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The Daniel writeup is best read before watching the vids (here DANV4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.pdf), as it's extremely detailled, and shows syllable by year matched to Kings and Chronicles, what text Daniel has in mind when he talks. It was astonishing to me to see how quickly he could match Bible text he newly had in Chronicles, to Kings and then synthesize it, even in metered speaking to God!

In many ways, his is the most sophisticated meter I've yet found. All the NT writers tag him, and he's tagging Isaiah 53 and Psalm 90 repeatedly, as he talks. No wonder he was appointed to run Babylon by first Nebuchadnezzar, and then by Darius the Mede and then by Cyrus himself!

GGS10e9d1 Daniel counts to the Millennium, ACT 3

Intro to Act 3 via Psalm 90, comprehensive review of Moses' Two Time Tracks -- for Daniel 9's prayer meter, as well as Daniel 9:24 and 25, TAG Psalm 90 at key syllable junctures to MATCH Time Track 1. Tandem video shows how Paul does it also, in the Psalm 90 playlist, here: youtube.com/watch?v=MxP657KmlAw

Relevant other links:
Video worksheet reconciling Psalm 90 and Book of Judges: brainout.net/Judges.xls . If you need it in pdf, here it is: brainout.net/Judges.pdf

Daniel 9's prayer pdf: brainout.net/DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.RTF (use 'pdf' as last three letters if you prefer pdf). It is an exhaustive proof how Daniel counts to the Mill. See also my video '24 Ps90', which shows Daniel 9:24-27, with its own doc/pdf.

PDFs of the full meter pattern in Eph1:3-14, Ps90, and Isa53: brainout.net/Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf .

Compare to these meter maps of Ps90 and Isa53:

brainout.net/Psalm90inHebrew.pdf . Trilingual version is brainout.net/Ps90ParsedTrilingual.pdf See also brainout.net/Psalm90Palindromes.tif or brainout.net/Psalm90Palindromes.pdf .

brainout.net/Isa53Hypo4Dotted3.pdf and the translation, which is brainout.net/Isa53MeterTransInEnglishWide.doc
Isaiah 53's meter map is clearer, here: brainout.net/Isa53Map.jpg .

The video's timeline worksheet: brainout.net/GeneYrs.xls . Bible verses supporting it are shown in

brainout.net/brainoutFAQ.htm#6a and brainout.net/Mirroring.htm .

If you're not familiar with Book of Daniel, I did extensive audio links in the vid description to my 10a1 YMH video. Episode 10 of the YMH (Yapping Most High) series is also about Jewish Dispensationalism, and ties to 10 GGS series. Sorry, but the doctrine is long and complex .. and awesome.

File Name: 10e9d1GGS.avi, 1/30/11.

GGS10e9d2 Daniel counts to Millennium via Isaiah 53

This video is not in Youtube. I forgot to post it there. Continuing from GGS10e9d1 ( in GGS10 Paul's Meter Of Time Structure in Eph1:3-14 ), we now go back through Isaiah's meter, in order to better understand Daniel's.

For Daniel's is very complex: he will create a trifurcated timeline. First timeline starts at his own capture and comes full circle to his date of speaking. Second and related third timelines are developed by 'tagging' Isaiah at his syllable 133 = end Isaiah 53:2; playing on how Manasseh despised God; so, he was punished with capture, by Assyria. So, Manasseh was tagged by God in 2Kings 21:10-15 as the reason for the Temple's downfall.

Manasseh's repentance is thus paralleled with Christ: 'ish makovot, w'idua holi', Isa53:3 (translated, 'The HeartBreak Man, knowing lovesick grief').

From there, Daniel goes forward in the future, tying together all the prophecy God gave him since Daniel 2, in order to plot the sequence of the future rise and subsequent fall, of Greece and Rome. That's why Daniel 10-12, exist. They answer Daniel's METERED sequencing, in Daniel 9!

Mary's meter will pick up where Daniel ends, and Paul's meter will pick up where Mary's, ends. Peter's meter wraps around Paul's, to cover the same future Church History period on a tandem subject, the 'temple' of Church, since the OT Temple had its own 490, Daniel 9!

See: Daniel's metered sophistication (and satire!) sets new precedence for the NT meter style, so it's worth learning. We miss so much meaning in Bible, simply because we don't count the syllables and don't trust the Bible enough to actually be RIGHT in its timelines! But, I digress.

In GGS10e9d3 and 4, we'll see something of Daniel's style.

If you want, you can download the docs used in the video.

brainout.net/Isa53Hypo4Dotted3.pdf for the Hebrew 'map'.

Word docs of the metered translation:
2-Page translation of Chapter, landscape mode (has translation upgrade): brainout.net/Isa53MeterTransInEnglishWide.doc

3-Page version, portrait mode (pre-upgrade): brainout.net/Isa53MeterTransInEnglish.doc

PS: I apologize for annoying Episode names like 'GGS10e9d2'; but the videos were made in 2011, and had many views. Within Youtube, few see the vids, but for some reason I can't fathom, they were picked up elsewhere, and embedded into other websites. So now, past viewers (and websites using these vids) would become confused, if I change the names. File Name: 10e9d2GGSIsaMill.avi, 1/12/11.

GGS10e9d3 Daniel counts to Millennium via Isaiah 53, cont.

This video continues from GGS10e9d2 in vimeo, and is also not in Youtube. It presumes you're familiar with Daniel.

GIST: Daniel knew Isaiah 53's meter when he was a teenager. When he's 70 years older in Daniel 9, he prays. So he 'tags' his prayer meter to the very syllables = years in Isa53, which depicted Daniel's deportation (cf. Jer52:28, early 607BC, Nebuchadnezzar not yet sole king). From this Daniel crafts a juridical basis, for his bifurcated and metered, prayer. For the 70 years itself, was bifurcated:

* There was a '70', measured from the first deportation, Zech 1:12, 7:5, Jer52:28. The Zechariah 7 people self-righteously petition God, BECAUSE the 70 ended 2 years prior, when 2nd Temple's foundation was laid, see Zech 1 compared to Haggai 2. But they KEPT weeping and fasting afterwards; thus you know they're self-righteous: Temple's demise was fifth month, Jer 52:12. God never ordered them to do that; hence His Sharp Reply, in Jeremiah 7:6.

* There was next, a separate TEMPLE 70, see Jer25:11, 29:10. God's Metered Reply in Dan9:24-27, 'balances' to this 70. Those verses are long misaccounted by Christendom and Judaism, BECAUSE we don't know the meter! So this video covers the background. Next two videos will cover the Daniel 9:24-27, meter. Mary, Paul and Peter will ape his syllable-by-year, satirical meter; so it's worthwhile to learn Daniel 9's style.

For better understanding of those videos,

* Read brainout.net/DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.pdf. It provides (exhausting!) Bible proof how Daniel counts to the Millennium. It shows how Daniel's prayer is structured, how he tracks Isaiah 53's Timeline Meter, and also what Kings and Chronicles verses he's thinking about, as he talks!

* The last video in this channel, 'Ps90 Epi24', shows GOD's meter in Daniel 9:24-27, has its own doc/pdf, brainout.net/Dan924HebParsed.pdf. That meter is introduced at the end of this video.

PDFs of the full meter pattern in Eph1:3-14, Ps90, and Isa53:

Ephesians brainout.net/Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf .

Psalm 90 brainout.net/Psalm90inHebrew.pdf . Trilingual version is brainout.net/Ps90ParsedTrilingual.pdf .
See also brainout.net/Psalm90Palindromes.tif or brainout.net/Psalm90Palindromes.pdf .

Isaiah 53 brainout.net/Isa53Hypo4Dotted3.pdf and the translation, which is brainout.net/Isa53MeterTransInEnglishWide.doc
Isaiah 53's meter map brainout.net/Isa53Map.jpg .

Timeline worksheet brainout.net/GeneYrs.xls . Bible verses supporting it are shown in brainout.net/brainoutFAQ.htm#6a and brainout.net/Mirroring.htm .

Audios on the whole book of Daniel, Yapping Most High Episode 10a1: use its description, to click on and listen to (or download) the audios: youtube.com/watch?v=rq75pw14HIM&list=PL40216F6E28F05780&index=17 .

File Name: 10e9d3DanMill1.avi, 1/12/11.

GGS10e9d4 Daniel counts to Millennium via Isaiah 53, conclusion

Continued from and concluding, GGS10e9d3 (vimeo.com/brainout/ggs10e9d3 ). This video is not in Youtube. Watch me get egg on my face, for I was VERY LAZY when making this video. I did not WANT Daniel 9:25 to be metered, so at 10:32 in this video, I claim it's not metered. Wrongo! So during the tandem Ps90 Epi24 video (next in this channel), I have to admit I was wrong, and then make even more mistakes during the video, and then have to admit that during the video, since the Holy Spirit keeps warning me that I'm wrong. And I wouldn't listen. Well, not at first.

Aha. Now it's easier to understand why others don't listen, either.

File Name: 10e9d4DanMill2.avi, 1/12/11.

Ps90-24 God Trinity-Meters Double Tribulation in Daniel 9:24-27 in Daniel 9 Meter

24Ps90 is the original of the Youtube upload for 07/17/11 (incl. vid desc, below). It covers Daniel 9's meter.

Watch in HD, fullscreen. God's reply to Daniel plays off Daniel's meter, tagging it and Psalm 90, Isaiah 53 Decree sections, thus resolving WHO decreed the Rebuilding of Jerusalem, and other corrections which have long baffled scholars.

For example, '63' is the number of God's Decree, used by Psalm 90:1-3's meter, and repeated with update -- but still at 63 syllables -- in Isaiah 53:9+10 OR 10+11. When you see the text, you'll notice in each section God is talking. So too, here: the meter of Daniel 9:24, is 63 syllables. Thus you know Who makes the Rebuild-Jerusalem decree, in Daniel 9:25: God, no human king. A decree which matches real then-future, history.

Bible is self-auditing. If you make a mistake, it won't balance. Scholars can't make Daniel 9 balance, so invent all kinds of wacky justifications, i.e., lunar years, claiming His Entry into Jerusalem rather than the TEXT telling you Crucifixion -- completes the 62 weeks. Text says the 62 weeks isn't completed until the TEMPLE goes down. Oh well.

Here, you'll see me also make stupid mistakes and how the Bible's self-auditing process, corrected them -- alongside the vibrant John 14:26 'reminder' function -- all in one very long video. Very short doc was used for it: brainout.net/Dan924HebParsed.pdf.

Daniel's prayer meter is extensively covered here (now with a new chronology chart): brainout.net/DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.RTF

Master document with all related links, is brainout.net/Ephesians1REPARSED.doc , for Paul uses God's Meter, to craft Eph1:3-14.

Along the way, you'll see how God via Gabriel, uses Trinity and Hypostatic Meter to convey number-metaphor Doctrines underlying the explicit text. The doctrinal meanings of numbers are well known in theology. So via recourse to meter, one quickly has proof that a) there are TWO tribulational sevens, not one; b) NO human king decrees the rebuilding of Jerusalem, but instead, God; c) how to measure the time listed in the explicit text of Daniel 9:24-27, i.e., there is an interval of 140 years Decreed between Temple Down in 586BC and when Jerusalem is rebuilt; there is a 50 year hiatus between Daniel 9:26 and 9:27; d) the Daniel 9:27 piece is to PAY BACK the too-early maturation of Abraham, and e) HOW LONG it will take for the second Temple to go down. To the very day.

The above two-page Dan924 doc has more spectacular Trinity stuff about the numbers than I knew when making this video. Just learned it now while awaiting the upload.

23hi Ps90 video is still under reconstruction; but meanwhile, this vid helps you see the structure of the former's content.

This video ties to the 10GGS series, starting here: youtube.com/watch?v=BSTag47LY-4&list=PL5D3F5A2E85CE65CC&index=10 . That's a comprehensive review of the interplay of Paul creating a 4-Act 'play' with Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9 (ending with this video in its #24 of the list). The other tie, is to Yapping Most High Episode 10a1 and 10a2, starting here: youtube.com/watch?v=rq75pw14HIM&list=PLB73D9DA02D729857&index=1 .