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Videos demonstrate why ONLY belief in Christ to be saved, is the ONLY way to be saved. If you add some other verb, you're not saved. WOB Part 10 focuses on the mistranslation in Romans 10:10, which gives rise to the false doctrine that you must 'confess' Christ to be saved. Sigh: there are so many ignorant Christians, it's obvious that the ONLY way any could be saved IS by Faith Alone in Christ Alone.

However, this Bible ignorance provides a chance to show how deftly 'eis chaining' makes Bible self-interpreting. So the Part 10 on 'eis chaining' will prove useful for that reason, too. Part 10 is also segregated in Youtube, as .

How to be saved? BELIEVE Jesus the Christ paid for your sins, and you are INSTANTLY and PERMANENTLY SAVED TO HEAVEN forever. But that's only the BEGINNING of salvation, a REPLACEMENT LOCATION forever.

Yet there are three types of salvation, to go with the three parts of 'you'. When you believe in Christ, you are no longer merely soul+body, but soul+body+human spirit. It's the 'human spirit' which makes you PERMANENTLY SAVED TO HEAVEN.

5 Pillars of Christianity

See also GodSystem.htm, which is the associated webpage for this video on God's "henotes" Spiritual Blessing System. Much longer discourse is LordvSatan3.htm which covers Our Royal Priesthood in excruciating detail.

If you miss one of these pillars, your life is straw, worthless. Any replacement pillars are useless, as those at Stonehenge. You know that was a place of astrology worship and human sacrifice, right? Christians do much the same thing, really. Fancied magical works, on which they waste theirs and others' lives. And the difference versus Stonehenge, is what?

The TRUE 5 Pillars of Christianity were also the 5 pillars of Judaism, and the 5 pillars of spirituality since Adam. Don't do them, and you hallucinate a 'spiritual' life on your own power.

Hallucination abounds. People thus mistake spirituality for "earthly things", deem spirituality as mere morality or emotion (i.e., fancying you are filled with the Spirit when you feel something). Or, even how well they know Bible, etc. Since the Holy Spirit is NOT empowering them, they don't know the difference.

Spirituality is God making HIS OWN THOUGHTS become the matrix of your soul. For, you are to live with Him forever. Hence Christ BECAME the Truth as He ate [believed and lived on] the Truth. His Soul was transformed from human viewpoint, to Divine Viewpoint, the goal of Isaiah 55:8-9. It is not seen, felt, or even physical. It's solely internal, and solely the produce of the Holy Spirit.

So, at the Bema, anything manmade is our trying to be 'Christian' on human power; it will all be burned up, 1 Cor3's "wood hay stubble" and 2 Peter3's "the world and its works".

Look: the unbeliever can get the rosy glow, roll in the aisles, speak gibberish, do good deeds. That's what they did at Stonehenge. Satan tempted Christ to do good deeds, in Matt4.

LOL then what's the real spiritual life?

  1. Believe Christ paid for your sins. That enters you into God's Spiritual Blessing System.. FOREVER. You cannot lose salvation. So this first Pillar is permanent the very nanosecond you first believed Christ died for your sins. You don't need to be re-evangelised, even if you stop believing in Christ later on. Salvation depends on the efficacy of CHRIST, not on you.
  2. Use 1John1:9 every time you sin. Fail to do this, and you're only filled with your own power, which of course you'll overvalue. You will misread Scripture. If you get an interpretation right, it's still from your power, not the Spirit's, so your interp will be limited, and will not count.
  3. Learn and live on Bible daily. It's your spiritual food. Substitute 'food' like ritual and emotion, will leave you starving. Don't substitute for learning and living on Bible.
  4. Learn Bible under a MALE pastor God appoints for you. You must find out from HIM who that is. It's a spiritual gift you get at salvation, and if you refuse it, you will be soundly spanked.
  5. Talk to God ALL the time (aka 'prayer'). Jesus' Humanity was always online with God the Father. So should you be. Five subelements of effective prayer, are in the video, too. Fail to do them, and you're praying to yourself. Prayer is Royal Legal Protocol. So it's not chanted stuff, but YOUR THINKING before God.

All the foregoing is TESTABLE in your own life. JUST DO THESE THINGS for 30 days; see for yourself, the effects.

File Name: 5 Pillars of Christianity.wmv, 3/4/08.

Overlooked Salvations

Overlooked Salvation types: the ultimate reason why you must BELIEVE to be saved, and BELIEVE WORD to grow spiritually, after salvation. Freedom must be learned, chosen, even fought for. So God did all that. Does all that, TO us, but only IF we want Him to. For God is the God of Freedom, and never violates FREE WILL. Which free will, HE CREATED as the driver of your soul. Which soul, HE PERSONALLY CREATED. At your body's, birth.

For Truth is nothing, if not FREE. Forever.

So now you exist, are free to learn Him. And if you do, GOD GIVES THE WORLD TIME. Thus 'salvation' is of many types, for many people. One day at a time.

All my videos and webpages, are on this vast topic. Lots of seeming dichotomies to explain, prove their resolution.. from Bible.

How to be Saved

I searched in Youtube on "how to be saved" and could not find even ONE video giving the Gospel correctly. They all added verbs -- so their 'gospel' saves NO ONE.

See my "brainout-made GOSPEL" playlist on my channel page for more details and videos backing up with many more Bible verses, what is the ONLY VERB GOD USES TO SAVE YOU: BELIEVE. Along the way, the many false gospel ideas (like you have to say aloud you believe) are proven false by the very texts popularly used. Amazing how carnal Christians reverse the meaning of Bible when they don't like what it says. So how many of them are actually saved? If they believed what they are telling you, then THEY ARE NOT SAVED!

God always warns us that the majority of "Lord, Lord" people are not saved. Well, now you've got proof you can test in Youtube itself. It's appalling. You'd think that Christians flunked kindergarten, their reading skills are so bad.

BELIEVE CHRIST PAID FOR YOUR SINS AND YOU ARE FOREVER SAVED. No other Gospel but that one, Eph2:8-9, Gal 1:7-8.

If you or someone else has a video which tells the truth that it's ONLY BELIEVE to be FOREVER saved, post it as a response. That way this shame-of-Gospel-ignorance among Youtube Christians will be reduced.

Stoplight Gospel

God's Election Decree is like a Stoplight. Believe in Christ, you go into Heaven. Don't believe, & you are STOPPED from Heaven.

Contrary to the Calvinist insanity, Bible says God elected everyone in Christ in Eternity Past, Isa52:13-15, Ephesians 1. So Christ paid for and inherits everyone, Isa53:10-12, Isa45:23, (plus 'depart from me' verses where the Lord is speaking). But some elect against the will, so they don't go to heaven, but instead to hell. To elect against the Compact of God, you must never, during your entire life, believe Christ paid for your sins.

If instead you ever even ONCE believed He paid, you go to Heaven. You can't turn back the time you believed, so no matter how much you might later curse God, disbelieve in Him, become an axe murderer or whatever, you STILL go to Heaven. Because, it's a STOPLIGHT, God's Election. It doesn't depend on who YOU are, it depended on what CHRIST did. Maybe one day the legalistic, stupid, baby Christians will come to appreciate the FINALITY of God's Grace.

Lest you think this free trip to heaven -- and yes, it's permanent -- is a license to sin, take a gander at Colossians 3:25, Hebrews 10:36-39. You can't go to hell, but you sure can be punished, just the same. And oh by the way: when you GET to heaven, you'll have the same standards God does -- even if you spent all your life rejecting Him, down here. And when you GET to heaven, you'll ONLY, FREELY want to think as He does. And yet you'll have to live with knowing what you were like down here, forever.

So see: it's no picnic. Sin is an UNattractive thing. It hurts, too. The more you grow in Word, the more unattracted you'll be to sin. So far from a license to sin, the permanence of salvation is an inheritance to take very seriously, theme of Hebrews 2. So now you have a license to grow up in it, 1John1:9 and live on Bible, 2Pet3:18!

Utility Bill Gospel

Answering critics of Once-Saved-Always-Saved and 'easy-believism', who instead pander Lordship salvation and must-repent-of-sins to be saved, etc. ad nauseam:

Sin is like a utility bill, since you use God's Gift of Life in the wrong way. It's still a gift, but it wasn't meant to be used for sin, which thus turns the gift into an added cost.

So even if you merely got mad when Windows crashed, when you stubbed your toe or were stuck in traffic -- you now have a bill to pay. Every sin, big or small, adds to the amount you owe. And you'll sin many times a day, for each day is frustrating.

Problem is, you can't get the RIGHT KIND OF MONEY to pay that bill. Like, the drachma here (closest one I could find to 460BC):

Legal tender for Infinite God, can't be paid by finite man, who only has human 'money'. So only GOD can pay this bill, whether it's a small bill, or a big one.

So, His Son Contracted to also become Human and GET Divine Thinking Currency in His Humanity (provided by the Holy Spirit) -- which poured out on the Cross when your sins went into Him for payment. So your sins were paid by His Thinking, Hebrew words 'b'daato yatsdiq, tsadiq av'di l'rabbim' (best translated, 'By His Truth Knowledge My Righteous Slaveson Makes the People Righteous') in Isaiah 53:11. That was the contract for paying sin, Isaiah 53:10.

So salvation is a matter of WHAT KIND OF MONEY is acceptable as Legal Tender, in order to have an eternal relationship with God. Only Christ's Thinking is Legal Tender.

Man tries to pay the utility bill with his own money, instead. God refuses man's illegal tender, as shown below.

'Oh, I gotta clean up my act to be saved!'
Impossible and unacceptable, per Isaiah 64:6, Romans 4:1-2, 5:12
'Oh, I must repent of sins to be saved!'
No, you must repent of unbelief, John 16:9, Mark 1:15, all Hebrews 3.
'Oh, I must make Christ Lord, surrender my life to Him to be saved!'
No, God surrendered HIM on the Cross for you, Isaiah 53:10-12, John 3:16.
'Oh, if I later sin some big sin or deny Christ after I had believed in Him, I was never saved in the first place/lose my salvation!'
No, Christ died before you were born, so ALL your sins are prepaid, Isa 53:10-12 and 2Cor 5:21.
No, you cannot turn back TIME, so cannot turn back either His Work on the Cross, nor your own initial faith in Christ, Genesis 15:6, John 3:16, Eph2:8-9, Acts 16:31. (Hebrew and Greek tenses denote permanent salvation effects the moment that initial belief occurred.)
No, you cannot lose salvation, GOD holds you in HIS Hands, John 10:28-29, Isa 49:8, Heb 1:14.
What you can lose instead, is reward atop your salvation: 1 Cor 3:11-15, Galatians 3:22, James 1, Revelation 3, Heb 4:11-13, 5:11-6:15, 10:29-39, many other passages.
'Oh, but believing is too easy!'
It wasn't easy on Christ, Who is the only Legal Tender for Payment, Isaiah 53:5-6, Acts 4:12, 1Tim2:5, Heb 2:9-10, 5:8-9.
Salvation is an inheritance: a Testamentary Will for the sake of the Beneficiary, John 6:27-40, 10:28-29, end Heb 1, 2:9-11, 9:15-18, 10:5-10, Gal 3:13-26. So a Beneficiary can only reject or accept: rejection means the inheritance payment is refused, Heb 3; but the offer stays open as long as you are alive, Heb 4.
'Oh, you must have a heart belief, a saving faith, a committed faith!'
No, you simply believe, which is a mental function, same as any other belief function, meaning of Hebrew verb aman and Greek word pisteuw, both translated 'to believe' everywhere in Bible.

It's the OBJECT of faith, that matters. If you do not believe in Christ alone for salvation, then you claim the OBJECT for salvation is something besides Christ. (To say you must have a certain AMOUNT or KIND of faith ADDS a condition of something YOU do. So you are not saved.)

'Oh, you also must believe Christ is God, that He rose from the dead, to be saved!'
No, you must believe HE PAID for your sins, to be saved, John 3:16, 6:51. That was the contract - payment -- Isaiah 53:10-12. Whatever else you believe about Him has other pre or post-salvation import, but is not the inheritance contract of salvation which requires your consent, else you don't inherit.

The LORD's Gospel

BE SURE TO USE 1JN1:9 as you view the video else you're wasting your time. Can't comprehend Bible while in a state of sin...

Doncha think THE LORD would know what ya gotta 'do' to be saved? Wouldn't THE LORD competently explain that? BELIEVE, says THE LORD. No other verbs. You go to hell if you DO NOT believe, as He explains in John 3. You get God's Own Life if you DO believe, John 3:16 here. John 16:9 repeats that fact: "concerning sin, BECAUSE THEY DO NOT BELIEVE". No other verbs. No baptise, no repent, no invite Christ into your heart or life, no walk an aisle, no throwing faggots on the fire, no good deeds -- ONLY BELIEVE. IN CHRIST. Same as it was for Abraham, see Genesis 15:6, Romans 4, James 2. See also Acts 16:31, Hebrews 3.

More info is provided in these associated videos:

Look up all "believe" verses in Bible, there are too many to list here. See, "believe" depends on the merit in the OBJECT, not the subject. That's why you must BELIEVE CHRIST PAID FOR YOUR SINS to be saved. In the Lord's OWN Words. Now, AFTER you believe you can do other verbs because AFTER you believe you are BORN AGAIN. Spiritually. So then you have God's Life, as THE LORD explains in John 3:16. So that's when all those other verbs people talk about like repent of sin (which is 1John 1:9, the exclusive provence of the believer), welcome like a little child (which means BORN AGAIN FIRST), etc. all apply. Baptism is AFTER salvation, not before -- notice the word order in the baptise verses.

So either accept what THE LORD said or do not, but don't argue with me. I didn't write the Bible, God did.

John 3:16 and Eternally Secure Salvation

Too few "Christians" even say the Gospel correctly anymore, though John 3:16 is clear enough in translation. It's appalling. Most pastors, evangelists, and Christian websites, Youtube videos and chatrooms don't get the Gospel right. So who is saved?

A generation ago -- and you can tell, by the J. Vernon McGee radio series -- it was common knowledge that you only had to believe in Christ to be saved. Not so common, now. Those posting response videos to this one, thinking they refute the LORD's own words, prove that they can't read Bible. It's really sad.

For the Lord says this: BELIEVE ONCE that Christ paid for all your sins, and you are FOREVER saved. Video goes through why that's true. It begins with my giving John 3:16 in Spanish -- which I've not spoken in years, so please forgive the pronunciation -- and then launches into the Greek of John 3:16, to show you how the TEXT ITSELF says salvation is eternally secure, in the Lord's Own Words (all the Bible is from God, but I selected John 3:16 for the red-letter Christians, so even they can't dispute this). Much more information on Gospel issues which you can't find elsewhere on the internet, is in . Just look for the blue boxes on the page, and click the links (if any) inside them.

The video's Greek-geek stuff in John 3:16 is not hard to understand if you use 1John 1:9 as needed; and is very important. Very simple tense-matching rule in Greek grammar shows you that salvation is eternally secure. Of course, this same information is obtainable in hundreds of other Bible verses, but this one makes a good example.

CHRIST IS COMPETENT. So it's All Cross, or No Cross. The Lord would never permit anything less. Lambs eat and die, they never work. Goats, work. So it's time to separate the sheep from the goats. Guess which ones get saved. So all those Matt7:21 "Lord, Lord" Christians who did some OTHER verb in addition to or instead of "believe", aren't saved! Which 'animal' are you?

God Preserved the Original Word: so it's like you are in the same timezone, as the ORIGINAL writer. With the Holy Spirit's Power, you can learn to read those original words super-fast. And see God much more quickly, much more deeply.

Now you know why God commanded teachers. It speeds the process, makes it more systematic (so you don't pull verses out of context), etc.

Salvation Components: BIBLE's Keywords

(When I made this video for Youtube, was limited to 10 mins.) Associated webpage: Salvindex.html.

Amazing how differently the BIBLE explains things, versus man's tangled notions. Here we look at the Bible's own vocabulary from the OT, which the NT references, to show the components of Salvation. Very easy to understand, very different from the tangled ideas in Calvinism, Catholicism, and other isms which men have invented over the centuries.

Time we got back to the Bible. So, that's what the video does. Use 1 John1:9 as you watch it, or you'll not understand it. We all need God's Brains to understand God's Information.

Predestined to FREEDOM

BIBLE's definition of Predestination is DECREED FREEDOM FOR ALL, bad or good. Because TRUTH is Free. Good truth, bad truth, any truth, BECAUSE Truth. You have to be blind, deaf, and dumb not to figure it out. Guess some so-called 'theologians' are too tangled in their sophistic shoestrings, to recall that Truth couldn't be Truth, unless FREE TO OCCUR. Duh.

Only One Sin Sends You to Hell, John 16:9

Liars spread the false gospel you must repent of your sins to be saved, with petty examples: oh, you lied once, so you are not perfect like God! So you must go to hell!

These people should be gagged, and you have to wonder if THEY are saved. For they make God out to be as idiotic and petty as THEY are: sending you to hell for one teeny sin? That's what THEY would do, so they think God is as puny as THEY are.

That is NOT the Gospel. The REAL Gospel is, you CANNOT go to hell for any sin except one: not believing Christ paid for your sins. Bible is plain, John 16:9.

So idiots who chirp about stolen pencils and white lies making you deserve hell, all spit on Christ. THE PRICE IS NOT THE SINS YOU SINNED, BECAUSE CHRIST PAID FOR THEM, WHETHER YOU BELIEVE IN HIM OR NOT. INSTEAD, THE PRICE IS CHRIST. Entirely different juridical issue. Far bigger than your puny sins which after all affect you, but never affect God.

See, the problem in the human mind is how GOOD he is, versus God. So he thinks he can DO something to merit salvation from God, just as the woman in the Garden thought that eating some stupid fruit would make her as good as God. We inherited that same stupid idea, from her. But Christ PAID for all sins, which was the condition of you being allowed to be physically born, in the first place. Whether you ever believe in Him, or not.

So the salvation issue is different. Not your sins, but your belief in Him, is the ONLY issue in salvation. For HIS PAYMENT is of infinite value to Father, your rejecting what He did for you is likewise of infinite value, and since you don't want to live with Him, you get the only kind of 'home alone' where He is not: hell. Your choice, whether you want to go there, John 3:16, 16:9.

Seriously, we should read the Bible for a change!

Faith Plus Repentance Works Rag

Parody of Tom Lehrer's famous "Vatican Rag", on the false-gospel crowd's poopy idea that you must repent of sins and show works, to 'evidence' salvation. Honestly, some people will never learn to read Bible.

This 'evidence' claim is just another wolf-in-sheep's clothing that you must add works to be saved: the Lordship Salvation people vehemently deny that, alleging instead that the "nature of saving faith" is the issue. Bulpucky. They are shyster lawyers. BELIEVE means BELIEVE. It doesn't mean COMMIT. God would have used a different verb in John 3:16 if He meant "commit".

For there will be NO evidence you are saved: it's an INVISIBLE change in your nature -- you acquire a human spirit, hence the term "born again". You can't see this, feel it, etc.

When you see a baby in a delivery room, do you ask it to 'commit'? LOL. A spiritual baby can't even SPELL Jesus, let alone 'make Him Lord'. How arrogant, to claim YOU must make Christ ANYTHING, to be saved!

COMMIT is a WORK. BELIEVE is GOD's Work. Not, your own. You believe 1+1=2. You believe Christ paid for your sins. The latter belief SAVES YOU FROM HELL FOREVER. Period. God is no shyster lawyer with clever pilpul, k?

These 'evidence' claimants do not know the distinction Bible makes: you have to BE saved to GET the Spirit to ENABLE you to gradually stop sinning. That's not a guarantee that you will change. It's only AVAILABLE because you are already saved. Get the difference?

So at best, the Lordship Salvation people CONFUSE salvation with post-salvation spiritual growth. If you grow spiritually, using the AVAILABLE power of the Spirit via 1John1:9 and study under your own right pastor, there will come a point in your life where you want to commit. But you still can't do it. Only God can enable that.

Thus you see that the Lordship Salvation people are all spiritual retards. No Spirit in them. The Spirit is never confused. BELIEVE is not "commit".

So those who think that you can't be saved unless you 'manifest' some change, hate God. They really do. Their eyes are full of their own judgements about people. If you love God, you don't think like this. If you hate God, you do.

If anything, works tends to evidence being UNsaved, for that's what the Pharisees and other non-believers do well. It's because they are so works-oriented, they don't think they need a savior. Gospels tell this story plainly.

Think about it: if you see someone habitually doing good deeds and being what you consider a "Christian", you'll think they are saved. So will they! "Lord, Lord" people who Christ says are unsaved, Matt7:15-23!

So people who make an issue of other people's works or sins are carnal or unsaved. Grace never makes an issue of someone else, but only of God. So the popular crying and posturing about how you should STOP SINNING and FOLLOW JESUS and YOUR LIFE MUST SHOW CHANGE -- or you are not saved -- all that popular posturing, is satanic. So anyone claiming you must 'prove' your salvation has the wrong 'spirit' in him.

Proof: spiritual babies can only poop. But they are saved. Spiritual babies cannot read, but they are still saved. Babies cannot work, obviously -- they need years of schooling, first.

So only BABIES think they can lose their salvation, or must 'prove' it. So anyone telling you that you must 'evidence' you are saved, is himself a spiritual baby. Ignore him.

So I will utterly ignore comments by the spiritual babies who want to add their tears and works to 'evidence' how saved they are. They are too poopy to even understand any reply. God will reply, instead: with spankings.

The score is a modified instrumental version of Tom Lehrer's song. It has no copyright that I am aware of.

Forked Tongue: Reformed Devils' 'gospel'

How crying Grace and yet demanding Works 'gospels' speak with forked tongue, never with God's.

You are spiritually DEAD before salvation. ALL you can do is mentally ASSENT to Christ's payment -- BELIEVE HE PAID FOR YOUR SINS AND YOU ARE FOREVER SAVED, Acts 16:31.

BELIEVE. That's all a soul can do, that's all you ever do 24/7 (i.e., you must believe in the process of eating, BEFORE you can actually eat). Any other verb besides BELIEVE, will not be used to save you. BELIEVE means the OBJECT has the merit, not you.

But these sneaky repent-to-be-saved or show-evidence-or-not-saved, or surrender-to-be-saved LIARS all want to sneak in something YOU do into the back door of salvation. And if you believe THEM, you will not be saved by their pseudo-Gospel. Instead, you will become like them: legalistic, prickly, argumentative, bitter, sour, lacking in all sense of humor. And above all, unable to read Clear Bible. Like them, you will spout verses which actually prove you wrong, but think those verses prove you right. And everyone else BUT YOU will see your folly.

99% of Christendom is apostate; and it is apostate, largely due to Calvinists, who are the worst false-gospel sellers, as depicted here. This video completes the Contra Calvinism playlist, accessible from my brainout-made playlists, or in the following webpage: Whole 20+ video Contra Calvinism playlist is in my profile page, and in this webpage: TULindex.htm.

I will no longer respond to the Youtube robots who keep coming on my channel contending the lie that you must repent of sins to be saved; who claim you must evidence works to be saved. All of them speak for Satan, who can't STAND it that Christ Alone PAID the whole price and you can't even contribute your TEARS to be saved!

Pox on all false-gospel teachers and sellers, who act just like the Lord Lord liars in Matthew 7:20-23.

Hint in XtraNormal videos: use the Pause function every six words or so, to make speech less robotic. Also use semicolons rather than commas, to slow speech. Use Capital Letters to make a word have the right syllabification or emphasis (i.e., if you don't write HEBrew, it will be wrongly accented in synthesized speech).

Carnal Gospel

Proof Carnality rots the brain, in Christians, and why Carnal Christians spout false Gospels: they lose the ability to even read SIMPLE WORDS in the Word. Without the Spirit's Brains, you have none: that's why I call myself 'brainout', to remind me to use 1John1:9.

1 John is on fellowship, not salvation. But the carnal Christian, cannot read that simple word, 'fellowship'. Carnal Christians cannot read even the simple 'we' in 1 John, so mistake 1 John as being about salvation, so mistake 1John1:9 as a command you must repent of your sins to be saved; so mistake 1 John 2 as meaning you must stop sinning to be saved. See how easily you can disprove what they say?

Similar false gospels are based on misreading very simple words in James. I did a whole video playlist called 'James 2 Exegesis' with color coding, so you can follow what James says. But just open your Bible to James 2:1 -- see the word 'brethren'? So James is writing to ALREADY SAVED PEOPLE (his spiritual brethren). So he is not writing about salvation, but about something AFTER salvation, namely the 'crown of life' (James 1:12) -- something ON TOP of salvation (reward, compare to 1Corinthian 3's gold silver precious stones). That's why he mentions Abraham as 'friend of God' -- something Abraham was awarded AFTER he was saved merely by believing, Genesis 15:6. Parallel passage is in Romans 4.

So, see? If you are carnal, you can't even read the word 'brethren'. Just as, the carnal Christian cannot even read the simple words 'we' and 'fellowship', in 1 John 1. So he cannot read the simple words 'believe' and 'have eternal life', in 1 John 5:13. So what's the EVIDENCE you are saved? YOU BELIEVED, per 1John5:13!

But the carnal Christian is in the dark. So he gives you a dark lie Gospel.

God's Fault Gospel

Ultimate reason why you ONLY BELIEVE in Christ's payment on the Cross, to be forever saved. Associated webpage on the topic of freedom and failure: LordvSatan1.htm#Issues

ONLY GOD authors life; your soul at birth, your first breath at birth, your salvation aka 'born again'. So you go to hell, if you never believe in what HE did about sin. Because, if you reject what HE did about it -- for God takes responsibility for everything good or bad, Isaiah 45:7 -- if you reject what HE did, then you're claiming something YOU do has competing value.

That's Satan's contention. Satan's ticked off because all his beauty doesn't count, before God. Listen to anyone who claims salvation is in someone or something else. They all insist on a competing value (i.e., the insipid 'I'm a good person' claim). Just like Satan.

But you don't even breathe your next breath unless God approves it. You can't sin unless He allows it. You can't even go to the bathroom unless He allows it. He can make you, stop you, keep you going. You are free, solely because GOD ALONE insures your freedom to be free. Free to believe, free to reject, all courtesy of Christ.

Because, GOD PAID for everything on the Cross. So if you say no to His Payment, then you can go to the Hell He created. Your choice.

See, it's not about sin. It's about God.

Gnat Gospel

Even my pet gnats prove the falsehood of those who claim you must show 'evidence' of salvation, or you're not saved.

Unbelievable, what legalistic hating-God 'Christians' come up with to make themselves feel important! Avoid them, said Paul in 2 Tim2:26-3:7. Don't even give them a greeting, warned John in 2John9-11. 1 John is a treatise against legalistic believers, how to detect and avoid them, because the junk of you having to show 'evidence' of your salvation was pandered even in his day. His letter is therefore about how a) to know you are saved (because you believed), and b) how to know you are spiritual (use 1John1:9).

But those who are carnal, legalistic, fooled by Satan as Paul wrote in 2Tim2:26-3:7, think that 1 John supports them -- for they aren't using 1John1:9, but fancy themselves in the light, 1John1:8,10.

Believers who have long been carnal use Bible verses which REFUTE them, as if the verses supported them. Thus you easily know who to avoid, since they make black white, and white black. :)

Grapefruit Gospel

Calvinists contend that you must believe in Trinity, to be saved. Catholics contend you must believe in the Nicene Creed and in Mother Church, and be baptised, to be saved. Yet both correctly state that Christ paid for your sins (well, some Calvinists incorrectly limit Christ's payment, to 'the elect'). So notice: they add belief CONTENT to the simple Gospel that you must believe Christ paid for your sins, to be saved.

So here's the question: HOW MUCH AND WHAT must you believe, to be saved? Listening to Calvinists and Catholics, it sounds like you have to become a theologian, to be saved...

Well, what does the Bible say? John 3:16! Believe He paid! How much? Well, 1 is greater than 0. So you believe more than zero, and that's enough belief to be saved. Does John 3:16 say you have to understand theology to be saved? Or does it say that you have to believe He paid for sins, and the second you do, you HAVE 'eternal life'?

Okay, so that's like a grapefruit. How much do you need to know about GRAPEFRUIT, to believe in it? If you eat it, you believe, right? So how much information did you need to believe about that grapefruit, to be saved?

Pee Gospel

Eternal Inheritance.. or Pee forever?

This video is dedicated to the 16 gnats who were born -- and died -- in my house, after becoming my pets. They have NO chance to have a better afterlife. But YOU.. do.

Believe ONCE that the Lord Jesus the Christ paid for your sins on the Cross and YOU are forever saved -- YOU will thus become like HIM after you die. Not, like the gnats who lived and died and that's it.

Faith Without Works POOP!

This is another rant, sorry. I'm sick of retarded Christians misreading Bible and selling false Gospels. Here, they spread poop all over James 2, and completely REVERSE what James is saying.

Here's a link to my video playlist on James, proving the above true:

Playlist shows from the Greek before your own eyes, with lexicons, how James refuted the original Lordship salvationist, the strawman of James 2:18 -- easily proven FROM CONTEXT, beginning at James 1. But of course, the Calvinist aka Lordship salvationist never can read the Bible, because he's carnal, so of course he won't be able to absorb the video proof against him, either.

CONTEXT CONTEXT CONTEXT. Notice how Calvinists always cite verses which IN CONTEXT prove them wrong. Here, the overused, never-properly-read MISTRANSLATED, 'faith without works is dead' garbage, pandered by those VILE VILE VILE 'Lordship salvation' jerks.

RETARDS! You CANNOT 'bear fruit' until you GROW UP from being a seed in Christ, to a TREE in Christ! BORN AGAIN as a seed -- but will you grow up before you die? Luke 8 says most will not! So these people are almost as bad as the KJVO. Avoid them.

Another version of that garbage is saying you must show 'evidence' of works to prove you are saved. WHAT GARBAGE -- what evidence can a spiritual baby produce? DOO DOO! So you know that all those people pandering you must show evidence are proving they ARE doo-doing in their spiritual diapers, because they CANNOT READ even in English, how James is talking to SAVED BELIEVERS, i.e., in James 1:1 and 2:1! So don't listen to these people. They are carnal, they need 1John1:9 but think themselves holy, so are retards, focusing on the body, and ignoring the Lord.

Faith Without Works Poop II: Luke 8 poops on the poopers!

Refute the jerks who would poop on your salvation with the Lord's Own Words in Luke 8: seeds don't bear fruit, trees do. So salvation doesn't make you fruit-bearing, MATURATION in Bible makes you fruit bearing.

So what fruit is borne by those who poop on your salvation saying you're not saved unless you show 'evidence' of it by some kind of works? Their works are -- poop! Babies in diapers, that's their fruit! See for yourself, from Luke 8!

Paul warns us against these people, in 2Tim2:26-3:7. So does John, in 2John9-11. So does Jude, in Jude 12. Avoid them!

NO ONE can compete with the Cross. Your salvation was FINISHED 2000 years ago! So now you CAN grow up in your salvation, 2Pet3:18. Until then, don't expect to bear any fruit.. except poop. And that's OKAY! Why? BECAUSE YOU ARE THE FRUIT, not what you do, per Isaiah 53:10!

Once Saved, Always Saved.. as WHAT?

BE SURE TO USE 1JN1:9 as you view the video, else you're wasting your time. Can't comprehend Bible while in a state of sin...

Many deny Bible, claiming salvation by belief alone (John 3:16), gives you a license to sin. Far from it. Paul spent the better part of Galatians correcting that notion for the terminally-insecure legalists -- and also, those who did use their salvation as a license to sin. Galatians 3:25 -- sin HAS consequences, post-salvation -- YOU DO NOT GROW UP. So you're saved, alright -- but as WHAT?

To answer that quickly in this video, I borrow a famous explanation by my pastor, called "X+Y+Z" in his 1977 Romans (verse-by-verse exegesis) series (which you can order from ). I modified his explanation slightly by assigning Bible keywords for this doctrine, to X, Y, Z as mnemonics. See if the video helps you begin to understand that there is MUCH TO LOSE post-salvation -- and you don't want to sin. But you will, so that's why you need 1Jn1:9.

Essentially, you only take with you when you die, what you've learned of God. So if you learned nothing, you have nothing, 1Cor3. Nothing substitutes for learning God: not works, not how many people tell you how great you are, not rituals, not feelings, etc. Only GOD can produce the learning in you, and He has a System for doing that. If you don't get in God's System (per Greek of Ephesians 4), you learn nothing, and you die as a nothing.

So, as a baby. With a baby-sized capacity for processing information, for enjoyment. Forever. Hell sounds better to me, than an eternity spent as a happy retard. Down here, retardation is often not the person's fault. But in heaven, all retardation is SOLELY due to the believer who chose to be retarded about God, down here. But you'll be happy, like a child is happy. Whoopee. Far away from God, too. Do you want that as your eternal future? I bet not!

See my "Spiritual Maturation" videos (over 30 of them) to see what the process of spiritual maturation looks like. The videos essentially explain a six-page chart of that process which I developed to better understand my pastor's 12 whopping years of almost-daily Bible classes on the topic. You'll be able to download that Word doc from the first Spiritual Maturation video, here: • 1/13b, Spiritual Maturation, Intro

The full issue of spiritual maturation is covered in DDNA1.htm#Sire. That page is initially very easy to read, so you can easily understand that GOD IS OUT TO CLONE HIS SON'S THINKING in you. So God can HEAR His Son's Thinking in you. He won't do that, apart from your consent each time. Line on line, precept on precept, DDNA, Divine DNA. For God, is Pure Thought.

Once Saved Always Saved .. as WHAT? Take 2

This sequel video covers the 'fruit' question and the Divine Discipline you get for not maturing in Christ after salvation, so you can see there is indeed MUCH to lose, even though you are permanently saved from hell.

The real issue of spiritual maturation is covered in DDNA1.htm#Sire. That page is initially very easy to read, so you can easily understand that GOD IS OUT TO CLONE HIS SON'S THINKING in you. So God can HEAR His Son's Thinking in you. He won't do that, apart from your consent each time. Line on line, precept on precept, DDNA, Divine DNA. For God, is Pure Thought.

Video closes with the steps you need to mature, and these steps are explained in over 30 of my other videos on Spiritual Maturation. You are to know where you are on the "spiritual map" at all times. The Spiritual Maturation process does NOT depend on a particular denomination, but instead on what's in your HEAD. So no matter what denomination you call yourself, the process is the same. And the diagnostics are the same.

2-Legged Salvation: 2LT Series

Salvation has two legs, just as you do. First one gets you in the Door of Heaven, on the FLOOR of eternity. Permanently. ONCE SAVED ALWAYS SAVED. One decision, one consent, births you, John 3:16, Titus 3:5, 2Cor5:17, Rom 5:1, Acts 16:31, many other verses. See my "True versus False Gospels" video for a longer listing, demonstrating from Bible that you MERELY BELIEVE Christ paid for your sins to be forever saved.

But saved as WHAT? At that point, as a spiritual BABY -- unless you grow up spiritually. This is the other leg of Bible's doctrine of salvation, which those who dispute OSAS continually MISREAD -- for THEY are spiritual babies, so can't read the Bible if it BIT them.

Need to keep using 1Jn1:9 and in a sinless state learn and live on Bible, to get OUT of babyhood. So there are TWO legs to being saved. One saves you from Hell, saves you TO God. The other, saves you from remaining a baby, messing your diapers with all kinds of dead works and drooling misuse of Bible.

For the other 'leg' of this Doctrine in Bible, determines WHERE in Heaven you will be, how close to God. And that, is also a matter of consent. Constantly.

Christian theology generally doesn't recognize the second leg, because it doesn't understand that the FIRST contract was to PERFECT angels, for SUPERMATURATION. That goal hasn't changed. For us, there must be a preceding SALVATION CONTRACT, which is a one-time "door" you enter when you first believe in Christ, John 3:16. But then, you are a NEW person, John 3:16, 2Cor5:17 -- needing to GROW UP, 2Pet3:18.

This short video basically covers that issue. My other videos focus on the spiritual maturation, beginning with • 1/13b, Spiritual Maturation, Intro

Read the video description to that video to get the Word doc the video uses, and the larger series of webpages on which the doc is based. The videos for the Spiritual Maturation series are here in Youtube, but also viewable from the webpage links.

1/4 Fellowship w/God vs Salvation

Post-salvation spiritual growth (and hence the 1Cor 3 rewards) depends on Fellowship with God. It is distinct from salvation, but in many ways, more devastating if you don't take advantage of it. Here, you'll see the commonality of post-salvation fellowship in the OT, compared to the NT. You'll probably have to watch these three videos several times, even though I tried to keep it simple. Use 1John1:9 to get the Spirit's Brains and thus learn faster -- just like they had to do, in the OT.

More: God depicts salvation as a birth (John 3:16, Gal3:26, Titus 3:5, Hebrews 2, John 14); as a citizenship (John 14, Ephesians 2, esp. v.16, Hebrews 12:23); as an inheritance (Jn. 13:8; Acts 7:5; 13:19; 20:32; 26:18; Rom. 4:14; Gal. 3:18; 4:30; Eph. 1:11, 14, 18; 3:6; 5:5; Col. 1:12; 3:24; Heb. 1:2, 4, 14; 9:15; 11:8; 12:16; 1 Pet. 1:4); as a marriage to Christ, replacing one's former 'marriage' to the sin nature, theme of Romans 6 through 8, 1 Cor 6, etc.

A person born, can die. A citizen can commit treason and be executed for it. A person due an inheritance can later refuse the conditions of the inheritance. A spouse can divorce. But notice: once born, you cannot turn back time to BEFORE birth; you cannot turn back time to BEFORE you became a citizen; you cannot turn back time to BEFORE you became a beneficiary of an inheritance; you cannot turn back time to BEFORE you married. Even so, you cannot turn back salvation.

But once born, you can refuse to know your father; once a citizen, you can refuse to be loyal to your country; once a beneficiary, you can refuse to COLLECT your full inheritance; once married, you can refuse to have intimacy with your spouse. So all those refusals, still have effects. So too, your refusal to have fellowship with God, has effects in time, and especially in eternity.

You refuse to have fellowship with God if you refuse 1John1:9. Thus you refuse to grow up spiritually, so remain merely 'born again', a baby. Thus you refuse to collect on your inheritance, so you are merely IN the Kingdom, rather than inheriting rewards FOR the kingdom. Thus you refuse to be a good citizen of heaven, but are rather a traitor to it, Jude 12, 1John1:8, 10, Philippians 3:18-19, 2Tim2:26-3:7, last half of 2nd Peter. So you can be executed for that, Acts 5 and 1John5:16. For your refusal, is to refuse intimacy with your Husband, Who is Christ, Romans 6 -- and you refused to become intimate with His Thinking, which only the Holy Spirit can produce, John 4:23-24.

So you see, there is MUCH to lose if you refuse fellowship with God. You enter heaven a sanctified, holy yet charred soul, still saved but with no rewards, 1Cor3:15-17. Don't refuse 1John1:9! Or, as the video shows, you will be sick and miserable down here, your prayers will go no higher than the ceiling, and all your Scripture study will be bombast -- the Holy Spirit won't be in you. And you'll die the sin 'face to face' with death, 1John 5:16.

Your choice, Colossians 3:25, Gal 6:7.

4/4 Fellowship w/God vs Salvation

Conclusion. See 1/4 for more info.

Just so that you know: what passes for 'Christianity' has always been Churchinanity or Churchinsanity, and bears little resemblance to what Bible actually says. I started the spiritual life at that end, as goofball a Christian as you can imagine. All the pointy-hat goofball rituals of ecumenical religion, or the foot-stomping, rolling-on-the-floor emotionalism garbage; or, the legalistic tabooism so common among Christians (dour God being a longtime favorite since the Reformation trashed us all).

But there is a very different, real Christianity, the one which made Paul willing to keep on going; which made Moses turn down being Pharaoh of Egypt; which made David willing to be king (a job no sane person would want). It's SEEING GOD. Daily. Nightly. When you want to see Him, and when you don't want to, also.

Eventually you mature. At that point, living really is Christ, and dying really is profit. Philippians 1:21. Takes a lifetime to get there. So if you want to know God, just keep on wanting to know Him, and you WILL get there. HE will take you there. Guaranteed.

1/2 Rethinking Election

Brainstorming a revision in the popular notions of God's Decree to Elect, in light of exaleipw verses. Word doc displaying those verses is linked here: Accountability.doc.

Idea that God elects EVERYONE to be saved at PHYSICAL birth, and in order to go to hell you must ELECT AGAINST His Will. So in terms of lapsarianism, the Decree is entirely different than conventional theology posits, to wit:

  1. Decree to Create Christ, Isa 52:13-15, 53:10-11, Eph1 (whole chapter), 1Tim2:5 (Christ as God agrees in eternity past), many other verses.
  2. Decree to Create Creation (angels first), and allow that creation to sin, since #1 is first.
  3. Decree to Elect each person Born Be Saved aka inscribe his name in the Book of Life at physical birth. So anyone who dies before being ABLE to reject the Gospel, goes to heaven.
  4. Decree to Allow any person in #3 to Elect against the Will, ONCE ACCOUNTABLE, rules of John 3. So if one EVER believes in Christ AFTER being accountable, God's Election in #3 is affirmed. Else, elected against. Only if always elected against, can one go to hell. It's not about morality, it's a legal option whether you elect for or against, God's PREVIOUSLY DEPOSITED Will for your life.
  5. Decree to Allow any person who elects against the Will to go to hell, John 3:36, 16:9.

There are many verses to support this, but right now I'm just broaching the idea. It puts a whole new face on the nature of salvation, and on evangelism. In short, evangelism reflects widespread negativity to a Gospel which is knowable as per Romans 1, without human agency. So human agency is used, but more reflects the fact of man's negativity.

PS: For the last 50 years, my pastor (and some others) did teach the above doctrine that everyone is in the Book of Life at birth; but I didn't really understand its implications until a few days ago. I can't find any Bible verses opposing the conclusions, so if you can, I'll listen. But I won't listen to the Limited Atonement parrots, for Limited Atonement is a flat lie, already disproven many times over the centuries.

Why Only Believe Pt1

Introduction to a new series of videos. BE SURE TO USE 1JN1:9 as you view the video else you're wasting your time. Can't comprehend Bible while in a state of sin. Short related webpage: index.htm#JustBelieve

Future vids will walk you through the Bible showing how Bible says over and over again that ONLY BELIEVE IN CHRIST, saves. Not admit aloud you believe, not be baptised, not "invite" Christ into your heart/life, NOT 'surrender' (that's Islam, dummy), not "accept", NOT repent of sins -- all those fake verbs do NOT save you. Bible is very plain that they do not. The ONLY verb Bible says saves you, is BELIEVE. IN CHRIST. THAT HE PAID FOR YOUR SINS.

For to BELIEVE in Someone, means that SOMEONE has the merit, not you. Belief is always and only the issue.

So in the future videos we'll go through all those verses, so you can see all this for yourself. Some of the verses are mistranslated, but most are not. PEOPLE CANNOT READ, and you'll see that embarrassing fact, too.

This video just summarizes how salvation is in THREE parts, and each is a REPLACEMENT RESCUE ("salvation" really means "rescue" in the Greek).

  1. Replace your future LOCATION: John 3:16, 3:18, Rom5:1, Gen15:6, Acts 16:31, many other verses (in future videos you'll see them) -- the second you believe Christ paid for your sins, you are PERMANENTLY saved to HEAVEN, instead of Hell. That's a replacement LOCATION forever.
  2. Replace your thinking with Christ's Thinking: 1Cor2:16, 2Peter3:18, Eph3:15-19, Eph 4:13, Philippians 2:5-10, 3:18-19, etc. -- this is a 'saving' of your current thinking, to be rescued into a REPLACEMENT with Christ's Thinking. This 'salvation' you CAN lose, if you don't keep choosing to learn and live on Bible. You go to heaven, but as what? A baby in Christ's Thinking.. or, a mature adult?
  3. Replace your body at death. You get a new one, because this body can't survive Heaven, 1Cor15. This you also cannot lose.

So #1 and #3 "saves" you cannot lose. But you can lose #2, which determines HOW GROWN UP and thus HOW CLOSE TO CHRIST you will be IN Heaven.

Christians who did NOT only believe in Christ are NOT SAVED to Heaven. So many among us who call themselves "Christians" are like the "Lord, Lord" people in Matthew 7:21 -- they called His name but NEVER BELIEVED in Him. So they will go to HELL. So don't be among them. BELIEVE. ONLY BELIEVE. And you'll see the proof of this IN BIBLE which you can test for yourself, in future videos.

Hell Verses

By request. Download a quick listing of Hell verses here (last updated, 4/03/10): aiwnVersesPanBible.RTF It shows that those who claim hell is not eternal, are all LIARS, claiming to know the Greek and Hebrew, but provably do not. See also my NephilimFree videos, which have onscreen demonstration of how aiwn means GOD's Life, so ETERNAL.

Honestly, some people hate God, so mangle His Word to satisfy their puny egos. You don't have to be like them!

Sorry, I don't have time right now to do more than this. A longer explanation about hell is at LordvSatan5.htm#Lake.

SAVED = You are Christ's Property

So duh: you CANNOT LOSE Salvation! I'm so sick of retarded, carnal Christians who run around on Youtube telling everyone they can lose their salvation. So this is a rant video, but it proves the FIRST reason why you cannot lose your salvation: YOU ARE THE PROPERTY OF CHRIST.

Only the Property Owner has a say over you. YOU have no say over yourself, so you cannot cause yourself to be disowned. You have NO say in the matter, after you 'married' him by believing He paid for your sins. There is no such thing as 'divorce' from God. The most you can lose, are the rewards atop salvation like Kingship, 1Cor3.

Really, there are 1000s of verses on the fact you can't lose your salvation. So many, my pastor once quipped that there should be a warning label attached to any gospel tract: 'WARNING YOU CANNOT RESCIND YOUR BELIEF IN CHRIST.' Yeah, because you can't turn back TIME. Can't turn back the time of the Cross 2000 years ago. Can't turn back to before the time you FIRST believed Christ paid for your sins. So you can become an axe murderer, an atheist, a nice person who works works works -- and it doesn't matter. You can't undo your salvation anymore than your couch can walk out of the room.

Good couch, bad couch, any couch, HIS couch. Do you own a couch? Can your couch run away from you? Can your couch get the money to ransom itself away from YOUR OWNERSHIP, no matter how good or bad it is? NO. Why? Because it's just a COUCH! Yeah, and YOU are property also. Owned, by Christ.

Now, hopefully, you know the root reason why. So if anyone claims you can lose your salvation, just refer them to me. I'll ream them out with Bible verses. :)

True vs. False Gospels

Associated webpages: all the blue 'boxes' in index.htm

Gist: "BELIEVE" Christ paid for all your sins, and you are saved. No other verb is used by God to save you. This video contrasts the BELIEVE verses in Bible with all the false gospel verbs out there, like 'repent', 'pray the sinner's prayer', 'invite', 'accept', 'be baptised'; and my favorite fake gospel lie, 'call on the Lord' -- MISREADING Acts 2:21 Romans 10:13 even in translation, can NO ONE read the CONTEXT? Sheesh, how Christians lie against God's Word. So, you're NOT saved if you listen to them. Listen to the Bible, instead!

All other verbs are works & do NOT save you. You'd think we'd at least listen to what Our Lord said, in John 3! But instead we mangle the Gospel, saving no one.

So are YOU really saved? Yes, if you merely BELIEVE Christ paid for all your sins -- don't add any other verb to it. My pastor harangued on "believe ONLY" for 53 years, and I was wrong to be annoyed with him! Ask yourself why is it even famous pastors & evangelists get the Gospel so very wrong. So who are they saving? NO ONE!

This is my litmus test for a Christian or a pastor. If he adds ANY OTHER verb besides BELIEVE to the Gospel -- and most do -- I disregard everything he says. He cannot be filled with the Spirit & add verbs. Bible is too plain -- ONLY BELIEVE. Gen15:6=John 3:16. So I silently walk away from these people. God is not in them.

So persons alleging you must repent of your sins, say with your mouth you believe, make Christ Lord -- and mind you, these people are generally attractive folks -- they are false spirits, sorry. They might not even be saved!

Don't you be like them? BELIEVE Christ paid for your sins and you're FOREVER saved just like Abram was, Gen15:6+John 3:16!