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🚨 Matt24 METER Outline 🚨

pics+ Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf

READ: 1 syllable = 1 year; text satirizes & yearly maps Christians AD 30+

Verse 1~3

Verse 1~3, disciples drool over Temple; Christ quips not one stone left on another @ syllable 40; they ask SIGN of END

Verse 3 end = AD 177: Commodus crowned & Ireneas hunts heretics

Verse 4~14

Verse 4~14, Christ replies: don't be fooled, many false come in My Name; Wars, but END NOT YET only birth pangs = AD 313; (now Constantinian Christian rule) persecution BY Christians, each hates & betrays the other, Love-for-Word goes cold

Verse 14 end = East Rome kills West Rome, AD 485 👉

Verse 15~20

Verse 15~20 (AD 486~638)
So when you see the Temple Abominated, FLEE! Don't stop for your cloak; pray you're not pregnant, not sabbath or winter

Verse 20 end = Islam defiles Temple Mount

Prior, Byzantine & Justinian murders, plague & three Chaps; Byzantine & Persia exhausted by war, rise of Islam

Verse 21~25

Verse 21~25 (AD 639~788)

For now comes the worst tribulation; ignore any who say I have returned (Islam claims Christ Returns). I Told You So.

Verse 25 end: Rahman dies. Prior, Islam murders, spreads to Europe, North Africa, Daniel 11~12 KoS posterkid 'born' & repelled @ Tours

Verse 26~28

Verse 26~28 (AD 789~881)
All see My παρουσια

Prophecy is dual-event & on Word rollout: Jeremiah 31, Matthew 24:14, Ephesians 1:14. So He 'appears' via Word = Cyrillic Bibles for Moravia, Verse 27 = AD 863

Pope crowns Charlemagne Holy Roman Empire to best Irene @ Παρουσια

Genesis and Function of the Last Emperor Myth in Byzantine Eschatology

Antichrist παρουσια: Tertullian-Origen bastardize 2 Thessalonians 2:6~7 into a Last Emperor Myth (ibid); Putin + #7M 4Trump (seven mountains for Trump), claim it now

AD 312, in hoc signo vinces

AD 800~881, Western Rome pope crowns Charlemagne through Fat Charles, to FAKE a Last Emperor

Verse 29~31

Verse 29~31 (AD 882~1066)
Tribulation ends; burst light, all mourn Son of Man seen in sky; angels gather believers

Matthew 24 Luke 21 Mark 13 meters converge & Revelation 17 ends @ Holy Roman Empire reborn, pics

👆Text tags West & Byz. fixation with Last Emperor Myth & παρουσια due to Bible abuse

Scholars re: year 1000 + Last Emperor Myth fixation:

.@DrJTheodore (Dr Jonathan Theodore), tome re: 'fallen' SPQR articles by .@richard_landes (Richard Landes) and his .@amazon books

Regarding the Last Emperor Myth:

  1. Genesis and Function of the Last Emperor Myth in Byzantine Eschatology
  2. “When did the Legend of the Last Emperor Originate? A New Look at the Textual Relationship between the Apocalypse of Pseudo-Methodius and the Tiburtine Sibyl,” Viator, vol. 47 no. 3 (Autumn, 2016)
  3. Between the Third Rome and the New Jerusalem: The Fall of Constantinople viewed by Russians

Last Emperor Myth = Antichrist
Matthew / Luke / Mark meters
Merge 490 + 70 + 490

Verse 31 end = Norman 'sea' ripe-for-Crusades

Schism 1054
Jews created the best Old Testament 'leaves' (Aleppo Leningrad BH)
Holy Roman Empire revived @ Revelation 17 end (please correct meter by +7)

Many misuse Old Testament 1050s, pics. Or, miscalculate 1050 Return as latest, so they become jaded

Matthew 24:32ff: Christ warns: YOU WON'T KNOW WHEN because Dad (God the Father) elects who's Church (+ John 17)

Luke & Mark re-7-meter His text to do prequels & sequels

Verse 32~35

Verse 32~35 (AD 1067~1190)
Fig Tree Parable +'this generation' sees (proto)Tribulation +MY WORD WILL NOT PASS AWAY

Prophecy is dual: DATED near-fulfill parallels UNDATED far-fulfill

Near: both Holy Roman Empire heirs die childless, so power vacuum & Crusades, to free the Bibles locked up in Byz.

Manzikert = 1071-2, συκης. Then, 1073, Jerusalem is overrun

From Moses, readers learned to use this Time Meter. So they know to QUIT Jerusalem before verse 32 starts, TAKING THEIR BIBLES. Here, newly-copied Hebrew Old Testaments will refresh European scholarship

1073 Muslim conquest of Jerusalem creates casus belli for Crusades

The newly-British, Jew-loving (for a price), migrating, fighting, church-building, Viking-French aka Normans, dominate the Medieval Warm Period (800~1300 Global Warming)

For into vacuum of both Holy Roman Empire falls, God sends Normans to take Jews TO BRITAIN

He frees Bibles from both Romes' kidnappers 🙏 just as they dive into Christian civil war College of Paris can collate & versify what becomes OUR Bible

In syllable-count auditing Greek & Hebrew manuscripts, Matthew 24 Luke 21 Mark 13 thousands would be familiar & timely 🙏

Because Jews long know picture #4. Bible dates hub to it. Can't parse Daniel 9 or Temple 70s, without it

Demo videos How God Orchestrates Time

The Youtube copy of this video streams better, Yapping Most High: YMH10g God's Timing vs. Jewish Dispensationalism

GIST: Jews expect Messiah to come (or come again, if they believe Christ is Messiah) in their year 6000 (i.e., per Rambam or see Talmud, Order Nezekin, Sanhedrin 97, then search on 'Kattina'). Yet they also retain a garbled recognition of the 4200, see Sanhedrin 97b, search on 'eighty five jubilees'. It was 84, same as the number of syllables in Psalm 90:1-4, from which BOTH of their garbled timelines derive. Sample of their confused reasoning: Lore of the School of Elijah (page 12)

How valid is all that? This video introduces the issue; future videos will document where in the Hebrew (you can't see it in translation) the Bible provides what might be considered 'proof' of a 7000-year timeline for history. But what's the impact of Church, since Rapture is unpredictable? We'll cover that too, in future videos.

To warm up for them, you might want to study my Psalm 90 video:

For the primary source of Jewish Dispensationalism depends on the HEBREW METER in Psalm 90. And the Jews all know this. They just get the meter wrong.

Christian scholars don't recognize Bible Hebrew as having meter. But the Jews all had to memorise orally, so meter is commonly used in the Old Testament, and is a very handy way to be sure you memorize correctly -- and know your prophetic timeline, too.

Because Jews deemed a Norman king's property hence allowed to freely travel, could freely explain Genesis 1's 1050, Psalm 90's 5x70s & Daniel 9 all meter End of Time = AD 1144 = 5250 from Adam's Fall

So now it's CURRENT, what Christ says next..


Hebrew / Greek Word they got, from The Land encamped by armies 1073+, Luke 21:20

Pesach 1190, York Castle: Richard I's Jews suicided, Masada 2.0, just before he left

Verse 36~39

Verse 36~39 (AD 1191~1339)
YOU NOW WON'T KNOW WHEN I COME because Dad (God the Father) picks Church, John 17

He comes if we ask: Abram, Moses, David, Israel. She bid Him go, 7 years EARLY

Church = Time Bridge:

1144-1050 = AD94
-54 (2100-2046, picture #4) -40
= Christ born

So à la Noah's day:
Richard's Jews ransom him
Everyone: pillages in Christ's name, sacks Constantinople, but quits Jerusalem, eats & drinks & marries, then flood!
Mongols kill or make
Everyone's an Ivan Kalita


Kings Crusade
End Timers Drool
with Paris Pocket Bibles

Oh, Daniel 12 says End is 1260, when Greeks retake Byz.
& Mongols fracture
We win Last Emperor!

Jaded, they resume crusading, food & drink
[Matthew 23 & Mark 13]

Verse 40~42

Verse 40~42 (AD 1340~1410)

Two in field, one taken
Two at mill, one taken;
You don't know when κυριος comes

300 years' Antichrist = Last Emperor Myth crusades
+Mongols bring Black Death
=50% dead

Survivors blame government religion & Jews; people now vote-for-BIBLE

🔑 Key literary style of New Testament prophecy is 'epitome', a res gestae chrono

It uses anaphora keywords to tag future trends, eg παρουσια=Advent, see pics

New Testament writer plots his anaphora in syllable counts ÷7, to show Divine use of events

Is an anaphora tagging 3 co-trends during its years

√ Vital Bible manuscripts found, translated, interpeted
√ Reformer(s) to explain it
√ Antichrist(s) to mask it

Is appositional to parousia; syllable counts ÷7 👉

Last Emperor Myth crusading +Black Death, made people rebel; they wanted BIBLE

So verse 42 κυριος = AD 1403-5
=77 years (pic4) post-παρουσια
=77x7, after Cyril & Methodius goto Moravia: though banned, Jan Hus translated Greek manuscripts & Wycliffe's Bible into Czech 👉

Politics chased Bible interest; freedom from papacy/Byz. crusade/control, inspired Lithuania & Poland to unite against Teutonic Knights & win Battle of Grunwald in 1410, Battle of Grunwald 1410 - Northern Crusades DOCUMENTARY

70 years after usurper Kalita died

So look:
In 800, a pope used Tertullian's reverse-Revelation 17, to crown Charlemagne Holy Roman Empire; popes & kings then replay Last Emperor Myth παρουσια card, fulfilling this very prophecy! They abuse

Grunwald ends the ruse; Byz. dies friendless, 40 years later

Verse 43~44

Verse 43~44 (AD 1411~1495)

84, Decree meter: If Butler knew when thief comes, he'd guard Home. So prepare: you don't know what hour, Son of Man comes

Putin accuses Jews & West of robbing Byz. 'house', first video: Playlist: Russia & Ukraine

1453: Byz. 'broken into' = first syllable verse 43's διορυχθηναι. None guard the House of God, just as also-guilty Putin, moans

Yes, Italian ships escaped with the City's wealth, but Constantine XI likely died fighting


√ 84x7 years after Cyril & Methodius translated Bible for Moravia

√ 7x7 years after Wyckliffe's banned English Bible that Jan Hus translated in Czech

Gutenberg invents machine-printing

Just In Time for refugee manuscripts from Constantinople 😇

1291+, expelled Jews fled to Baltics & Milan; it birthed Renaissance, with many Bible manuscripts copied, 1403+

Refugees from Byz., sold their Bibles in it

So God freed His manuscripts' house, from Putin-like Byzantine thieves mating Bible, to politics

As most Jews but few Christians know, God's Time House is metered in Psalm 90, pics + vimeo-how-god-orchestrates-time.htm

Jews won't admit, it now includes Church, to answer Christ's prayer in John 17

So all the events, play against DEADLINES


'Son of Man' = evangelize by 1492

Muscovy: Ivan III tortures Strigolniki &c Christians

Spain: end Reconquista, start Inquisition

Colòn rapes the New World. Pope GIFTS it (1493); Tordesillas Treaty revises,1494* AD 1493: The Pope asserts rights to colonize, convert, and enslave
➡ *Hebrew civil calendar begins three months before ours; can't split a syllable; so Matthew rounds up/down, eg June 1494 Treaty = 1465 meter (=years since Christ died) = AD 1495

Nota bene: Matthew 24:43ff theme = House of God; here, robbed by antichrist (=uniting church & state) posterboys Muscovy, Portugal, Rome, Spain

84 = God Decrees TIME = 5250 years*
Psalm 90:4, All Refuge in God

Isaiah 53 split 84 as 42 back ends HOUSING first-to-Last David TIMELINE, BC 1040 ~ AD 37

Daniel 9 TIMELINE BC 1010 ~ AD 37 bifurcates Isaiah 53 & Magnificat + Matthew 24+25 fulfill* Talmud 7000
*5250 From Adam's Fall

God foreknew Israel would reject Christ and Time would continue; but Christ had to CONSENT to pay for people. Matthew 16:18 & passim to end chapter 25 +John 17, record His 7350 vote, cf Talmud Sanhedrin 97~99

Christians don't even know these 🔑 Key BIBLE doctrines

Verse 45~47

Verse 45~47 (AD 1496~1587)
👉 91=REFORMATION Decree Met

Wise slave cares for Lord's House (1515-7 Luther &co), feeds everyone on time

Happy slave, who Lord (1550-2 Calvin &co) finds so doing

He'll set him over all He has (1562-87* Elizabeth I)

* 👉 20 April 1587, Drake sank Spanish fleet @ Cadiz 👈

So God's 'inter caetera' sinks Portugal Rome & Spain, gives world to Elizabeth, a woman WHO GREW UP ON BIBLE GREEK

Pope orders she die, just in time for God's 70-year Vote-for-Word, meter [1540 = AD 1570 = start of English Reformation] 😇

Reformation Deadline, continued

Took 490+70+490+490 years to RETURN to Deuteronomy 30, Matthew 4:4, Romans 10, James 1-2, Philippians 2, Hebrews 11 norm: Each Learns Word for Self

Constantine+, a bevy of Revelation 17 harlots, mate Bible-to-State

So God had a virgin, take them down

Counter Reformation began, 1545 Trent Council=εκει|νος, in v46: harlots say THEY do God's Will*

God split 1545 @ εκει='here!',
Pre-tags Mark 13:21b re: false christs: prelates could have known His WARNING
➡ *The double-entendre rhetoric typifies chapter 25 re: Christian civil war

It began with Wycliffe, went Royal in 1533 with 'food' = Henry VIII Restraint edict + Elizabeth I's birth

War, re: WHO'S AUTHORIZED to read & interpret Word

Reformation broke RCC & Orthodox monopoly; they aim to reclaim it, 1545+

Verse 45~47 Notes

As we saw in verse 42 with Jan Hus, κυριος anaphora tags men & manuscripts they edit/use. Antichrists are RCC & Muscovy Orthodox, but Muscovy had no translators

By the way, each syllable tags anywhere believers live, but FREE BIBLE is topline story traced

Verse 48~51

Verse 48~51 (AD 1588~1703)

If Bad Butler thinks, 'Oh, Lord (=King James Bible) won't return for awhile', so beats co-slaves & gets drunk

@ Return, Lord (= Charles I deposed + Bay Psalm Book = first US book) scourges & allots him with hypocrites, weeping & gnashing

Verse 48~51 Notes

Nota bene: verses 48~51 begin & end with Spain. Pope (1493) gave New World to Spain. So verse 48 began with Spanish Armada DEFEAT & verse 51 ends with a new War, of Spanish Succession

It's our first real World War; as per chapter 25, we'll remain in Christian civil war (Christian Nationalism)

Why KJV vs. Geneva, Bishop's, Great, even Tyndale? Because KJV includes them & because FREED BIBLE

KJV refuses to box interpretation to denomination. See preface to 1611 KJV, link in second video description b-out KJV-Only Blasphemy

Κυριος, verse 50=1640-2, tags antichrist Chas I 'lording' England back to RCC. She deposes him

🔑 Key: κυριος s/end a clause @ meter 1610, end 70-year vote = AD 1640; Matthew moves it

Because ALL go Bad Butler. So God moves His Word, to the New World

1640 MANUSCRIPT = METERED Bay Psalms, first book published in US. Here, bound with 1632 GREEK Bible

1640 is the first year KJVs are published sans Apocrypha, for Colonists

🔑 Key: everyone reads Bible badly, but wanted it

Yeah, Christians read Bible badly & go Bad Butler, globally: banish, beat, enslave, kill, plunder, WAR IN GOD'S NAME

Just as:
√ 500+ years prior, Crusades
√ 1000+ years prior, Justinian
√ 1500+ years prior, 'early church fathers'

Yeah, Holy Roman Empire imploded, split into Lutheran & RCC lands, by 1555

But 1618, Protestant Bohemians deposed RCC king. Thus began a series of Revelation 17 CANNIBAL wars, decimating Europe -- both sides used Jews, to fund them Central European Jewry during the Thirty Years' War

🔑 Key: Why The Jews?

Bible shows Abraham & kids often have close relations with kings, because they are VERY good at services kings need. So a jealous populus, attacks Jews

So Jews learn, 'goyim X hates goyim Y, be nice to both & stay alive'. Ergo, fit in what limited roles, goyim allow; even though, Jacob, their labans cheat you; God makes poplars birth spotted babies so you prosper, Genesis 30

Goyim, only allow moneylending. Jews got good at it; goyim 'borrow' to fight goyim & 'repay' Jews with a few freedoms. Until people get jealous. Again

This evil was most evident, in France. Since Charlemagne, kings used mass anti-semitism to claim Jews Royal property, as 'protection'

Yet every few decades, king expels & takes their property. Soon, his economy tanks; he RECALLS JEWS with promises of better protection & minor restoration of what he stole

They return
A few decades later, expulsion & confiscation, renew

Now, Reformation begot royal fights, split France by 1562: RCC Lorraine vs. Bourbon-backed Huguenots but reigning 'neutral' Valois
Pre-1571, Jews were often expelled from German lands, swayed by Luther's anti-Jew diatribes; they found refuge in fractious France, especially with Huguenots

Result? 1598 Edict of Nantes, limited free-faith

So Jews & France recover, juste à temps for 30 Years' War & its bloody siblings 😈

From now on, BAD BUTLER goyim devour each other:

& more now-global wars, aka 'General Crisis' of 1600s


1588+ Dutch shelter Jews
1650+ Cromwell ignores 1290 law expelling Jews 😇

Juste à temps, après 30 Years' War et seq, even non-'Court' Jews find refuge in Dutch & English lands

1703, one is knighted; all Jews get full rights, 1753 🌈



Calculate meter by hand. Syllabify by grammar & dialect when book written, eg AD 30 Matthew uses Hebraisms, chapter 1; so his κυριος is two syllables and not three

Parse manuscripts by clause, à la pictures above; resolve variants by grammar, style & meter

After dozens of clauses, one should see author's meter theme

Sample: Matthew 24's is Talmud San 97~99 recon, pre- & post Church; so 1673-63=1610, balances to 'Messiah 2000' 2nd voting period:

Meter § ends ÷7, in a text-interactive theme: else syllable counts are wrong and/or incomplete

Once you're comfortable with metering and how it interacts with text, THEN search history to see what the text tags

Just as meter independently parses by grammar (etc), tagged historical events fit like puzzle pieces in a coherent 'picture', that the text paints

Anaphora, also ÷7, depict trends

Meter = text hermeneutics, i.e. the Word defines the Word; so a 7x meter, is textually defined IN the Word, pic1

Datelines: 1st (+2nd) time syllable counts ÷7 =event 'theme' relevant to when text written, eg Moses writes 1400 BC = 63x7 years > Israel enslaved, how man got enslaved to sin.


Diaspora dates don't ÷ by 7:

Trinity meters stress Unity of Will:

Not-I-Ching, sequence text re: same years by book date:


(Bible maps Time to 2041+, Bible Time meters prophecy, annually. Technical explanation you can vet.)

Anaphora syllable counts ÷3 or 7, and may play inter-book

Anaphora are often satirical, eg:

P.S. All meter conclusions are subject to change


Main Meter List: LukeDatelineMeters.pdf
First pages = syllabus of all documents & videos except Matt24

New and upgraded 'main' meter list of all documentation (includes Matthew 24 primer & documents): Poetic Meter Resource Index