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SERIES GIST: This channel contains all my Youtube videos of this same channel aka playlist name, plus the full (silent) 'hupakouw' Word Search vids (LXX7abc). This channel/playlist focuses on how often the NT quotes from the LXX. A primary subfocus is to demonstrate how much Christ said He was God, in the NT, because a lot of ignorant people claim He didn't claim to be God. Since they don't know the OT Hebrew or Greek, and since they are lazy and disingenuous, they fool the others who are likewise uninformed. But you don't have to be uninformed.

Similarly, the King James Onlyists claim that the LXX is a hoax invented three centuries after Christ by Origen. They too cannot read either Hebrew or the Greek, so don't know what fools they make of themselves by that claim. For even their Textus Receptus has well over 1000 quotes of the LXX. The KJV translators all knew the LXX was written circa 273 BC by a bunch of Jews, though the translators made fun of the idea that the translation was made in 72 days by as many translators. So again, the KJVO people are liars, and this series helps prove how you can know that. So, the lead video of this series demonstrates what incompetent liars the KJVO are: for if the LXX is a hoax, so too would be the King James Bible, which translated from the Textus Receptus!

Aside from that, the main purpose of this series is to show the richness of deft wordplay the Lord and the writers of the NT make, on the LXX and often, the Hebrew text they had. Helps you learn how to read and interpret, Bible.

Also, the 'threading' resolves many other conundra debated in Christendom: validity of Trinity, Believe-Only-To-Be-Saved, Rapture, and even the longstanding INEPT claim the 'pericope adulterae' shouldn't be in John 8. Rest of the original series video description, follows below.
NT threads (quotes) LXX series. The whole point of the New Testament, is to show a) that the Old Testament prophecies and doctrines are fulfilled in Christ; then b) how the Covenant changed for Church; and will c) change back to Israel for the Trib and Mill; thus d) fulfill the purpose of history to 'birth' eternity (theme of Romans 8).

So to prove Divine Authorship of a given NT book, the writer must 'thread' from OT, showing how his book is 100% compatible; NT authors thus often use LXX for 'threading'. (If you can't read Greek, then Google on 'New Testament', 'LXX' + 'quotes', for a ton of independent info on this rhetorical style, as you can't see it in translation.)

This same 'threading' rule was used pan-OT, to prove each then-'new' OT book came from God. So the rule continues, for NT. That's why you didn't need a Council of Nicaea, to determine what's Divine Writ.

So in this series you'll find a sampling of very important verses, demonstrating what the LXX says, versus the quotation in the NT. That way you can select any quoted OT passage, and yourself test whether it is following the LXX, or the Hebrew. There is a notable difference. So once you see the style, you'll notice the difference and can 'practice' on any verse in the OT.

Again, THREADING is the means by which a new Bible Book integrates itself into all previous Divine Writ, thus proving it too came from God. Don't need councils or popes arrogating to themselves the fiat on what constitutes Divine Writ. Just need Bible. For the Bible, proves itself.

After all, people in ancient times memorized Bible. So if you QUOTED it, but CHANGED small parts of the quote, you'd be making some kind of new, witty statement everyone would understand.

So New Testament writers quote sections of the LXX in nearly every verse; then deliberately CHANGE words in the requote, to teach new truth. So you can see how the new truth, integrates with the old. I call this technique, 'threading'. It's an important legal-document technique, and is still used worldwide, today. In Bible, it shows the LEGAL PRECEDENCE of the OT, carrying forward into the NT. For God is consistent, and His Rules, eternal. So when a covenant changes, continuity and precedence must be addressed. Ergo, threading is needed to show what changes, and what stays the same.

KJVO Trash their own KJV, make it a HOAX (57/72 KJVOB)

This video is 57th in my Youtube KJVOB playlist, here: youtube.com/playlist?list=PL9637CFFCF9F62107 . It heads the NT 'threads' LXX playlist (youtube.com/playlist?list=PLDA3CF01F9BA03EB9 ), but this vimeo channel has the same videos, plus any made post 11/7/13. New videos will be ad hoc.

Distinguishing OT quotes in the NT is already vital to hermeneutics. So it also proves the KJVO leaders, lie. The laymen don't know that!

If I quoted a book I knew didn't exist, I'd be a liar, right? Well, KJVO claims LXX (Greek OT) didn't exist in Jesus' day, yet Jesus often quotes from it! KJV's own Textus Receptus, confirms!

Yet KJVO leader Sam Gipp, says LXX is a hoax: pbministries.org/Theology/miscellaneous/what_is_the_lxx.htm

Gipp claims Origen invented LXX in 3rd cent. AD. Oh, did Origen also edit ALL copies of Philo, Josephus, Talmud, 1st-cent & prior Jewish apocrypha which use that same LXX, which Jews created from the Hebrew OT circa 273BC?! Did Origen also time-travel back to Jamnia in 1st century, when rabbis elected to return to Hebrew and stop using LXX?!

Funny, the KJV Translators validated the LXX, so I guess our anti-semites Gipp and Ruckman, never read the 1611 KJV Preface by the Translators! But you can, here: ccel.org/bible/kjv/preface/pref1.htm . My excerpts of it, with commentary: brainout.net/KJVPrefaceExerpts.doc .

Contrasting Truth: since Commodus, the West rejected Real Bible. Instead, the Old Latin was touted as 'inspired': same claim as KJVO's. Back then, Augustine was against 'new' translations. newadvent.org/fathers/1102.htm shows his letters to Jerome, whose replies are here: newadvent.org/fathers/3001.htm

Hebrew & Greek Real Bible was persecuted by anti-semites like Diocletian & Constantine. So folks having Real Bible, left Rome. So Jerome went to Bethlehem, to GET mss.

RCC rose to power partly based on a claim its translation was 'inspired'. For if a translation can be inspired, so too pope & clergy.

Thus Bible's Jewish-inspired origin, is denied. Satan persecutes Bible in cycles: 300 AD (Old Latin**), 600AD (Koran), 700AD+ (Vulgate ***). When interest in Bible's mss declines, Jews suffer. ****
** & *** Chap 1, pp. 21-28 Christopher DeHamel's 'The Book. A History of the Bible', Phaidon Press Ltd.

* Chapter 2, op.cit.
**** op. cit., +'Atlas of Bible and Christianity' edited by Tim Dowley

KJVO movement thus repeats another pogrom. Bible's Greek (though not media) of 'Alexandrian ' mss were of 1st-century & prior Jewish origin, too. So KJVO cannot read LXX, to know its Greek is 6 centuries prior to Origen's. We have a lot of extra-Biblical Greek text writing from 500BC, on. We know how it changed.

Next, to disable your ability to LEARN those texts, Bible compilers & lexicographers are slandered by a woman 'degreed' in home economics, who doesn't even know 'Lucifer' means 'morning star' in Latin, yet pretends to be a 'scholar', slanders for profit: shop.avpublications.com/product_info.php?products_id=253

KJVO also pretend to read Bible Hebrew, Greek. Yet ask them to translate. They can't! So how can they know if KJV is ok? They can't!

And KJV is not ok, as no translation can be. Just Google on 'KJV mistranslation'. Read the original KJV translators' own caveats, here: ccel.org/bible/kjv/preface/pref1.htm

In sum: Since NT quotes an allegedly-fake LXX over 1000 times -- is it a lie? Lord quotes LXX on His Birth Day, & over 100 times, pan-Gospel. So does the Lord lie? Or are KJVO, liars?

KJV Exodus 20:16 "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour."
KJV Exodus 23:1 "Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness."

KJV Matthew 19:18 "He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, 'Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness',"

LXX Greek of Exo 20:16 -- ou pseudomartureseis

Textus Receptus Matt 19:18 -- same two last words as in the LXX.

What will the Lord say to KJVO on Judgment Day?

TechNotes: TR in video is 1894 Scrivener, an updated version of Beza's TR from 1598.

LXX used in video is Alfred Rahlf's, from BibleWorks 5.

Download this video for clearer Greek viewing: brainout.net/KJVOTrash.wmv . Jpg's of Greek: brainout.net/Matt123.jpg

Follow with brainout.net/Matt215.jpg then brainout.net/Matt218.jpg then brainout.net/TRMatt3.jpg then brainout.net/TRquotesLXX.jpg

Google on 'LXX fragments': en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Septuagint . Here is a list of provable pre-Origen LXX mss : kjvonlydebate.com/2010/06/02/a-reader-comments-on-manuscript-evidence-for-a-pre-origen-septuagint/comment-page-1/#comment-3035

File Name: KJVOTrash.wmv, 3/5/10 in KJV folder.

LXX1b Matt22:37's 1st Commandment UPGRADE

Continued from 1a, how cleverly the Lord interpretatively quotes both the Hebrew and LXX of the First Commandment, to UPGRADE its level, now that He's here.

File Name: Threading2Matt2237.avi, 10/3/09.

LXX2 1Cor1:19's Cross GENIUS no longer hidden!

NT threads (quotes) LXX series. Yet more proof how the KJVO people are insane. For they claim that the LXX, Greek Old Testament, was an invention of the 3rd century AD. Which would make your entire Bible, a lie.

So let's examine proof that the KJVO are liars, shall we?

Patrick Henry said, 'Give me liberty or give me death!' Suppose I then say, 'give me Christ or give me death!' Wouldn't you know immediately that I was equating Christ with 'liberty', because you knew the original quote?

Witty, to take something well-known, change it slightly in a requote. Bible is the wittiest of books. So it does this requoting a lot -- in the NT. From, the LXX.

In 1Cor1:19: Paul cleverly changes only one word in the famous Isaiah 29:14 quote, to show how the upgrade of the Cross, exposes the alleged 'wisdom' of the world, as foolish. So here we see the most common rhetorical style for OT LXX quotations: the 'old' truth is woven into the 'new' truth which Christ bought by means of His Victory on the Cross, for Church.

Thus Isaiah 29:14 is fulfilled! All this, shown by merely quoting Isaiah 29:14, and then changing one word at the end -- from the LXX!

Such quotations are never mistakes. They are famous forms of Greek wordplay. The same thing was done in all Greek literature, and was expected. You quoted something already known, and then slightly CHANGED the quote, to demonstrate the new, threaded meaning. So God uses this rhetorical style to show how the OT is fulfilled in Christ, and how Church inherits an UPGRADED spiritual life. This is done thousands of times in the NT.

Every Bible quote in the NT uses this style, so study the pattern. That way you'll laugh when someone tries to claim the Bible contradicts itself, because the NT quote isn't the same as the OT. And then you will prove the scoffer, foolish.

Most foolish of all, are the KJVO people. For they are out to trash the entire Bible (unwittingly, of course) by claiming the LXX was the invention of Origen, in the 3rd century AD. BECAUSE THEY CANNOT READ THE GREEK -- but pretend they can -- they don't realize how their claim against the LXX, proves them fools. They don't realize how their claim thus trashes their own KJV, which after all is a translation using the Greek NT, which itself quotes FROM the LXX. So their claim that Origen wrote the LXX, is a claim that their own KJV is a fraud.

See: carnal Christians are so dumb, they don't even know when they've proven themselves liars.

File Name: LXX1c, 2/11/10.

LXX3a The Great I AM, John 8

Christ says He's God over 50 times in this chapter; at first, I thought it was only 26 times. So this Episode 3 runs through 3v, to document the proof, live in Bible you can test. A popular subepisode is 3q on how YHWH is 'decoded'.

Full list is at brainout.net/John8on26times.rtf ; brainout.net/John8on26times.pdf is the pdf copy. A color-coded keyword map is here: John8-Psalm18map.pdf

John 8's theme is based on Psalm 18. I didn't know that until 1/24/12, so use the rtf or pdf, to see the interplay. Videos don't cover it. John 8's outline:

* 'Let He who is without sin, cast the first stone'.
* So the Lord's enemies would cast stones on
* He Who is Without Sin.
* So the Temple Stones will be cast down,
* Eventually leaving Two Stone Witnesses,
* Wailing Wall and Dumb Dome,
* Mutely testifying to Daniel 9:26.
* For He Left The Building, hint hint!

Yeah, the 'pericope adulterae' belongs in John 8. The spiritual adulteresses want to stone a physical one, so to stone Israel's Groom, aka Son of God; Who they allege, a child of fornication; yet OUDEIS (no one) ought condemn the God-Man Who Alone Sees and knows Father (OUDEIS, no one else). So who's the real 'adulteress', worthy of Temple stoning, hmmmmmm?

OUDEIS is one of John's keywords throughout his writings, a kind of autograph. (Mark uses euthus, Peter likes hupo-prefixes). For NO ONE but Christ, is Messiah. :)

Starting in verse 12, Christ uses 10-12 types of OT rhetorical titles to stress His Godness. He builds them all around Exodus 3:14, and then 'circles' the dialogue in Chapter 8, to close their arguing with a statement He FOREKNOWS will get Him sent to the Cross: the Great I Am. He patiently walks the audience through their objections, waiting for the lightbulb to go on. It finally goes on, in verse 57. To show them (and us) as spiritual adulteresses, who want to stone God Himself.

Exodus 3:14 in Hebrew is a deft statement of Trinity, a kind of rhetorical triptych, similar to 'anaphora'; that style is prominent in OT Hebrew. And it's all LOST, in translation!

For you often can't see this wordplay in English, as there's no way to translate the wordplay. However, scholars did appreciate the wordplay.

See: I just used anaphora: "wordplay", three times. And, a word picture triptych of three related FUNCTIONS by DIFFERENT entities: seeing by the viewer, translating by translator, appreciating by scholars.

That's how Bible does it: Son chooses to be CEO, so creates, Gen 1:1, Isa45:18-19, Col1:16-18; Dad chooses to be Chm Bd, so gives the orders, the 'let there be' or 'let us make' of Gen 1. Spirit chooses to be COO, hence hovers like a mother hen waiting for Dad's Order, then restores (the world, us at salvation and after), Gen 1:2 etc.

Each One God, choosing to subordinate to EACH OTHER. Is this Love, or what? And no compromise to Righteousness, either!

So too, in Isaiah 63: verses 1-9 (Son), 10-14 (Spirit), 15ff (Father). Verses 15ff are invoked by the Jews in their John 8 claim of God being their 'father'.

So this video starts at John 8:42, where the Lord suddenly changes the 'sent' He's been using, to the LXX of Exodus 3:14, to remind them He's God. (He'd used Greek pempo in previous quotes: 8:16,18, 23, 26. You can't see that difference, in English.)

Thus His 2nd rhetorical technique is shown: He 'ropes' points to a central KEYWORD theme (here, Exo3:14's 'sent' and 'I Am'). You'll see a similar style in Daniel 9, 1John & Romans.

So Christ's deliberate & pointed tweaking of Exo3:14 throughout John 8, flag Him either as God -- or one who SHOULD be stoned. Especially, for His shocking Greek @John 8:42's ending, as this Episode 3a-c will show.

So this 3a starts there, with Greek verb apostellw (from which we get English 'apostle'): it means 'to send someone on a mission or to a diplomatic/rulership post'.

3rd technique He uses: He 'deploys' OTHER parallels to Exodus Chaps 3 thru 5, in a circuit, finally shubbing (returning) to Exo3:14, in John 8:58. He does this to wake up the audience, to their adulterous negativity to Him; same negativity, as toward Moses by both their forebears -- and, by Pharaoh. Ouch. (Paul reprises that theme in Romans 9; Mark's whole Gospel uses it.)

This video also back ups my claim that the 'Fuzzball' KJV can't prove the Lord claims He's God, stated here: youtube.com/watch?v=A7cI0vBt6BE

File Name: 3aIAMapostellw.avi, 3/26/10.

LXX3b Great I AM Jn8:42's apostellw

Continued on apostellw and prolepsis of Greek accusative me, showing the Lord stresses He's God, in John 8:42.

More info is in 3a's video description.

File Name: 3bIAMapostellw3.avi, 3/26/10.

LXX3c Great I AM Jn 8:42's 'ekeinos'

Here we focus on 'ekeinos', showing the Lord stresses He's God, in John 8:42. For Him to use 'ekeinos' for 'Father' either means the Lord is extremely rude -- or extremely INTIMATE. Take your pick.

More info is in 3a's video description.

File Name: 3cIAMapostellw4.avi, 3/26/10.

LXX3d Great I AM Jn8:33 w/Exo3-5, cont.

Trace how the Lord 'ropes' the audience toward the climactic statement in John 8:58, to which He's been deliberately aiming since 8:16, when he first used apostellw. By the way, He claims He's God 10 times between verses 12 and 23, so it's a wonder the audience still doesn't understand Him. So here we begin to see He's patiently TEACHING them, waiting for the lightbulb to go on. How poignant.

To save time, we pick up His manifold repeated affirmations HE IS GOD, from verse 33. You can't see the references in English, as the video will show.

As we'll begin to see here, He also 'deploys' rhetorical parallels to Exodus Chapters 3-5 in a 'circle', until He 'ropes' them all together, with the shocking John 8:58. It's the rhetorical equivalent of a 'double envelopment' in military tactics.

More info is in 3a's video description.

File Name: 3dIAMapostellw5.avi, 3/27/10.

LXX3e Great I AM Jn8 w/Exo3-5, cont.

More on how the Lord 'ropes' the audience toward the climactic statement in John 8:58, to which He's been deliberately aiming, since 8:16, when he first used apostellw. More details on are also in 3a's video description.

Notice how He 'deploys' parallels to Exodus Chapters 3-5 in a 'circle', until He 'ropes' them all together, with the shocking statement in John 8:58. Knowing all the while, they will crucify Him for TELLING THE TRUTH about Who He is.

Talk about Love!

File Name: 3eIAMapostellw6.avi, 3/27/10.

LXX3f Great I AM Jn8:42 w/Exo4, cont.

Here, the tie between John 8:42ff and Exodus 4 (which I hope you read first). Shows how the Lord 'ropes' the John 8 dialogue through Exodus Chaps 3-5 to mirror the crowd's own like-Pharaoh negativity. Awesome stuff.

This demonstration will continue through Episode 3j. Pay close attention to how the Lord goes from the Exodus 3:14's ENDING reference He made in John 8:42 (seen in Episode 3a-c), down through the parallels in Exodus 4, then Exodus 5, then back to the BEGINNING of Exodus 3, to 'circle' back to Exodus 3:14 by the time He says its FIRST HALF, in John 8:58.

See, to know what a passage means we gotta follow ALL of what the author actually SAYS, before we can properly interpret any PART of what he says. We Christians need to stop cherry-picking verses. Then we'd know that the pericope adulterae is a deliberate preamble to John 8, to show how the spiritual adulterers, wanted to stone Him Who Was Without Sin.

John knew his Greek drama. The pericope adulterae introduction is vital, a true story, and explains much. Only religious types hate it. Rev 17 spiritual harlotry is miffed by any competition. So the anti-semitic and legalistic Church Fathers battled over the passage, some deleting it, some including it. But John's own 'oudeis' style is clearly based on the Lord. So we know where the passage belongs. :)

File Name: 3fIAMapostellw7.avi, 3/27/10.

LXX3g Great I AM Jn8 w/Exo4-5

The Lord continues to 'rope' His audience to the parallel opposition situation Moses faced, in order to help them recognize His Claim of Deity, which He keeps on stating ever since verse 12 (well, really since John 3). Here, we see Him go through Exodus 4 and 5, on the 'downswing' of the roping.

File Name: 3gIAMapostellw8.avi, 3/27/10.

LXX3h Great I AM Jn8 w/Exo3

The Lord continues to 'rope' His audience to the parallel opposition situation Moses faced, in order to help them recognize His Claim of Deity, which He keeps on stating ever since verse 12 (well, really since John 3). Here, we see Him go BACK to Exodus 3's BEGINNING, now on the 'upswing' of the roping. Why? Because He's the GOD of Abraham. And that's what Exodus 3's beginning, covers...

File Name: 3hIAMapostellw9.avi, 3/27/10.

LXX3i Great I AM Jn8 w/Exo3, cont.

Still on how the Lord continues to 'rope' His audience to the parallel opposition situation Moses faced, in order to help them recognize His Claim of Deity, which He keeps on stating ever since verse 12 (well, really since John 3). Here, we see Him go BACK to Exodus 3's BEGINNING, now on the 'upswing' of the roping. Why? Because He's the GOD of Abraham. And that's what Exodus 3's beginning, covers...

File Name: 3iIAMapostellw10.avi, 3/27/10.

LXX3j Great I AM Jn8 w/Exo3, cont.

Still on how the Lord continues to 'rope' His audience to the parallel opposition situation Moses faced, in order to help them recognize His Claim of Deity, which He keeps on stating ever since verse 12 (well, really since John 3). Here, we see Him keep circling on the 'upswing' of Exodus 3. Because, He is the GOD of Abraham. Just as He told Moses.

Which He will of course claim, in John 8:58 when He QUOTES Exodus 3:14 as being HIM. That quote, will be covered in video(s) after this Episode 3j, showing from the Hebrew, how deftly He uses both the Masoretic text AND the LXX to show HE is the One Who talked from the Burning Bush, and HE is the 3rd EHYEH in the TRINITY of Exo 3:14.

File Name: 3jIAMapostellw11.avi, 3/27/10.

LXX3k Great I AM, Redeemer

Here we digress for one video on how the Old Testament repeatedly states that ONLY GOD is the Redeemer. And then, how ONLY CHRIST claims to be that Redeemer. So Christ, is God. Simple.

Anyone who won't admit that Christ is God, will never mature spiritually. For, that's what the Jewish unbelievers wouldn't do, as we've seen in John 8. So before we come back to the Great I AM in John 8:58, this detour is necessary. You MUST come to grips with the Fact He is God.

You don't have to understand WHY the Gospel is valid, to be saved. You only have to BELIEVE it; BELIEVE, that Christ paid for your sins. You don't have to understand Christ is God, to be saved. You only have to BELIEVE He paid for your sins. But if, after you are saved, you never believe or understand that He is God, you will retard spiritually, and be forever in heaven just the same -- but as a spiritual moron. For you didn't choose to learn.

Spiritual IQ is not dependent on you. It's dependent on God filling you with understanding. But He won't fill you with what you don't want to learn. So if you won't believe, learn, look at the BIBLE, you won't learn it. And if you won't believe, learn, look at the BIBLE verses where Christ proves He's God, then you won't mature.

File Name: 3kIAMapostellw12.avi, 3/28/10.

LXX3l Great I AM Jn 8:58

Now we come to the climax of the Chapter, John 8:58 itself. You've hopefully seen in the prior parts of this Episode 3, how the Lord began the 'journey' to this verse, using Exodus 3:14 when He led them into it, via His first Chapter 8 I-am-God statement in verse 12, 'I am the Light of the World' -- a statement only GOD can make. So now that I AM is brought full circle, having taken the audience from Exodus 3:14, down 'south' to Exodus 4 and 5, then 'north' back to where HE first met Moses, in Exodus 3:1-7. Where He told Moses HE was the God of Abraham. And where He now tells His John 8 audience, the same thing. Yet, again.

So now, He says John 8:58. And now, we'll begin to learn how a Trinity Verb is a Trinity Noun, when the Verb is God, the Causer of all nouns. And now, we'll begin to learn what the BIBLE says is the meaning of the Great YHWH... enjoy!

File Name: 3lIAMapostellw13.avi, 3/28/10.

LXX3m Great YHWH Jn8:58+Exo3:14

Climax of the Chapter, John 8:58, continued from 3l. Watch how the Hebrew and Greek verbs function simultaneously as nouns. This is a common feature for infinitives, gerunds, participles in almost every language, but the GENIUS of Christ's language in John 8:58, takes full advantage of this dual-natured feature of BOTH Hebrew and Greek in Exo 3:14. Yeah, because He's God-Man!

Read Gesenius Sections 60, 61, 83, 115, and 145 on the use of Hebrew verbs as nouns, and vice versa. Here's an 1824 edition of Gesenius you can freely download (but it's been corrected, many times since): books.google.com/books?id=He8tAAAAYAAJ&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_navlinks_s#v=onepage&q=&f=false

File Name: 3mIAMapostellw14.avi, 3/28/10.

LXX3n Great YHWH Jn8:58+Exo3:14

Watch how the Hebrew and Greek verbs function simultaneously as nouns. This is a common feature for infinitives, gerunds, participles in almost every language, but the GENIUS of Christ's language in John 8:58, takes full advantage of this dual-natured feature of BOTH Hebrew and Greek in Exo 3:14. Yeah, because He's God-Man!

So now we'll see more about what YHWH, comes to mean, directly from the way Christ uses the Hebrew and LXX of Exo 3:14. Exciting, witty stuff!

File Name: 3nIAMapostellw15.avi, 3/28/10.

LXX3o Great YHWH Jn8:58+Exo3:14, cont.

Here, we'll see how the word ORDER Christ chooses, tells us much about the meaning of YHWH....

File Name: 3oIAMapostellw16.avi, 3/28/10.

LXX3p Great YHWH, Jn8:58+Exo3:14, cont.

Continued from 3o, on the Genius of the Lord's word ORDER. By that order you know much; including, what YHWH means! He tells us, as does Exo 3:14!

Why people have been baffled about its meaning, baffles me!

File Name: 3pIAMapostellw17.avi, 3/28/10.

LXX3q YHWH 'decoded' by Jn8:58+Exo3:14-15

This popular video cutely summarizes what the Lord's talking about in John 8:58. Notice the Hebrew letterplay. He Who Always Was.. Becomes! Yeah, the Way, The Truth, The Life, and apart from Him nothing was made that will ever be made.. and from Him, we are made Sons!

Original Youtube video description, follows below.
God tells you what YHWH means in Exodus 3:14-15, so it's no mystery. Christ in John8:58, merely TRANSLATES the YHWH from the LXX of Exodus 3:14-15, into Greek verbs -- with Himself in the middle, of course. We just saw Him do that, in Episode 3p.

So here in 3q, you'll see how Hebrew morphology, wittily created the noun YHWH from two Hebrew verbs, hayah and hawah.

God's Sacred name is variantly spelled in the OT, as follows. I got this by searching in BibleWorks on the vowel points going with YHWH. I didn't catch all the usages, because I don't know all the ways YHWH is spelled with them. The transliterations which follow use the vowel points. The apostrophe is a shewa.

* y'howih=31 times
* y'howah=44 times (closest sound to the later European invention of 'Jehovah')
* yahwih=2 times
* y'hwih=271 times
* y'hwah=5658 times.

So if you want to pick the most common BIBLE pronounciation, you'd say 'Ye-HWAH'. Isaiah uses this two-syllable pronounciation in the Hebrew meter of Isaiah 53, for example.

'Jehovah' was a European invention of the Middle Ages or later, maybe from Germany. That's an educated guess, though.

Two common scholar suppositions about YHWH thus prove perhaps incorrect:

1. The supposition that every consonant must have a vowel between it and the next consonant, isn't true. The 'h' breathing replaces the vowel, as in the vocalized shewa.

2. The supposition that since YHWH ends in H, it's a late invention. Nope, the 'y' sound, is still quickly vocalized at the end of the word. Again, due to the breathy, terminating 'h' (you smile at the end). If you elongated the sound 'y', you'd be saying 'my YHWH', so they'd not do that. (The 'y' sound at the end of a noun generally means 'my'.)

Also: scholars claim the Masoretes vowel-pointed YHWH with the vowels for Adonai -- the above examples of Bible's vowel-pointing, don't bear out that claim.

Exodus 3:14 is the origin of The Name, and it's a paranomasia; you know that, from the LXX translation. Hebrew says, 'eh-yeh asher eh-yeh' (phonetic spelling). Two qal imperfects of hayah are used. So the phrase means, "I was and will be, who I was and will be." Talk about Sovereignty!

From that comes YHWH in Exodus 3:15, which I maintain is the contraction of two Hebrew verbs, hayah and hawah, with the ha's removed (for the ha sound is a definite article, too). So that leaves Yah and Wah. Made into a noun, that becomes either Yeh or Yah, plus weh or wah.

So that accounts for why YeHWaH is the most common vowel pointing. It ends up meaning He Who Always was, Becomes (God-Man), I'd bet money. The other vowel points probably came from wit about how verbs are formed in stems.

Production Note: 'ChristKeep', who provided the music, is also known as devonrose, and he does sell his music as well. This clip is not copyrighted. See my profile page's 'About Me' section near the bottom, on how to link to his website.

File Name: 3qYHWH.wmv, 3/29/10.

LXX3r REVISITED: Christ says He's God 50+ times in John 8!

The first 'pass' on how often Christ says He's God in John 8, was in 2010. Someone challenged me to document it more completely, so from 3r to 3v, that's what you'll see. Turns out He says He's God over 50 times, not merely the initial count of 26 (after which I quit counting, my bad). So now we start again, 'REVISITED'.

There's more: the OUTLINE for John 8 is based on Psalm 18. So there's no way anyone sane can claim the pericope adulterae, isn't woven thoroughly into the Chapter. They couldn't sanely claim that anyway, since the Chapter begins and ends with STONING. John cleverly hooked up both incidents to make that point. But hey: some people just love 'tradition' so much, they don't care if Bible is sacrificed in the process. So if some dippy old clerics didn't like John 8:1-10 and excised it, oh that must be RIGHT, what God intended...? And no decent attention to the LANGUAGE in John, is paid.

Scholars are human like anyone else, and they have their political agendas like anyone else. So you be a good scholar, use 1John1:9 and ASK GOD how to do the RIGHT job of assessing these videos. That is, if you're supposed to watch them at all!

Original Youtube description follows below.
50+ times Christ says He's God, PATTERNING HIS DISCOURSE AFTER PSALM 18. Hence this Episode 3r through 3v, revisits the whole chapter, showing how Christ is literally tracking Psalm 18 as He talks. When you see the line-by-line parallel between the two chapters, you'll freak out. I know I did. How many other sections of the Bible, are like this one? Maybe many, and we've missed this important hermeneutic, all these centuries? Yikes!

More: this is yet another way to also prove that the so-called 'pericope adulterae' is validly in Bible exactly where it sits in John 8:1-11. That Bible section has been a political football for centuries, so this 3r covers it as an introduction to the rhetorical style of Bible fingerprinting: the use of keywords in a particular pattern, to 'fingerprint' what other parts of Bible, the speaker is using. Word doc demonstrating the 50+ times He says He's God in John 8, is here: brainout.net/John8on26times.rtf ; brainout.net/John8on26times.pdf is the pdf copy. A color-coded keyword map is here: John8-Psalm18map.pdf . Editable version of map is here: brainout.net/Psalm18-John8parallels.doc . They won't highlight the same: I keep seeing more parallels as I review the material.

Thank you, Super Donster. Your query made me revisit John 8, and through it I learned of this Bible rhetorical technique.

File Name: 3r-LXX.avi, 1/28/12.

LXX3s Christ says He's God 50+ times in John 8, cont.

Bible Fingerprinting rhetorical technique used by Christ. This 3s starts in John 8:12, shows how Christ parallels Psalm 18 in His John 8 discourse, and how the prior 11 verses DEPICTED the Psalm 18 setting. Christ leads His audience verse-by-verse through Psalm 18, as future videos (through 3v) will show. Thus you know how to read John 8. Associated Word doc: brainout.net/John8on26times.rtf . For the pdf copy, just replace 'rtf' with 'pdf'. A color-coded keyword map is here: brainout.net/John8-Psalm18map.pdf .Editable version of map is here: brainout.net/Psalm18-John8parallels.doc . They won't highlight the same: I keep seeing more parallels as I review the material.

Christendom doesn't know of this rhetorical technique. That's one reason John 8 is disputed, is fuzzball in translation and in teaching.. for centuries. When you see how Christ parallells Psalm 18 via His discourse (four hours of future videos, including this 3s), you will KNOW why John 8 in your Bible, properly includes verses 1-11, and what John 8 means. It won't be fuzzball, anymore. No one can claim Christ doesn't say He's God. YOU will know why, and YOU will be able to prove it yourself, to yourself -- and to anyone else.

Bible is meant to be understood. But the sad truth is, we don't try to understand it, just as the antagonistic Jews within the Jewish crowd taunting Jesus, didn't want to understand. So as they were then, we are now. Warning to us all, to read Bible more carefully! And I too was guilty, until Super Donster asked me to provide more proof. I owe him, forever.

File Name: 3s-LXX.avi, 1/29/12.

LXX3t Christ says He's God 50+ times in John 8, cont.

Bible 'Fingerprinting' rhetorical style, cont. It gets real exciting, now. New color-coded parallel keyword maps which show full text of both chapters: brainout.net/John8-Psalm18map.pdf (not editable), and brainout.net/Psalm18-John8parallels.doc (editable). The latter includes corrected translations, and its map is not identical with the pdf. I keep revising the color-coding, as I re-study these parallel passages.

Master list of the 50+ times He says He's God, with full text of John 8 verses, brainout.net/John8on26times.rtf ; brainout.net/John8on26times.pdf is the pdf copy.

Again, you can't find this in Christendom, so I have to document the source material, with the result that its own text furnishes the validity; and if the commentary is apt, God will witness to it. GO TO THE SOURCE, never rely on 'experts' who after all are paid to take the positions they do. God will witness to which of the 'experts' are incompetent, lying, or telling the truth competently. ASK HIM.

File Name: 3t-LXX.avi, 1/29/12.

LXX3u Christ says He's God 50+ times in John 8, cont.

Continued from 3t, how Christ in John 8, uses a rhetorical style of 'Bible Fingerprinting' to parallel Psalm 18 for HIs Audience, here with focus on Him saying He's SINLESS (which only Messiah in Psalm 18:20-24, can claim). Understand that to be called 'Messiah' meant to the Jews, that He was God-man. The title means God-man. Only God can save by taking on Humanity, hence 'Son of God' and 'Son of Man' (Daniel 7:13) titles are affirmations of Deity, to fulfill the prophecy of David's Greater Son promised in 2Sam 7.

Christ has been leading the audience down Psalm 18's outline, and now is in a position to talk to the positive among the audience, where He takes the opportunity to equate HIS OWN WORDS as GOD'S WORDS. That's yet another category of Him claiming He's God. By tracking to Psalm 18, He's claiming He fulfills it. And at the end of Psalm 18, is the promise to Abraham about the Jews being the header nation in the Millennium; that's why John 8 ends with the Great I AM.

Word doc demonstrating the 50+ times He says He's God in John 8, is here: brainout.net/John8on26times.rtf ; brainout.net/John8on26times.pdf is the pdf copy. Color-coded maps of the keyword parallels to Psalm 18, are here: brainout.net/John8-Psalm18map.pdf (not editable) and brainout.net/Psalm18-John8parallels.doc (editable).

File Name: 3u-LXX.avi, 1/29/12

LXX3v Christ says He's God 50+ times in John 8, conclusion

How Christ uses the ending Psalm 18 prophecy to the Gentiles, to demonstrate He's God in John 8. Word doc on the 50+ times He says He's God in John 8, is here: brainout.net/John8on26times.rtf ; brainout.net/John8on26times.pdf is the pdf copy. Color-coded maps showing how Christ parallels John 8 to Psalm 18: brainout.net/John8-Psalm18map.pdf (not editable); brainout.net/Psalm18-John8parallels.doc (editable).

Also covered: His sophisticated keyword tracking style to the unique apostellw foursomes in LXX of Exodus, and the unique doxa uses in Isaiah 53, to 'tag' what he says to both Psalm 18, and those two books. Since Jews memorized text, they would be aware of how many times a keyword was repeated in a passage, which count served as a mnemonic and an index. Awesome stuff.

File Name: LXX3vRemix.avi, 11/25/13 made of bundled VidShort and 1/29/12 3v-LXX.avi, no edits. Production note: if you wanted to know the music title, it's 'Men of Harlech'. My pastor turned that into another song named 'Christian Soldier' (same tune, different lyrics).

LXX4a Acts 15 Scholar Insanity!

Anatomy of scholar ineptness over the fact the NT 'threads' the LXX -- which every scholar even knows, it's required study in seminary!

Honestly, just when I think Christian scholarship can't get any worse, I find something like this. So, this video (sorry) is something of a tirade against 'scholarship' which accuses Bible to hide its own incompetence. Here, Acts 15. This is one sample of many I've seen over the last few months, and many more over the last year. Scholarship is valuable, we need it, and this is not against the scholars in general. But it is against the tolerance of the bad apples, which today are many. Sometimes, the gloves should come off!

Link referenced in the video: books.google.com/books?id=nlJDcn2YotkC&pg=PA38&dq=Jewish+eschatological+expectations+in+the+first+century+ce&hl=en&sa=X&ei=c0ZpT77SDoeCsAKS9-yQCQ&ved=0CGQQ6AEwCThk#v=onepage&q&f=false

File Name: TiradeScolarInsanityActs15.avi, 3/21/12.

LXX4b Book review on LXX Textual Criticism (TextCrit3)

This video is part of my Youtube 'Textual Criticism' playlist ( youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2B1F4FB49407E364 ), which largely includes independent research materials on the web you can use; the sites are all unrelated to me. This video, is a book review of a text about TC for the LXX.

Video reads from Natalio Marcos' book, The Septuagint in Context: Introduction to the Greek Version of the Bible, Chapter One (link here: books.google.com/books?id=8MbvEZ4bgdwC&pg=PA3&q&f=false ), to show how textual critics are human; why in many ways, TC of the Greek OT, has been lacking. Marcos proposes what to me is the common-sense approach: treat Greek of the OT as then LIVING; so bilingualism and influence from other languages of its time, ought to be a 'lens' through which we should read, the LXX. Duh. So I get a bit testy while reading the text for the first time, on screen. Sorry.

Here's another great link, provided by egwpisteuw: amazon.com/Invitation-Septuagint-Mois%C3%A9s-Silva/dp/080103115X/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1338253883&sr=8-1

File Name: TC3LXX.avi, 5/26/12, in TextCrit folder.

LXX5 Heb10:5 proof Prolifers, Pagan (PB5de)

Christ quotes Psalm 40:6 in the LXX the second He is born. Why? What would this tell us? Well first, given the text, He's making it clear that His Body, is NOT Him. 'Prepared' is a body, for the 'Me'. Wow. Pretty bald, huh. Since He's God-man, obviously the body cannot BE Him. So too, for us: pattern of Genesis 2:7, the real person is the SOUL.

Your BODY is not you. It was PREPARED for you though, as this verse proves. 'Prepared' really means first healed and then constructed, due to Adam's sin.

In Christ's case, first Mary's sin-tainted 23 chromosomes had to be 'healed' via meiosis and polar body (a natural biological process); but then the Holy Spirit created an added 23 perfect chromosomes, and added them (rather than the natural process of sperm and egg). THAT is 'the immaculate conception', and it's purely biological. A house being prepared, just like David explains in Psalm 139:13.

Prepared for. NOT, the real you. NOT, alive. Rather, an organic machine. For YOU, are a SOUL. Made alive by God at birth, just as Christ here supernaturally exclaims when He is BORN, quoting from Psalm 40:6 in the LXX. So this video is part of my Prolife Blasphemy playlist ( youtube.com/playlist?list=PL144D716E521647D1 ).

All Bibles translate this verse fairly well. So there is no excuse for believing you are a you, until BORN. We really need to stop aborting Scripture in the name of politics over whether CAESAR will rule rulings we want, because we don't want to PRAY TO GOD about what we want.

6-page Word doc Prolife Blasphemy series Summary: brainout.net/ProlifeBlasphemy.doc

Main webpage on the topic, which has a full exegesis of Psalm 139, to prove how horribly it's mistranslated: brainout.net/Caveat4.htm

File Name: ProlifeBlasph5de.avi, composite before split for Youtube, 2/9/10.

LXX6 'Son of Man'= GOD-Man

Technical Greek Bible proof that when Christ calls Himself "Son of Man" He means GOD-Man. The term is only used for Christ in Daniel 7:13, in the OT, Chaldean bar-enash, meaning ben-enosh, in Hebrew -- NOT the 107 times it is used for ben-ADAM. For the latter, means son of Adam, but Christ is the Last Adam, the Son of God, Luke 3.

All 107 uses of ben-adam in OT are translated huios anthropou, no articles. But the 80+ times the Son of Man title is used in the NT, only means Christ, and is rendered HO Huios TOU anthropou, an official Title (the two articles mean official, as in LXX official calendar dates).

The Four NT exceptions to this are covered passim, with no articles, and all of them stress Christ as God. Videos go through all NT uses, since all the LXX uses are the same, no articles for ben-adam. Lone LXX exception is Daniel 7:13, so Christ refers only to that usage, no other, when He speaks of Himself (or when anyone else in NT speaks of Him with the Son of Man title).

So His Son of Man title, means only God-Man. Those disputing this BIBLE FACT, don't read Greek and so seem to get away with their ignorant claims. Chief among these are Muslims and Oneness folks (who disbelieve Trinity), and those other weird sects who think Christ is only Human. Don't they know His clever phrasing in 1Tim2:5, where HE reasons (Paul is quoting Christ), that since He is God, He must be mediator. One Father, One Mediator. It's wordplay. Oh well. Salvation thus couldn't WORK unless the MEDIATOR were both NATURES, capisce? Payment on the Cross would have been too low, if He were only Human. The QUALITY of the THINKING had to be GOD-MAN; that He had to do it VIA His Humanity made it HARDER. Oh well.

File Name: LXX6-SonOfMan, 11/25/13 bundle of the original SonOfMan1-5 5/2/09 vids, no edits.