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An archive & consolidation of brainout's YouTube and Vimeo videos. The descriptions are preserved on the pages along with remastered and consolidated videos.

Collection of secular as well as Bible research tips and tricks and research aids I've found. Includes helpful secular or Bible weblinks, book reviews and computer-related stuff, as applicable. My Text Crit playlist of useful TC resources, is here: . How to use BibleWorks 8 (9 is almost identical), is here: . The BW playlist includes vids BY the BibleWorks people, who have their own Youtube channel. Finally, I did some preliminary vids on theWord software (which is free), here: . I need to redo those vids when I figure out how to obviate mouse-hook problems during onscreen recording.

Accordance Video 1 - Intro to Toolbar

I oversee and have partnered with Accordane Bible Software to provide the online community with a summary and review of their software platform. This is all based on the "Essential Collection" (
Music: Steppin Intro by Podington Bear (

Ancient Roman History WebSites, easy way to access the better ones

In order to create Ephesians1REPARSED.doc, I had to collate a list of independent Ancient Roman History Sites on the internet, most of them either original material by the writers during the period, or from universities. So, this video shows you how to access those sites easily, from . You don't have to use the document for anything else.

File Name: RomanHistorySites.avi, 4/18/14.

Bad Website Design (here, ZDnet)

Case study on bad Website design, which is all the rage now. Example here, of ZDnet's new website interface, which is pretty typical of all of them, lately: AWFUL. Bad navigation, slow loading, poor sense of proportion, NO sense about readable fonts and backgrounds, horrid ideas about colors, drop down menus, the works. So now we must GUESS and CURSE all the time. And this will win the website's owner, sales? Guess again.

Not shown, because it would take too long, is how comments typed in an input box here in ZDnet, have a total editing allotment of only five minutes. So if you want to comment, you had dang well better compose it offline first, and then review, edit, before pasting it in. By then, you will LOSE YOUR PLACE in the comments, and have to search all over. Which you cannot do, for they keep hiding the comments, so you have to scroll and unhide scroll and unhide scroll and unhide ad nauseam, before you can even SEARCH for the comment which prompted your own. God forbid you made a comment in reply and now want to edit it or at least reply to it, for now you have to repeat scroll and unhide, to even find it. If you find it.

Hard to believe, but even Youtube is better than this.

Also not shown, because I have Ad Blocker and cookie-blockers on, are the horrible ADS which now populate and intrude on reading, and endlessly add cookies to your machine. If I showed that, I'd never be able to finish the video. :)

File Name: BadWebsiteDesign.avi, 7/6/15.

Bible Dictionaries +God Orders Abortion Num5:27 (more proof scholars KNOW this)

Online site shown in video is Fausset's Bible Dictionary, but many other ones are included, here: . Bibleworks has most of the same resources, as briefly shown in the video (using both Bibleworks 9 the latest version, and the earlier Bibleworks 5). The BW version is better if you need to use citations. The online doesn't use the decimal system you need, but the text is the same, as briefly shown in the video.

Fausset's 2887 Entry on 'Priest' shows Fausset, 100 years ago, knew that Numbers 5:27 meant God orders abortion, which the video highlghts, in order to demonstrate the importance of using dictionaries versus the hearsay the dippy prolifers go by. Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament (TWOT) also shows Numbers 5:27 means God orders abortion, shown at length in Episode 9 of my Prolife Blasphemy series in Youtube, starting here: . LIVE PROOF IN BIBLE and live proof the scholars know it, but cover it up in translation and teaching! So they abort the Bible! Videos left out there but here in vimeo, are housed at Prolife Blasphemy vids for Download . Sorry the album text is unreadable, vimeo (like everyone else) seems to like making its users' pages, hard to read. Use your browser to override webpage colors, and then you can read it more easily.

This is why you need to study the Word YOURSELF. Yes, you need a teacher and God has appointed one for you (maybe sequentially, but only one MALE teacher at a time). The idea is to learn to read it yourself UNDER that teacher. For YOU are held accountable for whether YOU did YOUR homework. So, you need study tools like these dictionaries. So, you need to learn the Bible in the original languages, God having preserved the text -- and your right teacher (Eph 4:16 principle) will teach it that way. Refuse to learn under your right teacher, refuse to do your own homework, and you can kiss your happiness in life, goodbye.

File Name: Fausset.avi, 4/2/15.

Firefox Classic Theme Restorer

If you hate Australis, you'll love this. It literally restores and even improves, the classic buttons and interface of Firefox pre-Australis. Video is long to pause and show each screen of options, so you can stop the video after downloading the add-on, and duplicate the settings; that is, if you like the settings you see in my own browser, which is Firefox 38, just updated yesterday.

Not shown, but important: the newtab page now can sport up to 15 pinned sites/images for clicking on. You have to change zoom so it's not text-only, and to 67% to see all 15 options.

Firefox Text2Speech Add-in demo

It calls itself Text To Voice in Firefox, but Text 2 Speech sometimes in its own description. Video demonstrates how it works.

FileName: Text2Speech.avi 6/9/16.

International Standard Bible Encyclopedia is FREE Online!

Download Vol. 1 here:

You can make it searchable, if you have Acrobat 9 or better. In Acrobat, select 'Document', then arrow down to 'OCR Text Recognition' then follow the Arrow to 'Recognize Text Using OCR' (order of selections might be different in later versions of Acrobat). Then Acrobat will take maybe an hour to recognize all the text, first prompting you for whether you want to ignore errors they can't 'recognize' (say 'yes'). After that hour passes, SAVE the document. It will then be searchable.

BTW, I checked this ISBE versus the one embedded in my Bibleworks, and it's the same text for the passage shown.

This applies to all downloadable Google docs, so you can search them apart from using Google docs. Real blessing!

File Name: ISBEVol1Online.avi, 3/24/15.

Jude 2/6b Dateline Meter, Variant 'ethnesin' impact

To show why I plugged in 'ethnesin' in the Jude 1/6 video (at ), and to show off BW9, here's a demonstration of CNTTS apparatus and live facsimiles of mss in Bibleworks 9. This video is in addition to my other demonstrations in my Youtube Bibleworks playlist, at . This video, however, shows the two features which make Bibleworks a must-buy, if you're serious about learning Scripture qua Scripture. I figure you are serious, else you'd not be watching my videos at all. :)

Folks wanted me to do more BW9 videos, but my screen recorder still is glitchy. So this will have to do, for now.

File Name: BW9AppMss.avi, 3/29/14.

Linux Mint 17, sample interface

Video's on the Mate desktop, extensively customized. This was my first video using KAZAM, which is a remarkable program. If you do a lot of on-screen videos, and you're willing to try Linux, then KAZAM is for you. I'm totally shocked at how good it is. So that's why this video is so short. I wasn't even sure I was recording!

The color is way off, it's really a camel menu background, but I didn't play with the settings. The rocks are Chesler Park.

With Mint, you can record two screens at once. I didn't do that here, but can. Will do more Mint 17 vids later in the year.

File Name: Mint17sample.mp4

LXX4b Book review on LXX Textual Criticism (TextCrit3)

This video is part of my Youtube 'Textual Criticism' playlist ( ), which largely includes independent research materials on the web you can use; the sites are all unrelated to me. This video, is a book review of a text about TC for the LXX.

Video reads from Natalio Marcos' book, The Septuagint in Context: Introduction to the Greek Version of the Bible, Chapter One (link here: ), to show how textual critics are human; why in many ways, TC of the Greek OT, has been lacking. Marcos proposes what to me is the common-sense approach: treat Greek of the OT as then LIVING; so bilingualism and influence from other languages of its time, ought to be a 'lens' through which we should read, the LXX. Duh. So I get a bit testy while reading the text for the first time, on screen. Sorry.

Here's another great link, provided by egwpisteuw:

File Name: TC3LXX.avi, 5/26/12, in TextCrit folder.

PATU32 How to Fix the Jewish Calendar for 2015 onward

ONLINE TALMUD LINKS ARE IN HERE. The whole fix shows in the onscreen icon for the video: so you don't have to play it; download link follows below. Video goes through the fix, as I created it during the video process. For, thanks to an email I just got from someone else who's also doing the meters in other Bible books, I now know an error I'd been making for some years: my error, was to listen to the 'scholars' and the Jewish calendar practice of intercalating an Adar sheni, instead of doing the math myself; well, the guy writing me the email did the math and informed me of my error, hooray! So now you can see the correction: Adar is the WRONG MONTH for intercalation. Bible uses ELUL, and so did Israel, prior to the Exile, per the Talmud. So, this video shows the fix.

Frankly, there's no need to intercalate, just always have Elul=35 or 36 days. Autumnal equinox 'naturally' occurs on its last day, in that design. And I bet money, that's how God designed it. Only later when Israel got hung up on being 'different', did she revert to the pagan practice of lunar years, and hence needed to intercalate.

Related links:
To the corrected calendar in the last segment of the video: . If you'd rather just look at the picture you see onscreen before video starts, or pdf, if you prefer pdf. The xls has the same data, which was corrected after video done (I mistyped the dates after May 2016,in the video).

If you also want to correct the Adamic years, 6122 begins on the autumnal equinox 2015. For the complete Adamic calendar going back to Adam which the Bible actually uses in the NT meters (because I derived it SOLELY FROM the Bible), download .

Also, is useful, and the site explaining it (both now corrected to say 'Elul' instead of 'Adar' for intercalation), is .

Book citing Talmud (footnote 66 on page 254) as source for the PAST PRACTICE of Elul not Adar, intercalation (Elul intercalation always makes the equinoxes 'fit'): . You can also view it in Amazon (but not page 254),

Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'intercalary Elul' to get to page 254, but you can't actually read that page. You can read pp249 and 255, though.

Babylonian Talmud ONLINE: . The citations in the video are in Order Mo'ed: at bRosh Ha Shana 19a and 19b, 32a, , , and bBeitzah 6a and 22b, and .

Book citing POLITICS over intercalation (page 772, but you have to view the book for three pages prior, which maybe you can't do in Google) -- so we know why the Jewish calendar is wrong, and has been wrong, for centuries: . You can also read the page here in Amazon:

Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'creation of the world on 25 Elul' to get to page 772.

Of course, due to our own anti-semitic politicking, to cover up the fact Christ is JEWISH -- all our calendars are messed up with respect to Easter, as the earlier PATU videos (29-31) showed. So our political gambits are to blame, NOT Bible!

Yeah, and God made it possible to easily correct RIGHT NOW, as the xls and video, show. Whew. Remember, upcoming anniversary of His Crucifixion, is really April 3; upcoming real Easter (really First Fruits) date is post-sundown April 6, which is 'our' April 7. EASY. No politics, no slovenly 'scholarship', just BIBLE.

I tried to summarize the links etc. on how you can tell from the Hebrew and Greek meters, in the Bibleworks forum, thread here: , The LukeDatelineMeters.pdf has the links as well, so just download it, if you prefer. It does not yet have the Intercal.xls, but will.

File Name: Cal123.avi, 3/28/15.

RFG5e21b More on the Severan mothers

Still in 1 Peter 1:7. but side trip to Paul's parallel coverage of the Severan mothers, to flesh out why Paul (in Eph 1:9) and Peter, target this period. Related reference: .

There are many other books you can read. Cambridge Ancient History on this topic, page 137ff:

Also, see 'Septimius Severus' by Anthony Birley: or here: . You can rent it on Kindle in Amazon.

The other is by Barbara Levick titled 'Julia Domna'. Her book isn't very helpful about the person, but is very helpful re parallel events in Roman history, with (like Birley), a huge bibliography (including his book, above). Both books are available on Kindle for rent or purchase.

Both books are less accepting of the HA account, compared to Dr. Benario, hence are mentioned here. This is a tangled period with (as usual) many scholars differing over how to read the voluminous and conflicting, data. Given Paul's stress, I'm siding toward Dr. Benario's summation, though it is still too vague.

For the chief characteristic of this period stressed in Scripture, is INVENTION.

A. Fake Pedigree, i.e., that Domna was royal, not merely priestly, and that Church was 'old', based on Peter -- newly invented during this period, knocking Paul off the previous Bishops Lists, as covered in GGS 11t9 re Bishops List book by Robert Lee Williams. Idea was to CONVERT the Severan mothers and their kids, to Christianity. But the version of 'Christianity' sold to them, is nothing like the Bible.

B. Fake generation, i.e., the claim that Elagabal and Severus Alexander, were children of incest with Caracalla. Of course, the Church parallel was just cited.

Hence Paul's Ephesians 1:9 anaphoric stress is on

* 'mystery'= pregnancy, a theme in all his letters, idea of women behind the throne (meaning apostasy, pan-Bible theme). Here, Paul timed his use of the word to target Caracalla's reign: which we know from history, is marked by his ABSENCE from Rome; so his mom Julia Domna, runs the show.

* 'Will', God's will being done despite all their wills, meaning that everyone's trying to get his own will done in the name of God and virtue; and

* 'set before', what 'meal' is set before ruled humanity to eat, versus what the Real God is doing. Ouch.

Peter thus wraps to Paul, to add the following satirical keywords:

*'suffering in various trials' -- yeah, Church's temple of believers, is in civil war. Hence Rome is too (believers control history, principle pan-Bible);

*'for the purpose of testing genuiness of your faith' -- yeah, faith in WHAT? People and political power, or God? Church is flunking that test.

*'which is worth more than gold which perishes' -- yeah, and the 'golden age' (which Romans then called it) of the Severans, perishes. So too, does any accuracy in Church.

Please feel free to correct or even lambast me, if you choose.

Download pdf on Peter's meter (only the Greek, all of 1Pet1:1-12): . The upgrade now sports LINKS to the historical sections in Ephesians1REPARSED.htm, so you can investigate the university and contemporary Roman history/Church documents of that time, to see why Peter meters as he does.

Download the interleaved (Paul's Eph 1:3-14 with 1Peter1:1-12) song with its metered translation, here: . It's only two pages, currently. Since 1Peter 1:1-12 is metered, the final version will be much longer.

To get the most out of this play on Paul, read Paul's meter, replete with Roman contemporary writings, university websites explaining the relevant historical references: HTM version: . PDF version: .

File Name: RFG5e21b, 12/2/13.

Top 10 Windows Usage Tips (XP thru Win10)

This video is to further explain a post I made in . The folks there are really savvy, so they will have their own 'top tips', you'll surely want to explore!

Video focuses on workarounds to cope with the removal of customization, in Windows 7-10, but especially Win 8-10, which now allow hardly any customization. So video demonstrates Tip #4 (Desktop Icons Menu), #5 (Changing Icons), and #7 (Plus! themes to force font face changes in Win7-10).

Also some minor stuff is said in connection with the rest. At the end of the video I show #7 live, and it bombs in Win7 onscreen; but it didn't do that before and it won't bomb in Win8.0, 8.1, or 10. So maybe the fact I was recording, interfered with the THEMES.exe program, from Plus!

For I do it routinely in all three, as I can't stand the default UNREADABLE fonts imposed on us by MSFT. So you might find these tips useful? LEMME KNOW. Yell at me here or in bleeping computer!

Be sure to look below the Video watch page player, to see Download Button (in four formats), if you'd rather download the video.

File Name: TopTenTips.avi 7/12/15.

Windows 10 Update support Gotchas! In Microsoft's OWN Words!

Live reading of Microsoft's own Update Support policy, which ZDnet pundits and others, won't tell you. Site shown in the video: . I've commented all over the internet about this, for I fear a huge backlash against Microsoft, owing to the pundits, misrepresenting it. The most honest and accurate article, by contrast, is this one: .

Here's the second article worth reading, . Beyond these two, I can't find anything substantive about the issues. The issues are serious, potentially deal-breakers, can hurt many. Ergo this video. I also put it in Youtube, .

If you want to read my comments, just google on 'brainout' plus 'Windows 10' plus 'ZDnet' or 'Computerworld' or 'bleepingcomputer', to get most of the related comments. This one, attempts to show the import: .

Or just save yourself time and read the first three links above.

I tried to create a comprehensive summary of all the issues and links in the PC World Alumni forum, here: PC World Alumni

By all means, yell at me if you disagree. I'm not anti-Microsoft. I'm anti, misrepresentation. So if you think I too am guilty of that, feel free to correct me.. please!

Youtube Downloader and GoAnimate changes

Firefox has a great Youtube Downloader add-in, shown live in this video. Which will be important to know, if you use GoAnimate: for its 'Free' option expires in November. You can't download the videos you made, either. You have to PAY for the service now $40 per month, to even download videos you made. So now the role of a Youtube downloader becomes vital. You can only download videos you uploaded elsewhere, usually only to Youtube, with the downloader. So, this video shows how to do it.

File Name: YoutubeDownloader.avi 5/10/15.