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10 Signs of False Teacher

Our teachers are not perfect, even as neither our parents nor we are perfect. So they, like we, fall prey to falsehood. It is harder on those in authority when they fall, so pray for them, Romans 13. Meanwhile, it is also incumbent on the believer to TEST anyone who claims something is Biblical, especially if a teacher. And you test, with the Word. If you find out a teaching is false, ASK GOD if you should do anything about it. Often, the answer is "no", but of course the meanwhile, you don't believe what is false, yourself.

This video shows some of the most-common categories of false teaching 'out there'. Some of it is merely mistaken, and as the teacher grows in the Word, he will grow out of his mistakes (just as we should). But the majority will be false teachers: that has been true since Adam. People prefer falsehood, and man being vulnerable to mass approval, will mostly cater to that approval. That too, has been true since Adam. So it is up to you, whether before the Lord you accept or reject, absent homework in the Word.

This video, with the other Lie Detection videos, is designed to facilitate that homework. Obviously, then, you test the videos themselves, before the Lord. For that's how you grow, spiritually, by testing using the Word of God -- with God! Be sure to breathe 1Jn1:9 as needed, or you're wasting your time, no Spirit in you.

The 10 Signs of False Teacher:
I. He sells false gospels, saves No One.
II. He calls himself a 'prophet' who gets 'revelation from the Lord'.
III. He childishly 'reads' spirituality as body stuff and/or ritual, miracles.
IV. He claims you do NOT need to name your sins to God.
V. He claims God is NOT Trinity, or that Christ was NOT God (i.e., Angel or not God 'til after the Cross).
VI. He claims Rapture is invalid, or is not pre-Trib.
VII. He claims Church began in Abraham's tent, Church REPLACED, or Jews not true Israelites.
VIII. He claims 'respectability'.
IX. He claims he's teaching 'the one true faith' or similar exclusive claim.
X. He advocates political activism.

Falsehood stubbornly believed rots the brain. Literally. As time progresses, the individual clinging to falsehood will buy ever more of it in wider categories, and his ability to process information declines. The soul becomes narrow and prickly, taking offense when none is given; legalism increases, as does pettiness. God is no longer of interest, but only His Name, like a badge of ego preening. These are the hallmarks of spiritual decline, "earthly things" of Romans 8 and Philippians 3. Mental decline follows, to the point that even PLAIN BIBLE LANGUAGE on the topic one refuses to believe, cannot be read. The falsehood is loved too much. No point reasoning with the person, even the Bible itself, is now unintelligible to him.

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File Name: 10FalseTeachR.wmv, 6/1/08.

10 Ways to Detect the Lie, False Doctrine

Falsehood has at least 10 major characteristics you can test for and prove, whether it's a falsehood in politics, science, religion or.. Bible. False Doctrine always:
1. Maligns God's Character.
2. Stresses or glorifies man.
3. Betrays incompetent (Bible) 'scholarship'.
4. Obeys the 3 Temptations of Matt4, REVERSING what Bible actually says in the verse(s) claimed for support.
5. Claims to be the 'one true faith' version -- and you're bad, if you're not in it.
6. Appeals to the 'respectability' of the human claimant (i.e., how popular, charismatic or how many degrees the person has).
7. Justifies itself by appeal to other PEOPLE who are likewise respectable, rather than to Bible (hearsay/ ex cathedra claims).
8. Is POPULAR. This discourages checking the claims via Bible.
9. Appeals to emotion or intellect, in lieu of Bible in context.
10. Fails Common Sense.

Bible mistranslation, misinterpretation, and misteaching also follows these 10 characteristics, every time.

YOU are responsible to audit what you believe, before the Lord -- Who you ASK, for Proof, and then You Study Bible To Find the Answers. Else, you won't get them. Else, you'll hallucinate the answers and call them 'from God.' Fooling, only yourself.

Satan is behind all falsehood, whether secular or spiritual, and the amazing thing is he advertises it. Satan's way of advertising his involvement is summarized in .

Satan can't afford for us to know the truth, that's why Bible's been persecuted its entire life (i.e., torn to shreds, missing, lost, confiscated and sequestered within a generation or two of the books being written).

Belief depends on learning, so of course we'll all be wrong about something, no big deal. So God will correct us, If We Ask. But if we don't, He won't. Your self-worth is neither increased nor diminished due to what you believe. But your happiness is sure affected. And, your ability to comprehend, read, speak. Falsehood rots the brain. Just read some of the reactionary comments to this video or the Islam videos.

By contrast, you grow Spiritually If You Audit Everything, using 1Jn1:9 (if needed) as you do it.. so get cracking!

File Name: FalseDoctrine.wmv, 4/28/08.

10 Ways to Wreck Your Spiritual Life

Dark side of Spiritual Maturation is degeneration, if believer rejects certain truths for too long: it is 1st mental, then physical. It mimics false doctrine you believe, or true doctrine you reject. The soul shrinks. Moralistic petty-mindedness (Philippians 3:19, Romans 8:5ff) is the main attribute of soul shrinkage.

Spiritual growth means gradual replacement of falsehood. Refusal to learn brings with it spiritual illness you can diagnose. Over the years I've seen such illness, 10 categories of refusal seem to speed degeneracy most. They are:

1. Stop talking to God. Talking to God speeds spiritual maturation most, as you will recall Bible & know if you are at odds with God. So if you stop talking to Him, you become quickly agitated; or, sublimate, lie to yourself. Mental decline is rapid: hypersensitivity is hallmark.

2. Stop using 1Jn1:9 (or don't begin, or name your sins to someone not God). People I know are dying due to this. Paul almost died from it, see his speech in Acts 22. David too, Psalm 32:5 +66:18, 1Kings1 (he named Solomon as God said, but didn't transfer kingship; 1Chron29 is his repentance).

Not using 1Jn1:9 kills your spiritual perception; what you THINK you know about Bible is merely academic, like anything else. Telltale signs of spiritual retrogression: inability to read plainly-stated truth. For example, people who don't use 1Jn1:9 can't read the fact that 1John is addressed to BELIEVERS, not unbelievers, so say you must repent of your sins to be saved. (So the person IS NOT SAVED, as the verse can't apply to unbelievers.) Such persons can't read the fact that all the OT sacrifices etc. were by BELIEVERS; that's how they admitted their sins to God. Bible misuse will multiply if you don't name your sins to God regularly. Test the difference: use 1Jn1:9 many times a day for a month, see the huge growth in your Bible perception!

3. Stop learning & living on Bible or never start. Decline is gradual if one never started, rapid if he did. High bitterness, if the latter. The one who never started can't grasp why he is punished.

4. Believe you don't need to study Bible under a male pastor. These folks decline slowly, unless they rejected a pastor. In the latter case, they decline quickly. Included are folks who listen to multiple pastors, only watch TV pastors. You must sit under 1 guy, for some years. It can be long-distance. Greek "haphe" in Ephesians 4:16 means it's God's Will that you mainly study under 1 person at a time -- whom HE picks for you.

5. Mistake morality as 'spiritual'. Decline here is slow, but often permanent. So you are intimate with works and people, but never God. This is the main problem in Christianity.

6. Make Christian issues, political issues. Here, the Christian rapidly becomes unable to read Bible, reverses key doctrines, no matter how plain even in translation. This is another main problem in Christianity.

7. Believe salvation can be lost or needs something you 'add' to it (like baptism, works). Legalism +roteness invade you. Ability to read Bible tanks like in #6. You might not even be saved. BELIEVE ONLY, John 3:16.

8. Disparage Israel or your home nation. Physical +mental degeneration is sudden-onset after years of no symptoms. Or eerily like "rotting" analogy at 2nd Advent (Zech 14:12), one body part at a time. Anti-semitism guarantees insanity. That's why Muslims can't see how Islam is CRAZY.

9. Disbelieve in pre-Trib Rapture. #9 is a bellweather of degeneracy. The stronger disbelief, the more decline. Proper belief in Rapture is vital. For it's akin to anti-semitism, to disbelieve it. Rapture is a direct result of Matt16:18, the reason you even breathe; it's proof that God keeps His Time promises to Israel. Col 3:25!

10. Disbelieve in Trinity. Decline here is like mold. Trinity is depicted in almost every OT verse re God Himself. Decline also occurs if you disbelieve Christ is God, or that He 'became' God, lost His Godness, etc., as these are subsets of disbelief in Trinity.

Related webpages: on Spiritual Pathology. This video is embedded there. covers tips to speed or retard spiritual growth. covers Right Pastor, with full exegesis +3 translations of Eph4:11-16. covers the God's LAWS OF TIME since Adam (ergo a pre-Trib Rapture is necessary). All provable from Bible, even in translation. examines the LEGAL PRECEDENCE that also results in pre-Trib Rapture. Some Greek-geek analysis required.

File Name: 10 Ways to Wreck Spiritual Life.wmv, 2/25/08.

Gen1, Genesis of the Dingbats

This video heads the vimeo 'Genesis, with Exegesis' Channel: Genesis Time Doctrines (Exegetical Proof) . Same playlist is also in Youtube, same name. (The bliptv copy, is now gone.)

Gist: Bible is mistranslated in Genesis 1:2, so Christians don't properly interpret Genesis. That, due to Christians using Bishop Ussher's timeline instead of Bible, to date creation. Bible disagrees with BOTH the creationists and evolutionists -- how embarrassing for us Christians. Bible plainly says the Earth was RESTORED in six LITERAL days, not initially created over that period; 'day' here is EXPLICITLY 24 hours (Hebrew idiom of evening THEN morning can only be literal, as the Hebrew day began at SUNSET) -- not some hallucinated longer period by moderns who have no faith in Bible. Pity we Christians hate God so much we won't even READ what He says.

Secondly, it demonstrates God's Rules for Constructing Time, a doctrine unknown in Christendom which USED to be known in Judaism; the doctrine begins with the begats in Genesis 5. Episode 8 covers that doctrine.

For those of you who saw this series in bliptv, they disabled the players; you can now only view the series via Youtube players or directly here in vimeo. So my chatty insistence (beginning at 2:55) that you look at the Youtube or blip video description's 'download links', are now outdated.

3-page Word.doc summarizing video series content:

Off-Youtube, view and original videos: . You can download them here in vimeo; or if you want the original file (named at the end of each video description), let me know and I'll upload it to my domain for your anonymous download.

Larger context of satanic messing with Bible teaching and translation:

Upload File Name: GenesisDingbats.wmv, 8/25/08.

How Satan Deploys Islam 1/4

Download original worksheet, .

Upshot: Satan wants Christians to deny or distort the Rapture, so he can delay it. Satan wants to use them to wipe out the Jews, & thus (he thinks) hurt God, win in the Angelic Trial. Satan aims for a "Chanukah II", to mock the Lord's Birth (on what became Chanukah 4BC, see my "Lord born on Chanukah" videos).

Satan aims to create a fight to rebuild the Temple, so to get Jews to mass back in Israel, then wipe them out. Took him 2000 years to achieve part of this goal (1948); he did it, by sustained & worldwide pogroms. Having failed to make Christians wholly anti-semitic, he turned to the Arabs; via them, created the anti-semitic religion of Islam.

So these videos track that strategy, sketching actual history since 70AD through today. Satan's really petty: he swarms the Arab Muslims on the Exodus 12:40-41 timetable, every 430 years. Or, as nearly as he can make it happen on that schedule. Thus he mocks Arabs, Christians AND the Jews, for being so unaware of the history. So, these videos go through, that history. We are all pawns in this thing, simply because we won't study Scripture. So I'm not trying to single out the Muslims: we are ALL too dumb to live!

Video's worksheet (based on Bible and history you can vet yourself) . Use Excel's "Views" +"Custom Views" to easily navigate. "Civilization 4000" Custom View, starts the video.

Only Israel was promised Time; when she rejected Messiah, God's Time Grant Rules reset to the Last Adam (Christ), & reverted to the old rules: Time must be JUSTIFIED, based on someone super-maturing within a 490-year deadline. These deadlines now measure from the Crucifixion. Hence Satan seeks to make the world negative enough (i.e., as at the Flood), or at least to obfuscate Bible enough so that no one supermatures or knows the Rapture: only then, can he can stop Time and win in the Trial.

Or, if too few Jews are alive to constitute a nation when Tribulation begins, Satan still wins; as God would fail to keep His Promises made to Israel as a nation.

To accomplish his goal of killing all the Jews, Satan uses Christianity 1st, Arabs 2nd. He uses the Arabs, to rile up the Christians, since Rev17 is FAKE CHURCH.

1st video covers 30-70AD.
2nd video covers 70AD-600AD, shows his use of Rome (esp. Constantine, which makes the union of religion and state to BE Rev 17), and then Persia. But both empires exhausted.
3rd video covers 600-732AD, Islam's rise to continue Satan's same goal.
4th video covers 732AD through now.

Thus the current conflict with Islam has its proper historical perspective. It's not really about Islam. It's about Satan's long-predicted Rev11-12, strategy to annihilate the Jews. Analysis of ties between Dan7, Rev 11-17, and whether Islam is in view: . This link is also provided in the Yapping Book of Daniel video description.

Satan plays games with history, esp. with dates & event character. Like God, Satan aims to 'match' event2 back to event1 using God's own rules, but with petty panache. For Satan loves Derision, Imbalance, Obfuscation, & reversing Substitution: to make God 'foreign' to us. ("DIOS" strategy, in .)

Other important links for all 4 videos are as follows:
How God constructs Time: 'hub' webpage (with videos too) is . Or see How God Orchestrates Time channel/playlist, and go through those math/history videos in order. Bible is more accurate then we'll want to admit!

Biblicity summary of Time rules: .

In Part II of my "Thinking Series", Angelic Trial Legal issues resulting in Church: .

Two Stone Witnesses (stand-ins for the future live witnesses in Revelation 11): Part IVa of Thinking Series, . External links there to university websites cover Temple Mount history from 70AD. Satan's game on that history since 70AD, is summarized in . A brief on that strategy is there, + Part I-II, IVc-d, & the Appendix exhaustively cover his strategy, thinking.

Again, their purpose is to show what Satan does to manipulate or forestall the Rapture, so we can all orient to Time. For we are all pawns, not just the Muslims. Pray for Muslims & Jews, & for us Christians to wake up to our oh-so-undeserved Royal Role in this Angelic Trial, the proximate cause for Adam's & hence our, creation (Hebrews 11:1, Greek).

How Satan Deploys Islam 2/4

Continued from 1/4. Download original worksheet, . See description to 1/4, for details.

File Name: 2r How Satan Deploys Islam.wmv, 3/22/08.

How Satan Deploys Islam 3/4

Continued from 2/4. Download original worksheet, . See description to 1/4, for details.

File Name: 3r How Satan Deploys Islam.wmv, 3/22/08.

How Satan Deploys Islam 4/4

Continued from 3/4. This is the final video of the quatrain. Download original worksheet, . See description to 1/4, for details.

File Name: 4r How Satan Deploys Islam.wmv, 3/22/08.

KJV's Isaiah 53:12, Disinherits Christ!

Watch in HD, fullscreen. Or view whole playlist here:

Or in Youtube, here:

Another example of how the modern translations all cater to the KJV, instead of caring what the Real Word of God in the original Hebrew and Greek, says. The blasphemy here is a translation which in English makes it look like Christ only inherits "a portion" ALONG WITH others, as if others were ON PAR with Him?! For centuries, no one bothered to fix this glaring error? The Hebrew and the LXX leave NO DOUBT Who inherits ALL -- Christ ALONE. Then HE shares out HIS OWN inheritance with "the strong". Unmistakeable in the original INSPIRED text. But hey: if the KJV mistranslates it, as did the Geneva Bible before it, well -- everyone else must follow along. The Real Word of God matters not; only public opinion matters.

Oddly, three translations nonetheless have the courage to translate the first part of the verse rightly: Brenton's English (translated from the LXX), 1844; the 1610 Catholic Douhay-Rheims (so there's no excuse for the KJV to mistranslate); and the 1985 (but not later) Jewish Tanakh (only for the first part of the verse).

Proof positive that Christians HATE God -- in favor of, fitting in with mere people! Political correctness, exposed!

File Name: Isa5312.avi, in KJV folder, originally posted in Youtube, 7/11/09 as Episode 39/72 KJVOB.

KJVO Trash their own KJV, make it a HOAX (57/72 KJVOB)

This video is 57th in my Youtube KJVOB playlist, here: . It heads the NT 'threads' LXX playlist ( ), but this vimeo channel has the same videos, plus any made post 11/7/13. New videos will be ad hoc.

Distinguishing OT quotes in the NT is already vital to hermeneutics. So it also proves the KJVO leaders, lie. The laymen don't know that!

If I quoted a book I knew didn't exist, I'd be a liar, right? Well, KJVO claims LXX (Greek OT) didn't exist in Jesus' day, yet Jesus often quotes from it! KJV's own Textus Receptus, confirms!

Yet KJVO leader Sam Gipp, says LXX is a hoax:

Gipp claims Origen invented LXX in 3rd cent. AD. Oh, did Origen also edit ALL copies of Philo, Josephus, Talmud, 1st-cent & prior Jewish apocrypha which use that same LXX, which Jews created from the Hebrew OT circa 273BC?! Did Origen also time-travel back to Jamnia in 1st century, when rabbis elected to return to Hebrew and stop using LXX?!

Funny, the KJV Translators validated the LXX, so I guess our anti-semites Gipp and Ruckman, never read the 1611 KJV Preface by the Translators! But you can, here: . My excerpts of it, with commentary: .

Contrasting Truth: since Commodus, the West rejected Real Bible. Instead, the Old Latin was touted as 'inspired': same claim as KJVO's. Back then, Augustine was against 'new' translations. shows his letters to Jerome, whose replies are here:

Hebrew & Greek Real Bible was persecuted by anti-semites like Diocletian & Constantine. So folks having Real Bible, left Rome. So Jerome went to Bethlehem, to GET mss.

RCC rose to power partly based on a claim its translation was 'inspired'. For if a translation can be inspired, so too pope & clergy.

Thus Bible's Jewish-inspired origin, is denied. Satan persecutes Bible in cycles: 300 AD (Old Latin**), 600AD (Koran), 700AD+ (Vulgate ***). When interest in Bible's mss declines, Jews suffer. ****
** & *** Chap 1, pp. 21-28 Christopher DeHamel's 'The Book. A History of the Bible', Phaidon Press Ltd.

* Chapter 2, op.cit.
**** op. cit., +'Atlas of Bible and Christianity' edited by Tim Dowley

KJVO movement thus repeats another pogrom. Bible's Greek (though not media) of 'Alexandrian ' mss were of 1st-century & prior Jewish origin, too. So KJVO cannot read LXX, to know its Greek is 6 centuries prior to Origen's. We have a lot of extra-Biblical Greek text writing from 500BC, on. We know how it changed.

Next, to disable your ability to LEARN those texts, Bible compilers & lexicographers are slandered by a woman 'degreed' in home economics, who doesn't even know 'Lucifer' means 'morning star' in Latin, yet pretends to be a 'scholar', slanders for profit:

KJVO also pretend to read Bible Hebrew, Greek. Yet ask them to translate. They can't! So how can they know if KJV is ok? They can't!

And KJV is not ok, as no translation can be. Just Google on 'KJV mistranslation'. Read the original KJV translators' own caveats, here:

In sum: Since NT quotes an allegedly-fake LXX over 1000 times -- is it a lie? Lord quotes LXX on His Birth Day, & over 100 times, pan-Gospel. So does the Lord lie? Or are KJVO, liars?

KJV Exodus 20:16 "Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour."
KJV Exodus 23:1 "Thou shalt not raise a false report: put not thine hand with the wicked to be an unrighteous witness."

KJV Matthew 19:18 "He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, 'Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness',"

LXX Greek of Exo 20:16 -- ou pseudomartureseis

Textus Receptus Matt 19:18 -- same two last words as in the LXX.

What will the Lord say to KJVO on Judgment Day?

TechNotes: TR in video is 1894 Scrivener, an updated version of Beza's TR from 1598.

LXX used in video is Alfred Rahlf's, from BibleWorks 5.

Download this video for clearer Greek viewing: . Jpg's of Greek:

Follow with then then then

Google on 'LXX fragments': . Here is a list of provable pre-Origen LXX mss :

File Name: KJVOTrash.wmv, 3/5/10 in KJV folder.

LXX4a Acts 15 Scholar Insanity!

Anatomy of scholar ineptness over the fact the NT 'threads' the LXX -- which every scholar even knows, it's required study in seminary!

Honestly, just when I think Christian scholarship can't get any worse, I find something like this. So, this video (sorry) is something of a tirade against 'scholarship' which accuses Bible to hide its own incompetence. Here, Acts 15. This is one sample of many I've seen over the last few months, and many more over the last year. Scholarship is valuable, we need it, and this is not against the scholars in general. But it is against the tolerance of the bad apples, which today are many. Sometimes, the gloves should come off!

Link referenced in the video:

File Name: TiradeScolarInsanityActs15.avi, 3/21/12.

True vs. False Gospels

Associated webpages: all the blue 'boxes' in

Gist: "BELIEVE" Christ paid for all your sins, and you are saved. No other verb is used by God to save you. This video contrasts the BELIEVE verses in Bible with all the false gospel verbs out there, like 'repent', 'pray the sinner's prayer', 'invite', 'accept', 'be baptised'; and my favorite fake gospel lie, 'call on the Lord' -- MISREADING Acts 2:21 & Romans 10:13 even in translation, can NO ONE read the CONTEXT? Sheesh, how Christians lie against God's Word. So, you're NOT saved if you listen to them. Listen to the Bible, instead!

All other verbs are works & do NOT save you. You'd think we'd at least listen to what Our Lord said, in John 3! But instead we mangle the Gospel, saving no one.

So are YOU really saved? Yes, if you merely BELIEVE Christ paid for all your sins -- don't add any other verb to it. My pastor harangued on "believe ONLY" for 53 years, and I was wrong to be annoyed with him! Ask yourself why is it even famous pastors & evangelists get the Gospel so very wrong. So who are they saving? NO ONE!

This is my litmus test for a Christian or a pastor. If he adds ANY OTHER verb besides BELIEVE to the Gospel -- and most do -- I disregard everything he says. He cannot be filled with the Spirit & add verbs. Bible is too plain -- ONLY BELIEVE. Gen15:6=John 3:16. So I silently walk away from these people. God is not in them.

So persons alleging you must repent of your sins, say with your mouth you believe, make Christ Lord -- and mind you, these people are generally attractive folks -- they are false spirits, sorry. They might not even be saved!

Don't you be like them? BELIEVE Christ paid for your sins and you're FOREVER saved just like Abram was, Gen15:6+John 3:16!