"The Prolife Blasphemy" Video Series

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This series must demonstrate why the political "prolife" claim is blasphemous, since the prolifers claim Bible support. Bible opposes what prolifers claim; when you examine what the Bible does say, you reluctantly realize the prolife claim is blasphemous.

Now, that sounds like a condemnation. But the truth is, the issue of when life begins is a political football in pulpits and Bible translations for the past five centuries. Only since 1850 has the actual inspired Bible text been widely available to the common man, to check against the centuries of misteaching.

Thus one is tempted to excuse prolifers, because how could they know of the blasphemy, if it's not taught? Well the problem is, a few pastors such as my own, have correctly taught the BIBLE doctrine that human life only begins at birth. So the fault is dual: one, most pastors aren't studying and teaching Scripture from the original-language texts, and two, the students don't care about what Bible really says in those texts. So the politically-correct MIStranslations, have been popular.

But that mistranslation trend is changing, here in the 21st century. Only 30 years ago, there were few Bible translations, which would dare to correctly say the BIBLE doctrine that you are not human until BORN, because at that moment God sovereignly and personally creates your SOUL. But here in 2008, in my BibleWorks software -- which pastors purchase -- 30% of the English translations correctly translate the relevant verses, 10-30% of the time. So a) there is some awareness of the error, and willingness to admit it, but b) the SAME HEBREW PHRASE is mistranslated the majority of the time -- clear proof that political games are being played. The word "word" is always translated the same, so why not "from birth"? Well, you know why...

There are hundreds of these verses in the OT, because God is very adamant on how only HE makes you at BIRTH, never before. Every such verse has the same Hebrew phrases, so they should be translated the same way, each time. But they are not. For when "womb" is in a verse, apparently the translating committees for the Bible in question, get nervous. Less nervous today than 30 years ago, but still enough to cause confusion.

GIST: God makes you a "you" at birth, and no one else makes you BUT Him. That's the Bible's constant refrain, and it demonstrates His Absolute Sovereign Love. So the Bible's perspective isn't about abortion, but about God's Personal Creative Act of making YOU at birth. Obviously, though, since that is true, then a) you cannot be evolved, and b) fetal tissue is not human UNTIL born, because c) what makes that tissue HUMAN, is a SOUL God creates.

So in this video series, we'll go through these verses, so you can see for yourself what BIBLE says, versus the mistranslations. It will be a slog to go through all the verses. You will end up learning some Hebrew and Greek as a result: the words are not hard to learn, and will be repeated hundreds of times, so you will find the process rather easy. But you'll have to go through all the videos. And ask GOD, about what you are learning.

I already did some webpages on this topic, but they need to be redone; the videos will go into much more detail than the webpages, since in the pages I only categorize the verses; but the videos will show them. The header webpage for these, is Caveat4.htm.

I'm adopted, so obviously I'm not pro-abortion. In fact, the problem here is that Christians are aborting the Word, and making Christianity into a mockery, giving yet more cause for people to hate God and the Bible, Romans 2 indictment. Upshot of the videos will be to demonstrate that the BIBLICAL position is to be pro-GOD's choice, and leave Caesar out of it.


A for "ALERTS". Certain concepts and Bible verses even in translation should ALERT you to the fact that the "prolife" position blasphemes God.

  1. Concepts: just a few of these are listed, to aid one's thinking. As you think them over, you'll realize many other ideas alert you to the fact that there is no soul life in a womb.
    1. No baby breathes in a womb. If it's not breathing, it's not alive. The first breath taken is outside the womb, when the fetus' nostrils are cleared -- for they are plugged up, in a womb. We don't consider a fetal kangaroo or kitten to be alive until born, and even have the phrase, "born dead" -- taken from the Bible, by the way -- so why suddenly are humans considered alive in utero? Oh, it's an old pagan myth. More about that, will be in "B", below.
    2. Life is an INDEPENDENCE. Death is not. Death occurs when the soul leaves the body. Everyone knows that. So until there is a soul IN a body, it's not alive -- separation of soul and body is the definition of death. So prior to birth, no soul either. Hence the fetal tissue is not alive. It is developing into life, but until birth is not itself alive.
    3. God would be a sadist to put a soul in a womb, since then all the developing fetal parts, would be felt by a conscious soul, trapped in there, with no or insufficient brain to process any will. (The brain is the last to develop, as the skeletal cranial cavity is not hardened enough until birth, so that the fetus can exit the birth canal.)
    4. God would be a murderer, since every year thousands of spontaneous abortions occur, especially in developing countries, owing to poor nutrition, inherited disease, and other factors.
    5. Christ could not stay sinless if His Soul existed inside a womb, so there would be no salvation if soul life was in a womb. In order to stay sinless, He has to have a BRAIN, which can process His WILL as a human being, and He has to have INDEPENDENCE. In the womb, no fetus has independence; it is at the beck and call of the mother's emotions and will. So Christ could not stay sinless, as when Mary sinned, it would pass onto Him, as He'd have no independent ability to resist it. (Hopefully you know that Mary was not sinless; Catholic Church made up that lie hundreds of years later; Bible records her as sinning, and even she calls herself a sinner in the Magnificat. See my "Mary Immaculate Blooper" video.)
    6. Bible doesn't call abortion murder, and there have never been civil laws making it murder, until the last 50 years or so. Accordingly, have all the past generations been remiss, not to make a law which prolifers now attempt? Or are the prolifers, in error? When you see Exodus 21:22 in 2d., below, you'll realize why no one in the past tried to make it a civil law for a nation. So then the prolifers, are the ones not reading their Bibles. Catholic Church has always taught against abortion, but it wasn't a law. Yeah, and the Catholic Church correctly translated Exodus 21:22 in its Bibles (covered below).
    7. Now, if it's true (and it is) that you're not human until born, then a MOTHER who might die if she gives birth, is being MURDERED if the fetus is given precedence over the mother. Because, she is alive and HAS a soul. Jewish rabbis will counsel, therefore, that you give precedence to the mother. Ask a rabbi, see for yourself. More on this will be said in "B." section, below.
  2. Bald Bible verses even in translation: again, these are only a few obvious ones. You'll think of many others, as you go through your concordance on the key words, and think over what the ones below, signify. The videos will cover these, but you can just read them even in most translations, and see the import.
    1. Genesis 1:26-27. God decrees that "human" means to be made in God's Image, and God is IMmaterial. So is the SOUL. Therefore you cannot be evolved, since God personally makes you at birth. This is demonstrated in the Genesis video Episode 6c, but you don't even need to see it, just look at any Bible.
    2. Genesis 2:7. Adam doesn't become ALIVE, until God BREATHES LIVES (literal Hebrew, "hayyim") into his NOSTRILS, which means AFTER the body is formed. All this is demonstrated in the Genesis videos, Episodes 6c through the end of 7 for the Hebrew, but even though the English verses mistranslate the PLURAL LIVES as singular "living" or "life", you still can see the ORDER -- body first, and only AFTERwards, is the soul made.
    3. Genesis 25:22. There, Rebekah ASKS GOD what to do about her pregnancy. Model of what we should do. Asking God, not Caesar, to adjudicate the matter...
    4. Exodus 21:22. There, even in translation, you can tell it's a hypothetical court case due to the woman miscarrying, as a result of her trying to stop a fight between her husband and some other person. Bible makes the distinction between whether only the fetus is miscarried (lol the politically-correct Bible translations have problem with that, but even the Douhay-Rheims CATHOLIC Bible correctly translates it as "miscarry"). Or, whether the woman herself is harmed (verse 23). If the latter, it's a CRIMINAL issue for the courts. If only the fetus miscarries, it's NOT criminal, but any damage assessed is to be determined by the woman and her husband. So it's NOT murder, if the fetus aborts, get it?
      • On this verse, the following English Bibles correctly translate, per my BibleWorks collection: NIV/NIB, but only in the note (if your NIV is annotated), "or she has a miscarriage". NASB 1977 (but not later), Douhay-Rheims 1610 (Catholic Bible), Bible in Basic English, New American Bible, New Jerusalem Bible, Revised Standard 1989 and 1952, 1985 Jewish Publication Society Tanakh. By the way, the Latin Online Vulgate seems to get it right, too. Non-English Bibles tend to copy whatever English Bible they used as a translation device, rather than going by the original-language texts (i.e., French Bible Jerusalen copies from the English Jerusalem Bible). By contrast, check out the Spanish Reina-Valera (1909, 1960 and 1989, 1995, editions are in my BibleWorks collection) -- it gets the translation right.

    5. For, it's Give to Caesar what is Caesar's, and to God, what is God's. This refrain is famous, we all know it, yet we don't think about what it means. Christ gave it as a principle, in Matt22:21, Mark 12:17, Luke 20:25 -- three Gospels record it, to stress its importance. Paul covers the same doctrine at length in 1Cor6 (why Christians shouldn't sue each other), 1Tim2, Romans 13-14. Tie-in OT doctrine is the warning not to go to Egypt, and "cursed is the man who makes his flesh, his strength".
    6. Ecclesiastes 12:7 -- body returns to the earth, but the soul returns to God. Only God gives life. So you cannot be alive in the womb, because biological life is not from God, but produced intermediately via pregnancy.
    7. "Time to be born, time to die", Ecc 3:2. So conception isn't birth.
    8. Bible reckons life starting at birth and then ending at death, pan-Bible. You don't see Genesis 5 say, for example, "And Adam caused the CONCEPTION of Seth", etc. Rather, you see Seth's BIRTH being given as the beginning of his LIFE. Everywhere in Bible, the beginning of a person is stated as his BIRTH.
    9. "Born again", John 3, Titus 3:5. Conceiving the Gospel, doesn't save you.
    10. Sin doesn't exist until BORN -- Job 15:35, Psalm 7:14, Isaiah 33:1, 59:4, James 1:15. This should be obvious. Temptation is merely the CONCEPTION of sin, but until you say yes to the temptation, you've not sinned. Man's biology is tainted in Adam, Romans 5:12, 1Cor15:22. So therefore NO soul is in the womb, since there would be no ability to resist temptation from the mother. Again, Christ's Soul couldn't stay sinless if He were trapped in a womb, since every human being BUT Him, is born in fallen Adam, ibid.

    B for "Biology" befuddling us. Biological life has been deemed human life by pagan cultures, and THAT is where we get the idea of life being in the womb.

    1. Pagan cultures attributed magic properties to blood, to the heart, to the head. For example, if you wanted to gain your enemy's brains, you ate his brains; his courage, you ate his heart; his strength, you ate the body part you wanted to make strong. Royalty was given magic blood properties, so it became important that a son from the loins of the king father, be ruling. All these magical ideas didn't make the distinction that to be human was strictly an immaterial act by God, since God was rejected. You can look up any ancient culture you like on the internet, and find these biology-magic ideas in it. So when a fetus was in a womb, it was attributed as being alive.
    2. Under the Mosaic Law, it was never said that a fetus was human, but rabbis in the Talmud began to consider that 40 days after conception, "life" was in the womb. So they would counsel against abortion. After all, God might want to make that fetus come to term, so we shouldn't mess with God's Will. Ask any rabbi today, and you should get an answer similar to the one you just read. So it was an application of Genesis 25:22 and other verses -- the idea being, GOD should decide if a fetus is to be born -- but not actually a Bible doctrine, itself. Not a bad application, though, huh...
    3. Catholic Church developed and grew, by accommodating many pagan beliefs. The goal was to get people to believe in Christ and into the 'fold' of 'mother church', and then hopefully the pagan beliefs would diminish over time. So if people believed that a fetus was alive, well and good. Moreover, Catholic Church had to adopt some of the paganism, to claim that Mary was Immaculate -- see my "Mary Immaculate Blooper" video, because it couldn't explain the Virgin Pregnancy. But precisely BECAUSE Christ wouldn't be Christ until BORN, His Body could be conceived and developed in a womb by means of the Holy Spirit, rather than tainted-in-Adam, human sperm. But they didn't understand all that back then. Now, hundreds of years later, it's too late, I guess, to admit the error.
    4. Modern science also erroneously thinks that human life is strictly biological, having no stomach to admit the IMmaterial nature of thought. Synapses can only be read for electrical impulses; when you cut the halves of the brain or a patient has a stroke, you can tell what parts of the brain affect what sorts of reasoning, memory, emotion, stimuli -- but you cannot read the actual thoughts, themselves. So man today is just as dumb as the pagans, considering himself as Feuerbach quipped, "man is mass in motion, without a soul". This too, contributes to the lie that humanness is strictly biological, so of course a fetus in the womb, would be considered alive.
    5. Evolution hangs on the claim that human life is strictly biological, so that's why it looks at similar arms and legs of monkeys, and thinks we came from them.
    6. It's natural to consider a POTENTIAL life as alive. Ask any mother when the fetus kicks. :)

    C for Corrupted Bible translations. These result from "A" and "B".

    1. Because we ignore the common-sense and Bible warnings in "A", and because we naturally buy into "B", especially since respectable people buy into it, we do "C", corrupt Living Word into dead words. The videos will cover most of these mistranslations, so you see the pattern. It's really bald, how the Bible is mistranslated. Proverbial hand in the cookie jar, like the Vulgate masking the difference between Greek petros and Petra, to pretend that Peter instead of Christ, is the head of the Church -- to pass off its pope myth as valid. (See my "Petros Life" and "Rock is Christ" videos on that; videos walk you through the Bible verses in Hebrew, Greek, Latin and English.)
    2. Political-correctness is the objective of REVERSING what Bible says, in the translation of "womb" verses. Again, 30 years ago Bible mistranslation was even worse than today. Especially, the Hebrew phrase "mi beten" and "me rechem" are both mistranslated "from the womb", when instead the Hebrew preposition "min" stresses SEPARATION FROM the object. So "separated from the womb", "away from the womb", "beyond the womb" should always be the translation of that Hebrew. Hebrew preposition "min" is used thousands of times in the OT, and always has a birthing connotation. The stress on separation is important, for example, to understanding why God begins to number the days of Adam, in Genesis 3:22. Isaiah 53 uses the preposition to stress Christ's Humanity and how He was yet beyond-human at the same time, by repeating the preposition and by repeating its SOUND. Scholars know this well, as do pastors. What pastor doesn't stress the BEYOND-HUMAN torture Christ went through, when covering Isaiah 52:14? "Beyond" is Hebrew preposition "min". Dr. Saenz-Badillos of the University of Madrid wrote a book on A History of the Hebrew Language; he covers how "min" developed as a separative, partitive preposition; I got my copy at Amazon. You can also look up "min" in TWOT lexicon (Theological Workbook of the Old Testament), which is also online (as well as in BibleWorks), to see this essential meaning.

        So it's bald politics, to reverse "min" in "womb" verses, by clever truncation to "from the womb": which in English, means from INSIDE. Proper translation should be, "from birth". It will take many videos to go through all these verses.

        Again, today more Bible translations correctly say "from birth" than was true in yesteryear. For example, in a simple string search on "from birth" in the most popular English Bibles, the Hebrew phrase "mi beten" is properly translated 10-30% of the time as "from birth" in NIV/NIB, New Living Translation, Revised Standard, Bible in Basic English, Geneva 1599 Bible, Webster 1833, New American Standard, English Standard Version, 1917 Jewish Publication Society Tanakh, New Jerusalem Bible, even New King James. Compare Psalm 71:6 in different Bibles, to see something of the variance, here. It's typical of the dispersion of translations in the other verses using the very same Hebrew phrase.

        Think about that. The EXACT SAME HEBREW PHRASE, "mi beten" -- literally, "beyond the womb", "separated from the womb", "outside the womb" -- is used well over 16 times in the OT (beten is used a total of 73 times, but not all reference the womb). So then it always means the same thing, as it's a literal physical expression of BIRTH. So then why isn't it always translated the same way? Why sometimes and not others, since in the context the meaning is always the same? After all, you are born or are not. There's no "semantic range", no gray area of interpretation, here.

        A synonym for "beten" in Bible is Hebrew "rechem", which also means "womb". There are at least 12 of these verses (76 total, but not all reference the womb); included among them, is the "womb to tomb" wish of Job (Job 3:11, 10:18), demonstrating that Job wasn't alive until born -- and wishing he'd immediately DIED after birth. In this group is the always-misread Jeremiah 1:5, people forgetting that Omniscient God knows someone before he exists, so instead of reading THAT correctly, they misuse the verse to claim Jeremiah WAS Jeremiah "in" the womb.

        Then there are thousands of birthing references which just use the Hebrew "min", or synonyms, to show when human life begins. Many of these are wordplay, so instead of being translated "born", they are translated in other ways. So of course the videos will have to cover at least some of these other instances, as well; thus you can see the pattern.

    3. So you miss the many verses where God says HE makes you a "you", at birth. This is the main theme in the Bible regarding birth, that you're not alive until God makes you alive. So, then you need to be re-born, spiritually, which God alone also makes. Series' videos will cover these verses. God's Sovereign SELECTION of your existence, upfront and personal at birth, is an important doctrine to know. Unbelievers are also chosen to exist; God wants NO one to go to hell, 2Pet3:9. But you can't know all that, if you don't know that God personally makes you a you AT birth, huh...
    4. Tie-in verses to the difference between biological life and soul life, therefore must be covered. Since most of Christendom is very confused about man's essential TRI-partite nature when saved, versus his DUAL nature if unsaved (never mind clear passages like Hebrews 4 and 1Cor2), videos on this topic are needed. These will be the hardest videos to do, as so few pastors even teach the tri-partite nature of man: human spirit is life/relationship with God, soul life is for other souled creation (humans, and in eternity, angels), and biological life is a kind of house you live in.
    5. Special passages in Job, Psalms, the prophets, Paul, James, and the Lord's statements in the Gospels, will get special videos. These passages use the fact that you are not human until born, to express other doctrines or appreciation. For example, Christ doesn't say you must be conceived again to be saved, in John 3; because, conception is not life. James says that sin has to be born, too. Paul likens our current status to a fetus, waiting to BE born, in Romans 8 and elsewhere. Job wishes he'd never been born -- "from womb to tomb", as my pastor quipped, when exegeting Job. David marvels that God would decree his birth, noting that his body is only a dead house, in Psalm 139 -- which of course is horribly mistranslated, see my "Don't Abort My Word" table in NoWombLife.htm. Some of the prophets also have special passages on the topic. Videos will cover some of them, enough to convey the pattern of Bible exposition.
    6. So-called "problem passages", like Luke 1:15 and Elizabeth's phrasing of the 'baby leapt' will get videos, too. Frankly, once you see the previous videos, you'll understand most of these passages are not problems. The problems, are the people eisegeting them. ("Eisegesis" is a fancy term for fancying something in Bible, which isn't there.)

    D for Deus Decides.

    1. At root, the issue of when you become a you, is solely a matter of Sovereign Divine Decision. After all, the soul lives forever and therefore God has been 'listening' to it since eternity past. Every breath you take is courtesy of God, for He holds everything together; there is no automatic pilot. Your free existence and free will must be ordained, or you never will exist in the first place. Lots of Bible verses on this, and some of them -- enough to establish the rhetorical pattern the Bible uses -- will be covered in the videos. Really, this is the heart of the issue: GOD must decide. What makes the prolife position blasphemous is that prolifers want to allocate that role to Caesar.
    2. It's a juridical issue, too: a fetus is not alive, so not guilty of anything, even though tainted in its biology, with Adam's sin. That's why it must be BORN: if born, it BECOMES a juridical issue, will God make it alive, or not? Just as in Genesis 2:7, God could have stopped at forming Adam's body. In which case, Adam wouldn't have ever become "Adam" (clever wordplay, since adamah means earth, so the Earth Man made out of the Earth).
    3. So the issue for us, is to be pro- God's Choice. If a woman loses a fetus, then it was God's Choice that the fetus never come to term. Trust God to have good reasons for that, since HE has to live with the decision since eternity past. If a woman is sterile, same thing. If a woman is pregnant but doesn't want to be, well -- what does God think about that? Of course, the unbeliever doesn't ask the question, but like Rebekah did in Genesis 25:22, we Christians sure should.

    E for Election Time: what to do with this information?

    1. Talk to God, obviously. Life comes from God, so God has the right to say if a fetus will be a human being.
    2. Abortion is not murder, because one has to be a human being, alive, to be murdered; in a womb, there is no life yet, whether animal or human.
    3. So don't campaign for Federal Laws to make abortion murder. That's giving to Caesar, what is God's; it's also a lie against the Bible which says abortion is NOT murder. Were abortion murder, then the Mosaic Law would have verses saying so. Yet rather, you have Exodus 21:22, as mentioned in "B", above.
    4. So don't conclude that Bible is pro-abortion, either.
    5. Best of all, learn how God intimately chooses your own existence, whether you ever believed in Christ or not. For the soul was ransomed by Christ, and lives forever. Your choice, WHERE that forever-life after this body ends, will be.

    b-out Prolife Blasphemy Vids

    BIBLE says you're not human until BORN, when GOD (not your biology), creates your soul and gives your body, its first BREATH. No one but God is the author of life. This is the root reason how salvation could be accomplished, and why it is permanent. Learn when life begins, or you will never understand or feel secure about, your salvation.

    To keep believers unsettled, Satan authored the prolife movement about 30+ years ago. It is sourced in the pagan myth that biology is magical. Sadly, Christians practice that same pagan belief, totally oblivious to what Bible actually says. Their punishment is delusion.

    Yet some pastors (like mine) have been proving for YEARS that soul life is not imputed until birth. But the old Catholic heresy (to make Mary sinless) that life begins at conception, still lingers.

    By the time you go through all the videos in this series -- most of which, due to length, are LINKS in the video descriptions -- you'll see that proof from Bible for yourself.

    The extensive exegesis will become easy to understand, as you'll see it onscreen from BibleWorks.

    Political coverup governs 'womb' verses: they are reverse-translated.

    So prolifers politick on abortion, showing their Rev 17 'bent'. Thus you you know they are satanic, too.

    PB1a The Prolife Blasphemy Series (PB)

    Prolife Blasphemy series, intro. I AM ADOPTED. These videos do not advocate abortion, but rather demonstrate what BIBLE says: that you are NOT HUMAN until born, because there is NO SOUL LIFE in the womb. Over 500 verses in Bible to go through, so this video series will take over years to finish. Proof before your eyes in the original-language Bible texts, will end up being the major focus, because you should see the proof in Bible for yourself; but the first group of videos are introductory.

    See links below for sample Word searches which demonstrate the Bible doctrine of God's Choice. You'll need a thesaurus so you can search Bible on the synonyms of these keyverbs.

    Future videos in this series will demonstrate the webpage content via Bible.

    Associated Blog entry, which contains all the above links:

    Lies must be accounted, as must truth. The purpose is NOT to condemn, but to disclose. We are all mistaken on things, so the best way to learn how to correct failures in the SELF, is to witness them in others. That's what they teach you at West Point. How much more important to know, for the Christian Soldier?

    PB2c Prolife Proved Satanic

    Here we see why prolifers can't read Bible and thus politicize abortion. We are all pawns for Satan & Co. Okay, so how to get out of that? Surely God is not PRO-abortion, is He?

    CORRECTION: at about 4 minutes, I said Rev was written in 96AD, which is the commonly-taught WRONG answer. I didn't know the RIGHT answer until 2015, when I learned the Bible METERS its text, with one of the meter functions being a DATELINE. John DATELINES Rev1 and 17 as 88 AD. Which better fits the facts we now know, about Domitian.

    PB2b Prolife Disproved by 'breath' verses

    What a surprise: even English Bible translations quickly prove Prolife a lie: all I had to do was search on "breath" in English Bibles. For Bible says even in translation, that you're not alive until and unless you are BREATHING.

    That's good, because if a fetus WAS alive, it would be SCREAMING. Couldn't be more obvious, since a fetus has its NOSTRILS plugged, whether animal fetus, or human.

    Search also on "breathed", "breathing", "wind", "spirit" -- for the latter two words are often mistranslations of "breathe". See for yourself, even in any translation you care to pick.

    False doctrine always maligns God, glorifies man, is the product of appallingly poor Bible 'scholarship', and ALWAYS FAILS COMMON SENSE. What could be more common-sense, but that to be alive, you must be BREATHING?

    PB2a Prolife Disproved by 'breath' verses

    Not breathing? NOT ALIVE, says Bible. No fetus of any kind, animal or human, breathes. Hundreds of verses in Bible tell you that aliveness means BREATHING. Here, we see a deft 7 verses which also show you how animals only have ONE type of life (biological) versus man, who has MULTIPLE lives required, in order to even be alive.

    How embarrassing. Bible says you're not alive until breathing. No fetus breathes. No animal fetus, no human fetus. So no fetus is alive. So no fetus is breathing in any womb of ANY kind. Hence the prolife claim is completely shattered, by the very Bible the prolifers claim supports their cause.

    PB3a Be Pro GOD's Choice

    The prolife movement is almost the greatest among the many Christian blasphemies against God since Church began. So again, there's no call for one Christian sect to call another evil: for the EXTREME evil of prolife spans all Christian denominations. Yeah, Satan dupes us all; the COMMON SENSE "if it's not breathing, it's not alive" is foreign to us. So it's impossible to be 'prolife' defined by Christians, and spiritual, at the same time. No breath in us, Psalm 135:17. What hypocrites we are.

    NOTE: my videos aren't in blip.tv anymore. They don't want Christians, so cancelled my videos. But they are here and in vimeo, as noted in the video description, and in the next video. Do the Word searches, cuz there are HUNDREDS of verses on this topic of how YOU ARE NOT YOU UNTIL GOD MAKES YOU AT BIRTH, GIVING YOU YOUR FIRST BREATH. Many pastors know this, too. Mine did. But those who want political power and money, won't teach Bible properly.

    PB3b Prolife Blasphemy Series (PB) Download 'album'

    This video covers three things:

    1. The promised download vids in the Prolife Blasphemy series, are now off bliptv, and on Vimeo, here: http://vimeo.com/album/2589297.
    2. How to make a displayed webpage more readable.
    3. Short reminder about how Prolife is blasphemous, and why. I will be making a lot more videos proving that fact FROM BIBLE DIRECTLY, but the videos will be in Vimeo, in the displayed album (see #1 above for the link). For the vids are much clearer in Vimeo (which specializes in HD), than Youtube. And, you can download them without special addins or other hassle. But in Youtube, when new vids are posted to Vimeo, I'll make a short announcing video in Youtube.

    Fall, 2008: to counter the massive disinformation re what Bible says about when 'life' begins, I created a 'Prolife Blasphemy' video series (https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL144D716E521647D1). It proves from Bible that you're not human.. until BORN. Series will eventually cover 500 verses, beginning in Genesis 2:7. There and ever after, God says He and no one else makes you; He does that at birth (not before), Genesis 2:7. You are not your biology. So you cannot be evolved. 'Human' is the God-made SOUL, and your body is a house, not alive, Psalm 139:13-17 (mistranslated, of course). For it's a Divine Juridical Issue: if the body exiting the womb cannot independently sustain a soul, God won't create one (again, Gen 2:7). Wouldn't be fair. For God is neither murderer, nor sadist. Were soul life in a womb, it would be AWARE; developing body parts would be painful; the person would be trapped. Granted, Bible's been mistranslated to cover up this vital doctrine of ONLY God makes you human, at birth -- else you couldn't be SAVED -- yet why haven't we learned it in the God-breathed Hebrew and Greek? It matters to know what Real Bible says, given that for eons the human race ascribed mythological properties to the body. Still does. Every horror and supernatural movie ever made, trumpets magical body ideas: why do you think it's called the Holy Grail? Yeah, Christ is irrelevant, the MINDLESS blood in His Body, did the saving! Wow. Bible disagrees: 'By means of Truth Knowledge, He makes Righteous', Isaiah 53:11 (b'dato yatsdiq, Hebrew). SO HIS THINKING PAID FOR SINS.. that kind of circulation, the 'blood' of Bible in His Soul, Matthew 4:4! So it's not as if the Jews don't know. David Duke depends on their (rightly) saying a 'golem' (fetus) has no soul. Even he advertises a true Bible doctrine (for bad reasons), yet we don't investigate what Bible says? What is wrong with us? We POLITICK to Caesar, instead of PRAY to God. Hence this series. (I don't favor abortion, see Episode 1a and 9i of the Prolife Blasphemy series on Youtube.) Most importantly, all Bible doctrines about humanity -- especially Christ's -- come from this one: THE ONLY AUTHOR OF LIFE IS GOD. AT BIRTH. That's Bible; that's why you can be saved, despite the corrupted FLESH. And if you don't get this, then everything else Bible says, will be mud to you. After all, the Lord didn't say, 'you must be conceived again', did He (see John 3). He did say, Hebrews 10:5, on the very day He was BORN (temporal clauses in Greek tell you that, my pastor spent a lot of time explaining this) -- 'a body You prepared for ME!' So the 'ME' is not the same as the body, huh. So be for or against abortion, and PRAY to God about whatever you think is wrong. Go to the Real Ruler about it. Don't politick to 'caesar', like all the carnal Christians do. And don't you ever call abortion murder, since then you malign GOD and HIS SON and HIS WORD (i.e., in Numbers 5:27, God ORDERED abortion, see Episode 9 proving that in the Bible text, and proof that lexicographers know this -- it shocked them). So, in the Youtube descriptions, certain PB videos are available for download. Hence this album. If you want me to add a video, let me know. Thank you for your time!

    Hopefully that will enable me to avoid the trolls. For in Vimeo, if you make stupid or nasty remarks, or remarks full of swear words, I will block you. The Vimeo community is not tolerant of that stuff, so I can't afford to be. If you want to criticise me, fine: do it without swear words, do it WITH substance, and if you're in the mood, do it creatively. Criticism, I love. WILLFUL stupidity, I will no longer tolerate.

    Someday when I have time, I'll move the vimeo videos to Youtube. Vimeo is now being snarky, too. But I pay them for the service, and not until I move all the vids to Youtube, will the vimeo subscription, end.

    PB4a Isa46:3 and "womb" verses

    Here, we see proof that Bible is politically mistranslated to hide its truth that NO SOUL is in the womb. There are many more verses to cover, but Isaiah 46:3 is a handy proof of the politicking. One part of the verse's truth that you aren't human until born is covered up, and the other part isn't covered up. Ooops! Someone forgot to cover it ALL up!

    So here in Episode 4, we see the main Bible Hebrew & Greek words for "womb"; and, Bible's SEPARATIVE preposition min (Hebrew) & ek (Greek). These words signify NO SOUL LIFE UNTIL BIRTH. You'll see the lexicons in BibleWorks (software which pastors use), to prove the meaning of the words. So this video is easy, and lays the foundation for the later ones on the mistranslation of verses with the same words in them.

    Suggest you also listen to John MacArthur explain the preposition ek as SEPARATIST when he talks about why the Rapture precedes Trib, in the following video: • Video. Listen for "terew ek", at the video's 7:49 (he's citing Rev3:10, beginning at 6:42 in the video). So obviously this SEPARATIST meaning is well known, so no 'scholar' or 'teacher' should ever teach that there is soul life in any womb. No excuse.

    In fact, there are hundreds of verses using these prepositions, to stress how only GOD makes you a "you" at BIRTH, not conception; famously, Isaiah 53 uses the preposition to stress how Christ BIRTHS our salvation on the Cross, beginning at Isa52:14. For Bible's perspective is Ownership, GOD as the Sole Originator of Life: principle that God Personally selects you to BECOME a human being at birth. So scratch evolution, for your soul is made directly BY God; scratch goofy Calvinism's claim that God doesn't use His Foreknowledge, since Every Human Being is Selected to Exist by God, Personally At Birth.

    That's the Bible's focus. Not, abortion. Hence subsequent Episodes will display the other "womb" verses, to further document that focus. Again, I'm adopted, so I don't advocate abortion. But it's not murder, because No Soul LIfe Exists Until God Personally Creates It At Birth. See for yourself, from the live Bible words.

    PB5a Psalm139:16 proves Prolifers Carnal

    Psalm 139 is one of the most-mistranslated chapters in Bible. Verse 16, however, is often correctly translated, and even Strong's weak lexicon correctly shows that a 'golem' -- Hebrew word for anything still in the womb, especially in the embryo stage -- is what David is talking about. That, while he was IN the womb, none of his ordained-by-God 'days', YET EXISTED.

    Can't be more obvious that David is saying -- as does the rest of Bible -- that YOU are not a YOU until you are BORN.

    Just as, sin isn't sin until it's born, James 1:15. Just as, conceiving the Gospel doesn't save you, John 3:3-7,16, Romans 10:10 (mouthing didn't save the Jews, BELIEVING was needed).

    Later videos will show the full corrected translation of Psalm 139 -- you will be shocked at how the Bible is aborted, in translation. So if you can't wait for the videos, search on 'Don't Abort My Word' in NoWombLife.htm. The interim corrected translation of verses 11-16, is there.

    It's really important to understand that what constitutes 'human', is immaterial. That's why you are not evolved, but directly and personally created by God AT BIRTH, pattern of Genesis 2:7 (see my Genesis video series on that verse, at SatStrat2.htm#GenesisVids).

    That's also why your salvation cannot be lost, and MUST be permanent: because, the real you is your SOUL, and it lives forever -- somewhere. Where, is determined by whether you ever once believed in Christ. If yes, you go to heaven. Since your soul cannot die, you cannot lose your salvation, either.

    Thirdly, your spiritual life is lived IN your soul, not in your body. Your body is tainted with Adam's sin nature. It dies, but you do not. So to be spiritual, you must learn and live on Bible, since a SOUL lives on INSTRUCTION.

    Okay, but what about abortion? Does that mean you just run out and get one? No, it means you run to GOD and ask HIM for HIS CHOICE in the matter, since you don't know if He WANTS that fetus to come to term so He can CREATE a soul for it. See, abortion is God's Choice, never Caesar's, Exodus 21:22. Because, the real you IS your soul, and lives forever.

    PB5b Pagan Origin of Prolife (Bowel!) Movement

    Prolifers, like evolutionists and pagans before them, assign a magical property to human biology, as if the biology, were itself life. Bible spends a lot of time, starting in Genesis 2:7, refuting that pagan notion. God says HE ALONE is the author of your humanity, which is your SOUL, which HE MAKES at birth. There are hundreds of verses on this topic, as paganism was widespread during the writing of Scripture. In this video series, I've already provided about 100 of the verses within the videos, and in their description links to videos too long to post in Youtube.

    But the prolifer is just as irrational, evil, and unbelieving as any pagan, wanting to assign to reflex motility, a magical property of life. Thus he is like a dog returning to its vomit, per 2Peter 2:17-22 -- you were an unbeliever, but now as a carnal Christian, you go back to pagan ideas.

    So of course no prolifer can read the many Bible verses already provided in this Prolife Blasphemy series, won't take the time to actually STUDY the issue. Pity but do not imitate them. They will be very embarrassed at the Bema for trampling the Word of God underfoot, ABORTING it, Hebrews 10:29 (in context from 10:1, especially verses 5, 15-17).

    PB5c Job 10:19 proves Prolifers Carnal

    How embarrassing, that Prolifers can't even read Bible when it's well translated and says YOU DON'T EXIST in the womb! Here, the verse is Job 10:19, and even the KJV gets it right!

    My pastor taught this verse, taught for over 40 years that there is no soul life in the womb because ONLY GOD CREATES THE SOUL AND HE DOES IT AT BIRTH. Now, if you want to know more about that, you are free to order lessons without anyone asking you for money, at rbthieme.org. I'm not allowed to upload the lessons, sorry. (Too many people have tried to MAKE money off what he teaches, so they have to seal the teaching with copyright protection.)

    His Job lessons are in 1985 Ephesians (Series number 412?), lessons 249-266.

    PB5d Hebrews 10:5 proves Prolifers, Pagan

    Your BODY is not you. It was PREPARED for you though, as this verse proves. 'Prepared' really means first healed and then constructed, due to Adam's sin.

    In Christ's case, first Mary's sin-tainted 23 chromosomes had to be 'healed' via meiosis and polar body (a natural biological process); but then the Holy Spirit created an added 23 perfect chromosomes, and added them (rather than the natural process of sperm and egg). THAT is 'the immaculate conception', and it's purely biological. A house being prepared, just like David explains in Psalm 139:13.

    Prepared for. NOT, the real you. NOT, alive. Rather, an organic machine. For YOU, are a SOUL. Made alive by God at birth, just as Christ here supernaturally exclaims when He is BORN, quoting from Psalm 40:6 in the LXX.

    All Bibles translate this verse fairly well. So there is no excuse for believing you are a you, until BORN.

    PB5e Hebrews 10:5 proves Prolifers, Pagan

    This Episode covers how Psalm 40:6 is quoted by Christ, at birth (supernaturally, since no baby can talk), from the LXX. (So here again we see that the KJVO who claim the LXX was invented in the 3rd century AD by Origen, mean to trash the New Testament, too.)

    PB6a Psalm 139:13 proves Prolifers, Liars

    How embarrassing, that prolifers must lie about the Hebrew and Greek of Psalm 139:13, to advance their claim of life in the womb. You'll see proof of the lie in two translations. Oddly enough, the KJV is NOT one of the liars! Of course, the saddest thing is the layman can't know that Psalm 139:13 was deliberately mistranslated to cover up what God's saying: HE ORDERED YOUR COVERING HOUSE, aka the BODY. So notice Satan's punning: God's WORD is covered up in a verse about your covering!

    Satan makes many puns like this in Bible mistranslations. For example, in order to denounce God in translation, he takes Genesis 3:11's nagadth, which means to denounce, and has it mistranslated, 'tell', making it look like God didn't 'tell' Adam and the woman they were naked! (My pastor had a lot of fun explaining that one, in his 1977 Genesis series.)

    I like to collect satanic mistranslation puns. There are hundreds of them. He does the same thing with the original (and translated) text of the Koran, and Book of Mormon -- STILL punning on the Bible! One day I'll put a large sampling of them all in new video series, but not right now!

    PB6c Psalm 139:13 proves Prolifers, Liars

    Corrected translation of Psalm 139:13 showing David's wordplay on the Jewish holiday of Succoth (Booths) = HOUSE = BODY = WILDERNESS = pregnancy. David now of course is OUTSIDE the womb, so is walking INSIDE his house, in the 'wilderness' of this life, so it's very witty. Wait until you see verse 17!

    PB6e Psalm 139:14's Hebrew exposes Prolife Political PALAver

    This Episode shows the anatomy of a Reformation mistranslation becoming a political football, four centuries later. A simple confusion over two Hebrew verbs which sound alike, coupled with the coverup mistranslation in Psalm 139:13, render the much-beloved Psalm 139:14, a political hot potato. So of course the gorgeous meaning of David's tying his situation to God's Works in EGYPT, is covered up in favor of the goofy idea that the fetus is referenced. LOL Satan misses no chance to 'cover' the naked Word of God!

    PB6c Psalm 139:13 proves Prolifers, Liars

    Prolife Blasphemy Series. Corrected translation of Psalm 139:13 showing David's wordplay on the Jewish holiday of Succoth (Booths) = HOUSE = BODY = WILDERNESS = pregnancy. David now of course is OUTSIDE the womb, so is walking INSIDE his house, in the 'wilderness' of this life, so it's very witty. Wait until you see verse 17! See descriptions to 6a and 6d for more info.

    PB6d Psalm 139's aborted in translation!

    This is a Messianic marching song, to encourage the soldiers to remember their place in history. It is an 'answer' to the Song of Moses in Deut 32, especially Deut 32:8. So it is NOT about abortion politics, okay? Messiah's Coming has been aborted from the translations!

    To show all that, I have to retranslate the entire Psalm to show its Hebrew marching cadence. Along the way, you'll see that many of the words in the Psalm relate to specialized PROPHETIC CONCEPTS in the Mosaic Law forecasting the birth of MESSIAH, and especially, the 2Sam7 promise to David.

    So it has ZERO to do with today's abortion issues, except for the wonder that God could have 'aborted' the prophecy of Messiah, given Israel's unfaithfulness! So this video merely introduces the marching quality of the Hebrew, etc. Future videos will back up the claims made. It will take awhile to make them, perhaps six months or more.

    PB7a Psalm 139:15, Messiah's Womb

    You were never in your mother's womb, but you were always in Messiah's womb, as this verse proves.

    So this is an anti-abortion verse, but.. which type of abortion?

    David's amazed that God decreed his EXISTENCE. In short, David didn't exist, and apart from God's Decree, would never exist. So God could have ABORTED David, before he even began; could have aborted him, post-death. But instead, saved him, knitting him in MESSIAH's womb. Yes, knitting, for the verb raqam here is the same verb as used for making the Temple veil. Yes, Messiah's womb, for the noun seter is a famous Psalm term for God as Hiding Place.

    All this is aborted from the translation, of course, in favor of pagan politics giving Caesar some right to determine life! See what SEWAGE the prolife movement is, aborting the SALVATION meaning of this verse?

    PB7b Psalm 139:15, Messiah's Womb

    For those of you in seminary, etc.: do a search on the ROOT for each Hebrew word, pan-OT, so you can see how Bible uses each word, especially for kahad and seter, to see the semantic range. Then, focus on how the words apply to David during his life, and how he uses them in the other Psalms. For Isaiah 53 specially keys off DAVID's use of the words in Psalm 139:15, esp. in Isa52:13 (yaskil, meod), 52:14 (toaro), 53:2 (toar), 3 (m'seter),6 (nirp'lanu),11 (beda'ato), 12 (tahat). Really, Isaiah keys off all of Psalm 139:13-17. I didn't know that until just looking at the Psalm, so my Isaiah 53 videos don't reference it. Yet.

    It might be some months before I can make more videos on Psalm 139:15's Hebrew words.

    Gist of the verse: You were never in your mother's womb, but you were always in Messiah's womb, as this verse proves.

    So this is an anti-abortion verse, but.. which type of abortion?

    David's amazed that God decreed his EXISTENCE. In short, David didn't exist, and apart from God's Decree, would never exist. So God could have ABORTED David, before he even began; could have aborted him, post-death. But instead, saved him, knitting him in MESSIAH's womb. Yes, knitting, for the verb raqam here is the same verb as used for making the Temple veil. Yes, Messiah's womb, for the noun seter is a famous Psalm term for God as Hiding Place.

    All this is aborted from the translation, of course, in favor of pagan politics giving Caesar some right to determine life! See what SEWAGE the prolife movement is, aborting the SALVATION meaning of this verse?

    PB8 Is God a Murderer?

    Worldwide, posit that at least 100 million couples in this 7-billion-human planet, will have sex today. Next, posit that only 10% of the women, will become pregnant as a result. So that means 10 million fetuses will 'begin', today.

    • Now, spontaneous abortion occurs maybe 50% of the time, but let's use the video's estimate of 20%. Therefore, of the 10 million fetuses, 2 million will spontaneously abort.
    • 2 million times 30 days equals 60 million in a month. Roughly, the population of France.
    • So ask yourself: is God a Murderer? Murdering each month, a whole country?
    • Those fetuses never heard the Gospel. Those fetuses didn't have brains, to be able to say yes or no to the Gospel, because the brain doesn't begin to function with THOUGHT, until birth.
    • So is a whole country of helpless fetuses being condemned to hell by God, every month?
    • Time to reconsider the claim that abortion is murder.. and regain, common sense.

    PB9a Num5:27, God orders abortion?

    Shocker passage, Numbers 5:27-28. I really wish I didn't have to do this Episode. Gotta show you the Hebrew, in later videos of this Episode!

    PB9b Num 5:27, God orders abortion?

    Continued from 9a, intro to this shocking passage. 9c et seq. will launch into the Hebrew of the mistranslated words.

    PB9c Num 5:27, God orders abortion?

    This 9c focuses on how translators try to hide the fact that the Hebrew (and Greek) say the woman's WOMB will blow up. The word WOMB is covered up, usually with 'abdomen' or 'belly', in translation. This video shows the many bad translations.

    Next, a quick Word search on the Hebrew word beten=womb, proves that in 72 other verses, Hebrew beten is properly translated as 'womb', but -- not here. Why? They are AFRAID for you to learn what Bible says in Numbers 5:27! Political correctness! In preference to learning the Word of God!

    See, this is what makes 'prolife' evil. They ABORT the LIVING WORD of God in translation! Sooner or later you'll have to decide where you stand: with what the Word says, however politically-incorrect -- or with what people say, James 4:4?

    Notice that you don't have to become pro-abortion to be AGAINST, aborting the Word of God...

    PB9d Num 5:27, God orders abortion?

    How the word 'swell' is mistranslated to cover up the fact that Numbers 5:27 is a God ordered PUNISHMENT of abortion, naturally or supernaturally administered via the priest who has to curse the water the woman drinks. Drinking the water, induces it. Translators know this. One even speculated that the woman was already pregnant at the time she drinks the water, as you'll see at the end of 9h. But can you see all that in translation? Oh no! It's covered up with really silly language, like 'swell'!

    Political correctness plagues Bible translation. Because, Christians are very legalistic, petty, mean-minded and dominate translation committees, so that an honest translator is never respected. Oh no: gotta play footsie with those who want to impose their politics, over the Word! Lots of Rev17 harlots, now!

    So this 9d has to begin outside Bible lexicons, with the GREEK translation of the Hebrew, since the Hebrew lexicons won't directly admit that tsava means to blow up and then blow out! Had to go to Tufts University for the Greek, to demonstrate the validity of that Hebrew meaning.

    PB9e Num 5:27, God orders abortion?

    How the word 'waste away' is mistranslated to cover up the fact that Numbers 5:27 is a God ordered PUNISHMENT of water-induced abortion -- 'waste away' is really 'fall', meaning the fetus falling OUT of the womb, never alive.

    Translators know this. But it's covered up with 'waste away'! Despite the fact that the other 400+ times the same verb is used, it's properly translated as 'fall', 'cast out', etc.!

    PB9f Num 5:27, God orders abortion?

    Continued, on how the word 'waste away' is mistranslated to cover up the fact that Numbers 5:27 is a God ordered PUNISHMENT of water-induced abortion.

    Translators know this. But it's covered up with 'waste away'! Despite the fact that the other 400+ times the same verb is used, it's properly translated as 'fall', 'cast out', etc.!

    PB9g Num 5:27, God orders abortion?

    Did you know babies come out from thighs? Well, if you looked at the mistranslation in Numbers 5:27 and certain other key verses, that's what you're told Bible says! Imagine the field day that atheists have with THAT?

    Yeah, except prudish translators cover up what Bible says. So here and in 9h, we'll see what 'thigh' really is. How blatant the mistranslation and coverup, too.

    For Numbers 5:27 is a God ordered PUNISHMENT of abortion, naturally or supernaturally administered via the priest who has to curse the water the woman drinks. Drinking the water, induces it. Translators know this. One even speculated that the woman was already pregnant at the time she drinks the water, as you'll see at the end of 9h. But can you see all that in translation? Oh no! It's covered up with really silly language, like 'thigh'!

    So at the end of 9h, the translation is corrected, and surprise surprise, only ONE of dozens of Bible translations, had the courage to show at least something of what the verse means...

    PB9h Num 5:27, God orders abortion?

    Link to Luke 8 video is here: • Faith Without Works Poop II: Luke 8 ...

    Continued on Numbers 5:27, how prudish translators cover up what Bible says. But also, how some translators have HONEST COURAGE to tell you (albeit still fuzzed over) what the verse really says.

    For Numbers 5:27 is a God ordered PUNISHMENT of abortion, naturally or supernaturally administered via the priest who has to curse the water the woman drinks. Drinking the water, induces it. Translators know this.

    TWOT speculated that the woman was already pregnant at the time she drinks the water, as you'll see at the end of this 9h.

    But can you see all that in translation? Oh no! It's covered up with really silly language, like 'thigh'!

    So at the end of 9h, the translation is corrected, and surprise surprise, only ONE of dozens of Bible translations, had the courage to show at least something of what the verse means.. and we see the corrected translation.. a God-ordered CONTINUAL abortion.

    PB9i Num 5:27 is NOT a license for abortion!

    This shouldn't have to be said, but just because God ordered abortion for infidelity under the Mosaic Law, doesn't mean you should get one if that's why you're pregnant. As always, the issue is GOD's Choice, which is what Numbers 5:27-28 assert. It was solely GOD's choice to make the 'water' cause abortion or not, as the priest had to explain. For, only GOD causes life at birth. So an abortion meant that no fetus would exit the womb and have a soul created; so no life would be created. It was a punishment, abortion. Not, an escape.

    Prolifers are fundamentally evil because they play Revelation 17 politics with abortion, when only GOD has the right to life. They abort the Bible when they do this, giving to Caesar a right belonging only to God.

    But the one who uses the fact that abortion is not murder as an excuse to get one, is also aborting Scripture. For what does Scripture say, in over 300 verses? ONLY GOD creates life. So if you're pregnant, you seek GOD's opinion. How do you know if He wants that fetus to come to term? So don't imitate the prolifers by being your own god. Seek His Opinion, instead.

    Be pro-God's Choice. And keep Caesar out of it, pro or con. Because the life, is God's. The decision, is God's. So seek GOD's ruling, and you'll do well. Don't seek His Ruling, and Colossians 3:25, Gal 6:7, Hebrews 10:29, and many like penalty verses -- will smack you upside the head.

    PB10a Exodus 21:22, Abortion is not murder!

    Direct evidence in the BIBLE's original Hebrew, translated Greek and Latin Vulgate, and at least 8 English Bible translations (including ones Catholics use) -- that GOD says the fetus is not human. So when it aborts, no murder has been committed.

    So any Presidential or other 'Christian' candidate claiming that abortion is murder, should be ostracized, by Christians. For that person cannot be competent in secular reading, if he's not competent in BIBLE reading.

    Pox on prolifers. They all ABORT Christ's Word.

    PB10c Exodus 21:22, Abortion is not murder!

    Conclusion for now: background exegesis to explain the direct evidence in BIBLE's original Hebrew, translated Greek and Latin Vulgate, and at least 8 English Bible translations (including ones Catholics use) -- that GOD says the fetus is not human. So when it aborts, no murder has been committed.

    PB11a Are prolifers more holy than CHRIST in Heb 10:5?

    They sure think they are more holy, for CHRIST SAID on the DAY HE WAS BORN that HE was not the BODY. Where? Hebrews 10:5, which is reviewed in this video.

    I'll do later ones on the exegesis, but this 11a is ONLY about the obvious fact that prolifers don't give a flip about Bible, but are using fetus issue to gain political power, and are as such all Revelation 17 POLITICAL CHRISTIANITY HARLOTS.

    That is why DT is winning. Once you reject the lie, you get strong delusion, 2Thess2:11.

    The whole PB series starts here: • 2 SatStrat Prolife is Anti-Semitic

    There are over 500 verses in Bible which explain why a) life begins at BIRTH (Gen 2:7 so you are not evolved), and hence fetal tissue is a house (Ps139 but it's vilely mistranslated to cover up the truth), etc. If I live long enough, I'll try to show all of them. But a fair amount of the salient verses are already done. See also http://www.brainout.net/NoWombLife.htm on Psalm 139's corr trans, with Hebrew annotates, so you can start to see that 3300 years of KNOWING abortion is not murder, are being denied now by Caesar-hungry 'prolifers' -- it's a sham, k?

    In the video here, I talk about Psalm 139:16, and made a video about it showing the Hebrew earlier, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zn8_lhMC_LM&index=15&list=PL144D716E521647D1

    Fuller exegesis of Psalm 139 is in NoWombLife.htm

    UPSHOT: the BIBLE's point is, GOD ALONE makes you a you, at BIRTH. That's why you can be saved, why you're not evolved, why abortion has NO PLACE in secular law. And for 3300 years, from Moses forward, abortion was indeed, never called murder. Since all the 'prolife' folks who WANT to call it murder to GET political power of CAESAR, and are even willing to endorse OBVIOUS IMMORAL LIAR DONALD TRUMP to get that power, clearly they are more than willing to ABORT THE WORD OF GOD. For He doesn't matter to them. BEWARE of ignoring those facts.

    PB12 Genesis 2:7 Says Life begins at BIRTH

    Genesis 2:7 word for word in the Hebrew, proves life begins AT BIRTH, never before.

    Focus of the Genesis videos is just to show the real Hebrew versus all the cockamamie lies said about it. I did not know Genesis was metered when I made this video (before 2008 but I'd have to find the original files to know exactly when).

    So you can argue all you like, but you're arguing with GOD, not me. I just show live Bible onscreen. That is a WITNESS function, never teaching.

    PB13a Job3:3 says Life Begins At Birth

    Prolife liars who won't consult the Bible throw around verses with smug satisfaction that they are proven right, only to be proven wrong BY GOD in the very verses they cite. This is one of those verses, thrown at me just now in twitter (@brainouty, by TicklishAngel).

    So here we see how embarrassing it is for a prolifer to get caught NOT READING a verse cited. Don't be like that. LEARN WHAT BIBLE SAYS FIRST so God won't have to embarrass you in convo with someone who actually DOES read it.

    Again, I'm not pro-abortion, am adopted. But aborting the Word is a criminal offense, 1Jn5:16 and all skotizw sklerow verses. GOD ALONE MAKES YOU AT BIRTH is the Bible focus, not the tawdry politics before mere Caesar.

    PB13b Job3:3 says Life Begins At Birth

    Calmer summary of the SEQUENCE to prove prolifers hate Bible, cuz even in translation you can see that conception does not FOLLOW birth, so the translation lies. Why does it lie? Vid goes through that, too.

    PB13c Job3:3 says Life Begins At Birth

    Focus now on the GREEK to show the Vulgate invents the lie of conception, to further prove prolifers hate Bible, cuz even in translation you can see that conception does not FOLLOW birth, so translations provably lie by using the Vulgate, not God's Word.

    Talk 2any Jew/reader of Aramaic 2verify hara means BE PREGNANT, not 'conceive'+read Num11:12, Job15:35,Ps7:14,Isa33:11,59:4,13

    Now think: a sin isn't a sin until BORN. To CONCEIVE of it, as noted above, is but temptation.

    Sheesh. Prolifers really don't know Bible at all, and spit on God by lying against His Word.


    Just found this PBS Frontline series this am.

    • Link to it: https://www.pbs.org/godinamerica/view/
    • Last hour proves the whole anti-abortion thingy was cooked up SOLELY FOR POLITICAL POWER.. until then, the 'evangelicals' weren't interested in the abortion issue!
    • If you're #prolife, not only are you as anti-Bible as you can be, since GOD SAYS you're not human till HE MAKES YOU AT BIRTH, but you're also a sucker for scams.

    PB15, Luke 1:15 and 1:41 prove NO LIFE IN WOMB

    Live Bible Greek text proves that translators and hence teachers LIE AGAINST THE BIBLE to claim a 'baby' is in the womb, when the REAL BIBLE says the opposite. Here, you have to see context of Verse 15, to understand verse 41.

    Notice the lie in verse 15, reversing the GREEK which says John will be filled ONCE OUTSIDE THE WOMB, to say 'while yet inside'. LYING AGAINST BIBLE!

    So too, verse 41 in GREEK says ELIZABETH, not the fetus, is filled with the Spirit, and the FETUS not baby, was caused to 'leap' due to HER being filled; this is called 'reflex motility' in modern biology, check with any OB/GYN.

    So you see: JUST AS TEACHERS LIE TO YOU ABOUT WHEN LIFE BEGINS, SPITTING ON CHRIST, they lie to you about Trump.. all to gain POLITICAL POWER. And you are guilty, if you prefer their lies to God's Truth.

    The Mounce reference re ek is in Appendix page 328 of his book, Basics of Biblical Greek ISBN 0-310-23211-2, circle diagram to stress ek is OUTSIDE not inside. Title of page is 'Spatial Representation of Prepositions', in case in your edition of the book it isn't on the same page.