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GIST: Bible's TEXT proves Matthew's Gospel is 1st, Luke 2nd, Mark 3rd, John 4th. Sloppy or dishonest reading of the Gospels, results in controversy over them. Ergo, this series shows you how, even in translation, you can tell John 'wraps' Mark, Luke, Matthew; Mark, 'wraps' Luke and Matthew, and Luke 'wraps' Matthew, so Matthew is 1st. If you reviewed the Greek, you'd also know all these Gospels were originally written in Greek; that other languages' versions, are but translated from that Greek (i.e., the Aramaic).

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JM6 Gospel Meter Review

This video continues to focus on what elements of the analysis are more trustworthy, and which are very speculative, yet resonable, so you can save time in analysis. Here, I quickly go through my 'interpretation' of the meter in John's Gospel. You'd need to read it for a fuller vetting (links below).

Basically, the meters are obvious, very little to dispute. On the other hand, my interpretation of those meters, although reasonable for the most part, would be quite disputable. Talk to God about everything. I sure am, and am very skeptical of whatever I seem to think the meter means, constantly throwing stones at it. Auditing requires such skepticism.

Conversely, so much in the meter's meaning is obvious, given how John clearly plays on Paul, that to just reject it out of hand, is also unwarranted. But again, you'll have to talk to God about that. In all events, it's not about who does the reporting. It's about what the Word actually says.

Documents below were again revised on 3/08/14. Here are their links:

JohnDatelineMeters.htm (Greek or tabs won't be aligned, in some browsers)

For the first two links, you'll need to freely download Bibleworks fonts, as I've not yet learned how to use their Unicode conversions. Fonts are here: .

BEWARE: 1John and Revelation 'Meter Import' sections are very rough drafts; most of the editing in this latest revision are in the sections interpreting the meter. In the other sections, I made a few small revisions to match. For example, now it's clear 1 John was written 4 Chislev, now that I'm sure of how he used his '21'. So Revelation ends up being written 'our' December 88 AD.

File Name: JM6GospMeterReview.avi, 3/02/14.