Isaiah 53 Meter of Time: 1st David's Birth to Last David's Scheduled Death

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SERIES GIST: This is a collection of all my Isaiah 53 videos, in six topical sections. They all tie to How God Orchestrates Time, Psalm 90, GGS10, GGS11 RFG5 (Paul's Meter, Peter's Meter, and Magnificat) channels/vids; and, to the Youtube playlists with the same names.

But first, it's necessary to correct translation. So the first four videos, prove KJV (and all other) translations, cut Christ OUT of Isaiah 53 (unintentionally, to be sure).

2nd section: I correct and meter the translation in 7 parts (labelled 6b at the end, for many other sites embedded these videos, when originally posted in Youtube).

3rd and 4th sections go through how Bible Hebrew Meter works. Its style is used in Greek also, so the information will be helpful. The 3rd section is a trio of videos on the overall drama of his meter.

4th section: technical GGS and Ps90 videos (in paulmeterggs10 and psalm90 vimeo channels), showing how Isaiah plays back to Psalm 90's meter and text.

5th section: YMH10 videos show how Isaiah's meter tracks Israel's future history king by year, in detail. I'll post more YMH videos in the future, as soon as I figure out how Isaiah rounds syllables = years for first or last six months. This rounding issue is explained in the funky face video YMH10s14-15. Just skip it, if you're not interested in that issue.

6th section: final two videos function as footnotes, showing how I learned Isaiah 53 was metered, and how I tested for the right meter configuration. If you're also testing for meter in some other passage, these last two videos might prove helpful.

Hopefully this channel's listing, won't be too confusing. If you find it confusing, yell at me!

KJV's Isaiah 53:12, Disinherits Christ!

Watch in HD, fullscreen. Or view whole playlist here:

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Another example of how the modern translations all cater to the KJV, instead of caring what the Real Word of God in the original Hebrew and Greek, says. The blasphemy here is a translation which in English makes it look like Christ only inherits "a portion" ALONG WITH others, as if others were ON PAR with Him?! For centuries, no one bothered to fix this glaring error? The Hebrew and the LXX leave NO DOUBT Who inherits ALL -- Christ ALONE. Then HE shares out HIS OWN inheritance with "the strong". Unmistakeable in the original INSPIRED text. But hey: if the KJV mistranslates it, as did the Geneva Bible before it, well -- everyone else must follow along. The Real Word of God matters not; only public opinion matters.

Oddly, three translations nonetheless have the courage to translate the first part of the verse rightly: Brenton's English (translated from the LXX), 1844; the 1610 Catholic Douhay-Rheims (so there's no excuse for the KJV to mistranslate); and the 1985 (but not later) Jewish Tanakh (only for the first part of the verse).

Proof positive that Christians HATE God -- in favor of, fitting in with mere people! Political correctness, exposed!

File Name: Isa5312.avi, in KJV folder, originally posted in Youtube, 7/11/09 as Episode 39/72 KJVOB.

Isaiah 53 Meters History of Temple (Trailer)

This is a short mnemonic snippet, the ending cut from the 43-minute Isaiah 53 Meter Plots History video at .

File Name: Isa53Hypo4AddTrailer.avi, 9/20/08. Youtube copy:

Isaiah 53 Meters History (Trailer)

This is a mnemonic snippet, the climactic ending to the 26--minute Isaiah 53 Meter video on God's Future Calendar, .

File Name: Isa53Hypo4Add2Trailer.avi, 9/20/08. Youtube copy: .

GGS10e9c1 Isaiah counts to Millennium, ACT 2

Watch in HD. Bible dates vindicated! Bible, Millennium and Rapture debunkers proven slipshod! Setup for Act III (Daniel 9) and Act IV (Ephesians 1)! Anyone can play fancy games with numbers. But only GOD can orchestrate TIME ITSELF to 'balance' to those numbers. Forward, and Backward. So Bible writers use meter as an ACCOUNTING DEVICE for Time, for dates, for how-long-in-the-future a thing will occur.

Example: each Bible writer tells you WHEN he writes and how to CROSS REFERENCE what he writes elsewhere in Bible, via a palindromic, sevening meter system; it tells you how many years FROM a known past event, he's writing; and, the same number of years TO a future event, if he apes Moses' style. So the meter works like dateline, and is self-auditing.

Here's how. The writer creates a series of 'paragraphs' DIVISIBLE BY SEVEN. First such paragraph's syllables signify either the number of 'sevens' or the number of years EQUALLY backward and forward from the date of writing, to several related events. Related, to the content of what's said. That's why you can audit date calculations.

Here we see that audit in both Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53, with awesome converging detail; thus we know Act II is Isaiah 53, for it 'wraps' around Act I, Psalm 90, Play of History to Messiah, to Millennium; which history, due to Israel's rejection, constitutes PRECEDENT for the Rapture. Daniel and Paul use the same style, to constitute Act III and IV. Revelation wraps to them all.

Hence this EQUIDISTANCE rhetorical style helps one interpret, too. For the equidistance stresses relationships of events to what's written. Ergo, when you see the style here, you can find it elsewhere in Bible (i.e., in Isaiah 1:1, telling you when his ministry began). Just count the syllables.

Above all, this style proves only SOLAR years are used by Bible: the accounting is event-anniversary based. Lunar accounting would never yield correct anniversaries of events. All Bible yearly measures are based on a solar year, and all are anniversary-based, as God explained to Moses in Exodus 12. God's been accounting that way, ever since Genesis 5, if we would but pay attention rather than yawn, listening instead to 'respectable' but incompetent scholarship!

Scholars are important and valuable. BIBLE is more important and valuable. So when scholars don't work properly in BIBLE, champion the latter and reform the former. But we won't reform, so perpetuate incompetence!

Thus centuries of inept debate over Bible whens, like Exodus, Daniel, or whether 'Isaiah' was really three people, can be put to rest!



Act IV, Eph1:3-14: . Paul clearly maps to Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, and Daniel 9 metered 'paragraphs'.

Act III, Daniel 9:4-19 (mapped to Ps90 and Isa53) and Dan9:24-25 (mapped to Psalm 90:1-3, and Dan9:13,16,18): . Hebrew big meter picture: . It has many notes. Unparsed one-pager: .

For Act II, Isa53: Hebrew big meter picture: (or ) and . Hebrew-metered English translation: . See also my Isaiah 53 Meter video playlist, which covers Hebrew and translation (last three videos); See also Episode 10s1 et seq. of my YMH playlist, on how Isa53 meters to Messiah ANNUALLY from 712 BC (yet unfinished).

For Act I, Psalm 90: see my Psalm 90 Meter of Time playlist for background. UPDATED (vs. video) meter: or pdf . That has my English translation mapped to the Hebrew. For the Word doc, you must download BibleWorks fonts.

Trilingual (Heb, Greek, NASB English), parsed: .

Psalm 90's palindromic meter map is in the description to my 22a Ps90 video; there, palindromes not covered in the videos are listed. Use it to track Acts II through IV. Psalm 90's two time tracks use meter to represent real years: a) sabbatically accounted by 70-year voting period from Adam, and b) straight-line accounted (one syllable per year from when he writes). Isaiah, Daniel, and Paul play off that two-track accounting.

The video's timeline worksheet: . Bible verses on derivation of the dates and fuller explanation: and .

File Name: 10e9c1GGS.avi, 1/20/11.

GGS10e9c2 Isaiah counts to Millennium, ACT 2 (cont.)

Watch in HD. Continued from 10e9c1. See that video's description. Next video will be 10e9d, Act III, how Daniel's meter wraps around Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53's. It will be a week or more before I post it.

File Name: 10e9c2GGS.avi, 1/20/11.

YMH10s6 Isa53 re Manasseh

Technical video showing how Isaiah 53:1-2's meter, prophetically benchmarks Manasseh.

2-minute Isaiah 53 calendar video benchmarking Manasseh: . It's also in vimeo, .

File Name: Yap10s6onManasseh.avi, 1/16/10.

YMH10s7 Isa53 re Josiah

How Isaiah 53:3's meter prophetically benchmarks Josiah. This topic continues through Part 10s10, and is really important, for God's proving via the METER, how LONG each prophecy segment will last, since Isaiah prophesied what would occur. Thus by remembering the meter orally, Israel would always know what time it was. Has He not told us the end, from the beginning?

And by the way, you can thus know you parsed the Hebrew rightly, when it tallies to real FUTURE HISTORY you can now prove PASSED.

File Name: Yap10s7onJosiah.avi, 1/16/10.

YMH10s8 Isa53 re Josiah, cont.

How Isaiah 53:3's meter prophetically benchmarks Josiah, continued from YMH10s7.

File Name: Yap10s8onJosiah.avi, 1/16/10.

YMH10s9 Isa53 re Josiah, cont.

How Isaiah 53:3's meter prophetically benchmarks Josiah, cont.

File Name: Yap10s9onJosiah.avi, 1/16/10.

YMH10s10-13 Isa53's Timeline Meter, Revisited

This time, using the Metered Translation and relevant Bible passages, I go through the annual timeline usage of Isaiah 53's meter AND text, to show what he's doing. Focus is mostly on Hezekiah and the TWO times (not just one) he was threatened by Sennacharib. So the words have a lot more meaning when you know WHAT TIME Isaiah links, to the words. This is true of all the metered passages, from Psalm 90, forward. I suspect to find meter in Genesis, too, starting in Genesis 49 (Jacob's blessing) -- but haven't had time to look for it.

Download for the translation:

Landscape mode (2 pages): . This Word doc shows the latest upgrade in translation (versus the video). See my 'Isaiah 53 in Hebrew Meter' video description (link here: ) for more explanation on Isaiah 53, including webpage links.

Portrait mode (3 pages):

File Name: YMH10s10-13.avi, sum of the original Yap10s10,11,12,13 534Josiah and 531Sen avi videos dated 1/16/10. The latter four originals were severally posted in Youtube on the same date.

YMH14-15 Thinking out Isa53's Timeline Meter Implications

This chatty 'journal entry' video, summarizes the annual timeline meter in Isa53; it ends, saying I need to review the history, before doing more videos on that Chapter. Must figure out how he's rounding each syllable aka year. This video was made back in 2010; though it's now 2013, I've not had time to revisit his rounding. So this will be the last YMH video on Isaiah 53's annual prophetic calendar accounting, for at least another year. I might have time again, in 2015. Sorry!

File Name: YMH14-15.avi, sum of the two original face vids of 1/24/10 (posted in Youtube the same day). Just added 'newsprint' special effect to counteract camera brightness problem.

GGS10e9d2 Daniel counts to Millennium via Isaiah 53

This video is not in Youtube. I forgot to post it there. Continuing from GGS10e9d1 ( in GGS10 Paul's Meter Of Time Structure in Eph1:3-14 ), we now go back through Isaiah's meter, in order to better understand Daniel's.

For Daniel's is very complex: he will create a trifurcated timeline. First timeline starts at his own capture and comes full circle to his date of speaking. Second and related third timelines are developed by 'tagging' Isaiah at his syllable 133 = end Isaiah 53:2; playing on how Manasseh despised God; so, he was punished with capture, by Assyria. So, Manasseh was tagged by God in 2Kings 21:10-15 as the reason for the Temple's downfall.

Manasseh's repentance is thus paralleled with Christ: 'ish makovot, w'idua holi', Isa53:3 (translated, 'The HeartBreak Man, knowing lovesick grief').

From there, Daniel goes forward in the future, tying together all the prophecy God gave him since Daniel 2, in order to plot the sequence of the future rise and subsequent fall, of Greece and Rome. That's why Daniel 10-12, exist. They answer Daniel's METERED sequencing, in Daniel 9!

Mary's meter will pick up where Daniel ends, and Paul's meter will pick up where Mary's, ends. Peter's meter wraps around Paul's, to cover the same future Church History period on a tandem subject, the 'temple' of Church, since the OT Temple had its own 490, Daniel 9!

See: Daniel's metered sophistication (and satire!) sets new precedence for the NT meter style, so it's worth learning. We miss so much meaning in Bible, simply because we don't count the syllables and don't trust the Bible enough to actually be RIGHT in its timelines! But, I digress.

In GGS10e9d3 and 4, we'll see something of Daniel's style.

If you want, you can download the docs used in the video. for the Hebrew 'map'.

Word docs of the metered translation:
2-Page translation of Chapter, landscape mode (has translation upgrade):

3-Page version, portrait mode (pre-upgrade):

PS: I apologize for annoying Episode names like 'GGS10e9d2'; but the videos were made in 2011, and had many views. Within Youtube, few see the vids, but for some reason I can't fathom, they were picked up elsewhere, and embedded into other websites. So now, past viewers (and websites using these vids) would become confused, if I change the names. File Name: 10e9d2GGSIsaMill.avi, 1/12/11.

GGS10e9d3 Daniel counts to Millennium via Isaiah 53, cont.

This video continues from GGS10e9d2 in vimeo, and is also not in Youtube. It presumes you're familiar with Daniel.

GIST: Daniel knew Isaiah 53's meter when he was a teenager. When he's 70 years older in Daniel 9, he prays. So he 'tags' his prayer meter to the very syllables = years in Isa53, which depicted Daniel's deportation (cf. Jer52:28, early 607BC, Nebuchadnezzar not yet sole king). From this Daniel crafts a juridical basis, for his bifurcated and metered, prayer. For the 70 years itself, was bifurcated:

* There was a '70', measured from the first deportation, Zech 1:12, 7:5, Jer52:28. The Zechariah 7 people self-righteously petition God, BECAUSE the 70 ended 2 years prior, when 2nd Temple's foundation was laid, see Zech 1 compared to Haggai 2. But they KEPT weeping and fasting afterwards; thus you know they're self-righteous: Temple's demise was fifth month, Jer 52:12. God never ordered them to do that; hence His Sharp Reply, in Jeremiah 7:6.

* There was next, a separate TEMPLE 70, see Jer25:11, 29:10. God's Metered Reply in Dan9:24-27, 'balances' to this 70. Those verses are long misaccounted by Christendom and Judaism, BECAUSE we don't know the meter! So this video covers the background. Next two videos will cover the Daniel 9:24-27, meter. Mary, Paul and Peter will ape his syllable-by-year, satirical meter; so it's worthwhile to learn Daniel 9's style.

For better understanding of those videos,

* Read It provides (exhausting!) Bible proof how Daniel counts to the Millennium. It shows how Daniel's prayer is structured, how he tracks Isaiah 53's Timeline Meter, and also what Kings and Chronicles verses he's thinking about, as he talks!

* The last video in this channel, 'Ps90 Epi24', shows GOD's meter in Daniel 9:24-27, has its own doc/pdf, That meter is introduced at the end of this video.

PDFs of the full meter pattern in Eph1:3-14, Ps90, and Isa53:

Ephesians .

Psalm 90 . Trilingual version is .
See also or .

Isaiah 53 and the translation, which is
Isaiah 53's meter map .

Timeline worksheet . Bible verses supporting it are shown in and .

Audios on the whole book of Daniel, Yapping Most High Episode 10a1: use its description, to click on and listen to (or download) the audios: .

File Name: 10e9d3DanMill1.avi, 1/12/11.

GGS10e9d4 Daniel counts to Millennium via Isaiah 53, conclusion

Continued from and concluding, GGS10e9d3 ( ). This video is not in Youtube. Watch me get egg on my face, for I was VERY LAZY when making this video. I did not WANT Daniel 9:25 to be metered, so at 10:32 in this video, I claim it's not metered. Wrongo! So during the tandem Ps90 Epi24 video (next in this channel), I have to admit I was wrong, and then make even more mistakes during the video, and then have to admit that during the video, since the Holy Spirit keeps warning me that I'm wrong. And I wouldn't listen. Well, not at first.

Aha. Now it's easier to understand why others don't listen, either.

File Name: 10e9d4DanMill2.avi, 1/12/11.