Royal Family of God

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Royal Family of God due to Christ's Royalty:

aka, the New Covenant provided Church
(which is distinct from Israel's)

I provide these Word searches without spin. Read the Book of Hebrews many times over and over again, in your favorite translation. It is mistranslated, but if you keep reading it over and over you'll still get the drift. Keep using 1John1:9 as you read it, and the Spirit will point out the mistranslations so you know when to look up specific verses in e-sword, the internet, etc. There are also pastors teaching this around the world, some from centuries ago. Just search on 'crowns doctrine', 'doctrine of crowns', 'crowns verses', etc. The doctrine gets too little attention, today.

Hebrews is the flagship book on our Royal Position due to Christ winning against Satan, based on these key passages: Isaiah 53:10-12 (well the whole chapter); Psalm 110; Jeremiah 31. You'll see these passages referenced over and over as the writer develops his points. Track the flow of what he says. Treasury of Scriptural Knowledge or a good study Bible with many chain references is important to use as a study guide. Pick one you like.

This is a Dispensational doctrine, but Bible's definition of Dispensations isn't like what's commonly taught. A 'dispensation' is strictly the TIME PERIOD over which a given covenant is operative. Each covenant has certain common features, and certain features which change, and all features are relative to the Angelic Conflict. I tried to summarize the features panoramically in LordvSatan2.htm#CovProps. The description is long and heavy and is a synthesis of all the research I did, so it doesn't wholly disagree or agree with anything else you've heard. I'll have to rewrite it, but the panoramic picture is helpful for brainstorming, even as is.

A longer vetting of this doctrine because it bothers me, begins in LordvSatan3.htm. It bothers me because I don't want the responsibility, but I'm wrong, and Bible is right. Therefore you know in what follows below, I'm not trying to sell you anything. Just documenting. What you do with the information is between God and you.

Crowns keyword: 1 Co. 9:25; Phil. 4:1; 1 Thess. 2:19; 2 Tim. 2:5; 4:8; Heb. 2:7; Jas. 1:12; 1 Pet. 5:4; Rev. 2:10; 3:11; 6:2; 12:1; 14:14

Inheritance keyword (even the seemingly-irrelevant ones are parables about post-salv inheritance): Matt. 5:4; 21:38; 25:34; Mk. 12:7; Lk. 12:13; 15:13; 20:14; Jn. 13:8; Acts 7:5; 13:19; 20:32; 26:18; Rom. 4:14; Gal. 3:18; 4:30; Eph. 1:11, 14, 18; 3:6; 5:5; Col. 1:12; 3:24; Heb. 1:2, 4, 14; 9:15; 11:8; 12:16; 1 Pet. 1:4

'True Riches' verses (also look up synonyms), selection from NT: Lk. 16:11; 18:24; Rom. 2:4; 9:23; 10:12; 11:12, 33; 2 Co. 8:2; Eph. 1:7, 18; 2:7; 3:8, 16; Phil. 4:19; Col. 1:27; 2:2; 1 Tim. 6:17; Heb. 11:26; Jas. 5:2; Rev. 5:12; 18:14, 16f . There are many more, but terms vary.

Promise keyword (it has a special meaning in the NT, upgrade on OT meaning, and particular to Church, beginning in Romans, Greek epaggelia): Matt. 5:37; 20:21; 23:39; Lk. 1:45, 54f; 13:35; 18:8; 24:49; Acts 1:4; 2:33, 39; 7:5, 17; 13:23, 32f; 23:21; 26:6f; Rom. 4:13f, 16, 18, 20; 9:6, 8f, 16; Gal. 3:14, 16ff, 22, 29; 4:23, 28f; Eph. 1:13; 2:12; 3:6; 6:2f; 1 Tim. 4:8; 5:12; 2 Tim. 1:1; Tit. 1:2; Heb. 4:1; 6:13, 15, 17f; 7:28; 9:15; 10:23, 36; 11:9, 11, 39; 12:26; Jas. 1:12; 2 Pet. 2:19; 3:4, 9, 13; 1 Jn. 2:25

Entrusted keyword (Greek means a deposit, something left in your care, but is variantly translated in English): Matt. 5:4; 21:38; 25:34; Mk. 12:7; Lk. 12:13; 15:13; 20:14; Jn. 13:8; Acts 7:5; 13:19; 20:32; 26:18; Rom. 4:14; Gal. 3:18; 4:30; Eph. 1:11, 14, 18; 3:6; 5:5; Col. 1:12; 3:24; Heb. 1:2, 4, 14; 9:15; 11:8; 12:16; 1 Pet. 1:4

Share keyword (root idea is we share in Christ, so it comes to mean one's share of the inheritance in Him, and from there, sharing with others): Matt. 21:34, 41; 25:21, 23; Mk. 12:2; Lk. 3:11; 12:13; 14:1, 15; 15:12; 17:22; 20:10; 22:17; 23:34; Jn. 4:9; 13:8; 17:13; 19:23; Acts 1:17, 25; 8:21; 15:38; 26:7, 18; Rom. 1:11; 4:16; 6:8; 8:17, 21; 11:12, 17, 31; 12:8, 13, 15; 15:26f; 1 Co. 3:9; 4:8; 6:9f; 7:25; 9:4, 10, 12f, 22f; 10:17f, 20f; 12:26; 2 Co. 1:5, 7; 2:3; 4:10; 6:15; 8:4, 6, 14; 9:8; Gal. 1:6; 3:9; 4:30; 6:2, 6; Eph. 3:6; 4:16, 28; Phil. 1:7, 26; 2:17f; 3:10; 4:14; Col. 1:12, 24, 27; 2:10; 3:4; 1 Thess. 2:8, 12; 2 Thess. 2:14; 1 Tim. 5:22; 6:18; 2 Tim. 1:8; 2:3, 6; Tit. 1:4; Heb. 2:14; 3:1, 14; 4:2; 6:4; 11:25; 12:8, 10; 13:3, 16; 1 Pet. 4:9, 13; 5:1, 4; 2 Pet. 1:1, 4; 1 Jn. 1:3, 6f; 4:13; 2 Jn. 1:11; 3 Jn. 1:8; Jude 1:3, 11; Rev. 1:1, 9; 3:20f; 18:4; 20:6; 22:19

Partaker keyword (overlaps with share, above, emphasis on sharing in all): 1 Co. 9:10, 12; 10:17, 21, 30; Heb. 2:14; 5:13; 7:13, Rom. 11:17; 1 Co. 9:23; Phil. 1:7; Rev. 1:9, Lk. 5:7; Heb. 1:9; 3:1, 14; 6:4; 12:8, Matt. 23:30; Lk. 5:10; 1 Co. 10:18, 20; 2 Co. 1:7; 8:23; Phlm. 1:17; Heb. 10:33; 1 Pet. 5:1; 2 Pet. 1:4.

Bible-as-Treasure-Deposit keyword (surprisingly, NIV gets this word right more often, Greek word is paratheke, very important): Matt. 25:27; 27:6; Lk. 12:17f; 19:21ff; 2 Co. 1:22; 5:5; Eph. 1:14; 1 Tim. 6:20; 2 Tim. 1:12, 14.

Then you have the macro inheritance provisions like Ephesians 1, especially 1:15-23, 3:15-19, Eph4:13 (goal of Church maturation), Isa53:12 (basis), which means many more verses tie in, you'll find some on every NT page, but the wording varies.

Use of merizw and Eph4:16's metron merous ('portion' of teaching assigned to a pastor, through whom his congregation grows, idea that it can't grow beyond his own level); tie specifically back to Isa53:12, which uses the term in the LXX. Notice how it ends up having an interesting 'divisive' meaning in the Gospels, too: Matt. 12:25f; Mk. 3:24ff; 6:41; Lk. 12:13; Rom. 12:3; 1 Co. 1:13; 7:17, 34; 2 Co. 10:13; Heb. 7:2, Matt. 7:2; 23:32; Mk. 4:24; Lk. 6:38; Jn. 3:34; Rom. 12:3; 2 Co. 10:13; Eph. 4:7, 13, 16; Rev. 21:15, 17

Use of meros, in NT (usually translated part or portion), showing it's part of a whole: Matt. 2:22; 15:21; 16:13; 24:51; Mk. 8:10; Lk. 11:36; 12:46; 15:12; 24:42; Jn. 13:8; 19:23; 21:6; Acts 2:10; 5:2; 19:1, 27; 20:2; 23:6, 9; Rom. 11:25; 15:15, 24; 1 Co. 11:18; 12:27; 13:9f, 12; 14:27; 2 Co. 1:14; 2:5; 3:10; 9:3; Eph. 4:9, 16; Col. 2:16; Heb. 9:5; Rev. 16:19; 20:6; 21:8; 22:19.

Royal Priesthood verses exclusively referencing Church: 1Pet2:5, 9, Rev1:6, 5:10. But all of Hebrews is on this topic, as you'll see when you get to the climactic chapters 7-10.

Now for some 'spin': root idea here is that since we are unequal, there will always be need of intercession. It isn't just about sin. Christ is perfect yet He prays from His Humanity. Prays for Himself, and for everyone else. So if praying for Himself, even though perfect, the Priestly Office covers issues beyond sin. Idea is God doesn't have to do anything, there is a relationship, and one ASKS.

So after you think over John 17, you'll see how we are Royal Priests in the Royal Priest (theme of Book of Hebrews), and you'll see we have God's Own Power to ask whatever we want in His Name.

Use of 'in My Name', pan-Bible. Verses most relevant to this study are bolded: Deut. 18:19f; 1 Sam. 25:5; Est. 8:8; Ps. 89:24; Isa. 41:25; 65:1; Jer. 14:14f; 23:25; 27:15; 29:9, 21, 23, 25; Zech. 5:4; 13:9; Matt. 18:5, 20; 24:5; Mk. 9:37, 39, 41; 13:6; 16:17; Lk. 9:48; 21:8; Jn. 14:13f, 26; 15:16; 16:23f, 26; 1 Co. 1:15.

New uploads will be ad hoc in 2015, pending resolution of Jude, Mark, Hebrews, and John's meters.. Since this channel's videos are so intertwined with Peter's and Paul's meters, the icons for the subtopics are color-coded. So if a subtopic doesn't interest you, just skip that 'color'.

To play these videos in order: channel . Sorting: click on 'Browse This Channel', then 'Videos'.

In case the scattering of my 'RFG' videos drive you crazy, use this channel to see them all in ONE place. The Youtube playlist ( contains the remaining Episodes. That's confusing, too. So eventually the other videos will be ported here.
Playlist has three related themes:

A. Your ARCHEGOS aka Jesus the Christ, is Royal. So you are, too. This was a theme of my pastor's teaching, for over 50 years. So where is that in Bible? All over the NT, but Book of Hebrews is dedicated to it. Christ, of course, says that very thing, in John 14 (if you know that 'house' isn't talking about a building, but about a Royal upgrade in Isaiah 53:10's contract to make SONS). Aha.

Incomplete summary of Bible backup: RFG.doc (2 pages of related cites).

Hebrews plays off Peter's use of the term 'royal priesthood', to show the change in covenant. Revelation will also play to it, i.e., in Rev 1:6 and 5:10.

B. So the BIBLE's explanation of Hebrews, is folded into this RFG playlist. But not right away, for

C. The CHRONOLOGY of when Hebrews was written, must first be established. It's vital to interpretation, to know WHEN Hebrews was written: for the RAPTURE was 'immediately' expected, as Jerusalem was under seige. If you don't know that, you'll misread the book! Its theme, IS the Rapture's underlying foundation of Christ Won So New Covenant. So, Heb 11:39-40, 'apart from us THEY won't be resurrected'. They, meaning the OT and Trib people. The latter, won't come to EXIST if Church doesn't complete. See? It's key to the whole book!

So the videos begin with simplistic 'overview' material on what 'royal' means, then the Chronology is extensively addressed (again, first simply, then with rigor). To see that chronology, however, ends up providing a lot of insight as to B, what BIBLE says about our Royal Family status.

A full testing of the doctrinal fit of these issues, is here: DueDisclosure.htm. Its 'Diplomatic Brief' intra-page links cover the role of the Angelic Trial on your Royalty in Christ, which itself is a type of hupostasis, your 'position' in Him. Legal and political issue, that. Fought over, by Satan.

The term 'Royal Family of God' is my pastor's. Bible's titles are Royal Priesthood and Kingdom, all of them playing off the royal-house wordplay the Lord used in John 14:2. (He's not talking about physical houses, but Royal family of God branches through Christ, as you'll see in Hebrews 1:3, 3:14, 11:1's Greek, 12:23.)

Do a Web Search on 'angelic conflict', 'crowns doctrine', or 'rewards', or 'spiritual inheritance', 'doctrine of the Kingdom'. Terms vary, but many churches teach some version of this doctrine.

Here's a sample Google search I did on 'angelic conflict'. There's a lot of material available, and you really need to know the Conflict: it's THE way to read the Bible. Amazing how verses all fit together, when you understand the Conflict as the backdrop:

Another one, on 'crowns':

Wish they taught it more correctly and in more depth. Book of Hebrews, though, outlines it, as the video demonstrates. So go by BIBLE: see ITS explanation, not 'our' denominations.

That's what I'll do in this series, use ONLY Bible. Not, other studies or even my pastor's study. Idea is to furnish independent evidence. If it agrees with someone else, fine. If not, fine. Only after independent study, do I examine what others say. In this series, the viewer is left to do that examination, as he sees fit.

For you are ROYAL, so have all the problems of Royalty -- except, the recognition. Just as He had, when down here. It's a very different perspective from what we normally think of as 'Christlike' :)

NOTE: Episodes 5e17 and following, posted from 11/07/13 onward, are in vimeo ( and ), not Youtube. For ONLY the latest vimeo postings in the series, see . The vimeo videos will be moderated, to block trolls but allow folks to post without having to join Google Plus.

Series will eventually contain exegesis of Book of Hebrews; but so far, focus is only an introduction the TIMING of Book of Hebrews at the same time as Mark's Gospel. Turns out Hebrews patterns its entire outline, ON Mark's Gospel, thus proving that the latest Bible book at time Hebrews was written.

Rest of the series will later go through Hebrews in Greek and in order, to show how the Covenant changed from Israel to Church: TWO WALLS, Eph 2, elaborated. So 'dispensation' only means the applicable PERIOD over which a covenant applies, and Church does NOT take over Israel, nor usurp her. The INSERTION (Romans 11, Matt16:18) of Church Covenant is a BRIDGE to the New Covenant for Israel which will apply at the Millennium, hence the Rapture must precede, Hebrews 11:39-40.

Videos will demonstrate the foregoing, live from the Greek text. Fortunately not a lot of exegesis is needed. Meanwhile, use 1John1:9 and THINK as you read. Pity Christians don't do that, resulting in a lot of unnecessary disputation over the meaning and validity of, the Pre-Trib Rapture. You don't have to be like them. Read the Book of Hebrews over and over even in translation, and you'll see it for yourself. Greek only helps clarify what you'd discern via 1John1:9 and repeated reading in translation.

Why Christians quote Bible

brainout | 14 Nov 2015, 13:16

We're training to be kings. Kings have to be super lawyers. Lawyer means law-giver. Kings determine the rule for the land, in the ancient world, and the King of Kings became the Way the Truth and the Life, Matt 4:4; so we too have to become the Truth by learning Him. So we can be the 'Kings' under The King of...

So we are boring, sorry. Bible is our rule book, and per Romans 14-15 we have to learn to use it in our own lives, determining the rules for our lives, which means talking about those rules, debating and reasoning out those rules.. just like lawyers do. Sorry.

So when we quote Bible to an atheist or non-Christian, like lawyers we are citing LAW to back up our claims. Or, to explain them. Or, to show there is such a LAW. To show there is a God, He wrote This Book, and here's the proof (citation goes here, or quote, or paraphrase). To the atheist or non-Christian, it's not proof. To us, it is.

For the way to find out if God really exists and who He is, you need to look at the ceiling and ask for proof. Book reading after asking, is the fastest and most conclusive way to get it. God Himself witnesses to whatever is true about Him or From Him. So if this Book is about Him and From Him, as you read it, He will make you KNOW that. For sure.

So golly: it's PERSONAL, and DIRECT. So what proves God to 'you' won't be the same phrasing or connections as what proves God to 'me', etc. That's what makes it conclusive, it's EXclusive. So no one can justify believing based on hearsay.

So once 'you' know that Book is really from God, you'll read and live on and cite from it, as it's your direct and intimate proof: for only God can make that Book intelligible. So the practice of using it as a code of law/rules/guidelines/principles, is what lawyers and diplomats all do. We who are immature Christians, don't know that, but we ape those professionals. It's instinctual, since even though we don't know.. we really are born again, Royal Family of God (potential status for any human, mind you), and as newborns we supernaturally want to do what we are destined to do.. learn and rule.

We do it poorly, okay. Most of us are in the spiritual age of 'two'. Terrible Twos. Sorry.

Of course, most Christians just do it because they ENJOY it, they like the meaning, it helps us understand God (else why bother being trained for kingship), and we like knowing what that Book says. Some among us feel real proud of ourselves if we know words in this Book, especially if they are in the original languages. Just like children, the ones priding themselves on knowing the book. It's a phase one grows out of. Kinda like those priding themselves on their looks or economic status or superiority versus someone else, the immature don't yet UNDERSTAND the words, so grab onto something shallow and meaningless (like status) to motivate learning Words they really don't enjoy. Yet.

Growing pains. Sorry.

1 Royal Family Of God RFG : Book of Hebrews

This series is frozen in Youtube. The full series, including Episodes after RFG 5e16, is at . There, you can download and view, comment absent Google Plus.

Bible Backup: RFG.doc (2 pages of related cites). Series is inspired by the following Youtubers' videos, inter alia: TheEdge012, lovejesusplz, ChristKeep, 25met4, solarisgalrocks, Laras420, Nephtali1981, 0doubt, hinton4jesus, bigwhammyRocks, faithfulword, all military Youtubers, and even XENUTV. Wish GUAM were here.

I can't even watch an Edge video without being reminded of this doctrine by the Spirit; so I'm bucking Him to avoid it, huh. I already wrote extensively about it: links to the associated webpages are in the Word doc.

A full testing of the doctrinal fit of these issues, is here:

This one on 'crowns':

Wish they taught it more correctly and in more depth. Book of Hebrews, though, outlines it, as the video demonstrates. So go by BIBLE: see how IT describes, not our denominations.

That's what I'll do in this series, use ONLY the Bible. Not, other studies or even my pastor's study. Idea is to furnish independent evidence. If it agrees with someone else, fine. If not, fine. That's my approach in all my webpages and videos. Only after the independent study, do I examine what others say. In this series, the viewer is left to do that examination, as he sees fit.

For you are ROYAL, so have all the problems of Royalty -- except, the recognition. Just as He had, when down here. It's a very different perspective from what we normally think of as 'Christlike' :)

2 RFG : Our Royal Problem of WEALTH

Royal Family of God series. Good reason to consider becoming an atheist! Associated webpages: LordvSatan2.htm#CovProps and LordvSatan3.htm#PriestDest

To have wealth but not the ability to use it; to have responsibility but not the ability to fulfill it; to have an impossibly-high standard beyond one's nature to 'obey' -- these are Satan's complaints against God.

The angels first had the problem; how can finity 'obey' infinite Righteousness? And one sin, condemns the person? When one can't possibly obey from a finite nature, an Infinite Nature? How fair is that?

Conversely -- to be given the ability from God to obey, makes one as responsible as God for everything, when one doesn't choose God's Enabling Power (hence the need for 1John1:9). To have all that power, wealth, responsibility hang on a still-dead-in-Adam body, a trashed up soul which can't even GET enough Bible until some decades have passed -- how fair is that?

But that's precisely what Christ went through, sans sin, theme of Hebrews 2 and 4. So here the underlying WEALTH idea is introduced, preparatory to examining the Book of Hebrews, come Episode 5.

3a RFG : Angelic Conflict Legal Precedence

Continued from Episode 2, here explaining the raison d'etre of our position: the Angelic Conflict, which predates Adam, just as Psalm 110 says (explained in the book of Hebrews). Almost every pastor today knows something about this, yet the subject is almost never taught in depth. By contrast, my pastor (and those he trained), made this the centerpiece of his teaching, because the Bible does (beginning in Genesis 1:2, see my Genesis Exegesis videos, starting in Episode 3).

So This RFG series will be something of a slog, as there is so much unfamiliar ground to cover. See the longer Satan's Strategy series, if you'd rather just hear audio. Else, read the links below. Very time-consuming, either way.

4a RFG : Your ROYAL Angelic Trial Witness

Backdrop to Book of Hebrews, this time on the nature of each Believer in Church, why we are On Trial, what for, what is the 'trial witness' and its mechanics. Very different answers from what you'd normally expect. Beginning in Episode 5, we'll go into the Book of Hebrews, and see its 'threads' on these topics. If you can't wait that long, just keep reading the book over and over with the video ideas in mind: you should be able to see something of the threads, even in a translation.

4c RFG : Rank Has Its Privileges/Punishments

Royal Family of God series. Rank Has Its Privileges, and its Punishments. Continued from 4b, still introducing Book of Hebrews.

Associated Webpages mentioned in this video (very heavy)

All this material is an independent audit in Bible, but the audit was prompted by my pastor's longstanding teaching in his 1985 Ephesians series (seven years long of almost daily Bible classes) plus his 1992 Spiritual Dynamics series (12 years long of almost daily Bible classes). So it's a synthesis, as well as an independent audit. Because, I'm responsible for what I believe before God, not my teacher. However, if what is said rings true to you from God, you'll want to probably get those series, or get under a pastor who teaches in a similar manner. Ask God about that, I can't comment further.

4e RFG : How we Church 'Bridge' History

Royal Family of God series. Our Trial Role as Corporate Body of Christ, and its outcome at the end of Time and in Eternity.

Associated webpages about our Kingship role,

in Millennium, LordvSatan5.htm#RoleMill

in eternity: LordvSatan5.htm#Eternity

Our Royal Priestly Role then, and why Royal Priests are forever needed (we are the only priesthood in eternity): DDNA3.htm. This latter is a conclusion based on all the Bible, so whatever Bible you know, should be enough to vet the conclusion.

RFG5a Book of Hebrews, When & Why written?

This video is old, now I've METERED the Greek and know the exact order the books were written, detail is in for the whole NT. For more on the OT when-written, peruse my channels:

Royal Family of God series. Relevant style and chrono notes for 62-68AD, audio: Chrono62-68AD.WMA. You'll also need to order Lesson 1541 et seq (200 lessons) of my pastor's 'Paul's Fall' series at to get the revised chronology (corrected versus his 1975 analysis). No one in the world has done this timing reconciliation, but him. They never ask for money.

God gives a Bible book at a specific time for a specific reason, and the Bible itself always tells you when He does it. Bad Bible scholarship always goes outside Bible to date its books, with many 'scholars' doing a very poor job of reading what BIBLE says the dates are, especially lately. Always vet the scholars. There's too much political correctness, too much need to 'go along with the crowd' in academia. Dissenters are not appreciated. So don't ASSume consensus means competence. It ain't so...

Book of Hebrews is no exception. Happily, some older scholarship still 'out there' will corroborate much of what you'll see in this video, but is unaware as to WHY Book of Hebrews came out when it did.

The reason? The Methusaleh Principle: when key believers die on a Divine Schedule, a flood of death happens. (Methu+selah in Hebrew means "when he dies, 'it' happens" -- so the Flood occurred when Methusaleh died, Gen 6). Here, the schedule is the 120-year period culminating in 94AD, when history as we know it, was supposed to end (Millennium was supposed to begin 94AD, per Bible, forecast ever since Psalm 90). Nested within this period was the Lord's Death, which itself kicked off the 40-year warning period due to Israel's rejection of her Messiah (forecast also since Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53), which ended 70AD.

So Paul is executed by Nero, and Nero is executed by God (well, he suicides), and that provoked the infamous Year of the Four Emperors, which was a chaotic time in world history. The sudden vacuum of power meant Rome might not survive, as the power blocs around her angled to 'eat' some of her territory. The ensuing struggle resulted in zig zag policy by the Emperors, alternately being nice or nasty to Christians and Jews. As a result, many Christians became apostate, many more went into hiding.

Neat book on the Year of the Four Emperors, when Mark and Hebrews were written: 69 A.D.: The Year of Four Emperors 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

So God rolled out four Bible books (lol): Hebrews, Peter, Mark's Gospel, and Jude. This Part 5a covers the first two; Part 5b will cover the next two. Meanwhile, to get acclimated to the controversy over Mark, skim through some articles in this search, especially the scholastic ones:

I won't use the search material for the videos. My policy is to first use ONLY the Bible. I find that scholars tend to become tangled with other scholars and the Bible gets lost in the shuffle. So to avoid the same dilemma they face, I'll just use Bible first, and then course-correct if needed.

RFG5a Book of Hebrews, When & Why written?

If ever there was bad Bible scholarship, it's among those who advocate Mark as the first Gospel, or Mark as getting his material from Peter.

All you have to do is CROSS REFERENCE what he writes across the NT books and you realize he's updating the Gospel to a parallel generation, deliberately changing well known GOSPEL quotes to apply them to the current imminent=euthus destruction of the Temple. All Bible writers interpretatively quote Scripture. And when Mark writes, 'Scripture' includes both Matthew, James, Luke & Acts, all of Paul's writings, Book of Hebrews, Peter, Jude. You know that, because the other writers also reference the earlier NT books (Paul quotes Matthew and James, for example, and Peter quotes Paul, Jude quotes them both, Hebrews quotes Matt, Luke, Ephesians).

Can't quote passages from books which didn't yet exist. And IF quoting, one can play with the quotes, since the reader would know the original versus the new formulation -- that's an important Bible rhetorical style used ever since Exodus. In our modern parlance, it's called 'incorporation by reference', and is vital to LEGAL CONTRACTS and depositions.

Duh. As an eyewitness himself, Mark would have the credibility to do that. The wordplay would be very apt to the time. Mark's use of euthews or euthus (some mss. editors replaced euthews with euthus) is deliberate; sometimes he INSERTS or OMITS the word versus Luke or Matthew, knowing the reader will catch that change. Because what was 'immediate' back a generation prior, isn't now, or vice versa. :)

This style of taking exact words and then changing them slightly to show APPLICATION, is a prominent feature of OT and NT discourse. (Famous example is when the Lord changes 'strength' in His quote of the First Commandment to 'thinking' usu. mistranslated 'mind'. By that you know the Commandment is upgraded to HIS Mind, 1Cor2:16, very witty.)

So the Gospel of Mark is in the context of the Book of Hebrews. Upshot: in the year of the 4 Emperors, 4 Bible Writers write 4 Bible Books to explain why the Temple was about to die along with at least Three Major Believers (Paul, Peter, plus Luke, Timothy, or Jude).

RFG5c Hebrews, Peter, Jude, Mark Book Date Analysis

This 9/16/09 video is now outdated (and sometimes incorrect); but the links below are still valid. For Bible tells you when one of its books was written, and what was Canon prior, by the way it 'threads' the tenets of all prior books, into a new one. So you can tell that Book of Hebrews came out in the Year of the Four Emperors; you can tell that Peter came out before Hebrews, but in the same year; you can tell that Jude followed Peter almost immediately, and 'immediately' then followed Mark.

Whose keywords TIE TOGETHER both Matthew and Luke's Gospel, given the 'immediacy' of Temple destruction.

So the order is Peter (writing upon Paul's death, and because of it), then Jude (because Peter soon died after writing), then Mark, then Hebrews. Collateral series demonstrating this are Peter Meter, Synoptics, and Mark. They all fit together, with many videos each, showing LIVE IN BIBLE ITSELF how you can see the above claims, FOR yourself.

For good Greek writing is rife with wordplay. That's a longstanding 'wit' rule which all Greek and Latin lit follows. Bible is the wittiest of all, and it accomplishes this wit with deft word CHANGES versus known quotes. Thus you know what Bible books preceded, and what NEW points the NEW book, makes. Which means, everyone had memorized the previous Divine Writ, else the wit, would have no punch.

Now, if you want more punch, you can download my earlier, adjunctive brainstorming videos on these Bible book dates, using the links below. See also Episode 5d's video description, for the Year of the Four Emperors' timeline confluence with the INITIAL destruction timeline of the 1st Temple.

NT Book Dates (thrashing out what they were, conclusions aren't all correct), 140MB file, 39 minutes: BibleBookDatesNT.avi. This is also in vimeo, , and is in the RFG Channel as Episode 5c , .

Luke and Acts Book dates in light of Hebrews, Peter etc. (again, not all conclusions were correct), 150 MB, 23 mins: Luke1and2.avi. This video is also in vimeo, , and is in the RFG channel as Episode 5c, .

Intro to Greek wordplay to show how you prove Mark is the third Gospel, 99MB, 21 mins: MarkEpi1and2.avi. This video is also in vimeo, . It's in the Mark channel, http://www.vimeo/channels/marksgospel , as Episode 1a.

Again, these are brainstorming videos, just recording the methodology, and not all the conclusions in them were correct. The final conclusions are in Episode 5 of RFG and the first episode of the Mark series. The latter will be proven conclusively when you see the future exegetical verses, where the text of the Synoptics is compared side-by-side, onscreen.

Criticism is welcome, but if you quote the bilious Church Fathers to me, I'll ignore you. They were 'fathers', alright: of APOSTACY! They sold the pope lie, the mary-is-sinless lie, they sequestered Bible and vaunted themselves as elites, just like the Pharisees did over the Jews.

Their writings have a limited historical importance for establishing how Greek language was used. Else, what they write is mostly trash. Same with the 'Q' people.

BIBLE tells you when it was written. So we should consult IT, not some old liar from the past.

5d RFG : Jude On Peter, 1 of 6

Revisiting 5c RFG video analysis, here: • RFG5c Hebrews, Peter, Jude, Mark Book.... That link has several videos within its description, trying to determine IN WHICH ORDER during the Year of the Four Emperors, the Books of Hebrews, Peter, Jude and Mark came out. Is that the right order? Or was it Peter, Jude, Hebrews, Mark? Or, Peter, Hebrews, Mark.. and later, Jude? If later, how much later?

So in this and the next four videos, I'll try to test Jude for its 'place'. I'm not sure what I'll come up with. The only certainty is, Jude is written after Peter, and Peter is dead at the time. There seem to be references to topics in Hebrews, but one could argue that Hebrews 'tags' to Jude, not vice versa.

No final answer comes out of these videos. But at least they help show what kind of vetting one must do, when studying. A pastor must do this, so he's worth a billion dollar salary!

5d RFG : Jude On Peter, 4 of 6

Continued from • 5d RFG : Jude On Peter, 3 of 6. Now we review, going line by line to see how Jude 'wraps' around Peter, and also maybe refers to Book of Hebrews. Or, Hebrews elaborates on Jude, even as it elaborates on Peter (re priesthood, apostasy in latter days, angels, etc). Then you better understand the mocking tone of Mark's Gospel, which appears to come LAST among these four books.

This analysis matters, for when you see how obvious is this 'wrapping' technique (which today is called 'incorporation by reference', and is especially used with legal documents) -- you'll see how easy it is to disprove those Quelle ninnies who claim that Mark 'has priority' or is some kind of 'source' (=quelle, German) for the Synoptics. Just the opposite: even as Jude is wrapping around Peter and as a result is SHORTER than Peter, so too Mark is wrapping around Matthew and Luke, so therefore is SHORTER than either one. Duh.

See also my Synoptics playlist for more proof from within the Gospels themselves.

Honestly, some 'scholars' degrees should be revoked.

5d RFG : Jude On Peter, 6 of 6

Continued from • 5d RFG : Jude On Peter, 5 of 6

Focus here is on Jude's trebled dateline meter in verses 1-2, which is also how he ends the chapter: last two verses are 90 syllables, not covered in this video, so count the syllables yourself. This metering matters, as the opening two verses are 114 syllables, which is a pregnant metric sum in Daniel 9 and in Ephesians 1:3-14. Also, the 'date' results in the earliest scholarly date for Jude, being supported (Bible's own 66 AD = 'our' 68AD, owing to a 2-year variance versus Roman accounting, which the Bible writers appear to use).

Because, God uses the same syllable sum in Daniel 9:25-26; 114 is the number of days from beginning of Passover to 9th Ab, which was the same exact number of days (beginning ON Passover) as actually used by Titus to overrun Jerusalem in 70 AD. Obviously that similarity would have been very pregnant to Jews and Gentiles in Jude's audience. Isaiah 53 used it also.

90, is a 'quarter' of a year. Paul's meter keys 4x to 91, to make a solar year, in Eph 1:3-14. So clearly Jude is playing to that meter. Is Peter doing the same, and the writer of Hebrews, too? I've not yet checked those books for meter, to know.

Video ends with revisiting whether Jude precedes or succeeds the Book of Hebrews. No firm conclusion.

5e1, RFG : Hebrews On Peter

Continued from • 5d RFG : Jude On Peter, 6 of 6, still tracking the order of Bible books rolled out in 68-70 AD. Here, proof that Book of Hebrews thematically 'tracks' to Peter and Jude, despite lacking their keywords. So the order now looks to be Peter, then Jude, then either Mark or Book of Hebrews, all during that 12 months.

Rest of this 5e will be long, for I learned after making this video, that Book of Hebrews is BUILT AROUND Mark's Gospel, line by line. So it's like tapestry: Hebrews weaves together the themes of Peter, Jude, Mark as the foundational outline for the ORDER in which the writer's points are presented, even though the main theme is WHY the change of Covenant to Church (which no previous Bible book covered). Hence WHY the Rapture was imminent (Heb 11:39-40).

So 5e will be quite long, as I'll trace how Hebrews 'talks to' Mark's Gospel, with Mark on the left-hand side of the screen in translation, and Hebrews on the right, line by line. It's so obvious you can even see it in translation. So why didn't those inept Quelle 'scholars' notice? Because they don't use 1John1:9!

But then, I was stupid too, for now it's obvious when I made 5c RFG, I too hadn't done my homework. This will demonstrate why Hebrews is the LAST of the four books coming out in the Year of the Four emperors (NOT first, as 5c had contended). So egg is on my face, too. :)

5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 1 of 7

Continued from • 5e1, RFG : Hebrews On Peter. Now we have DEFINITIVE proof of when Peter writes, and as usual, the meter conforms to the earlier 'scholar' dates for Bible books. Heh. Parts 1-3 introduce you to why I know that, but of course the rest of 5e (very long!) will illustrate more testing via Hebrews and Mark textual links. My, the Quelle 'scholars' are inept!

Quick video showing the Greek of 1Peter1:1-3, how Peter plays off both Psalm 90:1-4, and PAUL's meter. I still need to do a lot more work on this, so treat this video as a mere heads-up. Kill me now. Why am I allowed to live?

Will be several weeks before I can come back to this. Meanwhile, try Googling on 'Herod's Temple 18 BC', and pick the first pdf you see (though it gets Christ's birthdate completely wrong), plus See also Scholarship is very uniform, here, but there are some nutters. Wasn't God thoughtful, to invent a dateline meter convention so we can have better certitude about our Bible books and Bible's own timeline? Heh.

So look at Haggai 2, and realize that 84 x 7 = 588, so 66 (Bible's AUC for its anno domini version, per Paul's meter) - 588 = 522 BC (end), when God commands Zerubbabel, on the anniversary of the FOUNDATION being laid for 2nd Temple, to REBUILD. Yeah, and that's when Zerubbabel is told he is Seed of Christ, so to set up Christ's birthday on what WILL BECOME Chanukah, in 4 BC (2BC per Paul's own anno domini accounting in Eph 1). Yikes!

Yeah, because the 2nd Temple is about to go DOWN, when Peter writes; the 40 years' credit remaining on Abraham maturing 54 years early -- 14 of which was overtime spent on REBUILDING the 2nd Temple, shown in Isaiah 53's meter -- the remaining 40-year credit for the TEMPLE (cuz it was 40 years late getting built due to Israel's wandering in the wilderness) -- is almost UP.

See the import of learning the meter, and it's all DOCTRINAL, baby. Syrupy text in translation alerts you to metered translation, as it is here, in Peter.

Kill me now.

5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 2 of 7

Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 1 of 7, how I know the meter is accurate, so you can see something of the methodology. A fuller explanation of how you spot Bible Hebrew Meter, even if using Greek language, is in the first video's description (Word doc you can download), here: • Bible Hebrew TIME Meter, 30 Testing C.... That way you can spot the passages yourself.

You have to know or learn the history and the relevant doctrinal references, to do this metering. The keywords in the Bible text tell you what DOCTRINES are referenced, so you know what HISTORY will relate, to reinforce the DOCTRINAL message given.

Here, it's about TEMPLE DOWN, and TEMPLE BUILDING, which is the focus of Peter and later Hebrews, the CHANGE IN PRIESTHOOD owing to Christ's Resurrection Victory. Change priesthood means change covenant, which Paul had introduced in Galatians, Colossians, and especially Ephesians, where his Eph 1:3-14 plotted prophetically, Roman FUTURE history to the rise of Odovacer; and satirically, the rise of what we now call Roman Catholicism, under Constantine.

Paul equates that to extreme apostasy which makes the Rapture so unlikely, by Constantine's death. I showed all that in detail beginning in Episode 11a of my GGS 10-11 playlist. The Word doc linked in the video descriptions of that series, is huge, replete with links to ancient Roman historian sources, so you can check both history and meter.

See also my Mary Magnificat playlist, for Peter plays on Mary, just as Paul did.

So Peter, is playing on Paul. This video helps explain how, covering verses 1-2 of 1Peter. In Part 3 we'll briefly go through 1Peter 1:3, to see more on how Peter plays on Paul.

5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 3 of 7

Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 2 of 7, now 1Peter1:3, which directly refers the reader to Ephesians 1:3 by quote and by METER. This helps you see how ancient readers used meter as a CONCORDANCE (cross-reference), since they orally memorized Scripture, by counting syllables.

So obviously I'll have to parse out the rest of the passage, to see a) why he's doing this, b) what 'future' he's updating relative to Paul, c) where the meter ends. That will take me several months. Meanwhile, with this tripartite heads-up on the method, you can decide if you want to do it yourself.

Sorry, I'm the only one who knows this meter, so it's all original research; the 'authority' is the Scripture itself, and thus is independently verifiable. But if you can count syllables, read Bible and history books, you can independently VET the material.

5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 4 of 7

Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 3 of 7. Sleuthing proof that Peter 'maps' his meter to Paul and Daniel 9:24-27, theme of TEMPLE 490; this shocks me, so I apologize for not being able to control myself.

Download Peter's meter: 1Peter1meter.pdf.

To get the most out of this play on Paul, you need to read Paul's meter, replete with university and other websites explaining the relevant historical references: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. PDF version: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

PopeMyth webpage (which has the PopeM video playlist below): PopeMyth.htm.

5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 5 of 7

Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 4 of 7. Here, the focus is on WHY Peter's tracking the 140-year parallel between the time Herod started rebuilding the 2nd Temple and its imminent demise, and the initial rebuilding OF the 2nd Temple, back in Zerubbabel's day (Haggai 2, 84 'sevens' before Peter writes).

For 122AD (onscreen, left timeline, mimicking Daniel 9's bifurcated timeline meter) is the former's 140th anniversary. Peter, like Paul, and on Paul, plays to the upcoming destruction of Temple and then Jerusalem 70 years later, parallelling the time from 586-446BC. So the text, is a) what believers should be thinking during that time, and b) a satirical commentary on how Church is also failing (just as Paul is saying) because Church is NOT thinking as directed, for the time.


5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 6 of 7

Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 5 of 7. Now we'll see the whole of 1Peter's meter, which runs to verse 12. He's playing on Paul, alright, but straight from Daniel 9.

See, God orchestrates Time using three overlapping time-grant criteria:

  1. Did someone on earth SUPERMATURE during a HISTORICAL 490-year time period, starting at Adam's fall? If yes, the world is granted 490 years longer, to live. If no, Time ends and so does the world (root idea behind the Flood).
  2. That someone granted the 490, is PERSONAL, so before that PERSON's 490 ends, someone ELSE must supermature, too.
  3. Beginning with Israel, and undergirded by the Davidic Time Grants, which were the basis for God's Grant of Time in Daniel 9 -- would Israel CORPORATE mature enough? This was signified by the TEMPLE STANDING, hence Daniel's prayer. If the Temple was down, Time would end with the latest grant in #2, above. That, was 37 AD, David's outside 1000-year grant, dated from his death. But the Temple would have to be rebuilt by positive believers, else the world would be at war (which, it was).

So now for Church, the same tripartite TIME rules remain, even though Rapture can occur at any moment, when (Eph 4:13), Church CORPORATE is mature. But if Church is apostate, like #3, times get really bad, and she goes into a kind of DIASPORA.

Paul addressed #1 and #2, with a what-if-the-Rapture occurs in syllable aka year X, in his meter.

#3 for Church, is what Peter covers. So his is a DIASPORA WINDOW timeline, telling believers in advance, when to LEAVE ROME: leave due to upcoming pagan persecutions, or leave due to what Paul had already forecast as the rise of Political Church (later enshrined in Rev 17), which today we know as Roman Catholicism (and all the other political denominations since the Reformation). For Christians who are really living on Bible, will be persecuted by both groups. So the question is, WHEN to leave, so to preserve the BIBLE which both groups will be routinely trying to sequester and burn?

Peter's orange (divisible by seven) clauses, tell you when. The parents were supposed to pass the knowledge onto their kids, even as those reading Paul were supposed to pass these prophetic calendars onto their kids, to protect both kids and Word. Sadly, by now this rhetorical style of calendared prophecy underlying timeless (syrupy) text, is unknown in both today's Judaism (for the meter style dates back to Psalm 90) -- and has been lost to Christianity, ever since the first century.

So here and in Part 7, we'll see the structure. You are to link the words in a given segment of text, to the YEARS signified by the syllable pattern, to know when and what to think, while you flee, both groups.

The Pauline and Petrine text both intertwine to give you advance SATIRICAL historical information which we in retrospect, can prove. However, I don't have time now, to show how both sets of text within the same historical segment, interrelate. Ask God, and He'll show you. Then when I'm able to make videos on this antiphonal relationship between the texts for the same syllable/TIME segment, maybe you and I can compare notes.

5e3, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Peter1:1-2

Bible meter is meant to further explain, cross-reference, elucidate the interpretation of Bible text. Pity this Meter is unknown to scholars. So here, we take a simple example of how Bible meter elucidates otherwise-snoring text, in 1Peter1:1-2.

Folks who got this letter at the time, memorized Scripture by means of syllable counts. So God gives them extra bang for the buck -- using a rhetorical style since Moses -- of turning the METER (syllable counts in groups of sevens or threes) into a CALENDAR. So it becomes a drama play about specific segments of time, with the words known to be 'lines' spoken by 'actors' telling you ABOUT that time.

Moses started this style in Psalm 90 (see my Psalm 90 playlist), with God's Decree re TIME in the first 84 syllables: a promise of TIME for those who took 'refuge' in God.

This, is Peter's jumping-off point for his letter; you know that, because he too uses 84 syllables. So the syllables act as a concordance, a pointer, cross-reference. Text refers to Psalm 90 content several times, which all scholars know. But what they don't know, is how the meter tells you MUCH MORE INFO -- as well as when Peter writes -- than you could discern, from the text alone.

Always need to know CONTEXT, with Scripture. Here, vital TIME CONTEXT is missing from theology, and hence this valuable method of interpreting Bible, goes unlearned. So to show you the difference in the meaning you get -- which is all doctrinal, as well as telling you WHAT TIME Peter writes (which scholars still dispute) -- to show you this difference, I dramatize the text by reading it, and showing how the METER gives you added meaning FROM THE SAME WORDS, which you'd otherwise not know.

Test what I say, as this is all original research. See the 'God Orchestrates Time' section on my Channel page, for the many playlists on this Meter technique. Word docs are in every video description, so you can VET the material yourself. If you can count syllables; if you can read history articles; if you can read Bible Greek with software help like BibleWorks, you can proof this material.

And as always, let me know if you find any mistakes, as I have no one to check me, except myself. If God is in what I say, He'll testify. If not, He'll tell you where I'm wrong. Else I'd have no courage to make videos at all!

5e4, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Peter1:1-3 on Eph1:3-4

Continued from • 5e3, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Pet.... Now we get into verses 4-5 of Paul's Eph1:3-14, to show how the CURRENT and parallel section of Peter, INTERLEAVES with the then-current section of Paul. It's truly amazing.

Important: in LEGAL documents, a technique called 'incorporation by reference' is a kind of cross-reference to another legal document OUTSIDE the current one being read, to INCORPORATE the OTHER document's TEXT into the CURRENT one being read. Thus you know how to interpret the CURRENT text. Thus, legal documents quote or sometimes use NUMBER CITATIONS, to point the reader to the outside text which is thus incorporated. You are to read the total text WITH the incorporation to get the meaning, scope, parameters, conditions, etc. of the CURRENT text.

Example: if I said, 'the participant's benefits from this Plan will be subject to Code Section 415 of the Code', the lawyer reading the document knows that the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of that 'section' in US tax law, will LIMIT the retirement benefits of some employee covered by the particular plan whose document he's reading. He then looks OUTSIDE the document he's reading (i.e., looking outside Peter to Paul), to INCORPORATE the terms of that cited law, into the text he's reading. Thus he knows, for example, that if the participant in the plan was otherwise entitled by plan terms to a million-dollar annual payment from the plan, Code Section 415 REDUCES the payment to its OWN current maximums for each year (generally, around 205K in 2013).

Back in Peter's day, they didn't have named sections of Bible, but instead had syllable counts. So, Peter matches SYLLABLES so the reader can track what in Paul, Peter's incorporating into his letter. This technique was started by Moses, to quote his own material, since he wrote the first five Bible books. His style has been emulated, ever since. And it is unknown, today, to Christian scholars.

Since I do legal documents for a living, and all law in any age is written this way, it was easy for me to understand this rhetorical technique. Especially here, since the Bible is a LEGAL CONTRACT of INHERITANCE, and of course we saw already from 1Peter1:2, that INHERITANCE is the topic. So you'd expect Peter, who was far more astute in Classical Greek than scholars give him credit for, to use this sophisticated legal technique.

Talk to any lawyer you like, especially one in tax law, and you'll find confirmation of this style in both contract law and in tax law, though we don't use syllable counts anymore, to incorporate by reference. So why don't the Bible scholars realize its use in Bible? Why, when even a brainout can count syllables, has this very interactive and definitively-interpretative technique, been so unknown to those in hermeneutics? Oh well.

I realize that I'm supposed to be nice about this, but I just can't. The GOLDMINE of Scripture is going undug, and Christians are dying inside from doubt, misinformation, and false doctrine, instead. For centuries. It's unfair. It's time we got nasty, therefore, and stop compromising God's Gorgeous Word, for the sake of being nice to each other.

5e5, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Peter1:3 on Eph1:4-5

Continued from • 5e4, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Pet...

Now covering Peter's meter-and-text interaction with Paul's, in each verse 3-4. This is a killer interaction. If ever you had doubts about Eternal Security, you won't doubt it after going through this video. Bible is very precise in its doctrines, and here we see another example of how the ancients would know they can't lose salvation.

5e6a, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Peter1:3 on Eph1:6

Continued from • 5e5, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Pet.... Now we see how Peter ties in Daniel 9 and Rapture (which was then expected) in light of the KNOWN imminent destruction of 2nd Temple (then under siege; remember, he datelined 1Peter 1:1-2, based on 84 sevens, which takes you back to Haggai 2).

So Peter's theme is, Yes Temple Will Be Destroyed but will Resurrect as Church at Rapture (tying to Eph 2's two walls, 2nd covenant separate for Church). For they didn't actually call it Rapture (though the term is derived from Latin rapto in 1Thess 4:17) -- they called it the EXIT RESURRECTION (exanastasis, used in Philippians 3:11) of the Church. Since the word is misunderstood by the translators, you can't tell what Paul means, in English.

Very clever technique, since Peter 'ropes' his text to the yet-future prophecy in Paul, which to us moderns is known as the Bar Kochba rebellion and the destruction of Jerusalem under Hadrian, who built Aeolia Capitolina atop the razed city, with a pig temple to Zeus (Jupiter) standing over the Temple Mount. Jews were no longer allowed in the city, except on Tish B'Av (the date Titus would destroy the Temple in 70AD, same date as when it was destroyed the first time, per Jeremiah 52:12, remembering that the new day begins piggybacked on the sundown of the PRIOR day).

5e6b, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter's Marching Song read aloud

Continued from: • 5e6a, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Pe...

Fun video to follow up on 5e6, to 'sing out' how Peter's meter interactively creates an antiphonal marching song by interacting with Paul's text. Maybe you'll come up with other configurations. Oh: add Paul's 'en oi echomen' in verse 6 (taking you to Paul's syllable=year 151AD) at the end of the song; or just before the last refrain. Funny how its meaning changes when just left open like that. I forgot to 'sing' it in the video.

Greek drama, use of repetition, search: Useful is a 1999 dissertation by a guy named Pickering, 313718.pdf . I've not yet gone through it.

I don't know if Peter's deliberately matching cadence for some well-known pattern then common in Greek or Roman culture. Paul patterned Ephesians after Ion by Euripides, so maybe something by that playwright is used by Peter, too; but I'm not familiar enough with Greek drama cadence, to know.

5e6d, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter's Song TRANSLATED

Download the interleaved (Paul's Eph 1:3-14 with 1Peter1:1-12) song with its metered translation, here: PeterMeterSongWithTrans.pdf. It's only two pages, currently. Since 1Peter 1:1-12 is metered, the final version will be much longer.

5e7, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter's Song Analyzed

Video starts with a quick review of the Greek to refresh your mind on the cleverness of the cadence, and then launches into key hermeneutical points to illustrate the extreme value of the meter, for interpreting the text. If we all learned to memorize Scripture as did our ancient forebears, this would be very easy. Since we didn't learn it as kids, going through this analysis will be something of a slog.

5e7b, RFG : Revisiting Paul's meter cadence (Eph 1:3-14)

Continued from • 5e7, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete..., to show a different possible interleaved 'song' cadence, using Paul's meter as the 'beat', rather than what I showed in 5e7 RFG.

Download THE UPGRADED VERSION of Peter's meter (only the Greek, all of 1Pet1:1-12): 1Peter1meter.pdf. The upgrade now sports LINKS to the historical sections in Ephesians1REPARSED.htm, so you can investigate the university and contemporary Roman history/Church documents of that 'time', to see why Peter meters as he does.

Download the interleaved (Paul's Eph 1:3-14 with 1Peter1:1-12) song with its metered translation, here: PeterMeterSongWithTrans.pdf. It's only two pages, currently. Since 1Peter 1:1-12 is metered, the final version will be much longer.

To get the most out of this play on Paul, read Paul's meter, replete with Roman contemporary writings, university websites explaining the relevant historical references: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. HTM version: Ephesians1REPARSED.htm. PDF version: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

To see how the 49 years were missed, not 70 (as mistakenly claimed by Eusebius, who scholars have blindly followed ever since), see brainoutFAQ.htm#6a; then search on 'Master Accountant', to read the accounting.

Also watch videos on Daniel 9, beginning here: • 23Ps90 Daniel's Prayer Meter proves P.... It's faster and easier to instead download the Daniel document in the video description, then read through it to see his style. Both Paul and Peter talk back to Daniel 9 VIA its style -- which I call 'tagging' -- as Mary had done, in the Magnificat.

5e8, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter's Song Analyzed, cont.

Continued from • 5e7, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete..., still on the hermeneutics offered by the meter. Here, more deeply into the nature of Paul's anaphora, to know why Peter adopts his interleaving technique.

Essentially, Peter adopts the technique as a SINGING REMINDER to the reader, to take Paul's warning seriously. Turning the interactive text into a marching song, will make it easier to use and remember, teach your kids, etc.

For beneath the syrupy text, is a message of progressive war and degeneration in a) the Roman Empire in general, and b) in Christianity, in particular; so the Rapture becomes LESS LIKELY with each passing year. So it's a warning of Christian apostasy, which can ALSO cause the Rapture, but for the wrong reason (Church too apostate to be allowed to keep living on earth). Paul basically tells you that from Constantine onward (end Eph1:12), Church goes into the toilet, with only a few 'proelpikotas' individuals maturing, no mass growth.

So you used this prophetic calendar even as you did the ones in the OT, to know What Time It Is, and how to orient to that Time, when you are IN it.

Very different meaning, therefore, versus the pablum teaching re both passages, today!

Now, my pastor taught this meaning from text only, not knowing the meter, for maybe 50 years. His main teaching THEME was, how God uses the Believer to BUY TIME, often saying 'as goes the believer (in Church), so goes history.' Wow. I asked God for proof IN BIBLE for how this BUYING TIME doctrine, worked. That was back in 2000, and I've been posting the documentation, ever since (first in the web, now in Youtube as well). Other pastors call this, 'salt' doctrine, but they know almost nothing about it.

So get my pastor's 1985 Ephesians series, which is 12 whopping years long (if you play an hour every day), at They don't ask for money, and you can order the free mp3 or DVD at the rate of maybe 30-36 lessons per month (1 per day, don't overdo it).

5e9, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter's Song Analyzed, cont.

Continued from • 5e8, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete.... IMPORTANT: Now we see the different CRITERIA for timeline charting, between Peter and Paul:

  1. Paul charts LIKELIHOOD OF RAPTURE due to enough MATURATION, theme of Ephesians, climactic Eph 4:13, Rapture Occurs when Body Corporate Has the Maturity of Christ. That's what you also need, to become a KING. So will enough KINGS develop, and will the KINGDOM develop? That's the play, and its success becomes ever less likely, from Constantine forward. That's the story, Paul's meter tells.
  2. Peter, by contrast, focuses on the 1Kings 9 criterion, Will Temple (Church, second wall of Eph 2, not Israel, but Bridge To Israel's future time) -- remain STANDING? The criterion for the Temple to Remain Standing, is enough positive volition for any growth to keep going, analogous to Sodom and Gomorrah. Just one Noah and family...

So over the same period, Peter charts whether believer CORPORATE growth is sufficient for God to allow Church to REMAIN on earth. John later echoes this criterion in Revelation 1-3: 'lampstand' (local church) remains or is removed. Both tag Paul's Romans 11.

This is the NEGATIVE criterion for Rapture: Church must be recalled (diplomatic term, think 2Cor5:20) due to its APOSTASY. Of course, if that became true, then Time Ends, Satan wins. So Peter reassures readers, warns them at the same time: yes, Church will remain, but the growth is so low after 350 AD, Church BARELY remains. Ouch.

Hence both writers use Daniel's 62 weeks (434 years), since we're stuck in the 'time bubble' of Daniel 9:26c, wars and rumors of wars until Christ comes (Rapture for us, Trib for the world). For as always true since Adam, Time still must be Justified by a) one person supermaturing during a 490 year period, and b) mass voting during the sandwiched 70 years (490+70+490, so two believers must supermature per 1050, and enough mass votes to learn God during the 70).

Peter's four quarters thus play on Paul's four quarters, in wry ways. Later videos will focus on these differences. For example, Peter's 2nd quarter of Church reverses the order of Paul's meter for Paul's own 2nd quarter; Peter's 3rd quarter replicates and reverses the order of Paul's 1st quarter (so Church growth sufficient to continue Time itself mimics in reverse time order, the 1st quarter in Paul). In between, Vote Critical Time known to modern historians as Decius-Gallienus (SPQR Emperors), is under Peter's chronology elongated; meaning, growth way too low, behind schedule. That schedule is made up, from the rise of Gallienus in the West (when Roman Empire newly splits), to end of the first two Constantine kids (who die trying to kill each other over whether God is 1 or 3, lol).

Paul's 4th quarter shows no group maturation at all. Only individuals. Peter echoes this, playing on Psalm 90 (the outer timline in Peter): instead of 91, 84. For like Israel at Temple Down to Purim (focus of Psalm 90:16-17), Church MIGHT NOT continue.

After Q4, from 434-483 AD, known in history as Fall of the West, Peter ends with the pregnant '49', Church apostasy analogous to Israel in Diaspora, Missed Sabbaths, TEMPLE DOWN. So that theme characterizes our time from Constantine's sons, forward. We might not make it, always on Edge of Being Too Apostate to Live. Rev 1-3, echoes this theme.

Very shocking stuff, very technical. And very unknown to Christendom, who is always on life support, always fancying itself holy, always on the verge of God having to pull the plug, fig tree not bearing any fruit, Mark 11-14. Which maybe accounts for why Mark stops using euthus during that section (see my Mark 3d6-7 videos, starting at • Mark3d6 Why Mark OMITs euthus from Ch...).

5e11, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter's Meter, review intro

Continued from • HELP? Lacuna in 1 Peter 1:10-11?. Now we review the 'panorama' of Peter's meter in the newly UPGRADED VERSION of 1Peter1meter.pdf, presuming that the prior video's 'lacuna' issue can be resolved. Focus here is on the DOCTRINAL MEANING of the orange (sevened) meters, which serves to elucidate and ground the text. Else you don't get what Peter's saying, and much misinterpretation of his letter, results.

5e12 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter maps Future, Nero to Hadrian

1Peter1:3 prophetically covers Nero to Hadrian's first five years. So this video continues from • 5e11, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pet..., but also is in tandem with Paul's charting the same time, beginning in GGS Episode 11i, • GGS11i Paul maps Future up to Domitia.... Remember, Peter's writing on top of Paul, so starts with the CURRENT emperor: Nero, just before he died, but just after Paul's execution. Else, Peter's meter themes are the same as Paul's, both overlaying (updating) and interleaving, with Paul's meter and text.

5e13 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter maps Future, Hadrian thru A. Pius.

Continued from • 5e12 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete..., now into 1 Peter 1:4, showing how Peter plays on Paul's What If The Rapture Occurs in the remaining years of Hadrian through A. Pius. Church apostacy had begun back in the 90's, and it ramps up, here. Christians were very obnoxious, and Peter's text (as too Paul's) wryly ties to that rise in apostacy.

Hence the persecutions which occurred, were largely instigated by the locals, and the Government turned a blind eye. Christians really WERE seditious, as any reading of the bilious 'Church Fathers' will show you. You can read them easily by clicking on the links in the Word doc showing onscreen in the video, or by going to Ephesians1REPARSED.htm#HallofShame

They are listed in chrono order, and the website is Calvin College, which just stores the original Church Father documents, and thinks those guys were good guys. You'll disagree, when you read the writings. You can also read them at , and in BibleWorks.

5e14 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter maps Future A. Pius to M.Aurelius

Continued from • 5e13 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete...; how Peter's wry wording characterizes the time of both the Roman Emperors Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius, AND the warring apostate Christians claimed today, as part of the 'Catholic Church'.

5e15 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter maps Future M.Aurelius to Commodus

Continued from • 5e14 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete...

Shocking stuff. 1 Peter 1:5b, on Aurelius' reign. Peter's wry satire, SYLLABLE BY SYLLABLE! on this period, is heartbreaking, too: for he's characterizing what Roman historians call a 'golden age'; so too, the 'Church Fathers' turned philosophical -- sending Christianity into the tank, to make it look like every other religion.

Christendom never recovers from this denouement. We think it's OUR golden age, how stupid can we be! (see the bilious praise of uniting Christianity with philosophy by a MODERN idiot, in !)

Just as Israel wanted to be like other nations and rejected God as King in 1050 BC; in 160-186 AD, Church rejects Him. In favor of, scholasticism: emulating Aurelius. That trend has continued, ever since. They were hot on how intellectual they were. Bible gets twisted more than ever. In favor of, philosophical ingratiation. Rev17, baby.

So the warring apostate Christians, claimed today as part of the 'Catholic Church', were destroying Bible meaning right and left. But so too, were their opponents. Very much like today.

So what did God do, the very year the Philosopher everyone praises, got into power? God sent one plague outbreak after another, to Rome. And it kept on going, for well over 100 years! And, military incursions! See Leviticus 26, Deut 28! Warning, Bill Robinson!

Why not? Everyone put his 'faith' (pistews, in the verse) and his custody (phrouroumenous) under the power (dunamei) of POLITICS and PHILOSOPHY -- but not, under God. By contrast, God took them all into custody with the plagues, since they were plaguing Christianity, 1John5:16: Hegesippus, Martyr, Hermas, Tatian, and especially Irenaus, Athenagoras, Tertullian. All anti-semitic, twisters, liars, gossipers, with total disregard for Scripture or even a modicum of desire to tell the truth. So God cleans house. For the next 100+ years, four generation curse.

Really wry, here, Peter's language: salvation being REVEALED -- yeah, you're DYING! Since you're dying, you're kept under GUARD due to FAITH (yeah, in what, and with what results when REVEALED, lol).

Paul's text for the same period, is on DEBT CANCELLATION through His Blood, yielding RICHES (get the pun? Riches of bleeding for the world or riches of Christ bleeding for you, you bleeding for the Word instead) -- at which point, Aurelius dies!

Every emperor afterwards, will claim lineage from him. The loopy Christians too, claim Christianity is like Aurelius' philosophy. To sell it. So ask: why should anyone believe in Christ?!?!

Meanwhile, the FEW believers faithful in Word, reading these Petrine and Pauline antiphonal verses, know to LEAVE; so to be kept under guard AWAY from Rome and her sicknesses. See how the verse applies in both positive and negative directions? Oh, this is SO classical Greek drama of sotto voce political commentary, in every great play of the golden age of Greece, 500's BC!

5e16 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Peter maps Future M.Aurelius to Commodus, cont.

For Episodes after 5e16 RFG, go to No more vids will be posted in Youtube.

This video continues from • 5e15 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete..., still on the Aurelian period, and how Christianity became so vocal, political and obnoxious, during this time.

See Ephesians1REPARSED.htm#HallofShame for their writings. See for yourself, how bad they were. So they are a plague on humanity, so Rome is under plagues.

1 Peter 1:5c, on Aurelius' reign. Peter's wry satire, SYLLABLE BY SYLLABLE! on this period, is heartbreaking, too: for he's characterizing what Roman historians call a 'golden age'; so too, the 'Church Fathers' turned philosophical -- sending Christianity into the tank, to make it look like every other religion.

RFG5e19 Peter maps Severans, cont.

Major change in Romanism, whether secular or 'Christian', during this period. Origen would come to court the Severans; Demetrius of Alexandria wanted to undercut Origen, so had Julius Africanus suddenly invent Peter being in Rome during the very years Jews were ousted from Rome by Claudius! By the end of the time Peter covers, persecution would begin. The chiliasts in Rome, who Demetrius and the Romans were trying to shut up, kept yelling it was the end of the world. And so it was, for THEM -- given the wry text God has Paul and Peter, use!

See how Paul wryly tracks this pivotal period. in . Peter wraps his text around Paul's, even as Mark wrapped his text around Matthew and Luke.

Two historical books help us understand this period. First, 'Bishop Lists', on the Origen fiasco. 10 'Bishop Lists' videos are now in GGS11t9. They begin with . Substitute the 'a' with 'b' etc. to go to successive videos on the book, through 'h'. Or better still, just get the book at Amazon. Links to it will be in the video descriptions.

Second, a book on Julia Domna, which I just bought (see my review in Amazon, ). Levick explains that Domna's alleged long-royal (Syrian Arab-related) family, furnished troops to help besiege Jerusalem; some of that family married into the Herods (the Emesenes). Moreover, her family 'orientalized' Roman religion toward monotheism. Those are two of the main historical 'plotlines' in the book.

However, Levick's goal is to make Julia Domna look good, so she dismisses the allegations of Domna seeking political control, made by ancient Roman writers. You can kinda understand why she undertakes to defend Domna, when you read gossip rags treated as scholarship, like this one: . So the truth must be somewhere in the middle of her position, and that book.

Herodian was alive during that time, as was Cassius Dio. Link to Herodian: . Link to Cassius Dio: . So-called 'Spartianus' was a fake 'author' in the Augustan History, which scholars universally treat critically. Whatever it says, must be vetted, as the HA (as scholars call it) was written during Constantine, so is not contemporary, and is full of inaccuracies. Not wholly, though.

No wonder Paul so stresses the women via his pregnancy keyword, musterion....

Download pdf on Peter's meter (only the Greek, all of 1Pet1:1-12): . The upgrade now sports links to the historical sections in Ephesians1REPARSED.htm, so you can investigate the university and contemporary Roman history/Church documents of that time, to see why Peter meters as he does.

Download the interleaved (Paul's Eph 1:3-14 with 1Peter1:1-12) song with its metered translation, here: . It's only two pages, currently. Since 1Peter 1:1-12 is metered, the final version will be much longer.

To get the most out of this play on Paul, read Paul's meter, replete with Roman contemporary writings, university websites explaining the relevant historical references: HTM version: . PDF version: .

To see how the 49 years were missed, not 70 (as mistakenly claimed by Eusebius, who scholars have blindly followed ever since), see ; then search on 'Master Accountant', to read the accounting.

Since Isaiah and Daniel started this rhetorical style of meter-mapping-to-kings tradition, watch videos on Daniel 9, beginning here: . It's faster and easier to instead download the Daniel document in that video's description and then read, to see his style. Both Paul and Peter talk back to Daniel 9 VIA its style -- which I call 'tagging' -- as Mary had done, in the Magnificat.

RFG6 Who Wrote Hebrews?

Full RFG playlist: . The videos in Youtube stop at 6, but go on in vimeo.

How Book of Hebrews' own GREEK text tells you who did NOT write it, i.e., Paul. Pity sick KJVO and other people don't read it. That the incompetent CATHOLIC CHURCH 'FATHERS' who couldn't even count to 3 claimed Paul wrote Hebrews, shows you how bad they are. That the incompetent KJVO people who hate the Catholic Church nonetheless repeat the Catholic lie, shows you how dumb the KJVO are. But they cannot read the Greek. For the GREEK style is not at all like Paul's, but rather more like LUKE's, if anyone's.

Yet the most important clue is the writer's constant use of his authority, which is a strong subtheme in the letter. Whoever the writer was, he was a Jew, was respected and probably from Jerusalem, and was regarded as their leader. For he strongly chides the Jerusalem Jewish believers more and more strongly as the letter progresses, for their going back to the Mosaic Law, even though saved.

The vimeo videos will cover the passages where he asserts his authority, but if you can't wait that long, check out the beginning of each chapter, i.e., Heb5:11-6:6's scathing Greek sarcasm (5:11 and 6:12 especially). So this wasn't a Gentile, was someone regarded as a 'pillar' of the Church, but wasn't Mark, John, Jude, or Peter (very different writing style from theirs). And above all, wasn't Paul, who was dead, as you'll see from the video verses here. If you have to pick someone, maybe pick Luke (but that's doubtful, as he was a Gentile).. or Silas. Acts 15 notes the latter was well-regarded, and he travelled extensively with Paul; Peter recommends him, in 1Peter5:12. Just search on his name (aka Silvanus). But it's only a guess.

Moreover, a strong subtheme is GROUP of witnesses. That's how he starts the letter, in Heb1:1. Reasserted, in Heb 2:1, 3:1, 12:1, and of course all of Chapter 11. So he's using the CUMULATIVE WEIGHT of all past witnesses, as the theme -- since his letter is about, the Angelic Trial.

So you'd rightfully not expect him to put his own name on the letter. Oh, but the confused scholars all do expect it! Whatever happened to their recognition of Greek literary style? Didn't the formal, high Greek of the letter alert the scholar to the fact the writer WANTS to begin with a flourish? How much more dramatic can it be, that it's the Year of the Four Emperors, Paul has just been executed, and PROPHECY since Abraham matured too EARLY -- was now being 'paid' to Israel? For Abraham matured 54 years early. As Psalm 90 reveals and Isaiah 53 updates and Daniel 9 affirms, that 14-year overage would be used up, with Messiah. So that left 40 years. So Messiah dies, and 40 years later is the fulfillment of the REST of Daniel 9:26. Beginning, 7 years prior.

That's in part why Hebrews is so dramatic, opening with the PAST Word of GOD as the 'narrator'. Why, this letter stresses the covenant change. Temple was about to be destroyed, they were to leave but weren't leaving, so like Jeremiah the writer of Hebrews must play that warning role.

God may have also been timing the letter to match exactly, the 1st Temple's siege. I made another video on that idea, too, but it's too long for Youtube. View and/or download it, here: . Download that original vid here: .

A helpful link on the timing (which only seeks to catalogue the Emperors of Rome) is here: If you read it carefully, you'll see the phenomenal 19-month timeline reminiscent of 2Kings 25 (covered in the video link above), so Book of Hebrews likely went out when Otho came to power, if not during Galba, prior. (I find it hard to believe that the letter could have gone out during Vitellius, who aped Nero. Peter was likely executed during Vitellius' time, though I can't prove it. Parthia was a 'fan' of Nero, and Vitellius became one, too.)

If you come up with a better timeline or idea, tell me!

Full Mark playlist is here: • b-out Mark's Gospel proves 'Q' Schola...

RFG6c Revised Hebrews Dateline Meter

Revised Book of Hebrews dateline meter. The ending 133 meter is still the same, but I screwed up the interim parsing when initially done, because back then I didn't recognize the cadence. So this video introduces the corrections, with explanations re variants and parsing methodology.

Revised doc still has the same name, and presently doesn't have any commentary, is only the text shown in video, and . Thus you can reparse it as you please, with less effort.

Later videos will go through the significance of the meters, and the doc will contain that explanation too. For now, I just introduce some of the connections, not much explaining WHY I know the writer (CLEARLY NOT PAUL) wrote in late 69 or early 70 AD. The Temple was taken down in the final assault which began on Passover and ended on 9th Av, by Titus; this was written before that final assault began, at least by several months, probably the prior fall, so there would be enough time for the letter to circulate. This same close warning was done by Ezekiel for the Diaspora Jews, see his book. And also by Jeremiah, see Jeremiah and Lamentations. So the writer of Hebrews is playing the same God-given role as those two OT prophets.

Vespasian was sent to Jerusalem around 67 AD, so the armies had been surrounding Jerusalem for quite some time before the assault began. They were trying to negotiate a truce with the Jews, to keep Judea a commercial success, and keep invasion costs down. It didn't pan out. You can read Josephus on that, but be aware that Josephus is very bad at numbers: almost all his Bible numbers are perpetually wrong. So use his dates for anything else, also with caution.

File Name: HebDatelineMeterRevPt1.avi, 3/22/14.

RFG6c1 Hebrews 1:3 variant di heautou

Short addendum on why di heautou variant fits the text, and should be included as part of the Autograph. Revised doc still has the same name, and presently doesn't have any commentary, is only the text shown in video, and . Thus you can reparse it as you please, with less effort.

File Name: HebDatelineMeterRevPt2.avi, 3/22/14.

RFG6c2 Hebrews 'tagged' by John's Gospel

How John's Gospel tags Hebrews, Mark, Jude, Peter, Ephesians, etc. I couldn't combine and re-render the videos, so this one's short.

Revised doc still has the same name, and presently doesn't have any commentary, is only the text shown in video, and . Thus you can reparse it as you please, with less effort.

For John, documents below were again revised on 3/08/14. Here are their links: (Greek or tabs won't be aligned, in some browsers)

File Name: RFG6c2.avi, 3/24/14.

RFG6c3 Hebrews 'tagged' by John's Gospel, cont.

How John's Gospel tags Hebrews, Mark, Jude, Peter, Ephesians, etc. I couldn't combine and re-render the videos, so this one completes the pair on John's Gospel tag. Be sure to note how the text ties, too. Next is further testing via 1John.

Revised doc still has the same name, and presently doesn't have any commentary, is only the text shown in video, and . Thus you can reparse it as you please, with less effort.

For John, documents below were again revised on 3/08/14. Here are their links: (Greek or tabs won't be aligned, in some browsers)

File Name: RFG6c3.avi, 3/24/14.

RFG6c4 Hebrews Tagged By 1John

Now we examine the 'tags' made on Hebrews, by 1 John. Just like with fingerprints, the more 'matches' you have, the more definite the 'tag'.

Revised doc still has the same name, and presently doesn't have any commentary, is only the text shown in video, and . Thus you can reparse it as you please, with less effort.

For John, documents below were again revised on 3/08/14. Here are their links: (Greek or tabs won't be aligned, in some browsers)

File Name: RFG6c4HebTaggedBy1John.avi, 3/27/14.

RFG6d Hebrews' Dateline uses Temple Fall as Mid Trib analogy

Numeric puns on 'middle'. John will do the same thing in his meter, clearly getting his pattern from Hebrews. So what's the deal with 'middle'? Daniel 9:27. The idea was, everyone expected the Temple to go down, Daniel 9:26, but due to Church, also expected that to herald the Tribulation's beginning. So downfall=desecration, hence a kind of pun about middle dates. So, the writer of Hebrews (not Paul, he was dead, Hebrews 13:23) uses a dateline which is 21 years from latest mid-Trib on the timeline pre-Church, dated also when the Lord's age was in the 'middle' of Age 70 and 77. All three dates: 70, 73, 77.. were plotted as what-if-Raptures by Paul in Ephesians 1:3-14.

Only this time, the Lord being 73: the Temple really does go down. Our year? 70AD. Get the pun?

Revised doc still has the same name as before, but now with commentary on the numbers covered in the video: and Thus you can reparse it as you please, with less effort.

For John, documents below were again revised on 3/08/14. Here are their links: or (Greek or tabs won't be aligned, in some browsers) or . All the other links to the other docs, including Ephesians, are in these links.

File Name: RFG6d.avi, 4/12/14.

Jude 6a/6b and 2 Peter's REVISED Meter

>Jude Part 6 is subdivided into two parts: this one is a better explanation of 2 Peter's meter versus the prior video, showing how he actually uses ADAMIC YEAR NUMBERS in his meter. Which pattern, Jude tags PER CLAUSE. But Jude doesn't use Adamic year numbers; yet, he expects you to know Peter did, to make puns on Peter's formulas, which Jude actually duplicates. To see Part 6b, click here:

Again, this is clear evidence that the meter is deliberate. I couldn't make this up even if I wanted to. Heck, I didn't even understand it, until redoing the math several times! So if anyone claims the Bible is corrupted or we don't have the original words the writers wrote, or that Bible was written much later.. guess again! The naysayers always prove themselves incompetent, for even a dippy 'brainout' can count syllables and see the provably-Divine, pattern!

Doc Links: you can substitute 'pdf' with 'doc' and edit the (MS Word) docs.

2 Peter: EXPLANATION REVISED, 2PeterMeterR2.pdf. The doc still has the old title of 2PeterMeter.doc, but has all the latest revisions, and is the 'original' from which the pdf was made. Text after page 1 still needs more editing for consistency.

Jude: Jude1-3DatelineMeter.pdf . Text after page 2 needs to be edited.

File Name: JudePart6Aon2Peter.avi, 3/17/15.

Jude 6b/6b Dateline Meter 'answer'

This Part 6b 'answers' the meter question, 'when was Jude written?' You'll need to first watch Part 6a to see 2 Peter's meter, which Jude apes: . Else, the 'answer'here, won't make much sense.

Since this book is so misused by the denominations (ALL of them), the meter is of unusual hermeneutical value. Time we got back to the BIBLE and stopped treating it like a political football.

Doc link: Jude1-3DatelineMeter.pdf or 'doc'. Text after page 2 still needs editing for consistency.

For 2 Peter: EXPLANATION REVISED, 2PeterMeterR2.pdf. The doc still has the old title of 2PeterMeter.doc, but has all the latest revisions, and is the 'original' from which the pdf was made. Text after page 1 still needs editing for consistency.

File Name: JudePart6B.avi, redone 3/17/15

Bible's Anno Domini Meters 6/7

Long before we invented 'Anno Domini', Bible used it. This series examines NT Anno Domini Dateline Meter formulas, and how they are all precedented on the OT dating system from both Adam's Fall (not initial creation) and, as a countdown TO a planned Millennial start of 4200 after Adam's Fall. See Preface for orientation, .

This rather dramatic video continues the survey with Hebrews, which builds its outline around the Gospel of Mark, thus proving more than ever that Mark's the THIRD Gospel, not Quelle or first. Dramatic, because it almost SCREAMS of Luke and Mark's authorship post Paul's death.

The Royal Family of God channel has those videos. But here, Hebrews also shows how all the NT dateline meters, have the following in common:

* The Lord's Age is stated BLUNTLY, or as a formula based on His originally planned Death or Birth pre- or post-David. Often, the meters will interrelate all these dates: three death dates and two birthdates, so to track and reconcile them. Bible's Anno Domini reconciliation with OT, its BC/AD converter, is the ORIGINAL planned Birthdate of 4106. Due to delay in David's crowning -- he was crowned on time, 1050 years after Abraham supermatured at age 100, not over ALL Israel until 7 years later -- Christ had to be born a net 3.5 years earlier (reflecting Temple's late start as well). So He dies in 4136, not 4143 (the Davidic deadline) or 4146 (the original 2100+2046 deadline from Abe's supermaturation). That TIMELINE SHIFT is not known in Christendom, but is tracked in Bible, as you'll see here.

* The ADAMIC YEAR of writing is somewhere stated as two ending numbers, much as we use '15' to mean '2015'.

* At least one of the meters 'tags' a past event in secular history, to parallel current time to the 'story' of that past event.

* At least one of the meters is dated in terms of years-to the Trib, Millennium, or a closely-related, forward countdown tracked since the OT.

In short, the meter formulas are predictable. So they are testable. Since often a chapter will have its own dateline meter (esp. in a serial book, like Acts, Isaiah and Daniel), then you can more quickly figure out what formula to 'test'. The dateline meter will often finish within the first 1-3 verses of a chapter. If the last sevening is later, it's not merely a dateline, but a plan-of-time passage (i.e., Ps90, Dan9, Eph 1:3-14, 1Pet1:1-12, etc).

Video's Doc used (first two pages): or doc or htm. The columns in the htm won't align, so the numbers for the meters look 'wavy'. I'll fix that in the future. The smaller the font size used in your browser, the more the numbers 'straighten'.

It will also be helpful to download the worksheet which plots all the numbers, so when you see me refer to Adamic years, you can tell that the BIBLE's use of those specific years, are actually from BIBLE's own dates; for the worksheet was created solely from, the Bible's dates: .

Verses used to create that worksheet are in .

It's a lot of material, but given the import of the accounting, it should be worth anyone's time to actually vet the material. Whether God wants you to do that, is a matter between you and Him. For once you see how bald these meters are, you know several important things:

1. YES we really do have the inerrant and infallible Word of God, because clearly these meters are deliberate so we know we have the real Words God Preserved (take THAT, you scurrilous KJVO people),

2. YES we can know EXACTLY when Bible books were written (take THAT, you scurrilious Bible debunkers),

3. YES we know EXACTLY WHAT BOOKS ARE SCRIPTURE (take THAT, you who claim we needed some dippy Council of Nicaea or other popish nonsense),

4. YES we know EXACTLY how long it was since Adam FELL, and YES the Bible does NOT say how old the earth is, as the issue isn't even relevant (take THAT, you young earthers and others who would divert the topic of Bible study to banalities),

5. YES we know BETTER how to actually INTERPRET the Bible books, since the DATE OF WRITING is turned into a complex relation-back and relation-forward CONCORDANCE with history and other Bible events, so we know the CONTEXT the WRITER INTENDS.

In short, a whole lot of wasted money on debates over the above five topics, can stop being wasted. Of course, since a lowly brainout simply counted syllables to find this, the finding will be disregarded, disputed, as if the credentials of the person FINDING something was relevant to what was FOUND. But what was FOUND, is in Scripture, so ANYONE, degreed or not, can FIND it.

File Name: MeterSurvey11-12bHebrews.avi 3/20/15.