Psalm 82:1 is Mistranslated!

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Videos showing how Psalm 82:1 is mistranslated, directly from the Hebrew and the Greek, with tie-ins to how Christ used this Psalm in John 10:34, which I cover at excruciating length in DDNA.htm.

brainout | 20 Aug 2015, 01:35

There are thousands of mistranslations in every Bible. Some of these are politically-motivated ('womb' verses), others are downright inept. Even so there's a tandem 'tradition' of toadying to old wrong translations, to 'fit in'. As if the masses would be threatened, if you corrected a 500-year old mistake. That's the situation with Psalm 82:1, it seems. Made a playlist of videos on the issue, here. See what you think.

For I wanted to list an example of 'mss versus translations'. Nearly EVERY verse in the Bible is mistranslated. Seriously. This is not news among scholars, but is largely unknown to the hoi pouloi, who are kept in the dark and like it that way. Sad, because the actual text is far more interesting and CLEARER than the snoozy English or other translation. Just as we don't read the EULA, we don't read Bible and live on hearsay. Not good. 🥶

Ps82:1's MISTRANSLATED! Part 1 of 6b

Psalm 82's import gets MISINTERPRETED for centuries, because it's MISTRANSLATED!!! So this first video merely shows the Hebrew text and proves what the real translation ought to be: "Psalm of Asaph. God makes upright/victorious/vindicates/establishes with respect to/for/within the Congregations of God; in THEIR midst, God governs." Wow, very different from every Bible translation you'll see, huh.

Shame on millions of Christians, Jews, Mormons and other folk, who ARGUE over this passage for CENTURIES, yet clearly never even BOTHERED to read it??? GOOGLE on this verse, see how unbelievably incompetent, high-horse and otherwise goofy are all the commentaries!!!!! So let's just admit a centuries-old truth: THEY PRETEND to know Bible, but are provably ignorant and lying. Or are quintessentially stupid. Take your pick. There is no middle ground, as the Hebrew text here, makes crystal clear. It's not an interpretation, to just READ THE WORDS God commissioned, k?

Okay, time to calm down, criticism rant over. Impetus for this video: see the comments to God Deeds 13a9 Throughput Proof: Jews. This video is an outgrowth of Truth Ceeker's observations, which hit me like a lightning bolt when I looked at Psalm 82. There will be other videos. This video also updates the Ye Are Gods face videos which are in Youtube and here in Vimeo. Those older videos were done to explain my webpage. That content ties here, as future videos will show.

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Ps82:1's MISTRANSLATED! Part 2 of 6b

Continued from Part 1,, showing how the Translation, once corrected, yields a very different translation, "Psalm of Asaph. God establishes/vindicates/makes stand with respect to/for the benefit of the congregations of God; in THEIR midst, God governs." Really easy to see that, especially since the second clause has the SAME SYNTAX as the first clause, with GOD BEING THE SUBJECT OF THE VERB, not the object of b'qerev nor the object of the verb. So all those contending a 'council of gods' in this verse, prove to be incompetent or liars. Take your pick.

BTW, at 7:16 where I start to explain how 'Moroni' means 'My Demon', I now cannot find the lexicon where it showed that 'moron' in Greek means a demon. But you can easily find it meaning 'foolish', or even 'fool' (Greek adjective moros can be used as a substantive), for example in Isaiah 32:6 LXX and 1Cor 1:27. So with the Hebrew 1st person possessive 'i', Moroni comes to mean 'My Fool', so now you see even more, how 'Moroni' had to be a demon, for Joseph Smith couldn't know he was being insulted for not knowing the Greek (Smith took all he wrote from the KJV, which was the only Bible he 'knew'). Ooops.

Also, I'd originally intended the Psalm 82 video to all be one long video, but now have broken it up into six parts, with its own channel, Psalm 82:1 is Mistranslated!

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Ps82:1's MISTRANSLATED! Part 3 of 6b

So now we get deeper into what Psalm 82 means, to test the translation correction of verse 1, in Parts 1 and 2. One very important test of your translation MUST be how that translation fits with the rest of the text. So, this video examines that fit. It becomes really obvious that those claiming 'council of gods' never actually examined the Hebrew of Psalm 82, for the translation claim of 'council of gods' has NO FIT with the Psalm. So what does? Well, turn on the video, see for yourself.

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Ps82:1's MISTRANSLATED! Part 4 of 6b

So now we get into more detail on how to interpret, by means of the text itself, starting with 'Asaph', which is a very clever PROOF that the verse is NOT talking about some 'divine council', but about HARVESTING HUMANS. After that, an overall summary of the meaning of the verse IN CONTEXT, begins here. So clearly the 'scholars' are not doing their job. Their job is thankless, and they are demoralized. Pray for them, because WE NEED COMPETENT SCHOLARS, and God did give them the gift. Pray that they get the right amount of money, time, recognition and whatever else they need to DO their job rightly. Pray especially, that they get the COURAGE to go against the 'herdbound' nature of academia, and CORRECTLY translate and teach, Bible! We need these guys to do their job well, and if we ASK God, He'll make sure it happens, k? Incompetent teachers mean the students don't WANT competent teachers. So ASK HIM and we'll get them to become competent, k?

At the end of this video I comment that I'll combine the next increment with this one. I instead opted not to do that, since the next increment is about 45 minutes. The final Part 6 will be combined and an hour, focusing on a panoramic review of both the meaning of the text, AND proving more thoroughly, how all the translations (including the JPS Tanach!) all follow the OLDE ENGLISH in the Geneva Bible, rather than bother to actually READ the Divinely-inspired original texts. Embarrassing. But this is typical of all the verses in translation. Criminal!

Two related series: in vimeo, howgodorchestrates time channel, How God Orchestrates Time , and . God is out to MAKE SONS, Isaiah 53:10. Sons of God, via the Son of God, per that very verse. So Christ uses that purpose to REMIND the legalistic Pharisees, in John 10:34. You are SIRED BY GOD therefore, theme of 1 John. Couldn't be more obvious. So no 'divine council', but GOD MAKING SONS PER THE CONTRACT with the SON OF GOD, Isaiah 53:10. Sired in Scripture makes you a functioning son of God, Matthew 4:4. Which, only God can produce and He does, theme of Galatians, Corinthians, Hebrews, John 14:26, etc. So you are to GET Divine Counsel, not some heavenly body the Mormons hallucinate, or that L Ron Hubbard hallucinated, k?

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Ps82:1's MISTRANSLATED! Part 5 of 6b

Continued from Part 4, but here with focus on how VILE are all the translations, PRETENDING to be 'new', but instead, politically-correct vis a vis the Geneva Bible, Douhay-Rheims and finally,the KJV (which itself was following the two earlier and the Bishop's Bible for political reasons). Sigh.

It's okay to spit on the Word of God and lie about what it says, but it's not okay to CORRECT an incompetent centuries-old translation? It's not okay to call out those who insist on repeating the same error, century after century even until now? Is THAT what being holy means, to spit on the Word as it is written?

Reference to proving how history demonstrates Lev26 and Deut 28 live, is at length covered in . Main purpose of that page is to show how God timed the Birth and Death of Christ to Chanukah and Passover (to the very day), but to show WHY He did that, I had to go through a lot of other stuff, including the structure of the Priestly courses, the Hebrew calendar (Bible's is VERY different versus modern apostate Judaism), and the holidays Passover (focus on Passion Week and its FOUR days between arrest and crucifixion), Chanukah, and Purim. Because God timed things to then-future Purim, too!

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Ps82:1's MISTRANSLATED! Part 6a of 6b

Summing up, decided to break the final Part 6 into two subparts, so it's less tiring to watch. Translation proof and then more time is spent proving also how POLITICS not caring about BIBLE, motivated the travesty of mistranslation of verse 1, century after century, no matter WHAT Bible version you pick: do the same examination of all the foreign language versions you can read, same political nonsense is practiced, everyone kowtowing to the King James English rather than CARING ABOUT GOD'S PRESERVED WORDS. Pathetic. As for the evil of King James Onlyism and the fact that the 1611 version's translators WARNED everyone there were errors, peruse my Youtube playlist on it here (esp. the first three videos' descriptions):

No wonder our world is in trouble, just as Psalm 82 says -- we're NOT doing our job!! So you do your job, and keep on trying to learn Bible as GOD WROTE IT and CHRIST LEARNED IT, in the original Hebrew and Greek. On Judgment Day, all these blasted politically-kowtowing scholars will be embarrassed (pray they learn to go back to God's Word BEFORE they die) -- and you won't be as embarrassed, for you started to do what Christ did, Matthew 4:4!!

Worst crime for a Christian or Jew, is to NOT do Matt 4:4.

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Ps82:1's MISTRANSLATED! Part 6b of 6b, Conclusion

Summing up continued and Reluctant Conclusion, from 6a. Focus here is on how we might justify a 'gods' translation based not on the Hebrew, but on the LXX since Christ used its duality in John 10:34. And, the implications of such usage for us post-Cross. Hairy stuff that goes missed, because Psalm 82:1 is mistranslated. So no wonder we're not noticing the REAL Spiritual Life God Authored in Christ, Hebrews 12:2!

Satan's not stupid, this passage is all-important to Integration and Throughput in the Spiritual life (see my videos of the same title in the same month). So, this is why it goes on being mistranslated and NO ONE LOOKS AT THE TEXT, century after century. Ouch.

You want proof that God exists and is the God of the Bible? Well.. here ya go.

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