Timothy Dateline Meters

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How Paul datelines in Timothy, seems to be the precedent for how Peter, Jude, Mark, Hebrews, John all dateline their meters. Especially, John. Is that claim true? If so, it will have mammoth import for textual criticism and hermeneutics, because a) everyone's claiming MUCH LATER BIBLE WRITING DATES than are shown here, and b) the DOCTRINE VIA METER INTERACTION WITH TEXT elucidates much about each letter, which has gone unnoticed for centuries. The ancients used meter to verify their copy accuracy, everyone knows that. But apparently the hoary heads don't account Bible writers to do the same thing, and don't realize the meter method is SEVENED to also give you updated prophecy-location 'maps', cross-reference indicators to other Bible passages, etc. each time. Really handy system, but wow our forefathers stopped teaching it to their kids, so now our eyes will glaze over...

So this channel will explare Paul's dateline technique, which ends up demonstrating how Bible Hebrew (here with Greek text) works. For the big difference in the meter technique in the NT, is that the PER CLAUSE PARSING is used as a formula for defining the date of writing (metered as a formula forward or backward to/from some well-known historical or prophesied event to telescope doctrinal content for current writ) -- versus the OT technique of merely using the SEVENED clauses as a formula for the date.

Example: in Psalm 90 (see the Psalm 90 channel, Psalm 90 Meter of Time (Precedent for Bible Hebrew Meter) ), only the accumulated meter totals at their sevening points, are used for dating or ending 'paragraphs'. But in the NT, especially in John, who closes the writing of Canon, EACH CLAUSE in the dateline is used as part of a formula which simultaneously 'tags' what THAT SAME AUTHOR had written prior, as well as'tagging' previous Divine Writ relevant to that author's 'new' content'.

It works like a jigsaw puzzle; when you get the meter right, all the 'pieces' fit. Like balancing your checkbook, and the meaning of each clause becomes astonishingly clear. Like seeing the Face of God, meter interacting with text to provide a GPS of interpretation. Awesome.

So here I'll go through how to detect all that, in Timothy's meter. I actually don't know how it will turn out, until all the testing is done. But when done, either Timothy is the precedent, or some other of Paul's books. We'll see!

Bible's Anno Domini Meters 3/7

Long before we invented 'Anno Domini', Bible used it. This series examines NT Anno Domini Dateline Meter formulas, and how they are all precedented on the OT dating system from both Adam's Fall (not initial creation) and, as a countdown TO a planned Millennial start of 4200 after Adam's Fall. See Preface for orientation, brainout.net/LukeDatelineMeters.htm#Preface .

This video continues the survey with 2Timothy, still showing how all the NT dateline meters, have the following in common:

* The Lord's Age is stated BLUNTLY, or as a formula based on His originally planned Death or Birth pre- or post-David. Often, the meters will interrelate all these dates: three death dates and two birthdates, so to track and reconcile them. Bible's Anno Domini reconciliation with the OT, its BC/AD converter, is the ORIGINAL planned Birthdate of 4106. Due to the delay in David's crowning -- he was crowned on time, 1050 years after Abraham supermatured at age 100, but wasn't crowned over ALL Israel until 7 years later -- Christ had to be born a net 3.5 years earlier (reflecting Temple's late start as well). So He dies in 4136, not 4143 (the Davidic deadline) or 4146 (the original 2100+2046 deadline from Abe's supermaturation). That TIMELINE SHIFT is not known in Christendom, but is tracked in Bible, as you'll see here.

* The ADAMIC YEAR of writing is somewhere stated as two ending numbers, much as we use '15' to mean '2015'.

* At least one of the meters 'tags' a past event in secular history, to parallel current time to the 'story' of that past event.

* At least one of the meters is dated in terms of years-to the Trib, Millennium, or a closely-related, forward countdown tracked since the OT.

In short, the meter formulas are predictable. So they are testable. Since often a chapter will have its own dateline meter (esp. in the OT or any other serial book, like Acts, Isaiah and Daniel), then you can more quickly figure out what formula to 'test'. The dateline meter will often finish within the first 1-3 verses of a chapter. If the last sevening is later, it's a plan-of-time passage, not merely a dateline (like Psalm 90, Daniel 9, Eph 1:3-14, 1Peter1:1-12, etc).

Video's Doc used (first two pages): brainout.net/LukeDatelineMeters.pdf or doc or htm. The columns in the htm won't align, so the numbers for the meters look 'wavy'. I'll fix that in the future. The smaller the font size used in your browser, the more the numbers 'straighten'.

It will also be helpful to download the worksheet which plots all the numbers, so when you see me refer to Adamic years, you can tell that the BIBLE's use of those specific years, are actually from BIBLE's own dates; for the worksheet was created solely from, the Bible's dates: brainout.net/GeneYrs.xls .

Verses used to create that worksheet are in brainout.net/brainoutFAQ.htm#6a .

It's a lot of material, but given the importance of the accounting, it should be worth anyone's time to actually vet the material. Whether God wants you to do that, is a matter between you and Him. For once you see how bald these meters are, you know several important things:

1. YES we really do have the inerrant and infallible Word of God, because clearly these meters are deliberate so we know we have the real Words God Preserved (take THAT, you scurrilous KJVO people),

2. YES we can know EXACTLY when Bible books were written (take THAT, you scurrilious Bible debunkers),

3. YES we know EXACTLY WHAT BOOKS ARE SCRIPTURE (take THAT, you who claim we needed some dippy Council of Nicaea or other popish nonsense),

4. YES we know EXACTLY how long it was since Adam FELL, and YES the Bible does NOT say how old the earth is, as the issue isn't even relevant (take THAT, you young earthers and others who would divert the topic of Bible study to banalities),

5. YES we know BETTER how to actually INTERPRET the Bible books, since the DATE OF WRITING is turned into a complex relation-back and relation-forward CONCORDANCE with history and other Bible events, so we know the CONTEXT the WRITER INTENDS.

In short, a whole lot of wasted money on debates over the above five topics, can stop being wasted. Of course, since a lowly brainout simply counted syllables to find this, the finding will be disregarded, disputed, as if the credentials of the person FINDING something was relevant to what was FOUND. But what was FOUND, is in Scripture, so ANYONE, degreed or not, can FIND it.

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Jude 4/6b Dateline Meter Sleuthing and 2 Timothy

This and Part 5 are sleuthing videos, and show Jude's tags on 2 Timothy. So these two videos help show methodology. If you only want the 'answer', skip to Part 6 when it posts (hopefully later today).

Doc link: brainout.net/Jude1-3DatelineMeter.pdf or 'doc'.

File Name: JudePt4On2Tim1-2.avi, concatenated 3/15/15 from vids made 2/19/15.

Jude 5/6b Dateline Meter Sleuthing and 2 Timothy

This and Part 4 are sleuthing videos, and show Jude's tags on 2 Timothy. So these two videos help show methodology. If you only want the 'answer', skip to Part 6 when it posts (hopefully later today).

Doc link: brainout.net/Jude1-3DatelineMeter.pdf or 'doc'.

File Name: JudePt5On2Tim3-4.avi, concatenated 3/16/15 from vids made 2/19/15.