Psalm 90 Meter of Time (Precedent for Bible Hebrew Meter)

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GIST: Psalm 90 is perhaps the first METERED calendar of Time in Bible, setting the precedence for that rhetorical style. It's also a PLAY with one 'actor' speaking 'lines' for each of five 1050-year periods; two of them, are yet future. So, Psalm 90 'plays' in two ways: a) From Millennium back to Adam and forward to Purim, and b) forward from Moses' dying year, to the end of Judges.

So, this 'channel' is my Psalm 90 playlist from Youtube. It provides Bible proof behind the How God Orchestrates Time, channel/playlist. That proof is also stated elsewhere, within explicit text (i.e., the many begats). However, meter is a major and unknown-to Christendom, rhetorical device for expressing this doctrine. So much Bible debate could be resolved: if we but knew, Bible meter.

For all other Bible writers play on Moses style, and interlink with it, to provide a comprehensive, year-by-year-from-Adam calendar, to teach the doctrine of How God Orchestrates Time, so you can orient to your OWN time, within it. A quick way to see his tracking, is here: .

Folks have problems proving the Exodus dates. The accounting in Bible, is shown thus: . That's why Moses 'sevens' at 63 ('sevens' from Israel's enslavement, 1050 years from the Flood); and then, at 84.

Christendom doesn't even know this meter exists; Jews know it's in Psalm 90, but they account it incorrectly as 7 50's (since Psalm 90 is 350 syllables long). Instead, Moses uses sabbatical accounting, so each 70 stands for an entire 1050-year period, and there are FIVE of them. So how he does this, and why it's important to see and know, are the topics covered in this playlist aka channel, in Vimeo.

NOTE: Episodes posted from 11/07/13 onward will be in vimeo ( ), not Youtube. However, the series postings will not resume until maybe late 2014. The vimeo videos will be moderated, to block trolls but allow folks to post without having to join Google Plus.

This 1500-year tradition of Bible rhetorical METER style which Christendom denies, will change how scholars and pastors (i.e., Dispensationalists) view Bible; it proves when Bible text was written, helps you prove if any words are missing, provides past and future timelines for Bible's own events, completely disproves preterism and proves Trinity. Such claims are rather hard to believe -- especially, if coming from a 'brainout'. So, the LIVE text is shown, with Word docs of the meter so you can test the claims for yourself. So you have a different 'B', the Bible itself.

All I do is count syllables, collate and show the Bible's own (unedited) mss using BibleWorks. The playlist goes with my Isaiah 53 Meter Hypothesis, Part 10 of Yapping Most High, and '10 GGS' videos, for both Paul and Isaiah employ the meter scheme here in Psalm 90. Starting after 18Ps90, videos here show the latest (minor) corrections in meter, and English metered translation.

Also, the playlist includes the meter in Daniel 9, WHICH IS THE BASIS for the numbers in Daniel 9:25-27. Gabriel's reply is alike metered to match those values. So you know whence the 490, 70, 49, and 7, derive. You then realize God dates from 586BC, and there's an extra 140 years He accounts. So all our Daniel calculations, are wrong, especially since we violate Bible's Exodus 12 SOLAR YEAR CONVENTION, and instead use lunar years. See, or (same file but in pdf) for the latest update.

Research is still ongoing, and will take years to complete: yet now you will see that this metering style is pan-Bible, not just in OT. Any passage on prophecy or the nature of Time will probably have a metered section in it. So once you see the style of metering here, you know how to spot it elsewhere in Bible. Someone should do his Th.D on this. I'm too old.

This playlist is also in my Mirroring.htm & Isa53trans.htm webpages at

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Bible Hebrew TIME Meter, 30 Testing Characteristics (Update)

I've made a ton of Bible Meter videos in vimeo ( ) since freezing my Youtube channel, last November. At this point I've found and am posting videos on the meter in Matthew, Luke, Mark, John, James, Peter (who copies Paul's Ephesians meter), Book of Hebrews, 1John, Revelation. The meter solves our BC/AD problem, proves the Bible's timeline, many other surprising facts you can prove yourself, live onscreen.

Faster than watching my videos: new Word doc summarizes how to diagnose Bible Hebrew TIME meter in any passage. There are at least 30 interlocking characteristics; NT Greek uses these Bible Hebrew meter characteristics, too. Download: BibleHebMeterCharacs.doc. Doc is 16 pages long. USE IT TO TEST ANY BIBLE PASSAGE YOU WANT. The htm copy (not as pretty) is BibleHebMeterCharacs.htm. The links work. Or, replace with 'pdf' for the pdf copy. Latter doesn't require you to download fonts.

The above is an update of and somewhat replaces, my old BibleHebrewMeter.htm. I was just learning the characteristics, in those days.

If unsure where to start, try the Magnificat playlist. Mary's time poem is the simplest to understand. Yeah, it's in Greek, but it uses HEBREW meter style established by and tagging to, Moses' Psalm 90.

God's Play of History

Bible's Rhetorical style of Timeline-convergence display. For overview, download: BibleHebrewAccountingMeter.doc. Or, view it as a blog entry at bloggodsrhetoricalarchive.htm#accounting-meter

I'm doing a comprehensive explanation of this rhetorical ACCOUNTING TIME METER style, (still in draft): (last updated 6/14/2011). It will help you navigate between 10 GGS and Psalm 90 playlists. Pay special attention to the doc's first three pages and the 'E' footnote on Daniel 9's meter-maps to HISTORICAL years of Israel's kings in Chronicles and Kings. Thus you see Daniel is 'reading' the once-future Isaiah 53's TIMELINE USAGE of meter, and 'talking back' to how it was fulfilled, by syllable-count 'tagging'. (See Psalm 90 episode 23b's video description for that rhetorical style.)

For as has been shown in the Psalm 90 videos, Isaiah 53 and Psalm 90 are TIME PROMISES. An accounting of the FUTURE. Isaiah's is a future chronology of the kings' characters and attitudes.

So, Daniel keeps on invoking Isaiah 53 syllable by year, line item by line item, as the legal BASIS for his own petition. Through Dan 9:14, he does that tracking, starting with the 'kings' reference (first being David). He uses the meter to track their sad history, resulting in Temple Down. But Isaiah 53 and Psalm 90 promised a FUTURE. So, Daniel begins verse 15, still referencing that FUTURE part of both past chapters, in the METER. And that same meter is explictly used by Gabriel in Daniel 9:24-27. To GRANT what Daniel asked via his accounting meter. God's answer is metered, too, and the meter is also reflected in the explicit numbers stated (i.e., 49).

They are real numbers for real time, not symbolic. Because, the meter is an ACCOUNTING. Accounting, for TIME. Past, future, anytime.

Preterism is toast. Harold Camping's Black-Widow timelines are toast. This is REAL Bible and any dufus can count the syllables. Which, Daniel had to learn as a child, since he was taken to Babylon while still a TEENAGER. Heh.

1st Moral of the Story: Ain't the Bible grand? Wouldn't it be a pity if you could only learn it in English?

2nd Moral of the Story, as shown in Camping's Failure video: the more boring the Bible text, the more exciting its real meaning. But you have to pay attention. Daniel 9, for example, sounds churchy and boring in English. A canned, repetitive, prayer. Guess again! He meters each line to real past history, ties each meter at specific points to specific sections in Isaiah 53 and Psalm 90. So guess what? WE KNOW WHEN DANIEL 9 was WRITTEN. And it wasn't in 164BC, honey. It was early in 538BC. For the meter first has a DATELINE. As you will see, from the Word doc, above.

Paul's Ephesians 1:3-14 has the same meter function, for beginning in HIS verse 15, Paul apes Daniel's prayer! So just as Daniel did IN his prayer, Paul SETS UP his NON-metered prayer WITH meter. For he already has the answer. :) In other words, Ephesians 1:15-23 is a RESPONSE to the answer, a kind of doxology. So the prayer isn't metered, but the setup IS.

Yeah, baby: a few syllables' likeness between two texts, you can call coincidence. But not a consecutive tracking to 476 of them, referencing the CONTENT of the other passage, each time. :)

Next up, Ps90 23hi video. Sadly, the one-hour video tanked. Have to remake it to fit the audio, what a pain. Hope the above draft doc will help you, the meanwhile.

1Ps90 God Mirrors Time: Psalm 90 Intro 1 & Hebrew Meter Threading

Mirroring. Restitution. Time plays, and is REIMBURSED. Like, you would pay money. Only God can do this, of course. Moses prayed that He would, in Psalm 90:15. So this series is about How Mirroring Works, and is very technical, spending a lot of time demonstrating the Hebrew Meter.

New series on how Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter, which outlines history from 712BC to Messiah -- hence a pre-Tribulation Rapture -- is sourced in Psalm 90. For Moses asked that God MIRROR BACK Time to Israel, in Ps90:15. So Isaiah keys off Psalm 90 to construct Isaiah 53; Daniel 9 keys off Isaiah. So to correctly read Daniel 9, read Psalm 90 & Isaiah 53's HEBREW METER.

Meter acts as a FUTURE calendar; just as you need to know in January when December comes, so Israel had to know her SCHEDULE. Hence meter conveys that schedule.

Israel had the Word in the original text -- but safely in the Temple. So the Law was, Israel would get the Word READ to her every 7 years: she was to memorize & pass it on to her children.

So the Hebrew would have to be memorable, so that the Israelites could practice it all day long. Meter makes it memorable.

So they would be reminded of their FUTURE when Psalm 90 & Isa53 were recited. Ps90 is crafted in 350 syllables & in 'paragraphs' divisible by 7, to forecast from the time Moses dies in 1400 BC, to the start of the human kings (due to Rejection of God as King, 1050BC). Paul references this accounting in Acts 13:20-21.

Back in 712BC, Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter gave the Jews an UPDATED future calendar, since David had died & they knew exactly when Messiah would come.

So Isaiah uses the SAME methodology as Moses. Thus Isaiah 53's metering scheme 'answers' in both meter & content, each verse in Psalm 90, per its verse 15 prayer for such MIRRORED grants.

Daniel 9 is the final update pre-Messiah.

Christendom does not know this doctrine. But you can prove it via Psalm 90 & Isaiah 53.

This is NOT Bible Codes. Rather, It's vital Bible Doctrine you can't learn from any translation. People would stop disputing Rapture, Trib, Millennium if they saw how the meter is used.

2Ps90 God Mirrors Time: Psalm 90 Hebrew Meter Threading Intro 2a

Overview of how Psalm 90's Hebrew Meter is constructed, and why it's prophetic. Isaiah 53 keys off Psalm 90's rhetorical style. The numbers all have doctrinal meanings, Bible teaching metaphors all scholars (Jewish or Christian) know.

3Ps90 God Mirrors Time: Psalm 90 Hebrew Meter Threading Intro 2b

Overview of how Psalm 90's Hebrew Meter is constructed, and why it's prophetic. Isaiah 53 keys off Psalm 90's rhetorical style. THIS IS NOT BIBLE CODES.

4Ps90 1/6, God Mirrors Time: Psalm 90 Hebrew Meter Threading

Features of Moses' Psalm 90 Hebrew meter which depict BIBLE DOCTRINE (not Bible Codes, lol), and how Isaiah 53's Hebrew meter keys off the Psalm 90 rhetorical style.

The primary doctrines communicated metrically have to do with Israel's calendar and prophecy "years" meanings: 56 represented the Harvesting of the Gentiles (because in Jewish time the 'day' begins piggybacked on the prior evening), and 70 represented how the sabbatical years literally BUY a 50-year evangelical 'voting' period for the world (math of this is covered in #9 of my TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc and is quite shocking).

So when Moses uses 56 and 70 syllable 'paragraphs' THREE TIMES (3 denotes Trinity), Isaiah also will do the same thing. The opening 84 syllables in Psalm 90 are the Decree for Messiah, which is 70+14, with the 14 representing the TWO seven year periods that Israel will reject her king, first David and Last David. As these are LOSS years, they will be mirrored back to her (analogous to Pharaoh's dream), in the yet-future Tribulation and in 64-70AD, respectively. So you're introduced to that numeracy, in Episodes 1-2 of this series.

6Ps90 3a/6, God Mirrors Time: Psalm 90 and Isa53 Threading

Episodes 3a-5c walk you through how Isaiah uses Moses' Psalm 90 keywords, to 'answer' them -- demonstrate God's fulfillment. It's shocking, phenomenal. This is a vital rhetorical technique pan-Bible for establishing that a new piece of claimed Divine Writ (here, Isaiah 53, compared to Psalm 90) is truly from God. I call this technique "threading", and you'll find it explained in more detail within my Isaiah 53 Exegesis playlist.

Threading is done by every Bible writer, and from it you know when one book was written compared to another. It's the JOB of the new writer to thread through the themes of ALL prior Bible books into his new one. By doing that, he proves a valid witness from God. Hence you should find in John's letters and Revelation, ALL of the prior Scripture (and you do), since Genesis.

This helps you separate false from true, as well. False verses, false interpretations, etc. For always the Scripture interprets itself. Your job, is to 'listen'. So listen to how Isaiah threads from Moses, in Episodes 3a-5c, and you'll become adept at seeing the threading in other Bible books as you study them. Worth it!

13Ps90 6/6, God Mirrors Time: Proof of the TWO Trib 'sevens'

Dramatic Series Conclusion. Accounting for the TWO Tribulational sevens shown from Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, and Daniel 9: 1) the civil war to establish the first David, and 2) Israel's too-early rejection of the Last David When He Came. The latter 'seven' played 64-70AD. The first seven, due since 1010BC, hasn't been 'repaid' yet, and is called "tribulation". Rapture must kick it off, as Church is Not Israel. Trib belongs to the Jews, not us.

Bible plays on "14", from Pharaoh's dream, forward. Here, we focus on the ORIGIN of both 'sevens': Israel's reaction against God. Moses forecast it in Psalm 90, which Isaiah 53 and then Daniel 9, update. Downloads for the video's Hebrew Meter in Psalm 90 and Isa53: Psalm90inHebrew.doc and Isa53Hypo4Dotted3.JPG.

Two Sevens depict The Building of Two Davids. David was age 77 when he died (1Kings 6:1). Christ, the Last David, is the 77th son from Adam (Luke 3). Isaiah thus crafts the Divine Decree of Last David, using 77 syllables (Isa52:13-15). Moses uses 84 syllables in Psalm 90 (verses 1-4), warning the Hebrew reader not to rebel. But Isaiah 52:13-15 debits 7 syllables to update Israel's account, for having rebelled against the first David; the second seven remains reserved, for the yet-future Last David.

For when God gave Israel the Law through Moses, He also gave her a SCHEDULE for Time. Its End -- what we moderns call "the Millennium" -- was the 4200th year from Adam's fall, the fourth 1050 civilization time unit (Mirroring.htm explains why). The final and fifth 1050 would be ruled by God Himself as God-Man, aka "Messiah", aka "Adonai Elohenu, Adonai ECHAD" in the witty Hebrew of Deut 6:4. Hence Messiah's death was scheduled for precisely 57 years BEFORE the 4200th year. (See PassPlot.htm and #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc). That 57 years was a 'budget' for 'harvesting' the Gentiles, the greatest period of evangelism in (our yet-future) history.

To remind Israel of this schedule, God gave Moses a calendar which 'answers' Psalm 90:15. This calendar, like everything else He gave Israel, was set up in 'mirrors'; that is, equal values which play contingent on, and opposite to, each other. Thus mirroring God-man, the Messiah.

This calendar depicted the play of time to the End Of Time, as well as depicting the course of a year. Passover Week reminded Israel that God would take on Humanity and pay for sins, just as they were daily reminded by the Levitical Offerings. Booths would be His Second Advent, coming at the End of Time to save Israel. Piggybacked on the LAST day of Passover (Numbers 28:24-26) was "FirstFruits", the day Messiah Rises from the Dead: so you next counted 50 days, to recall 'harvesting the Gentiles'. Ergo the entire 57-year period, is subsumed by Passover through Pentecost, spanning 56 solar days: Jewish 'day' piggybacks on the SUNDOWN of the day prior.

To further remind Israel of her calendar, Moses and the prophets use Hebrew meter constructed in 'paragraphs' which play off the key numbers in the Law. Thus when Israel memorized the Law, the meter would remind her where she was on God's Calendar for Time. Meter was a handy way to test memory, too.

So Moses' Psalm 90, a prayer about Time, uses Hebrew meter to count down to the 1st David; thus Israel would know when to expect Him. From there, you were to count 1000 years, and then Messiah would be born -- if Israel remained faithful. (Paul recaps this in Acts 13:20-23, as her Bank Account of Time. See also Gal 4:4.)

She didn't. So her unfaithfulness extended Time beyond the original Mosaic Schedule; so would God become Messiah despite her rebellion? Isaiah 53 updates Psalm 90 to show Messiah would still finish ON TIME, by playing off Moses' meter and keywords, as highlighted in video Episodes 1-5c. So when Israel memorized Isaiah 53 (begins at 'our' Isa52:13), she'd know by the meter as well as the words, to TRAIN as a priest NATION for His Advent, and meanwhile be a light to the Gentiles. Daniel 9 updates Isaiah 53.

Thus the origin of the two 'sevens', is as follows: the "Tribulation" reimburses/mirrors the seven years of civil war to establish the first David as King of All Israel. 2nd seven? Israel rejected Christ when He came: so He dies seven years early, to SAVE TIME. Now you know why Church had to be inserted.

That second 'seven' was 'paid' from 64-70AD, thus leaving the first one, still 'owed'. So Tribulation is literal, future, and owed TO ISRAEL since David's time; hence Church 'dies' (aka Rapture) to kick it off, Hebrews 11:40.

14Ps90 1/5 Psalm 90 Epilogue: Moses counts to Millennium

Shocking Proof in sabbatical-year clothing of the original countdown to the Millennium, had there been no Church. You can't understand the Legal Precedence for the pre-Tribulation Rapture until you know the original schedule under which Israel operated. That schedule was written out in metrical format by Moses to act as a mnemonic, so that Israel could number her days (Psalm 90:12). Every time she sang the Psalm, she was to locate where she was then currently in time, so could number her days to what we call the 2nd Advent.

It was scheduled for 94AD. Moses proves this by using a sabbatical-year accounting system which begins with Adam's Fall. Sadly, the Jews have forgotten this system, and Christendom never learned it. IF you learn it, you'll know the pre-Israel legal precedence for the sabbatical years and God's Judgement in Jeremiah 25:12, 29:10-11, and Dan 9:2. For the sabbatical years represent God's construct for Time: 490 70 490=1000 50, hence Millennium is DEPENDENT on those 70 years all being VOTED.

Actual Bible history shows that during each 70-year period, someone voted: first believers, then Noah, then Moses and then Israel. The five videos in this series thus compare the repeated 70-syllable meter in Psalm 90, to Bible's historical account from Adam; thus you can see the impact of voting. Minor meter and historical observation corrections were made, in the 10e GGS videos, starting here: • GGS10e1 God and Adam vote in Psalm 90...

The voting principles are summarized in #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc. The worksheet you see in the video can be downloaded from GeneYrs.xls and has a link to the foregoing 'TenWays' doc . The principles of God's Accounting for Time are panoramically explained with many Bible citations, in Mirroring.htm. Psalm 90 in Hebrew, Meter (shown in video) Psalm90inHebrew.doc

Voting. For God. Else Time Ends. Same Legal Precedence as for the Church's Rapture, Hebrews 11:39-40, 1Peter 3:12, Eph3:15-19, 4:13, Romans 11:25, Eph 1:10. For the Bride gets something old (voting precedence), something new (covenant kata Melchizedek), something borrowed (Time Rules pre-Israel), and something Royal Blue (Christ's Own Spiritual Life). Church is NOT Israel. For Israel's own time, had run out -- just as Psalm 90 and later Isaiah 53 Daniel 9, long predicted.

Hence TWO Tribulational sevens, the first playing 64-70AD, and the second yet reserved to play post-Church: Daniel's 70th week. All reserved since eternity past, just as Moses reserves the 14 extra syllables in the 'Decree' section of Psalm 90:1-4.

Tags: 2LT Rapture Tribulation Millennium Bible Hebrew Meter Covenant Dispensation pre-Trib Judaism Enoch Jubilees Rambam 1050 490 Daniel9 Isaiah53 sabbatical years How God Orchestrates Time Pentecost Passover Church Gentiles Jews 2nd Advent 1st Revelation prophecy

17Ps90 4/5 Psalm 90 Epilogue: Moses counts to Millennium

Two 2100-year long 'houses' of believers, Gentiles and Jews: that was the original Plan for Time, as Moses recounts in Psalm 90. So here in Parts 4 and 5, you'll see the reconciliation of the resulting TWO Tribulational sevens from Moses through Daniel, showing God's Sabbatical Voting Accounts for Time from first to Last Adam (pre-Church initial schedule). A summary of the Sabbatical Voting Rules is in #9 of TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc.

The Word doc was written prior to knowing Psalm 90's use of the Voting Periods, but the rules are the same. I learned the rules from Daniel 9 five years ago, as a result of asking God what my pastor meant when he taught (for decades!) that God uses Believers To Buy Time.

Christendom does not know this doctrine, and the Jews forgot it: God balances Time, like you do your checkbook.

That's why the Rapture is pre-Trib; it's no trip to Disneyland, but something a believer should FEAR, just as the NT writers warned (i.e., Heb2:1ff, 10:31-39)! Worse than death, to not be ready when the Rapture comes, which NO ONE can predict, because SINCE ADAM, time has always been predicated on VOTING TO KNOW GOD.

19Ps90 Psalm 90:1-7 Hebrew-Metered, English Translation

Due to the same meter in Eph1:3-14, I correct my parsing of Ps90's Hebrew meter and greatly expand the download docs; plus here begins the promised English translation using the metered Hebrew. Video also explains why the translation sometimes differs from published Bibles. Issued in tandem with the 10e GGS videos.

The latter introduces Paul's use of the Hebrew meter but with Greek words, to show the Bible's doctrine of dispensations (which somewhat differs from Judaism or Christianity). Side benefit: Scholars debate Bible Hebrew Meter and Dispensations. Psalm 90 sets a rhetorical standard which all Bible writers follow, thus proving Dispensations, how to read Bible dates, how to read Revelation, etc.

What's great about this meter: a) it's simple enough to prove if you got it right or wrong, and b) its 'flow' pattern is complex enough to catch your errors. For example, if you miscount syllables, you'll see a disjunctive pattern from verse to verse, and you'll know you're off, somewhere. Bible pattern is palindromic and nested, so it's easy to find the verse where you're 'off'.

Example: 7-7-8-7-8-9-6-9 has a 787 adding up to 15 in two directions. 9 and 6 also add up to 15 in two directions. So if you had 3-7-8-7 etc., you know your '3' isn't right.

Of course, you also test for content. There are many elements in testing; it's like a puzzle where every piece fits. If no fit, you can tell where to correct. There will be several dozen convergences in meaning, doctrine, wordplay, meter, etc. so there are a variety of 'criteria' to satisfy, to prove the entire answer. These criteria all stick out. Even a brainout can find the fit, via 1John1:9 and ASKING GOD. :)

CA Sign in 0:00 / 31:58 20Ps90 Psalm 90:8-11 Hebrew-Metered, English Translation

Continued from 19Ps90 . Translation explanation finishes up the Adamic Voting Window Testimony in verse 8, and next shows the Noahic Voting Period Testimony in verses 9-11. Note again how pregnant are the keywords in wordplay, identifying the periods. Awesome stuff, untranslatable!

20Ps90 Psalm 90:8-11 Hebrew-Metered, English Translation

Continued from 20Ps90, this time on Moses' own Vote. All Bible writers, especially Isaiah, will play on the EQUATING prayer of Psalm 90:15, and BY METER, including Paul's own writing in Eph1:3-14. The next video, 22Ps90, will graphically show how Isaiah 53 patterns his meter exactly to Moses, here.

Then when I cover Paul's in the 10e10 GGS series, you'll see just how exactly, he tracks to BOTH Isaiah and Moses, simultaneously. That way you can go on your own journey in the Bible to find other passages.

Then you'll know that those who claim Israel is her own savior, can't read Hebrew. Then you'll know that those who are preterists, can't read Bible. Carnality renders one blind. So use 1John1:9, to avoid their blindness!

22Ps90 Psalm 90:16-17 Hebrew-Metered, English Trans and Mystery 56

Continued from 21 Ps90. Verses 16-17 cover the post-Purim voting period, basis for Isaiah 53:9-11 and Daniel 9:24-25, and finally Ephesians 1:3-4a. Paul will use the '56' as an Anno Domini date, so it's vital to analyze the 56; this is done during the first 20 minutes. Metered translation occupies the last 10 minutes: so just skip to that, if you don't care about the 56.

22aPs90 Psalm 90's Palindromic Meter Map

Cont. from 22Ps90. Revolutionary stuff. Use to spot other Bible passages using the same meter. For Jews had to memorize Scripture orally; hence meter patterns are important, and convey doctrines. They also serve to index a passage in memory. That's one reason the NT quotes of OT are so quick. Just a few keywords of the passage are needed. In special passages like Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, Eph 1:3-14, the meter is also used to show the DOCTRINAL interrelationship.

So this video displays the precedenting pattern, so you can see what Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, and Eph1:3-14 address in Psalm 90, the Play of Time. It's probable that the Psalm 90 patterns call attention to pre-Israel precedents, but I've not yet analyzed what they are. Palindromic meter math follows below. I probably missed some combinations, so let me know if you find more.

Download the video picture here, either as Psalm90Palindromes.tif (small file) or Psalm90Palindromes.pdf (1MB file).

By the way, this type of metrical pattern is also a feature of other ancient cultures' writing, but Bible's isn't mystical. Scholars dismiss Bible meter in order to dismiss the other cultures' mystical use of meter. This prejudice has hampered scholarship for over 300 years. See the end of BibleHebrewMeter.htm; read the scholars linked for yourself, in their own words.

23Ps90 Daniel's Prayer Meter proves Preterism, poop toast!

How embarrassing, that preterists can't count syllables. For God's answer in Daniel 9:24-25, is METERED based on the number of syllables in Psalm 90:1-3 (the DECREE, matched by the DECREE in Dan 9:24 by GOD, not a freakin' human king)! And, by the number of syllables DANIEL uses in his prayer. So the 49 and the 62 are literal exact answers to the ACCOUNTING Daniel uses in his prayer, as you'll see in this video; which accounting, is based on Isaiah 53's meter, tracking it; just as, Isaiah 53's meter is based on Psalm 90's.

Paul will then track to all three OT passages, in Ephesians 1:3-14. Because Paul is counting the syllables. Sadly, the preterists are not.

Preview of coming attractions: Daniel's 742-syllable prayer is exactly 252 more than 490; 252 syllables are in ellipsis in Isaiah 53 between Isa52:15 and 53:1 to balance to years from David's birth to when Isaiah writes (a kind of fast-forward often used in metered Hebrew). 742 is also the SUM of 252+364+126; the middle number is the number of years the Temple was standing, and is in ellipsis between Isa53:10 and 11. So Daniel asks for reimbursement, invoking Psalm 90:15 and Isaiah 53's accounting, precedented on the FLOOD, minus the 50 years for harvesting the Gentiles, since that's NOT Jewish 'time'! How so? Well, 266 SEVENS plus 50, are the number of years from the FLOOD, to when Daniel says 'now', in 538BC! Same convention of sevening as Moses used!

Wow. Amazing what you can learn if you just count syllables!

Oh: and Daniel's 476 subtotal (which you'll see in the video) is exactly 14 MORE than Isaiah 53's debit (476-462 in Isa53). Heh: Daniel wants those 14 credited. Yeah, and God does it, in Daniel 9:25's 62 weeks plus Dan 9:27!

252 is also equal to the TWO 126's which Isaiah explictly counts (see my 2-minute Isaiah 53 videos at the beginning of the Psalm 90 playlist). So Daniel's counting BEYOND the time allotment asking for the PURPOSE of the Davidic time to be fulfilled. Paul will pick up on that in Eph 1:3-14, and I'll show how, in 11 GGS (not yet posted).

Dispies got egg on their face too, even though God vindicates pre-Trib Rapture via the meter. For Dispies use lunar years due to the mistaken Jewish practice, rather than using God's SOLAR calendar in Exodus 12 and codified under David in 1Chron 24 (the priestly courses can't have equal time if based on a lunar calendar, hint hint). For, God only accounts by BIRTHDAYS: you can't get the anniversary right if you don't 'stay solar'! Ooops. (Intra-year 'drift' always yields the exact same anniversary on the same day number, so long as the calendar begins anew on EACH vernal equinox, so you don't have to intercalate days until Adar.)

Still, pre-Trib Dispies get even more proof via Psalm 90 forward, of a dispensation-tracking rhetorical style in Bible, which also vindicates what the Jews still sorta know as the 'times', aka Dispensations. All ya gotta do, is learn to COUNT THE SYLLABLES, and you'll see it for yourself! Even a 5-year-old Jewish kid, learns to do that!

To continue in this series, go to my 10e9-13 GGS for this Four Act Play which Moses 'started' and Revelation will end, tying back to Paul. Those videos will be posted the week of January 18, usually one per day.

If you're not familiar with Book of Daniel, I did extensive audio links in the vid description to my 10a1 YMH video. Episode 10 of the YMH (Yapping Most High) series is also about Jewish Dispensationalism, and ties to 10 GGS series. Sorry, but the doctrine is long and complex .. and awesome.

23aPs90 How Paul Indexes Hebrew Meter in Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9

Revolutionizes hermeneutics, kills preterism, vaporizes KJVO: Hebrew meter is used by Paul (in Ephesians 1:3-14) and hence other NT writers -- as an INDEXING DEVICE to OT passages; thus you can better interpret what the writer, writes. This same device was used in the OT, since Scripture was memorized aurally and orally, so people COUNTED SYLLABLES to be sure of correct memorization, recitation, etc. So these same syllable counts are used to INDEX passages of Scripture, as well as convey doctrinally-pregnant meanings.

Thus the next 9-18 videos will show Daniel 9's content and meter, so you can better understand how Paul is 'playing Daniel' in Ephesians. That's the rhetorical setting for his epistle. The idea is that the TEMPLE (Christ) is DOWN so must be built. So in Eph1:15-23, Paul emulates Daniel's prayer; that's why he talks about height width depth length; that's why Eph 2 is about a TEMPLE.

Yeah, and so is Paul's other other rhetorical setting, about a Temple; for Paul also patterns Ephesians around a famous Greek myth about the origin of the Greek sea peoples, memorialized in a famous play called 'Ion' by Euripides. You can find it in Greek or in translation at Perseus or other places online. Suggest you read it carefully.

To see how Isaiah 53 uses meter as a future calendar tracking Manasseh, start at Episode 10s6 of my YMH (Yapping Most High) series. That series is not yet complete, as I've not finished mapping all the events Isaiah tracks.

23bPs90 Hebrew Meter As Dateline, Chronology, Concordance

Bible's Meter is gorgeous, vital to eschatology and other hermeneutics, textual criticism; it cannot be translated. So this video begins a comprehensive review of Bible Hebrew Meter usage. This video ties to 10e9c1, 10e9c2, and 10e9d1 in my GGS series, but this Episode 23 series in Psalm 90 playlist, will specialize in the Hebrew Meter, itself.

There are at least three ways Bible Hebrew meter is used in Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, and Ephesians 1:3-14:

  1. TIMESTAMP/DATELINE (covered in this video and in 10e9 GGS series): first 'paragraph' whose syllables are divisible by seven, functions as a dateline telling you WHEN the author writes. Sometimes (as in Daniel 9), there is a second paragraph that functions as a dateline. The dateline will also employ EQUIDISTANCE between two well-known events, in order to certify the date of writing.
  2. CHRONOLOGY (started in this video): the meter functions as an annual calendar of history (future or past or both). This chronology might function on TWO tracks, as in Psalm 90: a) panoramic, for all (or very large sections) of history; if so, time segments that stand for larger units, become the meter basis (i.e., '70' standing for the entire 1050 unit, as in Psalm 90). Next, b) the chronology is annual, with or without years in ellipsis. Future videos will focus on this technique in Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9. Thus you will be enabled to spot the same technique in other Bible passages. Then you will see that preterism is false, and any eschatological position OTHER THAN pre-Trib Rapture, is likewise false.
  3. For the chronology shows Bible keeps track of differing Dispensations (i.e., measuring time from specific epochs and covenants belonging to them). Meter is not the only method used; hundreds of Bible verses expressly differentiate one covenantal period from another. Still, the timing of those different periods is underscored and plotted BY the meter, as well.

  4. CONCORDANCE/CROSS-REFERENCE: when a paragraph's meter is divisible by 7, the number it doctrinally represents EITHER in aggregate sum, or in that paragraph, POINTS BACK at a previous passage of related meaning which has the same meter or aggregate syllable count. The point-back content will tie with keywords or key concepts; it will 'answer' or 'elaborate' on the other passage. Future videos will focus on this technique in Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, and Ephesians 1:3-14. Thus you will be able to spot the same technique in other Bible passages.

I could also classify them as six ways, since there are two subcategories of usage in each of the three main categories above. In this and following videos, I'll classify them in detail so you can decide whether to call the above '3' or '6'. I haven't finished learning the classification system, obviously. Many more Bible passages must be tested to derive a comprehensive classification system. However, these videos prove such a system EXISTS, and is yet unknown to Christendom.

23cPs90 Hebrew Meter As Chronology, cont.

Continued from 23b Ps90, on the 2nd usage of Hebrew Meter as a chronology; here, how the dual-entendre nature of Isaiah 53's text acts as an annual chronology of future history from Hezekiah forward, since the theme of Isaiah 53 is First David's Birth to Last David's death. This topic will continue all the way through 23g.

In 23h we'll see how the writer 'tags' a previous passage by recourse to syllable counts; but its video portion crashed, so I can't remake it until December 2011.

23dePs90 Hebrew Meter As Chronology, cont.

Continued from 23c, still tracking Isaiah 53's annual future chronology of Israel's history, showing the dual-entendre nature of the text which Daniel 9 will keep on referencing from Daniel 9:4-14. So the Daniel 9 ties are now introduced. (You can't yet download the Ps90Isa53DAn9Eph1.doc shown in the video. It will become available in a few weeks.)

23fPs90 Hebrew Meter As Chronology, cont.

23f and g are now (at last!) posted, thank you for your patience! With them we close demonstration #2, use of Hebrew Meter as Chronology, pending a full-fleged analysis of Daniel 9 in later videos. A shorter version of the way Isaiah plots Time is now in the 2nd video of this Psalm90 playlist (my 2008 version, uploaded from glitchy bliptv). Here's the Youtube link to it: • Isaiah 53's Meter Plots History to Me...

So here we finish a longer tracking Isaiah 53's annual future chronology of Israel's history, showing the dual-entendre nature of the text which Daniel 9 references in Daniel 9:4-14. (You can't yet download the Ps90Isa53DAn9Eph1.doc . It will become available in a few weeks.)

TAGGING will be the next demonstration, #3, in 23hi Ps90, as soon as I can reconstruct the video portion (computer crashed, leaving only the audio intact). The 3rd-18th videos in the Psalm 90 playlist also cover content ties between the two chapters, if you can't wait.

23gPs90 Hebrew Meter As Chronology, conclusion

Next video (23hi, to be posted in December 2012 owing to video crash) will cover TAGGING, the 3rd rhetorical technique of Hebrew Meter in Bible, which Daniel and Paul alike use. This 23g finishes up from 23f, tracking Isaiah 53's dual-entendre for Daniel 9:4-14.

NOTE: I've now made separate playlists of 'GGS Episode 10' and 'YMH Episode 10'. I will also embed those playlists in Mirroring.htm and in BibleHebrewMeter.htm.

A much longer version showing how Isaiah ties his Chapter 53 content to Moses will be in 23hi Ps90, as soon as I can reconstruct the video portion (computer crashed, leaving only the audio intact). The 3rd-18th videos in the Psalm 90 playlist also cover content ties between the two chapters, if you can't wait.

24Ps90 God Trinity-Meters Double Tribulation in Daniel 9:24-27

God's reply to Daniel plays off Daniel's meter, tagging it and Psalm 90, Isaiah 53 Decree sections, thus resolving WHO decreed the Rebuilding of Jerusalem, and other corrections which have long baffled scholars.

For example, '63' is the number of God's Decree, used by Psalm 90:1-3's meter, and repeated with update -- but still at 63 syllables -- in Isaiah 53:9+10 OR 10+11. When you see the text, you'll notice in each section God is talking. So too, here: the meter of Daniel 9:24, is 63 syllables. Thus you know Who makes the Rebuild-Jerusalem decree, in Daniel 9:25: God, no human king. A decree which matches real then-future, history.

Bible is self-auditing. If you make a mistake, it won't balance. Scholars can't make Daniel 9 balance, so invent all kinds of wacky justifications, i.e., lunar years, claiming His Entry into Jerusalem rather than the TEXT telling you Crucifixion -- completes the 62 weeks. Text says the 62 weeks isn't completed until the TEMPLE goes down. Oh well.

Here, you'll see me also make stupid mistakes and how the Bible's self-auditing process, corrected them -- alongside the vibrant John 14:26 'reminder' function -- all in one very long video. Very short doc was used for it: Dan924HebParsed.pdf

Daniel's prayer meter is extensively covered here (now with a new chronology chart): DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.pdf

Master document with all related links, is Ephesians1REPARSED.doc, for Paul uses God's Meter, to craft Eph1:3-14.

Along the way, you'll see how God via Gabriel, uses Trinity and Hypostatic Meter to convey number-metaphor Doctrines underlying the explicit text. The doctrinal meanings of numbers are well known in theology. So via recourse to meter, one quickly has proof that a) there are TWO tribulational sevens, not one; b) NO human king decrees the rebuilding of Jerusalem, but instead, God; c) how to measure the time listed in the explicit text of Daniel 9:24-27, i.e., there is an interval of 140 years Decreed between Temple Down in 586BC and when Jerusalem is rebuilt; there is a 50 year hiatus between Daniel 9:26 and 9:27; d) the Daniel 9:27 piece is to PAY BACK the too-early maturation of Abraham, and e) HOW LONG it will take for the second Temple to go down. To the very day.

The above two-page Dan924 doc has more spectacular Trinity stuff about the numbers than I knew when making this video. Just learned it now while awaiting the upload.

23hi Ps90 video is still under reconstruction; but meanwhile, this vid helps you see the structure of the former's content.

This video ties to the 10GGS series.