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An archive and reformatting from Brainout's original blogs (oldest starts at the bottom as it moves up to the newest). The advantages of having moved it here are fourfold: [1] all of the resources can be linked back internally (which means when you download a copy of this website it'll be self-contained), [2] the formatting is internal to the website now, and it's not at risk of being lost from whenever goes under or removes/deletes content, [3] the content and comments are no longer 'shrunk' until you open the dedicated entry since all entries are now here in their entirety, [4] any broken URLs have been redirected to the wayback machine. It's also much faster and easier to read (in my opinion). Any videos from 3rd parties which have been deleted are unfortunately lost now.

This Blog moving to Google as of NOW

04/10/2009 02:07:40 will be the new blog address as of now. Yahoo's blog is too frustrating to use. You can RSS feed the new Google blog if you just click on the link above, and then hit the "subscribe" button when you get to the new Google blog. No more posts after this one will be made to the Yahoo blog.

How God Orchestrates Time Updates

03/22/2009 19:03:31

Various small but helpful changes were made to materials related to God's 490-year Accounting System for time. GeneYrs.xls was cosmetically updated with respect to its notes; there's a new note to cell D6 which ONLY lists the 7 post-Cross historical trends (which are the same as the pre-Cross trends). Hopefully it will be easier to read the notes, now. The double-grant to Methusaleh covered in the videos, is still not listed in the worksheet -- I want to verify WHY Methusaleh got it (i.e., was it to him, or VIA Enoch). Content did not change. Mirroring.htm's videos now includes the entire "Episode 8c" the Genesis (Chapter 5) video series which focused on how to use GeneYrs.xls to prove God's Orchestration of Time. You can view Episode 8c (in 15 parts, not merely 10) within Mirroring.htm, to get an overview of how God demonstrates His Orchestration of Time in Bible. Worksheet shouldn't be so intimidating, after that. Suggest you view the videos fullscreen. TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc was edited. Content was clarified but not changed; text was upgraded to reference the fact that Isaiah 53 uses God's 490-year Accounting System for Time. Items #4, 5, and #9 were streamlined; now #9 is clearer about Christ's Voting Impact, so you can better see your own role as part of Church. However if you'd already read that Word doc, you won't find anything new. The brainoutFAQ.htm Question 6 was updated to explain the popular Palm Sunday endpoint for Daniel 9 is bogus. The 'popular' scholarship is really bad, here. No Bible prophecy and no Bible verse supports that conclusion. It's a GUESS, passed off as a certainty. That's bad scholarship, and not even a good guess. Bible provides a better answer: Daniel 9 ties to the Cross, EXACTLY 1470 years to the day that Passover first occurred, which of course is why Our Lord is CALLED "Our Passover", in 1Cor5:7. Our PASSOVER, not our king-riding-on-a-donkey. Never mix up prophecies to make Bible look Good, it will only make God look silly! The brainoutFAQ.htm has a new Question 6a on HOW you can quickly trace Bible's dating verses to see the 490-year confluence from Adam through Christ. It furnishes a simple audit with real Bible verses in that Question. Should only take an hour or two, to proof. That way you can decide more quickly whether to delve into a full-blown audit. Auditing matters, for some famous pastors are marketing a provably INCORRECT timeline. Before you shell out money for their books, look at the Free Bible.

Did the Gospel Writers KNOW about each other?

03/12/2009 08:04:58

This entry functions as a reminder for a future webpage I'll need to do. I see two basic 'schools' of contention about the Gospels running around in print and on the internet: 1) The Gospel writers wrote independently of each other, and did not KNOW of the other writers' content;2) The Gospel writers 'borrowed' from each other.#2) is a very recent development, and quite loony. #1) is the traditional view. Both are provably wrong, #2 wholly, and #1) in its "did not KNOW" clause.Every Bible writer must use ALL CANON at the time he's writing, and THREAD IT into his book, to demonstrate the TIES of his new book to all Canon prior, as one of two proofs of Divine Authenticity. So that's one way you can date a book versus the others. So when Matthew writes his Gospel, it's the first. When Luke writes, he ties to Matthew, to show consistency at so high a level as to demonstrate God gave Luke his portion to write, even as God gave Matthew his portion to write.God is the Author. How are you gonna know that, unless each writer incorporates all prior Divine Writ, into his new material? You can't. And when you see the threading, you see the God Behind the writer. Thus you can trust the new book.So when Mark next writes, he ties to all of Matthew and Luke, and to certain other books which were then extant at the time he writes, which is something like 68AD. You can date that by the way he writes, but also by the books he incorporates by reference in his writing. Same, for John.Now, even though the other Gospels are later than Matthew, the Holy Spirit is providing the information, tying to what went before into a WOVEN re-telling of the same Gospel information to make new points. For, new books have come out, and the goal is to INTEGRATE the extant material into the new material, to show the whole picture up through the time the writer is writing. That's the same pattern of weaving integration as was done for the OT. Again, consistency.Since they didn't have computers, since all you had was a reed, ink, and papyrus or other writing media which didn't lend itself to erasure -- that means these guys had to have the perfect meaning in their heads and in their hands. At once. So surely only God could be enabling that.This kind of writing comparison needs to be done. It's not a 'borrowing', it's an ADVANCING of the revelatory content from God, and it employs a rhetorical weaving format you cannot find in translations. Really, someone should do a dissertation on this. Meanwhile, sometime in the futurre I'll write up a webpage to demonstrate how this works in the Gospels. I already did the threading videos on only Isaiah 52:13-15, to show the idea of threading, and there will be more to come, maybe by the end of the year.

My "Why Only Believe" videos in Youtube

03/11/2009 13:23:53

These videos go through the Bible's requirement that you believe Christ paid for your sins to be saved. They are not being done in order. Basically Parts 1-9 focus on all the "believe" verses in Bible, reading them, versus the "repent" and other FAKE verbs people claim you need to 'do' to be saved. And as you hear these many verses, you learn why the other verbs are irrelevant. It will take time to complete them. Part 10 focuses on Romans 10. Parts 10a-g show what the Chapter says, that you CANNOT be saved by mouthing He's Lord, but instead only by believing He paid. Parts 10h+ are technical Greek videos showing how the syntax in Romans 10:10 is repeated hundreds of times in the NT -- the second eis clause in Romans 10:10 is mistranslated in all Bibles post 1800's. You can SAY you believe because you ARE saved already, the second eis is an effect of the first one. Now, it's fashionable to screw up the Gospel, saving no one. It's positively incredible how the Gospel is being falsfied. Lately it's either fashionable to take the Cross out, or to add all kinds of knowings TO belief He paid, as if you had to be a college graduate in soteriology and Trinity, etc. Just throw both of those ideas out. WHAT DOES THE BIBLE ALWAYS SAY? You are saved, only because HE PAID. So, THAT is what you must believe to be saved. Whether you understand or know anything else, is not relevant -- helpful, maybe, so you can know why His Payment is valid -- but nothing else is required to be saved. Look: why ARE we saved? We are saved because Christ paid. Not because of Who He is, not because His Payment resulted in the victory of His Resurrection, not because He's the Son of God. All those other facts prove the efficacy of WHY He could competently pay, but it's the FACT He paid that saves us. All those other facts absent the PAYMENT, would not save. Demons believe all those facts. But they don't believe in His Payment. Humans may or may not believe, know, understand all or any of those facts. But if they don't believe in His Payment, they are not saved. So it's BELIEVE CHRIST PAID FOR YOUR SINS just like He says in John 3:16 -- which saves. Not, the rest of the information which explains WHY that payment is valid. Let's not clutter up the Gospel, k?

What Divine DNA is and is NOT DATE

03/10/2009 22:25:14

When I first wrote the DDNA webseries back in February 2005, it was a term I thought I invented based on what my pastor said about Greek verb megalunw, as you'll see when you read the series. On a lark, I just happened to search on "Divine DNA" to see if the idea had caught on. Little did I know that all kinds of goofy ideas calling themselves "Divine DNA" are on the web. None of those goofy ideas are in the DDNA webseries. DDNA webseries is based on the fact that God is pure THOUGHT, being immaterial and Infinite in nature, so the expression "Divine DNA" is His THINKING, which is to be cloned in us. The DDNA webseries is largely based on Philippians and especially 1John, from which the idea sprang. So please, don't confuse the term as I use it, with the junk DNA ideas on the web. I didn't know others were using the term to mean silly things such as a physical DNA that's allegedly Divine, or a jumpy, feely thing that's also allegedly 'divine'. DDNA means BIBLE. It is an instruction set to remake the soul, 1Cor2:16, 2Pet3:18, Eph3:15-19 paralleled by 1Jn4:12-16 and especially Isaiah 52:13, 53:10-11, which passages are the center of the DDNA webseries.If you want to know what happened to Christ on the Cross and why you get the same life, read the DDNA webseries. If you want to know the LEGAL issues involved with that, read the Thinking series. Both are available from my home page.Hope this blog entry clears up the confusion!

Clarification on Bible sequencing of word meaning

03/09/2009 12:58:33

When you analyze the original-language text, you often find multiple storeys of meaning in a word or phrase. But always, they are SEQUENCED in a hierarchy. For example, in agape tou theou verses, only ONE meaning is the rule for the genitive (subjective, objective, plenary -- these are the rules from Greek drama, etc.) -- but that ONE meaning is in a SEQUENCE. So you learn from the Word more ABOUT the sequence, and hence more about what God communicates by means of that particular phrasing.This isn't relativism. This is fitting together all of what GOD is saying, via the very words He gives a writer to write. Not what we impose into the text. It is an imposition on the text to insist it have only one meaning per word, because God is omniscient, and Bible is rife with wordplay and soundplay. If you've seen my Isaiah 53 videos, you know that even the METER is used to communicate doctrine (there, the exact 'calendar' from the year Isaiah writes, to the scheduled ending of Messiah). So there's no 'code', either. Plain text, with LAYERS of meaning you are meant to dig out and learn, under the Spirit, before the Lord. See: this is why pastors are so important. This is their job! In short, you just can't use Strongs or translations to find out what God says. You have to use the original-language texts, and you have to analyze and reanalyze what is WRITTEN, over and over again until you can prove what GOD means by the text as written. Thus you get more than you thought: you get the ORDER the PROCESS the RESULT, because you get the sequence. Bible translation and interpretation has always suffered from TRUNCATION in meaning. For example, sumbibazw originated as a marital verb of copulation, came to mean knit together BY INSTRUCTION, but is truncated to "knit" in verses like Eph4:16 -- so you miss what God is saying via Paul. Same, for case endings. Many prepositions take more than one case, and originally Greek didn't use prepositions but rather case endings indicated the prepositional force. So that, for example, in Isa53:10-11 in the LXX, prepositions are omitted, since the case endings do the job. So where a preposition takes more than one case ending, or where one case ending 'stands' for more than one preposition, it's DELIBERATE multilayered meaning. So the hermeneutical task is to find out the SEQUENCE of the meanings, so you better understand what God is saying. Not, to demand from the text that it only have one narrow meaning, since God is omniscient. As always, when you get the right meanings from the text, it's like a jigsaw puzzle where ALL the meanings in the SEQUENCE 'click' into place and you see the whole picture. As you use 1Jn1:9 and study, you'll know. Afterwards you can prove the sequence, too, and then see it elsewhere in Bible. For Scripture always interprets itself. Hence you go over and over and over a passage, its parallels elsewhere, etc., to see what God is talking about.

DDNA1.htm broken link on 1Jn keywords, corrected

02/22/2009 13:56:13

FINALLY, I found the text which was inadvertently deleted from DDNA1.htm on how you see the tic-tac-toe keyword socratic structure in 1John. So it's now reinstated. There had been a broken link to the "Tracking" name on the page of DDNA1.htm which then took you precisely nowhere. Sorry!!!! So if you click on DDNA1.htm#Tracking now, you'll get that technical text. It matters, because I can't get back to re-translating 1Jn to show it all, for a good year. Have to first finish RevMap.doc via abstracting Isaiah, then finish Isaiah 53 videos, then I'll be in a position to track 1 John's bazillion references to Isaiah, in the retranslation. Thank You For Your Patience!

Gill Sans MT Font Download now available

02/21/2009 18:59:41

Not all versions of XP Professional are issued on the same date, so the fonts vary. Gill Sans MT font is the clearest font I've ever seen, makes the best use of white space. I thought most folks reading my webpages had that font, which comes standard on my XP. But that's not true. So now you can download it, from WhichFonts.htm. Just search on "Gill Sans" when you load the page, and you'll see the two download links. I don't think you'll need a separate download for the bold. Maybe you do need a separate download for Gill Sans MT Condensed, which is the default font I use at webpage tops to list series and intra-page links. So if on your monitor my webpages look funny, comment anonymously here or email me. That way I know what fonts are missing.

Pimplemi.htm undergoing update

02/16/2009 00:03:31

Filling of the Spirit in OT was much more limited and physically-related, versus the NT. When you search in Bible, you see this difference, so only an ignorant person would conclude you 'feel' the Filling of the Spirit (i.e., the wacko tongues people). You can't feel the Spirit filling you, because He fills you with HIS BRAINS, so you can learn Bible. He only fills you when you're BETWEEN sins, hence the need for 1John1:9, like breathing. Else, you're a defiled 'temple', filled only with your own hot air, 1Jn1:6,8,10.You can prove all this, simply by tracing Bible's Filling-of-Spirit keyverbs, which are pimplemi versus plerow, plus their cognates. So, that's what I'm doing now. Hence, Pimplemi.htm is being updated with live BibleWorks search videos on all morphologies of the verb and its NT counterpart, plerow, plus cognate nouns. So far 8 videos have been done on pimplemi, spanning the OT (over 100 verses). The videos are in bliptv, not yet in Youtube, but the video playlist is incorporated in the Pimplemi.htm webpage. You have to download the videos to see them clearly, maybe. Each video has a video description "guide" (book icon at the bottom of the player) which gives you the link for downloading, when you click on the video's 'guide'. I've yet to do the videos on pimplemi in the NT, and on plerow both OT and NT, plus its cognate nouns in all morphologies. These will be added to the list as I've time to do them, over the coming weeks. Meanwhile, as you read the page, you'll see the gist answer to the difference between these Bible keyverbs, and can search on them, yourself. However, since free Bible Software like E-sword can't search on all morphologies, I'm doing the videos in BibleWorks so you can see all the verses.The videos have no 'spin'. You just see the verses. Music in the background. Use 1Jn1:9 as you study the verses, see for yourself. No excuse for claiming that Spirit-filling is something anyone in Church, can 'feel'. Only bad scholarship accounts for that false claim.

Mozilla Bugs DATE

02/04/2009 20:40:56

For those of you using Mozilla Firefox -- and I use it, too -- please note that Mozilla can't read certain text as well as Internet Explorer. I'm not sure why. For example, accented characters are rendered as question marks; Wingdings font isn't read; scarlet font turns out black, and Mozilla still needs a nesting of HTML code which follows rules from 8 years ago. So sometimes a webpage won't look as I designed it, in Mozilla. Internet Explorer in any version, doesn't seem to have these viewing problems.Most webpages view quite well in Gill Sans MT font. That's the most readable font of any type I've ever seen. It makes best use of white space. Mozilla has the edge over Internet Explorer in its readability of Gill Sans MT. So it's baffling that the other fonts and commands in Explorer, don't work in Mozilla.As I find Mozilla gaffes I try to work around them, come up with an alternative font or character. Yet if you find any weird-looking text, would you comment here, or email me? Thank you!

RBT Note Updated -- For RB Thieme Students

02/01/2009 21:25:17

RBTnote.htm was updated today. When you load the page, you'll see the link to go straight to the update. Last update was in April 2007, so if you've read the page since then, you'll probably want to read the update.GIST: in my website material, I diverge from RBT in three areas, yet those same divergences nonetheless buttress what was taught re Isaiah 53, God's 490-year time grants, and whether Bible claims there even was a Star of Bethlehem. Other than those three areas -- which have extensive documentation in the websites, so you can thoroughly vet what's claimed -- I can't think of anything in my webpages which disagrees with what either Colonel or Bobby teach. Bear in mind, that they keep upgrading and revising their teaching over the years, so what you heard 40 years ago was greatly revised and sometimes reversed (like, the Lord's Birthdate) in later years. Especially, in 1992 Spiritual Dynamics lessons (series runs 12 whopping years) -- which is the cream of the crop of the Colonel's teaching. Revolutionizes all theology, imo. Website material in essence fleshes out what was taught to form a systematic whole. I didn't intend to corroborate them, but only to get a comprehensive BIG PICTURE and its interlinkings. For until I see the big picture, I don't understand the smaller pieces. That auditing purpose was what started me down the webpage road, and I was going to stop it -- until God had a janitor named Jesus literally save a Windows computer for me from the trash. Then I knew it was "okay" for a female to be writing such stuff. Story is in Purposeo.htm. So if you think you see something amiss, feel free to yell at me. I'm always up for correction. /p>

New Video showing Christ died TWICE on the Cross, proof from Bible Hebrew

01/17/2009 23:06:38

Quick, silent 2-minute video in was just added, due to many reader requests for proof of the Hebrew plurality of Christ's DEATHS in Isaiah 53:9, plurality of Adam's LIVES in Gen 2:7, and plurality of Adam's deaths Gen 2:17. You are more than one type of life, and you die more than one type of death. View Video in bliptv, be sure to make it FULL SCREEN: click here. To download this 10MG video from bliptv, click here. The video is also in Youtube of the same title, but it's unclear, as Youtube has inferior flv conversion. Yet because every Bible MISTRANSLATES these pluralities as singulars, claiming it's a Hebrew idiom, the translations all MISLEAD people, and that's why we are so goofy about what salvation even MEANS, about how Christ paid for us. It's literally a PLURAL lives, and PLURAL deaths. So if you don't know that Hebrew, you don't understand your salvation, and you don't know why you can't lose it. Look: we are SPIRITUALLY DEAD at birth, that's one kind of death. We inherited that from Adam, and it means we are SEPARATED from God. Got to have GOD's type of life, which is spiritual. That's what "born again" means, you GET a spiritual life. It's a literal life. A type of life. You have body life, soul life, that makes you human. But you ALSO need a spiritual life, to have life with God forever. So that's what "born again" means, and that's why you CANNOT LOSE salvation. God's Life has neither beginning nor ending, so if you get HIS life when you believe in Christ (and you do, John 3:7-16), then you CANNOT LOSE what has no ending. Very simple to comprehend, huh. But not so simple, if all the verses telling you about your PLURAL lives, are mistranslated! So look at this video and see for yourself from an INDEPENDENT SOURCE (Bible Works) that the Hebrew IN these verses is PLURAL lives, PLURAL deaths, so PLURAL deaths on the Cross. Christ died SPIRITUALLY (subsitutionary, He didn't sin) as a PAYMENT for sins. It was not His Physical death, which happened AFTER salvation's payment was finished (remember "it is finished", Greek "tetelestai" in the Gospel accounts). So His Physical death SIGNIFIED the VICTORY, and that's what Eph4:8-9 are about.

Note: is defunct so the URLs are no longer valid and thus removed.

MOZILLA Browser glitches

01/14/2009 13:24:23

I keep trying to reprogram the HTML code in my webpages to suit Mozilla browser bugs. But I can't defeat all the Mozilla glitches. Like PHP code, Mozilla suffers from requiring that, for example, you completely NEST a pair of codes within another nested command. For example, you can't say (b)(font color)(/b)(/font) in HTML code and expect Mozilla to recognize it. Internet Explorer 6 and above has no problem with this. Mozilla also can't handle footnote-sized fonts, unless you select Tools, Options, Content, Fonts & Colors, Advanced, Minimum Font size to "None". So if you selected a minimum font size, all the fonts below size "2" will display in size "1" no matter what you do. Again, Internet Explorer doesn't have this restriction. So if you find webpage text looks weird, try reading it in Internet Explorer 6 or above. Let me know if that doesn't work, because my versions of Internet Explorer are all "American", and maybe for non-American downloads it works differently. Thanks!

Update and 2009 Editing Plans

01/11/2009 17:36:46

I didn't get very far in 2008 with respect to 1 John's retranslation. Am stuck in Isaiah 53, which has been a huge surprise with respect to how Isaiah MAPS the history from the date he writes until the death of Messiah -- God will actually be QUOTING Isaiah's Hebrew meter to Daniel, in Daniel 9:24-26. See the "Calendar" videos in Isa53trans.htm. This theology is completely unknown in Christendom. So now I've got two tasks for 2009: 1) find out what OTHER OT writers also used the 490-year countdown of God's Accounting System for time in their HEBREW METER (Ecclesiastes 3 is a candidate now under investigation), to show this is a major rhetorical style in the OT; 2) Revisit Daniel 7-10 on "the beast" of Revelation. For Isaiah starts talking about Babylon early on, and the significance of that affects also how I retranslate 1 John. For even though Revelation was penned after 1 John, the same information is running sotto voce IN 1Jn. In short, the warning tableaus of Revelation 13-17 were already seeded in 1Jn, as if John already knew what he'd be writing in Revelation. Since 1Jn starts out by playing on Isaiah 53:1 (cleverly changing anangellw to aPangellw), he means to thread Isaiah through as his major rhetorical device. I have to know how he's doing that. 3) RevMap.doc will contain the changes which accrue due to what I learn in 2), within the appropriate verses. The doc outlines Revelation in Chapter and verse order, so for example if I find Isaiah data on "Babylon" is referenced in Rev 13-17, then I'll put that information in RevMap. Only after doing this can I come back to retranslation of 1John. So 2009 will be a slog, webpage-wise. As for video plans, you can see those in my Vlog on my "brainouty" page: pick the video with my picture, and if you're in the mood, play it. Isaiah 53 tops my video agenda -- once I can get going again after learning the "Babylon" meaning and its tie to Daniel 7-10, which is obviously using that Isaiah material (again, to demonstrate fulfillment of what Isaiah prophesied, to show that the timeline in his meter, was ON TIME). I'll also need to do collateral videos on other OT passages which also make use of God's 490-year Accounting for Time system, to show that Isaiah 53 is not an isolated instance, but part of an overall rhetorical pattern of metrical exposition. It will take a long time for me to do such videos. If you can't wait, suggest you investigate the Hebrew meter of any "time" concept passage, like Psalm 90, Ecclesiastes 3 (which uses 14's), any Advent passage or prophecy which might have meter or measured syllables like those in Isaiah 9, 44, 61, Psalm 22, 40, most of Ezekiel, Hosea, Haggai, probably the really short-book prophets, and goodly portions of Jeremiah (including Lamentations). KEY: the meter's chosen number of syllables has a DOCTRINAL meaning which will tie to the CONTENT of the words. And, there will be a mirroring (parallelling) elsewhere within the body of the text you're examining. That mirroring should be in both CONTENT and in NUMBER of syllables. For example, if the topic is judgement, you'd expect a 40-syllable 'paragraph' coupled with another one later within that same topical 'chapter'. A Savior section would either be divisible by 7 or maybe 33. Expect 14's (doubled sevens, and evocative of the 490 itself, and average number of generations within a 490). Look for 56's and their variants when something to do with Temple destruction or construction is in view. The overall meter might be conceptually complete on a divisor other than 7; try 12, 3, 4 depending on content. The divisor will be chosen thematically, to suit content, i.e., if content focus is on the 12 tribes, then maybe a 12 divisor is used. If on Trinity, then a 3 divisor might be used. See the clever pattern for Isaiah's meter in the two "God's Calendar" videos among the Isaiah series, or in Hypothesis #4, where the parallelling is parsed and visually displayed for Isaiah 53. Here are the links to those videos: Synopsis, how Isa53's meter tells you Temple's calendar, destruction, reconstruction schedule. Do read the video description below the video, for the Hypothesis #4 links for view or download. Click Here to view video. 2nd version yet ANOTHER way Isa53's meter shows you YEAR BY YEAR from the time he writes, what will happen to Israel through Messiah's death deadline (defined as the 1000th anniversary of David's death, same accounting as God uses in the later Daniel 9): CLICK HERE to view video. It's pretty shocking that Isaiah could make the same meter accomplish so many objectives: the numbers each have doctrinal significance, so the content of each 'paragraph' within the chapter, ties to the number of syllables chosen for versification; moreover, the entire 'flow' of the chapter numerically ties in decree to the GENERATIONS (picked up by Matthew and Luke, as covered in the Hypothesis videos); moreover again, that the 'flow' will show the Temple destruction and reconstruction calendar using the SAME SYLLABIFICATION, in chronological order.So we know God was behind this. No human is this smart. All the above videos are hopefully visible full screen and downloadable, from Isa53trans.htm

Revelation Outline (Draft), RevMap.doc

10/28/2008 13:02:42

Link to RevMap.doc, Revelation's Outline: RevMap.doc. Link to RevPlay.htm, which will be revised after RevMap is done. Part V of Thinking Series, which covers the Trib: LordvSatan5.htm. RevPlay and LordvSatan5 are okay, but they don't display the THREADEDNESS well enough. For, when I was writing them, I was yet hampered by not paying sufficient attention to Bible class so was working from memory. Well, that problem is now being fixed, and RevMap will contain the more-accurate portrayal of the threading. For the first job of a writer of Divine Writ, is to THREAD the information from all previous Divine revelation, into his own book. That's how you prove GOD really wrote it. No human is that smart.

Revelation is a Greek drama quadrilogy about the final four "times" of history, threading through to conclusion, all the prophecies in Bible. Hence Revelation is subdivided into four parts, each of which is a Greek Drama play:

  1. Church (Chaps 1-3),
  2. Trib (Chaps 4-19),
  3. Millennium (Chaps 19-20), and
  4. Eternity (Chaps 21-22:5).

The individual scenes play as "split-screen" TV, so there are always TWO 'stages' on which action occurs. Because people don't understand Greek drama, nor how John uses its rhetoric, there is much disinformation about Revelation's meaning. There's nothing secret about it. We just don't do our homework on Greek drama, that's all.

So you should find Revelation easy to understand and track, once you become familiar with that drama rhetoric. RevMap.doc thus

RevMap.doc is a draft-in-progress, so it will be revised daily or weekly. Suggest you just read it when and as you're inclined. If you've any intelligent input you care to provide, I would appreciate it!

Raison d'etre: in order to finish my videos on Isaiah 53, I must re-analyse Revelation. For Isaiah references Babylon beginning in his Chapter 13, which thus ties to Revelation. So, my existing RevPlay.htm needs overhaul, as does LordvSatan5.htm.

In particular, the identity of the "beast" in Revelation 13 and 17, will likely change from what I've written prior. The commonly-given definitions are okay, but there's more parallelism and threading from the past to account for. Example: "seven kingdoms" is also an accounting mechanism from GENESIS FORWARD,so is multiple-entendre. Same, for the ten kings. Unless you know ALL this multiple-entendre accounting, you don't see how ALL the prior Bible's text is woven into the deft "seven heads" and "ten heads" references. So there's more in the text's meaning, than conventional theology has yet explained.

Think of it like math, because God is ACCOUNTING for all this. In math, you have base 10, base 8, base x. So God is accounting from ALL the different BASES (analogies) He'd provided from Genesis forward. Now, if I'd have been properly listening in Bible class, I'd have noticed this, because I can't understand a thing until I see the big ACCOUNTING picture. But, I was wrongly bored by Bible's prophecy and number system. Maxima mea culpa, and yes I've been roundly spanked.

During that time, my pastor hedged on the identity in Rev13, so now I must also review four years of Bible class notes. For he spent that long exegeting Revelation verse by verse, from 1981-1985. That exegesis took us all over the Bible, ergo the four years of daily Bible classes. Now, I can't find any other pastor who has publically done this. Many have summarized Rev, interpreted Rev, but you can't find verse by verse live exegesis in such depth. So if you're interested in my pastor's exegesis (over 1200 lessons), go to and order "1981 Revelation" on mp3. There's a limit of 30 lessons a month, I think; current procedure and limits will be on the website. To protect your privacy they only REPLY; so you must do all follow-up.

Two Legs, not one -- Theological Reconciliation

10/14/2008 22:44:19

Finally a way to fix many long-standing theological conundra and debates in Christendom. We divide because we each grab on only ONE 'leg' of Bible's Doctrine, when in fact there are two...

I keep finding this trend of theological dissonance versus Bible, where the BIBLE's answer is TWO-pronged, but theological divisions take one OR the other prong to make their case. It's not an EITHER-or argument, in the Bible. In the Bible, it's always SEQUENTIAL, so an AND argument. Let me provide four well-known examples, then see if you spot others or want to discuss them. GENESIS 1 -- I did about 50 videos on how you can prove from Bible both legs. But let's start with the common notion that Genesis 1 is about the INITIAL creation of the universe and earth in six literal days. Of course, that's hotly contested, and then you have the crowd re-tooling Genesis 1 as if "day" was metaphorical for a longer period. Rubbish. Hebrew says "evening and morning", which means a 24-hour day.

Aha, but here's the problem: BIBLE SAYS TWO CREATIONS -- Gen1:1, unstated period of time, all done. Perfect. BUT Genesis 1:2's Hebrew -- referenced many times elsewhere in Bible -- THE EARTH BECAME A MESS. Owing, to the Angelic Conflict. So God RESTORES the Earth in six literal days. We don't know how long ago that was, nor does Bible tell us how old the earth is, because NOT UNTIL ADAM'S FALL does the Bible begin accounting Time. I show all this with Live Bible Searches in BibleWorks Hebrew and Greek. Start with "Genesis of the Dingbats" in Youtube. Click on the video description to access the full list of 50 or so videos which walk you through the verses. You see them live on-screen, with the lexicons, so you can decide for yourself. Then the Genesis 5 roster is gone over, which is pretty heavy theology, never mind the humorous Dr.Who patina given it all.

So, TWO LEGS now: two creations, initial and restoration, paradigm of how you are created at birth and then reborn, restored-to-God.. in Christ. Maybe one day Christendom will actually READ Genesis 1 in the Hebrew and Greek, and stop being so stupid. Isaiah 45:18-19 flat TELLS you God didn't do Genesis 1:2's "tohu wa bohu". Again, the videos cover all that.

SALVATION -- In the Bible, you have the "floor", which is permanently being saved to heaven, aka born again, John 3, 1Cor3, Eph4, Gal 4, 1Jn2, idea of being a spiritual baby with a goal of maturation. So there are MANY "salvations" after that, because your soul is still trashed up, even though you're a spiritual baby and guaranteed heaven. Your soul must be remade, transformed, Greek of Romans 12:1-3, Eph4:11-16, etc.

So notice here: you have two basic 'schools' of theological debate re salvation: 1) that you are born again and OSAS the second you believe in Christ; and 2) that you must do something BESIDES believe in Christ to be saved. So the 2) crowd are essentially mixing up post-salvation GROWTH issues, with the 'floor' of John 3, 1Cor3. But they're not wrong to say more is needed. Yeah, but for different "save" reasons, the saving of your SOUL from its thinking via Implanted Word (main theme of James). But BOTH 1) and 2) are true in Bible, SEQUENTIALLY and with respect to different 'savings'. Saved to heaven and from hell, 1); saving your soul from its sin-nature thinking, 2). TWO legs.

SPIRITUALITY -- if I hear one more person misquote Matthew 7 (which is on TEACHING, not works) and James 2 (which is on WORD WORKING, not you) I'll spit nails. "Fruit-bearing" is always cast by baby believers as something you do with your body. 99% of Christendom mistakes spirituality for works, never mind even the unbeliever can do such works -- what, are all unbelievers saved? Going by the false criterion most Christians use to define "Christian", the unbelievers bearing so much fruit would be saved! Okay, but really that's one 'leg'. Inward spiritual growth will have outward effects. But it's SPIRITUAL GROWTH, not whether you're saved, which is the 'fruit' evidenced. If someone believes in Christ as a kid and then forgets that fact forever after, God didn't forget. The person goes to heaven. But, no growth. So, obviously no 'fruit', since you GOTTA GROW UP TO BE A TREE in order to bear fruit. So the works-theology crowd are grabbing only one leg. The FIRST leg is SPIRITUAL GROWTH, not salvation status. Then the WORD WORKS to make you grow. Aha, so now there's a standing. Because we all know that if it isn't God working in you, (Gal5, Romans 8,Phili2) -- then it's wood hay stubble to be burnt, DEAD works (James 2:18-26, John 15, Hebrews 6 & 9) versus SPIRIT WORKS (James 2:26, Greek). So now we see TWO legs: gotta be filled with the Spirit, the Word working in You, Eph5:18, 2Thess5, 1Cor12, Eph4, Gal4-5, 1Cor2, etc. Then fruit will be borne. ESCHATOLOGY -- here, the preterists have one leg, and the dispy's the other. For ALL PROPHECY IS DUAL-EVENT, DUAL ENTENDRE in Bible. I covered the accounting for this duality in Mirroring.htm to show that there are TWO seven year periods, hence the Lord's "times" PLURAL "of the Gentiles" in Luke 21. Thus you can say both the preterists are right and the Dispy's, yet both are wrong, since each only hugs one 'leg'. Preterism gains its one-legged strength from the fact that Israel HAD BEEN on a scheduled ending for Time, and when she rejected Messiah, that schedule was interrupted. So all the expected deadlines of 70AD, and really 94AD when the Millennium was supposed to begin (57 years after the 1000th anniversary of David's death) -- didn't happen. Church could have matured by then but did not. So then many people lost faith in the Bible and in the future depicted, so there was a lot of retooling, kinda like the Jews did in coming up with the "Common Era" stuff. So preterism picks up on that 'leg'. And, it's true, we are in one of the TRIBULATIONAL "times" of the Gentiles, since there wasn't supposed to be a "Church". But the other "leg" is that hanging seven of Daniel 9:27, since the EXTRA seven was due to Christ dying seven years ahead of his allotment from 4BC-37AD. (Scholars misdate Daniel 9and don't recognize Isaiah 53's meter, so that's why they mistake the allotment and timing.) So this other leg, the Dispy's have. Time to unite both legs, huh.

Resolving Preterism and Dispensationalism

10/12/2008 18:22:08

If I were to classify myself, I'd be a 'hybrid' Covenantal Dispy. That is NOT a contradiction in terms, because the Bible incorporates BOTH covenantalism, and Dispyism. "Dispensation" is solely the PERIOD to which a covenant belongs. Book of Hebrews outlines this, explaining why * the covenant of Israel is NOT Church, * as the latter derives from a different and PRE-Israel kingship of Christ, "kata Melchizedek". But the problem was, Christ's JEWISH Kingship was also won on the Cross (He was born King, but as King had to die for sins of ALL mankind) -- with no kingdom. Because, Israel rejected Him when He came. Isaiah forecasted this whole show in his Hebrew meter (see my topic on Isaiah 53's meter to get the links). So what you have now, is TWO situations going on. Time-wise, we are stuck in the bubble of Daniel 9:26c, so it's a DUAL 'tribulation, aka "Times of the Gentiles" in Luke 21': that's where preterism gets its punch.

So the preterists are partly right AND the Dispy's are partly right. It's just a question of patching their rightnesses together:

So notice how the preterists have only the first part of the answer. Problem is, they don't know God's rules for Time so they mis-define that hanging seven as belonging to Daniel 9:27, playing it in 64-70AD. Nope, it's a different 7. And it played out during Church, fulfilling Joel 2. So notice the duality of a real and future Tribulation, due to the fact that there are TWO sevens to play, and only one of them has played. So this part, the Dispys get right. Two covenants, when there should have only been one. Two Kingships, two kingdoms, two covenants, two 'tribulations': ours is the longer and tougher one. Eph4:13 criterion for completion, no time promised, since only Israel was promised time, and prior to Israel time was always contingent on VOTING (ergo the Flood, due to so many negative votes). All this is the theme of Book of Hebrews. Just keep reading it over and over, even in translation, and you should see the duality. Again, I documented all this (click here) beginning with Part II of my Thinking Series, which takes months to read. So the problem is, both preterists and Dispys don't properly recognize a) Bible's Time Accounting System, and therefore b) the DUALITY of 'tribulation'. The really sad thing is that preterists are so puffed up with themselves, they'll never admit there are TWO LEGS. Will the Dispys be that arrogantly stubborn, too? Time (heh) will tell.

brainoutFAQ.htm updated

10/11/2008 18:40:22

it as you load the page. Links to the pages most 'different' are provided. Three new bullets added for questions people ask me on Bible mistranslation, what translations I recommend, and why should they read what I write since I have no credentials. Quickly, the new answers are:

New "Trinity Verses" video

10/02/2008 12:17:57

Click here for my new "Trinity Verses" video in Youtube.

It's a very comprehensive listing of OT verses, focusing on what God does or says about Himself, compared to what Christ says about God and Himself, in the NT. So you can see how both OT and NT, match. Once you see the wordplay on Trinity in the listed OT verses within the video, you'll probably spot the same wordplay on every page in Bible.


"The Prolife Blasphemy" videos are now embedded in my webpages

09/11/2008 21:27:03

Prolife is satanic. If you've been reading my webpages during the last 8 years, you've seen that theme time and again. Now, I've begun making videos on it, demonstrating FROM BIBLE why prolife is a) anti-Biblical, and b) satanic. Sadly, because the prolifers misread Bible, they miss the very strong declaration of love God makes, when he stresses over and over that you don't exist until HE makes you at birth. It's really embarrassing. I knew prolife was wrong, but didn't realize quite HOW wrong. Bible stresses that GOD gives you your first breath, and until then you aren't alive. Even the animals aren't alive until they get the "breath of life". For humans, it's "lives", plural. Because, for a human to be alive, first the biological life must BEGIN BREATHING, and also, one must have a SOUL. The soul being immaterial, means you cannot be evolved; means that God PERSONALLY MAKES YOU A YOU at birth, when He creates that soul and gives you your first breath. That's the Bible's stress. Only God makes you. So, the videos go through this and other doctrines in some detail, showing from BibleWorks' Hebrew and Greek (and English), proving what the Bible does say.The video series isn't complete yet; enough is done now, to give you a good bird's eye view. There's a word doc to summarize the series content, ProlifeBlasphemy.doc. Also, SatStrat2.htm has the videos embedded, so as the series updates, the new additions will automatically appear in that page. So too, Caveat4.htm, which is my main webpage on the fact no soul life is in the womb. So too, SatTacExamp.htm's "Prolife" link has the video series embedded. So depending on what you are reading of my pages, you've three choices of where to view the series. All series videos are in bliptv; Youtube has the parts of the series (with bliptv links) which it can show.

SatStrat2.htm, New webpage on Bible mistranslation, misteaching, misreading

08/27/2008 15:11:55

SatStrat2.htm is a new webpage which will list my videos related to the SatStrat (Thinking Series appendix) topics.

It now contains videos on how to detect falsehood or false doctrine, false teaching, Bible mistranslation case studies with Live BibleWorks searches so you can see the lie for yourself (generally you have to GO to Youtube and download on the video description links for best viewing).

A separate collection just focuses on the Genesis 1 misreading of Bible as initial creation. It's RESTORATION, not initial creation, in Gen1:2 and following. So those videos are collected in a playlist, latest episode first (so you don't waste your time when you revisit the page).

Another collection WILL be put here, on the lie that soul life is in the womb, the lie that abortion is murder. It will take time to make those videos, and they will be uploaded to Youtube and (Only allows you to download the original videos, in its "Files and Links" section in the lower right corner of the page, so I upload to bliptv also, for that reason. Also, the resolution is better in bliptv.)

James 4:5 mistranslation now a Video series

08/19/2008 17:54:43

James 4:5 -- Satan's Favorite Mistranslation? is now a Youtube video series. So all the fragmented discussion of the verse in my other pages, are brought together in one place. The video downloads are very readable; these download links are in the Youtube video description, too. Click on these links to download:

Part 1, 14 minutes 45MG
Part 2, 13 minutes, 40MG
Part 3, 13 minutes, 51MG

Also, a 5-page Word doc is a handy exegetical/anatomical summary of Jas 4:5 mistranslation, to accompany the videos. Here's its link: James45.doc.

Video Organization and other Updates

07/02/2008 14:47:49

It's turning out that Youtube is the best place to catalogue what are now over 120 videos on a wide range of topics, from simple to advanced theology, live word searches using BibleWorks, etc. For each one in Youtube, there is or will be a Bliptv download and/or watch link in the Youtube video description, as Bliptv has a clearer display (larger, better resolution). Some of the videos are also on Google, but the latter doesn't have good enough resolution, despite its larger screen. So I'll not often use Google as a download link. As time passes I'll find slots in the webpages to insert the videos. Some of them are already inserted, sometimes using Bliptv, and sometimes Youtube, depending on what's easier on the reader. Meanwhile, you can always go to my "brainouty" page on Youtube to see the whole collection, or the playlist-divided organization of it. My main project right now is to master the pronounciation of Isaiah 53 to reflect Isaiah's meter in the Hebrew. Then I'll resume the Isaiah 53 videos. Hopefully after that, I'll go back to retranslating 1 John 2:5 and following (he makes Isaiah 53 a rhetorical base in his letter beginning at 1Jn1:2). Thank you for your patience.

New Isaiah Chapter 51-52 recorded from my pastor's classes

06/19/2008 15:04:14

THE LESSONS BELOW HAVE BEEN DELETED FROM THE WEB. I received a very nice communication from RB Thieme Jr. Ministries that their policy is (changed back in 2003) to prohibit ANY kind of reproduction. So I deleted these videos from both Youtube and bliptv. So if you want Lessons 25-29, you'll have to order them from .Original post follows below, but it's obsolete now.In Youtube and in I've added Lesson 25 and 26 from my pastor's Isaiah series. The bliptv wmv original version is very readable, but the Youtube versions are fuzzy due to incompatibility of flv display versus wmv quality. Youtube has the full Lesson 25 in 8 parts, and only the first 10 minutes of Lesson 26. Bliptv has the full uncut versions of both lessons, but its flv version has no visuals. Video descriptions in either Youtube or Bliptv provide you with links to directly download the visuals and use them if and as you desire. The visuals I did; so they are not copyrighted. To access the Youtube list, either search on "brainouty" and "RB Thime", or just go to Isa53trans.htm and play the Youtube videos you want in the embedded playlist, there. Video descriptions are only accessible from Youtube; to get that, click on the player icon at the bottom of the playlist (larger red boxy thing, looks kinda like an old radio); then, video description shows; if you next click on the title of the video rather than its picture, and you'll go straight to the Youtube page for that video (in a new window). The audio is copyrighted by RB Thieme Ministries. You may download it, but don't edit it (if you're a taper, you know why this policy had to be adopted, too many people misusing the tapes). BlipTV link to full uncut Lesson 25, wmv format WITH visuals (very readable): BlipTV link to full uncut Lesson 26, wmv format WITH visuals (very readable): BlipTV link to full uncut Lesson 26, audio only flv format:

New videos on Lie Detection, Integrity of God and Bible Mistranslation

05/29/2008 10:25:49

In the Youtube and links of "Jump to" on the Home page, you can now view "Falsehood Detection" videos which also happen to demonstrate Bible Mistranslation and how my pastor learned what I consider to be THE most important doctrine of the 20th century: "Love is the Integrity of God!" (Well, 21st century if you're not being precise.) I found all this by mistake, when trying to close BibleWorks 5's program. It was on 1Thess1:3, and I didn't know why. While closing it I was riveted to the long chain of genitives Paul uses, and the whole idea struck me at once, recalling the 2 years my pastor spent on subjective, objective, and plenary use of the genitives, when covering his "Love is the Integrity of God" statement back during 2000-2002. I summarize my pastor's teaching on Subjective, Objective, Plenary genitive here. That also happens to be the key to proving the translations of all Bibles but NIV are blasphemously wrong, in 1Thess1:3. God likes the small things (genitives) to do big jobs (solving MAJOR MISINTERPRETIONS), huh. :) Hence these very pithy videos. Now, that's also an advertisement for BibleWorks, because this all happened the day before yesterday. Six hours after I got the idea, the first 1Thess1:3 video was done. Yesterday, I did the second one: it took 12 hours, due to Windows Movie Maker crashing so often (WMM does not like XP's management of memory, hogs it all). So if BibleWorks weren't so FAST, I'd not be done so quickly. Buy that software, it makes Bible study truly easy in the original-language texts. The BW people don't know I recommend their software (I'm licensed under my real name, not "brainout"). So the recommendation is truly independent. Byeee...

New Isaiah 53 videos now available from Isa53trans.htm

05/10/2008 18:58:24

I've completely reversed my position on Isaiah 53:10-11, as I can now prove the meter pattern pan-chapter. What a surprise, it's based on God's 490-year Accounting System for Time VOTING PERIODS, and includes the timeline for the rebuilding AND destruction of the 2nd Temple (while the 1st was still standing)! The pattern is so obvious you won't believe it until you see it. So now when you download Isaiah53trans.htm , my Youtube playlist of Isaiah 53 videos is at the top of the page. The latest videos in that list go through Isaiah's Meter Pattern (Hypothesis #4); you can access them directly in Youtube via my "brainouty" page playlist, "brainout-made Isaiah 53" videos as well. I'm so excited and shocked by this, and now must retool all the material written on Isaiah 53. The material isn't wrong, but the threaded contention that Hebrew text was missing is wrong. So at least watch the videos on Hypothesis #4 (last ones in the playlist), if this topic interests you. Corollary: if Isaiah embedded God's Orchestration of Time rules -- and get this, Daniel 9, Matthew 1:17 and Luke 3 are all threading back to Isaiah 53's meter! -- then other OT prophets probably used the same rhetorical device for any metered verse they used. It will take months of research, now. I knew there was more proof of God's Orchestration of Time rules, but I did NOT expect the rules to be used as embedded meter! So I'm dropping every other project for 2008 and will focus only on Isaiah 53. Sorry, but 1Jn's re-translation depends on Isaiah 53 (especially where I stopped, 1Jn2:5), so I won't be working on 1Jn again for awhile. Thanks for your patience!

Isaiah 53 videos, God's Orchestration of Time, and webpages update

04/24/2008 11:10:39

I've started making Youtube videos of Isaiah 53 in Hebrew so you can see what Isaiah is doing with sound. In the course of doing that I stumbled across Isaiah's meter key for the entire chapter, and it's shocking: he's using the 490-year time grant system to craft his poem. Here's the meter key: by the time he finishes a complete verse concept, the number of syllables must be evenly divisible by 7. So for example, Isa52:13-14 constitute one verse concept (versification was invented by the College of Paris in the 1100's and is not part of Bible). So, it runs 42 syllables, which is 3 14's, 6 7's, and that's what Matthew references in Matthew 1:17 with his roster of 3 14's. Matthew selects the honored generations, following the pattern of Genesis 5 which is also about God's Orchestration of Time, and thus ties back to Isaiah 52:13-14 with respect to the Jews.Luke 3 does the same thing, but since Luke is written after Matthew and with an audience to Gentiles, Luke takes his rhetorical cue from the number of syllables Isaiah uses in 52:13-15, since verse 15 is about the Gentiles. That's 77. Two sevens is 14, David was 77 when he died (1Kings 6:1 which scholars routinely misread), and so Christ is the 77th son from Adam, in Luke's roster (no second Cainan; if your copy of Luke has two, throw one out, it's someone's adulteration).I knew about Matthew and Luke playing on God's 490-year Time Grant System, but I didn't know Isaiah was doing that. So I have to make minor corrections in the meter for all Isaiah 53 webpages, especially Isa53.rtf and the poetic translation in Isa53trans.htm.The Isaiah 53 videos only go up through 52:15's introduction. They happen to be properly parsed, but I will redo the visuals. So if you can't wait, then watch the videos posted, bearing in mind that the visuals will be redone later. Thank You.Looks like it will be ages before I get back to retranslating 1 John, since 1John 2:5 ties to Isaiah 53, and now I have to retool what I did on Isaiah 53. Now I will be able to find if there are syllables missing in Isaiah 53:10-11's Hebrew, because his meter key is so precise. So the meanwhile, if you can't wait for something on 1John, just email me with your question. Better still, get my pastor's exegesis on it, his "1981 1 John" series. (I've not looked at that series to do my translation, yet: first I wanted to do it independently, then test what I got versus what he did.)Thank you again for your patience.

New movie "Expelled" by Ben Stein

04/18/2008 02:38:30

That movie is very promising, and it comes out today. I won't have time to see it in the theatre, but I hope you do. Evolutionists think that their many trees-arguments about specifics justify the leap to evolution in their conclusions. And they think they bamboozle us with their big words and degrees. But their complete stupidity always manifests in that they completely disregard the laws of genetics, which require that the PARENT have the attributes, in order for the CHILD to be able to mutate as they claim. So the PARENT of a human would have to be HIGHER than human, in order for a human to exist. No mutation can occur without some attributes which PRE-EXIST in order to mutate. There is no genetic mechanism for mutation of abstract thought, which is the salient characteristic of being human. Or, stated mathematically (you should always use math principles to test any other science, to find the logical flaws in that other science): no set can contain itself. Hence evolutionary claims CANNOT be true. See Dr. Berlinski's books, because he brings up many other mathematical problems I don't have time to explain. He is not a Christian, see the Youtube videos by AccessResearch where he is interviewed. Thus the argument against evolution has nothing to do with Bible, but everything to do with good science. And when it comes to the evolutionary claim, science is insane on every count. Provably. Death or inanimacy cannot produce life, but life can produce death, and since life is BIGGER in attributes, then life can come from life. Evolution suffers from taking inanimacy and claiming animacy comes from it: just like a Frankenstein movie. And we are to accept that? Even a five-year old child can see it's a claim of magic. But theists are the ones who are irrational? LOL. Christians have led the debate against evolution for many wrong reasons, but they are right to keep on reminding stupid evolutionists that the latter just ASSert eons of connections and conversions without believable data to support it, and they never track back to source, aka first cause. Because, for something to qualify as 'scientific theory' it must be ACCOUNTED for, just like balancing your checkbook. Back to the first dollar. This, the alleged 'scientists' in evolution do not do. So they are rightly called to task for it. Bible, by the way, says the real human being is his SOUL, not the biological material which is a house for the soul, Psalm 139:11-16 (always mistranslated), and Genesis 2:7 (mistranslated breathed "life" should be "lives", plural). So that's why you are not evolved. God made your soul AT BIRTH, and that's when you became you; you live forever, but your body eventually dies, and you get a new body, 1Cor15. See Caveat4.htm for a fuller explanation, and NoWombLife.htm on Psalm 139's corrected translation. Enjoy the Ben Stein movie!

Foxfire bug?

04/16/2008 14:31:16

For those of you using Mozilla Foxfire, it's just come to my attention that Foxfire requires the old html nesting rule about code opens and closes being in the same order. As you know, php has the same problem.That is, if you typed in a font command AFTER a center command, but don't close the font command BEFORE you closed the center command, the font command doesn't turn off. In updated Internet Explorer (version 6+) it doesn't matter where the commands are placed relative to each other, so long as they are closed.My index page in Foxfire has now hopefully been fixed to return back to the nesting order rule. I'm not sure where else in my webpages this problem will occur. If you see any strangely-sized or positioned text, please let me know. I composed the recent webpages testing them against Internet Explorer 6 on a 19" wide LCD monitor. Older webpages were tested on analog monitors from 1992.I'd really appreciate any heads-up you care to give me if the webpage looks bad in your browser. Thank you!

Challenge to find contradiction in Bible

04/09/2008 08:13:01

Visit which claims to find contradictions in the Bible. I just got this link from someone in Youtube. See if you find anything original there. I will keep on visiting it when I have a chance, but after looking into some of the key items, I only find the same tired claims. If I'm wrong, I'd be happy to eat my words. For all I care about is God, and He and I have this deal: I'm always wrong, He's always right; so if I ever get something right, HE did it for me.

But maybe you'll find something I missed. Enjoy! videos now on my Home Page

03/25/2008 10:50:22

I use for my most important videos. When you load the Home Page you'll now see it, under the Google Translate and "Jump to" options. You can either click on an image to watch a video, or you can press the little book thingy at the bottom of the player for a Guide to both the current video "episode" ( term), or to all the videos (episodes) on

The "About" tab in the Guide, is really cool. If you click on the "About", you'll get a long description of the current video, which has links directly to the webpages the video covers; the links open in new windows, so you can watch the video and read the associated page, at the same time. Moreover, from that "About" tab you can go directly to to read the description more easily, view and/or download the video. And of course, still read the associated webpages while watching. This saves time.

Youtube's player doesn't work. I don't know why. But the is better, anyway. Hope you save time from using it.

Update on my videos and 2008 plans

03/24/2008 15:03:01

I've made over 70 videos now. The main site is the "brainouty" account at Youtube; you can download most of the videos in Google, and I'm uploading all of them gradually to bliptv, a new account. The bliptv account is easier to use (I'm "brainout" there), and allows you to download in either wmv or flv format, whereas Google only allows wmv. Since now many of the videos use SMP doc or GeneYrs.xls, it becomes important to be able to download the videos.

If you've had problems understanding Parts III and IV of the Thinking series or with GeneYrs.xls, you'll want the "brainout-made Advanced videos", and maybe the "Basic" videos on my Youtube "brainouty" page. You can access that page by clicking on the Youtube option in the drop-down menu on my index page, or just go straight to Youtube for "brainouty", and pick from there (right hand side).

For 2008 I'm still working on the exegesis and retranslation of 1 John, but because he ties in all prior Bible to that one letter (including his own Gospel, which was written prior), it's going to take me the rest of the year to show the tiebacks. As for updating the Appendix to the Thinking Series on Islam, that base is already covered by Walid Shoebat, who also sees the deliberate satanic derision of Bible in Koran, and saw it before I did. So I recommend you get information from his ministry. See also Ergun Caner. But I did just do four videos on "How Satan Deploys Islam" which are on Youtube and also on bliptv.

Thank you for your patience. I have to now go back to work for awhile, and there won't be any updates to the videos or the webpages until you see me post again, here. Philippians 1:21, forever!

New Spiritual Physics Videos on my Youtube page

01/30/2008 16:17:54

On my Home page page is a "jump" pull-down menu which takes you to my Youtube page. Once there, you can select from the "Spiritual Physics" videos. Three are uploaded now, but there will be a total of five in the next few days.

There's a guy on Youtube nicknamed "ThirdProverb" who also focuses on the Theory of Everything. The videos are in part, a response to his great review of that play on secular reflecting spiritual. In the larger sense I've been wanting to present a simplified explanation of Spiritual Physics for a long time, since the material is scattered throughout my webpages.

The videos summarize the gist of DDNA webseries, DueDisclosure.htm, Architectural Design, and the "Divine Physics" sections of the Appendix to Thinking series, centering on how Isaiah 53:10-11 solves Spiritual Physics, and thus secular physics (once the math folks can figure out how to translate the verbs into the formulas which suit them). For secular always reflects spiritual.

Hence the videos begin with the topic of God's Paradox, how Truth if Free means all the BAD truths must also freely exist, if God will ordain to Create. Hobson's Choice! And Isaiah 53:10-11 in the LXX, shows the five verbs which He uses to resolve that paradox. Now if you're already familiar with the five verbs -- which are heavily featured in my webpages -- you'll find the videos fun and even easy to understand.

Figuring that most have never thought about the LXX of Isaiah53:10-11, the videos thus repeat often what the five verbs mean, slightly varying the significance each time, parallelling them to a very simplified picture of string theory at the conceptual level. For string theory is really an observation of how truth operates.

And the ultimate formula for it is this: If "A" (Absolute God), then "-A" (decree that there shall be not-God). Since that's not an equation but essentially a requirement that -A go on forever BECAUSE it will never 'reach' +A, you have an easy way to understand why the Son of God would add Humanity to Himself, and why everything cycles through Him (i.e., end of Romans 8, climactic conclusion). is a great site for military and news videos

01/25/2008 10:40:30 is a great site for viewing uploaded videos on live events in Iraq or Afghanistan, to help you see what our coalition troops are going through. Radical Muslims post there also. You get full-spectrum opinion from the posters. Comments can be longer than allowed on Youtube, and you can participate in a political forum, plus have your own blog. The only problem with the site is that it lacks a "help" feature, but then again you can simply post your question in the forum, and someone will reply to you often within an hour of your post. It's a very different approach to videos, forums, etc.

Check it out. I posted my anti-Islam videos there. Amazing, the traffic they got in only a few days.

But again, the main reason I am a member there, is to see the military videos. You can't see this stuff in the news. Obviously it's not classified, either, but it sure helps you get a better grip on the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. How anyone can view that material and still be against the war, I'll never understand. This is WWIII in the making.

President Bush made the wisest decision, one saving millions of lives, when he went into invade. And by the way, I have the letter by the Democrats in 1998 when they warned President Clinton about Saddam's WMD (will be glad to send you the link, the letter is online at a newspaper from years back).

Click here to download a movie of the Democrats PUBLIC ADMISSION Saddam had WMD in 1998 until the invasion, long before Iraq, in their own words. Never ceases to amaze me, how people lie.

Walid Shoebat, 2007 Prophecy Conference

01/17/2008 19:04:51

This guy saw what I saw in Qur'an, seven years prior to me: I saw it circa 2001, but he saw it and apparently converted to Christianity because he did, back in 1994? Hence I don't know now if I should write any more about Islam, or revise SatStrat.htm: I gotta ask God about it. The only added material in my webpages would be on how Satan historically uses Islam in light of God's Orchestration of Time; and, that probably there's really a triumvirate of Fake Temple, Fake Church, and Islam as the fakir against both.

Watch the Youtube "Walid Shoebat: Prophecy101" playlist yourself, see what you think. Yahoo won't let me embed the Youtube player. It's on my "brainouty" Youtube playlist page, or just search on the quoted string: Ritter1001 provided the videos.

That upcoming movie, "Muslim Jesus": how to research in Qur'an

01/15/2008 14:35:06

There's a new movie upcoming which is made in Iran about the Muslim Jesus. Actually, it's about the SHI'ITE version of Jesus in the Qur'an, which is quite different from other Muslim sects. Frankly, the Shi'ites can't read Qur'an very well on this topic.

Qur'an doesn't really say Christ didn't die on the Cross. The Arabic hedges. Further, it doesn't name any replacement -- Shi'ites say Judas was hung on the cross instead, which history proves incorrect. But then, history proves the claim He didn't die on the Cross incorrect, too: 1) his enemies gloated over his death on the cross, 2) Roman chroniclers wanting to please Rome talked about it (i.e., Tacitus and Josephus), and 3) a BIZILLION wanna-be-bible 'gospels' of gossipy lies came out in wake of His Death, all of them wanting to cash in on the fame of his death. The more popular of these gossipy stories are called "Apochrypha", in theology. (Roughly akin to all the videos of Saddam Hussain's execution on Youtube, or any other popular real event. They didn't have video cameras or cellphones in the 1st century AD, so people wrote stories, rather than make pictures.)

So now, it becomes important to know the Qur'an itself, if you're gonna watch the movie once it comes out.

You can evaluate the text itself even if you don't know Arabic well, by using the following online sources. If you already know Bible Hebrew it will be very fast and easy to learn the Arabic, slow to learn the idioms. (Arabic generally changes the Hebrew "m" to "n", and has the same roots). Here are online sources:

After you do the research above, you'll see how cagey the Qur'an itself really is about the nature and Deity of Christ, about His Death on the cross, etc. Since at the time Muhammed wrote the Qur'an (no, he was not illiterate, Qur'an dispels that myth too) the history about Christ had been out for 600 years, obviously anything in Qur'an contradicting that history is a flat lie. Today's revisionists are trying to do the same thing, but you have 600 years! of people acting on the history of His Death, Burial and Resurrection so you know He really lived and people fought over Him. So duh -- this is a real person, and Qur'an itself in the Arabic doesn't actually DENY the Bible, and says itself, that it's an UPDATE on the Bible (which is not true, but that claim is a claim that the Bible is valid).

Look: lots of myths are in Christianity which are not in Bible (i.e., Bible NEVER says there was a star in Bethlehem, as covered in Part IVa of Thinking series). So you'd expect that there would be a lot of myths in Islam, too. This idea of Christ not dying on the Cross is one of them. Enjoy the movie once it comes out. If there are Youtube videos made of it, I'll put them in my Youtube page. Bye...

Happy New Year, with new Youtube videos

01/01/2008 17:39:30

Thinking Series is so long, I've decided to make some short videos on its content. The videos here are maybe helpful, but I'm new to Windows Movie Maker so I thank you in advance for your indulgence. These videos go by the name of "God101 series" in the "Videos" section on the page. Url: click here.

You can download those same videos from Google. Search on "brainout". So far as I know, there are no copyrights because I changed the pictures; they originated also from freely circulating ones (i.e., provided as wallpaper or came in emails) without any copyright. And I didn't copyright the videos or the drawings I did in them, either.

Trinity for Christmas!

12/25/2007 17:46:16

Click here for a forum topic on Trinity (forum post is now gone circa 2024) really being tri-theism, not monotheism. The other webpages on the topic (except for TrinityCites.htm) are included. I found some stuff on the internet which helps one see how it is we got into the silly Westminster Confession idea of God-is-an-Egg.

No wonder those who mistakenly claim Trinity isn't in the Bible laugh at us Trinitarians. We don't know what "one" even means, ourselves!

The forum entry might end up becoming a separate webpage. Looks like the confusion and ignorance on Trinity is much bigger than I expected.

Without Trinity, there'd be no Christmas. Juridical independence is required for salvation. Those who claim that God is but one Person all thus deny salvation and the Cross (unwittingly). It's not a payment if you move the money from one pocket to another. If God is but a manifestation in three ways, then 'salvation' is a sham, for He would just be changing manifestations, to 'pay' Himself. That would be a farce.

On the other hand, if One God does the Judging (Father), one adds Humanity to Himself and in that Humanity RECEIVES the imputation and judgement of sins (Son), and the Third God Empowers the Humanity of the Second (so the Second isn't cheating by using His Own Deity) -- then you have a) true payment/gifting from one Independent Person to another, and b) true independent jurisprudence.

Sure, God is perfect, and doesn't need checks and balances like we humans do. But did you ever stop to think that He above all would WANT TO CREATE the independence just because it is so VIRTUOUS? Love would think like that: especially, Infinite love.

Say you're a husband in charge of your wife. If you love your wife, you give her freedom and space, you restrain yourself. In short, you don't need a system of rules to circumscribe what you do, but you instead INVENT rules to limit yourself. All this, due to love. That's what God does, inter-God. They don't neeed the rules, They WANT them, because the rules are so gorgeous. That's Integrity.

New Youtube videos I made

12/24/2007 00:51:52

My Youtube page has new videos on the Hypostatic Union and why Islam is not from God. You can see them by clicking on "Videos" near the page top, or in mid-page at right, the first two videos in that list. There are a total of seven, now. I'll try to make more as I've time, but there's no predicting when. Any suggestions are welcome; I'm very new to this, and don't yet have time to learn webcam.

Now for the rest of the Jihad story...

12/16/2007 17:19:31

Now, I didn't know until after making that blog entry (, that the poster wasn't Muslim. But I did know and had heard, many IMAMS saying essentially the same thing (leaving out the admittance about economy, lol). In my Youtube page you'll find a "Radical Islam" collection of videos, often spoken by Muslims themselves. For they talk nicely to us in the West, Islam is peace, blah blah blah -- but preach bigotry, hate, war to their fellow Muslims, every Friday at mosque and in their many movies, cartoons, and TV discussions.

THAT'S LYING. And they are obliged to lie, it's called "taqiyya". So of course, THEY claim we lie, to deflect attention from their lying. Yeah, defense mechanism of projection, lol! And you just KNOW the average 'moderate' Muslim is either completely uninformed about all this and what his own Qu'ran says -- or is too afraid, to admit it. Kinda hard to speak up, if sharia law says you must be jailed, tortured, even executed for questioning or leaving Islam.

Therefore, the ONLY way to fight Islam is spiritually. God wants these people free of this tyranny. Secularly, we'll also have to engage physically and militarily, economically, etc. But none of those things ever wins a war. 2Chronicles 7:14 warns that if we RETURN to God, and ASK Him to deliver us, He will. Remember, believers are the blessing to the world. And we live vertically toward God as Priests -- not crusading and demanding Caesar do something. No, we go to the HIGHER BOSS, per 2Chron 7:14! Let's deploy ourselves before Heaven's throne, and ASK Him...

So live in God's System. It couldn't be more important, now. If you love your country, defend it by living in God's System. Then God will defeat Satan's using Islam yet again (just like in 630AD, 1070+AD, 1453AD, and now). The Battle is the Lord's.

Jihad: a (satanic) Pillar of Islam

12/16/2007 11:58:53

For the source of the quote in this video, see (URL is now defunct anno 2024)

User Zorasta_Russ defends Jihad. On page 1 of the FFI forum link above, he begins the thread as follows:

"In order to defend Islam one must defend every Islamic teaching. For this discussion I have chosen Jihad. A Muslim must defend Jihad because it is counted as one of the pillars of Islam.

It is also important to know that in exercising Jihad, Muslims are not hurting others for no reason, but they are only obeying Allah's commandments. Allah demands that unbelievers should be killed. Their land and wealth should be confiscated for the Islamic Ummah and their women and children should become slaves and property of the Muslims. Obeying Allah can bring wealth and honor to Muslims and the best pleasures in paradise in the afterlife.

Jihad is a sacred duty for Muslims. The word "Jihad" in Arabic means "struggle". Jihad can mean struggling to be a better Muslim, but it can also mean fighting in the cause of Allah. In this sense Jihad is the struggle for the cause of spreading Islam, using all means available to Muslims, including killing enemies of Islam. This kind of Jihad is often understood as 'Holy War'."

On page 8 of the FFI forum, he writes (bolding added):

"Muslims are embarrassed to quote the verses from Qur'an and ahaadeeth on jihad in front of their kaafir friends. It's about showing what a disfunctional society such as Islam has to do to aquire wealth and women. Muslims blame the west and U S A for their own poverty. Muslims have neglected jihad for a long time, so it is believed that they deserve the punishment of Allaah, to be humiliated, belittled and defeated. Before oil, the only time Islamic empires had wealth is when they took it from others by fighting. A true Islamic economy is one based on Jihad."

Therefore, the ONLY way to fight Islam is spiritually. We'll have to engage physically and militarily, economically, etc. But none of those things ever wins a war. 2Chronicles 7:14 warns that if we RETURN to God, and ASK Him to deliver us, He will.

So live in God's System. It couldn't be more important, now. If you love your country, defend it by living in God's System. Then God will defeat Satan's using Islam yet again (just like in 630AD, 1070+AD, 1453AD, and now). The Battle is the Lord's.

2008 webpage agenda, and Save Youtube from Muslim marauders

12/16/2007 09:30:58

As some of you might know, political Muslims are pretty angry people, bent on squashing free thinking. On Youtube, when they post videos, if you have anything critical to say, they excise your comments. You can tell, because the Muslim insults to the criticisms are left intact, so the commentary is hard to follow. Further, if someone directly challenges them, they "flag" the video in enough volume, so that self-policing mechanism is abused, and the user who posted a video the Muslims don't like, gets banned.

Now, it's unChristian that we should reply in kind, flagging Muslim videos. God wouldn't want us to behave like them. So instead, why not we praise the videos which stand up against the flagging?

Here's one: Click here for The Ugly Truth about Islam ( no longer available). That guy has a blog whose David Horowitz speech entry (now showing when you load the blog), provides a GREAT history of how we got to where we are in the Middle East. It's worth reading. Here's the link: Crusader's Blog. Really worth reading Mr. Horowitz' summary. And if you go through my "TIMELINES" playlist of videos in my Youtube page (link below), you'll see that history play. I also recommend buying From Time Immemorial by Joan Peters (book might only be sold as used at Amazon, I'm not sure, but B'nai Brith probably sells it still).

I too created a Youtube account, and have three videos, very short ones at the moment: Click here for my brainouty page. The Playlists are categorically arrayed. The first three you'll see, are on Qu'ran Errors, Radical Islam, and world history timelines (to tie to Part IV of the Thinking Series), about 60+videos per playlist. (Click at the bottom of the Playlist section to see all the playlists.) My Favorites are all on Muslims who converted to Christianity, their testimonies. Use the page or not, as you're inclined.

Normally I don't get involved with this kind of stuff, since if you live vertically toward God, that blesses the world more than anything you can do with your body. But here, I have to provide material during the year or so it will take to reformulate the Appendix to the Thinking Series (SatStrat.htm) on how Satan uses Islam. The Arabic is turning out to be easier to understand than I expected, but it will still take a good year or more, to redo that section of the SatStrat.htm webpage. I still have to finish 1John's exegesis and translation. So now you know my plans for 2008.

New FAQ webpage

12/07/2007 17:57:34

brainoutFAQ.htm is a new webpage I'm developing, to answer basic questions people ask. It's linked on the Home Page just before the blog link (top section). The FAQ will be slowly developed, and edited many times. If you've any questions you want listed in the FAQ, please make a comment, and I'll include it. Thanks!

GeneYrs.xls and Excel bug with pop-up notes, link updates

12/06/2007 23:10:55

GeneYrs.xls, which is the timeline worksheet since Adam showing how God grants time in 490-year and 1000-year increments (through now), has pop-up notes which are part of Excel. These notes resize themselves -- it's a bug in Excel I cannot fix -- so I tried yet again to fix them so you can read all the text in each note. If perchance you cannot read the note, then do the following:

  1. Right-click and select "Edit Comment"
  2. The comment will move (usually downward). Resize at one of the little boxes in the middle of each side, to read the text.
  3. Hit ESC when done, or move your cursor to another cell. If you want to preserve the size you will have to save the worksheet before exiting. Excel will prompt you to do that.

Reminder: look at the "View" then "Custom Views" options in order to navigate the spreadsheet quickly and easily. I've set up about 20 different custom views for different time periods, so you don't have to scroll or page so much. Makes comparison faster. Thanks for your patience! Sorry about this bug!

When I find good internet links to historical events in the worksheet, I'm now hyperlinking them. That should make the worksheet more useful. This kind of upgrade will be ongoing. So you might want to re-download the worksheet every six months or so.

Is this Blog helpful to you?

12/04/2007 16:06:44

Yahoo finally allows editing and deleting blog entries, so I've just gone through them, editing all the way back, deleting what's no longer useful. Which brings up the question: is the blog itself useful? What about it is annoying, what about it would you like to see changed?

Readership of the webpages has increased dramatically, so now I need to ask for your help. All this time I just wrote to audit myself, but the issues covered are apparently hard to find on the internet. I guess that accounts for the doubling of readership over the past year, and it's increasing even faster, in the last two months.

So if the blog is annoying or helpful, I need your feedback. You can make anonymous comments here, or email me, as you prefer. Also, if you find anything hard to view, I'd like to know about it. Really, anything bugging you or helpful to you would be helpful to me, to know. Thanks.

Researching Islam, status

11/24/2007 16:59:24

If you're a regular reader of the Thinking Series you know about the subthread throughout the series on Satan's strategy and tactics, how no matter whether it's the UFO thingy or Bible mistranslation or fake holy books, the same seven characteristics 'fingerprint' satanic action and propaganda. We humans can't do anything about this. No human is to blame.

Well, I wanted to investigate the Koran more deeply, because what I've said about it is based on English translations, and that's not good enough homework. So, while surfing the internet, I discovered certain major websites aiming to critically examine Islam yet try to balance it also. (You can't get a good criticism of Islam from Islamic sites, and you can't be sure your IP address won't be targeted and your computer trashed.)

So here are some links: pallywood.wmv, which speaks for itself (not directly on Islam, but demonstrates an Islamic practice called taqiyya), which I obtained from, a comprehensive website collection examining Islam head-on and of course quite critical of it. A US $50,000 reward is offered to anyone who can prove what's said there about Muhammed is untrue (for what's said merely quotes the Islamic hadiths). Additionally, the originator of the site, a Mr. Ali Sina, will remove the entire website. Frankly, I could use the 50K but I can't prove his allegations incorrect. Wish I could. here's the link to that: . Since the man comes in regularly to post in the forum, you can ask questions yourself.

Then there are a number of other places, of less ambitious purpose; you can link to them here: and here .

I participate in the forum of and in order to sort out all the conflicting information.

This past week has been an eye-opener for me. Until this past week, I always thought all that footage of Muslims continually acting like they were demon-possessed people bent on destruction, depicted only a minority, was something concocted out of context (not blaming the West, but it's an axiom that "if it bleeds, it leads" in journalism). Yeah, and when you get into the forum and see how nasty the Muslims are, how hateful and robotic, you realize that your TV depicts the MAINSTREAM thought pattern, not just some fringe.

But again, maybe the Koran still has some or all good meaning in it, and only its practitioners are demon-possessed, acting crazy, thinking crazy, hitlerian in view and calling that holy. Catholic Church was like that once. You decide. I'm still trying to keep an open mind to the Koran, since I've not tested it in Arabic. But as for Islam itself and its practitioners, I'm running out of nice things to think, sorry.

When I've done with the research I'll update the Koran link in SatStrat.htm (aka the "Appendix" in the Thinking series). It will be over a year, before I do. So that's why this blog post is here, to provide an interim set of links you can examine for yourself.

GeneYrs.xls updated for Satan's gambit tracking to Temple Destruction, upcoming deadline in 2030AD

11/11/2007 07:53:44

GeneYrs.xls, the worksheet underlying Mirroring.htm, inset to Part IV of Thinking Series, has been updated. As you'll recall, God does the 490-year tracking post-Crucifixion, resetting from 30AD, but Satan keys his gambits to 70AD Temple destruction. So there is always some very significant attempt to create either war or Temple rebuilding, every 490 years after 70AD. You can trace this in history, and the worksheet already displayed some of the relevant entries around those tracking deadlines. But I missed the most important one, the upcoming deadline of 2030AD. That's why so much jihadist activity is going on now. Again, you have precedence you can trace to see the characteristics yourself, in the previous deadline periods, so prove it to yourself or not, as you've leisure and inclination. I've done enough checking to be convinced, but each of us has his own homework to do.

I color coded the deadline as cross-hatched gold and green (the green for Islam) in the worksheet, which is now uploaded. If ever you thought it was important to learn and live on Bible, now's the time. There's no other way to defeat these guys, just as before in history, so also now. Politics and human methods don't work. 2Chron7:14 however does work, if you're learning and living on Bible.

We Christians don't appreciate God's Attribute of Infinity

11/08/2007 10:11:55

Lunch hour comment: I now realize why we Christians battle so much. We each apprehend a 'piece' of the answer, and when we see another person claim a 'piece' which is the opposite of the one we understand, we think that person a heretic or at least wrong. Not so: Infinity is FULL-SPECTRUM, so God fits all the pieces together in a coherent 'answer', but we aren't.

-A, adikia, to +A, Absolute Righteousness. -A, Same Identical Infinite Essence and Attributes but +A, Yes, Three Persons. -A, Christ is Risen and seems to be gone, not ruling but +A, New Covenant and we are the conduit of His Rule down here. -A, we aren't yet officially ruling in the eyes of the world, but +A, we are part of Him and He is Seated so we are being trained for our OFFICIAL future ruling status in a real Millennium which He really bought on the Cross (theme of Book of Hebrews and Romans 5-12). If you are familiar with Part IV of the Thinking series webpages you already know why this happened (creation of Church to keep Time going).

Point here is that we Christians don't AMALGAMATE the Bible's answer into a full-spectrum whole, and instead we fuss and fight with each other. That will probably never change.

Common errors scholars make in measuring Bible time

11/07/2007 13:48:31

You know, if you don't read what the text says and then you think you find an error, it's not the text which is at fault. You know, if you don't use the right TYPE of measure and then things don't add up in Bible, it's not the Bible which is at fault.

I just went through an amazing experience watching people misread the Koranic verses on inheritance. Reminded me how people mis-measure Bible, too. So just like the anti-Koran people who concluded Allah couldn't add and subtract, so too the anti-Bible people ASSume the same thing of God. You all know I'm anti-Koran. But when it is right, shouldn't that be admitted? Well, it's math is right with respect to the inheritance verses (Sura 4). But WE CAN'T READ IT, whether pro-Koran, or anti-Koran. Just look up at's forums (link is above this blog entry) and see for yourself.

So let's not be stupid with Bible, too. READ IT RIGHTLY. Scholars incorrectly have ASSumed for centuries (!) that God accounts multiple years as lunar. No, He uses intercalated years. So duh -- that's why they think the Bible doesn't add up rightly, because of THEIR error. Don't be like them. DO NOT adjust years to lunar when looking at God's accounting for time. God knows that He built time in solar years, duh. So we should also.

Also, don't use days as years unless the Bible tells you the "day" analogy MEANS years. First assume it's literal. So far as I know, only "Day of the Lord" is the moniker for the Millennium in Bible (non-literal), taken from Psalm 90:4 (Moses' psalm), used most often by Isaiah and of course frequently in the NT "Day" (i.e., when anarthrous or monadic) in special usage.

Preterists do not account for Bible's own terms completely. That's why they miss all this. Accounting has to balance with respect to EVERYTHING in Bible, your checkbook, a financial statement -- or it's not valid.

Ok, I'm ranting now. Golly I can't stand stupidity which then is blamed on the holy book. Even if the holy book is from the devil (Koran), give it some credit and DO YOUR HOMEWORK before you debunk it. Byeee...

NO Star of Bethlehem! And other bloopers

11/07/2007 13:11:19

Mirroring.htm and Part IVa of the Thinking series cover dating corrections versus centuries' old mistakes which make people think the Bible wrong, when instead it's the 'scholars' who are wrong. Understand, it's only easy now to see their errors because we have computers and good Bible software like Bibleworks, so it's not to blame the scholars. The problem is, now that we CAN prove the errors and correct them, it's not being done -- not good, to hide the errors, k?

Scholars misdate stuff in Bible primarily because they follow PRIOR scholar errors rather than doing original research. That's a political thing, they have to be loyal, don't blame the scholars. But it leaves us laymen in the dark (and the scholars, too). For example:

Hence it's important to revisit the BIBLE ITSELF, not astronomy or history, to learn how the BIBLE ITSELF defines its own timeline. Scholars have not done this for centuries, instead relying on past scholarship which does NOT use Bible, but instead dates first using Josephus or astronomy or other scholar guesses. WE NEED TO DO THIS DE NOVO. If you were a scholar and made a mistake, wouldn't you want someone else to fix it for you? Don't we all make mistakes? The politics have corrupted the study in academia, science, religion. Scholars are human. It's okay if they make mistakes. It's not okay if our lives depend on knowing Bible accurately, to let this thing go on. LOL I sound preachy now. Time for me to shut up. Bye...

Thinking Series II new and updated

10/22/2007 13:44:15

Thinking2.htm, which is the serial novel revisiting and testing concepts in the Thinking series has been updated slightly to differentiate between fictional and non-fictional elements. The novel itself, PDR.doc (accessible within Thinking2.htm), has extra material in Chapters 2 and 4, to better set up the subplots. It's revised through Chapter 5 as of 12/04/07.

The original Thinking series has become too large, now more an exposition of research and threading together the Bible story, than the original intent of writing a novel to test one's ideas of what Bible says. So now I've begun a true fictional novel version of the Thinking series. I started it last year, then shelved it; I'd decided that a novel form would be too unacademic. But, then realized that the best way to audit for truth is to write out assumed truths as a story, to see if it hangs together as a whole. So gradually I'll refine and add to this novel.

My writing plan is still to first finish exegeting and translating 1Jn and its many ties to Isa53; but as a break I'll add to the novel from time to time. When the novel is updated, I'll post something here, to save you time.

SurpConc.htm slightly updated

10/16/2007 14:22:19

SurpConc.htm is a kind of abstract of all my websites, with embedded links to take you to the major pages. Idea is to save the reader time in deciding what, if anything, he wants to read. It's the first link in the "Theses" row of the top third of the Home Page, and is referenced by name in the Home Page. I upgraded it to reference some of the newer webpages which I think save a reader time and speed comprehension, like TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc and SMP.doc.

If you've already read SurpConc.htm I'd not recommend reading it again for the upgrades. If you want an overview of website content by topic, I would recommend skimming it by topic that interests you.

Temporary 'fix' now in Part V of the Thinking series, last link of that page re Lake of Fire

10/12/2007 13:50:41

Part V of the Thinking Series, LordvSatan5.htm's "Lake" link now has a series of bullets at the beginning of its last section. The rest of the section was barely edited, with any new text mostly in the last three paragraphs of the section's end. For the section is something to think over, not a sales pitch.

Internet Search Results on correct meaning of 1Jn1:9 are even worse than for the Gospel!

10/08/2007 01:20:55

No wonder so much false doctrine is on the internet. I only found two websites which understood the role of "1 John 1:9" (search term I used in dogpile). TWO??? Only two websites which recognize you need to use 1Jn1:9 or you are spiritually comatose, out-of-fellowship, no Spirit in you?

No one seems to understand 1Jn1:9's role in restoring you to spiritual fellowship! Never mind John uses the quintessential Greek katharizw, used of PURIFYING THE TEMPLE in the OT (LXX, Greek translation of the Hebrew), so no Greek reader would lump that in the same category as being saved. The Spirit FILLED THE TEMPLE when it was pure, and left when it was defiled, viz., the problem during Antiochus IV Epiphanes. So an NT Greek reader would easily know that just as the Temple would have to be purified when defiled, so also the believer who sins would need purification every time he sins. It's a no-brainer. Even my mother understood that back in the 1940's, and she was part of the Baptist door-knockers for awhile.

WE SHOULD READ THE WORD FOR WHAT IT SAYS, not add to it. "If we name our sins to God He is faithful and righteous to CANCEL (Greek verb aphiemi, means to cancel a debt, etymologically) and to PURIFY (katharizw) us from all wrongdoing (Greek adikia)." Full exegesis is in 1JnTranslation and Exegetical Notes doc which I uploaded to the internet some months back. I've not had time to exegete past 1Jn2:4, yet, because 2:5 ties to Isa53:10-12 in many ways, and they all need to be catalogued before I can continue translating from the Greek. But all of 1Jn1 is translated with exegetical notes so you can trace the foregoing statements, yourself.

No wonder people can't read or teach Bible and even get the Gospel wrong, adding verbs only believers can do, to "believe". They add to "name" your sins, as well, or negate that altogether, mixing it up with salvation. No, you can't even NAME sins to God UNTIL you've been saved, it's a PRIESTLY function. The unbeliever has no standing at court, see Romans 5:1.

So use 1Jn1:9 like breathing, i.e., when upset at the internet, traffic, whatever. I do. So if you think my webpages are competent, now you know the ONLY reason why. Absent God's brains, I couldn't read Bible if it bit me. Neither can anyone else, never mind the credentials. Academic discipline is vital to Bible study. But without 1Jn1:9 all you'll get out of Bible is hot air and legalism. Looking at the internet, wow -- it shows!

COMMENT: AUTHOR: DATE: 10/09/2007 09:25:20

free grace debates: I agree that confession is for restoration to fellowship. I have some related questions regarding sin. If I recall correctly, Col. Thieme taught that the sin barrier between all of mankind and God has been removed. And if I remember correctly, he taught that every human being's name is written in the Book of Life but that unbelievers' names will be blotted out (Rev. 3:5). My questions are as follows: Isn’t hell punitive? Doesn’t the Bible treat damnation as a form of retributive punishment? But if sin is not an issue, what is there to punish? Thanks in advance for your consideration of these questions.

COMMENT: AUTHOR: DATE: 10/09/2007 13:51:25

brainout: Yes, I remember Thieme teaching as you depict here, and if you gave me time, I could find appropriate lesson numbers in the tapes. But maybe you missed his "Law of Double Punishment" series in about the year 2000, on lack of rebound being why one gets punished: "worse than sin", is one of his refrains. As for why hell -- yes, punished why? John 16:9 "because they do not believe in me". The unforgivable sin, so to speak. Thieme didn't say this, but I have come to believe that no one in hell has to stay there. Part V of the Thinking series (LordvSatan5.htm) explores that idea (last link in that page), and answers the "punitive" question you rightly pose here, in more detail.

COMMENT: AUTHOR: DATE: 10/09/2007 15:01:07

free grace debates: Thank you for the reply. I will attempt to obtain the "Law of Double Punishment" series you mentioned and view the Part V of the Thinking Series you referenced for further insights.

COMMENT: AUTHOR: DATE: 10/10/2007 10:40:48

brainout: To Free Grace Debates: I just reviewed Part V and it needs upgrading. (I last wrote it 6 years prior). The answer there focuses narrowly on how people in hell WANT to stay there, but does not handle the higher justice issue God-to-God, viz., that God got paid for Hell on the Cross and therefore is entitled to rescue anyone who believes in Him at any time. Problem is, the extreme negativity resulting from disbelief means they will NEVER believe. Verses to support all this are many -- but I didn't know them at the time I wrote that last section of Part V. So the meanwhile, please talk with our Mutual Dad about John 3:36, 2Pet3:9 (Colonel translates Greek me there as "never", and note by contrast bouletai in LXX of Isa53:10-11). Also Luke 16:19ff. Really all of John 3. Hell lasts forever, but only because people (and demons) keep on "rejecting the Love of God." The quote Thieme's, refrain near April-August year 2000 classes (you know, when he started refining yet again how Love is the Integrity of God, a theme he started back in Ephesians and especially 1996 et seq of Spiritual Dynamics). Thank you for writing me about this. Yet more editing I must do! But it's tax season now, so I won't get to this for several weeks! --brainout

Only 12 internet sites recognize it's faith alone in Christ alone for permanent salvation?

10/08/2007 00:29:22

Shocked at how the Gospel is mangled, I went to dogpile again and searched on what's supposed to be the Calvinist guidon, "Faith alone in Christ alone". Only twelve sites on the entire internet recognize that Biblical fact? Once you cull out the repeats and the fake advertisements which always add your first search word telling you where you can buy that thing?

Best site I found was someone's blog, click here for it (or search on Triablogue). Then search on "faith alone" twice. The second search summed up the answer best -- to add some other verb INSERTS MAN'S WORKS or efforts into the salvation equation, thereby nullifying belief. For then you are believing in something YOU do, not the Cross. If the Cross isn't ALONE, then it's nullified. We are not more powerful than Christ's Work on the Cross, sorry.

Abraham didn't get baptised, didn't walk down an aisle, invite El-Elyon into his heart, life, didn't make Him Lord, didn't repent, didn't commit, didn't confess Him with his mouth, didn't do any added verbs but -- what does Gen15:6 say? BELIEVE. ONLY. IN CHRIST. ONLY. Same true then, same true now. God doesn't change. So we shouldn't change His Word, either.

Honestly -- only 12 sites on the internet? The only thing the Calvinists get doctrinally right is Faith Alone in Christ Alone. 500 years have passed since then. Time we went back to basics. Again, sorry to harangue, but I didn't realize we "Christians" were mostly Lord, Lord people the Real Lord warned about in Matt7:21ff. Are most of us even saved?

Index.html updated for Gospel at the TOP, and why that matters

10/07/2007 12:03:59

It's shocking how even good pastors and evangelists don't properly present the Gospel in their sermons and websites. JUST BELIEVE IN CHRIST, John 3:16. Else, you're not saved. If you know this already, chances are many around you do not. Make sure they know it's ONLY BELIEVE, don't try to convince them, Holy Spirit will do that. Just make sure they know the right answer.

I keep on monitoring pastors and evangelists and keep on finding they don't present the Gospel properly, even though they know Bible well. Satan&Co. must be messing with the presentation, therefore. So we all need to help clarify the issue. My pastor harangued his congregation for 53 years each Sunday telling us that the Gospel wasn't being presented properly, and I was wrong to be annoyed with him for doing that. He was right to do it, I was wrong. So now I'm haranguing, too. Sorry -- when really good people can't even get the Gospel right, then we infantry have to make sure it gets out there.

So my index page was upgraded to add the gospel first, top blue box in the page. My websites get a lot of traffic, but I need your help getting the Gospel right, too. Tell everyone you know that it's only believe, not to sell them, just to set the facts straight. Gospel and GodSystem.htm are the two main reasons God has me write webpages. The rest is to prove those two things valid (i.e., the competence He gives me in study and writing). He bought us all. This is my slot on the team, but I am not alone. Please: tell everyone the Gospel correctly, and live in God's System yourself. The world needs us to do this, for it is very lost. Thank you for your time.

New webpage, God's Original Deadlines and Part II upgrade

09/28/2007 00:41:23

God's Original Deadlines is very short, listing only the original schedule for Time God invented at Adam's fall, with no history and nothing about the change in His Orchestration of Time due to the Cross. The idea was to present just the original schedule, not how the Cross changed it. Light-green rows show the original planned occurrence of Millennium, and the gray'd out rows below that, show Time was originally scheduled to end at the 5250th year from Adam's Fall. Its link is in the first white table of Mirroring.htm. (For some reason, I can't create the link directly in this blog entry, aarrrghh.)

Part II's "Cursing to Blessing #1" was updated to show that not only Work, but Time itself was the first thing God gifted at the Fall to continue mankind so he could be saved. So the new "God's Original Deadlines" webpage is linked there, along with Mirroring.htm and GeneYrs.xls. TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc also has the link now.

Part II finishing touches in last section of webpage

09/27/2007 01:54:56

The Lord's Own Evidence Test section through the "Now What? Church" which ends the page, were upgraded to summarize the entire page's import about what He wrought on the Cross. His Payment is for much more than sins, and I can't find anything in Christendom which references the categories of what He paid for and why, except through my pastor. So I summarized the categories in the Lord's Evidence Test section, with links that take you to the other sections in the page which tell you more about what those categories of Cross payments mean. Part III and IV elaborate on those categories in excruciating detail, but nowhere else but here in Part II are those payment categories succinctly summarized.

Also, the timeline since Adam is referenced at the end of the page, so you can see the deadline for the Millennium which Israel could know since David had died -- 1000 years' advance notice, which God takes into account when He gives Daniel the timeline in Dan9:24-27. Again, Part III and especially IV cover all that, but a succinct presentation is in Part II. Not much justification, just the overview. But overviews are helpful, when reading later elaborations.

Part II of Thinking Series Enhancements

09/25/2007 00:33:44

Part II of the Thinking Series has now become the most important Part to read, if you want to understand the raison d'etre for Church. The basis for the Rapture is the INSERTION of a brand new body of believers (never a religion, never an institution) -- in order to save Time itself. This is what Gal4:4 means. So if you want to understand Part IV, you need to get the contents of Part II. And of course, you should always vet before the Lord. This is only reporting. If it's true reporting, then God will prove it to you, and He's the author, not me.

It was completely overhauled, especially after #4, "Family". Much new text has been added, to show the precedence for Church and why it had to be inserted, why it's not at all related to Israel, etc. Whatever you already know on those subjects won't be much challenged, but Christendom doesn't but give shallow treatment to why Christ invented Church. So a deeper exploration is here.

Hence "Governance" and "#7 Jesus the Christ" link sections were overhauled and upgraded so the reader can more easily see a) the difference between the OT spirituality and NT spirituality provisions, and b) Why Christ had to invent de novo, a brand new Royal Spiritual Life while He was down here.

"Governance" approaches the topic from the Trial covenantal progression end with focus on the cost of suddenly having to pay for a new post-mortem entity, Church. By contrast, the #7 link section focuses on why Christ needed to craft a Higher, Royal Spiritual Life given His Own Nature, the Goal of Unity with Father, the kata-Melchizedek priesthood, etc. So the fact Church derives from Christ and not Israel is easier to understand. Part III and IV will be easier to follow, as a result. I should have fixed Part II years ago, but I didn't understand the differences well enough back then!

Update on Part III -- it's now largely finished.

09/13/2007 00:43:28

Part III of the Thinking Series (including its subparts) is now largely re-updated. I just finished LordvSatan3c.htm, the last subpage in Part III. It's the shortest and summary page in Part III, so you might want to click on its "Where do we go from here" link to get a gist idea of the historical impact of your learning and living on Bible in God's System.

I still have to redo the Evidence Testing Alphabet in the 2-3-4-5 Evidence Testing table of LordvSatan3.htm. Need to come up with the right mnemonics. I also should put in an explanation of the 10 Problem-Solving Devices which are merely table-named in SMP.doc. Those additions will go into LordvSatan3.htm's "Pleroma" section, once done. I'll make a blog entry when I've done it. I fear it may take awhile, as I have to do other things and stop writing for awhile (maybe only a few weeks, maybe longer, not sure yet).

GodSystem.htm is the most important of my webpages, and it's blissfully short. If you just keep on doing those Five Elements (well, only the last four if you already 'did' John 3:16), you'll grow spiritually. Doesn't matter what denomination you are or if you're wrong on some doctrines: only God can fix what we get wrong, anyway.

New flowcharts help diagnose your progress in the Spiritual life: SMP.doc

09/02/2007 05:40:04

SMP.doc is a set of six flowcharts, one per Spiritual Maturation stage in Part III of the Thinking Series. In about 10-15 minutes you can diagnose where 'you' are in spiritual maturation. Links are in that six-page Word doc back to the relevant sections of Part III.I'm still editing Part III's spiritual maturation stages, so for awhile the flow charts will be more current than Part III's First Reason for Invisibility subsections. If you're under the same pastor as I am (or under Bobby), you'll want to look at the charts.

godnotmag.htm completely revised -- please pitch any old versions you have

08/24/2007 01:47:14

godnotmag.htm, the "God is Not Magic" webpage, is wholly revised from top-to-bottom as of the beginning of September (later than the blog entry date shown). It's good now. Page is a very caustic satire on how we make fake god ideas in Christianity, which in the page are called "god-dolls". The best sections are "Discount God", "Tongues God", and "Works God". There are intra-page links to each "god-doll" so you can peruse the links. Also, the first section is good, explaining how trichotomy works.

The three "dolls" mentioned above say hands-on stuff about how the spiritual life really 'plays' on a daily basis which I didn't (yet) put in other webpages. Very succinct, bulleted. So at least those three are worth reading.

Update plans for GeneYrs.xls

08/21/2007 23:01:20

GeneYrs.xls wasn't going to be updated except post-Cross, but after viewing History International's series on the Rise and Fall of Sparta, I realize I need to thread in some pre-Cross historical entries to show how God's Orchestration of time 'dovetails' with major historical trends going on outside Israel, pre-Cross. You can find many of these timelines on the internet already, but since no other timeline addresses God's Orchestration of time USING BIBLE'S OWN DATING SYSTEM, I gotta do this. It is a long-term project and will take many months. Please be patient?

Meanwhile, you can do the testing yourself by searching in dogpile or other search engine on "timelines", and then pick one for an area of the world or the world itself, and track to GeneYrs.xls. I love Halsall's site at Fordham University, but there are others, too.

Viewing 'my' websites tip

08/13/2007 02:07:33

'My' Webpages are best read in "smaller" or "smallest" font in your browser in a screen-wide window. Webpage design and spacing are crafted with that window configuration in mind (i.e., so you can easily click on the task bar to arrange windows horizontally or vertically). If it matters, I use a 19" flat-screen monitor when constructing pages.

Part IVd of Thinking series completely redone, much new material

08/13/2007 02:03:13

Part IVd of the Lord vs. Satan (aka "Thinking") webseries was completely redone. The entire rhetorical structure was changed to a mostly-bulletted or numbered format, and the previous content was often gutted and then redone. For example, Evidence Testing is now organized in lists, with an "8 R's" rhetorical categorization. Material is presented in a hands-on manner so you can grasp all the issues and even apply them; 30 "daily combat issues" you'd face are enumerated and succinctly explained. Every "combat" table was redone. The page hardly resembles its former self. More minor editing is needed to thread through the 8 R's and other new mnemonic rhetorical devices for easier classification of the material, but it's mostly done. Finally I'm happy with this page. Thank you so much for your patience.

Part IVc upgraded

08/07/2007 05:46:57

Part IVc of the Thinking Series was upgraded throughout. Text was mostly reorganized and clarified. Significant additions to the material were made so one can more easily test Satan&Co. strategy and tactics. Probably the best revision is the outline of Revelation's quadrilogy of history, in the "Revelation: a Play within a Play" link section. In sum, it's easier to see what conflict issues obtain, why Bible in your head 24/7 is the spiritual life, and why Satan sponsors religion as the substitute spiritual life.

Part IVb upgrades (LvS4b.htm) in 6th & 7th Facets, & PassPlot.htm

07/31/2007 23:51:10

Part IVb of Thinking series ' 6th and 7th facets have more material in them. Also the first section of the page, A-H underlying major Precedences, were enhanced with Bible verses. If you've read those sections within the last two days, maybe just skim what interests you.

PassPlot.htm was corrected with respect to what year Nebuchy baby likely went mad (576BC), and what year the Lord overthrew the moneychangers (His last year), etc. I thought I had corrected those entries, but hadn't. Hope the errors don't exist anywhere else.

Major upgrades in Part IVb of Thinking series

07/28/2007 21:21:28

Part IVb, file named LvS4b.htm has been substantially upgraded throughout.

Father's Balancing Criteria for Fit Bride completely redone, really easy to follow, has abstract of Euripides' "Ion" and a better explanation+ retranslation of Eph4:11-16, than furnished in my other websites.

Material prior to the table is much clearer, too, showing the eight major doctrines underlying and precedenting the Rapture as soon as you load the page.

In the "Balance-in-Numbers" link, the populations of heaven and Pleroma are respectively estimated so you get a better sense of the size and dynamic, again proving why Rapture must be pre-Trib and cannot be predicted.

As mentioned in a prior blog entry, the Seven Facets were completely redone, so you can see the epic-sized Divine Achievement (agathos) value of every jot and tittle of Bible Doctrine the Spirit causes to live inside your head, 24/7. Finally I am satisfied with this page's content.

LvS4a.htm, LvS4aContinued.htm, LvS4b.htm massive rewrites

07/17/2007 00:22:43

I've finished the dating-related upgrades in the LvS4a.htm and ~aContinued.htm webpages. The Bridal Contract and Divine Benefit Plan sections in the latter still need more editing.

In LvS4b.htm, I completely gutted the Seven Facets and rewrote them. Far easier to get a hands-on sense of the Bible Doctrine MegaBucks the Holy Spirit produces in you as you learn and live on Bible in God's System, each day. You can indeed measure your growing wealth and its effect on the world, without ever doing one good deed or anything vis a vis another human you can see.

Internet 6 Explorer Print bug you might want to know

06/29/2007 23:09:18

When testing PopeMyth.htm for printing, I noticed that Internet Explorer 6 will not print two tables which are side-by-side in the same section -- there, the two tables of NT book dates. Solution? 'House' both tables within another table. The housing table probably should be 100% width, and you do not need to make borders for it. So, that fixed the problem in PopeMyth.htm.

Print Preview in either Explorer or Word, when full screen and set to "two-pages" makes for a readable printout onscreen, if you use a crisp font like Gill Sans MT. The more 'respectable' fonts tend to be fuzzy, not crisp, and make poor use of white space. You might want to test those ideas for whatever pages or documents you create.

PopeMyth.htm updated for Satan's Strategy re Matt:16:18

06/29/2007 17:44:06

For the longest time, I couldn't figure out why Matt16:18 would be so distorted and mistranslated, since you have to flunk first-year Greek grammar to mistranslate it the way we do in any (i.e., Romance) language I can read. So I had to find out what was Satan's purpose (we humans aren't so powerful that we can be 100% incompetent as here, lol). Finally learned it, by accident (yeah, right) when editing the webpages for the timeline and mistrial. So now in PopeMyth.htm, when you load the page the first section (until you get to the 1st-century pope dates) is on that topic.

RCC misinterpretation of that verse covers up in our minds, the fact WE WOULD NOT BE HERE without it. The Lord Jesus the Christ ELECTED billions of extra people TO PAY FOR, when He voted to build Church UPON HIMSELF. Else time would have ended. What Incomprehensibly high Love! So the topic is summarized, now. You'll see it when you load the page.

Someone sent me a video from YouTube named "BARAKA", not knowing I was working on this verse. How apt! There are lots of videos by that name, one of them simply with that word. Watch the one titled simply, "Baraka". All of us feel so small, BILLIONS OF PEOPLE -- all existing solely because of HIS VOTE in Matt16:18, ratified in John 17:20-21. BLESSED, Baruch ataw Adonoi!

Paradox.htm massive rewrite -- please pitch prior versions

06/27/2007 18:43:49

Paradox.htm got a complete overhaul and upgrade. It's quite different from the prior versions. Much clearer, pithier.

Mirroring.htm corrected original Trib-Mill schedule, from Bible

06/19/2007 21:04:47

Mirroring.htm was upgraded in "Seedmaker Precedence" and "Trib-Mill" link sections. They read well now. I had screwed up the original dating of 1070AD or 1077AD. The "Trib-Mill" link now shows the expected Rapture dates by believers in the first century, and how God rolled out Scripture to 'answer' them. Other webpages were corrected for the 1070AD expected end of history, since the original JEWISH prophecy worked out to be 1144AD.

When Israel rejected Christ that prophecy (which you could date ever since David's death), was scuttled. But people still expected it. So that was my error, I didn't notice the difference between the revised expectation (which yes was 1070 or 1077) versus the original (1144). So passim comments are made in the other Part IV webpages. MirrorNOW also reflects the correct benchmark years in parentheses, in sections A-D, but it needs further revision. I won't be able to revise MirrorNOW further for awhile, rats.

Mirroring.htm updated, improved

06/18/2007 05:49:18

Mirroring.htm was mainly corrected, updated and streamlined, to make it more succinct, clearer. But some new material is in there, too. Chiefly, a new "120 years" link is added (at pagetop) on the four-generation curse, since God uses that as a termination for a 490, with historical trends you can trace in Bible and in history post-Cross. Next, "David" links and "To Be or Not to Be" table were thoroughly revised, emphasizing the importance of David's Abdication and Death dates as the outer limits of time. The "1000 years" link was overhauled, so you can more easily see the historical interplay of personal and historical 490s and 1000s, from Adam through Christ. The "JESUS the CHRIST" link was revised most of all, really good stuff in there now. Shocking, really, how God orchestrated time around Him -- Satan, too. Certain threads were clarified, too, like how the voting periods work, and especially re Church's role: The TWO Kingships of Christ was explained better, so it's easier to see why we Church derive from the kata-Melchizedek King-Priest contract, so are NEVER Israel. Else, a lot of extraneous material was cut (about 26 printed pages' worth). More fine-tuning might be needed.

TenWays, Mirroring, MirrorNOW changes

06/11/2007 00:32:39

Ten Ways This Timeline Differs was revamped again, especially improved in #9 (i.e., text on Mistrial was fuzzy and lame). #9 now summarizes both Part III and IV of the Thinking series in but a few pages. "Satan's Plan" link in SurpConc.htm is a useful read, in tandem. Mirroring.htm and MirrorNOW.htm now sport links to TenWays and GeneYrs.xls at webpage beginning.

"Ten Ways This Timeline Differs" massive rewrite

06/07/2007 07:23:56

TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc was completely revamped and expanded, especially in #8 and #9. The latter now sports maybe the best summary of the Role of Church in the Angelic Conflict in any of my webpages, because given how God orchestrates Time, you can see how Satan truly CAN win. So you can see how we Church really do buy time. Additionally, much more evidence of how time was purchased at Cross and prior, is in both #8 and #9. Makes Mirroring.htm and GeneYrs.xls much easier to follow, too.

"Ten Ways This Timeline Differs" extensively revised. #1 and #9 are most important.

06/03/2007 02:08:12

TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc was extensively revised. It's now probably the best summary of content in Mirroring.htm, GeneYrs.xls, PassPlot.htm, and MirrorNOW.htm: so the doc saves the reader time and speeds comprehension. The doc now runs 24 pages. I'll have to revise all the other webpages to 'fit' it. Will take months. #1 and #9 in the doc show the huge impact of God's designing time in that 490+70+490 structure, and makes it easier to follow content in GeneYrs.xls and Mirroring.htm.

1077AD versus 1094AD -- corrections pending

05/29/2007 03:34:36

Mirroring.htm and its associated Part IV Thinking series pages will have to be corrected to reflect that the original planned ending of the Millennium was 1094AD, not 1077AD. This is already fixed in GeneYrs.xls: just scroll down to the years, and you'll see it. But the other webpages will take much longer to edit and correct.

I had forgotten about the 50-year alloted period for the gathering of the Gentiles, which Pentecost and Jubilee depicted, under the Mosaic Law, so came up with a 1077AD ending. That still would have BEEN right, post-Cross, had enough believers matured. But it was NOT the originally-planned date, just a contingency. 1070AD would have been right, too -- again, Rapture is undateable, so there are many right dates. That's Satan's dilemma, for he doesn't know when the Rapture will occur, either. So he's always about making a Fake Church and a Fake Temple to rally around, so we get our eyes off learning God via His Word.

Edit note: this got done. Later blog entries cover where.

GeneYrs.xls now has "Custom Views" and other improvements

05/29/2007 03:25:55

Excel Menu "View", then "Custom View" allows you to easily create 'snapshot' sections of a worksheet you can return to later. So click on those two options, and you get a dialogue box of various 'snapshots' I took. Pick the ones you want, see if you like them. I love this feature in Excel. If you can think of any other snapshots you prefer, email me and I'll make them.

Cell A2 contains both an Excel note which best summarizes the meaning of the sheet, and a link to that "Ten Ways" Word doc mentioned in my blog of a few days ago. #9 of the "Ten Ways" explains why God picked the sabbatical and Jubilee Years to literally buy time for the world, shows you how the originally-planned 2nd Advent date in Daniel 9, was what we'd have called 94AD. Edit note: this correction was done in all the Part IV pages. Later blog posts tell you where and when.

New Word doc summarizing GeneYrs.xls

05/26/2007 10:00:27

TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc is a new Word doc of five printed pages explaining how the GeneYrs.xls timeline differs from what's 'out there' (i.e., on the internet). It's confusing, to search among the various timelines and discern their doctrinal underpinnings. So I picked ten major ways 'my' timeline differs from everyone else's. A link to the same Word doc was put in the Home Page.

GeneYrs.xls upgraded again

05/24/2007 05:50:48

The causal linkages between God's granting a believer 490 years versus the historical 490-year deadlines are easier to see now. From Adam forward the gold 'stripes' distinguish between the two types so you can see how the personal grant 'caused' the historical 490-year deadline to be justified for the world. Same, for the 1000-year grants. Other changes were to make the spreadsheet more readable. It's now down to 18 pages printed in landscape, but I don't recommend printing it.

GeneYrs.xls updated, made printer-friendly

05/23/2007 00:24:39

I made mostly cosmetic changes to the spreadsheet, and tested it with my printer. It now prints in landscape, and on my printer runs 22 pages. I don't recommend you print it, as many more entries are needed post-30AD.

One big change: the original 1077AD scheduled ending (had Israel accepted Christ during His First Advent) is now accounted. It BECOMES 1070AD due to the shortening of His allotted 40 years. Originally I had written 1077AD, then changed all those entries to 1070AD; but the truth is, it was REVISED to 1070AD. This matters, so you can see how the Rapture is CONTINGENT, never dateable, just like most prophecy has always been. Two types of prophecy, and the dateable ones ALWAYS follow the contingent ones. Rapture is CONTINGENT based on Believers voting to GROW UP to the Pleroma level in Eph4:13. Part IV of the Thinking series is a mammoth section explaining all this in excruciating detail.

ISA53.RTF new page 16

04/27/2007 16:41:00

The new page 16 has the whole chapter in the original Hebrew, in two columns, with the meter parsed into clauses per verse. That way you can test the meter more easily, if desired.

Poetic Translation now in Isa53trans.htm; metering changed in ISA53.RTF

04/21/2007 07:08:41

Isa53trans.htm now has a Poetic translation which matches Isaiah's Hebrew meter; followed by, a ton of exegetical notes per verse. The translation is fairly complete, though it might be tweaked. Exegetical notes need much more revision, and go on for about 20 printed pages following the poem. The poem itself would wholly fit the width of your screen, and is divided into three columns, kinda like a brochure. Meter in ISA53.RTF was changed somewhat, so if you downloaded it over a week ago, you'll want to do it again.It might be awhile before I change the prose translations to fit the more-accurate poetic one. Translation is exhausting. No wonder God gifted us pastors!

ISA.RTF Step 4 back translates Hebrew into Greek in Isa53:10

03/24/2007 00:54:11

Did I lie when I said I was stuck in the last post? Must have! So if you've been reading this rtf doc, now a Step 4 has a back-translation from the actual Hebrew we know in 53:10, into Greek -- for the ENTIRE VERSE seems to be missing from the LXX. I tried to explain how I got to that conclusion: see what you think, if you're interested.

No wonder John stresses katharizw so much in 1Jn1:7 and 9. You're spiritually comatose without 1Jn1:9, period! Why doesn't Christendom get it, when Isa53:10 in LXX is sooooo BALD using the SAME VERB? Oh well. Someday I'll return to exegeting 1Jn, honest!

ISA53.RTF is done -- for awhile

03/22/2007 22:48:06

The Greek was inserted where the Hebrew text was missing in verse 10, as well as v.11, and back-translated. Obviously other back-translations are possible. I'm stuck with respect to improving v.10's back-translation, but satisfied (pun intended) with verse 11. The rtf explains why.

Basically, verse 10's LXX oddly apes the Hebrew, then suddenly stops, then picks up again. Very clever translation, actually. No wonder all the NT looks at the LXX of 53:10-11. But why the sudden stops? Hebrew text must be missing. Yet maybe not. I just can't go farther with it. But at least you see plausibility of the lacunae and the meter testing, which was what ISA53.RTF, is designed to demonstrate.

ISA53.RTF Meter and Back-Translation 'fix'

03/19/2007 23:47:30

Meter finally found, fixed throughout chapter. Found also an Occam's Razor type fix for the missing Hebrew in Isa53:11 which when fixed, meets Isaiah's meter (bottom of page 6 in the RTF). Not saying it's the right answer, but it's the simplest explanation and fits the scholarship 'out there', plus it fits what Isaiah says in his own style. You decide.

ISA.RTF now shows meter in the Hebrew

03/18/2007 01:04:09

Finally I parsed out the meter in Isa53. It might not always be right (I had to ASSume what might have been ellided in actual speech back then). At least it's a way to see Isaiah's use of meter is doctrinally-significant. To those saying OT doesn't depict Trinity, well.. what about all the nine-syllable meters, huh? You decide.

There's a new page 4ff, but the purpose is to amalgamate the BHS and LXX texts into one translation. Progress is very slow (I have to guess at the back-translation into Hebrew, and am sure to be wrong for awhile). It's in three steps, and Step 1 at least shows you how the Greek text fits neatly between the lacunae in Isa53:10-11, at the same Hebrew words. The missing text fits between "naphesho" and "yireh" twice (sure sign of a copy error, imo). The third part of the missing text is related to "yireh" itself. Read it or not, as you choose.

Hebrew and Greek text Webpage updates

03/16/2007 22:20:59

The following webpages are either new, or were updated to include BibleWorks' Hebrew and Greek fonts. In each of them, a link to the BibleWorks font-download page is provided, along with the Copyright notice they require. If you don't download their fonts, you'll see garbage instead of Greek or Hebrew in the revised pages below, which are:

BibleWorks font downloads now FREELY available

03/16/2007 10:47:06

BibleWorks has given permission to download its Greek and Hebrew fonts: Click here to go to their download-font page, follow instructions.

The following webpages will use BibleWorks' fonts: Isa53.rtf, once uploaded to geocities (it's not there now), will have BOTH the full Hebrew and Greek texts without translation or much commentary, as an adjunct to Isa53.htm and Isa53trans.htm. Isa53.rtf will be unreadable to you apart from you downloading the BibleWorks fonts yourself. Eventually 1JnTransandExegNotes.doc will also eventually use their fonts. (Kinda hard to follow comments on the Greek, without the Greek in front of you!) I might also use their fonts for Greek of Eph4:11-16, in Eph41216.htm. In all these pages, the idea is to show the reader where I 'get' something in Bible, so he can better refute or confirm, what's said.

So if you right-click on your bottom task bar and select "Tile Windows" (either horizontally or vertically, to taste) you can easily view whatever webpage references the text, with another page containing the text itself. In Print Preview of Word, you can select "Two Pages" (bottom of the list where the percentage appears) and see multiple verses all on the same screen. Marvelous help, these two Windows functions.

1JnTransandExegNotes.doc update

03/12/2007 00:44:08

I finally finished Chapter 1. Will have to edit it again as I find the tie-backs in subsequent chapters, to verses in Chapter 1. Figure it will take a good two-four months to finish Chapter 2, because that chapter is the hardest one to trace out. John introduces the difference between spirituality as an absolute (1:6-10) versus spiritual maturation (theme of chapter 2). Sorry, it takes a long time to trace all the tie-backs to the rest of Scripture and be sure of a right translation, even with fast tools like BibleWorks' search engines. Link is 1JnTransandExegNotes.doc.

PassPlot.htm Revised to explain Ezekiel Chaps 37-39

03/09/2007 12:27:53

When multiple persons query me on the same topic, I know God is behind that. Over the past six months, I've been queried on Ezekiel Chaps 37's meaning, whether the 1948 establishment of the nation Israel is proof that this is the Rapture generation. Answer is "no". Why Ezekiel 37-39 are so commonly misunderstood baffles me.

So I finally had to say something, and picked PassPlot.htm's "Purim" section to do it. If you're interested, load PassPlot.htm. When you load that page, search on "try to move heaven and earth, to GET". You'll go straight to item 3.d. of that Purim section, and see what's newly said about those Chapters. As usual, TEST what is said with God directly, breathing 1Jn1:9 as needed. Else, don't even bother to read it. No sense in wasting your valuable time.

New Word.doc exegeting 1 John

01/26/2007 23:53:29

File name is 1JnTransandExegNotes.doc. Greek is super-easy, if you know he's a Greek drama nut; but the flow of his deft writing is not so easy. He ties back to every keyword in both Old Testament and the previous New Testament, so you know what was 'out there' and accepted as Divine Writ. So it will take me a VERY long time to document all the incorporation by reference John employs. Please be patient?

Letter is crafted on a metaphor of first things being brought to (pregnant) completion, "in association with us" -- Church, 1Jn4:17 explaining 1Jn1:4. The two verses are bookends. Track keywords to see the bookending of points (kinda like closing a point in backgammon, rhetorically).

Now you can download some of 'my' webpage fonts

01/17/2007 16:19:54

Fonts you can download are now in WhichFonts.htm. I can't make all of them available; only fonts provided in Windows versions pre-XP seem okay to provide (since Microsoft isn't supporting Win98 anymore). When I know which Greek and Hebrews fonts BibleWorks allows to be downloaded (there are some), I'll add those to the WhichFonts.htm page near the top. Thanks for your patience!

2024 update: everything has been changed to Unicode.

SurpConc.htm's "Satan's nature and Plan" link #1 is now worth reading

01/14/2007 08:41:42

They say that every time you rewrite material on the same topic, you get better at it. This time, the synopsis of all website content on the Angelic Trial in that #1 is worth reading BEFORE you read the websites, themselves. Satan's Mistrial Strategy to forestall/distort the Rapture is better presented there. Certain other key issues regarding the Trial are better described, too. Since the websites on the Trial are so LONG, I'd now recommend reading the #1 before you embark on longer website reading.

Spiritual Life Essentials (comment)

05/10/2006 22:07:43

The more I analyze what God says, the more I realize that what He wants is a VERTICAL relationship. Thinking toward Him, keeping on keeping on developing that habit, Bible running in your head 24/7, is THE spiritual life. That's what Christ did. GodSystem.htm has details (it's blessedly short). Doesn't matter whether you are right or wrong on a thing, DOES matter if you are breathing 1Jn1:9 as needed and thinking toward God in His System, learning Bible under whomever God has appointed for YOU as your pastor. Denomination matters not. How you compare to others matters not. ONLY GOD invented your soul and ONLY GOD can make you fit for His Son.

We are EACH Royal Priests under Him forever (i.e., 1Pet2:5,9, Rom5:17, Rev1:6, 5:10), beginning that first nanosecond we 'did' John 3:16!