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This about-me section is long, to save you time in deciding whether and where to watch 'my' stuff. Main theme of 'my' stuff: reporting (NOT teaching) about Bible's proof on How God Orchestrates Time, i.e., Bible METERS its text from Genesis 1 onward to show that doctrine; pre-Church; the meter also tracked the future as a countdown to Christ and Millennium. The NT uses the same pre-Church doctrine but Paul 'loops' it at the 62nd week of Daniel 9:26, in Eph1:3-14 (structure vids, GGS10 Paul's Meter Of Time Structure in Eph1:3-14 and Church future History 'map' to Odovacer, GGS11 Paul Maps Future Church History). For a shorter intro, click on the video titles at right, to see full video and its description, which has doc links to prove the video's statements.

So inter alia, Rapture is pre-Trib yet unpredictable, BECAUSE God Orchestrates Time. Israel had set dates, but we have set BODIES, Matt 16:18, John 17, Eph4:13. But the underlying doctrine of Time's RULES, hasn't changed. Time is LOANED in 490+70+490 increments, based on VOTING to be saved or learn God. (Voting is based on the merit of the person/thing you vote for, never on you, duh.) Genesis videos show how to discern the doctrine in Bible's numbers starting at Genesis Time Doctrines (Exegetical Proof). Ending that playlist, are Gen 1 meter videos with those very numbers, wryly 'matched' as 'balance sheet' to the literal 7 days of RESTORATION (not initial creation). So of course, the METER is a sevening (haha).

Meter also datelines (tells you WHEN a book/chapter written). For example, even though you have to be insane to claim Mark's Gospel is first or that there's some preceding Quelle, since Mark's text surgically weaves to incorporate both Matthew and Luke by reference (shown line by line in the Synoptics channel) -- Mark's Gospel meter DATELINE first tags both Matthew's and Luke's, to set up that surgical style. Oh: and he does it in Greek, as do they, proving the Gospels are all originally written IN Greek. Whew. Saves a lot of money, needless argument, and time to see all this right in the TEXT.

Meter also interacts with text as a historical/prophetical interpreter and concordance. All of these functions are vital to hermeneutics and textual criticism. See for overview.

So videos focus on METHODOLOGY, as no one person gets the material 100% right. So, once you see the method, you can derive your own results. Full listing of 'my' meter and related channels/playlists: ,

The meter is unknown in Christendom. The Jews now garble its meaning, so neither their forefathers nor ours, passed its structure down to the kids. But it's forensically detectable in Bible, hence the videos show how you can see it for yourself. So many conundra re Bible would be resolved using meter, which we already know the ancients used in other writings. However, scholars try to shoehorn BIBLE meters into the secular patterns; they miss Bible's own doctrines and its own meter to FIT those doctrines. So the debate about Bible HAVING meter goes back to Robert Lowth and before.

But until now, no one has found its obvious SEVENING style. That, is provable. What content is thus elucidated, my conclusions about its meaning, are wholly debatable. But the fact of the meter, the fact it interrelates with the text, is demonstrably valid. Hence the videos.

So please be skeptical and TEST the shown 'proof', asking God the meanwhile. I too will repeatedly rework and retest. So far, I've shown this meter in all NT books and some OT books, and will keep on doing the OT; for every Bible Book and sometimes every chapter, has meter at its beginning. So think of me as a reporter, NOT a teacher.

NAVIGATION: for so long as vimeo allows us to have channels, use this link: . Due to their changes and deletion of groups which cost me hundreds of hours, I will not post videos in vimeo after 4/11/17. Will eventually migrate these videos to Youtube.

DOWNLOADS: Vimeo lets you download in up to four formats; click the Download button on any video's own watch page; channel access to the video's own page, is just below the player; link is a hash tag with a vimeo number in lower right corner. If by contrast you want my original file, just ask me; I can upload it to for free anonymous download.

ABOUT ME: my public name has been brainout' on the internet, since the late 1990's. The avatar is a kind of trademark. So I'm 'brainouty' in Youtube, domain is Anonymity is necessary, as my family doesn't share my interest in Scripture, so they should be protected. Nickname derives from Ephesians 4:23; its Greek says (sotto voce), that once you believe in Christ, you have no brains, and need the Holy Spirit's. So, using 1John1:9 puts His Brains back in you (see also Psalm 32:5, 66:18, 2Peter1:9's Greek, verse is mistranslated). So my nickname reminds me to use 1John1:9. Often.

VID AND WEB CONTENT remains focused on big-picture stuff you can't find elsewhere in Christendom. Some Bible basics are covered (see Bible Basics Album, Why Only Believe channel); focus is on the heavy stuff, and largely exegetical. The authority is in the Bible text shown, pas moi. So you can't take 'my' word for it.. ask God.

Often a vid must correct rampant Bible mistranslation using BibleWorks. The older ones remain in Youtube. Just Google on the verse and my nickname, as search within Youtube (or vimeo) is horrific. Vimeo vids originally done prior to 11/07/13, are also in Youtube; you'll find the 'File Name' with the date, at the end of each video description.

Another specialty is to focus on Bible's rhetorical styles, as most mistranslation comes from misreading the text, not seeing the style. METER, is a hugely important 'style' which remains undetected by scholars. For folks MEMORIZED the text, and counted syllables to verify their memorization. So God provided more 'bang for the buck', turning a necessary audit function into a pleasurable bonus lesson via the meter counts, on how to read the upcoming text. Miss that lesson, and you will misread the text. Proof also via the meter, is what ORIGINAL LANGUAGE the author used: translations can't be metered the same way, so throw out all those dippy claims the NT was originally in Hebrew or Aramaic. I did videos showing metered translations of Isaiah 53, the Magnificat, Ephesians 1:3-14, so you can see how metering a translation is problemmatic. So you can prove WHAT LANGUAGE was the original: the one that's deftly METERED.

Of course you should be skeptical and test. For the Authority is the Bible; its Content proves true with God witnessing to it. Whoever mouths that content, is irrelevant.

Today, it's fashionable to assert that someone is not allowed to display/comment on Bible unless a 'scholar'. God never set that rule. Au contraire: 'he who has an ear, let him hear', and 'without faith it is impossible to please Him', Matt 13:8, Heb11:6 ('faith' means Bible Believed). We are REQUIRED to do this, Matt 4:4. And we are liable, too. I take my liability seriously, Ezekiel 3:17ff. So, I must speak up. What you do with that, is between God and you.

Doesn't mean scholars should be disrespected, just the opposite. There are good and bad scholars. Good scholars profit when the bad ones, are exposed. Further, we aren't to just trust what some 'authority' says, but are to examine Scriptures, ourselves. But, we don't. So important doctrines go missed, and many errant 'doctrines' remain taught.

So the authority is the material, pas moi. So you don't need to credit me. Anyone can observe the sun is in the sky. However, BibleWorks is copyrighted, so don't paste its text without acknowledging its source. (All my text comes from the BibleWorks databases for the Hebrew and Greek, UNALTERED.) My pastor is dead ( ), but his material became copyrighted by the church, after he died. Ergo I paraphrase what my pastor said, when required. By contrast, whatever I say, you can use without attribution. For I just report what's already IN the Bible.

Finally, MY BELIEFS. Many think beliefs create bias, so want a doctrinal statement:

1. Faith Alone in Christ Alone, but anti-Catholicism and Calvinism, both of which are Replacement Theology: anti-semitic, denying the Future of the Jews. For Christ King of the Jews did all the Work, Isaiah 53:10-11, Hebrew. The childish and errant theology in both major denominations miss 50% of more of Bible meaning, and skew the 50% they think they know. They don't even UNDERSTAND 'faith alone' or 'Christ alone' (which Catholicism teaches also, but in its own 'flavor').

Yes, you simply believe Christ paid for all your sins, and you are forever saved. That salvation cannot be lost, but one must mature in Christ by death, lest one MERELY be saved, 1Cor3, Rev 3. Since only the Holy Spirit can produce maturation, it's not wrong to seek the reward HE is due. Then you have more, to spend on Christ. Forever. You get that maturation ONLY by learning and living on Bible (see my God's System video), with 1John1:9 used as needed, to stay between sins. Else, you end up a spiritual retard, happy like a baby, in heaven. Forever.

2. Trinitarian. I've done videos proving how you can spot Trinity in OT and New, see . But the Westminster Confession is horribly worded, makes God into a hydra-headed monster. Catholic 'unicity' definition is even worse. So scrap those always-retarded denominations and go to BIBLE, instead.

3. Dispensationalist, pre-Trib Rapture. But unlike 'traditional' Dispensationalist teaching, Bible has its own definition, proven in my How God Orchestrates Time videos ( ): 2100 years for the Gentiles, 2100 years for the Jews, and then Church (for Israel rejected Christ), which Christ established POST MORTEM, in Matthew 16:18. The Jews know this as 2000 each, but they mistake Bible's accounting: time was supposed to end 5250 from Adam's FALL (not initial creation). Because Israel rejected Christ when He came AS SCHEDULED, Church is inserted and now you can't say if it will be 2100 more years, 2 more days, etc.

I'm therefore a 'mainstream' pre-Trib Christian, yet controversial in these respects:

A. Bible says NO SOUL LIFE IN WOMB. Very plainly. That doesn't mean you should be pro-abortion, but it does mean that GOD ALONE AUTHORS LIFE AT BIRTH, and that's the key reason we're not evolved. So my Prolife Blasphemy series ( in Youtube, plus an 'album' here) is dedicated to proving BIBLE says no soul life until BORN, pattern of Gen 2:7. To say otherwise is to play politics and blaspheme God Who says HE ALONE creates life, not biology.

My pastor taught the same doctrine for 50 years, and so do a few others. Ironically, this doctrine of life ONLY beginning at BIRTH tells you WHY we are not evolved; all other Bible doctrines are thus consistently validated, especially salvation (Christ couldn't be born sinless if soul life were in the womb).

B. GOD ORCHESTRATES TIME. This is a doctrine Jews know in garbled form, but Christians don't know at all. We know the 'salt' doctrine vaguely, but have no idea it's TIMED. My pastor also taught this doctrine of believers being used to buy time for the world, but I couldn't find proof of his claim, excepting in Col 4:5 and Eph 5:16, which he cited often. So I asked God back in 2000 for the proof, and have been documenting it ever since.

VAST CHANGES IN HERMENEUTICS would occur if anyone vetted and learned what Bible says here. Jews are partly vindicated, as is every denomination. And, each one is tweaked as too the Jews, for certain errors, esp. with regard to Daniel 9. John Hagee, for example, has a completely convoluted idea of how the 490 works. Calvin, Hippolytus, and other so-called 'fathers' of modern Christendom, either couldn't add 1+1, or were so anti-semitic they didn't want to. Preterism is anti-semitic (denies the Jews have a future God promised, aka Replacement Theology); so no preterist understands Daniel 9 at all.

The Dispies are no better, trying to shoehorn Daniel 9 by using lunar years: the numbers don't add up to Jesus' death, unless you violate Bible's SOLAR YEAR convention. Solar accounting balances perfectly to Christ's death, if you do the math right. For the Bible's point is that He was SCHEDULED to die AD 37 but due to Israel's negativity died SEVEN YEARS EARLIER.

All NT books track SHOULDA BEEN vs. ACTUAL for both His Birth and death (4106 vs. 4103 from Adam's Fall Birth, and 4143 vs. 4136 for His Death) in their meters, see my for their formulas. For the sevening accounting meter in Bible, connects text and the dates it gives, to provide proof of how the math works. Balances to history too. Billions of dollars of inept 'scholarship' on Bible dates have been wasted, simply because we're NOT using Bible's own conventions and dates, instead opting for Josephus or Dear Dr So and So or some non-Bible idea of time which is inevitably WRONG. So JUST THE BIBLE, please. And you will be pleased to see how it all perfectly fits and even corrects, many of our historical estimates.

C. 'Christian' is a spiritual lifestyle, not works. You're saved by merely believing, and you learn and live on Bible to be spiritual, Heb 11:6, Matt 4:4. Spirituality is never what you do with the body. It's all and only in the Head, and it's about what Christ's Head getting into your head, does TO you, Romans 12:1-3. Due to many mistranslations in Bible which 'spin' what Bible says into works, 99% of Christians live in carnality. So false doctrines abound and remain.

Instead, we are to use 1John 1:9, learn Bible under whomever God appointed as one's right teacher. So while we are between sins -- theme of 1John -- the Spirit gradually creates from that Bible Learned and Believed, a refurbished soul Tested and Approved By God (Rom 12:1-3). Not, you testing and approving (passage is mistranslated, see my ).

This, my pastor (among others) also taught for 50 years. Yet 'mainstream' Christendom is subdivided into the Repentance Crowd, the Lordship Salvation Crowd, the Ecumenical Crowd, the Dour God factions (most Reform groups); or, the holy rollers with their gibberish, as if the Holy Spirit were a dog doing pet tricks to make the body feel good. So this vital doctrine of SPIRITUAL MATURATION, theme and criterion for Rapture, Eph 4:13 -- goes unrecognized.

D. THE ANGELIC TRIAL. Again, many denominations have at least some inkling that there's an Angelic Trial we're here to resolve, but they vaguely describe how this Trial works. Satan contends that DIVORCED-FROM-GOD MORALITY is better. God shows that only MARRIED WITH GOD, works. That's the trial. In short, even if you were an axe murderer, if you believed in Christ, you'd be better than the most moral person who depends on his own morality or abilities, and demands God 'reward' them. So, the Bible heroes are all pretty much losers, by the world's standards: Abram who was a pappa's boy and lied about his wife all the time, Moses who ran away after abdicating, David who committed adultery and then tried to murder the woman's husband when she got pregnant, Paul who was on his way to Damascus with an order to capture and murder Christians. Anti-heroes made into Bible heroes, because they wanted GOD, not 'good'.

The above ABCs are the heart of the Trial. A is the cause, B is the timing (and legal precedence for pre-Trib Rapture), C is how Trial is won or lost in the Witness Box. We are each a witness to the ANGELS first, 1 Peter 1:12, 1 Cor 4:9, etc. So now you know why 2000 years have transpired yet no Rapture. We're not maturing. Just as Paul warns in his meter (see GGS 10 and GGS 11 channels for the Bible proof of his meter).

Else, you will find much of what I say pretty 'normal' and 'familiar'.

Should I find any of these beliefs incorrect, I'll just change them to whatever Bible says. I don't need to be 'loyal' to a belief. I do need to keep on AUDITING belief against Bible, and the Latter is Always Right.

Bible Meter obsession proof

Watch in HD. Bible meter I've been showing for 8 years WAS INDEED KNOWN during the Reformation. But scholars just ignored its import. So in this and the next video, I'll show how to prove it WAS known.


Master thread on this topic, with full links (more than shown here): frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=512&p=3252#p3252

Link on the 1640AD book itself which uses same meter I'm showing in my vids since 2008,

Same book listed with a different name in a catalogue from 19th century which you can DOWNLOAD FREE,

That same book contains a reprint of the 1640 book in its Appendix (shown in both videos) where you can see the METERED TRANSLATION counting syllables you can vet yourself from the Hebrew, Ps1 and Ps19(on p371),

John Knox also did a metered translation of the Song of Moses (Deut32) but I can't find a reprint to tell if he meters from the Hebrew,


The alleged complete works are here, but there is no Liturgy or Song of Moses in it nor in

Watch in HD (Part 1 and 1a). Here we look at an old doc on the book of Job, proving the translator COUNTED THE HEBREW SYLLABLES AND TRIED TO MAKE HIS ENGLISH FIT THAT COUNT. I tell you how to get it in the video, don't want to put the email link in the video description. You can use that same name on ebay, or search on Dixie Rose in Ebay,

Or, download it from archive,


OH and wait until you see the TRANSLATIONS in Part 1a!

See for yourself the fact meter is intentional and doctrinally significant ESPECIALLY in John, JohnDatelineMeters.pdf or htm.

Vids I did on John (for he LINKS his meters in all his letters), You can download those videos in original 720/1080p format, within vimeo.

Watch in HD. Now to shorts demonstrating from that same book that metrical translation was sought after and POPULAR since at least 1549.

This vid covers 1640-42, predicted in Matt24:50 for ho kurios, get the pun? Details are in frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=512&p=3254#p3252

.. yet not only the Psalms, but Song of Solomon, Job, Isaiah.. and that you can even BUY at least one of these in Amazon today, so still popular now tho done hundreds of years ago.

Link (it's a free download):

Here's another link to same book, might be easier to search but is a pain to read,

There are 8 parts, but I'll combine some of them, with each segment being about 10 mins long so you don't gag.

This Part 7-8 shows the 1749 LAST WORDS OF DAVID is actually still sold in AMAZON! Video closes proving slipshod scholarship which deems David dead at age 70 per Josephus, but BIBLE says 77, i.e., in THE HEBREW of 2Sam23:1-3. Ooops.

There are other passages saying this also, but if you don't know the meter, you can't see the proof. Ooops. Video mentions some of them, most notably Isaiah 53, meter demo here: Isaiah 53 Meter of Time: 1st David's Birth to Last David's Scheduled Death

Just today, Anonynomenon metered Ps1 also to see David's dateline, lookie here: frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=512

See, counting the syllables MATTERS.

For via the 'numphios' (Bridegroom) keyword, in Matt25:1ff, Christ predicted THE EXISTENCE of METER being published, get the pun? Details are in frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=16&t=512

.. yet not only the Psalms, but Song of Solomon, Job, Isaiah.. and as we see here, you can even BUY at least one of these in Amazon today, so still popular now tho done hundreds of years ago.

Way back in the 1700's, there was a 'bishop' named Robert Lowth. He was certain that Bible meter was used even in PROPHECY (duh), but the hoary heads who deemed it unscholarly to count syllables, disagreed.. then and ever since.

So this video is on how Lowth, instead of actually COUNTING the syllables to prove his point for Isaiah 53, where it demonstrably is intended to be prophetic.. he fizzles out under pressure to the hoary heads.

Oh well.

It's his Isaiah to Malachi book, which is on Disk 2 of the '250 Rare Bibles' CD.

I don't know if you can get it online, downloadable. I can't find it. Closest is a 1836 edition,

Book doesn't say when Lowth contributed. He died in 1787. If you download the pdf, its page 422 has notes for the translation. Not helpful, really, but shows he didn't really pay attention to syllable counts, thereby shooting down the most important proof he was right.

Oh well. He's vindicated now. Witness God's definition of 'poetry': symmetrically ORCHESTRATING THE TIME from 1st to Last David, a 'map' of Isaiah 53's meter: Isa53Map.pdf

Awesome how those paragraphs (which Isaiah halved from Psalm 90, lol).. pair up. MATING, get it? Now note how the CONTENT of the paired paragraphs interrelates antiphonally. Yeah, that's a whole lot more sophisticated than spondees and strophes, huh.

To see what a difference it makes to count the syllables, here's a whole channel I made on Isaiah 53,

Perfection of its meter is shown briefly then more at leisure, starting here:

Next video will have a copy of the longer video showing the ANNUAL PROPHECY of Christ's Birth to the EXACT YEAR He was born and was SCHEDULED to die. He ends up dying seven years early, which is why CHURCH was inserted, and we cannot predict our Rapture, as the video's end, will show (next video after this one).

That was the first passage in which I found the meter. Didn't know of Lowth, back then. Found out about the debate on mater afterwards, which is summed up here with links to the scholars then and now debating,

How I learned the meter is the theme of the Isaiah 53 Meter playlist, only here in Youtube (very boring videos, took me several years to learn the meter, videos originally were in bliptv then Google video): • Isaiah 53 Hebrew Meter Hypotheses, Ov...

This is the full original 9/20-23/2008 video, when I was shocked to discover Isaiah 53's Meter functioned as a calendar. You can download the original (or at least see it better), here: vimeo-isa-53-meter.htm

My life hasn't been the same, since. Of course, since that time, I've found a lot more proof of the meter, elsewhere in Bible...

Backdrop, Daniel 9: God used Isaiah 53's meter to reaffirm to Jeremiah and Daniel, the timeline for Temple destruction and reconstruction. Isaiah tells it first, in 712BC. Isaiah's meter was designed to remind Jewish believers of the future just as you'd use a calendar. This was done by SYLLABLE COUNTS, since the Jews already had to count them, to test memorization and copying.

So God made this housekeeping task perform an eschatological duty, too: the entire future through Messiah is tracked. Isaiah tells you when he wrote Isaiah 53, in verse 1 -- 126 years prior to Temple's Fall, 712BC, during his ministry to Hezekiah -- by parallelling with the future Destruction of the Temple which will also be 126 years short of its promised 490-year time grant from back in 950BC. Then Isaiah parses his meter to show Temple and Jerusalem reconstruction timeline, to show how to balance to Messiah. For he'd been predicting it since Isaiah 39. So now, he tags meter to Psalm 90 and his own verse content in deft dual-entendre, near-and-far-prophetical manner as is the style for all OT prophecy.

God thus needn't say much to Daniel, but to parse the timeline; so Daniel isn't surprised by the numbers and asks no questions. To us in English, Daniel 9's numbers seem to jump from nowhere, so we don't understand WHY those numbers are used. But in Hebrew and NT Greek, it's referenced all over: for Temple depicts Messiah.

Matthew 1 and Luke 3 thus play on Isaiah's meter to explain the prophecied generations (42) and descendants (77) count down to Christ. Luke lists from Adam (including Gentiles); Matthew, from Abraham, naming legitimate kings of Judah, resulting in a 42-generation count. ALL these also draw on Psalm 90's meter. Even and especially, Daniel. For his prayer is metered based on Isa53 and Ps90, as is God's reply in Dan9:24-25. So too, is Paul's Greek(!), in Eph1:3-14 (covered in my GGS series).

Thus Daniel 9:24-27 is not new information. For Daniel 9 is an APPLICATION of Isaiah 53. So meter as mnemonic to remind one of future dates, is a major rhetorical style in Scripture. It is not Bible codes, but a CALENDAR.

Back in 2008 when I made this video, I didn't know about Psalm 90, Daniel, and Paul. Kinda like fingerprints, when you have a lot of matching rhetorical points that 'talk' to each other in content too, you know you've got a reliable style for testing. Yeah, and that's the point of Hebrew Meter. Again, because they had to count the syllables, anyway.

So when you review a Messianic passage in the OT, Count The Meter. Once you see the pattern here, you ought to find it often. Isa53Map.pdf is a map of the Isaiah passage in the video. The chronology worksheet, is GeneYrs.xls.

This material on a Bible rhetorical style in Hebrew has never been documented, so far as I can find. Not even my own pastor seemed to know about it. Hence the need to thoroughly document in video and webpage, so that any claims can be tested with the TEXT. Scholars have debated whether Bible has meter for centuries; since the 1830's, even the most-respected Hebrew scholars doubted whether Isaiah is genuinely from ONE real Isaiah, since he changes writing style (beginning in Chapter 40) and is so accurate, they think the text must be wrong (same stupid objections are raised against Daniel, lol). So establishing the meter resolves many interpretational and text-crit issues, especially for those of much education, but oh so little faith. One can empathize. People tend to ASSume faith must mean being uneducated, too.

See: if the Bible is accurate, it's doubted; if it's unclear to the dummies who can't read it, it's doubted; if it seems to have wrong info, it's of course doubted. See the pattern? Okay, so God gave us little-faiths a way to have a bit more faith by encoding the dating via syllable counts all Jews had to know, anyway. Prosaic, easy, and profound. So of course the meter will be doubted, so Bible can stay nicely obtuse! Meanwhile, you can prove Bible accurate and clear, just by counting the syllables yourself. That's all I had to do. So test using 1John1:9 and ask Our Mutual Dad. If you find any mistakes, yell at me. I can't have gotten this thing fully right, lol.

Webpages on God's Orchestration of Time, replete with Bible verses you can vet, are important adjuncts, to grasp the material. See the "God's Orchestration of Time" video for important related website links (click here for that video):

Arguing With God

This audio series demos daily arguments I actually have w God.. but it turns out, arguing w God is a quintessential proof that the God of the Bible is real.

That's a pretty spectacular claim; so this series goes through how you can prove it valid, in your own life.

These are genuine arguments I have with God, and probably you do, too. If not, someday you will.

Satan has these arguments, the most.

This 1 introduces the basis for the arguments: if God exists & directly made you AT BIRTH, as Gen2:7 & 100s of Bible verses attest..then why the hell did He make you The Way You Are?

b-out BibleMeter101

Section of the Matt 24 playlist which just focuses on Bible meter 101 introduction. We go verse by verse in English so you can easily prove relevance & value. Best of all, you should be able to see the face of God 😍
Sorry about the voice; I have breast cancer & it spit into my throat. I'm on chemo, so my throat is getting gradually better. I'm still bedridden & blinded by cataracts, so I can't do this on PC, yet. Thank you for your patience!

Simpler, short approach to understanding Bible Meter, which scholars have known existed, since the Reformation.. but haven't figured out. This series goes slowly and uses English first; so it will be easier to grasp. You will be able to proof the interp, with real history. The purpose, is to see the face of God in the text, how much God loves you; but you can't see that, until you know text is TIMED for your benefit. What benefit? To protect you. To tell you how people in the world are thinking during your time, so you won't be fooled. So we start with Matthew 24:1 in any Bible you choose. You need the Greek, to know what time the words cover: Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf

Still Matt24:1, now talking about stuff the Greek, Roman or Jewish reader, would have wryly noticed in this witty verse:

WHEW. So much meaning packed into one verse? And we don't know any of it. Scholars weren't taught it, so they did not teach us.

Matt24:1: witness God's biting satire, against arrogant rulers..still on role of ANAPHORA interacting w meter, to give precise interp. Here in v1, the results are dramatic: God mocks the future deaths of Caligula and Nero, using ιε in ιερου for each. Get the pun? They each die in the middle of the word! So they do not get their apotheosis! DISTANCE between each ιερου is 28, ÷7, stresses Divine Timing. Anaphora distances always ÷7, see notes in Matt24-25's pdf, below. (Paul Luke Mark & John practice the same truncated mocking prophecy style w different keywords.) Again, the Greek, Roman or Jewish reader would have wryly noticed this wit: famous plays used the same literary techniques.

God prophetically mocks the deaths of Caligula and Nero by TIMING the genitive (= belong-to case ending -ou) of Temple=ιερου, such that their deaths occur in the MIDDLE of the word: meaning, they didn't BELONG as gods, tho they told everyone they would. Greek and Roman playwrights often did this kind of sotto voce joke, to avoid being arrested for insulting the State: maiestas (look it up). Example: ter-ter-tullus is a line in a play, to mock Marcus Aurelius as a cuckold (look it up). This biting satire by God against rulers is a very common feature in the New Testament; but you can't know, absent the meter. So of course Satan made sure we don't know. Until 2009, when I'd asked GOD about Isa53's meter, knowing nothing. LESSON: ALWAYS ASK GOD, capisce? In 2010, I 1st learned Paul used η in θεληματος to tag death yrs of Trajan Macrinus & Diocletian, 3 Emperors whose Wills were undone (haha) by their successors. He metered Eph1:3-14 to Varro=our AD Paul cuts Constantine's AD337 death in the middle of προηλπικοτας, Eph1:12, to show Constantine died as a firstfruit of Antichrist: see the GGS11 playlist for verse-by-verse meter review. John tags Eph1:12, in Rev17:5. See my Revelation 17 Sarcasm Tour videos. Luke21 & Mark13 bite many rulers & Church Fathers, in parallel to Matthew 24. John in Revelation 17 does it so much, I had to mark it in purple. See them in my Matt24 playlist

Lying Trump Prophets' Words

Book read aloud: You can buy it, in Amazon. The content I read, is now in Appendix II of Use 1Jn1:9 as you listen, for best comprehension. 'Hands-On evidence you can test, to show 'prophets' claiming 'visions' of Trump either lie to you, or are demon-run. Vids demo a live diagnostic, while reading, how these people obviously do not speak for God; so anyone heeding them, spits on Christ & refuses Bible. Sadly, 99% of Christians care nothing for Bible. It's just a cultural icon, to them. So they get ensnared w politics & these false prophets, lose money, time & will be embarrassed at Judgement Seat of Christ. They will not lose their salvation. Series is temporarily paused, while I wait for chemo to fully restore my voice. So read the book.

Yeah, Rev17:9 Seven Mountains harlots lie for profit. Joke's on you, gullible Trumper! James A Beverley wrote a handy survey of what these prophets claim about Trump: (OLD VERSION, used in video: Video shows his free book sample for Kindle. Beverley replaced it, link below.) Select Appendix II, then keep hitting back button until you see '2005' in the header: (link is now dead) Whoever made the Kindle version, was inept. Don't blame the author or Kindle. Book's lone valuable feature, is its Appendix II of these 'prophets' & their 'prophecies', w links to their own text. (I want you to see source material for yourself. You cannot grow spiritually, on someone else's knowledge!) In later vids, I trace when Christians & Putin started collaborating & what they plan, to 'fulfill' their 'prophecies' re Trump being God's man, their #SevenMountains #ThirdRome world takeover strategy, which they pretend as God's. Back in the Cold War, CIA trained intelligence agents to read between the lines. That's all I do, as Putin is classic Russian propagandist; so too, are these 'prophecies'.

Now we go into more detail, reading directly from the verbatim quote of liar 'prophet' Kim Clement, to show how a demon runs him. I know that is a spectacular claim, but there are seven signature characteristics demons always use, to advertise they run somebody or something. The person they run, may or may not know. But you need to know. This is part of the Angelic Trial due diligence Disclosure by both sides; that's why you are guilty, if you fall for the devil's gambits. It's not Secret. Having read this, you might think I'm wacko, & that's fine; you still need to be apprised; at which point, decide for yourself whether to investigate further, blow it off, or believe it. My job is simply to disclose, not to sell you.

Amazing that a Trump 'prophet' made a 'prophecy' in favor of her, which at the same time mocks her & God. Yet no Trump voter notices how fake, this prophecy? It claims that God has 'dealt with her heart', idea being she will not run for president.. but of course she DOES run. Jer28 explains that if a 'prophet' says ANYthing that doesn't come true, that 'prophet' does NOT speak for God. It has to be 100% correct. Demons do stuff like this, to advertise the stupidity of their objects. So they advertise you should not listen, to Kim Clement. Thus they are not liable for lying to you, because they made the LIE obvious. Yes, demons. Here we start to see why we know, a demon feeds Kim Clement.

Again, continuing with the diagnostic that a demon gives Clement the information; it's not something he makes up on his own. Christians are supposed to tell the difference. But you can't tell the difference, unless you know Bible really well. Because the demons know it well; they always make Greek/Hebrew subtle plays on Bible, through either Book of Mormon, the Koran or some other so-called holy book. They are obsessed with it. See LTP1 for the link to the Beverley book I read aloud, in this video.

Trumpers are so beguiled, they don't notice the official Kim Clement website DIFFERS from his doctored videos, in Youtube. Russia is famous for faking evidence. So here we see not only demon involvement, but Russia. I don't mention it in the video, cuz I didn't know until after the video was recorded, that Kim Clement videos differ from his official website. This 'prophecy' is about a Praying president who is not a Praying president who has hot blood and becomes POTUS for the next two terms after 2007. Which are, 2008 & 2012. It isn't Trump... Again, continues diagnostic that a demon gives Clement the info. Demons would know SOME of the future. Christians are supposed to discern between demon vs mere human falsehood. Demons always make Greek/Hebrew subtle plays on Bible, thru Book of Mormon, Koran, or some other so-called holy book. They are obsessed with it. .@jimbeverley has replaced this book w a new one, & what I read in these vids is now in his Appendix Ii: (amazon link now dead) Buy the Kindle edition of his book, so you can access the links easily. I will do videos on them, once God finishes making the chemo restore my throat. LTP5 follows next. It was made before the breast cancer took my throat.

Ukraine/Russia in NT prophecy

How New Testament tracks key Ukraine & Russia dates in (then-future) history, AD 30+. The granddaddy NT Church prophecy passage is Matt24; all others tag it. So Yes there is Church prophecy, cuz Church BECOMES SOURCE of the Antichrist. Pre-Trib Rapture is true, but its date is never predicted. You don't need to know when, cuz you won't be here! Kingdom of Antichrist to come, is Russia, aka Gog Magog. But what is 'Russia'? Turns out, the history of what we call 'Russia' is just as much disputed, as the history of what we call 'Israel'. I had no idea that was true. God tracks the RUS people, from the beginning. So I've had to learn Ukraine & Russia history, to see the prophecy. Part of that learning, is in these videos. They are live, unedited, so of course are subject to dispute. I'm sorry the vids are made on my cell phone. If God makes me get well enuf to stand, I'll do them on PC again. Original recording is in 1080p; I don't know why YouTube renders at 720. If you need 1080p download, I'll upload original to my domain . Just let me know. DownlTips.htm will be the address.

First in new series on how prophecy covers Ukraine v Russia. Follow along using your favorite Bible translation + Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf, the doc I use in this video. The Wikipedia entry is in Russian, for Ivan Kalita Иван калита These are preliminary comments. Main vid purpose is to show methodology of finding a meter interpretation, not be dogmatic. Feel free to disagree or correct, unless you are a troll paid by Putin. I never censor and will not block you, except if you stalk or spam.

Matthew 24:38 shows how the birth of Ivan Kalita is depicted in Prophecy. It's pretty remarkable. I didn't know until I made this video, how apt it was. Follow along using your favorite Bible translation + Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf, the doc I use in this video. The Wikipedia entry is in Russian, for Ivan Kalita Иван калита Again: these are live, unedited, journaling/auditing videos. I do not know the outcome, until I see it; everything is subject to revision. Purpose is to show methodology, not necessarily to get the right answer. Because, Bible scholars don't know anything about this. They don't know, because they are really bad at BIBLE math, for over 500 yrs. Be skeptical & feel free to dispute, because all results are preliminary. You can't grow spiritually until you analyze the information yourself, using 1 John 1:9 as needed.

Follow along using your favorite Bible translation + Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf, the doc I use in this video. The Wikipedia entry is in Russian, for Ivan Kalita Иван калита. Be sure to use Chrome, which auto-translates. Here, we find GOD divides Ivan Kalita's life into the period from his birth to age 15 (when under Roman custom he becomes a man, 1303/4); then, until 1322; then until his death, all in Matt24:39. Why Bible does that, we won't know.. until we look at history. Okay: but how do we know BIBLE tags THIS guy? What if I'm reading into the text & what if these AD 1303 & 1322 benchmarks.. are artificial? In RUS4, we'll explore these questions.

TAKE 1. Video's Doc Download link: Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf This will be a slog, going over the text to show how it poignantly marks Ivan Kalita's life as the poster boy for world history from 1288 to 1340+ Then in future episodes, we go back over it from diff angles, so you see the hermeneutic methodology. That way, if you think I'm wrong, you'll know how to fix my mistakes. Because I'm dying soon, & don't know who God will hire to carry the guidon.

TAKE 2. Video's Doc Download link: Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf Now we go over the same info but more slowly: Bible annual prophecy tracks history of whole world; and separately, each country, using the same words for the same time period. In NT Greek, this Time is broken up into clauses, which function as important historical benchmarks, especially when the syllable counts are divisible by 7. So although the text covers the world and each country individually, there will be at least one highlighted as posterboy above the others, in any clause. Clauses benchmark who is highlighted: the ruler for a particular country, or group of Christians going salty or saltless. For the doctrine traced, is Deut32:8.. as goes the believer, so goes history. Video ends introducing the concept of anaphora=refrain: repeated historical trend. Quintessential proof, to whom the words, first apply. Ukraine/Russia in NT prophecy: • Ukraine/Russia in NT prophecy

TAKE 3. Video's Doc Download link: Matt24-25ParsedR6.pdf Unlike Take 1&2, here we see features in Greek language help us pinpoint who the text refs. We also begin to see parousia anaphora as definitive proof. Bible annual prophecy tracks history of whole world; and separately, each country, using the same words for the same time period. In NT Greek, this Time is broken up into clauses, which function as important historical benchmarks, esp when the syllable counts are divisible by 7. So although text covers the world and each country individually, there will be at least one highlighted as posterboy above the others, in any clause. Clauses benchmark who is highlighted: the ruler for a particular country, or group of Christians going salty or saltless. For the doctrine traced, is Deut32:8.. as goes the believer, so goes history. Video ends still introducing the concept of anaphora=refrain: repeated historical trend. Quintessential proof, to whom the words, first apply.

Russia & Ukraine

Putin's manifesto & Bucket List = 'Lesson of Byzantium', based on #ThirdRome myth created by Ivan III in 1472. So you need to know the history of Russia, also included here. The Scott Palmer lectures are very good. Ukrainians will tell you that the (really Turkic) Russians, stole Ukraine's history; there is much evidence for that. So what videos on it, I could find, are in this list. Bible prophetically tracks both the Russian & Ukrainian claims, starting AD 165, Matt24:3. (Maybe earlier in Mark 13 or Luke 21, I'm still checking.) See my 'Ukraine Russia in Bible prophecy' playlist.

Ancient Rome

Those who don't know history are condemned to repeat it. REVIVE ROME is a trend of history, and as I type, RUSSIA claims to REVIVE ROME. But not the 'Rome' of Italy; rather, 'New Rome' of CONSTANTINE, which Russia claims to 'inherit' (a 16th century claim aka Last Emperor, pseudo-Methodius) as THIRD ROME. I'll add vids which explain this topic both Byz and now, as I find them. THIS IS WHAT YOU MUST LEARN TO AVOID ANOTHER CRUSADES by 2030.

b-out Peter's Meter

NOTE: Episodes after 11/06/13 are uploaded in vimeo, . I will no longer upload to Youtube, owing to its invasive insistence on 'joining' Google Plus.

Series shows you how to use Bible METER to get more out of the TEXT. Ancients all knew this; they used METER as

For in the ancient world, though literacy YES was common, it was a pain to carry the scrolls and parchments; so folks instead, just memorized the stuff, using SYLLABLE COUNTS to verify the material. Then, in their low-tech age, it was fun to play with the meter and the words, while walking to Ephesus or spinning flax, etc. This was their entertainment, as well as their learning method. So it's very sophisticated, way above even today's 'geniuses'.

Sadly, modern 'scholarship' has no clue as to this rhetorical style, in the Bible. They've been arguing whether Bible Hebrew/Greek even HAS meter, for over 300 years! So all this meaning is missed, and Bible interpretations -- especially the prophecies -- are fuzzy, contradictory, even puerile. For centuries.

How then to fix the problem? Well, it's best to just show the meter technique live, so you can proof the above bullet uses for yourself. For above all, the meter, is a TIME ACCOUNTING style, giving the reader a 'calendar' of Time Past or Future, so you know how to live TODAY.

So this subset of the RFG series, which focuses on the BIBLE WRITING DATES for the four books coming out in the Year of the Four Emperors (Peter, Jude, Mark, Hebrews) -- shows how Peter's Meter plays on Paul's meter in Ephesians, to demonstrate the new CHURCH 490; for his letter is about 'living stones' and 'new priesthood', to replace the 2nd Temple, which in 68 AD was known to soon be destroyed.

Peter's metrical theme is TEMPLE REBUILDING; here, for Church, playing off Ephesians 2 as well as Paul's meter in Eph1:3-14. So Peter prophetically SYNCOPATES his meter in antiphonal fashion, much like Psalm 90's structure -- doing that especially at syllable=year 350, when Moses cut off Psalm90 to signify TEMPLE REBUILDING (prophesied 1st) IN DANGER! Very clever. No way a Greek reader could miss that, since people MEMORIZED SCRIPTURE using syllable counts.

Peter also uses a BIFURCATED timeline like Daniel did, in Daniel 9 (both Psalm 90 and Dan 9, are shown live in the Psalm 90 playlist, with Word docs you can dowload and test). Like Daniel, Peter does a year-by-year DUAL timeline that circles on key syllable=year segments in Paul (prophetically), and on the timeline FORWARD from Peter's own writing (10 years after Paul wrote Ephesians 1:3-14).

So Peter's DATELINE use of the meter is patterned on Psalm 90's '84', which Isaiah 53 had cut into bookends of 42 each (played on in Matthew's genealogy 42s, and Luke's 77 to cover the Gentiles).

The Petrine 84, however, is also 84 'sevens' from the date God declared Christ's birthdate and the order to REBUILD THE TEMPLE to Zerubbabel, in Haggai 2; but simultaneously, Peter dates his writing to 84 years after Herod began REBUILDING the 2nd Temple (called by Jews today, '3rd Temple', which entailed replacing the 2nd Temple with Herod's stonework (18 BC). So we definitively know when Peter wrote: late in 66 AD, aka 'our' 68 AD, which would become the 'Year of the Four Emperors'

Jude will write even later in the year, weaving around 2 Peter. His meter is trebled, as explained in the RFG series Episode 5d.

Yes, it's complicated. But the meter tells you how to interpret the words, so this is vital to hermeneutics. It's all original research, sorry; but if you can count syllables and read Bible Greek in BibleWorks, also history books/articles by established Roman historians, you can understand what Peter means.

Download Peter's meter: 1Peter1meter.pdf

To get the most out of this play on Paul, you need to read Paul's meter, replete with university and other websites explaining the relevant historical references: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. PDF version: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf

PopeMyth webpage (which has the PopeM video playlist below): PopeMyth.htm. First of the Bishop's Lists videos: • GGS11t9a Bishop Lists (apostolic succ...

Playlist in which they reside (the book starts with the 13th video in the list): • b-out PopeMyth (aka PopeM )

To see how the 49 years were missed, not 70 (as mistakenly claimed by Eusebius, who scholars have blindly followed ever since), see brainoutFAQ.htm#6a; then search on 'Master Accountant', to read the accounting.

Since Isaiah and Daniel started this rhetorical style of meter-mapping-to-kings tradition, watch videos on Daniel 9, beginning here: • 23Ps90 Daniel's Prayer Meter proves P... . It's faster and easier to instead download the Daniel document in that video's description, then read through it to see his style. Both Paul and Peter talk back to Daniel 9 VIA its style -- which I call 'tagging' -- as Mary had done, in the Magnificat.

Very shocking stuff, very technical. And very unknown to Christendom, who is always on life support, always fancying itself holy, always on the verge of God having to pull the plug, fig tree not bearing any fruit, Mark 11-14. Which maybe accounts for why Mark stops using euthus during that section (see my Mark 3d6-7 videos, starting at • Mark3d6 Why Mark OMITs euthus from Ch... ).

Download Peter's meter (only the Greek, all of 1Pet1:1-12): 1Peter1meter.pdf. Download the interleaved (Paul's Eph 1:3-14 with 1Peter1:1-12) song with its metered translation, here: PeterMeterSongWithTrans.pdf. It's only two pages, currently. Since 1Peter 1:1-12 is metered, the final version will be much longer.

One of the reasons the NEVER-secure salvation apostates think they are right, is that they rely on Bible Mistranslations, to make their case. They are abetted in this, by the fact that PAST mistranslations in KJV and elsewhere, are 'revered'. So future editions or allegedly 'new' Bible translations, typically preserve the OLD mistakes, rather than be courageous and admit the past error. That's the case here, in 1Peter 1:2.

When you see how evil the mistranslation, you'll want to write the Bible publishers. Seriously, folks, it's time we stopped stomping on the Word of God in order to walk with people!

So ask yourself: is it worthwhile to tell yourself you're revering God, when you rely on Bible translations which are clearly motivated by political correctness, rather than Bible accuracy? Now you know why I harp on the Hebrew and Greek so much. So should you.

So duh: you CANNOT LOSE Salvation! I'm so sick of retarded, carnal Christians who run around on Youtube telling everyone they can lose their salvation. So this is a rant video, but it proves the FIRST reason why you cannot lose your salvation: YOU ARE THE PROPERTY OF CHRIST.

Only the Property Owner has a say over you. YOU have no say over yourself, so you cannot cause yourself to be disowned. You have NO say in the matter, after you 'married' him by believing He paid for your sins. There is no such thing as 'divorce' from God. The most you can lose, are the rewards atop salvation like Kingship, 1Cor3.

Really, there are 1000s of verses on the fact you can't lose your salvation. So many, my pastor once quipped that there should be a warning label attached to any gospel tract: 'WARNING YOU CANNOT RESCIND YOUR BELIEF IN CHRIST.' Yeah, because you can't turn back TIME. Can't turn back the time of the Cross 2000 years ago. Can't turn back to before the time you FIRST believed Christ paid for your sins. So you can become an axe murderer, an atheist, a nice person who works works works -- and it doesn't matter. You can't undo your salvation anymore than your couch can walk out of the room.

Good couch, bad couch, any couch, HIS couch. Do you own a couch? Can your couch run away from you? Can your couch get the money to ransom itself away from YOUR OWNERSHIP, no matter how good or bad it is? NO. Why? Because it's just a COUCH! Yeah, and YOU are property also. Owned, by Christ.

Now, hopefully, you know the root reason why. So if anyone claims you can lose your salvation, just refer them to me. I'll ream them out with Bible verses. :)

Continued from • 5e1, RFG : Hebrews On Peter . Now we have DEFINITIVE proof of when Peter writes, and as usual, the meter conforms to the earlier 'scholar' dates for Bible books. Heh. Parts 1-3 introduce you to why I know that, but of course the rest of 5e (very long!) will illustrate more testing via Hebrews and Mark textual links. My, the Quelle 'scholars' are inept!

Quick video showing the Greek of 1Peter1:1-3, how Peter plays off both Psalm 90:1-4, and PAUL's meter. I still need to do a lot more work on this, so treat this video as a mere heads-up. Kill me now. Why am I allowed to live?

Will be several weeks before I can come back to this. Meanwhile, try Googling on 'Herod's Temple 18 BC', and pick the first pdf you see (though it gets Christ's birthdate completely wrong), plus . See also Scholarship is very uniform, here, but there are some nutters. Wasn't God thoughtful, to invent a dateline meter convention so we can have better certitude about our Bible books and Bible's own timeline? Heh.

So look at Haggai 2, and realize that 84 x 7 = 588, so 66 (Bible's AUC for its anno domini version, per Paul's meter) - 588 = 522 BC (end), when God commands Zerubbabel, on the anniversary of the FOUNDATION being laid for 2nd Temple, to REBUILD. Yeah, and that's when Zerubbabel is told he is Seed of Christ, so to set up Christ's birthday on what WILL BECOME Chanukah, in 4 BC (2BC per Paul's own anno domini accounting in Eph 1). Yikes!

Yeah, because the 2nd Temple is about to go DOWN, when Peter writes; the 40 years' credit remaining on Abraham maturing 54 years early -- 14 of which was overtime spent on REBUILDING the 2nd Temple, shown in Isaiah 53's meter -- the remaining 40-year credit for the TEMPLE (cuz it was 40 years late getting built due to Israel's wandering in the wilderness) -- is almost UP.

See the import of learning the meter, and it's all DOCTRINAL, baby. Syrupy text in translation alerts you to metered translation, as it is here, in Peter.

Kill me now.

Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 1 of 7 , how I know the meter is accurate, so you can see something of the methodology. A fuller explanation of how you spot Bible Hebrew Meter, even if using Greek language, is in the first video's description (Word doc you can download), here: • Bible Hebrew TIME Meter, 30 Testing C... . That way you can spot the passages yourself.

You have to know or learn the history and the relevant doctrinal references, to do this metering. The keywords in the Bible text tell you what DOCTRINES are referenced, so you know what HISTORY will relate, to reinforce the DOCTRINAL message given.

Here, it's about TEMPLE DOWN, and TEMPLE BUILDING, which is the focus of Peter and later Hebrews, the CHANGE IN PRIESTHOOD owing to Christ's Resurrection Victory. Change priesthood means change covenant, which Paul had introduced in Galatians, Colossians, and especially Ephesians, where his Eph 1:3-14 plotted prophetically, Roman FUTURE history to the rise of Odovacer; and satirically, the rise of what we now call Roman Catholicism, under Constantine.

Paul equates that to extreme apostasy which makes the Rapture so unlikely, by Constantine's death. I showed all that in detail beginning in Episode 11a of my GGS 10-11 playlist. The Word doc linked in the video descriptions of that series, is huge, replete with links to ancient Roman historian sources, so you can check both history and meter.

See also my Mary Magnificat playlist, for Peter plays on Mary, just as Paul did.

So Peter, is playing on Paul. This video helps explain how, covering verses 1-2 of 1Peter. In Part 3 we'll briefly go through 1Peter 1:3, to see more on how Peter plays on Paul.

Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 2 of 7 , now 1Peter1:3, which directly refers the reader to Ephesians 1:3 by quote and by METER. This helps you see how ancient readers used meter as a CONCORDANCE (cross-reference), since they orally memorized Scripture, by counting syllables.

So obviously I'll have to parse out the rest of the passage, to see a) why he's doing this, b) what 'future' he's updating relative to Paul, c) where the meter ends. That will take me several months. Meanwhile, with this tripartite heads-up on the method, you can decide if you want to do it yourself.

Sorry, I'm the only one who knows this meter, so it's all original research; the 'authority' is the Scripture itself, and thus is independently verifiable. But if you can count syllables, read Bible and history books, you can independently VET the material.

Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 3 of 7 . Sleuthing proof that Peter 'maps' his meter to Paul and Daniel 9:24-27, theme of TEMPLE 490; this shocks me, so I apologize for not being able to control myself.

Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 4 of 7 . Here, the focus is on WHY Peter's tracking the 140-year parallel between the time Herod started rebuilding the 2nd Temple and its imminent demise, and the initial rebuilding OF the 2nd Temple, back in Zerubbabel's day (Haggai 2, 84 'sevens' before Peter writes).

For 122AD (onscreen, left timeline, mimicking Daniel 9's bifurcated timeline meter) is the former's 140th anniversary. Peter, like Paul, and on Paul, plays to the upcoming destruction of Temple and then Jerusalem 70 years later, parallelling the time from 586-446BC. So the text, is a) what believers should be thinking during that time, and b) a satirical commentary on how Church is also failing (just as Paul is saying) because Church is NOT thinking as directed, for the time.


Continued from • 5e2, RFG : Peter's Metered! Part 5 of 7 . Now we'll see the whole of 1Peter's meter, which runs to verse 12. He's playing on Paul, alright, but straight from Daniel 9.

See, God orchestrates Time using three overlapping time-grant criteria:

  1. Did someone on earth SUPERMATURE during a HISTORICAL 490-year time period, starting at Adam's fall? If yes, the world is granted 490 years longer, to live. If no, Time ends and so does the world (root idea behind the Flood).
  2. That someone granted the 490, is PERSONAL, so before that PERSON's 490 ends, someone ELSE must supermature, too.
  3. Beginning with Israel, and undergirded by the Davidic Time Grants, which were the basis for God's Grant of Time in Daniel 9 -- would Israel CORPORATE mature enough? This was signified by the TEMPLE STANDING, hence Daniel's prayer. If the Temple was down, Time would end with the latest grant in #2, above. That, was 37 AD, David's outside 1000-year grant, dated from his death. But the Temple would have to be rebuilt by positive believers, else the world would be at war (which, it was).

So now for Church, the same tripartite TIME rules remain, even though Rapture can occur at any moment, when (Eph 4:13), Church CORPORATE is mature. But if Church is apostate, like #3, times get really bad, and she goes into a kind of DIASPORA.

Paul addressed #1 and #2, with a what-if-the-Rapture occurs in syllable aka year X, in his meter.

#3 for Church, is what Peter covers. So his is a DIASPORA WINDOW timeline, telling believers in advance, when to LEAVE ROME: leave due to upcoming pagan persecutions, or leave due to what Paul had already forecast as the rise of Political Church (later enshrined in Rev 17), which today we know as Roman Catholicism (and all the other political denominations since the Reformation). For Christians who are really living on Bible, will be persecuted by both groups. So the question is, WHEN to leave, so to preserve the BIBLE which both groups will be routinely trying to sequester and burn?

Peter's orange (divisible by seven) clauses, tell you when. The parents were supposed to pass the knowledge onto their kids, even as those reading Paul were supposed to pass these prophetic calendars onto their kids, to protect both kids and Word. Sadly, by now this rhetorical style of calendared prophecy underlying timeless (syrupy) text, is unknown in both today's Judaism (for the meter style dates back to Psalm 90) -- and has been lost to Christianity, ever since the first century.

So here and in Part 7, we'll see the structure. You are to link the words in a given segment of text, to the YEARS signified by the syllable pattern, to know when and what to think, while you flee, both groups.

The Pauline and Petrine text both intertwine to give you advance SATIRICAL historical information which we in retrospect, can prove. However, I don't have time now, to show how both sets of text within the same historical segment, interrelate. Ask God, and He'll show you. Then when I'm able to make videos on this antiphonal relationship between the texts for the same syllable/TIME segment, maybe you and I can compare notes.

Bible meter is meant to further explain, cross-reference, elucidate the interpretation of Bible text. Pity this Meter is unknown to scholars. So here, we take a simple example of how Bible meter elucidates otherwise-snoring text, in 1Peter1:1-2.

Folks who got this letter at the time, memorized Scripture by means of syllable counts. So God gives them extra bang for the buck -- using a rhetorical style since Moses -- of turning the METER (syllable counts in groups of sevens or threes) into a CALENDAR. So it becomes a drama play about specific segments of time, with the words known to be 'lines' spoken by 'actors' telling you ABOUT that time.

Moses started this style in Psalm 90 (see my Psalm 90 playlist), with God's Decree re TIME in the first 84 syllables: a promise of TIME for those who took 'refuge' in God.

This, is Peter's jumping-off point for his letter; you know that, because he too uses 84 syllables. So the syllables act as a concordance, a pointer, cross-reference. Text refers to Psalm 90 content several times, which all scholars know. But what they don't know, is how the meter tells you MUCH MORE INFO -- as well as when Peter writes -- than you could discern, from the text alone.

Always need to know CONTEXT, with Scripture. Here, vital TIME CONTEXT is missing from theology, and hence this valuable method of interpreting Bible, goes unlearned. So to show you the difference in the meaning you get -- which is all doctrinal, as well as telling you WHAT TIME Peter writes (which scholars still dispute) -- to show you this difference, I dramatize the text by reading it, and showing how the METER gives you added meaning FROM THE SAME WORDS, which you'd otherwise not know.

Continued from • 5e3, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Pet... . Now we get into verses 4-5 of Paul's Eph1:3-14, to show how the CURRENT and parallel section of Peter, INTERLEAVES with the then-current section of Paul. It's truly amazing.

Important: in LEGAL documents, a technique called 'incorporation by reference' is a kind of cross-reference to another legal document OUTSIDE the current one being read, to INCORPORATE the OTHER document's TEXT into the CURRENT one being read. Thus you know how to interpret the CURRENT text. Thus, legal documents quote or sometimes use NUMBER CITATIONS, to point the reader to the outside text which is thus incorporated. You are to read the total text WITH the incorporation to get the meaning, scope, parameters, conditions, etc. of the CURRENT text.

Example: if I said, 'the participant's benefits from this Plan will be subject to Code Section 415 of the Code', the lawyer reading the document knows that the TERMS AND CONDITIONS of that 'section' in US tax law, will LIMIT the retirement benefits of some employee covered by the particular plan whose document he's reading. He then looks OUTSIDE the document he's reading (i.e., looking outside Peter to Paul), to INCORPORATE the terms of that cited law, into the text he's reading. Thus he knows, for example, that if the participant in the plan was otherwise entitled by plan terms to a million-dollar annual payment from the plan, Code Section 415 REDUCES the payment to its OWN current maximums for each year (generally, around 205K in 2013).

Back in Peter's day, they didn't have named sections of Bible, but instead had syllable counts. So, Peter matches SYLLABLES so the reader can track what in Paul, Peter's incorporating into his letter. This technique was started by Moses, to quote his own material, since he wrote the first five Bible books. His style has been emulated, ever since. And it is unknown, today, to Christian scholars.

Since I do legal documents for a living, and all law in any age is written this way, it was easy for me to understand this rhetorical technique. Especially here, since the Bible is a LEGAL CONTRACT of INHERITANCE, and of course we saw already from 1Peter1:2, that INHERITANCE is the topic. So you'd expect Peter, who was far more astute in Classical Greek than scholars give him credit for, to use this sophisticated legal technique.

Talk to any lawyer you like, especially one in tax law, and you'll find confirmation of this style in both contract law and in tax law, though we don't use syllable counts anymore, to incorporate by reference. So why don't the Bible scholars realize its use in Bible? Why, when even a brainout can count syllables, has this very interactive and definitively-interpretative technique, been so unknown to those in hermeneutics? Oh well.

I realize that I'm supposed to be nice about this, but I just can't. The GOLDMINE of Scripture is going undug, and Christians are dying inside from doubt, misinformation, and false doctrine, instead. For centuries. It's unfair. It's time we got nasty, therefore, and stop compromising God's Gorgeous Word, for the sake of being nice to each other.

Continued from • 5e4, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Pet...

Now covering Peter's meter-and-text interaction with Paul's, in each verse 3-4. This is a killer interaction. If ever you had doubts about Eternal Security, you won't doubt it after going through this video. Bible is very precise in its doctrines, and here we see another example of how the ancients would know they can't lose salvation.

Continued from • 5e5, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Pet... . Now we see how Peter ties in Daniel 9 and Rapture (which was then expected) in light of the KNOWN imminent destruction of 2nd Temple (then under siege; remember, he datelined 1Peter 1:1-2, based on 84 sevens, which takes you back to Haggai 2).

So Peter's theme is, Yes Temple Will Be Destroyed but will Resurrect as Church at Rapture (tying to Eph 2's two walls, 2nd covenant separate for Church). For they didn't actually call it Rapture (though the term is derived from Latin rapto in 1Thess 4:17) -- they called it the EXIT RESURRECTION (exanastasis, used in Philippians 3:11) of the Church. Since the word is misunderstood by the translators, you can't tell what Paul means, in English.

Very clever technique, since Peter 'ropes' his text to the yet-future prophecy in Paul, which to us moderns is known as the Bar Kochba rebellion and the destruction of Jerusalem under Hadrian, who built Aeolia Capitolina atop the razed city, with a pig temple to Zeus (Jupiter) standing over the Temple Mount. Jews were no longer allowed in the city, except on Tish B'Av (the date Titus would destroy the Temple in 70AD, same date as when it was destroyed the first time, per Jeremiah 52:12, remembering that the new day begins piggybacked on the sundown of the PRIOR day).

Continued from: • 5e6a, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, 1Pe...

Fun video to follow up on 5e6, to 'sing out' how Peter's meter interactively creates an antiphonal marching song by interacting with Paul's text. Maybe you'll come up with other configurations. Oh: add Paul's 'en oi echomen' in verse 6 (taking you to Paul's syllable=year 151AD) at the end of the song; or just before the last refrain. Funny how its meaning changes when just left open like that. I forgot to 'sing' it in the video.

Greek drama, use of repetition, search: Useful is a 1999 dissertation by a guy named Pickering, 313718.pdf . I've not yet gone through it.

I don't know if Peter's deliberately matching cadence for some well-known pattern then common in Greek or Roman culture. Paul patterned Ephesians after Ion by Euripides, so maybe something by that playwright is used by Peter, too; but I'm not familiar enough with Greek drama cadence, to know.

~ with extra cadence details I didn't notice, the first time. Golly, this is exciting. Could revolutionize hermeneutics. There must be hundreds of passages like this in Bible. And you know what else? I bet at least some of what we might think of as 'corrupted' texts, are really someone's REPENNING of the interleaved verses, as songs/chants/marches. Like this one. Really, this would make a great text crit dissertation by one of you seminiarians...

Video starts with a quick review of the Greek to refresh your mind on the cleverness of the cadence, and then launches into key hermeneutical points to illustrate the extreme value of the meter, for interpreting the text. If we all learned to memorize Scripture as did our ancient forebears, this would be very easy. Since we didn't learn it as kids, going through this analysis will be something of a slog.

This video is continued from: • 5e6d, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pet...

Continued from • 5e7, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete... , to show a different possible interleaved 'song' cadence, using Paul's meter as the 'beat', rather than what I showed in 5e7 RFG.

To get the most out of this play on Paul, read Paul's meter, replete with Roman contemporary writings, university websites explaining the relevant historical references:

To see how the 49 years were missed, not 70 (as mistakenly claimed by Eusebius, who scholars have blindly followed ever since), see ; then search on 'Master Accountant', to read the accounting.

Also watch videos on Daniel 9, beginning here: • 23Ps90 Daniel's Prayer Meter proves P... . It's faster and easier to instead download the Daniel document in the video description, then read through it to see his style. Both Paul and Peter talk back to Daniel 9 VIA its style -- which I call 'tagging' -- as Mary had done, in the Magnificat.

Continued from • 5e7, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete... , still on the hermeneutics offered by the meter. Here, more deeply into the nature of Paul's anaphora, to know why Peter adopts his interleaving technique.

Essentially, Peter adopts the technique as a SINGING REMINDER to the reader, to take Paul's warning seriously. Turning the interactive text into a marching song, will make it easier to use and remember, teach your kids, etc.

For beneath the syrupy text, is a message of progressive war and degeneration in a) the Roman Empire in general, and b) in Christianity, in particular; so the Rapture becomes LESS LIKELY with each passing year. So it's a warning of Christian apostasy, which can ALSO cause the Rapture, but for the wrong reason (Church too apostate to be allowed to keep living on earth). Paul basically tells you that from Constantine onward (end Eph1:12), Church goes into the toilet, with only a few 'proelpikotas' individuals maturing, no mass growth.

So you used this prophetic calendar even as you did the ones in the OT, to know What Time It Is, and how to orient to that Time, when you are IN it.

Very different meaning, therefore, versus the pablum teaching re both passages, today!

Now, my pastor taught this meaning from text only, not knowing the meter, for maybe 50 years. His main teaching THEME was, how God uses the Believer to BUY TIME, often saying 'as goes the believer (in Church), so goes history.' Wow. I asked God for proof IN BIBLE for how this BUYING TIME doctrine, worked. That was back in 2000, and I've been posting the documentation, ever since (first in the web, now in Youtube as well). Other pastors call this, 'salt' doctrine, but they know almost nothing about it.

So get my pastor's 1985 Ephesians series, which is 12 whopping years long (if you play an hour every day), at They don't ask for money, and you can order the free mp3 or DVD at the rate of maybe 30-36 lessons per month (1 per day, don't overdo it).

Continued from • 5e8, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete... . IMPORTANT: Now we see the different CRITERIA for timeline charting, between Peter and Paul:

  1. Paul charts LIKELIHOOD OF RAPTURE due to enough MATURATION, theme of Ephesians, climactic Eph 4:13, Rapture Occurs when Body Corporate Has the Maturity of Christ. That's what you also need, to become a KING. So will enough KINGS develop, and will the KINGDOM develop? That's the play, and its success becomes ever less likely, from Constantine forward. That's the story, Paul's meter tells.
  2. Peter, by contrast, focuses on the 1Kings 9 criterion, Will Temple (Church, second wall of Eph 2, not Israel, but Bridge To Israel's future time) -- remain STANDING? The criterion for the Temple to Remain Standing, is enough positive volition for any growth to keep going, analogous to Sodom and Gomorrah. Just one Noah and family...

So over the same period, Peter charts whether believer CORPORATE growth is sufficient for God to allow Church to REMAIN on earth. John later echoes this criterion in Revelation 1-3: 'lampstand' (local church) remains or is removed. Both tag Paul's Romans 11.

This is the NEGATIVE criterion for Rapture: Church must be recalled (diplomatic term, think 2Cor5:20) due to its APOSTASY. Of course, if that became true, then Time Ends, Satan wins. So Peter reassures readers, warns them at the same time: yes, Church will remain, but the growth is so low after 350 AD, Church BARELY remains. Ouch.

Hence both writers use Daniel's 62 weeks (434 years), since we're stuck in the 'time bubble' of Daniel 9:26c, wars and rumors of wars until Christ comes (Rapture for us, Trib for the world). For as always true since Adam, Time still must be Justified by a) one person supermaturing during a 490 year period, and b) mass voting during the sandwiched 70 years (490+70+490, so two believers must supermature per 1050, and enough mass votes to learn God during the 70).

Peter's four quarters thus play on Paul's four quarters, in wry ways. Later videos will focus on these differences. For example, Peter's 2nd quarter of Church reverses the order of Paul's meter for Paul's own 2nd quarter; Peter's 3rd quarter replicates and reverses the order of Paul's 1st quarter (so Church growth sufficient to continue Time itself mimics in reverse time order, the 1st quarter in Paul). In between, Vote Critical Time known to modern historians as Decius-Gallienus (SPQR Emperors), is under Peter's chronology elongated; meaning, growth way too low, behind schedule. That schedule is made up, from the rise of Gallienus in the West (when Roman Empire newly splits), to end of the first two Constantine kids (who die trying to kill each other over whether God is 1 or 3, lol).

Paul's 4th quarter shows no group maturation at all. Only individuals. Peter echoes this, playing on Psalm 90 (the outer timline in Peter): instead of 91, 84. For like Israel at Temple Down to Purim (focus of Psalm 90:16-17), Church MIGHT NOT continue.

After Q4, from 434-483 AD, known in history as Fall of the West, Peter ends with the pregnant '49', Church apostasy analogous to Israel in Diaspora, Missed Sabbaths, TEMPLE DOWN. So that theme characterizes our time from Constantine's sons, forward. We might not make it, always on Edge of Being Too Apostate to Live. Rev 1-3, echoes this theme.

Continued from • 5e9, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete... . Still on the different CRITERIA for timeline charting, between Peter and Paul, more detail; but repeated vid desc, follows.

In testing the meter of 1 Peter 1:1-12, I'm finding what seems to be a three-syllable lacuna somewhere between 1 Peter 1:10, and the end of 1 Peter 1:11. Does anyone know of any extra words (or a verb) in any of the manuscripts? My BibleWorks only lists the major text families, not all the textual variants. I tried searching on Google for any variants (other than the modernized spelling of the first verb in the BYZ family mss), and come up with nothing.

HELP? This could be really important, as 1Peter 1:11 is also fought over, regarding its meaning. Even more importantly, it shows the value of METER to Text Crit. In the video, I show why.


Continued from • HELP? Lacuna in 1 Peter 1:10-11? . Now we review the 'panorama' of Peter's meter in the newly UPGRADED VERSION of 1Peter1meter.pdf, presuming that the prior video's 'lacuna' issue can be resolved. Focus here is on the DOCTRINAL MEANING of the orange (sevened) meters, which serves to elucidate and ground the text. Else you don't get what Peter's saying, and much misinterpretation of his letter, results.

1Peter1:3 prophetically covers Nero to Hadrian's first five years. So this video continues from • 5e11, RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pet... , but also is in tandem with Paul's charting the same time, beginning in GGS Episode 11i, • GGS11i Paul maps Future up to Domitia... . Remember, Peter's writing on top of Paul, so starts with the CURRENT emperor: Nero, just before he died, but just after Paul's execution. Else, Peter's meter themes are the same as Paul's, both overlaying (updating) and interleaving, with Paul's meter and text.

Continued from • 5e12 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete... , now into 1 Peter 1:4, showing how Peter plays on Paul's What If The Rapture Occurs in the remaining years of Hadrian through A. Pius. Church apostacy had begun back in the 90's, and it ramps up, here. Christians were very obnoxious, and Peter's text (as too Paul's) wryly ties to that rise in apostacy.

Hence the persecutions which occurred, were largely instigated by the locals, and the Government turned a blind eye. Christians really WERE seditious, as any reading of the bilious 'Church Fathers' will show you. You can read them easily by clicking on the links in the Word doc showing onscreen in the video, or by going to Ephesians1REPARSED.htm.

They are listed in chrono order, and the website is Calvin College, which just stores the original Church Father documents, and thinks those guys were good guys. You'll disagree, when you read the writings. You can also read them at , and in BibleWorks.

Continued from • 5e13 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete... ; how Peter's wry wording characterizes the time of both the Roman Emperors Antoninus Pius, Marcus Aurelius, AND the warring apostate Christians claimed today, as part of the 'Catholic Church'.

Continued from • 5e14 RFG : Meter Explains Bible, Pete...

Shocking stuff. 1 Peter 1:5b, on Aurelius' reign. Peter's wry satire, SYLLABLE BY SYLLABLE! on this period, is heartbreaking, too: for he's characterizing what Roman historians call a 'golden age'; so too, the 'Church Fathers' turned philosophical -- sending Christianity into the tank, to make it look like every other religion.

Christendom never recovers from this denouement. We think it's OUR golden age, how stupid can we be! (see the bilious praise of uniting Christianity with philosophy by a MODERN idiot, in!)

Just as Israel wanted to be like other nations and rejected God as King in 1050 BC; in 160-186 AD, Church rejects Him. In favor of, scholasticism: emulating Aurelius. That trend has continued, ever since. They were hot on how intellectual they were. Bible gets twisted more than ever. In favor of, philosophical ingratiation. Rev17, baby.

So the warring apostate Christians, claimed today as part of the 'Catholic Church', were destroying Bible meaning right and left. But so too, were their opponents. Very much like today.

So what did God do, the very year the Philosopher everyone praises, got into power? God sent one plague outbreak after another, to Rome. And it kept on going, for well over 100 years! And, military incursions! See Leviticus 26, Deut 28! Warning, Bill Robinson!

Why not? Everyone put his 'faith' (pistews, in the verse) and his custody (phrouroumenous) under the power (dunamei) of POLITICS and PHILOSOPHY -- but not, under God. By contrast, God took them all into custody with the plagues, since they were plaguing Christianity, 1John5:16: Hegesippus, Martyr, Hermas, Tatian, and especially Irenaus, Athenagoras, Tertullian. All anti-semitic, twisters, liars, gossipers, with total disregard for Scripture or even a modicum of desire to tell the truth. So God cleans house. For the next 100+ years, four generation curse.

Really wry, here, Peter's language: salvation being REVEALED -- yeah, you're DYING! Since you're dying, you're kept under GUARD due to FAITH (yeah, in what, and with what results when REVEALED, lol).

Paul's text for the same period, is on DEBT CANCELLATION through His Blood, yielding RICHES (get the pun? Riches of bleeding for the world or riches of Christ bleeding for you, you bleeding for the Word instead) -- at which point, Aurelius dies!

Every emperor afterwards, will claim lineage from him. The loopy Christians too, claim Christianity is like Aurelius' philosophy. To sell it. So ask: why should anyone believe in Christ?!?!

Meanwhile, the FEW believers faithful in Word, reading these Petrine and Pauline antiphonal verses, know to LEAVE; so to be kept under guard AWAY from Rome and her sicknesses. See how the verse applies in both positive and negative directions? Oh, this is SO classical Greek drama of sotto voce political commentary, in every great play of the golden age of Greece, 500's BC!

b-out Malista key to Bible Writing Dates

This playlist started out as a reprimand of Xoroaster's bad scholarship on Josephus (first video in playlist), but ended up being about Greek keyword 'malista', given how Josephus uses it as a superlative.

This is odd, because Greek didn't use superlatives. By contrast, malista has been used as a keyword to rubric, since Homer.

So most of the playlist ends up being about the usage of malista, because you can trace a huge change in the word's usage, starting in the 50's AD. This helps demonstrate that the Gospels are older than often surmised, versus later Bible books.

This keyword alone is not conclusive, of course. But tracing it helps demonstrate 'textual criticism', the art-science of establishing what words are genuine to a text, or when a text was written by the author. Hence this playlist.

Video in question: • E5 Josephus on Jesus - Early Christi... . TruthCeeker333 made a nicer reply (than I do) to Xoroaster's video, here: • Response to Xoroaster Christianity 5.0 . By contrast, I ream Xoroaster out, because he should be censured by every atheist on the planet -- for DISHONESTY. Or, stupidity. Take your pick. Video explains why he's a SHAME to atheism.

He's not good at proper citations, either. If you have the Works of Josephus in hardback, the proper reference is Wars of the Jews, Book 6, line 300 and following. If you're using BibleWorks to read Josephus, select JOE for English, JOS for the original Greek, and then '6' and then '300', to get to the same place (BW aligns the books as chapters). That text is in Josephus' Book 5, but in many copies of Josephus the Chapters aren't separated out. So Xoroaster is also ignorant of the citation convention of using the LINE NUMBER for the starting place. Shameful. If you're going to pretend to be a scholar, then do your citations properly!

CONTEXT shows that Josephus is on the topic of the war culminating in Masada, which was thirty years AFTER Jesus the Christ, had DIED. So it cannot be the same Jesus as in the Bible. Which Josephus makes plain in his own text, but apparently Xoroaster, even when reading aloud, doesn't know what he's reading! My video here, explains why.

Xoroaster tries to jerryrig a claim that the Bible is somehow based on Josephus' account, because 'Jesus' and 'Stone' and 'killed' are used in the latter. PULEESE. First, Xoroaster is ignorant of Greek, so can't tell that the Greek of Matthew is a full generation OLDER than the Greek of Josephus. Just as, the way people spoke English in the 1960's is very different from today. We know this, because most of the Roman world spoke Greek in the first century (if you were cultured), so we have a LOT of that Greek outside the Bible, for comparison. It changed every decade.

So Josephus, writing in the last 30 years of the 1st century, uses the later idiom -- more like Mark's Gospel, which is demonstrably THIRD, not first; it came out just after Paul died. Luke's is in the middle, written a decade before. All this, you can tell if you COMPARE THE GREEK of the Gospels, relative to the Greek outside the Bible written at the time. NEVER date a language by the age of what it's written on. Shakespeare is still olde English, even if in a newly-published paper text!

So our boy Xoroaster FLUNKS the 'scholarship' test, by not knowing any of this, instead shooting his mouth off by manufacturing three similar words in the Gospels and in Josephus: 'Jesus', 'stone', and 'killed'. Sheesh.

Then, later in his video, Xoroaster proves ignorant of the Old Testament, which all Jews referenced in their daily speech, since forever, and of course even still today. So just because some Jew named Jesus (of which there must have been 100s, if not 1000s) runs around quoting the Old Testament, which Josephus briefly recounts, doesn't mean he's the same 'Jesus' as in the Bible.

Finally, If you have William Whiston's paperback of Josephus' Works, the text in question is on page 742, right-hand column, January 1995 edition (Tenth printing, which is extremely common). That matters, as the text is very much the same as Xoroaster uses in his video. So at least he's using a common translation, whew.

I've never had to make a video like this before, and I hope I never have to, again. Too much fake scholarship in atheism AND in Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, etc. It should be censured. If we let it go, we partake in its evil, 2John9-11.

Vid shows the Josephus passage in Greek (Wars of the Jews, Book Six, Chapter 5, Line 300), and makes some corrections which Xoroaster SHOULD have annotated. But oh he can't read English, let alone the Greek!

Seriously, if you'll claim to use source material, GET IT RIGHT.

Important PS: notice how Josephus uses 'malista' (mistranslated great). That is a Romanism which became commonly used in the 50's AD. By the time of Hadrian, the term had become 'educated', but it didn't start out that way. There are no superlatives in early, educated Greek. To make superlatives, like 2Peter does in 60's AD with megista and malista, indicates that Greek is less cultured or learned as a second language -- or, slang. Homer did use the term, in The Iliad Book VI ll. line 355, but even then it was merely adverbial (sorta like French 'surtout'): informal, as you'll see in that passage.

Matthew's Gospel doesn't use the term at all, because in the 30's AD, 'kai' or 'kai de' was ascensively used, instead. So you won't find the term used AT ALL, in the Gospels. Why? Because they're writing either using the language of the time (i.e., Matthew's language is 30AD-ish), or they're quoting folks using the language of that time: malista was not used (at least not by Jews), in the 30's AD.

Paul's early letters use the traditional 'kai' or 'mallon' instead of 'malista', and it isn't until the late 50's AD that both Luke and Paul use malista when talking to Gentiles (in Acts, Galatians, Philippians, Timothy, Titus, Philemon), though he prefers to use a version of perisseuw, most of the time. Josephus' usage by contrast, is fawning.

So you see, you can date the Bible's text by the word's usage. Xoroaster didn't bother to do that, or he'd never have made his claims. Shows he doesn't a) know what he's talking about, and b) doesn't bother to do his homework, first.

Atheism is fine. Slipshod 'scholarship', is not fine.

This is a followup video to Xoroaster 2. Lest I prove to be a bad scholar too, this video simply explains why 'malista' is an important key to dating Greek text. It by no means is the only key, but it's important: for in early Greek, it was considered 'gauche' to use superlatives (like saying 'bestest', in English). Only the uneducated, used superlatives.

Check this with tenneral, an atheist who is a retired classical Greek teacher: / tenneral . He doesn't know I'm making this video, so if you ask him, you'll have to fill him in on the backstory, or just ask the question without referencing me. You can also Google; but as I show briefly in this video, the Google listing is pretty bad. If you want, you can register in B-Greek and ask the scholars there. (I'm registered there, but cannot post because I won't use my real name.) Not everyone there is a scholar, but there should be at least one who will authoratively answer you.

Why this matters: in the middle or late 50's AD, it became more common to use superlatives, and was considered educated, by Hadrian's time. Thus it becomes easier to tell that Matthew's Gospel is early, etc. For you date a language's age by the way it uses the words, not by the media on which the words are penned/imprinted, etc.

Now, 'malista' had been used ever since Homer, Herodotus, Aristotle, Demosthenes, etc.: Josephus, by contrast, is using it as a superlative (well, really a combination of traditional and superlative, to stress irony).

Josephus' usage of Malista is NEW Greek, which helps prove that 'malista' usage in the NT, is older. Much older. So this video and the next, will show its usage in Bible.

As we just saw in Episode 4, 'malista' in the NT came to be used sometime during the middle or late 50's AD. But what was the equivalent usage, PRIOR? Here we see samples of the EARLIER, mallon, de, and especially (pun intended), ascensive kai.

In other words, malista was used rarely in classical Greek and even koine (search on 'malista' and 'Homer', or 'Aristotle', 'Demosthenes' to see classical Greek examples). But the other words denoted above, were commonly used. Thus you know more about the EARLY dating of Bible books, especially Matthew (which never uses malista).

Again, this isn't a conclusive proof of the early dating, but is one of the linguistic tools 'textual criticism' uses, to prove when text was written. For language changes. Language patterns change. When you have enough text, you can determine the pattern changes, as shown here.

Josephus doesn't use 'malista' as the Bible does, which proves a change in its usage. This change continues in Greek at least from his time, forward. Which means, the Bible which never uses the term this way, is earlier.

This is only an introduction to the idea. I cannot search in the Greek of Josephus yet, until I install BibleWorks 9. So we're only looking at Line 300 here. In a future video, after I've installed BW 9 on one of my machines, I'll do another video showing the full search. Meanwhile, you can do your own search on 'ta malista' (which won't yield all the occurrences, since you're typing Roman letters in Google).

Short video with a chart showing comparative versus superlative, sans explanation of the change in usage, plus a snippet in a piece about philosophical inquiry during Hadrian's time, incidentally showing how malista was used.

The chart can be downloaded, here: The guy is not a scholar, but compiled the list, as the video explains.

The Greco-Roman book can be downloaded, here: Or, paperback can be purchased at Amazon, here:

b-out Pauline Anaphora Timeline Update (PATU) in Eph1:3-14

This playlist is also in vimeo, Vids are downloadable in several formats. This playlist is updated by the channel/playlist, because John converts BC/AD for us. See: back then, the Varro Roman AUC was overstated by four years. There's more to that story too, as the johnmeter channel will explain.

This PATU is a subset of GGS 10-11 playlist to show how Paul uses his anaphora meter, to balance time back to Adam. Which thus balances to our BC/AD, and shows how Rapture what-ifs were then calculated. What a surprise. Really shocking stuff.

What's more shocking: the fact that scholars haven't read the Bible right for 2000 years, so they don't realize that it had TWO DEADLINE timetracks for Christ's birth to the very DAY -- which are THREE YEARS APART? Or, the fact that the Romans had the same problem, so even the Roman AUC system has a three-year spread? Or, the fact that due TO that three-year BIBLE spread, the Rapture dates are plotted by Paul in his satirical here's-the-bad-future-of-Rome-and-Church, meter?

You know, don't you, that Paul would eventually die in Rome?

So this playlist begins with the anaphora videos so you can see them, then shows how the '78 sevens' meter (sum of eudokian and epainon anaphora meters) display how Church unites history on behalf of Israel, now that all the OT promises are VESTED IN CHRIST. Because HE won at the Cross, the Son of David is owed the remaining JEWISH time, whereas Church is newly and severally founded in His Kata Melchizedek Kingship, theme of Book of Hebrews and Psalm 110.

TWO WALLS, Ephesians 2. Book of Ephesians is designed to show the 'siring' of Church which has a tandem purpose of wrapping up all history FOR the King of the Jews, and hence for Israel. It's an update on Romans and Colossians. Hebrews will elaborate on both books in the Year of the Four Emperors, when the Temple was about to go down as Paul had METERED, here in Eph1:5.

See also the Magnificat playlist. Word doc containing all the relevant material is Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. This same REPARSED is also an htm. The pdf version is Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf. The download is likely the FINAL version of page 134; so the interim videos show the interim versions.

Trinity Anaphora and Hebrew Meter on how God uses Church to Bridge Time Back to Israel, to Glorify Christ. Video is only on the Anaphora, which I learned thanks to Bucklehairy (I owe him forever)!

Doc in this video: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc; as pdf: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf

It provides extensive proof of Paul's meter mapping to Ps90, Isa53, Daniel 9, +metered translation

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On Camping: CampingTimelineGaffes1.doc and CampingTimelineGaffes2.doc

Psalm 90

Isaiah 53

Daniel 9

Ephesians 1: see first 2 links, near top.

Paul also tags Noah, uses LXX in Gen7-8, not BHS. See my Noahic Precedence video.

Video playlists

Webpages and worksheets

Upshot: simple scholar mistakes mask Bible's own story of dates, leaving us confused. Solve those errors, and Bible proves clear and reliable. So let's go back to the Bible.

Technical video on Trinity anaphora. Paul so focuses on the apostasy due to Constantine, that he not only maps the years, but creates THREE SETS of trebled anaphorae, to all converge on the Constantinian period. I guess it has something to do with the fact that 490 years after Antiochus IV Epiphanes, is initial Nicaea, as well as the razing of Byzantium (which Paul parallels to the razing of Jerusalem, in meter)? Adjust for number of months and difference in calendars, so 166+324=490.

Analogy to desecration history repeating itself? Mary based her meter on Chanukah, and again Paul apes her.

He apes her clever hubbing of meter in her dateline to a whole slew of dates going all the way back to David at Hebron yet forward to Millennium, see (or 'pdf', for the pdf copy) pages 11-20, for the CHARTS of the many number convergences she used. The Mary Magnificat playlist takes you through her meter in detail: • b-out Mary's Magnificat Meter of Time

Paul's use of the same hubbing technique, is far more complex. Until I saw the Mary Meter, I couldn't understand why Paul was doing this. Both he and Mary START TIME OVER with Messiah's birth, their own version of Anno Domini; oddly, it is close to our modern AD accounting, which implies the Roman AUC system is overvalued by three years. But I'm still checking into that.

(They would have mapped their own A.D. to the Roman AUC; but there were three different AUC styles operative, in Mary's day. Varro's, which later became the 'official' system, was criticised as inflated by three years. Augustan Romans, debated its accuracy. Augustus finally accepted it; under Claudius, it became law. Paul seems to use the AUC version 'corrected' to subtract those three years, resulting in an eerily similar tally to what we use.)

Took me months to analyze, and I'm still not done. But the idea has to be introduced now, so that when you see the actual history of Constantine in the straightforward meter, you'll know a deeper set of PARALLEL TIME RELATIONSHIPS is depicted via the connected anaphorae. The full story is in Appendix I, of the JUST UPDATED . It's 150 pages long in Word, so it may take awhile to load online.

Doc is maybe easier to read, ; select Appendix I, Anaphora Mates History. PDF is .

This video but highlights the anaphora locations and time parallels, so you can get a quick overview of their relationships and nature. The above links provide detailed analysis, including all the relevant history. It's a slog, I'm sorry; Paul's anaphora parallel metering math, is awesome. Took me 37 pages to plot it out, and I'm still not done with all its structures. Christendom has NO IDEA this style exists in Bible.

Be sure you know God wants YOU to spend time on it, before you start. I had to spend time on it, but that doesn't mean you should. My videos are my own due-diligence; I don't feel I have the right to keep this provable Bible information private, or to sell it. So I have no idea who else should watch the videos. Point is merely to make the material available, and God will decide who gets it.

I can't yet reconcile the factors of the '78 sevens' to what Paul means. I'm having a brain fart or something. Maybe there is some other metered passage in OT or NT I need to parse to see the connections. So the answers are right, essentially; but the math I'm using, isn't. I don't think I can solve the problem during 2013, have too much secular work to do. Maybe God will throw the answer at me like He's done before, but He's not doing that, now.

ERRATUM: at 6:29ff I say 'Stephen Lee Williams', but meant 'Robert Lee Williams', the author of 'Bishop Lists', which you'll find extensively reviewed in the GGS playlist, beginning here: He reworked his dissertation to show the bogus origin of the Pope list, and published it as a book you can buy from Gorgias Press or at Amazon. I bought it, and got written permission from the publisher to show the list in my videos.

Doc in video is Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf. All the intra-doc links work now. So if you downloaded the pdf before and the links didn't all work, download it again. (And if you want to do the same kind of conversion, do what I did and buy SmartPDF Creator Pro for I think $100, which is much faster and cheaper than Adobe Acrobat; it also works on MACs.)

The counterparts are Ephesians1REPARSED.doc and Ephesians1REPARSED.htm.

Real shock, new info on how God accounts the 1050's. If you're not already involved in this topic, skip this video and Part 3/3.

Spreadsheet in video: GeneYrs.xls. Verses used to get those results: brainoutFAQ.htm#6a. Sorry that material is so long, but accounting the 1500 years via the 490s is lengthy, especially since no one's done it. If you see errors, holler.

Doc in video is Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf. All the intra-doc links work now. So if you downloaded the pdf before and the links didn't all work, download it again. (And if you want to do the same kind of conversion, do what I did and buy SmartPDF Creator Pro for I think $100, which is much faster and cheaper than Adobe Acrobat; it also works on MACs.)

Continued from PATU2, God's 1050-year TIME BALANCING from Noah to Christ at Trib/Mill, with Paul using what-if-Rapture scenario at syllable=AD year=Christ's Age.. 105? Why 105? That question bugged me for TWO YEARS! You'll hear me talk about it, when I get to the '105' (covering the Adoptive Emperors) in the GGS video series (two playlists, same videos on Eph1:3-14).

What a shocker. Someone please kill me. But God won't let that happen YET, no!

See 2/3 for the worksheet and Word doc/pdf/htm material shown in this video.

More on God's is BALANCING the 1050's, via Paul's meter. Really shocking stuff. Here, video simply shows that the Tribulation was supposed to begin 1050 years after David's DEATH. Because scholars -- including Dispies -- get David's age at death wrong, using Josephus instead of Bible -- they missed this crucial connection. 1Kings 6:1 is routinely misread by 'scholars', so they always get befuddled (ignoring Hebraic date tracking from 1Kings 2:39, third year after David's death, and the 7 years he spent AFTER RETIRING, providing for the Temple in 1Chron 22 et seq).

Ooops. So now notice why Paul uses the 105: to balance to the 1050th anniversary of the Temple! More on this will follow in parts 5-7. Sorry for all the many uploads, but this is too good to miss!

So now we get into EQUIDISTANCE, a rhetorical accounting technique to demonstrate how God 'mirrors' (reimburses) Time. It opens and closes each Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, the Magnificat, and Eph1:3-14: a Biblically-significant span of years opening and closing a metered passage. Defined in terms of, years-from or years-to significant dates in ISRAEL's history. The years-to, always balance to the end of the Millennium.

Example of this style is plotted out in the first charted pages of . It's a way of telling you when the author WROTE, and where in TIME his text 'fits' in the scheme of history. Mary, for example, ends her meter at Christ age 56, which is 40 years before the Mill was to begin -- long after He'd die. Paul picks up there, and ends his meter 56 years short of the end of the new 490 wrought in Christ (dated from His birth); so Paul is also writing 40 years before the Millennium was supposed to begin.

So why would Paul do that? Interlaced with such 'mirroring' is another 'mirroring' based on Isaiah's meter, that of 1077=1078. (1077th year anniversaries all commence 1078 year beginnings). So here we start to get into that 'equidistance' accounting.

BTW, this 1077 is what got me into the whole timeline thing in the first place; I'd made a 1077 'mirror' math error re David, back in 2004; haven't been the same since. Eusebius made the same error, I later learned; but he didn't notice he'd erred (backslapping 490 years onto the Temple to guess at David's reign). Maybe he asked God to fix it, back in 2004?

Now we see how Paul hubs Israel's history to Church. Remember, the timeline is in BIBLE, but Paul's meter interacts with the text to tell you RELATIONSHIP between text and time, expecting you to already know Bible's dates. That's what's been done with meter since Psalm 90. Here, he piggybacks on Mary's meter, and newly hubs to interrelate Israel and Church via what-if-Trib-occurs-each-year scenarios. We saw in the GGS series 11, how Paul plots both Roman emperors and gradually-corrupting Church, culminating in Constantine. But the anaphora ALSO have interwoven, time-tracking meter counts: 33 sevens, 45 sevens, 78 sevens, 94 sevens -- here we analyze the 78 sevens. Thus Paul hubs past to Israel, forward to Trib, Mill. For, he's setting up Ephesians 2's 'walls' (separate covenants).

Key to his meter hubbing, is a clever convergence of significant past Bible dates in 1000's, 1050's, and here 1077's = Isaiah 53's meter = 'theme' of the 78 sevens sum in eudokian+epainon anaphora. So we get a panoramic 'yes, God STILL orchestrates Time to save Israel' -- via Church.

This video shows a temporary page 134 in Ephesians 1 REPARSED (links below). You can't download it; I will repost it in later videos in this subseries on Pauline Anaphoric Timeline. By the way, this charting is typical Hebraic style, used for centuries and used also in Bible. Jews still use this style today, but of course since they use lunar years, their accountings are all wrong. Here's a link to download their calendar, so you can see today's version of the style:

If you have trouble grasping these videos, start with GGS playlist Episode 10 or 11. The meter is quite simple, but it's unknown in Christendom, so requires a lot of explanation. Of course, do be skeptical, let me know if you see errors.

How God uses 1050's from Adam, to show whether Time is 'on schedule' or late, has more layers to its accounting than I knew; for Paul's Ephesians 1 anaphora accounting, reveals these other layers. So this material WAS common knowledge when he wrote; which was since garbled in Judaism; and completely lost, in Christendom.

So here we start to go through SOME of those additional accounting layers. You can't yet download this video's page 134 from Ephesians1REPARSED: it's not uploaded, not finished. Revised temporary version is here: Ephesians1REPARSEDp134.pdf. Its links don't work. Meanwhile, you can use GeneYrs.xls to track the events depicted, and brainoutFAQ.htm#6a, to see what Bible verses generated the numbers.

The results are shocking, and embarrassing: if even a brainout can plot these numbers from Bible, why couldn't the scholars/pastors/leaders in either Judaism or Christianity? It's not for lack of trying. But it is for lack of diligence. Everyone gives up tracing, because it's too easy to rely on some dead guy like Josephus, Eusebius, Bishop Ussher, who ALL messed up the numbers. See: when we trash Bible in the name of Christian fellowship and 'being nice', we spit on Christ. NOT ACCEPTABLE.

Also not acceptable, is the error I made at circa 3:30 in the video, citing 'Lamech' as the one who matured: it was Jared father of Enoch. Lamech was the father of Noah, so it really was Lamech who matured 7 years late, but he wasn't the father of Enoch.

Quick proof Jews still account time as YEARS FROM; Paul does this via his anaphora, and of course his accounting is right and manifold, versus the garbled idea of accounting time which survives in Judaism today. They misaccount everything: God accounts from Adam's FALL, Genesis 3:22; not the Jewish accounting from creation of the world; God uses only solar years (BIRTHDAYS cannot be tallied except on a solar basis), Genesis 5, 7, 8, 11 and Exodus 12 (when Israel is born); so God counts ALL years, doesn't cut any out like Jews now do, in their 'Kaluach', which was a wrong calendar compiled based on the Seder Olam Rabbah, which leaves out the Persian years, and other things, made sometime in the 1st century BC. God counts the Omer (for Pentecost) starting on the LAST day of Passover, not the first, Numbers 28:26 see my sarshalomin videos. But Jews misread the verse and count the Omer from the 1st Passover (which is the next day, at sundown).

So you see: it is still common to count YEARS FROM, days from, etc. But they're doing it wrong. Paul's using BIBLE so is doing it right, and you can discern his accounting from the meter, but you can discern the right years and dates, FROM BIBLE. Even a brainout can do it. But no one's doing it! for 2000 years???!!!!

Still on How God uses 1050's from Adam, to show whether Time is 'on schedule' or late. This material WAS common knowledge when he wrote; which was since garbled in Judaism; and completely lost, in Christendom.

Look: if you were Dear Dr. So-and-So and you messed up but are in heaven now, wouldn't you pray Father FIX what you got wrong? Wouldn't you cringe at the millions of baby Christians who won't look at Bible and instead repeat YOUR mistakes because you were 'respectable'? So wouldn't you do all 'respectable' folk who ERRED a favor -- if you now do YOUR OWN Bible homework, and correct their errors?

I'm sorry, I don't want to die without having done my homework. I really empathize with the hoary heads of the past, who wrestled with candlewax and uncial script and the inevitable Church politics which ate into their STUDY time, precisely because they were respectable. So why should they linger now in grief over mistakes they made? It's not a shame that they made mistakes. It's a shame, that we don't CORRECT those mistakes. We still claim 'Good Friday', despite Bible clearly proving it was Wednesday? All because the guy who came up with 'friday', didn't know the difference between a high sabbath and a regular one, John 19? Puleese. We can't get the Lord's Death or Birthday right after 2000 years, because we won't read Haggai 2 and get the 'signet ring' wordplay on Zerubabbel? And of course, we don't add up the Gen 5 begats properly, to see all this 1000, 1050, 1077 CONVERGENCE?

Let's do the dead scholars a favor, and FIX what they got wrong. When I'm dead -- and even while still alive -- I sure want someone to fix my mistakes, though I'm a mere brainout. Wouldn't you feel the same?

Here we get into Paul's derivation of his metered and highlighted potential Rapture dates, based on 'mirroring' equidistance: a Bible rhetorical style for God's 'doubling' rule of restitution; here, of TIME. Paul, like Mary Daniel Isaiah and Moses, brackets both 'sides' of the time he writes, with Biblically significant 'mirrors' to show potential scenarios for the Rapture, Trib, Mill.

At issue: how will the 54 years owed due to Abraham's EARLY maturation, get 'paid'? And, the extra 3.5 years tacked on to make 50+7. I thought the 3.5 extra years was rooted in balancing Time relative to Solomon's late Temple dedication; maybe that's still true; but in the 1050 accounting, we've only the same 7-year overage since Noah. As if God had Solomon WAIT until the 490th anniversary of the Exodus, to dedicate the Temple? So that WAIT does add the 3.5, relative to the 490, as an extra 'credit' to balance THAT kind of time. Okay, then why isn't the 1050 off by 3.5 years more.. too?

In any event, Paul balances only to the last seven, adds it to close of the 4200 (end Trib), thus balancing to Jacob and Noah: so the 2100 and 3150 balance, respectively. The other 3.5 years Paul balances to other events, as you'll see in this video and the next.

So the 'scholars' are having brain farts, sorry. All the dates in Bible are provable IN Bible, don't need no astronomy or guesses based on errors like lunar years, Josephus, Dear Dr. So and So who didn't do his math right, etc.!

Continued from PATU10, God the Master Accountant: video ends with year 5257 From Adam's Fall (aka 1144AD), showing how Paul adds the extra seven due to the Lord dying seven years EARLY, to balance time back to Adam. The three-year problem becomes obvious, and might actually reflect a true three year variance in the BIBLE that God wants to stress.

John's use of the 3-year variance is in Revelation1.pdf; it's only in Greek. Verses are Rev 1:1-3, showing the meter, so if you can't read Greek just read the numbers and grab any translation. Point is that John uses TWO dating systems there: Christ age 33 at death plus 58, end verse 1 = 'our' 94 but His age 91; or, verse 2's sum (1+2) becomes 84 years after Judaea became a province, which is also 'our' 91 (Judaea became a province in 6 AD, just Google to prove that). Finally, verse 3 (1+2+3 syllables' sum) = 126, the number of years since Mary's birth, and including a) Julius Caesar's CHANGE of Roman calendar, since he was in the Levant just after beating Pompei (both happened the same year). So, that's also 91 (Mary who should have been Queen of Israel, datelined her Magnificat when she was 35 years old, and benchmarked to Herod and Caesar). Clever, huh.

At 23:33, when I say that 33+58 is '94', I meant AD. Christ is then age 91 by all three of John's measures; but is that 'our' 91 AD, or 94 AD? The math of Him being age 33 at death only works in 'our' 94 AD, because we cut off 3 years (Dionysius in 6th century invented the BC/AD, but he made a math error re Augustus' reign, cutting off three years of it.) Complicating this problem is the fact that Romans were disputing with Varro over his Roman AUC calendar, saying he'd padded three years which didn't belong there. You can Google on that, to see more info: has an article on it, as do others. So the query: is John CORRECTING the calendar, and did Paul's use of 94 in his meter of Eph 1:5 play to the 3-year Varronic variance, thus ironically matching our BC/AD? Enquiring minds, want to know!

Really exciting stuff. We can correct 'our' BC/AD if we just follow Bible. Presented here in three versions: this 12a is the long version. 12b is half again as long, and 12c is only 8 minutes. So by the time you get to 12c, the material ought to gel. I know everyone's eyes glaze over with numbers, but if you've been annoyed at our 3-year BC/AD problem, you'll want to absorb this material.

Master writeup on ALL the related video and web material as well as for the Pauline anaphora is here: Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (or htm) or Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf; its page 134 is undergoing reconstruction. Meanwhile, you can find that page here: Ephesians1REPARSEDp134.pdf.

The Flood Chronology is here: FloodChronoREVISED.pdf.

I'm sorry this is so long, but there have been many scholar mistakes re Daniel 9 accounting and re David's years, which gave rise to the BC/AD 3-year problem we have today. No excuse for that: just look at page 135 of that Ephesians1REPARSED and you'll see the Bible's own BC/AD conversion. Very simple. Why it's been messed up for 2000 years, can only mean LAZINESS by 'scholars'. Bible is not obtuse: we are, and then we call the Bible 'inscrutable' to mask our lazy ineptitude!

Oh: and if you see me being lazy or making a mistake, yell at me. I don't want to die without having been corrected. :)

This is the 'short' version. Hopefully by now it will be easy to understand. See 12 for the full video description. Re Roman dating problems, see On the three-year AUC problem, see

As for the 750 BC being the more-common ROMAN usage as alternative date for AUC 1, see Europe: A History, page 152.

So notice: if Paul uses 750 BC as his alternative AUC1, then his '56' is our '58-59' scholars traditionally ascribe to the date of Ephesians. BALANCES!

Better still, it highlights the OVERLAP in a way that people in the ROMAN empire to whom Paul wrote, would know! Remember, Varro's AUC calculation based on 753BC wasn't made legal until Claudius.

More Roman sources and the Fasti, are linked in the 'ChronoChart' section of the master doc on all this, Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (or htm) , since Paul's meter essentially creates an Anno Domini accounting for then-future downfall of Rome and the rise of apostate Church, as shown in the GGS Episode 11 playlist. I'm now revising page 134 of that doc: its temporary standalone page is Ephesians1REPARSEDp134.pdf. The pre-revision full pdf is Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

To prove how the BC/AD conversion problem we have today is in reality a BIBLE TIMELINE overlap, I must walk you through the 'Time Poem' rhetorical style and meter of Psalm 90, Isaiah 53, Daniel 9, Magnificat, and Ephesians 1. So a series of short summaries of these meters will be in the next four videos. Each one has already been extensively documented in these video playlists: 'Psalm 90', for Psalm90-Daniel 9, 'Magnificat', for the Magnificat, and 'GGS 11' for Ephesians 1.

Psalm 90 meter docs help you see the pattern: Psalm90inHebrew.pdf (aka Ps90Parsed.pdf) and Judges.pdf, Ps90Palindrome.pdf; Psalm 90ParsedTrilingual and Ps90Isa53Dan9Eph1.pdf all complement to show the interactive 'fit' of meter and text. The latter shows how the writers all play on each other's text, their commonalities of style. I didn't know the Magnificat was metered, back then. For the Magnificat, download MagnificatMeterDraft2.pdf. Sorry about the weird doc names.

To find any passage meter yourself, use BibleHebMeterCharacs.pdf, which is a master meter detection document about Bible Hebrew meter style and principles found in the OT. So far I've found 30 characteristics of Time Poem meter. There may be many more.

Master document on the entire Time Poem meter collection, is in Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (or htm) or Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf (pdf copy). Page 134 of all these copies, is undergoing reconstruction. You'll see that page done over again, beginning in Episode 13.

Sorry for so much detail, but this Bible doctrine is unknown in Christendom, How God Orchestrates Time; the Jewish version of it surviving today, is very garbled. So we have to start de novo with the ultimate Authority Everyone Agrees on: Scripture.

Now we see the sophisticated 1078-syllable 'time poem' in Isaiah 53, that Paul will meter back to via his anaphora in Ephesians 1:3-14. Download here: Isa53Map.pdf.

Isaiah uses a straight chronology of 'actors' saying 'lines' from the birth of first David -- 10 years after Moses left off in Psalm 90 -- to the then-scheduled death of the LAST David, in 37 AD. The chapter starts in Hebrew in 52:13, ending at 53:12, and ostensibly runs 462 syllables, which is 350+112=(70x5)+56+56.

Just as Moses put syllables=years in ellipsis, so does Isaiah. From David's death at the end of 52:15, Isaiah puts 252 years in ellipsis, resuming the text in 53:1, at either 714 or 712 BC, when he was ministering to Hezekiah during the first time Sennacharib was attacking. It's one syllable per year again at that point, so goes in order to cover all Israel's kings down to the destruction of the Temple which was then-future, in 586 BC, TO THE VERY DAY. That's at the end of Isaiah 53:4, and the text reads, 'God, Violated'. You can see more of this in my Yapping Most High Episode 10, and in the Psalm 90 playlist.

The second ellipsis is a 'reimbursement' for the time the first Temple was standing, and is 364 years long, between Isaiah 53:11-12. Scholars call this the 'intertestamental period', since Malachai was completed by 397BC, when this 'hiatus' in Isaiah's Messiah Time poem, begins. So Isaiah 53:12 picks up at 5BC in 'our' calendar, which is the Annunciation, taking place per Luke 1:26, in the month of Adar (double definite articles means a calendar month -- not referring to Elizabeth's six month, which instead is noted in Luke 1:36, not here). Nine months later, is Chanukah.

That's a lot of meaning to absorb, so this video merely highlights the structure of the passage to show the mirroring; so you realize a TIME POEM is given, to add specific TIMING to the words. Text is still about Messiah, but this TIMING re Israel's history, runs sotto voce beneath the words, and the SAME WORDS have another layer of historical meaning, with each actor represented by the words for the syllable=year in question. Wry stuff.

In order to understand Paul's sophisticated time-poem-metered accounting, you have to know Daniel's. Fortunately it was easy to document Daniel's satirical review of Israel's Kings by mapping his words and syllables to Bible verses. But the document doing this is long: DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.pdf. Only the Hebrew is one page; the doc itself is 30 pages, sorry. But it will be easy to follow Daniel's style: the notes pair up the syllables=years to Bible verses and specific kings he references -- starting with David at Hebron -- to the end of Time.

Since the Man of Time is given him as a vision since Daniel 2, he incorporates that data into his petition to God, with 742 'sevens' being represented: 742 x 7 +56 = 5250 years, balancing to Moses' Psalm 90. You can see more about that in the Daniel videos within the Psalm 90 playlist. God's reply follows Daniel's meter and that's where the 49 and the 62 weeks come from. You can't know that from the English. So you can't read Daniel 9 correctly without knowing the meter. So no one in Christendom is reading Daniel 9 correctly, and that's why the debate still rages over its meaning. Ineptitude, since even a brainout can count syllables, as every Hebrew schoolchild was taught to do!

Notice Daniel stops 56 years short (742 sevens rather than 750). Mary sure noticed. On the fly, when (probably Purim 5 BC) Elizabeth tells Mary she's pregnant, Mary's impromtu METERED reply piggybacks on Daniel's 56, ending her own Magnificat Time Poem at a future of CHRIST being age 56, long dead -- which then would be, 40 years before the expected Millennium. (See, He was scheduled to live for 40 years, and 40+16 is 56, get the pun, He's the 56 of history, the one completing the Vote to 56+14=70).

So we'll see the Magnificat, next.

Daniel leaves off his Time Poem's 2nd Time track at the toes-of-clay-mixed-with-iron aka Rise of Rome during the Punic Wars, 238 BC. Daniel's second dateline was 73 sevens after Moses left off in Psalm 90, and 49 years after the Temple went down, both = end 538 BC.

So, 73 years after 238 BC, is CHANUKAH. Where Mary picks up the chronology. For full details, see my Magnificat playlist. This video is just a quick summary of her chronology via text and meter. I don't cover how the text interacts with the meter, here. I did that already, in the playlist.

Point of this video is how she balances to the Millennium using the same 56 as Moses, Isaiah, and Daniel used, creating a number pun of 40+16, Christ's Age FUTURE, at which point there would only be 40 years left to the Millennium. Paul in Ephesians 1:3-14 thus picks up where Mary leaves off, as we'll review again, in Episode 19.

Our BC/AD problem is sourced in the way the Roman AUC is calculated; and in a mistake made by a guy in the 6th century AD -- but also, in the fact TWO DIFFERENT BIBLE TIMELINES overlap between David's death, and Temple Construction Start. Here we'll see how Paul's timeline and Mary's intersect to tell Future Roman and Church History, and how they dealt with the Roman AUC controversy raging in their day -- by intersecting the 3-year variance the ROMANS were arguing about re their own founding.. at Christ's Birth!

For more on this, see the video descriptions to 12a-c, where links to Roman AUC disputes were provided. See also the 'ChronoChart' page in Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf. The Word doc is Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (or htm).

NOTE: page 134 of the above Ephesians pdf/doc/htm hasn't yet been revised as it will be in Episode 13. That page will show the ties in history Paul maps via his anaphora meter, going all the way back to Adam in units of 1000, 1050, and 1077.. and forward to the old-Scheduled Millennium (following the Mosaic Psalm 90 accounting standard).

If you want to be sure you're reading Bible dates correctly -- and especially, if you want to prove whether pre-Trib Rapture is valid -- you need an audit technique. For the ancients, it was METER. Paul uses his anaphora meter sums in Ephesians 1:3-14, to act as an 'audit trail', so that the reader can see how God uses Church to wrap up all history, and deliver the OT promises made to Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David.. Christ. So here we go into how this audit trail works.

Along the way, we'll see more on how our '4BC' problem is actually sourced in a BIBLE CHANGE OF TIMELINE due to the 3-year delay between David's death, and Temple Construction Start, 1Kings 6:1. It's this delay, which gives rise to the 7-year count for the Tribulation; specifically, the 'time of Jacob's trouble', the last 3.5 years of the Tribulation.

Once you master the Time Tracks, you'll see how deliciously God has actually managed Time -- so that even today, we can use these tracks to know what time it is.

Page 134 of the Ephesians1REPARSED document shown has been revised again, and you can't yet download its revision. Hope to have it ready for download by the weekend.

Key to understanding Rapture provenance, is to know when Christ was born and WHY He was born then. Satan's not stupid. If he allows this info to be clear, it will become obvious that pre-Trib Rapture is valid as a promise to CHRIST, through Whom Israel inherits, Galatians 3:16 and especially 4:4.

So, much disinformation is on the internet; and for a good 200 years, scholars have been using Josephus rather than Bible, to decide if the Lord was born 4BC or 1BC, based on.. get this.. ECLIPSES near Herod's death. The fact that any Roman would automatically say an eclipse occurred to augur the death of a great man, goes unheeded. The fact that there are three eclipses a year also goes unheeded. In other words, they hang their decisions about the Lord's birth based on when they think some eclipse happened, rather than based on Bible. Ooops.

Even so, there really is a three-year variance, and in three ways, lol!

  1. Romans disputed the age of Rome at the time we call '1AD'. That year, most Romans deemed Rome herself to have been born 750 years prior. But a guy named Varro got the ear of Augustus, and convinced him that Rome's age that year, was 753. By the time Paul wrote Ephesians, the Varronic 'calendar' had become law, under Claudius.
  2. We've been using the Varronic calendar, ever since. Question: is Paul using the Varronic calendar? Maybe. His Anno Domini satire on Rome, Church is well-matched to the meter (each syllable = 1 year AD). Complicating this story, is the fact that in the sixth century AD, a guy named Dionysius under Pope Gregory, inexplicably cut four years from the Roman calendar, resulting in our present BC/AD structure; with the result that to balance, we must say Christ was born in 4BC. So notice: Dionysius' error changed the calendar back to the 'popular' idea that Rome was 750 years old, not 753 years old, in '1AD'. Aha.
  3. Bible's timeline actually did schedule Christ's birth to be three years LATER than actually occurred, to balance to the DEADLINE for His Birth which pertained prior to David's United Kingship. Moses even timed Psalm 90 to that schedule. But the actual years of David's Kingship SHORTENED the allowable deadline for Messiah's birth. So in the Bible you see two time tracks for His Birth, each three years apart!

Clever of God to allow the Romans and Dionysius to have three-year variances in their own calendars, don't you think?

Most importantly, this 3-year variance is the accounting origin for the Tribulation. For until David died, the credit owed the Gentiles was right on time, 54-years early. But when Solomon DELAYED STARTING THE TEMPLE after David died, the credit owed lengthened.. by 3.5 years. Thus what was a 53.5 year credit owing to Abraham supermaturing early, became 57.

Moses was given the ultimate differential to code into the Law: expressed by Pentecost plus Passover, Jubilee plus Tribulation, each a 57 (days between Passover and Pentecost and a like amount between Pentecost and 9th Av). Expressed as 56, because 56th birthday is 57th year and 56 is divisible by 7; so this '56' is a common metrical theme. Ultimately, it became the sum of 49+7, meaning 49 missed sabbatical years plus the seven extra due ON them, giving rise to a shortfall of 14; so the 62nd week was to be for Messiah, after that the Tribulation. But He died at the end of the 61st week. The fact goes unnoticed, since scholars use lunar years, and mistake David's age at death. Ooops.

REVISED doc links (updated for this video): Ephesians1REPARSED.doc or htm. I can't get the hyperlinks to convert into pdf, again. Am working on it. The htm for page 134 looks awful, and I can't fix that either. Best to just download the Word doc.

pdf, Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

UPDATED doc links below! GIST: Christ's Death was scheduled in varying scenarios, in order to balance to the Time Promise, without coercion. Thus humans remained free to reject Him, and He was still free to execute Father's Will, On Time. So this video shows the interaction of the OT Time tracks re the deadlines, versus the Promise, versus what ended up occurring.

This structure is a precedence for the Rapture's terms: Will Determines, John 17. Paul will use that precedence to set up a series of what-if-Rapture schedules as his meter theme for Ephesians 1:3-14, expecting the reader to already know Israel's history and dates well enough, to see the convergence. Since we don't know her dates and history well enough; since we don't know Bible Hebrew Meter and its rhetorical tradition from Moses, all this information is unknown. But provable, by the very Bible text God preserved.

The math is self-auditing, as you'll see in the balance of this PATU series.

In particular, the Ephesians1REPARSED.doc Note to Verse 4, explains the 'what if Rapture' theme. The idea is to read the text and meter interactively, so that for years n1-n2 covered by the meter, the text is a 'testimony' of what that time is like, and serves as wry irony of what the believer's testimony would be, if he were Raptured up during that period.

Try this experiment: put any of the clauses in any order within Eph1:3-14, and notice that the overall surface meaning of the text is the same. It has a circular resonance. Therefore the order in which actually spoken (for Paul used an amanuensis) -- is very important.

All Time Poems have the same quality. Try the above experiment on Psalm 90, the Magnificat, Isaiah 53, and Daniel 9:6-14. So the order in which the words are written, demonstrates WHAT TIME IT IS, and amplifies the meter.

Thus again you know that proper accounting for a Bible timeline requires you distinguish a) the time tracks, and b) deadlines versus promise time versus historical time. Mix them up, and you'll get a 'Bible timeline' which doesn't balance to history. Fortunately, the Bible is self-auditing, so when you make a mistake, the timeline you get, won't balance.

Now we're ready for how Paul tracks the Rapture in his meter for Ephesians 1:3-14. Basically, he plays what-if based on Israel's history, same accounting method as Moses forward, 'balancing' to the pre-Church Millennium. Then he does one more revealing thing: he adds seven years. Meaning, he didn't expect Rapture to happen for a very long time. Which of course you notice, in verses 13-14, since there are no submeters. The 'winter' of Church began within the first 490, and remains until we are so apostate, God calls us home. Any day, or 1000 years from now. Because, 99% of Christians ARE apostate, just as the meter tells you we would be, beginning at Constantine.

John tags the meter here, by dating Revelation 1:1-3 as a '91'. Heh: playing on the four quarters of Ephesians! To wit, John's Greek dateline meter is:

58 years after Christ age 33 (at death), verse 1; 84 years after Judaea a province (verse 2 meter sum), 126 years after Mary's birth (verse 3 sum).

UPDATED Ephesians 1 REPARSED now in three flavors: pdf, with hyperlinks (yay): Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf

Ephesians1REPARSED.doc, or (not as pretty)

Ephesians1REPARSED.htm. For the latter, I have to turn page 134 into a table. It looks awful on anything but a wide-angle, 16:9 screen.

But now the docs reflect the video. And I was able to reconcile the 78 sevens. Finally! So the upshot is 'our AD' corresponds to the anciently popular Roman AUC system, dating Rome's age as 750, when we switch to AD; and the other common ancient system which we still use today, is Varro's AUC: it dated Rome as age 753, in the year we call 1AD. So, that three year spread is indicative of the Bible's spread. How nice of God to foreknow we'd have the Roman time spread just like His Two Time Tracks, so to see what time it WAS.

And now, the Rapture time is ANYTIME.

Whew. Took me over a year to know the answer on these 78 sevens. Thank you guys who wrote to me about it; I didn't know the answers, until you wrote! Major Thank You!

Conclusion of how Paul tracks the Rapture in his meter for Ephesians 1:3-14. Basically, he plays what-if based on Israel's history, same accounting method as Moses forward, 'balancing' to the pre-Church Millennium. Then he does one more revealing thing: he adds seven years. Meaning, he didn't really expect the Rapture to happen for a very long time. Which of course you notice, in verses 13-14, since there are no submeters. The 'winter' of Church began within the first 490, and remains until we are so apostate, God calls us home. Any day, or 1000 years from now. Because, 99% of Christians ARE apostate, just as the meter tells you we would be, beginning at Constantine.

I'm having a brain fart here, and need your help -- if you want to give it. At issue: we know from Bible that Christ died on what should have been Passover, 30 AD; which day of the week, was WEDNESDAY. The only way Matthew 12:40-41 can come true is if Passover Week officially ran a) four days fast, b) from Saturday to Saturday that year. Then true Passover would have been Wednesday, the day He was crucified; yet because the priests set the official Jewish calendar four days fast (didn't intercalate that year), He'd be EATING the Passover (early), too. The last day of Passover week is Firstfruits, Numbers 28:26. So Christ is our Passover (His Death), and Firstfruits (His Resurrection). Verses thus balance to titles.

So why can't we test how many years have passed since the Crucifixion?

We saw in the closing Episode 24 PATU, that Paul's timeline aligns with the Roman AUC: but the Romans used two AUC dates. One presumed Rome was 750 years old at the time we call end 1BC, and another claimed age 753 for that same 1BC. Paul seems to use the 753 AUC, as does John, in Rev 1:1. That calendar was law in their day (put into law by Claudius). For their dates tally to 'our' AD dates. But they might also be reckoning by both calendars at once, as we are now, essentially treating Christ as born in what we'd call end 4BC, too. That's the challenge.

So how to resolve it? Tally how many years since the Crucifixion, for we know what day of the week that was. So it seems we could look at eighths -- every eighth day is the same day of the week, as 8 days prior. So if this year began the 6119th after Adam (remembering that it's Jewish time, so we are really at the end of the 6118th year) -- THIS year's anniversary of the Crucifixion -- defined as 14 days after the vernal equinox -- this year's anniversary, should be a Tuesday; NEXT year's anniversary should be Wednesday (1984+4136 from Adam = 6120, and 1984/8=248).

But the vernal equinox has a three day drift, plus we have leap years. But wouldn't all that automatically resolve itself, so we could do the simple calculation above? Or am I having a brain fart? I do have brain farts with this calculation, and with 'should I buy decaf or regular'. So if you want to help me out of my brain fart, I'd be grateful. Thank you!

Thinking out loud about whether we're in the right year. Can the calculation be this simple? Do you see something wrong? PLEASE TELL ME what I'm missing, if you're in the mood, because my brain is OUT on this topic! Meaning, whether a straight day-of-the-week comparison from WEDNESDAY of His Crucifixion to now or 2014, is enough to establish whether we have any missing years between His Crucifixion and 'now'. Or, too many years. The thing is, it seems like if this year's Equinox is Wednesday, then the anniversary of the Crucifixion would be two weeks later, and Tuesday. So why isn't the 1983-year interval, evenly divisible by seven? And why does it seem spot-on in 2014, with the interval evenly divisible by 8? What am I missing, here?

There are 103470.107 weeks between AD 30-2013 (presuming both are BOY). The .107 = almost 1/7. One day. (365.25x1983/7.) By contrast, 1984x365.25/7= 103522.285 weeks. Remainder=Two days. So with the fractional days, you end up with 1989 and 1990 52-week years, each with almost 6 days' remainder. So? Okay, that's it, I can't think this out anymore.

Website in video:

1984 x .25 = 496. That would be the number of days to factor in due to leap years, but I wonder if they are even an issue, since we're going by anniversaries of equinoxes?

A BETTER REPLACEMENT VERSION of this video, is now at vimeo-how-god-orchestrates-time.htm. You can anonymously download and comment there, too. It was newly remastered on 11/26/13; runs at half speed, with better music and clearer charts.

Download original worksheet, GeneYrs.xls.

Gist: God orchestrates time, which can always end abruptly due to negative volition. This video overviews the import of that Bible truth. Video requires you download the Excel spreadsheet GeneYrs.xls in "C" below. Recommend that you FIRST download it before watching the video. To read its cell A2 note, put your mouse on A2; note will pop up.

God orchestrates time in 490-year increments since Adam's Fall. That and other claims made in this video were extensively audited during 4 years of intensive research. There is nothing like this on the internet. I learned all this by mistake in May 2004, when trying to balance Daniel 9 so to grasp something my pastor taught; I was caused to realize God there REINSTATED time from the 1st Temple, to justify granting time to the 2nd. Which meant, He had a time-grant system He was using like debits and credits. Scholars don't know of this system, for they keep making the wrong assumptions, and instead of using Bible, went OUTSIDE Bible to get dates. Bible has its own dating system; if you follow it exclusively, you balance from Adam forward. It's self-auditing, so you can tell if and where you miscalculate or misread. So you only need BIBLE. (You can use extra-Biblical sources to corroborate later.)

God begins Time accounting not at creation, but at the FALL, in Genesis 5:1. Criterion for granting Time to the entire world: due to the Angelic Appeal Trial Adam was created to resolve, AT LEAST 1 BELIEVER MUST SUPERMATURE EVERY 490 YEARS, OR TIME ITSELF ENDS. So Time is a Contingent Justice Issue, a baton-passing relay race, and can always end abruptly.

But when Israel left at the Exodus, she was PROMISED time. So when she rejected God as King, the promise went to David. So Time Grants to David controlled when Time would end -- and from David forward, only MESSIAH could 'pick up the baton'. Messiah was rejected when He came. So Messiah ELECTED to pay a FAR higher price on the Cross, for a future "Church" as Bride, as Father might choose in His Discretion. So Israel ran out of time, but Messiah won at the Cross.

Hence the PROMISED time remaining, was the 1007 years for Israel, and Church operates on the old rules precedented in Adam.

Which means, the Rapture must occur, must be pre-Trib, and cannot be predicted in any way. For Rapture is not related to historical events or prophecy; but is solely dependent on believer maturation, criterion of Ephesians 4:13.

The associated webpages below are long, complex, with many Bible citations. Generally you do not need to know Hebrew or Greek to vet the data. You must be patient, though, as there are 100s of date verses to vet.

A. 30-page Summary of how God Orchestrates Time: TenWaysThisTimelineDiffers.doc. Suggest you read it in full screen Print Preview, Two-Pages. You can easily scroll from one page to the next with your mouse. If you'll study this material in depth, start with this Word doc, esp. its last two pages (which reproduce the cell A2 summary note of the spreadsheet). This doc also covers mistakes scholars make which prevent them from seeing Bible's dating system.

B. Doctrine of God's Time Units and Mirroring: Mirroring.htm. Here, all time accounting units are explained (i.e., 1 year, 7 years, 40 years, etc.) but focus is to show the Justice Accounting Doctrine of Time itself. There is an in-depth tracing of each person granted time from Adam through Christ, with Bible verses showing how the numbers in the spreadsheet below, were derived. Mirroring is a redemptive 'reimbursement' of time well spent. Time lost is debited, but regained if certain conditions are met (hence Daniel 9). Again, all this is exhaustively explained in Mirroring.htm.

C. Timeline Spreadsheet from Adam through 2007 (entries post-Cross are often sparse): GeneYrs.xls. You need the worksheet to productively view the video. Suggest you view it wide-screen, but half-deep. Use Excel's "View" then "Custom View" to access Time subsections (i.e., "David", "1st Temple", etc). Use Freeze Titles on cell B14 for best results.

D. The Lord's Birth and Death dates, chronology of Jewish Calendar to see God's Macro Orchestration of Time and Passion Week: PassPlot.htm.

E. All the above is contained now within Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

Paul's Time Accounting slightly changes my GeneYrs.xls worksheet on the 490 and 1000-year time grants: he starts them at Christ's BIRTH. Mary used His Birth, too. Paul 'tags' Mary where her meter ends, at Christ's (then future) age 56: that's 40 years before the End of Time, pre-Church.

This change means our current 490 and 1000 year grants, both historical and qualifying, end 30 years EARLIER, at 2100 (vs. 2130 AD in GeneYrs.xls).

Even so, God measures Time in 490 and 1000-year units from His Death; even as, He gave Time Grants to David based on both birth and death of his kingships; so the outer limit of Messiah's Time to Arrive and Die in Dan9:25-26, became 1000 years after David's DEATH at age 77. (Not age 70; scholars misread 1Kings 6:1, so use Josephus for the errant age 70; in Bible, that's David's RETIREMENT age.)

There are six related playlists:

The newest is on Peter's meter, in 1Peter1:1-12. He plays on Paul's meter. In Youtube, the Episodes only go through RFG5e16; so just watch the vimeo channel. Future episodes will only be in vimeo.

Paul's meter is Eph 1:3-14; and In Youtube, the link is • b-out GGS God Meters Time, Epi.10-11 . Episode 10 is background on the metrical style, and Episode 11 documents the meter, syllable by year by Caesar, through Odovacer. As of today (12/29/12), I've only completed the videos up through Constantine. Will resume this series in 2014. Future Episodes will only post in vimeo.

Mary's meter, is the Magnificat. This series is complete in vimeo: In Youtube, link is • b-out Mary's Magnificat Meter of Time . Mary picks up after Daniel's terminus in his timeline (playing on his 73 meter): starting from initial Chanukah to her own age and then her Son Who'll be born on Chanukah; until His age 56, which is 40 years before the Millennium was to start.

Psalm 90 playlist. Series is incomplete (i.e., Episode 23h crashed and I must rebuild it). Videos cover the precedenting meter of Psalm 90, then Isaiah 53, then Daniel 9 meter schemes; including, time-plot meanings, translations, so you can vet the material. In vimeo, go to . In Youtube, • b-out Psalm 90 Meter of Time, Exegesis . Future Episodes will only post in vimeo.

Yapping Most High starting at Episode 10, is a primer on the MATH of these Time Rules. If you're not familiar with the rules, start in vimeo, In Youtube, • b-out God's TIME Rules, YMH Epi10 and • b-out God Orchestrates Time . The vimeo set is easier to absorb.

Master webpage is Mirroring.htm, written in 2004. By contrast, the latest written master set is Ephesians1REPARSED.doc. Replace 'doc' with 'htm' to solely read online. Or, download the pdf, Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

The Jews call these TIME rules, "Age of Desolation" and "Age of Torah". Google on those terms. However, they garbled the math soon after the Cross (i.e., Josephus' numbers are mostly wrong). Also, garbled remnants are in Sanhedrin 97a-99b in Talmud. Their idea is right; their math, is wrong. They know they're living on Promise Time; the Seder Olam Rabbah, tracks it. Sadly, its math is all messed up too; so Jews think it's year 5773, though it's 346 years later! This problem is well known: Google on Seder Olam Rabbah, to read about it.

Christianity has no clue about these rules. John Hagee, using someone else's errant math, came up with his own version, sometime in 2007 or 2008. He just invents 1948 as a key date and backs into the 490s from it. That's not Biblical, so of course his numbers are all wrong, too. At least he knows there IS a 490-year tracking system! He just accounts it incorrectly.

Else, I can't find anyone else knowing about this all-important topic. So I must extensively document it, so you can proof the material yourself. It's vital to textual criticism, hermeneutics, eschatology, and proving Bible's dates are historically accurate, especially the dates when Bible books were written. So much contention would end, if we just learned this meter. So to find it yourself, use (or htm or pdf) . Bon appétit...

2015 He died on April 3 per BIBLE (everyone else is incompetent); Per BIBLE, Easter begins April 7, videos on it and prior, here: and . This Youtube video is also in vimeo, link here (so you can comment):

In 2014, Passover begins today, April 3. So tonight plus two more nights equals 5th as His last night, anniversary. So tomorrow plus two more days equals April 6, so the TRUE Easter day is after sundown, April 6. We get it perpetually wrong, ignoring Bible verses in this video.

Comment here: . Noah's Flood Precedence channel (still in draft form): . It will be more than a year before I finish it.

Both video and exhaustive Bible backup are here: PassPlot.htm. Audio audit of Vernal Equinox: VEconfirms30AD.WMA. You can see the VE yourself, here:

Took me over 2 years to research; you can prove it all yourself IN the Bible, within a month or two.

So why are we so confused about his Death Date? ANTI-SEMITISM, which disdained learning the details regarding Passover, in the Mosaic Law! So because the anti-semitic 'Church Fathers' didn't BOTHER to learn the details, they screwed up the dating of His Death! Disgraceful!

No problem. It's not hard to prove what BIBLE says, if one but reads it. Sometimes you need to be a Greek geek to catch John 19's sarcasm (which all the scholars know about, read ISBE), alerting us to the fact that TRUE Passover occurred when the Lord was crucified (so the formal Passover He ate, was due to the calendar not being updated for the new year). Those verses are covered in the above webpage.

God begins tracking Christ's Birth and Death dates in Genesis 5. Exactly. And based on His Death date, you can exactly know what days of the week are any year forward or backwards of that date. This is the only timeline in history which is 100% consistent and provable. So why don't we use it?

How did we EVER come up with the goofball 'Good Friday' nonsense, which requires 1+1+1=1.5? Sheesh! Spitting on the Cross! Spitting on Bible! Spitting even on common sense!

It's not really RoshHaShanah 2016 today, folks. That began on autumnal equinox, 9/22. But you can FIX the calendar to make it right next time, video shows how, with TALMUD LINKS to show that Jews USED TO KNOW all this.

The whole fix shows in the onscreen icon for the video: so you don't have to play it; download link follows below. Video goes through the fix, as I created it during the video process. For, thanks to an email I just got from someone else who's also doing the meters in other Bible books, I now know an error I'd been making for some years: my error, was to listen to the 'scholars' and the Jewish calendar practice of intercalating an Adar sheni, instead of doing the math myself; well, the guy writing me the email did the math and informed me of my error, hooray! So now you can see the correction: Adar is the WRONG MONTH for intercalation. Bible uses ELUL, and so did Israel, prior to the Exile, per the Talmud. So, this video shows the fix.

Frankly, there's no need to intercalate, just always have Elul=35 or 36 days. Autumnal equinox 'naturally' occurs on its last day, in that design. And I bet money, that's how God designed it. Only later when Israel got hung up on being 'different', did she revert to the pagan practice of lunar years, and hence needed to intercalate.

Related links:
To the corrected calendar in the last segment of the video: Intercal.xls. If you'd rather just look at the picture you see onscreen before video starts, CorrectedforBIBLEIntercalated2015-2016.jpg or pdf, if you prefer pdf. The xls has the same data, which was corrected after video done (I mistyped the dates after May 2016,in the video).

If you also want to correct the Adamic years, 6122 begins on the autumnal equinox 2015. For the complete Adamic calendar going back to Adam which the Bible actually uses in the NT meters (because I derived it SOLELY FROM the Bible), download GeneYrs.xls.

Also, HebCal.htm is useful, and the site explaining it (both now corrected to say 'Elul' instead of 'Adar' for intercalation), is PassPlot.htm.

Book citing Talmud (footnote 66 on page 254) as source for the PAST PRACTICE of Elul not Adar, intercalation (Elul intercalation always makes the equinoxes 'fit'): You can also view it in Amazon (but not page 254),

Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'intercalary Elul' to get to page 254, but you can't actually read that page. You can read pp249 and 255, though.

Babylonian Talmud ONLINE: The citations in the video are in Order Mo'ed: at bRosh Ha Shana 19a and 19b, 32a,,, and bBeitzah 6a and 22b, and

Book citing POLITICS over intercalation (page 772, but you have to view the book for three pages prior, which maybe you can't do in Google) -- so we know why the Jewish calendar is wrong, and has been wrong, for centuries: You can also read the page here in Amazon:

Click on 'Look inside' then search on 'creation of the world on 25 Elul' to get to page 772.

Of course, due to our own anti-semitic politicking, to cover up the fact Christ is JEWISH -- all our calendars are messed up with respect to Easter, as the earlier PATU videos (29-31) showed. So our political gambits are to blame, NOT Bible!

Yeah, and God made it possible to easily correct RIGHT NOW, as the xls and video, show. Whew. Remember, upcoming anniversary of His Crucifixion, is really April 3; upcoming real Easter (really First Fruits) date is post-sundown April 6, which is 'our' April 7. EASY. No politics, no slovenly 'scholarship', just BIBLE.

I tried to summarize the links etc. on how you can tell from the Hebrew and Greek meters, in the Bibleworks forum, thread here: Bible has its own method of ANNO DOMINI display, The LukeDatelineMeters.pdf has the links as well, so just download it, if you prefer. It does not yet have the Intercal.xls, but will.

b-out Preterism Retards: quick proof why

Quick proof why Preterism and mid-Trib, post-Trib no-Trib eschatological positions are all spiritually retarded. This matters, because when choosing a teacher, you can't afford to pick one who denies pre-Trib Rapture. Anti-semitism is behind denial of pre-Trib Rapture. So you will be in effect under God's Genesis 12 curse, if you deny pre-Trib Rapture.

Granted, there are thousands of related verses, and the doctrine is very complex. So understandably you won't 'buy' a doctrine absent study. But you also shouldn't deny a doctrine absent study.

So there are many BALD passages on a FUTURE FOR THE JEWS which are clear in any translation. So you have zero excuse to hold to preterist, mid-Trib, post-Trib, or no-Trib positions. At most you can only say, 'I don't know, until I study more'.

So if you deny pre-Trib Rapture despite these obvious passages -- seven of which are depicted in the videos, and very well known -- your brain is unable to read Bible, so you are carnal and in need of 1John1:9, prontito.

For Daniel 9:27 bluntly says SEVEN YEARS in the future for the JEWS, and in the middle of that seven years, the Temple is OVERRUN by the Gentiles, as confirmed in Rev11. Overrun. Not, destroyed.

Um, there's no Temple now. Rev 11 says there WILL BE one. If as the stupid preterists claim, John was writing in 70AD, then the Temple was down already, so the event depicted in Rev 11 is yet FUTURE.

So it's not happened yet, and preterism, mid-Trib, post-Trib, and anything BUT pre-Trib Rapture, is all retarded as an eschatological position. SEVEN SOLAR YEARS. You can't get the count right if you don't use Exodus 12 SOLAR accounting, so even the Dispies who are pre-Trib Rapture, flunk here. Because their math is so bad, using lunar years, the others who reject pre-Trib Rapture mock pre-Trib Rapture.

As a result, I had to go all the way back to Genesis 5 and do the BIBLE's timeline, independent of the 'scholars' and those who use astrology or astronomy or GUESSWORK. And you know what? The BIBLE is right, and shows exactly what the 490 means: a TIME PLAN dating from Adam. Head document on that plan is Ephesians1REPARSED.doc, since Paul uses the 490 to plot his meter for Ephesians 1:3-14, a prophecy of the first 490 years of Church history beginning at Christ's birth. Substitute the 'doc' extension with 'htm' if you'd rather use the htm. By contrast, the pdf version: Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf. All the associated webpages and video playlists -- I've done many of both -- are in the first five pages of that doc/htm/pdf file.

Underlying doctrine is How God Orchestrates Time, which is on that doc's page 3. Larger writeup of it on the web, is Mirroring.htm, which also links to some (not all) of the related videos etc. The calendar from Adam forward using ONLY the Bible's OWN dating system (not anything of man's), is plotted in GeneYrs.xls. You can vet all the material ONLY using the Bible. Which will take you a long time (heh): but it's do-able, even by a brainout.

SO DO YOUR HOMEWORK, so you won't be retarded. Use 1John1:9 and find a PASTOR who at least knows the pre-Trib doctrine, because if he denies or distorts it, you wll become retarded like he is.

New series of shorts quickly proving the anti-semitic nature of preterism and any non-pre-Trib 'rapture' position. Clear Bible passages showing the FUTURE PROMISE to the Jews. Anyone not pre-Trib Rapture is therefore anti-semitic, even if he doesn't realize that, and is therefore under discipline from God.

This is one of the doctrines you can't afford to reject. To prove how BLUNT Bible is about it -- hence how retarded is the Christian who rejects it -- we start in Genesis 17.

Important: it's normal and even okay to be unsure about a doctrine, and on some doctrines, even be wrong about them, for a good while. But some false doctrines will poison you more quickly than others. So you can't afford to accept them outright, but always hold open to alternatives. Eschatology is entirely bound up with the promise to Abraham, so NEVER assume that Church replaces Israel. That is, unless you want to slowly become insane, and more slowly lose your body function one painful day at a time.

Dead serious about this. Believe what you want, but always be asking God for BOTH SIDES of the argument, lest you poison yourself. The anti-semite will not do this, because he's jealous of the Jews. Don't emulate him. Just watch this short series to see how obvious it is, that God HAS a plan for the Jews which is IN TIME, and is YET FUTURE.

JEWS are mentioned in Revelation 7. Not 'church'. If you can't even read the plain translation, you're retarded and need 1John1:9 desperately.

Origen was retarded. He read Rev 7 as if it meant Church, because he like all the other bilious 'church fathers' was anti-semitic. So, per Genesis 17 he had to be cursed with DARKNESS, no ability to read Bible in his pet area of rejecting it. The RCC and Calvinism has followed in his blind footsteps, resulting in Church being CLUELESS about what Bible says.

Harold Camping was anti-semitic, and so are those who listen to him; even though, he had his own convoluted idea of 'rapture'. Just like the RCC and Calvinism, JW, SDA and a wide variety of typical anti-semitic apostate sects, Camping believed 'church' replaced Israel.

So, God struck him down after first embarrassing him the many times his convoluted math and predictions, proved famously wrong. So now look at one of his key passages for his claims, and notice how all the other Christian 'theologians' also screw up the very clear Revelation 9.

Then just use 1John1:9 and truck on, realizing here how much we all need that verse to be protected from satanic clouding. Anti-semitism is the worst cancer you can get, spiritually. It kills the KJVO, RCC, Calvinists, and most other denominations. Ouch.

It's okay to get a doctrine wrong. It's NOT okay to call incompetence, right; or, sweep it under 'Christian love' or 'fellowship'. Unless, of course, you want to be cursed along with them, Genesis 12 and 2 John 9, 2Tim2:26-3:7, Philippians 3:18, Titus 1:12-14.

John datelines Revelation 58 years after Christ died, 84 years after Judaea became a province, and 126 years after Caesar revised the calendar using the same meter style as Paul, in Rev 1:1-3. To see it in Greek: . I've not yet made videos on this. So John is saying that the 3-year problem we now have, is rooted in the change of calendar under Caesar. I've got to examine that more.

Do you see the Temple Rebuilt in Jerusalem? NO? Gee, maybe that's a BIG HINT that the Tribulation hasn't begun yet? But to the anti-semite, Revelation 11's BIG TIE BACK to Daniel 9:27 is missed. Whoa.

For more on John's sarcasm in Rev 11 which even Dispies get wrong, see RBTnote.htm and then search on 'creeping falsehoods'.

In the video at 9:50-60, I made a blooper saying John dates Revelation 58 years after Paul, but John datelines Rev 58 years after Christ died, 84 years after Judaea became a province, and 126 yars after Caesar revised the calendar -- using the same meter style as Paul, in Rev 1:1-3. To see it in Greek: . I've not yet made videos on this. So John is saying that the 3-year problem we now have, is rooted in the change of calendar under Caesar. I've got to examine that more.

6/7 will be on Daniel 9:27, which is the most obvious verse in the Bible that the Tribulation ONLY BEGINS AFTER CHURCH DIES.

As we saw Revelation 11 says there WILL BE one, and God didn't authorize it. But God authorized the Temple which was standing until 70AD, books of Ezra and Nehemiah, Haggai and Zechariah, report its REBUILDING. Just as God promised, in Jeremiah 25 and 29, which Daniel was reading, and timed for his prayer.

So its post-70 AD rebuilding, has not happened yet. So preterism, mid-Trib, post-Trib, are all retarded. 7 SOLAR YEARS. You can't get the count right if you don't use Exodus 12 SOLAR accounting, so even Dispies who are pre-Trib Rapture, flunk here. Because their math is so bad, using lunar years, others mock pre-Trib Rapture.

End series. Scholar brain-fart on the math in Daniel 9 is manifold, but here we see how bald is the fact that God only uses solar accounting for years. There is a lot of other evidence, such as the fact God always accounts time by BIRTHDAYS, which require solar year accounting; and, the 1Chron 24 priestly courses are based on a 24 hour day, so it's 30-day months until Adar, else the calendar will not BE a solar year (so not soli-lunar, which is only 360 days that scholars use). Thus all the priests have equal time, 7.5 days (really 15.21875 days, two weeks per year per course).

You can read about the priestly courses in Robertson's and elsewhere, 7.5 days per course twice a year. So they were counting HOURS, and would then complete four courses a month, with the hourly drift by Adar, keeping them current by end-year. That's why Luke mentions the priestly course of Zecharias, in Luke 1. To the educated Jew back then, that's all he needs to say: you know John the Baptist was born on Pentecost, and Christ was born on CHANUKAH.

Scholars also make a mistake in misreading 1Kings 6:1, not noticing that David had to be age 77 when he died, which they would know, if they properly read 1Kings 1:1-2:39, which takes you up to the third year after David DIED, with Solomon being crowned 11 years before, see 1Chron 22 and following. So the 'fourth year' is the fourth year after David DIED, duh.

Jeremiah wrote Chronicles. Daniel is reading Jeremiah, times his prayer to the two time tracks of SEVENTY YEARS EACH, in Jeremiah 25 (which track began with Daniel's own captivity during the first deportation which began just before Nebuchadnezzar became king, necessitating his return to Babylon because his dad died); and the other 70 years in Jer 29:10, is measured from Temple Down, 586 BC.

GOD is decreeing it in both Jeremiah passages, and in Daniel 9:24. No human king. So that means an entirely DIFFERENT ACCOUNTING BASE, measured dually, from 607 and 586, respectively. Daniel does this dual accounting by counting the syllables as he speaks to God, as I show here: DAN9V4-19HebOnePagerPARSED.pdf. God's reply is metered to 'play' to Daniel's, and the explicit text in God's reply uses the meter pattern as well, Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf or Ephesians1REPARSED.doc; replace 'doc' with 'htm' if you'd rather use the webpage.

John datelines Revelation 58 years after Christ died, 84 years after Judaea became a province, 126 years after Caesar revised the calendar -- using the same meter style as Paul, in Rev 1:1-3. To see it in Greek: Revelation1.pdf. I've not yet made videos on this. So John is saying the 3-year problem we now have, is rooted in the change of calendar under Caesar. I've got to examine that more.

However, if you just did the math in Daniel 9 based on SOLAR year, as you should, given Exodus 12 -- you'd know that there are SEVEN EXTRA YEARS to account. And playing games with BC/AD and lunar/solar don't absolve the 'discrepancy'. So you can either be lazy and conclude the Bible wrong or a 'mystery', 'inscrutable', or you can do your homework and learn the above. Your choice.

But in no event should you be a preterist or anything but pre-Trib, unless you want God to spank you. For this is time promised to the JEWS. God help the person who won't accept that.

Replacement theology is the basis for preterism, largely using Romans 9. Last five videos in this series show how and why both are so retarded. Much more can be said, but I'm trying to keep it simple, here. So this simple video and the next three, focus on Romans 9-11 versus Ephesians 2. Last in series shows how Book of Hebrews, blows Replacement Theology outta da water.

I did a huge writeup on the difference between the Old and New Covenants which will take you a month to read, in LordvSatan2.htm#CovG. Took me years to compile and distill, so it isn't simple. But it does work with what you know, and you'll have to mull it all over, if you're even supposed to read it.

A shorter, pithier version of the difference in OUR Bridal contract, is here: LvS4b.htm#FitBride. That whole page demonstrates the difference between OT and NT provisions, as well. Part IV is on the TRIAL IMPACT of Bride down here, and is summarized in my SatStrat playlist. In short, I've spent from 2000 until now documenting the role of Church and why Rapture, so there is a lot of material. On the other hand, you have to be deaf dumb and blind to miss the fact that a) Church does NOT replace Israel, but the DEMONS, and b) to think that God would abandon His Promise to CHRIST as King of the Jews. But, that's precisely what replacement theology and its anti-semitic kant, does. Ooops.

Continued from 11/12, see description to 8/12 for links. Here the biggest proof Replacement theology is retarded, is baldly shown in the Book of Hebrews. Basically, the Replacement people ignore the whole book. Just as, they ignore most of Romans, Colossians, all of Ephesians, which are on the same topics. For Paul was the apostle of the NEW COVENANT, and stridently taught how the covenant changed NOT replacing Israel, but the demons. He extensively mapped out the history of Church in the meter of Ephesians 1:3-14, which of course the DAFT 'church fathers' and everyone ever since, never learned. So, when you don't know history presented in advance, you are condemned to fulfill it. So Paul, using Ephesians as a 'map' to Ion by Euripides for his Greek readers, showed the begetting of Church FOUNDED ON CHRIST (not the Mosaic Law), Ephesians 2:10. Duh.

That was preceded by a very satirical interaction of text and meter to show the first 62 'weeks' of Church, playing on Daniel 9, to show that Church would fail even as Israel had failed -- which was the topic of Daniel's prayer and his meter. Ooops.

Church doesn't even know this meter, and Israel forgot it. Yeah, we learn from history that we never learn from history, so are condemned to repeat it. So now you can learn from history and not repeat it. Starting here, with the bald proof that most Christian denominations -- which alike hold to some version of Replacement theology -- are all RETARDED.

So that's why the Rapture hasn't happened, until yet. We are hardened just as Pharaoh and Israel was, via anti-semitism. Cute.

Replacement Theology Retards and God Deeds videos reference Hebrews 7:28, but it's mistranslated in all Bibles. Here, the mistranslation is demonstrated and the meaning of the verse is thus much clearer. Text very plainly says that WE CHURCH DERIVE FROM CHRIST'S PSALM 110 KINGSHIP, NOT from Israel. Can't miss it, even in translation, if you keep reading Hebrews 7 and 8 over and over. But best to start at Hebrews 1, and note how Psalm 110 is threaded at each point where the author of Hebrews explains the CHANGE OF COVENANT. Here in Chapter 7, he stresses how Christ could not be a priest under Israel, wrong tribe. The mistranslation is 'which came' or 'which was'; STRIKE THOSE WORDS FROM THE TEXT. For the translators are stumbling over what they deem a 'double accusative', how to translate it. Best to read the text literally, to get the drama intended.

Author stresses how Christ, Who has TWO KINGSHIPS BEFORE He is born, is born post-Law, but appointed SON (of God, get it?) before time began, to beat Satan. Church covenant thus derives from that pre-Israel contract in Psalm 110, NOT from Israel.

So there is no excuse for thinking Church replaces Israel. But, that's exactly what the Roman Catholics and Calvinists all claim, and they claim it, because of a dingdong named Hegesippus and those who copied him among the bilious 'church fathers'. I show how that happened, in my RCC video series within my PopeMyth video series, starting at the 'Bishop's Lists' book by Robert Lee Williams, which you can buy at Amazon for about $100. The book is a revamping of his dissertation tracing how the bogus 'pope list' came to exist. So I reviewed the book and quote it as much as I'm allowed, by express written permission from the publisher (in my possession). What I can't quote, I summarize in the videos, starting here: • 7a PopeM Fathers of Apostasy: Holy He... . The next 13 videos are in order after that one, all on the same topic.

Satan doesn't want us to see that Psalm 110:3 means Christ replaces him, so every Bible mistranslates Psalm 110:3. So of course the translation, doesn't fit the passage! So here we go through the Hebrew and Greek. If you read them as written, you see the meaning clearly: Satan is used to BIRTH the children of Christ's YOUTH, which He bought on the Cross.

Isaiah 53 will use every word in the Hebrew of this verse. John will use the Greek text for John 1. Paul will harp on BEGETTING, again playing on Greek text of Psalm 110:3. So THEY knew its meaning; but if you can't see it in translation, you don't see their ties!

See also Ps. 2:7; Acts 13:33; Heb. 1:5; 5:5

~ which link the Greek in Psalm 110:3 to Psalm 2:7, on 'today I have begotten thee'. So Jews translating from Hebrew into the LXX knew the verse was about defeating Satan, and knew the tie to Isaiah 53. So that's why their translation is interpretative, for the sake of their Jewish readers who only spoke Greek.

Again, there is no way to claim Church is born from Israel. Church is born of CHRIST, and HE is the beneficiary of the kata-Melchizedek SEPARATE KINGSHIP, which is PRE-EMINENT in both time and quality, over Satan. Just as it says here, in Psalm 110.

Note: last word in Hebrew is translated 'your youth', but it MEANS the CHILDREN BORN from His Youth. 'Dew' refers to semen. He BIRTHED salvation on the Cross, Isaiah 53:12, during His Own Youth (age 33, full strength of manhood), so the 'dew' (children, result of semen, here spiritually on the Cross) 'of your youth' is 'your people, freewill offerings' at the start of the verse in Hebrew. It's a causal parallelism.

And for added measure, 'from the womb of the morning star to you' (literal Hebrew), idea that He thus beat Satan: so Satan is used to birth Children for Christ, Isaiah 53:10 contract in eternity past, 'the beginning'.

So Hebrew translation, in its word order:

Your people: Freewill Offerings in the Day of Your Valor

In (Your) Glory, Holy

Born from the Womb of the MorningStar.. to YOU,

the 'dew' of Your Youth!

Greek translation, in its word order:

With You, The Beginning, in the Day of Your Dominion;
With the radiance of the holy ones,
Born from the womb pre-eminent over Daystar,
I (Father) begot You (Son).

I tried to put this other poem in the comments, but Youtube won't accept carriage returns:

We all were born, on Calvary;
Last Adam, Noah -- set us free.
The MorningStar beat MorningStar;
So makes us One and Near, though far.

Satan won when Adam sinned,
But Christ beat Satan; so we're pinned
To Christ at Cross; and so we're born
In Him forever, to Adorn
His Glory Day; which Dad begot
A Body prepped; for Satan's not
Coming to the Wedding.

Poor guy elected other bedding.

So he divorced, but we are joined,
his former kingdom now purloined --
Our old sin nature shedding.

Final Note: some scholars scoff at the use of DayStar to mean Satan in Isa14, which is playing off Psalm 110. Book of Hebrews proves them wrong, using Psalm 110 as its rhetorical base, plainly with reference to beating Satan and taking over the Title Morningstar as the raison d'etre for Church. Ooops.

Laziness: everyone quoting some other human with initials after his name, instead of consulting BIBLE de novo. That's why the Rapture hasn't happened yet. No one is looking at the Bible, but instead they look at other 'scholars' who are in their sects, long in the past, never critical of what they say. So those 'scholars' or 'reverends' or other hoary heads, whether the bilious 'church fathers' or their anti-semitic cousins the Calvinists and Lutherans, JWs and SDAs, all puerile, think they replace the Jews. Century after century. Spitting on Christ.

For they don't pay attention to what Paul noted: the promises are to the SEED, not 'seeds' (Gal3:16). So the future promises to Abraham, Moses, David, Israel -- all vested in CHRIST as KING OF THE JEWS. So the Trib and Mill are all owed HIM, around whom the DISPENSATIONS (not 'worlds', for crying out loud) are designed, Heb 1:2, 11:3 (Greek aiwn -- say 'eye-own' -- means TIME PERIODS, EPOCHS, never 'worlds'.) Ooops.

We share in a different kingdom He won at the Cross, POST-MORTEM, which He asked be formed at Father's Discretion, kata Melchizedek, Psalm 2:7 and 110. Double-Ooops.

All OT Covenants given to CHRIST, not to retards who think they are the true Jews or true Israel. Baldly proven, in 2Sam7 and Gal3:16.

So to all you anti-semites who call yourselves the 'true Jews', you are spitting on Christ, and God will discipline you for that, per Gen 12, 15, 17.

Textual Criticism: AUDITING God's Words, to verify them!

Survey of TC stuff on the web. Textual Criticism is the AUDIT SCIENCE of proving the Bible's authenticity. For like Elihu told Job, 'the ear tastes truth'. Taste is a kind of testing. Tastes good, or bad? Tastes right, or wrong? Obviously sometimes your assessment is personal, but there is such a thing objectively, as good or bad taste. We see that, in fashion, thinking, politics, etc. So auditing, is good. 'test Me in this thing', God told the audience of Malachi. Yeah, pay the tithes (taxes) you owe. So it's taxing, to audit. And GOD IS IN IT.

Very technical, dramatic BIBLE KIDNAPPING story, Bibles fought over, made easier or harder to read or get, in 200-year cycles. For a long time, there was debate over WHAT was 'Bible', and that fight did not begin nor end with, the Council of Nicaea. It's ALWAYS been argued. Why? Well, the debate centers on two ideas: a) what people ACCEPTED as canon, and b) the TEXT. Out of a) and b), there grew an astonishing and complex history of what WE call 'Bible', all sorta lumped under the rubric of 'textual criticism'. That's what this series, is about.

TextCrit2-7d have valuable links, so you can orient to TC. It's the most vital and dramatic story of all time, 'hidden' due to the tedious forensic work God employs armies of scholars to do. Satan employs some of them too, all designed to make you DOUBT you have God's Word. So TC is vital to your life. The stuff is often hard to read; but ALL of it proves the WAR over Bible -- ever since Moses wrote Genesis.

At times the web material disagrees with what I say in videos, so you can examine 'both sides'. (LOL even I disagree with me, all the time!)

For example, TextCrit2 is on an independent TC site I have the privilege to webhost. Its author thinks the pericope adulterae doesn't belong in John 8 or anywhere in Bible; that view is mainstream, among scholars. (In my Great I AM John 8 (LXX series) videos I show why the mainstream is wrong; basically, scholars give internal evidence, too little weight.)

That TC site,, is most helpful; sadly, most TC sites Googled, have broken links; or, you must read forever, to get their gist. So in this web series, I'll highlight the better TC sites in videos; and link even more sites, in video descriptions. Will keep updating the links.

Last five videos are a simple primer on TC, from my KJVOB playlist; they show why KJVO are the laughingstock of Christianity. It's time you saw how preciously this HEBREW AND GREEK Word, is preserved by God, never man!

So TC is important, as Bible's in many COPIES, none of them whole, none of them wholly right. Why? Bible's been attacked and copied and lost and found, ever since Moses. So the question is, do we really have God's Word? Yes, but no one copy of it is perfect, just as all of us are one Body in Christ, yet none of us are perfect.

So what makes TC so compelling, is that it shows the WAR over us, the WAR over God's Word. All history hangs on this story. But technically, TC is an AUDIT SCIENCE of 'recovering' the real Word of God Who has employed an army of hundreds of thousands over the centuries, to PRESERVE His Word despite all Satan's many attacks.

Blockbuster movie could be made from this history, were it properly told. But it's not told. Instead, thousands of people RIGHT NOW are toiling away, AUDITING to see what mistakes might remain, so you can be sure of your BIBLE. Your pastor has then good TEXT from which to teach you.

And of course thousands are busy arguing we have a corrupted Bible, like Wellhausen in 19th century; Ehrman, KJVO, Mormons and Muslims, today.

So how do we know we really have God's Word? That's what 'textual criticism', is designed to verify. It is a 3000 year old science, employing thousands. Just as, Bible itself is a COLLECTION of books over 1500 years by 44 people. Not one copy. Not one human writer. God always does things COLLECTIVELY and over a long time, so you know HE preserves the Word, not man.

This is the more studious version of an Introduction to my Textual Criticism playlist, which itself is a survey of TC materials on the web, plus some simple videos showing how TC is conceptually simple.

Conceptually simple, but the devil is in the details. Those details are fought over, every century.. since Moses. Every little jot and tittle of Bible is fought over by someone claiming it valid or invalid. What words, what punctuation, what abbreviations, what uncial or margin note or spelling or other 'variant' -- usually, like obvious typos (as in 'teh email').

AN ARMY of people in any generation, are completely OBSESSED about the validity of the text; to disprove, or prove it. MANY ARMIES have fought over it, died. Today's King James Only movement is one of the enemy armies; but so too, the Mormons and Muslims; all of these claim our Bible is corrupted.

WAR, baby. Over this book, like no other. Yet we have 24,000 or so 'witnesses' (parts of original-language Bibles) which astoundingly reinforce each other.

WAR, baby; aka, policing. Keeping the faithful on their toes. Yeah, and don't you think God foreknew that? Isn't it better to have a constantly-tested Bible, than a lone 'perfect' copy which could be faked -- so you could never know? That's what happened to the Koran. Othman destroyed all copies and rewrote it, per ahadith (Muslim tradition). Ooops, he missed some. Seven 'variant' old copies exist. Only seven. See how it would be easy to fabricate?

Your Bible is not like that; God made lots of backups! Which everyone fights over. So to demonstrate that WAR, 1b is the Mork version to introduce the series. :)

This topic excites me more than any other, so I get Mork-y, carried away, introducing it. Skip the video if you don't like antics. Or, the tonsure effect on the hair. :)

I just can't control myself on this. Every person involved in Textual Criticism should get a billion dollar salary. It's due to THEM, that you can trust your Bible. Even though, about half of them don't believe it's God's Word! Yeah, but God uses them to PRESERVE His Word, and they fight over it, as you'll see if you examine the rest of the TC playlist. The playlist is just a survey (with vital and extensive links in the video descriptions) of the better TC stuff and arguing, on the web.

If I were a billionaire, I'd spend it ALL on TC. First seek ye the kingdom of God, see. So I prayed for it. So if someday I make a video saying I got the billion (but I suspect God will give it straight to THEM, since that's the purpose) -- you'll know why.


New Series, adjunctive to GGS. This series will not be 'my' material, but rather surveys TC stuff on the web. A Youtuber asked me to do this series a year (?) ago. Seems like God agreed. :)

Why is TC important? Bible's in many pieces, because it's been attacked and copied and lost and found, ever since Moses. Here's a dramatic account, Tischendorf finds Codex Sinaiticus, in his own words: The 'home' page:

So the question is, do we really have God's Word? Yes, but no one copy of it is perfect. So how do we know we really have God's Word? That's what 'textual criticism', is designed to verify. It is a 3000 year old science, employing thousands. Just as, Bible itself is a COLLECTION of books over 1500 years by 44 people. Not one copy. Not one human writer. God always does things COLLECTIVELY and over a long time, so you know HE preserves the Word, not man.

Very technical, dramatic BIBLE KIDNAPPING story, worthy of a blockbuster movie, if it could be rightly told. Christopher DeHamel, who wrote The Book: A History of the Bible (link in Amazon, didn't claim that, but when I read his book, that's what I got from it. Here's one of his videos on Youtube: • Medieval manuscripts of Corpus Christ... .

Bibles fought over, made easier or harder to read or get, in 200-year cycles. For a long time, there was debate over WHAT was 'Bible', and that fight did not begin nor end with, the Council of Nicaea. It's ALWAYS been argued. Why? Well, the debate centers on two ideas: a) what people ACCEPTED as canon, and b) the TEXT. Out of a) and b), there grew an astonishing and complex history of what WE call 'Bible', all sorta lumped under the rubric of 'textual criticism'. That's what this series, is about. The fight, is unbelievable, just cruise through these alpha entries:

A good primer on the meaning and history of TC, is here: You can freely download it via the gear icon; but you can't search it, except while online at Google. Here's another free primer,

The Dan Wallace video I mentioned, is here:

Errata: in the video, I was talking off the top of my head, and mistakenly said the Bible was written by 66 people over 1500 years. I meant '44', thinking of 66 BOOKS instead. Sorry!

New (2012) book by Emmanuel Tov, 'Textual Criticism of the Hebrew Bible', is here spotlighted: It includes interesting stuff on the LXX, too, but you have to buy the book, to read all that.

Note the different approach in Jewish TC, versus the exaggerated fractiousness of Christian TC. Very interesting read, far less padded with academic hedgings, than you find in Christian TC.

Lack of fractiousness is a bad thing, too: it means AUDITING a text is harder, more reason to doubt; for are the fewer texts you have.. genuine? This is the problem with the Koran: per its own ahadith, Othman collected and then destroyed all the copies made during Muhammed's lifetime, replacing that text with his own. So do you have the words given Muhammed? Who knows?

See also Ellis Brotzman's 'Old Testament Textual Criticism: A Practical Introduction' explains that very problem, here:>

A 19th-century layman's analysis you can freely dowload: Just ignore his writing style, he covers important stuff which is hard to find, today. Convert it to searchable? Read vid desc to 'Google Books' video here:

Here's another analysis, which deftly exposes the anti-semitic nature of many in Christendom who want to denigrate God's OT in order to strike at the Jews: Note well the comment made by Walter Kaufmann, analogizing Wellhausen's anti-semitic approach to someone analyzing the origin of Faust. Yeah. So no 'oral torah', either. GOD's Word, never man's emendations -- and God will TELL you Himself, where there's a problem.

Want Proof? Read Wellhausen idiot ideas for yourself: Longer list: Shame on us Christians, for ever listening to that guy.

Per the Mosaic Law (Deut 6-30), from the time Israel entered the Land, and especially after the Temple was constructed by Solomon: every village had to have a synagogue, Scrolls of the OT (as then revealed), an altar and Levitical priests for local sacrifices (for sins, freewill offerings, etc., as distinct from the mandatory pilgrimages to Jerusalem 3-5 times a year). So this meant probably a million+ scrolls of Bible existed. So just imagine how much devastation must have occurred -- or how much some one sect among the Jews triumphed -- for Israel to be reduced to ONE MAIN TEXT by 70AD -- or, even 200 years earlier, read the book. That is the story told by Emmanuel Tov, and his reason for advocating textual criticism.

Of course, another reason is that as the Hebrew text became standardized, 'lesser' copies were destroyed or written over, unlike our modern 'Christian' practice of preserving ANY Scripture 'relic', however much defective. The ancient Christians also destroyed or wrote over Bible copies -- that's how we got Sinaiticus.

Not that you must assume the fewer texts are bad; bear in mind that the Jews are the most persecuted people on earth, and in 70AD were nearly wiped out. So too, their many copies of the Hebrew. Were it not for God dispersing the Jews periodically from 722 BC forward, we might not have anything to compare. See: textual variation is good and bad; so too, a paucity of copies.

That is why it's important to consult the translations (aka Targums) in Aramaic and of course, the LXX. Thus you see more corroboration than remains, in the Hebrew.

By the way, 'Masorah' is the name for the now-accepted critical apparatus, in Jewish textual criticism, and 'masoretic text', comes from that term.

Book overview 'New Testament Textual Criticism and Exegesis: Festschrift J. Delobel' (, this time of major writers in the TC NT field. For a succinct overview, see also 'Dictionary of Biblical Criticism',

Here's an interesting primer from 1876 -- just after Codices A and B were found -- which you can download: Another old goodie, esp. Chaps V et seq.:


A simple book on TC, which explains stuff the scholars take for granted:

Less simple but more comprehensive:

Here's another good one, 'Studies in the Theory and Method of New Testament Textual Criticism' By Eldon J. Epp, Gordon D. Fee:

Kenyon's (downloadable!) 1901 book:

And another collection of essays on recent TC issues, mostly in German, some English:

I ramble in this video, to summarize the TC 'camps', which split between those who BELIEVE God wrote Bible, and those who do not. Many do not. God uses them anyway.

Upshot: arguments over Bible text are on minor things, which folks argue as if big things: whether a text says 'Lord Jesus Christ' versus 'Christ' versus 'Lord', for example. Most of Gail Riplinger's arguments are of this type; thus she proves unable to read Greek or Hebrew mss, because she can't tell errors in GRAMMAR, STYLE and SYNTAX if her KJV Greek edition, were used.

See how wonderfully anal (and political!) scholars get, even about scribal habits: Bible is vehemently tested EVERY DAY; a political football, even at the jot-and-tittle level!

See also here: The book in question was published in 2006, here:

And why be anal? INERRANCY is at stake:

KJVO draw their arguments from 3rd century TC collation, see Chaps V and VI here:

Textual Criticism employs two basic testing mechanisms: 1) EXTERNAL EVIDENCE, how many 'witnesses' (copies) carry the same or similar readings in a verse, and 2) INTERNAL EVIDENCE, how the words 'fit' the verse/passage when present or absent. Or, lacunae. Example: text which says 'Lord Jesus one no'. Other verses are consulted to see if they have the missing words, and whether those words make the passage, make sense.

Encountering the Manuscripts: An Introduction to New Testament Paleography ... By Philip Comfort:

My video rambling also covers the VERY FEW big arguments about Bible textual validity which remain, such as pericope adulterae (John 8:1-11, see my Great I AM videos in the LXX series), Mark 16:9-20, passage differences in Gen 5, Ezekiel, Ruth, Esther. None of these big arguments, affect doctrine, but all affect how you read the passages, and sometimes historical timing God conveys. But again, it's often easy to know what fits or not, i.e., the guy mangling LXX Genesis 5 tired of reversing the Hebrew, so his numbers don't balance (someone aped him, in Luke 1).

What makes TC so exciting: a) people argue over SMALL STUFF, which tells you we've GOT the Words God Intended; and b) they've been fighting whether they believe in God or not, for 3000 years. You could add c), that fighting STILL CONTINUES, so baby, if there were new manuscripts found which contradicted what we have, WE WILL BE TOLD. So again, more proof you can trust we have God's Words preserved.

The Dan Wallace video I mentioned, is here:

At issue, is how TC ought to work, in OT versus NT. An attempt to explain and solve the problems of TC methodology, is here:

See also Dan Wallace's article on the revived state of the TC discipline, thanks to Bart Ehrman's books (lol):

b-out FIGHT vids

Videos on when and why fighting with other Christians, is right. It's a sickness in the Body of Christ, that we compromise the Word in the name of Christian Unity. It's also a sickness, that we fight over doctrines which frankly take a long time to rightly learn. So in the middle, fighting is a good thing; it's practice in thinking, debating, and is supposed to be IMPERSONAL, even when name-calling. Christ did it that way. So we must also. Hence these videos explore that 'middle'.

Playlist starts with why people misread Bible: they don't use 1John1:9. For Bible requires GOD's power, so a GOD DEED must occur, rather than 'good deeds'. All the degrees on earth won't help you correctly discern Bible. Conversely, sloven attention to Bible results if you don't use 1John 1:9, no matter how smart you are; so there's no excuse for not studying Bible like an academe; but also if an academe, there's no excuse for not using the verse. Either lapse, and God will not be in, your study.

1John1:9 gives you the Holy Spirit's MENTORSHIP, and He won't tolerate slovenly attention to His Word. You end up hallucinating meaning, if you don't respect Matthew 4:4. Out from the mouth of GOD, not merely translators, k?

Next, generic videos that go through the issues we face, starting with the Gospel, and on the generic topic of fighting versus being nice.

Playlist continues with specific cases of apostacy, like Calvinism and KJVO, but that's only to provide illustration of the issues. Every sect in Christianity is poisoned with false doctrine, and the false idea that you must be 'nice' or you're not 'loving'. How about loving the Word of God more than the world, more than getting-along (aka 'mammon', in the Bible)?

Okay, but that doesn't mean being feisty all the time, either. Kingship training: there's a time to be nice, and a time to be nasty, and part of the reason we don't immediately go to heaven when saved, is that we need to GROW UP in Christ. So there's a royal training to learn, since we'll be RULING forever, under Him. Ooops. Best to find out now, therefore, whether and how to fight! Then do it!

Doing God Deeds?

This is the setup video for the God Deeds subseries inside of SatStrat. the God Deeds videos all begin with GD prefix, followed by the Episode number. Its playlist starts here: God Deeds, GD1 Why Evil God deeds, not good deeds, is the spiritual life. Spiritual life is a supernatural way of life and demands a supernatural means of execution through the Spirit. FAR SUPERIOR to mere morality which any unbeliever can do. How Christians who claim that morality is spirituality, will never mature and instead retard, remaining spiritual babies until death.

Video is an experiment using software.

Related webpages: On God deeds via Spirit building Bible in your head aka DDNA: DDNA.htm

On how Bible proves Christ's THINKING paid for sins, He as the ORIGINAL DDNA prototype: Grail.htm

On how Christians childishly interpret God and hence mistake morality for spirituality: godnotmag.htm

Carnality: Detection and Correction

Carnal Christians cannot process information, so misread Bible, make mistakes, hear incorrectly. Conversely, if you have used 1 John 1:9 and are between sins, you cannot even make a typographical error. So when you make errors, you know to use 1 John 1:9. When you see others who misread, make mistakes, you know they are carnal.

Prolonged carnality is like Lady McBeth, always trying to remove its damned spot. Always the person must condemn others, keep telling himself how right he is, just as 1 John 1:6,8,10 (etc.) explain. So when you encounter these people in Youtube, they will not correctly understand your videos, they will not correctly read your comments -- so you must repeat yourself. They will try to bog you down in endless debates. So you walk away.

Most of all, you learn to spot these same carnal traits in yourself, and thus use 1John1:9. For again, you CANNOT make a mistake WHILE you are filled with the Spirit. And the Spirit fills no one, during a state of sin.

True vs. False Gospels

Gist: "BELIEVE" Christ paid for all your sins, and you are saved. No other verb is used by God to save you. This video contrasts the BELIEVE verses in Bible with all the false gospel verbs out there, like 'repent', 'pray the sinner's prayer', 'invite', 'accept', 'be baptised'; and my favorite fake gospel lie, 'call on the Lord' -- MISREADING Acts 2:21 & Romans 10:13 even in translation, can NO ONE read the CONTEXT? Sheesh, how Christians lie against God's Word. So, you're NOT saved if you listen to them. Listen to the Bible, instead!

All other verbs are works & do NOT save you. You'd think we'd at least listen to what Our Lord said, in John 3! But instead we mangle the Gospel, saving no one.

So are YOU really saved? Yes, if you merely BELIEVE Christ paid for all your sins -- don't add any other verb to it. My pastor harangued on "believe ONLY" for 53 years, and I was wrong to be annoyed with him! Ask yourself why is it even famous pastors & evangelists get the Gospel so very wrong. So who are they saving? NO ONE!

This is my litmus test for a Christian or a pastor. If he adds ANY OTHER verb besides BELIEVE to the Gospel -- and most do -- I disregard everything he says. He cannot be filled with the Spirit & add verbs. Bible is too plain -- ONLY BELIEVE. Gen15:6=John 3:16. So I silently walk away from these people. God is not in them.

So persons alleging you must repent of your sins, say with your mouth you believe, make Christ Lord -- and mind you, these people are generally attractive folks -- they are false spirits, sorry. They might not even be saved!

Don't you be like them? BELIEVE Christ paid for your sins and you're FOREVER saved just like Abram was, Gen15:6+John 3:16!

Carnal Gospel

Proof Carnality rots the brain, in Christians, and why Carnal Christians spout false Gospels: they lose the ability to even read SIMPLE WORDS in the Word. Without the Spirit's Brains, you have none: that's why I call myself 'brainout', to remind me to use 1John1:9.

1 John is on fellowship, not salvation. But the carnal Christian, cannot read that simple word, 'fellowship'. Carnal Christians cannot read even the simple 'we' in 1 John, so mistake 1 John as being about salvation, so mistake 1John1:9 as a command you must repent of your sins to be saved; so mistake 1 John 2 as meaning you must stop sinning to be saved. See how easily you can disprove what they say?

Similar false gospels are based on misreading very simple words in James. I did a whole video playlist called 'James 2 Exegesis' with color coding, so you can follow what James says. But just open your Bible to James 2:1 -- see the word 'brethren'? So James is writing to ALREADY SAVED PEOPLE (his spiritual brethren). So he is not writing about salvation, but about something AFTER salvation, namely the 'crown of life' (James 1:12) -- something ON TOP of salvation (reward, compare to 1Corinthian 3's gold silver precious stones). That's why he mentions Abraham as 'friend of God' -- something Abraham was awarded AFTER he was saved merely by believing, Genesis 15:6. Parallel passage is in Romans 4.

So, see? If you are carnal, you can't even read the word 'brethren'. Just as, the carnal Christian cannot even read the simple words 'we' and 'fellowship', in 1 John 1. So he cannot read the simple words 'believe' and 'have eternal life', in 1 John 5:13. So what's the EVIDENCE you are saved? YOU BELIEVED, per 1John5:13!

But the carnal Christian is in the dark. So he gives you a dark lie Gospel.

Christian Apostasy

How to recognize and deal with Christian apostacy. This video also answers recent queries on why I am deliberately mean to some believers, but nice to those who are not believers. (BTW: pre-20th century and English spelling is 'apostacy', post and modern spelling is apostasy. You can prove that by googling on 'apostacy' and 'Google Books'. I was raised with the older spelling.)

Every nation has its share of internal traitors. The Kingdom of God is not a nation on earth, but a developing body of believers all over the globe -- and sadly, most of us are traitors to the very Lord Who Bought us. Therefore, those who can spot the traitors, must say so, Galatians 5. Takes a lot of spiritual growth before you have discernment to spot the wily traitors; the baby Christian cannot tell right from wrong. Using 1John1:9, is a must. Absent using it, you will have no discernment, even if you had the Bible perfectly memorized in Hebrew and Greek, and had been a believer for decades!

So pity the new believer or atheist who sees all the fighting, because to him it makes no sense. Pray AGAINST the Christian traitor, who makes all the fighting necessary. Bible never blames the atheist or unbeliever. It blames the traitor: Leviticus 26, Deut 28, Philippians 3:18-19, 2Tim2:26-3:7, Hebrews 5:11-6:6, 10:29, Jude 12, 1John 2:19. (The legalistic believer is traced throughout 1 John, as that believer casts doubt on salvation; so John traces that evil, beginning in 1John1:6.) See also 2 John 9-11, Titus 3:10, 2Peter 2 (whole chapter).

The remedy for apostacy? Use 1John1:9 like breathing, and ask God to hook you up with a GOOD pastor, and then study under him (him, never 'her'). If you refuse to do these things, you yourself are apostate, an 'enemy of the cross', Philippians 3:18-19.

Apostacy evidences itself in two obvious ways: 1) the person cannot read even simple Bible words properly, even using verses which PROVE HIM WRONG, as if they proved him right; 2) the person keeps stressing body works. Bible says the WORD does the work -- else it's dead -- main theme in James.

James' letter is on THE faith and ITS works in you, not on your faith and your works on yourself. You can't see this witty distinction in English, the Greek insertion or removal of 'the' accomplishes that fine wit. THE WORD WORKS is his theme. See my James 2 Exegesis playlist to see James' own meaning for yourself (video series is very simple):

Now, you have options in how to deal with these people; it's not a black-and-white question of severing all contact, for then you would have to die, 1Cor5:10. More importantly, you must learn to RULE ON what contact to have, sever, partly have, etc. For you are in training to become a king, 2Tim4:8 (end of verse).

Kingship sometimes means being stern, nasty, turning away. It's a hard thing to learn to do, but for the sake of the baby believer and the atheist, you must do it. Else they will mistake all that fake lovey-dovey 'fellowship' as vindicating the apostate. At which point, you are responsible, principle behind Ezekiel 3:18-21.

That is the worst crime, to misrepresent Bible. And the apostate are 99% of Christianity, so much arguing continues. Trick is to get out from them, and instead get into the Word, just hunker down and study under your own pastor; don't argue with them unless you need the practice, Titus 3:10, 1 Tim. 1:4; 6:4; 2 Tim. 2:23!

1/2 Rebuke, Dissension in the Royal Body of Christ?

This pair of videos constitutes a thinking-out-loud about how to handle rebuking one's fellow believer, plus the dissension in Christendom. While this is technically a response to TheEdge012's "Weigh the Cost", he also did "ButAlso" & other videos on dissension, rebuke which you might want to review. Youtuber emperachio did some videos ("body" & "read Bible"); see also GospoJazz & christoferL. After watching & pondering Youtubers' perspectives, & integrating them with Bible I learned via 1Jn1:9 & my own right pastor, I get the following:

I. Since we are in training to be Kings, the most important doctrine bearing on these issues, is our Royal Training Purpose. The Royal Priesthood is covered at length in ; so its import is only sketched in the videos. Relevant passages springing to mind are: 1Peter 2:5,9, Rev1:6, 5:10, 1Cor4:8 (sarcastic), Book of Hebrews (dedicated to Our kata-Melchizedek office, new covenant via His Battlefield Royalty from eternity past, Psalm 110, which He invoked in Matt16:18 & ratified in John 17). 1Cor is on Body & Head (1Cor1:5 in Greek is punny, His Head in our heads, & 1Cor13 is His Head, wordplay on huperbole in 1Cor12:31). Ephesians wryly patterns the true Divine Superior Begetting 'answer' to Euripedes' famous play of the Greek peoples' origin, "Ion". Of course, the Originator of Our So-Great Office invented & explained it first Himself, in John 14-17.

II. Royal Rebuke, Dissension? On the one hand, it doesn't seem right, per Romans 14:1-15:14. Crown Prince "A" shouldn't rebuke Crown Prince "B"; our King of Kings has that authority, not us. God & Word rebuke, Phili3:15 (not mentioned in the video), plus other verses (samples mentioned in the 2nd video). On the other hand, what if "the other guy" is spouting heresy? Shouldn't a king-in-training, say so? Royals are expected to self-police, since they are RULERS. Yikes!

Thorny stuff! We don't all spiritually mature in the same way at the same time, & it takes decades before a seed becomes a tree bearing spiritual fruit: until then, all we bear is doo-doo, costing Our Husbandman. Even the Lord took 30 years before He began a ministry. Lambs, almost uniquely in the animal kingdom, can't be made into work animals. Lambs can only get fat & die, for the table. Someone else has to shear & then work their wool; & even that can't happen, for a long time. Sheep uniquely cannot find food or water; ISBE has this interesting article about Syrian sheep who in winter starved because they didn't know the grass was beneath the snow. (Pasturing outside in winter was always common, so the pastor had to clear any snow.)

III. Last 3 minutes of 2nd video review policy decisions I've made in light of these issues, in case they help someone else. Basically I draw the line in the sand at Gospel heresies, since that's a matter of life & death for the one hearing the false gospels, i.e., Abraham didn't have to confess Christ is Lord, invite Him, accept Him, mouth aloud he believed to be saved: Genesis 15:6 says he BELIEVED & was made instantly righteous (to which Romans 4 & 10:10 refer). False-gospel claims are based on bad translations (i.e., Romans 10:10 is mistranslated, Luke 23:42 & Mark 16:16 contain words which were added to the original-language text centuries later, so aren't true Bible).

The Lord didn't say you had to repent of sins to be saved in John 3:16, but merely Believe & in that instant you get Eternal Life; of course, neither did Abraham have to repent. Paul doesn't say we are justified by Lordship salvation in Romans 5:1 or Eph2:8-9, but rather by Faith Alone. Nowhere in Bible is "believe" anything but mental assent, as only your SOUL has the ability to believe.

Hmmm. So all these people misusing Scripture & adding verbs, works, rituals to be saved are Saving Precisely No One. So people are dying due to the false-gospel-panderers. Which is, 99.9% of Christianity. My pastor harangued about false gospels so often we the congregation thought we would puke. We were wrong!

Ok, this king-to-be will take a stand. Doctrinally. Impersonally. Not naming names of specific persons who are heretical. And, with Scriptural backup as to why a heresy is a heresy, as briefly exampled above & at length, in ponderous webpages. :)

Rebuke, Run.. or Research?

EDIT See mp3 update link at end of this description. Gist: Should we Christians, as Royal Priests in Training to be Kings under Our Dread Lord Who is King Over Kings, rebuke false doctrine, false teachers.. or, run away? Or, research? This is a Kingship conundrum, a Diplomatic Issue, which has been addressed by many in Youtube. Three videos below are of instant relevance to my response video here:

by blueridge08865 (to which this video is posted as response, since "b" precedes "c"): • Video

by ChristoferL: • Video

by CajunPunk: • Video

My previous videos on this topic were posted in response to TheEdge012, whose "Weigh the Cost" video is here (but he's done several on the topic): • Video

My response video to Edge, 1st link is here: • 1/2 Rebuke, Dissension in the Royal B...

I ran across this video by mistake (yeah, no mistake by God!): • Video

Think it over carefully before you go calling someone a heretic or wrong.

There is a direct correlation between those who accuse others of being bad or heretical, and spiritual degeneration. That is to say, when denominations frequently target those disagreeing with them (i.e., Catholic persecution of non-Catholics in the Middle Ages), the targeters end up declining spiritually more than the heretics they pursued. So too, individuals who spend their time lambasting other believers or doctrines, rather than learning God themselves -- decline spiritually.

By contrast, we aren't to just sit silent and let falsehood flourish, are we? Isn't that what the Germans did, leading to WWII? The analogy is apt.

So this question is of vital importance to us all. Spiritual minefield!

I'm still thinking all this doctrine over; so this video in response to blueridge et al. is but temporary. Doctrine on this question in Bible is huge, a complex set of formulas. Many parameters in it, which sometimes counsel one to be silent, sometimes to be loud, sometimes to be gentle or harsh. It's not a simple doctrine. But then, Kingship training is not simple. So I need more time to formulate a more detailed video response.

Meanwhile, I did talk to God about it, recording live the brainstorming session (aka "prayer", the conversation-with-God version), here: RebukeOrRunOrWhat2.mp3.

Reference in the audio to Romans 12:2 should be Romans 12:3. See also 1Cor12, which ties to Isa53:12, the hub of the answer to this question on rebuking. Relevant webpage on it is RightPT.htm.

What's 'Dividing the Body'?

You have to war to build a meal, a house, a business, or even your body or your day. But warring seems like dividing, causing trouble. So how to know if you're building or tearing down, since the ACTIVITY is the same? Video offers a conceptual answer. Bible verses which tie are many, and some of them are listed below. If you think of others I didn't list, please put them in the comments.

I've made a number of these videos, so now they're in a playlist called 'brainout FIGHT'. This is the header video for them. The playlist goes through the context in which our fighting must or must not occur, to assist in brainstorming the issues.

It's real important we Christians 'fight'. To not fight leads to the false idea that you ENDORSE what you know is wrong, so Bible is compromised. Too much of that going on, in Christendom. Our Bibles have been mistranslated for centuries because scholars are afraid to GO AGAINST past errors. So much of our confusion today is due to the teachers and scholars and denominations, not fessing up. It's okay that they get it wrong: their job is hard, they're human, so doo-doo happens, no big deal. It's not okay to COVER UP or excuse what's wrong. Just fix it like a broken window, and move on!

So fight, yes -- but do it well. How? Takes constant practice, and yes we constantly fail, too: like painting, piano, ballet, writing. Over and over again. Breathe 1John1:9 and practice, don't be afraid!

General principles of fighting: Ezekiel 3:18-22, 2Cor11:4, Gal1:6, 2:1-16 (really, all of Galatians), Titus 1:12-14, 3:10, Jude 1:3, 2 Tim 4:2, 1Pet3:15, 1John 4:1-6 (really, all of 1John), 1Cor15:1-10. Gospel of Mark is used also to condemn believers in the Year of the Four Emperors, for being just as miracle-hungry as were the Pharisees in Jesus' day.

Notice that LOVE means FIGHTING, just as much as being nice.

General principle of unity: Ephesians 4:5-16 (macro goal, which when reached causes the Rapture), 1Cor12. Wrong fighting: 1Cor1:12-31, because 1Cor2:16 isn't happening when people make an issue of MAN'S words rather than GOD's Word. See whole context through 1Cor3. Unfortunately 1Cor1:5 is mistranslated, so you can't tell Paul's theme for Corinthians is God's Word in YOUR words (Greek wordplay).

Variety in fighting: 1Thess 5:1-17.

The Lord's fighting: John 6-9, notice how He varies how He debates, between being nasty and nice. Open the OT on almost any page and notice that God ARGUES all the time.

Fighting versus judging: Romans 14 and Matthew 7:1-5. It's one thing to say someone is wrong, but quite different to judge them. Repeating the Bible's judgment isn't the same as judging them yourself. Example of the latter (which Paul was REQUIRED to do): 1 Cor 5:5. Notice the distinctions the Lord makes in these verses: John 5:30, 7:23-24, 8:15-26, John 12:47-48. Notice that the proper parameters are always WITHIN the Word, never outside it. This is a thorny area! The only resolution I can recommend is to always use 1John1:9 and ask Father in Son's name IF and WHAT you should say. Litmus test I use: would I demand Dad punish the person? If 'yes', then I need to use 1John1:9. If 'no', then I'm either sinning some other type of sin or am not in a state of sin on that topic.

And keep fighting against yourself, Romans 7-9, 1Cor9:27!

Links on Calvin, as promised in the video.

His anti-semitism shows in his commentary on Daniel. The following Calvin College texts have many typos, but you can search them offline: covers the first six chapters of Calvin's commentary on Daniel; covers chapters 7 onward. Search on 'Jews' 'rabbi', 'Barbinel'. Search on 'God's Wish to cut off' and 'continual shower' in the 25.txt to quickly see Calvin projected his own anti-semitism onto God, claiming God wanted to exterminate all the Jews. Of course, that would negate God's OT promises to the Jews! So, Calvin got all his eschatology wrong, as well as most of what he thought of salvation and the spiritual life! Anti-semitism rots the brain.

I might make a future video on Calvin's anti-semitism for my Satan's Strategy series, to show his misinterpretation follows close on his anti-semitic remarks, each time. God even sent him a rabbi to alert him to the real meaning of the 490!

Calvin's last words: Search on 'pure doctrine' when you load the page. Read the whole page; my video remark relates to his 'pure doctrine' quote.

This is scary stuff. So I gotta ask Dad, 'where am I also getting it wrong?' For the biggest punishment is that God lets you wallow in your own self-generated delusions, never KNOWING Him. Boiling in oil would be better!

Battle Lines

Why and where I'll fight: anti-semitism, false Gospels, those objecting to Learning Bible As GOD WROTE IT.

These three threaten the extinction of the human race, every 490 years. We are in such a threat period, now. It's a scheduled thing, by God. I introduce that schedule in my Pass the Salt videos, here • Pass the Salt, Bypass the Flood! and in longer version, here (via vid desc): • Pass the Salt Companion Videos . Thus you can know where you are, in history. My How God Constructs Time, 10 GGS, and 10 YMH, and Psalm 90 playlists go through the Bible backup for these trends, and their vid descriptions have extensive webpage links. For I've been documenting this topic for 11 years, from Bible. So you can vet it yourself.

Anti-semitism threatens, because God predicates history on the Jews, Deuteronomy 32:8.

False Gospels threaten, because then the unbeliever doesn't have the right information on which to vote.

Refusing to learn Bible in the original language threatens, because God commanded you learn Word as HE wrote it, Deuteronomy 31. ChristKeep here on Youtube is learning it as God Wrote it, and in 16 months he learned more MEANING from the Hebrew and Greek than most people EVER learn from a translation! He's a teenager, studying on his own, from the free Bible software, e-sword; so don't tell me learning Bible in the mss is elitist or hard!

World history descends into war each time one of these threats becomes too high, as promised in Leviticus 26 and Deut 28. We are entering such a period, as is routine for the time -- to clean us losers OUT -- the last 120 years of a 490-year period. Ours, ends 2130 AD, as I've documented in Pass the Salt Companion video (description has the links).

Church is thus responsible for ALL the trouble in the world, just as Israel was, since Christ is risen now and Church is to carry TIME ITSELF to the Promise Destination of the Tribulation: I'm slowly documenting that fact in the GGS and Ps90 series, but have already documented it over the last 11 years, as shown in the links to my How God Constructs Time playlist.

So here I must fight 'you', if you are anti-semitic, selling a false Gospel, or refusing to learn Bible as God Wrote It. I won't pursue you: I'll only fight you within my videos, aside from an occasional one- or two-shot warning, if I'm 'travelling' to another poster's videos. Sometimes more than two shots, when someone sent me the video wanting me to comment, or clarification is needed. Idea is due diligence: warn and move on, that's the command, Titus 3:10. It's never personal, but an OFFICE, Ezekiel 3:18-21. (Judging is personal and prohibited, Matt7:1-5.)

When Integrity Demands Insult

Answering Critics. No More Munichs. Links on Titus 1:13 command to insult, follow below. There are many such verses all over OT & NT. Some NT verses are listed under my INSULT POLICY on my channel page.

Upshot: we Christians must be honest and self-policing. People must know they can DEPEND on what we say. They don't have to like us, nor we them. We don't have to like each other. We DO have to be honest, and fess up if we are not, or if we make a mistake. We DO have to declare when a thing is wrong, but we do NOT have to harangue. In a law court, you state the case and move on. In an audit, you state the balance or imbalance, and you move on. It's not personal, it's an OFFICE we have, under Christ.

No Christian needs anyone BUT God. We don't need mutual support, we don't need Madison Avenue sales gimmicks or human 'niceness' tricks; we only Need God & His Word. The world will not hear that Real Message if we are wimpy, like the proverbial too-nice priest/pastor in a TV sitcom or movie.

Consequently, feel free to criticize me, too. I don't take offense to criticism or insults. Substance, however, is the essence of good criticism. BE SPECIFIC, and then any insults will have proper context.

Finally, there are many mentally-ill people on Youtube. You do not serve Christ by reasoning with them. Many commands like Titus 3:10, 2Tim2:26-3:7, warn you to reprimand and WALK AWAY. There's even a school of secular psychology which also warns against catering to a person's self-willed delusions, by conversing.

See 'Shattered Illusions' here in Youtube. (My SpirPath.htm helps one detect spiritually-induced mental illness.) Mental illness exhibits itself within Youtube comments in at least the following ways:

Protect yourself, and either ignore or be nasty to these people. Do NOT cater to them by talking to them. Don't use a Youtube nickname revealing real name, birthyear. These people might stalk you. Women and men both get their fair share of the Fatal Attraction crowd. Be smart. Be rude. Or be badgered.

Your time is valuable. You don't spend it on nutters. They refuse to listen to God, so won't be listening to you, either. I block these people, sometimes without warning. Now you know why there must be an Armageddon, or a wipeout of Canaanites. People become infected, and contagious. AVOID THEM, says 2Tim3:5. BE RUDE, say 2John9-11, Titus 1:12-13.

Links below are raw scans of my July notes from R.B. Thieme's 1970 lessons on Titus 1:9-16. Hear them yourself: order L.26 and 27 of 1970 Daniel series, from They never ask for money or put you on a mailing list. To protect privacy you must order by phone or mail. All lessons are live recorded classes. (Thieme died 8/16/2009.)

I'm sorry for the notes' mess: Thieme talks fast, it's hard to keep up. Green streaks help you locate Greek words he mentioned.

Links below from p4 thru p8 cover Titus 1:12 (exegesis starts at 1:9, in p1).

How To Debate? Follow John 8!

Christ shows us how to argue. It's not a black-white thing, Ambassadorship.

You represent His Majesty's Government here on earth, and the earth is at war with Him. So you are not here to win a popularity contest. You are not here to 'win' people. You are here to declare His Majesty's policy, and people have to KNOW they can TRUST what you say.

So you need to learn His Majesty's BOOK, and rather well, lest you misrepresent Him! Proper ambassadorship is a harder job, than being a nuclear physicist; and it takes longer to learn. We know that, because even Christ didn't start His Ministry, until He was 30 years old!

We are graded at the Bema on how well we REPRESENT Him, how well we thus LEARNED Him, not not not on our rituals or good deeds. God-deeds are gold silver precious stones -- gems in your mouth and in your head which only God can make, Romans 12:1-3, 1Cor2-3, 1Cor13. So some of us, having proven bad representatives, will be very far away from Him in eternity. Because, we didn't learn and live on THE BOOK, Hebrews 11:1-6, Hebrews 6, end Hebrews 10. Christ paid for sins with His THINKING, not with His Physical death, Isaiah 53:10's 'me amal naphesho' (=from the labor of His Soul) plus 53:11's 'bedato yatsdiq' (=by means of His Mastery of Truth Knowledge He Makes Righteous) clauses. So too, all 'work' is solely a product of thinking Bible under the Spirit, Philippians 2:7-10 plus the above verses. Nothing else counts, Romans 4, 1Cor3.

So you end up debating. Sometimes you must be nasty, sometimes nice; but always you must be honest. John 8 shows us how Christ does it. I try to use the same principles when I reply to comments (well or badly, I'm not always sure)!

An ambassador should never 'affect' a behavior, but should always key his words to the needs of the hearer, and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS should be HONEST. That way the hearer knows he can trust you.

That's why sometimes it's very right to be nasty, especially since people who are hypocritical, are often nice. You want to make clear the points made, not 'win'. God does the winning. Your job is to declare as best you know Bible, in the moment.

Disclosure, not selling, is what ambassadors are supposed to do. The minute you try to 'win', you will become dishonest and once thus discovered, it's almost impossible to regain trust. That garbage about 'soul winning' is pure satanic arrogance. The objective is to give the person enough INFORMATION so he can make an informed decision. Never more than that.

No Christian should EVER be a liar. Worst sin you can commit.

For the secular counterpart, read Sir Harold Nicolson's 'Diplomacy'. He was a Brit who wrote this classic for foreign ambassadors. Worth reading. It was part of my college course, 30+ years ago. (In college, I was training to become a foreign ambassador, but God had different ideas.)

Shun Be Nasty Be Nice Be Silent -- Which?

A test of the spiritual life is to know WHEN and HOW to respond. Here we look at two antithetical statements by John, and see that sometimes we are to be nasty. Other Bible verses are cited in the video, so you can test the parameters of the commands. Then you have to practice them in real life. It's a TEST of your learning Word! And when you flunk, you are to ADMIT it! And when others flunk, maybe you have to call them out!

I forgot to mention James 3 through 5 in the video. Those are flagship chapters on the topic, along with 1 John 2-4, 2Tim2:26-3:2, 1Cor15:1-10, 1Cor1, 6-7, 11-12, Galatians, Jude, Titus 3, 2nd half of 2Peter, John 8 (Our Role Model varies His Response), etc.

Last year, Youtuber byefigleaves also spent a lot of time thinking out this topic, usually under the rubric of 'the DNA of Words'.

Matthew 7 and Christian Swine

In John 8, Christ strongly insults the Pharisees. Why it is sometimes necessary to be stern with Christian swine? To defend the Word they are trashing. If you allow the Word to be compromised, YOU are just as guilty, Ezekiel 3:16-21.

Okay, but how FAR should you take that injunction? Soldiering and policing? With what right, authority, and even if both, to what extent should you use it? Parenting. Friendship. Being honest. Dicey thing to do, since you will be judged if you screw up, Matt 7:1-5; yet you also must judge, Matt7:6, 7:15-20, Phili3:18-19, 2Tim2:26-3:7, Titus 1:12-14, many other passages.

So Christians who are immature, who think you must always be nice or you're a bad Christian, are disobeying Christ. If you befriend a liar, you become one, 2John9-11, inter alia. So in the name of 'Christian unity', many lies against Bible are promulgated, preserved; and many started in the first place. So if you are nice to certain Christians at the expense of telling the Truth of God's Word, what do you think Christ will say to you, but Eze 3:16-21?

Not that it's easy to obey the injunction to be stern. It's not natural to want to be stern with people. None of us like to hear or say, strong words. But a bully will go on being a bully, if you don't stand up to him. The liar will go on being a liar, if you don't call him out. But that doesn't mean you follow the bully around, and bully him. Nor do you crusade, against the liars. So what are the parameters? ASK GOD. Matthew 7 here, lays out the ground rules.

So now we can better understand when Christ is nice OR nasty, and why. For our job, is to BECOME like Him. Not works. Not rituals. But THINKING. Which, like piano, must be daily learned in WORD, and practiced. Every day always failing, but always a little success too, with 1John1:9 breathed often. Fail, get up again, re-practice.

We are all swine, sometimes. Rescued, so we can now TRAIN to THINK like Christ.

Matthew 7 and Christian Swine, Addenda

Added stuff left out of 'Matthew 7 and Christian Swine': Greek Geek stuff on Matt 7:22, to show WHY the verse is on SAVED BELIEVERS angry with God for not crediting their works; how 7:13-14 compares loss of rewards (1 Cor 3) with hell; and other miscellany about how to diagram Bible's textual flow.

WHY THE WORDS ARE WHERE THEY ARE, is a vital component of hermeneutics. The words written, also tell you what thought flow is BEHIND the words written, so you get a full picture. For example, if verses 13-14 were on salvation-from-hell, then why does verse 15 talk about false prophets? Well, their popularity = the 'wide' (meaning 'crowd, throng') way. So verses 13-14 can't be on salvation to heaven, since 'prophetes' in Greek means a wandering teacher about God. So this must be about something post-salvation.

So the 'narrow', is about RESCUE from one's false ideas of what Bible means. Not, about going to hell. Yet easily as bad as going to hell, given how our own natures will be like Christ's, post-death. For He chose to go to hell, rather than skip the Cross. Yikes. So what does He know about the pain of NOT learning Bible, that we don't know? For He defeated sin by means of Bible, Isaiah 53:11.

Very different idea of what the passage in Matt7 means, therefore. So account for why the words are WHERE they are, to get saved from time-wasting, false ideas.

Reference to the 'scholar' who lost his faith. It's Bart Ehrman, here is his own explanation: So you see, knowing the language doesn't mean learning Bible from it. False doctrine is not necessarily avoided by reading from the original -- depends on whether you ASK GOD about the meaning. So Ehrman believed falsely, so lost his faith in his false beliefs, and blamed God like the believers in 7:22. Saved, but bitter.

Matthew 7 and Christian Swine, Addenda 2

More on how Matthew 7:13-14 and 7:22 are about BELIEVERS, not unbelievers, with comparison to Luke 6 and Luke 13. The audio was made with closed eyes. Video is just a static picture of Matt7, so you can page in your Bible between Luke 6 and Luke 13, as I comment on all three passages.

Hebrew tsur is used in OT to mean the BEDROCK you hide in, famously in 'Lord Rock of Salvation' passages. It is frequently translated with Greek stenos, which in Matt 7:13-14 is translated 'narrow', so you miss the Lord's reference to Himself as the Word you take refuge in. He will parallel verse 24 with verse 13, so that's another big clue He's not talking about salvation, but about INTERPRETATION. Thus verse 15 logically is about false prophets (lit., wandering teachers).

Luke 13's audience who rejected the narrow gate, are not the same audience as Matt 7:22: the objections are different. Also, Luke 6 is addressed to believers, which includes the whole of Matt 7, whereas Luke 13's 'narrow' is specifically another instance in response to a believer's question about the unsaved. So the quote about 'narrow' was used in different ways for different applications.

Next upload after this one, will return to John 8.

Bible Believer Bloopers

False Doctrine originates from false definitions. False definitions originate from people imposing their ideas of the definitions, on the Bible.

Bible often uses the same term in many different ways, to denote different KINDS of a thing. More than one kind of salvation, because you are more than one kind of nature, life: so your LOCATION is saved immediately to heaven the first nanosecond you believe in Christ, hence you are 'saved', alright.

But what about your soul's thinking? It needs saving too: so you get 1John1:9 and Bible to learn and live on, while down here. You have no fellowship with God apart from naming sins to Him, even as the OT people didn't. They had to bring an animal too, but Christ now has Paid, so we don't bring animals. So that's a 'salvation': of your fellowship, maturation in thinking like Christ does, 1Cor2.

Then 1Cor3, at the end your body is saved, in the sense that you get a new one, 1Cor15. So three types of salvation, to go with the three parts of the believer: body, soul, spirit: 3 types of 'life'. For God is Spiritual Life, and that's why salvation to HEAVEN is permanent.

So too, seven kinds of baptism, several types of doors, seven ministries of the Spirit, etc. Just as there are many kinds of fish. But they aren't the SAME fish.

False doctrine is always derived from ASSuming only ONE kind of a thing. For example, the Calvinists ASSume only one kind of election, but Bible lists four different kinds, all of which are housed IN CHRIST. So Calvinism is flat wrong on everything it says, due to this misdefinition. Calvinism borrows from Augustine just like Catholicism does, and therefore shares in its falsehoods.

Same with KJVO: they ASSume only one Bible manuscript and translation (ignoring even the fact that the KJV is famously mistranslated in many verses, that's why new English translations keep on being made). So their false doctrine alike comes from an extra-Biblical ASSumption proved erroneous, which they won't give up, even as the Calvinists won't give up their slavish insistence on Calvin, even where he was wrong. And Calvin, was addicted to Augustine, not Bible.

Same too, with the idiotic young-earth crowd. They use Bishop Ussher's misreading of Genesis 5 (like the Jews before him), rather than Bible's Genesis 1:1, 1:2, Isaiah 45:7, 18-19. More than one creation, per Bible.

Popism takes many forms, and in every case, it's an insistence on ONE HUMAN source OUTSIDE BIBLE, for definition. So don't make that mistake, when you read Bible. God is the ONE to tell you what HE says. Use 1John1:9 and ASK HIM what His Word means. Or, you'll be like a goldfish attached to a fake shark fin. :)

Production Note: the original upload of this video was on the HateYourSinNow channel, of which I am a member. But in light of the upcoming series on RFG Book of Hebrews, this video should also be posted here. For the misreading of Hebrews, stems from people imposing their false ideas onto it.

10 Signs of False Teacher

Our teachers are not perfect, even as neither our parents nor we are perfect. So they, like we, fall prey to falsehood. It is harder on those in authority when they fall, so pray for them, Romans 13. Meanwhile, it is also incumbent on the believer to TEST anyone who claims something is Biblical, especially if a teacher. And you test, with the Word. If you find out a teaching is false, ASK GOD if you should do anything about it. Often, the answer is "no", but of course the meanwhile, you don't believe what is false, yourself.

This video shows some of the most-common categories of false teaching 'out there'. Some of it is merely mistaken, and as the teacher grows in the Word, he will grow out of his mistakes (just as we should). But the majority will be false teachers: that has been true since Adam. People prefer falsehood, and man being vulnerable to mass approval, will mostly cater to that approval. That too, has been true since Adam. So it is up to you, whether before the Lord you accept or reject, absent homework in the Word.

This video, with the other Lie Detection videos, is designed to facilitate that homework. Obviously, then, you test the videos themselves, before the Lord. For that's how you grow, spiritually, by testing using the Word of God -- with God! Be sure to breathe 1Jn1:9 as needed, or you're wasting your time, no Spirit in you.

The 10 Signs of False Teacher:

  1. He sells false gospels, saves No One.
  2. He calls himself a 'prophet' who gets 'revelation from the Lord'.
  3. He childishly 'reads' spirituality as body stuff and/or ritual, miracles.
  4. He claims you do NOT need to name your sins to God.
  5. He claims God is NOT Trinity, or that Christ was NOT God (i.e., Angel or not God 'til after the Cross).
  6. He claims Rapture is invalid, or is not pre-Trib.
  7. He claims Church began in Abraham's tent, Church REPLACED, or Jews not true Israelites.
  8. He claims 'respectability'.
  9. He claims he's teaching 'the one true faith' or similar exclusive claim.
  10. He advocates political activism.

Falsehood stubbornly believed rots the brain. Literally. As time progresses, the individual clinging to falsehood will buy ever more of it in wider categories, and his ability to process information declines. The soul becomes narrow and prickly, taking offense when none is given; legalism increases, as does pettiness. God is no longer of interest, but only His Name, like a badge of ego preening. These are the hallmarks of spiritual decline, "earthly things" of Romans 8 and Philippians 3. Mental decline follows, to the point that even PLAIN BIBLE LANGUAGE on the topic one refuses to believe, cannot be read. The falsehood is loved too much. No point reasoning with the person, even the Bible itself, is now unintelligible to him.

Referenced Links:

False Doctrine: 10 Ways to Detect the Lie

Falsehood has at least 10 major characteristics you can test for and prove, whether it's a falsehood in politics, science, religion or.. Bible. False Doctrine always:

  1. Maligns God's Character.
  2. Stresses or glorifies man.
  3. Betrays incompetent (Bible) 'scholarship'.
  4. Obeys the 3 Temptations of Matt4, REVERSING what Bible actually says in the verse(s) claimed for support.
  5. Claims to be the 'one true faith' version -- and you're bad, if you're not in it.
  6. Appeals to the 'respectability' of the human claimant (i.e., how popular, charismatic or how many degrees the person has).
  7. Justifies itself by appeal to other PEOPLE who are likewise respectable, rather than to Bible (hearsay/ ex cathedra claims).
  8. Is POPULAR. This discourages checking the claims via Bible.
  9. Appeals to emotion or intellect, in lieu of Bible in context.
  10. Fails Common Sense.

Bible mistranslation, misinterpretation, and misteaching also follows these 10 characteristics, every time.

YOU are responsible to audit what you believe, before the Lord -- Who you ASK, for Proof, and then You Study Bible To Find the Answers. Else, you won't get them. Else, you'll hallucinate the answers and call them 'from God.' Fooling, only yourself.

Satan is behind all falsehood, whether secular or spiritual, and the amazing thing is he advertises it. Satan's way of advertising his involvement is summarized in SatStrat.htm.

Satan can't afford for us to know the truth, that's why Bible's been persecuted its entire life (i.e., torn to shreds, missing, lost, confiscated and sequestered within a generation or two of the books being written).

Belief depends on learning, so of course we'll all be wrong about something, no big deal. So God will correct us, If We Ask. But if we don't, He won't. Your self-worth is neither increased nor diminished due to what you believe. But your happiness is sure affected. And, your ability to comprehend, read, speak. Falsehood rots the brain. Just read some of the reactionary comments to this video or the Islam videos.

By contrast, you grow Spiritually If You Audit Everything, using 1Jn1:9 (if needed) as you do it.. so get cracking!

10 Ways to Wreck Your Spiritual Life (Spiritual Pathology)

Comment here: frankforum/viewforum.php?f=42

Dark side of Spiritual Maturation is degeneration, if believer rejects certain truths for too long: it is 1st mental, then physical. It mimics false doctrine you believe, or true doctrine you reject. The soul shrinks. Moralistic petty-mindedness (Philippians 3:19, Romans 8:5ff) is the main attribute of soul shrinkage.

Spiritual growth means gradual replacement of falsehood. Refusal to learn brings with it spiritual illness you can diagnose. Over the years I've seen such illness, 10 categories of refusal seem to speed degeneracy most. They are:

  1. Stop talking to God. Talking to God speeds spiritual maturation most, as you will recall Bible & know if you are at odds with God. So if you stop talking to Him, you become quickly agitated; or, sublimate, lie to yourself. Mental decline is rapid: hypersensitivity is hallmark.
  2. Stop using 1Jn1:9 (or don't begin, or name your sins to someone not God). People I know are dying due to this. Paul almost died from it, see his speech in Acts 22. David too, Psalm 32:5 +66:18, 1Kings1 (he named Solomon as God said, but didn't transfer kingship; 1Chron29 is his repentance).
    • Not using 1Jn1:9 kills your spiritual perception; what you THINK you know about Bible is merely academic, like anything else. Telltale signs of spiritual retrogression: inability to read plainly-stated truth. For example, people who don't use 1Jn1:9 can't read the fact that 1John is addressed to BELIEVERS, not unbelievers, so say you must repent of your sins to be saved. (So the person IS NOT SAVED, as the verse can't apply to unbelievers.) Such persons can't read the fact that all the OT sacrifices etc. were by BELIEVERS; that's how they admitted their sins to God. Bible misuse will multiply if you don't name your sins to God regularly. Test the difference: use 1Jn1:9 many times a day for a month, see the huge growth in your Bible perception!
  3. Stop learning & living on Bible or never start. Decline is gradual if one never started, rapid if he did. High bitterness, if the latter. The one who never started can't grasp why he is punished.
  4. Believe you don't need to study Bible under a male pastor. These folks decline slowly, unless they rejected a pastor. In the latter case, they decline quickly. Included are folks who listen to multiple pastors, only watch TV pastors. You must sit under 1 guy, for some years. It can be long-distance. Greek "haphe" in Ephesians 4:16 means it's God's Will that you mainly study under 1 person at a time -- whom HE picks for you.
  5. Mistake morality as 'spiritual'. Decline here is slow, but often permanent. So you are intimate with works and people, but never God. This is the main problem in Christianity.
  6. Make Christian issues, political issues. Here, the Christian rapidly becomes unable to read Bible, reverses key doctrines, no matter how plain even in translation. This is another main problem in Christianity.
  7. Believe salvation can be lost or needs something you 'add' to it (like baptism, works). Legalism +roteness invade you. Ability to read Bible tanks like in #6. You might not even be saved. BELIEVE ONLY, John 3:16.
  8. Disparage Israel or your home nation. Physical +mental degeneration is sudden-onset after years of no symptoms. Or eerily like "rotting" analogy at 2nd Advent (Zech 14:12), one body part at a time. Anti-semitism guarantees insanity. That's why Muslims can't see how Islam is CRAZY.
  9. Disbelieve in pre-Trib Rapture. #9 is a bellweather of degeneracy. The stronger disbelief, the more decline. Proper belief in Rapture is vital. For it's akin to anti-semitism, to disbelieve it. Rapture is a direct result of Matt16:18, the reason you even breathe; it's proof that God keeps His Time promises to Israel. Col 3:25!
  10. Disbelieve in Trinity. Decline here is like mold. Trinity is depicted in almost every OT verse re God Himself. Decline also occurs if you disbelieve Christ is God, or that He 'became' God, lost His Godness, etc., as these are subsets of disbelief in Trinity.

Related webpages:

3 SatStrat Warning Anti Semites

May all anti-semites and their doctrines die in great, slow, suffering and pain; and may all the wackos who think 9/11 was an 'inside job' or helped/ done by 'Zionists' also die as miserably as God has promised in the Old Testament and the New. Or, ideally -- may they wake up and smell the coffee of their jealous notions.

DEATH TO YOU SWINE. Do you hear me clearly? Just because I must say the Jews did some things wrong, doesn't mean you can count me on your disgusting, despicable, PATHETIC swinish 'side'. I HATE YOU FOREVER and God hates you more. Never ever write me or comment on my videos unless you want me to petition God to hurt you so bad you won't ever recover. Because He'll answer that, 'YES'. Promised, in the Bible.

Some people don't ask God for stuff thinking their puny-ness makes the petition invalid or wrong to ask. Just the opposite, with me: BECAUSE I'm no good, God must answer my prayers. And He always has, since I was a child. I ask Him for nearly everything, even what I should wear or eat.

Am I making myself clear? Death to you, and LONG LIVE ISRAEL, Gen 12, 15, 17 assures it!

54/72, KJVOB : Trump/Christian Taqqiya

Donald Trump, his spox, and Muslim practice of lying to make their lies/religion look good, isn't restricted to Muslims. Christians in every denomination, do it too. Here, you'll see the five tactics Christians (and shyster lawyers) use, to lie. Once you learn these tactics, you can spot them in Youtube comments or anywhere.

The first Taqqiya in history was Adam's, how he lies to the Lord in Genesis 3 after he fell. So that's the pattern of all lies.

The poster boys for this video are Calvinists and KJV-onlyists, since their taqqiya is easily seen in their comments, videos, and on the internet. But whenever a believer is unable to substantiate his faith -- especially in the light of contradicting BIBLE evidence -- he will resort to these tactics. So the video shows you how to handle them -- generally, you do nothing, standing ONLY on Bible proof. It will be hard to do that, but worth it. GOD always defends His Word.

All taqqiya seeks to divert attention away from the uncomfortable truth that one's tenets are proven invalid. So the taqqiya takes five primary forms:

  1. Denial of evidence, no matter how overwhelming.
  2. Divert by irrelevancy -- especially, by focusing on the REFUTER so that the evidence he presented, is sidelined.
  3. Play the Victim (in order to keep attacking).
  4. Blame the Enemy (i.e., of 'dividing the Body of Christ').
  5. Exploit Cognitive Dissonance (fancy term for 'double-talk').

LXX4a Scholar Insanity in Acts15

Anatomy of scholar ineptness over the fact the NT 'threads' the LXX -- which every scholar even knows, it's required study in seminary!

Honestly, just when I think Christian scholarship can't get any worse, I find something like this. So, this video (sorry) is something of a tirade against 'scholarship' which accuses Bible to hide its own incompetence. Here, Acts 15. This is one sample of many I've seen over the last few months, and many more over the last year. Scholarship is valuable, we need it, and this is not against the scholars in general. But it is against the tolerance of the bad apples, which today are many. Sometimes, the gloves should come off!

Link referenced in the video: The Church in Antioch in the First Century CE: Communion and Conflict

Why Gun Control Equals Slavery

Gun Control means you can't learn to defend yourself; can't learn the true value of human life; will be at the mercy of anyone who has the gun you aren't permitted to have. There's a reason for the 2nd Amendment: FREEDOM. It must be fought for. If everyone in the US were required to learn how to shoot, as was true in the 17th through 19th centuries, we'd be very much less likely to go shooting at each other in school.

I'll never forget the day my dad first took me shooting, and I had to learn how to shoot, and then I saw him kill a deer. Never wanted to hold a gun, after that. See? Freedom to learn the CONSEQUENCES early, and then to train for them.

Bible is all about fighting, and the King from whom Messiah is born, killed more people than any other king. So think carefully about that: if you take away guns, you take away preparedness, and you don't do what God did.

Warrior God to Warrior David: I'll Build Your Bloodline, My House.. Via Sons!

God of the Armies to David Warrior King at God's Command, tells Nathan David's son -- when David complains he has a nice house, but God doesn't, 2Sam7 -- God bids Nathan tell David, 'I WILL BUILD THE HOUSE'. House of Stones and Blood(line), to depict Blood Shed On The Cross. God never says anything negative about Blood to Nathan, 2Sam7 (= 1Chron17). But David and Solomon both focus on 'Blood', in 1Chron 22:8, 28:3, 1Kings 5:3. Yeah, David's the Man of Blood at God's Command! Bloodline promised since Gen12, 15, 17 to Abram! So Man of Salvation will be Davidic, 2Sam7!

As Solomon explains in 1Kings 5:3: David had to spend all his time warring, so God awarded Temple building to Solomon. Aha. So God is NOT punishing David for warring.

Yeah, the Blood. Blood on the lintel at 1st Passover, so Death Angel won't kill firstborn in the House. Blood from foreskin shed to signify Blood Covenant made with Abraham. Blood shed to defend Israel from her enemies. Blood of those enemies shed from Dan to Beersheba, at God's Command. God, Lord of the Armies, Adonai Tsabaoth. Hosts of armies. His Hosts at 2nd Advent, Rev20, when we Church return with Him. So to rescue Israel from hosts then assembled against her at Har-Megiddo. But only the Lord Himself does the killing, Isa63:1-10. Blood as high as a horse's bridle, from Dan to Beersheba (length of Israel, 180 miles).

But isn't Christ the God of Peace, Isa9? Yeah. Peace comes from successful warring: so gun control is bad. You must learn how to war, to GET peace. War even with your own soul wanting to do the wrong thing, war with other souls who would take your property or family or nation. So you must TRAIN, to do that warring well. God Lord of the Armies (not 'hosts', Hebrew tsabaoth means ARMIES, just as Book of 'Numbers' means numbers of troops), awards David Warrior King, a BLOODLINE: for at God's Order, unlike Saul -- David WOULD kill the enemy as God ordered via the high priest's Urim and Thummim (supernatural stones on his robes).

God made David fight 14 years, having first told him as a teenager, that he would be king. Then, 14 years later, he was crowned at Hebron. But in between, he had to fight Goliath and Saul; for Saul got jealous, so David avoided Saul but fought Philistines -- for other Philistines hired David as a mercenary against their rivals. Thus David fought for Israel's freedom, NOT fighting Saul. Note that distinction: there's a boundary where you do NOT fight enemies.

Finally, Saul dies at the Battle of Mt. Gilboa on his own sword, and David becomes King at Hebron, 1050 years from the birth of Isaac. So God timed all that. Paul stresses this timing in his meter of Ephesians 1:3-14 (see my PATU video playlist). Yeah, the world would have ended 4 years later, had David not fought and won in time!

So gun control seems like a small thing by comparison. But think: you can't prepare for heaven if you don't have a Bible. You can't prepare to defend yourself, if you don't have a weapon. In Judges, the Philistines and other Greek sea peoples PREVENTED the Jews from having the right materials to make weapons; so they were perpetually prey to domination. So you see: Bible says gun control is bad.

House of The Man Of Blood. Bloodline. Shedding Blood. Warring. Oh, so God is playing on the Exodus and the Cross, when He says to David, 'you shall not build my House because you are a man OF BLOOD -- your SON will do it.' Yeah, Son of God builds a house for Father, Matt16:18. Spiritual Blood now. Shed for our sake. So we are His 'blood', 2Cor5:21; when we believe, John 14 takes effect, Royal House Of God Gets Built. Church. Christ Royal House of David, the other Kingdom He owns, built by means of Blood Shed to Fight For Freedom for Israel to exist, so that Temple Can Be Built To Signify Peace by King Peace aka 'Solomon' (= reconciliation, peace, prosperity). Get the puns?

So this video pair explains that backdrop, which ties back to Moses and Psalm 90, Deut32, book of Judges; for 2Sam7 is God's promise to DAVID, owing to Israel's rejecting Christ as King of Israel, 1Sam8 through 12. So the video pair summarizes 'flow' of Psalm 90, Deut32, 1Sam until 2Sam7, plus their tandem passages in 1Chron17, 22, 28, 1Kings 1-9; for those chapters 'explain' what David and Solomon meant, in 1Chron 22:8, 1Chron 28:3, 1Kings 5:3.

Yeah, Man of the Bloodline Now Rests While His Son Does the Work. God of War awards his king of war with a HOUSE OF STONES AND SONS, culminating with the Son of God, from whom Living Stones will be built, Matt16:18, John 14, John 17:20-23, 1Pet2:5 and 9, Eph1:3-14, Eph2. All to fulfill His Eternity Past promise to Christ in Isa53:10; to Abram, in Gen12, 15, 17; to Moses, in Numb14 (offering to start bloodline over, with him); most of all, His Promise to Warrior David, 2Sam7, repeated in 1Chron Chaps 17,22, 28, 1Kings 5. Heh.

Warrior God to Warrior David: I'll Build Your Bloodline, My House.. Via Sons! (end)

Conclusion. The video description with its extensive Bible backup, was formatted into pdf and can be downloaded from 2Samuel7Promise.pdf. It's just one page.

FYI: at 3:11, when I talk about Urim and Thummim meaning Yes and NO, really they were BOUNDARIES of God's order. Urim meant start, yes, and Thummim meant 'complete', an end. So you'd know when the 'no' began.

God's Word specifies boundaries for everything. So there is a 'yes' and 'no' boundary to violence, too. Trick is to learn His Boundaries, because if you always say no in the name of God like Ahaz did in Isaiah 7, then God will punish you.

FIGHT sometimes, FLIGHT sometimes. Know when, from Bible.

If you want much more detail on David's story in Bible, my pastor walked the congregation through all the pasages and exegeted them: order his 'David' series on mp3 at They never ask for money, or give out your name, or even write you. In 40 years I only got stuff from them when I asked for the monthly lesson orders, or when they changed the format of the lessons from reels to cassettes then to mp3.

Christ says BUY A SWORD, and TWO are NOT 'enough'!

At issue: did Christ say two swords are enough? Those who would deny God's Doctrine to make war and be prepared -- hence gun control, being in the military, etc. are all wrong for the Christian -- those who claim such things, grab onto Luke 22:38's 'it is enough', to justify their position. Pity they don't do their Bible homework beforehand.

Believe whatever you like, but DO YOUR HOMEWORK. You are Royal Family of God, and slipshod scholarship will not be permitted in MY channel. I won't chastise you in your videos or your channel, but if you come on mine and get on your high horse -- but THEN prove you care so little about God's Word you didn't AUDIT what you claim true.. then honey, I'll ream you out. I don't tolerate disrespect for God's Word, in MY channel. If I too show I didn't do my homework, then please ream me out, too.

Here's the thing about getting nasty: it takes away the shame. Duking it out is a time-honored way of showing respect. If you care about God's Word, you fight for it. Else, you couldn't be bothered. So if I care about you, I'll fight for and with you. Else, I'll go spend my time on something else. You spend time on what you care about. You avoid spending time on what you don't care about. So never mistake nastiness as something demeaning. The person is paying ATTENTION to you enough to say something. So you are not demeaned.

On another level, if you aren't reamed out, then you don't know you screwed up. It is NOT love, to walk away from something wrong; you thus condemn the other person to repeat that wrong: so the Lord explained to Ezekiel, in Ezekiel 3:16-21. You spank your kids because you love them, right?

Now, in adult interaction you don't go spanking each other, but out of respect you also don't let a serious wrong go unanswered. What does Scripture repeatedly say? Warn, be nice at first, then firmer and firmer and finally walk away if the person won't listen (Titus 3, James 5, Luke 17, Ephesians 5, 1Thess 5, 1 Tim 5, 2 Tim 2-3, 2 John 9, each in its own context).

Differences of belief are fine, part of the growing process. Many doctrines take a long time to learn. Most cannot be properly or wholly understood from translation, like Trinity, pre-Trib Rapture, Dispensations, and all prophecy. Translations are ambiguous, even contradictory. But the original-languages text is far more precise and nuanced; text is often metered, which serves as a kind of proof of Divine Writ, as well as a concordance to other Bible verses -- because they indexed Bible by syllable counts, not by 'verses' -- so you get a precise understanding of the Bible's doctrines only from the Autograph.

With good exegetical Bible software you can even get free; with the Holy Spirit as your Teacher IF IF IF IF you are in God's System -- then you can learn. But only while in God's System: see my 'God's System' video for what that means. (Greek term is henotes, in Eph4:5, mistranslated 'unity'; it is a technical term for being in union with God's SYSTEM of fellowship with HIM. Has nothing to do with people.)

So, poor scholarship is NOT fine. There must be self-policing in the Royal Family. The non-Christian needs good ambassadors, and you spit on Christ if you don't do your homework before making some claim about His Word, sorry.

So, as followup to comments in my 'Warrior God to Warrior David' video, re the meaning of 'enough' in Luke 22:38, this video shows that if one did his HOMEWORK, it would become very clear very quickly that the Lord did NOT say that 'two swords' are 'enough'. Ooops.

Video goes through the Greek and the lexical entry so you know 'brainout' didn't make this up. Now you know why I make so many boring videos focusing on what BIBLE not brainout, says. Lest I too be guilty of not doing my own homework!

Christ says Buy the Word Sword, first!

Wouldn't want the hawks to use Luke 22:38 as an excuse to just go beating people up, either; so in this last video on the verse, we look at the whole Chapter's context.

WORD SWORD FIRST. The disciples didn't get His meaning in 22:38, so He face-palmed, and stopped the discussion. There, they were too pacifist, but then after hearing Him talk, they go to the other end of misinterpretation, thinking they should just FIGHT FIERCELY HARVARD -- verses 49-50. Clearly that's wrong too, for a slave is not a combatant, wasn't a threat, hadn't laid a hand on anyone. So that wasn't a lawful use of the sword. You don't fight against duly constituted authority, even when that authority is wrong. So Christ said, 'all who take up the sword' (to rebel against their government, for example) 'shall perish by the sword'.

Dicey question, that: at what point do you rise up against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them? Well, rightly dividing the Machaira of Truth, Hebrews 4:12, means you do what King David did -- ASK GOD. Not, just take it into your head that fighting is suddenly bad, and also not to deem it always good. 'Neither to the left, nor to the right'. Yeah, right in the middle where the opposites meet, that thin Red Line of Truth Rightly Divided.

Time to fight, time to not fight. It's our job to prepare, Luke 22:36; and to not go off half-cocked like Peter did in Luke 22:50. So that's the ultimate reason why Gun Control is bad. Need weapons to train, else will be overrun, Judges 1:19, 1Sam13:19.

Nice versus Nasty, Revisited (end Gun Control subseries)

The ultimate point about Gun Control isn't about Gun Control, but about when a Christian should be nasty or nice, before God. It's flat wrong to think that one must be nice to be a Good Christian. Christ wasn't nice; Paul wasn't nice; David wasn't nice; Moses wasn't nice; God Himself is frequently quite nasty, as every atheist will droolingly remind you.

So then it MUST mean that there is a time to be nice and a time to be nasty.. all the way to the point of killing the enemy. So that means asking God when to play the judge, and when not to do so. For Bible commands both, Ezekiel 3 AND Matthew 7. Not just one or the other.

We are all Crown Princes in Training. Christ is King, and to become like Him, we too must master Kingship. We can only do that by living in God's System. See my 'God's System' video.

Rant against NonThinkers | Dawkins' Delusion (God Delusion book review)

First 20 mins, against atheist non-thinkers; last 20, against Christian non-thinkers. I'm sick of the non-thinkers dominating the God Question debate. There ARE valid reasons for atheism, but few advance the right arguments; so I try to do that, here.

First Illogic: a) when you found out your parents taught you some wrong stuff, you throw out God with what they taught you wrong ABOUT Him, as if He's to blame. So b) you grab onto 'evolution' you were also taught by adults in school, and ILLOGICALLY CLAIM that it proves God doesn't exist. Oh really? So how did 'evolution' even come to exist? And oh, Genesis 1:23-25 says God authored some flavor (but not Darwin's) of evolution, so now where is your claim? See: you can't prove THE STARTING ORIGIN, so anything else you say, is inconclusive.

Second Illogic: that SUPERnatural God, should be provable by NATURAL means. So God is only God, if NOT God? That's Dawkins argument, in his 'God Delusion' book, pages 41 compared to 51, compared to Chapter 4. Handy illogic with sleight-of-hand, just like Darwinian evolution depicted a PURPOSEFUL nature which is at the same time, mindless? Oh yeah. MAGICAL 'nature', that does what a 'god' would do? LOL! Takes too much 'faith' in what has ZERO proof behind it, to believe...

Both the non-thinking atheists and Christians, exercise both illogics in a bewildering variety of ways. They end up caterwalling and messing up the VALID debate questions, with reasonable voices going unheard. Ergo this rant. They are too proud of their hallucinated ideas. Waste of time, to talk with them.

As to my criticism of Dawkins, you can read my full review of his book, be sure to read the others' comments, they are very interesting*.

*"Amazon retired the Comments Feature for product reviews on its platform in December 2020. This change removed the ability for brands or sellers to directly respond to reviews on the Amazon marketplace with public comments."

Was easier to write it up, than talk about it. Basically, Dawkins isn't thinking clearly. But String Theory might change the 'evolution' description entirely, and maybe Darwin will end up proving right for entirely different reasons. Again, see the comments to the review in the above link. And see that Harvard video lecture on String Theory, in the video description here: • brainout defends Darwin?


Customer Review
1.0 out of 5 stars Puerile, yet a Tale of Two Atheists
Reviewed in the United States on September 22, 2013
Verified Purchase

Long Review Ahead, sorry. I'm pro-atheist, so should explain why the one star.

Kindle Edition: TOC lacks page numbers and Chapter Titles; though each chapter's linked. Amazon Prime Members can borrow the book. I bought mine.

So: pretend you're an atheist. Pretend further, you wish to account for being an atheist. Even though, until YOU see proof God exists, you're right to be an atheist. So here in Amazon, are 2 books each for $8, by 2 atheists: David Berlinski's Devil's Delusion, which refutes Dawkins, and Dawkins' own God Delusion. Which better justifies an atheist position? Hands-down, it's Berlinski's book, which I also reviewed as 'brainouty' in Youtube. The Berlinski $8 was the best I've spent. God Delusion? Fracaso.

For Dawkins writes like a 13-year old, ignorant and defensive. Belligerent, parroting stuff 'adults' say, no discernment, insecure. See his Preface to the Paperback Edition, via the 'Look Inside' option here in Amazon. He proves puerile in his first paragraph. Why begin that preface with a need to badmouth reviewers who disagree with him? Why rant even against atheists who disagree? Is that how a 2nd preface, should begin?

Where the humility, the corrections? For his 'scholarship' is abysmal, as others have long noted. Instead he launches into a tirade, from first paragraph. Dawkins' book goes downhill from there: a bundle of assertions heaped on prejudices, piled on rantings, all absent homework.

(Peter Ruckman is a leader in the King James Only movement. Read his stuff, and you'll note an astonishing similarity of belligerent, defensive, ranting style. Try his 'Bible Believers Bulletins' (read them online). If you want to be shocked, read the first few pages of Hitler's Mein Kampf. All 3 men are obsessed with praise, putting down critics.)

So let's make more appropriate titles per Chapter in Dawkins' book.

CHAPTER ONE (p.31, 'A deeply religious non-believer'), should be: "Watch Me Name Drop Einstein and Sagan to make Me Look Good; Watch Me Conflate God with Religion" -- that's all his chapter 'achieves'.

For if God exists, religion is NOT what God wants, but what man wants. Bible, for example, says Satan invented religion, in Genesis 3 (tempting the woman to make herself like God), Isaiah 45:7, 18-19, 'Pharisees, scribes, hypocrites!' verses, Hebrews 5:11-6:12, etc. God decrees evolution of some kind for fauna in Genesis 1:23-25. So if Dawkins 'proves' evolution, then he 'proves' Bible right? Didn't he notice that gaffe?

Then he fatally maims his book, writing (page 41) 'In the rest of this book I am talking only about SUPERNATURAL gods...' Does he know what 'supernatural' means? ABOVE Nature. So NOT 'Nature'. So CREATING 'Nature'. Which, 'Nature' cannot prove, as Above nature is BEYOND nature, so 'nature' can't detect a SUPERnatural God. (Dawkins later claims God is only God if NOT God, Chapter 4.)

CHAPTER TWO (p.51, 'the God Hypothesis'), should be titled, 'Watch Me Flaunt My Prejudiced Ignorance of Old Testament, Google, and 'Watch Me transfer My Flaws, onto God'.

Defense mechanism of projection, here. No research into Bible's construction, scholarly analysis, nor any of 3000+ years' work available to Dawkins, was used to write this chapter. No, instead he spews his 13-year-old's ideas of God as Petty Judge (dour-God depiction to make adolescents behave). He was schooled in infancy, he says. So, has an infant's ideas. Did he analyze passages? No. Did he check the Hebrew and Greek to see if the translation was accurate? No.

What does he do, instead? Present irrelevancies: what Churchill, Waugh, Jefferson said (name dropping in lieu of solid argument); and oh -- let's swear like adolescents, proud of being old enough to get away with it, Dawkins quoting 'God is s***'. What, he couldn't find a more useful quote? Ironically, Paul uses that same word for religious works, in Greek of Philippians 3:8. Dawkins doesn't know that. Not good, to admit Bible is against religion.

For useful info, is not Dawkins' goal. He rants, like Hitler. Is it scientific, to name drop and use swear words of famous people with nasty things to say re God? Is that how a chapter on The God Hypothesis -- a scientific title -- should flow? Worse, Dawkins won't present the definition of God per Bible, yet claims to speak OF that God. Bad science: a scientist must first describe a target in its OWN terms, which requires doing his homework ON that target: here, Bible. Yet in Dawkins' later chapters, we'll see he never does his Bible homework.

Yet Dawkins says (page 51), 'It is unfair to attack such an easy target.' So, he makes clear his motive is to ATTACK. Now, if you don't do your homework but hallucinate a victory, you'll think the target 'easy' to defeat. So is Dawkins is a true scientist? No. So I don't fault him for atheism or nastiness; rather, for dishonesty, not doing his homework.

Compare how neatly the more erudite David Berlinski, explains The God Problem in his Devil's Delusion book (pp.34-38, 132ff): origins are postulated as 'God, Logic, or Nothing' (p.37, with pages 132ff devoted to that quote). Berlinski concludes all three as 'inadequate' (ibid). In a few sentences, he deftly shows why inadequate, from moral principle.

Do you see Dawkins engage in the same rational discourse? No.

Rather, Dawkins' page 51 continues, quote: 'any creative intelligence, of sufficient complexity to design anything, comes into existence only as the end product of an extended process of gradual evolution.' So God is only God if He is not God, for 'god' can only be the END product of a gradually-evolved process that created him. Then God cannot be Supernatural, so A is never equal to A? Ergo, W. V. Quine (who wrote Methods of Logic) -- would have to flunk Dawkins?

Since the rest of Chapter 2 becomes seriously anti-Semitic (Monotheism section), replete with utter ignorance of the Old Testament -- Berlinski faulted Dawkins on that, too -- I'll skip the rest of Dawkins' Chapter Two. For anti-Semites experience mental degeneration when talking about anything even indirectly related to the Jews.

CHAPTER THREE (page 100, 'Arguments for God's Existence'), should be titled, 'Watch Me show I'm ignorant re Philosophy, Math, and the New Testament'. Aristotle, not Aquinas, talked about the Unmoved Mover. Yet Dawkins defaces himself further, proving no grasp of the arguments, to wit:

1. 'Unmoved mover' is foundational to mathematics and cosmology, from which we get INFINITY (sideways 8 symbol) and the maxim, 'no information can be lost'; hence matter into energy, and vice versa. Mathematically, that means the largest UNcontainable set of ALL attributes (existence, deviation, variables, constants, sequence, potentialities, impossibilities) -- is UNMOVING. Stasis. Does Dawkins 'get' this? No. He talks of regress and progress, which only apply to FINITY; which can only go on, if contained by the INfinite; so there is always room for finity to regress or progress. Flunk Logic, again.

2. and 3., Uncaused Cause and Cosmological Arguments are corollary to #1, which math proves. Dawkins also shows no grasp of the Law of Opposites reflected in math, physics, biology, nature: if A then -A, all balancing to zero, hence STASIS, no info outside the Ultimate Set. So too, if the material exists, the immaterial must exist like math laws, themselves neither matter nor energy but acting on matter and energy. So 'by indirections, find directions out'.

So I'll skip his tirades on the remaining theological arguments.

Next, his 'Argument from Scripture' section (starting on page 117). Dawkins used kindergarten atheist websites, for his sources? For he writes, 'the historical evidence that Jesus claimed any sort of Divine Status, is minimal'. Really? Christ calls Himself Son of Man many times -- see my boring 'Son of Man' videos in Youtube showing them all in Bible -- it's a GOD Title in Daniel 7:13. Messiah=Christ in Greek, also a God title in Daniel: Messiah by definition is God-Man SAVIOR, hence the refrain in the NT that folks must believe IN 'Messiah'. Ooops.

Christ was crucified, for claiming to BE Christ. For back then, Jews could appeal to Rome for crucifixion, only for blasphemy or a capital crime. Dawkins might claim Bible books are much later than they are, as he can't read the Greek to know better. Yet just as Shakespeare today is obviously 500-year-old English, someone who reads Greek can tell how old and in what century or even what decade, Bible verses were written. The language changed that much and fast. We have a lot of Greek text outside Bible, for comparison. But Dawkins didn't do his homework on textual-criticism facts, either.

Worse (p.118): 'Ever since the 19th century, scholarly theologians have made an overwhelming case that the gospels are not reliable accounts'. Really? WHO? J-boy Wellhausen? He was joke, even then. Or the (sing Twilight Zone wooey-wooey here) Quellies? Who would cut and paste valid Gospels we have, to concoct a shorter 'original' that never existed? The Q folk are so daft, they don't even grasp 'incorporation by reference', a literary practice by which a later (Bible) book textually 'hooks back to' its predecessor, so we KNOW Matthew first, 2nd Luke, 3rd Mark, 4th John? (See my Synoptics playlist, on that style.)

Okay, what about other 1000s of Bible scholars in every denomination who tirelessly compiled, collated and corrected with 1000s of suddenly-FOUND Bible mss, so that for the first time, in the 19th century -- we had real PROOF Gospels and all other Bible books, were 98% the SAME text? Even catching a kauTHesomai, a one-letter misspelling of kauCHesomai, the former not used until centuries post-Paul (1Cor13:3, Tischendorf THCH vs. A, B, and Byz texts)?

Didn't Dawkins know, we can DATE CHANGES IN WORD USAGE even within 10 years, based on many Greek texts from SPQR back to Attica; i.e., Greek 'malista' from LXX, to Matthew to Luke and later Paul's writings, to Josephus and then Hadrian? So inter alia, we can prove Matthew wrote in 30's AD (see my 'malista' playlist in Youtube)? So instead, the 'overwhelmingly case' is that Gospels are RELIABLE. What was Dawkins smoking? Aren't 'scientists' supposed to check their data beforehand? Ooops.

So when he decries 'religious agendas' (p.118), he instead proves to have his own. Disregarding massive facts -- one of the biggest events in 1800's, proof of Bible accuracy -- is not scientific. It's a shell game.

So when Dawkins writes 'Luke screws up his dating' (p.118), Dawkins parrots kiddie atheists, again. He could have Googled to find how wrong his text would be, in advance: Jewish custom, you must register for taxes in your TRIBAL hometown; HEROD collected taxes for Rome; but the year Jesus was born, Herod was dying, had Augustus as executor for the kingdom; Quirinius, close friend of Augustus, was then in charge over the latter's grandson in Syria (the boy was in a garrison). Dawkins didn't know Roman practice of ad-hoc titles for duties like tax collection, which a garrison in nearby Syria could readily support; nor did Dawkins know Luke 2:2's Greek 'hegemoneuontos' means (a participle, lit.) 'ruling', not strictly 'governor' as a fixed office. Acting officer gets same RANK to justify his ad-hoc duty; that was required, in SPQR.

So Quirinius was in Syria in 1 or 2BC. We have a BC/AD dating issue, for a Catholic scribe cut off 3 years from Augustus' reign to create AD; so 2BC (end) is close enough, pending refinement. Dawkins didn't know this, either.

Dawkins also didn't know end of Luke 1, Magnificat then Zecharias metered play ON Magnificat, both being Time Meters. Mary tells you WHEN she speaks. Jewish kids learned this syllable metering as a mnemonic game -- so to avoid carrying, heavy scrolls. Meter begins with a dateline, first 7-syllable-factoring, and the style goes back to Psalm 90 (my Psalm 90 playlist shows that style also in Isaiah 53, Daniel 9; 'GGS 10-11' and Magnificat playlists show Mary's, Zecharias', Paul and John's Hebrew meters, yet Greek words).

So Luke begins his Chap2 after quoting Mary and Zecharias. Every Greek reader would know the dates, esp. since Christ was prophesied to be born by the 1000th anniversary of David's Kingship START (since Adam; see my Genesis Epi.8c1ff videos and Psalm 90 playlist), on Chanukah (Haggai 2). Luke 1:26 and :36 tell you Gabriel came to Mary, in Adar. But Dawkins didn't know that, either.

Now you might counter, 'brainout, Dawkins is no Bible expert'. Yeah, so whence his inept chutzpah? I can prove all this stuff with only BibleWorks and good university sites. So why didn't he do even that homework?

FLUNK Chapter 3.

Alas, CHAPTER FOUR (p.137, 'Why There Almost Certainly Is No God'), is even more illogical and unstudied. Title it 'Watch Me reverse math and logic, so A never equals A, and I Refute Myself'. He goes from arbitrary to baffling, to contradicting, to delusional, as follows.

a. He starts again with arbitrary, adolescent name-dropping, using Jefferson the DEIST, writer of our Declaration of Independence. America was founded as Freedom From Religion. 1000s of persecuted believers, Deists included, fled to the Colonies to be free of 'the priests'; Europe was largely Catholic, Calvinist, Anglican, all full of their own popes and pogroms. Jefferson, like most Founding Fathers, was into Masonic culture, an eclectic mix of 'all religions', including 'sacred geometry'.

So ask: would you use a Deist to claim no God? Would you AGAIN conflate God and religion, by quoting a Deist? How does that help your points? For Deism says God DID IT ALL, then sits back and watches. Ooops.

b. Now the baffling fun begins. Having misused Jefferson, Dawkins next misappropriates Hoyle; Berlinski takes Dawkins to task for this, in Berlinski's Chapter 7 (of Devil's Delusion). Watch how Dawkins refutes himself (page 137): 'This, in a nutshell, is the creationists' favorite argument' (that a hurricane going through a scrapyard can't build a Boeing 747, so life on earth didn't begin by chance)..'somebody who thinks natural selection is a theory of chance whereas -- IN THE RELEVANT SENSE OF CHANCE -- it is the opposite.'

What is the opposite of 'chance'? Well, in Roget's Thesaurus (Google on 'chance antonym'), 'opposite' (antonym) means 'designed', 'planned', 'foreseeable' and 'understood'. Note all those antonymal terms require MIND. Minds design, Minds plan, Minds 'foresee', Minds 'understand'. Mindless nature doesn't see, design, plan, grasp anything, hence 'chance' belongs to 'nature'. But for Dawkins, Nature is the Planner, the All-Seeing Mind. To Dawkins, OPPOSITE is somehow a 'relevant sense of chance' -- in what universe? It's no sense, and he makes no sense, either. See, he uses religious double-talk: Peace is War, Love is Hate, Big Brother Loves You.

c. So now adolescent, arbitrary, baffling confusion, becomes Contradicting. For he writes: 'In fact, as I shall show in this chapter, Darwinian natural selection is the only known solution to the otherwise unanswerable riddle of where the information comes from. It turns out to be the God Hypothesis that tries to get something for nothing.' Huh?

Dawkins goes down the rabbit hole, for what did he claim earlier? 'I am only talking of SUPERnatural gods' (p.41) -- hello? If God is SUPERnatural, then nature is subject to Him, not vice versa. If God is SUPERnatural, He's NOT natural, so not matter nor energy, nor Time, nor even math, but Immaterial Infinite Mind Creating All -- just as Jefferson and other Deists stridently say. Coming from NOTHING natural, is SUPERnatural God, Who Dawkins claims to refute? Bible stresses SUPER. Dawkins turns SUPER into SUB, then gets SMUG.

So paired whoopsies -- Dawkins shoots himself in one foot via Jefferson; then in the other foot, by making God SUBnatural (take THAT, God)! Voila, someone NATURAL (God) coming from something NATURAL (nature via natural selection, deus ex machina in Dawkins). Yeah, God is but END PRODUCT of an evolutionary sequence (page 51). Again, God is only God if He's NOT God! So A never equals A!

PT Barnum was right, and there is no joy in Mudville.

d. So having adolescently, arbitrarily, bafflingly, Confusingly Contradicted himself, Dawkins now shows his Delusion, after 13 more pages of irrelevancies (name dropping and tirades), page 150:

'In any case, even though genuinely irreducible complexity would wreck Darwin's theory if it were ever found, who is to say that it wouldn't wreck the intelligent design theory as well? Indeed, it already has wrecked the intelligent design theory, for, as I keep saying and will say again, however little we know about God, the one thing we can be sure of is that he would have to be very very complex and presumably irreducibly so!'

Doesn't Dawkins see he shrank God to SUBnatural, so God is no longer God, so Dawkins invalidated his own thesis? Or is this more bamboozling double-talk to hide the gaffe...

For irreducible complexity isn't key to the God question. Key, is that we CANNOT ACCOUNT FOR ORIGINS any other way, whether simple or complex. A dishonest person will pick the wrong argument to mask the right one, which is WHAT CAUSED 'NATURAL SELECTION' to begin to exist? If as Dawkins describes (and no evidence confirms), 'natural selection' is a mindless minded process of benevolent, incremental only-improving succession, HOW DID IT GET HERE? No answer. It just always was. Yeah? Yet it's illogical to conclude God birthed the thing, just as Genesis 1:23-25 decrees?

Ahh, but Dawkins uses the non-sequitur of irreducible complexity, to mask his REDUCING God as subject to Nature. Then having REDUCED God to that finite complexity, if life arises on earth NOT by chance, then God cannot arise by chance, as God is never God unless He's NOT God! Yay! Irreducible Obfuscation Complexity Complete (IOCC, io non vidi niente)!

Yeah, Darwin posited a MINDLESS DESIGNER in 'natural selection', but of course there is zero evidence of such a minded mindless process, which magically 'selects' to improve. Fake Speciation Monster is Born, but we don't even get meat sauce.

THINK: were Darwin's/Dawkin's FSM real, we'd have no death or disease, no mutations that in five successions routinely become cancers, etc. Else our 'natural selection' god is even more cruel than The Real One Dawkins Decries; Who at least, provides an afterlife 'with no more sorrow, no more tears' to make up for all the pain.

Dawkins cannot prove that God does NOT exist. Even his title says 'almost certainly'. Yet the 'god' he debunked, is NOT SuperNatural! So he DIDN'T debunk God, at all. Ooops.

Let's pass over Dawkins' ranting about 'gaps' (pp.151-161). He uses ad hominems, calling those who point out the problem of evolutionary gaps, 'worshipers'. After he just worshiped 'natural selection' as a mindless yet benevolent 'god' for which/whom there is no evidence anywhere in any biological record past or present?

Sigh: CHAPTER FIVE (p. 190, 'The Roots of Religion'), should be titled, 'Watch Me betray My Own Agenda, then Pretend it's God's'. Dawkins must again conflate God with religion, to mask the obvious flaw in his already-deficient, logic: WHERE DID THE AUTONOMIC PROCESS COME FROM? See, his theme is that religion creates automatons. Who, he intends to retrofit just as Lenin did, with a mindless nature needing to be extolled, as Darwin did in Origin of Species. So the bell tolls.

Oh, we won't notice, an autonomic process can never 'disprove' God or even render the idea of His Existence, unlikely. Don't you automate things? So why wouldn't God automate processes, Genesis 1:23-25? Oh, gotta hide the fact autonomic processes are but MIDDLE DATA; accounting for origins, not at all. Santa Claus bringing home a newborn and telling the other children, 'the stork did it'. Finding 4 of 100 checks written from your checkbook, then claiming the other 96 are the same as, those 4.

Yeah, a key gambit is to decry other religions, to replace them with one's own. We dare not recall Hitler's 'master race', or how Lenin, Stalin, and later Mao, all used Darwin to advance atheism, force-feeding it to children. Hitler destroyed his millions, Stalin upwards of 30 million, Mao maybe twice that many, all in the name of The State, which Replaced Religion and thus became the new opiate everyone had to snort. Faster kill rate, than theistic religions. Goose and gander...

THAT is why it's so 'natural' to claim evolution true, why young people have trouble believing in God: 'evolution' was drilled into our baby minds over and over -- here, but more so to kids in Russia and China. Carl Jung quipped, science is the new religion...

Thinly veiled, too, for Dawkins labels Chapter Five's first section, 'The Darwinian Imperative'. Yeah, Imperative. Not, 'inquiry'. Fahrenheit 451. Not, hypothesis (as no evidence supports it). So it must BE imposed, on all us tykes from age 5 onward. Imprimatur. Catholic. The Only Answer. If we take our Darwin Dummy Pills, we'll feel better (page 195). God forbid, another definition of 'evolution' might fit the data better. Our Ford forbid, that string theory might better VERTICALLY account for the origins and variations in life (sudden OR slow) vs. those pesky horizontally-mutating genes; for strings might reveal underlying 'blueprints' in math formulas playing as fractals (sans need to invoke 'God', gaps or no). Oh, but all competition must be ruthlessly extirpated, just as Dawkins did in his Preface; dissenters are faith-heads, packed off to 'Siberia' to be 're-educated' by the smarmy peasants. Dawkins memes should alone rule supreme.

Hitler, Stalin and Mao must be smiling down on Dawkins. Or, grimacing up.

CHAPTER SIX, (p.241 'Why Are We Good'), should be titled, 'Watch Me Deflect The Real Issue As I Cant Refute It'. Here Dawkins again displays total ignorance of Bible. Its #1 theme is that man is NOT good, so needs a Savior. Again, the Real God is SUPERnatural, so all of nature's goodness, is not even in the same universe. So there had to be a God-man, not merely a man, not merely God (man sinned, so in humanity sins must be SUPERnaturally paid). Obvious, from Genesis 15:6, to Revelation 20.

Worse: no amount of knowledge the woman in the Garden could get, would make her as good as God, even BEFORE sin (Genesis 3). For God is SUPERnatural, Unlimited. So having cut God down to an END process of mindless magical nature, Dawkins must cut God down to 'good'.

Which Bible refutes, naturlich. Romans 3:23 in New Testament, Isaiah 64:6 in Old, David's bad yet gets a Greater Son (2 Samuel 7 and Psalm 110:1, God-Man Messiah). Else none of us could be born the first time.

Now, intellectual sleight-of-hand demands substituting relevancy you cannot refute, with irrelevancy you can refute, ergo Chapter Six. Even so, Christians who can't think properly, have long made this same argument, and response is required. Dawkins did it badly. Berlinski did it well (pp.34-38 of Devil's Delusion).

Yet note how The Real Issue is rather, WHY IS IT IMPORTANT 'to be good'? Bible tells us we got that idea, from SIN. Adam didn't know what 'good' was. Satan tempted religiously, with a real tree's fruit (=doctrine) named Good-and-Evil (a hendiadys in Hebrew, two sides of a coin). Oh, she'd be AS GOOD as God if she ate it (magic). As a result, the urge to BE GOOD got into our DNA (Romans 5:12), and manifests religiously, starting with the itchy fig-leaves thingy.

So we've been anal about being good, ever since. Even, religifying hair gel or 'oh, I'm a vegan'. Everything is pitched in terms of you're a good person if you buy into it, and a bad person if you don't.

So all those evils Bible depicts, the harsh rules under the Law, were to CURB the religifying impulse. Sodom and Gomorrah was a mass raping, as the Bible story makes clear. The Canaanites loved to skin people alive, rape, plunder, roast their own children in the arms of Baal/Chemosh/Molech/you-name-it, then have sex while the kids burned alive. So the right question to ask of God, is this: why did He wait so LONG before wiping these people out? Do you know, revenge was inculcated even into five year olds? Many have rebutted Dawkins parroted accusations many times over the centuries. Dawkins didn't do his homework here, either.

Notice Berlinski, never argues in the same way. He knows many of the arguments were properly rebutted years ago. He did his homework.

So now let's unmask The Real Issue. The human post-sin mind, unlike animals, creates ABSTRACT 'good', is obsessive about it. Animals must be TRAINED to have that idea. Many puppy-wetting newspaper sessions transpire, before the puppy knows he must 'hold it' to get Master's approval. That's not a natural value, in the wild.

End Chapter Six, it just gets worse. SOS, same old stuff, long since eaten and regurgitated.

CHAPTER SEVEN (page 265, 'The 'Good' Book and the Changing Moral Zeitgeist') is worse. Should be Titled, 'Watch Me Flood You with my Bible ignorance.' I guess Dawkins doesn't know the Zeitgeist crowd are repeatedly proven fake scholars (they make up 'evidence' ex nihilo like Gail Riplinger does): see labarum312 in Youtube, he's writing a new book on ZG you can buy here in Amazon?

We already saw enough of Dawkins' ignorance, in Chapters 1-3, 6, but page 268 is a doozie: Dawkins writes 'God took a dim view of humans'. So he didn't study the history of that time (2450 BC and up to 120 years prior), blithely ignoring that was one of the most violent times in history. Per Bible there were only eight HUMANS left. Everyone else, was a demon hybrid. Dawkins of course also ignores the portion of the story we can prove, extra-Bible. So he doesn't notice the sexual prohibitions in the Law, were designed to curb a culture worldwide, of violent and rampant 'sex', even long after the Flood. Oh well. Maybe someday he'll do some ancient cultural history homework.

So how scientific is it, to ignore the history, the cultural context? Even were we explaining the Epic of Gilgamesh, we'd have to gauge that story in its own terms.

So of course Dawkins finds the nuttiest, most apostate Christians' obsessions (i.e., with sex) and ascribes all their foibles, to God. Dawkins treats these nutters as the True Voice of Christianity, for it suits his agenda. Then picks another nutter, Lot (who Bible uses to PROVE an idiot), as if GOD approved of rape? Thus Dawkins cherry-picks whatever he can spin, to blame it all on God.

Yet all the stories of bad behavior in Bible show PEOPLE ARE NO GOOD, hence we need a Savior. Dawkins can't permit that clear meaning. Chapter ends with a kind of defense (page 308ff) re Hitler and Stalin, for only theists can be evil. Hitler, like Dawkins, was born into a Catholic family. But oh no, Hitler cannot become an atheist invoking German Master Race as 'god'? MASTER RACE was cornerstone for Nazism, newly re-founded ON Darwin. That doesn't make Darwinism untrue; but its abuse as a religious gambit, is real.

And it's Dawkins' gambit, too: CHAPTER EIGHT (p.317, 'What's Wrong with Religion'), should be titled, 'Watch Me keep betraying My Real Goal of Replacing God with Darwin's Faith'. In taqqiyah, you play victim of an enemy you brand guilty of what YOU do. For Dawkins aims to SUBVERT SCIENCE to atheism. That's why he won't do his Bible homework, and instead picked the wackos of Christianity in Chapter 7. So here, he picks Prolifers and other nutters, to justify IGNORING Bible which contradicts him and them.

As every Jew knows, Bible says fetus is not a legal person, Exodus 21:22 (see my Prolife Blasphemy videos for that and more verses). 'Human' isn't even biological, Genesis 2:7. So Dawkins needs to mask that, by using anti-Bible Prolifers, who like him, also claim 'human' is biological, so shriek 'abortion is murder'. So Dawkins thinks he smears God and masks Bible's SOUL definition of 'man' (Gen 2:7), all the while reaming out the anti-Bible Prolifers as enemies to 'science'. Cute! End Chapter Eight, no more value here.

CHAPTER NINE (p.349, 'Childhood, Abuse, and the Escape From Religion') should be titled, 'Watch me replace My Brand of Abuse, for other religious kinds'. No one wanted to escape from any atheist-controlled country like Russia, China, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia? When Dawkins talks of mental abuse (page 354) as criminal -- may we now sue him and his co-Darwinists, for the abuse we've suffered these last 150 years? For Darwinism is but endless assertion, claiming we cannot SEE the past evidence, as it's too slow. So the difference between a God we can't see but can account for, vs. Dawkins' Flying Speciation Monster we can neither see nor account for.. is what? Are the priests of Darwin gifted like the fake psychics who claim to 'see the other side'? WE can't see it. Glass houses, thrown stones, go both ways.

For millions of kids have been INDOCTRINATED with these 'evolution' lies, too. Billions of dollars in wasted time, production costs; meeting hall rentals, endless refutations wash rinse repeat. Will Dawkins take responsibility for the fact no Darwinian has ever ONCE produced a shred of hard evidence? Talk about scam artists; this is worse than Piltdown Man. If Dawkins were a woman and a Christian, his name would be Gail Riplinger. She claimed 'visions' of the Titanic holes, proved the KJV infallible. Dawkins claims visions too small in the past for us to see as 'holy', too.

One last proof Dawkins is dishonest or inept: page 378, and Chapter 10, re 'gaps'. Dawkins, who did no research into 'the gap theory' re Genesis 1, though there are many scholarly versions over the last 100 years -- Dawkins ignores all that, instead quotes an ignorant Christian saying Earth is 6000 years old. Live Hebrew refutation of that nutty idea is in my Genesis playlist, to prove Bible never says Earth is 6000 years old; which I learned, forty years prior. So why didn't Dawkins know?

So his CHAPTER TEN (p.388, 'A Much Needed Gap') should be titled, 'see My Gap in Scholarship' -- quipping his book fills a gap. Yeah, it does. Until reading it, I didn't fully see how irrational neo-Darwinism was: God is only God if He's not God, but evolved? Wow. So I didn't know, how seriously in peril, objective science has become. Now I know. Thank you, Mr. Dawkins.

Berlinski already long refuted Dawkins 'evidence' claims, and so too did many others. Daily. Darwinists merely chirp 'Evolution is True Because Evolution is True', then 'conclude' their mere claim PROVES evolution true. Yeah, ex cathedra. They're our new popes, now. With ugly clay feet.

The book allows you to read parts of it, within Amazon; so hopefully you can read my citations and quotes, within his book.

Finally: from now on, a non-thinker won't get a reply from me in the comments. Sick of wasting time on replies.

b-out Spiritual Maturation Process

1/13b, Spiritual Maturation, Intro

New Debate thread, here: frankforum/viewforum.php?f=42

Whole Intro series is viewable in consecutive order, on-screen in LordvSatan3.htm.

Christian Spiritual Maturation is a lifelong process. This Introduction Part 1 of 13, explains how one spiritually matures. You'll need to download the Word doc chart, since Youtube can't display it well. Video displays page 1 of the Word doc. Download it here: SMP.doc.

If your version of Word precedes 2002, try this link: SMPdocforOlderWordprograms.doc. If that doesn't work, please message me.

I can't fix the scratchy sound. RealPlayer's 3-band Equalizer set at max Bass, 0 Mid, and near-top Treble, helps.

1/3 Spiritual Childhood

WARNING: There's a typo re the htm in the 3rd screen. The right address is: LordvSatan3.htm#SpirChild.

Spiritual Childhood characterises most of Christianity historically, so its traits are easy to diagnose and explain. Its childish focus on body do's, singing, morality-as-spirituality (NOT what Bible says), on legalism, charted and explained.

1/5 Spiritual Adolescence

Spiritual Adolescence is the watershed that most Christians don't cross, because it is so tumultuous. Basically, the Spiritual Adolescent crosses over from emotionally-childish ideas of God and spirituality, to wanting more: and he begins to question, to seek INTELLIGENT answers from the Word itself. So in this 1/5, the inner soul change, threats to it, and what graduates him to Spiritual Adulthood, are explored.

The tumult arises as he realizes the childish focus on body do's, singing, morality-as-spirituality are NOT what Bible says; that these things do NOT buy him a nice life.

So that denouement (really discernment) will either catapult him into serious learning of Bible, or will carom him off into apostacy (i.e., sticking to rah-rah Christianity, becoming legalistic, or 'losing faith' and switching to some other belief entirely). Need to habitually learn to use 1Jn1:9 and learn/live on Bible, to grow up to the next stage.

Underlined portions in the 3rd and 4th row of boxes are most important in the transition. Divine Discipline will warn the Adolescent of his REVERSING retardation, Colossians 3:25 and Hebrews 12:5ff.

1/5, Spiritual Adulthood

If you fully understand this antipasto introduction to Spiritual Adulthood, you already are one. Parts 2-3 follow on Youtube; Part 3's video description has download links to Parts 4-5, each of which span over 45 minutes (too long for Youtube).

So if you actually survive hearing all that material yet your eyes don't glaze over -- yeah you must be in or on the verge of, Spiritual Adulthood. Anyone younger, can't comprehend and enjoy, that much information.

For Bible is thesauretically and metaphorically dense; the Spiritual Adult has learned to think like a thesaurus, so he quickly graps, enjoys the wordplay on Word-in-Head being gold, silver, precious stones, being seed, clothing, 'fruit' of his life. This video only displays a few of these Divine Genius verses to signify the above; the Spiritual Adult is constantly using 1Jn1:9 throughout his day, he 'gets' all that meaning, quickly, as he studies or thinks. For THINKING is the 'fruit' of the spiritual life, not do's (after all, any unbeliever can do good deeds). "The Spiritual life is a supernatural way of life, demanding a supernatural means of execution", as my pastor liked to quip.

Human maturity & academic prowess can find & correctly interpret doctrines in the Bible, but that's not done on the Holy Spirit's power, so will be burned up at the Bema. You can tell if it's human power, since some parts of Bible are actually REVERSED by such people. Example: even smart Calvinists all REVERSE what Bible says re free will, regeneration, faith, total depravity; so they are not filled with the Spirit, & therefore cannot be spiritual adults, since these doctrines are basic & essential to Bible.

That Christianity uses FAKE VERBS as if they saved you (proper verb is ONLY BELIEVE); that Christianity REVERSES the PLAIN TEXT of 1Jn1:9, alerts you to the fact that Christianity has typically NOT grown up anywhere near Spiritual Adulthood, historically. So if they get some parts of Bible right, it's not from the Spirit, & it won't count at the Bema held in Rev4:1 (the two "meta tauta" clauses tell you that's the Rapture, after which follows SEVEN years of Tribulation).

Historically, it's very rare for a Christian to grow this far. If even 10% of Christians did, the world would have unheard-of prosperity.

Again, if you fully grasp this video, then you've grown that far. Phili 3:14!

3 thru 5/5 Spiritual Adulthood

It will be awhile before I can do the final set of videos on Spiritual Maturity (olive green, last maturation stage in SMP.doc). Meanwhile, you can read all about it in the above webpage; the Trial application is covered in even more detail, in LvS4d.htm.

b-out Refuting Anti-Paulinists (RAP)

NOTE: Episodes posted from 11/07/13 onward will be in vimeo ( ), not Youtube. However, the series postings will not resume until maybe late 2015. The vimeo videos will be moderated, to block trolls but allow folks to post without being stalked by prolifers, nor having to join Google Plus.

Rebutting today's version of Pharisees, Saduccees, and 'Judaizers', who prove ignorant of the Mosaic Law, which in reality was a POST-SALVATION covenant from God. But back in Jesus day, such folks used the Law as a TEST of whether you were saved (like Calvinism does, today). Post-1st century 'reincarnations' of their perverted ideas resulted in anti-Paul movements through the centuries, going by such names as Ebionites, Tzadokites (not all versions of that name), etc. So these videos introduct you to rebuttals you can use.

So of course, Christianity has come to be infected, too. Many of these goofy Christians are on Youtube, and this video series will largely address their goofy arguments, and sometimes target them by name.

First and last videos -- in their descriptions -- contain a collection of audio tracks to show the background: what the Mosaic Law really WAS, versus how it became twisted by some Jews. So a) the anti-Paul crowd can't read Bible, b) they LIE about what Bible says in order to advance their false doctrines, c) what Paul actually says, lines up perfectly with the OT he's always quoting; but d) what the OT says, is that you are ONLY saved by believing in Christ like Abram did, Gen 15:6; that the Mosaic Law was a POST-SALVATION spiritual maturation and witness covenant. Paul will explain how Christ's Success at the Cross and the rejection of Him by the Jews, resulted in a NEW GROUP -- Church -- which has its own covenant. That topic is covered in many of my playlists: most notably, Satan's Strategy and the (yet unfinished) RFG series.

The RFG playlist thus ties to this one, as the Book of Hebrews is the flagship book on WHY and HOW the covenant changed. It was not written by Paul, who had died -- that's why the Book was written (Heb 13:23, compare to end 2Tim).

My Romans 10:10 playlist (here: shows how sophisticated is Paul's threading from the OT. Paul takes many OT verses AT ONCE and thickly threads them into just a few keywords. Awesome, deft, Divine 'incorporation by reference' any attorney who drafts legal documents would DIE to emulate!

1-7 RAP, Refuting Anti-Paulinists: Intro, Mosaic Law's Role

Series header. Audio links below show how the to-die-for, gorgeous Mosaic Law was always anti-works, for ONLY GOD DOES THE WORK. You 'obeyed' by NOT working!

Mosaic Law was and remains the most witty, gorgeous, sensible system of worship ever on earth. The only way it could be bested, was by Christ Who Fulfilled it. And we Church thus get an UPGRADE on the Mosaic Law.

That message is lost, to Christians. Lost, to anti-Paulinists, the 'Judaizers' of Paul's time, who twist Mosaic Law's meaning into an ego preening. You see that in Acts 15-22, Galatians, Corinthians, Colossians. Folks then and now, don't grasp Paul's proof that Mosaic Law was UPGRADED in Christ (i.e., Romans 10, playlist: -- Gal 3, 2Cor5). James finally 'got' what Paul meant, so wrote his Book, tying to Corinthians. So too, Peter. Fact is, Christ & ALL NT writers say the SAME THING as Paul. Which is, how Christ FULFILLED the Law. That's the OT promise. So all NT & OT, seamlessly fit together. You can't throw out any part of NT, w/o trashing the OT, too.

But you won't see that, until you first grasp Mosaic Law itself: it was a way to observe a POST-SALVATION spiritual life. It was NEVER a way to be saved. To be saved, you did what Abram did, Gen15:6. So Christ called the Pharisees who refused the One Who Abram believed, sons of the devil in John 8 (etc). Deut 6, 30, Lev26, Deut28 show Mosaic Law is about POST-salvation blessing ON EARTH; is witness to the world, of the prosperity of BEING saved; is witness to Messiah's PAYMENT, which alone CAUSES salvation.

So the audios review the Mosaic Law, keeping to simple concepts you already know & can verify in any translation:

My (very heavy) associated webpage on M.L.: LordvSatan2.htm#BeginJews. Keep reading until your eyes glaze over, then rest. Then start again. It's vital to grasp the M.L.'s precedence for our SEPARATE Church 'covenant'.

This series ties to my RFG vids on Book of Hebrews, which I've only begun. Will exegete Hebrews in future videos to show Covenant Upgrade for Church, in 2011.

For today's version of the SAME anti-Paul debate as during NT days, here are a few links I found. Focus on the issues, not their correctness: notice how everyone IGNORES Bible. Heh: Satan sidetracks debate to a WRITER of Bible, to sideline Bible's actual TEXT! Thus he cleverly admits Paul is appointed by God, yet sidelines what Paul was given to WRITE! Christian Taqqiya (video) Tactic #2! So the anti-Paulinists qualify as '666', along with KJVO & Prolifers: all 3 are clever anti-semitic ploys.

Links on the anti-Paul movement:

Better still, study the OT alongside Paul's own words, using 1John1:9 as needed, and hear GOD tell you the facts. :)

8 RAP, Anti-Paul weirdoes

I rebut this video: • Apostle Paul - Contradictions You need only watch the 1st minute of it, to see how he misuses Bible in Rom 14:9 and Luke 20:38. Pitiful scholarship, Lie Characteristic #3, below. I didn't watch the rest of his video, due to his twisting these verses. Lying is not the same as 'interpretation difference': audio addendum on that distinction, is here: .

2nd audio, on how NT writers all QUOTE Paul: . So you'll see, to cut out Paul is to cut out the entire NT, except for Matthew.

Now, there's been a lot of gossip about Matthew's origin, known to scholars as 'Q', a mythical 'proto' Hebrew text from which the NT Gospel writers derived their Greek text. Here's how you can tell the gossip is untrue: the wordplay in the Gospels is solely possible in Greek. Audio on that: . See my LXX and 'Mark's Q Gospel Proves Scholars Wrong' playlists to see the Greek wordplay and quoting.

Actually, all the NT is an elaboration of the Lord's statements in Matthew Chaps 16-25. There, He announces the TERMINATION of the Bridal Contract with Israel, because she plays Vashti when the Groom Came, Matt22; so, He will call out a new Bride, Church (Matt16:18), which will be built on HIMSELF (tautei in Greek, pointing to His chest).

So everyone wanted to know what was Israel's future as a result, which He reassures everyone will still fulfill Jeremiah 3 and 31, via His explanation in Matt24:9ff -- AFTER Church is 'born' (fully formed, Matt24:8), the Trib will occur -- and during that same 'week' Church celebrates as Bride of Christ, Matt25:1-13. (In the ancient world, the marriage banqueting lasted a week.)

Then comes Mill, when all the promises to Abraham forward will be fulfilled, just as Moses said in Psalm 90.

I wrote huge webpages based on these Bible chapters. Start with LordvSatan3.htm and just keep reading for months, until you're exhausted. :)

So the anti-Pauline crowd who believe in Matthew's Gospel, don't know how to read it. :) Frankly, neither do the pro-Pauline people, or no one would ever be preterist. Book of Hebrews is dedicated to explaining the TWO WALLS (of contracts) Christ made in Matt 16-24, which Paul talks about in Eph 2. All Catholics, and all Calvinists, don't get it, either.

The goofy claim Matthew was first in Hebrew depends on ignorance of what Church Fathers wrote. Go to; search on 'Matthew written in Hebrew'. Notice all claims of Hebraic origin for Matthew admit a) there is NO Hebrew Gospel extant, & b) their claim is based on 'tradition' -- yeah, like their 'tradition' Mary never sinned?! For the only Matthew TEXT is Greek; you'll also find many verbatim quotes of LXX in it -- with unique Greek wordplay! Any ancient Aramaic or Hebrew NT mss we have, are all TRANSLATED from that same Greek!

So ask: were Matthew originally in Hebrew, why didn't God preserve it? Yet He did preserve it in Greek with wordplay and verbatim quotes from the LXX -- so DUH what was the 'original Matthew'?

In sum:

'Falsehood has at least 10 major characteristics you can test for and prove, whether it's a falsehood in politics, science, religion or.. Bible. False Doctrine always:

  1. Maligns God's Character.
  2. Stresses or glorifies man.
  3. Betrays incompetent (Bible) 'scholarship'.
  4. Obeys the 3 Temptations of Matt4, REVERSING what Bible actually says in the verse(s) claimed for support.
  5. Claims to be the 'one true faith' version -- and you're bad, if you're not in it.
  6. Appeals to the 'respectability' of the human claimant (i.e., how popular, charismatic or how many degrees the person has).
  7. Justifies itself by appeal to other PEOPLE who are likewise respectable, rather than to Bible (hearsay/ ex cathedra claims).
  8. Is POPULAR. This discourages checking the claims via Bible.
  9. Appeals to emotion or intellect, in lieu of Bible in context.
  10. Fails Common Sense.'


By request. Watch in HD, fullscreen to see the live Hebrew and Greek yourself. Reprimanding Response to ProveYourFaith, whose video is here: • John 3:13 Jesus descended from Heaven...

It's really sad when people lie in videos, with the very Bible text they claim as support, DISPROVING them. That's what ProveYourFaith did in his video, which I prove from the live Hebrew and Greek, here. John 3:13 is one of hundreds of times the Lord claimed to be God, but PYF doesn't believe that, so TWISTS the text to make his lying claim. It's real obvious -- if you know the Hebrew and Greek. Which, PYF pretends to know. But as you'll see, like edwardpf123 who pretends to know Hebrew and Greek yet doesn't even know what 'declension' means, PYF is a liar, and doesn't even know basic grammar -- like, the difference between active and passive voice.

BTW: People complained to me about this guy, and after trying to explain things to him directly, he steadfastly stuck to his lying. So I had to make this video, Luke 17:3, 1Tim5:20, Titus 3:10, Eph4:14.

But it's never pleasant to say someone else is wrong, for we ALL are wrong on something. I hate this part of my job, sorry -- so I can't disguise that distaste from my voice. (I'm not against PYF himself, but against the 'job' of exposing someone.) Maybe with more practice I'll sound less irritated, in videos. :)

GD7e Church Covenant Properties (see description)

31-part audio conclusion to Episode 7 (links below): God's Covenants are of ASSOCIATION. Trial terms affect how His Covenants with mankind a) are structured, and b) change. Trial ARGUMENTS are learned by means of tracking the changes. Moreover, a covenant which is broken thus leaves unresolved provisions which didn't complete; so the incomplete parts carry over into each successor covenant (jurisprudence requirement of consistency). By tracing the flow of the changes, therefore, one learns much about both the trial and about the covenants themselves.

As you'd expect, the real explanation of these covenants and their changing properties, would be lengthy. Explanation begins in writing at LordvSatan2.htm, and runs maybe 1000 printed pages, ending at LordvSatan5.htm; analysis of covenant 'flow' and hence change is summarized beginning at LordvSatan2.htm#CovG. Took me years to compile and distill, so it isn't simple. But it does work with what you know, and you'll have to mull it all over, if you're even supposed to read it.

A shorter, pithier version of the difference in OUR Bridal contract, is here: LvS4aContinued.htm#Bridal.

So I tried to condense all this material into mere highlights that focus on COMMUNICATION -- for the covenants are of ASSOCIATION -- in the audio below. But still it took me 30 more parts to say! Frankly I prefer the written material, but maybe you'll like the audio below...

God's Design of Soul-throughput brainstorming audios might not interest you: I'm trying to determine how 2Cor5:17 applies in light of Eph4:13, what was the design of Christ's own Soul, given Cross onslaught in only 3 hours, and whether His Soul Design is why Paul says kaine ktsis for us:

Thread on Covenantal Differences continue, here:

b-out Romans 10:10 videos

Romans 10:10 means the OPPOSITE of what people say it means. Romans 10:10 says that MOUTHING doesn't save you, BELIEVING saves you. For, the Jews were always MOUTHING, but not BELIEVING. So Paul is tweaking them for their unbelief.

This playlist is a subset of GOSPEL playlist, showing only the Romans 10:10 videos. You end up learning a little Greek, the real original words God gave Paul to write. So it's fun.

Use 1John1:9 as you watch it. That way the Holy Spirit will make you learn MUCH FASTER. You don't have to work at it (in Part 10b, I'm seeing the words for the first time myself, in Greek, and learned them while DOING the video, so I'm proof it's easy to learn).

The whole chapter is reviewed, so you yourself can prove Romans 10:10 is Paul's chiding people for mouthing, but not believing. Thus you won't fall for the LIE that claims you must say aloud you believe, to be saved.

Why Only Believe Pt10a: Intro to Romans 10:10

Quick proof via exegesis on 'eis chaining', that Romans 10:10 says it's ONLY BELIEVE to be saved. For in Greek, multiple parallelling use of the preposition eis denotes Cause (1st eis) and then Effect (2nd+ use of eis). In Romans 10:10, the "mouth" clause is an EFFECT (2nd eis) not a cause. So it's mistranslated in modern Bibles. Of course, you can see that even in a mistranslation, IF YOU JUST READ THE BIBLE, especially what Paul says PRIOR TO Romans 10:9 -- for Paul is chiding people like Moses did back in Deut 30, for having the Word in their mouth but NOT in their belief. Context Context Context!

The rest of this Part 10 will follow: Parts 10b-g will go through Romans 10 plus Deut 30, and Matthew 7 which Paul is referencing, in Romans 10. By the end of 10g, you'll see clearly Paul proves how you CANNOT be saved by mouthing Jesus is Lord -- that's Paul's point, in Romans 10:9-10. Which point, is clear from Romans 10:1-8, but (ahem) no one ever reads the CONTEXT! How embarrassing.

Finally, Parts 10h et seq. function like a technical appendix, proving raw Bible use of eis cause-and-effect chaining throughout the NT, which you should watch fullscreen -- you need to see this syntax, for it proves that the eis chaining in Romans 10:10 is a cause (believe) and effect (confession). So you ADMIT TO salvation with your mouth: as you'll see in THIS video, Bible's Greek literally says that, stomati de homologeitai EIS soterian. You admit something you already HAVE, get it?

These technical appendage videos will be labelled Part 10h, etc. Don't know how many future parts, yet.

Why Only Believe Pt10b1: Proof #1 from Romans 10:9-10 that ONLY Believe, saves

First of three proofs that Romans 10 says you CANNOT be saved by mouthing. That was the problem the Jews had, which is the backdrop to the chapter. They MOUTH the Law, they APE the Law but they don't BELIEVE in Christ -- so are NOT saved. Read the Chapter for yourself.

Here in 10b, we go through the very verses where Paul stresses that you are NOT saved by mouthing, but by BELIEVING. Exact opposite of what 'Christians' say the verses mean! So are they saved, or are they just like the Jews, mouthing "Lord, Lord" -- but not believing IN Him?

Very embarrassing, that those who use these verses to claim you must say you believe aloud to be saved, CANNOT READ Bible.

This 10b is 14 minutes long, so I split it into 10b1 and 10b2. In 10b2 you yourself will learn the Greek of Romans 10:10, and see how it's mistranslated in modern Bibles. Related webpage is Rom1010.htm.

Makes you wonder if all those 'Christians' saying you must say you believe aloud, are even saved. Same problem as the Jews have -- they bob up and down at the Wailing Wall, they bob every sabbath, mouthing the words SAYING them -- but not BELIEVING in them. That's Paul's point in Romans 10, that SAYING it is NOT enough -- which you'll see, if you just read the chapter!

Why Only Believe Pt10b2: Proof #1 (cont.) Rom10:10 in Greek

Very embarrassing proof from Romans 10:10 itself, that those who claim you must say ALOUD you believe to be saved, cannot read Bible. So are THEY saved? And, what about all the translators since 1900? How come they mistranslate Romans 10:10b? See the Greek here for yourself. By the time you finish this video, you will know all the 10 Greek words of Romans 10:10; and you will know to pray for those maybe-unsaved people, who mistranslate and misuse the verse.

Why Only Believe Pt10c: Proof #2, Romans 10:1-8

Proof #2. How Romans 10:1-8 proves you CANNOT be saved by confessing faith. That's the problem the Jews had, all mouth and no belief, Deut 30:10-14, Matt7:19-22, to which Romans 10:8-9, tie. As you'll see, from the context.

Why Only Believe Pt10f1: Proof #2, cont.

Parts 10f1,f2, and g demonstrate from the NIV translation how since Romans 9, Paul's always been saying that ONLY BELIEVE saves, to demonstrate Romans 10:9-10 in the larger context of the Book of Romans.

Why Only Believe Pt10g: Proof #2, conclusion

By the time you finish this Part 10g you should have no doubt from the PROPER CONTEXT of Romans 9-10, that Paul constantly stresses the BELIEVE CHRIST PAID FOR YOUR SINS is alone used by God to save you. Same as Genesis 15:6, Romans 4, 5 themes. See other verses in the Tags section.

Part 10h and following begin Proof #3, a pan-NT demonstration of "eis chaining" to show how Romans 10:10 uses the same syntax, to prove that what you say with your mouth is a RESULT, not a cause, of salvation.

Why Only Believe Pt10h (Romans 10:10 Proof #3, Eis 'chaining')

Beginning of Live BibleWorks tracing of chained eis prepositions in the New Testament (here, beginning in Matthew), showing its cause-and-effect usage, so you can see that same 'syntax' is followed in Romans 10:10 -- therefore the second "mouth" eis clause is an EFFECT, not a cause of salvation. (BTW, in this video I mistakenly say Romans 10:9, but you can see onscreen both uses of the preposition are in Romans 10:10.)

Eis chaining parallelling, cause-and-effect construction in Matthew: 6:26, 8:28, 8:32, 9:1, 9:17, 10:5, 10:41, 13:30, 14:22, 15:17 (very important, ties to Rom10:10), 15:39, 17:15, 18:8, etc.

Why Only Believe Pt10i (Romans 10:10 Proof #3, Eis 'chaining')

Continuing Live BibleWorks demonstration of eis cause-and-effect chaining in Matthew (Matt9:1 through 14:22), so you can see how the doubled use of eis in Romans 10:10, shows that the "mouth" clause is an EFFECT of salvation from BELIEF, not a cause of salvation. For you say it, because you already BELIEVED it.

In this video's 2:15-2:20, I missed counting Matt10:5, which also shows a paralleling doubled use of eis. So look at that verse, too.

It will take awhile to show all the eis chainings in the NT, because there are so many verses. Idea is to prove this is a syntax in Greek that the modern translators of Romans 10:10 MISSED. Good thing we have the original-language texts, huh. :)

Why Only Believe Pt10j (Romans 10:10 Proof #3, Eis 'chaining')

Continuing demonstration of eis chaining in Matthew (stopping at Matt18:8), to show that the second (and subsequent) uses of eis in a chain demonstrate EFFECTS, RESULTS. So the second eis ("mouth" clause) in Romans 10:10 is a RESULT of being saved, never a cause.

Here, eis chains in Matt14:22 through 18:8 are reviewed.

Future videos of this Part 10 will pick up after Matt18:8 but will be more concise, showing ONLY the eis-chained verses; for now that you know I'm looking at EVERY verse which has eis in it. That's how you're supposed to learn what Bible says, by looking at ALL of it, context context context! This is a pastor's job. My pastor did this already, you can get his exegesis of Romans verse by verse (series is four years of almost daily Bible classes, recorded live), from

b-out Prayer and Fellowship Royalty

We are Royal Family of God, but don't use our EXTREMELY POWERFUL office as we should. As James 4 explains, because we won't use 1John1:9, we cause the world's problems and our prayers aren't heard; David said the same thing, back in Psalm 32 and 66. It's never the peasant's fault. We are ROYAL in Christ. James stresses that. But we don't care!

So ALL the world's problems are due to our not using our office properly. Selected videos here, explain that office, and are part of Bible101 and the Angelic Conflict playlists.

YOU ARE RULER. Prayer is how you make rules which affect the world. Do you know how to pray? Chances are, you don't! Fellowship with God is what HE uses to bless the world, and if you aren't in fellowship (not using 1John1:9), the world is being cursed due to you! Do you stay in fellowship? Probably not!

So blame yourself, not someone else, if there are problems in the world...

5 Pillars of Christianity

GodSystem.htm is the associated webpage for this video on God's "henotes" Spiritual Blessing System. Much longer discourse is LordvSatan3.htm which covers Our Royal Priesthood in excruciating detail.

If you miss one of these pillars, your life is straw, worthless. The 5 Pillars of Christianity were also the 5 pillars of Judaism, and the 5 pillars of spirituality since Adam.

Don't do these, and you're trying to live the spiritual life on your own power, which is merely human and not spiritual.

People who are not spiritual mistake spirituality for "earthly things", so will deem spirituality to be morality, emotion (i.e., fancying you are filled with the Spirit because you feel something), how well they know Bible, etc. All these, are the human IDEAS of spirituality, and since the Holy Spirit is not empowering the life, they don't know the difference.

Spirituality is God making HIS OWN THOUGHTS become the matrix of your soul. Because, you are to live with Him forever. Hence Christ BECAME the Truth as He ate [believed and lived on] the Truth. His Soul was transformed from human viewpoint, to Divine Viewpoint, the goal of Isaiah 55:8-9. It is not seen, felt, or even physical. It's solely internal, and solely the produce of the Holy Spirit.

So, at the Bema, anything manmade is our trying to be 'Christian' on human power; it will all be burned up, 1 Cor3's "wood hay stubble" and 2 Peter's "the world and its works".

For after all, the unbeliever can get the rosy glow, roll in the aisles speaking gibberish, and do good deeds. Satan tempted Christ to do good deeds, in Matt4.

LOL then what's the real spiritual life? Live the 5 Pillars in the video, and you'll know.

They are:

  1. Believe Christ paid for your sins. That enters you into God's Spiritual Blessing System.. FOREVER. You cannot lose salvation. So this first Pillar is permanently 'on' the very nanosecond you first believed Christ died for your sins. You don't need to be re-evangelised, even if you stop believing in Christ later on. Salvation depends on the efficacy of CHRIST, not on you.
  2. Use 1John1:9 every time you sin. Fail to do this, and you're only filled with your own power, which of course you'll overvalue. You will misread Scripture. If you get an interpretation right, it's still from your power, not the Spirit's, so your interp will be limited, and will not count.
  3. Learn and live on Bible daily. It's your spiritual food. Substitute 'food' like ritual and emotion, will leave you starving. Don't substitute for learning and living on Bible.
  4. Learn Bible under a MALE pastor God appoints for you. You must find out from HIM who that is. It's a spiritual gift you get at salvation, and if you refuse it, you will be soundly spanked.
  5. Talk to God ALL the time (aka 'prayer'). Jesus' Humanity was always online with God the Father. So should you be. The five subelements of effective prayer are also listed here. Fail to do them, and you're praying to yourself. Prayer is Royal Legal Protocol. So it's not chanted stuff, but YOUR THINKING before God.

All the foregoing is TESTABLE in your own life. JUST DO THESE THINGS, see for yourself the effects.

1/4 Fellowship w/God vs Salvation

Post-salvation spiritual growth (and hence the 1Cor 3 rewards) depends on Fellowship with God. It is distinct from salvation, but in many ways, more devastating if you don't take advantage of it. Here, you'll see the commonality of post-salvation fellowship in the OT, compared to the NT. You'll probably have to watch these three videos several times, even though I tried to keep it simple. Use 1John1:9 to get the Spirit's Brains and thus learn faster -- just like they had to do, in the OT.

More: God depicts salvation as a birth (John 3:16, Gal3:26, Titus 3:5, Hebrews 2, John 14); as a citizenship (John 14, Ephesians 2, esp. v.16, Hebrews 12:23); as an inheritance (Jn. 13:8; Acts 7:5; 13:19; 20:32; 26:18; Rom. 4:14; Gal. 3:18; 4:30; Eph. 1:11, 14, 18; 3:6; 5:5; Col. 1:12; 3:24; Heb. 1:2, 4, 14; 9:15; 11:8; 12:16; 1 Pet. 1:4); as a marriage to Christ, replacing one's former 'marriage' to the sin nature, theme of Romans 6 through 8, 1 Cor 6, etc.

A person born, can die. A citizen can commit treason and be executed for it. A person due an inheritance can later refuse the conditions of the inheritance. A spouse can divorce. But notice: once born, you cannot turn back time to BEFORE birth; you cannot turn back time to BEFORE you became a citizen; you cannot turn back time to BEFORE you became a beneficiary of an inheritance; you cannot turn back time to BEFORE you married. Even so, you cannot turn back salvation.

But once born, you can refuse to know your father; once a citizen, you can refuse to be loyal to your country; once a beneficiary, you can refuse to COLLECT your full inheritance; once married, you can refuse to have intimacy with your spouse. So all those refusals, still have effects. So too, your refusal to have fellowship with God, has effects in time, and especially in eternity.

You refuse to have fellowship with God if you refuse 1John1:9. Thus you refuse to grow up spiritually, so remain merely 'born again', a baby. Thus you refuse to collect on your inheritance, so you are merely IN the Kingdom, rather than inheriting rewards FOR the kingdom. Thus you refuse to be a good citizen of heaven, but are rather a traitor to it, Jude 12, 1John1:8, 10, Philippians 3:18-19, 2Tim2:26-3:7, last half of 2nd Peter. So you can be executed for that, Acts 5 and 1John5:16. For your refusal, is to refuse intimacy with your Husband, Who is Christ, Romans 6 -- and you refused to become intimate with His Thinking, which only the Holy Spirit can produce, John 4:23-24.

So you see, there is MUCH to lose if you refuse fellowship with God. You enter heaven a sanctified, holy yet charred soul, still saved but with no rewards, 1Cor3:15-17. Don't refuse 1John1:9! Or, as the video shows, you will be sick and miserable down here, your prayers will go no higher than the ceiling, and all your Scripture study will be bombast -- the Holy Spirit won't be in you. And you'll die the sin 'face to face' with death, 1John 5:16.

Your choice, Colossians 3:25, Gal 6:7.

2/4 Fellowship w/God vs Salvation

Post-salvation spiritual growth (and hence the 1Cor 3 rewards) depends on Fellowship with God. It is distinct from salvation, but in many ways, more devastating if you don't take advantage of it. Here, you'll see the commonality of post-salvation fellowship in the OT, compared to the NT. You'll probably have to watch these three videos several times, even though I tried to keep it simple. Use 1John1:9 to get the Spirit's Brains and thus learn faster -- just like they had to do, in the OT.

4/4 Fellowship w/God vs Salvation

Conclusion. See 1/4 for more info.

Just so that you know: what passes for 'Christianity' has always been Churchinanity or Churchinsanity, and bears little resemblance to what Bible actually says. I started the spiritual life at that end, as goofball a Christian as you can imagine. All the pointy-hat goofball rituals of ecumenical religion, or the foot-stomping, rolling-on-the-floor emotionalism garbage; or, the legalistic tabooism so common among Christians (dour God being a longtime favorite since the Reformation trashed us all).

But there is a very different, real Christianity, the one which made Paul willing to keep on going; which made Moses turn down being Pharaoh of Egypt; which made David willing to be king (a job no sane person would want). It's SEEING GOD. Daily. Nightly. When you want to see Him, and when you don't want to, also.

Eventually you mature. At that point, living really is Christ, and dying really is profit. Philippians 1:21. Takes a lifetime to get there. So if you want to know God, just keep on wanting to know Him, and you WILL get there. HE will take you there. Guaranteed.

1/3 Prayer

The minute you believe in Christ, you are Royal Family of God, so have certain Royal offices. You'll be punished if you misuse them. One of these offices, is prayer: LEGAL REPRESENTATION to God. It's more powerful and valuable than all the works on this planet. So this video introduces you to that office. 2/3 and 3/3 are on how to pray, what to avoid, so you can be sure of an answer.

Prayer mechanics webpage: PrayProc.htm

1/2 Prayer vs Fellowship

Praying to God versus talking with God on a daily basis. Prayer is OFFICIAL, whereas the daily talking is part of fellowship. So if you are not Trinitarian, your OFFICE as priest will never function, even if you are saved. So even if you are Trinitarian, your OFFICE as royal priest will never function, unless you pray to FATHER. Video displays the relevant verses proving this.

Of course, if like millions of other people you'd memorized the misnamed 'Lord's Prayer', you'd automatically know this. After all, Christ taught the format began with, 'Our Father who art in heaven' (Luke 11:2), not 'Our Son' or 'Our Christ' or 'Our Holy Ghost'! Of course, CHRIST prays to FATHER, not to the Spirit, nor to (duh) Himself, in John 17!

Fellowship, on the other hand, is with ALL of Them, so you can talk with ANY of Them, as you'll see believers do, in both OT and NT. Fellowship verbs are different. OFFICIAL PRAYER verb is "ask", Greek verb aitew; or 'pray', Greek verb proseuchomai (compound verb literally means 'come face-to-face with').

Other verbs are used for fellowship, especially kalew, usually translated 'call', which stresses your IDENTITY as One of the Elect -- God called you, so now you can call upon Him. Your ELIGIBILITY TO PRAY is stressed by kalew. But the FUNCTION of praying, is aitew. Bible is very precise in its wording.

So too, 1John is about fellowship with God, that's why you have to name sins to God. You're not filled with the Spirit unless using 1John1:9. If not filled, then neither any conversation NOR your official prayer role, will function. You'll just be filled with hallucinative hot air, instead.

This is why so many Christians misread Bible; why apostacy is so bad; why plain translations are twisted by believers. For, they don't use 1John1:9. WARNING LABEL: THE MOMENT YOU BELIEVED IN CHRIST YOU LOST YOUR OWN MIND. You cannot function rationally apart from the Spirit's Brains, Ephesians 4:23. That's why I call myself 'brainout', to remind me to use 1John1:9.

TRY THE VERSE YOURSELF for a month, remembering it many times during a day. See what a difference it makes in your ability to perceive, and in your prayer life. I use it like breathing, that's why people mistake me for being smart. NOT MY BRAINS, but His, Ephesians 4:23!

2/2 Prayer vs Fellowship

Continuation from Part 1. Videos on the Romans 10 passage (Part 10f1 -- you'll need to see 10f1, 2, and g, which are linked): • Why Only Believe Pt10f1: Proof #2, cont.

See, the unbeliever has no contact with God. So YOU are 'it'. See, since you have an intimate relationship with God, one of the ways to know what it's like to BE God, is to have the Power of Prayer. And it's a RULING Power. The more you use it, the more you learn why God doesn't solve all the problems of the world, why He ordains Freedom, instead. Because you really CAN get whatever you ask for, in that sense you are given the same right as God has, so you can learn what it's like for Him to BE God. Christ isn't kidding when He says that you can ask ANYTHING in His Name (verses are in the video).

So you learn to be JUDICIOUS in what you ask. Just as, God can SPEAK a thing and it is, so too you can SPEAK to Father in prayer, and it is. Careful what you ask! Yet, never stop asking! Contradiction? Paradox? Or the RULING issue in JUSTICE? :)))

By contrast, informal conversation with Any Member of the Godhead doesn't carry the responsibility of Official Prayer. That's why Bible uses different verbs for fellowship, like menw (abide), kalew (call -- you can call on someone for many reasons), homologew (confess, really means to cite as a court case, and there it's like prayer, official, yet is only about yourself, private). Learn the different verbs. Use 1John1:9 like breathing, ask Our Mutual Dad about this!

Of course, if you don't believe God is Three Persons of the SAME Co-Infinite Nature (not polytheism, because all polytheistic formulations are of UNequal persons) -- if you don't know Trinity, then your spiritual life will never progress beyond infancy. Saved, yes: if you ever ONLY ONCE ONLY BELIEVED in Christ. But after that, no growth. For you can't use 1John1:9 unless you name your sins to FATHER as you remember them. (If you don't remember, just say something like 'I think I've been arrogant, Dad!' and that will work, too. Idea is to admit you sinned, even if you're not sure what kind it was.)

1 John 1:9 Revisited

"Forgiveness of sins" applied pre-salvation. All pre-salvation sins blotted out the moment you believe in Christ. Post-salvation, you must name them, since now you are going to live with God forever, and it's up to you whether you want to be CLEANED UP. For the soul is saved, but post-salv, you can dirty it again. Sure, those sins were paid for also, but post-salvation it's YOUR choice whether you want the payment GOD got, to be used ON you.

The above interpretation takes into account ALL the Scripture, especially the fact that in the OT, BELIEVERS were the only ones offering sacrifices. Duh, if you didn't believe in God, you didn't go. Also accounts for all the commands in the NT to name your sins, the most bald of which is in 1Jn1:9 which flat tells you that you do NOT get forgiveness, if you don't name/admit the sins to God.

Doesn't say you always have to be specific, because the word is homologew, which means admit. Idea is to admit it, even if you don't exactly remember what the sins were. I do this as follows: "I've been arrogant, Dad!" or similar thought, many times a day. Then move on, like Paul counsels in Philippians 3:12-14. Never dwell on the sins, they were paid for on the Cross.

So I've been remiss in not clarifying that post-salvation sins are NOT forgiven. My pastor taught that too. If you're interested, my pastor's website is and the subseries on this topic is called "The Law of Double Punishment". They never ask for money and they don't sell your name, or even write you, except in response to you.

1/3 Our Royal Responsibility: Cross Mechanics God101 series

Theme: God can just think a thing, and it exists. So He gives us that power too, in Christ. So He wants to say Isaiah 54:1 to everything, and He wants to make us into gods post-death, John 10:34-35. How? By replicating His Son's THINKING into us, line by line, precept by precept. For how you think, is the real you. Not what you look like to others. What you think is how you become, so you program yourself. So the idea is to become "Christ-like", as we all know. That means THINKING as He does.

So this video is about how Cross Mechanics birthed a Royal Thinking Pattern for Church to inherit, which has huge implications for us, His Body, His Church. Every thought we think is before Father, even as every thought He thinks on Cross is ever Before Father. So the bad thought of our sins, paired with the good thoughts of His in Juridical Response (a la Matthew 4:4), resulted in the bad thought being the occasion for the Good One. Sweet savor, as the KJV puts it. Blessing by association. Association is how you learn things, which is really you BELIEVING a certain meaning. If you BELIEVE 1+1=2, then to you that's reality. Of course, it's also objectively true. For since God can just think a thing and it exists, He gave to us humans the privilege of thinking whatever we want in association with our lives, and bing! That is the meaning it has to us until we change our minds. Now you see why we must believe in Christ to be saved: GOD made it true that He paid for sins, but if we don't want that payment to APPLY to us, it won't.

So our thoughts are our "priestly service", as Romans 12:1 puts it in the Greek (logikos is wordplay on Ho Logos, just like in 1Cor1:5). For when thing "A" occurs & you REPLY with thought "B", the "B" BAPTISES, BONDS, BEGETS a meaning to "A" which forms in your soul. Which begetting, is the same process as happened on the Cross. Which begetting, Father forever hears. That moment of begetting, is forever alive to Him Who is Omniscient. Now you know why Isaiah 54:1 reads as it does, playing on the birth pangs of Isaiah 53:10's "me amal naphesho", birthed-out-from-His-Soul's-Labor. As the Lord said, once giving birth, the labor pains are all forgotten due to the joy of seeing someone BORN. Again and again and again and again and again. Circle closed, Romans 8:11ff, all creation personified in birthpangs, awaiting the birth of eternity with God. So every moment you think, you birth. If that thinking is God's Thinking, you are birthing sweet savor for Father, and your soul "enlarges" (lit. grows, Greek verb auxanw).

So my informal reaction to all this legacy is this triad of videos. It is 'occasioned' by many Youtuber videos I've watched, and especially:

That Christ's Human Thinking (not physical death) paid for sins, has been stressed and exegetically proven by my pastor for over 53 years. But you can see it baldly in Isaiah 53's Hebrew or LXX text. Why theology still doesn't recognize this fact, is quite beyond me. It's a Juridical Matching of Thought, pattern of Matt4:4, Hebrews 5-10, Psalm110, Jeremiah 31:31-34 tied to Hebrews 8:8-10:17, Cross Mechanics Isa53:10-11 Romans 12:1-3 logikos sumorphologew Hupostasis, union of opposites: meaning of YH+WH in OT (wordplay on God-man promise), and wryly used as a moniker for Christ by the writer of Hebrews in Hebrews 1:3, 3:14, and 11:1 always mistranslated. A few years back I wrote a "DDNA" webseries on this, DDNA.htm. It's centered on Isaiah 53's contract to make sons, so that chapter is exegeted and translated in three ways, one of which apes Isaiah's poetic meter, in Isa53trans.htm. All my webpages are dedicated to this theme, as true spirituality is what you THINK, never mind what you do. (As James stressed in James 2:18-26 which Christians routinely abuse, it's the Word Working In You Which Does All The Work. You can't see that meaning in English, since Bible translations routinely wash God out and stress man's works, instead. "Book of James" video introduces you to key Greek things to look for in James. If you follow those suggestions, your view of the book entirely reverses.)

This video mentions other vids as well. Here are the links:

God's System

NEW debate thread, here: frankforum/viewforum.php?f=42

EVERY BELIEVER SHOULD CARE TO BE IN GOD's SYSTEM. So if you want to have a happy 2013, resolve to do the following.

Of course, to be in God's System, you first need to be in God. So if you're not sure you're saved, then simply Believe Jesus Christ Paid For Your Sins, and you are forever saved. That puts you IN GOD: see all the 'in Him' and 'in Christ' verses in the NT. This is a one-shot belief, which you do in your head. You don't have to TELL anyone about it, nor do you have to understand it, to be saved. JUST DO IT. ONCE is enough.

So now that you are in God, you need to be in God's System, which involves things you do every day, not merely once; just as, you don't eat only once and then never eat again. So just as you can't grow physically and mentally without eating every day and doing stuff with your body, even so you can't grow spiritually without certain daily 'eating' and 'activity'.

There's not a denomination on this planet which will disagree with what follows, which is the BIBLE's pan-denominational system, true in OT and NT.

Fail to do these, and you are out of the system, no matter how right you might be about Bible doctrines. So you and all around you will be punished BIGTIME, per Leviticus 26, Deut 28, 2Chron7:14. To avoid cursing, then do the following, so that you and all around you will be blessed, instead!

  1. Use 1John1:9 every time you think you sinned. NAME THE SIN TO GOD, or just say 'I sinned', if you don't know or don't remember what kind of sin it was. TO GOD, not to people. (Don't give people an excuse to sin, by telling them your own.)
    • See also 2Peter1:9, same topic, 1Cor11:31, Psalm 32:5, 66:18, Exodus 9:27, Joshua 7:20, 1Sam15:24, 30, 26:21, 2 Sam 12:13, 19:20, 24:10, 24:17, 1Chron21:8, Neh 1:6, Job 7:20, 9:21, 10:14, 19:4, 33:27, 34:31-2, Psalm 41:4, 51:4, Micah 7:9. Many other verses in the Levitical rules required you to name your sin ON the animal to the priest as he cut its throat. Those are highlighted in my 'Why we need 1John1:9' video.
  2. FIND YOUR RIGHT TEACHER, male only: 1Chron 25:8, Matt. 10:24f; 13:52; Lk. 6:40, Eph 4:12-16, especially verse 16 which says a pastor has his SHARE of the booty of Christ (playing off Isaiah 53:12 in the LXX), to TEACH his sheep. His Sheep, as in Isa. 49:9; Jer. 23:1f; Ezek. 34:3, 5f, 8, 10ff, 15, 17, 19, 22, 31; Lk. 15:6; Jn. 10:14f, 26f; 21:16f.
  3. LEARN AND LIVE ON BIBLE taught by that teacher. Doesn't matter if he's wrong or right, so long as he's right for YOU. See also Romans 13-15, and especially Romans 14:4, which says each believer has the sovereign right to determine his own beliefs and worship before God.
  4. Talk with God all the time. If you are reticent to do that, it means there's a problem in the relationship. See also 1 Thess 5:17, and any of the Psalms. Notice how familiarly Abraham, Moses, Gideon talk to God: they were obviously USED TO conversation with Him.
  5. Optionally, talk with believers. You need to practice what you learned in #3, but there are significant warnings, like 2John9, 2Tim2:26-3:7, Philippians 3:18-19, Titus 3:10, James 3-5. So you should ask God whether you should associate and how much, with given believers. Association implies agreement, and that might compromise doctrine. Debating Scripture comes in here, practicing #3. How much you should even do that, is also something to ask God.

Notice: it doesn't matter what denomination or how right or wrong you or someone else is. GOD DOES ALL THE CORRECTING. So yeah debate, but the objective is to TRAIN, not to convince the other guy. God will do that. Anyone IN the system is IN the right place; and at the right time, whatever you said he needed to hear, God will recall to his mind, John 14:26. Anyone not in the system won't hear, can't process what you say, 1John1:8, 10. So get out of those conversations quickly, as you're wasting time.

Your job, by contrast, is to rightly talk Bible since God hears YOU. You will be liable for screwing it up, so practice and keep using 1John1:9 so you won't screw up as much.

Master webpage on this topic, if you want more info: GodSystem.htm.

b-out No Female Pastors!

Avoid anyone claiming female pastors are valid Biblically. You'll see quick proof of that in the video descriptions of the first two videos, with extensive detailed proof beginning in the third. Any believer can read, research, comment on Scripture; in fact, it's a duty of every believer. But the authority to teach a congregation, has always and only belonged to males, by Divine Decree.

So what can women do? ASSIST! We can assist in research, in librarian functions, in many capacities. But to be in charge of a congregation, systematically teaching them, is not on the list of women's roles. See the video descriptions to the first two videos for an overview of the difference between being a PASTOR, versus an assistant. (I'm in the latter category, for example.)

Don't be fooled. Learn what BIBLE says, not hearsay!

NFP intro, Womens' Roles in Body of Christ

Header video in NO FEMALE PASTORS playlist. Please view the playlist's 1 NFP to see important Bible citations which back up what's said in this video. This shouldn't have to be said: talking about Bible is not teaching. If you talk about the weather, you're not teaching weather. If you talk about a computer, you're not teaching computer. So talking about the Bible is NOT teaching it. Teaching is a specific professional office held by someone who has a specific congregation/group which PAYS him to do his job. He does it for the same group on a regular basis, and his job is to teach them an entire body of material. His job involves repeating information and watching the students to see if they are learning what he teaches. They are assigned to him, and he is assigned to them. He even sets rules for their behavior while they are in his class, but never outside his class.

Pastor-teachers have a 'flock' assigned by God to them for purposes of sharing out the booty of Christ's Thinking, Greek verb merizw used in Isaiah 53:12, and by Paul in Ephesians 4:16, Romans 12:1-3 (esp. verse 3), cognate noun meros and metron. Teacher is assigned his own PORTION to teach other adults within his 'flock', a congregation God sends him. So they underwrite his financial existence, so he can afford to spend all his time teaching them. That's the ideal as Bible provides it, from time immemorial.

Women never get that role. They never had it in the OT and they never get it in the NT. Women do have other roles. This video highlights those roles.

1 NFP: No Female Pastors!

Tentative outline for the series (last revised 2/25/10): NoFemalePastors.doc.

Upshot: women have many roles, but teaching a congregation is not one of them. Everyone learns something from everyone else. A pastor, by contrast, is the PROVIDER for his sheep. The food comes FROM him. God gives it to him, and he feeds HIS (not someone else's) sheep. So this is not a female role.

Eph4:16's Greek is rather crudely specific about it, using two marital-HUSBANDING verbs which translators blush & cover up. These verbs are only used of men; dare I say why?

So only a male can do the 'husbanding' job of 'metron.. merous', sharing out the booty of Christ. YOUR SPIRITUAL GROWTH IS LIMITED TO THE PASTOR'S OWN LEVEL OF GROWTH. So if you're not under a pastor, you aren't growing. So if you're not under a MALE pastor, you're retrogressing.

Full exegesis of the passage is here: Eph41216.htm. When I can figure out how to translate the verbs to avoid flagging, I'll make a video on verse 16.

By contrast, we woman can be good reporters (a form of witness); librarians; accountants; research assistants; cheerleaders. But not, teachers of congregations. By Divine Decree.

Some women hate the Bible fact that only males are given authority as pastors. Scheming men & women cater to that hatred, just as Paul warned in Eph4:14, 2Tim2:26-3:7. Their gambit:

  1. They play gender games with Greek or Hebrew, despite immediate context (i.e, Rom 16:2 disproves what's claimed of Phoebe, in Rom 16:1).
  2. They lie about Greek, claiming generic terms specific, or specific terms, generic. Example: 'servant' (diakonos) has wide semantic range, either janitor or pastor -- but the huckster twists 'servant', to mean only 'pastor'.
    • The word for 'wives' FIRST means 'woman' in nearly every language on earth. Greek is no exception. But the huckster ignores etymology, claims gunaikes only means 'wives'. So I guess the Lord only meant 'wives' in Matt11:11, since an unmarried woman can have babies, too? LOL!
  3. Hucksters take UNALIKE roles/verses, but claim them alike. Here, calling women named in the Bible, teachers. Huldah was a prophetess, yet only kept clothes, not teach, 2Kings 22:14. Deborah settled disputes, not teach, Judges 4. Phoebe spent money on the church at Kegchreia, Romans 16:2's prostatis. Not, teach. Acts 21:9, the four prophetesses were silent, but v.10, Agabus (a man) was sent to their house, to warn Paul! The only woman teacher in Bible, is Jezebel, Rev 2:20 -- whoops!
    • So notice: those who pander the lie that females can be pastors, conveniently omit such facts!
  4. Hucksters IGNORE THE OBVIOUS, and hope you will, too. Like, the fact every teacher in the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, is MALE. Oh my! Of the 176 didaskw (to teach) verses in the Bible, NOT ONE authorizes or shows a woman appointed teacher over a congregation!
  5. These panderers therefore conveniently IGNORE CONTRADICTING VERSES. Like, the fact any rabbi in OT or church official or pastor in the NT, can have but one WIFE. Or, how Barak lost out, because he insisted on Deborah as co-leader, Judges 4. Or, how Miriam (but not Aaron) got leprosy, Num12; so Moses had to pray the shocking Num12:12!

All false doctrine peedlers play these word games to be popular, make money, honey! Fleecing you from your hard-earned cash with their books & videos, halleloh yeah!

So the series will expose them, but not by name.

2 NFP: I'm no pastor!

PLEASE READ. Yours truly is a Bible REPORTER, not a pastor. No woman is ever a pastor. Doesn't mean you can't learn from a woman. We each learn something daily from each other. So I'm REPORTING at (updated since this video was done). I'm on twitter as @brainouty .

Look at the difference. A PASTOR's job is organizational, and two-fold: a) study the WHOLE Bible all day and night, and then b) teach ALL of it regularly (ideally, several times or more per week). The idea is for a congregation to get the WHOLE integrated set of doctrines in the Bible into their heads, so they can live on it ALL. This requires coordination, patience, specialized vocabulary -- because Bible is a language you learn to live on. In your head.

What I do is only a small 'helps' part of a). Think of it as reporting. Or, as research on specific topics, presented live onscreen. Or, as accounting or a librarian function.

I like to think of it as a waitress reading what's on the (Bible!) menu, describing the food there. That is not a pastoral role. It's just a 'help', at most. Encouragement, sometimes, research or explanation, other times. But never, teaching. See the difference?

So we women have valuable roles. But to be a pastor-teacher requires AUTHORITY which people will accept to teach ALL the Bible comprehensively. Ideally the pastor establishes his authority by competent teaching, proving what he says from Bible. But he doesn't have to. He has authority, and if you accept what he says and he says Bible correctly, you grow spiritually.

You will never grow beyond your teacher, the Lord said, using the MALE gender, Matt. 10:24f; 13:52; Lk. 6:40. Again the MALE gender is only used in Ephesians 4:11-16. It's not generic. Timothy, Titus, and other epistles clearly explain that the teacher is a HE (i.e., of only one wife). Why? Frankly, because the male is given the authority, and because people don't respect females as having spiritual authority. Every society in which females are given spiritual authority, dies within a generation or two. You can test it in history.

You will not grow spiritually if you use a woman as your pastor. You will not grow spiritually until and unless you get under ONE male pastor. You might later outgrow him, at which point God will 'graduate' you to someone stronger. But spiritual growth is not accomplished cafeteria style, and it's not done via women as pastors.

So we women are spiritual assistants, but never in charge. So Deborah was not a rabbi, but a judge. Rabbis are always males, in the Bible. So the prophetesses were occasional speakers of God's Word before Canon was completed, but were never teachers (i.e., Hulda, the women in Acts 21, etc). Nowhere in the Bible is a Bible teacher, female. Nowhere. Bible is precise!

Related Webpages:

So yeah, you can use what a female reports as a study-buddy, as material to turn over and gain insight -- but it's all ADJUNCTIVE to being under a pastor God personally selected for you from eternity past. ASK HIM who that MALE is. He'll show you.

3 NFP: Why only MALE Pastors?

Video shows mankind's preference for male dominance, which is based on equating power with respect. God of course foreknew that. So how to insure that His Word would be heard? By giving the PUBLIC teaching job to men. Women teach at home, men teach publicly. Women are accepted as reporters, narrators, encouragers -- because our mothers had those roles. But the dad was always in charge, so therefore it's natural that a pastor should be a 'dad', never a 'mother'. Human nature, requires it.

Flagship passage on this is Ephesians 4:16, but it's mistranslated. A full exegesis is needed to see that MALES are solely intended for the pastorate. That exegesis is here: Eph41216.htm. You can also access it from RightPT.htm, which covers the male-only topic in exhaustive detail.

So Bible's verses reflect all this. A comprehensive listing of the verses is in the video description for 1 NFP (which began this series on No Female Pastors).

4 NFP: Deborah was judge, never pastor

Judges 4 proves (even in translation!) that Deborah never ever ever had a pastor's role. So anyone claiming her to be a pastor -- or that since she was a judge she CAN BE a pastor -- is a liar.

Shun liars. Shun any woman or man who claims women are set up by God also to be pastors. Else you'll be punished with sickness and death just like Jezebel, as we'll see in 5 NFP, next episode!

5a NFP: Jezebel, the only female pastor in Bible

How God excoriates the idea of women pastors. Jezebel is the ONLY woman the Bible names as a 'teacher' -- yeah, of apostacy!

Easy exegesis of Revelation 2:23 and Romans 16:17 (in 5c) shown live, onscreen. You can also get the exegesis from Lesson 28 of my pastor's 1975 Armageddon series for free from Later updates of both verses are in the 1981 Revelation series and 1977 Romans series, where the pastor goes through each book's exegesis line by line, taking you all over the Bible to prove the interpretation, so you can SEE IT FOR YOURSELF. I don't know any other pastor who has taught so comprehensively.

6 NFP I am Not An Authority, God is!

God, never brainout, is the Authority. So don't use brainout as an authority. You are free to use, distribute, copy, etc. my videos, but the authority is the BIBLE CONTENT, not the 'brainout' mouthing it.

So don't try to use me as an authority. I am not one in any sense of the word. If my REPORTING on what God says in His Word is right, then HE will witness to its accuracy, and the issue then is between HIM and you, never me and you.

Sorry this video had to be made, but I get emails treating me as someone 'spiritual' and 'special', trying to get me to join in one thing or another, as a result -- this has to STOP. This is why I spend so much time posting BIBLE VIDEOS, so that the proper AUTHORITY is seen, pas moi.

Too many Christians mistake the message transmitted, with self-worth; they think that if God GAVE a message to someone, that someone must have been WORTHY to justify God's granting it. This false idea is born from legalistic Jews and legalistic Christians who WANT to take credit for what God Alone, does.

Bible proves otherwise. A drunk in Calcutta can be made by God to accurately state the Gospel at the top of his drunken lungs. An ass was made able to properly advise Balaam from God. So this ass might have something from God given to her, too. That does not make HER, less of an ass. At best you can say it's God's Sense of Humor.

Got that?

b-out Lord Born on Chanukah 4BC!

Bible says Lord born on Chanukah; this series is but an overview, with the proof more extensively provided in associated webpages (linked, in video descriptions).

Also proof from Bible that it was an ANGEL, not a 'star', over Bethlehem.

Catholic anti-semitism masks His Death Day, though RCC got the birthday, right. So that's why we moderns don't know either day.

1/11 Bible says Lord Born on Chanukah 4BC!

Bible proof on the fact the Lord was born on Chanukah 4BC is extensive and explicit. Bible backup (and these videos) is shown and explained, at PassPlot.htm#HisBday. For Chanukah is part of an overall PLAN OF TIME which the Hebrew calendar, represents. So Bible wasn't ever secretive about the date.

We don't read Bible well, that's why we get the date wrong. The Catholics got it right maybe from census, maybe accidentally: Internet parrots claim Pope Julius I ordained it by fiat in 350, but I find ZERO proof of of their claims.

Neither, is there any 'star of Bethlehem': Matthew 2's Greek verbs depict an ANGEL's movements, not some star. So Luke 2's depiction of angels in concert, ties back to Matthew. For exegetical details, see LvS4a.htm#Star. My pastor always contended there was no star, see his 1965 Matthew series. Little wonder, then, that Matthew records no one in Jerusalem where the magi were (they were NEVER in Bethlehem) -- seeing any star. Duh.

Related webpages with more proof of the Bible's OWN definition of its OWN timeline which the scholars do not bother to read properly, thus creating unnecessary disputes:

brainoutFAQ.htm#6 begins the shortest synopsis of how you can prove Bible dating system IN the Bible. It's not at all like the so-called scholars claim. Judaism's calendar is wrong (off by 343-346 years and usually, 10 days). God accounts in solar years, not lunar. That FAQ #6 has a 6a and 6b you'll also need to read to see the way Bible annually tracks time to Christ.

Header webpage on how God structures Time: Mirroring.htm. Time is a JUSTICE question in the Angelic Trial. So the Time Grants are contingent. Mirroring.htm goes through the rules and the people, with an associated worksheet and Word doc. It's a lot of research to read. Took me years to write, so will take you months to vet.

Eph1REPARSED.doc -- is about Paul's Greek use of Hebrew meter, and Paul balances something called a 'eudokian anaphora', to Chanukah. Meter acts as a CALENDAR first of the time the writer writes, and it's a convention in Bible to use it, ever since Moses. See my 'GGS 10' video series or just that document, which contains all the related links.

Other important chapters in the Bible on the subject of the Lord's Birth and Death year begin at Genesis 5. Genesis 6-11 shows God accounts by BIRTHDAYS, just as He does in Genesis 5. So it's solar accounting. See also 1Kings Chapters 1-6:1 (and the parallel chapters in Chronicles), which show how David spent his last seven years from age 70 when he retired, to age 77 when he died. Paul balances his meter to this, too. (Scholars don't use Bible for David's death, they use Josephus, so they misread 1Kings 6:1.) See also 2Sam7 and Haggai 2, the latter of which predicts the Lord's actual Birthday of 25 Chislev, which 357 years after Haggai 2, would be Chanukah. Paul balances his meter to this in at least six different ways.

What we call (end of) 4BC, is 1000 years after David became king over all Israel. David ruled 40 years before he retired, so Christ would have 40 years allotted, and since David died 963BC, Christ would have to die by (what we call) 37AD, which is the endpoint in Daniel 9:26. The remaining 57 years (for Moses' accounting in Psalm 90 ends at 94AD) (really 98 AD, in Paul's Anno Domini accounting). In the Mosaic law, these are sum of Jubilee and the Trib, respectively, the latter reimbursing Passover, which depicted the future Passion Week of Messiah. All this is covered in PassPlot.htm in excruciating detail, and in the videos.

2/11 Chanukah: Bible Says Angel, not 'star' over Bethlehem!

Bible says it was an angel, not a 'star' over Bethlehem, then Jerusalem, then Nazareth, from Matthew 2 and Luke 1&2. In his 1965 Matthew exegesis, my pastor taught this as a prophecy, figurative use of 'star'. Jacob Prasch thinks it was literal, but the Shekinah Glory, higher than an angel: Point is, anyone READING Matthew knows it was no stupid star. So a literal 'star' is an invention by people who hate reading Bible, costing us MILLIONS of dollars in ludicrous 'research'. We've all been taught that lie for centuries.

Matthew 2 wittily shows that until the magi believed in Christ (verse 11), they mistook the angel they saw, for a star. Never mind, it kept disappearing and reappearing, lol. Never mind, no one else saw it, lol.

Luke 1& 2 plays to the same theme, showing how Zecharias' disbelief in what Gabriel said, was punished with muteness (Luke 1:20); how by contrast Mary was also visited and spoken to, but SHE believed; how BELIEVING shepherds, see and hear the angels. First they see one, Luke 2:9. Then suddenly they see a 'multitude', Luke 2:13.

So the angels can make themselves visible to a SELECTED audience who BELIEVES. Off, then on. Just as Matthew 2 had shown. Angels, not stars.

Just as the angel talked to Joseph, Matt 1:20, 2:13. Of course Luke parallels this, in Luke 1:26 et seq., with the angel appearing and talking to Mary. Lesson: when you don't believe in God, you don't see His Messengers, and you get punished. But when you do believe, you do see -- and hear.

We alleged believers, don't see and hear. We'd rather adhere to the pagan idea of an inanimate star, to the animate angel the Bible depicts. Hence this series. Most of the Bible material is in English, except where the Greek is important. Related chapters in the OT are Leviticus 12, Deut 18, Haggai 2, Daniel 8. Parts 9 thru 11 help you see more of the Chanukah wordplay that Matthew and Luke employ in their narratives, so you can enjoy God's Wit.

Poor Bible scholarship is the reason why we think it was a literal star. No nice excuse can be given. But hey -- scholars are human too. And we are to blame also, because even reading Bible in ENGLISH would alert us to God's wordplay on 'star' meaning 'angel', since it's been used as the term for angels in the OT. So let's not blame the scholars or ourselves. Let's just correct our past myth of 'star' to what BIBLE really says -- angel! Miracle, just the same, and even better!

But many believers won't. Because, popular myths matter more than God to them, just like the crowd in John 6. Every generation, we Christians prove just as much haters-of-God, as any unbeliever who has ever lived, Philippians 3:18-19.

Christmas Rant

How we sing rah-rah Jesus, but don't do what He says. How we know so much about worldly stuff, yet never even the basics of Bible. Do you know, there's never been a Bible movie or documentary EVER made, which EVER gets even half of the Bible information correct? No, not even the 10 Commandments with Charleton Heston, nor Franco Zeferelli's Jesus of Nazareth, nor even Mel Gibson's The Passion -- all multimillion dollar productions with LOTS of effort and time spent. And ALL of them (not to mention all the HIstory Channel stuff) get the facts WRONG! As if they had no Bible to read?!

So, this is a rant about how much we care about everything else, but Him. Which is the OPPOSITE of what we'll be thinking, when we finally SEE Him. And, I'll be just as embarrassed as everyone else. It won't be, 'wow, I could have had a V8!', but 'Wow, why did I waste my time on all this other stuff.. instead of learning CHRIST?!'

Ouch and Merry Christmas.

PATU28 Bible Timeline Update

Paul's Time Accounting slightly changes my GeneYrs.xls worksheet on the 490 and 1000-year time grants: he starts them at Christ's BIRTH. Mary used His Birth, too. Paul 'tags' Mary where her meter ends, at Christ's (then future) age 56: that's 40 years before the End of Time, pre-Church.

This change means our current 490 and 1000 year grants, both historical and qualifying, end 30 years EARLIER, at 2100 (vs. 2130 AD in GeneYrs.xls).

Even so, God measures Time in 490 and 1000-year units from His Death; even as, He gave Time Grants to David based on both birth and death of his kingships; so the outer limit of Messiah's Time to Arrive and Die in Dan9:25-26, became 1000 years after David's DEATH at age 77. (Not age 70; scholars misread 1Kings 6:1, so use Josephus for the errant age 70; in Bible, that's David's RETIREMENT age.)

There are six related playlists:

  1. The newest is on Peter's meter, in 1Peter1:1-12. He plays on Paul's meter, In Youtube, the Episodes only go through RFG5e16; so just watch the vimeo channel. Future episodes will only be in vimeo.
  2. Paul's meter is Eph 1:3-14; and . In Youtube, the link is • b-out GGS God Meters Time, Epi.10-11 . Episode 10 is background on the metrical style, and Episode 11 documents the meter, syllable by year by Caesar, through Odovacer. As of today (12/29/12), I've only completed the videos up through Constantine. Will resume this series in 2014. Future Episodes will only post in vimeo.
  3. Mary's meter, is the Magnificat. This series is complete in vimeo: . In Youtube, link is • b-out Mary's Magnificat Meter of Time . Mary picks up after Daniel's terminus in his timeline (playing on his 73 meter): starting from initial Chanukah to her own age and then her Son Who'll be born on Chanukah; until His age 56, which is 40 years before the Millennium was to start.
  4. Psalm 90 playlist. Series is incomplete (i.e., Episode 23h crashed and I must rebuild it). Videos cover the precedenting meter of Psalm 90, then Isaiah 53, then Daniel 9 meter schemes; including, time-plot meanings, translations, so you can vet the material. In vimeo, go to . In Youtube, • b-out Psalm 90 Meter of Time, Exegesis . Future Episodes will only post in vimeo.
  5. Yapping Most High starting at Episode 10, is a primer on the MATH of these Time Rules. If you're not familiar with the rules, start in vimeo, vimeo-how-god-orchestrates-time.htm. In Youtube, • b-out God's TIME Rules, YMH Epi10 and • b-out God Orchestrates Time . The vimeo set is easier to absorb.
  6. Master webpage is Mirroring.htm, written in 2004. By contrast, the latest written master set is Ephesians1REPARSED.htm. Replace 'doc' with 'htm' to solely read online. Or, download the pdf, Eph1DecreeSyllablesREPARSED.pdf.

The Jews call these TIME rules, "Age of Desolation" and "Age of Torah". Google on those terms. However, they garbled the math soon after the Cross (i.e., Josephus' numbers are mostly wrong). Also, garbled remnants are in Sanhedrin 97a-99b in Talmud. Their idea is right; their math, is wrong. They know they're living on Promise Time; the Seder Olam Rabbah, tracks it. Sadly, its math is all messed up too; so Jews think it's year 5773, though it's 346 years later! This problem is well known: Google on Seder Olam Rabbah, to read about it.

Christianity has no clue about these rules. John Hagee, using someone else's errant math, came up with his own version, sometime in 2007 or 2008. He just invents 1948 as a key date and backs into the 490s from it. That's not Biblical, so of course his numbers are all wrong, too. At least he knows there IS a 490-year tracking system! He just accounts it incorrectly.

Else, I can't find anyone else knowing about this all-important topic. So I must extensively document it, so you can proof the material yourself. It's vital to textual criticism, hermeneutics, eschatology, and proving Bible's dates are historically accurate, especially the dates when Bible books were written. So much contention would end, if we just learned this meter. So to find it yourself, use BibleHebMeterCharacs.doc (or htm or pdf) . Bon appétit...

b-out Angelic Conflict Vids

God orchestrates time based on the Angelic Conflict. Rapture's LEGAL basis is precedented on the Angelic Conflict. It's not like what Christians imagine, and the doctrine is extensive, from Genesis to Revelation.

The least-explored doctrine in Christendom is our Royal Role in History. It's appalling, how little we know of what Christ wrought for us on the Cross. These videos try to introduce the viewer to this massive, almost-unknown doctrine -- so far as I can prove, ONLY my pastor has taught it -- but frankly, you'd be better off reading my webpages or (better still) getting the lessons from him. My huge webpage coverage of this doctrine begins at LordvSatan2.htm#CovProps and continues through the end of Part IV.

My pastor's teaching on the topic spans over 20 years of almost daily Bible classes, starting with his 1977 Romans series, then his 1981 Revelation series, then his 1985 Ephesians series, and culminates in his 1992 Spiritual Dynamics series. No one in Christendom has taught much on the topic.

Rapture is precedented on God's Orchestration of Time rules which began at Adam's Fall. Basically, only Israel was promised time due to David, and when Christ came, Israel rejected Him. Therefore the promised time to her, was FROZEN, because Christ completed His Task, and 'inherited' the time on her behalf. But how could the world go on living? It had to revert back to the old CONTINGENT time rules from Adam's fall. The videos here introduce you to those rules, but their descriptions have links to the huge research underneath.

Rapture, therefore, is precedented in Adam, but the timeline reset to the Last Adam. And for Church, there is no guaranteed Time. Again, due to the Conflict. So these videos explain the conflict, and our role in it.

The whole webseries on this topic starts at Thinking.htm, and runs over 2000 printed pages, so don't print it out!

Shorter "novel" format of this same story, is PDR.doc. Novel is unfinished.

Short subset of Angelic Conflict playlist, which accounts for and reconciles, the dissension among Christian demonations in key doctrines, like salvation and the Rapture.

Christian theology suffers from being one-legged. That's why we all fight with each other: it's annoying to always hop on one leg!

Surprise surprise, the 'other leg' that we're missing, is Bible's 'leg' about the Angelic Conflict. Since we don't understand that BIBLE doctrine, we misread Genesis 1, Salvation, Spirituality, and above all, Eschatology.

No denomination is exempt from this problem, and every denomination has pieces of the second 'leg'. Problem is, they're trying to take those pieces and GRAFT them onto the 'leg' they have. So we are all arguing over one leg.

But these and other Bible doctrines suddenly become clear, once you grasp the INITIATING Doctrine of the Angelic Conflict.

First set of videos in this series covers the legal basis for the Rapture. For it is solidly based on the initial contract to SUPERMATURE the angels. That contract also has two legs: individual maturation, and CORPORATE maturation. It's due to the failure of the angels to CORPORATELY mature, that mankind exists in a TRIAL status. And, the goal remains, CORPORATE maturation. Israel having failed to be the 'corporation' to mature, Church was created. Videos provide the other summary details. From them you can take the Bible you know, and see the fit of the Rapture.

Next, Salvation: two legs to that, too, as there is more than one kind of salvation each human needs: 1) saved TO HEAVEN, but also 2) saved IN THINKING. Christian denominations always mix up Bible's 2) issues, as belonging to 1).

Spirituality is thus two-legged, for there are two spiritual contracts. Church is a separate spiritual contract versus Israel's. Spiritual living is separate from human works. Two legs, because two types of life: your body is never spiritual. Your life is never Israel's. See? Two legs, not just one!

So the first of the RFG series' videos (which is in the Angelic Conflict playlist) is here included. It will cover Book of Hebrews in order, since that Book is on the changeover of covenant, and why Rapture precedes Trib. Two legs!

Finally, the typical Christian misreads Genesis. One-legged proponents only see ONE creation there. But Bible depicts TWO, and the 2nd, is due to the Conflict. So the Bible is talking about the SECOND leg after that, man's creation. Videos take you live through the Bible's verses. By the end of them you should be able to see the two-legged picture, same as the Rapture videos summarily explained.

The Big Picture, why we're here

All my webpages and videos elaborate on this one. Finally was managed to state the whole Bible picture correctly in one video. All our theologies need to be retooled, for we've all forgotten The Big Fact: GOD'S ELECTION IS SOLELY CHRIST, Isaiah 52:13-15, 53:10, Eph 1:3-14, many other verses. That's why Bible says we are elected IN Christ, never in or of ourselves. Calvin screwed up, but the poor guy was only in his 20's when writing the Institutes. But so did everyone else screw up -- for 500 years!

Theologies both Jewish and Christian are horribly anthropocentric and legalistic, so we've missed how the Bible ties all doctrines together in THE ELECTION IS CHRIST, theme of Ephesians 1:3-14.

I've been studying this for 11 years, almost nonstop. Main webpage series focusing on this Big Picture is the Thinking series, starting with LordvSatan1.htm. It will take you a year to read and vet, sorry. Took me years to write it up, and still more years to vet it, myself.

God's design of TIME itself, is focused on Christ, Hebrews 1:2-3, Deut 32:8, Acts 17:26. So, God designs Bible in METER to remind us of this doctrine, and over the past five years I've been documenting that. You can, too. Just grab BibleHebMeterCharacs.doc (or use 'pdf' or 'htm' if you prefer), and test its rules on any Hebrew or Greek passage which sounds timeless or generic yet poetic, in translation. Pages 4-5 of Ephesians1REPARSED.doc (again, use 'htm' extension if you prefer htm), list all the webpage and video links to all the meter material, except for the Magnificat series. For that, see the Magnificat video series here in Youtube.

One webpage which focuses solely on the Doctrine of Time, and has most of the relevant videos, is Mirroring.htm. God 'mirrors' (reimburses) Time based on VOTES. That's how He Sovereignly WANTS to do it. This doctrine is unknown in Christendom, and is garbled in Judaism, but is preserved and provable in Bible. We date Bible wrongly, so that's why we don't see it (many scholar mistakes, i.e., wrongly using lunar years).

Finally, we even screw up the Bible's clear definition of when CHRIST CAME AND DIED, because we don't know the Doctrine of Time. I go through all that in PassPlot.htm.

It's a lot of reading and vetting, and I hope you'll be skeptical. The point is, YOU CAN PROVE the contents of the video and what's said here. God made it easy enough for even a brainout, to know. We only don't know, because we aren't looking at the Bible!

My pastor spent 50 years teaching essentially what this video says, but he didn't know the Doctrine of Time; he guessed at it, though. See his 1985 Ephesians and 77 Romans series (seven and four years of daily exegesis classes of both books, respectively) at They never ask for money or sell your name.

Self-note: original video was ElectionOriginalUnused.wmv recorded on 92708 on Seagate Da.

Angelic Conflict: Introduction

The Angelic Conflict is the precedence for mankind's creation. Christ is the Decreed Precedence for the angels' creation, Eph1+Heb1. Satan&Co. rebelled against Christ before He took on Humanity, hence He'd have to take on Humanity to show why Satan&Co. deserve to go to the Lake of Fire, Matt25:41. That meant creating Adam and essentially reproducing the Initial Perfect Condition, but in a LOWER life form Satan&Co. could influence.

We know how it turned out. We'd not be here if Adam hadn't failed. We'd not be here if Christ didn't succeed, too.

But this story must play out to show ANGELS, why Satan&Co. were wrong. Meanwhile, REPLACING those who rebelled against God. So man & the woman rebel, & get a replacement covenant. So their progeny rebel, & also must be replaced. So mankind continues, with replacement covenants per corporate failure, as both future heaven AND hell fill up, for each person chooses what 'side' in the Trial he favors -- whether he knows it, or not. Meanwhile, the covenants show what TRIAL issues are playing during the time period of the covenants. So forget covenantalism vs. dispensationalism: think in terms of TRIAL phases. Then you'll be thinking as Bible depicts. We're in "the rebuttal phase" (my pastor's term).

God never coerces: you can choose Him, but you can't make GOOD on that choice: HE does that for you, AFTER you choose. You can choose Satan's side, and of course the demon boys are very happy to 'help' you choose them. And so, your future goes with the side you choose. Choose wisely.

Frankly, once you grasp the Angelic Conflict, Bible verses suddenly crystallize into a coherent whole in your mind. For now you have the big picture atop the Bible 'puzzle' box, so to speak. Misinterpretation of Bible will greatly reduce, once you see the big TRIAL 'canvas' background for Genesis through Revelation.

Every Bible verse speaks to this Trial. Trick is to spot the technical Trial language, which is usually mistranslated. So you can't track the Trial from any translation. Pastors who correctly teach the Angelic Conflict, do so from the original-language Bible texts (directly, or via another pastor who studies those texts). There's no other way to know it.

Extensive backup webpage explanation & Bible verses support video content. The other videos in my "brainout-made Angelic Conflict" playlist (on my channel page) have the links. Most vital to this overview video are the following links: a lot of reading, but not stuffy. The underlying Bible stuff should be familiar enough that you can vet ideas without much digging. Task is more how to connect the dots of Bible you know to see the big picture. Bonus: info is largely trans-denominational in scope.

Summary link: SurpConc.htm#SatPlan. It has a copy of this video.

Link Re TRIAL TERMS and PRECEDENCE in covenants: LordvSatan2.htm#CovProps. Also, LvS4a.htm presents a panoramic review of the time prior to Church, accounting for how 'we' got 'here'.

Re the angelic war between Genesis 1:1 & 1:2, +Gen 5 roster: sorry, you'll have watch all 47 Genesis exegesis videos in SatStrat2.htm#GenesisVids.

Re NUMBERS criterion with vital, overlooked Rapture verses +Blessing by Association as we grow in Christ: LvS4b.htm.

Re the TIME RULES precedented in Adam: Mirroring.htm. That page's first white table has a list of links to subpages and the Excel spreadsheet you see in the video. Very heavy stuff, nothing like it on the internet, though the material is fairly easy (albeit time-consuming, lol) to prove in Bible. You rarely need recourse to Hebrew or Greek, so can use any translation you favor. MATH is the focus.

Re panoramic Trial Issues we humans play out: LordvSatan1.htm#Issues. Vital to grasp: freedom includes freedom to FAIL, Satan's bone of contention in the Trial. Read through "Integrity Properties" to get a big-picture view. You should be able to validate the interpretation from whatever Bible you now know. Key is to think OVER what Bible you know.

Or, short 'novel' version: PDR.doc. Pdf file: PDR.pdf. First chapter orients you, is told from Satan&Co.'s point of view. Novel is used to make Trial dynamics easier to see, and is unfinished.

God Elects Sons!

The TRUE Doctrine of Election in the Bible starts and ends with the Election of Christ, and is entirely based on Foreknowledge. For if it were not foreknown Christ would freely succeed at paying for sins, then creation - including, creation of the angels -- could never have been justified. So throw out all that Reformation junk about supra and sub- and infra-lapsarianism. All is instead, based on Christ. So all is free to be what it is, good or bad, since Christ was foreknown and thus Decreed, to freely succeed, Isaiah 52:13-15, Isa53:10-12.

As my pastor liked to quip, "The Decree of God is His Holy, Wise, and Sovereign Purpose, comprehending AT ONCE all things in their causes, conditions, successions and relations, and determining their certain futurition." Notice how there's no compromise with freedom, and Foreknowledge is fully online.

For, Love is the Integrity of God, and God Loves Truth -- you know how many Bible verses there are on that. Well, Love must be Free, and Truth must be Free, so the Decree is for Free Truth to exist. Which means, if Christ Freely grows IN the Truth (and He was foreknown to do so, to BECOME the Way, Truth and Life) -- then 'sons' can be made from Him. Sons if perfect, or imperfect, still the task is the same -- grow them in His Thinking.

So sin is rather secondary to the purpose, a glitch to be resolved at an enormous cost, surely -- but that same sin only furnishes more opportunity for His THINKING to be bigger, still. That's why He's Bigger than all the angels put together even in His Humanity, theme of Hebrews 1 (which my pastor stressed often). See how sin is but leverage to produce better thinking in Christ and therefore us? See why Paul has to talk as he does, in Romans 6-8? LEVERAGE is God's Decree, Isaiah 54:1. So learn and live on Him!

Worksheet pics come from GeneYrs.xls. The original video is much clearer, and can be downloaded here:

This video summarizes the Thinking Series, starting at . It's a comprehensive 'audit' of God's Son-Making Plan from eternity past to eternity future, showing how it balances to Bible.

Shorter novel format (only five chapters finished so far), PDR.doc. It reads most easily in Print Preview fullscreen, 2-page view. Here's the pdf version: PDR.pdf.

Christ solves Infinity-finity Dichotomy via Cross

This is the header concept for the "Spiritual Physics" and "Spiritual Maturation" series of videos. Most folks don't grasp what salvation is and how it works. It's NOT about being good or bad. The first problem is to bridge the gap between Infinite God & finite mankind. Sin complicates the problem, making us negative to God. Hence Son added on Humanity, so to Gift Himself to Father (what else can God give to God but Self), & save us. His Humanity was empowered by Holy Spirit, so Spirit thus gives to both Father & Son. Thus Infinite God can justify INTIMATE fellowship with finite mankind. This short clip lists the flagship verses. All my webpages are on this solution & our post-salv Royal Spiritual Life, if you're interested: index.htm.

God101: Why Jesus is God-Man

Simple analogies help one grasp why and how He would add Humanity to Himself and in that Humanity pay FATHER for all sin. With Bible verses translated directly from the Greek (except John 17 verses are NIV extracts).

The New Covenant: Raison d'etre for Church

Took me 8 years' Bible audit research +writing to make the claims in this video. Links to that writing are at the end of this description.

Gist: You can't talk about "Church" or "New Testament" without "Rapture". These are intertwined doctrines, all sourced in the precedence of how Church came to be. That's why Bible deals with Rapture axiomatically (not droolingly), in every timing verse from Matthew 16's year (29AD) onward. For Church came into existence because Israel's time had run out. It ran out, as she was on a schedule with a 1000-year deadline since David died. On that schedule, time was supposed to END the earlier of 94AD, or when she rejected Messiah. Well, she rejected Him, in 29AD.

We don't know this BIBLE SCHEDULE, since we use extra-Biblical sources to date Bible events, or lunar years, or misread Daniel 9's "decree" as being of some human king. Thus we miss God's carefully explained timeline from Adam, which is constructed in 490+70+490=1000+50 units.

Bible dates in years-from-Adam, a common practice for millennia (date in years from a person, much as we do birthdays, still). If you follow that convention you see how God justifies Time; and He uses this system in Daniel 9 -- which actually comes from Isaiah 53's calendaring meter -- to justify restoring the Temple.

But just as when the Temple had fallen Time was supposed to end -- but for the Davidic time grants protecting the world -- so also, when the Jews rejected the One to Restore Time, it was supposed to end.

So He had to INVENT a new entity and hence a new covenant: Church. He does so in Matt16:18, thus upping His Own Pain on the Cross to cover whatever NOT YET BORN souls as Father might choose. He ratifies His Vote in John 17. Hence Church is the 'time bridge' God uses to keep His Promises to Israel -- all of them, now housed in Messiah.

We don't realize Christ has TWO Kingships. The Jewish Kingship is a separate contract, in 2 Samuel 7. Christ also has a Battlefield Kingship which depended on His Victory on the Cross, Psalm 110:1. This latter Kingship is explained in Book of Hebrews, to show how Our New Covenant 'bridges' to their own new covenant's TIME for implementation. Ergo we must be Raptured first, Heb11:40.

The 2nd Kingship and its Body, is us. Not Israel. So any Jew who believes in Christ is just as much Church as any goy who in the OT believed in Him as Messiah.

1/2 Salvation for angels?

Possible new series when I return. This time I'm not sure of the answer, and would appreciate whatever input others care to give.

Ten years ago I started the analysis, with the first page here: Thinking.htm. The section specifically focusing on angelic salvation begins here: LordvSatan2.htm.

We know that we're in some kind of conflict between God and the fallen angels. Correctly identifying it is vital, lest we be deceived and either fail to ever believe in Christ, or fail to grow post-salvation. So it becomes extremely important to determine what, if any, salvation angels had.

I don't have a conclusive answer yet. Here I just present both sides. Again, any input you have with Bible verses will be greatly appreciated.

Grafting-in: Divine Numbers Criterion for History

Links in video: LvS4b.htm is on this grafting-in numbers criterion in extreme detail. This video is embedded in that page, so you can just click on the link and resume watching, there.

The NUMBERS issue is "the" forensic issue in the Angelic Trial, is precedented on the terms of the Trial, and the MISTRIAL issue regarding these numbers is first introduced in LordvSatan2.htm (search on "Mistrial" after you load the page). A brief summary of the Mistrial issue is in "H" subpoint near the beginning of LvS4b.htm.

I put this NUMBERS issue in novel form, in Chapter 1 of PDR.doc. The pdf file version is here: PDR.pdf.

Introductory video to that doc is my "Pleroma Day: Rapture!" video: its video description contains a full audio of the novel's "Foreword", which orients you to the timeline, and then Chapter 1 orients you to the body count NUMBERS issue for Church.

For the Ultimate Accountant, is God. He balances people, and He balances the time for the people to freely choose whether they want Him.. or not. So, we've all heard "grafting-in" of Church. But what does it mean? Replacing, the lost. Balancing. For Perfection to exist, and particularly a FREE Perfection, one of the parameters must be a perfection in NUMBER. Here, number of beings. God being Perfect, first foreknew what perfect numbers there would be in any configuration of beings, so when He designed the angels, He made a given NUMBER of them, based on what would freely be a perfect NUMBER.

So when 1/3rd of the angels rebel against Him, He also foreknows how the creation of humanity will BALANCE to their rejection, such that in some configuration at ANY MOMENT IN TIME, a perfect NUMBER will still obtain.

For us humans, the necessary population permutation calculations required, is mind-boggling. But not, for God.

So God's Design for all history is to freely produce that NUMBER. Always a balancing between those who reject and those who believe in Him, since in eternity the beings in heaven remain free, yet will never choose to sin again.

Secular math displays all this in many paradigmal ways. Think of atomic physics, beta coefficients, leverage, differential calculus, vector analysis, equilibrium, price theory, Malthusian population theory, quantum physics versus general relativity, recombinant DNA and other RNA-DNA interactions, even the Sims game. When a NUMBER is too low, there is no or insufficient interaction, the isolation being too great. But when a NUMBER is too high, then the lack of isolation works against, and destruction occurs. So it's kinda like a bell curve, trying to find optimality, where the NUMBER is "just right". Yeah, like Goldilocks and the three bears' porridge!

Pleroma Day: Rapture! Trailer

Download the incomplete novel draft, here: PDR.doc, or the pdf version: PDR.pdf.

Download the full 51-minute mp3 of the novel's "Foreword", here: .

My best friend says I need to dumb down my webpages, so I'm writing a novel to incorporate and summarize all that Bible documentation and explanation. I spent 8 years documenting the Rapture, often in 60-hour weeks, to audit it. That audit spans over 1500 printed pages, and begins at . It will take months to vet.

Novel begins in the year 2006. It's told from the demons' point of view, how they're trying to delay the Rapture. The novel's "Foreword" summarizes Bible's real perspective and extensive documentation on Rapture, which is completely different from what you hear Christians say.

You have to know two things to properly spot Bible's extensive documentation, which actually begins in Genesis 3:15:

  1. ~ we humans are used as EVIDENCE in a Legal Divorce Trial between God and Satan; it's a nasty surprise, that most Christians today don't know this fact. My pastor has been teaching about it for over 50 years; of course he learned it, from pastors prior to him. So there's no excuse for Christian ignorance.
  2. This Trial has a TIMELINE which Bible discloses -- and that timeline was supposed to end 57 years after Christ was SCHEDULED to die. Yes, scheduled. Because Israel rejected Him when He came, that schedule was changed BY Christ. He changes it, in Matthew 16:18. Since Matthew 16:18 has been so abused over the centuries, Christians don't know what it really means. YOU AND I WOULD NOT BE HERE if Christ didn't change the schedule, because Time (including Millennium) Was Supposed to End, in 1144AD!

God's entire Plan for Time revolves around the Angelic Trial: so its time rules and 490-year countdowns begin with ADAM. Can't see why the Rapture pre-Trib is valid, if you don't know that. The proof in my webpages, starts in

When Christ changed the schedule, Satan had the right to call "MISTRIAL" and win. For there was yet NO EVIDENCE -- new people -- but Christ was paying for them all instead, IN ADVANCE.

That's essentially why the Rapture has to be pre-Trib, unpredictable. Christ unilaterally changed Trial terms to Pay For FUTURE Humans. So NEW EVIDENCE is claimed -- and paid for -- but does not YET EXIST. So if that new evidence doesn't COME to exist, it's an abuse of JUSTICE, and Satan wins over God in this Trial.

Trial hinges on NUMBERS of believers, NOT on historical events. For NUMBERS of people were paid for on the Cross. Those NUMBERS have to complete Church, or God is made a liar. That's the issue (pun intended): SONS. That's why you can't predict the Rapture.

So Bible's terms for the Rapture originate in Genesis, and center on the making of SONS to replace the "sons of disobedience", Satan & Co. So you have to track Bible's terms from Genesis forward, as these terms are used in the New Testament. These terms are always mistranslated, so of course it's nearly impossible to tell the Rapture's extensive documentation, from Bible translations.

Briefly, Bible terms are legal, sexual (since the contract in Isaiah 53:10 is to MAKE SONS), military, and above all, TIME-oriented. There are hundreds of these terms. Time terms and sexual terms predominate, in the NT. For the Cross had to occur On Time per the Trial schedule, which it did. Moreover, Cross is depicted as a RAPE of Christ by our sins, in Isaiah 53, which is fuzzed over in translation -- so rape and pregnancy keywords are used in the NT, to point back to it. Rapture means "rape" from the Latin of 1 Thessalonians 4:17, Greek verb "harpazw" (which means the same thing). It has NO relationship to the current English meaning of "rapture" as a happy thing. Bible uses no nice terms for Rapture, but only sudden-time words, snatch-up verbs, on-the-verge-of-birthing verbs and nouns, legal courtroom verbs and nouns, adjectives, etc. The "Foreword" of the novel, can only list a few of them. Webpages go into extensive detail.

So all the New Testament uses birthing terminology to depict the any-time-now-Rapture-birthing-can-happen -- to point the reader back to Isaiah 53, and especially 54:1. You can't see it in translation. So that's why so many people misapprehend or disbelieve in, the Rapture: insufficient homework. And it does take time. Hopefully the novel, therefore, will help you orient to the idea, and of course you should Ask God to show you the verses. There will be many on every page of the New Testament; each such verse, points to some Trial precedence in the OT. Ask God, test this yourself. For YOU are in this Trial, whether believer or unbeliever.

1/6 Rapture Legal Basis: 2LT Series

2-Legged Theology on Rapture. New Series.

Whenever you have a doctrine which remains hotly contested over a sustained period of time, it's due to both sides in the debate, arguing from only ONE 'leg' of the actual doctrine in the Bible. This series will highlight sample doctrines showing where only one 'leg' has been viewed, but the second 'leg' harmonizes both sides.

Here, the two sides are Covenantalists who are preterists, and Dispensationalists, who generally are futurists. Within each 'side' are many variations, but hopefully by the end of this six-part series, you'll see how the two 'legs' are actually the whole TWO-legged BIBLE doctrine. For, Christ is God-man, so everything in life and in Bible, is depicted as DUAL in nature.

Note to weirdoes: don't confuse this statement about "duality" with goofball gnosticism. Duality is Christ's Nature, so everything must reflect that for Father's Pleasure. Has zippo to do with gnosticism.

Associated webpages:

Re Timeline: Mirroring.htm. Exhaustive treatment with many Bible verses, subpages and an Excel spreadsheet starting with Adam's Fall, so you can see the precedence and fit of Rapture to PRE-ISRAEL Time rules. YOU HAVE TO DO THE ACCOUNTING IN DANIEL 9 PROPERLY, to see the extra seven years. Scholars have not accounted Daniel 9 properly, so that's why there's so much confusion. Daniel 9 is in a context of contiguous 490-year Time grants which begin at Adam's fall. Once you see how that works and how it's self-auditing with respect to ALL Bible dates, it becomes easy to read Daniel 9 properly, and see TWO "sevens", not just one.

Re the Angelic Conflict: LordvSatan1.htm is the overview page. It's extremely long, but you should be able to skim through it. Please don't mistake the folksy writing tone for lack of homework. The goal of such writing is comprehension ease. Religious and formal vocabulary tends to a) put one to sleep, and b) obfuscate meaning. So I try to avoid such vocabulary when possible.

Re Church Body-Completion Numbers Criterion (not prophecy but maturation), Bible cites & explanation: LvS4b.htm

Revelation Outline with "meta tauta" tracking: RevPlay.htm

My associated Youtube videos:

Revelation Outline (Draft)

Revelation is a Greek drama quadrilogy about the final four "times" of history: Church (Chaps 1-3), Trib (Chaps 4-19), Millennium (Chaps 19-20), and Eternity (Chaps 21-22:5). The individual scenes play as "split-screen" TV, so there are always TWO 'stages' on which action occurs. Because people don't understand Greek drama, nor how John uses its rhetoric, there is much disinformation about Revelation's meaning. There's nothing secret about it. We just don't do our homework on Greek drama, that's all.

So you should find Revelation easy to understand and track, once you become familiar with that drama rhetoric. RevMap.doc thus first provides a 'map' of the quadrilogy; then, it lists Revelation's rhetorical terms/styles which were all common in 96AD, when under Domitian this style of drama experienced a revival. So, RevMap.doc next tabulates an outline of Revelation in order by Chapter and verse. The color coding should help you keep track of the split-screen nature of the book's scenes.

RevMap.doc is a draft-in-progress, so it will be revised daily or weekly. Suggest you just read it when and as you're inclined. If you've any intelligent input you care to provide in the video's comments, I would appreciate it! (Silly comments will be removed, sorry.)

Raison d'etre: In order to finish my videos on Isaiah 53, I must re-analyse Revelation. For Isaiah references Babylon beginning in his Chapter 13, which thus ties to Revelation. So, my existing RevPlay.htm needs overhaul, as does LordvSatan5.htm. In particular, the identity of the "beast" in Revelation 13 and 17, will likely change from what I've written prior.

My pastor hedged on the identity, so now I must also review four years of Bible class notes. For he spent that long exegeting Revelation verse by verse, from 1981-1985. That exegesis took us all over the Bible, ergo the four years of daily Bible classes. Now, I can't find any other pastor who has publically done this. Many have summarized Rev, interpreted Rev, but you can't find verse by verse live exegesis in such depth. So if you're interested in my pastor's exegesis (over 1200 lessons), go to and order "1981 Revelation" on mp3. There's a limit of 30 lessons a month, I think; current procedure and limits will be on the website. To protect your privacy they only REPLY; so you must do all follow-up.

Truth Be Free!

God Loves Truth; so ordains and PREDESTINES that Truth itself, Always Be Free! So, it really is. So, you really are. By Divine Decree, you are truly free, because TRUTH ITSELF is truly free. God insures it every 'second', too.

For if truth is to be free, it must be free to be whatever is BAD, or DYING or SICK, as well as to be good, living, well. So the 'bad' must be insured, as well as the good, else freedom wouldn't be freedom. So Truth ITSELF, OF ITSELF must be decreed and insured FREE of ITSELF, or it's not really, truth. No shaving.

Knowing is not the same thing as causing. However, once you know, what do you DO about what you know? That's the question, here. God foreknows, so will He ALLOW freedom, or shave it? ALWAYS ALLOW, never shave -- that's His answer. That's why a Cross was needed.

So there is no compromise ever between your true freedom, and His. Everything must be FREE to exist, be good, be bad, be whatever IT wants to be. So there is never a compromise to your being TOTALLY free, and God's Freedom. Because, Truth ITSELF is decreed to be FREE to be whatever it will be, and God insures that freedom at every 'point' (juridical, temporal, eternal, you-name-it).

As my pastor liked to quip, 'The Sovereignty of God and the free will of man co-exist by Divine Decree'. So then the 'sovereignty of anything, including evil.

Okay, but what about Justice? Flagship Bible passages are Isaiah 53:10-54:1, Ephesians 1 (esp. verse 23), Isaiah 45:7, 18-19, Colossians:16-27, Romans 8, 2Peter1; these deftly tell you how God resolves everything: it's a God-to-God GIFTING, never-ending process. For Love is the Integrity of God!

This is my foray into the League of Intellectual Bankruptcy started by labarum312. You can access that Group on my channel page. Associated webpage is SatStrat.htm -- begin at the top, read until your eyes glaze over. Satan's big contention is that God is WRONG to make Truth be Free. Satan thinks that's immoral. So the webpage starts with the battle between God and Satan, but quickly gets into WHY God wants Truth to be free, why that's righteous (God's Paradox, so to speak). That whole webseries (starting with LordvSatan1.htm) is about this Trial, owing to Satan's objection about God decreeing Truth Be Free.

WHY pre-Trib Rapture?

People take 'sides' on the Rapture, but few grasp WHY it happens. So, they misread Bible's many verses on it -- verses which start, in Genesis 5!

So here in five minutes, you can know WHY: Israel was operating on a TIMED PROMISE made ever since Adam fell. Israel rejected Christ, so her Time RAN OUT. Problem was, the WORLD SHOULD HAVE ENDED. Christ rescues it, by founding Church. Church is thus a bridge back to Israel's time, to COMPLETE it, Hebrews 11:39-40, Eph 4:13.

Because Time ran out, there is no set time for Church. Rather, the criterion is BODIES Christ PREpaid on the Cross. We can't know who the bodies are, so we can't know WHEN the Rapture (the joining-back point) will occur.

BTW, 'Rapture' is Anglicized Latin 'rapto', which is in the Vulgate's 1Thess 4:17, translating Greek 'harpazw', meaning to SNATCH UP. It's the ASCENSION of Church, not the 2nd Coming of Christ. WE GO UP; He doesn't yet come down, until Rev 19:11.

The Rapture Event, is Rev 4 (John representing Church), COME UP HERE.

What we can know, we refuse; what we CANNOT know, we drool over. So those who try to date the Rapture or get you drooling over current events (for money, of course) -- all betray they don't know WHY Rapture is true. So they give you bad information.

Harold Camping sure doesn't know why; his date-setting has been a money-making scam for 25 years. Here are two Word docs (conversions from posts I made in proving the scam: CampingTimelineGaffes1.doc and CampingTimelineGaffes2.doc.

Camping's not alone. Date-setting is pandered by many 'respectable' teachers. By contrast, many other 'respectable' teachers, reacting, claim there's no such thing as Rapture, which is false.

Bible gets almost no respect, here. God doesn't start counting 'days' until Adam FELL. Moreover, God uses solar years, as shown in Exo 12, yet everyone misaccounts the years as lunar? No wonder Bible dates seem wrong!

Second accounting mistake: folks go OUTSIDE Bible to derive dates. Yeah, Bible won't not make sense, if we ignore it!

So let's only use Bible, k? If you do, you learn Rapture is PRECEDENTED on Israel's Promised Time, which itself is predicated on the pre-Israel legal issue of Allotted Trial Time in segments, each with its own VOTING purpose for believers: 490+70+490=1050+1050 (same units, repeated)=2100. Atop this and playing on the same time, is an 'unbeliever' voting, segmented as 1000+50. (So Jews were expecting Messiah to come at the end of the 2nd 2100. He did. )

So Bible ties these segments to the relevant doctrines, pan-Bible. All prophecy is a Warning to Vote, and is TIMED. Voting polls open. Voting polls CLOSE.

Those rules were set up at Adam's Fall. Rapture occurs because ISRAEL's polls closed untimely. So should the world die, due to Israel rejecting Christ? Those were the Trial terms! SO CHRIST INVENTS CHURCH in Matt16:18, to REOPEN the polls, keep the world going until BODIES of Church complete, Hebrews 3, 11:39-40, Eph1:3-14 (in meter, playing on the 'time bubble' of Dan 9:26c), Eph1:10, 3:21 (mistranslated), many other verses (salient ones in LvS4b.htm; search on 'catalog' when you load the page).

Not a set time, but a set of BODIES. So, you CAN'T predict when the polls close on Church, and reopen for Israel. They re-open for her as the Tribulation, followed by the last 1050 of history, the Millennium.

Main webpage on this Accounting for Time (including all related links and videos): Mirroring.htm.

The big-picture explanation -- required, for a balanced audit -- runs several thousand printed pages, and starts here: LordvSatan1.htm. For to see where we are NOW, we must begin at the beginning.. of Time. Before Adam. When the Angels were created. For, that's why we're here.

The juridical 'fit' of Rapture-specific issues relative to the whole, are covered beginning in LvS4a.htm. For ALL HISTORY is supposed to be a Trial 'wrap up' via Church, Ephesians 1:10. So there are many threads to trace. Not all of the many relevant Bible verses are noted, yet. Every NT page has Rapture keyword allusions to trace.

Alternatively, try this shorter fictional novel draft, for orientation to the topic's relevance: PDR.pdf. Oh: and write a novel chapter on YOURSELF. :)

2 AniM Daily Tribulation Timeline

Zebra asks Giraffe about brainout's Tribulation Timeline, promised over a year ago.

Download the timeline:

'Master' webpage on the Trib, is here: RevPlay.htm. The above two links also have a link to RevPlay, and it links to them.

There's NO WAY any of the stuff depicted in Revelation 4 and following, happened by 70AD. Preterism is insane.

b-out 1 John 1:9 Vids

Use 1John1:9 when you sin, else Spirit is not in you. Absent Him, YOU CANNOT READ BIBLE competently. You need the Spirit's brains, cuz you lost your own, at salvation, Ephesians 4:23. That's why I call myself 'brainout', to remind me to keep using 1John1:9.

Main reason why so many misread Bible: believers do not use 1John1:9 like breathing. So they breathe in hot air, not Scripture. That's why they are so snotty and gullible. So you might be saved, but you can be carnal. If you are carnal, even an unbeliever can read Bible better than you. Because, you have no brains, in a state of sin.

Salvation and Spirit-Filling are two different things. You get permanently saved the nanosecond you believe Christ paid for your sins, John 3:16. But the second you sin AFTER that, you are carnal, see 1John1:6-10. Even if carnal, those verses will be attested to By the Holy Spirit, to alert you to use 1John1:9.

I use it like breathing, especially when dealing with religious types. :)

Try it, see for yourself what regular usage of 1John1:9 does for your Bible PERCEPTION. For 'Filling' means Filling with God's Brains, per Greek of Eph4:23.

Oh: and then Greek or Hebrew in Bible will become very easy to learn. It's not elitist, it's GOD'S DESIGN for your life. Test that claim too, ask God!

Why We Need 1 John 1:9

Your life really depends on using 1John1:9 like breathing. Try doing that every day for 30 days, you'll notice the difference.

Header in 1 John 1:9 playlist: b-out 1 John 1:9 Vids. It's also in vimeo (so you can download it or comment without needing Google Plus),

IMPORTANT: no Christian can read Bible or grow spiritually, absent using this verse like breathing. There is much controversy over it, because 99% of Christians are CARNAL, and so deny this verse. Video shows that it's ALWAYS been required, since Adam. By BELIEVERS (duh, you won't confess sins to a God you didn't ALREADY believe in)! So do this and grow. Don't do it, and you will stay a spiritual baby. Forever. Original video description, follows below.


Gist: YOU CANNOT COMPETENTLY READ BIBLE IF YOU DO NOT USE 1JOHN1:9. All Bible you read will but inflate the ego, if you don't use this verse. For you need Spirit's Brains, instead, says Greek of Eph 4:23 (hence I call myself 'brainout', to remind me to use the verse).

You won't get His Brains, and you'll never have your own, if you don't habitually use this verse. Every day. I use it like breathing. You can PRAY that God remind you to use the verse. He will.

Why all this? Well, think of 1John 1:9 as a PREPAID VISA GIFT CARD, bought for you BY CHRIST when He was on the Cross. For that's exactly how John describes it, in 1John 1:6-10. It's the ONLY Card accepted in Heaven, as it's based on the CROSS (literal text of 1John 1:7's Greek). So if you don't use it when you sin, your money (i.e., works, prayer) is no good.

Shallow Bible understanding and teaching, bad Bible comprehension and teaching all come from NOT using 1Jn1:9. For post-salvation, the issue is to be filled with the Spirit. In OT and New (i.e., that's why you had all those OT sacrifices by BELIEVERS), you had to name your sins to God, or you were disciplined, and the Spirit didn't fill you with His Brains (OT version was pimplemi, much lower than our Royal Plerow level which Christ had).

So it's worse than sin, to not use 1Jn1:9, and you get clobbered for it, Col 3:25, 1Jn5:16 (capital punishment if refusing to use it too long).

So this issue is POST-salvation fellowship. Yes, Christ paid for all sins. But the desire to be filled with the Spirit -- which being in a state of sin abrogates, just as in the OT the person or Temple was defiled -- the desire to be filled with the Spirit, is a volitional issue. And sin abrogates it, so one must name his sins to God.

BTW, it doesn't mean agonizing over the sins. I usually say "I confess my arrogance" in thinking a bizillion times a day, often knowing what kind of arrogance it was, but sometimes not. It still works. Try it, see for yourself.

So if you aren't naming your sins to God, you are NOT spiritual, and full of nothing but hot air, fantasizing yourself spiritual like the strawman in 1Jn1:6,8,10. If you're not regularly using 1Jn1:9 but are a Christian, you have NO spiritual life: think of it as spiritual apnea.

So Learn to use 1Jn1:9 instinctively. It will work, even when you sleep, if you start the habit now.

1John1:9, Take 3!

First time was to show the consistency of the need for a believer to name sins to God, whole playlist on that, showing verses in OT tying to 1John1:9. Obviously an unbeliever doesn't believe in God, so never would be naming sins to God; since God is not the God of the unbeliever (in the mind of the unbeliever), then God won't forgive the sins of the unbeliever, since the jurisdiction of God over the unbeliever is not admitted.

But the believer has entered into permanent salvation, so now the issue is FELLOWSHIP, 1John1:5. So if you sin, you are no longer filled with the Holy Spirit (see Ephesians 5 and 1Thess 5, 1Cor 11). So then you can't learn anything spiritual. So to get the light back in you, you must use 1John 1:9 so you can start growing again.

The second video on the topic, '1 John 1:9 Revisited', was a short summary of the fact that you will be SEVERELY punished by God -- all the way to death -- if you don't use 1John1:9. For, the world depends on your learning Christ, since GOD HEARS EVERY THOUGHT YOU THINK. So He rewards the world if you're learning Christ, and curses the world if you don't: Leviticus 26 and Deut 28, 2 Chron 7:14 are all on this very important topic, as is Colossians 4:5 and Ephesians 5:16. You are here to REDEEM TIME, make it worth God's while to WATCH. Christ paid the funds so that cost of training you, can occur. It won't be spent, if you refuse 1John1:9.

As for any other punishment you need for what you did wrong, it gets converted to remedial TRAINING. Since obviously, if you knew the harm the wrong you did engendered, you'd not have sinned in the first place. This 3rd video on 1John1:9, clarifies this latter point.

YOU NEVER GET AWAY WITH ANYTHING. Samples of how the remedial training works: David, after the sin with Bathsheba and census, 2 Samuel; Moses after 2nd Meribah, Deut 1 and 32; Paul after rejecting God's will he go to Rome (so God sent him there in chains), Acts 18-22 (in 22 he admits God's Will).

1 John1:9 Take 4 : how do you know if you're sinning?

Clarification about what 1 John 1:9 does: justifies the Spirit training you, theme of 1 John. Phrase 'born of God' should really be translated 'sired by God', a progressive state which depends on you first being a believer, hence John uses that phrase. But Greek gennaw really means 'to sire', so has both a instance meaning (birth), and a progressive meaning (raising, training, siring in a job, thought pattern, 'fathering').

So born again, is the prerequisite. Then after that, you must GROW UP. Which, only the Spirit can do.

Fine: but how do you know if you're sinning, since if you believe something incorrectly, it's the same as telling a lie? Answer: you won't know. So suddenly the light goes out but you keep on walking -- now, in darkness, 1John1:6. So say you're in the middle of reading Bible, and you have a sin thought, like believing some wrong interpretation of the verse. You've just entered into darkness, and don't know. Whoa. So now you're wood hay stubble, wasting God's Time and your own.

So what to do? KEEP BREATHING 1John1:9. Video here explains all that.

If you don't, you'll get punished. Take 5 will cover that idea.

1 John 1:9 Take5 : Punishment for not using the verse!

Take 5 briefly examines what punishment you get for not using the verse. See also Leviticus 26 and Deuteronomy 28, for you are a CURSING to your family and your nation, if you're not in fellowship with God. I've covered that in almost all my other videos, so that aspect of punishment isn't covered here.

Covered here, is the problem of what happens to you when you're in a state of sin: essentially, you're wasting God's Time and yours; no matter how accurately you can state Bible, it's not spiritual. No matter how moral you are, or what good deeds you do, it's all in SATAN's system, not God's. For to be in God's system, you must be BETWEEN SINS. So you have to use 1John1:9 to get filled with the Spirit again, see 1Cor11, Ephesians 5, 1Thess 5, Psalm 32, Psalm 66.

If you don't do this, God can kill you, 1John5:16. That's what happened to Ananias and Sapphira for lying, Acts 5. That's what almost happened to Paul for disobeying God's order he go to Rome NOT Jerusalem, Acts 18-22. My pastor went over that passage and Romans 15 (where you see Paul start to buck God), in his 'Paul's Fall' subseries. You can get that subseries for free on mp3. It was taught daily, lessons 1541 and following (about 90 classes/hours), of 1992 Spiritual Dynamics, approx April through June/July, 1998. Just ask for it by name, 'Paul's Fall'. They never ask for money or sell your name for advertising, etc.

b-out Bible Mistranslation

For MisTrans.htm webpage. Handy collection of some mistranslation videos, though nearly every video I do, focuses somewhat on mistranslation. Almost every Bible verse suffers in translation.

Translation isn't necessarily an issue, since God knows the right meaning you need from a verse, and can alert you to it. First video covers that. So don't pitch your translation, and don't be mad. It's impossible to properly translate Divine Genius. So when you see the original-language texts, immediately know a) yes, God did preserve His Original Words despite all the ignorant, satanic calumny against Him; b) you can learn the same words as Christ learned, spoke, as God commissioned -- from the Holy Spirit's ENABLING power as you sit under a pastor who teaches them. That's how I learned it, so obviously you can too.

So mistranslations help you see God better, as you learn more about how Satan tampers with the Word. For no translator EVER means to screw it up. Thus you see hard translation is, and will admire the translator MORE, not less. :)

When Bible Mistranslation is NOT an issue!

God alerts you to Bible mistranslation, IF IF IF a) you use 1John 1:9 regularly; b) already study under a pastor, and c) you ASK God about what you're reading. So do that, and you don't need to worry.

Even so, He won't alert you unless it's relevant to what you need to know at the time. So you don't worry about Bible translation; you worry about whether you hear what God wants you to LEARN.

In short, if you're not already doing those other things, Bible Mistranslation isn't your problem. Your problem is those other things.

For millions of people can read the Bible in Hebrew and Greek but know nothing about what they read. 1John1:8,10 warn that they will imagine themselves spiritual, but will not be.

Witness? The Church Fathers were awful, according to the writings we have (as I'm slowly documenting in my PopeM playlist). They were fluent in Hebrew and Greek, but did NOT use 1John 1:9, as the text plainly shows.

Warning: text by these ancient people might instead be faked, a problem scholars know about and try to correct. In the first six centuries AD many false texts were written with names of famous Christians slapped on. These texts are goofy or obvious contradictions of Bible. The language is many years later than that of the alleged writers; kinda like someone claiming Shakespeare wrote rap lyrics, very obvious lie. :)

So, see: you don't have to worry about Bible Mistranslation, but about using 1John1:9 like breathing. Absent 1John 1:9, we're all cannon fodder for Satan's lies!

Like, the camera lying here, making it look like I'm wearing lipstick. I hate makeup (it smells). LOL!

1/2 Translations Decapitate Christ: Hebrews 11:1 Case Study

Related webpage: Heb111.htm, which also has these videos. You can download the originals, here:

Gist: Hebrews 11:1 is mistranslated throughout the centuries; the mistranslations all ignore the Hypostasis=Christ meaning in this verse, thus decapitating Christ and all believers in Him, as this video shows. Who says Satan isn't smart to promote 'translated' God?

This is only one example of many. It's the quickest way to see how God is cut out of translations. Here, THE GOD-MAN, cut out by pious translators the world over, for centuries. So surely they had 'help' to be so uniformly blind, even though choosing the same "hupostasis" nickname, to signify Christ's God-man nature! Joke's on us!

1/2 Harold Camping's False Gospel EXPOSED by 1 Thessalonians 1:3

Watch fullscreen. EDIT, 5/26/2011: 1 Thessalonians 1:3's 'faith' means BIBLE IN YOU doing the work, not you doing it. Because that verse is mistranslated in KJV, but not in NIV, Camping (who claims to read Greek but uses the KJV) -- gets the gospel WRONG.

So this video is pretty important to review. It shows the Greek and why the NIV is right, in this verse -- NIV is wrong in many verses, as is every Bible translation. That's why we can AUDIT them via the Words God Preserved in Hebrew and Greek. Whew.

(You can download the jpg's of the video, links below.)

Hence video's Greek also ties to my James 2 exegesis playlist: . You'll need to see that, to understand that Bible's use of 'faith' almost always means the Word Believed, not your act of faith itself. WORD WORKS IN YOU, not you doing work! You can't be saved by works, and you can't live the spiritual life by works. The Word in You Alone Does the Work, theme of James. See for yourself.

Camping can't read it, apparently. So Harold Camping's 'gospel' depends on this verse. However, since he uses a MISTRANSLATION, he MISREADS and MISSTATES how you get saved. You can read his misuse here, on page 16 (21 of the pdf file): . A forum post I made rebutting that and some of his related claims, is here: .

So obviously he doesn't know Greek at all. And sells a false gospel. So think: 50 years of this man's LIFE, is all a waste! 50 years of selling a lie! All because he used a MISTRANSLATION!

JPGs to view video well:

Parting Shot: Satan's not stupid; he knows that we are too damn lazy to study the Word God Preserved; all our protestations of how much we love Jesus are just as bogus as in the 1st century, i.e., Luke's narrative of wacko Christians in Book of Acts, Paul's in 1Cor and Galatians, Peter in 2Peter. Ergo Satan&Co. massively influence bad translation of Bible for centuries; even scholars are too lazy, following past translations, rather than revisit the MSS. de novo. Hence Bible in translation routinely maligns God (#1 sign of false doctrine). Yet there are a few brave souls, like the guy behind NIV translation of 1Thess1:3. Problem is, the arrogant children in Christendom predominate: so you get vile man-glorifying, God-denigrated translations, exemplified here by 1Thess1:3 (except for NIV).

Test this verse with the "False Doctrine: 10 Ways to Detect" video (link: • False Doctrine: 10 Ways to Detect the...). Thus you see how 1Thess1:3 is MADE INTO false doctrine.. via mistranslation! 1000's more verses display the same bad 'scholarship'.

It's appalling how we Christians hate God. We want to sing IN His Name, but not LEARN His Thinking. Bible wasn't easily available in the original-language texts until 150 years ago. Ok, but in this computer age, we have NO excuse for tolerating mistranslations; the Holy Spirit enables anyone to learn those dead 'tongues'via 1Jn1:9 regularly used, k? I learned them enough to start reading those texts in but 18 months under my pastor via 1John1:9; so YOU can, too!

2/2 Harold Camping's False Gospel EXPOSED by 1 Thessalonians 1:3

Continued from 1/2. More on how the Greek text proves the mistranslation, so to avoid misrepresenting God's Word. This is a POST-Salvation passage, about how the WORD works in you to grow you -- not, a condition of salvation as Harold Camping has long misstated.

God's Love Integrity thus goes unnoticed! Which, He caused the writers to cleverly depict, using a Greek drama rhetorical device with the genitive case. You can't translate it, in English. I tried to convey its importance with a Power Point demonstration, here: GodsHeadAttribute.ppt. Hit the F5 key once the Power Point program shows on your screen.

Subjective, Objective, & Plenary Genitives are the stuff of Greek Drama. These & other Atticisms were long known to be prominent features of Bible, which is how my own pastor learned them back in the 1930's. Alas, Bible scholarship has declined since then, & now it is fashionable to brand Bible's Greek as wholly koine. Therefore much of the correct translation & interpretation of what Bible says -- since after all, its story is pretty dramatic! -- has been lost. Ergo, you have the bad translations, such as in 1Thess1:3. So this companion to the "Falsehood Detection: 1Thess1:3 Mistranslation Case Study" video goes through these uses of the genitive in more detail.

My pastor taught these uses for 2 years of almost-daily Bible classes, boring the congregation to tears. Yeah, we Christians don't want to really know God's Word! But if you do, you can get them for free: "1992 Spiritual Dynamics" is the series, get the classes from 2000-2002 (about 700 lessons). They ship them at the rate of one mp3 per month (30 lessons), as I recall. Website is .

It's long been debated which of God's Attributes is the 'crown' or 'head'. Calvinists claim Sovereignty, other denominations pick Righteousness, etc. The choice greatly affects one's read on Bible. So it's been long desired to find an attribute which accounts for God's Perfection, since the individual attributes seem to conflict, i.e., Love with Righteousness, etc.

Well, my pastor wanted for 50 years to find that answer. In the year 2000, he got it -- via remembering these simple Greek-geek rules about genitives. He learned what I consider the most important theological discovery of the 20th century.

A short, summary Power Point Presentation is here: GodsHeadAttribute.ppt. When it downloads, click yes for Power Point, then maybe turn up the volume, and press F5 key.

If I die now, I will be content. I've spent 8 years vetting his claim about "Love is the Integrity of God!" & the vetting permeates all my webpages. Divine Love is not like human love. It LOVES Righteousness, first. Therefore Sovereignty is never compromised: by Decreeing Christ FIRST (Isaiah 52:13-15, 53:10-12, the TRUE order in the Decree, toss out all the infra- or supra- or other lapsarian nonsense) -- by Decreeing Christ First, therefore all other creation can be FREE -- by Divine Decree. Love IS the Integrity of God, so no man did not lose free will at the Fall, Christ did not merely pay for the elect, duh! LOVE would never allow such unrighteous results!

Maybe late next century this stuff will be widely understood in Christendom.

8/72, KJVOB : God's Words?

Proof why KJV-only is anti-Bible? ENGLISH was not a language when the Bible writers lived; inspiration goes by WRITER, not the language. See, the point God makes is that HE WRITES HIS WORD IN YOU, Jeremiah 31:31-34. So He wrote in the writers, to show what happens when He writes what He gave THEM, into YOU. Ultimate perfection is demonstrated, when the Perfect can RESIDE INSIDE, the imperfect! So even our original-language texts are imperfect in form (depicting the human and hence human errors), yet Complete Perfect Word exists AMIDST (Hebrew prep: qerev) copying mistakes, etc. So you just read dfefeij avoeijo avjdiojid PAST the errors, STILL SEE the faeifeoi aveijro oidfjaoi Full Real Word, anyway!

Next big point: Christ Himself did not learn Bible in English, so the English you read, is NOT God's Word. Period. But any translated Bible CONTAINS the Real Word. It's like juice at the supermarket: some juices are 100%; that's like the Original texts (in sum, not just any one manuscript); other juices are 60%, 30% real juices, plus water. Those, are the translations. But ALL are good for you!

This video also responds to: • Video

View whole playlist here: SatStrat2.htm#KJVO

Or in Youtube, here:


Forum where both sides are free to participate:

Origin of the KJV-only claim: kjvonly-genesis.pdf. You can verify the authors' claims by means of the people cited in that link as KJV-only proponents, on the internet.

A kinder, gentler rebuttal to the KJV-only people: | kjvonlydebate.pdf

This video tries to be kind, by asking a simple question: WHOSE WORDS are in English, if the original Words God gave, were not in English? If God promises to preserve HIS OWN WORD, then that promise MUST BE the words He originally gave. Else you're not learning GOD's Words, but someone else's.

When God gives HIS Word, HE preserves it. Hence translations can't ever be as good. It's not a question of one human language being better than another, it's a question of what language GOD CHOSE to express. And you get the free right UNDER THE SPIRIT to learn those very same words. Same ones Jesus learned, God can empower you to learn. It's not elitist, and frankly it's EASIER than learning a translation. Because, God enables it. So to refuse that, is to refuse God's Power.

Granted, oftentimes the KJV is the best among the translations, but it cannot capture all the meaning of GOD's Words.

For example, much in the original Bible is communicated by wordplay, soundplay, even play on poetic meter -- all those are native to the original language, and cannot be replicated in translation. So God preserved HIS ORIGINAL WORDS instead. It's called "Verbal Plenary Inspiration" in theology.

Tribulation, Trinity, the Cross as a kind of rape -- all these are stridently communicated in the original Hebrew by using soundplay and meter, as you'll see in my Psalm 90 and Isaiah 53 Hebrew videos. The "Son of Man" title in the NT is solely a God-man title, is solely taken from Daniel 7:13, but you can't know that from the translations. (See my "Son of Man" videos in my "brainout-made Exegesis" playlist.) So you can't know how stridently Christ claims He's GOD, in the NT. In translation, the verses are ambiguous. In short, much is lost in translation.

But God preserved the original words given, not translations. Granted, over the years of copying, among the 25,000 or so "witnesses" (copies) of these original words some copies have mistakes -- but other copies of the same verse, do not. Moreover, even the mistaken copies read like this: "t is s ntence h s m sing w rds". So you can tell what it means.

Hence the words are still preserved. God's Words. As He originally gave them through inspiring the Bible writers. So it's a trip back in time, and you are just as much in 712BC as Isaiah was, when he wrote Isaiah 53.

Since the Holy Spirit was THERE, He knows what of the words we have, are His. So you can learn those words by HIS Power, too. Science of textual criticism is about this, but the Holy Spirit's testimony will make that textual job competent. So just use 1John1:9 and ask.

God's Words. Testified to BY God, as you read them. Same Words As Jesus Learned. Same Words as the writers themselves wrote. Available to you. NO go-betweens. No 'spin'. Just God and you.

Now, if you refuse the Holy Spirit's Power to give you the ORIGINAL words since those words are AVAILABLE, what do you think will happen to you? Divine Discipline! For the one claiming a translation is as good as the original, is claiming the Holy Spirit a liar. For the original words are preserved, and you can prove that, as you learn them. His Power to your brain...

33/72, KJVOB : KJV's Genesis 3:11 makes God a liar

How KJV text between Gen 2:25-3:11 makes God a liar in 3:11 because that verse is MISTRANSLATED. And oh, how all other Bible translations in English, COPY the King James, including the lexicographers! See, everyone's afraid of admitting the THOUSANDS of translation errors in the KJV, so even in lexicons they softpeddle the errors, just listing what the "AV" (a nickname for KJV) says in its translation for the word.

SATAN would like it very much if you were stuck with the KJV, even as he angled successfully to keep the Old Latin Vulgate front and center so long, even Jerome rebelled against it; then when Jerome translated it into then-contemporary Latin in 400AD or so, the Vatican deep-sixed his translation until about 800AD, when it was so old no one well understood it. So by 1500's Erasmus wanted to update the Vulgate. Clever of Satan to use Erasmus' back-translated compilation from too-far-removed Greek Catholicised manuscripts as the alleged 'inspired' word, and then gut even that out, by the insistence on 400-year old ENGLISH -- a language God never inspired, which didn't exist when the REAL Bible was compiled.

Satan's not stupid, k? He knows how lazy people are, and now even a woman can replace a pastor with fake scholarship, to push forward a flawed translation no one now understands. Just as the Catholic Church did, with the Old Vulgate, then Jerome. :)

My pastor spent time exegeting this verse in his 1977 Genesis series. If you want to get that series, click here: and then order the Genesis exegesis classes (they never ask you for money).

2 PopeM + 37/72, KJVOB : KJV's Matthew 16:18, makes Peter, Pope

How KJV decapitates Christ and puts Peter's head at top. How only the Codex A family (Siniaticus, Alexandrian-related) preserved the right Greek text. For a better retelling of Codex A's dramatic history than I say in the videos (the way I tell the story might be misleading) -- see this link:

Here's Tischendorf's own account of how he found it:

So much for the claim that Textus Receptus is 'less' Catholic! Full playlist on Petra/petros is here: PopeMyth.htm. That webpage has more information about how to prove the pope thingy is a lie invented in the 2nd century AD. The playlist is also here in Youtube, my 'brainout PopeMyth'. The Youtube playlist videos are fewer and longer than those in bliptv, but contain the same material. (Once, bliptv was easy to use and clearer; then it became a nightmare; so I'm porting my bliptv videos here to Youtube.)

Bible better than sex, per Daniel 6:18 -- but not in translation!

Just heard my pastor's Lesson 24 of his 1970 Daniel series. At the end of it, he explained that Chaldean word 'dahawan' means 'concubines': really, the Persian equivalent of geishas, per Lesson 25. I mispronounce the word in the video; it should be, de-KhAA-wah -- again, per Lesson 25. The etymology of the word is also there explained.

Now you know why the word isn't properly translated!

Principles in the verse include how having Bible in your head is more happiness than even a king's harem pleasures. If you want to order those lessons, you can get them for free and no money-grubbing, at . I think they provide 30 lessons at a time on one mp3 now? (I don't use mp3, I have the tapes from 30 years ago.)

But can you see all that meaning in Bible translations? NO! So the video goes through the English translations of Daniel 6:19 (6:18 in English), how they COVER UP what 'dahawan' means -- except for two VERY BRAVE translations, the Darby and New Jerusalem Bible. So if you used those two translations to read the verse, you'd learn what GOD is saying -- Bible is better than a king's harem. You bet!

But if you read the prudish coverup translations, you'd miss this important Bible principle. See why I won't use translations? See what gets missed? BTW, look up Hebrew dahah (dalet het hey). Sample verses are: Ps. 35:5; 36:13; 62:4; 118:13; 140:5; Prov. 14:32 .

71/72, KJVOB : How I use Bible Translations

Humans sin, but God Perfectly Preserved His Word anyhow: In Aggregate! Never just 1 text, but 66 books; never just 1 writer, but 44; never just 1 time, but over 1500 years. So never in but 1 translation or even 1 copy, manuscript, or just 1 person! For if only 1, it could be easily destroyed or replaced with a counterfeit. God thus uses a TEAM, not only one 'player'! For everything Bible, is SELF-AUDITING!

You are always supposed to audit your beliefs, Scripture, teachers, everything. So God DESIGNED Scripture to be self-auditing. If you screw up on reading, interpreting, your 'pieces' won't fit. Same, for the Word itself. Therefore it's NOT in 'one' book, text, translation, original-language copy, else you'd have no way to AUDIT it.

God thus perfectly slotted each original-language copy and translation for an AUDITING purpose, even as God elected all of us, despite our sins. Audio on how:

So the original WORDS are all preserved, even long after the material written ON, perished. Many copies insure in aggregate, that we have Perfect AUDITABLE Word Preserved. So no ONE copy need be perfect.

For just as we imperfect humans are still Body of Perfect Christ, so also God's Word is a TEAM, since we all sin! Audio on how:

Since He preserves His AUDITABLE Word in aggregate, it remains Tamper Proof, even when tampered with! For Satan also tampers with it, kidnapping, ripping it up, denouncing a translated Bible as 'no good'.

Next, there's human tampering, due to sin. If a human sins while copying the original-language text in ancient times, he makes mistakes. No problem: we have 1000s of copies; so at least one copy of a given verse, remains 'pure', and you can AUDIT the copies, to know which one. So in aggregate we can PROVE there is at least one full 'pure' copy of ALL of God's Words! Clever, huh.

Next: a translator sins while translating, so he too makes mistakes. No problem, we still have the original words copied 1000s of times! For the Original Holy Spirit Knows His Words; He will enable you to learn and AUDIT those same Words, just as He gave them to Moses, David, Christ, Paul.

So you get what Christ really said, as if live on TV. What Moses, David, Isaiah, Paul -- really said. Recorded. Live. Preserved.

So use 1John1:9 yourself, so you too won't make a mistake when reading Bible!

Next tampering, education: until about 70 years ago, every educated human learned to read Bible in Hebrew and Greek. It was part of the high school curriculum even in American public schools, pulpits. I have high school textbooks and literature in Latin, Greek, Hebrew from that time. You can freely download some of those books from Google Books if you query on Latin or Greek or Hebrew.

Hence, English itself was influenced by Bible Greek and Hebrew. For England's teachers taught those languages to their congregations alongside English meanings; so English words changed meaning due to the Greek and Hebrew. For a sample of how it was taught (since my pastor taught it the same way), go to , order an mp3 on an OT or NT book. (They never ask for money.)

Mine was the last generation to get this education. Disinterest in Bible peaked since; we thus have chaos, today.

Today's tampering: Bible is a political football. So you must fight, to learn it. Don't fall for KJVO baloney. They can't ever translate Bible Hebrew and Greek, yet lie and pretend they can, to claim the KJV is a 'perfect' translation! TEST THEM!

You can buy the Bible software shown $350 from Also get the BDAG and HALOT lexicons (add $150). BW provides many free, important add-ons, too.

Finally, I did extensive pan-Bible video proof how Matt16:18 is mistranslated: PopeMyth.htm. That verse is a political toy. Translation committees won't admit what lexicographers all know: that LittleRock ('Peter' to you), is not BEDROCK (Christ's nickname, Petra, term is pan-Bible). For Christ points at Himself as the BEDROCK when He says, 'I will build My Church'. Will build. New Building. Not Israel.

MISTRANSLATION in 1Pet1:2 omits Christ's Obedience

One of the reasons the NEVER-secure salvation apostates think they are right, is that they rely on Bible Mistranslations, to make their case. They are abetted in this, by the fact that PAST mistranslations in KJV and elsewhere, are 'revered'. So future editions or allegedly 'new' Bible translations, typically preserve the OLD mistakes, rather than be courageous and admit the past error. That's the case here, in 1Peter 1:2.

When you see how evil the mistranslation, you'll want to write the Bible publishers. Seriously, folks, it's time we stopped stomping on the Word of God in order to walk with people!

So ask yourself: is it worthwhile to tell yourself you're revering God, when you rely on Bible translations which are clearly motivated by political correctness, rather than Bible accuracy? Now you know why I harp on the Hebrew and Greek so much. So should you.

b-out Atheism Vids

Atheism has some good arguments, so this is a due-diligence-disclosure playlist for brainstorming the issues. Any 'conversion' is a PRIVATE matter, per person!

See also my 'Atheist Youtubers' playlist, which is a collection of Atheist Youtubers' own videos. The atheists who seem to me the most worth hearing, are in my Recommended Channels list on my Channel page. For atheism is a subset of unbelieving mankind. It should not be demonized. We were all unbelievers at some point in our lives.

Topics covered in this playlist, include:

So these videos are designed solely for brainstorming the above and related issues. Feel free to be critical, even abusive, in the comments. Feel free to attach response videos, which will be automatically approved. I never censor; and I only censure bad scholarship or lack of thinking, whether in Christian or non-Christian.

Six Reasons why I support Atheism, video summary:

  1. It's genuinely DIFFICULT to believe that God even exists.
  2. You should NOT believe that God even exists, until you have PROOF.
  3. It's vital to be HONEST.
  4. Atheists sometimes voice good objections that we Christians, should consider.
  5. I too have the freedom to be an atheist, 'tomorrow'.
  6. Doubt is the Key to Sanity.

Invisible versus Visible 'Truth' Proofing

Audio only. It outlines the issue of material reality being inconclusive, the fact that really all of us are dependent on faith in something invisible, whether it be math (for the sciences), or.. 'God'. Math being invisible yet absent matter or energy, yet governing all material reality, begs the question of immateriality governing or causing materiality. So since you exist, then is there a counterpart Ultiimate Person aka 'god' by some definition? 'Yes' is certainly a logical answer. But by itself, also inconclusive.

Fine: but how do you test for the existence of an Immaterial, 'God'? You certainly can't use materiality, since by itself a) it can not prove the actual existence of an Immaterial Person, and b) whatever materiality there is, can be explained in multiple ways.

So then you need a combined testing mechanism, which starts with the immaterial, and if that immateriality is real, then you can TEST the immaterial 'explanation' of that thing (or Person) with respect to the material, for cohesion. This is what a scientist does, especially in math, physics, cosmology: he forms immaterial ideas and connections called hypotheses or theories, then tests materiality for any kind of demonstration of those hypotheses or theories.

So you can do the same thing for the God question, but frankly that's not even enough. For if God exists immaterially and you do also, then why wouldn't this God communicate to you? And how do you distinguish between communication you think you received, versus possible error or even hallucination on your part? Ergo this audio.

How to Prove God's Existence

Bible contends that 'humanness' is immaterial, housed inside a 'soul' that lives forever; that the body, is just a biological house you walk in. Therefore, to prove INVISIBLE God exists, requires an INVISIBLE testing mechanism: your soul. Okay, but do you have a soul? Well, evidence of that would be invisible too, but if you actually have one, it can be tested as well.

Ergo, here are Three Ways to Prove God Exists, VIA your soul:

  1. Ask the Ceiling, 'Hey, God, if you really exist, I need PROOF.' He provides proof directly, through THOUGHT. With repetition, you will be able to distinguish between your own, versus His thoughts, because
  2. Ask the Ceiling while READING BIBLE, 'Hey God, if you really exist, I need answers to this weird [Bible] text.' Bible says God's Thinking Pattern is Scripture, 1 Corinthians 2:16, Hebrews 4:12, all 'Word of God' verses, Matthew 4:4, etc. So God uses BIBLE VERSES and PRINCIPLES to communicate. That last verse explains why we Christians are constantly justifying things using Bible, since we are commanded to LIVE on it. So: is it working? Is this 'command' real? The only way to test it, is to read the Bible and yell at the ceiling, talk about what you are reading, etc. Since you don't know Bible as well as God does, when suddenly you find connections in it you didn't know existed, and they actually MAKE SENSE, then you are getting proof that HE is showing that Bible to you.
    • Wash rinse repeat, as you cannot call a FEW instances of this 'insight', proof. You need it over and over and over and over daily, so you have a statistically-valid sample of occurrences: so YOU know it's not you, but Him. This is what the Christian is SUPPOSED to do, so you're also getting a taste of how the Christian is supposed to live the spiritual life. Take it slowly, if it makes you nervous or angry (as it will, initially). If in the past you ever believed Jesus Christ paid for your sins, you'll learn faster if you use 1John1:9 repeatedly (i.e., name the sin of being angry or disbelieving, doesn't matter how you feel about it). I use that verse a bizillion times a day, to get God's 'brains' (hence my nickname, 'brainout', which is based on the Greek of Ephesians 4:23).
    • The Bible insight He gives can be very sophisticated. See my Psalm 90 playlist, which is about a Bible Hebrew Meter no scholar yet knows. I learned of it, by ASKING GOD. Then, He led me to the passages, and the proof of the meter therein, is in that and the GGS 10-11 playlist. Extremely sophisticated stuff, objectively provable in the text: but I didn't even KNOW about it at all, until ASKING GOD.
  3. God connects the dots of your personal life, to show you how He's Involved, like in the movie 'Signs' (starring Mel Gibson and Joaquin Phoenix). This is very personal, and it will freak you out. Again, wash rinse repeat is the name of the game, so it will be repeated so you can calm down.

As you can imagine, this proof will be conclusive for you, but not transferable to anyone else. Because, God is the God of Freedom, and He's not gonna fly some blimp in the sky advertising Himself, which would then force people to believe. That's what Satan was asking Him to do, in the 2nd Temptation of Matthew 4, and Christ refused. So it's intimate proof in three ways, each time requiring you to WANT to know, before He answers. So if you don't want to know, then you won't. If you DO want to know, then you will, just as much as you want and no more than you want.

Towards a Better Atheism

Vid's audio gist: kudos to the better atheist (see links below), who demands an answer to God's Justice claim. A dumber atheist argues 'evolution'. Don't be a dumb atheist, be smart and stick to the JUSTICE issue, in debates over God's Existence and Identity.

And what is the answer to the Justice issue? A hard answer, one I too am grappling with: God decrees TRUTH BE FREE, Psalm 138:2c. Very hard to want to believe in the God of the Bible, if that is the answer. :)

TheAtheistDebate's video response to Ran Campbell, asks the right atheist question, 'WHERE'S THE JUSTICE', at beginning and end: • Video

Godrollingtoastop's video, satirizing Ran Campbell's claim that atheists are schizophrenic: • Video. I append this video as a response to his, because I think he should get more subscribers.

Rob Lester's video, responding also to Ran Campbell: • Video

I'm not sure which of the Ran Campbell videos is being used, so I don't have a link to Ran Campbell, himself, sorry. His channel is/was here: . Can't access it.

The argument claiming that evolution proves God does NOT exist, is premised on an ERRONEOUS claim that Bible says the universe is 6000 years old. But the Bible DOES NOT say anything about how old the universe is. Oooops. Now you can't use any evolutionary argument. Further, Bible CAN be read to say God decreed evolution, in Genesis 1:23-25. Ooops. Now you can't use any evolutionary argument to claim it proves God doesn't exist!

I go through what the Bible DOES say in the real Hebrew and Greek, in my Genesis Exegesis playlist, starting here: • b-out Genesis w/Exegesis. See the Bible text for yourself. I explain the Hebrew and Greek and show the lexicons, so you can understand it FOR yourself. That way, you'll save a lot of time and angst when arguing with Christians who DO NOT KNOW what the Bible says on the topic.

By contrast, the argument about JUSTICE is primary and VALID: every Christian needs to work through it. I'm still trying to work through it, in the context of the Angelic Trial, which is entirely disclosed in Bible, and is on this very topic of WHY IS GOD JUST to allow bad to exist. First video in the series on the topic, starts here: • God Deeds, GD1 Why Evil. That first video itself isn't the material, but you can access the material via its video description. The description also contains the link to the webseries on the same topic, which took me years to write up (and still needs a lot of editing).

In sum, the issue of GOD IS JUST, is the central focus of the Trial, hence the central focus of any decision to believe in God, and to KEEP believing in Him. It's hard to do that. That's why only BELIEVE CHRIST PAID FOR YOUR SINS is the Gospel. Hardest thing you'll ever do, is BELIEVE. Christianity keeps on faltering over that issue, and so of course should atheists.

So, God bless atheism. We need it, to keep that question, going. So if you are an atheist, what should you do? I cover that, in the last four minutes of the video.


  1. If God exists, He made you.
  2. If God made you, then His motive must be LOVE, as you are smaller than Him.
  3. If God exists and made you due to LOVE, then He wants a relationship with you.
  4. So if God wants a relationship with you, He'll disclose Himself. So you need PROOF.
  5. So then you ASK for the PROOF. It won't be transferable to another person, but must be conclusive for YOU, since God is INVISIBLE.

A person who has proof of God can detect when someone else also has proof, because the same God would WITNESS to the proof inside the other person, through that person's words. But if you don't know God exists, you can't detect it, since you don't yet know God. So, the CONCLUSIVITY of proof is only internal, personalized. That's why we all have unending debates.

So if you want proof, ASK. If not, don't. That's the only way you'll know. If it matters, this video now heads my Atheism playlist, here: • b-out Atheism Vids. The purpose of the playlist is to beg these very JUSTICE questions. The SatStrat playlist linked above, works through the questions from the Bible. Maybe it will help you work through the answers, I don't know. It's horrifically long, because the answer is long. Life-long, in fact. For every day one is a Christian, one is faced with the same issue, IS GOD JUST.. and why? No short, snappy, syrupy answers to that question, exist. Sorry.

Towards A Better Atheism, 2

Follow-on video, since TheAtheistDebate's video posed the Justice Question as his reason for disbelieving in God. In the first 15 minutes of this 2nd video, I pose my own objections to God's Justice. Last half of video then uses math set theory to propose a 'god' definition, but ends up full-circle back to the horrific Justice Conclusion that Truth Must Be Free; which means, Free to Be Unjust; else, it's not Truth or Justice, if not free. For once you start shaving freedom in the name of reducing suffering, where do you stop?

Back at the starting point! No happy answers, sorry.

So if you have better definitions of Justice or 'god', let me know?

Towards A Better Atheism, 3

Atheists are scammed, too, just like Christians are. Whatever your belief, there is someone trying to make money on it. So look at the links below, to see the scams:

  1. Scams against Christians are well-known, but since most atheists like to make fun of the young-earthers (and understandably so), look at the chief among the young-earth sects, the King-James-Onlyists, among whom NephilimFree numbers, to see how the KJVO leaders make buckets of money selling lies. See the video description links to the leaders' scams, in this video: • 18/72, KJVOB : Meet the KJV-only Clowns .
  2. Now compare, if you will, the atheists trying to make money off atheism, here:

Atheist books, yeah!

Richard Dawkins:

Christopher Hitchens (or those around him):

Sam Harris:

One can go on and on. And why are these, scams? Because Genesis 1:25-27 even in translation, can be easily read as SUPPORTING evolution, so why do all the above alleged 'scientific' and 'rational' folk IGNORE it? Why do they only focus on the recent phenomena of the KJVO young-earthers? I'm not saying Bible does support evolution, but the text in Genesis easily can be interpreted as corroborating evolution, so anyone claiming evolution disproves God, is just flat lying to you. Or is stupid, take your pick!

Imagine: all the KJVO young-earthers are laughed at, because the EVIDENCE flatly contradicts them. So how is it, the atheists buy into the false idea that evolution DISPROVES Bible, when a) Bible never says how old the earth is, and b) Genesis 1:25-27 can be read as God decreeing evolution? And in fact, has been thus interpreted by Jews and Christians alike, for 2000+ years?

Ooops. Someone in the atheist camp, is scamming his fellow atheists, yes?

There are plenty of splendid reasons to be an atheist, but evolution isn't one of them. So you don't need to fork over your hard-earned money to the evolution panderers, to justify your disbelief in any god. You SHOULD get proof of anything, prior to believing in it. Evolution is NOT proof of anything, as just shown: the Christian can use it to 'prove' God exists, too. So don't be scammed, THINK FOR YOURSELF!

Atheist Scam, 1

How Atheists scam other atheists to make money off atheism. Part 1 of 2. Gist: Bible never says how old the universe is, and Genesis 1 is NOT an initial-creation story. So if you don't know that, and you buy some atheist or 'Christian' claiming Bible says the earth is 6000 years old, you are being scammed. Or, the person claiming the Bible says the universe is only 6000 years old, is too dumb to read it.

So more likely, you're being scammed. Don't be scammed, get smart and KNOW what the Bible text actually says. Then, still be an atheist -- but at least, a smart one.

For the real Hebrew Bible text on Genesis, I've done a 21-hour playlist called 'Genesis with Exegesis, here: • b-out Genesis w/Exegesis

Atheist Scam, 2

Continued from Part 1, conclusion. This conclusion shows how the Bible TEXT actually SAYS God authored evolution. But which version? Any version you like. In fact, Darwin's idea of evolution doesn't work genetically, but there are other versions which do. Search in Google on 'pre-Darwinian' or 'non-Darwinian' ideas of evolution, see for yourself. These OTHER ideas presuppose that all forms of life were just 'there' at 'the beginning', and correctly reference the genetic fact that a being cannot TRANSMUTE. So, the ancient eohippus is the ancient ancestor of the modern horse, etc. Many atheists hold to that version of evolution. So do many Christians. Bible text can support that, too.

But it doesn't matter what the Bible supports, in 'science', as MEN WROTE the books of the Bible, and human info of this kind has been around as long as humans. So the 'science versus Bible' debate, is completely irrelevant, and there is no 'versus', as this video shows.

So clearly Richard Dawkins and his ilk are either a) scamming you to make money, or b) cannot read Bible even in translation, and c) didn't do their own SCHOLARLY RESEARCH prior to publishing. Because, this text has been known for thousands of years, and many Jews and Christians believe that evolution is decreed by God, per the verses shown in this Part 2.

Ooops. Looks like a lot of dumb atheists have just been scammed, right along with the dumb Christians!

Christians are scammed to think that life begins biologically, in the womb. Here I show how God says otherwise. There are maybe 500 verses I've yet to cover in videos, but the ones done so far proving the point, are here: • b-out Prolife Blasphemy Vids

In sum, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Be an atheist, but find better reasons for your atheism. Just because one can say here that Bible agrees with science, is NOT enough reason to believe in the Bible.

The only proper way is to get proof of God's existence FOR YOURSELF. Ask the 'ceiling' for proof of God, if He exists. That's the only way to really know.

God's Evolution

Did God Decree Evolution? You bet. Question is, WHAT KIND? Video goes through that. Essentially, two kinds of evolution: indirect, for biology, and direct, for learning and living with God.

For all life depends on INSTRUCTION SETS. Genes are instruction sets. DNA is an instruction set. God speaks, and a thing is. Bible is an instruction set, Heb 4:12. Instruction sets, CREATE and TRANSFORM.

Which indirect form of evolution, is not specified in Genesis 1:24, but we know from science that the 'Darwinian' flavor flat doesn't work, genetically. Too many mutations required, so the species cannot mutate enough to TRANSmute, as Darwin proposed. But Darwin was a dummy about genetics, being as he was a disgruntled clergyman who couldn't even read Genesis 1:24. Apparently the Darwinians like him, can't read the verse, either. :)

See my Godevol.html on why Darwinian evolution, doesn't work. It's kinda windy, so maybe read it when you've nothing better to do. If you're a glutton for punishment, read Evolshort.htm, which has more on the topic.

So God DIRECTLY creates you at birth, and DIRECTLY 'evolves' you after salvation, by the Holy Spirit teaching your human spirit from Bible, which you learn to live on. For Christ's Humanity BECAME 'The Way, THE TRUTH, and The Life', so it's a TRANSMUTATION plan for us, too.

This latter process goes on forever. Many Bible verses support it, but I only show a few key verses in the video. Problem is, the applicable verses are generally mistranslated, especially Romans 12:1-3.

See Rom121-3.htm for the corrected translation of that passage. I don't spend much time showing it, in the video.

How this works is covered at length in my DDNA.htm and its sister pages (which are linked in that main page). Took me years to realize this was what God was doing, so there is a lot of Bible backup, to review. Will take months to read those webpages, sorry.

For the proper derivation of Greek word pistis as a COMMERCIAL CONTRACT term, see TDNT, aka 'Big Kittel'. Also see Bauer Danker. Isaiah 53:10-12 is a COMMERCIAL CONTRACT between God the Father and God the Son, to make 'sons', hence Genesis 1:26-27 is God DIRECTLY making those sons. So yes you are 'evolved', but solely by agency of God.

Yikes. Pity the Darwinians never do their homework in Bible or genetics. For now they only prove to have egg on their faces, and are demonstrably dishonest/incompetent.

God's Fault Gospel

Ultimate reason why you ONLY BELIEVE in Christ's payment on the Cross, to be forever saved. Associated webpage on the topic of freedom and failure: LordvSatan1.htm#Issues

ONLY GOD authors life; your soul at birth, your first breath at birth, your salvation aka 'born again'. So you go to hell, if you never believe in what HE did about sin. Because, if you reject what HE did about it -- for God takes responsibility for everything good or bad, Isaiah 45:7 -- if you reject what HE did, then you're claiming something YOU do has competing value.

That's Satan's contention. Satan's ticked off because all his beauty doesn't count, before God. Listen to anyone who claims salvation is in someone or something else. They all insist on a competing value (i.e., the insipid 'I'm a good person' claim). Just like Satan.

But you don't even breathe your next breath unless God approves it. You can't sin unless He allows it. You can't even go to the bathroom unless He allows it. He can make you, stop you, keep you going. You are free, solely because GOD ALONE insures your freedom to be free. Free to believe, free to reject, all courtesy of Christ.

Because, GOD PAID for everything on the Cross. So if you say no to His Payment, then you can go to the Hell He created. Your choice.

See, it's not about sin. It's about God.

Detecting God

Inspired by the videos of Cimbolic, MeLoco and MenoftheInfinite. Five unusual 'road' trip tips on how to detect God, using what's called the "first class condition" in "Greek debater's technique".

My version of trip tip #3 is here: Godindex.html#Nature. This video is also embedded there.

My version of trip tip #5b starts here (very long, over 2000 printed pages): LordvSatan1.htm. Idea was to audit the whole 'God story' Bible tells from Genesis to Revelation, in a somewhat user-friendly essay format, to see if the story as a whole makes sense, and tackle the tough questions en route. Essay works like a classical Greek play, starting with and ending 'today', with all of the past and future, in between. Again, you wouldn't want to print it out, way too long.

A more condensed version of this story is in Chapter One of PDR.doc, told in a fictional format from the demons' POV. The novel is yet unfinished.

Worksheet showing God's Orchestration of Time with testable events is: GeneYrs.xls. A short gist of its results, showing how all TIME revolves around the JEWS, is in SatTacExamp.htm, but the main strategies, tactics, and play in history is illustrated passim beginning at LordvSatan1.htm .

"How Satan Deploys Islam" videos here in Youtube complement the discussion, show with real history how Satan 'times' his deployment of Muslims like locusts, to satirize Bible's Exodus (specifically, Exodus 12:40-41), which occurred at a scheduled Time per Bible's rules, 490 years after Joseph was enslaved, and 430 years after Jacob entered Egypt. Satan keys the deployment of Muslims to INVADE Israel, based that latter number (i.e., 638AD, 1073AD, 1517AD, and of course 1948+ AD).

Since no one in Christendom or Islam even knows the Bible teaches a 490-year recurring Time pattern, and the events' timing is provable, obviously you have an objective falsifiable mechanism for testing Bible. As for other alleged holy books' veracity, I don't know what timing mechanism you can use to test them.

A summary of that satirical strategy is in the STOP OMEGA table of LvS4c.htm#MEGA and in SatStrat.htm.

Christians are commanded to test for whether they are HALLUCINATING God's Will and Nature, or whether it's really from God. The test is to be constant, theme of 1 John 4:1-6, epistle of Jude, passim in Corinthians and Galatians. That's why we have to become Bible junkies, spiritual lawyers so to speak. We are punished if we don't do this. So no Christian ever gets away with anything. Salvation is a floor. Post salvation it's a matter of maturation, and the one who won't mature, will be very distant from God even though saved.

Detecting God: The Cimbolic 9, Part A

Shoutout video series to Cimbolic and Veritas48 on their wonderful dialogue entitled 'Presumption of Atheism'. This four-part video is linked as a response to a video in which Cimbolic outlined a genius 9-point plan for detecting

God. His video doing that, is here: • Re The Presumption of Atheism: Absenc...

In this video series, I use those same nine points to demonstrate that God cannot be One Absolute Person, so you can see how effective is Cimbolic's construct, in God detection.

Here are his nine points (text before the colon is my titling for the video):

  1. God's 'Face': 'something you know and can recognize'
  2. Better Contra: 'when evidence present suggest a better explanation'
  3. Anomaly: 'evidence of something else being present.'
  4. Juridical Matching, Exclusivity: 'When the thing being sought is found somewhere else and cannot be in two places at once'.
  5. Evidentiary Mismatch: 'When evidence which is present, is contrary'
  6. No Foundation: 'If the necessary foundation of the evidence is absent'
  7. Communication Break: 'Break in communication'
  8. Affirmative Absence: 'Previously-assigned evidence of absence'
  9. Last One Standing Wins: 'If every other explanation has proven impossible, then the only remaining one, however implausible, is correct.'

Enjoy! This is soooo exciting!

1/2 Why Hell.. forever?

Reply to Third Proverb, whose video is here: • HELL - Eternal Torment ?

Sorry about air conditioner noise.

Webpages mentioned in videos:

On the Freedom and Truth question, start with SatStrat.htm and keep reading until you get bored or get answers.

On the Cross RAISING the cost as well as paying for sin: Fixes.htm then search on 'unlimited crosses' (no quotes)

On Lake of Fire, thinking out Bible on how unbelievers there can STILL be saved: LordvSatan5.htm#Lake.

For those of you interested in No Soul Life in Womb, see Caveat4.htm, which has the Prolife Blasphemy videos here in Youtube, plus the larger Divine Justice Issue explanation for why God chooses to personally create each soul at birth, never before.

Re Hell's Existence, Reply to BenJoiner

Subscribe to this guy? His video, which I suggest you fully watch first, is here: • Why does God send people to Hell?

My video here merely comments on his. I don't know his theology, and it doesn't matter. What matters, is that he is a THINKING Christian, so he demonstrates what constitutes the spiritual life, learning and living on BIBLE.

We all learn to GET it right by means of 'practicing righteousness', 1John's theme. Can't practice righteousness if not practicing Bible. Can't practice righteousness if not using 1John1:9. So whatever your beliefs or denomination, if you are practicing BIBLE, then God will gradually correct you where wrong, and advance you where right, and it's an INTIMATE relationship: just God, just you.

All that, Ben amply demonstrates, here. Hence the shoutout. Thank you, Ben, for sending this video to me.

I only differ with him on whether one CAN get out of hell, based on the Greek of 2Peter 3:9, and his own use of 2Thess 1:9, which Greek never says anyone is STUCK in hell. But yes, hell lasts forever, Matt 25:41. Why? Because people love shaking their fists at God, see last half of Luke 16. So the real danger of never believing, is that you become addicted to shaking your fist at God, even after you are SURE He exists and WHO He is! Yikes!

This is a CONCLUSION, and if you've proof against it, I'd like to hear your proof. The conclusion is threshed out in my LordvSatan5.htm#Lake.

Why unbelievers can GET OUT of Hell, Part 1

Followup exegetical video to Ben Joiner reply video, because I should document from BIBLE, why I conclude the unbeliever can not only get OUT of hell, but out of the Lake of Fire: which thus means God is ONLY loving, if Hell can last forever (so no one is EVER denied the chance to believe). See what you think of the exegesis, k?

Webpage on this topic, if you prefer to read the logical analysis based on GOD'S NATURE, without exegesis: LordvSatan5.htm#Lake. These videos (Parts 1 and 2) will eventually be posted there.

Criticism is always welcome, but DO YOUR HOMEWORK. The only thing I ever censure, is lack of homework. Censure, not censor. :)

Distance from God

My first webcam. Voice inspired by GEERUP's "godless guy"

Gist: as close as you want to be to God, that's how close He'll MAKE you become, even as He MADE the Humanity of Christ become "the Way, the Truth, and the Life". Closeness is a THINKING thing, not works, ritual, being nice to people.

Think of the dutiful wife who prides herself on keeping the house -- but doesn't have rapport with her husband. Then how close is she, really? Not at all. Think of "Martha" in the Gospels.

So then, we're all voting how close and to what: if we pick works, we INTERPOSE them between ourselves and God, and are close to our works.. but not, to God. Same with anything else: our rituals, translations, even pride in knowing the original languages -- so we are close to those things.. but NOT, to God.

Learning and living on God's Thoughts -- aka, the Bible -- is how you get close to God. Not, so you can spout off Bible or many geeky facts about the exegesis -- but to KNOW Him. Christ knew God totally, and that's what He wanted from Life. Even, to the point of knowing sin by being imputed with it all, since obviously Omniscient God, knows sin, 2Cor5:21. So now He's the Head, Hebrews 1.

So the objective is to get HIS Head in Our Heads, Greek of 1Cor1:5, 1Cor12:31 (oh how witty), which begins 1Cor13. LOVE is His Head, there. Love=Word. Shared thinking. Rapport.

Your choice and my choice, how much of that, we want.

Family is related. You are saved that first nanosecond you believed in Christ. But how DISTANT in the family, will you be? As distant as you choose, by what you INTERPOSE between God and you. First Commandment leaves NO room for anything in between. But you can insert stuff. And to the extent you do, you're electing DISTANCE. Saved, but oh so far away...

Connecting to God

Flipside of "Distance from God": God will connect to YOU in every way. So WHATEVER you believe now, He'll connect to you there. After all, if He doesn't connect to you, you have no way to see Him or get corrected on whatever your beliefs, are.

Flipside of that: even if all your beliefs are correct, if you're not connected to God you're nothing, 1Cor13:3. So use 1Jn1:9 like breathing, and don't worry how you compare to anyone else. As far as God is concerned, you're just as good as His Son, John 3:16+2Cor5:21. Everything else, is HIS work upon you, clever Greek of Ephesians 2:10 (ionic dative of epi, since Paul uses Ephesians to tweak the play "Ion" by Euripides).

Camera's mottled special effect ('posterize') is designed to convey how we are all mottled-up in our ideas of God. :)

God's Inheritance for Atheists

Sorry I'm so upset in this video. Every Christian finds certain Bible doctrines upsetting. This one, gets to me. If I must make videos on how others are negative to God, then I should post this video showing where I'm negative, too.

This doctrine is now impossible for me to deny, but very hard for me to accept. If I don't get past it, I will not complete maturation, and will be embarrassed at the Rapture. So, see: every one of us has a problem with something in Bible. Don't just blame the Catholics, Calvinists, KJV-only people, any-denomination-here. Find your own problems in Word, use 1Jn1:9, and keep on keeping on like Paul counseled, in Philippians 3:13-14.

Paul was negative to not being able to 'share' with the Jews, and it almost killed him, per his own confession in Acts 22. So we're not exempt, either.

Who will deliver us from these bodies of death? Read Romans 7, then Romans 8!

Bible re Atheism

Aren't you tired of the Christian vs. Atheist debates? I sure am. Over the years I've heard both sides. On each side there are rational folks. On each side there are ranters.

Bible is between both sides. So in this video, 26 years of my pastor's teaching on the topic is concisely presented. Sources are listed at video end. His teaching is freely available on MP3 (they never ask for money), and the 1977 (four-year long) Romans exegesis (verse-by-verse) is most on-topic. I went through all 26 years, though now I can read Bible in the original-language texts for myself and see the same thing.

Upshot: 1. Bible depicts unbelievers as MORAL. 2. Bible blames BELIEVERS, not unbelievers, for what goes wrong in the world. 3. Bible depicts sin as a NATURE, an illness of a genetic predisposition to reject God. Sins we commit are but symptoms. So 4. We have A., a Medical Problem and B., a Legal Inheritance Problem, both of which require CONSENT to correct/inherit. For, as beneficiaries of this life to which we did NOT consent, we have the Legal Right to REFUSE. Notice how the true legal issues are unlike what's touted in Christianity. (Bible uses medical and legal inheritance terminology which is generally fuzzed over in translation.)

So Belief in Christ isn't some meanie trying to get you to be his slave. It's a legal CONSENT or REJECTION of Rights unilaterally granted you before you had a say in the matter. So, Unbelief is REFUSAL to take what is granted. So you must take responsibility for your own refusal, since you didn't have to earn becoming a beneficiary. Now you also know why Bible says anyone of insufficient age (below "age of accountability") is automatically SAVED (lives in heaven forever).

Same inheritance rules continue in even secular law, so use that as your analogy to the above, i.e., beneficiaries have the right to "elect against the [testamentary] will.", beneficiary who is incompetent to refuse, gets the inheritance, etc. Here, the Testator is Jesus the Christ, and the beneficiaries are the entire human race, Eph1. (Calvinists are wrong about their doctrine of election; Bible's is TWO-pronged, TWO sets of escrowed beneficiaries, Ephesians 1.)

God took Responsibility for Creating your Freedom: He contracted for the Cross in Eternity Past, and paid for your inheritance, then Willed it to you (theme of Isaiah 53, Ephesians 1 and Hebrews 9). So the question is, do you accept or elect against the Will? Your choice. God already made His.

Why We're Not Atheists

I really like videos put out by ReligionIsACrutch, an atheist Youtuber group. They did one called "The Price of Faith" which raised a lot of good points.

Here's their link: • The Price of Faith: Introduction

In a way, this video was inspired by theirs. It's not a 'response' or an attempt to debate. Yet flipside of the argument coin, maybe...

If we don't AUDIT what we believe, we are being incredibly silly. If atheist, why? If Christian, why? Many choose atheism to rebel against society. So too, many become Christian or convert to Islam, to rebel. Or, one picks a faith to be popular with his group. We will tell ourselves we are objective, of course. But are we?

One big justification we use, is CONSENSUS. Evolution is accepted in the name of so much 'scientific' consensus on it. Ok, by that same premise, one should the more accept theism (which evolution never precludes, as it's based on cause-and-effect).

Ok, um.. theistic consensus way outnumbers atheistic, historically. For 1000s of years, billions have worshipped one idea of 'god' or another. We differ vastly and even violently over what DEFINITION of "god" is true; but we never differ over WHETHER there is "god". Because, WE KNOW "god" exists. That's why we keep believing.

Now, since "god" by definition must be unseen (especially if Infinite in Nature), then evidence of Him would not be see-able to outsiders, since Unseen communicates to unseen: to the soul. Man has a soul. You cannot read thought biologically. So something UNseen controls biology, even as unseen truths (laws) control the universe; unseen math uniquely demonstrates the unseen. Math is immaterial, but real. Truth is immaterial, but real. And the material, is impacted by it. So that's the closest one comes to realizing via what you can see, that there is something you can't see which is likewise real. It warrants investigation.

Now, pretend there is a god -- which is logical, as the consensus is overwhelming both in numbers of witnesses and in durability (time length) of that witness -- pretend god exists: wouldn't it stand to reason that there is an afterlife? To which one goes, to be with this god? The question warrants investigation.

So Why are We not Atheists? For the simple reason that we all immaterially SEE God. Via our immaterial souls. We clearly don't see Him equally, we differ a lot on particulars; but so do any mass of witnesses to an event. I bet you couldn't get two people to exactly agree on the events of 9/11. But everyone would admit that 2 planes flew into the Twin Towers. They would likely disagree on most everything else, as any purview of the Youtube videos re 9/11, will show. So: the number of witnesses to "god" is billions of times greater, thousands of years LONGER, than witnesses to 9/11. So it will be more varied, especially if "god" reveals himself progressively (as Bible contends).

In a courtroom witnesses establish evidence. We theists are witnesses. Now, what upsets atheists is that they can't validate how this 'seeing' occurs. It is supernatural. But like truth and math, it has visible effects (i.e., we believe).

So here's an example: moi. Christians are SUPPOSED to live supernatural lives 24/7, says John 14:26. That is, Spirit teaches you Bible and recalls to your mind past Bible taught.

This function happens to me 24/7. I don't recall memorizing a verse since childhood (Lord's Prayer, Ps23, etc). So in this video, I wanted to find the "tumbleweed" verse, but couldn't. For I couldn't recall the Hebrew, I only vaguely remembered it was in Jeremiah. So I couldn't search it in BibleWorks. Since no English Bible uses "tumbleweed", I couldn't search it, either. I was about to give up, when "Jeremiah 17:6" sprang to mind. So I checked -- and yes, that's the verse. Now for the punchline: I heard that verse taught only once by my pastor, maybe 15-20 years ago. He used "tumbleweed" as the translation (Published Bibles say "bush", typical fuzz job, blecch).

See? That kind of supernaturality happens to me all day; I have no memory and even less patience. Other Christians have their own stories. We will restrict our stories to the prosaic, as we don't want to talk about the rest, the weird stuff we all experience.

So you the atheist, have to hotline it to "God", and ASK for the proof you need. For Unseen God, proves Himself to you individually. Via His Word, and to your soul. That's the best thing to do: just ask, "God, are you 'up there'?" If you want an answer, you'll get one. Else, He will leave you alone until you're ready. Don't wait too long.

Why I'm no Atheist

This is the complement to "Bible re Atheism", personal side. I disbelieve in evolution because it's a stupid theory, not because I'm Christian. (Lots of Christians believe in evolution.) The rest of the story is in the video, and at the end you'll find my top-10 listing of Stupid Atheist Arguments (SAA's), to answer those who wonder why I won't argue with atheists.

I wrote about evolution in my webpages: Godevol.html is the nice and short version about what's wrong with the theory. A more ranty version (which also talks about unified field theory) is Evolshort.htm .

Why I'm no Evolutionist

Elaboration on evolution section in "Why I'm No Atheist" video

  1. Adaptation is NOT Evolution. No Christian has a problem with Adaptation, since God decreed it in Genesis 1:25 (shown in video). Evolution is NOT Adaptation, but a claim that an organism can become a SUPERIOR BEING, like claiming an amoeba can become a fish, rather than staying an amoeba. Amoebas can become superior AMOEBAs, but not a superior being to itself.
  2. Evolution claims man came from ape-like ANIMALS. That's impossible, and in fact back in 1919, some guy who wanted to prove how stupid evilution was, went to considerable expense to find a MEDIEVAL human skull and a MEDIEVAL ape jaw, then forged them together, and presented the 'find' as the 'missing link'. It was known as "Piltdown Man", and fooled the stupid evolutionists until 1953.

    THAT is evolution's claim, of TRANSmutation, not simply mutation.

    Interwoven in I. is a demonstration that what Christians think about the age of the earth and their debates with evolutionists, are ALSO wrong. Bible doesn't say how old the earth is. Might be young, might not be young.

    Pangea is a concept in geology. It posits the breakup of the continents, to get to the explanation of "continental drift". So that the earth could be covered in water is not a concept restricted to the Bible. But how long ago that was, no one can say.

    A potato can be microwaved in nine minutes, and is cooked. Or, it can be baked in an hour. It's cooked, either way. Gestation periods and mechanics are not like the timing of life post-birth. So you cannot look at the universe post-birth and presume that the timing applicable post-birth, applied pre-birth. Maybe it did, but you really don't know, and since nothing else works that way, you have some reason to doubt it. That's why the steady-state universe positors, the multiple-universe positers, and the big-bangers all argue with each other. YOU DON'T KNOW, really, how old the earth is. Might be young. Might be 4.5 billion years old. It's all GUESSING.

    Bible begins dating with the FALL of Adam, not before. Young-earth Christians get that idea not from Bible, but from an ancient bishop named Ussher (you can Google the name for more info). Ussher misread Genesis 5 as beginning with initial creation. (Bible doesn't say Adam died when he was 930 years old, but rather when he had lived POST-FALL for 930 years. God didn't start numbering Adam's days until Genesis 3:22, the Fall.)

    Moreover, Adam was a biologist, not a hunter-gatherer. Cain built a city. So we are talking CIVILIZED MAN, and anything posited prior, had no SOUL. For Bible defines "man" as having a soul. Video covers this stuff in brief, and of course you can read it in the Bible for yourself, if inclined.

    The FALL occurred in 4106BC. I did a timeline on it, in GeneYrs.xls which only uses the Bible for dating (not astronomical charts, not outside sources).

  3. No set can contain itself is NOT Russell's Paradox, which is about multiple subsets. This is different.
  4. In order for existence to occur at all, there must be an INDEPENDENT TRUTH which 'contains' reality. This TRUTH must also 'contain' all potentials and NON-potentials, and for each, have RULES for their occurrence or probability. Else POSSIBILITY could not ever exist. So TRUTH must be INFINITE STASIS, always-existing, never itself changing. What's INSIDE it would be constantly changing according to the 'laws' of that Truth. Else there is no existence. So the largest set is Truth itself, whatever that Truth, is.

    Thus the arguments that Truth can only be relative, are all stupid. For no relative can exist absent some ABSOLUTE which 'contains' the rest.

    Now, whether "God" is Truth, is a separate issue. However, if PERSONHOOD exists, then the TRUTH is that PERSONHOOD is part of Truth itself, so TRUTH must itself BE a Person. Which has to mean, INFINITE Person.

    That still leaves many questions, and of itself doesn't prove the God of the Bible. But at least it accounts for everything. Which after all, is what a theory is supposed to do, ACCOUNT for all it purveys.

    Notice you didn't need any holy book to deduce all this. :)

Drinking Evolution? Try a glass of logic...

NO SET CAN CONTAIN ITSELF. YOU ARE A PERSON. Therefore 'personhood' must be an attribute of WHOever made you. So the ultimate Set has to be a Person, containing all other sets (attributes and their permutations). So there has to be, God.

But which one? Well, to get proof of that, ask the ceiling. It's a personal journey no one can make, but you.

Correcting Evolution

How to fix evolutionary 'theory' so that it begins to make sense, so that it at least holds together as a logical hypothesis. As is, it doesn't hang together. The correction is simple, reinstates an old solution used for millennia by theists and non-theists alike.

Webpages on this topic I wrote about six years ago are: Godevol.html and Evolshort.htm.

PLEASE NOTE: the OLD Darwinian term for "micro evolution" was "Adaptation", and I use that in the video. There is no quarrel with microevolution aka Adaptation, it's been known and used since time began, in agriculture and breeding, and is already stated in Genesis 1:26 (decree) and Genesis 6 (decree of two animals per 'kind').

So the quarrel is with "macro evolution", which used to be termed simply "evolution" or "transmutation" in Darwin's works. So I use the older terms in the video.

Macro evolution aka transmutation or evolution suffers from the same limitations as did Newtonian physics. So you cannot use Adaptation and then just blithely assert it applies across the board from the origin of life onward, no more than you could claim Newtonian physics explains all physics. So evolutionary 'theory' is but a hypothesis and needs an Einstein to fix it.

The video restores the proper three-pronged premise for such a fix, to the original "life", "matter", "energy" tripod of elements which the ancients have long recognized. Notice you don't need to use god words, and you can concede intelligent design (because even a life force would demonstrate intelligence of design). Then everyone can severally define "life", the non-theists as they determine, and the theists as they determine; you don't need to complicate the issue by introducing creationism into the classroom (i.e., to avoid deciding WHICH VERSION of creationism to teach).

Finally, schools and not Federal Law, should determine what should be taught in any given school in the US, since our culture is so widely diverse on this topic.

Apology to Atheists

Thursday Bible class hit me right between the eyes. I've been remiss! I didn't realize that relativism was such a hurdle for atheists. Okay, there is a fast way to cut through all the mess: ask GOD. Obviously if there's no God you'll get no answer. But if there is one, you will, and it will be INTIMATE, a connecting-of-the-dots like in the movie Signs with Mel Gibson (where at the end of the movie he finally notices all the connections God was making, all along).

IT'S OKAY TO DOUBT, BE ANGRY, ETC. YOU NEED DIRECT PROOF FROM GOD HIMSELF. That's what He wants to provide. But if you don't ask for it, then He won't provide it. He won't tread on your volition.

Example: I got pissed off at God and threw my car keys INSIDE my car. Small Ford Escort. Do you think I could find those keys, though nothing else was in the car at the time? NO. For 45 minutes I fumed at God and then finally wore out, and then used 1Jn1:9 (I live on that verse) -- and then, immediately found the keys. They were in the passenger seat, between the seatback and the seat. I had already looked there many times during the 45 minutes.

See? The mind has to be READY and want an answer. Then it comes. Welcome to the human race.

Bible re Slavery, 1

Response to this video on slavery in Bible, • Video (video as of 2024 is gone)

This segment deals with the Bible's THEME, that we are all enslaved, whether we consider ourselves our own masters, or not. So quite a bit about slavery is in the Bible, and it's often read out of context. Even so, God DID allow humans to practice slavery, but there were CONDITIONS, i.e., you had to treat the slaves well.

TheAtheistExperience, which is in the linked video above, didn't go through that criterion in Bible, but just decreed that slavery of any kind is wrong. So the chapter referenced in the linked video, shows in this video here, so you can see the context.

Mind you, I'm not trying to advocate slavery. In fact, this issue is a big problem for me in my spiritual life, as this video will explain. So you'll see, I'm not trying to convince you, but instead am interested only in explaining some of the issues involved. We all have to vote on this SLAVERY issue, for it is the main theme of the Bible, the raison d'etre for the Bible's SALVATION message (salvation from SLAVERY, in full context).

The Isaiah 53 passage in corrected translation, short video: • Learn Isaiah 53 in Hebrew. A full explanation takes many hours, and begins with Psalm 90, not Isaiah 53. See my Psalm 90 playlist.

Bible re Slavery, 3 (end) : Is Slavery EVER moral?

Bible condones 'legal' slavery, condemns 'illegal' slavery, and condemns certain practices even in 'legal' slavery, Exodus 21. Here we go through what those types of slavery ARE, and you decide which is and is not, moral. I state my own position at the beginning of this audio, but then set my position aside for the rest of the audio, to explain the issues on both sides. So historically, which you can verify with any sources you like,

  1. 'Legal' slavery is a VOLUNTARY CONTRACT between the person wanting to become a slave, and the putative slave owner, in return for certain things the owner will pay or do. Modern-day equivalent of this, is 'employment contract'. So Bible calls this, 'legal'. Even so, Exodus 21 (Mosaic Law) specifies certain contractural provisions which were NOT legal for Israel to do, and God would punish her for violating. The legal thinking is in the whole chapter, so you have to read it all, to understand how 'legal' slavery was viewed.
  2. Another form of slavery was INVOLUNTARY, but was a contract made between two polities, prior to a war; or, parents selling their children; or, a slaveowner selling his already-owned, slaves. The victorious side would win all the people and property of the vanquished side, and that meant everyone in the vanquished side could be sold as slaves. So it's 'involuntary', in the sense that you aren't making a personal contract, but instead one is made for you, simply because you belong to the vanquished group. This too was regarded as 'legal' in the Bible, and subject to the same rules as in Exodus 21 (and elsewhere), for voluntary contracts.
  3. The third form of slavery was INVOLUNTARY and a crime: Exodus 21:16, a KIDNAPPER sells the person kidnapped, into slavery. This is the kind of slavery we moderns know from the 17th century onward. So instead of reading Bible properly, we ASSume that the ONLY meaning to slavery in the Bible, is this kind. Ooops. Our bad. Our, meaning atheists and Christians alike, proving none of us actually care to STUDY the Bible we so vociferously debate!

Next moral question, is the issue of how you TREAT a slave. If a slave is treated better than if he were free; even if initially involuntary slavery or even if a crime, what are the moral issues then? Video closes with that question.

Cultivating Doubt

Followup video to 'Why We Differ', on how to keep auditing one's beliefs and premises. For the key to sanity, finding truth, is to cultivate doubt, like you would a garden. Just the opposite of what typical APOSTATE Christianity wants: see the videos showing aside this one, for the typical apostate contention that you should fight doubt. What nonsense: doubt isn't a threat, it's an opportunity. So you should CULTIVATE doubt, like you'd want to grow money. For doubt is an agent of growth!

So how do you cultivate doubt? FACE IT. Touch it, taste it, embrace it, wallow in it. Most often, this takes the form of confronting what you hate, which to the apostate mind looks like fighting. But Christ didn't fight sins on the Cross, He RECEIVED them. Ooops. Apostate Christianity doesn't understand the mechanics of the Cross, treating it like a fight. No, just the opposite, Isaiah 53:11.

So here I explain how I do that to myself, but it takes me 17 minutes to even introduce the subject, sorry. So just watch the last 10 minutes, if you only want to know how I cultivate doubt in myself. Or skip the last 10 minutes, if you only want to think about the subject in general.

Why We Differ

over God, Bible, hair gel...

I was just talking with God over this problem, trying to figure it out. Video summarizes what I just learned. Maybe it will help you, too. Basic answer is this: we CHOOSE how to VIEW everything with a hierarchy of values we develop in the crib, irrespective of the facts, and then get to the point where we WON'T be able to READ the facts, due to our highest values. For example, if your highest value you chose to embrace was 'family', EVERYTHING you do, think, read, will be INTERPRETED through that 'lens'. So you eventually become unable to see any facts which contradict that 'lens', because you won't want to change the lens.

So you technically remain forever able to change, but won't. That scares me. That's why AUDITING BELIEFS is the theme of my channel.

Cafeeine, an Agnostic/Atheist you should not emulate.

SOME (but not all) Atheists, like King James Onlyists, resort to some pretty cheeky twisting of what people and Bible say, to make their arguments. Here, it's the old saw that non-thinking atheists use, the FAKE idea that 'faith' is ipse irrational. So Truthdebate did a video about this misdefinition of faith, which two atheists found objectionable (here: ).

One of them, named Cafeeine, was so dishonest or incompetent, I had to make a video showcasing him. Like the King James Onlyists, he pretends to a competence in Greek he demonstrably lacks. Video shows how. Related playlist where I prove the accuracy of my translation in my comment to him, is • b-out Hebrews 11:1 Exeg. He didn't even watch it, but instead just replied only 11 minutes after my post. (Playlist is 97 minutes long.) So he doesn't do his homework. This too, is typical of the non-thinking atheist or King James Onlyist.

Upshot: If you're an atheist, well and good. You don't need to justify your faith that there is no God. But for God's Sake, DO your homework, and DON'T pretend to knowledge you don't have, and DON'T twist what Bible or others say. For there will be some other brainout around, to catch you.

The Ultimate Reason for Atheism

When the atheist can't say that Bible contradicts science because Bible itself doesn't claim young earth and God decrees evolution (in some form) via Genesis 1:24; when the atheist realizes that all the claims of Bible contradiction have long been answered to prove there are none (in the original-language manuscripts) -- what reason remains for atheism? Well, here I answer that question. See what you think.

This video provides the strongest pro-atheism argument I know of. And it's a pistol, based on 2Cor10:5.

Berlinski's 'The Devil's Delusion' read aloud

Page 6 read aloud, on how prominent 'scientist' atheists are dogmatic and religious about 'science'. You gotta get this book, just for the sheer refreshing writing style! I got it for maybe $8 on Kindle for PC at Amazon: The Devil's Delusion: Atheism and its Scientific Pretensions Paperback – September 22, 2009

Berlinski's own discussion of his book is thankfully over an hour long, here: • Video (video is gone as of 2024)

I didn't realize 'prominent' atheists were so religious. I didn't know they are on a quest to CLAIM science and religion are antithetical. That's novel, and fallacious. In the first place, all science started with religious people; secondly, no religion talks much about science, certainly not enough to contradict it (i.e., Genesis 1:24 is easily read as God's Decree for evolution).

So this portion of the atheist movement is dangerous, as it seeks to make science INTO a religion, just as Carl Jung warned. Of course, not all atheists buy into this nonsense. At least, not the smart ones. But here we see in print and in their own words, the RELIGIOUS SCAM perpetrated by the leaders. And true science suffers, as a result.

Be an atheist, but don't be like the guys quoted on this page. Be a Christian or whatever, but don't be like the guys quoted on this page. They are fanatics.

My book review is here:


4.0 out of 5 stars Brilliance that demands you do your homework
Reviewed in the United States on September 11, 2013
Verified Purchase
This review covers the Kindle for PC edition.

Since Dr. Berlinski has an eclectic grasp of many disciplines, his threaded commentary here will either delight or bore you. Delight, if you understand what he's talking about. Bore or annoy, if you don't. And if you don't, you are challenged to look up many of the citations, in order to learn what he means. He doesn't dumb it down. That would ruin thought flow.

Don't get this book if you're looking for a systematic explanation of the rebuttal to neo-Darwinianism: do get it, if you are already familiar enough with both Darwin and the neo-Darwinian religification of science by Dawkins and his ilk. Else, Berlinkski's response and especially his deft satire, will elude you.

Also, don't get this book if you think it will justify your faith in Christianity. It won't. If, however, you're open enough to realize there are significant problems in 'accounting for' the Christian faith, then yes this book will help you ferret out the issues. For Dr. Berlinski is not trying to justify one side or the other; he provides substantial objections to both sides; rather, he fleshes out the issues ON both sides which he feels are inadequately answered. That, is the value of this book: defining the problems; and, offering ideas on how to further instead, true scientific inquiry.

He's a classicist. The book seems to ramble, but only in the sense of hitting at key PREMISE targets across a wide range of disciplines with which he's fluently familiar. His discourse is big-picture. He shoots down the underlying premises of each argument fundamental to the Dawkins crowd, but across a plain of intersecting scientific fields. This approach is taken, for in debate if you can shoot down the PREMISE, you shoot down all the corollary arguments and 'proofs'. (Same structure, in Bible's Matthew 4.)

It helps you follow Berlinski's train of argumentation, if you understand something of cosmology, physics, and probability theory, because he fluidly interweaves these fields to show how the atheist 'cause' has infected them. Yes, infected. For he's trying to demonstrate the danger that science has become religified in an intense effort to deny the existence of God. Not, that he himself believes in God either, but that to bend science to a religious goal, is ipse bad. For the religious goal, stultifies scientific inquiry and discovery.

For that reason, you'll also need to be familiar with Abrahamic religions, because his writing style employs the deft word economy in Bible, Koran. In ancient times, explanations were memorized, so the words were mere SEEDS you watered while picking crops or weaving threads. So Berlinski writes leaving much unsaid, expecting you to finish the thought for yourself.

Finally, it amazes me that the negative reviews on this book expected Dr. Berlinski be on a 'side'. One person was so uninformed, he thought Berlinski a spokesman for Christians, never mind at the book's outset, you find out instead he's a secular Jew. Oh well.

Of course, if anyone bothered to look at it, the Bible never says how old earth is but yes the RESTORATION of it at some non-specified past moment took six literal days, intentionally a miracle; and, it says that God decreed evolution, except that He would make man directly, a daily miracle repeated thousands of times: individually, at birth (Genesis 1:24-25 contrasted with verse 26-27 and elaborated on in Gen 2:7). Ooops.

God after all is supernatural by nature, doing what is natural for Him, by His Own Choosing. Here, a choosing that enables 'creation' to go its own way, but for man, an Individual Sovereign choice to 'father' directly. So 'man' is immaterial, essentially; hence our ability to think, which the rest of creation, does not share. That's the Bible's story, which everyone ignores. So billions of dollars on both sides in the alleged Bible versus evolution debate, have been wasted. Neither the atheists promulgating Darwinianism, nor the Christians trying to combat it, bothered to look at The Book they are debating.

Berlinski did look at Bible, but sauvely avoids mention of these obvious passages. For he's not trying to debate the issue. Rather, the point of his book is stated in the title, about atheism's scientific pretensions -- emphasis on pretensions. In quick order he demolishes the pretensions. That's it. He offers no alternative pretensions, but rather argues for the restoration of true scientific inquiry based on evidence, no matter where it might lead. And where that might lead, he doesn't know. Nor does he pretend to know. His candor is refreshing.

For me, his best chapter (and it's hard to pick a favorite, the guy writes so lucidly), is Chapter 7, where in a few words he proves how unscientific and downright stupid, Dawkins is. 'God is improbable', Dawkins says, using as his takeoff point, the mantra that the universe is improbable. Dawkins' logic is sadly lacking: he's claiming that since the universe is improbable, God who allegedly made it, is more improbable. So because God is improbable, He doesn't exist.

Really? This is what passes for Dawkins 'proof'? You realize what he's saying, right? God is only provably God, if he is NOT God. For Dawkins' definition of 'god', is someone SUBJECT to the 'laws of nature' as Dawkins defines them. So unless 'god' proves to be 'subject' to the 'laws of nature' and thus provable BY those same laws, 'god does not exist'. Which, of course, means that 'god' cannot be GOD who is above nature. Which, of course, now cut down to Dawkins' size, would make 'god' require progenitors, himself. So in Dawkins' 'logic', A=NOT A. Ooops.

No sane logician in the world would argue like that, unless he wants to be laughed at. See, the very definition 'God' tells you that the Being is BEYOND NATURAL PHENOMENA. Six-day literal restoration of the earth was a MIRACLE. Your birth, a miracle, for your soul was directly made by God and imputed to what became your body when it exited your mother's womb. So what distinguishes you from the hunters and gatherers (for Bible never says 'man' was anything other than civilized), is that you have a SOUL. So those alleged hunters and gatherers were themselves animals; or, were degenerated humans. Not, 'evolved', but 'devolved'. Bible spends a lot of time on human DEvolution, i.e., 'brute beasts' quote in Peter.

Back to God. To advertise Himself to you, He does miracles, as noted above. So, the Bible records them, for you to mull over. The loaves and fishes, a miracle. The Noahic flood, a miracle (even though God used the waters under the earth, not the rain, to create a Pangea-like bathtub for up to a year). Walls of Jericho, a miracle. Before that the plagues in Egypt, 10 miracles. Because, God is ABOVE NATURE, so can do what He wants, doesn't have to obey any laws. So if Dawkins is this dumb about logic and the definition of 'God' -- he's too dumb to live.

See: if God only did stuff you could explain NATURALLY, then you'd not know it was God doing it. So of course He's going to do stuff that defies nature (hence IMPROBABLE), so you know He exists. Isn't that what every atheist is demanding, physical evidence of God? Well, look no further than your ability to think and reason, because it's NOT biological. Brain doesn't generate thought, but is acted on BY thought; which, no one can find under any microscope.

And in point of fact, every miracle in the Bible that leaves a trace in history, has been found. We find sea animal fossils on the tops of mountains (Flood or original restoration evidence); we find the walls of Jericho which shouldn't have fallen down. We found Babylon (which for centuries no one knew existed, outside Scripture). We found evidence of the plagues and the Greeks renamed the Sea, 'Red'. (Some years back, I wrote Exodate.htm to explain the Exodus evidence further.) Every day new archeological evidence tying back to those old times, is found. Some think they've found Sinai, recently.

So the 'evidence of God' in the NATURAL world, would BE the 'improbability', itself. Duh. For if it's 'impossible' to happen naturally, that bespeaks a SUPERNATURAL origin. Duh. For this is true logic: if A exists, then -A exists, as any mathematician can tell you. Law of Opposites. Or as Shakespeare put it, 'by indirections, find directions out.' Yeah.

So OF COURSE it's improbable the universe would NATURALLY exist, no set of proteins or other chemicals can randomly result in it, so far as we can test. Duh. And science cannot explain how the universe came to exist WITHOUT some Supernatural Starter; whether one posits a Landscape always there, or the Big Bang universe of conventional science. That's why the 'God' argument is so compelling to even the simplest logic. Dawkins has no ability to reason, clearly. So of course he's not 'scientific', either. He's an embarrassment, to the scientific community!

Honestly, if you are an atheist, keep your atheism but flee Dawkins like the fool he is. If you are agnostic and want proof of God, 'ask the ceiling', for only if you get DIRECT CONTACT from God, should you believe IN Him. That's the essence of science: empirical testing. Here, for the Supernatural and Immaterial, hence you must 'ask the ceiling' for proof which 'interprets' what you can see and hear, for its origins. No other sane, logical, scientific way to test for the existence of, what's BEYOND nature.

Berlinski thus dimisses Dawkins in very few words, satire dripping from each of them. Well done. Even so, Berlinski doesn't advocate anything I wrote above (paragraphs beginning with 'Really?' to ending with 'BEYOND nature'). His focus is merely to show that Dawkins is not scientific, and neither are the other atheists who are using 'science' to instead promote their agendas.

Enfin, the book is worth much more than four stars, but it's annoying to use the latest version of Kindle for PC: I've made several videos in Youtube on the book (within 10 days of the review, all in my Youtube 'b-out Atheism' playlist toward the end) -- so you can see how the Kindle edition works. Hence four stars.

Is God Desirable? Part 1 of 3

Still on Berlinski's book The Devil's Delusion, here page 150. This video is in two parts, with a PostScript. In this part, Dawkins' argument that God does not exist because it's improbable that nature could create Him, is debunked for the nonsense that it is. Berlinkski debunks Dawkins differently from what I'm saying in this video, because I'm introducing a higher logic test for God's existence than I see in either Dawkins or Berlinski's argument. But first Dawkins must be shot down.

Part 2 will cover Berlinski's argument (which begins in his Chapter 4, not Chapter 2; I misstated the beginning point at about 16:00 of Part I, this video) -- and the introduction of what should be more debated, the DESIRABILITY of God, as a test for God's Existence. Because, man has moral values for something HIGHER than mere survival. Those values are DESIRES, and they empirically exist, yet non-human existence is not preoccupied with those questions. So where do our DESIRES come from? That too must be tested, and you can't do it from mere facts; you have to use reason ON the facts.

Is God Desirable? Part 2 of 3

I don't think 'necessary' matters, because it's true or not that God (or the universe) exists, whether necessary or not. Even if necessary, that doesn't mean RIGHT or GOOD or DESIRABLE. In short, many things exist which are necessary but unpleasant and even unjust. But if God exists, then Justice must exist. That, is a DESIRABILITY requirement. Only man insists on justice as a motive for LIVING. Nature is demonstrably unjust, so then if God who made nature exists, God's Own Nature comes into question.

The question of God's Nature as an issue, Berlinski notes on page 139 of his book, penultimate paragraph (which I was trying to find, at 15:45 of this video). But he leaves the question for the reader, to ponder. He started using Aquinas' 'necessary' postulate, in Chapter 4 (not Chapter 2 as I misstated at 1:39 or so in this video).

So beginning at 8 minutes, I introduce what should be more debated, the DESIRABILITY of God, as an empirical test for God's Existence. Because, man has moral values for something HIGHER than mere survival. Those values are DESIRES, and they empirically exist, yet non-human existence is not preoccupied with those questions. So where do our DESIRES come from? That too must be tested, and you can't do it from mere facts; you have to use reason ON the facts. I don't propose how to do that, beyond positing that one should list what characteristics in 'God' are DESIRABLE, and then testing those characteristics for their REFLECTION in the natural universe you see. Then you'd adjust either the characteristics or your view of the natural universe, if there are contradictions between the two. For if God exists, there will be NO contradiction between what you can see, and the characteristics of 'God'. Thus ends Part 2.

Back in Part I, Dawkins' argument that God does not exist because it's improbable that nature could create Him, is debunked for the nonsense that it is. Berlinkski debunks Dawkins differently from what I said in that video.

Is God Desirable? Part 3 of 3 (PostScript)

Audio only, finishing off Part 2 (here: • Is God Desirable? Part 2 of 3 ). With picture of this 'taxing' issue of taxonomizing God, from a desirability criterion. The ancients used to argue this way: pick a topic universally accepted as desirable as if true, then prove whether it's true or not. That's what I propose here, except that we have a welter of empirical data from millions of people over thousands of years, about what constitutes 'desirability' in 'god'. What this 'god' desires, and whether and why we desire 'him'. From this welter of facts about how people conceive the character and attractiveness of 'god', you can deduce much.

So you can indeed test for God's Existence, by first discovering God's Desirability or His Own Desires, HYPOTHETICALLY. Same analysis process as theoretical math, but since the topic is God, the process is instead usually classified as philosophical.

So you first determine how God 'should' be, then look out at nature and see if those characteristics are reflected. If God really exists, there should be harmony between the characteristics and the natural world. To the extent disharmony, then either what you think you see is incorrect, or the characteristics are incorrect, so then you can revise either end of the 'hypothesis'.

Again, this is done in math all the time, which is the only science that can hypothesize based on the unseen. Philosophy is supposed to work like math, but often doesn't. So here the objective is to be more scientific, just as you'd want to be more thorough when balancing your checkbook. You won't come up with conclusive answers, but you will come up with valid avenues of inquiry. For conclusivity, you have to get direct contact from God. Just as, to actually conclusively know a city exists, you have to GO there. Same three pronged testing is required for conclusivity, in anything: DIRECT CONTACT, REASON, SUPPORTING FACTS.

Proper Moral Accounting and Berlinski's book

Followup video to Is God Desirable 3 ( • Is God Desirable? Part 3 of 3 (PostSc... ), but back to Berlinski's book (The Devil's Delusion), here pages 34-38: on the gnawing question (for him) of moral relativism versus God-Who-Can-Change-His-Mind. To me, this entire debate, which is hot between atheists and theists alike, is based on the wrong premises entirely -- by both sides. So in this video I explain why.

Accounting for a belief, or for the money in your checkbook, is really the same thing. WHY WHENCE HOW WHERE: income, outgo. Until you can account from BEGINNING to END, you don't know what you've got. So you can't account for 'morals' in any definition, until you know WHY there is a universe with you in it; WHENCE that universe (and you) came from, HOW thus you are to live now, and WHERE you are going (i.e., post-death). All issues depend first, on the FACTS from A-Z.

But no atheist or anyone else for that matter, can conclusively ACCOUNT for A-Z. We're all backing into A from the middle of the alphabet, so to speak. Which means, we SUPPOSE (a form of faith) a certain 'beginning' which 'accounts' for where we are now. So to the extent that accounting is incorrect, all we conclude from it (i.e., morals) will be incorrect.

So this whole debate on morals, with the theists claiming no one can be moral unless God exists; with the atheists howling how moral they are; all of them are blind leading the blind into an IRRELEVANCY. For what's the purpose of morals, even? Why should questions of right and wrong, even BE in debate? Here's why: it's DESIRABLE to have good relations with each other. DESIRABILITY leads one to naturally want to know what is right and wrong, good and bad, so to have a happy relationship.

So now you see why the God Question is really quite pressing. God exists or not. That is not a moral question, but merely a factual one. Since God is supernatural, you cannot prove His Existence by natural means, but must 'ask the ceiling'. So pretend you do that; pretend you get the proof you need that YES He exists. Okay, but you still don't know WHAT KIND (until you get that proof too), as there are a bizillion definitions of God out there.

So to avoid wasting time, ask: what SHOULD 'God' be like? Then and only then are you in a position to determine what is right and wrong, good and bad, because now you're talking from the standpoint of DESIRABILITY, which is the foundation for morality. And if you want instead to just conclude no God exists absent 'asking the ceiling', then you'll just flounder around.

In short: the GOD question has to be answered for its factual accuracy or inaccuracy, FIRST. And the only way to get that proof, is 'ask the ceiling'. Until then, eveyrone's just whistling against the wind in all their windy morality accountings, since no one can account for the BEGINNING.

Rational Atheism

Audio only, still keying off Berlinski's 'The Devil's Delusion' book, to derive a definition of Rational Atheism. So this is a followup to the video here ( • Proper Moral Accounting and Berlinski... ).

Berlinski doesn't believe God exists, but calls himself an agnostic, meaning more properly that he doesn't KNOW if God exists. That's typical of the Rational Atheist, who understands or is willing to concede that there are four unexplained IMmaterialities:

  1. Time
  2. Life
  3. Math laws
  4. Human mind/thought/personhood/abstract morality

For centuries, folks have tried to figure out these immaterialities, whether they believed in some form of God or gods, or not. Because if God, then maybe He created these things; if no God, maybe the immaterial properties themselves, did the 'creating' of the universe as we know it. For sure, the material universe was CAUSED by something or someone(s) IMmaterial. So what are the answers?

A Rational Atheist doesn't know, and is not threatened. An irrational atheist doesn't know, but is threatened. Essentially, that's the difference. The problem here is that the latter group of atheists are trying to take over 'science' to squelch scientific inquiry into these four things, i.e., Richard Dawkins' God Delusion book restricts the universe to the material, so therefore God cannot exist (he makes God's own existence subject to the material universe, a tautology).

Science should not be religified. Every true scientist knows that. But those who need 'science' to REPLACE 'god', are trying to drown out valid scientific inquiry into the immaterial. If I understand Berlinski's book properly, it seems that he's trying to argue for science to stop trying to favor ANY side re the God question, but just proceed with the inquiry. That, of course, is a rational argument.

So if you are an atheist, wouldn't you support a return to rationalism, in science? Surely it was wrong for the popes in Galileo's day to squelch his discoveries that the earth orbited the sun in the name of their (anti-Biblical) position that the sun orbited the earth. So isn't it just as wrong, to make a scientist an outcast, if he doesn't support Darwinianism? You decide.

Rational Christianity Part 1

Audio only, still keying off Berlinski's book, 'The Devil's Delusion' (pages 34-38, and 132ff). If the Rational Atheist has the 'immaterial' conundra to admit and account for, the Rational Christian must admit to and faces, more serious accounting problems:

  1. If God is Sovereign, what's to stop Him from being 'arbitrary and capricious'?
  2. If God is merely a 'constable', with right/wrong/truth being independent of Him which He Himself 'obeys', then isn't the independent right/wrong/truth 'god', instead?
  3. If either #1 or #2, why then is evil allowed to exist? If #1, then God is to blame? And if #2 then God is incompetent?
  4. Just how is it, that all mankind's sins can be paid for on the Cross in only three hours by Someone Hanging There.. and we MERELY BELIEVE that happened, to be forever saved, no matter how we sin afterwards?
  5. Concomitant to 1-4, all this is a HUGE amount of work on God's part, to live with all our inferiority and rejection: surely we can't do anything to benefit God, that's the message of #4, in any event. So WHY would God choose to make/live with such a 'creation', essentially shackling Himself to it forever? What does that say about the Character and Competence of God?
  6. And to add insult to injury, the entire spiritual life is lived IN THE HEAD, with God communicating TO the head, unseen, which we are to AUDIT against a seen Bible everyone disputes, misuses and misinterprets? So how do we know WE are rightly interpreting both the 'communication' He directly sends, and this Bible He commands us to learn and live on? All of which, never really serves HIM, but allegedly is to benefit us?

So in this audio I walk through these issues, with only partial answers (to show how hard it is TO answer these things).

What if the neo-Darwinians were Right? Part 1

If the neo-Darwinian version of 'evolution' were actually proven and true, it would have absolutely no impact on the Bible, on the God question, or anything of that sort: because, one still can't account for how 'evolution' got started. The origin of the universe and its processes is still not explained. Birth processes are still not explained. Processes of any kind from either nothingness or an always-there Landscape/SteadyState/Multiverse/Multidimensional 'universe -- none of that would be explained. For, even neo-Darwinian 'evolution' is at best explicative of 'middle data', kinda like being able to account for the balance of your checkbook at the middle of the month, but not at the BEGINNING of the month.

However, as I try to explain in this and in Part 2, neo-Darwinian 'evolution' CANNOT be true, because it violates every fundamental law of math, physics, and biology. Unfortunately, other types of propagation are lumped under the Darwinian 'roof' to make the Darwinian portion of the 'theory', seem true or even plausible. So that's why so many sadly misinformed kids in their 20's, think that they are smart to believe into what is essentially, a Peter Pan form of magic, as if scientific fact.

I really wish neo-Darwinism were true, because I've been a sci-fi fan ever since The Time Machine came out in comic book form (I was a kid, back then). Its ideas are elegant, poetic. Cute. Everything starting at one magic moment with one magic set of proteins, like magic beans. But alas, no evidence supports that.

Other ideas of 'evolution' are more supported, but on closer examination they aren't really evolution, but: mere propagation repeated over and over without the phyla really changing, or hybridization (again, phyla stay stable), or limited mutations which never rise to the TRANSmutation Darwin envisaged.

Mind you, Bible has God decreeing what can be seen as ANY kind of 'evolution', in Genesis 1:24-25, at least for sea and then land life. But not, for man. Per Bible, man isn't biological at all, but the SOUL, 'in Our Image' (meaning, God's). The body is just a house man walks in -- whether that house (as David explains in Psalm 139's always mistranslated Hebrew) was initially some bent-over apelike structure, who knows. 'Dust of the ground' is poetic for organic, biological material, and only applies to the NOT human, body. The human is not human until the soul is breathed directly BY God, into the body at birth, Genesis 2:7 and about 500 other verses (which I'll eventually cover in the balance of my Prolife Blasphemy playlist).

So what if the Darwinians were right? All math, genetics, and physics would be turned upside down, in which case the underpinning of Darwinianism would have to be revisited de novo. But the God thingy? No effect at all. So don't feel threatened by the atheists who hallucinate that 'evolution' somehow proves the Bible wrong. It proves nothing regarding God, esp. in light of Genesis 1:24-25, versus 26-27 and 2:7. Sigh.

What if the neo-Darwinians were Right? Part 2

Conclusion from • What if the neo-Darwinians were Right.... If you want a longer explanation, I wrote about the problem years ago in Godevol.html.

For if the neo-Darwinian version of 'evolution' were actually proven and true, it would have absolutely no impact on the Bible, on the God question, or anything of that sort: one still can't account for how 'evolution' got started. The origin of the universe and its processes remain unexplained. Birth processes are still not explained. Processes of any kind from either nothingness or an always-there Landscape/SteadyState/Multiverse/Multidimensional 'universe -- none of that would be explained. For, even neo-Darwinian 'evolution' is at best explicative of 'middle data', kinda like being able to account for the balance of your checkbook at the middle of the month, but not at the BEGINNING of the month.

So all this debate over evolution between atheists and Christians, is irrelevant to the God question, and is harmful to true and properly-secular, science. Please understand: religion sickens me. I don't want to see it taught in the classroom. Once you open that door, you can't shut it. Which religion's idea of origin do you include? Or, exclude? Yikes!

So as I try to explain, neo-Darwinian 'evolution' CANNOT be true, because it violates every fundamental law of math, physics, and biology. Unfortunately, other types of propagation are lumped under the Darwinian 'roof' to make the Darwinian portion of the 'theory', seem true or even plausible. So that's why so many sadly misinformed kids in their 20's, think that they are smart to believe into what is essentially, a Peter Pan form of magic, as if scientific fact.

I really wish neo-Darwinism were true, because I've been a sci-fi fan ever since The Time Machine came out in comic book form (I was a kid, back then). Its ideas are elegant, poetic. Cute. Everything starting at one magic moment with one magic set of proteins, like magic beans. But alas, no evidence supports that.

Other ideas of 'evolution' are more supported, but on closer examination they aren't really evolution, but: mere propagation repeated over and over without the phyla really changing, or hybridization (again, phyla stay stable), or limited mutations which never rise to the TRANSmutation Darwin envisaged.

Mind you, Bible has God decreeing what can be seen as ANY kind of 'evolution', in Genesis 1:24-25, at least for sea and then land life. But not, for man. Per Bible, man isn't biological at all, but the SOUL, 'in Our Image' (meaning, God's). The body is just a house man walks in -- whether that house (as David explains in Psalm 139's always mistranslated Hebrew) was initially some bent-over apelike structure, who knows. 'Dust of the ground' is poetic for organic, biological material, and only applies to the NOT human, body. The human is not human until the soul is breathed directly BY God, into the body at birth, Genesis 2:7 and about 500 other verses (which I'll eventually cover in the balance of my Prolife Blasphemy playlist).

So what if the Darwinians were right? All math, genetics, and physics would be turned upside down, in which case the underpinning of Darwinianism would have to be revisited de novo. But the God thingy? No effect at all. So don't feel threatened by the atheists who hallucinate that 'evolution' somehow proves the Bible wrong. It proves nothing regarding God, esp. in light of Genesis 1:24-25, versus 26-27 and 2:7. Sigh.

Evolution is Not A Threat

Rant about how it's unfair to science, to shackle it with politics or religion. Here, the jumping-off point is the problem of morphological novelty, long a bone of contention in evolutionary inquiry. Video's article is here: Another article interestingly tries to argue back to Darwin's own position (rather than Dawkins' neo-Darwinist conflation), here: Obviously, the truth will be somewhere in the middle.

So back to the question: HOW does a fish fin become, say, a hand? Not that hands necessarily come from fish, but replace 'fish' with whatever other organism you as a neo-Darwinist, want to use. This problem is the heart of the complaint against the neo-Darwinians, who unlike Darwin have created a much more restrictive and untenable hypothesis of 'natural selection' (i.e., eliminating environmental factors as a cause in evolutionary changes).

Okay, that's a thorny set of issues to investigate, already. So why complicate it with the IMPOSSIBLE DEMAND that somehow this information, wherever it leads -- will prove or disprove, God? God is supernatural by nature, and Immaterial. He does miracles. Once the miracle is done, you can't tell it was miraculous, if in the past; you'd have to BE there. If in the present, the miracle will be doubted by all who don't see it. In any event, it's interpretative, and debated. So why add some demand of proving or disproving God, to science, which is limited only to the natural and physical?

So evolution in any configuration, with whatever results we discover, is no threat. It doesn't threaten the atheist, as nothing in this theory can ever prove God really exists. It doesn't threaten the theist, for nothing can prove God doesn't exist. It certainly doesn't threaten the Christian, as there is a DECREE for fauna evolution in Genesis 1. God chooses instead to make man directly, and 'human' is an immaterial soul not a body, because man is made in God's image, not biology, Gen 1:26-27, Gen 2:7, many other passages.

In particular, since man is not evolved but is immaterial, then the prolifers are also proven apostate, since they try to claim as the atheists do, that man is material and hence alive in the womb. Ooops.

So let's just leave science alone to do its thing. The data will always 'suggest', and never be conclusive, but will always be illuminating. Then ask the ceiling for proof about God. Can't be simpler than that. If instead you are anal about getting 'scientific' proof, then look to math and physics, as math itself is immaterial, and set theory should help you quickly determine that 'god' in some form or definition, must exist. Then you ask the ceiling, because until and unless you get DIRECT CONTACT from this 'god', you won't have real proof.

The Christian is supposed to be in direct contact with God 24/7, 1Cor2:16, 2Cor10:5, Romans 12:1-3, etc, many other verses. And just how can we prove that INTIMACY is happening, to anyone else? We can't. That's why Hebrews 11 is so important. So as Christians, let's stop feeling threatened by what cannot prove against God. As atheists, let's stop feeling threatened by what cannot prove FOR God.

Yes, Darwinian Evolution hinges on Transmutation!

Answering my critics, who think I falsely invoke Transmutation as core to the theory of Evolution, at least in the Darwinian flavor, old or new. You can Google on 'Transmutation of the Species' to get a bunch of links showing how that term is key to Darwin's own ideas. Download his Origin of Species, here: Or read it online, here: See also his 'Descent of Man', which you can download, here:

And, you can read another engaging 1867 book (The Darwinian Theory of the Transmutation of Species By Robert Mackenzie Beverley) which analyzes the ideas, so to see how 'neo-Darwinism' was then just developing in light of Mendl, and thus in a state of flux. Here's the link: The Darwinian Theory of the Transmutation of Species By Robert Mackenzie Beverley .

His satire contra Darwin is exquisite, very like Berlinski's against Dawkins. Beverley takes Darwin to task for being unscientific, not even properly defining 'species'. So you'll forgive his satire re Darwin, I hope. Especially, since the same arguments against Darwin back then, are just as apt today against Dawkins (someone should revoke the guy's degrees in genetics or whatever). 150 years later, still there is no proof of the neo-Darwinian position, despite all our advances in math, physics, and genetics. Wow.

Note that when reading the book, the writer is not threatened by the idea of evolution, even citing the Bible on page 20. So why are Christians so anal about trying to knock down 'evolution' now? Just because some crazy atheist like Dawkins thinks it's only intellectually-fulfilling to BE an atheist if he can shoehorn 'evolution' into a 'proof' that 'god does not exist', doesn't mean that you should be threatened. Nor does it mean that you cannot be an atheist, UNLESS you believe in transmutation and 'evolution'.

Atheism doesn't need to be defended. No faith in or away from god of any kind needs to be defended. You believe or not. That's your free right. However, if you're trying to prove out WHAT to believe, then DO YOUR HOMEWORK.

Evidence of God: you, humanity, set theory, Law of Opposites

This isn't your typical 'evidence' video. Rather, this one offers a TESTABLE HYPOTHESIS, so is objectively falsifiable.

Gist of hypothesis: enough PLAUSIBLE evidence of God exists, to warrant 'asking the ceiling' for DIRECT CONTACT from whoever 'God' might be. Here's why:

  1. YOU exist. Bible says the real you is an immaterial soul made in God's Image, which is why you CAN get communication from, and CAN know God, Genesis 1:26-27, 2:7, 1Cor2, many other verses. Proof Psalm 139 says your body is but a biological house, is demonstrated from the Hebrew, in NoWombLife.htm. You can find the 'Prolife Blasphemy' videos covering many more verses, here in Youtube, but those vids don't fully show Psalm 139, yet.
  2. MANY WITNESSES (observational evidence, a key criterion for 'scientific' analysis) throughout history, in the millions, and for thousands of years, ATTEST that God exists. Like any kind of massive evidence, there are differences in detail, but agreement on the essentials: here, that 'God' in SOME FORM exists. A true scientist or statistician never turns away from mass evidence with an essential agreement, especially when it's over such a massive period of time in such massive numbers. To turn it away, is to be dishonest and unscientific.
  3. SET THEORY: the largest uncontainable set must contain all attributes, one of which is personhood; so the Ultimate Person, Uncontainable, must be 'God'.
  4. LAW OF OPPOSITES: if A, then -A. If material universe, therefore immaterial infinity to run it, therefore 'God'. For universally, the material DEPENDS on the immaterial. Math is immaterial, and we all depend on it. So too does all 'nature'. Time is immaterial, and GOVERNS 'nature'. Thought is immaterial, and GOVERNS the body (called 'Mind' in ancient times by those believing AND not believing in 'God'); Life is immaterial; which scientists all know, because they cannot define it, since the BIOLOGY of a newly-dead thing is exactly the same as just before it died. Those are four immaterialities we see and live with and under, every single day. Law of Opposites creates stasis, cycles, equilibrium, reason why (as physicists are so fond of pointing out) that the primary rule in science is that there be 'no loss of information'.

Notice that the first two, are observational. But the second two, are impersonal 'laws' universally observed and always proving theoretically true as well. So, then: the combination of the two justifies the Evidence of God hypothesis as capable of testing.

But the test, is necessarily individual, since the test is whether God exists. The only sane way to find that, is to ASK THE CEILING for DIRECT CONTACT from God (see my 'Proving God' video). Not just once (for that's not scientific), but many times (to produce a predictable pattern), daily over a month. for until you can establish a pattern, you don't know whether your results are predictable.

Even so, you won't be able to see that pattern as proof, except within yourself. Then again, it won't then matter, as YOU will have the proof YOU need.

If you're unwilling to do this ASK THE CEILING experiment, then you cannot claim God doesn't exist, as the hypothesis is provably sound and is testable, with millions of observations already attesting to it being true, over thousands of years, in thousands of whole societies dedicated to 'the gods' or 'God' by some definition. It's not possible that so much massive attestation is wholly incorrect. Only a dishonest person, would ignore it.

brainout defends Darwin?

Yeah. If I'm going to present Evidence for God in math, why not do the same thing for Darwin? For maybe String Theory accounts for the MIDDLE PROCESS of 'evolution' Darwin was trying to describe. For until you can account for the BEGINNING, you cannot account. Here's the Harvard University wepage containing the videos listed in my video: Since the video slides are unclear in the video resolution, be sure to click on the 'view slides for this presentation' link, which is underneath the Title in each video's description. You can download the slides from that link.

If you're not familiar with the speaker's explanation, you'll have to do more homework. You might want to look at my Physics Favorites, and Math Favorites playlists, which are just collections of OTHER FOLKS' videos from within Youtube, that deal on these topics. The Math Favorites videos focus on fractals, since the shapes fractals produce, are seen in nature. Fractals, like string theory, are new math discoveries. For sure, math governs universal operation. And best of all, it can be audited, proofed. To get some sense of the issues, try perusing this site:

To see the inherent parallel in biology, try viewing these videos on cell behavior (especially division), also at Harvard Home: Socks Before Shoes: Unraveling Cell Division. It's in HTML5, so you might not be able to watch it. I couldn't get it to work, in Windows 7. You can only run it, if you download RealPlayer; it won't stream well. So refresh the page after selecting a video, and during the first second or two, hit the play button to PAUSE the video. Wait a few more seconds, then play. You can resize by putting your mouse in the upper left corner of the video, and suddenly the plus sign for theatre mode, will appear. Click on it. (Sorry, stupid programmers pervade now, so operations are never intuitive.)

If you've only time to view ONE of these videos, view this one on mutation, If you've more time, then view this video on mitosis: Both will help you to see why Darwinism doesn't work. So the hypothesis needs to be revised from its 'all life has a common source' premise, via PHYSICS.

So what was the beginning? A Big Bang. From, a singularity. Which, contained 'strings', the blueprint of all creation. Which, then can account for the variation in all things, whether planets and stars, or organic life. All from a common origin.

This was what Thomas Aquinas was trying to figure out (in his Treatise on the Six Days), and which David Berlinski was trying to explain: did the universe get here IMmediately (directly created by God), or MEDIATELY (through some autonomic process God ordained).

Berlinkski doesn't believe in God either, so the idea of an autonomic process which causes CHANGE quickly or slowly doesn't require one to believe in God to diagnose it. The problem of neo-Darwinianism, is that it requires all these changes be GENETIC, though we know from observation for centuries, that genetic mutation is too narrow in range, to result in what Darwin termed TRANSmutation, i.e., so that an ape could eventually become human. Since the latter cannot occur genetically, then how did so many varied life forms get here? Well, maybe they were all fractalically (sp?) produced from a SINGLE BLUEPRINT in the strings, at the time of the Big Bang.

Best of all, this idea can be vetted mathematically. The idea of strings is new, so much work remains to be done. But ultimately, if proven, would account better for what Darwin was trying to prove, as it would start at the BEGINNING and would be essentially a VERTICAL process of the blueprints, coming into being.

See what you think.

Salvation Is an Inheritance you can Elect AGAINST

We aren't presenting the Gospel correctly. BIBLE depicts it as an inheritance, Isaiah 53:10-12, and here in Hebrews 9:14-17, this video.

Bible is a CONTRACT containing promises, delivery clauses, depositions, etc. You are a beneficiary of God's. Any beneficiary, under law back when Adam lived or now, can ELECT AGAINST the Inheritance. So here in Hebrews 9, we see that same doctrine explained.

The unbeliever has elected against the WHOLE inheritance, which starts with being saved TO LIVE WITH GOD IN HEAVEN FOREVER, versus hell. But atop that capped phrase, are other assets God has willed for you, namely kingship.

Kingship means the WEALTH of a King (gold silver and precious stones, 1Cor3, to which Hebrews 9 talks back to, as it's playing on 2 Peter's use of the term as well). So, as Paul says in Galatians, you can inherit a kingdom, not merely be in it (Eternal State aka Heaven is a federation of kingdoms both on earth and off-earth, Revelation 21). But you have to LEARN that inheritance, even as any heir to a throne has to learn kingship prior to taking office. Born-again Royalty you are; but learning how to rule, is something you must master, prior to being allowed to officially rule, yourself.

Hence as a believer, you can elect against the Will of God for SOME of your inheritance, as this video briefly explains.

THIS is how Bible presents the salvation inheritance. So we should present it the same way. It's not about how good or bad you are, but about GOD WILLING to give you the INHERITANCE, which you can wholly or partly, elect AGAINST. To the extent you elect AGAINST, you don't get!

b-out Divine Physics

God's 'physics' for salvation, nicely depict the solution needed to construct secular unified field theory, which has always been plagued by misapprehending how QM and GR can fit together. Isaiah 53:10-11 in the LXX, is the key to both how your sins were paid on the Cross, how your spiritual life works; and, to secular cosmological physics. The 'pants' are five VERBS. Bet someone can figure out the needed equations, once he knows the actions!

This playlist is embedded in LordvSatan3.htm#5Infinitives, in SatStrat.htm, and Fixes.htm "physics" sections.

x/5 Spiritual Physics

Spiritual Physics is something I learned by mistake several years ago when exegeting Isaiah 53:10-11 in the LXX versus Hebrew text, which are quite different. So here's the first of 5 parts on the topic. It centers on the Paradox of Truth and Freedom, hence in God, Complete Infinity is not what we think it is. Downloadable in Google. For more info, see index.htm. All my webpages are centered on this same theme (i.e., Thinking series is on Body-of-Christ aka Church in the Angelic Conflict, RESULTING from Isa53:10-11).

Part 2 introduces Isa53:10-11, how the Hypostatic 'Circle' of Christ-on-Cross resolves the Paradox of Truth, fulfilling Truth such that via Omnipotence, God makes GOOD on all the freely-existing bad truth (Isa54:1). Parallel to secular cosmological physics begins in Part 2. This Love circle (subjective +objective genitive, agape tou Theou) is just like math, physics in structure, function: "Love is the Integrity of God!" -- quote by my pastor, RB Thieme Jr., in May 7, 2000 Bible class.

Part 3 continues Isa53:10-11, how God uses the 'Circle' of Christ-on-Cross to remake us in exactly the same way, same 5 verbs as happened to Him during 1st Advent. Thus God makes GOOD on all the freely-existing bad truth (Isa54:1). Parallel to secular cosmological physics continues in Part 3

Part 4, how Isa53:10-11 spiritually TRANSFORMS us per Rom12:1-3, Functionally Divine -- SOLELY by the Spirit's Power. Divine Physics thus are WAY beyond morality and works, Isa54:1 happening each moment you learn & live on Bible.

Part 5, how secular physics is parallel to Isa53:10-11's daily TRANSFORMATION -- by Spirit's Power. Isa54:1, as you learn & live on Bible. Joining of OPPOSITES is the key to solving secular physics conundrums.

Spiritual Physics, Summary

God's TOE: If A, then -A, where "A" is Infinite-Quality, Immaterial God. Result is that -A will have to go on forever, as it can never reach the 'value' of +A. Hence Opposites must Unite for Truth to be Infinite Integrity, in Equilibrium. So everything secular must 1) reflect a uniting of OPPOSITES which 2) PRODUCE stability 3) via a CYCLE which 4) COMPLETES such that 5) WITHIN every point, these opposites unite. Thus goes this concluding summary of the 5-part Spiritual Physics videos, showing secular physics implications which reflect the larger spiritual ones (last half of video), spawned by the five infinitives in Isa53:10-11 (LXX). Downloadable in Google. My main page on the post-Salvation ROYAL spiritual life is . Our spiritual growth is made part of the prehistoric Angelic Trial, Heb11:1 in Greek so see Heb111.htm for the videos proving what the Greek says and the translation correction.

b-out Contra Calvinism

NEW Debate Thread for whole series, frankforum/viewtopic.php?f=28&t=70&p=233.

Focus: 1) why today's Calvinism is apostate, but also 2) how to fix it. Calvinism is worth saving, but it MUST be reformed to fit Bible. Videos show why and how. This playlist is embedded in TULindex.htm. First three videos clue you into the BIBLE's answer, and the rest critique what's wrong with Calvinism, and how to FIX it. Surprisingly, the fix needed isn't much: keep reading this description for a quick summary. Then decide what videos you'll watch, if any. I'm very sympathetic to Calvinism (except for the anti-semitic Replacement Theology preterism), hence all this material.

The Calve Islam videos in the playlist always get the most attention, but are only a small PART of the series. They are meant as a diagnostic for what's wrong with Calvinism. They focus on how Calvin, infected by anti-semitism 'inherited' from the Church Fathers and RCC, ignored vital OT doctrines the Jews long knew and taught. This resulted in his tangled, RCC-leaning, preterist, theonomic, replacement theology. Big loss, to ignore the OT. Big gain, to fix Calvin's theology in light of OT, but don't hold your breath: Calvinists impose Calvin's ideas ON the Bible, no matter what it takes, so they can claim Calvin right.

Content summary:

TULIP by Calvinism's definition, is totally depraved. Yet, it can be fixed.

Videos address also the very bad Bible Greek scholarship mistakes famous Calvinists make.

Calvin's Poison

Calvin inherited his poison from his idol Augustine and those prior usurpers, the 'Church Fathers', starting with 'Clement' of Rome's power grab when John was newly exiled or dead. Other usurpers quickly infiltrated. Christianity became so bad, they deemed the diarrhetic 1Clement, canon (see!

In their own words: and and here's their usurpation claim: Ask: since Canon was still being written by John, why didn't God mention this (ahem) doctrine, but rather 1Cor15 remains unrevised?

Rev 2-3, 17 proved true within 10 years of writing! No wonder its God-breathed text is disputed or allegorized by usurper descendants! Apostacy in Book of Judges, repeats! Doctoring the Vulgate to mask their games. See my PopeMyth playlist,

So this 'tradition' of usurpation comes in five chief flavors, infects all Calvin writes:

  1. Anti-Semitism (blaming Jews, Replacement Theology, preterism). Quotes to vet: Anti-Semitism of the "Church Fathers". See also Schaff,, and
  2. Free Will Loss at Fall ( Calvin's use of Augustine:, vs these quotes: (Use only Church Father quotes, investigate context.)
  3. Limited Atonement (corollary of purgatory in Church Fathers:
  4. Faith as meritorious (corollary of Catholicized mitzwot, but esp. Augustine's On the Free Choice of the Will, linked below).
  5. Behavior as spiritual (pick any 'Church Father' from

These poisons account for Christianity's stunted theologies. Just as God warned through Paul and esp. 1John and Rev 17, they never learn Word for itself and God for Himself, 2Tim3:5-7, 2Jn9-11.

Incredible: we know God is INFINITELY PERFECT yet we think God should reward our puny actions toward humans, expecting the Light Company to reward you for paying your phone bill!

More Links to Augustine:

Free Choice of the Will: and or

Augustine's Reply to Faustus section 11, claims Church should curse Israel! Grab Pepto-Bismol; then read from 'God says to Cain,' in

Modern-day 'scholar spin' to paper over his own anti-semitic, violating Genesis 12, 15, 17 words: Paul, Faustus, and Augustine’s Evolution toward Anti-anti-Semitism and

Links to Calvin..

gloating over Servetus:

His quote: "posterity owes me a debt of gratitude for having purged the Church of so pernicious a monster."994

Calvin's anti-semitic commentary on Daniel: For Daniel Chaps 1-6; covers Dan Chaps 7+. Search on 'Jews' 'rabbi', 'Barbinel'. Search on 'God's Wish to cut off' and 'continual shower' in the 25.txt, see Calvin project his own anti-semitism onto God, as if God wanted to exterminate the Jews. Contrast with Gen12, 15, 17. So, like Augustine, Calvin got his eschatology wrong, as well as most of his soteriology and his idea of the spiritual life. For anti-semitism rots the brain.

Live documents from Geneva at that time:

1/12 Contra Calvinism: Introduction

Upshot of series, Word doc: ContraCalvVids.doc

This video Episode 1, opens with the BIBLE's definition of the real purpose of the spiritual life: to train you in the King's THINKING. (It's very fast-paced, so you may need to put the video on pause, to read the many Bible verses shown.)

So if you GET trained in His Thinking, you yourself become a King -- and inherit a kingdom of Church believers, which you OWN -- forever. Flagship passages on this are in Eph1-4, Hebrews 1-11. It's Paul's main theme (but Hebrews wasn't written by Paul.)

Calvinism completely missed that Bible point, because Calvinism like Catholicism, is stuck on the past, and founded upon anti-semitism; so they don't recognize that Church has its own covenant entirely separate from Israel's. Subsequent videos go through the errors of TULIP.

Webpage on TULIP (I correct it to Bible, redub it "TULIPS?"): TULindex.htm

Video Charts are from GeneYrs.xls, which is a timeline using ONLY the Bible's own dating system, emphasizing how post-Cross history follows God's 490-year time grant rules; how, the denominations' apostacies track to the deadlines, i.e., Schism, Crusades, & Reformation (same 'coincidence' with the rising cycle of Islam).

First-century Christians were apostate. Bible abounds with their many follies: James, Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Acts all show how goofball 1st-century Christians were. Peter went wacko in Acts 1, James goes wacko in Acts 15, Paul goes wacko in Acts 18 and 21, wakes up to it in Acts 22.

So denominations claiming they are the "original faith", are thus apostate.

You study Napoleon's blunders in West Point to learn how NOT to do a thing. So you study OT apostacy, to learn not to repeat it. So you study NT apostacy, to learn not to repeat it.

So you study denominational blunders, to learn not to repeat them. There's a PATH of DELUSION one wanders on, to become apostate. Important to see that path, lest one imitate it.

Delusion is characterized by persistent and stubborn refusal to listen. By stubborn clinging to one's denomination or position. Standing pat is a sure sign that one is apostate. Truth doesn't need defense. :)

5/12 Contra Calvinism: Total Depravity's Off-White Nature.

Total Depravity is OFF-WHITE: once you understand that, you'll see why God condemns works, religiosity, and why He punishes for Lack of Belief. For if you believe in God, you're trusting in HIS Merit. But if you don't believe, you're claiming YOU have merit. Believers and unbelievers alike are driven by the sin-nature urge to BE GOOD, claim good in the self. THAT, is what's depraved. That, is the quintessential 'signature' of sin. Look anywhere around you, see the urge on display. Welcome to the fallen human race.

Associated webpage: LordvSatan2.htm#Fall covers the Bible's description of the nature of Total Depravity, in excruciating detail.

6/12, Contra Calvinism: "draw" verses

Calvinists misuse Bible "draw" verses, mistaking the helpless resistance of the genetic pull in the sin nature, for a lack of free will. READ THE COMMENTS in this video and the next one, as the 'draw' verses pan-Bible, are listed in the comments. Proper exegesis demands you look up ALL occurrences of a word in Bible, to know how it's used. Calvies don't do that.

In particular, they conveniently ignore that Greek verb 'helkw' (say hell-koh) in John 6:44, is an idiom for 'draw a crowd' -- notice that if you leave out the 'a crowd' in translations (which are mostly done by Calvinists), you completely reverse the meaning of the word. So helkw means the CROWD of its OWN FREE WILL is ATTRACTED to the speaker (here, Christ). So 'no one can come to the Father unless ATTRACTED' is the better translation. But of course no Calvinist will admit that. :) And of course, the rest of John 6's context, Calvinists also ignore -- the context stresses that the crowd HAD free will, but kept on refusing Christ. Ooops.

Upshot: due to sin nature, volition struggles. But struggle demonstrates free will is retained. Power to overcome the struggle, depends on other attributes, and free will is not less free because it struggles.

Calvies have eye problems with any verse containing "all", if "sin" is in the verse; with substitutionary prepositions huper and peri, if hamartias is the object; with noun gender (leaping Matt16:18!) in Eph 2:8-9. See Calve Islam 5 videos in the Contra Calvinism playlist for an exegesis of Eph 2:8-9, and what Calvin said about the passage.

It's that good ol' total depravity showing, so at least the gaffes prove true, the effects of Adam's original sin. :)

8a/12, Contra Calvinism: Romans 9

You'll probably need to be VERY familiar with the text of Romans 9 (at least in translation), before you'll be able to follow Part 8. It's on how Calvinism misreads Romans 9 despite the blunt statement by Paul in Rom 9:20 that (i.e., resisting-God) humans HAVE FREE WILL. How embarrassing.

9a/12, Contra Calvinism: God is NOT Constrained!

This video was originally done 9/24/2008 as part of the Contra Calvinism series, but I didn't post it. Just found it now, when cleaning my video files. It's one of the few videos I've done, which is succinct!

Word doc Upshot of series, Word doc: ContraCalvVids.doc. Webpage on TULIP (I correct it to Bible, redub it "TULIPS?"): TULindex.htm. It has all the Contra videos, too.

My webpages on God's Attribute of Infinity are many. Here are 3 of the thinkpieces, all very heavy: DueDisclosure.htm, which is Calvinism-specific as well; DDNA.htm, on how God uses His Infinity to 'clone' His Son into us; the daddy of these pages is my Thinking Out Loud series, beginning with LordvSatan1.htm. For that's what's on Trial: God's Infinity.

BIBLE's definition of the spiritual life: to clone the King's THINKING. So if you GET trained in His Thinking, you yourself become a King -- and inherit a kingdom of Church believers, which you OWN -- forever. Flagship passages on this are in Eph1-4, Hebrews 1-11. It's Paul's main theme (but Hebrews wasn't written by Paul.)

Calvinism missed that Bible point, as Calvinism like Catholicism, is stuck on the past, founded upon anti-semitism; so they don't see Church has its own covenant entirely separate from Israel's.

Video Charts are from GeneYrs.xls, a timeline made ONLY from Bible's own dating system, showing also how post-Cross history follows God's 490-year time grant rules; how, the denominations' apostacies track to the deadlines, i.e., Schism, Crusades, & Reformation (same 'coincidence' with the rising cycle of Islam). Paul uses this very method in Eph1:3-14, see the 11 GGS video playlist.

First-century Christians were apostate. Bible abounds with their many follies: James, Romans, Corinthians, Galatians, Acts all show how goofball 1st-century Christians were. Peter went wacko in Acts 1, James goes wacko in Acts 15, Paul goes wacko in Acts 18 and 21, wakes up to it in Acts 22.

So denominations claiming they are the "original faith", are thus apostate.

You study Napoleon's blunders in West Point to learn how NOT to do a thing. So you study OT apostacy, to learn not to repeat it. So you study NT apostacy, to learn not to repeat it.

So you study denominational blunders, to learn not to repeat them. There's a PATH of DELUSION one wanders on, to become apostate. Important to see that path, lest one imitate it.

Delusion is characterized by persistent and stubborn refusal to listen. By stubborn clinging to one's denomination or position. Standing pat is a sure sign that one is apostate. Truth always requires explanation -- but never needs defense. So the Calvies waste their lives defending, what is largely a defamation of God's Character.

Calvinist Plane Tips

What to do if you find yourself trapped on a plane with a Calvinist. I don't know who to credit for the video's jpg, which I use here to demonstrate #7 in Calve Islam video.

Calvinists are famous for their bad arguments and pseudo-intellectuality, their stubborn deafness and belligerence, their bad Bible scholarship but hallucination that they read Bible well. So their 'fruit' is a kind of bullying, in which they cast God Himself as the same kind of Tyrant, yet all the while shouting "Sovereign Grace". Kinda like Pravda during the Soviet Union. :)

How did they get like this? Same way any set of believers goes wildly apostate: they got into Scholasticism. Men's ideas of things, rather than God's. So what happened, is this: they INFUSED the Bible's words with their philosophical ideas of what those words meant, instead of learning the Bible's own meanings. So Bible's definition of free will, no Calvinist knows. For when he reads a passage he imposes CALVIN's ideas on the Bible. So now he cannot read Bible.

So they can't hear, or read, anyone else but Calvin. After five minutes conversation with them, you see that. Ergo these Calvinist Plane Tips might come in handy, especially if you're stuck on a long flight...

Calve Islam

Creepy parallels between Calvinism and Islam: list follows at end of this description. Everything said in the video about Calvinism can be verified in Bible and in Calvinist teachings. Nothing was taken from anti-Calvinist material. You can download Calvin's Institutes, here: Institutes of the Christian Religion, Volume 1. Download only goes thru Book III, Chap XIII.

You can serially read all of the Institutes online: Calvin College's download isn't the whole book either, and the download only works if you right-click and Save Link As. The edition is also different (earlier), vs. Google.

It's important to investigate Calvinism yourself, since Calvinists like Muslims, prevaricate. For example, Calvin's sick idea that "free will" is meritorious, was derived from Augustine and the philosophers, NOT from Bible, see p.233ff of the Google pdf (Book II Chapter 2 of the Institutes). This obsession with NON-Biblical notions of free will and doctrines, will taint everything Calvin writes. (See also Book II Chap V, p.284ff). This obsession passes on to all who are Calvinists, as you'll easily discover if you are unfortunate enough to have more than five minutes' discourse with them.

So the Bible is less important, huh.

Thus one can account for Calvin's not knowing God creates the soul, and the soul's nature. Instead, he accepts the definitions of other men, and reworks them. You can prove Calvin was totally ignorant of Bible's definition, in his Institutes Book II, Chapter I, esp. beginning at point V (page 225 in the Google download pdf). Thus you can account for Calvin's depraved ideas re the nature of man's depravity, not recognizing that Bible says depravity is genetic in Rom5:12, since ONLY GOD creates the soul at BIRTH, again per Bible (over 300 verses). Calvin's bad reasoning goes downhill from that point.

On p.211 (Book I, Chap. XVIII), Calvin asserts that bad stuff is God's "secret will"! But then Calvin was anti-semitic (though less anti-semitic than Luther), so he's reading and analyzing Bible in a carnal state.

God is not anti-semitic. So God was not in any of the Church Fathers or Reformers to the extent they were anti-semitic. So they shouldn't be idolized. But Calvinists idolize Calvin. Yeah, like the Muslims idolize Muhammed the anti-semite.

So now you know why after 500 years, Calvinists are just as unable to read Bible as their founder, and why TULIP's definitions, though easily fixable -- as explained in my Contra Calvinism videos -- have instead remained anti-Biblical. And why God continues to be cast by them as a Capricious Tyrant as if that were holy, century after century. For that's how Calvin viewed Him. Bible isn't important, see.

Recap of the Creepy Parallels, follows. First 16 are in the first video. The last seven need more explaining than given here, but the 2nd video covers them:

  1. Both faiths' tenets make God sound capricious.
  2. Both faiths claim man has no free will.
  3. Both faiths claim you must do works to prove faith.
  4. Both allege 'grace' but if you don't stay faithful, you were never saved.
  5. Both allege you must fight for the faith.
  6. Both demand theocratic government.
  7. Both faiths' 'believers' are addicted to endless arguing.
  8. Both faiths' 'believers' think themselves 'superior'.
  9. Both faiths' believers read Bible badly.
  10. Both creeds are anthropocentric.
  11. Both place their 'leader' on par with God.
  12. Both deny pre-Trib Rapture (a form of anti-semitism).
  13. So both think they replace Israel, which is the hallmark characteristic of anti-semitism; that tenet violates the Book of Hebrews.
  14. Both faiths claim God enjoys people burning in hell.
  15. Both faiths effectively negate the Cross.
  16. Both faiths' 'jihads' started at the Reformation.
  17. Both faiths claim Christ didn't pay for all sin.
  18. Both faiths require you SURRENDER to God for salvation.
  19. Both faiths yet call God 'sovereign', though he must force who is saved.
  20. Both faiths call this forcing 'grace', though sane people recognize it as tyranny.
  21. Both faiths treat God's gift of faith/salvation or condemnation as a matter of whim.
  22. Both faiths call 'holy', capriciousness.
  23. Both faiths say God births you before you believe in Him.
  24. So both make Christ a nothing, since sin requires VOLITION. No volition, no sin, hence no need for a Cross.

Associated webpage which has my Contra Calvinism playlist of all the associated videos: TULindex.htm

Calve Islam Addenda A/F

Answering critics. My Calve Islam and Calve Islam 2 videos excite Calvinists inside and outside Youtube, who never view IN CONTEXT, the entire 'brainout Contra Calvinism' (40-video) playlist. So they misrepresent what is said, intentionally or not.

Hence these 'Addendum' videos rehash the 24 points of both Calve Islam and Calve Islam 2. A fuller explanation is in the rest of the playlist, both before and after, this video.

Intro to the human error source in preterism and futurism, is here: • 1/6 Rapture Legal Basis: 2LT Series. That six part '2LT' series is explained with huge Bible backup in my Mirroring.htm; shorter summary is in brainoutFAQ.htm#6. Basic math problem of there being TWO seven's, not one, due to both futurism and preterism accounting 'years' as if lunar (so they missed the 2nd seven in God's accounting, which is solar).

Calvin's Institutes, reading links at

You can also download the whole Institutes from ccel, but don't use the pdf button at upper left of the ccel screen. It will give you a defective copy. Instead, register and use the download icons which will appear in the middle of the screen.

My whole video playlist is viewable here, in the webpage 'birthing' it: TULindex.htm.

Calve Islam Addenda B/F

Hence this pair of 'Addendum' videos rehashes the 24 points of both Calve Islam and Calve Islam 2. A fuller explanation is in the rest of the playlist, both before and after, this video. The John 3:16 video referenced at the end of this one, is here: • John 3:16 and Eternally Secure Salvation. It shows the Greek live, proving that faith PRECEDES regeneration, due to the GRAMMAR rules of Greek where present participle (believe) precedes the main verb (have Eternal Life).

MacArthur has since removed the Lordship_Salvation.pdf I mention in this B/B video. The updated version is linked here, in substantially the same wording (i.e., using the word 'surrender'):

Calve Islam Addenda C/F

Wrapping up, with a very pro-Calvinist tone. For my chief complaint against Calvinism is that its formulation of doctrines, belittles God's Sovereignty and Grace while meaning to praise both.

I don't cover preterism, theonomy, or Replacement Theology here; those are pan-denominational evils belonging to the Satan's Strategy series, when I return to video making at the end of 2010 or in 2011.

A just-arising emergency prevents me from making any more videos after Addendum F, for an unpredictable period.

Calve Islam Addenda D/F

Wrapping up, with a very pro-Calvinist tone. For my chief complaint against Calvinism is that its formulation of doctrines, belittles God's Sovereignty and Grace though meaning to praise both.

I don't cover preterism, theonomy, or Replacement Theology here; those are a pan-denominational evils belonging to the Satan's Strategy series, when I return to video making at the end of 2010 or in 2011.

Calve Islam Addenda E/F

Bible versus Augustine, Pelegians, Arminians, Calvin, Luther on Free Will. Now I have finally finished the Addenda with Part F.

Calve Islam 3: Where Calvin went wrong

How Calvin's anti-semitism guarantees his theology will have huge errors. So any Calvinist is full of anti-semitic doctrine and should be avoided.

Contra Calvinism playlist is in my channel page, and in this webpage: TULindex.htm

Thus the audit will end. It's not a happy thing, to say where someone else is wrong, but they teach you to do that at West Point and in accounting. Was finally able to trace the why. You can never prove what's right or wrong about a thing until you can prove the WHY.

Chiefly three 'depravities' infect Calvin's doctrine, resulting in a warped presentation of soteriology and eschatology, such that the words are Biblical, but the DEFINITIONS are not. So when the Calvinist reads the Bible's words, he never actually learns what it says.

What it says, is the reverse of what the Calvinist imagines. So when he reads prophecy, he treats it as allegorical or already-happened, when instead much of prophecy is yet future and is quite literal.

So when he reads salvation passages, he reverses the Bible's order-of-occurrence of each of the Salvation Components (see my "Salvation Components" video for the Bible's own description of the process).

So when he reads Bible on Election,

So what are the three depravities? Anti-semitism, denial-of-Sovereignty (though loudly proclaiming God Sovereign), and anthopocentrism. These three 'presuppositions' color and blind the Calvinist to what the Bible really says.

Calve Islam 4 will end the video series with a quick summary on TULIP, how it's wrong versus Bible. See the first 12 "Contra Calvinism" videos for further details, and associated webpage.

More could be said, but the errors in Calvinism have been well known for centuries. You can Google for more information. Just as with Islam, It's really important to see the information for yourself; for what the adherents CLAIM about the sect, is sugar-coated versus the actual doctrines. Read Calvin's Institutes: links to them were provided in the Calve Islam video.

Calve Islam 4: Where Calvin went wrong

In Calve Islam 3, we saw how anti-semitism resulted in Calvin's misinterpretations. Here in Calve Islam 4, we'll see how TULIP also became infected, though the 'L' is not Calvin's fault. Also, this video shows how to fix TULIP to make it FIT Bible.

(Larger explanation spans my 'brainout Contra Calvinism' video playlist: Anti-semitism, denial-of-Sovereignty, and anthropocentrism all demonstrate how TULIP could go on so long in contravention of Bible.)

No Calvinist will ever listen, of course. 450 years have gone by and they didn't pay attention to all the criticism; so they won't hear it now, either, never mind how easy it is to fix their misdefinitions. Calvin can himself be excused, he only lived 50-some years, was sick with anti-semitism, so didn't mature spiritually. But post-Calvin, what's our excuse? None.

Calve Islam 5a: Ephesians 2:8-9 Epilogue

Calvinists misuse the Greek word "Touto" in Ephesians 2:8 to jam it into their bass-ackwards 'interpretation' that God must GIVE you faith in order for you to believe in Him. So here in Calve Islam Part 5a and 5b, we see from Calvin College how Calvin himself and some of the touted 'Church Fathers' don't share the modern Calvinist 'spin' on that word.

Parts 5c and 5d finish out the Epilogue with live exegesis of the verse in Greek. Several longer versions of this exegesis might be available upon request, which have more details about other words in the verse.

Calve Islam partial RETRACTION

Partial Retraction and thus correction to Calve Islam Video Series, due to MODERATECALVINIST videos on what Jean Calvin actually said about the order of regeneration versus faith in the Gospel, and about unlimited atonement. Please read his profile page: / moderatecalvinist

One of his important videos on the matter is here, showing Calvin's writings live onscreen (view in HD, fullscreen): • Video

His main website is here:

RED Annotations on this partial retraction are now in my Calve Islam 2 video, here: • Calve Islam 2

My 'Salvation Components' video on BIBLE's definition of the components of salvation, in its own words you can prove: • Salvation Components: BIBLE's Keywords

Much of the Calve Islam video series is based on the heresies of Limited Atonement and the lie that faith is subsequent to regeneration (that's the basis for the claim that man has no free will, technically) -- so later in the year or next year I'll have to redo those videos to reflect what Jean Calvin actually said, VERSUS today's 'Calvinists'. Meanwhile, PLEASE READ what Calvin himself said, as there is much disinformation out there. Go to ccel(dot)org or ask MODERATECALVINIST how to get your hands on that material.

Always do your homework. You have no right to dispute a thing if all you do is parrot what someone else said. That's the error of the KJV-only people: they CANNOT READ the Greek, so DO NOT KNOW if it's right or wrong or how right or wrong. So instead, they parrot, and prove themselves all fools (Riplinger, most of all).

So too, most Calvinists, today: they parrot. Don't be like them. God will hold you responsible for doing your OWN homework, since the Spirit fills anyone who uses 1John1:9. So do it: then KNOW the material yourself before you dispute, so you won't have to make any retractions, lol.

1/2 Rethinking Election

Brainstorming a revision in the popular notions of God's Decree to Elect, in light of exaleipw verses. Word doc displaying those verses is linked here: Accountability.doc.

Idea that God elects EVERYONE to be saved at PHYSICAL birth, and in order to go to hell you must ELECT AGAINST His Will. So in terms of lapsarianism, the Decree is entirely different than conventional theology posits, to wit:

  1. Decree to Create Christ, Isa 52:13-15, 53:10-11, Eph1 (whole chapter), 1Tim2:5 (Christ as God agrees in eternity past), many other verses.
  2. Decree to Create Creation (angels first), and allow that creation to sin, since #1 is first.
  3. Decree to Elect each person Born Be Saved aka inscribe his name in the Book of Life at physical birth. So anyone who dies before being ABLE to reject the Gospel, goes to heaven.
  4. Decree to Allow any person in #3 to Elect against the Will, ONCE ACCOUNTABLE, rules of John 3. So if one EVER believes in Christ AFTER being accountable, God's Election in #3 is affirmed. Else, elected against. Only if always elected against, can one go to hell. It's not about morality, it's a legal option whether you elect for or against, God's PREVIOUSLY DEPOSITED Will for your life.
  5. Decree to Allow any person who elects against the Will to go to hell, John 3:36, 16:9.

There are many verses to support this, but right now I'm just broaching the idea. It puts a whole new face on the nature of salvation, and on evangelism. In short, evangelism reflects widespread negativity to a Gospel which is knowable as per Romans 1, without human agency. So human agency is used, but more reflects the fact of man's negativity.

PS: For the last 50 years, my pastor (and some others) did teach the above doctrine that everyone is in the Book of Life at birth; but I didn't really understand its implications until a few days ago. I can't find any Bible verses opposing the conclusions, so if you can, I'll listen. But I won't listen to the Limited Atonement parrots, for Limited Atonement is a flat lie, already disproven many times over the centuries.

b-out False Doctrine Vids

Samples of my videos which track or explain false doctrines and lies, be they in Bible mistranslation, misteaching, or in secular life. Sometimes, specific Youtubers are targets, but that's only to help identify how a false doctrine gets 'sold', just like you have to show what a particular Jaguar looks like, to spot a different one, the next time.

As you view each video, you should be able to prove out the 10 characteristics of Falsehood described in the second video of this playlist, "False Doctrine: 10 Ways to Detect the Lie". Thus you get practice in lie detecting. For the same 10 characteristics pervade every lie, whether spiritual or secular.

Falsehood, and hence false teaching, always:

  1. Maligns God.
  2. Stresses or glorifies man.
  3. Employs very incompetent Bible 'scholarship'.
  4. 'Obeys' the 3 Temptations of Matthew 4, to REVERSE what Bible actually says.
  5. The one telling you the false doctrine always makes cultic, "one true faith" claims, such that the speaker and/or his sect is as holy as God or His Word. So you are a) discouraged from questionning his authority, b) discouraged from checking Bible for yourself, c) considered a heretic if you dispute, question or test.
  6. 'Respectability' is always used to mask the falsehood, make it seem true. So looks, degrees, popularity, sincerity are all used to sell the lie in question.
  7. Hence to sell the lie, other men are used or cited as authorities, rather than Bible itself.
  8. So Falsehood will always be popular, and people will not check Bible to test the claims.
  9. Falsehood therefore always appeals to one's emotion or intellect, but not, to Bible; since if you did check the Bible, you could prove the falsehood, false.
  10. Above all, Falsehood always FAILS COMMON SENSE.

Quick examples: you know limited atonement is false, because its incompetent tenets require GOD BE CHEATED of payment for ALL sin. Similarly, you know the claim that you must first repent of sins to be saved is a lie, for you cannot repent to a God you don't first believe in. Similarly, other verbs like getting wet, calling on the Lord, etc. don't give you eternal life: only BELIEVE IN CHRIST (not in something YOU do), suffices.

These videos are but highlights of the larger accounting in my webpages.

Fake Holiness, Real Sincerity

This is the flipside to "True Holiness" video. 1st Complication leading to fake holiness: sin nature is religious: man MAKING himself worthy. Satan tempted the Eden couple to eat knowledge to make them as good as God, charging God hid this knowledge from them, to keep His superiority. You see this in Genesis 3. Hence mankind's fallen DNA (per Rom5:12) mutated with a relentless genetic urge to 'be good'. (Topic is covered fully in LordvSatan2.htm#Fall.)

Ever since, the most objectionable idea to humans, & yet the most attractive, is to get worthiness, gratis -- if self can claim credit for it. Same urge as the initial temptation. So it's no surprise that pious people call it unfair Christ should pay for all sins -- & ANYONE, even a murderer -- goes to heaven if he merely believes. Christ said so in John 3:16 (echoes Genesis 15:6)! So people either reject that TRUE Gospel outright, or 'craft' exceptions. Christians have done this for centuries; so FAKE gospels have the patina of respect, i.e., you can lose salvation; if you sinned a big sin, you weren't ever really saved; if you're good enough, you go to heaven anyway.

Ergo historically, the true Only Believe In Christ Gospel goes rejected; instead, barnacled fake gospels are pandered by sincere, pious 'Christians': whether it's Catholic flavor, claiming one must be baptised (+conditions), or Calvinist flavor, restricting Christ to die but for 'the elect'. There might be 40,000 variations on these themes; all false, all popular since time began. And you just know, not one of their proponents got up in the morning & decided, "Gee, I think I'll blaspheme God today."

Rather, the idea one can do squat, but must Only Believe like Abraham did, is to admit self cannot be worthy for God. Ouch. Adam & the woman couldn't take that pressure, pre-Fall. Neither can we, their fallen children.

2nd complication leading to fake holiness: the popular notion that Cross Payment, is for us. Hence if some of 'us' aren't saved, then that payment is 'wasted'. Oh? Says who? For Payment was to GOD. Godward, not manward. This was always taught via sacrifices & began with Abel, memorializing HIS Paying, as Hebrews 11 explains. For God is the Rightful Party to Receive Payment. Fully. Christ wouldn't settle for less, Father wouldn't justify less. So GOD got paid. Fully, per the 3-Way Love Contract of Isaiah 53:10-12.

That leaves the MANWARD side to explain. New question: how much of what GOD got, is spent on us? For that spending to begin, we must CONSENT. 1st Consent, Believe Christ paid for your sins; that opens the Door. You're eternally saved the very moment you believe (per Greek present tenses in John 3:16 & elsewhere). For, you are a new spiritual being, with God's Own Life: it has no beginning, so cannot end. So you cannot lose it. Your LIVING NATURE changed, so to live with God forever, Isa55:8-9, 1Cor15.

Yet that's only a structural change. What about operation? Your soul remains the same trash-heap, tohu wa bohu like Gen1:2! You are 'born again' -- but a spiritual BABY. Hence a series of continual consents to SOUL change must commence, so to Rescue Your Soul from its old-nature thinking. Paul threads this theme in Romans 5-12. So to transform, you must be filled with the Spirit, Who then clones Christ's Thinking into you within a corridor of your consent, Romans 12:1-3.

So: though it seems unfair that anyone, even a murderer, can believe in Christ & be saved gratis -- will a murderer want to learn & live on Bible? No. So he's saved, alright.. but as a spiritual Epsilon, oh roof! For spiritual persons need spiritual food to grow up, & that's why we have Bible.

On the flipside (per Romans 2,9,11) -- will the religious want to learn & live on Bible? No. Rather, he wants to learn & live on works, rituals, songs, miracles. Justify his good deeds as worthy of Divine Intimacy. And that's the problem: one can't have adult intimacy with a baby. So the religious type also enters heaven as a spiritual BABY (Galatians 1,3,5).

God won't tolerate lesser-thans. But He also won't coerce. So you get what you want from God. The intimacy you keep with sin, religion, works, all mean you know THEM.. but not God. So, you will be close to what you chose to be close to, while down here: principle of the elders in Rev 4, +martyrs in Rev14:4.

Colossians 3:25, sin (etc.) has consequences now that you are saved: lost spiritual growth, intimacy with Christ. Can be regained, Phili 3:14.

So look: we need no barnacled Gospels. Sin damages the soul instantly. We need to learn & live on Bible to get the old bad information out, & new DDNA, in. Ergo breathe 1Jn1:9! 'Sinners' won't use it. Won't learn the Book, but rather keep intimate with their own abilities, prowess, things, popularity -- remain spiritual retards. You don't have to be one of them.

Strong God, weak Allah

Muslim! You can SECRETLY believe Christ paid for your sins and you ARE RESCUED from hell forever, guaranteed. So if you do believe, don't comment here. Keep it a secret. God will free you to 'go public', later.

It's not disloyal, to believe in secret: it's SALVATION. So for now, you can just think of Christ when you do the Islamic movements. God will free you to later get Bible and learn Him.

God doesn't need your religion, so you don't have to change it or 'give up' anything. Salvation is a RELATIONSHIP, never a religion. Only fake-gods & humans need religion, because they need power. Omnipotent God, already has it. Religion was invented by Iblis, in Genesis 3, & the initial temptation to Adam & the woman was that "you will be like God" -- a RELIGIOUS temptation.

For the Real God is STRONG, not weak like 'Allah'. So the Real God doesn't need you to admit you are saved to anyone else -- IT'S NO ONE ELSE'S BUSINESS WHAT YOU BELIEVE. Faith is a private matter between God & you. To make it an issue before other humans is EVIL ARROGANCE. Only a sick pretend-god needs you to make an issue of him before other humans.

The Real God paid for you, & His Name is Jesus the Christ, Who Added Humanity to Himself for just that reason. No one killed Him, He laid down His Own Life: verses are in this video to show you that.

Believe just ONCE that Christ paid for your sins, and you are forever saved. Bible is absolute on that: Abraham believed & was immediately saved, Genesis 15:6. So God Who doesn't change, has the same 'deal' for everyone else. Same as for Adam, even.

So go ahead, be secret: believe & be saved, no one need ever know. Besides, God wants to grow you up first before you blabber about what you don't yet understand.

For, Real God does not need your worship or loyalty. (We need it because it makes us happy, but HE doesn't need it.) Does not need you to be a good person, since He foreknew you would not be. PAID FOR YOU, instead of you having to pay Him. Real God above all, doesn't need you to kill, coerce, enslave, in His Name. He does not need you to dress a certain way, abstain or eat certain foods, lift your index finger in prayer or even, pray.

Islam is the opposite of what Real God represents. So it's not from God.

JUST ASK GOD to prove or disprove its veracity. After all, who would better know than God? :)

God would want you to SAVE you from Islam. For God loves you. He made your soul directly AT BIRTH!

Nephilim Free calls God a Liar!

For Buruc, responding per his request in his video, here: • Video . I can't send Nephilim Free this video, so if you can, please do. He is not blocked, will not be censored, and should have the opportunity to reply.

This video proves from the Real Bible Text itself, live before your own eyes, the HADES verses pan-Bible, ending with the Lord's own words on the topic, in Luke 16; where He too says 'Hades' is a REAL PLACE you go after death, if an unbeliever. Tells a story about it, even, a real story of real people, since HE is the one sent at the rich man's request to tell people about Hades, in lieu of the already-dead, Lazarus.

It's not a parable. Parables never use real names and real people; so when the Lord reports what Abraham says, the Lord repeats the exact words -- or would be lying, to claim Abraham said something he didn't say!

So who is the liar?

There are many more verses than these. But these verses help you see most quickly, that the liars are those who claim hell doesn't exist, just as John warned carnal believers would, in 1John1:10. So the truth is not in them. Avoid them, says Paul in 2Tim2:26-3:7.

Full list of all the Hades references by name (117 verses): Gen. 37:35; 42:38; 44:29, 31; Num. 16:30, 33; Deut. 32:22; 1 Sam. 2:6; 1 Ki. 2:6, 9, 35; Est. 3:13; Tob. 3:10; 13:2; Tbs. 3:10; 4:19; 13:2; 2 Ma. 6:23; 3 Ma. 4:8; 5:42, 51; 6:31; Ps. 6:6; 9:18; 15:10; 17:6; 29:4; 30:18; 48:15f; 54:16; 85:13; 87:4; 88:49; 93:17; 113:25; 114:3; 138:8; 140:7; Odes 2:22; 3:6; 6:3; 11:10, 18; Prov. 1:12; 2:18; 5:5; 7:27; 9:18; 14:12; 15:11, 24; 16:25; 27:20; 30:16; Eccl. 9:10; Cant. 8:6; Job 7:9; 11:8; 14:13; 17:13, 16; 21:13; 26:6; 33:22; 38:17; Wis. 1:14; 2:1; 16:13; 17:13; Sir. 9:12; 14:12, 16; 17:27; 21:10; 28:21; 41:4; 48:5; 51:5f; Ps. Sol. 4:13; 14:9; 15:10; 16:2; Hos. 13:14; Amos 9:2; Jon. 2:3; Hab. 2:5; Isa. 5:14; 14:9, 11, 15, 19; 28:15, 18; 38:10, 18; 57:9; Bar. 2:17; 3:11, 19; Ezek. 31:15ff; 32:27; Dan. 3:88; Dat. 3:88; Matt. 11:23; 16:18; Lk. 10:15; 16:23; Acts 2:27, 31; 1 Co. 15:55; Rev. 1:18; 6:8; 20:13f

NOTE: inclusion of Apochryphal verses is not a claim of divinity for those books. The Apochrypha is used only to better ascertain how Greek (or Aramaic) words were used at the time the books were written, and for certain historical clues. So inclusion of them here to show HADES is a valid thing to do.

See also my 'Hell Verses' video description for an (unfinished) word search on all Hell references including synonyms, pan-Bible.

NephilimFree calls God 'temporary'?

NephilimFree, in his comments to my claim he calls God a liar video (here: • Nephilim Free calls God a Liar! ), insists that Hebrew olam=Greek aiwn does not mean 'forever'. Of course, he himself cannot read either Hebrew or Greek, but pretends expertise when he quotes. So he doesn't know if what he quotes, is true. But claims it is. That is a form of lying.

I tried sending this video to NephilimFree, did notify him in the comments, but I'm blocked. So if you aren't, please send this video to him so he has the freedom to reply.

Since Bible uses both words to MEAN forever, when describing God's Attributes, His Promises, SALVATION, Hell, etc., then NephilimFree is in essence calling God 'temporary', since olam=aiwn is used to describe GOD Himself. So in this video, we'll get an introduction to how BIBLE uses the terms 'olam' (Hebrew) and 'aiwn' (Greek) to mean FOREVER.

This video doesn't cover all the uses: if you want to see them all, download this 211-page Word doc, listing them all:

This video (and its sequel, 'DEFENDING NephilimFree?') gives you a taste of some pretty obvious instances to prove olam=aiwn=forever, in the Bible. I might do more videos as responses to this one, to show some of the verses below, and other important samples of the 700 times the terms are used, pan-Bible. SO YOU SEE FOR YOURSELF what Bible says. Not, a brainout's interp, and certainly not a NephilimFree's! BIBLE, not people!

Below follows one of my video comments to the 'NephilimFree calls God a liar!' video, to list more of the most important proofs that NephilimFree lies. Sorry -- I even like this guy -- but we Christians are required to police our own, when one of us lies. Personal affection must be set aside.

Here's the comment quote:

'Heads up! Bible REFUTES Neph: aiwna=olam for GOD's ATTRIBUTES, i.e., 1 Chr16:34, 41; 2 Chr5:13; 7:3, 6; 20:21; Ezr3:11; Ps90:2,106:1,107:1, 118:1, 29,13­6:1,138:8,Jer. 33:11, etc.

Aiwna translates olam over 700 times. Context shows if 'age' or FOREVER. Christ used it both ways in Mark 3:29 & 10:30, Luke 18:30, John4:14 (2nd time as ETERNAL, paired wordplay); see also Luk1:33 (parallelism), 1:55, John6:51,58,10:28,11:26,12:34; 8:35, 8:51-52, etc.

Aiwna also denotes God's Attributes in NT.'

Even if you have e-sword, you can search on the word aiwn and look it up in Thayer's, plus the word 'olam' in Brown Driver Briggs. I believe e-sword has available both lexicons for download. Or, you can google for both terms on the internet. USE GOOD SCHOLARSHIP, don't be like lying NephilimFree who is no different from ProfMTH, skewing Bible to fit his 'agenda'. Both of them hate God, clearly, as does anyone else who does the same thing.

Learn not to imitate them! Bible says some stuff we find disturbing. Fine. Admit it, try to learn better what it SAYS, before you run off half-cocked making CLAIMS about what it says, so some brainout won't make a video showing you up for not doing your homework.

If I must, I'll do videos like this one, documenting LIVE BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES, the Original Words God Preserved showing all 700 (or so) occurrences of olam=aiwn, in the Bible. IT is the authority, not lying NephilimFree or any other human being.

As I keep on saying, when I see others get Bible so WRONG, I don't trust myself, either. That's why I focus on EXEGESIS to demonstrate LIVE what BIBLE says. Bible, not brainout -- different B!

Hijab HiJinks

Inspired by recent emails: is holiness what's on your head -- or IN it?

Related verses: Isaiah 53:11's 'by KNOWLEDGE He makes Righteous', which is the core idea here; also Isaiah 55:1-11, Hosea 4:1-6, Matt 4:4, 15:18-20 (parallel is Mark 7:14-23), 22:37, 23:25-28, Luke 10:38-42, 11:28ff, Rom 9:30-33, 10:3-4, 1Cor2:13-16, Eph 3:15-19, 4:13, 2Cor10:5, Hebrews 11:1, 6 (versus Hebrews 5:11-6:12), etc.

Calvin's gloating:

The quote there:

"posterity owes me a debt of gratitude for having purged the Church of so pernicious a monster."994

The actual Latin he wrote reads, "iudicio posteritas mihi gratitudinem debeat, quia tam exitiali monstro ecclesiam purgaverim."

John 15 proves Saved though Fruitless

A little homework goes a long way to end apostates' claims you must 'show fruit' to prove you're saved. For they need a lesson in READING and here, in viticulture. To get yours, download this book, which covers the practice in Christ's time, with relevant verses, ancient history, etc.: Viticulture and brewing in the ancient Orient. Pay close attention to the text beginning on and after page 62, through the end of that chapter (about five pages later).

So in John 15:6, what's translated 'branch' is instead a 'cane-shoot' or 'spur', the leafy portion coming OFF the trunk of the vine. Greek word klema, a PRODUCT OF a vine for wine. The VINE produces the klema. The klema itself, produces nothing, and is burnt up at the end, whether it bears grapes, or not. It's called, 'harvesting', and the entire vine is cut back at the end. Harvesting is analogous to death.

Again, not every klema bears grape clusters; some bear only leaves; every one of them, fruit-bearing or no, is HARVESTED and burned. Only the fruit, if any, remains. Again, analogous to physical death.

Bible verses are many, as the book shows; but for our purposes, note carefully Luke 8, 1Cor 3, 6, 12, mustard seed parable, wheat and tares, wheat and chaff, James (written at same time as 1Cor) and most importantly, all of 1John, whose theme is ABIDING. How to do it.

Here in John 15, CHRIST IS THE VINE, so only saved people are in view. Can't be part of the Vine, if not saved, since the VINE PRODUCES the klema. Yet once MADE BY the Vine, will you 'abide' (stay in fellowship, using 1John1:9 as needed)? That's the issue He's explaining (really, since John 14, in macro context).

Duh. HE IS THE BRANCH, and we are 'partakers' of Him. 2Cor5:17, we are in Christ, the Vine. So, new creation (new-in-species creation, literal meaning of Greek kaine ktsis).

So look: a live branch and a dead branch are STILL branches. A living prince and a dead one are BOTH princes. A sterile wife and a fertile one are still WIVES. We are Bride of Christ, whether sterile or fruitful. You don't stop being what you WERE, by death. You don't stop being IN CHRIST, by death. Duh.

Now, whether you MATURED while you were here, is a different story. A sterile branch and a fruited branch are both branches, still; both are harvested, still; both are burned up, still -- wood hay stubble of our dead-in-Adam bodies, die. THAT is the meaning here, as you'll see: for this video is about viticulture, to show what Christ is talking about.

Of course, those claiming you must show 'works' to 'evidence' you're saved (else maybe you're not), ignore context (Chapters 14-17, esp. 17:21-23); they do no homework, too preoccupied with their poop. Or yours.

So the fruitcakes with their fruitless apostate talk about fruit they are NOT bearing (except for Satan), don't look at GOD, but at themselves; and at you, to even make an issue of what YOU do. Mote-picking, ignoring their own fruitless eye-logs. Burnt up, at the Bema. We all will be. And if anything remains, as Paul quipped, guess Who Did it? God. Only God can make gold, silver precious stones, the 'fruit' of HIS Labor.

So no one can see that. Get it?

Christian frauds are many, like Psychic Frauds

Shoutout vid to Rob Lester's Psychic Fraud series, starting here: • Video . My video just asks the question, 'what parallels exist between Christian frauds, and these psychic frauds?' For these folks abound in Christendom, too.

Moreover, almost every denomination in Christendom today, is based on the sect/denomination's leader claiming dreams/visions/revelations from God. Never mind, the leader contradicts Scripture. This phenomenon has gone on for two millennia, now. It was the bane of Israel, in the OT. That's why such folks were executed, under the Law. Pagan culture revered and employed such people for the 'visions', most famous being Pharaoh of the Exodus, the Oracle at Delphi, the magi; but even great houses and common folk would pay for these 'visions'. With devastating results (look up the 'Oracle of Delphi' and 'Halys River', in Google, for a famous example).

For these folks were frauds after fame and money; or, adroitly, were demon-possessed, demon-influenced (since no demon can possess the body of a Christian), wrecking havoc as desired (Judas being a case in point). Larger writeup about this latter, is in SatTacExamp.htm#Mothman, so you can see the link between 'psychic' or 'UFO' stuff, and gullible Christianity. That whole webpage is on Satan's strategy and tactics, with hard data you can test yourself.

So, as you subscribe to and watch Rob Lester's series (which I heartily recommend), you might want to ask the same 'fraud' question of the Christians who, past or present, essentially pose as God's mouthpiece. So to avoid them.

KJVO frauds, in their own words, are linked in the video description, here: • 18/72, KJVOB : Meet the KJV-only Clowns. Also search on Dremias5545's 'Mark of the Beast' video here in Youtube, showing Ruckman's vision claim in writing. Else, look up 'Millerite', 'Mormon', 'Ellen White', 'Rutherford', 'Adventism', 'Aime Semple McPherson' for just a smattering of the many visiion panderers over the last 100+ years, among protestants. Pope of Roman Catholicism is claimed to be infallible in his pronouncements, so that's a vision claim too -- the pronouncements usually contradict Bible in some major way. The Church Fathers, of course, pandered vision stories, or claimed to have them. Really, no denomination is without such claims, so it's an infection pan-Christendom.

How to know the frauds? Compare what they say with Scripture. If Bible disagrees, Bible is right and the fraud is exposed. Of course, your reading of Bible might be wrong, so be sure to use 1John1:9 and ask God to show you the relevant verses and their meaning. AUDIT everything, lest you become a fraud, yourself. :)

Second Coming on April 18th,2030 and last 7 years | 큰날재림교회Great day Adventist

@brainoutyakabrainout | 6 years ago
The problem with your presentation, is that the Bible contradicts it. The 1335 and the 1260 are literal days for the people in the tribulation to use to know when to flee. You are supposed to be adding backwards from 1335 to derive the exit window that occurs in Revelation 11.

The Bible says you cannot know when the tribulation will start in Acts 1. However there is a timeline Christ provided for Christians to know what time it is, in case the Rapture does not happen. You can see this timeline yourself in my Matthew 24 playlist. You cannot see it in the English, because ever since Genesis, the Bible writers have used syllable counts in the original Hebrew and Greek to account for time. Daniel 9 does that. You can see my Daniel 9 videos either here or in vimeo.

b-out News & Theses videos

brainout Theses overview videos, videomaking plans and updates, webpage updates, Youtube hints, and personal stuff. My 'job' on the Christian team is to cover stuff you can't find easily elsewhere, especially exegetical stuff and doctrines which you can't find taught in pulpits or seminaries, but which are (or more often WERE) known. I am not a teacher, but just a kind of waitress reading doctrines on the menu which people overlook, and a librarian, showing you how you can PROVE FOR YOURSELF where these doctrines are located, in Bible.

1/3 brainout Theses

Summary of the Theses in my videos, so you can decide if you want to watch any of them. Webpage covering these theses in more detail is SurpConc.htm. If the page loads too slowly, tell me. I can fix that.

The most important section in that page is SurpConc.htm#Mistrial, which explains your REAL role in the world today, whether you are unbeliever or believer. For Satan's angling for a Mistrial Verdict, and he's using you and me to get it. RAPTURE CAN BE MISTIMED . God foretells that He will win, and we know that's true -- but factually, Satan CAN win; you and I as individuals, can lose bigtime, even though irrevocably saved, if we cave into his arguments. 99.9% of Christians, cave in (seed parable in Luke 8). So that's why 1Cor3 reads as it does. Cave in, and all your life is burned up, but you alone are saved.

Generally speaking, webpage and video content is very heavy, especially with exegesis; and the topics end up being controversial, since Christendom isn't keen on learning Bible all that well. So what the Bible does say about the Gospel, the spiritual life, abortion and creation, for example, are all largely misrepresented by Christians. And there are certain key Bible doctrines Christians have never known, such as how God Orchestrates Time.

So seven main playlists addressing these and related issues, are summarized in this and the next video. Thus you can decide where -- if at all -- to spend your precious time, watching.

Bible auditing is crucial. Whether it agrees with what we want it to say, or not. Pity people insist on making the Bible agree with them, rather than learning how to agree with IT.

1/2 Reaction to God: Mine

This video focuses on three observations about the spiritual life which I've covered extensively in my webpages. The video is a shorter, more personal version, because the meaning just blows me away: God's Love is really Absolute. He could just bing! us to make us good little boys & girls, but instead wants to make our spiritual development a matter of our choice, imposing ON HIMSELF. In short, He wants it the hard way. For Love, loves to throw the Self away.

So how is that Fair to Him? What kind of life, results? Video but summarizes; here are the main webpages on the topic.

Macro side: Part III of the Thinking series, LordvSatan3.htm. It's really four webpages, all accessible from the red box links at the pagetop. Shocking stuff. All provable in Bible, you can see the verses for yourself as you read, if you use 1Jn1:9 as needed. Very long.

Micro side, what I call "DDNA" (Divine DNA, moniker for Christ's Thinking), how God internally transforms you: DDNA.htm. There are several webpages linked, all accessible from the top-of-the-page section.

Luigi spills the beans on brainout

True story on God's sense of humor, how I came to be writing webpages and doing videos, told through the mouth of my favorite "Cars" character, "Luigi". I used the character to see if I could animate him. Alas, it didn't work out too well. :)

But the story 'he' tells is true enough. For I am a DOS fanatic, but I had to get email in 1999, and since I absolutely DETEST Windows, I purchased two webtv's, one for my mother, the other for me. That led to the discovery of "chat", and I was hooked. In Christian chat I had so many people peppering me with questions, I started writing webpages so I could refer them to the pages and save my fingers. But with webtv you must compose online. Where I live, and then it was dialup -- the phone bills reached $1,000 per month. I felt guilty spending so much time, and why would God want me doing all this? So secretly, I thought God would want me to quit chat and webpages.

Luigi tells you what happens next. Ohhhh, LOL I should say that the event he's talking about took place on or in the same week of, my pastor's birthday (which is April Fool's day, then the year 2000). The irony!

It's a true story 'Luigi' tells, but it's more an experiment in trying to animate him: my favorite character in the movie "Cars" by Pixar Pictures. If you've not rented it or seen it on cable, you should.

Deadbeat Subscribers -- how to get rid of them

Spammers have many nicknames, but many of these are probably sock accounts. Here are some of the names which have tried subbing to me in the last few days; I've blocked them, which removed them from my sublist: AdvanceStanding, EjectGame, guaranteedsubback, InsuranceAssociates, isub4love, MitchSubsToYou, PayItDownward, phreesubber, subandtug, subeveryonebackring, Subscribe10000000.

You are Royal Family of God, not a pimp.

GOD LEADS the people to you. You don't have to go looking for people, to witness. Remember the story of Philip and the Ethiopian eunuch, the Lord and the Samaritan woman. LEARN BIBLE and HE will send the people TO you.

Same principle as for pastors.

We are ROYAL, not pimps. Sorry to be so rough, but this Madison-Avenue Churchinanity garbage which TBN and others all pander makes Christ look cheap.

Hope you ask God why brainouty was so nasty, and think over what's written here. He'll explain it.

FOR YOU ARE ROYAL, not a commoner, from that first moment you believed in Christ. See you in heaven.

b-out Bible101

Basics on the True Gospel which saves you forever, and what constitutes the post-salvation life. List is unwieldy toward the end, as it's now impossible to order videos properly in Youtube. So just skim the list. First 40 vids constitute a primer of what the spiritual life is. The last 44 are on common glitches, due to believer or Satan's rejection. Of those, the last five summarize the polarization we'll all go through. But the fact remains, GOD LOVES YOU: and that's how the playlist ends. In short, you're free to be negative, and free to use 1John1:9 afterwards. He will never reject you.

Video topics here are basic, ranging from works versus faith-only salvation, to God's Nature, why-hell, suffering, Satan's Strategy, Trinity and Tongues. See 'Adv. Bible Spirituality' playlist for a self-diagnostic set of charts (explained in the videos) so you can test your own spiritual growth.

Diagnostic videos in this list have'10' in their titles, but all videos are meant for diagnostics. How Christians get the basics wrong, are covered in many videos in the list, so just look at the titles.

All my webpages center on these topics from an advanced view, covering the deeper WHYs that have plagued Christendom for centuries. Yes, one can indeed show the Bible perfectly fits together, but it requires one do some digging. :)

These videos merely acquaint the viewer with the basics.

To properly account for a belief, you must not only prove it right, you must also prove why the other answers are wrong. True accounting must also explain wrong answers, as well as the right ones. So these videos merely introduce; associated webpages (in the video descriptions), have more detail.

Wrong answers will ALWAYS emphasize what MAN is or does, and ignore or even malign, the Infinite Nature of God.

So in your analysis of any doctrine or idea, always start top-down, with God's Nature, and trace His nature through the doctrine in question. This tracing will always be productive, if and only if you use 1John1:9 as you do it.

False doctrine shows up reasonably quickly, if you do that: it will jar with God's Nature, i.e., you know salvation is permanent since CHRIST paid IN ADVANCE, and you get eternal life -- God's Own Life has no beginning, so cannot end.

So anyone claiming you can lose salvation or were never saved in the first place (see the emphasis on man?) impugns God's Omniscience, Righteousness and Omnipotence. Flee such people.

The second major detection device of false doctrine is supremely bad scholarship. So check the original-language texts versus the teaching, i.e., in John3:16 Greek pistewn and eXei are both in the PRESENT aspect/tense, signifying that the very MOMENT you believe, you FOREVER have eternal life. So salvation cannot possibly be lost.

Hence the false doctrine that you can commit some sin to lose salvation, is proven false due to slipshod scholarship (which of course emphasizes man). Bad scholarship always comes from trying to make Bible fit one's prejudices, and the mistakes made are embarrassing (i.e., aspect/tense matching is taught in Bible Greek101).

Faith is private: decide for YOURSELF what you believe, before God. These videos are designed to inform, NOT convert you. Only GOD converts: for only He made your soul.

Can God Sin? A Question of Omnipotence

To the layman, it's frequently said "God cannot sin". Bible translations often also resort to that formula, giving rise to a lot of confusion about whether a God supposedly Omnipotent, really is. So the debate rages: is God 'constrained' by His Attributes? Can God act, think, be 'beyond' His Own Nature? Of course you realize that if God were constrained by His Attributes, then a) He'd not really be Sovereign, b) He'd not really be FREE, so c) He'd not really be God.

Theologians play all kinds of word games to somehow 'accredit' God as being Infinite, yet CHAIN Him to his other attributes. Bible doesn't do that.

So in this video you'll see three sample verses showing how the Bible handles this topic. When you do, you'll see a quite different story from the standard theological argument above.

Technically, God being TIMELESS, whatever thoughts He has 'today' He has always had, and always will have. So technically, if there was ever GOING to be a time in the 'future' during which God would 'want' to sin, that 'future' would be in Him 'now' and He'd be tainted 'now'. Think that over for a second before continuing to read. Infinity means ONE BIG NOW, no sequencing.

Hence the REASON WHY God will never sin is NOT due to His Other Attributes, but due to His WILL. That's the opposite of what thumbnail theology depicts. More complex to understand, of course.

Bible depicts this ABSOLUTENESS of SOVEREIGNTY by means of a cute particle called an "alpha privative negative". Kinda like how we convert "possible" to "impossible" by sticking an "im" in front, when you front a Greek word with "a", the "a" WHOLLY NEGATES the meaning of the word it fronts.

Which means, NEVER, ALWAYS THE OPPOSITE, CAN'T EVER BE whatever the word without the "a", means. Clever feature of Greek grammar, huh.

So the video will cover the three verses -- James 1:13, Hebrews 6:18, Titus 1:2 -- showing NOTHING DENTS GOD. Meaning, there is NOTHING that has the power to influence, change, alter, affect God. So not even His Own Attributes, much less sin or any external, can influence Him.

That's a statement of ABSOLUTE Sovereignty, honey. God is never 'constrained' by His Other Attributes or anything else, and the sooner we stop straitjacketing Him by our shorthand expressions of "God cannot", the sooner we will see how Everything Holds Together Solely Because He Wants it so.

The implications are staggering. For one thing, it's not even remotely possible that Foreknowledge 'influences' God's Will. So scrap all that lapsarian nonsense about 'when' did God elect you. It DOESN'T MATTER what you are or will become, GOD WANTS YOU. Else, you'd not even exist. God will never stop wanting you. If there would ever be a future time, you wouldn't even exist NOW. That is Absolute Love. Nothing you ever become can influence it -- because again, God is Timeless. So if there would ever be a future time when He would change his mind, you'd never exist in the first place.

So you breathe, because He wants you. You are free, because He wants you. Saved or unsaved, elect or not, He made you at your birth (personally created your soul, and that is why you are not evolved). His Son paid for your sins, so you can immediately and permanently have a relationship with Him if you believe Jesus the Christ (the Son) paid for your sins. If not, you go to hell when you die. Because, God lives forever, so you will also. Question is, WHERE? Again, because He lives forever and He wants you, there CANNOT BE a time when you stop living. You only change bodies.

Stark choice, heaven or hell. God's Choice is that you believe in Christ and live in heaven after this body dies; and He being Timeless, is NEVER WILLING that you should go to hell, 2Pet3:9. But being Absolute Love, He will NEVER coerce you to believe, either.

Is that your choice, to believe? Then DO it. Now, John 3:16.

I also made two similar but silent BibleWorks videos showing these three verses with the Bauer Danker lexicons. (I also made soundtracks, if needed.) If you want, and I'll upload them to my domain so you can download anonymously.

God101: Trinity, Part 1 of 3

The meaning of Trinity is Three Persons, EACH being Co-Infinite, Co-Eternal. Sadly, the definition gets distorted into an Egg, because we're afraid to say that means THREE GODS. This Part 1 thus begins with the nature of Infinity, because we humans keep thinking that if more than One, then the Nature is somehow not Infinite. But Infinite Nature is Character, non-spatial. See if this helps.

God101: Trinity, Part 2 of 3

Trinity means Three Gods of Co-Equal, Co-Infinite SAME NATURE, but often mislabeled "one" to confuse everyone. Greek heis and Hebrew echad mean 'united' or 'same-kind' more often than they mean 1 in number, see John 17 prayer, Gen 2:24, Deut 6:4, etc.).

God101: Trinity, Part 3 of 3

How to see "Trinity" verses in Bible, rhetorical styles categories: "Trinity Verses" video will list them. This video merely summarizes the writing styles God uses to disclose Trinity in OT and New.

Any ancient text must be read per its own rhetorical styles. If you don't know Bible's rhetorical styles, you'll not easily see "Trinity" referenced in OT or New. Credits at video end list my webpages on Trinity. Downloadable in Google. More Trinity info is at DueDisclosure.htm

1/2 Why Suffering, God?

Thinking out loud why God allows suffering. Hell is always in God's Face. How can HE stand it? Video has no text, so you can just listen, ponder.

Applicable verses:

Intimacy in all things, Eph1. Good truth, Bad Truth, Any Truth, Because Truth, Psalm 138:2b. To be 'one' with God Who Knows All Suffering. Not, about sin itself.

True Holiness

BELIEVE IN CHRIST just once and you are eternally saved. THAT is the true Gospel, John 3:16. After that, John 14:26, Heb10:15-17, 2Pet3:18, the Spirit GROWS you in Christ's Own Thinking. That and that alone, is true holiness.

For only what GOD does, is holy. Anything YOU do, will be doo-doo. So to become holy, it must be wholly what God does TO you, hence will be gold. Anything you do to yourself.. will be brown.

But the broad world would have you think differently. Would have you grow its vegetables and call that, 'holy'. Just like Cain. So this video is dedicated to Pharisees everywhere who grind Christ into the dust, saying that BELIEVE IN CHRIST is not enough; who trample His Work on the Cross by saying YOU must show evidence of your faith -- or you're not saved, let alone spiritual. What liars they are.

Jude 12 applies to these liars. They are twice-dead, plucked up by the roots. They want to ADD to the Cross, just like Catholicism does. They produce lots of fruit, alright: and it's all BROWN. Like, you-know-what.

Ignore them, counsels Paul in 2Tim2:26-3:7. NO ONE COMPETES WITH THE CROSS. So this video, is dedicated to those who are deaf, the add-to-the-Cross wolves in sheep's clothing, who crucify the Son afresh, Hebrews 6:6.

But they can't hear it. So you: please don't be like them. They call their additions holy, but their additions are wholly doo-doo. Paul used the "s" word for these additions, to which he formerly subscribed, in Philippians 3:8.

Childish Christianity divides into two camps: one legalistic, the other lascivious. Both will retard spiritually if they don't discover that True Holiness is to do what Christ did: get the WORD living in your head. That's how He stayed sinless. That's how we GET sin out of our lives.

More than that, the Word makes us have RAPPORT with God, Romans 5:5. I tried to make the explanation simple, this time.

Recommend you see Joeusesamac's short "Distraction" video, as he demonstrates it well: people are distracted by other people, forgetting all about Christ, recalling only His NAME, but never really Him.

That's why they break down into these childish camps. The lascivious obsess over the legalists, and the legalists obsess over the lascivious, and EVERYONE forgets about God...

So it's not Christ we learn, but doo-doo. In His Name, of course! So at the Bema, we'll have doo-doo aka "wood hay stubble" to show for our life down here.

So take the NARROW road: get His Thinking carved into your heart (moniker for soul, in Bible), Heb10:15-17. Carved, by the Spirit via 1Jn1:9 as needed, learning and living on Bible you study under whomever God appointed as a pastor-teacher for you ("poimen kai didaskolos" in Eph4:11, +"haphe" and "henos" in Eph4:16). Then the 'fruit' will be golden, 1Cor3.

The Gay Thing: brainout sounds off

Normally I like to steer clear of politicized topics. But after seeing all the gay-bashing by Christians, I have to sound off.

This video is a quick retort to those claiming that gays must go to hell. I've never heard such nonsense in my life. SHOW ME where that is in the Bible, k? Paul constantly stressed that RELIGIOUS sinning is the worst kind, and he ought to know: he was the most religious guy, ever. His own confession to that effect was in Philippians 3:2-8, 1Cor15:1-10, 1Tim1; it is his main theme in Galatians, Romans 2 (having set up his religious Roman audience for it by mentioning lascivious sins first and then EQUATING them), Romans 9-11. The sarcasm in Romans 12:1-3's Greek drips off the page.

We all cannot get over our own favorite brands of sinning absent learning and living on Bible, theme of Romans 7-8.

Worse, if you misrepresent the BIBLE in order to judge someone, a) you sin against God's Own Word (can you sin worse? NO!) and b) the judgement you render against the other person, is the judgement YOU get, Matt7:1-2.

Now since no believer can ever go to hell (salvation is irrevocable, for you get God's Own Life the moment you believe, per the present tenses in John 3:16's Greek) -- guess what? You have to get your 'hell', down here! And, you will be a spiritual retard all your life, until you grow OUT of that need to judge others' sins.

The anti-Biblical prolife movement, the stupid American movement to define "marriage" as solely heterosexual (which is anti-constitutional, but I digress) -- all of that is a bunch of spiritual retards marching straight into Divine Discipline.

If you're gay, just ignore these people. They have the MORAL brand of sinning, and just like you they need to grow up on the Word before they can stop it. We all need that.

1John 1:9 is for that purpose. Sin impedes spiritual maturation, because the Holy Spirit won't fill a defiled Temple. Since you can't grow spiritually unless Filled (with His Perception Power), you want to sin as little as possible, of course. But who can stop? Ergo, 1John1:9 used every time you remember you sinned, puts you back online. Your spiritual brain is OUT apart from Filling, per clever Greek wordplay in Ephesians 4:23 (hence my nickname, to remind me to use 1 John 1:9).

We all sin. Getting mad at Windows is a sin. Do you know how many times I get mad at Windows in a day? I must use 1Jn1:9 like breathing! So I can use the Word to eventually Remember Word well enough so that the temptation to get mad at Windows, is instead met with Word. That's how Christ did it in Matt4, and how He stayed sinless even on the Cross (Isa53:11b's bedato clause).

So, um.. if that's what Christ Himself needed to do to avoid sin, we need to do it the more. So it takes time to get past any sin, whatever 'flavor' happens to be your favorite. Gotta get the Word built in you, first. Which means, you first gotta be saved, else you can't get the Holy Spirit to PUT the Word in you whenever you're between sins.

So if you're gay, just believe in Christ, and you're forever saved. After that, learn and live on Bible, using 1Jn1:9 as needed. Yes, homosexual sex is a sin, but so is getting mad at Windows. I promise you, the Lord will not regard me as sinning less than you, just because my 'favorite flavor' is different! God is Holy, we are not! So give it time; first, you need to be convinced that homosexuality isn't a good idea; God will work with you on that. But His First Goal is to build the RELATIONSHIP so that you know Him; for salvation, isn't about sin, but about Relationship, John 16:9.

Along the way, He'll show you how to get past that or whatever sins, via learning and living on Bible. Expect the process to be gradual, don't beat yourself up. We all have our own brands of habitual sins.

Apply the grace of salvation to yourself and take it easy. God will give you the victory. See you in heaven!

Speaking in Tongues

If you can speak in tongues, TRANSLATE this.

People who believe in tongues cannot read Bible. Paul very clearly says in any translation of 1Cor14 -- having set up the topic in 1Cor13 -- that tongues die when the Temple will. He quotes Isaiah 28, which like all prophecy has dual fulfillment. 1st time, 721BC wipe-out of Samaria. 2nd time, 70AD Temple Destruction.

So Paul includes it in 1Cor14, to ref back also to Joel 2, Acts 2: GIVING GOSPEL IN FOREIGN LANGUAGES to signify the fulfillment of Daniel 9:26. That, was the far fulfillment.

So 1Cor13 was on what 'tongues' will replace then-current ones -- the 'tongues' of completed CANON. His Head 'surpassing' (1Cor12:31 wordplay) the Body. That's why 1Cor13 ends by saying tongues CEASE. Cease, when the Temple does; cease, when Canon completed.

But even if you didn't know all that, you could just read 1Cor14 and know something's VERY wrong with tongues today. Paul tells you that the gift was to GIVE THE GOSPEL IN A FOREIGN HUMAN LANGUAGE. The "tongues of angels" phrase in 1Cor13:1 was an IF -- IF IF IF Paul could do that -- 3rd class condition. NOWHERE IN BIBLE does it say anyone can speak in anything BUT a human language.

In short, tongues is utterly bogus and demonic. There's a special demon called the engastramuthos demon (term is in the OT) who empowered pagan priestesses and celebrants to jabber away in ecstacy. Tongues today stems from THAT, has ZERO to do with Bible. For, the interp of it today was bogus, EVEN WHEN TONGUES EXISTED.

So proof positive, that tongues idiots cannot read Bible. So they will never mature, if even they are saved. They are demon-controlled (influenced, if believers, since no believer can be possessed). Avoid them like the plague; God is just a pet doing tricks, to these dingdongs. They want a high, but not God Himself.

Don't agree? Okay, PROVE ME WRONG -- translate this video's speech!

You Are What You Believe

You are what you believe, by Divine Decree. Ultimate proof that all mankind has free will and faith gifted to him by God at birth: everything you are is BASED on your beliefs. So beware what you believe, because you WEAR what you believe!

What you believe determines who you are and it shows up in your resulting character. So WHAT you believe has the merit or demerit, and YOU are affected positively or negatively by it. Try looking at any Bible verse with that definition in mind and see how suddenly many Bible verses we all debate, become unequivocal. The soul is belief DEPENDENT. So free will is like breathing, and WHAT you believe, is inhaled. So beware of what you believe...

The following related verses come to mind, and from them you'll remember others: Proverbs 23:7 (literally "soul", not "heart", in Hebrew); Romans 1:19-21, Isaiah 6:8-10, 32:3, 2 Cor 4:4, 1 John 2:11.

See, you harden your own heart one belief at a time. You tell yourself a thing is true or false, and that programs your soul and your brain. Hence there comes a point when the contradictory truth in front of your eyes, only hardens you the more, just as with Pharaoh, who (like Esau) is Paul's poster boy in Romans 9.

Paul's MAIN POINT in both Romans 9 and 10, is that you harden YOURSELF, because you HAVE free will. So of course if you are self-hardened against that fact, you'll respond like the strawman in Romans 9:19. To which Paul cattily replies, 'where did you get the ability to TALK BACK to God, then?' in Romans 9:20. No Calvinist ever reads that, or John 6:45 through :51. Now you know why.

Now you know why you can't get through to KJVO people, either, even though it's obvious the KJV is not inspired, just look at it malign the Holy Spirit, in James 4:5; just look at the fact that Lucifer='morning star', in Latin! But KJVO can't 'see' that. Now you know why.

So if God lets you keep having that exposure, He takes responsibility, just like He did in Exodus 4.

In other words, debate becomes pointless. In other words, never insist on your own beliefs, lest you harden yourself. For no matter how correct your beliefs might be, they are never as correct as the whole truth. Which truth will be blinded from you, if you refuse to keep your beliefs open.

You and me both! 1John1:9 is a lifeline we can't afford to be without!

1/7 Spiritual Retards (reply to Cimbolic)

Shout-out to Cimbolic my open-minded atheist friend re his courteous reply (• Hate-Speech: YokeUp, Caroline, Sister...) to a video depicting atheists as germs, as you'll see in the ribbon below this video player.

So this reply video explains why BABY RETARDED CHRISTIANS behave like that. It's due to us being literally born-again, but REFUSING TO HEAR GOD after that. It's also a natural stage of spiritual babyhood, so we all go through this very obnoxious phase. It's not supposed to last but about five years. If it goes on longer, we become spiritual retards.

Any other kind of retardation is not the person's fault. But spiritual retardation is ONLY the believer's fault. And God roundly spanks such a person all his life, to warn him to GROW UP. If he won't listen to God, then he won't listen to anyone else, so the Bible warns us to just avoid these people (i.e., Titus 3:10, 2Tim2:26-3:7, 2John, 1John2, Jude, 2nd half of 2nd Peter, Galatians 3, 1Corinthians passim, Acts 15-22 Jerusalem legalists). So just walk away from the obnoxious Christian. God has saved him, but God is not filling him (with perception, spiritual growth). God will deal with him. You just learn not to emulate him.. and walk away.

My pastor is currently teaching about this topic as I type.

I did some 'Spiritual Childhood' videos to demonstrate the stage's characteristics, which are simultaneously sweet as only children can be -- but also, cruel and obnoxious, again as only children (and never-maturing adults) can be. Here's the first of them: • 1/3 Spiritual Childhood

So two things are patent:

  1. "Born again" (John 3, in Bible) is LITERAL, and
  2. If you don't learn and live on Bible via 1Jn1:9 and being under a MALE PASTOR, you will end up a spiritual retard.

For you atheists out there, or anyone annoyed by us Christians, I hope this is a helpful explanation of our normally HORRIBLE behavior. I've watched this drama unfold over the last six months and thought "well, it will end" so declined to comment. But it didn't end, and if even Cimbolic has to speak to it, then I must as well. I apologize for my long silence.

2/7 Spiritual Retards: My Retardation

Yikes, confession time! Sequel to "Spiritual Retards", to balance it out. Since anyone who believes Christ paid for the person's sins is LITERALLY born-again, retardation is a problem until death. As one matures, the areas of retardation are slowly removed and replaced with Christ's Own Thinking BY THE HOLY SPIRIT -- it's not possible to do this yourself -- so that one always remains 'retarded' on ideas which as yet, He's not corrected. So here, I show my own retardation.

The only difference between a mature believer and an immature one, is that the mature believer KNOWS where he is yet retarded. Because, we are all human, and that dingdong Energizer Bunny -- our sin nature inherited from Adam -- can't be cured, theme of Romans 8:1-10. Again, spirituality is NOT morality. It's being BUILT UP in Christ's Own Thinking, Isaiah 55:8-9, 1Cor2:16, Eph3:15-19, to the 'destination' of Ephesians 4:13 (criterion for the Rapture to occur).

3/7 Spiritual Retards: Our Retardation

Furthering the meaning of "Spiritual Retards". Here, the 'big picture' of Christianity is explored, starting with the first- century retards to whom the author of Hebrews was writing.

Whole books of the Bible are dedicated to dealing with spiritual retards at the time of writing: Corinthians, Galatians, Romans, and above all, Acts. The latter is a meant as a paradigm of Church history, ostensibly dedicated to showing what goofballs we Christians were, beginning with the apostles themselves, in Acts 1 -- and ending, with that most-mature believer acting like a retard, Paul (Paul's stuffy, huffy, i'm-a-martyr-for-Christ retardation shows in Romans 15, Acts 15,18,22 -- my pastor spent months going through the exegesis in his "Paul's fall" series.)

So you see our retarded foibles all on Bible display: Peter has his bad hair day in Acts 1, dictating to God whom God should appoint as a successor to the BELIEVER Judas -- giving God TWO choices, lol. Not to be outdone, the Jerusalem church headed by the former retard, James -- went back to the Mosaic Law. That's why they persecuted Paul, who in many ways was the biggest retard of them all by his own confession in 1Cor15:1-10 (Paul was the LAST apostle appointed), Philippians 3, 1Tim1, and of course in Acts 22, where he relates how retarded he was in ignoring the Lord's ORDER that he stay away from the Jews.

Now, the so-called "prison epistles" show that poster boy Paul recovered and finally fully matured (2Tim4:7-8) just before death. So we can, too.

So again: the only difference between a mature believer and an immature one, is that the mature believer KNOWS where he is yet retarded. Because, we are all human, and that dingdong Energizer Bunny -- our sin nature inherited from Adam -- can't be cured, theme of Romans 8:1-10. Again, spirituality is NOT morality. It's being BUILT UP in Christ's Own Thinking, Isaiah 55:8-9, 1Cor2:16, Eph3:15-19, to the 'destination' of Ephesians 4:13 (criterion for the Rapture to occur).

1/2 Christian Reaction to God

Christians misstate the Gospel with the best intentions. These two videos explore how. The true & only Gospel which saves you is "believe that Jesus the Christ paid for your sins, and you are forever saved." Genesis 15:6, John 3:15-16, John 3:18, 3:36, Acts 4:32, 16:31, Gal2:16, Rom5:1, Eph2:8-9, many other passages all show this. More True Gospel data is in the blue boxes of my home page, .

Sadly, most Christians add VERBS to the Gospel, thereby negate it, thus save NO one: they add verbs like "repent of sins", "pray the sinner's prayer" or other tripe, "invite Christ into your heart" or life, "accept", "make Christ Lord", "confess aloud" (mistranslation in Romans 10:10), "baptise with water", etc. So you are NOT saved if you did them.

Alternatively, Calvinists & like folk think Christ died only for the elect. They too twist Scripture, thus blaspheme the Holy Spirit's testimony in Bible (i.e., Isaiah 53:10-11, 1John 2:2 which refers back to Isaiah) that ALL SIN was paid for: else Father would be cheated.

A 3rd broad-road class of heresy claims one can lose salvation, or was never saved in the first place, if you sinned some big sin: this claim spits on the Cross, as if Christ's Work could be undone or was less than Total Payment to Father, never mind if any of it ever applies to man; which it won't, unless man solely BELIEVES that Christ paid for all his sins. Just once. For God is competent, so once is all it takes. Christ is competent, so the cost of ALL sin was paid to Father. Period.

So all three heresy classes insert man's doo-doo vegetables as a criterion. Far worse than murder, adultery, as Paul deftly notes in Romans 2: the Gospel itself is murdered, & one commits adultery, fornication with one's works, drugged by them. Such false gospel trumpeters will be ashamed at the Bema judgement, which begins when Rapture occurs.

No one means to blaspheme God. No one gets up in the morning & says, "I'd like to malign God today." So why all this heresy in 99.9% of Christendom, throughout history? Here's why: we react to God's Holiness. We feel guilty or incensed if we are permanently saved for nothing, as that means a murderer or other sinner WE don't like, "gets away with it"...

It's true that the murderer who believes in Christ is saved. The gay person. The atheist. The other-religion person. For Christianity is a relationship, not a religion & above all, not a political system which bludgeons "non-Christians" with its twisted (anti-Biblical) dogma.

Though no one can lose salvation, no one gets away with squat. For the three biggest saved sinners were David (Bathsheba & census), Moses (2nd Meribah), Paul (Nazirite vow, 2x, Acts 18 and 21). For sin damages the soul. That's why we need to be saved, in the 1st place; and only if you use 1Jn1:9 when you sin, will God grow your soul. Else, you shrink: spiritually retarded, though saved. Petty, shallow, eyes-on-world, is symptomatic of a spiritually retarded soul. Eyes on people, ritual, works. Not, on God.

Christ warned of false-gospel "Lord, Lord" people in Matt7:21, a chapter on false teaching. The will of the Father is that everyone believe in His Son, 2Pet3:9. Believe Christ Paid for Your Sins and You Are Forever Saved. Period.

1/2 Reaction to God: Mine

This video focuses on three observations about the spiritual life which I've covered extensively in my webpages. The video is a shorter, more personal version, because the meaning just blows me away: God's Love is really Absolute. He could just bing! us to make us good little boys & girls, but instead wants to make our spiritual development a matter of our choice, imposing ON HIMSELF. In short, He wants it the hard way. For Love, loves to throw the Self away.

So how is that Fair to Him? What kind of life, results? Video but summarizes; here are the main webpages on the topic.

2/2 Reaction to God: Mine

This video focuses on the 3rd observation, about how God intends to just make us into 'gods' (same Divine thinking) at resurrection; for Divine Holiness won't put up with lesser-thans, and will fulfill John 10:34 (+John 17) as the Lord said. Don't get nervous: this is not some goofy doctrine like the Mormon stuff. It's about RAPPORT, so we must become LIKE CHRIST to be big enough to have that rapport.

Video but summarizes the answer; here are the main webpages on the topic.

Macro side: Part III of the Thinking series, LordvSatan3.htm. It's really four webpages, all accessible from the red box links at the pagetop. Shocking stuff. All provable in Bible, you can see the verses for yourself as you read, if you use 1Jn1:9 as needed. Very long.

Micro side, what I call "DDNA" (Divine DNA, moniker for Christ's Thinking), how God internally transforms you: DDNA.htm. There are several webpages linked, all accessible from the top-of-the-page section.

I expect a lot of flak over the video's citing the BIBLE fact that no soul life is in the womb: see my "Prolife Blasphemy" video series in reply. I won't respond to comments on the topic in THIS video for that reason.


Before we had 1John1:9 and 2Pet1:9, there was CLAIMING THE PROMISE that Christ would pay. Donald Trump and other apostate carnal Christians, confuse it with the Catholic Lie that you have to ask for forgiveness, citing the TRANSLATION in the Lord's Prayer.

So now we look at the ACTUAL GREEK, and oh my -- all those 'Christians' are proven carnal, for you do NOT ask, and you don't use the Lord's Prayer, either!!

Bible Learning PROCESS

How to grow spiritually? LEARN BIBLE, Hebrews 4:12. Okay, but how? There is a PROCESS of LEARNING, very academic, and objective. The featured teacher in this video, helps you see what's involved. Subscribe to these people, LEARN the process, so you don't waste your time and end up being frustrated by a Bible which seems arcane to those who DO NOT KNOW the process of interpreting it.

Their videos ON the process, are in my 'Bible Teachers On Youtube' playlist. I left out the peripheral stuff and the apologetics debates. First learn the process, before you waste time on periphery and arguments.

The process is pan-denominational. Doesn't matter what your denomination is, you MUST GO THROUGH THE PROCESS. Even if all your beliefs were correct, if you don't STUDY TO SHOW YOURSELF APPROVED BY GOD, you will be a the Bottom of the Eternal Society forever.

God grows you based on your study of Bible, not based on your denomination. So even if your DENOMINATION were correct, because YOU DID NOT STUDY, you are disapproved. And if your denomination isn't correct, you are disapproved for not studying -- for if you studied, God would GROW YOU OUT of what you believe incorrectly.

Notice how either way, you are graded on studying Bible. Nothing else!

b-out Islam Videos

Videos on why Islam is bad. Muslims lie about their own faith. They actually don't know what the Koran says. If they actually READ it, they'd stop being Muslim, since the Koran is entirely devoted to anti-semitism and terrorism, teaching a capricious, tyrannical, unfathomable 'allah' who may or may not, save you -- even if you are devout. (Muhammed himself said he didn't know if he was saved.)

So I make videos to challenge & correct their bad Bible 'scholarship', categorize their lies. Again, I aim to make videos touching on topical aspects which you can't find elsewhere, to round out the debate.

Islam is Not From God

Poem I originally wrote in forum. Muslims generally don't connect the dots as to how the Qu'ran mocks them. For Qu'ran depicts the afterlife as UNDER the earth for all mankind, in over a dozen ayahs. Just search on "paradise" in the Qu'ran, to find them. See for yourself!

Under the earth: where hell is. So the one faithful to Allah, gets a worse afterlife than he has now: forever he will hear the screams of the alleged unbelievers, yet is supposed to enjoy unlimited sex, slaves, food. Yeah, that's EXACTLY what you had to do if you served the pagan god Molech, which gave rise to God's command that the Israelites take over the Land in 1400BC! To wipe out all the TERRORISTS then living there, and make the region safe for travel!

Sound familiar?

Comments are open, and I won't censor them; but I'm so tired of Muslim lying that I generally won't respond. Let them dispute as they desire. The facts are plain to the world, now.

b-out Adv. Bible (Spirituality)

Nature and mechanics of post-salvation spiritual life, for Church is the New Covenant due to Christ's Victory on the Cross, and hence begets Rapture, precedented in ADAM -- so now, in the Last Adam. So our spiritual life is way higher than the OT folks'. See also my 'How God Constructs Time' playlist.

Series begins with the need for 1John1:9, without which you have NO functioning spiritual life, even though saved. Series continues with a panoramic review of the switch to the New Covenant; from there, to James explaining how to get CROWNS in that new covenant. Only the first of the James 2 Exegesis playlist videos is shown in THIS playlist; you can get to the James 2 playlist by clicking on each response to the James 2 video (there are 21 of them, total).

Next, underlying Spiritual Maturation Process, which is the way to gauge your maturation in the so-called "Christian walk". For true spirituality is INTERNAL, not external. Those who make an issue of externals are all spiritual babies. You'll be able to prove this, as you go through the Spiritual Maturation Process videos.

I can't find anything like this material in theology except indirectly, via my pastor's 53 years of teaching the mechanics of Christian maturation.

All my webpages focus on these topics, as the post-salvation maturation process is a Royal one, is almost unknown despite Bible being so available, and is vital to each person's future. But the content is pan-denominational.

So it doesn't matter what denomination you are, the process is the same. The material probably won't interfere with your pastor/sect within Christianity.

Detecting Maturity

New debate thread, here: frankforum/viewforum.php?f=42

Human or spiritual maturation observations. Essentially, the more immature the person, the more he focuses on himself. The progressive shift in focus from self to people to principles to God, is the essential progress in maturation.

It's important to assess maturation, because we are so bombarded with information, we need to prioritize what communication we should spend time hearing. It's also important to gauge one's response to another human, based on THAT human's level of maturation.

A more detailed description on how one can diagnose spiritual maturation, is in my Advanced Bible playlist, • b-out Adv. Bible (Spirituality) . 6th video in that list begins an in-depth coverage of the process of spiritual maturation, with a six-page chart you can download, to detect a maturation level in yourself or -- to a lesser extent -- in someone else.

Detecting maturation in someone else is necessarily restricted to your own level, so if you are immature, the more mature will be a threat and you will tend to denigrate them. The more mature you become, the less you need to denigrate those who differ from you, and the more accurate will be your assessment.

Nashville Statement: Refuting BruceTheMonk


This video description refutes the video below.

Bruce's video link: • John 8 and the Nashville incoherency!?

Topic of his video and my refutation: #NashvilleStatement, which you can read here:

My refutation: links below were already provided Bruce beforehand. He doesn't understand the material.

Proof John8, Christ took sexual sin out of the Law, • LXX3r Christ says He's God 50+ times ...

Also see John 18:36, which specifically forbids Christian politicking. Gave him that verse, too.


Prophetical fit of the Rev17 harlotry of Nashville Statement for this year, Matt25:11


I also gave him some of the following videos,

Playlist: vids 42, 83-85, 104+ (link starts at 42)

• Matt25:10-12, prophecy re 1960-2041 A...


Historically, the Nashville Statement is a repeat of Christian politicking apostasy which began circa 200 AD

I did videos on that too, starting here: • GGS11t9a Bishop Lists (apostolic succ...