. Which kingdom, any human can enter by believing in Christ. Hence our ambassadorship to people, while way secondary to our FOR FATHER Royal Priestly Role, serves both Father and mankind, as a kind of mediation -- more, an announcement of the potential inheritance in Christ for anyone else to become members of this same kingdom, even as we ourselves are. So the unbeliever, just as we all once were unbelievers, can GET OUT of Satan's kingdom, and into.. God's.

    Thus in 1Jn4:12-17, John climactically states that we are the Evidence of God in the world, to the world: the world can't see God, but it can see us. God sees us and will reward us at the Bema for how well we learned His Son. Evidence will be how much we grew up in Love aka Canon. [Like Paul does in 1Cor12:31-end Chapter 13, John's use of Love is a moniker for Christ's Thinking, the Canon to be completed when John finishes writing what God gave him, "new commandment" clause in 1Jn2:8 and all the "I write", "we write", and like phrases in that epistle. John knows he's the last apostle and will get the Last Word to write. Accordingly, it is his job to incorporate ALL PRIOR CANON into that short letter. Each writer of a Bible book must incorporate by reference all prior Canon, in part to demonstrate the Divinity of the new book he writes, and in part to show how the new material, integrates with the old. Accordingly, John also incorporates the entire Books of Hebrews and Ephesians by reference (esp. the Greek of Heb 11:1, and Eph3:15-19, 4:12-16) when he writes 1Jn4:12-17. Incorporation by reference is done by means not only of direct, indirect and allusive quotes, but by using the actual keywords in the prior Canon. Thus you can track what the new material means, and how it elucidates the prior material. This practice of incorporation by reference survives as a major practice in writing and interpreting all contracts, in every form of law around the world. In short, it wasn't some bleeping council which made Scripture Divine, it was GOD only. And the Holy Spirit testifies to His Word. That people also realize it is His Word, whether in council or not, is a secondary function, a secondary witness. Because, we are Evidence of God in the world. But let us never forget, GOD WITNESSES FIRST. And He does it, by means of the Canon He commissioned, itself. Its very words prove to be from God, and then God Himself testifies to that fact to ANY soul reading the text. Thus you know what is and is not from God, which are true Bible books from the many derisive, slapstick fake ones.]

    Canon is the greatest evidence of God's Love, outside the Cross itself. For when you absolutely love someone, you CONTRACT with them for life. That's what the Cross accomplished, the Right To Contract. For Christ Paid So Much, our inferiority is no longer an issue. Hence we INHERIT if we believe in Him, and Father has Juridical Reconciliation To Contract With Us: the Rulership issue is resolved, so the Love can 'flow'. That's why Book of Hebrews was all about the changeover from OT to NT covenants; Ephesians, was on how the NT covenant results in the completion of Church; so John, writing a generation later, spends his letter incorporating those two books by reference, as well as everything since Genesis (via the "in the beginning" clauses), showing how all this Evidence unfolds, how we live it out; very practical letter. Gist: Stone Temple representing the old contract, was fulfilled in Christ. So replaced by Us, just as Paul predicted in Eph2. We are the Living Temple of the Temple Seated Next to Father. So, we have a Real God, and our 'polity' belongs to God, so what Benefits God, Benefits Everyone Else. For Father is the Head of the Divine Corporation, so all is His. He gives Everything to His Son (Heb1, etc. theme), and Son is our King, collectively (theme of Eph1, essentially).

    God is Omnipotent. So if He wanted to make us Gods, He can do that. And that's precisely what He wanted, John 10:34 quoting Ps82:6. For it's not right that God should have a relationship with lesser-thans. So this issue of getting Christ's Thinking IN us, makes for the functional equality, and operationally we are like God Himself, since Christ is God. That's why the FIRST thing that happens to you is you get God's Life (John 3:16) and His Righteousness (2Cor5:21) when you first believe in Christ (ibid). Else, you wouldn't be eligible for ANY kind of relationship (theme of Eph2 and elsewhere). It's all or nothing. You couldn't be married to Christ if you were inferior. You couldn't get the Holy Spirit, if you were inferior. You couldn't have Eternal Life if you were inferior. So you're no longer inferior. Still in this body, so you can GROW UP WITH REFERENCE TO YOUR SALVATION. [All the "eis sotereian" verses in English NTs are usually horribly mistranslated as if you didn't have salvation already -- yet they get it almost right here, 1Pet2:2. Weird.] Romans 8 is the flagship chapter on this. You get filled up with His Head to replace your own, built atop that Divine Righteousness gifted to you at salvation (Rom8:4, Greek). Now you know why.

    As previously seen in the "Hupostasis in Trinity" link section above, Each Member of the Godhead utterly LOVE Each Other. Hence their Self-Chosen CORPORATE, CONTRACTURAL Titles of Father, Son, Spirit. To create is Their Self-Chosen Method of SUBORDINATING to Each Other. Which They could not do, were They not Each Equal, in Divine Essence. But They are Equal, so the Intimacy Love wants, can be had via the Subordination of One Equal to Another, in Authority. It is through this Subordination to Authority that the Intimacy Love wants, can be expressed. Which expression, is manifested in creation. For They Each subordinate to CARE for creation -- thus expressing Their Love, for Each Other. Absent creation, Their Infinite, Co-Equal Nature, has no throw-down expression. We are privileged to represent that expression. Hence it DOES NOT MATTER that we are inferior. They want to build us, to Share Their Love. They do not look down on us, Rom5:1, 8:1, 1Jn4:19, 2Pet3:9. But again, there must be a juridical reconciliation of the Rulership, since in fact They Are Superior. At our end, we must want Their Rulership. And this wanting is evidenced by believing in Christ, Who is the Ruler of the Universe, main theme of Hebrews 1-2, all of John's Gospel, Eph1, etc.

    1Jn4:17 is climactic, because it says "Love is brought to completion in association with us" -- incorporating Heb11:40 by reference, as well as Paul's use of Love=Canon=Christ, in 1Cor12:31 through end 1Cor13 (theme of 1Cor is Head=Christ, so His Head is to get in our heads, thus Canon will be completed). So John's also playing on the Body of Christ metaphor Paul and later (post-Paul) the writer of Hebrews used as the framework for their epistles. That completes the Trial Witness (1Jn4:14), too. That's why the Bema is mentioned in 1Jn4:17 (tes krisews, synonym for Bema which also cleverly sounds like a concatenation of Christos and Iesous, The One Who'll be ON that Evaluation Seat). Because God is unseen, but our being completed in Love IS seen -- in the Trial (ties to Heb11:1 in Greek, the English cuts out both Christ and all believers, reducing them all to THINGS, lol). This is a to-HEAVEN witness, not so much before people. Always the first meaning of your life is to FATHER. People are way secondary. Of course, if you have Bible in your head, you will come to love Father (here 1Jn4:12-17 ties to Eph 3:15-19), and as a result love people as well. Love, not need. Need and love are mutually exclusive.

    Immediately, you can see there's a problem. Not everyone is a believer. Not everyone is a growing believer. Not every believer who's growing in His Thinking is equally-advanced; for, we grow at differing speeds, methods, levels. Some grow fast, stop for awhile, then take off. Some don't grow at all, then late in life, skyrocket. Some stay retarded (Luke 8 parable). So, if all belongs to Father, but all is not equally oriented in Christ's Thinking to Father (Eph3:19 standard), Father is being shortchanged. So everyone is being shortchanged. For, the 'polity' is really God Himself, Our Inheritance (i.e., Lam3:24). So, the differences in positive attitude and learning require some kind of mediation, just as any kind of disobedience to good law requires mediation.

    And it is disobedience, to reject God. If I take a pencil from the office which I don't myself own or buy, that rejects God, even though I am unaware I've done it! Even though I didn't mean to reject God, when I took the pencil. If I don't score 100% on a test, that means I rejected God, even though I couldn't get the answers right no matter how hard I had studied. For, God is Perfect. Hence, Our Mediator, the Christ, Who took on the sins of the world, as Intercessionary Payment for what violates God's Standards.

    So notice the two-sided dilemma: on the one hand, since you only breathe because God allows it, don't you owe Him, whether you loved Him or not? On the other hand, if you do love Him, you don't want Him to be shortchanged. Yet how can you but disobey Him you love, since you can't ever be 100% correct on everything, no matter how hard you try? Oh, the ache to be good enough FOR Him. Or, the ache to fulfill what duty owes, love or no love. Of course, a sense of duty is the highest form of love, no matter what those who hate Him, pretend. Those religious types, haters all, would beat you into the ground about 'duty'. But you can ignore them. You can instead realize your own desire to subordinate to Him -- the Holy Spirit will make it good enough, even as He made you as Good as God the moment He took your non-meritorious faith and made you saved, Titus 3:5, 2Cor5:21; even as He 'sealed' you (signature ring analogy, signifying ownership and your consequent heirship) -- 2Cor1:22, Eph1:13, 4:30. Therefore He fills you to teach you, Eph5:18 (w/John 4:23-24, 14:26, Rom5:5 and associated verses thus realizable when 1Jn1:9 is used as needed).

    See, if you love Someone, you don't want that Someone to be cheated. Our very existence, sin or no sin, is an unbearable SHORTFALL, compared to Infinite, Gorgeous, God. Hence Rom3:23's second prong, "come short of the Glory of God" makes it unbearable to be alive: we are forever a burden to Him. So how to resolve that unbearable dichotomy? His Son! His Son! His Son takes on all sins, which -- heh -- therefore REQUIRED He be filled up with all the Fullness of God; so His Son is the Progenitor of Eph3:19, Heb1:3-4, even in His Humanity, so.. shortfall GONE! Now we ourselves need not be a burden, having been made brothers IN Him! We no longer need mourn our too-smallness, because He is NOT cheated, anymore! Never was cheated, since before the foundation of the world, since all is in Him, Eph1! Whew. It's unbearable to live if your Loved One is therefore burdened. But barriers down, burden gone!

    Ok, that did happen, Father was paid, hallelujah, but.. we are still living, down here. Christ's payment Funded Creation's Shortfall (Rom3:23b), but.. we are still living, down here. Shall the relationship down here between Father and creation be what it is, distant? For, while living down here, we still reject Him. So, we don't have a functioning relationship down here (1Jn1:6,8,10). And, even if we do have one (1Jn1:9 used), it's still a relative shortfall, due to the variance in and variant levels of, growth in Son's Thinking. So what bridges the functional shortfalls? What can help those who are negative (or, more negative than we are at the same point in time) -- WHO can help those who are negative, get Blessing (Rom8:24-25 in aggregate)? For rejection of God judicially means God must stand off. Discipline. Punish. Leviticus 26.

    So who can help? You. Me. Anyone growing up in God's System. Because, we are BEING MADE into Christ via His Thinking. For the real you, is your soul, and whatever you think, is what you really are. So if what you COME to think, are His Thoughts, then you are being made into HIM. Hence you are Evidence of Him in this world, by the Holy Spirit. Being sired by God (1Jn's "born of God" clauses should say "being sired of God"). Just as in physical birth, if you are born rich, royal, famous it's not your doing, but your parents' doing. And Mom the Holy Spirit, birthed you and grows you in Son's Thinking. Heh. [The trouble with the "born of God" clauses in English is that they don't take cognizance of the present tense of the main verbs in the same sentence. Yes, "born" is in the perfect tense, but it's a participle. So for example in 1Jn3:9, it's not saying that once you are saved, you never sin anymore -- clearly, because John started Chapter 1 with how WHEN you sin, you name your sins to God. So these "born of God" clauses have a current-state-of-fellowship meaning, to reiterate how important it is to use 1Jn1:9. For when you don't, you're just like an unbeliever. That's why it would be conceptually better to translate "born of God" as "being sired of God" where the main verb is in the present tense (1Jn3:9, 4:7, 5:4, 5:18). Problem is, that makes it look like the Greek participle is in the present tense, which is not true. But how to convey that John here means your born-again status is BREATHING, you're not in a state of spiritual apnea? I don't know a better way to say it, yet.]

    This pleases FATHER. He wants to See His Son everywhere He 'looks'. So the growing amount of His Son's Thinking in us, propitiates for all the horrific thinking going on in the world. Same exact mechanism as how Christ paid for sins by COUNTER THINKING. Look: God the Father imputed all sins into Christ. Christ being a Living Soul, had THOUGHTS 'in reply' to all that onslaught. Thoughts which repelled the human temptation to use His Deity to get off the Cross; thoughts to repel temptation to react to the ugliness and unfairness of all those sin imputations; thoughts of GRATITUDE, that Father would be willing to do what is innately repugnant to do, to impute His Pure Son and then Judge Him Who Knew No Sin. For Son WANTED that imputation and judgement -- else, it couldn't be justified, since Son was (and of course still is) sinless, Himself. So LOVE is the motive, hence the contract of eternity past stated in Isa53:10-12, is realized on the Cross. And it was realized, by His Counter Thinking. So Look: now when Father sees those horrible sins, He ALSO sees His Son's Counter Thinking. Had the sin not occurred, there would be no justification FOR such Counter Thinking to occur. So now it's propitiating, that sin exist. Which to Omniscient God, is a constant existence, since God is timeless. The moment dies, but God is One Big Now. So Now He Sees Constant Counter Thinking.

    So when you face temptation, when you fire Bible at it, God sees that, too. The moment dies yet lives forever, to Omniscience. Therefore it is forever satisfying. See how important the Word in your head is? Can any work on this planet, do that FOR FATHER? No! See why Brother-Foot ideas of 'Christianity' are all childish, even blasphemous? Cups of water represent kindness, and yes God sees that. But people blaspheme God when they reify the spiritual life into what you do for people, as if people were God, rather than the Real One. And frankly, if GOD is given this sweet savor of Counter Thinking, He expresses His Satisfaction in your doing what Christ did, by blessing the world. Far more than mere cups of water, huh.

  12. So the Royal Conduit that you are made FOR FATHER, results in a kind of Trial Witness of God's Love, thus defeating Satan in the Trial. Therefore, Part III and Part IV of the Thinking series focus on this Witness, its structure and its results. DDNA1.htm focuses on why it works, what happens to you on the inside, to cause those Trial Victory results.

    It has to be obvious that we Christians deserve punishment, not promotion. It has to be obvious that we are utterly unable to obey God, even when we want to. Above all, it's utterly impossible, that we love God. As 1Jn4:19 climactically explains, "We love.. because He first loved us." In Greek, when you suddenly leave out direct objects, you're using Attic Drama rhetoric. We saw that same absence of direct objects, in the LXX portion of Isa53:10-11, those five infinitives of purify (katharizw), plunder (aphairew), point out (deiknumi), plassw (sculpt -- can't think of an English "p" word for "sculpt") and perfect (literally, make Divinely Righteous, Greek verb dikaiow). This is highest drama: when you leave out prepositions and direct objects in Greek, you mean to convey EPIC significance. All objects are acted on by the verbs, and in all ways. John, ever the lover of Greek drama, leaves out objects and prepositions in 1Jn4:19 (and in a lot of his other verses). So when you read Bible in English and you see that an object is missing, underline the verse: it's important. [English must supply prepositions even when in the Greek they are absent, so there is no substitute for reading the Greek text, sorry. By the way, it looks like this dramatic Greek construction comes from the Hebrew. Isaiah and David frequently use the same dramatic style as in this Attic Drama rhetoric -- but Attic Drama didn't exist until centuries after both men wrote. The LXX translation of the Hebrew OT was written circa 273BC, about two centuries after Attic Drama, and has verses which our current Hebrew OTs, lack. So the LXX translators, had a full Hebrew OT, but we do not. LXX has been tampered with also, but the tamperings are very amateurish, you can easily tell, and there will be SOMEWHERE in another LXX manuscript, the correct text. We have thousands of manuscripts. Heh: God knew we'd need them!]

    1Jn4:19's Greek construction also employs a rhetorical device called the "nominative of selective emphasis", a pairing of a first thing with the Second, and the Second, is the Hero. The Hero makes others heroic by rescuing them. John is a big fan of Greek drama (like Peter and Paul are), which is why the Gospel of John, 1Jn, and Revelation open with fanfare like someone announcing a play's theme (typical beginning in Greek drama). And what a drama this is! Puny you, puny me, being used as Evidence in an Angelic Trial? Defeating angels? Not just any angels, but even Satan, who used to be the highest among them?

    Witness the awesome Love of God since Eternity Past. Christ did pay, so there can be Blessing to the world, despite its rejection. Because, as a result of Him Paying, He is King and Ruling, so in reality legally owns everything, including Satan&Co. -- even in His Humanity. However God will not coerce. Freedom includes Freedom to reject. So all this blessing is in an "escrow" account, reserved -- but is UNCLAIMED. Ephesians 1 basically says that in its "every spiritual blessing" clause, and the "fill all in all" ending to that Chapter explains God's policy of nonetheless Transmitting All that Deposit.. but to those Voting For His Son. Again, since Love never coerces. In Part IVa, I call that Deposit, the "Divine Benefit Plan Father grants" (click on the link then search on that quote). If you know anything about defined benefit plans, you'll understand how God's works: your home country's old-age governmental pension system is a type of defined benefit plan. Basically, all the funds must be deposited IN ADVANCE. Human defined benefit plans aren't allowed to deposit all the money in advance, and instead they often borrow money. But God set aside ALL the funds for eternity -- in eternity PAST, before there was creation, theme of Eph1.

    Ephesians 1 elaborates on how Isa53:12 gets done. Essentially, the contract of Isa53:10-11 (in both BHS and LXX texts, which no translation covers) gets repeated in us. The unclaimed funds will be apportioned among the "great ones" (term in Isa53:12) who CONSENT to the contract being APPLIED to them, by growing up in God's System; Paul is elaborating on that fact. Whole of Ephesians is dedicated to showing how that contract gets realized, in Church. Now you know why you are a Royal Priest and potential King. The Royal Priesthood you cannot lose; you can only lose PROMOTION in it. So if you don't grow up in God's System, you remain a Royal Priest forever, but will have some peasant-level position. Most Christians opt for living like peasants rather than like the Royal Princes God intended that they become. So there are a LOT of unclaimed funds in the eternity-past "escrow account" (as my pastor likes to put it). A defined benefit plan is a better term, for the kind of 'escrow' it is, is a fund that WILL be paid out, no matter what. Question is, to whom? Now you know why you have this Book of His Thinking to train in...

    God is Omnipotent, k? He can but did not have to, fund all this. He can but did not have to, put up with sin. He can but NEVER has to, keep the situation 'as is'. He can nullify ab initio all of creation, all of time, at ANY time. So: He doesn't have to allow things to be this way. He doesn't have to allow the conflict, the guilt, the fear, the hatred, the insecurity.. the suffering. He also didn't have to allow the 7th thing, the fix for it all, to be done by 7th son of Jesse's 77th Son from Adam, to pay for it all. [David was the 7th and youngest son of Jesse, and the Root of Jesse is the 77th son from Adam, in the roster of Luke 3. Luke uses 77th Son to reference God's Accounting for Time, to prove that Messiah was produced ON Time, as Promised (Matthew did the same thing, thesauretically, in Matt1). "1 week" link in Mirroring.htm explains that Accounting Unit of God's. Luke 3 is corrupted in some NT texts: a scribe added a 2nd "son of Cainan" in some later Greek manuscripts, so you have to subtract it out, to get the 77. So we know that's a scribal error and why: some scribe had an adulterated Gen5 listing in the LXX and noticed that Luke 3 didn't tally, so he adulterated Luke 3 in an attempt to defend God, I guess. The guy who adulterated the LXX's Gen5, apparently did it to make Scripture look accurate compared to an old Babylonian listing of kings extant at the time the LXX was composed; apparently that list uses the same names as Gen5, but in Babylonian (every culture claims those Gen5 people in one way or another as their own, lol). God doesn't need man's help, but the Energizer Bunny always claims He does.]

    So why does He allow it all? Frankly, because of the Hypostatic Beauty of the Truth. We saw something about that, at the end of point #11. Sins imputed, met with Counter Thinking, forms a kind of hupostasis, the sin standing UNDER the Counter Thinking. What happened next, was the Counter Thinking CONVERTED the meaning of the sin, into a kind of birthing DNA mechanism -- for absent the incoming sin, there would have been no justification for outgoing Counter Thinking at FATHER's Level. For Jesus the Christ BECAME the Truth, not merely thought Truth. And He became the Truth, by means of all that Divine Thinking which is Scripture, changing His Own. Hence the term DDNA, for DNA is an instruction set, and DDNA is the Divine Instruction set. Ruling the soul. So converting all other thought -- such as, the incoming sins. It works just like biological DNA-RNA interactions (DDNA webseries explains these interactions in more detail.)

    The Hypostatic Beauty of what Gifts Each Member of the Trinity Corporation can make to Each Other Member; the Hypostatic Beauty of Expressing this Absolute Love: nothing dents it. Moreover, now that the 77th Son from Adam paid for it all, that same Son OWNs it all as Seed, Heb1-2, Gal3. So now the MEANING has completely flipped, retroactive to eternity past, since the Funding Purpose intended since eternity past, is realized. In short, all the bad, just like all the good, can only result in a Divine Investment, Isa54:1. Investments therefore must always be allowed! For everything is "in Him". He is King. Beating Satan, Ruling and Seated, just waiting for Father to 'tarry' as Father might choose, making all the enemies the Footstool for His Son's Feet. That Same Son who is the Root of Jesse. Thus all Israel will benefit from Father's Investment, too. Hypostases abounding, Eph2!

    So enter, Romans 8:1 (corr trans): "Hence NOW NO condemnation, for them in Christ Jesus!" [No verbs in Greek is Attic Drama, so in English you'd need an exclamation point. Also, Ouden (koine Greek word for NO, stressing the universality) is in the proleptic position. Hence it's capped, here. Dative tois should be translated "for them" not "to them", because the dative case stresses beneficial relationship (well, can also indicate unbeneficial relationship, depending on the context). Adverb "nun" is a keyword for Church Age, so is capitalized here and throughout the "Thinking" series unless I forgot to do it, drat.]

    For as Rom5:15-21 climactically explains, it always remains Hypostatically True that the no's, never preclude the yesses; the no's only make the yesses, bigger. Hence to exploit Beauty out from the sterile no's (Isa54:1), the no's must be allowed to continue as long as they will last! Because all the promises, find their Hypostatic "Yes" in Him, 2Cor1:20. That's Constantly, Hypostatically Beautiful! So it's a Hypostatic Pleasure to 'tarry', to 'endure', etc. Not a pain. Due to the Hypostatic Meaning. Who is Hypostatically, Living. A Present Value of All Beauty always Lives, so the present value at any moment in time of all and any ugliness or shortfall (which also lives forever, hell or heaven), is always converted into yet More Hypostatic Beauty. That's DDNA, baby. Funding calculation, Always Realized! This is the key equation to understand. 3rd Aspect of DDNA, which is in DDNA3.htm, explains how this funding calculation works in eternity. The "Thinking" series' Part IV running thread of "Divine Benefit Plan" will add much more detail, so you can better appreciate What God Hath Wrought in Christ, even Now.

    So it always remains true that even in the very name of His Love, He can just zap everything and make it all okay. We wouldn't sin anymore, the unbeliever wouldn't be an unbeliever anymore, even all of Satan&Co. could be transmuted, as well as all the folks in hell. None of these problems, need be here. Which of course, is Satan's Biggest Argument, that God must have some BAD motive, for allowing all this stuff to rock along in conflict.

    Notice how the Hypostatic Truth is demonstrated: it must be true that God Loves Absolutely, for He Himself must Watch all this, even though it Violates His Love and His Righteousness, not to mention what a Hassle it is for Him to put up with it all. For He is One Big Now. This struggle, conflict, shortfall, rejection is always in front of His 'Face'. So if His Attitude wasn't Absolute Love, this would all be gone, jack. So it can only be true that God wants to 'tarry', for the sake of Teaching Us; so we too can be grown up in His Own Attributes; for there's no other way we can get relationship and rapport with God. We just aren't capable. Whether finite and sinner, or finite and non-sinning, the finity is the barrier. Which barrier got knocked down in Christ; so His Thinking knocks down that barrier for us; and IN us, as we get His Thinking. 2Pet3:9 has no ending. So neither do our lives. Down here, up there, down in hell: the option must remain, because Christ remains. [That anyone in hell can get out but probably won't ever choose to, is a thesis explained in Part V of the "Thinking" series, last link section. Of all the ideas out there, this one seems to best reconcile all the issues: people become so addicted to their "no" votes, they keep on voting "no" even in hell and the Lake of Fire forever. But God, He never says "no", because Christ said "yes" wholly, and WHoly Lives Forever.]

    So also notice the Diplomatic Problem and hence the Solution, of His Calling-Out Nature of our "time" as Church. The barriers to Blessing are DOWN, due to the Cross; but people are putting their own barriers UP: to the Gospel, and (among believers) to the spiritual life. So the Funding for Eternity and the Current Blessing Available, cannot juridically be transmitted. If they cannot be transmitted due to rejection, then juridically Cursing must be transmitted, for now the rejection isn't merely of the Rulership, but of the Eternal Blessing the Ruler nonetheless Has Made Available. It's a bigger cursing, then, which is due. Before the Cross, man rejected a Payment which had not yet been made, which is bad enough. But now the Payment is not only made, but Living. So a bigger rejection is going on now, and a bigger Punishment is due as a consequence. It's a wonder the world even continues.

    So what must therefore be true, since the world demonstrably does continue? Believers positive to God are voting yes, and they are getting so much MORE blessing, it justifies the world's continuation. This point is really really the key to the meaning of your Trial Victory. So it's necessary to mix metaphors, to explain this point better. See, the Divine Benefit 'pie' of totally-funded Blessing was set up in eternity past, theme of Eph1. It becomes available for payout, due to the Cross. But, it remains largely unclaimed, as most Christians don't want to grow up spiritually, and most of the world, doesn't even want to believe in Christ. So the assets set aside for every human go unclaimed to the extent they don't believe in Christ and thereafter, grow up to Pleroma Maturity level (Eph3:19+4:13). So look: as time passes, the pie itself doesn't change, but rather more and more of it goes uncollected. So for you and me living 2000 years after the Cross, there's a larger share available, since others left their shares uncollected. The pie won't be divvy'd up until the Rapture. So every believer who lives closer and closer to the Rapture, is technically eligible to be given a much larger share, since those who forfeited collection, have died.

    Again, it's just like a secular defined benefit plan which has more and more money in it, but fewer and fewer folks who complete the terms of retirement: those remaining at the end, share the pot of money (true also in the event of a plan termination pre-retirement, which is most analogous to the Rapture's significance). Now you know what all those "endure to the end" verses mean. It's not about salvation, but about the size of your potential KINGDOM. And whether you too will opt out of God's System, so won't collect. Or, whether you'll stay in. If you stay in, your share is FAR bigger than would have been available 1000 years ago, because believers BORN in the last 1000 years, didn't collect their share. They opted out. So all that money has to be apportioned; so more is available to an ever-smaller believer population.

    Um, this also means that Satan&Co. work harder at getting us to quit. So for each year the world grows older, it's harder and harder to live the spiritual life, for Church. By comparison, those in the Trib, have it easy. Prosperity, niceness is the hardest test to pass. It's easy to believe in God when you are hurting, k?

    So how is it, your conduit role which the Holy Spirit Alone runs -- proves God's Love and thus defeats Satan in the Trial? Because "we love, because He first loved us" is realized IN you, via all those DDNA deposits -- Bible being deposited and cycled in your head during the time you live in God's System -- over your entire lifetime. (Process in 1Jn4:12-17 = Eph3:15-19 due to Eph4:11-16 = 1Jn4:1-6). Word is Love. Word is built in you. Thus Love is built in you. And as introduced in point #11, this Building is demonstrated to HEAVEN: it's God's Evidence in the Trial, produced by God, not by your works.

    For the Trial is about whose works are better: creature works (Satan's contention).. or God's works? So when you hit the final maturation stage which my pastor names "Pleroma", after the Greek words in Eph4:13 and 3:19 -- the Trial plays quite rough, in your life. Doesn't matter if your circumstances are outwardly nice or not, it's a plodding, and it's very um.. difficult. Impossible, actually. Part III's 2-3-4-5 Evidence Testing table in the Thinking series walks you through the testing categories and structure. So the spiritual life is not a rah-rah oh-how-i-love-Jesus thing, especially once you hit spiritual adulthood. It's more like slogging through a Vietnamese jungle, being on point and you don't know where the enemy is, the bugs and rot are itching and burning, and you plod plod plod. No cheerleaders. No sleep. Your gun jams. You're low on human ammo. You could collapse at any second. And you want to. Ohhh, how you want to! But instead you use 1Jn1:9 and keep going. Kata skopon dioko, eis to brabeion, tes ano klesews, tou theou.. en Christoi Iesou. Note the pondering, lumbering Greek -- that's Phili3:14. Onward to the Goal I keep marching, to the Crowning Prize of the Games, The Upward Inheritance Of God.. by agency of Christ Jesus. [Greek word "brabeion" has to be translated "Crowning Prize of the Games" -- it's a WINNING prize for the Greek games. To win in the Greek games was a huge award, not a tacky ribbon with a handshake. Made you a multi-millionaire overnight. And the training was strict, long-term. Perfect analogy.]

    Royalty's duties are a slog. All those nice clothes and furniture are really for the COMMON PEOPLE, held in trust so they can somehow guess that a Royal standard is something they should emulate. But the real Royal life, is endless protocol. You have ooodles of freedom, compared to a royal person. But you yourself, are a Royal Person in Christ. So you have to learn the protocol. It's rough. All the goodies have USES; while obviously God intends Pleasure, the greatest of pleasures is to serve Him. And when you become a spiritual adult, you only want to serve Him. The rest of your nature will constantly fight that desire, since by nature man is incapable of love, particularly of Divine Love. That gets built in you, line on line, precept on precept. So all the goodies, are but tools to serve Him. Now, you're thinking like the Royal Person He's made you become! And it's a slog. And you want it. And that's SUPERNATURAL, not natural for a human to want. See? God's Works in you, not your works you do, Eph2:10!

    And if God's Works, then your works are to be bupkis, even with all that swelter you go through. And if you come to love God, you will regard your works as bupkis, even when they are not. Look at Christ's Testimony about His Own Work, which we know is the greatest work of all time: "He learned obedience through what He suffered", Heb5:8. Does that sound like He's crediting Himself? LOL! And you know, that verse is a paronomasia? "Learned" is emathen, in Greek. "Suffered" is epathen, in Greek. It's FUNNY. How can the Cross be funny? Well, how could He call it a joy, Heb12:2? Like it says in Heb11:1, " pistis elpizomenwn, HUPOSTASIS pragmatwn, elegchos ou blepomenwn", meaning "It's about Word Confidently Believed! Christ On Trial! Evidence Unseen!" You laugh at your suffering if you know what God makes of it. You disregard the shame. Um, takes God's Power, to do that. So God's Works are so superior, you even enjoy the meaning of the suffering. Um, Satan's works can't do that -- except by driving you insane. Part II of the Thinking series walks you through that Victorious witness in the OT, and Part III demonstrates what it is for Church. Same idea, but much bigger for us, now that Christ is Risen. Remember, the 'pie' of eternity past has been largely unclaimed, and it MUST be apportioned.

    The Witness? God makes you happy, even when hurting. Everything in the world becomes anticlimactic, by comparison. Satan's plan can't produce that result. Couldn't beat Abraham, couldn't be Christ, can't beat you, 1Jn5:4. Takes a lifetime of training in God's System to reach that point, usually. But it does happen. It's not a smiley-face happiness. But it's better than smiling. Fulfilled.

    Any earthly 'ministry' or 'witness' is peripheral by comparison, since if they're not listening to the Holy Spirit already, they won't listen to you either. (Notice the hit-and-run quality of evangelism in the Gospels, how the Lord never stayed where He wasn't wanted.) Because, you are learning to Love God, an impossible thing. Overflow to people cannot result until the First Commandment is realized (main theme of 1Jn, firsts -- first things first, Word and First Commandment, from the beginning). And the First commandment cannot be realized, if the Word isn't built in you (stressed theme in 1Jn). Word makes you know God. Knowing God results in Loving God. Loving God results in the rest of the commandments, being automatically reflected (loving-your-neighbor-result being the aphorism John selects in 1Jn).

    Everyone in heaven watching the Trial knows well that the sin nature precludes love. Word is the antidote. Salvation is required to GET the Holy Spirit's siring. So the evidence of what results when one chooses to subordinate to God, is.. love. Impossible Love, for a human. Hmmm -- which side thus wins in the Trial, based on the beneficial results? Thus God can easily justify sending blessing to you and through you -- see why? See why it doesn't matter if you never gave a farthing to charity? A Far Bigger Work Is To Be Done In You than merely giving money. Doesn't mean you shouldn't give, but does mean you shouldn't cap your idea of what constitutes 'good deeds' to what even the unbeliever can do. Satan gives plenty of money. You have something better to offer, via living in God's System. Even when all you do, is breathe. For you are Royal, not a peasant.

    An almost-silly example is necessary. In 2003, there was a big brouhaha in Britain over a photograph of some Tupperware on the Queen's breakfast table. Tupperware, for crying out loud. Do you know, you can still find this story on the web in many sites, even in 2006? Search on "Queen Tupperware Britain", see for yourself! So: millions of dollars were made that day by the folks selling the photograph, by those printing it (people bought the tabloids because of the story), by of course Tupperware. Because if 'the Queen' uses Tupperware, oh! if I buy Tupperware, then I'm like the Queen. Now, think: clearly it was a convenience to the staff or something, to use Tupperware. Less likelihood of spills. No good deed in that, just good sense. Just some breakfast food, kept better.

    Do you see how good a deed it was, even though intrinsically the thing itself, was just good sense (barring the evil of the intruder who sold the photograph)? Millions of dollars were made, people got paid, food on the tables of thousands of households, and everyone endeared all the more to Her Majesty, feeling thus more connected through a common household item. All because a little photo of some Tupperware was related to her. For when you're Royal, people hunger to know every minute detail of your life. Doesn't make sense they so hunger, but millions are made ON every royal person, because of that hunger. It's intrusive, it's unfair to any royal family or famous person -- and you can't appease that hunger, ever.

    So: how 'hungry' do you think everyone on both sides of the Trial are, over details in YOUR life, when you are learning Christ? VERY. Hungry to cheer for you, and hungry to destroy you. Never underestimate the importance of Your Being Intimately Related to Christ. Intimately Royal, not distantly so. Never underestimate the millions being made from every eye which 'photographs' you from HEAVEN. Especially, God's Eyes.

    So again, notice how this to-God-owed Diplomatic Mediation Problem, impacts you personally and officially. Personally and officially, you've got a goal of growing up spiritually to Pleroma, Eph3:19, 4:13. You're in God's System, you fall out many times during a day and get back in via 1Jn1:9; you know that each such time you get back in, you gain in those Doctrine Diamond Deposits via Bible class "eating" and Diamond usage in your thinking.

    So here, a corollary result is that God can justify blessing the world, precisely because you do keep getting up and growing, and precisely because you are still here. That is a PRIESTLY function to God, so God Who got that sweet savor, can now justify blessing the world who rejects Him. My pastor spent a good seven years explaining this Blessing by Association (his Ephesians series, over 2000 hours of recorded live classes w/verse by verse exegesis); all of the "Thinking" series is founded on exploring how that works from eternity past through eternity future. The DDNA webseries shows how this Depositing actually changes you, to show how the Isa53:10-11 LXX's five infinitives, occur and accrue. How, enfin, this Trial gets resolved so the Rapture can occur, Israel's time and Israel herself can be redeemed, and (to us, future) eternity itself, can finally come to exist. [The 490-year Accounting System for time is not in his Ephesians series, and I don't even know if he teaches it. I've not gone through all of his classes over the 53 years he taught. But I stumbled onto that Accounting System while vetting what he DID teach, so as far as I'm concerned, I got it from him. Same, for DDNA, even though he doesn't describe the inner result using such terminology. What he DID say caused the understanding: the DDNA webseries small-font notes will pause to cite specific lesson numbers in the 1992 Spiritual Dynamics classes which led to that understanding. So again, it's based on something he taught. So as far as I'm concerned, I got it from him, the Holy Spirit connecting the dots between what he said, and what was in Bible, to birth all this. I have no brain, k? A student is NEVER above his teacher, thank God! So whatever's right in the writing, the Holy Spirit will confirm it; whatever's wrong, He will point out that too -- deiknumi clause in Isa53:11, LXX. Um, I don't know if he teaches about those five infinitives yet, either. Lots of lessons to go through.]

    Again, it couldn't be bigger, more dramatic, or more important, each such vote you make. Now you can see better why the Holy Spirit's Power alone accomplishes all this: it's a Gift to Christ, to Endower the Bride. HE DESERVES IT. It's thus a Gift to Everyone, that He do so: forever. For God spared not His Own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, that we become the Righteousness of God in Him; thus purifying, plundering, Exhibiting, Sculpting, utterly Vindicating, both Him.. and all who believe on Him. Forever. [That italic sentence is a concatenation of at least the following Bible verses: John 3:16, Romans 5:8, Isa53:10-11 in both inspired texts, Romans 5:1. When the Holy Spirit develops your thinking in Him, sometimes He just whams you with a bunch of concatenated verses. It's awesome. No pleasure like it on this planet.]

    Again, God won't settle for lesser-thans. The eternity-past Divine Benefit Plan funding WILL BE APPORTIONED. Son deserves that. An Endowered Bride made EQUAL to Him, He gets. Obviously, this Bride is a corporation of many persons -- us -- and among them, no one is equal in reward. The more you grow up, the more of the 'pie' you get, and the more you can SPEND on Him, on your kingdom's inhabitants. FOR FATHER. Under Him, the Son Who Is King-Priest kata Melchizedek, King of Kings. Now you know why everyone's so hungry to see how you use your Divine Assets of Bible in your head. And think: isn't it a pleasure to you, to hear someone think well? What, are you the only soul in the universe who likes hearing good thinking, even to the point of seeking it out? Heh.

  13. Meanwhile, what God told Daniel in Daniel 9:24 about how history must continue to finish the judgement due, plays out IN AND TO THE WORLD. [Dan9:24 is fabulous wordplay, using Messiah/Christos in cognate verb form. Frankly, this verse alone renders conclusive the fact that the Rapture kicks off the Trib, since this is ALL the time remaining which is decreed for Israel. All human history was supposed to end when Israel's time ended, since she is the Blessing Conduit to the world. Church therefore is to rescue her, and thus rescues the world. Dunno how anyone can misinterpret the Rapture as occurring on any other 'schedule', given this verse. Mirroring.htm takes you through the math and other relevant Bible verses, and is wholly testable.] Just as the unbeliever will be judged for his works, not sin, since sin was paid for on the Cross, but the unbeliever rejected that counsel from the Mentor, the Holy Spirit; just as the believer will be rewarded for his works, which will burn away if not produced through the Same Mentor, the Holy Spirit; so also, the world must be judged for its works in time. At the end, it all gets burnt up (2nd half of 2Pet). Meanwhile, will folks orient to the Gospel, so can be 'absent' from the Revelation 20 Judgement? Will believers orient to the Royal Training, so can be 'absent' "nakedness" (Rev2-3), "shame" (Bible keywords for no reward) at 1Cor3's "Bema" Evaluation?

    I honestly don't know how Christians can be so dense as to tout their works, and yet read 1Cor3. What is "wood, hay, stubble"? Stuff MAN makes. You have to cut up a tree, you have to grow hay, you have to thresh wheat, to get those things. Man has to do something TO them. By contrast, gold, silver, precious stones cannot be made by any human. People have tried to conjure them for centuries without success. Best we can do, is mine and hope to find sufficient quantities of them. But we couldn't make them if our lives depended on it.

    Search the OT heroes, and you'll find that no works are mentioned of them. Rather, their faith is what's stressed. Abraham BELIEVED in the Lord and it was credited to his account for Righteousness, Gen15:6. Noah BELIEVED in the Lord, and therefore built a boat to save himself and his family -- you can't call it a good deed, what's in your best interest to do. None of the Gen5 heroes' deeds are even mentioned, yet they are listed there as heroes (see also Hebrews 11). Even Enoch walked with God, not in works. The world considers believing of no value, but works by the body, of sole value. God rejected works on the Cross, and everywhere else. Thus an irrevocable hostility remains, as Gen 6 and Romans 8 explains. Genesis 6 hostility: people were about what THEY could do, snubbing what God is and can do. So why not employ the few believing in Him, to build a useless boat in the middle of nowhere? As a witness. Can't call witnessing to what GOD will do, a good deed of your own. It's not your good which you are advertising, but His. "Taste the Lord, for He is good!" David wrote when fleeing to Gath, not even a king, yet (Ps34:8). [Lit., "Taste, see: Because Good, YHWH!" LXX uses Chrestos ho kurios -- soundplay!] Now, think: David didn't write that because he was thinking of how good he was, right? Yet when Christians talk about God, they pat THEMSELVES on the back for being holy? Sheesh!

    So that's why the world -- and especially, Christians not in God's System -- is IRREVOCABLY hostile to anyone/anything which tells it that its works are worthless, Gal3, 4:9-5:1, Rom2, 8:6-8, 2Tim2:26-3:7, Phil3:18-19, Heb5:11-6:6, Heb10; 1Jn1:5-10, 1Jn2. People just love to credit themselves. Witness: how can getting wet -- yet another permutation of the magic fruit trick of the Garden -- save you? Yet billions of people claim it does! Is there a greater arrogance than that? Does NO ONE read the Bible in the original-language texts to see how UNtrue that claim is? Of course not. Man always wants to put his oar in, just like the woman did in the Garden. Sheesh.

    Just imagine you're the FATHER, hearing all that claptrap thinking that goes with works. Oh, I'm a good person because I did this thing. Oh, I didn't do that quite right, I'm a bad person. Oh, so-and-so didn't do that as well as I did! Oh, so-and-so did that better than I did! Oh, so-and-so needs me to straighten him out. Oh, see how bad so-and-so is. Oh, see how bad I am, I must do penance. Oh, I worked SO HARD and this is the thanks I get? Oh, I missed Mass, I better do some Hail Mary's. Oh, I ate before taking communion, I'm bad. Oh, THEY didn't go to church, they are bad.

    And on and on and on. Notice how God is nowhere in the thinking. Notice how fixated the person thinking those thoughts is on himself and other people, constantly judging, constantly tied up in knots, constantly fantasizing a value of works which doesn't even GO to God, and doesn't seem very helpful for self or others, either. No wonder guilt drives people. The works only increase the guilt, just as Paul says in Greek of Romans 4:5, digging the hole, deeper! Paul oughta know, lol: he was the most observant Jew ("Hebrew of the Hebrews" clause in Phili3:5, an idiom of highest religious rank), working working working until Christ blinded him on the Damascus Road so Paul could finally see. Sheesh: and here all along, in the PERFECT PASSIVE tense, 2000 years old now, The Lord FINISHED paying, "Tetelestai!" (Jn19:30) -- which Hebrews 10:5-14, climactically stresses, tying back to Isa53:10-11 (tie to Isa53:12 dramatically begins in Heb10:15). So: do we never realize we are just like Lady MacBeth? Just like Adam and the figleaves, sewing sewing sewing? It's a big hint that the first thing Adam does after his fall is a 'good deed', huh. So now let's cover this problem of works in more detail -- how James screams The Word Alone Works!

    Theme of James -- Only the WORD Works: all else is dead/profitless, fit only for burning.
    God makes Word in you, or God makes war AGAINST you.

    So when James talks of works in James 2, does no one bother to read the context? It's really clear in James 2's Greek he means GOD's works, not man's, because he leaves out the definite article ("the", in English), or uses it monadically (uniqueness, Divine). You can't see that in translation, just like you can't see that "faith" means WHAT is believed, stressing the Word, which is how James begins the book -- about the WORD in you. Word works, not man works. "Thus Abraham BELIEVED" -- in what? In the WORD. "Thus SCRIPTURE is fulfilled." Word in you, fulfills, works its intended result. Else you're walking away from The Word Mirror, producing lots of wood, hay, stubble. Gonna be a lot of embarrassed Christians at the Bema who didn't bother to read their Bibles, who have piles of wood, hay, stubble and no gold (etc). to show for it.

    It's a wonder that the world is allowed to exist at all, let alone that God granted 490 years MORE time, simply due to Noah's faith: GeneYrs.xls shows how Isaac is born 490 years after Shem, one blessing contract being picked up by another who believed in Him, Abraham. And as James stresses, it was the WORD which Abraham BELIEVED which did the works. Not, Abraham. Really, you should get James exegeted and study it for a month, because the usual interpretation of James is quite (unwittingly) blasphemous. I can only offer some helpful hints, here. To see why it's worth studying for a month, James 2:21-26 are retranslated at the end of this table, showing what a difference it makes see the Greek w/1Jn1:9 'on' -- so you get the Spirit's brains.

    • James' main theme is that the Word never returns fruitless, and he uses pregnancy analogy throughout: "receive the implanted Word" in 1:21 is the theme. Oh: you'll need to know the meaning of Hebrew "shema" is hear-and-believe, to understand the wordplay in the "mirror" (of the Word) section, in Jas 1:22-25. Idea that if you forget the Word, you can't do it. So when you read James, you really need to be looking at the Greek for all the crop/children metaphors. They aren't well translated. But it IS well translated in 1:27 -- funny how everyone self-praises for visiting widows and orphans, claiming to fulfill that verse -- yeah, but everyone misses the Blemishless Lamb Requirement in the second half of the same verse (lead-in to 2:1, mentioning that Lamb by Name)! No one can be unspotted in the world -- only Christ was able. Hint hint! Sad, how man only reads the part of the verse which buttresses his ego.

    • So: in Jas 2:22, Greek verb sunergew is an Attic, intransitive Divine Actor verb (see also Rom8:28), and has a 'hero' meaning in Greek drama. See, normally the villiain gets the intransitive verbs, to prove that villainy is fruitless. But when the god does to a mere human (by definition fruitless), the 'intransitive' human becomes a hero. You know this, because here the classical Greek "sum" is prefixed -- so, a god birthing (giving energy/breath to) or working out something through some human on the ground: so the god NOT the human, is stressed.
    • And first meaning of Greek word pistis, is What is believed. So it's God's Word and Work James talks about, not man's.
    • You can track that fact easily in the Greek by the way James uses or omits the definite article ("the"). Man, if my pastor said it once, he said it a thousand times, take great care to track the text via prepositions, use of "the", and keywords (which incorporate by reference, other Bible verses). So here in James, judicious usage or omission of "the", helps you track the flow of his argument.
    • Sadly, the translations never put "Divine" where the article is anarthrously omitted or monadically included; so the reader of a translation can misconstrue Chapter 2 as if man's works were in view (well, so long as he ignores Chapter 1, which is about THE IMPLANTED WORD, not works).
    • So when you DO track how he uses the article, you notice that James begins to shoot down man's works in 2:14, showing Divine Works come from what God does to one believing in the Word. In verse 14, faith and works are anarthrous (no fronting "the"), so are claims that man should get Divine Credit.

    • So James next reminds them human faith has no merit of itself (dead, v.17, uses the definite article). Obviously if even faith in God has no merit, works wouldn't have any, either. I mean, think: if you have no faith in God but work your buns off, all your works are the byproduct of NO faith! That's why you're working so hard, because you do NOT believe in believing! 99% of Christians thus demonstrate by all their works that they have no faith! Now you know why there's so much 'backsliding' -- if you work because you do NOT believe in believing in God -- then sooner or later you'll STOP believing in the value of your own works, too. And become bitter. That's the most common Christian biography 'out there'. Test the claim, see how many parading, bitter Christians are on irc and in churches. Um, big hint: Adam in the Garden before the Fall, did no works. He was happy. After the fall, he works his buns off, first thing -- sewing itchy figleaves, and commanding the woman to do it too. Unhappy. Hint hint!
    • So Jas2:26 will close the point: Holy Spirit births you, not your faith, not your works -- just as the body without the Spirit is dead (no "the", so it's the HOLY Spirit, not breath) -- so also man's (has fronting article) faith without THE SPIRIT's works (no article fronting "works").. is dead. Couldn't be plainer. But can you SEE that no-human-anything counts, in English? Of course not!
    • Hence only in the Greek can you see that the straw man was set up to argue the merit of man's faith OR his works, in v.18.
    • So by 2:22, James uses "he pistis", rather than "pistis" alone, because in the straw man argument of 2:14 and 18b, it's called "he pistis", but in 2:18a, pistis and ergon are each anarthrous -- the straw man is claiming that his works are as divine as the Word. Awesome arrogance in the strawman: in 2:18a, he's using pistis in the singular, but his many works, in the plural, both anarthrous -- it's not just the grammar difference (pistis is a collective noun) -- there's an assertion that works are superior.
    • Worse, at the end of 2:18 the straw man is claiming that out from the source of his own works! is his faith. What satanic effrontery, just like the demons (parallel to 2:19, which is wry sarcasm on their pious mouthing of the shema and sons-of-Abraham claim, whoa)!
    • So James counters in v.21-26 with what Believed Word's fruit is, showing the Word Believed is superior. Man's works, versus becoming a Friend of God (2:23). Ouch! Very deft wordplay using or omitting the definite article, in James' reply.
    • By the way, "faith without works is dead" is misused. James tells you what kind of "dead" v.17 means, in v.20; Greek word "arge" at the end of that verse (2:20) means idle, inactive, unemployed, not "dead" like an unbeliever; rather, a believer, likened to a day laborer no one hires.
    • Same thing in v.26, because his audience are believers who are carnal, so producing dead works, because not filled with the Spirit (leading into the difference between filling and carnality in Chap 3, kinda like what Paul later does in Romans Chaps 4 - 8).

    Now let's see how this omission or inclusion of "the" article makes for a better translation of James 2:21-26. Greek default (like Spanish) is to always front a noun with "the". But in Greek, its omission stresses the High Quality (Divine) of the noun from which it is omitted, especially in Bible text. So: track the flow of omission (aka "anarthrous", article is absent) or inclusion ("fronting", article is present) :
    • [v.21] "Wasn't Abraham our father justified out from the source of Divine [no article] Works, when he offered Isaac his son on the altar?
    • [v.22] Look how The Believed Word worked Itself into his works [tois ergois is in the dative, conduit/causal/relationship case, signifying it was for Abraham's benefit]. In fact, The Believed Word BIRTHED his works. [Lit., teleiow passive voice -- so it's being done TO Abraham, not him doing anything -- get it? There's a parallelism here. First clause, what Believed Word does. Second clause, the effect on Abraham. So this second clause is literally, "his faith was BROUGHT to completion", out from the source of, an idiom of birth tying to Jas 1:15,18 and Isa53:11, very clever emphasis on how He paid for our sins and hence birthed us with His Thinking. James uses the first he pistis monadically and actively, with sunergew, but the second he pistis represents Abraham's faith. You know this, because the second verb is teleiow in the PASSIVE, receiving the action. So "ek twn ergwn" is the passive result. Given the word order, might be better to say "in fact through ITS works his faith was brought to completion", because ek twn (<=article) ergwn is piggybacked on tois ergois autou; but James uses birth analogies from the beginning of his epistle.] [To translate "sunergew" as "work together with" implies an equality between the two parties which does not exist. Hence "worked itself into" better displays Who is the Real Worker. If you work on Play-Doh, the Play-Doh is being worked ON more than it working 'with' you, huh.]
    • [v.23] In fact was fulfilled/filled up/brought to fruition [play again on birth, uses plerow in passive voice -- showing Scripture returns with FRUIT to God, very clever -- plerow is used of a god implanting/impregnating, in Greek drama] The Scripture [verse, def article] saying 'Abraham BELIEVED in God and he was thus accounted Divinely Righteous' [LXX quote, logizomai, play on James 1:2's hegeomai] -- even [to the point/level that] he is called [no article] 'Friend of God'.
    • [v.24] Notice that man receives Divine Righteousness out/birthed from Divine Works [lit., "made Divine Righteousness" -- dikaiow is passive, "works" is anarthrous, same structure as v.21!] and not out from the source of Believed Word alone [anarthrous, again, ties back to 2:22].
    • [v.25] Now in the same way, wasn't even Rahab the prostitute justified by Divine Works [anarthrous, same construction as v.21 -- what a dig at their legalism], when she welcomed the spies, and sent them out by a different way [to protect them from detection]?
    • [v.26, clincher/climactic verse, study it well!] For just as the body without The Spirit [anarthrous!] is dead, so also even one's faith [fronting article] without His Works [anarthrous!] is dead."
    Whoa, what a command of Greek James has. Joseph and Mary sure did train the Lord's brothers well!

    Now you know why I harp on 1Jn1:9 and call myself brainout as a moniker for 'Christian' or 'believer': James 2:24, 26, one is dead without the Spirit, even when saved, even when believing Bible! Isa54:1, baby!

    Satan's plan is all about, works. Creature ability. Satan's root contention is that God is unfair to reject creature works, and he's desperately trying to bring about his own version of the Millennium, before the Lord does. Yeah, see how happy doo-doo-doers are. Constantly mad that no one appreciates all their effort. No love, there!

    In many ways the most shocking passage in the New Testament is Revelation 20:11-15. Think about it. Here are all the unbelievers of history, before the Great White Throne. They've already been in hell for who-knows-how-long, but long enough to know the flames and why they are there, John 16:9. The burning guy in Luke 16:20ff knows full well about the Law and the Prophets, but still delights to exercise his fake piety (manipulating the compassion of Abraham), demanding that Lazarus suffer by bringing oh, just a drop of water to cool my tongue! Yeah, nothing will cool that tongue. Law and Prophets (name for the OT) is not enough! Notice how the guy doesn't even call on God? But demands from Abraham because the latter is his progenitor? I mean, he can see Abraham, what more proof does he need to change his mind? Sorry, I don't have that much tolerance for pain: when I stub my toe, I use 1Jn1:9, assuming I am wrong. But then again, hatred has its own kind of strength. A lifetime's worth permanizes the soul into hatred. Anti-love is just as strong as love.

    So in Rev20, here are all these many unbelievers, seeing the Lord face-to-face(!), no doubt about Who the Savior is or whether He exists, whether the Bible is really from God, blah blah blah -- assembled for the final Trial. Why doesn't John record any of them changing their mind and believing? John spends four whole verses on this one event. That's chatty, for Bible. Means the event is stressed. You can almost feel the long openings of the Books of Works, the long checkings of the Book of Life for comparison.. slow motion, really. So why silence from the defendants? Would YOU be quiet? I'd be on my knees begging, jack.

    Greek rhetorical style of stony silence 'screams', here. Just as it did throughout Revelation: the Lord talks only to John or others in heaven, never to the earth (hint hint, there's NO CHURCH down on earth to talk to) -- and the earth never talks to Him, either. The earth's people kill all His emissaries, and even hold a party when the Two Witnesses are finally allowed to be killed -- won't even let their bodies be buried, so the world can gloat -- see the hatred? That's why in the last half, angels have to be flying mid-heaven giving the Gospel (Rev14) -- can't kill the angels. So here at the GWTJ, well.. silence from the unbelievers seeing Him. Because, they are spurning Him. Wow. If I hadn't met such intransigence in real life, I'd never believe this passage. Look: there'd be no need to look up anything in the Books of Works, if the unbeliever weren't claiming his works deserved credit. So if they're saying anything at all, it's that their works should count. Yikes.

    Look: even if you don't stand a chance, you still plead. You can still admit guilt. They're not yet in the Lake of Fire. So why don't they admit they were wrong, and at least then believe? Because, they trust in their works (same word "ergon", means GOOD deeds, not just generic deeds). God should credit them! they are thinking. Wow. Such hatred. And people accuse God of being unfair? Wow.

  14. So notice how you and I would not be ALIVE, would not have the opportunity to say "yes" to Him -- but for the simultaneous Divine Goal of Bride Completion and punishment due works. For again, Rulership Responsibility precedes Love. We all know God loves us while unbelievers. (Rom5:8, "sinners" is a Jewish legal usage, based on Gen15:6. You are no longer a sinner, but Righteous, when you believe in Adonai. NT counterpart is 2Cor5:21.) We also know God is Righteous. So here we see by this Hypostatic simultaneity, how His Office of Rulership never compromises nor is ever compromised by, His Love. After all, even the Contract for the Divine Corporation subordinated Love to Rulership, and that was no compromise. How much more, in our case? Especially, since we reject the Ruler Who Loves us?

    Since Christ's Thinking paid for sins and the same mechanism of Thinking Divine Thoughts is DDNA being Deposited and Transmuted into us, the world can continue despite its rejection. That buys Time, and in fact is the only way Time can continue, since Israel ran out of time when she rejected Messiah, Dan9:24-27. Once you do God's Accounting math in those verses and check it pan-Bible with all God's other Accounting terminology (see Mirroring.htm) -- you quickly realize that had Matt16:18, John 17 and Hebrews Chaps 1-2 all been realized.. we'd not be here. [Mirroring.htm and Part IVa cover this.]

    When you do the math of Israel's time, you get to Christ's Birth occurring in the 1000th anniversary year of David's consolidated kingship. Math wise, that works out to early 3BC or late 4BC. When you do more math, you get to 25Chislev 4BC as his Birthdate. My pastor suddenly reversed 50 years of teaching He was born in September, to 25 Chislev=25 December, 4BC. PassPlot.htm goes through that math in excruciating detail. Having done that, it becomes clear that Israel's time runs out. So His Death occurred in the 1000th anniversary of David's retirement from kingship, end 2Sam and 1Chron. So He died in 30AD (PassPlot goes through that math, too). So: He saved Time for all time. This doctrine of buying time for the human race -- God uses believers to buy time -- is in GeneYrs.xls and Mirroring.htm.

    So, just as we got the opportunity to say yes because so many Christians prior TO us said no -- thus lengthening the time -- just as we got blessed due to the simultaneous goal of developing the Royal Family of God (aka Church) along with the goal of punishing the world's works -- so also, the world needs US to be here; and we also need the world to be here so long as we are. Carrying the baton in a relay race of an unpredictable ending. 1Jn4:12-17=Eph3:15-19 happening via Eph4:11-16, to produce Eph3:19 and Eph4:13 results in the Pleroma yet to be completed. So, the world can be blessed in time, and cursed in time, fulfilling both requirements of Pleroma development and punishment of works. Along the way, the slow starters might speed up; the naysayers might metanoeo, change their minds about the Gospel. The speedier believers will be producing the most Thinking "sweet savor". Funding the Investment's Due Dividends: Us. Now.

    So although the negative are always the overwhelming majority, the positive wouldn't have been born, had the negative not been here. So it's not a compromise to Divine Justice. Takes God's power, to birth you. God's Righteousness, who can compare it? So every new believer born, gets God's Righteousness, 2Cor5:21. And we know that His Righteousness is worth more than all the world's works throughout all history.. combined!

  15. Obvious Conclusion: it requires a whole lot more Scripture to know God, than to know what's moral; to know when why how where what God might want or not want, than to know what people want. To then LIVE OUT that knowledge, which after all is most moral and only moral if lived to GOD, not people! First Commandment! Thus requiring, lots of precision in thinking! Even when brushing my teeth! Gotta monitor my thoughts, test them against the Doctrine I know, because Father Hears me! See, it really is a living sacrifice, to constantly bird-dog your own thoughts for compliance with the Divine Standard. Which thinking we have in writing, the Bible, so to learn how to think, how to monitor for obedience to the Divine Standard. No wonder we better breathe 1Jn1:9, for without the Holy Spirit, this is impossible! But nothing is impossible, for Him to accomplish!

    This Thinking is light-years Higher than morality, to keep on learning Him to the level of Eph3:19, 4:13, and 2Pet3:18. It's the wont of us Christians to hanker after Brother Foot, looking too low; thus we reveal that people, not God, interest us. So of course we look just like any unbeliever, TO the unbeliever, since every unbeliever already uses his own moralities, to tell himself how good he is. All religion is cast in mere morality terms for that reason, and the Christian who doesn't know any better, will thus look and act and even think like any religious unbeliever. Masking Christ, therefore.

    Morality is the jewel in Satan's crown: Part IVc's STOP OMEGA link explains at length, why. In gist: morality is not at all moral; it is instead the violation of the First Commandment; for it is altogether people-oriented, but has the colossal gall to invoke the Name of God, to Obfuscate God. (Obfuscation is the "O" in Satan's DIOS strategic plan for the human race, and STOP OMEGA is his tactical offensive plan.) Consequently, morality-thinking never really focuses on God Himself, except in some perfunctory manner. A homily. Grace before dinner. A quick prayer to get something else. Treating God like some kind of asterisk, essentially. But if you look at the Psalms, David was constantly thinking about God Himself. Ps138 and 139 are awesome examples. Even Ps119, the thinking of the people who had the death-march to Babylon, who daily underwent tortures too graphic to write in a Christian webpage. That thinking is basic, for us. Christ had to think at a far far higher level than even what you see in those Psalms. So high, Satan had to tempt the Lord to do good deeds. Oh, wow! Aha: see, morality can be used against God, too. It's against God, if God doesn't want it done. Ooops.

    Big difference between the windy moral sermon, and the discussion betwen Caleb and Joshua when they entered the Land. Caleb just goes up to Joshua and talks about what God promised like He was standing right there -- which of course, He was (Josh14:10ff). Matter-of-fact. Confident. Knowing. You don't see Caleb and Joshua get all religious and flowery. [New American Bible surprisingly has a good translation of 14:12. 1985 Tanakh and New Jerusalem Bible, New Living Translation aren't bad either. The others seem more wimpy than the MSS.] But the windy sermonizer uses big, fuzzy words, browbeats his audience, and within five minutes you're asleep -- because he doesn't know God, so why should you listen? So "God" becomes boring, too.

    But if we measured this Thinking 'job' in moral terms, look: the Hupostatic Principle, governs more stringently than morality can even fantasize. Subordination to authority justifies Intimacy, so subordinating EVERY THOUGHT is as far as subordination can topically go. Everything else, is a matter of degree-of-subordination in thought. Thus, what's the Justification for it? GOD HEARS. So, you shouldn't be surprised that Bible demands monitoring EVERY thought you think.

    This monitoring is called "bringing every thought into captivity", in 2Cor10:5. Greek says it's continuous. 24/7.

    But what does that mean? Well, look: so high Christ had to think, that Satan couldn't even get Him to IMAGINE bread, in Matt4:3-4. Because, being God, if He even imagined making stones into bread, the thought would have tapped His Omnipotence, and Bang! Satan wins. (See, it's a Trial, so the tests are subtle, not loud.) So, to be so strong in thinking Divinely, yet only using the Doctrine the Holy Spirit deposited, not His Own Deity -- oh, such a "sweet savor" to Father! Who, being Omniscient, has always seen Matt4:3-4 play live, since forever past. Since forever future. For, God's nature, as we saw in the "Singularity" analogy earlier in this webpage, is One Big Now.

    Dunno if you've ever had a lawyer trick you. Dunno if you've ever been manipulated by someone clever with words, so that you found yourself agreeing to something you didn't understand. But surely at some point in your life, you realize that the WORDS used on you, put you in deep doo-doo, and it took a long time to dig out from under them. Words are the most powerful of weapons, not the bang bop boom of popular movies. Most powerful, and most subtle, requiring almost no brains or brawn. Just a knack for the jugular. Satan&Co. are real wordsmiths, charming us outta anything.. in seconds. Need a whole lotta Word cycling in you, to even catch on to their schemes. Eph4:14, "wolves in sheep's clothing" and "anti-christ", "angel of light" type verses abound in Scripture.

    Kratei Ho Echeis ("Rule what You Have") Key ==> Every thought you think is actually the highest form of MONEY. The Lord warned the "seven churches" about that -- and especially, the thinking-themselves-rich Laodiceans -- in Revelation Chaps 2-3. So He twice used the phrase, Kratei Ho Echeis, Rule What You Have, so they would remember it's what THOUGHTS of HIS they have, which is True Wealth.

      Immediately, you know several facts:
    • Thought is only "true riches", if Scriptural. Else, it is "wood hay stubble" if not Scriptural. So you better doggone study and learn how to live on Bible 24/7.
    • But it's never ever Scriptural, if the motive isn't to FATHER, no matter how otherwise 'right' or 'Biblical' the thought, 1Cor13:2. First Commandment! You can be right in your interp on ALL doctrines (pretend) -- and it still counts for nothing (ties back to what James said in James 2:14,24,26). My pastor calls this "mutual flanks": Love Motive and Doctrine, the two eventually merging during the Spiritual Maturity stage (covered in Part III's Spiritual Maturity link of the Thinking series). One flank alone is not enough. Insufficient Bible Doctrine properly understood, and whatever love you have, is incompetent, easily duped. Insufficient Love though, makes what you know tasteless, unfulfilling. You'll then dry up like a prune. This flank balancing problem is covered at length in DDNA2.htm. Everyone runs into it, especially as you become a spiritual adult.
    • So if you spend the thought-money on something other than Father, you reject Doctrine, for mere morality is never spirituality, even if Scriptural: for mere morality, is toward mere people.
    • After all, had Christ turned the useless stones into bread which is useful for people, even He would have violated God's Will: for the motive wouldn't have been based on what FATHER wanted.
    • See, if you Love Someone, you do what that Person wants.
    • So a Tandem, "two mutual flanks", as my pastor likes to call it, patterned after Eph3:17's tandem: Doctrine, and Motive. Both must keep pace, or you have a salient exposed for the one which is leading, and you get clobbered or outsmarted, as happened to the Allies in the summer of 1944 (Fallaise-Argentan gap wasn't closed, and the war lasted another year due to that failure).

So it's a question of Who motivates you, why you think what you think, that determines the value of the thought. Thinking for/toward Father, directly, is the proper place, even as He is the Addressee of all official prayer. Official prayer is just one type of Thinking, but First Commandment means all your thinking is to Him: "you shall love the Lord your God with ALL your heart and soul and thinking". Like the Lord told the Jews in Zech 7, in 'reply' to their 'Lord, Lord' fasting claim they were owed something from God: all that fasting, were you doing it for Me? No, they weren't. They were doing it to preen and to claim God owed them something. Um, if you deny your body food, what the heck does that do for Immaterial God???? Sheesh. [Nerd note. Law never required fasting. It was a custom. One which, of course, the Lord excoriated in Gospels, because people did it claiming some kind of credit was due them for it. This One, who really fasted for 40 days, never counted it as credit. Satan tested Him on that and a bizillion other levels, in Matt4.]

Hence the need for 1Jn1:9, so you can invest the money, so to become invested, yourself. Vested in that Kingship. Which pleases Father no end, for at that level, you are the fullness of Christ Himself (Eph3:19, 4:13, 16). That and that alone blesses your existence, and your portion of the world which depends on you. It has ever been thus. The 3a-d Corollaries in LordvSatan3c.htm explain more about how this blessing works while you train.

As a Crown Prince-Priest Training to Think Like Christ,
you're to be a Substitutionary Intercessor Pleasing Father:
and what Pleases Father, is Intimacy.

So, to Father, our representation of man (including ourselves), is Intercessory: just as, Christ is Intercessor for all. That's higher than our being kings ourselves: for, normally a king need not intercede to/for anyone higher than himself. We, by contrast, are a group solely because of whom those not in our group, can be allowed to learn to have their own relationship with God; because, they reject the relationship we have, so they are at war with God (last half John 3; Romans 8, Phili3:18ff, 2Tim2:26-3:7, etc). So if our group is screwing up, their groups get less favor from God, because the only reason they get any favor from God, is due to us being associated with them. It's light-years higher than the blessing which the world got due to Israel, because Christ is Now Seated.

This Representation toward God is not "intercessory" the way we normally think of that term. It isn't primarily asking of God for people, not primarily witnessing or doing things for people; but instead you SUBSTITUTE for people.. to FATHER. That's the Cross, a Substitution, Isa53:10, im tasim asham naphesho, "If He will appoint His Soul a Substitute for sin, He will see long-lived Seed." For "intercessory" is a Luke 8, Isaiah 53 function of Substitution. For example, in Luke 8, a parable about Word in you, the idea is the Planter can justify throwing a lot of seed away if SOME of the seed will produce a big enough crop. Seed there has the usual delicious multiple-entendre meaning of Seed in you, hence you yourself are a Seed, and what Seed Crop comes out from you while you are in the ground (down here). It's a running metaphor throughout Bible (search on any seed verses or concepts thesauretically, see for yourself). So the point is, if you are growing up in God's System enough, it makes up for all those who aren't doing it. Shocking, huh.

    Obviously, this can only be true if a) God runs the entire procedure, and b) the Word is working in you, because you're living in God's System. No human power or works is remotely in this ballpark. Human works cannot ever substitute for someone else's thoughts. Human works are all deeds, never mind what thoughts are behind them. See? "My Ways are not your ways, nor My thoughts your thoughts", Isa55:8. Now you know why.

    The Isaiah 53 concept we saw earlier, and is the actual meaning on which Luke 8 is based. Our sins were 'planted' in Him on the Cross, and as a result He as Seed produces a crop of the entire human race. But of that human race, not everyone believes; of those who believe, not everyone grows up in Him. But notice how first HE gets built, and then out from Him what's sterile (us) instead becomes booty. But unequal booty. Those producing a large Luke 8 crop are the "great ones" of Isa53:12. The rest are the "many", and are apportioned among the great ones. Thus will the eternal kingdoms, be apportioned under Him. So now, all that future is in development. So your Training as Crown Prince is inherently substitionary for those others who will not be choosing to be in God's System.

    The "crop" you produce is His Thinking IN YOU. Your own thoughts get DDNA-converted into His, just as your sins got DDNA-converted into More Divine Thinking on the Cross. Your 'cross' is your life down here, entire. So every thought you think is to be 'exchanged' for what He would be Thinking. "First Reason for Invisibility" in Part III of the "Thinking" series (link at pagetop) walks you through both that process, and gives you a kind of hands-on idea of how you change as you keep on growing. It's a maturation process, just like a crop would be, except it parallels human maturation, experientially, since secular always represents and parallels the larger spiritual truth. DDNA webseries (link at pagetop) goes into much more detail on how this inner thinking re-engineering works, and what it produces. But here in gist, you see the idea: your thinking TRANSMUTES into His. That's what happened to Him, and that's the gameplan for you as well. Whatever happened to Him, is God's will for us. Glorious life, therefore. Feels bad often, but the Meaning is beyond-description, gorgeous: Isa54:1.

    So if you want to really do the human race a favor, do what they don't want to do: grow up In Christ's Thinking, living on Word 24/7 (keep trying toward that goal), in God's System. It's all invisible, it's all internal, because it's all TO FATHER. First Commandment, to the uttermost.

    Secondarily, you have as Crown Prince, the privilege of close and continuous contact with God -- which privilege is also a Mandate for that reason -- so you CAN pray on behalf of anyone and everyone else. It's really important that you do, since the inherent substitutionary nature of your role means they cannot get a farthing's worth of blessing, apart from your requesting it. I must pray a bizillion times a day for that reason. If you want something to start out on, try this prayer (but don't pray it unless you understand what it means -- never pray rotely): "I absolutely vote for all My Lord says this prayer means." See, I want the prayer to be what HE wants, and to me that's the highest prayer there is. Takes a nanosecond to pray, I understand it well (it's an absolute, irrevocable, blanket proxy, "spousal-consent" vote). So I can pray it often, and anywhere. There's a protocol for prayer: see PrayProc.htm and GodSystem.htm #5. Your prayers only get heard if you follow the protocol. [Since we are Betrothed, "spousal consent" in law applies. The spouse consents to whatever her Husband says, and gives that consent freely and willingly. It's an awesome thing, and we DO have that much power. It's all about voting, the spiritual life. God does all the work, and we vote yes or no. First yes, John 3:16 authorized Him to save us in fact. Every yes thereafter in God's System, authorizes all those Diamond Doctrine, DDNA deposits of His Thinking, aka Word in you. What a great life.]

So this Substitutionary Role you have, is your own growth in God's System. Functionally, your spiritual growth basically 'plays' in simultaneous quadrilogy, as did Greek Drama:
    1. what you are or are not LEARNING in God's System;
    2. what you are or are not LIVING ON within God's System;
    3. what you are or are not PRAYING in God's System;
    4. what you are or are not TESTED ON in God's System.

    Parts III and IV of "Thinking" series cover these four categories in detail, and since they all weave together into one spiritual-life 'fabric', the categories aren't segregated out. Upshot: everything plays Before Father, Isa53:2 ("before Him" depicts an adversarial Trial, in the LXX). You are to sprout and grow up strong in His Thinking, despite opposition, like Christ did. So everything in your life is ORCHESTRATED. No such thing as "luck" or "happenstance" in the Christian's life. Period. Always look for the Reason Why, or you will spin out. [Well, don't obsess over it. Analyze for say 10 minutes, and then drop it, come back later. Obsession reduces awareness, and you can't think before Father if your awareness dips: see Third Reason for Royalty in Part III of the "Thinking" series for extensive details. This is really important. Difference between a successful and failing spiritual life is your acquiring and maintaining a constant HABIT of awareness toward God. Pretty much every Christian I know who's 'stuck' on God, learned this lesson the hard way, and I did too. We would spare our brethren that pain.]

    You are and are not being graded on your performance. You are, in that training always involves grading, so you can learn and have goals for achievement, improvement, etc. But -- oh this is rich -- you are also being graded on NOT NEEDING to be graded, lol. The real purpose is communion, togetherness, relationship, and THAT's the heart of this Trial. So as you 'perform', you lose the need to 'perform', paradoxically. At the end, you are hit with all kinds of weaknesses (Part III's "First Reason for Invisibility" will explain that Trial test in detail). Progressively and at the very end, you will seem to be abandoned by God. Just like Christ's life pattern, so will yours be. So when you read the Gospels, you're looking at your own biography. So use it as a forecast of the kinds of testings, thinkings, etc. you will get for "i" through "iv", above. [Nerd Note: in legal documents, clauses which begin with "i" are always dependent clauses. Dependent on the larger topic/doctrine in the document. We are utterly dependent on Him, hence the use of the "i". Note that it's not uppercase, lol.]

Oh: during the time you're not in God's System, you're Flunking, and the "i" then plays as follows:
    1. you're not learning, so you're REJECTING the Holy Spirit ("grieve" and "quench" verses);
    2. you're not living on, so you're producing/accruing BURNABLE stuff for the Bema, as well as BURNING Divine Discipline while you are down here;
    3. your prayers go no higher than the ceiling, so you're HARMING those around you;
    4. um.. you're flunking the Tests, wholly.

    By the way, much of this red Trial Failure 'testimony' gets reversed and even catapults to yours and your periphery's advantage, when you use 1Jn1:9. For this reason, I must use 1Jn1:9 a bizillion times a day, even when tempted. Like my pastor repeats, "better keep short accounts with God." Good advice. Even better advice, since you can't find but a very few sites on the internet which even understand what 1Jn1:9 is, and that it's needed. I couldn't find anyone who wasn't trained by my pastor, who understood that 1Jn1:9 is vital to getting the Filling of the Spirit. True Spirituality.htm will fill you in on Filling's OT significance, so that when you see the Greek of 1Jn1:9 you'll realize there's no excuse for anyone in the 20th century, not to know about it. See? See how very much your Votes for God count, today? Amazing, how a few dufuses can be made so important.

    To give you an idea just how few the dufuses are, think: the Catholics number maybe 1 billion, people kept saying during the Pope's funeral. That's one billion people who if they confess their sins at all, they are taught to go to the priest. So they themselves ARE priests, but don't know Bible, so don't know that; so, they themselves are flunking i-iv by denying that role; but they are also flunking more fundamentally, because they confess their sins to the wrong person. So these people are CARNAL their entire lives (except at some moments, for the mind instinctively admits sin to God if shocked). One Billion people who profess Christ, are His enemies, per Romans 8 and Phili3:18-19. Imagine how chagrined they would be: I wouldn't wish that knowledge even on Hitler or Stalyin! If the Pope had somehow believed John 3:16 while he was down here, how he must be now PRAYING to God for people in his own flock to wake up to the Gospel and 1Jn1:9!! For Catholicism also teaches you need to be baptised by them to be saved, so how many among them are believers? What's most scary, is that Catholicism is almost heroically alone in teaching that you need to name sins. It screws up everything else, but it gets that one fact right.

    Protestants and other non-Catholics, don't get it about naming sins. They really don't. But then the Gospel isn't properly known well over 90% of the time, either. I guess John 3:16 and 1Jn1:9 are in Swahili, for them. So now you're tacking on what.. at least another billion professed Christians. [My National Geographic Geography of Religion, page 8 has a graph which seems to posit the world's 'Christian' population at about 2.5 billion. How they get that figure, I don't know.]

    Real believers will be probably only 10% of that combined 2 billion number, though hopefully larger. Seems like only about a dozen websites regarding 1Jn1:9 even recognized that you should regularly name your sins to God; but so few got the Gospel right, it does no good -- no unbeliever can name his sins to God and be purified, only believers get the privilege. (Again, I'm excluding from the "dozen", sites of folks trained under my pastor. There are 30+ of those, maybe.) Most of the remaining websites were inane, disputing the meaning of the verse (it's Swahili to them as well), puzzled over the meaning in light of the fact sins were paid for (Swahili, then, the OT verses like Ps32:5 and 66:18, all the Levitical sacrifices for "trespasses" and "sins", etc.); or worse, they ADDED VERBS to "confess" or treated "confess" as some public or emotional thing. You realize, all these folks thereby nullify the verse's efficacy: same problem, as with the Gospel. Can't add verbs to John 3:16 and be saved. Can't add verbs to naming sin to God and be purified. Word is precise.

    An unbeliever can't understand anything in Bible except Gospel verses and a few things on morality, like the 10 Commandments (which are for the human race, not restricted to believers). Without 1Jn1:9 a believer can't even correctly read that much. For you lost your brains when you first believed in Christ, since you are to live on the Holy Spirit's brains, Eph4:23. [Greek, not English, as noted above in the yellow-gold table.] So now you know why there are so many screwy ideas and controversies over the Bible. Lots of blind guides and blind gropers, feeling the elephant, calling it a frog. Makes one want to don sackcloth and ashes forever. But kings-in-training aren't allowed the luxury of long weeping.

    Which means you are one rare bird because you (at least by now) know about 1Jn1:9; so the rerouting of Divine Blessing going through you must be enormous. Our Diplomatic Brief showed enormity, but when you compare now how many don't even know this fundamental Element of God's System, whoa. We few dufuses are FAR more valuable, than we can imagine; yet all we do, is screw up and breathe 1Jn1:9 all day! [Technically, the Pleroma people on the planet are the primary blessing conduits; but there's a vast range of juridical blessing causes and categories. Hence my stress on prayer, which is mainly conversation with God, but also official voting for needs of others, self, etc. Use prayer a LOT both officially, and unofficially. It really works, but ONLY if you follow prayer protocol, due to the Trial. Protocol for prayer is in PrayProc.htm or #5 of GodSystem.htm. Seriously. You really can ask God for anything in prayer, but you'll want to pray in accordance with Bible as you know it, for both practice and confidence in living on Word.]

    Actuarially speaking, when a large group "forfeits" benefits funded because they don't complete the benefit contract terms, there is what's called an "actuarial gain". Lots of extra money. In US pension law, depending on the circumstances, a plan may reallocate that money to those who aren't forfeiting (well, ignore the partial plan termination rules for this purpose, which are insane). By so doing, the benefits hugely increase for that smaller group of folks. In US law there are "recapture" options, too -- but God's Plan was wholly and irrevocably funded in eternity past, per Ephesians 1. So the "pie" of blessings gets divided up into fewer and fewer folks; per Isa53:12, only "great ones" will be apportioned the final booty (i.e., at the Bema, for us). You can't grow up spiritually without 1Jn1:9, hence if so few people even KNOW about it, then the divvy-up number is extremely small. You have a huge inheritance, therefore: far far larger than would be normal. Again, Parts III and IV of the "Thinking" series have passim "Divine Benefit Plan" links and text (search on the term, or go by the links) which explain this huge actuarial gain due to massive apostacy.

    Spiritually speaking, when a large group "forfeits" benefits due to apostacy, the negative provisions of Lev26 must play upon each such nation where such folks reside. Again, now you know why the weather has been so destructive. It's not a 'coincidence'.

Representation to God, then, is about how well you are progressing in INTIMACY with God. That's the criterion for blessing, really. Not your 'performance'. Fundamentally, you have NO relationship with people, except THROUGH God. Paradigm is 2Cor5:21. So the earlier you learn to have human relationships BASED ON God rather than based on the people themselves, the better. Of course, that means those who are more spiritually-advanced than you are a source of blessing to you.. from God. Likewise, the converse: slobbering Christians who have been slobbering for a generation, are no longer babies, but retards, and they bring cursing onto the nations in which they reside. Because, again, only Christians have the office. The others reject God, so don't have any office; they have no juridical standing whatsoever. So they can only get far worse 'warring' from God, except to the extent 'associated' with us (i.e., in our periphery). That's why the Tribulation happens.

    Again, remember that "office" rules the personal. This is a judicial relationship, first; personal is after, result, lest Justice be abrogated. Even, among the Godhead: again, "Look at Their Titles!" [You can search this page on the quote to refresh your memory about that topic.]

    Principle: the wellbeing of people in your periphery partly depends on the 'wellbeing' of your relationship with God, for you are "salt", "remnant". [English Bibles don't always translate "remnant" properly, so find the original-language words and track them. This is a common teaching. But people don't know how the "salt" operates! Which is sad, since if you peruse the "salt" verses you find out it's Bible-in-your-head, which is the "salt", i.e., in Hosea 4:6 (which doesn't use the word "salt", but does show preserving the nation is solely due to knowledge of God, in context). In that chapter, you'll see the context is the Legal Trial ("riv", in Hebrew). So this is an Angelic Trial issue, not just to-human. Bible has always said that, too, in OT and NT. It's axiomatically presented with keywords, often.]

The flipside of growing intimacy with God, is growing DETACHMENT from people and the world. Ironically, this best serves people, since what they need, they need from GOD, not from you. Ergo, since so much rides on your well-being with God, ironically to protect others' well-being, you must ISOLATE yourself. Isolation is mental, a thought pattern, not necessarily physical. But often it becomes a physical requirement. Here we see the sadness of our diplomatic limbo, in sharp relief. Can't imagine what it was like for the Lord to have to isolate Himself. For the more you grow in God's System, the more you love people. Genuine love. So it becomes progressively harder to isolate yourself. True Grief. Which is why this command to separate from people is one of the most common, in the Bible. The addiction which is our mutual sin nature must be acknowledged and dealt with as you grow up in Christ. It's a real tough battle, but the stakes can't be higher: Adam flunked this test in the Garden. Putting the horizontal before or in place of the Vertical is a test of your well-being with God. So you will be tested often.

    Arrogance is blind by nature, unrealistic in thinking by nature, preoccupied by nature. Mentally ill, by nature. We are all inherently mentally-ill, at the cellular level. It's in our DNA. Hence the need for God's replacing DDNA, for that horrible DNA urge to guilt, fear, hatred 'impregnates' the soul with the first sin we sin. Thereafter, it's an unending tug-of-war, as Paul explains in Romans 6-8. Because we all share this disease, and it's contagious in the extreme, isolation, mental distance, is really a must. All the media are used by Satan&Co. to deepen the disease and to keep its spread, far and wide. Just like the translators, the media people are clueless pawns. Our arrogance is so deep, we think it virtue to be so people-stressing, so me-stressing, and don't at all see how we trap ourselves like a Sisyphus, constantly rolling our growing boulder of needs up and down the same tired hill of unrealistic expectation. Trying to get from this world, what only God can provide: happiness. The world's prescriptions are all authored by Satan&Co., and they all produce.. ennui, the famous French sighing word for apathy. One deadens, in the world, and eventually becomes an animal or walking corpse, inside. No middle ground. One becomes progressively a grabber. Grabbing and grabbing and grabbing in an attempt to relieve the mounting pressure of deadness. So this progressive animalism will grab at you.

    So you must learn to refuse people, for you will be TESTED on it, and often. It seems 'UnChristian' to refuse, but is not. It's Royal Protocol. As a Royal Person, you don't have the right to your own life. You must instead follow protocol. And here are just a few sample verses on that protocol:

    • don't throw pearls (Bible wisdom, verses, etc.) before swine (unbelievers), Matt7:6 (a chapter on false teachers and doctrines);
    • the poor you will have with you always, Mark14:7 (scathing, on how helping the poor is often used as a substitute 'god');
    • sheep from the goats, Eze34:17, Matt25:32-33 (dual-application passage for Bema and Great White Throne);
    • avoid such persons as these, 2Tim3:5 (very strong warning, context begins in 2:26, goes through 3:7) ;
    • shake the dust from your feet, Matt10:14, Mark 6:11, Luke 9:5, 10:11 (warning of their rejection);
    • bondwoman versus free woman, Gal4:22-30;
    • bad companions corrupt good morals, 1Cor15:33-34 (v.34 ties to 2Tim2:26, same keyverb for awakening from falsehood 'drunkenness');
    • keep yourself unspotted from the world, James 1:27. [The James verse is really deft, in context. James makes analogy throughout between how the Word works, but man's works are worthless. Here, he picks a human 'work' which is utterly impossible, since we are in the world. So, we should be In the Word, it being implanted in us, instead of the world's thinking implanted in us. For what we think, defiles. Tremendous concatenation of other verses all piled into this 1:27, very much reflecting what Paul wrote in Galatians, so maybe James was penned after Galatians. The two were good friends, which is why Paul would later get trampled on the Temple steps when he was catywampus with God, in Acts 22. Awesome stuff.]
    You can think of more verses; and of course the command for Israel to separate from the goyim should be the biggest illustration, now that you've seen the tenor of these verses. Idea is, those who are against God will be urged to influence you, distract you, bait you. It's not THEM, but Satan&Co. who are behind it, see 2Cor10, Eph6:12. Verse 2Cor10:18 there shows you it's protocol. Superficially, the passage seems to be about the Corinthians objecting to Paul, and he's upbraiding them for that. So not being 'Christian' by today's standards, lol. But here's the deeper protocol illustrated: You represent the King of Kings forever. Those who are against Him are not to be favored, but warned and/or separated from. We're not Paul or the Lord, that we go around scolding everyone, like baby Christians think they should do, when reading passages like 2Cor10. But we aren't to be buddy-buddy, either. It's a fine line to walk, and you'll be tested on it every day, since you have to learn that people are out to use you. It's one of the first lessons a Royal must learn. Because you are the one who is powerful, and you must set the parameters. Hard lesson, this: but harder still, the effect on the periphery who should be blessed, if you don't learn it. Edward VIII had bad associates, remember? Married one of them, and abdicated! You can't abdicate. So disassociation is your only recourse. Quietly, of course. But you gotta learn to do it. Or you hurt all those other people who are NOT users.

Hupostasis Principle, applied: a king must rule on behalf of all the polity, but since the Standard is to be Good, those not obeying it don't get the attention, but the fasces (punishment). For us, that translates largely into AVOIDANCE. Including, avoiding the self. This is extremely tough to do. It's easier to cut off the self and operate based on Honor, but not so easy to do with close friends and family who don't understand Honor. So a mental detachment is vital in all cases. Ironically, if you detach from people you thus deal with them based on Honor, which IS True Love. Attraction is not love. Attraction is a minefield. Felled Adam, will fell us.

    Gospels provide a great 'laboratory' of experiences to see how the Lord handled these situations. John 6 and 7 show how he handled hostility from strangers, acquaintences and family, for example. You can see both His mental detachment (via focus on Truth, not on the people); and, His love for Father, the self, and for people. Notice how He treats Himself impersonally, like an entity. Today's psychology would have a field day with that. In today's often inept psychology, something's wrong with you if you speak of yourself in the 3rd person. But that's how Kings are supposed to think of themselves; it's a psychological distancing, alright -- you need that, to divorce or subordinate the personal from the office. So yeah, you have many personal feelings, attitudes, needs -- but they have NO PLACE in your life. NO place.

Due to Love, God 'runs' Love inside Justice: which means CUT OUT or CUT OFF the wrong, the breach -- aka, "Pass Over"; and then GRAFT IN, the healing. It's SURGERY, Isa53:10-11 producing John 3:16 and after that, Heb4:12. You see Christ do this as well, in verses like "My food is to do the Will of Him Who sent Me." That's as cutting-out and grafting-in a statement as there can be. Notice how this is an Attitude, not a particular thing you do. It's not a hermitage, a looking-down-your-nose, a pious absenting from normal life. It's more absolute than all that -- nothing else matters at all, but Him.

Hence as Ruler, God does everything by cutting out and then grafting in, because that's the only way to get a relationship, due to the Infinity-finity dichotomy, and due to the rejection which is sin. So witness our so-great Loving Ruler, who by seemingly harsh measures, secures Total Intimacy with Him, forever!

  • We sinned: sin is rejection of God, never mind what 'flavor' of sin it is. So we cut ourselves off from God. But until we admit the cut off, we can't get grafted in. Genesis 3's sin was religious, to make self as good as God. So the worst sins are in the self-righteousness category.
  • Hell is the ultimate cut off, for people who refuse God's Solution, John 3:16, don't want to be grafted in. So, they go to the ultimate cutoff place, and it's nasty, since its inherent character is cut-off-from-God. Works are mentioned, but not sins, so again the self-righteous are the ones most likely to refuse God's Solution, Rev20:11ff.
  • But even among believers, there's the necessity of cut off and graft in. This pattern is rampant in Scripture.
  • Cain is cut out, but Shem is grafted in.
  • All the Genesis 4 roster is cut off.
  • All the Genesis 5 roster, is grafted in.
  • Shem's son Arpachshad, wasn't his first born, Gen10:22. The first two born were cut off, because they didn't believe in God. But Arpachshad did, so he got grafted in.
  • That continued on down to Abram, and notice how Ishmael was cut off, but Isaac was grafted in. Romans 9 explains why: Isaac believed. Romans 9 goes on further: both Esau and Jacob were twins, but Esau was cut off, and Jacob was grafted in.
  • During the Exodus, the "mixed multitudes" (about 2/3rds of the total Exodus population, all Gentiles) were grafted in, Exo12:38.
  • At that time, all Levi was cut off, because Levi cut off all the males in Shechem, so God grafted Levi to Aaron (see "Jochebed" link in MisTrans.htm for the verses);
  • but Aaron himself was grafted in, because God made the offer to Moses to be the mouthpiece, but Moses refused (Exo3:10-14); so all of Levi was grafted into Aaron (i.e., Num3:6; many other verses are in the Jochebed link of Mistrans.htm).
  • Later, when in the wilderness, all Israel (including those mixed multitudes) was cut off for rejecting God; God twice offered to start over with Moses (Deut9:14, Num14:12), who again refused (see verse contexts).
  • Later still, in 1050BC, Israel rejected Her King in favor of an earthly king. So Israel cuts herself out (1Sam10:17-19).
  • So God responds (1Sam Chaps 11-12), first by giving her what she wanted, Saul;
  • Saul then gets cut out, for rejecting God (1Sam13:11-14, 1Sam15:27-29);
  • David gets grafted in, for believing in God (1Sam16:12ff);
  • through only David, Israel was grafted back in (2Sam7:12-16, "for the sake of my servant David" refrains). From that point onward, the only way Israel gets blessed is through David, and the Temple itself was a promise to David, not to Israel (ibid).
  • Messiah Himself is via a cut off and grafting in: Jeconiah was cut off (Jer22:24), and via Nathan (through Shealtiel, Luke 3, Matt1) the Davidic line went down to Mary (Luke 3 geneology is hers). Just as Jochebed was the basis for the grafting in of Levi, so also Mary was the basis for the grafting in of Christ.

    In short, Justice is Absolute. The cut off is always required for a breach. But the grafting in is always required for an admittance of the breach, pattern of John 3:16. God does the very same thing with Time itself. Mirroring.htm is a subset of Part IVa of the "Thinking" series, and it at length shows God's Accounting of Time from Adam through the Millenium. [MirrorNOW.htm is a sketch of how God is orchestrating time from the Cross forward, but of course we don't know which heroes are the basis. That page needs further refinement on the exact epochal divisions (each one might be off as much as 30 years), but its concepts are valid. Really shocking stuff, to be able to prove from Bible, math and history, God's Orchestration of Time. I really don't know why there's nothing like this on the internet, it wasn't at all hard to discern and trace. Time-consuming, though (how ironic).]

    So: if a slobbering person comes to your door, and you refuse him entry, you might have personal feelings otherwise, but you must refuse: for, the person might harm you, your property, your family. No matter how you feel about it, you must refuse entry. Or, you must refuse because you have something else which takes Precedence. Again, no matter how you feel, if Aunt Bertie wants to talk to you when you've got to catch the train for work, it's bye-bye Bertie. Of course, dear ol' Bertie will try to make you feel guilty, somehow. Too bad. So, if a person rejects the Gospel, or rejects 1Jn1:9, God isn't going to be nice. The rejector is rejecting association; so, the ruler must justly respond. God is bigger than people, and if you side with people, you're doing what Adam did wrong in the Garden.

Adam was being trained as a Ruler, and the marriage was a cut-off, graft-in Test. Who would be more important, the wife or the God? Adam thus failed that test in the Garden (taking the fruit from his wife, Gen3:6); he put people (Isha) before God. Satan was counting on that. Satan thus built his fake-spirituality EVIL by cutting God's Head off and putting man's atop; so man thinks that by doing good for people, God should reward him. Bulpucky.

    Isn't it the grossest of impertinences to think God should credit me for some work I do for people? To Whom should one's First Allegiance, go? Legally, it's even laughable to make some claim to GOD, based on what you do for people; based on people, at all. Do you expect the gas company to reward you for your payment to the cable company? Give to God what is God's, and to Caesar what is Caesar's, Christ said. Well, the reverse would have to also be true: don't expect God to reward you for what is given someone else! And what is God's? You. Entire. 24/7. Romans 6. So, your Thinking. Which, after all, only God can hear, and people don't care about. Offal, to them. They want goodies. But God wanted you since eternity past, says Ps139:13's inspired texts (but no translation)! (Verse 13 uses the clever word "qanah", which is covered in more detail a few paragraphs down. Cute play on God's Decreeing our existence, and then ransoming us on the (then-future) Cross. By the way, you'll not see this wordplay in translation, for Ps139:13-17 is blasphemously reverse-translated in all Bibles I can read; so it's quickly exegeted and corrected, in NoWombLife.htm's "Don't Abort My Word" table. Just search on "13." once you load the page, and you'll go straight to that verse's qanah text.)

    "Oh," some slobbering Christian will retort, "every cup of water given in the Lord's Name will have its reward." Yeah, "Verily I say to you, they will have their reward", said the Lord about those flashy Pharisees. What kind of reward? Even the unbeliever gets rewards. Ending in the Lake of Fire, for trusting in his works. Rejecting the Holy Spirit's Training You gets the reward of burning up all your works at the Bema. So, if the Lord says a cup of water, a widow's mite, brushing your teeth gets a reward -- maybe it's not the activity, but the Thought Behind It, which is the real cause. For, as He said, it's not what you do or eat which defiles, but what you think (speaking being the content of thought). Ooops. So all those cups of water, defiled by not thinking. Because rejecting the Spirit's Training. Ooops.

    Cain was the first Ooops person. "Cain" means "spear" (euphemism for phallus) and "Acquirer"; cognate verb "qanah", means to purchase, order; and often, when used of God.. to Decree. The verb is used to signify our ransoming, as well as the Divine Order of (i.e., our) Existence. [Really important verb. It NEVER means "to create", but is mistranslated that way in Ps139:13 and elsewhere. Big difference in the Hebrew creating verbs -- and even these are not used for creating soul life -- which are barah, banah, yatser. The ONLY verb used for creating soul life is "breathe", naphach; cognate noun is nephesh, "soul", and hence "ruach" (the Holy Spirit) is often used in wordplay when any labor or breathing sounds or activity, is denoted (the soul really is the source of all laboring, see). People should do their homework better, especially since qanah is sooo very important to understanding Redemption. What the prolifers are missing in the beauty of Ps139 and Redemption, simply because it remains mistranslated for centuries!]

    So "Cain" aptly describes his character, as all Biblical names intentionally do. Cain was aggressive, charming, constantly acquisitive. So he was jealous when God accepted the offering of Abel (="empty, nothing, vapor"), but instead refused, Cain's hard-won vegetable crop. Abel didn't have to work at keeping the lambs, but rather just sat around while they ate (beasts weren't so nasty in those days, as murder didn't yet exist, and man was vegetarian). So Cain baby was mighty ticked off. So, as my pastor puts it: by watching Abel sacrifice the lambs he didn't make or work for, Cain worked at learning how to kill Abel. [Special sacrifice words 1Jn and John's Gospel tell you this (Jn8:44 +1Jn3:12). By the way, Abel's name is not pejorative against him, but rather reflects the vanity of life without God on earth. I'd bet that though man was vegetarian, the one exception was that he eat from the lamb. Here's why: eating that Lamb always depicts faith in Your Savior, and all the Mosaic Law itself is based on precedences. So that must be one of them. Hence when God told Noah that all animals were okay for food after the Flood, then the list expanded.]

    Cain's reaction and charm were both so strong even after the murder of Abel -- which split the family -- Cain went out and built a city, naming it oh-so-pointedly after his son, "Dedicated" (Enoch, to you). Yeah, and that whole line was so dedicated to revenge that his descendant Lamech (end Gen4) would talk about how he was avenged "seventy-seven times" for murdering a defenseless man and his young son. Vicious people, the self-righteous.

    So the world roughly divides between the Abels and the Cains. Givers and takers. Believers and unbelievers. Believers who grow up, and those who spin out into apostacy. Guess which are the overwhelming majority, in any generation...

Here we see the interpersonal side of our Hupostasis Principle, to better understand the necessity of first cutting OUT and then grafting in:

The HUPOSTASIS Principle is the core of and governs ALL relationships, whether animate or inanimate; among God, and with respect to everyone and everything in the universe. To wit:
Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy,
if and only if subordination is Otherwise Justifiable.

    Notice how this Hupostasis Principle works: if you love intimately but are a Ruler, you have to JURIDICALLY reconcile the RULERSHIP before you can JUSTIFIABLY reconcile the LOVE. Notice how the Rulership must precede. Here, with respect to people. So: Adam should have First Reconciled His Rulership Role, by cutting out Isha, even though she was his wife, based on a "ruling" that God is First. Then, it would have been up to God Who Is First, what to do about Isha. Adam thus would have been throwing both himself and his wife away, in favor of God. God, then, would probably have saved her. But Adam didn't make that choice. So we face the exact same test, 24/7. [I'm certain God would have saved her, but I have to say "probably" since there's no direct verse in Scripture on that what-if. There are thousands of verses showing how no matter what bad we do, God rescues us; salvation due to the Cross, being the most obvious set of such verses. So if God would do for us despite our sins, then how much more, if we had not sinned? Christ never sinned. First Adam, Last Adam. The Last Adam made the right choice, and look at the results!]

    Again, your average Christian would think this rejection of people evil. But that Christian is himself evil to so think, since God is First. Absolutely First, and sine qua non. Not alongside, not by-the-way, not a part of, etc. Christ continually talked about God First-and-Only, in the Gospels (which is the meaning of Deut 6:4-5, the most famous verse pair in Judaism). Look: My food is to do the will of Him Who sent Me, John 4:34, 6:27. (Note the Absoluteness: nothing ELSE is food.) You shall worship the Lord Your God, and serve Him Only, Matt4:10;you cannot serve both God and mammon, Matt6:24, Luke 16:13 ("mammon" means worldly stuff, not merely money); I came to bring a sword, Matt10:34; father against son, mother against daughter, Matt10:35, Luke 12:53; let the dead bury their own dead, Matt8:22, Luke 9:60; whose face is on the coin, Matt22:20-21, Mark 12:16, Luke 20:24; Mary has chosen the good part (Word over works), Luke 10:40-42; You shall love the Lord Your God with all your heart and soul and thinking, Matt22:37, Mark 12:30, Luke10:27; Into Your Hands I deposit my Spirit oh God of Doctrine, Luke 23:46 (quoting Ps31:5), etc. These are all absolute statements. Notice how they all trump good things, moral things, normal things. God First over all doesn't mean 'God-and', but GOD ONLY. Anything else, is to be grafted in at HIS Discretion.

    This is the heart of the Trial. Satan tested Christ on it in Matt4, this God-only meaning as the Sole Reason To Live. Satan tempted the Lord to do GOOD DEEDS for people. Feed, give them a flashy display so they can believe, even zap Satan and take over all the world. Those are all good things. And the Lord turned them all down. Because, Father didn't want those things, Father wanted the Cross. Now it has to be obvious that Father was not obligated to save us. He could have taken Christ's payment and done nothing. Father and Son made a contract to save us in eternity past, Isa53:11's "if you will give your Soul as a substitute for sin". But when Christ went on the Cross, it was a free thing. Whatever Father wanted to do. Because, Father first and Only. Phili2:5-10 relates what happens, and notice the absoluteness there: Christ chose to throw Himself away, and FATHER CHOSE to exalt His Son. Those are two unilateral actions. The Rulership is reconciled first: Son reconciles by becoming abject Slave, His Own Free Choice. Father reconciles by making His Abject Slaveson (doulos, in Greek, means both slave and son).. King of the Universe in His Humanity. Two unilateral actions. True Absolute Love is unilateral, no strings, no conditions, no nothing alongside. That is what you are to become, if you are willing to have the Spirit keep you on the operating table of Heb4:12 the whole time you live down here. Which means, everything else must get thrown out, including you yourself. What happened to Him, is to happen to us.

    Because, you can't justifiably reconcile the Love, until you juridically reconcile the Rulership. And there's only ONE Ruler. Then the Hupostasis Principle works: subordination, intimacy, because the Rulership over you is absolute: His.

For, God is first thinking, RULER. Therefore the Intimacy must always go through the Ruling Office. Which means Detachment from all else. First Commandment. You now are in the very middle of the Divine Corporation, "behind the Veil" in Christ. (See Romans 5, Heb5-10, esp. Chaps 6 and 9.) So, you should expect that your relationship with God will have the exact same Structure as Theirs. For as we now know, there is no Intimacy without Subordination, and no Subordination absent Equality. So you couldn't even pray, were it not for the Equality you received at salvation, 2Cor5:21. For, God must never 'bow down' to someone lower than Himself, which is Unfair to His Person; God must never even 'hear' a request from someone lower than Himself for the same reason. So you cannot ever violate the Office, and keep the Intimacy. Hence the need for 1Jn1:9, even though you are saved. Hence the need for prayer protocol. Hence the need for a Bible to teach you how to Think Like Your King. Note that: your King, even though He is also Your First Brother, per Heb2.

    What everyone gets wrong about God, is His Absoluteness. God being Absolute, would NEVER saddle himself with unequals; rulers don't do that, because it then compromises Rule. It compromises Rule, simply because as King, the personal is SET ASIDE. That's why one must juridically reconcile the Kingship, before one can justifiably reconcile the Love. The Love is really first, but it ONLY goes through the Office. That's the relationship between Will and Truth. Will always bonds to Truth, so always wills to ONLY go THROUGH Truth. So the Truth is first to Love, and Love is first to Truth. But Love is God's Head Attribute, since Will is Sovereignty. Hence Ruler, hence goes through the Office. It's really that simple.

    Love is Honor, not attraction. Attraction, admiration, and other personal enjoyments vis á vis another are dependent on Honor. So no honor, and the attraction is easily soured. Hence the way to relate to God is based ON Honor. Respect. Romans 5:8 shows what Love is. Christ bought for us a Uniquely Royal Spiritual life, so Father would hear thinking at a Propitiatory Level: Christ's. So when you are learning Bible in God's System, you are 'doing' what Love does. If you're not 'doing the Word' as James puts it (Jas1:22) then you're not loving God (main theme of 1Jn). It's really that simple.

    So, just as you can't just waltz into the Oval Office, you can't just amble into prayer; you can't just call "God" any ol' name you like. You can't get a relationship with God on any other terms, but His. You can reject His terms, of course. If you do, God must reject your terms, since the only acceptable terms are the Divine ones. Rejection is the history of Christendom and all other faiths. With grave consequences: Matt25:41, for the unbeliever; but for the believer, 1Jn5:16 (capital punishment, no loss of salvation, pay close attention to context, lol). Followed by, 1Cor3 (ulp).

    So also, since you yourself are in training to be a Ruler, all else must be cut off, and any grafting-in must be God's Sole Discretion. Whoa. That means a whole lot of precise thinking, lest you imagine you are obeying the cut off, but are not. Calvin's Geneva disobeyed God, not reading their Bibles rightly, though very sincere. The Cathars didn't read their Bible rightly, opting to be burned alive; before them, the Crusaders got it wrong, and before them, the stupid hermits got it wrong; before them, the Essenes got it wrong; and on and on goes the list of people not reading Bible well, so spinning its verses with a mere body meaning when they see the separation verses. God has no physical body, but a Body of Thinking is to be learned. Replacing, your own, 2Cor10:5. Whoa.

And, by the way, the amount of blessing everyone else gets comes therefore from GOD, not you; yet due to you, for they are grafted in for Blessing Due To You. Same pattern as Isa53:10-11. And you? Well, you are wholly cut off, pattern of Dan9:26's witty "karat" (from which we get "karat" in gemstones); cutting a covenant, it means; hence Qorban, "separated" (aka "sanctified") , a "eunuch" for the sake of the Kingdom. Kinda important, then, to everyone else that you learn His Word well, "your Real, Thinking Worship Service", last clause in Greek of Rom12:1!

So: we can't afford to be sloppy in Word.

See, there's a big difference between the "office" and the "person". Just because we are intimately united in Christ doesn't mean we can get sloppy about our office. He Rules. We must respect that. People need us to know how to respect that, because we too are subject to the same rules. They, unlike us, can't get a hearing or audience or help or anything unless they are priests. And, even if priests, if they don't use 1Jn1:9 and follow the basics (like study under their own God-appointed pastors), they reject the protocol, so they get spanking, not an audience. God's Love never changes, but neither does His "Dikaiosune" (usu. trans'd "Righteousness"), Judgeship-Thinking. (See Hosea 8:7, Gal6:7, Col3:25, Heb12:5ff.) God is not sloppy.

God is not sloppy, but we sure are. As you'll see here and in the next two sections, we not only don't know our Bibles, but historically we've selectively stressed what WE want the Bible to be, irrespective even of common sense. It doesn't take very long to prove our 'spin' on Bible is not only inaccurate, but insulting and insane. For our 'spin' on Bible has been that the spiritual life is one of ritual, emotion, and works. We gravitate therefore to the mistranslations and hallow them, for their spin matches the spin we want to believe. And we've done this since about 96AD, beginning with the apostacy of the so-called "Church Fathers". Bible warned of them in Rev17; and they've been used to vaunt over the Bible since about that time, just as John warned they would: fake Church.

So, we treat God like a dog. We make up truly insulting practices, and call them holy; we ostracise anyone who doesn't follow those practices, and expect God to smile down upon us. We dress up to party, we pay loads of attention to details in sports; we spend ooodles of time getting our living quarters just so; but when it comes to God, well.. we use Scripture jus' any ol' way. We ask God to make someone fall in love with us, or ask God to zap someone; we ask for a job, a team victory, the return of a loved one. But we don't ever ask, "What's it like for you to BE God?" Cuz, we're not interested in Him, but only in what He can do for us. Go fetch. So, we ascribe emotion to Him, as if Infinity 'moved' (e-MOTION, get it?); we treat all instances of "save" as if they had the same meaning, never bothering to do our homework; we memorize verses but never think about what they actually mean; we sing "Praise the Lord" but are really thinking about how good we sound. On and on and on. Why a bolt of lightning doesn't burn us to cinders...!

Granted, there are all those do's in the epistles. But how many evaluate the context? Check it out for yourself:

  • the do's are usually listed last,
  • or are in a narrative, so might not be God's approval but rather, a deposition, i.e., Paul was going wacko at the end of Romans (15:25ff), so all his money talk was out of character, and he was mentally out of God's will (see Acts 22 for Paul's own testimony of that fact). [If you're seriously interested, get the "Paul's fall" tapes from my pastor. They're free: "Paul's fall", Series 376, Lessons 1541 and following. Top of Home Page has his official site. I'm not sure if you can yet order ON the web, so you'll have to check the site.]
  • Any do's are always preceded by many more commands to KNOW something.
  • And, when do's are listed, what kinds of do's, are they? They are always basic morality stuff.

    You could list all the morality do's in half a Bible chapter; but instead, the New Testament goes on and on about things which have nothing to do with works: for example, Paul spends 4 Chapters in Ephesians, before he gets around to anything of THIS earth. Other books are very similar. Look at Philippians: it's wholly about how excited Paul is that his works don't count i.e., theme of Phili3, using a swear word (mistranslated 'dung', or worse) in my favorite verse, Phili3:8.

Note how our sloppiness affects how the unbeliever sees our 'message'. The truth we NEVER tell, is this: any unbeliever can do works, but salvation and the spiritual life is about relationship, not works or religion. So the role of do's is to not alienate the unbeliever. They need to see the spiritual life is NOT works, yet not immoral, either. They cannot understand "good" apart from works. We don't know that truth, so we by our ritual, emotion and works stresses -- which characterize all pagan religion since Cain -- we tell the unbeliever that we are no different.

    Bible spends time on do's to show the difference between True Divine Good (agathos, always mistranslated) and fake good (human works). Human works are supposed to be done only while filled with the Spirit. Else they are worthless. Timothy epistles show why: to be a good witness. So does Romans 13, and Paul's Corinthians' explanations. See, if you know that the works themselves are worthless, then your attitude while doing them will be different, and this attitude will show. More importantly, only if you are in God's System when you do a thing, will it be valid for Father. Knowing this fact will make you happy when you do the work, so you won't get resentful or bitter or needy-for-attention, like the world does. The unbeliever, inter alia, will notice that difference. So he can LEARN that works don't work, Heb6:1-6. And thus find out salvation is about RELATIONSHIP, not religion. Which, by the way, no other faith ever on this planet, has EVER claimed. The Mosaic Law was unique among faiths in that it always stressed no works: the sacrifices were what GOD WOULD DO FOR MAN, not vice versa. That's why the world was galvanized by it, and frankly all Western culture came from it. No other message about "God" ever sold anywhere, is like this one. So it sticks out.

    But he's not learning that fact, because we're not aware of it, ourselves. We're not aware, because we're not interested in digging into the Word. So how is he gonna learn? We're the priests. See how God condemns bad priests in Hosea 4, Isaiah 9-11 (well, throughout Isaiah, it's a running refrain), Malachi 3. So: this sloppiness in using Word goes all the way back, not just to 96AD. Which means our 'friends' at Satan&Co., are behind the coverup.

So it's time to really get serious about Scripture. And that idea is kinda popular, for look: it's a great idea to ask, WWJD? "What Would Jesus Do?" I got that on my keychain and it's helpful as a reminder, especially since travelling bugs me so much. But think: how can you know? For if you don't know What Word Jesus Did, you can't know What Would Jesus Do. Which means you first gotta learn, WWJT, What Would Jesus Think. For He Paid For Our Sins With Thinking. And that is why we have all the REST of the text in the Bible. See, if you're gonna represent God, you better know His Policy well. If you're gonna be Christ-like, you better first know what Christ was LIKE. So let's try doing that right now...

but instead need to precisely know What Word Jesus Thought

Christ, of course, was never sloppy, and assiduously used Divine Thinking Under the Spirit Toward Father, 24/7. He's not bragging when He says what He says, nor is He trying to make us feel guilty over our disinterest in God, since both pride and its obverse, guilt, are sins. Rather, He was stressing how Father is that gorgeous; that even being God is of no value even to Him, if He can't express His Love as a Worm, for Father. Ps22:6, what Christ yelled on the Cross. Tola worm. Whose blood was crushed in the ancient world to make the crimson dye of kings. So Christ sure thought Father was so Fascinating, even the privilege of His Own Deity was set aside (real meaning of "kenoo" in Phili2:7), like clothes you don't wear. He'd rather become a Worm, clothing us, naked for Father, just 'because'. Just because Love. "My food is to do the Will of Him Who Sent Me." Matt4:4, too.

To so deeply express that Love, what did Christ have to do? He had to become, "The Way, the Truth, and the Life". Tall order, that. Do you realize that Truth (which math reflects) is extremely precise? One dot off, and a whole building crumbles. One millimeter's worth of lubricant short maybe felled an airplane in 2000, killing 200 people. So: do you think God's Truth would be less precise, than the lubricant needed on an airplane? When The Whole Universe Is Held Together By The Word Of His Power? [Heb1:3, but translations are poor. Specialized Greek coin stamping vocabulary is used, to convey Christ is Exactly God And Creator, Co-Equal, etc. The translators shouldn't have used common English words. KJV is closest. Matt4:3 doesn't make any sense unless you know Christ is the Creator. Satan wouldn't tempt His Humanity to do something He couldn't do, duh.]

    So, if it was acceptable to Christ To Be So Precise He was not only willing to become a Worm, but the very Truth.. how can we just make up ideas about what the Bible says? How can we want to do anything less than study our brains out, since Christ's Thinking Is In Writing? Do we really want to see Him, or not? Aren't we just spinning our wheels with all our works and rituals and teary hand-lifting and singing. Um, aren't we actually.. lying to ourselves about 'how we love Jesus', if we aren't Learning Scripture Daily? Ouch. Kinda hard to pretend you love someone you don't even spend the time to know.

Take these live tests, yourself. You'll need note-taking materials (computer or paper and pen). You'll also need any version of the Gospels which is in a language you yourself find most comfortable to read. Ok, now read at least one (preferably, all) of the Gospels, but take the following notes: list every good DEED Jesus Himself does. ONLY His DEEDS.

    TEST #1: Then, when finished, review your list, and ask yourself WHY so few are on the list?

    TEST #2: Next, take your paper and pen and jot down a good dozen or two things considered 'Christian' good deeds. You know, the revivals, the healing rallies, the potlucks, the 'fellowship' groupings, camps, givings-to-the-church, hallowed vocabulary, public and other jump singing and prayer, crusading on abortion or other political stuff, etc. Then look through those Gospels again to see if Christ ever once did any of those things. Kinda eye-opening to find out He didn't, huh.

    TEST #3: Go through the Gospels a third time, and notice how pretty much every activity we call 'Christian' today, has some Gospel verse CONDEMNING it. We make an issue of adultery, but Christ pardoned the adulteress caught in the act. We make an issue about giving, and constantly urge that upon everyone; but Christ condemned it (the poor you will have with you always, and his comments about the widow's two mites); we publically moan and wail and say how we love Jesus and make showy prayers -- but Christ condemned the Pharisees for all their publicness, and instead praised the publican (a tax farmer, a cheater-of-people, k). And on and on. I wasn't able to find even one of today's 'Christian' activities which Christ didn't condemn somewhere in the Gospels. So you try it, since you're supposed to test yourself, not just believe something you read in a webpage.

For, if you are really looking closely, you'll find He only is recorded as having done Three Things: teaching, miracles, and Dying For Our Sins. Hmmm. Well, the teaching means, He First Had To Learn, right? And the miracles, well.. that was Divine Power, so not technically a good deed. Dying for our sins -- what WAS that? Surely not His Physical Death paid, for He said Tetelestai (usu. translated It is finished) before He died physically. Hmmm. So if Bible records, of the Most Important Person In History, only these classes of "goods", then of What Precedence And Importance are those things, in our own lives? Since He made fun of the miracles (i.e., in John 6 and passim elsewhere), miracles weren't important except to explain or demonstrate. (It's not like all hunger was cured.) Since He DID pay for sins while nailed, immobile ON the Cross -- which had to be with thinking, the thinking which He showed by His teaching -- hmmm. The Most Important Deed in History was Done by Thinking. Ultimate "doer of the Word". Hmmm. How do you DO the Word, except to learn to be fluently Thinking the Word, 24/7? Just like a Good Priest ought to do, for His God.

As a Crown Prince-Priest in Training, you must be 'schooled' to Think Like Christ,
so People are Advised, while IN the World.

Christendom hasn't fared too well in accurately representing Our King's Royal Communication. His Book was actually kidnapped by His Own Servants for the better part of 18 centuries. Wasn't until the mid-1800's that the original-language texts of the Bible became available to the common man, and when they did oh, the REAL reformation began. Back in the days of Patrick, or the Cluny monasteries, or in Luther and Calvin's day, only the Gospel and Popism were disputed; but during the mid-1800's as people actually started to READ those original language texts collected by Tregelles et. al. -- for classical Greek was a lingua franca among intellectuals -- the huge array of doctrines long taught as 'Biblical' were instead seen to be lies. Widespread iconoclasm, ensued; many lumped the Bible with the true heretics, those long claiming to represent Christ (Catholic and other state churches).

    So the 19th century was a firestorm, and it still goes on. Its fire is on the wane since the 1930's. The old heretical ideas persist, as do the rampant mistranslations, with the hoary heads all using their degrees and respectability, to quash the ever-growing awareness that they weren't exactly competent in their translation and teaching, all these centuries. Beginning about the 1930's, they recovered from what had been a century of ferment, and here in 2006 they are dominant, again.

    Meanwhile and also still growing, but below radar, were the few brave among those academics, whether Bible scholars or pastors, who left the hallowed halls and risked all by going directly to the people with the Truth: teaching FROM those original-language texts. So during the 19th and 20th centuries, ever-greater defection by those who once numbered among the hoary, progressed; some of the defectors were goofy, but others, extremely competent; they defected from their fellow hoary heads in Europe, America, even Russia and China. These defectors were persecuted by the hoary heads and even by some rulers of the countries, easily as much as Paul and his followers: though we in the 20th century are sooooo civilized now (yeah, right). When academics want to burn you at the stake, they treat you dismissively.

    Of course, the success of these defectors is tremendous and now visible, for it's fashionable now to talk of the original-language texts; and everyone's a Greek or Hebrew expert, pontificating. Ok: but at least we're talking about the real Bible, now. At least the TEXTS are available for anyone to check on what's claimed to be said there. Freedom of access, of speech, is always a good thing.

    It is noteworthy that since God orchestrates Time in 1050-year cycles, each one contingent upon at least ONE person being so spiritually developed, the next cycle can start, that in the 2nd cycle, this rollout of Scripture occurred. Paul was easily the one developed so that the world could go on living, post 1050AD, that mirror of the year when Israel rejected Her Divine King. Since the 1050 year cycles contain two 490 year cycles, and time has continued thus far, clearly there have been other individuals. Also clearly, the audience for original-language learning has grown, for the Word always goes 'lost' or gets locked up when too few people, want it (viz., the number of times Scripture was 'lost' inside the 1st and 2nd Temples). [God's Orchestration of Time and His Accounting Method is covered extensively in Mirroring.htm. It will take time to prove out all the math and dates and accounting, but it can be done.]

    But even so, it's also obvious that the percentage of believers who really want to learn God, is way under 1%. We just saw how nominal 'Christians' largely are carnal, or maybe not even believers, and even the nominal Christians are but 1/3rd of the world's population. (Most of these people are probably unbelievers, since if you ask 100 Christians what saves you, only about 1 in 100 correctly replies with John 3:16 or its believe-ONCE-only-in-Christ equivalent. Search the internet on "what must I do to be saved", see for yourself.) Consequently the understanding of Bible among them is nearly zero. So while Scripture has never in history been so available to so many in the original languages, never has there been a smaller percentage of interested people, either. Wasn't until the 20th century that atheism became popular; that evolution, a rehash of animism pretending to be scientific, was touted as 'fact'; that Israel returned to the Land the Lord warned her to stay away from, in Dan9:26, Matt24, Rev11:1, and most OT passages on the 2nd Advent. We live in truly strange times.

So people have not been advised what Bible actually says; proper disclosure has always been a 1%, needle-in-a-haystack occurrence, and the 'public' face of Christianity, has been overwhelmingly apostate and blasphemous. Still is. Our abusive ambassadors' treasons against the Word are many and vile:
  • We so arrogantly pride ourselves on calling ourselves "monotheistic" yet condemn the Oneness people, though Bible is TRITHEISTIC (Three Equal Infinite Gods is not polytheism, k?) , 2Cor13:14's Greek. So we make men swear by the Westminster Confession or Catholic Unicity definitions, which say the same thing as the Koran, forgetting that in English, "God" is a person, so to say "one living God" as the WC does, negates Trinity (should at least say One Divine Essence or better, Identical Divine Essence, thus alleviating the confusion).
  • We add verbs to the only valid one of "believe" in the True Gospel, thereby nullifying it;
  • We reverse all "womb" verses in Holy Writ to claim a soul in womb, when the text always says OUTSIDE (prep min or ek) the womb, and every seminarian is taught this stridently (i.e., see Mounce on ek, and any good Biblical Hebrew text on min -- also, Badillo wrote of its etymological history).
  • All over the world, we Rev17 'Christians' piously destroy the separation of church and state which God authored under Moses, via passing 'Christian' laws; inter alia, anti-abortion laws which ignore Exo21:22's bald statement even in translation, that the fetus is not even a legal person (because NO soul in womb), and then have the nerve to claim we know Bible and love God, weren't we holy for crusading on those laws! Yeah, what happened was we dictated to God, 1Cor2:15, not 1Cor2:16. So what unbeliever will think the 'Christian' God is anything but a fool like his believers are, who clearly can't even read their own Book?
  • We take material-creation verbs and mistranslate them as immaterial creation verbs, though the only immaterial creation verb Bible ever uses, is "breathe" (for creating the soul), which happens AT BIRTH (i.e., Hebrew of Gen2:7b, Ps33:6). [Great wordplay in Ps33:6, refers to the Holy Spirit as God's Mouth. See also "voice" verses in the OT. NT plays on this meaning a lot.]
  • We ignore the True Meaning of Baptism, Romans 6, and instead assign magical properties to water, as if getting wet saved you, thus totally spitting on the Cross, deprecating the Holy Spirit (as if He would even use demonic magic, akin to the satire against Him in 2Nephi of the self-confessed demonic, Book of Mormon); as if God who punished magic with death under the Mosaic Law (Deut 18), would engage in it Himself; oh, how the demons must be laughing at those who don't even bother to read their Bibles and insert a magical wetness as efficacious -- over the Cross! [Re Book of Mormon: "Moroni" allegedly gave the information to Joseph Smith. Well, lookie here: the name "Moroni" is a clever concatenation of Hebrew and Greek which translates into "my demon teacher" -- "moron" is a Greek word for demon, and "-oni" is an affectionate ending for "my" (i.e., rabboni). Did we ever catch that demonic confession? Nope. More is said about this in the "Book of Mormon" link in SatStrat.htm (Appendix of the Thinking series).]
  • We claim God would cheat Himself by limited atonement, when bald Bible verses like 1Jn2:2 prove otherwise;
  • We claim you can lose your salvation, thus making the Cross out to be a sham; or Christ, an imperfect Payor. Worse, we do this because we are shocked at certain types of sins and we don't want such horrible people to be saved. As if what shocks us, God should 'obey'. John 3:16 has no exclusions in it, and like Acts 16:31, Eph1:13, Eph2:8-9, Rom5:1, all of Romans 6, the tenses showing we are permanently saved due to that one moment we first believed, are unequivocal.
  • We make much of our works and proudly point to works verses, not bothering to read the Inspired Text which uses God-actor verbs, nouns, and anarthrous constructions -- so it's GOD's Works which are praised in the Bible, never man's -- yet we pretend we can read Greek and Hebrew, lol.
  • We can't even read Luke 1:26 in plain English, proving Christ was conceived in Adar, thus would have to be born in Chislev, at Chanukah -- nor do we bother to research the meaning of the priestly courses alike confirming that month, nor Haggai2's wordplay on Seed and 'from now on' after 24 Chislev, so then claim the Bible doesn't tell us His Birth date. Never mind, that was forecast 1000 years in advance (Mirroring.htm has the details in the "David" link).
  • We can't even read the six NT "paraskeué" verses to learn it was Good WEDNESDAY, so that Bible's chronology for Passion Week proves out the realization of Passover's own timing, set aside on 10 Nisan and slaying on 14 Nisan -- which happened to Him 30AD, with the Jewish calendar running 4 days fast that year (which you automatically know, since He eats the Passover). Then we throw up our hands and call Bible a mystery, or wrong. Sheesh: we'd be huffy if someone got a birthdate or deathdate of a loved one wrong, but it's okay not to know His? And blame the BIBLE? And piously exclaim that the dates are not important? Can we BE more arrogant?
  • We piously claim to make new "fresh" translations of the Bible, yet copy the old blasphemous errors in past translations, such as in Gen3:11, Mark3:5, James 2:18-26 (well, most of Chaps 1-2), 4:5, 1Cor1:5, :10, 12:31, all of Chap13, Rom10:10, Rom12:1-3, Eph4:5, 11-16, Heb10:15-17, Heb11:1, and too many others to list. Worse, the non-English translations largely copy the English ones, rather than going back to the original texts.
  • We wrangle over our denominations, despite the "who is Apollos? Who is Paul" doctrine in 1Cor1, as if that were a holy thing to do.
  • We ignore "Genesis" meaning the origin of The Man, and tell everyone it's how God created the world in six days, when that's not even what the Hebrew or Greek inspired text, says.
  • We routinely tell people they will go to hell for sins we find upsetting, like suicide or fornication, or .. whatever. Not reading John 16:9, "Concerning sin, because they do not believe in Me". Notice how no one goes to hell for not getting wet.

  • Worst of all, we claim to love the Lord, but we insist on saying His Physical Death paid for SOUL SINS, what blasphemy. Isaiah 53 repeats the fact that His Thinking paid for sins no fewer than 21 times, in the original-language texts (BHS and LXX have to be combined, text in one is missing from the other). Isaiah 53 (really 52:13-54:1) couldn't be plainer. Hebrew of Isa53:10-11 is blunt: YHWH haphetz dakkeo heheli/ im tasim asham naphesho -- "God delights to crush Him in lovesick grief / If He will appoint His SOUL ("naphesho") a substitute for sin (like red heifer offering)." And in 53:11, me amal naphesho, "Out from His Soul's LABOR (pregnancy term)". Moreover, Greek verb apothneskw refers to the SOUL going through the act of dying, not the body (nekroo is used for the body, survives in medical English as "necrotic death"). Greek and Hebrew suneisis and da'ath respectively mean mastery of thinking, and in the Isaiah passage you clearly see that His Thinking paid for sins; not to mention, all the NT writers and the Lord constantly point back to the Isaiah passage, so to make reference to His Thinking paying for sins; to its parallel post-salvation application, that the spiritual life is a THINKING thing, not a doing thing, all pointing back to Jer31:31-34's promise of His Head in our Heads. All this can be found without much trouble if you have Bible software like BibleWorks, which many PASTORS use (I got my copy at a seminary). So it's not as though this information is obscure or hard to find out. But we continue to ignore how He paid for our sins! So we don't recognize the post-salvation spiritual life's structure, either. Surely The Spiritual Life He Had, is what is Legated to us. And it's not of man's works, baby. If you don't want to STAY a baby...

    So we've blasphemed God more than the atheist, and the list of our misrepresentations goes on and on. Treasons, all. Before the original-language texts of Scripture were so commonly available, you could say we had some excuse for being so malinformed. But not since 1844 or so. And certainly not here in 2006, with an unparalleled ability to RESEARCH those texts, on computer. So people don't care. We in this generation have zero excuse for misrepresenting Him.

    When a diplomat maligns/misrepresents his sovereign to the world, the diplomat is censured or even recalled. Our Sovereign gives us time to grow up and learn from our mistakes, since unlike an earthly diplomat, we are BORN into the role, and aren't isolated from the host nation. But if you want to know the main reason why believers get sick and die (1Jn5:16), this is it: we don't learn WWJT. We never learn to Think Bible, preferring instead to thump it. Thus we are recalled home individually, in shame. But in heaven will be happy in some OTHER believer's subkingdom under Our Dread Lord, never doubt that.

Obviously, "Knowledge of Scripture" doesn't exist if you can only recite it, like the so-called 'Lord's Prayer'. It also doesn't exist, if you are using a screwed-up translation, for then you don't really learn what GOD says, but rather what some MAN says. And we are shackled to what some man says, in the translations: for Bible scholarship is tied down with fear of rebutting mistakes of the past. On the other hand, Knowledge of Scripture does exist if you can accurately do its math: of course, that means spending a lot of study time. Math, like protocol, is PRECISE.

    Here's an example of precise thinking's life-and-death importance. There's this verse in James 5:16 which in translation, makes people think they should go to a priest for confession, or stand up in the middle of the congregation naming some heinous thing they did. In translation, the verse reads something like (NASB, here): "Therefore, confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, so that you may be healed. The effective prayer of a righteous man can accomplish much." Ok, seems straight forward, right? WRONG. First of all, you don't ever take a Bible verse out of context. The context in Chapter 5 is interpersonal relations. So it's NOT about all sin you commit, and in fact is only about sins you commit which others ALREADY know. That eliminates both the confessional booth, and the standing-up in the middle of the congregation, immediately.

    But more importantly, sins are to always be confessed TO GOD. "Against thee and thee only, have I sinned", David admitted. Then there's Ps32:5, 66:18, the threshing floor purchased from Araunah (end 2 Sam), and of course our friend 1Jn1:9. To not confess to GOD, is to not be purified from anything.

    So this business of telling other people, is ADJUNCTIVE, at most. Now: say you and I are in an argument. We need to patch it up. Just as in arguments with God, we got a mutual 1Jn1:9-type admitting to do between us. Until that's cleared up, there's no fellowship regained. Meanwhile, there will be maybe bitterness, resentment, self-justification, etc. It's always bad to not admit something someone else KNOWS you did. It's sometimes bad not to admit something someone else doesn't know you did, if their not knowing HURTS them. But it's also sometimes WRONG to admit something you did, if the admitting hurts them. So see? It's not cut-and-dried.. you gotta know from The Book, what to do. Misuse of The Book has messed up millions of lives who go to the confessional booth, because they are confessing the wrong way and to the wrong person. So these people lived carnal lives, unless by accident they got in the habit of using 1Jn1:9's content (which, frankly, is a kinda natural inclination, to admit to God you screwed up).

    The denominations and mistranslations alike will NOT admit they screwed up. They fear mass defection if they do. That's why till yet Catholicism calls it Good Friday, when any five-year-old knows there are not three days BETWEEN Friday and Sunday, which the Bible says will transpire between death and resurrection (see PassPlot.htm's Division #2 link for the roster of three-days-and-nights verses). So people stand pat on some OLD bad formulation like TULIP or Westminster Confession or a wide variety of other doctrines in each denomination, none are exempt -- and they never upgrade/fix it. They should be fearing the Bema, instead of humans. That's why there is so much iconoclasm today: people who hunger for Bible, just as in John the Baptizer's day, are LEAVING the 'established' denominations and either setting up new goofy ones, or imagining themselves their own teachers. As one of these guys said to me, "You can't find a good teacher nowadays, you have to do it yourself." Not so: God is the God of authority, and amidst all these 1Jn2 wolves there are genuine pastors for sheep, probably in every denomination and no denomination. Just ask Him who He appointed for you.

Precise thinking. This Word isn't a machete, but a Surgeon's scalpel, Heb4:12. So you gotta first learn it WELL.

    GOD'S PROTOCOL PRINCIPLE: Just as you don't drop in on the Queen sans appointment; just as you don't kiss a stranger on the mouth; just as you don't confide your finances to the-guy-next-door; so also, you don't expect Holy God to accept what YOU think is the right interpretation of a verse, but rather the other way around (see 2Cor2:15-16). So, you don't just whap Scripture here and there, a loaded pistol with no skill or proper cause for aiming it. Well, a loaded 'knife', actually: see Heb4:12's "machaira" etymology. YOU'RE TO BE A SURGEON, NOT A STREET THUG. Heh: An Ambassadorial, Priestly, Kingly Surgeon-General of WORDS: again, see Heb4:12. [For fun, do a word study on machaira, romphaia in ALL Bible's Greek (LXX and NT). Very rewarding.]

So, if your thinking is misaligned with His, how can you be operating within office protocols? How will you accurately communicate with Him? Prayer requires Knowledge Of Scripture, or it goes no higher than the ceiling. Distinguish between the David-like personal communication to God and OFFICIAL communication to God. For, it's not right to have this privilege and flout God's Rules/Protocols, especially since unbelievers don't GET this privilege. Just as in secular life a President or Royal is not supposed to grant favors outside the law, even more, God's Favors never violate Dikaiosune.

Conversely, how will you accurately communicate about Him to your fellow humans? That too, requires a lot of knowledge of Scripture. You don't just invent stupidities that are not in Bible. In fact, anyone who tells a falsehood cannot be also Filled with the Spirit at the same time; for the Spirit doesn't empower lies. So, watch how God is maligned by the following very common misrepresentations carnal Christians make:

  • like claiming Adam lost free will at his fall, because man is helpless. Yeah, so is a paraplegic, but he can still want and not want. So not only is the claim of man-losing-free-will patently stupid, look: GOD IS A TYRANT, and too impotent to make the soul indestructible, huh? For you have to destroy the soul, to destroy its free-will core.
  • that there's human life IN the womb, which CLAIMS GOD IS A SADIST (English verses are MIStranslated);
  • that you can't commit suicide and go to heaven (so Christ died only for SOME sins? So Father DID NOT GET FULLY PAID? -- dare anyone to FIND such a 'suicide' verse ANYWHERE in Scripture);
  • that you must make Christ Lord to be saved (so man PROMOTES CHRIST TO LORDSHIP? Hmmm, isn't He already Lord from eternity past?);
  • you must have a 'heart' belief rather than a head belief (whatever that idiocy means);
  • you, a SPIRITUALLY-DEAD UNBELIEVER must 'invite' or 'receive' Christ into your 'heart' or 'life' (so the unbeliever is more powerful and important than God);
  • you must repent of your sins to be saved -- so when Christ said John16:9, He was lying?
  • That the Filling of the Spirit is something you can FEEL -- ok, since when did IMMATERIALITY have a body? For, only a BODY can feel. So John 3, all of 1Jn, are lies? Ok, since when did God become a circus clown or genie, to do pet tricks to make YOU feel good?
  • That the Filling of the Spirit is some kind of gibberish-speaking experience, as if the Holy Spirit were a DEMON (since that's what demons are shown to do in Bible, as well as in every pagan religion known to man);
  • That the Rapture is something you can or even should predict: ok, so Christ is LYING, in Acts 1? Or, INFERIOR, that even He didn't claim to state the date? Or Paul, the apostle given the most SCRIPTURE to write, didn't know, in Phili3:11? 1Thess2 would have to be a lie too, since Paul chewed out the Thessalonians FOR TRYING TO PREDICT the Rapture?

On and on and on into the trashcan. These are truly capital crimes. Any Ambassador who so egregiously misrepresents his country like these bullets depict about God's Word commits unconscionable treason. The penalty for such treason has always been death, in national/international law. How much more, then, the egregious misrepresentation by millions of pastors and Christians, of Acts 16:31 and John 3:16 of the Sovereign Word! It's no exaggeration to say that genocide is a lesser crime... Ergo, 1Jn5:16: God's Disciplinary Recall of His Ambassador/capital punishment. [See also Acts 5, story of Aaron's death, Moses' near miss at 2nd Meribah when he was supposed to speak to the Rock; Paul's near miss in Acts 21 (he used what we know as 1Jn1:9 just in time); and similar passages.]

    Granted, since we start out slobbering babies, we're allowed to be treasonous for a very long time, since we don't know any better. But after a lifetime, with no progress.. the fig tree can't be fertilized anymore. The host country (this world) needs the Ambassador replaced. So, you are recalled, 1Jn5:16, the worst shame an Ambassador can receive. Home. To Heaven. Forever happy after that, but.. no rulership privileges. (See Rev2-3.)

Notice how these are the mainstream 'doctrines' taught as if they were really in the Bible. So notice also that you not only have a lot to learn in your real, private "Thinking Service" before Father, but sooo much more in order to a) disabuse the common man from the false ideas about God and Bible, and b) correctly inform the common man what's really in the Bible. As Paul warned us, we must be ready "in season and out of season".. in short, at any moment, you never know when God will call upon you to speak the Truth that is in you, 2Tim4:2.

And what is that "b)" Truth? John 3:16, simply believe in Christ, and you are permanently saved, forever. 2Pet3:18, once saved, grow in grace and in the Knowledge belonging to Our Lord and Savior, Jesus the Christ, which glorifies the Father forever; "filling all in all", end Eph1. And the method for doing this is ONLY via God's System, Eph4:11-16, with constant usage of 1Jn1:9 to get Eph5:18, the Filling of the Spirit, so to grow to Eph4:13, kitted out as explained in Eph3:15-19, which level of Pleroma Spiritual Growth glorifies God -- tying right back to what Peter said when he referenced Eph3:15-19 in 2Pet3:18. Any heteros (another of a different kind) of essential truth spoken or taught, blasphemes God.

But of course, you've got a lot of homework to do, before you know all that. You must test everything, 1Jn4, since there are so many false and incompetent translations and teachers out there, as we saw above. It's an isolated life, just like the Lord's was. Yet all humanity depends on you doing your own homework, growing up in a fair amount of mental isolation before the Lord, ignoring all Satan's landmines which the world pants after. As you do this, count on it: God will bring the hearers to you, because you are a competent advisor. He always vindicates the Truth in whomever it resides, and often in some very humorous (and even embarrassing!) ways. Always, Isa55:8-11.

So here's how you try to live:

  • You use 1Jn1:9 regularly, monitoring your own thinking for thought or action sins;
  • you get regular (ideally daily) Bible class under your right pastor,
  • which class you turn over and THINK about;
  • you try to live on what Bible you know 24/7,
  • so obviously you try to resist whatever you know is a sin;
  • you analyze everything in light of Bible you know, since God HEARS it, and you are a Royal priest;
  • above all, you THINK toward Father as much as you can, which is the main meaning of prayer;
  • you make whatever requests you feel necessary to God on behalf of others and yourself, following the prayer protocol (see GodSystem.htm #5 or PrayProc.htm).

So notice what you DON'T do:
  • You don't go running around trying to convert people;
  • you don't politic or crusade on ANYTHING;
  • you don't run around doing works, rituals, or engaging in tabooism;
  • you don't go around correcting people;
  • you don't make an issue of sin;
  • you don't determine your own destiny at ALL, but wait on the Lord to reveal it to you;
  • above all, you don't spend much time outside God's System.

As a Crown Prince-Priest in Training, You are in functional Hypostasis IN God,
though IN the World.

Let's sum up what we've read so far, and condense the material to the two most important 'sides' of your Contract-in-Christ. Upshot: Your Priest-Kingly Training Has A Hypostatic/ Bonding/ Baptism/ Association/ Marriage Structure And Role. (See Jn17; but in Greek, 1Jn, Eph1-5, Heb5-10.) So what's the first side? First and above "all things" (Bible keyword), FOR FATHER: Thinking He Hears You Think Which Emulates Christ's. You gradually develop this thinking Via The Spirit's Power, never your own, as you learn Scripture under your right pastor, breathing it in and out; and breathing 1Jn1:9 whenever needed.

Again, Christ paid for our sins with His Thinking, just like Isa53:11 predicted He would. And we know for a fact this is so, since He Was Nailed To A Cross. All He Could Do, Was Think. That's a true (as distinct from water/metaphorical) Baptism, an identification of thing "A" (adikia, bad) with "B" (Bible Doctrine, His Thinking). Christ was truly baptised with our sins, and thus we are baptised in Him. Romans 6 focuses on this topic, as does 2Cor5. The "Baptism of the Spirit" is a Legal Status, not an experience (it has zero emotional connotation, in Greek), which is why we are "sealed" by the Spirit (see those verses in Scripture). "Sealing" is a technical word for Legal Attestation/ Agreement/ Ownership/ Responsibility. [Acts 2 is an Old Testament display, so has fire (judgement), etc. physical manifestations. Israel's "time" still had 40 years remaining, and Pentecost, which was an Old Testament holiday for Israel, was the long-prophesied beginning of the warning of Israel's end. The Church Age also began at Pentecost, so for the first 40 years, there was an overlap. [Unending hupostases! Note how this overlap depicts what Paul wrote at the end of Eph2, and in the first half -- Father's purpose clauses -- of Eph1. Last 7 years is yet another overlap, so the ending and rebirth, so to speak, of Israel as a client nation is "raphah'd" sewn up (Isa53:5) within the "Gentiles". So, like Paul quips so many different ways in his letters, salvation comes from the woman (Israel), but the woman herself is delivered (saved) by childbearing (the Gentiles, of which Church is the biggest time segment). LOL! Who is more witty, than God!] Search what Peter says in Acts 2, and you will hopefully see that fact for yourself. See the warnings in the Book of Hebrews, too, because those warnings explain the duality; book was written either at the beginning of the Jerusalem siege or very shortly before, maybe in the year Paul died. Paul didn't write it: see the "Timothy" verse in Heb13 or 14.]

    Greek word Baptizo means that B changes A due to Association: just as a sword was 'baptised' in water in order to permanently temper it. That's why the common NT phrase, eis aphesin hamartiwn, usually mistranslated "for the remission of sins" -- is so stressed. Greek preposition "eis" never means "into" when its object is not a destination -- so should be translated "RESULTING FROM the remission/cancellation of sins." Then you'd know that water baptism is at best, a handy witness ceremony, just as it was when the Greek hoplites used to 'baptise' their swords in pig's blood as a ceremony of graduating from basic soldier training. Belief is used by God as a consent, so the Holy Spirit saves you (see all "believe" and "faith" verses in the Gospels and elsewhere in NT). So RESULTING FROM that, your sins were cancelled. So you too evidence your graduation with water baptism, which is why John the Baptizer used it. It's optional, not mandated (clearly, since Abraham didn't get baptised, Gen15:6). [Nerd note: that's the etymological meaning of Baptizo, so it is not at all like common Christendom defines. Word predates Homer, and is a blacksmith word for what happens to a sword, in order to make it, Integrity. Greek word Agathos means this result, not merely "good" by common Christendom's definition. See the importance of knowing what the Bible Itself says? So now you know that "water" (which always in Bible is metaphor for THE WORD, anyway) is symbolic, so physical water baptism never was a requirement to get saved, but rather always demonstrated symbolically the meaning and result of salvation. Moreover, there are 7 distinct types of Baptism in the Bible, 3 of which are symbolic. Do you know them? Well, start studying!]

    By contrast, what happened at the Cross and what happens when you believe, are REAL Baptisms, changing you. For at the Cross, our sins were LITERALLY put in Him. At the moment you believe in Christ, you are LITERALLY born from above/again, made a spiritual being by the Holy Spirit (John 3:16ff, Titus 3:5). So: given this literal identification/union-in-Christ meaning and the five infinitives in Isa53:10-11's LXX, it seems more correct to say we are in functional Hupostasis with Christ Himself. Lots of Bible terms give us this idea: "Body", "Bride", "in Him", the use of Hupostasis in parallel, Heb11:1 (which is talking about us going through the Trial Evidence, AS Him), 1Jn4:17, Paul's kaine ktsis in 1Cor5:17, Peter's hupogrammos, Vine and Branches of John15. But then there's also John 17 prayer, which is a total oneness with All Members. We are indwelt by All Members of the Trinity (see "Indwelling" verses in VERIndex.htm). But it seems this idea of Hupostasis -- one person, dual nature usage -- is reserved for Christ. It's with reference to His Humanity. So it must be the Thinking itself growing in us, which makes for this Hupostasis, especially given the text of Heb11:1 (second red text, beginning of webpage has the corr trans). That's the strongest and most awesome way of putting how CLOSE we can be to Him, if we learn Our Bible in God's System.

    There's absolutely no doubt that the same building process as happened to Him, happens to us. Look again at this amalgamated corrected translation of Isa53:10-12. This time, only the infinitives are capped:

      Isaiah 53:10 "But the Lord was delighted to crush Him, putting Him to lovesick grief; if He would render His Soul as a guilt offering, He will see seed caused to be long of days, and the delight of the Lord will cause His Hand to prosper. [Verse 10, LXX] So the Lord delights to PURIFY by wounding Him: 'if You will give as a substitute for sin, Your [Plural] Soul[singular] will see long-lived seed.'"

      Isaiah 53:11 "Then the Lord delights to PLUNDER, birthing/carrying out from His Soul's labor to display/ point out/ make known/ EXHIBIT via Him, the Light. Then, to SCULPT via His Mastery-Of-Thinking, so to MAKE RIGHTEOUS/ JUSTIFY. He will see, be satisfied. Because of His Truth-Knowledge the Righteous One, My Servant, will justify the many, as He will bear their iniquities. The Righteous One Well-Serving purposed for/ instead of the many: even their sins, He will carry off/ lift up."

      Isaiah 53:12 "Therefore I will distribute to Him the spoils/plunder of victory because of the many, And He will divide the booty with the great ones; Because He poured His Soul out to death, And was numbered with the transgressors; Yet He Himself bore the sin of many, And interceded for the transgressors. [LXX] "For this reason He will inherit the many; in fact, He will apportion the plunder among the great ones; for the sake of which [plunder] His Own Soul was given over to Death."

    Gotta get technical here for a minute. When Greek switches from normal subject-verb-object sentence construction to verbal nouns, dropping verbs, prepositions, and objects, it's very dramatic. Classical-Greek dramatic. Classical Greek was the 5th century+ BC, the age of Sophocles and Plato, etc. This style of rhetoric greatly influenced all language and thought, so Bible uses it to good effect, and in effect, corrects what was wrong with Greek thought. There's a lot to suggest that the Greeks and the Hebrews were intermingled very early on: Perez son-of-Judah may have helped found Troy; further, there are lots of connection between Solomon and the Dorians (=Sparta, related to Troy) for example, and the Philistines were Greek Sea Peoples, not Arabs. The two languages, Greek and Hebrew, have an awful lot in common, and so do their patterns of thinking.

    Here in the LXX of Isaiah 53:10-11 there are no direct or indirect objects for the infinitives, except Christ Himself, and that only once, as the Object of "PURIFY", though clever Greek word positioning (aka syntax) makes it clear that the WOUNDING is the direct cause, He Himself was pure already, so again the SUBSTUTIONARY nature of His Thinking Payment is stressed (notice it's His Soul's labor, not the body, so Thinking is what a soul 'labors' to do, duh). Moreover, in the Greek there are no prepositions, and no finite main verbs except "delights", so the infinitives really stick out, like penthouses atop skyscrapers of meaning, surveying all. Finally, all the prepositions are piled up in v.12's LXX, a rhetorical device to show the intended outcome (John does this also in 1Jn). My pastor always warned us to track the prepositions. Greek prepositions are sweeping, never just one layer of meaning, but always in some kind of hierarchy of meaning, so when they are omitted, you know that ALL prepositions that take the case of the noun used, are intended. Again, that's the structure of v.11 (which begins with the "PURIFY" clause, syntactically).

    Word order really matters in Isaiah, whether Hebrew or Greek. It's phenomenal, here. Keywords like "soul" are strategically placed in sentence middles, pointing thus backward and forward (object for previous clause, subject for the next clause). Blows you away.

    In short, this Isa53:11 is an epic-sweeping DESIGN-of-creation verse. Very dramatic way of saying He's the Pattern for all action, the Source and the Destination: it's a Hebraism that all is for Him and through Him and to Him and apart from Him was not anything made that was made. John uses that, and so does Paul (maybe other writers as well). Vine and Branches, in other words.

    So these five infinitives happen to us when we grow up spiritually in God's System. Moreover, these five infinitives depict Atonement, Propitiation, Reconciliation, Redemption and Result of Justification. Which is to say, God "delights" in these actions happening in us. Couldn't be more valuable, than to be learning and living on and trying to apply God's Thoughts, every second you breathe.

    So the NT is constantly referencing these verses and especially the five infinitives, in one way or another. Every time I open BibleWorks I find another incorporation-by-reference. For example, you know it's His Thinking Plunder which is to go to us, because in Isa53:12, "merizw" (to apportion booty) is used. Well, "metron" and "meros" come from "merizw", and almost every time you see a "measure" verse, it's talking about His Thinking (very often, the "measure" of His Thinking gifted to a pastor to teach a congregation). Check out "measure" verses in the NT. The term "measure" is pretty much always used for thinking, anyway (viz., in Matt7:1-2). Awesome tie-in.

    To be honest, when I realized this missing Isaiah text was God's Statement of the DDNA effect of living in God's System, my whole life changed. Life now means absolutely nothing else BUT this. DDNA-deeper in Him, every time I use 1Jn1:9 as needed, and keep on firing whatever Bible I know at whatever is in the life. Doesn't matter anymore WHAT is in the life. It's all being re-engineered for DDNA, baby. That satisfies, hoo-boy! Matt4:4, always occurring! The Cross, always occurring! Yeah, and life got really difficult as soon as I understood this, too. Really hard to live like the world does, once you know this is the Unseen Truth you can prove every time you open your Bible.

Bible also calls this paying-for-sins-with-thinking, "sweet savor" (KJV's translation of Bible keyword). It's an aromatic metaphor, used to explain why the sacrifices depicted "propitiation", legal term for satisfaction of Justice. Idea is, if something is so good you want any bad going with it, that good must be very good. More than compensating. After all, most of us find that delicious cooked meat is more than worth the cost, time and trouble it took to get the meat, cook it, eat it. What would have been a rotten corpse (our sins) becomes instead, a delicious dinner. That's why the Levitical sacrifices were always punning meals, and why the sinner +priest always got some of the food. Passover. Eucharist. Dinner. Fellowship. Peace. "Keep on doing this In Remembrance Of Me." Luke 22:19 and 1Cor11:24-25, auld lang syne and future confidence; not pagan, cannibalistic mysticism. Thinking, not fancy surplices, jeweled goblets and emotionalism.

    Since God is Omniscient and Infinite, all thought is always live to Him, past present future is all one big NOW. So what Caesar thought the day he crossed the Rubicon, is still 'playing', to Omniscience, even though it's over 2000 years later. So what can possibly compensate GOD for never-ending thoughts which violate His Standards? Only sufficient-quality and quantity other thoughts which Way Satisfy His Standards. So, all our sins were 'passed over', as it were: saved up for the Cross. Then, imputed to Christ; then, Judged. All during that time, Christ Himself kept on thinking Perfect Divine Thoughts -- though via the Filling of the Spirit, not using His Own Deity nor Humanity's power. So, now Father sees, Christ's Thinking associated with each sin-thought (all sin is thinking; body mindlessly obeys). So, loves that smell.

If the sin didn't occur, then Christ's Thinking "eis" (with reference to) that sin would not occur. So Father gets to hear/smell more enjoyable Thinking, Because There Was A Christ On The Cross to Counter-Think. That's why the Payment and the Payor have to live forever. That's why we need to live forever. That's why we need to have this Thinking in us. For Free Forever God will never author anything less than Free Forever Life; no lesser-thans! He doesn't have to put up with anything, for He can at any 'logical' moment in time nullify everything ab initio, remember. So For Free Forever-Rejecting-God creation now in Hell and in the universe and later all in the Lake of Fire, must exist. Free Forever has no conditions, because God by nature is Unconditional. So Unconditional Freedom means Full-Spectrum Living at both 'ends': max-nasty, and max-Gorgeous. Hence the One Big Now Sees Always Sweet Savor and is Pleased, Delighted. Christ is the Present Value of all that Sweet Savor, and we are dividend income of Him. Parable of the Talents, Matt25:14-29, yet another "measure" passage (conceptually thesauretical), so talking about the Investment in His Thinking. Whoa.

    So whatever happens in your life is ORCHESTRATED. Idea is, to provide an opportunity for you to think something "eis" the item in question, so it can convert into DDNA. All bad, all delays, frustrations, whatever; all good, all sudden enjoyments or blessings, whatever. Association "eis" Bible-in-your-head, is the main reason you GET it. Because, you are a Royal Priest and your "Thinking Worship" is to God, as we saw in the corrected translation of Rom12:1 (big yellow-gold table in this webpage, search on that quote). It's really helpful to remember that it doesn't matter AT ALL what's the source of the bad or good stuff, because everything is in Him (remember Our Diplomatic Brief). So your flaws and failures are opportunities for DDNA conversion, just as much as anyone else's. So your successes and good stuff are opportunities for DDNA conversion, just as much as anyone else's. So you fire Bible at it. Just like anyone else in God's System, can do.

    So just as when a child wrecks property but a parent pays for the damage; just as, in an automobile accident the innocent party drops the charges because something else compensates for the loss; just as, if you found a million dollars in your couch you wouldn't mind ripping it to get that money; so also, the God of Thought is compensated BY thought FOR thought which violates His Standard. Because, Doctrine we are learning and living on (Matt4:4) is being produced at the same time that the against-His-Standards thinking is being produced. That is the heart of what being a "priest", means. [Cf. Ps51:15, 63:3,5; all of Ps119, but esp. v.171; Heb13:5. Note in each case, Thinking is behind the praise, not just mouthing. Moses warned about mouthing in Deut30; parallel passage is the much-misused Rom10:9-10. Believe, don't just mouth, is a main theme of James 1-2, which shows up strongly in Jas3&4. Ironic, that James would be the one to write that, given his behavior in Acts 21. See? We speak springs of Doctrine and brackish human viewpoint, but the Sweet Savor triumphs if we 'pass over', forget what's behind, and instead keep pressing on (military word, in Greek) to the upward calling of God: Phili3:10-14.]

    The most-attacked idea ever, is this fact about God being compensated BY thought FOR thought being the heart of your Royal Priesthood; for that's exactly how Isa53:10-12 says the Cross worked. So when you feel the attack (and you often will), know that attack testifies to you that a HUGE "sweet savor" is right then! being produced; that DDNA production ADDED to you right then! is a bizillion times higher than normal. For it gets real hard to keep believing this truth when you are under attack. Ours is a thinking war, 2Cor10:3-5, Eph6:12-18. So when it's really HARD to do, that's when you know how true it really is: "then they will know that I am the Lord", principle of Deut8:3. The enemy attacks what's RIGHT, never what's wrong, in order to fool you about what is right and wrong. Humans tend to think that if they have pleasant circumstances, that God favors them; but if bad circumstances, God is cursing them. So God talks in that language: but really, it's the cursing when you are in God's System, which telecasts LOUDLY that you are Matt4:4'ing it, baby. And you're no baby.. right then!

To the extent we think like Christ, Father can enjoy even more a whole bunch of other thinking He must hear. This, because our own thoughts are occasioned by the other ones; by things in our lives; by everything around us. Because we are associated with stuff, we will have thoughts about it. So, again, the Doctrinal thoughts occasioned.. are "sweet savor". Completely changing what would otherwise be doo-doo.. into delicious dinner.

    Look: have you ever been insulted or offended? Of course. Probably something even on this webpage would be cause for offense. So, if NEXT you hear soothing words, an apology, or something else which intercedes, you calm down. Or, if you get paid for the offense, you calm down (ok, bank error in your favor, collect $200 Monopoly money). So, how do you pay, God? See the self-righteous believer who preens over how many works he does. Aaarrrrggghhh. But see, in the periphery of that self-righteous Pharisee, the 'publican' student of the Word who happens to be thinking about the Hypostatic Union while brushing his teeth. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Even among us humans, it's the THOUGHT that counts. If someone buys you a car, but you know it was a bribe, how happy will you be about the car? If someone buys you a cup of coffee, anxious to hear how you are, glad to see and know you, how happy will you be about the coffee? And if you had absolute power to bestow gifts yourself, Which Person would get them? What if the 'publican' needed the 'Pharisee' to be blessed, for some reason? But also, what if the 'Pharisee' needed the 'publican', to be blessed? "For He cannot Deny Himself" (2Tim2:13). Blessing by Association with the "sweet savor", "Ahhhhhhhhhh" people.

    The biggest doo-doo of all, is people replacing God with themselves. All over the place in translated Bibles, God's head is cut off from the original-language verbs, nouns, even prepositions -- and either the translated text is left headless, or man's head is put atop. Yeah, and we don't ask God, either. That's why we have nothing, know nothing, see nothing. Look at these verses: Deut 4:29, 1Chron28:9d, 2Chron15:2-4, Prov8:17, 14:6, Isa55:6, Jer29:12-13, Matt7:7, Luke 11:9, John 15:7, Acts 17:27, Jas1:5, Heb11:6. Then there are verses like Mal3:10, and 2Chron7:14. That's a long list of what we are NOT doing. Us, the so-called 'Christians'. Are we ASKING God to understand Bible better? Are we ASKING God questions? Are we ASKING God what to do? NO. We ASSume things. So we parade like donkeys, and it shows. When you cut God's Head off, you become the Ichabod Crane.

    Whatever your political 'stripe' on a given topic, how upset are you when you find someone else spouting the opposite view, especially if that person didn't even bother to do his/her homework? My hot button lately has been all the pontificating against Iraq, always by people who wouldn't know Arab culture or geopolitics or history or anything statesman-related, if it bit them. I have to use 1Jn1:9 every second just to withstand listening to such unhomeworked people.. who of course think they are so wise! But on that rare occasion when I can hear a Wolfwitz or a Rumsfeld or a Rice or a Bush or a Gigot say something intelligent about the policy on Iraq, it's a real pleasure. Makes up for all that insanity which plagues my ears among people I know (so I don't talk to them about it anymore). So: multiply that or your favorite "pet peeve" by a bizillion times: that's the AHHHHHH God gets from hearing you or I think like His Son. And it really IS like His Son, since the Holy Spirit is wholly producing it! No lesser-thans, ever! [Nerd Note: I'm not slavering in favor of the policy on Iraq. There is always something wrong with anything, in life. Criticism is good. But unhomeworked criticism is heinous. We just saw in the last section how Christians don't do their homework in Bible, and few criticising the policy on Iraq do their homework. It was just like this during Vietnam, and a whole lot of my generation died over there due to lack of homework; you can't wage a war and save lives if the populace at home is churlishly divided. Same problem occurred, in WWII and WWI.]

The "sweet savor" is all-encompassing. So, if you Associate With Doctrine everything you see, touch, taste, hear, smell -- which means, you have to know a lot of Scripture to get to the point where you see its paradigms in everything -- if you associate everything with doctrine, then Christ's Thinking is cycling within you at all times, in all circumstances. So when you watch TV, you use "doctrinal orientation" (my pastor's term) to classify, diagnose, "read the signs of the times" (not the goofy prophecy thing, but analysing the current historical setting); to see if self needs adjusting in some way; to compare how stories in the Bible are being depicted live (and they always are); to better learn how to not like temptations. The list goes on and on, even with respect to watching TV.

    When you do any task, you are doing it unto the Lord, but more importantly, the Spirit is doing something to you. The Lord is, also. So is Father. Each moment is a type of Bible class. Father's role is to provide your "portfolio of assets", as my pastor likes to call it. So, then: what's in your personal portfolio? Well, if you know doctrine, you know the answer. So, you are constantly accessing that data and using it, in anything you do, so as to please FATHER. For, an unused portfolio is like thumbing your nose at His Provision. Son's role is to orchestrate your physical circumstances, and to provide encouragement. So, everything in your life is some kind of statement from Him. Do you know what it is? You are supposed to know. You can't use what you have (kratei ho echeis, MASTER what you have, Rev2 or 3) if you can't interpret what you have. So, if you know, then you are aware of not only your portfolio, and are focusing on how to best use it, but you also are AWARE of what Christ has given to you in your material life. All this, paradigmal of Scripture. So, everything you have, has a particular 'right' use.

    Spirit's role is to educate you and remind you (see John14 and like passages), coach you in the recognition, use, awareness, etc. So doctrinal principles, verse snippets, extrapolations of verses, should be constantly cycling in your head; and you are alert to sin, so you habitually and instinctively use 1Jn1:9. Whether you are going to the bathroom or the boardroom. Whether you are playing with your kids in the sandbox, or sitting at a box in the opera. For, your spiritual life is light-years HIGHER than the OT where they only had a teeny add-on-to-human-power type of spiritual power from the Spirit (transmitted via the rituals, and by cycling what doctrine they knew -- see Deuteronomy and Ps40, 119). They could only follow the fixed, limited (and slow) rituals to get the learning.

    You, by contrast, have exactly the same spiritual life as Christ, the purpose of which is to Build Christ's Thinking in you. [All "Christ in.." verses, plus similar verses where He is designated by some other moniker, like "Word" or "Truth". Romans 6&8, Col1:25-27, Eph4:16, Eph3:19-21, Phili (whole book) 1Cor2, 2Cor5, are but a few more-visible passages on these facts.] You have the Spirit's Power without limit (Jn3:34), and none of your human power is 'spiritual'. So you can make your own movements, make your day's stuff demonstrate doctrine, 24/7. Because, you get principles first. Then, make applications (i.e., decisions with respect to everyday things) out of the principles. Their spiritual life was the reverse of yours in every way, because Christ hadn't come and finished, yet. ["Third Reason for Invisibility in LordvSatan3.htm and all of LordvSatan2.htm have more details on this topic. A concise summary of the OT vs. NT is in the "Bridal contract" table link of LvS4aContinued.htm.) Theirs was a priesthood to Christ's Deity, but He became a High Priest kata Melchizedek TO FATHER, so now you are of HIS Priesthood. (Main theme of Hebrews.)

    Different priesthood, and higher. Think: As God, this is what He Wanted to be, as Human. That 'shackles' His Godness to Humanity. It's His Absolute Vote to Throw Self Down for Father. Now, that has to be the most Gorgeous Way to Live, else: a) Father wouldn't have agreed to it, b) Spirit wouldn't have empowered His Humanity, and c) Christ wouldn't have picked it as God (1Tim2:5 is His choosing it as God). And this is the life we inherit? Puny us?

    So every moment you think, you think toward FATHER. He hears you each second. What is He hearing you think? What is He hearing you learn? What uses-of-doctrine is He (Spirit) teaching you to make out of Kleenex, cancer, sudden disaster, sudden wealth, you-name-it. Will it please Him (Father)? Even putting your keys into your car's ignition depicts the Hypostatic Union, for crying out loud. See, even the inanimate gets to have a glorious role. Even urine has a place in God's Kingdom: phallus circumcision, as seal of God's Covenant to AbrAHam (Abraam, lit spelling)! Remembered, undoubtedly, every time he peed! No wonder it's an aaahhhh, to pee! The Alpha put an extra "A" in Abram's name to seal the covenant! Because, from the 'middle' of Abram, father of high places, would come the Son, so now AbrAAM, father of many nations! What once was a high pagan 'father', becomes the 'father' of the healing of the nations (Isa53:5), the Savior! Ahhhh, the unending Wit of God!

    So whatever you have, whatever you do, whatever you think is an occasion for learning, using what you learned, and making! Creating! Baptising! Hupostatizing! something. Outside the thing itself: Hebrew mi beten, Birthing from Doctrine Alone, the Thinking of Your Creator! in you (Col1:25-27). So technically speaking, you don't need rituals, taboos, special days, etc. However, if some particular ritual helps you think better (i.e., aids concentration), then it's up to you to decide if FATHER would want that: if "yes", then you do it. You are creating Rules since you are in Training to Rule. [Note that sentence said "don't need", not "can't have". Paul never said you were forced to give up anything, in Corinthians and Romans, but rather it's an Ambassadorial question and a personal-motive question. Lawyers, sheesh.]

    You are your own priest. It's your Thinking which is the "sweet savor", and however in good conscience before the Lord you decide you should live before Him, that's the real goal. It's about Togetherness, flat -- but you first reconcile the Rulership to reconcile the Love, and you do that by EXPRESSING through your Office, toward Him. That's the awesome change in our spiritual life Christ wrought. That's why Bible calls us "living sacrifices", instead of the dead ones of the OT. (Romans 6 is real important, here, as well as Peter.) Christ is Alive, and every second He Himself is the sacrifice. So, what kind of sacrifice is always "on", but Thinking?

    Non-priests have their own lives. Priests live solely to serve God: they are Living Qorban (=wholly-turned-over-to-God). Whatever your occupation and activity, you are always a Royal Priest to Father, and there is a Divinely-Designed Usage for each moment in your life. The OT people and the people post-Rapture will never get this privilege, but are forced to go THROUGH others to get closer to God. They are stuck with a 'besideness' fellowship. We are Intimate, Bridal. Between spouses, thinking is all-important. If they don't share thinking together, they are miserably paired. Doesn't matter what they do. Does matter how they Think. Because, they are intimate. Were they merely friends, the 'besideness' means DISTANCE. So everyone but Church will be more distant. Forever. So our Thinking matters altogether.

    The best news is this: Infinity is Punctiliar, just like Scripture is written (what an awesome thing to see, in the inspired texts). That means you needn't angst over your daily failures. Failure and Success run side-by-side forever (hell and heaven), which after all is Infinity, too. But Each Moment you use 1Jn1:9 as needed and then do a Matt4:4 'firing' or analysis.. it lasts forever! Each One. For The One. The One, Father. The One, Son. The One, Spirit. Go through the Office, the Training! Fail, get up, Keep On Keeping On (aka "koko" in American slang): Phili3:14! It's a plodding which becomes eventually a Hamburger Hill, this spiritual life. So the soldiers at home are.. us. Or, out in the field. Or, sitting on a toilet. Small is Big, in God, since Infinity is punctiliar (dimensionless, and therefore omnidimensional, no limitation).

For whatever pleases Father, pleases Son, Who is forever Your Lord. And whatever pleases Father, blesses the world a bizillion times MORE than all the humanitarian works of this world, put together. Because the Recipient of that "sweet savor" is Bigger than all the works put together, and His Smallest 'response' to His Pleasure in you is more beneficial to the world than all the works put together. [Main theme of "Thinking" series is to compare the "blessing-by-association" (my pastor's term) effect of Doctrinal Thinking to all other "good" in life; how it does a Vastly Superior Job of blessing the world than all the works in HISTORY, combined. For, that's what Scripture says, in Ephesians, Hebrews, most of Corinthians, good bit of Colossians and Galatians 3-5. When I started writing the series back in 2000, I was clueless. What a phenomenal answer God provides!]

    Principle: God connects everything by association. Like, the Cross. Like, your life in ALL respects, to everyone else's. And everyone else's, to yours. So you don't need to hustle: God (Son, actually) does the hustling. You just need to do your Crown-Princely task: Learn Your Sovereign.

    PRINCIPLE: look for the blessing by association you are getting, for you are getting it, and it's gigantic. Then, from there, conclude what blessing by association GOD makes from every thought toward Him you think. After all, our sins were thus paid, by Christ.

    And here's our old friend again, to show how this Circle of Love Being Deposited in You, makes you a King-Priest of Sweet Savor. Because, all this process of Thinking toward Father, builds those DDNA dendrites, and in terms of this webpage is a continual Hupostasis Principle fulfillment:

    Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy, if and only if subordination is Otherwise Justifiable;
    if you love intimately but are a Ruler, you must Juridically Reconcile the Rulership,
    before you can Justifiably Reconcile the Love.

    That's what you're doing, in God's System. Your previous 'soul DNA', your worldly thinking, which naturally cuts God's head off everything, is being converted to DDNA, His Thinking; so the brains you lost at salvation, are being replaced with His Brains. So the Rulership is being reconciled, since your thinking is being progressively reconciled to His. [Search once on "dendrites" in DDNA.htm if you don't understand the analogy. I explain it there.]

My pastor calls this whole doctrine of thinking toward Father by a functional name: "Reciprocal Love". This reciprocation is of God's Own Love, Greek word "agape". (God's head is always but always chopped out in Bible (mis!)translation, so when you see "Love" put "God's" or "Divine" in front.) Here we come full circle in the webpage, for it started with God's Own Attribute of Love for the Truth. The Cycling of His Own Attribute in us, 1Jn4:19, Rom5:5, 2Cor5:14, Eph3:19. [Love of God and Love of Christ and Love for God and Love for Christ -- English Bibles use all these variations. Often, as in 1Jn4:19, you see the circle and cycle depicted as the point of the verse, rather than in a genitive phrase. Subjective and objective genitive depicts a causal circle; multiple-entendre Bible, as usual.]

    I can't find a single thing on the internet which is like what my pastor taught about the nature of this Circle of Love, though it's so patent in Bible, I wonder that it wasn't discovered years ago. So the DDNA webseries is wholly on this topic, especially given the Circle of the five Isa53:11 LXX infinitives as you just saw, above. God's Love is His Integrity, and only if poured into us will we be "one" in Him, functionally. That makes immediate sense; you can see why nothing else will work. So of course you can see nothing on the internet, about this, the most obvious and Uppermost Truth, illuminating one's understanding of the whole Bible.. completely. Yeah, the most-attacked idea, ever. Now you can see why: lol, Isa53:11 is cut out of the Hebrew text, a big gap in the Isaiah scroll, with only the word "Light" to show you 'something else' used to be there!

    We know from 1Jn, etc. we can never do this Agape, This God's Love, of ourselves. But the Spirit is given without limit (John 3:34, again). So now Love can be grown without Limit. His Thinking, to be completed in writing: 1Cor13's theme, as illustrated by the Greek, witty, Head-displaying words like huperbale and "Way" in 1Cor12:31; meros, in 1Cor12 and last anephoric half of 1Cor13; outhen and ouden in 1Cor13:1-3 tie to the Vine passage in Gospel. Christ all over the place, to Head (heh) the Body -- surpassing all, you bet! Body without Head is like Branches without Vine; now (pre-Canon) we see in part, but the Head will be Completed (vv9ff) for us to see fully. For, He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life! So, Truth Begets Love. His Thinking, His Love, Toward Father. Ahhhh. Circumcised hearts, then! Fulfilling Jer31:31-34 just as Heb8:8-10:17 explains! [This paragraph typed 1/14/04, due to hearing L1665, 92SD.]

    Not one Christian in a million recognizes that this is the spiritual life: habitually thinking (hupolimpano hupogrammos) to COPY Christ. Toward Father! God couldn't make it more obvious, than the Gospels and Paul's epistles, that Thinking toward God, not people! is what "Fellowship" means. The First Commandment has no room for people, and "people" are not in that verse. All the commandments after the first have something to do with people: Note the order. Stuff about people is an "unto the Lord" standard, which means as a result, never alongside, of what you think toward Him. Because, if you love Someone, you are thinking of that Person often. "Where your heart is, there your treasure shall be also".

    So if you're thinking about earthly things and people, but not God, then you are not loving God. And you can't begin to think about God until you better know His Nature. And you can't better know His Nature unless you study about HIM in Scripture. [Central theme of 1Jn, esp. Chap4. Greek should be read, or at least use an interlinear and note what Greek words are repeated and how. John's writing and pegging-of-keyword usage is far more sophisticated than the translation makes him appear. He also likes Attic Greek, like Luke does and Paul does.]

      The verb overwhelmingly translated "obey" in English Bibles is in Greek, "hupakouo" and in Hebrew, the famous "shema" (i.e., translated from these words 66 times in NASB). Both words mean HEAR. Hear and believe. And because you believe, you have understanding so you stand under it and live on it, which thus is a kind of obedience. But notice how it's obedience you BELIEVE in. Not works. Not roteness. Not eyewash. Real, true, belief which you want to act on. So you can't obey what you don't believe in, and you can't believe in what you've not HEARD. So if you aren't learning Him you're not even able to obey Him, Romans 8:7, 10.

    Christians are pretty clear that proper behavior toward people is a standard. But they NEVER know Scripture well enough to even execute that (for example, most works done by Christians, and all activism, are satanic, pushy). Worse, they treat their faith as some kind of membership club, a way to judge those who are not "us", and to praise those who are "us". God is obviously not in their thinking, but instead His Name is being used vainly, for pride. Far worse, than swearing.

    For the better part of three years, I habitually visited Christian chat channels. Every time I asked some question or made some statement about God's Attributes all I got was confusion, blank stares, in reply; Not one person could even define Righteousness properly (they limit the definition to human-concepts-of-morality, which is way lower); much less Love (which they associate with emotion) or Eternal Life (quality isn't understood). No one, but no one understood the Hypostatic Union (but could spout theological definitions, some of them good ones); no one could describe the nature of Infinity. And of course, No one but no one knew how how how Christ paid for sins on the Cross.

    So "God" is just a collection of da-da see-Spot-run words, none of them comprehended. So, of course, they never recognize that Father HEARS 24/7, and that it's the thought which counts. So they don't monitor their thinking, and of course lack the doctrine they need to fashion their thinking in a pleasing manner. Heck, most Christians don't even use 1Jn1:9. If they did, Christian chat channels and TV stations wouldn't be displaying such nonsense, 24/7. No Christian needs to settle for spiritual retardation. God is not inscrutable. If you analyze these two paragraphs as describing you, don't worry. Holy Spirit fixes us all. I started out as a goofball, obviously. So, anyone can learn. So start Now.

    You are supposed to know God's Will for your life. It takes time to know, but you are supposed to get to the place where you DO know. Only learning Bible Doctrine under your right pastor in God's System, breathing 1Jn1:9 whenever you need it, will get you to that 'place'. Obviously, learning Bible Doctrine takes time. Through the learning, you learn to see the doctrinal patterns. For, the patterns in the Bible are the patterns which apply to every life. Yours, included. You don't need to close your eyes, and point on some Bible page, to know your life: Rom12:2-3, Eph4:23, and a whole slew of passages tell you otherwise.

    So, just keep learning. The answers will gradually fall into place. God Loves Building You. Intimately. Directly. It's not the result, but the PROCESS. Unendingly. For God loves Subordinating Himself, Love loving Truth, Ps138:2. So it's not a 'chore' for Him, but a Labor of Love. "I found you weltering in your blood" (Eze16:4-6ff, NIV), but idou, Look! Now you've been made Beautiful for My Son."

So, be that better-than-one-in-a-million Christian. Think Toward Father All The Time. It takes time to get into the habits mentioned above. I found it helpful to keep a sort of running dialogue, mentally, always talking with Father in some way. So, however you do it, start first by consciously making yourself get into the HABIT being ever-more-often aware of Him, and being aware of any reactions you have; get in the Instinctive Habit of using 1Jn1:9. That will help foster most rapid awareness, growth and Thinking Toward Father. "Third Reason for Royalty" in LordvSatan3b.htm has a "Multisphere..Thinking" table with useful pointers on what thinking habits to develop. Also the 10 thinking patterns (ways to use what Bible you know) in TULpV.htm's #4 summarize how my pastor classifies what he calls "Problem Solving Devices", and are real life-savers, in practice. Took him about 10 years to explain them, too (his 1992 Spiritual Dynamics live classes).

The above stuff sounds like 'work' right now; and indeed, you will find it exhausting as you establish the habit. You'll basically go from failure to fulfillment over a period of years, akin to human maturation. But remember the Punctiliar: each MOMENT you fire á la Matt4:4, analyze, relax, etc. learning and living on Bible in His System.. it's forever propitiating. Because, you live forever before Forever God. The no's never preclude the yesses, because all the promises find their Yes in Him, 2Cor1:20 -- notice how we are caused to glorify Him in Him, in that verse. In the Greek, Paul chains a bunch of dia's together, stressing how we are caused to BRING glory to God; parallel verses are Eph1:15-23, 3:20-21, 4:23, 5:26-27; Col1:25-27 and 2Pet3:18, end Romans 8; oh, and Peter's use of doxzaxzw in 1Pet1:8 (my pastor stressed that one, spending nearly a whole class on the verb's meaning).

Glory is a real thing, not some lame praise-the-lord chanting. His Word in you is real glory, since It's His Attribute.. get it?

So as your knows increase, those old no's CONVERTED to BIGGER DDNA yesses, and you'll nose the savor.. forever. [2Cor1:20 has a lot of idiom in it; Paul gets excited again, dropping his verbs. The 1986 La Biblia de Las Americas in BibleWorks seems to have captured that idiom the best, but maybe it's not the only one. I didn't find a single English translation which picked up on the causal-conduit nature of the "dia" chaining; so the English verses kinda lamely read like a sing-along at church, whoopee. But you can tell the translators were puzzled by the verse; yeah, that often happens where the verse is witty, as here. The Douhay-Rheims translation cuts God's head off completely; but the Vulgate did it, first. But Paul's setting up a Dramatic Equating, here: that "kai" should be translated either ascensively or emphatically ("even" or "in fact"). But I'm not sure how to best translate the last clause, either. I know what he's saying, but don't know how to word the verse in English. Rats. Gotta dig through my pastor's exegesis. Rev3:14 plays on 2Cor1:20, so that helps with interp'ing.]

As a Crown Prince-Priest in Training, You are in functional Hypostasis IN God,
though TO the world.

The Second 'side' of your Priest-Kingly Training is toward man; yet another hupostasis is within this 'side'. Its 'left side' is down here: Training in representation by being around other drooling humans. Its 'right side' is post-death. [Rev4:1's Rapture or prior death 'door' locks again; you never go back to your old body, Heb9:27-28.] You will forever represent Him to your fellow saved brothers, but in a perfect NEW body and with exponentially-derivative Divine ability: this ability is solely fashioned by what you learned down here by agency of the SPIRIT. See 1Cor3. So the toward-man portion down here is an apprenticeship (Paul calls it a pregnancy, Rom8:11-end chapter); so if you VEST in the learning, you'll get the full-fledged rule forever and ever over a region, a planet, a galaxy.. depends on how many in history believed in Christ, and how many are assigned to your (sub)Kingdom. Bible keyphrase for this VESTING is "inherit the Kingdom". It is not the same as being saved. Track its usage in Scripture, preferably thesauretically, and preferably with access to the original-language keywords. (In tracking "inherit the Kingdom", be aware that the English isn't consistently translated, but the original language keywords ARE consistent.)

    Our idea of "perfection" is that nothing goes wrong, everything is nice, feels good, looks good, and is competent. That's obviously not God's Idea of Perfection, for Omnipotent God can but think! that result.. and it would forever obtain. No, God says it's not perfect if it's not free; and being free, that means all manner of bad must occur. And keep occurring. Rather, it's only perfect if all the free bad which can occur, is PAID FOR with the result that far better goods obtain than if the bad never happened. For only then is the "filling all in all" requirement of Eph1, fulfilled. For Infinity is ALL, not just what's nice. God doesn't sin Himself, but that doesn't mean He would eradicate sin. For if you have to eradicate freedom in order to eradicate sin, then a bigger sin got committed. Satan and most of Christendom have always been about eradicating freedom in order to eradicate sin, thinking that the more 'holy' state.

    So notice historically how much tyranny has resulted, and sin just got far worse; societies which practiced this eradication idea have been the worst in history, right up there with the Third Reich in evil. The Essenes. The Pharisees. Early Christianity (Roman church, 90+AD). Constantine and his children's reigns. The Dark Ages. The many Crusades. But also in more modern times, the same evil idea based on what seems a 'good' idea, spawns tyranny. Calvin's Geneva. The Puritans in Salem. Communism and Nazism are atheistic ideologies based on morality, not on immorality. And look how bad they are. And on and on and on: the US with its Christian Right, which is neither Christian nor right per the Bible on ANY count, is tyrannizing the US as I type here in 2006. See, we don't know God at all.

    For it's not Justice if you merely execute the criminal. The life taken and the criminal executed are two lives gone. We can only administer capital punishment where it is due, and that's to honor the victim and to prevent future such crimes by the guilty party. But it doesn't bring back the life of either one, nor does it really redress the sin and cost to society. It's the most we can do, but God can do more than we can. God had Christ go to the Cross so that a Real Judicial Solution could occur without compromising Freedom. Hence forever there will be two societies, essentially: heaven and hell (as it were). Sweet savor in Heaven will more than compensate for the sour savor which will ever come from hell. So the sour, is used to fuel the sweet, even down here. Son's Soul Size was made bigger by all those DDNA deposits by the Holy Spirit, such that every sin thought was literally spiritually-reengineered with God's Apodoses applied to them as they lacerated His Soul. Sin came into Him as a temptation, He replied with DDNA-thinking (Bible in His Head, as it then existed), so Father forever hears the Beauty of His Replies to all that incoming sin: and, to the Judgement on those sins Father also imputed to His Uniquely-Born Son. That's the reason we become the Righteousness of God IN Him, 2Cor5:21. That's how valuable His Thinking, is.

    Absent thorough understanding of Isaiah 53:10-11's five LXX infinitives, the entire mechanic of what I'm calling DDNA (to metaphorically depict those infinitives in modern parlance) -- the entire mechanic of our salvation, doesn't make sense. That verse pair is missing from the Hebrew text, and thus from Bible Translations. Once you understand those two verses and see all the Scripture pointing to them (so we know the verses are valid Scripture), you can see how God's Solution, really works. Suddenly all the Bible makes much more sense, as you can see the verses tying back and forth to each other based on this DDNA idea. Not one verse is left out. And all that, because we've not recognized the ONE thing everyone talks about: the Role of God's Love. That subjective and objective genitive in "Love of God", the key to understanding everything about God and Bible. Which circle, is what those five infinitives, display.

    Thus the no's, the many no's to God, never preclude the yesses, but are made into a fueling circle to make the yesses more valuable than had there BEEN no no's. In Him, this Circle occurred, the Hebrew "me amal" (and LXX equivalent) of Isaiah 53:11, the 'pregnancy' of our dead sins, being made alive in Him, Isa54:1! Paul has no end of fun with that birthing circle -- heh, the only virgin apostle -- in all his letters. Filling all in all is a marital euphemism, k?

    So too, in the eternal state. So vesting in the Learning is vesting in a Kingdom, since what it takes to grow up to the Fullness of Christ Himself (Eph4:13, Eph3:19) will be more than compensating for all the LACK of such sweet savor in those saved who refused the Training. This isn't payment for sin, but synergizing of His Thinking such that in aggregate, the aggregate sweet savor Thinking is so glorious, even hell can exist. The Lord actually paid for the whole thing, and we get shares of it in Him, like a distribution system (the way Isa53:12 puts it and the NT writers reference and play on "measure" concepts in that Isa verse). It's thus a question of who gets what in this distribution of His Beautimous Thinking, which is provided for everyone -- but since people won't equally take God up on His Offer, then they won't equally share in the eternal state. But as a whole, everyone will luxuriate in that Thinking. It will be wonderful.

    Thus True Perfection obtains, for all that goes wrong down here is used to make the believer in God's System, bigger in his soul. So also, the believer who refuses God's System, because that person will also suffer bad. Both types of believers will be happiest about the suffering they had down here, wishing it could be more. Like the apostles did, they will conclude that their suffering was a type of "fellowship" (see Phili 3:10), and will only wish it had been more; realizing, of course, that they couldn't get more unless they'd agreed to it; so we all will realize that we've been graced out, and that the suffering was the greatest blessing of all. For then, we too will see Justice and Perfection in the same way as God sees ALL, now.

Of course, there must be a juridical basis to justify this temporal and eternal hypostatic structure: GOD IS. FATHER. SON took on Humanity to BLESS Father by being King-Priest kata Melchizedek (theme of Heb5-10), and SPIRIT empowered Him. Therefore, also us, born of the John 17 prayer and Father's Eph1 eternity PAST purpose: Church is to be His "Body" to administer the saved Creation He created as Son FOR Father, and Redeemed as Christ, for all mankind. So that is our precedence, the Trinity Corporation. Their 'Articles of Incorporation', succinctly and deftly summarized in the Greek of 2Cor13:14, resulted in the universe; which resulted in angels and mankind; which resulted in Israel; which resulted in Christ; which resulted in Church; which results in wrapping up history; which results in the Tribulation, 2nd Advent, Millenium, and finally, the Eternal State.

Ergo: just as has always been the precedence, so it remains here. We now come full circle back to The Hupostasis Principle. For, we are to THINK LIKE RULERS. Personal interest must always go THROUGH THE OFFICE, for the sake of JUSTICE. Repeating:

Subordination to authority Justifies Intimacy, if and only if subordination is Otherwise Justifiable;
if you love intimately but are a Ruler, you must Juridically Reconcile the Rulership,
before you can Justifiably Reconcile the Love.

Book of Hebrews makes this running point about how only Death, reconciles. Can't have a covenant without blood; can't have a testament without a death; can't have a new priesthood without a new covenant, so the old one has to die. Paul had made that same point many times, whether in his explaining how this body and this life must die (old man, seed dies to bring about spiritual seed), how this worldly thinking must die to make way for the new Thinking of Christ. You believe in Christ the first time because you 'die' to the world's idea that faith in Christ is somehow stupid; you keep on in God's System because you 'die' to the idea that works, emotionalism, ritual and tabooism, do anything for God. Lots of deaths. Like Paul wrote somewhere, "I die every day." Lots of defeats and deaths precede the final one, when the believer's soul exits the body and is thereafter forever happy with God. So reconciliation, is DEATH. Death of the old enmity. And that's how it feels, too: like a death. Every day.

As we now know from the earlier "diplomatic brief", this central rule of Association, works both ways. Those who don't WANT to subordinate, get no or less 'favorable contact' from God. That is why Hell exists; why there will be a Lake of Fire (horrible and separate universe, really), forever. Those in it did not want ANY contact, refused the Gospel all lifelong, preferring what THEY do to what Christ did (it's NOT about sin, see John 16:9). So, too, a good 99% of believers didn't want to learn Him, and opted instead for the childish religious games history so sordidly reveals. So they didn't subordinate either, except to believe in Christ. Or, perhaps more, but.. they DIDN'T COMPLETE THE TRAINING. So they DIDN'T SUBORDINATE; so they WON'T GET INTIMACY. Well, not as much as those who DID complete the Royal Training. And the difference is VAST. From just above absolute zero ("absolute zero", being SAVED), to who knows how high, since "the Spirit is given without measure" (John 3:34, 7:39). Caveat Emptor: beware what you 'buy' as the Christian life! [That's another "measure" verse pair which ties again back to merizw in Isa53:12, so you know the booty is Christ's Thinking in us!]

So while down here, we still have opportunity to complete the Royal Training. To keep on training requires Subordination. Which has to be Justified, and is, because it's TO FATHER. This HIGHER INTIMACY is created via the Holy Spirit, Who creates and accumulates those Truth Deposits in your Spirit-filled soul, as you study under your right pastor in God's System; thus you learn and live on this Gorgeous Truth; thus your soul transforms per Rom12:1-3's Greek, to become more like Christ's. So, more DDNA accrues in you, spiritual dendrites hooking up and running ever more densely; thus you become more Intimate with the Truth; thus more subordinating to it; hence more intimate with God; ergo, more subordinating to Him. Max subordination, of course, is the Cross; so, you will eventually get your own 'cross'.

The greater the subordination, the greater the growth, the greater the intimacy with Truth, with GOD. The converse is also true. The lower the subordination, the less intimacy with Truth, with God. Forever. We determine our own destinies by how positive we are to God. Period. He does all the work, we make the choices. Let us beware what choices we make!

Now let's look at WHY this future judicial/political structure is not only fair, but a blessing to all mankind. First, your growth down here causes those around you to be blessed, as we saw earlier. So you are functioning not only as a blessing to them even if you are bedridden; but also, as a repository for them to get more information about GOD, whenever their volitions want that information. You don't need to sell anything; you only need exist.

Second, it's now easy to see the toward-man portion down here is a Representative Post, an Ambassadorship, Elder Statesman role. Which Representative Role down here, also plays hypostatically: primarily as Substitutionary Sweet Savor Representation toward Father, since they are not learning; secondarily, as a walking library of Truth in case they get interested in learning Him.

    The latter requires strict self-control on your part, and doesn't play at all like Christendom thinks. You don't seek the encounters, you seek to HEAR the Holy Spirit tell you what to do, think, say at any given moment. It's very much like being a policemen, fireman or soldier: lots of waiting, and then suddenly-swift action! Read the Gospels, sometime: notice how the Lord WAITS. He's always pausing, thinking, waiting, making little forays, writing in the sand: because He's LISTENING. When He talks, it's very little; usually in a parable, if even that. Because this is TREASURE in the Head, so it doesn't get scattered about like chicken seed. People are liable if they reject the Truth; so you don't MAKE them become liable, by putting it out when it's not requested. Christendom doesn't get it that we are powerful rulers in a God-rejecting world, who only because the custody battle isn't officially over, must be invisible; so when we give the Gospel or other truth, the hearer who rejects it gets punished for his rejection, a temporal counterpart of John 3:36 (Col3:25, Gal6:7 for believers).

    You'll have more opportunities for disclosure/'witnessing' than you can even imagine, if you just wait for God to bring it to you, or you to it. The Lord didn't go seeking the crowds; they sought Him. Mark's Gospel is particularly strident on that point. Seriously. The Madison-Avenue method of pastoring, of witnessing, etc. is completely evil. You don't spread pearls before swine, not only because they will trample them, but because they will be HARMED for that rejection. No ruler in his right mind wants to harm anyone potentially or actually in his kingdom. The fasces are used with the utmost reluctance, and for the sake of the polity's common weal. So above all you don't CAUSE DAMAGE to the polity, by actions which impose the fasces unjustly. Greek word adikia means the abuse of justice by someone in judgeship authority: and that word is used of believers, in 1Jn1:9 (purified from it, thank you Father!) and Col3:25 (judgement against the believer for refusing to use 1Jn1:9). Awesome stuff. Scares me daily.

    When you read of the 70 disciples going out (and who reads Matt10 properly, to see the SELF-CONTROL RULES the Lord warned about); when you read of the QUIET evangelism and the wide PUBLIC response in Acts, think: nothing there is Madison-Avenue; the reactors are many, which is why it became public, but the apostles weren't banging the drum. But others did: in persecution, which spread the news all the more. Look: when the demons advertised the Lord (see Mark's Gospel) He told them to shut up, over and over again. Same happened to Paul (that demon-possessed girl who kept running out in front of him). Yeah, demons ADVERTISE, because they know that by advertising, they impose liability on the hearers. Did Christendom learn from the Gospel method of just quietly going privately to someone's house in a city (see Matt10)? Oh no. We trumpet like the demons do. No wonder the world is in such bad shape.

    Earlier we covered that in some detail, replete with all the slobberings Christianity is famous for seeking. So, it's logical to conclude that these droolers will largely become retards, not choosing to complete the Training. So it's logical to conclude that only a few will complete the training; which, since only GOD can do it, doesn't mean the completors should preen. It does mean that those few have a whole lot of 'brothers' to rule forever. For the secular always reflects the spiritual; and even though sin is eliminated post-death, variety is not. Rather, the variety will increase. And thus, the need for hierarchy. For in the Eternal State, the only inequality will be due to volition's choice about GOD, down here. [So far as I can tell, strictly speaking sin isn't eliminated, but rather is more like God's ability to sin which He never exercises: based on what He knows. So we will know sin so well, we will freely never want to do it again. And will have that same effortless Integrity God has, to never exercise the option. Thus, we remain truly free. I'm not sure if we will all know equally as much; I do know our relative abilities (or official occupations, maybe?) to process whatever knowledge we then have, vary by what dendrites got built down here, in God's System.]

So Christians don't realize how this life down here is but a teeny picture of the vastly bigger, more necessary Rulership situation in eternity, precisely because then we will all be in Resurrection Bodies. Kinda like the gal who fantasizes about a guy right up to the wedding, we Christians don't think about what happens after we are "Bride" (Rev19:7ff). Bad move.

Christ is Human as well as God, as (hopefully) all Christians know. But think: the human body, even Resurrection Body, however fast it moves, can only be in one place at a time. You saw how all the groupies congregated around Him everywhere He went in the Gospels (well, until His Political Incorrectness got Him arrested by the Pharisees). What the heck do you think it will be like in the Eternal State? You know how thrilled you are to meet a person in the President's Cabinet, because well, meeting the President yourself..that's too high. Bingo. Now you know what we do in the Eternal State. Those who are Pleroma (Eph3:19 and many other verses, do a search) will be closest to Him. So, since He can only be in one place at a time, the Pleroma will be reflecting HIM to the rest of the universe: who can't be so close, because they refused to grow up in the Spirit while down here. Two categories of these: the vast majority of believers in Church, and myriads of myriads of believers not Church. Obviously, those who grew up in their own covenants get a closeness (viz., the 144,000 in Revelation, who go wherever the Lamb goes, post-death); but they still aren't Royal Family. Non-Church high folks like Moses, David, etc. will be close, obviously: "Friend of God" (highest title for non-Church person) or "Jeshurun" (Hebrew title) class.. but even they aren't in the Royal Family class. So if we reject our higher position down here, how much farther away will we be forever? It's a much bigger sin to reject our Royal Position than they could sin. Hence the "adikia" clauses in Col3:25 and 1Jn1:9.

It's not about sin, but about getting the Training. Only the Training can solve the sin addiction. Everything else just strengthens the addiction by shifting it to human good. Now you know why all those self-help books and programs don't work. You can't revivify a corpse. You can only dress it up and play Frankenstein with it, like Satan keeps trying to do. But God RESURRECTS from the dead, pattern of Isa54:1, True Justice. Which is precisely what the Training does to your still-dead-to-God SOUL: replaces your 'soul DNA' with Divine DNA (His Thinking). Only the Word works, main theme in James, Ephesians, Hebrews. Saved souls are still trashed souls. So the entire brain is trashed, and needs to be completely rekitted out with His Thinking, Greek verb katartizw (to surgically mend/repair and then completely re-equip), used in Eph4:12 (as a verbal noun, Attic-dramatic) and elsewhere.

    Just as, the only "unforgivable sin" is to wholly reject the Gospel all your life (John 16:9 and 3:36); the believer counterpart is to reject what the Holy Spirit can do to GROW you, which requires 1Jn1:9. Filled Temple ("purify" is katharizw there, 1st of Isa53:10-11's LXX infinitives). It's the refusal to be Filled, not the sin itself: sin was paid for on the Cross, but your REFUSAL to use 1Jn1:9 itself is an issue just like the Gospel, since as a result of believing in Christ a birthing of More of His Thinking, occurs. 1Jn keeps on tracing that ongoing birthing, making parallels to the first one; unfortunately, English Bibles translate "born of God" as a single event, so you don't see what in English should be rendered in the progressive tense, the process of daily birthings of THOUGHT, sirings of TEACHING by the Spirit, which John really sketches. No wonder people misread his letter. The DDNA webseries focuses on what 1Jn says, but frankly if you just changed most of the tenses to the progressive tense in English, you'd see more directly what he means. Ideally, get that letter in the original language texts, exegeted verse by verse from your right pastor (whomever he may be). That letter incorporates ALL of the Bible deftly, but you can't see how John uses the keywords in translation.

    Notice the commonality: volition refusing the Gospel, volition refusing the post-salvation training, by refusing 1Jn1:9. Love never coerces. So volitional refusal is the issue, not failure, sin, human good or evil. There's only ONE bad thing we can do: refuse God. Everything else is fixed on the Cross, and that funding just sits there in escrow unused, if we are refusing. That's a far bigger sin than all sin combined. Worse than being a hitler.

    See, the size of the soul is fashioned down here based on how much Doctrine "enlarges" you (Bible term, usu. from Greek auxanw). Bible's covenants are progressive, through Church. After that, they revert to Mosaic Law (well, even the Law is upgraded, but not as high as Church, which gets the same spiritual life as Christ). So, then: like John says in John 7:39 and Hebrews painstakingly explains throughout, and Paul says in every epistle (esp. Book of Ephesians and 1Cor13), Christ invented a new, Royal Spiritual life. Which He had to do, in order to Successfully Complete the Cross. In John 17, He prayed for us to get this same "oneness" (sexual metaphor, English covers it up -- see also Eph5). Because, until there was a Human Soul with that much intimacy with FATHER, there couldn't even be a Priesthood to Father. So, people who are Church but refuse the Spirit's Filling Ministry will be distant, though forever Royal Priests. So, people are not Church will likewise be distant, because Rank Has Its Privileges. Again, the secular is the way it is, because it reflects the spiritual. Just like Rom1:20 (and many other verses) comprehensively says.

So, the essential 'societal' nature of mankind will be just as down here, only the scale is exponentially larger: everyone will have differing soul capacities owing to what Covenant he was under and how much he grew in it while here. Now you might better understand the Lord's parables about the dayworkers who got the same denarius though they worked an hour, versus those who started at dawn; the "last shall be first, and the first, last". So it is in the Eternal State. We even pay taxes, but will call taxes, glory (see Rev21:24). So, differing niches in the eternal society. Just as, down here, "civilization" really consists of a harmonious union of unalikenesses so that the resulting differentiation makes for a synergy, so also, eternally. Man grew past needing to all be alike in agriculture; some specialized as bakers, so men/women could specialize in something else; by specializing, more and better goods were produced. But also, greater interdependence was produced. So, a hupostasis: on the one hand, some people were good at rare skills so got paid more. On the other hand, since they specialized, they needed more to pay those of lesser skills, because after all there's still a lot of logistics a body needs. So, the high needs the low, and the low high: He cannot Deny Himself. (1Cor12, 2Tim2:13.)

    We think that if perfect and more powerful, as we will surely become (see 1Jn3), we will need nothing, and there will be nothing to do. Yeah, try telling that to a retired person. There's more to do, not less! So more differentiation will be needed, more interdependence, more more more more more. So more sweet savor will get produced for Father, too. Because we will all more need those higher in soul-thinking than we ourselves will be; and, they will more need us, since their higher thinking is a specialty which takes time. And, we get to hear them, and they us. Max synergy. What oikodomas, buildings-of-togetherness (Eph2, compared to Mark13). What an oikonomia, economy/polity (well, look up ALL the meanings of that word).

This future system is light-years bigger than the one we see. Nonetheless, it has the same essential structure, person-to-person: capacity differences. See, we all still have total free will in the Eternal State. Yet, none of us will ever sin. We won't want to sin. Just as, God does not. While I'm not yet sure how much KNOWLEDGE of God we each will have (1Jn3 seems to indicate total, but I'd have to re-research it and other passages), one thing we do know for sure: our internal abilities to PROCESS whatever we know will be fashioned due to decisions we ourselves made down here: because our own free wills so chose them. You are what you choose to be, and the real you is not defined by your outers (i.e., your job or societal status); but by your inners (how you VALUE a thing). So, the person who chose to only reach age 5 in the spiritual life, will maybe have a corresponding 'grasp' of knowledge, then. Or, that much ability to process it. Or, a 'job' which process it like that. Obviously, "age 5" is just a metaphor. The real scale is exponentially larger, so age 5 then might exceed the sum of all the greatest minds in history.. but will still be 'age 5' compared to other believers who advanced farther in the spiritual life down here.

    So, all will be perfect; maybe all will be equipped with the same 'library' of information about God (a key promise in Scripture since Moses) in their 'hearts' (believing 'lobe' of soul), but.. will process that information at differing 'age' levels, so the older will need the younger, and vice versa. Unequal. By Choice. Down Here. Nonetheless, the aggregate of all this thinking is synergistic. For, like everything else in God and in life, what's bad about a thing is always what's good about it, too. [What's 'bad' about being God is to have to live with all the knowing-pain of our sins, bad decisions, negativity, hell, etc. What's good about all that, is what "sweet savor" could be made from it. Hence, creation, because there would be a Cross.]

So note how ALL this (never-hypocritizing) hypostatizing is For Father. As in, God the Father. Trinity are Co-Equal, but do not choose to use Their Equality as a triumvirate; rather, Son and Spirit Prefer to Subordinate. Obviously, since Son takes on Humanity and Spirit empowers His Humanity the entire time (Phili2:5-10, John 1,14-17). For, Love thinks, "I want to create Gifts" for the love-object. Love is not syrupy, not chirpy, but Effective. Of course, if you don't know how to think like Christ, you can't do anything like Christ. So can only make wood, hay stubble. But if you can think like Christ, then you will do like Christ. And what He did, was to Think Thoughts Which pleased Father. Even, on the Cross. So, just as you like it when you know someone's pleasing thoughts -- how much more, Infinite God? The Eternal State thus must max out all that sweet savor for everyone. In order to do it for Father. No syrupy hypocrisy, pleases. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust: behold, new things have Arrived! (2Cor5, esp. v.17. It's cool that translators use the word "come" instead of BECOME, but you miss the wordplay. No way to translate it, either: Greek word is yivomai (GIN-oh-mye), usu. translated "become", but it does have an 'arrival' usage. Heh, you've 'arrived'! You became a new spiritual species the moment you believed in Christ. Ties to the use of yivomai in 2Cor5:21!]

As a Crown Prince-Priest in Training,
You must Grow in Your Functional Hypostasis IN God,
to now help Rescue the world.

Ti gar oun, ti oun estin; to what conclusion are we forced; what to do about these fabulous facts? Well, first we see clearly that the entire meaning of living is, learning what God says: in order to Fellowship with God, Emulate His Thinking.

If we do that (and clearly some among us are doing that, or we'd be dead), God uses us to rescue Israel's Time, all Time itself; so God uses us to bless the world weather-wise, health-wise, competence-wise, and every other wise. Because we are choosing to use the time to become DDNA-wise: via the Spirit in God's System. Relevant Bible passages are pretty much the whole Bible, once you know what to look for. Some balder examples are these: Eph5:16, Col 4:5 (use KJV), Lev26, Deut 28, "salt" verses, "remnant" verses (many more of these in the original langs than in translation), Gen5 roster, preservation and rescue stories (Esther, the Flood, Abram and Lot, Joseph, David, Moses, of course Our Lord's rescuing all Humanity on Cross, Paul in Acts 22). So the fact we in Training are being used to rescue the world now is a foundational concept in the Bible, and is actually referenced somewhere in every verse. (The most important among Bible's doctrines are always foundational, and in the original languages foundational characteristics of that language are used to communicate the doctrine, i.e., with deft placements of words, onomopoeia, prepositions, case endings, etc. That fact would make for a great Thd. dissertation, boy oh boy. That's why so often God is just stated as "He", embedded as a sun prefix (Greek), an anarthrous construction (no Hebrew "ha" or Greek "ho" in front); or, as a case ending of some verb or noun or adjective or even preposition (Hebrew)! In all these and other constructions, the Sacredness of His Name is likewise referenced -- so God's head gets cut off in translation!)

    Other websites extensively cover the above paragraph's import and description; I strongly recommend you download the pages, rather than read them online. Unfortunately, they are all long, because the purpose of these sites is due disclosure, so everything must be testable for a reader. Especially, given the fact you can't find material like this on the internet, according to the feedback I've gotten from readers. TEST, always test. Yeah, and that eats up lots of your time, so be sure to ASK God if you should read my stuff at all, and what it is you should read and why. Keep using 1Jn1:9 and track the material based on whatever you know.. for overall SENSE with respect to the NATURE OF GOD. And know that the material is gonna have errors in it, which is why I keep on vetting the sites, myself: since so many others screw up in reading Bible historically, I will also, somewhere. If you find any errors or you think I'm unBiblical, I'd really appreciate an email, if you're willing to spend the time. As said at the beginning of this webpage, I get spanked by God for being inaccurate, or for not disclosing. So I'd rather He spank me by using 'you', lol, than by letting the error just sit there! It's no shame to make mistakes. The shame is to let the error sit for centuries, which is why Christendom's report card from God has historically been, FLUNK. We won't fix our past mistakes, because they are now "tradition". Sheesh.

    Ok: here's a list of the sites, by topic. God has always used believers who persist in His System to bless the world, given Our Diplomatic Brief, above. So the Rescue of Time is a provable thing going back all the way to Adam, and is covered in Mirroring.htm and MirrorNOW.htm; don't read the "NOW" piece until you've mastered Mirroring, which might take you months to vet, since it took me a year to write. The Seven "Facets" links in LvS4b.htm cover the raison d'etre, and the 7th of those covers competence the most; a summary of the blessings and their root reasons is the threaded theme of LordvSatan3c.htm, passim, with a brief on the seven main macro blessings, in Conclusion #2; but you have to read the whole page; Part IV of the "Thinking Series" (starting with LvS4a.htm) covers the macro side, the Divine Benefit Plan, its origin and structure. Something about that Plan is in each of the four subpages within Part IV. Other insets (i.e., like PopeMyth) help you prove the converse, the cursing by association, obliquely. In short, you can prove circa 90's AD Christianity's Rev17 apostacy became severe, and from history (i.e., Gibbon) you can trace the descent into the Dark Ages from it. Other historical periods where you can see that interest in Bible caused a rise in world prosperity, and disinterest a decline, are in LvSc.htm's "Divine Benefit History" link section.

    Ok: between all those Bible passages and the Part III and Part IV reading material above, you've got a good year or more of vetting homework to do. That's more than enough! My pastor spent seven years on the topic, the "1985 Ephesians" series audiotapes (live classes, also now on MP3). They never ask for money, and I'm not selling the ministry, but some readers are supposed to be under this guy (I've no clue who and it's none of my business). So if I'm listing syllabi, then this is important. Also the 1992 Spiritual Dynamics series, begin at the beginning. Ok, now that's 17 more years' worth of research to do...

Yes, the spiritual life is time-consuming, because you consume the time to redeem the time, so you can become the great one Father escrowed as your inheritance back in eternity past. And you can see why so few take God up on His Offer!

For We are Made the True and Only Cause for Rapture.

So all people stuff, all works, rituals, inspirational messages, "end-times" obsessions, alike cannot train you to Reflect God. Ironically, if you don't learn to reflect God, you yourself BRING ABOUT the "end times", and will be to blame. How ironic: the true criterion for the Rapture's occurrence is that the Body of Christ's Thinking is completed; that means, enough Pleroma people were developed, Eph3:19, 4:13. [Eph4:12-16, like every other passage in Scripture, is multilevel. Paul isn't only talking about the mechanics of how the Body gets knitted together in instruction, but about the purpose and fulfillment of history, since that's the backdrop for his letter (tone set in that long legal sentence in the Greek of Eph1). So 4:13 is a macro goal and result, telling you what Father's Criteria for Rapture are: really, One Criterion, the Completed Building of His Thinking in aggregate among believers. Awesome!]

It also occurs because Christian apostacy is so bad, the Body must be called home in shame. Both developments, positive and negative, 'unite' in a moment of Time: the Rapture. So if you spend your time culling newspapers for political and economic events which mimic the formation of the "King of the West", how the heck is that gonna train you to Think Like Christ before Father? Doesn't Father already know those prophecies, and wouldn't He rather you focused on the here and now, instead of dreaming your life away? Especially since you, not history or politics or prophecy, will be the CAUSE of the Rapture?

Look: right now, you're reading this page, and not in heaven. All that eternal future has not happened yet. And yet your job, your role right now, is yet the same as then. No waiting, therefore. For Father hears everyone's thoughts right now, and what you think counters what else He hears -- all the qvetching, all the obsessions about people and things, all the political and power wranglings, all the jockeying for a better house, spouse, car, job. Clearly our 'god' is not the Real One, but rather the god of this world -- for he has the goodies, and the Real God seems.. distant. Which, He is not, being as He indwells every believer. So it's our thinking which is distant from His. And you can do something about that! Right Now...

In fact you should do something about that, because the Rapture only occurs for two reasons which will meet together in a single, unpredictable moment: 1) Christians are almost utterly apostate, and to give them more time will only harm the more; that principle always applies individually (which is why we die when and as we do), but here it's a macro spoiling which comes to an unprecedented peak; 2) God has completed developing the number of Pleroma rulers needed for the eternal state. Satan wants the Rapture for the former reason, but of course God wants it for the latter reason. And in all events, God will never ever coerce volition, so.. the Rapture can happen at any moment due to these VOTING reasons. For every second a believer breathes down here, he is either voting for God.. or, for Satan.

In every generation, you see both 1) and 2) occur, so you can't predict which generation will be the one in which this ripeness of bad and good figs, completes. That's how Jeremiah put it. So if you want a deft summary of the root causes for the Rapture, read Jeremiah even in translation -- but use 1Jn1:9 as needed, else you'll understand nothing. When the good figs are ripe, they are PLUCKED UP, and the bad ones are thrown out. Notice how in either event, REMOVAL occurs. Israel should read Jeremiah every day, and so should we. Israel would never have returned to the Land on her own if she did; we'd stop all the insane looking for the "signs" if we did. Two siblings, alike disinterested in God, spoiling figs. Tares.

Part IV of the "Thinking" series (link at pagetop) centers on the true cause of the Rapture; Part IVa shows the Precedence for the Rapture, since in fact the Rapture itself is but a subset of the larger doctrine of Blessing-by-Association; we saw something of BBA's legal parameters in "Our Diplomatic Brief". However, the overall trend of history for Church is a tending-toward Rapture due to the completion of the "Body of Christ" (Body of His Thinking in us earthen vessels). And all this, in the context of the Trial between the Lord vs. Satan (central theme of the "Thinking" series). Since that's a lot of reading, a brief summary of Rapture's triggering structure follows below.

    Rapture Key is Volitional ==> PRECEDENCE is the Groom's Offer. Father is harvesting Church, per Ephesians, esp. Chapter 1, for Son, and to reconcile all history IN Son. So Church raptures up when its number of Pleroma (Eph3:19) believers is complete, and since that depends on believer volition, which criterion derives its Precedence from the First Advent structure, the Rapture date can't even be approximated. Meanwhile, every generation is potentially the Rapture Generation, so will look like the final one; since all the harvest can be completed in ANY Generation, depending on how believer volition, GOES.

See, the Rapture has precedence, which is the First Advent. Then, as now, the "Coming" was supposed to be imminent. That's why Noah built the boat, why Abram wandered, why the Jews chose to go into Egypt, and why they left Egypt. It wasn't until circa 586BC, after Solomon's Temple was destroyed, that they got a set prediction as to when He would come; but then Daniel prayed in Dan9, and God answered that prayer with a specific, reliable timeline (Mirroring.htm shows the timeline in detail). Even more specific, was the way to know when Messiah had come and gone, Dan9:26, which the existence of the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem proves fulfilled, even through today. So by 70AD, when the Second Temple was destroyed by Titus, anyone could see that prophecy had been fulfilled. But that's after the fact, not before it. Same is true, for the Rapture.

So back before He was born, the Jews couldn't know precisely from Daniel 9:25-6's timeline when Messiah would come, because His Lifetime is included in the count of years, and no one knew how long that Lifetime would be. They could have guessed accurately due to other events and prophecies, like the timelines of David's rule. But since Messiah would Himself have volition, even all that guessing, was no guarantee: Messiah would have to choose how to grow, and how long to take. Further, the point for the Jews then (as now, for us), was Get Ready, Bride. Because, they were the First Intended Bride; that's why they GOT the Mosaic Law, to learn how to mature in it to BECOME ready. So the Groom had not yet taken on Humanity so no valid (spiritual) marriage contract could be offered until Messias came. So, then it was a problem of ratification on Israel's part. A ratification always requires a sufficient Number of Yes Votes. That's why the Lord talks to two audiences: Israel, and Gentiles. For, if the first in sufficient numbers rejected Him, everyone knew from the many OT prophecies that the "times of the Gentiles" would begin (Luke 21:24).

We know from verses like Matt16:18 that the necessary ratification did not occur. So now, Church gets the Brideship offer. So, its completion is likewise a VOTING. God records a YES for every believer who spiritually completes The Training to Kingship, Pleroma (i.e., Eph3:19), before he dies. Else.. not. (Of course no one in Church ever loses either salvation nor Royal priestly 'line' in Christ.) All the meanwhile, Church's timeline has benchmarks which are akin to those in Lev26 and Deut 28 (again, precedence and volition). And, benchmarks as trends, in Rev6-19, because Millenium was supposed to begin 47 years after Israel's acceptance. So their Tribulation becomes a format for our history. Which means, every generation of Church will display historical characteristics which make that generation expect the Rapture (Paul's prayer again, in full: Eph3:15-21, Greek). [LvS4a.htm covers this precedence and trend data in great detail; start at the beginning of the page.]

    FOR THIS PURPOSE, Rev6-19 is read as sketched historical trends. The official Tribulation will experience those events as literal history, not trend analogies. The reason why they are trends only for Church is because the actual events belong to Israel's "time", "70th week".

    So -- again -- the Rapture is UNPREDICTABLE; so Satan&Co. are always trying to beat God to the punch, so to speak. Satan wants the Rapture to occur on his own timing -- for the Rapture is like a Diplomatic Recall when the diplomat has SHAMED the home country.

      In the earlier section of this webpage about being a proper "mouth" for your Sovereign Lord, you'll recall that TREASON was one reason why a diplomat was recalled from his post. Highest shame there is, and usually a death penalty employed against the diplomat (and his family) as well; lest the host country have a "cause de guerre" (reason to declare war). Satan is trying to manipulate enough Christian apostacy to force a "mistrial" (concept is explained in LvS4c.htm, "mistrial" link at its pagetop -- see also Paradox.htm). So he wants the Rapture to happen for THAT reason, not for God's reason. It's truly possible that Satan will win. God never gerrymanders truth. Satan always does, and he always tries to use God's Truth against Him.

    Since Satan&Co. can't predict the Rapture either, they have to keep trying to 'get their ducks on the pond'. So, the Rev17 'harlot' is KEY to their strategy: A Fake Church, a political 'Christianity'. Which is easy to see any day you view any 'Christian' program or go into any 'Christian' chatroom: people don't even know the Gospel, calling it invite or receive or repent, rather than John3:16, believe! So how many among them, are saved? Fake Christianity is the central 'anti-christ' tool. Read Revelation 12-17, see for yourself. ['mystery' and 'harlot' are, respectively, Bible monikers for Church and religious apostacy, in Bible.]

So the Lord didn't set any dates or intervening criteria: see Acts 1 and the "thief" interjections. Paul expected the Rapture in his time: see Phili3:11. Writer of Hebrews really expected it, since he remembered what Christ said in the Gospels, about the Temple. So, in EVERY Chapter of Hebrews there is a Rapture warning. [viz., beginning of Heb 2, end of Heb10, end Heb11, mid-Heb4, I forget the location of the others, am typing from memory, but they're there.] Peter talks about it, analogizing it to the end of the world so to wake up the scoffers, in last half of 2Peter. Of course, we all know of John's references (1Jn3, Rev1-3, Rev4:1, and the interjections). [The "no man knows the day or hour" verse in Acts 1 is an IDIOM for "totally unpredictable". Of course, you could know that by the "thief" and "suddenly" interjections-refrains. (Latter is usu. mistranslated "soon", but Greek word is "tachu" and means "suddenly, next-in-sequence-without-warning". It's a quasi-military term).]

    So, when Nappy baby was here in the 1800's, because of his success at Austerlitz everyone thought HE was the anti-christ. And, in a way he was. Hitler, who'd repeat the same strategic mistake as Nappy baby a century later (Operation Barbarossa), was also an anti-christ. And he could have been.

It's hard to fathom that with so much interest in prophecy for so long, people have missed the foregoing Precedence for our being "Church" in the first place; so misdiagnose the way the Rapture works.
  • The official Tribulation cannot begin EXCEPT by means of the Rapture,
  • because the Rapture ends 'Church',
  • which was the Only Way to 'rescue' Daniel's 70th week due to Israel's rejection of Groom. (Details are in LvS4a.htm; the above bullets are repeated in its "Role of Precedence, Summary" link.)

So people handle Revelation/ eschatology like a bottle of booze: they either addictively guzzle it all the time, or they pride themselves on how they 'abstain' (disbelieve it, i.e., preterists, amillennialists). Sadly, many try to use prophecy to 'prove' that Bible is right. Of course God is Right; He saved you, didn't He? Isn't it harder to save sinful man, than to predict from Omniscience what He foreknows? If you have to play with current events to feel better about trusting Bible, you've got big mental problems: which is fine, the Holy Spirit can fix them all -- just keep using 1Jn1:9 and try to focus on studying the Nature of God Himself, for fastest recovery.

It's not at all wrong to study prophecy. However, God kinda gets lost in the shuffle, considering how the events are poured over with excruciating detail; for who uses the prophecies to understand the deeper Doctrines they convey?

  • Like how God is fertilizing the fig tree;
  • like how politics, etc. is not what we should be doing. Can God make it more obvious, than to show then-current political and religious colors for a harlot riding a "beast", which everyone knew from Daniel? Fake Church. Political Church. Religion, but in Christ's Name, to OBFUSCATE Him. How can anyone miss this significance? Is only 'Rome' in view? Noooo. Rome never got the "mystery" title, but Church did (i.e., Eph3, Rom16, Col1:25ff., etc). [Major reason for Revelation's penning, because Church was about to go 'harlot'. Also, the trends in Rev6-19 happen during the Church Age, so you have to be apprised of them so you don't fall into their many traps. Just as, everything in the universe depicts the Infinity AND the Hypostatic Union so always 'works' as some kind of uniting of opposites; so also, nearly all prophecy in Bible is double-entendre; well, double-entendre and double-action. Double-entendre, in that it shows root principles so you can learn how to avoid the landmines and go instead in the right direction. The second "entendre" is that the events themselves WILL occur as depicted. Double-action, in that the folks who get the prophecy first are to have it fulfilled in their generation (viz., every generation of Church will see the same Rev6-19 trends, so Napoleon seemed to be the anti-christ, as did Hitler, as does 'whoever', today); but also, a parallel generation in the FUTURE will have the larger, specific action happen to them. Good samples: Isa28. Near-fulfillment (theology term) was Samaria; far-fulfillment was Pentecost 30AD (Acts 2). Also, Isa7. Near-fulfillment, a kid of Isaiah's. Far-fulfillment, Christ. Both were judgement announcements signaling an ENDING. People forget that about the both Isa7 and Isa28. And they totally screw up the Isa28 prophecy about tongues, despite the fact that Paul quotes it in 1Cor14 (near v.22); despite the fact that Peter explained it in Acts 2; so think that tongues are some kind of spiritual gift, after 70AD. However, speaking in ecstatic gibberish was a core feature of the demonic Dionysian cult; those in the cult fancied they were talking with the 'gods' while they drunkenly engaged in mass orgies. That's why God picked it as a sign in Isa28. Which Paul pointedly references ("gong" word) in 1Cor13:1. Guess who was behind that cult. Guess who's STILL behind it now.]

  • Like how the Spiritual Role We have Now is Much More Important than any Group of Humans ever Get; which is why there are so very many Warnings about getting prepared spiritually before the always unpredictable, Rapture. Don't spend time on current events to see if you can do what only Father will decide. Better to spend the time as Peter advises, in 2Pet3:18. Better to spend the time as Paul prayed, in Eph1:15-end, and Eph3:15-21. For if the Rapture happens tomorrow, will you have learned how to spiritually rule? If you can't rule yourself on addiction to prophecy, you won't be ruling in the Millenium.

    Grow up in Christ, TACHU! (suddenly) because you don't KNOW when Rapture will occur. In other words, instead of spending time trying to predict, do a different "p": Prepare. You can only Prepare like Paul did, by learning Christ, which means His Thinking (the Thinking is the essence of the person and we have the "Mind of Christ" -- 1Cor2:16 -- in writing) under the Spirit. Peter puts it well in 2Pet3:11. My pastor translates that verse something like this (I type from memory): [long fiery intro, then] "What sort of persons MUST YOU BECOME, in a dedicated-to-God lifestyle?" The word "huparchein" in that verse is fabulous: a ruler's palindrome, for the Ruler (archon) is the most ruled (hupo prefix).

  • You don't need to historically, politically, or other 'earthly' prepare. Christ doesn't need a Christian nation to return; Church is not Israel: Church is not a nation, only Israel was a nation. Big hint: in Bible we're called ta ethne, "the nations", lit., a moniker for Gentiles. Also, our priesthood is different, our spiritual life is different, because our Precedence (Archegos) is Christ, not Israel. So don't be like the Thessalonians, who Paul chewed out for this same satanic obsession (2Thess2, esp. v.3-6, never properly translated). [Satan uses obsession with the Tribulation to deflect attention from spiritual growth. The Thessalonians are our case study of that, just as the Corinthians are our case study of hedonism, and the Galatians are our case study of legalism, and the Hebrews are our case study of belonging-to-God preening. Part IV of the "Thinking" series is wholly dedicated to just how much more important is our Now than the Tribulation, how the latter depends on how we learn Christ Now; how Satan deflects our attention from the correct meanings and timing and cause of the Tribulation, so to PREVENT it from occurring except to his own advantage -- truly weird, the At-Tariq sura says that also (well, you have to know Bible keywords about Morningstar, Pleroma, and the correct doctrine of the Rapture, to see that 'message'). So if you would historically prepare, follow 2Pet3:11's advice: Become Dedicated yourself. Inside.] <

So, if you don't learn the Word for yourself, and learn how to think it all the time, you're a dangerously-unskilled representative! Who, if given a gun affixed with a bayonet (Heb4:12, 2Pet1:20-21), couldn't fire it without maiming yourself (2Pet3:15-17); who, if given an emergency situation, couldn't drive to the hospital (Phili3:18-19, Eph5:17a), much less do any surgery (Heb4:12, Eph5:17b). So why would God give you anything important to do?

Look at Christ's own testimony, in Matt4, how focused He is on the Word, on FATHER, in preference over all else, anything else; Father, preferred over good deeds; Father, preferred over a trick to motivate our belief IN Him (2nd Temptation). So, then: didn't Christ Himself first train for 30 years? Do you think He, Who was always God also, cared about anything but Father? Do you think He, Who above all men was the True Nexus of prophecy, obsessed about it? [See "evil generation seeks a sign" passages, the dispute over who'd be the greatest in heaven passages, "foxhole" verse, and Acts 1.] Do you think He trained for the Cross by mindless, emotional, ritual movements? By closing His Eyes and raising His Hands in some megachurch? By singing? [See Mark7:1-7.] By fabulous works? (See Matt23:5, John 6:28-29, 7:7, 8:39, 14:10; James 2:23-24.) By rousing oratory? [See Matt6:7, Mark 8:38(!), Luke 19:22(!), John 8:43, Matt13:13. See also 1Cor1:17, 2:4.] Or, did He train by "living on every Word which proceeds from the Mouth of God? (Matt4:4, 7:24, 24:35, Mark8:38,13:31; Jn4:34, 5:24,30, 8:31,:37,43.)

    If you look at what He taught (Gospels), you'll find the teaching has two rhetorical categories: either pleading, or caustic. Pleading, because as Husband He speaks as He did in the OT. Caustic, to warn people that they are DISinterested in Father, and that they of their own volition, will later regret being so disinterested. Because, as The Truth, He obviously knew the outcome of Not Learning the Truth: unbearable regret. The Regret of Having Intimacy Freely Available to Learn The Most Gorgeous Person in the Universe.. but, alas, now lost. For, again, the Hupostasis Principle: subordination to authority justifies intimacy. And it was justifiable to learn Him, but.. alas, passed up. Learning Him is learning His thinking, and He is the Truth! not singing, working, getting emotionally aroused by some eloquent 'revival' oratory. John 8:32 (NIV), not titillation. With WHO shall you become intimate?

    So during those 'silent' 30 years, which was MOST of His Lifetime down here, what do you think He was doing? Learning Scripture. So during our lifetime here, what do you think we ought to be doing? Hint hint: 2Pet3:11, 2Pet3:18. 'In order to produce a reflection. [See 1Cor3:7-18, 1Cor13:12, Jas1:23, "glass" verses, "words" verses, "Word" verses; and all "sweet savor" verses and their many kin, which in NT reference the to-Father role of our priesthood (use KJV when you search that term). In Greek, look up all morphological forms of hupolimpano hupogrammoi, lithoi, psephos, e.g. 1Pet2:5,21, Rev2:17. If you've more time, compare these to all morphological forms of "Petra".]

CAVEAT EMPTOR: Our Spiritual Royalty in Christ is a Priestly Profession, Requiring Precise Thinking, which we can only learn and live in God's System; the wellbeing of the world, Forever Depends on How Well We Learn It.