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GIST: Paul's Eph1:3-14 METERED Greek, creates a 'calendar' of Future Roman/Church history, to illustrate how Daniel 9:26c's 'time bubble', plays. Vids here are a subset of the Youtube GGS 10-11 playlist ( ). Episode 10 has its own vimeo channel, GGS10 Paul's Meter Of Time Structure in Eph1:3-14 ; this channel covers Episode 11. However, the 12-part GGS11s series on the Magnificat, is in its own 'channel' (playlist), GGS11s Magnificat Meter of Time . Episode 11t9 covers book reviews on Roman and Church history which help you see how Paul's meter, plots FUTURE history you can vet. Shockingly.

For Paul plots the Roman Empire and rise of the Apostate Church, in Ephesians 1:3-14. Might be faster if you just read the verses and Chrono Chart sections, with many external and independent links by scholars, all illustrating the history covered, in Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf .

So the Isaiah 53 and Daniel 9 rhetorical style of retrospective or prophetic METERED exposition (plotting syllable-by-year) for each King, with wry words for each year, continues in the NT. No one knows this Bible style. So I'm trying to document it live in Bible, for anyone to vet from the SOURCE.

It would be easy to call the results coincidental or even manufactured, if there were only a few verses or a few passages. It would be easy to call it coincidence, if the writers didn't start with PAST kings, to show the satirical style. But when you have many verses, much history you can vet, and the style for the PAST established before the writer goes prophetical, then you have material you can audit and certify. I submit, that's the case here. I used commonly-available materials for Roman history, like the contemporary writers (in Latin or Greek), and university writeups of the Emperors. Robert Lee Williams' Bishops Lists (Gorgias Press, sold at Amazon and elsewhere) is invaluable for documenting the sudden posting of Peter on a 'bishop list' in order to sell the Severans. Paul's text for that period, is the wry Ephesians 1:9.

Again, as you go through the text and the history, you'll see that it's neither wishful thinking (for who could wish such satire), nor coincidence. This is how Greek plays were written too; for Paul patterns Ephesians after the Greek play 'Ion' by Euripides. Each chapter in Ephesians, 'tracks' that story, since his audience was Greek, and Ion is about the founding of the Greek sea peoples. Yeah, and the Real Founder is not a venomous snake (Ion means 'venom'), but God Himself. With no secret liasons, either. So if you'd read the play first, then Ephesians, you'll see the pattern Paul follows.

This is how Peter tags Paul, too. Awesome stuff, worthy of skepticism; but once proven.. shocking.

Dark Ages

brainout | 26 Oct 2015, 06:21

When Paul finishes Ephesians 1:14, he's at the point where the Dark Ages begin. In the following documentary, the video's definition begins them with Alaric in 410 AD. Killer, for in Paul's meter, the keyword ending at 410 syllables=AD years, is 'inheritance'. Yeah, that's what Alaric wanted, as a reward for his service, especially after his pal Stilicho was disinherited of the honor he deserved for saving Rome from Alaric. 🥷

For a quick view of the period, I charted Paul's annual meter, so you can click here to see how 'inheritance' for the year 410 (towards the link's page bottom), ties to the video below. You can also use the use year 404to412 in the pdf version of Chronochart)

Notice the incredible wit, a comparison of inheritances: the West was about to 'inherit' Jerome's translation, except that it would be squashed; it was to 'inherit' Augustine's City of God in the name of lamenting the sack of Rome by an 'inheriting' Alaric who only 'inherits' death just after he succeeds; all that, because Stilicho who should have inherited all kinds of honor for saving Rome from Alaric (and yet the two became friends), instead only inherited jealousy, being put to death with his son by his rivals. That's what you get for being patriotic, the 'inheritance' a weak Arcadius and Honorious will give you. So of course they soon inherit death, too.

And Alaric preserved the Bible inheritance, not sacking the Bibles, as Augustine would record. Big deal, that, since a century earlier under Diocletian more Bibles had been burnt than we can know, and under Constantine worse persecution of Christians dissenting and Jews would exceed what Diocletian could know.

Not to mention, Alaric's son Ataulf inherits a bride, Honorious' sister, in 412. Heh: 'our' inheritance (kleronomias hemwn, in Paul) is now complete.

Paul takes the timeline to 434, with the understanding that you'll be adding 56 at the end, even as the beginning dateline was 56 (playing on Mary's ending the meter at Christ age 56, but Paul's play is that Christ should have been nearly age 59, and was age 61, which was 'our' 58-59 AD).

So this video is a tad more chilling than normal. The paulmeterggs11 videos go through his meter year by year, so when you get to syllable =AD year 410, maybe turn on the video here.

This video isn't available anymore

GGS11 Trinity Anaphora Ephesians 1:3-14

Trinity Anaphora and Hebrew Meter on how God uses Church to Bridge Time Back to Israel, to Glorify Christ. Video is only on the Anaphora, which I learned thanks to Bucklehairy (I owe him forever)!

Doc in this video: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc or Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf

It provides extensive proof of Paul's meter mapping to Ps90, Isa53, Daniel 9, +metered translation


On Camping: CampingTimelineGaffes1.doc and CampingTimelineGaffes2.doc

Psalm 90

Isaiah 53

Daniel 9

Ephesians 1: see first 2 links, near top.

Paul also tags Noah, uses LXX in Gen7-8, not BHS. See my Noahic Precedence video.

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Upshot: simple scholar mistakes mask Bible's own story of dates, leaving us confused. Solve those errors, and Bible proves clear and reliable. So let's go back to the Bible.

GGS11a Ephesians 1:3-14, Paul Maps Future Church History

Now we get into Paul's actual meter style: Paul foretells the history of CHURCH via meter, same as Moses used. You can download the onscreen document to examine it in detail: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. Many other docs and webpages, videos are related. In pages 5 and 6 of the doc, the many other links are provided.

Briefly put: by Psalm 90's meter, Moses plotted the past believer voting history of the world and then Israel's future voting history, both annually and sabbatically. Judges was the annual, and it was written to show how Psalm 90 got fulfilled. Isaiah 53 then picked up the sabbatical accounting, converted it to annual, and plotted Israel's future to Messiah's Scheduled Death. Daniel 9:4-14 then used Isaiah 53's meter as a retrospection, plotting out Israel's kings' sad voting history, to form the basis for his petition in verses 15-19. So Paul emulates all three authors' meter, to craft his own annual plotting of the first 490 years of Church, to show how Church will vote. Upshot? Church votes short, God will deliver us anyway.

This is revolutionary material, and should be viewed with skepticism. So first I must show Paul's meter, so you can more easily investigate the vast material, beneath.

So this video begins a panoramic introduction to how we can know Paul's laying out the future history of CHURCH.

In the process, you'll see how Paul shows Rapture doctrine is valid (theme of Ephesians 4, actually), Pre-Trib. So that means preterism, a-millennialism, and Replacement Theology, are all false. So too, the variants of Rapture today, like mid-Trib and post-Trib. The anti-Paulinists are proven dead wrong, since Paul uses MOSES' meter. Many of the Bible debunkers will be proven wrong as well, given a) the perfection of this meter, and b) how real then-FUTURE historical dates, are validated from it.

So this topic will end up in dispute. Every sect of Judaism and Christianity is partly vindicated and partly upbraided, by it. Even Dispies aren't the winners, here, for they use lunar years, and Paul's accounting proves SOLAR, just as Bible has always used.

Flipside, our faith in Bible is strengthened, no matter what our 'denomination'. Everyone will be shocked at how Paul's meter, aligns with post-Cross history we can prove. At least, I am shocked. :)

Later videos will be on this same topic, walking you through Paul's meter. To verify the 'claims' (let's say), you'll have to get into the material linked in pages 5 and 6 of the REPARSED.doc. It won't be an easy task, I'm sorry. I submit it is worthwhile.

GGS11b Paul Maps Future Church History in Eph1:3-14, cont.

Continued from 11a GGS, on Ephesians 1:3-14's meter as a rhetorical style used since Moses, here 'mapped' for Future Church history, even as Moses 'mapped' Israel's future history. Here we go through the expected Rapture dates which still 'fit' the old SCHEDULED MILLENNIUM forecast ever since Moses. Paul first maps his meter to that old expected schedule, to set up readers for the fact that the old schedule, won't occur -- due to predicted Christian apostasy. Follow along, using the doc of this video: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. All associated docs, video links are in that Word doc (with pdf versions, too).

In short, Rapture happens for a bad reason, not a good one: Church stops VOTING to know God. Meanwhile, a few still mature, so Church completes anyway.

And that's what happened, too. Christians and Jews alike became very disaffected when these expected OLD dates were not fulfilled. That's why Mark's Gospel is so biting; why 1 and 2 Peter, written to Paul's congregation since Paul had died, is so biting. Why Jude bites. Why Book of Hebrews came out and also bites, warns of upcoming Temple destruction, all during the Year of the Four Emperors, which began maybe six months after Nero executed Paul, in 'our' 68AD.

By John's day, the disaffection, mixed with the persecution Christians suffered during and after Nero -- the disaffection was high. For 90AD was the outside EXPECTED Rapture date, and it didn't happen!

Think of how badly the Campingites feel today, when their expected Doomsday didn't occur. It helps you see how believers felt, back in the 90's AD. Jews and Gentiles, alike.

That's why the Rapture became a doctrine in disfavor, from 90AD onward. Next video, 11c GGS, will talk about that future time. Here in 11b, we cover from 66AD up to 90AD.

GGS11c Paul maps Future Church History in Eph1:3-14, cont.

Continued from 11b GGS. Here we see how and why the Rapture doctrine became discredited, in the 90's AD. This is why John wrote his Gospel, 1-3 John, and Revelation -- playing off the line in Ephesians 1:5, ending at 94AD (by Paul's A.D. accounting). Everyone had expected the Trib to begin three years earlier, for Christ should have died at age 40; and 50 years was allotted to the Gentiles, so by the time He'd have been 90 (beginning his 91st year), on the OLD Daniel 9 schedule -- the Trib should have begun.

You can vet the history of 'Early Christianity' on the internet, esp. 'Jamnia', where disaffected Jews went, starting when the persecutions began under Caligula, et seq, and especially when Domitian came to power. Wikipedia has 'Early Christianity' entries, but you can also look in Mommsen, Gibbon, other sources. Bible records the disaffection beginning with Paul's death, which was the '66' mark in Paul's meter -- really six months before Nero died, ticking off the Year of the Four Emperors. Book of Hebrews, 1 and 2 Peter, Jude, Mark's Gospel all came out that year.

By John's day, the Temple had gone, and no Rapture for 20 years afterwards. The Mosaic deadline came and went. So everyone was disaffected. This video covers that, and the resulting apostacy on all sides. Thus began the 'Church Fathers', an apostasy evident in those writings. The retooling of Judaism gave rise to the Mishnah and eventually, the Talmud.

Paul's meter uncannily ties to these historical changes which one can vet in almost any respectable source. The difference is, the sources don't explicitly explain WHY that disaffection occurs. Here we find out: the Rapture didn't happen as Jewish Dispensationalism rightly predicted it should: for it's now CHURCH Time.

Video's doc: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. All related webpage, doc, and video links are in its pages 5-7.

GGS11d Paul maps Future Church History in Eph 1:3-14, cont.

Continued from 11c. Here we get into 2nd century Christianity, Bar Kochba rebellion, and how Paul tells us in advance that Christianity of that century will be bad. How he shows that with meter, tagging relevant passages in Daniel 9, Isaiah 53, and Psalm 90 of the same syllable count. How antiphony works.

Flipside, Paul picks this (then-future) dark time in Christian history to begin telling the reader about the extreme wealth in what my pastor termed 'our portfolio of invisible assets' when he exegeted Ephesians 1.

Video can't cover all this ground, but the document helps you examine it. Here's the video's doc, which has all the related webpage, doc, and video links in its pages 5-7: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc.

Will take awhile for you to see what's said in this video, as valid. (Took me seven years to see it, lol; that's how long it took my pastor to exegete Ephesians, too.) So don't feel bad if this stuff goes over your head. Stick with it if God wants you to do that, else forget about it.

GGS11f Paul maps future Church History, cont.

Continued from 11d. Now we focus on the '14', such a pregnant number since Moses' Psalm 90, to mean just that: pregnancy. Nexus. How, when the Bar Kochba revolution illustrated both Christians and Jews at an all-time low, such that Jerusalem was razed, and a pig temple -- reminding them of Daniel 7, okay -- now will stand atop the Holy of Holies?

Shocking answer, frankly -- and key to Paul's meter. Doc used for video, which also has all the related docs, video and webpage links in it: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (re-edited 7/23/2011).

GGS11e Paul maps future Church History, cont.

Continued from 11e. Now we focus on '91', to further explain why '14' means NEXUS. Generation building, '42', is generated by '14'. New thread of Four-generation curse, and why it occurs, is introduced (completes in 11h).

We also find out where 'year of Church' comes from. Initially, from Noah, which future videos will cover in more detail. Meanwhile, see my Noahic Flood Precedence video. But also, from Daniel 9:14-19, which uses a 'year' accounting, thus:

Syllables from Daniel 9:14-19 are 308 = Noah's time in the boat until his birthday (get the pun), plus 7 years ellipsis for Trib, plus 50 years elipsis for the Gentiles, which also tie to the 57 extra days for Noah from birthday until he leaves the Boat, Genesis 8:13-14.

That's why Paul uses 91 x 4 = 364, not counting the day of exit. So you know where he gets the numbers, and better know what Ephesians means. That is, if you know the meter. Else, you're left with fuzzball churchy language you hallucinate into whatever you want.

Doc used for video, which also has all the related docs, video and webpage links in it: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

You'll also want to compare it with the latest version of the Daniel docs:

This meter is extremely important. Will change how you analyze Scripture, once you become familiar with its characteristics, which of course you can independently test on any passage you like.

That's why I'm spending so much time documenting how the meter works; since this meter is not known to Christendom, you need lots of 'objective evidence' so you can see and thus TEST its structure, yourself. If what's in the videos is true, you should be able to independently prove it. This will have to be empirical-testing proof, as there is no scholarly material on the subject. It is not known in Christendom, and the Jews have forgotten how their meter works (i.e., their recitations are off-meter).

So technically this is 'original research', a high-falutin' term for JUST COUNT THE SYLLABLES, honey. Then you'll see the proof, yourself.

GGS11g Paul maps Future Church and Roman Time, Intro

Continued from 11f GGS. Here we see from the meter, a chillingly-accurate future accounting of Roman and Christian history; with emphasis on, how God dealt with Roman emperors who were either kind to, or persecuted, Jews and Christians. PRINCIPLE taught by this prophecy: how goes Church, goes secular history. So at any time in history (here mapped in the future by Paul so you can get the lesson), you can look at secular affairs and know how BADLY Church is doing. Or -- in those rare moments -- how well. That's the theme of Ephesians, and that's why Paul maps the future.

Like Daniel's metered chronology of Israel's kings -- based on Isaiah 53's metered chronology of them -- Paul's chronology runs on two tracks, for the two 490's bought by Christ's death: Track 1, Birth to 434 AD (3-year swing). Track 2, 33AD to 467 AD (again, three year swing), which ends with Rome's demise under Odovacer.

Like the OT authors before him, and like good Greek drama, Paul combines the meter with wry use of keywords in the text, to tell you What Time It Is.

Greek drama was all about how what plays on earth, is a result of what plays in heaven. So Paul takes advantage of that knowledge in his readers, by linking keywords for the reigns of the Emperors he tracks, to the higher Divine meaning of those same words, in what he writes. Of course, if you just carelessly read Bible in translation, you'll miss all this added and decisive meaning, so will shallowly interpret, Ephesians.

Good short set of Emperor bios: Timeline from UNRV (seems useful): See also Fordham's Hallsall sites for contemporary docs. M. Cary's History of Rome: A History of Rome: Down to the Reign of Constantine Third Edition.

I think Paul does a back-to-Adam accounting, too -- but am still analyzing his math. Then we will be able to know how to correct our AD/BC dates.

Blessing by Association or Cursing by Association: as goes the believer, so goes history. All recorded in advance in history we can test, here in Eph1:3-14.

From 1985-1991, My pastor taught that very theme from Ephesians 1 -- he exegeted the book, showiing ties pan-Bible -- but he didn't know about this meter, so far as I can tell.

11h GGS will show how this four-generation curse is linked between the believers growing or retrogressing, and the fate of the Roman Empire (comparison of the blue numbers with the orange ones). 11i through 11v will show the wry Greek-Drama-wit textual ties between the years (syllables) and the text FOR those years. Will freak you out, because 'our' dates for these things are the same. I can't explain that; I should get a 3-6 year variance, but don't.

Paul's text furnishes a testimony-of-the-times, with meter telling you WHICH time that testimony covers. Same exact rhetorical style as in Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, and Daniel 9. Text is multipurpose, with a central theme about Christ in all cases, and with all the resulting (past or future) history, occurring as a result.

Isaiah had done this same tracing, prophetically, in his Chapter 53; Daniel had 'replied' to the Isaiah timeline, with his prayer, showing how that timeline was fulfilled, and using the remaining future of it, to justify rebuilding the Temple and Jerusalem (Dan 9:18-19) based on the fact both are called by God's Name.

So Paul emulates Daniel, tracing out the future history of Rome, based on those called 'Christians'. Of Christ. Same importance, same chilling effect when we Church -- as Paul will demonstrate -- don't vote for God. Thus the Rapture will be delayed, and only the few proelpikotas (end Eph1:12) will carry Time. Again, my pastor taught that also, but based solely on text, not knowing how the meter reinforced what he taught. Really surprises me.

In this video I misname the Flavians as Antonines. That error is corrected toward the end of the video and in 11h.

Doc used for the video (has all links to all materials): Ephesians1REPARSED.doc; pdf copy: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf. The doc original is easier to navigate.

GGS11h Paul maps Future to show Church carries history, overview

Continued from 11g: historical interplay between four-generation curse, and Church as salt-of-the-earth. Paul deliberately links our increasingly-apostate retardation, to the future disasters of Roman history. He does this by meter, but also by keywords in the text.

So, this video introduces that rhetorical style, which is a major feature in Scripture, and was then also a popular feature of Greek drama: use a keyword in a script, to make a wry aside on then-current history, to the audience. Bible used that drama feature ever since Psalm 90, and the tradition continues in Paul. So here we begin to see how he does it.

11i through 11v GGS will then show clause by clause, the relevance of Paul's keywords to FUTURE history -- as we know it today, and can test.

Video's document houses all related links: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc.

IMPORTANT: its last section now sports a detailled chronology of Paul's keywords and syllables=years, matched with Roman history. Links to independent websites OF that history are in the chart, too. Thus you can more readily appreciate this rhetorical style, examine then-FUTURE history God had Paul plot as a play. Just as, God did for Daniel.

John's Revelation maps its opening prologue meter in verses 1-3, to both Psalm 90 and the first 126 syllables of Ephesians 1:3-6. Shocking. (I just learned this on 8/04/2011.)

So you can trace this wry rhetorical style backwards to Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9. For they all use it. Then examine Roman and Greek plays, pick one: my Greek favorites are Ion by Euripides (which Paul uses as his model for Ephesians), and Aristophanes' The Frogs. Then pick anything by Plautinus (bawdy Roman playwright), Terence, and if you can stomach him (I can't) -- Seneca. It's important to see the sotto voce drama style in vogue when Paul writes, to prove Paul's imitating it.

Proper Hermeneutics requires apprehending the exact thought of the writer. To do that, you MUST know the cultural loading in the words written and what was going on at the time. We Christians are lousy scholars, so we miss what God says. Our loss!

GGS11i Paul maps Future up to Domitian, review

How verse content wryly tracks Church hence Roman FUTURE History in classical Greco-Roman drama style: Paul's keywords act like titles for each period in (then-future) history, as I try to explain. Follow along using the Roman History chart 'mapped' to this passage, in the 'Chrono Chart' (last) section of Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. Links in the chart take you to independent web writeups (usually by university professors, or to books by scholars) on the period. I will be adding many more, as I keep editing. Doc links also enable you to navigate by syllables=years, to the right place on the chart.

Roman history is something I understand. My pastor was in love with history, and always included its isagogics as he exegeted Scripture almost daily. There is a LOT of good material on the internet; so if you don't like the sources I linked, find your own. This is important stuff. If you see any errors, please let me know?

Latest doc (versus video), is Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. Latest pdf: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf. The chrono section starts on p.82 and runs through the end. You can also read it online, Ephesians1REPARSED.htm. The doc, pdf, and htm are all the same, all updated versus what you see in the video. The htm formatting and colors might look funny on your browser.

Neat book on Year of the Four Emperors: 69 A.D.: The Year of Four Emperors 1st Edition, Kindle Edition

Just think: all these years we've had this information in Bible, but ignored it. How much more is there in Bible, which we're ignoring? How much we miss, in translation?

GGS11i Paul maps Future up to Domitian, review

How verse content wryly tracks Church hence Roman FUTURE History in classical Greco-Roman drama style: Paul's keywords act like titles for each period in (then-future) history, as I try to explain. Follow along using the Roman History chart 'mapped' to this passage, in the 'Chrono Chart' (last) section of Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. Links in the chart take you to independent web writeups (usually by university professors, or to books by scholars) on the period. I will be adding many more, as I keep editing. Doc links also enable you to navigate by syllables=years, to the right place on the chart.

Roman history is something I understand. My pastor was in love with history, and always included its isagogics as he exegeted Scripture almost daily. There is a LOT of good material on the internet; so if you don't like the sources I linked, find your own. This is important stuff. If you see any errors, please let me know?

GGS11j Paul maps Time up to Hadrian, review

Continued from 11i, still showing how Paul's Keywords interact with the meter, to prophesy Rome's future history to the demise of the Western Empire. This video begins with a review, until the end of Hadrian.

Follow along with the Chronological Chart (last section) in Ephesians1REPARSED.doc; it maps Paul's keywords and syllables=years, to many internet links of independent sources on each period in Roman history Paul references. Thus you can evaluate the wryness of the keywords Paul uses.

Much more detail is provided in the chart, than can be shown in the videos. The videos are only designed to show how the keywords, meter, and actual history, interact; thus we know Paul's intent in wording Ephesians 1:3-14, as he does.

GGS11k Paul maps SPQR's Adoptive Emperors

Continued from 11j, focus on the Adoptive Emperors (96-180AD) and 'chiasmus', a rhetorical style in Greek which -- unknown to scholars -- is also true in meter and also true in Hebrew meter. That's a fancy name for 'bookending'. We go through more of how Paul's Keywords interact with the meter, to prophesy Rome's future history to the demise of the Western Empire.

Follow along with the now MUCH REVISED Chronological Chart (last section) in Ephesians1REPARSED.doc, which has a ton of independent links to scholarly sites on Roman history, per period in the chart; it maps Paul's keywords and syllables=years, to each period in Roman history Paul references. Thus you can evaluate the wryness of the keywords Paul uses.

The latest revision in REPARSED is a demonstration of the chiasmic function of the eudokian, epainon, and what I call 'temple trio' anaphora. Turns out the anaphora bitingly 'comment' on the era of Diocletian and Constantine, often by wry use of SYLLABLES. Surprised me. Future videos will cover why.

Once you see the pattern you should find it elsewhere in Bible, especially in prophetic passages, whether Old or New Testament. That's the purpose of these videos, to focus on methodology, so you can test all this for yourself. Look especially in known Messianic passages and the rhythmic sections of Revelation (i.e., Temple scenes). Not sure how long those passages will be. They might be short. Just a guess.

Much more detail is provided in the chart, than can be shown in the videos. The videos are only designed to show how the keywords, meter, and actual history, interact; thus we know Paul's intent in wording Ephesians 1:3-14, as he does.

GGS11L Paul maps Commodus

Continued from 11k. How each of Paul's keywords in Ephesians 1:6-7 tie to the meter=years of Aurelius and Commodus. The truth is not like the movie 'Gladiator', which alleged to cover these people.

GGS11m Paul maps the Severans

Ephesians 1:8-9 keywords constitute wry commentary on the post-Commodus grab for power. By Roman generals, and by Christians. Lead-in to the Crisis of the Third Century. This video covers the post-Commodus period until the murder of Heliogabalus (aka Elagabalus). The guy's name means Sun-Priest (connotation of being the one on earth, representing Sol Invictus). Yeah, and that begins the time when Ireneaus and Tertullian and their cohorts grab for power, by inventing 'Mother Church'. To butcher rival Christians.

Proof of that is extensively linked to independent scholarly sources of (ahem) 'church father' writings, as well as Roman history, in video's doc: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc; its pdf copy: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf. The doc original is easier to navigate.

GGS11n Paul maps Crisis of the 3rd Century

Paul's pregnancy references to Rome's 'Crisis of the 3rd Century' (historians' term), via Ephesians 1:9-10 keywords, constitute this episode's review. 'When 'mother church' is invented by Irenaeus and his ilk, to grab power over other Christians.

So, secular history reflects that apostasy. By Roman generals, and especially by mothers using their teenage kids. So while Irenaeus, Tertullian and later Origen try to give birth to an invented 'mother church' -- to defeat/murder rival Christians and Jews -- real mothers murder their own as well. Pretty pregnant, huh.

Proof of all that is linked to many independent scholarly sources, in the 'Chrono Chart' of the video's doc: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc; its pdf copy: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf. The doc original is far easier to use. (Adobe can't read most of its links.)

Video's link displaying the Emperors, is a series of websites written by scholars at universities whose books you can buy at Amazon, etc. Link is:

Crisis of the Third century Wiki link: Search on that term also in REPARSED.doc, for other links to more scholarly stuff on the period.

GGS11o Paul maps Valerian, Gallienus (Crisis 3rd Century, cont.)

Focus: Paul's Eph 1:10 stress on Gallienus, as lead-in to Diocletian and Constantine; parallel to church apostasy occurring during same period. Centers on same topic as 11n, Paul's precision with meter and text interwoven to trace and then castigate, then-future formation of apostate church. So one will be warned to stay away from it. Now you begin to see why Revelation reads as it does.

GGS11pq Paul maps Gallienus to Diocletian

Intro to Diocletian, and Paul's witty satire tracking the origin of that Emperor's regnal policies, which caused 'the catholic church' to form under his successor, Constantine the Great.

Virtually every facet of RCC organization and persecution of other Christians and non-Christians which was institutionalized under Constantine, was structurally original to Diocletian, even to colors and terms like 'diocese'. Couldn't ask for better proof that the RCC is a late development, and is manifestly NOT Biblical. So you don't have to wait for Rev 17's satirical 'seven hills' title (which Constantine also used for his Byzantine replacement). Paul's text here, is the basis for Rev 17's.

GGS11r Paul maps to Diocletian, intro

How Diocletian's reign created the Catholic Church's structure as a copycat of Diocletian's brutal policies, but under Constantine. And, that copycatting was done in self-defense. So it's not a case of demonizing the RCC, but just telling the truth about what happened. (Could have been any denomination, but the RCC is the one which historically formed under Constantine.)

Paul references this creation by means of keywords in verses 10 and 11, especially in syllables 283-308, which corresponds to AD years. Here, we just see a overview; 11tGGS videos, will cover details of how Paul's wry wordplay covers both Diocletian's rule.. and legacy.

EXTENSIVE documentation on Diocletian is linked to many websites and books in Ephesians1REPARSED.doc, in the ChronoChart section of that doc, syllables 283-308, and in Appendix II of that same doc.

For Paul focuses on the legacy of Diocletian as the cause of Constantine and the Rise -- and therefore Fall of Late Western Rome under Odavacer, as later videos will cover in more detail. 11sGGS takes a sidetrip through the Magnificat, so you can see how Paul derives his meter from Mary. In 11t, we resume with Diocletian.

PATU44 Ephesians 1:3-14 Revisited 5/5

For Masochists Only. Audit video subseries revisits whether I explained the dateline '56' of Ephesians rightly: I hadn't. This is 5/5's corrected answer. Download the two-page audit correction, here: or 'doc'. The Romans doc is RomansDatelineMeter.pdf or RomansDatelineMeter.doc.

Turns out Paul used the 'I write you' meter style in Romans (which was precedent), but had to 'pad' 2 years into the text: BECAUSE he writes in ad 58, so can't tag Mary's 56 without some haha math. This 5/5 shows that haha math (rounding tricks on years Christ did or should have died, '37' and '47'); yet all four videos are useful re technique for sleuthing Bible meters. Took me four hours' videos to figure out Paul's haha. Happily, though, I don't have to redo all my past Ephesians videos nor rewrite the video's 150-page doc, Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf aka Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (or Ephesians1REPARSED.htm) !

If you're not already familiar with the meter styles, you'll need some background on the Doctrine no one in Christendom yet knows, HOW GOD ORCHESTRATES TIME (channel on its math, is How God Orchestrates Time ). No one knows that doctrine, because no one's ever plotted Bible's dates using ONLY Bible, so all the Bible timelines 'out there' are at least partially wrong and contradictory. I learned that, the hard way, so went BACK TO THE BIBLE and only used it to construct GeneYrs.xls, using the Gen5 and 7, 11 begats (all in the worksheet and visible), plus verses not much used by anyone else. Verse disclosure and method of constructing the worksheet is in brainoutFAQ.htm#6a .

You need that worksheet, as the Bible meters measure time in the same way, ADAMIC YEARS. For example, Christ died in 4136 vernal. He was SUPPOSED to die 10 years later, in 4146 vernal. Paul depends on the reader knowing that for his haha math, as the ADAMIC year equivalents are 4136.5 and 4146.5, respectively. Since you can't split a syllable=year, he neatly rounds to get to the shoulda-been age (a meter convention that equals our 'ad') by saying (41)37 and (41)47, in the meter you see onscreen. Heh. But that would mean Christ age 58, not 56, so he backs out the '2' added, to get back to 56, so he can pick up where Mary's Magnificat, left off. Magnificat videos are here: GGS11s Magnificat Meter of Time .

Thus in Ephesians, Paul reconciles all the way back to Adam. Which I knew, but couldn't figure out how he did it. Until now.

File Name: EphRevisit10.avi, 3/25/15.